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Market Volatility Looms Amid Potential Liquidity Challenges June 5, 2023

2023.06.05 13:08 princejadid Market Volatility Looms Amid Potential Liquidity Challenges June 5, 2023

Market Volatility Looms Amid Potential Liquidity Challenges June 5, 2023
As the market heads into a new week, it's imperative to note that the signals from Nasdaq and S&P 500 futures indicate potential volatility. This comes on the heels of a strong rally last week, with economic experts remaining divided over the prospect of an imminent recession. The recently resolved debt ceiling issue has now shifted focus towards the upcoming Federal Open Market Committee meeting in June, where the primary question is whether the Fed will persist with measured rate hikes or opt for a pause.
U.S. stocks closed significantly higher in the past week, buoyed by a robust May jobs report and the passage of a budget deal that mitigated recession fears. Notably, stocks tied to the artificial intelligence sector saw considerable gains, providing a boost to the market. However, analysts caution that the upcoming Treasury auction, which aims to replenish its General Account with approximately $1 trillion worth of notes, could considerably drain liquidity from financial markets. The Fed's hint towards potentially forgoing a June hike could reflect its concerns over potential market volatility due to this anticipated liquidity drain. #SPX #NDX #DJI #MarketUpdate
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2023.06.05 12:47 3rdhandlekonato so damn tired of this life...

I'm the typical millennial pinoy, grew up in the streets got educated from public schools and graduated from a state college.
Nothing fancy, just another underdog story.
At first it was ok, graduated just in time to ride the economic boom of 2011 and then just decided to play it safe with my career ever since.
Unlike other Programmers I didn't job hopped alot, this is just my 2nd job. Hence, my net income is just barely above 6 digits, as I said I'm Mr boring/playsafe.
No issue on that though, as my current job is a regular position and i work remotely, alot of vacation time, pretty relaxed as far as working is concerned.
But after 11yrs of this shit, the jealousy, the insecurities are finally creeping in.
I never had the financial support or safety nets most of my colleagues ever had, it wasn't a big deal back then since i was simply busy trying to make a name for myself.
but now I'm in my 30s, reality can no longer be ignored.
Its so hard to start from scratch in this shithole country.
While I'm still stuck trying to cement my first properties/paying off mortgages and just barely keeping my savings in one piece.
Everyone I know is already out there reaping the success of their investments, while ill still be grounded for 2more years.
I'm not looking for "high risk, high reward shit" heck i cant afford to fail, I am my own safety net. At least just give me break, a little push from all this grind
what's the point of having knowledge i cant even capitalize????
While my friends all just have to save up the capital and their reliable families will just look for the business for it.
I have a coworker who has a successful 5/6 gig going on, dude just borrowed money from his credit card since he cant save shit thanks to his extravagant lifestyle tapos opportunity pa lumapit. ROI in less than a year 20k passive income a month just like that.
While here I am, doing everything right, taking the slow and steady route and still somehow left out.
Its like opportunities are making an effort to avoid me.
Di ko nmn gusto maging mayaman, akala ng mga tao mayaman na ako pero sa totoo lang saktong middle class lang. Alanganin pa ang retirement.
kailan kaya dadating ang break ko?
doomed na ba ako na maging corporate slave hanggang pag tanda?
tingin tingin bank act nalang kada sweldo, di na ba ako magkaka passive income???
ang hirap maging average na tao sa mundo ng mga high achievers, ginagawa mo nmn lahat ng tama pero iwan na iwan ka pa din.
hayyz,,,, I need a new hobby, something that can distract me from the existential dread.
anyway, kung umabot ka dito, salamat sa pagbasa ng incoherent rant ko.
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2023.06.05 09:53 Chris4444444 Do you guys think Alex is manipulating the way he speaks so that paranoid people who think they are being spied on will be triggered by aspects of Alex's speech, as if it's a secret transmission from Alex meant just for them?

I know this sounds nuts, but hear me out. Alex is a monster. He knows he's manipulating mentally ill people and emptying their bank accounts with his bullshit. This is an intentional scam of his. I think we can agree that's true, right?
So why wouldn't he just take the shiftiness to a new low? If he wanted to he could manipulate the cadence and enunciation of his speech to make it sound as if he's desperately trying to transmit a secret message in a world where there is no privacy at all, and the way he would do this is by focusing on expressing an emotion throughout his speeches, rather than making a compelling presentation of the actual information he's discussing. Obviously this is Alex's MO, to put out a message that ensares people emotionally while trying his hardest to ignore facts, but I just can't shake the idea that Alex might be intentionally trying to trigger the paranoia of mentally ill people who believe there is no privacy in this world. I honestly think he is consciously trying to make these sick, paranoid people who believe we're all doomed to believe that he is trying to send a coded message specifically to them.
They wouldn't have to necessarily have to consciously believe that Alex is sending them a personalized coded message to fall into Alex's hypnosis, they would just have to vibe with Alex's real emotional message, which is something like, "we're in deep shit in a prison planet and there's never any privacy so I'm going to send you the secret transmission the only way I can". It's like he's trying to express the emotional inner monologue of a person who BELIEVES Alex's conspiracy theories and to trigger them into thinking he's trying to send them a coded message. It's just the way he talks, it's so weird sometimes. It's like all he's really trying to communicate is the feeling desperation because you're imprisoned and spied on all the time mixed with a bit of rage and fear, but I think it's more than that. I think he is intentionally calculating what he says and how he says it to trigger the specific thought that "Alex is trying to communicate with me".

