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2013.01.15 02:42 DoctorTennant Good Mythical Morning: May Your Mornings Be Ever Mythical!

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2023.06.08 01:35 whitemike40 Some Baltimore Fuddery

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2023.06.08 01:34 BoyMom051723 How many ounces to give in bottle for a feeding?

Hi! I am starting to introduce a bottle to my 3 week old. I gave him just 2 oz earlier when he was rooting just an hour after feeding for 30 minutes. He took really well to the bottle so I'm hopeful to keep using a bottle here and there to give me a little break. I'm wondering how many ounces of pumped breast milk you give in a bottle to take place of a regular feeding? I plan on replacing 1 feed per day as of now, probably the last feed before bedtime to maybe stretch his sleeping a little longer. Thoughts?
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2023.06.08 01:33 prince-hal Anybody else notice the writing downgrade from spider verse 1 to 2?

Watching accross the spider verse i found myself often feeling like i was just watching another marvel movie from a writing standpoint, and this was jarring especially because I found the writing in the first one so unbelievably good and natural.
Like everytime there was a character exhange in into the spider verse, every single word was so efficient in telling us who the character was and their relationship to the opposite character. Which was a necessity like no other in a movie featuring and introducing so many characters. Standouts were the miles and aaron introductory convo, everything miles and peter, and the jefferson father son talk to miles.
In across the spider verse I would notice how now everything was very generic and surface level in dialogue, characters rarely came across even close to as dimensional and natural as in the first. Dialogue felt borderline cheesy sometimes like when ms morales was telling miles to not apologise for taking up space and that he shouldnt listen if anyone says he doesnt belong etc.
Idk it felt way off compared to the first - just me ?
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2023.06.08 01:31 hothothottie43 Where are the loyal routes?

Anyone really tired of all these dramatic routes? I’m the type of person that wants to pick one person and stick with them(at least for my first playthrough) and have that reciprocated. I feel like that’s part of the reason everyone liked Bobby in S2 so much. He basically only had eyes for MC and wasn’t even included in the Casa Amor video. Since this new app, every single route has to be packed full of drama with MC having to question if her LI is genuinely interested in her or if they’re for the whole villa. I started this season with Ryan and left him after the kiss on the cheek debacle bc I don’t play and that gave me the ick. And now I spent these whole episodes having to hear that Roberto was flirting with every single girl and returning from his date hand in hand with Ivy?? Even if things are a misunderstanding, they’re dragged out to the point where it’s a complete turn off. Why must MC feel so unwanted😭
TLDR: We need more loyal routes.
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2023.06.08 01:27 theraig32 (18M) Grief is a really weird yet wonderful thing.

For short context: living in country X rn, finishing exams, parents are back in Country Y rn, Mother is/was taking care of her mother (my grandmother) and My dad is working. Grandmother died of cancer on wednsday.
Everyone reacts differently to news like this, and while I was lucky to have family friends come and deliver the news in person, it hasnt been the easiest of times, especially with exams. It's strange that grief somewhat comes in waves.

I was quite upset when i heard the news, but after that it's small reminders that set me off, the idea that she wont be able to see (or ever know) that i graduated high school is a recurring issue that I'm trying to get through without bursting into tears, Even when she was diagnosed and I accepted that she was going to die quickly, i guess, at least subconciously, I didn't expect the idea that she would never know to be important to me, but it now it is playing like a loop in my head and is probably the most difficult part of this for me, as it was one of the last things we talked about in person.
I can talk about it somewhat normally, the little memories and flashbacks of conversations do tend to screw me up a bit though, especially in conversation, which is not helpful considering I still have exams, and will miss the funeral.
and there are little memories that filter in which kinda twist the knife a bit, Ik its 1000x more difficult for my mom as well.
On the other hand, she died quickly, surrounded by her kids, in peace and relative comfort at the old age of 83. And she was a lovely lady, parent and grandmother. It's quite beautiful to remember the good memories and small details, the positive force she was in my life, even if it makes me really upset right now.
To clarify, I'm not posting this for any feel-good messages or condolences, I've recieved enough support of them already from family friends. I havent told some of my close school friends who i havent seen in person because i feel like it's kinda difficult to text, "hey, my grandmother died" without it being attention-seeking. (imo, although they wouldnt think like that probably). Idk how to do it properly, but i dont want them to find out and think that i was keeping it from them because I didnt value their friendship enough to tell them? if that makes sense.
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2023.06.08 01:24 throwaway876001 Can gaining a lot of weight cause your genitalia to shrink?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 12 years. I would say his penis has been average size, in our 20's we never had any issues in the bedroom and it was really enjoyable. Since we've been together he's gained at least 60lbs, I would never say anything about his weight because as we've gotten older I have gained about 40lbs (we were both quite fit and slim). But over the past year or so sex has become not enjoyable, he got a job that doesn't doesn't require any physical work so he's gained a lot of weight. I barely feel anything in just about any position and have to fake it for it to end. Which with his stamina it's only about 5-8 minutes. I heard somewhere that said a man's penis can essentially shrink as their stomach and sides grow because it pulls the skin, is this true? If not, why else would all of sudden it not feel good anymore?
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2023.06.08 01:24 SRMcleod They Wear a Human Face

