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2020.06.15 23:19 NeedlesAndThorns RblxCrosstrading

A subreddit dedicated to Crosstrading among different games on Roblox.

2019.04.09 20:47 robbiefl2001 ROBLOXofold

Share what games you used to play on ROBLOX, organise play sessions of these games, and meet fellow nostalgics who enjoyed 2005-2015 ROBLOX!!

2019.01.03 21:05 That's just Plane Crazy!

Plane Crazy is a Roblox physics sandbox originally created by madattak in 2014, and is now being developed by rickje139.

2023.04.01 13:10 AnonymousEngineer21 variety channel or multiple channels?

Hi so I want to do an engineering channel on youtube where I do various projects and even do some theory. Being an electrical engineer doing my masters, i feel qualified for this. The thing is I also want do talk about tips for being a student at university, how to study effectively etc...can this go together or would i need 2 channels for this?
I would also like to do some gaming on the side..

can i put it all in one channel or do i need to separate into several channels?
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2023.04.01 13:10 siggywithit With E3 cancelled, what is the best event to connect with game developers?

Was planning on being at E3 this year to connect with game developers. Any other events this year that are worth attending?
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2023.04.01 13:10 ycbace First time buyer

I’m mainly been PlayStation player my whole life as I grew up on it I just bought a series x like a week ago. and just let’s say wow. I’m glad I made this purchase honestly gamepass is really a game changer I found my self playing games I normally wouldn’t have tried. My only gripe is so many ads on the UI is there a way to remove it thanks.
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2023.04.01 13:10 Alias_Ne0 Shocking changes in patch 10.3!

In patch 10.3, the developers have decided to remove the gnome and vulpera races from the game, as well as update the appearance of dracthyr - now they will look more like drakonids with wings.
In addition, the new patch will delight players with a reduction in subscription prices by up to 40% from the previous cost and the removal of the section for cosmetic digital items from the in-game store.
Good news awaits players playing on different servers. Starting from patch 10.3, servers in one region will be merged into one mega-server. Additionally, the language of the text and audio in the game will not depend on the language of the server. Taking into account recent changes regarding cross-faction guilds, now you can safely create a character of any race and class (except for gnome and vulpera), without fearing to be cut off from friends playing on other servers and fearing of other cross-server limitations.
Twink enthusiasts are not left out either! Now all characters created by one player (including different accounts) have access to a shared bank, the maximum size of which corresponds to the number of characters allowed on the server. Additionally, all items, currency, and reputation/renown are no longer tied to one character. Items (including gear) obtained by one character can be transferred to other characters of the player and back, for example, using the new bank system. In-game currencies will be merged, and therefore, they will not require any additional actions from players. A new reputation system will be added, the progress of which will depend on the game played on all "twinks", not just on the "main". Developers have not yet specified how this system will work, but from the "blue post" on the official website, it is clear that for completing identical quests with several characters, reputation will still improve but with a lower rate.
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2023.04.01 13:10 AutoModerator [Get] Dylan Miller – Tube Money Masterclass 2023

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2023.04.01 13:10 AutoModerator Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (Complete Program)

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2023.04.01 13:10 AutoModerator The System by Todd (Updated Program)

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2023.04.01 13:10 RG35XX Quick Tutorial on Overlays [GarlicOS v1.3.9]

You can now turn off the hotkey guide overlay if you prefer, best way to do this is:
Main Menu > RetroArch > Settings > On-Screen Display > On-Screen Overlay > Guide Overlay > Turn Off 
Now Quit out of RetroArch and it will save this change to retroarch.cfg which applies 'globally'.
To enable an overlay for a system, while in a game
"Menu" + "X" to open Quick Menu > "B" to back out to RetroArch Main Menu > Settings > On-Screen Display > On-Screen Overlay > Overlay Preset > 
Choose the correct overlay preset for the system you're playing. If you haven't already check your video settings
Settings > Video > Scaling > 
You will want to enable Integer Scale and Keep Aspect Ratio for the overlay to function correctly. Now you will need to save a override
Quick Menu > Overrides > 
Most likely you'll want to save a core override (i.e. have this overlay just for this console).
But you have options to do a Content Directory Override (useful for having GB and GBC separate) and Game Overrides (useful if you want individual custom overlays).
If you want to customize these overlays, the .png files live in
SDCard > CFW > retroarch > .retroarch > overlay 
You'll see all the files in there already which you can change or add to.
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2023.04.01 13:10 IgorWithSkillz Dear new players of rogue company