I'm sorry, this is so hard to explain, and it genuinely sounds insane, but I really think he might be doing this. I'll try to make it clearer what I mean.
I've noticed that Alex calculates his words, a lot. He takes long pauses frequently. He also annunciates weirds in a weird way when he has these pauses. To me it seems so calculated. I think he might be trying to trigger people who are paranoid enough to be susceptible to the idea that someone is spying on them. When Alex's speech gets all stilted and full of pregnant pauses he starts articulating and emphasizing certain words and phrases in some pretty odd ways, and I wish I could give you guys an example of what I mean, but I really get the sense that Alex is specifically speaking in a way that emphasizes the EMOTION of paranoia. I mean, he will basically articulate that emotion and use a cadence of speech and annunciation in such a way that it doesn't sound like he's saying the thoughts he's saying, it sounds like he's trying send out desperate coded messages within his speech.
I'm so sorry, I failed so hard in trying to describe what I'm talking about, but I can't shake the thought that Alex would PROBABLY do something this shitty to vulnerable people.
Does anybody else sense this? I know it sounds insane, but I really think it's something Alex would do.
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2023.06.05 07:35 Advali Currently at a crossroad with my career or job. I don't know if I should leave or risk it...

I'm currently employed (regular) at a local company for 6 years now, earning 6 figures and has great benefits as well. The problem is that type of work I'm doing. I do love the company and the culture and I never had an issue with other employees, even my division head is a saint (well maybe 1 or 2 during pandemic) but in those 6 years, I never really had any growth career wise. Wala akong specialty/specialization basta kung san san lang napapadpad.
For instance, I just find my self being onboarded sa isang project na wala akong knowledge and with a very late notice (usually dahil wala silang makitang replacement for an employee na nagresign). I find myself doing various projects, learning on the job (grabe pa yung pressure) and then off to the next naman afterwards pero kada new project, new technologies pa din not the ones na expertise mo kaya afterwards nalilimutan ko na agad. I haven't even had any trainings at all sa bilis ng turnaround time ng mga projects and I often find myself in a fight or flight mode whenever there's a new project but I just keep that to myself just to keep the morale high sa team that I'm leading (either client side or within the company or third party ng company).
I do get awards and commendations from the company and sa client side but there's no incentives/raise/bonus. The last one I got, GC lang for a restaurant sa MoA na di ko naman mapupuntahan kasi way way way way north ako. The job is very stable but I never got any raise at all. And now I find myself doing sales as well as the backend for a technology na again wala naman akong alam or training.
Just a few months ago we had a meeting with a large bank for a potential project and guess what, nilaglag agad ako ng higher ups during the meeting as "the expert" daw pagdating sa technology na gagawin and next week agad, need to coordinate na with one of the foreigner na higher ups na super technical sa client side to resolve an issue. I mean lagi na lang ganto cycle and nakakainis lang yung biglang laglag ka agad as the expert kahit wala kang alam tapos hindi mo naman sila pwede icorrect sa client during the meeting as this is a potential revenue for the company. Ok lang sana if di ako yung alay. But even so, I do love the company as this was the most stable job I had for a very long time and I could even see myself retire here kung di lang sa quirks ng position ko.
So eto na, parang wala lang, I just tried applying for other companies pero di naman ako totally committed or serious about it as alam naman natin mahirap makahanap ng high earning job with great benefits tapos regular pa. I don't know, probably got triggered from the last meetings I had siguro or something. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, subukan ko lang as wala naman mawawala and then find myself doing some interviews and exams afterwards with a nothing to lose approach. Even kept my ermitanyo look on interviews kahit foreigner.
Then eto na a few weeks later, here comes the offers that I was not expecting. I got an offer from a former client company (but I can't kasi may less than year pa before pwede as per their agreement with our company and ayoko din dun as very problematic and high pressure) and another 2 offers from different companies with offers around 50-60% more than I'm earning at the moment and with more or less the same benefits. Technical position for a technology na wala akong expertise or kaalam alam. Sabak na daw agad yan, walang training.
I don't know pero parang may "Failure to launch" syndrome na ata ako as I've been comfortable naman with my current company or siguro may fear ako lang that I'll be doing the same BS job on the next company and just find myself constantly on a fight or flight mode kahit I'll be earning more. I mean, di ko alam if I'll even thrive there or how do I BS my way around the new job and if I resign naman later sa new company, may fear pa din na baka mas mahirap maghanap ng work since I have something to lose na. Ayoko naman magsisi na sana dapat di na lang ako nagresign sa previous company, stable naman ako dun. Also problema ko din, I'm loyal to a fault. Yan siguro weakness ko. I'm probably happy kahit knowing na I've stagnated and wala talagang growth sa company as long as I get to enjoy my life as is. I've asked for a raise recently, baka sakali lang but since the company is recently doing layoffs due to the inflation, my chances are slim although wala naman issue with the job security due to my job performance.
The 2 companies are atleast lenient as they are giving me around 2 months to decide but If I don't act fast at the same time, baka mawala din yung opportunity. I haven't even resigned yet. I don't know if I should YOLO it na so I'd have a month to prepare or something. But I'm a pussy so di ko maalis yung fears that I've mentioned.
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2023.06.05 07:11 sutkidar post migration stress - UK edition