This will be the last statement I ever make before I disappear forever. I’ve heard that this kind of a thing is quite common for those who finally grow a conscious and decide to leave for good. I personally don’t know anyone else apart from a few people I used to work with who knew about this, so here we go. My name isn’t important, but you can call me DD. When I think about it, I’m not important at all, I’m just the messenger or whistleblower, so anything else that would further “incriminate” me isn’t important either. What is important however is this story. It’ll probably be swept under some rug no doubt, that’s the usual approach to these things, the words “conspiracy theorists” has a strong negative vibe to it, we can thank the boys at Langley and the Pentagon for that one. They have been responsible for more cover ups and lies than anyone else on the planet, except for a few. Well anyway, spoiler alert; there’s a derelict object orbiting Ganymede which is one of the moons of Jupiter… Now that I have your attention let’s begin.
I work for NASA. Well, that’s half-truth really, if you saw my real credentials, you would say that I worked for NASA, and that’d be that. The truth is I’ve been free lancing for various intelligence agencies, some named, some not, for about the last 10 years... Most of the other guys that worked with me were sort of the same, varying in different fields. My job was to delete or remove all the UFO evidence the government “accidentally” let slip into the public eye. We call them UAP’s I’m not sure why the different name but that’s what we call them. What often happens is one of those idiot Astronauts goes for a spacewalk on the external side of the ISS and gets too wild with a camera and boom one of those things is front and center of the next biggest conspiracy to hit the internet; or one of those weather balloons go up for some science experiment or something and they catch one zooming on by. Let’s face it, its been happening a lot these days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cover up and eradiate everything, whilst Tech Giant companies continue to sell to everyone on the planet a personal camera to record anything they want, with the ability to upload it.
You can only suppress this kind of thing for so long before the conspiracy theorists finally get enough evidence together to make most denials look suspicious at best, and if you keep denying it, well you just look dumb. One thing everyone must know about the Governments of the world, they really care about how they appear to the public, in their little Geopolitical world its known as Optics, its part of their control apparatus. But that’s another story.
So, with the Ganymede object. It requires context that it’s been seen by almost every major Government in the world. Before the James Webb telescope gave us detailed images, we were getting shots from Hubble, and so on and so forth. So, when you think about it this object sort of throws a whole wrench into well... Everything. As far as we were aware at the time when we found it there was a… damn I’m not sure what it was but shit... its strange. It looks like a space station sphere within a toroid, roughly 900 feet across in diameter, it or they both look as though they counter rotate. I think; around each other which is how it is maintaining its orbit, it’s hard to tell, because the body of it doesn’t have any patterns or distinctive features or something along those lines. Juno got too close to the thing, and made it shoot out a ping. So, they had to make it out to be a bunch of random sounds and disruption in downloads for those who wanted the pics from the Jovian planets moon for the mainstream media to keep the all the people calm. The media told everyone that Juno was disrupted, and communication would be shut down for a bit until the proximity was past. Sometimes I think those types of cover ups work a little too well. Juno got a lot closer, and no one was aware. That’s when people like me take over and we work to figure out as much as possible, and then cover the rest up.
The color of this thing shimmers from time to time, we couldn’t tell whether it was some sort of technology, or defensive camouflage or something that had been busted from the internals, or even if it had been naturally made to be iridescent, what we do know though however is that it emits little to no radiation, there is zero heat, and it has no life signatures whatsoever. Throughout this you will notice how behind the eight ball the intelligence services were when it came to this thing and can sometimes be with other of these major world altering revelations sometimes. But I digress.
So, we quickly began covering up everything, and gave it a name, Little Rock. Stupid and probably insulting but that’s what we call it as it looks like a rock anyhow. We tried dating how long Little Rock had been orbiting Ganymede, though without any form of reference it was anyone’s guess, quite possibly before life even existed here on Earth. There is another thing we had to verify about it, we had to make sure of this, but it has a giant freakin hole in the center of it, one of the guys who I worked with has been looking at UFO’s for quite some time, looking for offensive capabilities and the such, he told me that the hole could have been made by either a huge comet ramming through it, at some point in the past or, some other form of kinetic weapon that was shot through it. This evidence was in the images that Juno spat out and it’s like it’s been blown to pieces. We couldn’t make heads or tails as to how.
Moving along, we fast forward to why this has taken so long coming out. After the Juno cover up, we had to get on top of this thing before other Governments decided to move on this, so we launched another satellite in secret almost straight away, this one was launched by one of SpaceX’s rockets; they made a big show that it was only launching more of the Starlink satellites, but one of them had an Ion drive on it and slung shot itself around the planet to move into the trajectory of making it to Ganymede and hopefully running into Little Rock. Well, it worked. The Satellite we sent was called Nemo, it got into an orbit with Ganymede and has produced some more detailed photos of Little Rock, and well its worse than we thought.
Surprise to everyone we aren’t alone in the universe. I think I should just rip that band-aid off and let everyone digest what I just said. And yes, I meant that, we are not alone. We have the proof, but by now I think everyone’s suspicions are just confirmed.
Nemo was shot down, by probably the same thing that got Little Rock maybe? Whatever it was it had been hanging around after Juno passed it or it could have always been there, we aren’t sure. This thing looked like some inactive debris, so Nemo approached it and was instantly destroyed. When we looked at the play back footage, which took longer than we wanted it to get back to us, it looked like a small object had approached Nemo, it had a strange physical look which puzzled everyone, the only way to describe it would be the Angel depictions from the Genesis section of the bible like a sphere within a was just bizarre.
The playback showed that as soon as Nemo got there it began moving and changing its orbital direction to meet Nemo, so we have limited information as to what it was and why it did it. When we saw the initial playback one of the four-star Generals who was there with us at the time told us all to copy it to his files for the Pentagon and delete the original. We had to do it but after that we all theorized about what our best guess was. The best one I remember was that it was some sort of proximity drone that activated too late when Little Rock got hit, went dormant again, then when Nemo turned up it went active and did its job. We think it’s a proximity drone since it never attacked Juno, because Juno didn’t get too close like Nemo did.
Now we get to the best part. Somewhere along the line the drone must have been scanning the wreckage of Nemo and figured out its origin, keep in mind that we didn’t leave one of those dumb golden plates on Nemo like Voyagers got, that pretty much says come and get us. So how it made the connection is a mystery to us. What happened next was very scary, we got the same frequencies that Juno picked up earlier here on Earth. For reference there is loads of space junk up there above our heads, and some of it woke up. To be specific the one that woke up is a bit infamous, it’s called the Black Knight Satellite, this thing has been in orbit for the longest time around the south pole; we had originally assumed it was a hunk of debris from the Mir station years ago, but as of more recently we thought it was something else, the conspiracies surrounding it say it is an Alien spacecraft, and well its true. We keep an eye on these things in case, and for the most part it stayed dormant all these years we have never had a way of getting to it without it being obvious or reckless, at least to my knowledge. When those frequencies started, post Nemo getting wrecked the Black Knight decided to start moving in a certain direction and it began emitting a frequency like the one that Juno read. Though it was softer and didn’t emit consistently it bleeped a few times then stopped and started moving.