If you are new to the game, DONT PLAY RANKED, there is no sbmm, u will not become better if u play ranked without having a clue what it is about, you will just get shit on by better players, there is no reason for you to play ranked, stick to ur casual strikeout and casual demolition, get good there and once u r around level 200 consider playing ranked.
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2023.04.01 13:10 Nect3rcollector Honestly I can respect this

Honestly I can respect this
AGS built different
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2023.04.01 13:09 254EmergencyBalls does anyone find it weird that roblox rp is like insanely better than gmod rp?

i tried to play some roleplays on roblox and they are massively better, im talking about games that are like small or something, like the ones that have less than 40 people playercount. on roblox there is quite literally no kids that scream "RDM RDM RDM" and they just deal with it, on roblox the admins are also not assholes and instead they usually just do their own rp, like training people, hanging out or something like that. they all are also all full of custom content (There usually may be a free model or two but nothing that can bother anybody). of course there are games that are bad in terms of roleplay, that is cafe games, they are just down bad but except that they are usually good. imo its weird how a game dedicated for kids has better rp games than a game made for preteens-teens
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2023.04.01 13:09 Odinnn21 Writing “as soon as it’s ready” as a response

The amount of cringe when someone says “it will be released when it’s ready” is next level. If you think you’re providing any actual value with a comment like that then you’re either a clown or silly child.
To add, seeing people openly suck off CIG when they comment on Reddit is the 2nd most cringe thing I see. These dudes leave messages like “thanks for everything even though I can’t log in, let me know if you need a community manager” is so effing cringe.
It’s been a month since they released 3.18. This was after a 4 month delay. This company is proving very incompetent. The 55 min lecture about AI during sc live is a smoke screen.
Deploying .2 in PTU before .1 is published to live is probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen a game dev do. If you work in software development and understand AGILE you’ll agree 100% with this. If your an apologist or don’t understand real software dev then you won’t.
A reckoning is coming for this game. And soon backers will realize how they spent so long and got so little.
10 years is long enough. I signed up for a game. Not a 20 year charade.
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2023.04.01 13:09 IwantSuppHeheXD2 EUW/EUNE - Searching for somebody to play with

Hey. I am searching for preferably a support main to play with, but else is fine too. I main ADC, mostly Draven, Kaisa and Vayne. I was plat on EUNE last season, and now my account is still unranked, but I have another account which is unranked too. On EUW I have 2 accounts aswell. One is gold, other one is unranked. I'd like to play some draft games together, and then if we click then also play ranked in the future. I'm also interested in chatting too, not just purely playing. I can also voice call aswell, but it's not a must. I'd love to hear from you :) My discord is Armzii#3764 Add me there :)
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2023.04.01 13:09 CubicalBeaver Love seeing the game thriving... THIS IS SPARTA

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2023.04.01 13:09 Chaseydog Farming Simulator 22 direct from Giants

Has anyone had success in getting the direct download from Giants (not Steam) to run on the deck? I tried to install it by switching to desktop mode and downloading the zip version of the game to a folder for FS22 that I created in the Games directory. I extracted the zip and then launched Steam so that I could add the game to Steam. Next, I went back to game mode, opened my library and ran the .exe. The installer ran, but when I try to open the game the installer launches again, rather than launching the game. I'm sure I'm missing a step, or doing it completely wrong, but if anyone has ideas I'd like to hear them.
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2023.04.01 13:09 Your_frnd_001 Help in fixing resolution of valorant

Help in fixing resolution of valorant
Hello, fellow valo players. Today I just downloaded Valorant on my laptop because my friends plays this game all the time so I decided that I should also try this game. But as soon as I tried to play this games I started to face some fps drop so I changes my resolution but I am getting a very weird problem with valo .
when I use 1920 x 1080p resolution. Valo covers my whole screen because my screen resolution is same. But because I am facing low fps I tried to change my display from 1920 x 1080p to 1280 x 720p but my valo display got shrink and I am having big black bars all around my screen because 1280 x 720 p is not covering my whole screen.

when i am having resolution set to 1920 x 1080 p

when i set my resolution to 1280 x 720 p
This issue is happening recently. I have tried downloading valorant before may around 2 months before at that time nothing like this was happening.
Any type of advice is much appreciated .
system config :
cpu - intel i3 - 7020 U graphics - intel graphics 620 ram - 4gb
(I know my laptop is very low end but I just want to play valo at 30 fps on 1280 x 720 p)
there are 2 additional things that I have done from valorant.exe properties 1.checked - override high dpi scale behavior 2.checked - disable fullscreen optimizations
I have tried disabling both of them but nothing is happening.
Please help me. I have tried posting this question in valorant reddit and their tech support reddit too. but their moderator always deleted my post.
If you have any idea why this weird resolution thing is happening please help me.
(sorry for bad english)
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2023.04.01 13:09 DeezNoggers Lags and Headset problems