So, you finally made it out. OEC and POLO bullshit is done, you flew out, and you finally arrived to your new country, the UK. Excited ka! But then you have to face the reality of being an immigrant.
This is some of the things my wife and I are currently facing, 3 weeks into the UK.
  1. Banking and Housing Paradox - Obviously kailangan mo ng bank account, san mo irerecieve sahod mo diba? Kaso, bago ka makakuha ng bank account, need mo ng permanent address! hihingi ang banko ng proof of address somewhat, nasa hotel kami and hindi tintangap. so, hahanap ka ngaun ng bahay post-haste! kaso, bago makakuha ng bahay, need mo parin ng banko to pay ung fees. - solution found: Wise account pansamantala, also, try lloyd's bank at gamitin ang office address (kung ok sa employer mo)
  2. Housing Rental Requirements - wala ka kahit isa. - eto ung tatlong major thing na need ng owners: - credit score sa UK - Guarantor (ung sasagot ng upa mo pag di ka nakabayad) - Landlord reference (parang COE mo from previous landlord mo na goods ka) WALA KA NITO KAHIT ISA. tapos may housing crisis pa ngaun so pataasan ng rent. ang mga landlord, namimili kung sino sa nag aagawan ng pag upa ung kukunin nila. anong palag mo? - solution found: offer 6 to 12 months ADVANCED RENT. sakit sa bulsa. also note na finding a place can take 2 months BEWARE OF SCAMMERS.
  3. CREDIT SCORE - you need to build a new credit score from scratch. ano ba ung credit score? the higher your score are, the more may tiwala mga banko sayo. important to for things like: installment plans post paid plans MORTGAGE car loan eh dahil bagong salta ka, kahit gano kaganda score mo sa Pinas, back to zero ka. - Solution: TIME and Credit building. credit builder credit cards kumuha ka kagad. tapos tamang credit practices para tumaas agad. kaso wala tlga, it can take 1 year to build an "ok" score and 5 years or more to build a "good" score. wag ka na umasa magkaroon ng excellent score anytime soon.
  4. KOTSE - mondatory halos ang kotse (outside of London) lalo na kung gusto mo makatipid sa upa dahil titira ka sa medyo suburban area. eh pano ka magkaka kotse kung wala ka pa licensya? 6 months pa bago ka pwede kumuha ng licensya. kaso nasa 6 months waiting list din ung driver exam. so mag titiis ka tlga.
Im sure madami pang source ng stress. imaginin mo isang 1.5 coke can cost 2GBP (140 php) and ang 2 order ng 2 pc jollibee chickenjoy na may softdrinks at isang kanin 17GBP ( 1,185.78 PHP) pero thats the reality.
Yes, madaming ipagpapasalamat, di na mainit for one. pero this is just a reminder na pag alis mo, simula palang ng bagong chapter ng problema.
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2023.06.05 06:38 Glistening_moonlight I don’t even think that’s how the meme works

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2023.06.05 05:55 JDubbO7 Oh so that’s how it works

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2023.06.05 05:00 zh_harry Moving to the USA from Canada, looking for Credit Card

Hi folks!
Just moved to the USA for work, my SSN is coming soon, and I'm gauging which credit cards I can get. I already have a US Bank account for bill payments and direct deposits.
Open to any suggestions, or comments.
My current plan is to start with AMEX Gold, then see if I can get a Chase Freedom Unlimited or Preferred card next (should I get the Chase card first if I can?). Then I'm looking at the BILT Mastercard, AMEX Plat, Venture X, or Chase Reserve once I have a better credit score.
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2023.06.05 04:21 svet_sedov SVET Markets Weekly Update (May 29 - June 2, 2023)

