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2023.05.28 14:42 DctrMercury 5 Years Later...

For the sake of information, I (19FtM) came out 5 years ago as trans. It took a fair while for my family to come to terms with it. Two years ago I legally changed my name... and a year ago I started testosterone.
For a while now I've had a voice in the back of my head. Almost since the beginning I've had my doubts but decided to go through with everything anyway. Now I fear that I may want to detransition. But it's hard. Everyone in my life knows me as who I am right now. I don't want to go through everything all over again.
My whole situation has my old thoughts of self harm coming back... I don't know what to do but what I'm doing by transitioning doesn't feel right anymore.
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2023.05.28 14:42 chemeli888 Touched

I’m curious to know what do you think the speech that Spike give to Buffy in Touched would have been if he had been soulless. I bet it would be more aggressive but just as much poignant. What do you think?
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2023.05.28 14:42 FragrantRecipe8416 I'm 18 and dating and making friends are really difficult. I'm going to kill myself this afternoon.

I have no friends at all, have never had a GF, and I no longer know how to communicate with others. Every time I go for work or college, I read through social media and see couples laughing, hugging, kissing, and doing other things that fascinate me despite the fact that it seems I'll never be in one. Even though I'm only 20 years old, love has always been a top priority for me. However, despite the fact that others tell me they find my personality to be fantastic, they rarely express romantic interest in me, and I have now come to the conclusion that unless this changes, I won't find love. Despite m conventionally attractive appearance, there is virtually little likelihood that you will attract love interest.
Contrary to what they might say, people do care about appearances indeed, far more than they care about someone's personality. I don't think I'll ever experience returned love because I don't have the conventionally attractive looks that would make someone want to date me.
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2023.05.28 14:42 Lazy-Elderberry-8736 I need help figuring out if i should stay to her her and grow with her or if i save myself and let whatever else happens. Nothing has happened badly just both of our pasts scare us how do i fix this 18m 17f