From what we understand the Black Knight began moving towards Europe where it dropped something out of a holding bay onto a collision course with Earth. You guys should have seen the amount insanity that caused with the intel community, and NASA practically pooped themselves as this payload slammed into the Siberian tundra about 400 miles from anything remotely resembling human habitation and no one knew why or what it was.
That’s when the race had been on, every Government that wanted to see what it was, were sending everything they had up that way. The Russians had a huge head start and were pretty much all over it setting up quarantine stations and a huge facility over the top of what had struck the Earth. We were watching via spy satellites and stealth craft, whilst I’m told we had spies and wet work teams on the ground which made sense because we got photos from the inside of their makeshift facility. Our first reports showed that they’d been excavating it for days, it was a large 3 meter by 3-meter black cube. I’m serious it was a cube, with a lot of... well, I’m not sure, but the images we got back made it look like some sort of sludge. Like this oozing red sludge. The Russians were keeping away from the stuff as it probably freaked them out. They were instead sticking probes in it, taking samples and trying to figure out what it even was. The sludge was given a wide birth, as it was expanding out of the cube, the initial containment zone had been expanded, and was growing daily from the imagery we got back. This was concerning to us, and there had been talk of dropping all kinds of ordinance on the site. As far as we are aware we were moving into different defcons, which is a state of readiness for war.
It must have been something that happened because the cube emitted a pulse. This was read like a seismic event over in that region. For some reason the sludge apparently stopped moving. It just stayed in position and then it calcified. The info we got said the pulse made it crystallize and it looked like a ruby. Within the crystal were sacks or at least they looked like small gross little wiggling sacks full of puss and bile, like larvae or maggots looking for a meal.
No one exactly knew what had been going on, although they did know one thing, these larvae couldn’t be reached by anything, how we figured that out was easy. The Russians have some of the best drilling equipment on the planet and some of the largest and strongest diamond tipped filament drills in the world. Keep in mind that these types of machines and tech are specialized and leave a paper trail. They cost an exorbitant amount of money and are often from overseas corporate manufacturers. So, for secret projects they need a finer touch or end up leaving a large fingerprint on everything. In normal situations Governments will often pay using a black budget that no one can audit or talk about during a live parliament session. This relates to us because we were the ones who the Russians were buying extra drills from and our hardware to crack this structure. If Russia already had the equipment and they were buying more from overseas Manufacturers, it meant they needed help getting into it, and they didn’t care if it was obvious.
These larvae sacks eventually were dissected out of the crystalized structure The Russian government had stopped buying excessive amounts of drills, we heard. Now these larvae weren’t like the ones you find in movies, they looked like tiny little specs, which eventually grew to the size of human bodies, looked like a body bag that had veins and a lot of discharging sludge coming off them, they would wiggle around every now and then like a caterpillar moving around on a leaf, We knew that they didn’t get them all, but the willingness to continue wasting resources was weaning, they got a few of them and left the others, their scientists had found thousands of these things apparently, but they had just sealed off the cube and the word was they planned to fill the whole thing with concrete, or something worse.
The ones they extracted were moved to another facility and we only have sparring reports and rumor as to what had happened since their scientists are tight lipped and every spy that got close to this vanished. I’ll say this without any context. Its human. Somehow someway it’s human or at least appears to be. It has from the documents that we were able to obtain and translate, a human type of body with a working nervous system and humane features down to a detail. On a cellular level their cell structures and makeup of their nucleus is different though, they are harder to destroy, and the life cycle is elongated before undergoing mitosis. There was some speculation as to why they were birthed in those living larvae sacks, the theory went by some of the brains of the freelance contractors and the intel community that in order for any of those things to survive here they have to be birthed from this planet. which would include adapting their immune systems and growing on this planet. You can imagine the absolute nightmare fuel that brought about. This was when the higher ups really considered just dropping a nuke on the whole area and blowing it all to Jesus; and if I’m being honest, I don’t really blame them for wanting to do that. But somehow level heads prevailed, and they decided that if anything was going to happen the Kremlin would be the one to deal with it but if it went beyond their borders, it would be a NATO issue.
We had gotten assurances from higher ups that all data would be shared as it was increasingly obvious to every country involved. The negations meant that the Kremlin was prepared to drop any ordinance they had to deal with it. This wasn’t the best approach but there was an assumption from everyone that NATO would step in if something went sideways even if it was still in Russian territory. Things were very tense in those rooms, I’m just glad I’m not there anymore.
Here is the part that should scare the pants off anyone; we know for a fact that the larvae sacks eventually hatched, or something, and they all came out looking like humans, well they were birthed into various ages, some were 40 odd some were in their 20s, some female, some male. It was as if the birthing sacks had a set expectation of development, not only that, but they had ethnic diversity, meaning they had different racial traits and backgrounds. Some were Caucasoid, others Hispanic, Asian and so on. The Russians were smart enough to photograph and fingerprint all the ones that they had pulled from the ruby structure and thank God they did. Another weird coincidence was that when they ran the DNA and fingerprints most have matching DNA strands to those who have gone missing globally. Yeah, that’s right missing persons cases that have been all over the world, not just in the Russian region but globally. But the differences in their cell structure meant that these things weren’t those missing people, so that was its own pandoras box.
Now that we have caught up, The worst part. They lost them. They literally broke out of their containment zone and ran off into the Siberian tundra, most of them nude or in hospital gowns, those damned idiots lost them. What we know is before the giant jail break. Is that they had been attempting the communication process and education with these hybrid humans, but it hadn’t gone very well, somehow one of them had figured out some information that they shouldn’t have, and even though they were housed in one of the most sophisticated dark gulags they got, these hybrids got out, this isn’t some old soviet era dump, its an actual top level place where they were housing most spies and just pure evil people the Russian Government hated but couldn’t kill. They housed them there moving everyone else out and the Hybrids, they could communicate without anyone else knowing. So, they got out and are in the wind now, and everyone is losing their minds trying to find them. Good luck, I say.
I had to blow the whistle on this one, what the hell is being done to find these people? And what are they going to do if they catch them? I don’t know and don’t want to know, they killed everyone who knew too much and that includes me. so I’m gone, I’m out, I’m leaving this mess behind me, this will be one of my last broadcasts, don’t expect anything in the future, they are probably going to try and find me, but I’ll head off grid and stay off grid forever ill step back if anything ever comes about from this.
Just one more thing before I go, this is more of a thought that we played with in game theory classes during the strategy meetings. When the owners of the Little Rock station had a let’s call it a “security measure” in place to activate Black Knight to have all of this happen with the Cube and the Hybrids, and let’s say it’s a contingency to make sure their civilization survives, who were they fighting? and why were they losing. Food for thought.
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2023.06.08 01:23 Successful_Wedding83 Creating an Assassin Rogue Multiclass character

