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X-files memes based on our favorite monster Eugene Victor Tooms. Discuss strategy and gain reputation points to help score you your next meal! Learn valuable techniques to rip out that liver like an old rug! Squirm and slush your way through our community bile hot springs. Stay in your very own newspaper vent lined with the premium juices of an alcoholic businessman near you! Come join us, and spend your many lifetimes at the bile pit!

2023.06.07 14:40 JonathanPhillipFox Three companies agree to pay more than $1 billion to settle ‘forever chemical’ claims, it's been claimed,

Three companies agree to pay more than $1 billion to settle ‘forever chemical’ claims, was the claim, apropros of which..

u/AdClemson said 1 day ago,
This essentially means the Government has fined these companies $1 Billion and has also fined the victims (general public) additional $4 Billions to pay for the damages that was incurred on them by those companies.
...and then u/aitorbk had replied, 1 day ago, quite wisely,
To solve only partly the issue.
As the name implies, it is a forever problem.

I then replied, just now, and,in agreement, Succinctly,

...and it's an everywhere problem, which, I dunno, sure makes even the notion of remunerative damages sound a little cheap, not to mention that it's,
One Dollar Thirty-Four Cents per each European Tainted,
"and that's just the Europeans!"
Not like they're getting the Dollar-thirty-four anyway, and it's not like,
New Rainwater
Can Purchased, like, at all, and it's not like there was much of Great Tragedy, even, it's like finding out that those cheap window-blinds that come default in rental apartments have poisoned the entire air, Yes, But They'd Been Saleable and Inexpensive, and, in that respect, convenient; like, in all seriousness, non-stick pans.
Non-Stick Pans.
Stain Resistant Carpets.
...were these good-carpets, keepers, and the more I read,
The Less that sounds like an irreplaceable duty, the more it sounds like an absolute worst-use case for,
To claim that it's saved lives would be to claim that there has been no alternative to extinguish the fires we've, ourselves, engineered, in the sense that we're not talking, you know, Volcanoes, we're talking, engineered structures and systems with no reliable backstop in the fire-extinguisher-realm of consideration, I dunno, asbestos might have been a safer means to put those fires out, prolly,
PFAS chemicals are widely used to coat paper and cardboard wrappers for fast food and bakery goods
Shouldn't be, should Never Have Been, what a dumb reason to poison the earth face-first, wet leaves found in the yard would have been a better option to coat paper and cardboard wrappers for fast food and bakery goods, we serve the bakery-goods in boxes sprayed down with automobile transmission fluid because of it's unique properties that keep the cardboard box clean while you drive home from the bakery, good idea, Much better idea insofar as I, alone, Will Swallow the Poison With The Baked Treats, shall not have to grieve for the rainwaters,
...and I'd be more impressed with our umbrellas we have received in return for this Eschatalogical Mortgage of the Earth Itself, except, we had goddamned umbrellas in the 19th Century; I'll be honest:
Waxed Fabric exists, just like Wax on Fabric Works Fine, and Pans had been fine-enough to figure out how to use the whole time we've had both fire and Metallurgy, even the Roman Routine of Wine Mulled in Lead Pots because it fucks you up and tastes funny, honestly, as with the transmission fluid hypothetical, that's fine, relative, these sorts of bargains; and the Romans knew, their doctors wrote about it, people, are, just like that sometimes.
Not usually, this much, for such dumb reasons, as, and I swear it's this:
America Needs Mourning, Americans need to deal with the Losses
So Much man, you know, I read this thing, on, OK Doomer, about, Parentism, Parentification, and I keep thinking about it; I know these things, differently, competent parents, very, sick sibling, I know these things and I know what she means and I do recognize that in the broader culture; I think of Simone de Beauvoir's claim that sometimes one must dehumanize the tyranical and that maybe that this, also, is what she means, from a different angle, insofar as it's an implied discursive, rather than material, difference, to do so, and that the difference would be that it removes the pretext of a care which happens, in fact, backwards, removes the face of the false authority; I think of how, incredibly, gerontocratic not merely, the empowerment structures, I guess, but their figureheads, and I wonder to what degree this is for the same reason as the late soviet union, and, also, identical to what she means in, "Parentification," insofar as there is some real limit to what one could even imagine responding, to, a Joe Biden delivering his practiced lines about abstract jobs numbers, no one's job in particular and if in particular an prepared particular and Responding, Joe, I think that we need to Bring Back Mourning Cults of the Late 19th Century I think that We Need to Wear Black Ribbons for our Dead, Joe, I'd say, this, to you, and I just did; but one can't even fantasize of the conversation with our fathers of society, "they're just not, there, enough, to believe that they'd have some real understanding, of, anything so unexpected in response to their, I don't know, and Imagine the same with Giuliani Drunk and Hair Dye Streaking Down His Face, a child in the hands of his victimized personal assistant, herself, without any, whatsoever, power over even her own life, the fuck would it even mean to say, to Guliani, "I think that we should all be wearing black ribbons for our dead people."
Even some of the most wicked young men who have led this country, I could imagine, talking, with in depth and for a long time about this.
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2023.06.07 14:40 querymonkey Older gen GTIs, replacing clutch on a budget?