i’m going to be completely honest here when i say this story might be a mess but here we go. Let’s call her ava. Me and ava met a couple years ago and we never truly started out as friends, from the start we both had a connection and instantly wanted more although the problem was she was in a relationship and I had zero clue. We went into talking for four months before i found out and i instantly blocked her. And everything was okay up to a couple of months ago; when she randomly popped up on my social media and for some stupid reason i allowed her back in. And did i fall hard. We both instantly felt that connection again and as much as i hated it, i loved the spark more. I knew this time was different by the way she was talking to me and how we actually went out this time. Unlike a couple years ago. And up around the one mark time she started bringing up when i’m going to ask her out because she wanted it. And mins you I held off for so long because she just went through two exes who cheated on her, beat her and did the most unimaginable thing. So i was willing to continue staying in the talking phase so we didn’t rush and so she didn’t run away. But when she said that I truly thought that she was ready because she came out and told me what she wanted. And we started dating the next weekend, i took her out on a beach picnic at the sunset and asked her out right there and i’ve never seen her so happy before. But disaster strikes. Her best friend texts me and tells me she’s talking with another guy, and i know i took the shittiest approach but i instantly accused her of it because of what happened in the past. And she actually didn’t get mad or upset but she sat there and fought for me for hours. She gave me every login without me asking to, showed me texts between her and this other guy and ending up removing him just so we wouldn’t have any other problems. And then the next day she learned her friend was manipulating both of us because she kept texting me that “I deserve better” I ended up screenshooting the texts and sending them to “ava” and that caused another round of drama. In the end me and her started fighting for eachother and at the end of those two days we had figured out a solution and we were content. Or so i thought. The starting thoughts of a “us in a relationship” is the problem creeped into her head because we were perfect in the talking phase and two days after we start officially dating we have that happen. And i admit some of it was my fault but that wouldn’t have ever happened if her friend hadn’t tried breaking us up and getting me for herself. But we talked it through and she realized it would’ve happened even if we were dating or wasn’t dating. Fast forward to the next weekend, we went to a drive thru movie in the truck but it was raining. I had just met her real dad (parents are divorced and i already met the other side) and she introduced me to him as her boyfriend and the whole way there she was sitting in my lap looking at me like i never thought possible; literally a 30 minute drive and she only took her eyes off my three times. Yet halfway during the movie after we were making out and everything and talking about the future, she had just told me she tells all her friends how happy i make her and how she can’t wait to live in our dream house and everything, she flipped a switch. she told me she thinks we rushed and that she doesn’t know if it’s ruined. we sat there and talked about it for hours and even on the way home she was laying in my lap crying and hugging me because she didn’t want to loose me she just didn’t know what she wanted right now, i can eliminate what’s on all your minds right now, there isn’t another guy because instantly when she said that she said she knew what i was thinking and showed me everything on her phone without hesitation. On the way home she was still looking at me with eyes full of love and more yet crying. When i dropped her off she wrote me like genuinely an entire essay while i was sleeping about how much she loved me; yet she doesn’t think she’s ready, after a couple days of talking about it i went and surprised her at her work afterwards because she was having a bad day, i brought flowers and her favorite snack and we sat in the back of her car talking about everything in person. about 30 minutes in she turned around and started cuddling with me and told me she just wants to take a step back but still be in the “talking phase” and she kept inviting me over to with her family and everything and i felt better about the situation. Our last date happened two days ago. I had picked her up from school and we went downtown and it started raining and both of us are helpless romantics. i had a hoodie in the back of my car and gave it to her and mind you it has my last name on it and i’ve never seen her so happy to get something of mine, but we started dancing and kissing in the rain. Literally looked like the movies. After that we went inside and had a nice dinner date. And since our original plans couldn’t be done since it was raining we just sat in the back cuddling. again. If i could tell you the way she looks at me; you’d understand why it’s impossible to not fall for her. Yet fast forward to that night on our drive home she was clutching my arm like she never wanted me to leave, looked up at me and told me she could see me being the father to her kids. i dropped her off at her house and had a conversation with her parents for a couple minutes and just talked about life with them. When she was walking me back outside she kept asking when we could see eachother again, and i thought “okay this is back to normal”. not. She texted me the next morning telling me she’s even more scared because of how hard she’s fallen for me and she’s scared of getting hurt because of what’s happened in her past. we’ve been talking through it but she just keeps saying she doesn’t know what she wants but she couldn’t ever see herself not talking to me. And my final straw was this morning when she sent me a voice message telling me she doesn’t know what’s going on but started telling me so many reason why she loves me. So please is anyone able to help me out with this, do i stay and help her and watch her grow, or do i save myself and see what happens from there. i’ve never felt this way about anyone. thank you guys.
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2023.05.28 14:42 Samooshi17 So I've decided that my next BaB is gonna be this cat and I'm gonna name him Mateo after the character from Lego Dreamzzz. Do yall have any ideas for clothes? Mainly the sash/belt things. (I can probably make them somehow but I don't wanna lol)

So I've decided that my next BaB is gonna be this cat and I'm gonna name him Mateo after the character from Lego Dreamzzz. Do yall have any ideas for clothes? Mainly the sash/belt things. (I can probably make them somehow but I don't wanna lol) submitted by Samooshi17 to buildabear [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 14:42 FragrantRecipe8416 I'm 18 and dating and making friends are really difficult. I'm going to kill myself this afternoon.

I have no friends at all, have never had a GF, and I no longer know how to communicate with others. Every time I go for work or college, I read through social media and see couples laughing, hugging, kissing, and doing other things that fascinate me despite the fact that it seems I'll never be in one. Even though I'm only 20 years old, love has always been a top priority for me. However, despite the fact that others tell me they find my personality to be fantastic, they rarely express romantic interest in me, and I have now come to the conclusion that unless this changes, I won't find love. Despite m conventionally attractive appearance, there is virtually little likelihood that you will attract love interest.
Contrary to what they might say, people do care about appearances indeed, far more than they care about someone's personality. I don't think I'll ever experience returned love because I don't have the conventionally attractive looks that would make someone want to date me.
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2023.05.28 14:42 InuMatte Will RbD be revealed or is Tappei just messing with us?[Spoiler discussion]