Short Version:
I'm creating a Half Elf Assassin Rogue and was thinking about multiclassing into either Fighter, Ranger or Barbarian in order for more maneuvers. I was wondering what my best options are for this build, and how I should manage my levels?
Long Version:
For my 2nd Campaign I've been planning with my DM about having my starting character get killed off, and give the party a more personal antagonistic group for the campaign.
One of my friends from the group wanted to have some story connections to my character next campaign as he said he wanted to get better at talking about things in character, but was having trouble coming up with backstories for his characters. This adds a bit more of a personal connection to our characters, which would help motivate the group to go after the group that kills my character (he doesn't know I plan to kill my character).
My starting character is a Human Gloomstalker who was a morally bankrupt mercenary, who after killing a man for a job, the widowed wife of the man cursed my character by cutting his life expectancy in half. My character is now approaching the age of 50, and is now feeling the effects of the curse. In this last year of life, my character is trying tie up loose ends in his life and make up for all the bad things he has done.
One of these loose ends is my character's daughter, which is the character I'm working on now. My character left his wife and daughter behind in order to not entangle them into his professional work. I've talked to the DM and we've planned on having the group meet the daughter before my character's death.
This new character has been forced into crime in order to keep the house she lives in after her mother died from an illness, something my current character wasn't aware of. He will try and make it up to her, which will probably go poorly depending on rolls. Either way, it acts as an introduction to the character, and depending on how the rest of the party choose to interact with her will give her a smoother entrance into the party going forward.
My current character is cursed to die at 50, it never specifies how, but it's guaranteed. The idea is to have his old mercenary group be the ones that kill him, as the connecting storyline between my character and my friend's character is that his character has a bounty on his head, and I'm trying to protect him.
Once this happens we plan to give the party a choice between justice and revenge for pursuing them. If they end up choosing justice I have another character for that scenario, but if they choose revenge I'll be playing my character's daughter.
The idea is that she is not the strongest and so has to rely on getting the jump on enemies and cheap tactics in order to win the fight, but I also really like the idea of her winning a fight just because she's angry enough to overcome a one sided fight.
I don't really know where I should start for making this Multiclass character, but I think it could be really fun to roleplay with the rest of my group.
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2023.06.08 01:21 WilXStunting What do we think of this setup?