this is more targeted towards MK5/MK6 owners. why? your car is over 150k miles old, it's tuned, and something in your drivetrain needs to be replaced. this makes budget a much bigger consideration.
in my case, i'm stage 1, stock clutch isn't slipping, but throw out bearing is starting to fail.
i know budget and German don't really go in the same sentence. i've spent countless hours researching clutch options and i could use some advice from the broader community.
between parts and labor, i'm looking at $2k for the cheapest of the cheap options (ECS/DKM) up to $3k for the not-so-cheap (Southbend, RSTTRS DIY/Sachs SRE/CM FX100/250 + new DMF).
the cost is the same whether it's a MK5, MK6, MK7, or MK8, but relative to the value of the car, putting $3k into a 10+ year old car is different than a brand new $40k MK8.
here's the thing though... even though i'm tuned i drive like a gramma. do i even need a performance clutch if i've never slipped on the stock clutch? realistically i'm not going stage 2 or K04 because i don't want to deal with the hassle of the downpipe to pass inspection. the car may see one or two autocross events a year, but that's it.
that means, a new DMF + new stock clutch also puts it into the $2k category, but i won't have to deal with chatter or increased NVH. performance clutches are supposed to wear down faster too right? i really don't wanna do this job again in 20k miles when the stock one lasted me 70k+.
if you read this far, thank you. as you can see i'm all over the place and i'm at the point that i want to make any decision to make this endless cycle stop. any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.07 14:39 dinkomaricic [H] Clone Drone In Danger Zone, SCP 5K, Visage, Empyrion, Call To Arms, SCUM, Death's Stranding DC, SOD2 Juggernaut, Tower Unite, Control UE, Hell Let Loose, ETS2, Dusk, Mortuary Assistant, Friday 13th, B4B, Satisfactory, TABS, Hurtworld & 100's more [W] Wishlist, Paypal (EU)

I'm from EU,so GAMES SHOULD work pretty much anywhere
NOT BUYING GAMES,ONLY TRADES - games for games or selling for paypal
No interest in TF2 keys,CSGO cases or ANY other virtual currency
BUYER covers the FEES (if outside EU,EU F&F only)
My Steam account so you don't offer me something I own
My Wishlist

Only looking for Steam games - so don't offer origin,uplay,rockstar,bnet or ANY other launcher
100% of my games keys are bought by me from official stores & I expect the same in return,so don't offer me keyshop games or game keys you got in a trade as I will decline
I retain the right to ask for proof of ownership for ANY game I want - just like YOU have the right to ask me the same

