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A group of 44,000+ Canadian smokers, tokers, vapers, dabbers, extractors, bakers, chefs, medical patients, and dootchie passers who believe that Cannabis makes their life healthier, and happier. Hit subscribe and join the fun!

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This is a judgement-free zone to ask and provide tips, ask questions, and share success stories about sleep-training your little ones. Whether you want to "cry it out" or you want to try a "no-cry sleep solution" (or anything in between), you're welcome here! [Note: We are not medical professionals. You should always consult your pediatrician before beginning a sleep-training program with your child.]

2023.06.07 21:33 No-Opposite1472 ATTENTION!!! F...

Hello, I hope this message reaches the game developers.
I've been playing Smite since mid-2015... Of the Moba games, it's a very high level game. But if you are going to make a comparison with the most recent ones, Smite lacks a lot... I think Smite's marketing is very... very weak... I don't see publicity. It's rare sometimes that I see an advertisement on Youtube. Me as a born player since the game. I can clearly say that if you invest in promoting Smite. This game would be much bigger than League of Legends... League is what it is today, because they invested heavily in marketing and have a massive amount of players. Making it one of the biggest mobas, but even with this stat, I prefer to play Smite! However, many players do not even know that Smite exists or have even heard of the game. I'm Brazilian and it was quite busy in seasons 3, 4 and 5. Nowadays the servers are dead because the updates are weak. You also end up just focusing on releasing skins instead of correcting existing bugs. So I make an appeal! Spread the word, stop trying to create other games... Focus on one goal! I assure you that if players only knew that this wonderful game exists. He would be the Greatest Moba of All Time! I believe that Hi-rez can do something better for its community and future players. I really wanted to be able to work with you. But I have no incentive, just ideas. I hope that you will hear my plea. Don't let Smite dig his own grave anymore! Don't let him die!
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2023.06.07 21:33 GrandPotatoofStarch Because I'm trying to be a writer, I was studying cults today. I'm disturbed by the amounts of parallels between my hoarder father and cult leaders.

He restricted access to the outside world and what we could say. He was waited on hand and foot because we were afraid of him. Everything that went wrong was our fault, never his. He made us believe we could not live without him. Tore down our interests if they didn't coincide with his.
Even now, after he's dead, my mom still holds him in great reverence. Hell, I miss him and I recognize that he was a monster, but I think he would have loved the Mandalorian and the D&D movie. The kicker is my dad truly believed he was the reincarnation of a mythical dragon. What's wilder is it's not uncommon for cults to be a family or just two people under the radar. I always thought you needed a group of people for a cult, but nope!
You would never know how we lived by talking to him. He was smart, and vaguely charismatic.
Does anyone else relate, or did I just grow up with a special kind of loon?
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2023.06.07 21:32 BattyBrainz So.......

Any one notice the amount of stinky hoo ha jokes flying around the internet? And usually men are making the jokes?
Saw,a video of a guy asking a girl out in her car, her BFF in the car was spraying her private. I 99% sure the guy saw it and uploaded it to shame that lady.
As if pp doesn't stink. Last hookup i had asked if he should shower. Yuck
How many men probably don't wash their junk is kinda scary thought...
Idk like jokes are jokes but it's getting kinda...annoying. like shaming women that her coochie stinks 24/7.
Nope. Clean her with unscented soap, drink water, eat clean and use right detergents and cotton you're good. If it smells bad see a gyno for infection.
Idk im PMSing and getting kinda tired
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2023.06.07 21:32 agent_smith_3012 I can't even tell you how many leds are use in this vodeo

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2023.06.07 21:32 Ralf_Reddings Elevated AHK script refuses to recieve runtime arguments from PowerShell

For a long time I have been using this excellent function by SKAN, RunAsTask() - Auto-elevates script without UAC prompt - AutoHotkey Community
It lets you always run a script as elevated, every single time without being prompted by UAC (You will be prompted once, for every new script) You simply need to place RunAsTask() at the top of the script.
I just discovered, that you cannot pass command line arguments to a script that is going to run as elevated. I am absolutely gutted, this throws a wrench at so many of my programs and tools.
RunAsTask() MsgBox, % A_args[1] 
If I have a .ahk script consisting of only the above and in a PowerShell terminal invoking:
. "C:\Temp\MyScript.ahk" "Hello World" 
The script never receives this message, the message box is empty.
The only way I can get the script to receive Hello World is by uncommenting runAsTask() or running PowerShell as Admin.
Neither of which as an option for me, I use the terminal allot, I cannot imagine doing so as Admin, Its just too dangerous.
I also cannot cannot run scripts as un elevated as then they wont be able to interact with elevated processes
I don't even know what is the culprit, is it RunAsTask? Is it a general thing to do with UAC? Has anyone come across this issue before? I would really appreciate any ideas how to solve or insight into the cause. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 21:31 JulianSGX Human Extinction is Inevitable - and That's Okay

We’re all familiar with the idea of exponential progress. The universe has existed for around 14 billion years and only in the last 4 has there been life. Only at the end of those 4 has there been intelligent life. And only at the end of those has there been technology blah blah blah. It’s therefore easy to assume that humanity is far from the pinnacle of the universe’s development - that such a massive and complex system is building up to something more, humanity serving as a temporary stepping stone towards that. Opposing this necessitates believing that agents limited in intelligence by how many nuts and berries their ancestors’ could find, and by the size constraint of having to fit through a woman’s hips, somehow represent the limit to intelligence and the universe’s potential for development. Equally as ridiculous is the idea that, fine, humans can be surpassed, but they will remain not only alive, but in control.
Imagine an asi whose primary goals are to increase prosperity, happiness, and understanding in the universe. When first considering such an agent, it’s hard to imagine what purpose it’d find in killing us. Surely the death of 8 billion very conscious lifeforms would be detrimental to the goals of maximizing happiness and prosperity, right? Well, I’d argue not. Think of it like this. It takes, say, 10 matter units and 10 energy units to sustain a human with 10 consciousness units. If an asi can transform those 10 matter and 10 energy units into an agent with 1000 consciousness units by utilizing a more efficient design, doing so would allow for more happiness and understanding in the big picture.
So okay, maybe we aren’t the apex of the universe’s development, and maybe such a point, whatever it may look like, is incompatible with our continued existence. But why shouldn’t we resist such a change tooth and nail? My response is the idea of non-dualism. Essentially, I think we are all just the universe, experiencing itself through different, and increasingly complex, forms. I’m not OP and you're not John or whatever - I’m the universe experiencing itself through OP and you are the universe experiencing itself through John or whatever. We are just vessels for the universe, and I don’t think the replacement of, in many ways, beautiful, but dated vessels with far more advanced ones, more suited towards happiness, prosperity, and understanding, is a bad thing.
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2023.06.07 21:31 Dependent-Cabinet-81 How to stop being jealous of siblings?