What do we think of this setup?
What do you think of this setup? I'm gonna order it any minute now, but figured it would be a good idea to ask more people for feedback before I order. It'll be my 4th hanklight!
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2023.06.08 01:21 Ok-Slip4724 Leash training a “difficult” dog alongside a trained dog?

tl;dr: i (separately) walk two dogs that know each other. one is great at leash walking, but one is difficult and pulls a lot. would walking them together make it easier to help train the more difficult dog? are there better techniques?
One dog is my boyfriend’s parent’s dog. she’s a sweet dog, 3 y/o, lab-pit mix. however, her family does not walk her, ever. i walk her during the summers when i’m out of school, but since she only gets walked 3 months a year, she is not good at being on a leash and frequently pulls. i walk her 3-5x a week for 20-30 minutes, and i try to train her to walk on a leash. she has made a lot of improvement over the years, but she is difficult more often than not. (i have argued with them about walking her, i have told them how i am trying to train her, i have tried to make compromises, etc. and they will not do it. they don’t want to walk because she is too difficult, and she is difficult because they don’t want to walk. please do not judge me, i have tried to reason)
the other dog is my boyfriend’s nana’s dog. he is the same breed. same parents, different litter. he is great at walking. loose leash, lots of eye contact, alert but not aggressive. he’s 2 y/o and is just a stellar dog to walk. he has his moments of being difficult, but he is good with calming down and refocusing.
my question is: would walking them together allow for improved training? they have both been socialized to each other, they play nice, they love each other a lot. if i tried to walk both at once, would it help with the training? is it possible that the “difficult” dog would try to model the good dog? i’ve seen people discuss dogs modeling behavior for treats, so if i rewarded the good one, would the other learn to copy?
for training, i use treats she likes. i have tried training in the house (to avoid excitement), stopping when pulling, going in the opposite way when pulling, and holding treats in my hand so she stays nearby. it feels like i make some progress, but she gets to excited by everything because she’s never out enough.
please offer any advice you have. i really want to train her in hopes that the family will finally walk her like she deserves. it’s been so difficult.
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2023.06.08 01:20 ProfessorFrink1 Am I a sucker: Fisker Karma edition

