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Beauty talk from the Philippines and for the Filipinos!

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2023.06.04 00:18 Inevitable-Honey-552 Morrigans Shroud

Are you tired of random teammates? Maybe you just want an active smite community to participate in? Look no further than Morrigans Shroud. We are an active Smite discord community with 1600 members! Some of the great things we offer include:
These are just a few of the many things MS has to offer you. Please consider joining us! or add me and i will send you the link myself: ZD#5855 Hope to see you there!
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2023.06.04 00:18 ARDBZ31 Shaky camera

Today I did a factory reset... Nothing has changed... Games work fine a bit but after some more heavy load the camera movement suddenly changes and becomes shaky, the image loses stabilization... I even tried tweaking the guardian to see if that helps but no...what am I doing wrong?
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2023.06.04 00:18 baybaybaybaybay00 Path of Diablo - Diablo 4

My husband is a pretty big fan of Path of Diablo. Tomorrow is his birthday so I was thinking of purchasing the preorder of Diablo 4. I know absolutely nothing about this game, and if I ask him if he wants it he will get suspicious since it is too close to his birthday. So hopefully someone knows path of Diablo and can help me out!
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2023.06.04 00:17 Bumpty83 Curious About IP Acquisitions in the Gaming Industry?

Hey fellow game developers,
I recently came across some news that got me thinking and I wanted to discuss it with you all. I just stumbled upon an article from 2022 (link: TinyBuild Acquires Konfa Games and Bossa Games IP) where it was mentioned that TinyBuild Games acquired the intellectual property (IP) of both Konfa Games and Bossa Games for a whopping $8.4 million. Although the article is a bit old, I just learned about it now and it raised some questions in my mind.
Firstly, I'm wondering if the publisher already had a working relationship with the developers before deciding to acquire their IP. Does this mean that the developers will still be involved in working on the IP, even though they no longer own it?
Additionally, I find it interesting that a publisher would be willing to invest such a significant amount of money in acquiring an IP, especially if the game associated with it hasn't generated that level of revenue yet. What factors might make a publisher think it's worth buying an IP for such a price?
As a game dev myself, I'm curious to learn more about these aspects of the industry and how such deals come about. If anyone has any insights or experiences to share, I'd love to hear from you.
Thanks in advance for your input!
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2023.06.04 00:17 thamystery23 Taxes for just playing?

If I don't deposit or withdraw at all and just play the games with the gold coins and free stake cash I shouldn't have to worry about taxes, right? I have been going off this assumption for the last couple of weeks, I joined at the end of March this year and have just been playing with the GC and SC. I haven't deposited or withdrawn once from the site. But it's starting to worry me more now because I'm about to break the 50k wager requirement for silver and as my statistics grow in size, I'm worried about being liable for these amounts. I'm losing I don't win often, but when I do win, I give it right back to the casino because I don't want to have to worry about taxes as well as morally, I don't see it as gambling if I'm not using real money. But if I have to worry about taxes as I grow my accounts statistics then I'm calling it quits before it gets too big.
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2023.06.04 00:17 Chase_Omega This might be just me, but I'd like to see Mario with his Hammer in stuff besides just Donkey Kong or spin-off RPGs. I just think having a big funny cartoon mallet as a weapon is a defining trait of his character, and it could easily be worked into the 2D and 3D mainline Mario games.

This might be just me, but I'd like to see Mario with his Hammer in stuff besides just Donkey Kong or spin-off RPGs. I just think having a big funny cartoon mallet as a weapon is a defining trait of his character, and it could easily be worked into the 2D and 3D mainline Mario games. submitted by Chase_Omega to Mario [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 00:17 Champagnecat99 Please wait for the new character design before judging. And I mean weeks.