In Week 22, job openings increased, but the unemployment rate experienced a jump. AI follies, along with renewed expectations of the Fed not raising rates, helped drive tech stocks higher, and NASDAQ (o:13109, c:13240) managed to close the week with gains. Meanwhile, BTC (o:27919, c:27239) continued its downward drift amid a shrinking money supply.
Notable Macroeconomic Updates:
Unemployment Rate (May): 3.7 percent (fact), 3.5 (consensus), 3.4 (previous); JOLTs Job Openings (April): 10.103M (fact), 9.375M (consensus), 9.745M (previous); ISM Manufacturing PMI (May): 46.9 (fact), 47 (consensus), 47.1 (previous); Case-Shiller Home Price MoM (March): 1.5 percent (fact), 0.4 (consensus), 0.3 (previous); Dallas Fed Manufacturing Index (May): -29.1 (fact), -25 (consensus), -23.4 (previous).
World’s Updates:
Spain: The country’s consumer price inflation dropped; Italy: Producer Price Inflation for April decreased; Russia: In April, the country’s economic performance showed positive growth; Germany: Country’s consumer price inflation in May dropped; France: In May, consumer price inflation fell; India: Country’s economy expanded; South Korea: In May 2023, the consumer price index in the country saw an increase; Mexico: In April, the unemployment rate increased. On Tuesday, the Shiller Home Index jumped to a one-year high, the Dallas Fed Index sunk, NASDAQ (o:13109, c:13017) corrected, and BTC (o:27919, c:27861) ranged.
The Dallas Fed Business Activity Index for manufacturing decreased to -29.1 in May, the lowest since Q2 of 2020. The production index turned negative, while the employment situation improved, reflecting managers’ upbeat optimism. Meanwhile, the March Case-Shiller Home Price Index rose 1.5 percent MoM, the highest increase since May of 2022, with house prices increasing by 0.5%.
Other Markets Updates:
Spain: The country’s consumer price inflation dropped to 3.2 percent in May (previous: 4.1, consensus: 3.5) — the lowest level since July 2021. This decline was primarily driven by a decrease in fuel and food prices.
Italy: Producer Price Inflation for April decreased to -4.80 percent from -1.50 percent in March.
On Wednesday, NASDAQ (o: 12,968, c: 12,935) and BTC (o: 27,072, c: 27,010) continued to drift sideways on technicals, additionally suppressed by unexpectedly improved job openings.
BLS reported a surprising rise in job vacancies in April, reaching 10.1M, surpassing expectations of 9.375M. This rebound from the previous month’s low of 9.745M suggests a tight labor market, potentially leading to more interest rate hikes by the Fed. Job increased in a retail (209K) and transportation (154K). Regionally, job openings increased in the West (236K), Midwest (137K), and South (20K), but declined in the Northeast (-34K).
The Beige Book came out, indicating an uneven distribution of economic conditions. Some sectors, such as commerce, showed a contraction of activities, while others, like airlines, continued to expand with higher wage being requested by new candidates.
Details: Labor market conditions in some sectors are improving, with better success in hiring seasonal workers in agriculture and hospitality sectors. However, labor constraints and worker shortages are still present in other sectors, including healthcare and retail. Wage pressures remained elevated, with some industries continuing to pay above-average salary increases to attract and retain qualified workers.
Manufacturing output growth in Texas experienced a lull in April, with new orders continuing to fall. Airlines reported high ticket prices amid strong demand and constrained supply. Firms in infrastructure and other heavy construction reported generally stronger activity, while firms in industrial and commercial construction reported some softening.
Other Markets Updates:
Russia: In April, the country’s economic performance showed positive growth, increasing by 3.3% compared to the same period last year. This follows a revised contraction of 0.7% in the previous month. Notably, it represents the first monthly expansion in the economy after experiencing 12 consecutive months of decline, partly influenced by the comparison to a low base effect from the previous year.
Germany: Country’s consumer price inflation in May dropped to 6.1% YoY, down from 7.2% the previous month, and below the expected 6.5%. This marks the lowest rate since March 2022, primarily driven by slower increases in energy and food prices.
France: In May, consumer price inflation fell to 5.1% YoY — lowest level since April 2022 — down from 5.9% the previous month, and below the expected 5.5%.
India: Country’s economy expanded by 6.1% YoY in Q1 (expectations was 5%), and higher than 4.5% in Q4 2022. This growth was primarily driven by private consumption, services exports, and manufacturing, benefiting from reduced input costs.
On Thursday, NASDAQ (o:12944, c:13100) rose by 1.2 percent due to Representatives passing the ceiling bill and Fed members hinting at a pause. BTC (o:26947, c:26867) followed suit during the after-market.
At the same time, fundamentals continued to worsen. In May, the Manufacturing PMI dropped to 46.9 from April’s 47.1, below the predicted 47, marking the seventh consecutive month of decline in the manufacturing industry. New orders and inventories contracted, while production saw a rebound and employment increased at a faster rate. Additionally, there was a significant decrease in price pressures.
Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker suggested that the central bank might forgo a rate increase in the upcoming meeting. However, he emphasized that the choice to maintain current interest rates should not be interpreted as the conclusion of the tightening phase.
Other Markets Updates:
South Korea: In May 2023, the consumer price index in the country saw a 3.3% year-on-year increase, compared to a 3.7% rise in April, showing a continued easing for the fourth consecutive month. This marks the lowest level since October 2021. The Korean central bank halted its interest rate hikes at the April meeting after raising rates by a total of 3 percentage points.
On Friday, NASDAQ (o:13190, c:13240, +0.3) experienced an increase fueled by an ongoing micro-rally in tech stocks, supported by the BLS reporting rising unemployment and diminishing concerns over the Fed raising rates. BTC (o:27095, c:27239, +0.5) followed suit, although it remained constrained by a tight money supply and low demand from retail buyers.
In May 2023, the unemployment rate rose to 3.7 percent, reaching its highest level since October 2022 and exceeding market expectations of 3.5 percent. Despite this increase, the jobless rate remained historically low, indicating a tight labor market. The number of individuals who were unemployed increased by 440 thousand to reach 6.10 million, while employment levels saw a decline of 310 thousand to 160.72 million.
Other Markets Updates:
Mexico: In April, the unemployment rate saw a rise to 2.80 percent, up from 2.40 percent in March.
In Week 23, apart from the Services PMI for May published by ISM on Monday, not much macroeconomic data is released. Markets are expected to be volatile as traders adjust and readjust their positions before the June 14th FOMC rate decision. Additionally, technical indicators’ leading algorithms will react to the proximity of major index prices to important resistance levels.
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2023.06.04 23:29 redoctober25 Update #2 on PJ Star Subscription