So, I say this more because of the fact that throughout the course of the story "gaps" about how much Subaru can reveal about RbD seem to expand, and I'll explain each one of them.
In arc 4 we saw that Roswaal knew about Subaru's ability, although he didn't. knew about her trigger, in this case death. We don't know if this has much relevance, but considering that the clown himself admitted that he wanted to use Subaru, and would make him suffer as many times as necessary to reach the ideal future, I think it's hard for Satella (or the witch) to have seen this and thought "nah, everything is fine". Then we had the "confirmation" that the secret could perhaps be revealed, if not told by Subaru himself.
In arc 6, we had the revelation of the Library, and its books containing the life/death of everyone who had died so far, including Subaru's past deaths. If someone read the book of Subaru's fourth death (first death of arc 2) they would already have understanding about RbD, and technically there would be no punishment, because Subaru didn't say a word. Maybe if he made someone read the book by force the punishment would happen, but without any confirmation of fact.
In arc 7, we saw that the connection between Subaru and Satella can be broken in some way, and in that time Subaru himself can reveal the secret without being punished, however there is no way for me to say that clearly because the whole situation was not very well explained, about how Subaru and Satella's connection/contract works, and the reveal happened in a failed loop, i.e. it never happened on the mainline, but considering that when Subaru called Satella and she came instantly and didn't go after Todd or Tanza who overheard the secret, implies that she didn't know about the revelation, that the connection between Subaru and Satella could be separated for a while and in that time Subaru could reveal the secret without punishment.
In short, it looks like there are several ways for RbD to be revealed, and I don't know if Tappei really intends to do that or if he's just putting these various unconfirmed methods to create some kind of tension or even anticipation. What do you think?
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2023.05.28 14:41 WhoKt_ How to put a block instead of an entity

When I watched the video, I saw this moment and I want to repeat it. The truth is, I don't know how.
I tried to put an invisible armor stand with the right block on the head, but I ran into a problem that the block is not placed because the armor stand is there. I tried to use falling block but I don't know how to make a smaller block variation or spawn the player's head with the SkullOwner parameter.
Tell me how to do the same as in the video.
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2023.05.28 14:41 Muarlon_t Contact is hanging by a thread

Trying to keep it short. But my in laws do not have any interest in my husband and I’s kids. None whatsoever. They care about they’re other grandkids but couldn’t give a flying fuck about our kids. We hear from them maybe every 3months and they visit for 5mins at Christmas and birthdays. It is absolutely destroying my husband and he doesn’t want to bring it up to them bc he knows they will blame it all on him. It’s sad to see him so broken bc they don’t want a relationship. We tried to give them a taste of their own medicine (as petty as it is) and they would tell us that we’re ruining their relationship with the kids. We don’t really know what to do or how to go about it. I feel so sad for him & for the kids. It’s sad to see a relationship so strained.
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2023.05.28 14:41 Kaiser_J_K Fishman signatures installed on my az

Fishman signatures installed on my az
I’ve recently installed Tim’s signature fluence into my az prestige. Love the new sound it’s given me and it look stunning. I had some troubles installing these and there were a few problems I ran into which I hadn’t found many posts on anywhere online.
-The first problem was that the bridge pickup cavity needed routing out to fit the new pickup in due to the old pickups being snapped and wired in different places.
-The second problem was that the existing electrical components in the az were mostly not compatible with the wiring needed for the fishman pickups. This was quite a simple solution by buying a new selector switch which would work and also a toggle switch in place of the push pull pot to avoid leaving a hole where the existing toggle switch was.
-one last thing to note is that a 9v battery should fit in the existing electronics cavity should you wish to not install one of the fishman rechargeable batteries or not route the body of the guitar for a battery box. I will eventually be installing one of the rechargeable battery packs but will wait a while until I do.
Other then those three problems it should be simple-ish to wire, assuming you know what your doing.😂
Hope this helps anyone else having these same problems I had when trying to figure out the installation.
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2023.05.28 14:40 emfanthrowaway12 Are you concerned with how huge and viral the red pill has become?