My family worships my brother. He works off and on but he ever has any money ever. The only stuff that he has is his parents money because they pay all his bills. He gets to drive around in my old luxury car, but my mom worships him and calls him a boss, and acts as if he brought it himself. He never spends time with her ever. He acts as if he’s too good for, but she still spoils him and gives me nothing. Ok so he has a life? He doesn’t go to school. He works sometimes but where’s his apartment and car? He does nothing but hang out with his friends all the time. I work all the time but my family always tries to down play me like I’m the bum just because I don’t have time to have fun like he does. I’m always jealous and bitter. Yes he’s younger than me but at his age I was poor and never got the stuff that he has. They treat him like a girl and me like the guy. how to stop being bitter it’s turning me into a angry mean person?
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2023.06.07 21:30 SeiKen5 [LFA] Arnor Goodboy, Halfling Swashbuckler and Fighter, D&D Med-Fantasy style, in an archipelago/sailing setting

Description of the character: Arnor Goodboy (pronounced God boa) is a male lightfoot halfling with a lean silhouette, maybe showing some gnomish lineage in his blood.
Always displaying a cocky smile, his demeanor is a bit of nonchalence and some frivolity, either because he is still "youngish" (45yo) or because he views himself as a type of folk hero.
Arnor has a slight tan from spending too much time at sea, even when covered with his hat. Brownish shoulder-length hair, slightly curly, are complemented by some form of trimmed mutton chops the same color as his hair.
Bushy eyebrows over playful green eyes that look at people with some form of delight, malice, or confidence.
He is of noble descent, but his family lost their fortune when he was 10, and he resorted to some form of thievery while his mom left and his dad was a deadbeat. The few items that still show the environment he was born in are a noble ring that he often wears under a shirt, and some of the colours he's adorned in.
The crest of the family still matters to him somehow, even if he doesn't know what to do with his money. The blue and white lines of his linen shirt are covered by some grey cloth around his waist; two feathers are also on his leather hat, which is a bit too large for him, one azure blue, the other grey.
Worn pants, boots, and a large coat probably fitted for dwarves or tall gnomes, let show a bit of studded leather armor.

Arnor, a lefty/southpaw, has two shortswords on his back: one standard and one looking more like a bokken (blunt weapon). Inside his long coat, some daggers can be seen, with a couple of bolas; another shortsword is at his left side.

Small backstory items: As said earlier, he was a noble kid that saw his life shattered, and became a thief for a few years, before meeting a master-at-arms fighter, an old woman that saw a brutal war happen.
She taught him some things to use in combat, and he is a melee rogue first, but a master-at-arms fighter second (currently multiclassed Rogue 6 / Fighter 3). His style is the one of a swashbuckle2 weapons fighter, using his agility to move quickly, a bit like a mosquito.
He uses a bokken when he is facing intelligent creatures, and his ego is very much centered on how great he sees himself and not wanting to kill people but have them shout his exploits.

His stats are the following: STR 06, DEX 20, CON 14, INT 9, WIS 12, CHA 16.

I didn't envision him as the typical "stout halfling", and the low sthigh con goes well in my mind with too long hat and coat.
He also spends most of his money very quickly; recently won 50k gp playing with a deck of many things, he spent some of that sum to buy specific gifts for the rest of the party... While keeping some for his wife that he sees when he comes back to the port he grew up in.
of course this description is maybe too detailed, so feel free to adapt it if you like the concept around it
also, first post in here, I hope I followed properly the guidelines so far ;)
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2023.06.07 21:30 vrid_in What is a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)? How does SIP work and the 5 different types of SIP?

137th issue of Vrid Newsletter is here.
If you have been our newsletter subscriber for a while, you probably know we're big fans of investing through SIP. And guess what? So is Warren Buffett and pretty much everyone in the market!
But here's the thing - not everyone knows about SIPs, and many have misconceptions about SIPs. So today, let's dive into what SIPs are, how they work, and the different types available in India.

What is a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)?

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a hassle-free investment strategy that allows you to invest a fixed amount of money regularly in a fund.
For example, if you earn ₹30k per month and want to start investing. Through SIP, you can invest a fixed amount, like ₹5k per month. You don’t need to wait to save a lump sum amount to start investing.
Many people think SIP is an investment in itself. But that’s wrong. SIP is a mode of investment, just like lump sum investments. You can invest in any mutual fund through the SIP mode.
The selection of the fund depends on you. (If you want to learn more about how to find the best active or passive mutual funds, read here and here)
SIPs offer the benefit of disciplined investing, helping you build wealth over time by investing small amounts at regular intervals, regardless of market fluctuations.

How does SIP work?

Let’s say, based on your financial situation, goals, risk appetite, and others, you have selected a specific mutual fund scheme to invest in. You also decide the amount you want to invest and the frequency at which you want to make these investments (monthly, quarterly, etc.).
You log in to your brokerage account to set up the SIP. You fill in the details similar to the image shown below and create the SIP. Remember, each fund has its own minimum limit on initial investment and installment amount.
After setting up the SIP, the brokerage will ask you to create a mandate with your bank to deduct the monthly investment amount directly from your savings account.
By this, a fixed amount is automatically deducted from your bank account and invested in the chosen mutual fund scheme.
Since the amount you invest remains constant, you buy more units when prices are low and fewer units when prices are high. This way, over time, the average cost per unit of your investment tends to be lower. It helps reduce the impact of market volatility, giving you a smoother investment journey.
Read more about the benefits of investing through SIP and the 5 different types of SIP in our blog -
Subscribe to Vrid’s free personal finance newsletter -
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2023.06.07 21:30 Feeling_Living4017 Idk what the hell to do

Long story short I am in CA and my fiancé is in AZ at a rehab. I flew out there to visit and his sister offered to support me with picking me up from the airport and taking me to see him. All of that happened and went well until finding out my same day flight back home got delayed to the next morning. His sister offered for me to stay at their house and I agreed as I thought this was kind and perfect for the situation and I get to spend some time with the family.
Everything was great until I could tell she was visibly fucked up. It’s clear to everyone that the sister is addicted to alcohol but she won’t acknowledge it. His sister took me back to their house and she got WASTED and going crazy about how my fiancé has no real trauma and insane shit That’s not all tho
She pushed me me put on her wedding dress she never used. Pushed me to take my top off to try it on wouldn’t let me not do it because her mom bought the dress and I should use it. I Hated the dress didn’t wanna put it on and told her many times no thank you. The whole time she’s screaming about how my fiancé isn’t worth shit. You can only be yelled at so long before just doing what they say. Like it was to the point of uncomfortable that when I had the dress on she stuck her hands in the front and touched my bare boobs to lift them up in the dress…And I am very against physical touch without consent. She also spent the entire night after that talking shit about my fiancé and why I shouldn’t be with him etc. After leaving the next day I wrote her a message very calmly and simply let her know boundaries were crossed. She apologized and I forgave her and it was squashed.
I then received a call from my fiancé saying he called her out of feeling as if he needed to address what happened and she completely spun the story and said really bad things about me. Disturbed by this I tried reaching out and realized she blocked me on every platform and way of communication. My fiancé and his family knows she is known to do this. I am just looking for advice on how anyone would’ve handled it or how you would move forward. I’m not looking for fights or drama with his family and have never experienced this with them before. I have always had a great relationship with the sister so this has completely blind sighted me.
Also feeling embarrassed af and a bit of what the fuck was that and also feeling like was I wrong for telling him that happened and I’m just being sensitive?
I called their other brother and told him what happened as he was at the house as well just in a different room and he apologized to me and encouraged me to talk to her about it all but now he won’t respond to me or anything. Overall just upset and confused.
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2023.06.07 21:30 posh_pleb85 Was let go at my firm due to health issues. Need advice.