Well, I got a phone call from Gannett inquiring about why my parents ended their subscription after 50+ years. This time, the only rate the phone agent said they were allowed to give them was the $9.99/mo rate. $120 versus the $30 everyone else was paying… nope. So I hung up on them. The subscription ran out today and they had no access (thought they might have had one more day to use it).
However, since I knew that Gannett owned multiple city papers and USA Today, I checked to see what pricing many of those had. The city newspapers had similar rates of $10-$12/mo. Buuuuut… USA Today had a digital only offer of “$1 for 6 months, then $4.99/mo after”… which works out to $31 for the first year. All I needed to do was check to see if they had the same daily crossword puzzle as the PJ Star. And luckily their “Bonus” Puzzle was the same.
So I signed up for that promo rate. And the bonus (that I was kinda banking on knowing the PJ Star App)… is that I have access to all the city papers (Peoria included) thru the USA Today App (just as I did with the PJ Star App). It’s basically a couple extra simple steps to get to the local paper.
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2023.06.04 16:20 Cutnarawsabinidirek digital bank jump: ano ginagawa mo?

sa sagsagan ng parami na nang parami nag umaalis sa mga nagboom na digital banks or online banks, anu-ano ang mga ginagawa mo or ginawa pag ka sara ng bank?;
-wala? I-Withdraw lahat at gumawa ng bagong account sa iba? -hmm, kakausap ng customer service muna para may verbal ang pagclose ng account.
Hehehe balak ko ilipat lahat ng savings ko. Kayo ano ba ginagawa nyo pag aalis na kayo sa digital bank mo?
Pinost ko rin to kasi kahit yung acc ko sa bank sarado na raw pero i still receive texts from the bank. Which i find annoying. Kelan kaya madedelete details ko sakanila?
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2023.06.04 15:19 npb1818 Which Job Should I Choose?

I (23M) just graduated from college with a degree in Engineering.
I live in a very high cost of living area and have two job offers on the table. I'm wondering how they differ in financial trajectory. Any math, thoughts, opinions, or prior experiences would be very helpful in my choosing process.
Job 1: Internal Consultant for the City - Salary: 70k, will likely increase ~3.5k a year - Health Insurance: ~$150/mo, covers helath, vision, dental. If I stay on my parents' insurance and don't use the city's, the city will give me about $1500 - PTO: 4 Weeks/year - Union dues: <$80 every paycheck (every 2 weeks) - Retirement: Pension, takes ~10% of my income, 10 years vesting period.. If it doesn't vest fully, I can take it as a lump sum + interest, roll it + interest into a qualifying retirement plan, or roll it into another public pension system, if I stay in the public sector. Optional 403(b) and 457 plans, no match - Pay for Master's?: Potentially, there's a scholarship program for city employees that'll pay for it entirely, but it's relatively competitive and part of deciding who gets it is length of employment. Otherwise there's a $1000/year coverage for any higher education
Job 2: Operations Analyst for a startup - Salary: 80k + equity. The equity I would gain from 4 years of work will be worth ~65k if the company is sold for ~a billion dollars, although I know this is unlikely. Company is nearing a series B. - Health insurance: Covers 90% of premiums - PTO: Unlimited, and I think they have a good culture of using. - Retirement: offers a 401k, no match - Pay for Master's?: No
Some notes: - My general plan is to move back to my home region, which I believe is a medium cost of living area, in about 5-7 years or so to start a family (my then-retired parents said they'd be excited to take care of any children I may have, and I like the area). I would like to buy a house when/if I move back. - I have about 12k in my bank account right now, and very few student loans. No CC debt, no car debt, etc. - I expect rent for a single bedroom apartment to be about 1.6k - 2k a month, and rent with roommates(s) to be about 1.4k - 1.8k a month - My girlfriend, who is living at home currently and making ~50k a year, may or may not join me, which would defray rent and other costs considerably - I'm unsure if I would need a car, but would try to not need one. I have one available to me if necessary. If my girlfriend lives with me, we'll almost definitely need a car - One of my goals was to get a Master's and have a company pay for it, but I don't particularly want it for any reason other than it'll qualify me for more jobs and higher pay down the road - It makes logical sense to, in my mind, take the startup (job 2) while I'm young, don't have other obligations like kids, and can maximize the value of a 401k. If I still want to, I can take a public sector job when I have kids/am older, want the flexibility and stability, and want to pay continuously into a pension. Unfortunately, the city is just starting it's internal consultancy division and I doubt most municipalities or the state will have their own.
At the end of the day, I think I would enjoy doing either job. Obviously Job 2 is immediately a better financial situation, but I'm probably more passionate about doing the work for Job 1. I also know that market based retirement plans are more powerful the earlier you start due to compounding, and, if I follow my general plan, I'll be leaving before the pension fully vests.
How much better off would I be with Job 2 than Job 1? Would I be able to to buy a house in 5-7 years with either while still saving for retirement? Does anyone know if the ~$7000 a year I'd be socking away to the pension system would invest well compared to if I put it in a 401k? Like, is the interest I'd get on it if I rolled it over post employment worth it? Is this a shitty economic time to join a startup? Any advice or thoughts are appreciated!
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2023.06.04 15:05 Falkedup Should I refinance my auto loan?