Hey all! Let me start by saying that I'm an idiot. I know this. So if you're going to read all this just to tell me that I'm an idiot, I want you to know that I know! Now with that out of the way...
I bought a Fisker Karma. Nay, I bought two Fisker Karmas. I bought one sight unseen and shortly after that, the same seller stated that the guy that encouraged him to buy one also had one. Neither car was running. This is a common issue with the Fiskers. The 12v battery dies and the car needs a special Fisker computer to wake up. They were cheap and my hope was to fix both and sell one. I was taking a risk and I knew this.
I paid to have the cars shipped cross country to San Francisco where one of the prominent Fisker techs is located. I gave him instructions: see if the cars are easily revived. If not, send me a list of what they need. This is November of 2022. He proceeds to tell me that one car is completely hopeless but that he thinks he can bring the other car back to life and scavenge some parts from the other car. He sends me a $6,000ish quote for the battery service. I green light this and we're off to the races.
There was an understanding that if, and only if, the car was viable and the battery was working as designed, that we would then perform a litany of other work. Some of this was stuff that you should do on a higher mileage car (control arm bushings, tie-rods) and other stuff is Fisker specific. The infotainment computers fail due to water intrusion. That's $3000. The heater pumps fail, the gear selector buttons, etc. They perform an entire cowl sealing that makes the car water proof because Fisker failed to do this from the factory. But here's the bottom line: I made it clear that if we didn't have a viable powertrain/ battery that no further work was to be carried out. I bet you can see where this is going.
Likewise, I relied on them wholly for telling me what needed to be repaired. The only problem I was already aware of was a defective blower motor (also water intrusion) which I replaced myself upon taking possession of the vehicle.
At this point they explain that the battery has been tested and is no longer displaying any codes. They ask if I want to do the remainder of the suggested service. This is about $6000 of additional work and includes replacing a door switch, tie rods, control arm bushings, the infotainment computer, sealing the cowl area, windshield wipers, a few broken under trays, etc. I gave them the go ahead and they perform the work. The car is done, my bill is paid and a few weeks after failing to find a shipper, I hop on a train to go get the car from San Francisco.
I'm leaving my hotel the next morning to get the car when the owner texts and tells me to get breakfast if I haven't already. The car has a check engine light and they want to figure out why. That's annoying but hey, it happens. I show up a few hours later and they explain that it has a cam correlation code. The cam phasers fail in the engines. It's an easy enough fix. It sucks that they didn't find that but my day's not ruined. What's odd is that my last Fisker had this exact problem and I know it takes at least two drive cycles for it to display the light and yet they tell me the light was never on. So that means the phaser decided to fail that day? Unlikely but ok.
Then they tell me about the traction control light. It turns on the moment you start to drive. "It never came on for us" was the official response. I've put 1500 miles on the car now. It's come on literally every time but once. It came on for them too. I'm sure of it. They just missed it. But still, I'm assuming a wheel sensor or something like that needs to be replaced. Again not the end of the world. I'm not upset at this point.
So now I start driving the car back to LA and almost immediately I notice that I'm losing throttle response in EV mode. Now I'm not talking after driving hundreds of miles or having the car for a couple weeks. I'm saying this happened on my drive home less than 50 miles in. You hit the gas pedal and the car does nothing. You have to put it in sport mode which starts the engine and bypasses the battery and then it drives fine. I assume I'm doing something wrong because surely there can't be a major issue with this car I just paid $12,000 to one of the top techs in the country to work on. If this is the battery, it's a major oversight and I assume I just have a mode setting wrong or there's a dead spot in the throttle.
I live with it for a few days and notice the problem only occurs in EV mode. That's not good. That means something with the battery most likely. This, combined with the fact that they missed the check engine light, traction control light and then I'm finding that the heater pump and the electric heater for EV mode heat are both dead, means they really put nearly no shakedown miles on this. They didn't verify it was a functioning car. They barely drove it after changing the bad battery modules and clearly didn't drive it more than once. Otherwise the check engine light would have popped up for the engine code. Indeed, I looked at the mileage and the car had something like 60 miles put on it in their possession. The all EV range of the Karma is 50 miles. That's one discharge and an additional 10 miles. I couldn't even discharge the battery the first time I drove it without experiencing the lose of power issue.
So I'm back in LA now and I call them. I'm not sure what to do. Because I'm really upset that they a.) missed a lot of issues and b.) barely put any shakedown miles on the vehicle. Clearly not enough to see that it still had issues. But I also need their help.
So they tell me to check the coolant pumps. I do. They're running. They tell me to bring it back to them. I do. They charge me another $1700 to replace a contactor in the battery and tell me that it's still having the issue. They say the traction control light hasn't come on for them but that they performed a steering angle reset procedure. I go to pick up the car yesterday. I move it 4 feet out of the spot and the traction control light comes on. I'm livid but swallowing my anger at this point.
I'm now $15,000+ in parts and labor into a car that doesn't work fully. The shop has offered effectively nothing other than a "we're sorry" for missing the stuff that they missed. There's no explanation for missing the battery issues other than that it didn't do it for them. Well of course it didn't. You didn't drive it enough.
I'm angry because so much of the work didn't need to be done if the battery didn't work. I didn't need the $1600 control arms or the $1000 tie rod ends. I didn't need the $3000 computer, the $665 gear selector switch, an oil change, under trays... any of it. I paid for another $7,000ish worth of work that absolutely did not need to be done if the battery was not viable. Not to mention all the stuff they missed beyond the battery. The heater pump and EV heater weren't noticed, the traction control light never mentioned to me, the check engine light, etc... Just a bunch of really obvious stuff here that was missed and I never even got the opportunity to say yes or no to have those things fixed.
And my struggle is that these guys are very kind. They are a family business with exceptional reviews. But I feel as if they really took advantage of me here, just with a smile on their faces and a kind demeanor. Even the return trip where they were supposed to find the issue they missed the first time, they charged me $1700. If the part didn't fix the problem, I would have removed it and done the labor for free because I severely inconvenienced my customer in the first place. This wasn't even a consideration for them.
Am I nuts here? I feel as if it's their fault I paid for the extra $7,000 worth of work and I'd like at least some of that back. I realize these stories have two sides. I've really done my best to be objective and just lay out facts here and these facts are accurate. With that in mind, am I justified in my anger?
FULL DISCLOSURE: This company let me purchase battery modules directly from the company they get them from at a large discount but they would not warranty them. That said, they are not stating that these modules are the cause of my existing failure. In fact, they are unable to say what my existing failure is at all. They're basically throwing parts at the car.
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2023.06.08 01:18 coco237 Help me pinpoint what I like exactly

I found myself liking some books that I can't summarize what I like about them properly. Please help me pinpoint it and recommend me something similar.
Sorry if this is rambling, it's very late in the night in English is not my first language.
I really like the books 《A portrait of Dorian Gray》, 《book of dust, The secret Commonwealth》"
Sort of Victorian, but not really, That's not the main draw.
I like something that feels old-timey, like I'm in a different universe. Where there's public executions and children drink whiskey and people say things like "no woman is a genius, woman are the decorative sex"
Now, I'm not looking for books that are actually sexist, I think I am just drawn to the fake powerful quotes of people who think they can summarize the world or humanity or truth or gender dynamics.
I want a book with pompous characters that say stuff like "a man is only truthful when he is drunk or angry"
I know it's just a good metaphor but books with mock flower language just suit me so well, people hated 《the Night Circus》" and described it as a beautiful wedding cake that tastes like dull chalk but I just dig it.
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2023.06.08 01:15 throwRA_adhdsoup My boyfriend (m32) called me (f30) the r-word when I revealed I am neurodivergent.