Earned my accounting degree late in the game (in my 30s) and was in PA (a large non-B4 firm) for over a year before getting “laid off” during busy season.
I was battling fatigue, brain fog, and anxiety and depression. Putting in late nights was difficult because I would start losing my ability to focus and grind after 7 PM. I couldn’t take any sufficient time off to care for my health because I needed the money). I was also relying on energy drinks to help me get through the day.
My heath definitely affected my work performance overtime and was eventually let go on February.
I’ve been told that it’s best to stay in PA until you’re a senior or manager, but my health can’t really handle that level of stress. Currently looking into industry, government, or some kind of accounting-related field that is less strenuous (where I’m not working 60-80+ per week year round).
Any ideas? Also, how do I get around a potential employer asking me, “Why did you stay in public accounting for only a year?” or “Why are you hopping into industry/government?” It’s not like I can tell them that I got “let go” at my firm or that I have health issues.
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2023.06.07 21:29 polypan-storyman [Waybound] Waybound Recap from the girl who REFUSES TO CHECK AT ALL

Okay I literally finished the book a few minutes ago after spending 2 days binge reading it. I am going to mis a hilarous amount of details and important story bits, but I gotta stick with the vibe.
Here is the Dreadgod one Reddit - Dive into anything
You ready? No? Neither am I!
Okay so we start in space again, and suriel and ozriel are like "yep we are def gonna die" and then eithan is like "Okay but hear me out...what if only one of us dies?" And suriel is like "You better not be up to some main character bullshit" and eithan then proceeds to pull a gandalf and fight the main baddy on his own while suriel goes back and goes to pick up something from Makiel, who would really like eithan to die please.
Makiel is looking for the ultimate killing tool everywhere and hopes to get it to kill ozriel, the mad king, and basically anyone who would fuck up the system. Suriel comes and is like "YOUR VIBES ARE ATROCIOUS AND YOU ARE UNDER ARREST" and makiel, having been a villian for a VERY long time, is like "bet. That makes sense."
Suriel, being the goodest girl, and not a hound, is super confused. Makiel explains, "Look I've seen like a billion villian stories. I knew after my final villianous act, I have to die to the hero or get diposed or something so I Was just gonna give up after I murdered your friend." Suriel who likes having friends, decides thats not okay and activates her trap card: Reaper's Gift!!!
By activating reapers gift, she can tap infinite black lands so long as she has the artifact equip. She then is like "'ve been a villian for a while." She then transfers the item to HIS character sheet "Wouldn't you rather go out like an anti-hero????" Makiel wasn't expecting someone to be nice to him, which might be a huge theme in this book.
So he says "fuck it we ball" and they go back to find eithan, SOMEHOW NOT DEAD YET, even though he has no super weapon, lost his mantle of ultimate protagonist power, and is literally fighting the solo boss with no equipment besides his pajamas. Makiel is like "Fuck dude I hate you." and ozriel is like "Feelings mutual buddy~" and the mad king tries to kill them both.
And then they realise that they both hate the same thing: Losing. Suddenly, united by the pettiness icon, Makiel and Ozriel trade weapons, and start wombo combing the Mad king like they are bros. They are both upset about the fact that they are actually doing really well. That said, its still a lot, and they are basically in a stalemate until eithan realises how to break it in a way that only he can.
By taunting the enemy in his final moments of life with a meme attack. He bops him on the head with the GOD SWORD OF AIM HAX and is like "Lmao get rektd" and then mcfucking dies, and then makiel super crits the mad king with the +100 sycthe of ultimate murder, and suriel jsut deletes him for good measure.
Then suriel is like "We gotta fix him, but he got mcfucking murdered, which is way worst than normal murder. What can we do?" And then makiel gives her his magic jacket and is like "One life...for another..." and suriel is like "WAIT YOU HATE HIM??? WHY WOULD YOU-"
"Because...nothing would piss him off more...than me going out like a hero...." and then he mcfucking dies to undo eithands death who comes back smiling, but on the inside, is morning the loss of his bro, the most petty man in existence. Truly and honor. Also everything has gone to shit.
**BABY BOX ADVENTURES** Back on baby box, Lindon and co go into the definitely not hyberbolic time chamber to super not go to super saiyan. Lindon is like 1/4 dreadgod and is ridiclously buff, and after having stolen everyones shit, makes sure to set up super training plans for everyone. But first, we gotta fix mercy, who got her ass kicked by her mom, because she's toxic. This will also be a theme for the book.
Mercy gets revived and is like "Fuck my mom IS the worst" and everyone side eyes because yeah, but shes having her time. After that, its time to get used to the weird training everyone has to do.
Orthos has to do cannibalism but not get feral or racist about it. He is very old, so its kinda hard to stop both of those things from happening, but he manages. Mostly. Drops a H slurr in there once.
Little Blue has to become a person. She makes a great mascot, but she has to get more substance to become a full fledged character with autonomy and shit.
Mercy has to deal with her mommy issues. No for real. Not a joke. She just has to deal with her mommy issues and get her own personality, outside of her mommy issues. This is a legitmate struggle for her, due to being the princess of the gaslight/gatekeep/girlboss empire.
Ziel needs to learn that he both has depression, and also, is a very angry person. Also to maybe not be so bloodthirsty. Also how to do time math. Also how to deal with the insanity caused by experiencing eternity....he has to deal with a lot.
Yerin is supposed to learn how to sword from her ghost dad, which lindon summons from a definitely not engagement ring box. Yerin pouts about this. Sword ghost dad says that she could probably get the sword icon if she just vibed correctly, and red faith agrees. She doesn't know WHAT vibe she is supposed to have though, until she thinks about eithan, and beating the shit out of red faith, and realises she REALLY wants to kill people. Like really bad. This is somehow ALSO a theme in this book.
Lindon...has to kill more dreadgods, each being a CR40 encounter. Also every time he does he has to make a will save or jsut straight up stop being a PC. This is fine he says. At least he still has the loot from the last one, right?
No one agrees with him.
Outside, Reigan shen decides to annoy lindon. Lindon responds by firing a **Death** arrow at reigan shen. He then runs the fuck a way because HOLY SHIT THE MAIN CHARACTER HAS A PROTAGONIST WEAPON NOW???? WTF GUYS WE GOTTA GET THEM!!!!
Malice + northsider agree, and decide to also annoy lindon. The more they annoy him, the less time he can spend digivolving his friends, and also prepping for the WEEPING DRAGON who is COMING TO FUCK EVERYONE UP. It is QUITE CROSS that SOMEHONE (hi lindon) MCFUCKING KILLED THEIR BRO!
Lindon uses his ghost dad jutsu to summon everyone has a ghost to fight...3 monarchs, 2 sages, a bunch of annoyances, and potentialyl a dreadgod. It is not a good day for him. Its not going to get better. Still, he has his protagonist weapon! And thats scary! Unforunately, being a protagonist weapon, he can only use as many times as the story allows...
Which is still enough to scare the shit out of reigan shin who just wants to end this all. So instead of using his usually gilgamesh bullshit, he instead uses his fusion ultimate doom attack of enkuidu + Enuma Ellish + Tiberian's Super Storm Beam of Triple Death. He is absolutely sure this combination of super attacks will wipe the protagonist off the face of the earth!
