notas del jale

2023.01.19 15:15 gonzocabbage notas del jale

I fell in love really fast
like a drop of water when it meets the solid ground
when everything we made collides
and I feel like I've come to life
oh I just wanna know if you feel
the same as I when you're all up in the clouds
you'll never wanna come down
And I know that cause I am
the one living in your cloud of toughts.

You dont know
you dont know

Just let me fly
I dont wanna come down
my head its up in the clouds
its my special place
im the only loner up here
Don't you worry I'm not gonna fall at all
I have enough tears to fill me up
and Im never gonna look down

My head's up in the clouds

she took a pill to feel
she is sick with every kiss she meals
you are looking for control
i see her being deceived by
foolishness and cheats
mezcla 2:
mezcla 3:

song 2 :
chase after the moon:

Can't you see
I've been shouting your name
Guess you forgot about me
come to think I'm a falling angel
who is a halfhearted wicked
I have the eyes of a demon (ah/ah)
i hear some voices in my head
I was awake I will not play your game.

tell me how am I suposed to dream
when you took my wings and you sunk me in\side
a bathtub
fear come to haunt me, I'm just confused
on what and how am I supposed to live


mirrors tumbling down
mirrors coming down on you
don't ever lie
don't ever try to hide it
never hide the truth
never from me
is to late now

maybe right
maight be wrong
better go on your own
I won't be waiting at the door
i will not wait for you now
your superstitious mind
the superstitious vicious things
that you still say in my dreams
will haunt me everywhere i will be

oh shoot me down
shoot me down or let me go
Oh oh oh
shoot me down
shoot me down or let me go
well just
smile put out your cigarrete and smile

the glory

Give it all gave it in
i don't wanna lie anymore
can you take it uop a notch
and make me feel im loved

well are we breaking up?
are you feeling broke?
are we done?

are you ending things
or you're sick of me
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2022.09.30 02:43 Laserman61 This site has eaten up my free time

It legit just gives you an essay about anything you want. I learned so much this way that would be boring any other way. Type your new hyperfixation into the bar, and you get a podcast.
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