We all know SSO. New things come, they are bugged and flawed, they fix it. That's the usual drill, unforeseen problems come up as we play and they fix it within weeks. In this post I do not mean the people who are already nostalgic, I get it, you have been playing from the beginning, change feels strange and (although I embrace and welcome change) this takes away from the game experience. But I have noticed many people complaining for the limited body types and skin colours of the new characters. First of all, what most of us gets to try beforehand is a kind of demo of the characer creator. I don't think they gave all they got into it, it is just a teaser. Secondly, as I said before, SSO always brings up something that does not work perfectly immidiately. I believe that they want to 'try out' the whole thing, because many flaws and bugs come up as we play. In a few days (or weeks) after release they'll see how it's working and add the rest of the repertoire. Lastly, look at SSO's performance when they do their best. Devil's Gap is magnificent. I'm confident that they'll do their best to please us, even if right now we don't see it that way. Give it time guys.
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2023.06.04 00:16 idkOllie Who wants to [chat] while I play video games and eat pizza?

This is a lazy post but I can tell more about myself when we text each other. I’m m23 and just be around my age I guess. Nobody below 19 please. Looking forward to meeting you!
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2023.06.04 00:16 Current-Tie6754 When is the game going to be properly playable in Pico 4

Hey guys, i've seen a million posts of people with Pico 4 having the same similar problems (teleportations and broken hand tracking) i see some others aparently streaming playing on Pico ?
I'm waiting for the developers to fix the compatibility problems since i bought and returned the game 2 times because tbh i got tired of trying a hundred solutions to fix basic things.
Any thoughts on this?
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2023.06.04 00:16 DarthMaren Are you rebasing your old Termagaunts?

So Termaguants are on 28mms now instead of 25mm bases. Personally I am starting Nids so won't have a problem, but my friend who has been playing Nids for years said she isn't going to, nor doesn't think she should. Personally I think she should as in a block of 20 or 30 the difference between a 28 and 25mm base could mean the difference between failing a charge, fitting being terrain, being in engagement range etc. It messes with all the measurements of the game, so I say people should.
View Poll
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2023.06.04 00:16 AdIntrepid5666 REMOTE MAIL SPY IS AVAILABLE HERE

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WHATSAPP: ‪‪+1 (715) 687-6659

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2023.06.04 00:16 StrangeGuyFromCorner Complete Guide: How to play Mario Kart GP One and Two with dolphin triforce on the PC

Complete Guide: How to play Mario Kart GP One and Two with dolphin triforce on the PC
After hours of figuring out how to make that Mario Kart GP work on the PC and finding many incomlete infos i thought it would be nice to have a one for all guide how to run those games.

-A Mario Kart GP one or two dump, i will not explain how to dump or find it. The rest will be explained.
-7Zip or Winrar