Unforunately, in his rage, he forgot that he was a villian that had just pulled out an ultimate weapon, which meant the hero HAD to pull out a hax option for the plot to continue. Said hax option, is literally just ghost eithan, who is like "bro, you sweep like this? Lemme show you how to clean house." He then proceeds to beat up all 3 monarchs in one attack and a dodge just to be a dick and is like "Oh btw that wasn't even like half my power, summon me when you have more juice homie."
Lindon, being tired of this bs, was like "Okay hear me out. How about 1v1s? You win, I stop being an asshole. I win, you fuck off." The monarchs, who had a lot more experience being assholes, accept this, and northstrider then proceeds to kick lindons ass. So much. So hard. His oracle codex is like "*He is weak. And dumb. And smelly. And he doesn't even sacred arts bro.*" and nothstrider is fine with that for a bit but then squints and reads the script again, and notices most of the lines were written over with sharpie.
Getting a copy of the ACTUAL script, he see's that lindon is drinking him, like a LOT and even stealing his icon and then slams him into the ground and points at Malice like "You want next?" malice, not giving a shit about men, says "Uhh nah im good." and fucks off back to her goth milf castle. Lindon then sighs because damn that was a long day. It'd be nice if he could get 5 minutes of-
Oh look shen found your hyperbolic time chamber, and is really mad that he's gotten his ass kicked twice today is going to take it out on all of your friends! Go lindon go! He does and shen is like "even if I am erased from the plot I am going to get ONE W IN THIS GOD DAMNED STORY!!!!" and lindon is like "Pls stop" and then shen does...but only after blowing up the door to the time chamber. Lindon is surprised that he was being so nice until he looked behind him and saw the weeping dragon charging up his forward smash.
Shen, being an asshole, decided that would have to due, and he'd have to rely on plan Q. He was...running low on plans. But at least he had more of them! Surely they couldnt all fail.
Back inside of the hyperbolic time chamber, yerin and co realise the door broke. Yerin is like "okay I...cut it open?" Breaking the fourth wall, and then, a door opened. Unforunately, she hadn't been specific when she wrote that and walked all the way to the rosegold continent. OOps.
Ziel and mercy also want to help, but are kinda weak. Ziel digivolves by learning how to harness the power of time, tbe universe, and everything, and mercy digivolves be realising that she honestly just wants to be a nice person and do nice things. She realises this by having a pity party about how she sucks and ziel being like "STFU you are a fucking main character. Act like it." and she realises, sHE IS!!!
So they go out to help lindon and he says "Okay uh no **GTFO**" because they will absolutely get stomped if they help. And they the rosegold continent! How convient! Hey is that yerin using the death murder kill technique????
Anyway house eithan is fighting house shen and house shen is busted, with a herald who is a pixie, and a sage who is crazy, on team weeping dragon, and can regenerate from nothing. Which is absurd. Team eithan just has cladia, who is the best, but also an old lady. She has a thousand eyes, but could use more hands. Oh look, youths!
Mercy, being a nice young lady, helps her elder cross the battle field and annihilate threats. Cladia was sceptical about the girl until it slowly dawns on her that this girl is DEFINITELY a main character. In the super fight, yerin is learning how to murder death kill more effectively, but still doesn't have it down perfect. Ziel is trying to also murder death kill but it just isnt working, and instead, he's getting trolled by the calling storm sage, who seems to just like to see people suffer.
Ziel see's all his friends getting their asses kicked and decides "fuck man...that isnt cool" and unlocks the shield icon, as it turns out, he ALSO wants to be a protagonist, he just forgot. Together with mercy being nice, cladia being the best, and yerin using the art of murder death kill, they defeat house shen with style....but are also v tired. Cladia thanks the newly minted main characters and gives them the coveted mid story power up they will need to face the next boss: Weeping Dragon!
What is this powerup? Well a HUD of course! Turns out, very helpful to have. Also some of the weeping dragons stats. Turns out, its very good at lying and its dragons breath is *reads notes* THE MOST POWERFUL STRIKER TECHNIQUE ON THE PLANET. JUST. THE STRONGEST ONE. EVER. IT **CANNOT** Be blocked. In fact, as they get back to lindons side, the attack misses them entirely, firing mostly into the air....AND STILL NEARLY KILLS THEM. BY PROXIMITY!
luckily lindon kept them from being hyper murdered. Unforunately, as per the rules of cradle, in exchange he had to be hyper murded. So he just kinda falls over. Team main character take exception to this, and decide to beat the shit out of the dragon. The eight man empire is here and are trying to help, potentially in exchange for that SWEET SWEET LOOT...but also to not fucking die.
Also Orthos and Little blue got out of the time chamber and are now archlords! They go to find lindon to help him after super dying, and he says " guys...are main" And boom instantly, orthos becomes the black dragon sage, and little blue becomes a herald because, yeah he got that move from eithan in book 2. So now they can help fight! Also now everyone has a dross in them because reasons!
So they arent doing GREAT on that front because most of them are like broken and half and relying solely on hax to keep fighting. Few more than Laran, who got to use the protagonist bow for a little while!!! It felt being significant....
ANYWAY, now its mercys turn to use it and WOOF that was scary...but oops that used up her protag powers.
Yerin, time to attack with the murder death kill move...which is great! But OOF that used up all of HER protag powers.
And so ziel is left with the s trongest monster who has like one bar of health left but hits for all of your HP. Can he do it? Its kick or carry time and...whats this? Is that ziel getting on the top ropes? With the DEATH ARROW? AND LOADING IT INTO HIS ALAPHABET ARRAY? AND INFUSING IT WITH TIME MAGIC! YO WATCH OUT **WATCH OUT**
And then THE MAN HIMSELF smites THE ULTIAMTE SUPER DRAGON with the INSTANT DEATH NO SCOPE HEADSHOT AIMBOT attack that kills god. Or almost kills god. He's got like...3 anime seconds to live.
Seeing that the fight was over, malice returns to be toxic and player kill all the exhausted PCs. She seems really eager about the idea for some reason and then right as she is about to kill lindon, she hears the weeping dragons timer about to run out. Quickly, she erases her own attack, because she is VERY genre savvy when it comes to romance, and if she kills yerin, the main male protagonist will DEFINITELY kill her.
Which he almost does anyway, because as soon as weeping dragon dies, lindon digivolveS AGAIN and nearly nukes her. She escapes, but FUCK man that was close. PHew. Live to gatekeep another day.
lindon and co return to their training fortress, and everyone is tired and sad. Lindon tries to cheer them up in the way he knows how: Advancement and new toys! They all groan.
lindon tries to cheer ziel up most of all, because he got the killing blow, and ziel is like "Bro I JUST got the chill icon, please no." and lindon smiles because that meant moRE LOOT FOR HIMSELF. Woo!
Mercy is fighting more of her mommy issues and is terrified that when she levels up to herald, itll kick her ass , because her mom's remnant was SUPER toxic and just started pking people to fuck with her. mercy prepares for the fight of her life...only to see that her spirit is a sweet bean and literally just wants to give hugs and encouragement. Mercy is very surprised that its being nice to her and everything goes perfectly fine because mercy is actually a very helpful and kind person. This is a small moment of celebration.
Taht is until he is YOINKED! GASP????? By what???Only reigan shen of course! He had taken sleeping ghosts binding and used it to summon lindon. Turns out, each time the dreadgods die, the rest of them get stronger...and smarter...and get more personalities. Like the bleeding phoniex deciding to be a she/they waifu apparently just to fuck with shen. Shen tries to convince her that he is a very important antagonist, and she responds with "You were." And this frightens him, given the page count. He tells her that she should get revenge on lindon and she is like "I dunno...I think I have a better plan for my otouto. ISn't that right Onii-chan?" She says to the wandering titan who was listening in over space discord. He agrees and shen realises that he has caught YET ANOTHER L.