I played this game on xbox my old PC and now on my New PC everytime after 20 Minute of playing i get the Hardest lags and some how my hs makes scratch noises some how
I dont know how to solve that Problem bls help
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2023.04.01 13:09 Blakeroid [Store] 30 Knives, 100 Playskins, 10+ Crafts AK Case Hardened T3, 4x Stockholm Holo Crafts, 4x Antwerp Holo Crafts, 4x MLG Holo Crafts

I'm only looking for trade offers, not intrested in cash trading.
(Prices updated 03/27-2023)


Steam Profile
Name Exterior and Float Buyout (BUFF Value) Sticker Price
AK-47 Case HardenedTier 3 #867 Blue Mag FT 0.19 $ 304,95 $18.26
StatTrak™ AK-47 Blue Laminate Crown (Foil) and Krakow Gold, "Scream AK" FT $ 275,91 $1283,11
M4A1-S Printstream4x G2 (Holo) Stockholm 2021 FT 0.24 $ 159,00
USP-S Blueprint 4x Cloud9 (Holo)Antwerp 2022 MW 0.09 $ 101,00
StatTrak™ Glock-18 Water Elemental 4x Movistar Riders (Holo)Stockholm 2021 FN 0.02 $ 99,00
AK-47 Neon Rider 4x Liquid Fire (Holo) MW 0.09 $ 98,00 $74,48
MP9 Hot Rod 4x G2 (Holo) MLG Columbus 2016 FN 0.02 $ 87,13
AK-47 Bloodsport 4x NAVI (Holo) Stockholm 2021 (3 scraped once) FT $ 82,08
AK-47 Nightwish 4x FURIA (Holo)Antwerp 2022 FT 0.18 $ 65,00
UMP-45 Blaze 4x G2 (Holo) MLG Columbus 2016 FN 0.03 $ 50,82
AK-47 The Empress4x Furia (Holo) Stockholm 2021 FT $ 42,12
M4A1-S Nightmare 4x Team Spirit (Holo) Stockholm 2021 FT 0.18 $ 23,50
Desert Eagle Midnight Storm MW $ 18,33 $68,12
Name Exterior Buyout
★ Skeleton Knife Crimson Web WW $ 1077,62
★ M9 Bayonet Autotronic FT $ 956,57
★ Butterfly Knife Urban Masked MW $ 713,27
★ Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls FT 0.16 $ 626,00
★ Sport Gloves Nocts FT 0.16 $ 490,00
★ Bayonet Damascus Steel MW 0.07 $ 402,58
★ Stiletto Knife Damascus Steel FT 0.17 $ 319,64
★ Skeleton Knife Boreal Forest FT $ 305,81
★ Survival Knife Case Hardened #35 60% Blue WW $ 257,00
★ Sport Gloves Scarlet Shamagh WW $ 237,37
★ Falchion Knife $ 203,44
★ Bowie Knife $ 190,48
★ Survival Knife Crimson Web BS $ 189,24
★ Stiletto Knife Night Stripe BS $ 181,30
★ Survival Knife Stained MW $ 179,34
★ Ursus Knife Night Stripe MW $ 172,42
★ Stiletto Knife Scorched BS $ 169,65
★ Stiletto Knife Forest DDPAT BS $ 167,47
★ Gut Knife Slaughter FN $ 167,45
★ Stiletto Knife Safari Mesh BS $ 166,01
★ Ursus Knife Damascus Steel FT 0.20 $ 163,10
★ Huntsman Knife Black Laminate FT $ 158,44
StatTrak™ AWP Asiimov WW $ 157,13
★ Huntsman Knife Black Laminate WW $ 152,91
★ Flip Knife Safari Mesh FT $ 147,08
★ Flip Knife Scorched FT $ 145,26
StatTrak™ AK-47 Bloodsport FT $ 134,70
★ Classic Knife Urban Masked FT $ 131,06
★ Moto Gloves Eclipse WW $ 118,68
★ Gut Knife Blue Steel MW $ 110,67
USP-S Printstream MW $ 103,10
★ Huntsman Knife Rust Coat BS $ 100,70
★ Survival Knife Scorched FT $ 100,48
★ Survival Knife Safari Mesh FT $ 96,99
★ Shadow Daggers Stained FT $ 87,16
★ Navaja Knife Safari Mesh FT $ 69,83
Desert Eagle Printstream MW $ 69,39
AWP Containment Breach FT $ 68,73
USP-S The Traitor FN $ 53,66
M4A4 Bullet Rain FN $ 52,93
M4A4 In Living Color FN $ 48,35
StatTrak™ P250 Undertow FN $ 45,87
StatTrak™ AWP Neo-Noir FT $ 45,70
M4A1-S Player Two MW $ 44,20
M4A4 Neo-Noir FN $ 37,13
Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon FN $ 34,80
SSG 08 Blood in the Water MW $ 33,42
AK-47 Nightwish FT $ 22,92
AWP Chromatic Aberration FT $ 19,44
M4A1-S Cyrex MW $ 18,11
Sir Bloody Skullhead Darryl The Professionals $ 16,38
StatTrak™ M4A4 Evil Daimyo FN $ 14,42
USP-S Road Rash WW $ 13,93
Galil AR Urban Rubble FN $ 11,33
Elite Trapper Solman Guerrilla Warfare $ 11,21
MAC-10 Stalker FT $ 10,51
M4A4 Desolate Space MW $ 10,34
AK-47 Green Laminate FT $ 10,10
Sawed-Off Kiss♥Love MW $ 8,55​
Buff Store
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2023.04.01 13:09 CryptographerDry248 19M [chat] looking for anyone anywhere!