I have a current auto loan on a car I just got 2 months ago at 70 months $341/mo $4379 int at 7.09% (Associated Bank). I happened to be on the credit karma app this morning and an offer came up to refinance for 60 months $356/mo $1798 int at 3.52% with an Autopay loan. Does anyone have any experience with this lender? Does this seem too good to be true?
I have excellent credit so I’m pretty sure I’d be approved for that rate.
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2023.06.04 14:28 blankknight09 Lost my wallet again

So kanina nawalan nanaman ako ng wallet biruin mo ngayong month na to pang 3 na yan. Ang Di ko alam kung malas ako or so sobrang tanga ko. Dahil di gumagana online bank transfer I decided na mag over the counter pag dating ko sa bank ayun Wala na. Seryoso ayoko na magising bukas patas naman Ako lumaban at pinaghirapan ko naman Yun. Next life lord sana Ako naman bida or sana ma Isekai Ako sa paraiso.
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2023.06.04 07:14 Harry0706 New Card Recommendation (template used)

Hi everyone, looking to decide on a long-term game plan on how I pick my new CCs in the future to be most efficient with rewards programs.
Current Cards:
DiscoverIT: $4,950, opened Aug 2018
BoA Cash Rewards: $2,000, opened Aug 2020
Chase Freedom Flex: $4,400, opened Apr 2021
Apple Card by GS: $3,750, opened Aug 2021
Citi Simplicity (product changing to CCC in a few days when it's eligible): $2,000, opened May 2022
CapOne SavorOne: $8,000, opened Nov 2022
FICO Score: TU 729, EX 755
Oldest Account: 4 yrs 10 months
Cards Opened in 6mos/12mos/24mos: 0/1/3
Income: $67,000
Categories: ok with category cards and rotating categories
Avg Monthly Spend:
Rent: $1200-$1400/mo starting next month
Dining/Bars: $300-400 at most
Groceries: $200-250 at most
Gas: $40-60 at Costco
Travel: $100-$150 on Uber maybe
No plans to travel abroad right now but would love to in the near future and passport ready
Memberships: Costco, Amazon Prime, Verizon PostPaid (has Disney+ bundle and Apple Music), I bank w CapOne/US Bank for depository accounts, already applied to Global Entry so the credit isn't super appealing to me until renewal time
Business Cards: I would rather not
Purpose: I just want nice rewards to use mainly for travel as I have a decent CB setup I think, and I want to start traveling more soon. I have potential for a lot of work travel but everything is booked on company AMEX, although I can still earn airline/hotel points and have Plat Elite at Marriott right now. I don't have a preference on airlines/hotels, but have recently been flying American and staying Marriott for work if I do have travel happening.
Cards appealing to me: Would like to begin getting AMEX cards potentially, or maybe expand in Chase but I don't think any Chase cards are a good option for me (correct me if I am wrong). Been looking at the Venture X as well as I will def be making at least 1-2 personal flight trips a year domestically and could use the credit, also scared Cap1 will deny me if I get more cards before the VX so idk if I should try to get it now. Also thinking about applying for the BILT card for rent points, will definitely be renting for next few years to come.
Any insight is appreciated, tysm!!!
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2023.06.04 06:35 GiantCorndogs Quadrupling my monthly... tell me it'll be okay

Hi All,
I know the title is a bit click baity - I'll get down to brass tax:
TLDR: My wife and I found the home of our dreams, but this home (at the current mortgage rate) would be 3-4x what we're currently paying. Please help me by providing objective insights!

Location: Raleigh, NC Area

Current Situation:

The Future (& dilemma):

The Financials:

The Major Questions:

I recognize this is a conglomerate of both a Real Estate and Financial dilemma - any insight you could provide would be very valuable. Thank you!
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2023.06.04 05:09 VDad87 This story is about how tracing my spendings changed my life.

I am 35 yo medical doctor from Italy. In december I landed on a very desiderable and stable consultant position as Anaesthesiologist for a public hospital 44km away from home. This is the promised land for every medical doctor in Italy. Salary wad About 3500€/mo after taxes (dear American Collegues, yes, in Italy this is what they pay us to do exactly the same job you do). Now It was time to relax a little and settle down… or maybe not. I have used to be very frugal, so even if I was very passionated with FIRE I have never traced my spendings. Maybe now my situation was more stable and It was the right time to do so. As I thought, food, rent, end everything was quite low, but the numbers below “fuel” were scared: the equivalent of 4k/year just to go back and forth from work ams without taking in account car wear.
This was not sustainable. I realized I could still find a better solution and I started to send my Resume again. I’ve had an interview for a private hospital walking distance from home and they offered me 1000€ more (4500€ after taxex).
Now in a year I can have 16000€ more in my bank account.
Tracing my spendings really opened my eyes. If I hadn't realized how much money I spent on fuel, I would never have imagined I could find a better job situation.
Feel free to comment or grade my English 😅
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2023.06.04 05:05 grated-apples My mom threw away my things