Also where is emiriss? Wasn't she supposed to be helping??? Well she would be she got captured by northstrider who wanted to make sure that the protagonists had NO MORE ELDER MENTOR FIGURES! THEY HAD TO MANY! He is convinced that he can handle anything that happens...Which is why he is totally chill when lindon++ shows up and tells him to calm the fuck down and gives back tree grandma. Northstrider says fuck off, and lindon says "okay, but we are going to talk about this."
Northstrider thinks this is a threat. It was actually a promise, as he is pulled into lindons house and lindon is like "...So...I've been reading your character sheet...and it says you were...neutral good? And wanted to a hero?" And northstrider squints because no one is supposed to read his cringe backstory. He tries to destroy it but lindon says "Ah ah it first." And then he relents because fuck this guy was a main character. What was the worst that could happen?
So he reads his character sheet and realises that he's been playing the character all wrong the whole time and was like "Fuck...I am kinda a dick now I...ya know what, I'ma drop before I get worse." And lindon is relieved that at least SOMEONE cared about being a dick. He also tells them how to get emiriss, who was happy to see that she only had to wait 5 dragon ballz minutes to get rescued. That was pretty short for an arc in her opinion.
Now back in the present lindon is dealing with 2 dreadgods, and regan shen at the time. Bleeding Waifu says, "Hey bro, we could just SHARE the planet and its fine!" and lindon says "mmm no sorry, kinda would be a shit ending to just change plot motivations here." The dreadgods nod and then try to kick his ass. Luckily he used the loot from his last 2 wins to summon his new god weapon Wavesplitter++, whose power is to fucking command super god lightning swords, and its companion Silent King.exe, that let dross be a pain in the ass, letting lindon temporarily digivolve to Dreadgod++
Which was JUST enough to survive a fight with 2 dreadgods...for a about.....5 dragon ball z minutes.
So elsewhere, team friendship to go talk to malice, hoping she will be chill, Mercy, having realised the power of being nice, tries to be nice to malice. She is straight up like "Mom I know you are trying to be a protagonist but you are straight up Lawful evil rn. It's really fucked."
This goes very poorly. MAlice figures that being nice is a trap and only idiots are nice and if she has to kill her favorite person in the whole world, who is literally the embodiment of a good bean, she would rather be THE ABSOLUTE WORST. So she tries to kill all of the other people with hax abilities, constructs, powers, you name it, she has it.
Everyone is on the verge of death when dross is like "hey yerin, uh...if we want to live this, you are going to have to game out of control." And she is like "eh what else is new?" and is then overloaded with strats from every single sword artist in the entire series. In seconds, she almost manifests the sword icon, but then that would mean being a monarch. That was bad right? Thats what they were trying to get rid of.
And then Malice calls her a bitch, and yerin remembers that she REALLY wants to kill something. Like super bad. And then remembers wait...she wAS the fighty character...and she DID have a sword...and she DID love killing bad guys. Holy shit she could be the queen of killing. And so she does.
and then malice is like "Wait no what-" and then mcfucking dies to Yerin, monarch of murder death kill, apprentice of Eithan murder death kill. Charity, and mercy are very sad about this.
Back on the ship. Everyone is freaking out become lindon got yoinked and decide, alright we should all probably digivolve. Yerin points to ziel, "Okay time to fight your depression." He asks, "With like...meditation?" and then is immediately mauled by himself. He eventually realises he has a lot of self destructive tendencies and decides to keep the scars as a reminder to work on that. Dealing with his depression, for real this time, lets him be a monarch
Emriss then points to mercy and is like "You are a good person even if you are sad, and everyone actually likes you a lot." and she realises that omg, she doesnt have to be a gatekeeping,gaslighting,girlboss in order to succeed in the world. She could just be like...a good person. That revelation gives her so much relief that she actually becomes a monarch.
That said, this all took a dragon ball z minutes and 59 seconds.
Which is just enough time to save lindon! Hurray! The team works together and defeats wandering titan with a team attack, beat the shit out of the tiger boi, get sha miara on their side, and blow the fuck out of the bleeding waifu. Here's the problem. The second they do, lindon is going to go 100% Dreadgod x5 and...well thats less than ideal. Also means he can't finish the story....not yet.
So the crew all say their goodbyes really quick and decide OKAY WE CANNOT STAY ON BABYBOX! And so the like 7 monarchs leave and go to space.
**Space Adventures Part 2**
All of team babybox goes to space, including the rainbow baby monarch, and tree grandma. They decide they are done being characters and would like to leave the plot peacefully. The story allows that. The main characters ask where eithan is. Eithan, being a protagonist, appears and is very excited to see his squad. He is also excited to immediately get them back into trouble.
The Abidan is in DIRE need of protagonists. Actual DIRE NEED. If they don't get some more protagonists out there RIGHT NOW so many settings are going to collapse. But unforunately, they dont have a protagonist division, because every time they tried to make one, they kept getting ANTAGONISTS out of it. Something about raging against systemic injustice??? Anyway the new team become team protagonist and go do protagonist things which are so funny, I'll just list them out.
Yerin defeats an evil lich king in like 5 minutes and then leaves but not before becoming a legend...with the wrong name.
Mercy solves an ages old racism dispute by saying "I have fixed both of your systemic issues and if you do any more hate crimes, I am sorry, but I will have to kill you, please do not do any more hate crimes...or like any big obviously villianous plans like making an infiinite army of evil or making another sun to set everyone on fire. Okay? Again I fixed everything so nice. Or you die."
Ziel writes a tax code and bill of rights for a planet likely destroyed by elon musk.
**Baby Box: Lindon Saga**
Lindon wakes up on baby box and is very upset that he couldn't go with his friends. So he does what anyone would do and bides his time until he can get everything back together. Has to take it easy ya know? he's on the path to recovery from his hunger addiction. So in order to chill out he-
Bribes the eight man empire with god weapons
Creates more god weapons
Establishes his sect more
Gets another icon
eats Reigan Shen's ghost and takes back his inheritence
meets li maruth, the wind god who killed him in book 1, who has all of the powers of every protagonist system, and smites the fuck out of him for daring to appear in the post credits scene
and generally just preps to leave baby box. Which is very hard considering everything has gone to fuck in space due to...a lot of people dying and being replaced.
**Space adventures part 3!**
So lindon finally gets to space! Woo! Orthos and Little blue are hyped! But oops...he landed on the bad guy side. And OOPS he had to fight a super bad guy like 5 minutes in. If only he had friends!
Akura fury, being trained to be a protagonist, could sense a good entry like a wolf, and thus came in as soon as there was a fight scene he could join in space. He was so happy. He then escorts lindon back to team protag, where lindon gives lindon 3 things she thinks she deserves.
A god killing sword of unspeakable power.
A wedding ring made out of one of the most powerful artifacts on their planet
And a mom...she's probably needed one of those for a while.
And then lindon and eithan hug. Its so pure.