I’m a 19M from the United States but I’m currently living in South Korea and I’m the hunt for a long lasting friendship! Here is some stuff about me.
I’m really big into video games such as minecraft, warthunder and much more
My music taste is all over the place ranging from country to classical it all depends on how my day is going. I do enjoy reading but I haven’t been as constant with it as I used to be, but when I do it’s mostly motivational stuff or about history.
I’m a big fan of hiking and occasionally fishing, I love hiking through the woods and up hills to find the best view as well as hidden gems that Mother Nature hides in the wilderness.
I always have some type of stupid meme that I’m willing send, I will always try to raise your spirts and I hope you’ll do the same for me. After all life can be hard sometimes.
I’m also not looking for anything romantic just friends that’s all so if you’re still interested let me know and we’ll let our friendship blossom into something awesome!
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2023.04.01 13:09 BlownCamaro Do tv settings such as Game Mode have any effect whatsoever on the image in the VR headset?

I would assume they don't, but figured I would ask. What video settings on the console effect VR display performance?
Are there audio settings on the console that effect VR?
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2023.04.01 13:08 NoobishSVK [RANT] The real April Fools joke are the Fall Guys players who stayed

[RANT] The real April Fools joke are the Fall Guys players who stayed
tl;dr - the title.
A longer version:
This is purely my opinion and some of you might not agree with this, but it's been way too long and I'm starting to get furious when it comes to this game. The issues are starting to be unbearable and the lack of care from the devteam just makes me feel bitter at best.
Usually, we got an event event for April Fools. As you might have noticed, this did NOT happen today sadly, despite some apparent "leaks" related to an event called kraken gaming!!.
Instead, as a spit on the face from Epic Games & Mediatonic we got this:
Yes, exactly. As a replacement to the event, Mediatonic along with Epic made a cash-grab store skin, yeah, really funny.
Map rotation, or rather the lack of it has been a problem for a long time now. Remember when Mediatonic unvaulted all the maps by accident, which made all the players happy? Pepperidge farm remembers.
Now it feels like the devs/Epic Games management team both don't want us to play the game, they only want us to buy skins as most of the maps are completely fine as they are in the added custom show called the Vault.
The maps that have been bugged before, with a promise that they would be fixed simply were not touched. Unfortunately, it's so bad to the point you can always predict what the next map is going to be, especially in Duo/Squad modes. Seriously, I'm getting tired of playing Fall Ball as the final after playing Pegwin Party, Hoopsie Daisy and Jinxed every single game.
Basically this. The people behind Fall Guys know what we want exactly. They see it every day as they can't really escape all the rants from players, as they're everywhere - Twitter, Reddit. We don't know what's happening on the other side though. Players are incredibly unhappy, but Epic Games might just be happy because people are still buying showbucks without any new content.
Seriously, what's EAC even for? No manual bans? Is this a joke? Why does EAC even run in the first place? Especially over the last few days, I bet the majority of you has seen a hacker playing constantly and bothering other people - they managed to get over 1200 wins without getting banned, along with dozens of videos on this subreddit of this exact player. Really? This would have been unnacceptable in all the other games.
Half a year of no map rotation, the exact same events with skin recolors - if this doesn't show that you are lazy, I don't know what does. Next season delayed, level editor being outsourced. What are the devs even doing? What's worse is that there are no beta tests anymore, just furthermore proving how there is zero QA and care left for the game. On top of that, we got no map leaks, which could mean that there are actually zero new maps coming next season.
There are so many issues with this game that if I wanted to write them all, it will probably cross the reddit character limit per post, I'm just going to keep it at this. If you want to vent, just follow up with your issues in the comments, I'll be sure to read them.
I'm not going to beg for these issues to be fixed, because I know they won't be touched and this post will be disregarded by Epic Games/Mediatonic. Worst case scenario I could get banned for expressing my opinion, in which case as a little help - my Epic Games handle is the same as my reddit username, enjoy yourselves.
Have a good day!
PS: The description of this subreddit is a lie.