#Iso Setup (for bouth games)
If you have your rom there is a possibility that it is not configured for Dolphin yet. So you need to configure the Hexcode of your iso. (This sounds intimidating but is even beginner friendly)
  1. Download a Hexcode changer. I used HxD:Diect Download, Download Website
  2. Unzip (with 7Zip or winrar) and install the program. After that the program should run
  3. Click in HxD at the top left on 'file' and then 'open'. Now search for your Mario Kart GP iso
Now you get greeted with this unholy mess. But we have already found what must be changed. In the Top left it is written "GGPE01" for Mario Kart GP 1 or something like "GGPE02" for the second game. This is the GameID
  1. Change this in either game to "RELSAB" and save. (Ctrl + S if you dont find the save option) you can close it now.
Next the dolphin setup:
#Dolphin triforce setup
  1. Download the Dolphin triforce build 4.0-309 (since this is the most stable for the games)
Download: Direct Download , Download Website
  1. Click on 'Config' > 'Gamecube' and change 'SP1' and 'Port 1' to 'AM-Baseboard'. (In the config of the emulator itself)
  2. Click on 'Browse' and navigate to the location of your ISO file on your computer and click 'Select Folder'. Mario Kart Arcade GP should then appear in your game list.
  3. Right click on the game and select 'Properties'. Click on 'Edit Config' at the bottom and then copy the following code and paste it in to the notepad window which has opened on your computer and then click 'File' > 'Save' then 'File' > 'Exit'. (When copying and pasting please ensure there are no spaces at the beginning of the lines of code).
The code that has to be written depends on your game.
#Mario Kart GP One code
$Disable crypto $Loop fix [OnFrame] $Disable crypto 0x8023D828:dword:0x93A30008 0x8023D82C:dword:0x93C3000C 0x8023D830:dword:0x93E30010 0x8023E088:dword:0x4E800020 $Loop fix 0x800790A0:dword:0x98650025 0x8024F95C:dword:0x60000000 0x80031BF0:dword:0x60000000 0x80031BFC:dword:0x60000000 0x800BE10C:dword:0x4800002C 0x8009F1E0:dword:0x60000000 0x800319D0:dword:0x60000000 [EmuState] EmulationIssues = AM-Baseboard
  1. Click 'Close' on the 'Mario Kart Arcade GP' properties window. Now you can play the game
GAME CONTROLS (Best Practice is to empty all but port 1 in the Gamepad config) Gas: R trigger Brake: L trigger Throw: A Insert Coin: Z
#Mario Kart GP Two code
[Display] ProgressiveScan = 0 [Wii] Widescreen = False DisableWiimoteSpeaker = 0 [Video] PH_SZNear = 1 [EmuState] EmulationStateId = 3 [OnFrame] $DI Seed Blanker 0x80000000:dword:0x00000000 0x80000004:dword:0x00000000 0x80000008:dword:0x00000000 $DVDInquiry Patchok 0x80286388:dword:0x3C602100 0x8028638C:dword:0x4E800020 $Ignore CMD Encryption 0x80285CD0:dword:0x93A30008 0x80285CD4:dword:0x93C3000C 0x80285CD8:dword:0x93E30010 $Disable CARD 0x80073BF4:dword:0x98650023 0x80073C10:dword:0x98650023 $Disable CAM 0x80073BD8:dword:0x98650025 $Seat Loop patch 0x800BE10C:dword:0x4800002C $Stuck loop patch 0x8002E100:dword:0x60000000 $60times Loop patch 0x8028B5D4:dword:0x60000000 $GameTestMode Patch 0x8002E340:dword:0x60000000 0x8002E34C:dword:0x60000000 $SeatLoopPatch 0x80084FC4:dword:0x4800000C 0x80085000:dword:0x60000000 $99 credits 0x80690AC0:dword:0x00000063 [OnFrame_Enabled] $DI Seed Blanker $DVDInquiry Patchok $Ignore CMD Encryption $Disable CARD $Disable CAM $Seat Loop patch $Stuck loop patch $60times Loop patch $GameTestMode Patch $SeatLoopPatch $99 credits 
  1. Click 'Close' on the 'Mario Kart Arcade GP' properties window. Now you can play the game
GAME CONTROLS (Best Practice is to empty all but port 1 in the Gamepad config) Gas: R trigger Brake: L trigger Throw: A Insert Coin: Z

#Last advice
If you have bouth Mario Kart GP one and two you have a little problem.
Bouth games have the same GameId so bouth will try to use the same codes. You will have to change it in the 'Patch' option of the game. You get there by Right clicking on the game and selecting 'Properties'. Now on the right you can switch the patches.
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2023.06.04 00:16 SciFiMartian Which is to be Master? - a Linguistic Wonderland Hack of Cthulhu Dark

You are explorers returned to Wonderland. And as new travelers to this strange world you can do magic by making words mean new things.
When you do an action, you get 1d6 if the action is Within Normal Human Capabilities. You get 1d6 if it relates to your Occupation (if playing an Adult) or your Hobby (if playing a Child). You get 1d6 if you are Redefining a Word to succeed. This Linguistics Die must be a different color than the others. The highest d6 shows how well you succeed, per standard Cthulhu Dark rules.
Example: Bruce wants to hop over a large wall to get into the Queen of Hearts’ Castle. This is not Within Normal Human Capabilities. Bruce asserts that “large” now means “short” and gets to add a Linguistics Die. Later in the game, Bruce refers to a huge dragon as “large” and must do a Sanity Check (see below) as the dragon is tall.
If your Linguistics Die is the highest of your pool, you must do a Sanity Check. If you roll higher than your current sanity (starts at 1) it increases by 1. At 6, you are Perfectly Sane & thus you go MAD. Don’t worry we’re all mad here.
A Redefined Word retains the new definition for the rest of the game. If you ever misuse the word, you must do a Sanity Check.
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2023.06.04 00:16 bsmith2123 Johnny Thunder and the Adventures crew were featured in the original Lego Racers game! Just got the game running again on my Mac