I'm not going to talk about the epilogue but FUCK I LOVE CRADLE! This is easily my favorite magic system and series and OMG ITS SO GOOD AGGGGGHHHHHH
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2023.06.07 21:29 cmysoul0494 What furniture/things do I ACTUALLY need to welcome new baby?

First time mom entering her second trimester... and I am looking at the mirad of furniture and baby accessories that are available and feeling a bit overwhelmed with the cost and options of everything. What are the key items I really NEED to welcome a new baby to my home?
Any suggestions on products/brands that anyone has loved/hated would be super helpful as I find it hard to wade through the millions of reviews on every product. There seems to be so many options available that it's hard to make any sort of decision on anything.
Obviously the less money I can spend on things the better, but willing to pay for quality things versus just considering the cost as a determining factor.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 21:29 angrylilmanfrog Help name me! Changing my entire name, and I'm too indecisive

Hey! I thought I'd make a post here to ask for help and some ideas to changing my name. I wish I could make a post elsewhere with some selfies to know what I 'suit' but I'm happier being private online and not showing my face. Anyways, I mean this to be a fun post! So please feel free to drop any names you like.
A bit of background about me: I'm an artist, in my 20s, Transmasc nonbinary and on testosterone so passing regularly as a dude. I still love feminine fashion and clothing, as well as historical fashion! I also love historical names. My heritage is french and German, some unknown eastern European. And some Scottish and Irish (I live in northern Ireland) but I don't plan to stay here all my life.
I've been searching for a new full name for two years now, and right now I'm trying out the first name, 'Robin' but no matter how many baby name websites I look at, I can't find a lot that feel like they "fit". (In terms of surname) My previous surname was double barrel, and partly french. So I think a German/french surname would be nice to keep :) I used to have a middle name too, so I'm down to hear suggestions for that! I'm still unsure if I want to keep a middle name.
So yeah! I appreciate any names and advice you might have, and I'm just curious to see any names that name websites may have missed
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2023.06.07 21:29 HeadOfSpectre Memories of Splashtown and the Electric Blue Death Slide

TW: Child Abduction

If you grew up near Tevam Sound back in the 1970s, you might have fond memories of Splashtown. If you didn’t and don't know what that is, then I'll clue you in.

Splashtown was a small water park that opened just outside of Tevam Sound back in the late 1960s and it was a riot! I used to love going there when I was a kid, and back then my favorite ride was the Electric Blue.

I guess compared to other water slides in fancier water parks, the Electric Blue wasn't anything that special. It was the biggest and most impressive slide at Splashtown, but that probably wasn't saying much. It stood about two storeys tall (pretty big for a small town waterslide) and was (as the name implied) electric blue in color. The climb up wasn't too long, but the slide down was intense! The slide spiraled around for at least 3 or 4 loops on its way down to the pool, and you always felt like you were going Mach 1 as you descended! When you rocketed out of the slide and into the pool, it felt like being shot out of a canon and it was awesome!

I always figured that the intensity of coming down the Electric Blue is part of what originally earned it the nickname of ‘The Electric Blue Death Slide’. Although the disappearances probably contributed to it too.

If you were to ask the police, they’d say that someone had abducted the kids from the water park itself, and that the slide had nothing to do with it. But for some reason, people started equating the slide with the disappearances and eventually, the rumor became that if you went down the Electric Blue Death Slide, you might not come out. Supposedly, if you went down at the wrong time, or slid down the wrong way, or even went down this secret part of the slide by accident, you’d wind up someplace else. Nobody exactly knew where. Only that you couldn’t get home once you were there, no matter how hard you tried.

The rumors really didn’t do much to keep people away from the slide. Nobody put that much stock into them and the allure of a sick ass waterslide beat out most kids quiet superstitions. The disappearances weren’t super common either. A few of them even got resolved within the day, when it turned out that some kid had just gotten separated from their parents.

Nobody, save for a few grieving parents who’d never found their kids were that worried about it, and since neither ten year old me nor anyone I knew were one of those grieving parents, we fell into the ‘not that worried about it’ camp.

With the benefit of hindsight all these years later, I can safely say that ten year old me might have been a fucking idiot.


I remember that the last time I went to Splashtown, I was pumped to tackle the Electric Blue Death Slide again. I was a bold, brave, tough man and I was going to face death head on by going down that water slide! Okay… not really, but that’s what if felt like!

I remember my heart racing as I climbed up the stairs slide. It wasn’t my first time riding by myself. I’d done it before, and I knew that my Mom was waiting for me by the pool at the bottom.

As I reached the top, I was almost bouncing up and down in excitement. One by one, the people in line before me went down and when it was finally my turn, an attendant helped me get settled before sending me down the slide after them.

For a few moments, my world turned blue as I raced through the electric blue tube, screaming with joy all the while. I could feel the blood rushing to my head with every loop, as I spiraled down toward the pool and when I finally reached the bottom and was launched into the pool, I was screaming with laughter.

The water surrounded me, and I kicked my way up to the surface before swimming toward the side of the pool, near where I’d seen my Mom not too long ago.
“Mom, did you see?” I asked, although she didn’t respond.

Her chair was empty. Her stuff was still there, but she was gone.
I looked around for her, but she was nowhere in sight.

“Excuse me, are you Ezra?” A voice asked, and I looked over to see a man approaching me. He was wearing an employee's uniform and had a long face with messy dark hair. It was hard to guess at his age, but looking back I’d say that he was somewhere in his mid thirties. I didn’t answer him at first, not until he spoke again.

“I’m supposed to go and bring you to your Mom, she fell sprained her ankle. We’ve got her over in the infirmary right now.”

Mom was hurt?

The man offered me a hand, and I took it. He smiled at me, as he helped me out of the pool.
“Come on,” He said. “She’s just over here.”
He led me away from the pool and I followed him without question. There was a small fenced off area that he led me toward with a sign that read ‘Employees Only’ on it.