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2023.04.01 13:08 TheGreatGimmick Ability Draft Compilation

Short Blurb Link Abilities Detailed Description
In-And-Out Stuns Link Time Walk / Slithreen Crush The Shard for Time Walk allows one to jump in, stun, then be sent back out. The low CD allows this to be spammed for humorous effect.
Absurd Lasso Range Link Time Walk / Flaming Lasso So long as the user doesn't teleport, other forms of movement will not break Flaming Lasso. With the Shard for Time Walk this can become absurd.
Talented Lasso Link Icarus Dive / Flaming Lasso So long as the user doesn't teleport, other forms of movement will not break Flaming Lasso. This can be silly with Icarus Dive, especially if you are Phoenix with the relevant Talent!
Fatal Infestation Link Arcane Orb / Astral Imprisonment / Essence Flux / Infest The Aghanim's Scepter upgrade for Infest uses your attack modifiers for its attacks, which can be abused with powerful modifiers like Arcane Orb. Being hidden also has incredible uptime between the Scepter upgrades for Infest and Astral Imprisonment.
Attack of the Scepter Link Chilling Touch / Tricks of the Trade / Shadow Realm / Infest With an Aghanim's Scepter, every attack from Tricks of the Trade and Infest is enhanced by Shadow Realm and/or Chilling Touch, among the other benefits as well. This is four upgrades for one item, and it shows!
Three Health Bars Link Vengeance Aura / Dismember With a Shard, Dismember can 'eat' an ally that has Rot running to damage enemies around you while keeping the ally safe. With a Scepter, your Vengeance Aura illusion can eat your ally again after you die! When the illusion dies, your ally can fight to the death too. Three health bars!
Melee Impetus Marksmanship Link Swashbuckle / Impetus / Marksmanship Swashbuckle applies modifiers to the simulated attacks, even ones that shouldn't do well on melee heroes like Impetus and Marksmanship. Just keep your distance with Swashbuckle instead!
Chilling Machine Gun Link Chilling Touch / Unleash Unleash can abuse attack modifiers like Scepter Chilling Touch by attacking extremely rapidly. This is further boosted by Ancient Apparition's relevant Talents.
One-Punch Link Enchant Totem / God's Rebuke Enchant Totem simply amplifies attack damage, which is different from - and stacks with - critical hits. This gets absurd with reliable crits like God's Rebuke. Here is another clip from the same game.
Maximum Zombies Link Tombstone / Song of the Siren Some effects still occur during Song of the Siren's sleep, including Tombstone spawning. With a Refresher you can Tomb, Song, Tomb, wait for the first Song to near its end, then Song again. This clip hit the max zombie cap of 64, sadly.
Global Chain Link Timberchain / Relocate This clip is funniest if unexpected, so see the explanation in the comments instead. Sorry!
Bomber Pirate Link Torrent / X-Mark / Blast Off / Proximity Mines This build is simply synergistic. X-Mark can be used to set up Torrents or recall the user after Blast Off. Blast Off can stun enemies to set up Torrent with Shard. Proximity Mines deal heavy damage while the enemy is debilitated. In this clip the user globally kills someone then returns to their Fountain.
Unkillable Rat Link X-Mark / Teleportation With Teleportation and X-mark, only a Eul's Scepter or extreme burst damage can stop the Mark from sending the user back to safety. Here a Meteor Hammer and heavy Cooldown Reduction are abused, with little recourse for the unprepared enemy.
Golem Army Link Vengeance Aura / Chaotic Offering With a Scepter, one's Vengeance Aura illusion may cast Chaotic Offering! If you are Warlock, you also create one on death. With a Refresher and Buyback, this created 10 Golems during a single fight!
Shotgun Sharpshooter Link Phantom Strike / Whirling Axes / Aftershock / Sharpshooter Blink in, charge Sharpshooter, use Whirling Axes halfway through, fire Sharpshooter at point-black range. The victim is stunned for the duration due to Aftershock!
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