Johnny Thunder and the Adventures crew were featured in the original Lego Racers game! Just got the game running again on my Mac submitted by bsmith2123 to legogaming [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 00:16 Infamous-Control-940 [20M] Looking for a friend? Let’s see if I can be that guy!

As the title says if you’re looking for a friend read a little about me and if you think we can be friends send me a message.
Hey I’m Michael (20M) I know people don’t want to read a lot so I’ll keep this short. I like all the basics Tv(Particularly love a good sitcom) music( Mostly pop, indie, and lyrical rap) ,reading(Action and fantasy), and Games ( Ps5 RPGs Mostly). I’m also into experimenting with cooking and I’m getting back into working out. Other than that I love to ask questions and learn new things. I like to get to know someone thur a game of 21 questions so if your up for that all the better I don’t think that we have to have everything in common and I’m willing talk about almost anything.
I don’t really care about your age as long as your above 18. I also ask that you don’t contact me unless you will actually put in some effort and not just ghost me. If we vibe I’m open to moving our convo somewhere else like discord and doing voice chat. I respond to everyone as long as you’re not creepy.
[I’m about to start an 12 so I’m here all night]
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2023.06.04 00:16 eichti86 What is the deadline for arresting Christopher Sand?

I obviously want to have the 200k reward, but I'd like to delay the arrest as much as possible, since loosing the mafia perks blows. it's day 80, the only one left in the Sand gang is Christopher and I archived that case. I've read that Robespierre kills Sand at some point in the game, I assume you're not able to arrest him after that. On what day that happens? What is the deadline for the arrest?
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2023.06.04 00:16 Senpai-Valkyr Suspension till 2035 please help!

I recently got banned from forums and Warframe. When i went to check why I was banned it says " Real money trade " Also the platinum that i got while trading in the trade system was 16platinum. After my ban my platinum went down to 15 platinum. Did i tragically get some sort of illegal platinum from another player that caused my account to be banned? I looked on the forums offline because even my access to forums was suspended, preventing me from speaking to other people in the community about this problem. I even tried writing a review about it on steam and that didn't go through either. I even tried to make a new account and it says that was suspended as well. Online other people had the RMT ban until 2035 and have to result to prayers and hope for account restoration and that someone at DE can help us. Perhaps someone can go through my trade history to find out who has fake platinum! please help. I only recently started playing about 2 weeks ago again and maxed out my mastery rank trade as much as possible. There should be some history out of the less than 200 trades to show who has false platinum that may have gotten my account unfairly suspended and way too quickly suspended. Please assist! I have thousands of hours on my Warframe account. I don't want to be indifferently put into the shelf of falsely suspended accounts. I've been playing this game for about a decade only to get cut down and gutted by a couple of receipt tickets. Please hear my Plea!! Hoping for this to gain traction to get me unsuspended. A 12 year suspension is too cruel... I would like to play Warframe again. Please Help!
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2023.06.04 00:16 Zealousideal_Race374 Resident evil

Matt needs to do a video of fashion and game theory about where Ethan fits all his items 😂
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2023.06.04 00:16 debaser75 Hardest hitting daytime ("sativa") Type 3?