Ngayong umaga, tinapon ni mama yung paper bag na galing sa kwarto ko na may mga gamit ko na akala niya "basura." Contents? Almost everything from my work bag from last night. Charger, ribbon sash na nagguest ako sa school, cardholder that has my credit card, payroll atm debit card, driver's license, rewards card, and another ID in it. Sinisisi niya pa ako na um-"oo" ako na pwede nang itapon kaya niya tinapon.
Earlier that morning, mulat na ako pero wala pa sa ulirat. Nakahiga lang. Nakikita ko si mama naglilinis sa kwarto ko. Nagtanong sya if pwede na itapon yung basura. Umoo ako. Later, bumangon na ko kasi nagutom na ako at kelangan ko na magcharge. Dun ko na hinanap yung paper bag na nakasabit lang sa post ng kama ko kasi andun charger ko. Tinapon daw ni mama yun. Sabi ko "Bakit?!?!" Kasi pumayag daw ako. Eh ang tinutukoy kong basura na sinabi ko pa sa kanya ay yung basurahan kasi nagpunas ako ng wiwi ng aso at dun ko tinapon ung tissue kagabi kako. Kamalasmalasan pa, pinick up na ang basura sa labas. Namisunderstood namin isat isa kung aling basura ha, pero kasi di niya rin pinakita yung sinasabi niyang "basura."
Nagtalo pa kami saglit ng nanay ko. Pinanghahawakan niya yung oo. Sabi ko naman.. Kwarto ko yun eh tsaka wala pa ako sa ulirat. Kwarto ko yun, kung ano man kalat dun, di niya na dapat pinakealaman at saka, di naman mukang katapon-tapon yung laman ng bag, bakit di niya ugali magcheck ng laman na tinatapon niya? Knowing na akin pa yun. Then tinry nya mag ask help sa HOA at nakitawag sa city dump landline. Iniwan na niya ako sa bahay. Pumunta naman si mama at partner niya kanina sa dump site para abangan yung truck. As for me, cinontact ko na yung banks ko to block my cards.
Bakit nasa paper bag valuables ko? Kagabi kasi my volleyball game ako. Wala naman akong kasama para magbantay ng bag kaya tinaktak ko na sa maayos na paper bag sa kwarto ko ang mga gamit. Nagmamadali na rin kasi at ayokong umuwi ulit at humilata na andami ko pang itatabing mga kung anik anik sa kama ko. Sinabit ko sa poste ng bed ko ung paper bag.
Bakit ako stressed? I never thought I would lost IDs at sa bahay pa. I've never lost any of my valid IDs EVER. Working 12-hour shifts, ayoko na mapagod pa sa gantong bagay, pero wala. Kelangan ko pa mag-asikaso ng affidavit of loss, getting another ID and cards.
Good thing wala akong pera doon. Walang cash si ati niu girl. Naawa naman din ako kay mama na nakihalungkat din siya sa dump site at naiyak pala siya. Inalok ko ng yakap nang magsorry siya nung umuwi. Ayaw muna niya magpayakap kasi mabaho raw siya. Binigyan niya naman ako 1k pang asikaso ng drivers ko.
Moral of the Story: Wag magtapon nang magtapon ng gamit lalo na kung di mo yun gamit. Wag pakialamera!
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2023.06.04 02:03 xKat26xx Looking for a some Advice, Opinions, Insight, & a bit of Encouragement in