Hi. I have been seeing my boyfriend online for over a year now. I will admit there have been some rocky patches in our relationship, such as me feeling I am not a priority and feeling pressured in the past to perform certain sexual acts I am not comfortable with, but doing them anyways because he would not stop pestering (I have since put down my foot and am standing my ground on boundaries with my body).
We broke up for a while, I got to a place where it felt like I couldn’t make the relationship work. He suffers from depression, and I do my best to help, but it got to the point where he was refusing to do any work on himself so it started to drag me down and hurt me too, and he would often lash out at me when I showed concern or when I tried to gently broach how this was hurting me. A lot of hurtful words have been said in the past by him.
We didn’t talk for 8 weeks, and then he contacted me a couple months ago and said he missed me. His message was so heartfelt and unlike anything else he had written, I responded because I do care for him, but I was unsure at first if I wanted it to be romantic. He was super lovely for a week or so, and I felt so cherished and so missed that I fell back into a relationship with him and really thought it would be different.
For years (most of my life really) I have had a hard time mentally and with certain aspects of my life on and off. I always thought I was lazy and disorganized and didn’t quite fit in, and always blamed myself until my brother suggested that I may be on the spectrum or have ADHD. The more I looked into it the more lightbulbs started going off about so many things in my life, and after going to experts and taking the time to diagnose everything properly and thoroughly I found I have ADHD and am on the spectrum.
I have zero shame in this, in fact until recently I worked as an education coordinator and consultant for special needs students, and many of the children I created programs for and worked with were on the spectrum. Yesterday, however I was talking to my boyfriend on a video call, and I forget exactly how it came up, but he made a joke about r-worded people on the spectrum. I was shocked and asked why he’d say that, and he said “you’re looking away, are you autistic, you can tell me if you’re a r$&!?(d”. Obviously this hurt, and he saw the look on my face and started laughing and said it’s funny. He kept referring to people on the spectrum as the r word, and said he didn’t know what ADHD was. He also called me his little “r word”. I haven’t told him about my ADHD or autism because it never got brought up and maybe a part of me never trusted him enough to open up. I clammed up and pretended nothing was wrong, and said actually I am neurodivergent and he just changed the subject and made some other weird jokes at my expense. Such as asking why my breasts where out and who was I trying to impress (I was just wearing a lower cut dress and am chesty)
I want to confront him, but I don’t know what to say. This definitely feels like the final nail on the coffin of our relationship. I have a house, a great career, and a wonderful support system, and he has nothing and lives in his moms house… I am suddenly aware how foolish I have been to give him so much grace and space.
TLDR:; boyfriend eluded to me being “r-word” when my neurodivergence was revealed.
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2023.06.08 01:15 SebastienMS 46k E46 330xi for $6700

46k E46 330xi for $6700
As stated as titled.
The only repairs that it's had thus far that I know is radiators been replaced, clutch, coolant cap, and thermostat. The door handle broke on the previous and has a slightly lighter door as replacement. I can't confirm on engine or transmission condition.
Is this a good deal and should I bounce on it? Partner is worried about reliability. I've been able to allocate some budget for it.
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2023.06.08 01:12 TangerineMelodic5772 Is there enough depth on my Ork Boy?

Is there enough depth on my Ork Boy?
Here’s a test Ork boy I painted. I did a light zenithal on him (I’m going to repaint him with a brighter white than what I did here). I used Vallejo Xpress Colors on him. At first I loved the Ork Flesh out of the dropper, but now I feel like he looks a bit flat. Would a Biel Tan Green make him look…better? What are your go-to Ork skin paint colors? One version I saw was Plaguebearer Flesh Contrast with Biel Tan green. It looked good.
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2023.06.08 01:12 Professional_Mess985 0 mbps upload speed

I have a laptop that’s been sitting for a year or two unused (Alienware 17 r4) and I recently pulled it out and I was making sure everything was working so naturally I did a speed test, it came back with 300-500 download but blank in the upload section (I used both ookla and google one). I’m control center everything looks fine config wise and nothing that needs internet is connecting just giving errors, any ideas on what’s going on? TL:DR: Wifi gets 0 upload but good download
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2023.06.08 01:11 kpopmomrunner7 What would you do?

I feel for a fellow foreign-born and educated MT. He is new here in the US. He is in his late 20s, has a sunny personality but got misunderstood by co-workers.
A month after starting at our lab, he was called in the manager’s office as someone complained of being harassed. What I learned from this was, he greeted a fellow worker as they passed each other in the hallway and said something like her, being beautiful that day. She obviously took offense at this.
When this guy came to me and told me about being called in the office, I told him that because he is new here in the country to be more observant, friendly and yet conservative as things are just different here. I told him to come to work, do his best, interact in a respectful way and go home at the end of each day.
Unfortunately, this other co-worker (who I am close to and has no issue working with) does not seem to work with him very well. I’ve heard from others condescending behavior towards the guy or at least that’s how it’s being described by others. It doesn’t help that even the manager and supervisor seem to ride his back when things happen at work without giving him the chance to prove himself. He has lost a lot of weight and is considering leaving but with his H1 B visa that’s a gamble to leave without a replacement.
I find that for some, they expected too much from him in a span of 4 months. Like he needs to know blood bank, core lab and micro(only stat tests). Even the most seasoned native born American cannot be knowledgeable and efficient right away. Adding to this is the fact that some are MLTs and he is a MT/CLS albeit from another country. The “He’s a 4 year tech and he gets paid more than us” I’m not helping him attitude is rubbing me the wrong way.
Should I intervene or let the higher management know?
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2023.06.08 01:11 hhairy Fulfilling a 30 year promise

Fulfilling a 30 year promise
My 4 year old daughter had asked me to make her a Falkor of her own. She wanted him as a puppet so that they could talk to each other. Several starts and stops, and many years later, I have fulfilled my promise. He's not perfect, but we both have a strong affinity for him!
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2023.06.08 01:09 seastra101 Cat has a bump on the side of his face should I be concerned