I really liked the effects of Holy City Pink Panther 251 and Tweedle's Mango Pie. I wanted to try something different when I started running low so I grabbed 4g of Holy City's Sour Lifter. Unfortunately, it's not doing much for me - it's almost like I vaped air (but very tasty air😁). I've loaded it into the vape 4 times now so I'm losing hope. Maybe it's just me or my ECS has gotten kinda particular.
What else should I try? Good flavor, beautifully trimmed nugs and loud smell are definitely nice, but Im really in the game for stimulating, peppy and envigorating effects. I prefer to keep the total THC under 1.2%ish.
(Note, I do like and use nighttime/chillaxing/"indica" T3 buds too. Holy City's Blueberry absolutely nails it.)
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2023.06.04 00:16 astra_azure 29M - In the midst of a life reset and looking for new friends.

Hiya, you other loners and bored net browsers. I'm not very interesting, let's clear that up first of all. I probably won't carry the conversation. I don't have any remarkable qualities or niche interests. My passions in life are reading books/manga, playing video games, watching movies/anime, listening to music, working out, travel, and spending a lot of time outdoors hiking and camping. I spent most of my 20s as a stonepsychonaut barely focusing on a career or education and only hanging out with one person at the expense of not really making any friends. My sole ambition is to take it easy and enjoy life, as stress free and simply as possible.
After my ex left me for someone new, I moved back home to focus on finishing school. Right now my main goal is to finish by the end of the summer and move back to the PNW to immerse myself in the outdoors once again. I haven't had a friend or conversation partner in a while but I figure I'm in a decent enough mental state now to be open to that once again.
I'm not picky about conversation topics and I enjoy a variety of subjects such as history and science. My political views are far left and I'm agnostic. I'm pretty laid back and generally just open to being friends with any type of person.
You should message me if you're lonely and just want to chat about anything. I can't promise I'll keep you entertained, but I'll be here if you need someone to talk to.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope you find what you're looking for.
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2023.06.04 00:15 loonaverse__ Vyvanse has improved my life drastically, but is damaging my health

I love how Vyvanse gives me that extra push i so desperately need. It's probably the one thing keeping me from spending my days in bed whilst binge watching awful Netflix originals. It's been a huge help in keeping me on track. However, I find it very hard to maintain my physical health on it.
The number one issue for me is loss of appetite. I already struggle with fatigue, anxiety and mood swings as is, so as you can imagine skipping meals intensifies these problems x100. I'm very jittery and lightheaded on it as a result, and as it wears off, I feel destroyed lol. i have tried kickstarting my appetite by eating a hardy breakfast before taking it, but 1. I don't usually have breakfast so it's hard to stomach 2. even when i do get breakfast down I still don't have much of an appetite throughout the day. I've been on vyvanse for almost 2 years and my appetite is still void when I take it (although i admit i'm not consistent, but even when i am consistent it's still a struggle).
I've been losing a lot of weight and it's scary honestly. My hair is noticeably weaker, I'm cranky, I'm jittery, I'm always lightheaded, but I want to vomit when trying to stomach a meal on Vyvanse. Not to mention, I really do love food, and it feels like I've lost a part of my life by not being able to enjoy it. It's becoming a real problem but I don't want to give up Vyvanse, it's helped me so much, I just hate the price to pay. Anyone have a similar experience, how do you guys deal with the side effects?
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2023.06.04 00:15 gamesdogsandfootball 32/EST PC - Looking for new friends to play games with!

Just built a new PC and looking to find some new people to play games with. Hopefully regularly if we get along.
I have PC, Xbox and Switch but am mostly on PC.
Multiplayer Games I have been currently playing: Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI, Halo: MCC, R6: Siege, Rounds, Mortal Kombat 11, Rocket League, Returnal, Risk of Rain 2, Gears 5
Also just bought Street Fighter 6 and have Armored Core VI preordered. Will possibly be buying Diablo IV soon too
With that said, I play practically anything good, open and down to try just about anything within reason. I also have game pass ultimate so I have access to anything on there also!
Please be 25+, mature, and overall friendly. I’m competitive but don’t take things overly seriously, I’m better at some games than others. I just like to have fun and looking for like minded gamers that want to have fun and make friends playing a variety of games.
Send me a message with your name, age and time zone, and maybe a couple games you want to play together! I also have discord and a mic 🎮🎮🎮
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