So Ive still only quit recently, so obviously my algorythm is still filled with Tate, Fresh n Fit and whatever podcast type stuff, Im at the process of clearing it all up, though I did notice something. Whenever I log out or use a different account, and try searching for some other dating/relationship advice that isnt influenced by my algorythm, the search results are still overflowing with the red pill at an overwhelming pace, and well it does strike me that the reason for this is that all of them have a very entreprenaurial approach to their content reaching as many people as possible, and the demand for mentorship for young people is crazy big nowadays.
And with Tate being so huge and recognised, and the huge boom of the red pill as a whole, are you guys concerned with how its gonna affect society as a whole for years to come? There is a lot of confusion amongst young people nowadays especially after how much the world has changed after the pandemic, thats how Ive discovered the red pill, and while it did help me with some stuff, it messed up my mental health big time and made me paranoid, resentful etc, so I dont know how I feel about it being so huge
What do you guys think?
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2023.05.28 14:39 Careless_Guidance_74 I took a puff by accident ( yes )

So, you saw the title, yes it really happened, and yes it really was by accident. How did it happened ? Well I m still smoking cigarettes, and I was in my car and there was a "cigarette" roach laying on the seat next to me ( I usually do that with cigs ), I took it lighted it and took one puff, directly I noticed the weird taste and threw it. So now what ? Is my progression totally fucked ? I m only on day 5 so this really frustrated me much, I didn't felt a lot but kinda something I don't know if it was placebo or not ( it was a spliff and before stopping I reduced progressibely to like 0.003g per spliff and it probably was one of those ) do you think i really messed things up ? or it's more like nothing ever happened ? The big sad here
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2023.05.28 14:39 sjtimmer7 How can I change hair color from very light blonde/solid black to red?

I have some issues with the colors. Both blonde and black hair seem to only give a slightly red shade, or only red tips. Does anyone know how to do hair colors with extremely light or dark hair?
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2023.05.28 14:39 maartengusername I think I'm ready!

I think I've had enough of self-love 😂 mga titas and titos... Where do you go to meet people? I know online is the most convenient way, pero parang laging talking stage lang. Maybe I'm the problem no? But still....... San kaya nagtatago yung mga walang commitment issues?
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2023.05.28 14:39 Lost-War4769 How to stop ruminating

Like I don't even know where the intrusive thought ends and the ruminating begins. I feel like I have to accept that I will be stuck in this thought loop (meta OCD) forever. I don't know what else to think about, like nothing else is important anymore at all. Everything I used to care about means nothing - I don't mean like my family or friends albeit my empathy is gone and just jealousy remains - but like for example I was studying to be a Work Psychologist and now none of that means anything to me, not that I even have enough focus to get through one page of reading.
Nothing interests me anymore and that terrifies me. Obviously aware that's depression, but in the past I was always able to get myself out of it by working on myself. Just don't see a point if I am to suffer being in a thought loop forever.
So my question is, how do you redirect your thoughts and if so, any tips? And also, is anyone else in the same boat where they just exist with 24/7 rumination but have been able to put it to the back of their mind instead of playing in the very front?
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2023.05.28 14:39 Sea-Information8648 Can I hire a hacker to change my grades?

Can I hire a hacker to change my grades?

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2023.05.28 14:39 matticus379 I consider myself lucky to be alive and somewhat rational enough to start a new life. (TW and long, psychosis, psychotic break)