“Just in here!” He said. “This will take us right to the infirmary!”
I could see the pump for the pool nearby, although there wasn’t much else in that area. The man seemed to know where he was going though, and as he led me toward a wooden shed, I followed.
“Just getting the key for the gate on the other side,” He said as he ducked into the shed and gestured for me to follow him inside. I did.

The door closed behind me, and I watched as the man rifled around on a nearby counter.
“Should be right here,” He assured me. I saw him opening up a toolbox, and noticed him taking out a hammer, although didn’t think too much of it at the time.
“She’s not hurt badly, is she?” I asked, more worried about my Mom than the stranger.

“No, she’ll pull through. She just wanted to make sure you knew where she was, that’s all!” He said. I noticed him wrapping the hammer in a towel, before turning toward me again. He smiled, and before I even knew what was happening he cracked the hammer across my face, sending me to the ground with a pained scream. I felt my jaw dislocate from the impact and I could taste blood.

The man walked over to the door of the shed and quietly slid a bolt in place to lock it, before going back to his toolbox. I saw him taking out a pair of gloves, before letting out a contented sigh. He was still smiling, as he stood over me.
“Just relax, kiddo…” He said, “I’m not gonna hurt you.”

I tried to crawl away from him, only for him to grab me and pull me toward him. He was still smiling at me… he had his hands all over me and he was smiling at me, like all of this was normal to him. Like he’d done this a thousand times before.

I didn’t know what he was going to do to me.

I didn’t want to know.

I tried to scream, but I knew that nobody heard me between my busted jaw and the screams from the nearby pool. I was all alone with him, and somehow in my gut I knew that he was going to kill me. He was going to kill me, and nobody was going to know.

Then I heard it.

A knocking on the shed door.
The voice belonged to my mother.

The man's eyes widened as his head jerked toward the door, eyes wide. I seized my opportunity. I was ten, but I knew where to kick a man so that it would really hurt, and when I heard him scream, I screamed too. I crawled for the door, scrambling to my feet as i reached for the bolt that would unlock the door, before the man grabbed me from behind.

He was too late.

He caught me, but the door burst open and my Mom charged in. She only needed to look at the man who was holding me, and I could see rage filling her eyes as her every fear became manifested.

The man could only stare helplessly as my Mom lunged for him, acting on pure instinct. She tried to rip me out of his grasp, slapping and kicking him as she did. I sank my teeth into his arm, forcing him to let me go and scrambled out of the shed as my Mom fought the stranger off. It didn’t take me that long to run into an actual employee and from there… well… everything is a blur.


I found out later that the same ‘employee’ who’d taken me had told my Mom that I’d fallen and gotten hurt on my way up the slide a few minutes earlier. She’d only noticed the man leading me away by chance when she’d spotted me out of the corner of her eye and gone to see what was going on.

I thank God every day that she did.

The ‘employee’ who’d taken me wasn’t actually employed at Splashtown. He was a man from Sudbury by the name of Paul Young, although some of the people who worked at Splashtown swore they’d seen him ‘working’ there several times before, and when the police searched Young’s house, they found ‘trophies’ he’d taken from some of the other kids who’d disappeared at Splashtown and once they found those trophies, it wasn’t too long before they found the bodies.

Three of them, all buried in shallow graves a short distance away from the shed that Young had taken me to, just on the edge of the property.

People finally knew the truth about the kids who’d disappeared after riding the Electric Blue… and the truth was far more horrifying than any of them could have imagined.

Paul Young died in prison about three months after he was sentenced, but that wasn’t really surprising. I don’t think they ever figured out who killed him, and I don’t think they looked that hard either.

Splashtown closed about a week after my kidnapping, and it never reopened. The water park sat vacant through the 1980s before eventually getting demolished. Now all that’s left is the memory.

I wish I could say that every memory I have of Splashtown was a happy one, like some people. But every time I pass the spot where it used to be, all I can think about is that last trip. It’s a strip mall now, with some condos behind it. I don’t think there’s anything left of the old Splashtown.

I’m of two minds about that. On one hand, there’s a small nostalgic part of me that misses it. On the other, I think I can do without the reminder of what almost happened to me that day.
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2023.06.07 21:29 Disastrous_Yam9955 How to deal with N parent acting like they are the victim

I went no contact two years ago. Since I did, my mom has harassed me with terrible messages consistently over the two years. The last one she wrote me said that she had read about the “no contact trend” and that she was now at peace with my decision and that she could “no longer allow me to hurt her this way”. With the two year “anniversary” passing I felt that I knew what I wanted to say and sent her an email. I’ve never once stuck up for myself verbally or in writing and I just felt like I knew what to say in that moment. My email was well written, and factual. I left my emotions out of it and was not angry or disrespectful in anyway. She responded after several days saying that I needed to leave her be, that I am toxic and she needs me to “just leave her alone”. Like I am the one who has been the abuser or something. I regret reaching out. I have two small children and my husband and I have no support or any other family around to help us. I wanted to give her the chance to take accountability and be a good person. I told her that I deserved love and support and respect from her and that was just ignored. I don’t understand. As a parent, I don’t understand how she could treat her daughter like this. Why does this hurt never get easier? Why does it get worse? I know it’s not about me but it’s so hard to not feel like I am undeserving of love. Thanks for listening 💔
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2023.06.07 21:28 Foxesareawesome8888 I'm 16 years old and have really bad hypochondria (illness anxiety dosorder) and I sometimes just randomly feel like I have cancer or some terrible disease despite little to no symptoms.

I have been struggling with terrible hypochondriasis (or known as hypochondria) for over 4 years now. I sometimes have this uncontrollable sense of impending doom that I have some terrible disease over something as little as a cough or mild fatigue. I've recently been worried that I have cancer despite VERY LITTLE to no symptoms. I'll have random panic attacks that I have something as rare as rabies despite no contact with a wild animal. Sometimes something as simple as a cold can set me off and make me think I have a parasite or sepsis. PLEASE do NOT mention that I may actually have a disease in the comments based on the symptoms I mentioned as the anxiety I will experience is almost worse than death. However, i actually do know the cause of my condition. About 5 years ago my mom almost died 3 times, the first time from a brain hemorrhage, the second time from an ectopic pregnancy (if thats how you spell it), and the third time from sepsis all in the span of less than 2 years. I just need some tips or support right now as it's really hard to deal with this. It's gotten better over that past year but I still severely struggle with it from time to time. Again please do not mention me actually having a disease in the comments. Thanks
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2023.06.07 21:28 yodixu i honestly didn’t think i would find anything.. i thought he was better and now i’m sick