Cat has a bump on the side of his face should I be concerned
About to leave on a trip for a week in two days but got home today and saw my cat has a lump on the side of his face under his right jaw can this wait until I get back or should I try to get him seen right away really worried since this is his first time ever having any major looking health issue he still seems fine and his demeanor hasn’t changed
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2023.06.08 01:08 acryptedwithinternet Good ingredients for Protection spell Jars

I'm working on creating a base for a protection spell jar and need to know what kind of ingredients would be good for something like that. like what ingredients to add before personalizing it to the specific protection need (eg: protection from bad luck or protection from unwanted attention). does something like that even exist or is each meaning have little to nothing in common ingredients wise? (of course this is not to mass produce them just to give me a building off of point :])
Important: I am not looking for specific spells or anything, just common protection ingredients, thanks! :]
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2023.06.08 01:08 sanriosavannah Trader Joe’s Gnocchi Gorgonzola

Trader Joe’s Gnocchi Gorgonzola
i’m super impressed with this dish! it was so easy to make only add olive oil and the bag of pasta. i added a little salt and pepper for extra seasoning and it’s so good. it took about 7 minutes to make. the only reason i give it a 9/10; is because i wish there was more food in the bag. if you were to feed a family, depending on how much you eat, you might need 2-3 bags.
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2023.06.08 01:04 Cautious_Section_530 How did you discover Bollywood and started binging watching Bollywood movies? ( Preferably members of Non-South Asian origin edition)

I have always been meaning to make this post because no one talks about we the foreign audience/viewers discovered Bollywood and started binging watching Bollywood movies so let's me go first ..
African here!!!! I guess I had one of the longest transition to Bollywood. My family and I started with dubbed Indian tv series like in forever: it was preferably watched over western shows cause it was PG13 and revolved around relatable family drama easier for us to relate to . After an episode of the series we followed, Bollywood music videos like Kala Chashma,Nache Ne Saare , Student of the year 2 songs, Laila Main Laila, Dilbaro, First Class, Sweety Tera drama e.t.c added during ending credits. I remember always looking forward to the times they will come on screen back then. 😭 Those days!! I didn't really think much about them but that stated my bollywood foundation I guess. Once in a while old Bollywood movies of Salman Khan were shown and we kinda associated Bollywood with illogical fight scenes ( even in the series too 😅) and masho male heroes. That was untill I watched Baar Baar Dekho that time( dubbed in English) !!! And damn what a movie ❤️❤️☺️.. But it took a little longer to convince my family untill we watched Super 30.. We already knew Mrunal from Kumkum bhagya ( twist of fate) so that made us stick to the end of the movie and I guess that change our perspective in the end. I think the last movie to really move us to tears was Neerja ( Such a masterpiece ❤️)
 Life got busy I guess untill finally I stumbled on Deepika Padukone 's Nagada Sang Dhal from Ram Leela on TikTok last year end . I think that rekindle my love for bollywood songs & dances and started binging watching them on YouTube . And I think that motivated me to start watching bollywood cause it was always an excerpt from a movie. So I decided to start with Sidharth Malhotra's movies since his avatar stuck with me from Baar Baar Dekho & Kala Chashma so I was kinda familiar with him I guess 😃. And luckily his movies were kinda of my niche I think that was a good start for any newbie in Bollywood. From watching student of the year and Ek Villian and getting to know Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor and their movies of course. Watched Kalank already knew ARk and the rest from there. Watched Fitoor for Katrina kaif & ARK. Got into ARK movies, knew Disha from Malang. Watched Student of the year 2 from Student of the year 1 . Got to know Tiger, Tara & Ananya Pandey . Started watching SLB movies because of TikTok. Watched Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani Devdas and Padmavati, Jodhaa Akbar cause of TikTok 😭😅. Got to know Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shadid Kapoor, SRK , Madhuri and Aishwarya Rai from there. Watched Kabir Singh, knew Kiara advani from there. Then later watched Shershaah for Sid ❤️. Knew Jacqueline Fernandez from A Gentleman It was easier watching Alia's movies like Razzi, Highway, Gangubhai Kathiawadi, Hasse Toh Phasse.. 
Then I decide to divert my circle and go watch more movies with other stars. I think that was when I discovered Param Surdari from Mimi and I remember Kriti from Sweety Tera drama. So I decided to watch Mimi and Bareilly ki barfi ❤️( good movies) . I discovered Ayushmann Khurrana & Rajkummar Rao from those movies( watched Andhadhun & Stree from them❤️)
Already known the classics like Drishyam, Bhool bhaulaiyaa, Commando 1,2,3 , Bang Bang, Chichhore, Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway e.t.c cuz of their scripts and content driven movies
 Yh I could go on but nowdays I stick to one actor and bing watch his entire filmography for fun : Just Sid and mostly Alia , Varun, Disha and Shraddha lol 😊. I like it this way and till date I haven't had a bad viewing experience though subtitles are absolutely necessary & can get tricky to match sometimes ( I just look a word in English and match it) ..I think I am familiar with 😅😅😅 
And this is my experience so far... I don't know the population of the foreign audience here and sometimes I thought I was the only one here till I saw a slang common here in Africa used by a member during Fanwars in this sub. So I will like to read your experiences too . Hope it is less complicated than mine
Note: The reason I excluded South Asians is cause they all share similar cultures with bollywood and all probably grew up watching Bollywood from the start and knew Hindi. If you didn't, you can put your experience too . This also applies to NRIs as well
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