45/M two weeks in (I think?), 49 days alcohol free. Very heavy usage of both since about the age of 18.
I woke up in the hospital on Easter Sunday of this year from my second psychotic break in ten years with the IV stint still in my arm. According to my wife I had been awake for four days and only getting worse. My heart rate had been through the roof at times and the EMTs did ask her if they should continue trying to keep me alive. During the first break ten years ago she was asked if she wanted me to become a ward of the state. Both times the doctors she was talking to did not expect me to come back and after I came back ,to ground level earth, they quoted me to be among about 2% that actually do. These are conversations no loving spouse should ever have to endure.
I won't be going into too much detail about what I saw during the breaks as it is highly personal, beyond irrational and heavily triggering for myself and potentially others. I will say that I am a firm believer in free will and our right to choose. I chose every single step I have made in my life, even the ones I knew were wrong and would eventually lead me down a path I did not want to be on. Now I am faced with a new one and possibly the last one I can make to save my own life and sanity.
Both times I experienced the breaking point were during the most stressful points in my life I had ever experienced, I was trying to quit drinking and struggling to make amends for some of the choices I had already made. The first break ten years ago should have been the wake up call I needed, but within six months to a year I was back on my crutches of weed and alcohol to support the man I thought I wanted to be. It is impossible to point the blame at any one culprit under these circumstances, it was all of them and it was me. Most importantly though I was hiding from myself the real choice I simply refused to face. Weed was about to destroy my mind and my life, and I was choosing again to let that happen.
I cannot blame weed, it helped open myself to parts of myself I had no comprehension of and never would have otherwise. I also cannot blame myself for not wanting to put it aside, it is a powerful psychotic that is far more addictive than society at large wants to admit. But I do understand now that to blame is also a choice and I choose not to vilify something that lead to much happiness, laughter, and self discovery. It has powerful qualities that can help those who have the ability not to abuse it. I do choose now to see what kind of man I can be. Not the men I was, those men died and are gone now. All that remains is a man on a new path faced with new choices and learning new ways of coping with those choices. It is a painful and confusing struggle to be sure, but one I am now grateful to endure.
I think Michael J. Fox said it best, that "with gratitude, optimism is sustainable". I am grateful my wife chose to keep me alive and I couldn't blame her if she had chosen otherwise. I can honestly say that without her love I would not be here telling you all of this. With love comes truth and the truth is I am grateful to be alive, no matter how painful it gets from here on out. I am optimistic that I can do this, that I can put weed away for good. That I can adapt, learn and grow in this new life. That I can forgive the men I was and embrace the man I am becoming with love and truth as my guides.
I have lurked here for a few weeks now, reading your stories and seeing your struggles with the choice you are making. For me to put the weed away is no longer a choice but something I HAVE to do, simply because I always want to remember who my wife is, her name, her face and those of her parents. Those of my parents, my sister and her beautiful family. All of these important people would have been lost if I had not been able to come back, and I would truly have been alone, which I recognize now was my greatest fear all along.
I am grateful you are all here, choosing a new life and new possibilities. I am grateful and I want to hug each of you in gratitude for helping me understand that I am still not alone. I don't know how much help I can be when I seem to need so much myself, but I can offer up this tidbit of a warning.
You can live in psychosis for a long time before the breaking point occurs. the break itself is like when a dam can no longer hold back an overfull reservoir. I have always considered myself a free thinker and fancied myself a philosopher of sorts, but looking back over my writings from both periods I realize how irrational and off kilter I was becoming. I am not a doctor but I am keenly aware of a physical element as well. About an inch/inch and a half ,or so, to the right of the point where my skull attaches to my spinal cord was in pain, not a headache really, but a localized and very sharp pain in that spot alone. Like a nerve throbbing intensely. I can remember it getting worse in the days before and the last tokes I took in the days after, made it come back. That's how I knew, I guess, that it was time. It's not the worst pain I have ever felt, but it is right up there.
A psychotic break is a nightmare that one can potentially never wake from. Thankfully there was a very heavy spiritual component which is helping me, these days, to keep it all together. I am so very lucky I am not permanently hospitalized, jailed, or worse. I have no particular interest in being homeless and/or permanently "off the planet" . I am permanently scarred from my experiences though, and will have to relearn how to function in society again.
I will finish by saying that a mind is a terrible thing to waste, and so is time. I am grateful for the mind and time I have left. Thank you for sharing yours with me, and thank you for sharing mine. Thank you for giving me a place to be. Keep your chin up, Keep on-keeping on. And if you stumble, make it part of the dance.
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2023.05.28 14:38 AfternoonNo7051 Scale not moving and it’s discouraging me

F27 88kg 170cm I’ve been on this weight loss journey since February. Since then I’ve lost 10kg altogether but for the past 2-3 weeks the scale has not been moving no matter what I do. Low-carb, exercise etc. I’m doing 1200 calories a day and I feel fine on that, I’m eating lots of volume foods like veggies. I’m CERTAIN I’m not calculating the calories wrong. I’ve done this before so many times. And the portions are pretty small there’s no way they’re wrong. I don’t know what’s going on, this plateau is so discouraging. If it was a week long then fine but it’s feels like I’ve been this weight forever now :(
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2023.05.28 14:38 Icy_candypie Am I looking too deeply into this? I need your opinions about this.