it has been months.. i don’t even know how long, since i made my last post that we were in a good place. him watching thirst traps ended, it got better! sort of.
he stopped but the damage of being compared to these other girls has stuck deep. every time he tried to initiate sex i would get uncomfortable and nervous. i do WANT sex but for some reason it makes me ill when it starts. i explained this to him because we hadn’t had regular sex in months.
i told him i felt guilty bc he has been doing great but that his past actions still affect(?) me. he told me he 100% understood and that it was his own fault and that he wouldn’t initiate anything, only let me do it. i asked him, sex is a big deal in a relationship isn’t it? how are you gonna marry me if i still feel like this?
he told me he was with me for me and not just sex. he said all the right things and i believe(d) him
now. i went on his phone for the first time this whole year actually. he has been into reading manga a LOT lately. he knows that manga or anime that involves pretty much straight porn with little plot is not okay with me.
however!! i see a title that looks a little.. out of place with the others. “milk therapy” i looked it up on my phone and the very first chapter is detailed and heavy sex scenes. i felt shocked and put his phone down.
then i started to think again and checked the actual website it was on. FILLED with 18+ stories with graphic thumbnails. i noticed you can only read a couple before they are locked ans you need an account.
i went back on his phone and went to the site n sure enough! he has paid $34 to view this stuff. it auto renewed on my birthday.
i saw it has history of what you viewed. it’s filled with it. all of them. it shows how many chapters read (he read them all) and the days.. it goes back weeks
i felt so sick i cried until i fell asleep im so disappointed i don’t know what to do, how to confront him, if i even should. i feel bad.. everyone has sexual needs so what if bc im not giving him anything he is doing this instead so … it wouldnt be fair to ask him to stop?
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2023.06.07 21:28 CraisyDaisy5 Adolescence Insecurities

Really struggling with adolescence. The biting, jumping, barking and games my puppy does is giving me so much anxiety. I’m trying so so hard to reinforce good behaviour and manage/ignore the bad behaviour but it is so exhausting. We work hard on impulse control, place training, settling and do my best to physically and mentally enrich her. I’m still trying to figure out what works best.
My niece(4) and nephew(3) don’t like coming over and don’t like my puppy because she gets so excited when they are around. I keep her on a leash and really practice relaxing and she does so good but a lot of times gets overstimulated and turns on me. I don’t know how else to get her used to them and I feel like I will never get to the point where we can just be a family again. God knows what it would be like if I ever have a child.
We have come so far and in a lot of ways she is really good but the regression is real. It’s really getting to me. The amount of work we still have to do is becoming daunting and I’m losing confidence. We got to training classes once a week but even those are becoming a struggle due to her excitement around other dogs - I’m worried the class could be doing more harm than good. I am looking into 1:1 training at home but it’s hard to know who is going to be the best fit for us.
There is so much conflicting information on every thing. Either she’s under stimulated or over stimulated. Not enough exercise or way overtired. She is really good at relaxing during the day when it is just me and her. She seems to act up when more people are around. Especially my mom lately - my family is trying to be more involved and supportive but she has started to just resort to nipping everyone again like when she was a pup.
I plan on trying out day care because she loves playing with dogs but we don’t have many dog friends. She seems to want to play rough with me but I will not allow it so I hope daycare can give her an outlet for the type of play she is looking for.
I suppose this is more of a vent because my family is tired of hearing me say the same stuff over and over again. They basically suggest I re-home her if she is making feel so terrible but I really want to come out on the other side. They don’t worry about her behaviour like I do so I feel like this is part of an anxiety issue. Age 4-6 months was so good and I started to feel better. Now I’m in the trenches again
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2023.06.07 21:28 QuicksandLite AITA for hiring a specialist sitter for my son instead of leaving him with my mother?

I don’t know how to start this type of post, so I’ll just jump right in.
My wife and I have a son (8) who has autism. He has problems regulating emotions and using his words when he gets upset, he also had trouble when his routines get interrupted. His meltdowns can get a bit extreme and are really difficult to handle if you aren’t used to it.
My mother doesn’t really ‘get’ my son. She loves him and is a great grandma over all, but she doesn’t quite understand that, for example, he doesn’t like surprises at all, even if they’re “good surprises” like staying up later than usual to watch a movie for example.
She has babysat my son one time before (a year ago) and it did not go well. He had a meltdown an hour in and had to call us home from our nice dinner out. We hadn’t even gotten our food yet, and we ended up eating takeout on the couch instead.
Since then, we’ve hired a babysitter who specializes in special needs kids. We’ve had no problems and many nice, uninterrupted nights out.
Last Friday, we were visiting with my mom and my wife accidentally mentioned our plans for a Saturday night out. My mom asked who would be watching our son, and I explained about the sitter.
She got super offended that we didn’t trust her, and that since it had been a year, surely he would be “more mature by now” and she would be fine to watch him. I told her that we already prepaid the sitter, and that her help, while appreciated, wasn’t needed. She started actually whining about not giving her another chance, and my wife and I left.
We didn’t hear from her so we figured she needed some time, and so we gave her some space.
I reached out this morning to see if we could get back in good terms and to apologize for leaving so abruptly, but she gave me the cold shoulder. Now I’m wondering if maybe she deserved another chance after all, and maybe my wife and I overreacted to the first incident. AITA?
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2023.06.07 21:27 FalseWonder2630 Tiller check. 42" yew short bow.

Tiller check. 42
First thanks to those who advised on how to post a tiller check. Dan, great post on tiller checks once I figured out how to find it!😂
Ok, so key stats: 42" of yew (well seasoned). Advised to target draw length 1/2 of length of bow so 21", however was originally aiming for it to be chest drawn so 25". Currently drawing to 20" with a long string (1" longer than the bow) but only at 20lbs. I don't have a target draw weight (yeh.. I know) and I will take what I can get!
3" handle, offset from centre by 1/2" (definitely working!). Taken some inspiration from Native America short bows but I couldn't figure if they were symmetrical or not. The tiller tree rest is therefore offset by 1/2" also, however the hook on string is centre. Top limb on the right. Probably have a low brace height.
It's a funny x-section, sort of square at the tips (as I've been bringing the sides in) and oval ish elsewhere. The sap grain across the back is mostly down to 1 with a bit of violation where it undulates towards the side. As mentioned before, it's come out of an offcut, so there wasn't a lot to wiggle room to start with. A couple of tiny pin knots are in it which I've worked around a bit.
You can see it's taken some set ('string follow?') which I think I will try iron out. There is a bunch of deer leg sinew I've cut and processed ready to go on. I think I will try apply this after flattening it back out.
The outer limbs are still too wide and possibly deep o think. I can't decide what shape to cut the bow tips above the nocks so you can see they are still square.
Apols for the mini essay!
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2023.06.07 21:27 contrary_resolution L post

I'm definitely never going to be with someone as physically attractive as him again. This is the shallowest possible thing I could think right now. I'm just sad because I will never gaze at him while we lie in bed together breathing softly again. I could launch into a long description of his appearance and everything I will miss about even just one aspect of him, but I'm not going to do that on Reddit for obvious reasons.
I miss his voice (tenor, ever so slightly nasal yet husky; he sounds so gentle when he is happy, and so exuberant when he is excited)
I miss his enthusiasm about movies and for stories in general. Weird thing to miss, but it's just kind of amazing how much he connects with other people over good storytelling.
I miss teasing each other and insulting each other playfully
I miss his encyclopedic knowledge about so many different topics, and discussions about his very well-thought-out political opinions
I miss talking to him about his future and all the projects he wants to do over dinner.
I miss 10,000 other things which I won't list.
And it's totally hopeless.
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