I have unfortunately made quite a few mistakes these past couple years, and have found myself in significant amount of debt with a pretty bad credit score. I am aware of the various options one has to get out of debt, and I know they all come with their own sets of pros & cons. I have come up with a plan that I hope will help me get a better place without having to do anything too drastic.
Here's my a breakdown of my situation-
Credit Cards Estimated Balance* APR "Minimum" Payment**
Credit Card 1 (bank) $200 30.240% $30
Credit Card 2 (bank) $410 29.990% $30
Credit Card 3 (store) $900 21.990% $40
Credit Card 4 (bank)*** $1,180 18.990% $40
Credit Card 5 (bank) $1,290 20.740% $90
Credit Card 6 (bank) $1,390 27.240% $50
Total- $5,370 Total $280
*- This should be the balance at the start of July after all of this month's payments are made. **- I have rounded the minimum payment up so they are all divisible by 10. ***- This account is in my father's name, but he allowed me to borrow it so I am responsible for the payments.
Loans Outstanding Principal/Balance Interest Rate Monthly Payment
Father $500 0% Any amount.
Student Loan $3,832.24 6.500% $70
Personal Loan $5,630.50 24.910% $180.04
Sewing Machine* $12,795.19 0% $193
Total- $22,757.93 Total $443.04
*- This is technically a credit card, that is in my father's name but he allowed me to "borrow" his credit so this is my responsibility.
I don't have a complete breakdown of my monthly expenses, but the estimated total is roughly $800/mo.
My partner and I also in the middle of a move, that we cannot afford at all. However, we do not have a choice, and will have to make due some how. Our current landlord has decided to sell the house we are currently renting with a couple of friends. The lease ends in July, but the landlord has given us all to okay to break the lease early, without penalty, if we move out before it ends in July. We have found a place that we both love and will be able to afford the monthly payments at, and have been approved. Unfortunately the upfront costs are going to be a struggle, and will likely result in us owing more money to family & friends. Which is not desirable, but is far better then the alternative, homelessness.
I make $17/hr working about 30 hours a week, and get paid every 2 weeks. State and federal taxes are taken out automatically + an additional $50 towards federal, and $50 goes to a HYS account that I refuse to touch again. After deductions I take home up to $1,600/mo. Due to my health/disability I am not always able to work a full 30 hours a week, so I will some times make less.
Up until November of last year I had been doing fairly well managing all of my financial obligations. However in December I had to reduce my hours at work due to my health, and had been quite irresponsible when buying gifts for family & friends. Come January of this year I had surgery and was out of work, without pay for a couple of months. I did qualify for temporary disability, but the payments did not come until a month after I had returned to work. During that time I had completely wiped out the small about I had in savings, borrowed from family and friends to cover some costs, and had to let some items go without payment. I have since gotten almost everything current (the last 2 will be current by the end of the month), and I have paid back my friends who had lent me money. I still owe my father about $500 and the amount changes each month as he is making the payments towards my sewing machine. I do not have to rush to pay my father back, as long as I make small payments towards what I owe him whenever I can.
I have come up with a plan to help me get started on my journey to being debt free. This plan mainly focuses on getting my credit card debt paid off, and relies on a few things in order for it to work- 1- My monthly income being about $1,600; 2- My monthly expenses being around $800; 3- Only paying $250.04 towards my loans (student & personal); 4- My dad continuing to pay towards my sewing machine & letting me make small payments to him whenever I can;
Based on the research I have done, the "snowball" method seem to be what I thing might work best for me. Because I am not always the best with numbers, and I will often do better when they are divisible by 5 or 10, I have rounded the minimum payment amount up so they are all divisible by 10. This makes the "minimum" due to $280/mo and I know I can easily but another $20/mo towards this for a total of $300/mo.
This is my absolute bare minimum, if I only do this all 6 cards will be paid off in full in about 18 months, December 2024. I am almost positive that I could easily put more then $300/mo towards paying off these cards, and I will most likely end up extra payments or larger payments from time to time. Once all the credit cards are paid off, the plan, starting January 2025, is then split the $300/mo in half and put $150/mo into my HYS account and use the other $150/mo towards paying off my loans. As of right now the estimated pay off dates for my loans are as follows- Student Loan December 2028, Personal Loan August 2027, Sewing Machine December 2029, Dad unknown. If I did the math correctly, and I do the absolute bare minimum (that I have/will set out for myself), I should have my loans paid off in about 35 months, November 2027. With the pay off dates being- Student Loan January 2027, Personal Loan May 2027, Sewing Machine November 2027, and Dad March 2026.
My "other options"-
Here are my questions for the rest of you-
  1. Based on the information I provided, what changes (if any) to my plan would you make?
  2. Based on the information I provided-
    1. what sort of plan would you use if you were in a similar situation?
    2. what sort of plan did you use when you were in in a similar situation?
  3. What are your personal opinions, as well as pros/cons, in regards to the other four options?
  4. Of the other four options-
    1. which one would be the most desirable if you were in a similar situation?
    2. which one did you use when you were in a similar situation?
I do apologize for the sheer length of this post, and thank you in advance for your insight, advice, and encouragement.
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2023.06.03 23:56 amartiado Brand new top chest is trashed. What are my options

Brand new top chest is trashed. What are my options
Unboxed this right out of unloading it out of my truck. Top of the chest only opens about 3/4 of the way. What are my options? Call customer support or see if the store can do something about it?
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2023.06.03 23:19 bigbodybeast Inheriting land with a possible 15 townhouses to be constructed and not sure how to go about doing it.

Hi everyone, I (M24) have been interested in real estate for a few years but don’t have any skin in the game yet.
Recently, my grandfathers informed me that I’ll be inheriting a parcel of land in an ‘up and coming’ city in the northeast. Apparently he’s had this land for 50+ years and has recently gotten special zoning which allows construction of 15 units. This is an effort from the city to increase housing as they have been overhauling infrastructure, cleaning up the city, and bringing a lot of business in.
I do believe this would be a great investment and it is mind boggling to think about owning 15 units, but the biggest and most obvious issue is that I do not have the funds to construct them myself but I would hate to just sell away the land.
Anyone been in any similar situations regarding developing their own units and needing funding? By my research it would cost at least $2M but rent in the area could be as high as 3500/mo / unit (630k per year gross). Bank construction loans are an option but that is a lot of debt that I’m not super eager to take on, and I understand a partnership with a developer could be possible but am not totally sure how to go about that.
I would love to hear anyone’s thoughts or experiences as I’m debating what to do.
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2023.06.03 20:39 MrYoso_16 BDO increased my CL automatically

BDO increased my CL automatically
From 105k naging 130k. Kusa pala talagang tataasan ng bank mo if they feel you're a responsible CC holder. Thanks for the trust BDO 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼
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