I don’t know if it’s OK to post this here or if I’m following the rules. If it’s not, you can remove it, so I met a guy on a dating site and He texted me first we clicked, So we moved to Snapchat to continue talking. we were in the middle of Sexting when all of a sudden he didn’t reply to me. Hours past, still didn’t reply.
So I didn’t think anything of it, but when I went in the dating Site that we met, I saw that he was online And I was like why aren’t you texting me?I thought maybe because we were sexting he could have said something to me😩.
He ended up sending me a snap like nothing after 18hrs. Not even saying why he hasn’t replied and left me on read in the middle of sexting? Am I tripping? Do I look too much into this? What’s wrong with me ? Im upset tho. I know he may be talking to other girls, I’m cool with that im also talking to other guys but it bothers me that he spent so much time without replying. Just wanted to vent a little. Im upset that I’m even bothered by this😫.
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2023.05.28 14:38 Dog-Daddy- 34 [M4F] NH / Online - Nerdy nurse looking for a reason to smile when the phone vibrates. Good vibes and maybe a lot more

I truly think that chemistry is just something that two (or more) people will have or will not. You know within a few messages whether or not someone is really worth your time or not. You spend some time talking to them, and the relationship grows organically with common interests and time spent.
Such are my thoughts on the matter anyway. Do you agree?
Whether in person or online, I find myself seeking new companionship. Someone to talk to, engage with, flirt with, pass the time with, maybe even more with. Is that person you? Let's find out.
I am an articulate, soft spoken nurse who is as nerdy as I am flirty. Intelligence, patience, empathy, and a good sense of humor are some of my stronger traits.
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2023.05.28 14:37 WearyMembership1656 Drop or Keep 4U

I rant a lot in this post sorry but not sure where else to post it.
In my earlier post I talked about whether to pick up 4u tutoring (in year 11 rn) and I ended up picking it but at that time I was going through some issues that affected me mentally so I haven't been focusing on my 4u tutoring specifically and didn't spend time doing the h/w in between the classes. After that I was just lazy and prioritised my school work and other tutoring and basically didn't spend time to revise and focus on my content. It's not roughly 8 lessons into complex numbers and I basically only have the understanding of 1/2 lessons. Everything is extremely confusing and I can't ask my tutor for advice/ help because I know what he'll say and will definitely berate me for not doing my H/W (it is my fault and I fully understand and also severely regret).
A bit of a rant skip the paragraph if you're not bothered. If you were to ask me a year ago if I were to pick up 4u I would've 100% said no but I think it was due to my fear of regret and mistakes as well as a bit of selfish thought I ended up choosing the class. I keep thinking to try and stick with the class for as long as I can but I am completely confused and I have no resources to help me through the question (studying off the cambridge book) but I think back if I were to stick with 4u what if all my efforts pay off and I actually manage to catch up and do well in the class but then again I think if I would be willing to study 4u in Year 12 and drop another subject (which I really don't want) and also sit the HSC test? No. I find 3u is my limit where I have a good mix of hard and easy questions. Part of the reason of keeping 4u is to basically say I've done the hardest HSC course and it would help me a bit in uni (either want to do engineering or med) and I can also tutor kids with 4u. Also to make my parents proud of me. I flonked my 3u test last term and got 52% which I know is because I didn't study properly and I know 100% I can achieve a 70-80% at least. I don't understand when I catch up and also when I'm in the class but I'm too intimidated to tell my tutor I want to drop or discuss to him about it because it's a bit complex but he would 90% say for me to drop based on what I tell him. I know my limits and choosing 4u is a bit strange.
There are so many reasons for me to drop 4u but I still stay in the class in hopes that if I study hard and truly try my best then I can catch up and do well. I don't know if I should drop the class right now or try it out until the term ends, which is about 4 or 5 more lessons and think really hard.
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