List of games I have:
Also have the Earthquake Relief bundle but reddit wont let me write all the games cause my topic would be too big - just ask
7 Billion Humans
8Doors Arum's Afterlife Adventure
10 Second Ninja X
60 Seconds!
112 Operator
911 Operator
A Case Of Distrust
A Year Of Rain
Aeolis Tournament
Age Of Wonders III
Airport CEO
AI War 2
Alien Spidy
Aliens Vs Predator Collection
All You Can Eat
Almost There The Platformer
American Fugitive
Amnesia A Machine For Pigs + The Dark Descent (1 key for both games)
Amnesia Fortnight 2012
Amnesia Fortnight 2014
Amnesia Fortnight 2017
Amnesia Rebirth (X2)
Among Us (X2)
Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey (EU & Africa lock)
Aragami (X2)
Army Men RTS
Attack Of The Earthlings
Aven Colony
Avernum 3 Ruined World
Azkend 2 The World Beneath
Back 4 Blood (EU region lock)
Band Of Defenders
Baseball Riot
Batora Lost Haven
Battlestar Galactica Deadlock
Behind The Frame Finest Scenery NEW
Beholder 2
Bendy And The Dark Revival (X2)
Bendy And The Ink Machine
Betrayer (delisted)
Between The Stars (X2)
Beyond Eyes
Beyond The Wire
Bionic Commando
Bionic Commando Rearmed
Bird Of Light
Black Paradox
Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night
Bohemian Killing
Book Of Demons
Bomber Crew Deluxe
Borderlands 3 + Director's Cut (ask about region locks)
Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition NEW (ask about region locks)
Boreal Blade
Broken Age (X2)
Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons (X2)
Builder Simulator NEW
Call Of Juarez
Call Of The Sea (X2)
Call To Arms Basic Edition
Call To Arms Gates Of Hell Ostfront
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018
Chenso Club
Chernobylite Enhanced Edition
Cities In Motion 2
CivCity Rome
Clone Drone In The Danger Zone
Clouds & Sheep 2
Coffin Dodgers
Cook Serve Delicious 3
Company Of Heroes Complete Edition
Control Ultimate Edition
Corridor Z
Cosmic Osmo And The World Beyond The Mackerel
Crash Drive 3
Creatures Inc
Crookz The Big Heist
Crossbow Bloodnight
Crusader Kings Complete
Crying Suns
Dagon The Eldritch Box
Danger Scavenger
Day Of Infamy
Dead Age
Dead In Vinland
Deadly Premonition Director's Cut
Deadbeat Heroes (X2)
Dear Ester Landmark Edition
Death Stranding Director's Cut
Death Squared
Deep Dungeons Of Doom
Deep Sky Derelicts
Demon Turf
Desert Child
Destiny 2 Beyond Light NEW
Diaries Of A Spaceport Janitor
Dicey Dungeons (X2)
Dimension Drifter
Distraint 2 + Soundtrack
Dog Sled Saga
Double Fine Adventures Complete Series Deluxe
Drawful 2
Draw Slasher
Dread X Collection
Driftland The Magic Revival
Dry Downing
Duke Nukem Forever Collection
Dungeon Marathon
Dungeon Of The Endless
Dungeons 2
Dungeons 2 Complete
Dungeons 3
Eador Imperium
Eastside Hockey Manager
Edge Of Eternity
Eldest Souls
Elden Path Of The Forgotten
Emily Is Away
Empyrion Galactic Survival
Epic Manager
E.T. Armies Deluxe Edition
Etherborn (X2)
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Europa Universalis IV
Expeditions Viking
F1 2018 (delisted)
Family Man
Fantasy Blacksmith
Fantasy Versus
Farmer's Dynasty
Farming Simulator 17
FIA European Truck Racing
Figment (X2)
Finding Paradise
Fire Ungh's Quest
First Class Trouble
Five Dates
Fling To The Finish
Fluffy Horde
Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel
Forgive Me Father
Framed Collection (X2)
Friday the 13th: The Game
Fun With Ragdolls The Game
Fury Unleashed (X2)
Gang Beasts
Garage Bad Trip (X2)
Gas Guzzlers Extreme
Gas Station Simulator
Generation Zero NEW
Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams + Rise Of The Owlverlord
Gloria Victis NEW
Go Home Dinosaurs!
Goat Of Duty
Goetia (X2)
Going Under (X2)
Golden Light
Golf Gang
Grand Ages Medieval
Grand Pigeon's Duty
Greak Memories Of Azur
Gremlins Inc.
Grip Combat Racing + Cygon + Nyvoss + Terra + Vintek DLC (X2)
Guts And Glory (X2)
Haiku The Robot (X2)
Hamilton's Great Adventure
Hedon Bloodrite
Hell Let Loose
Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice
Hello Neighbor
Hero Defense
Hero's Hour (EU region lock)
Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack
Hidden & Dangerous 2 Courage Under Fire
Hive Jump (X2)
Hiveswap Act 2
Hiveswap Friend Sim (X2)
Hollow Knight
Homeworld Deserts Of Kharak
Hotshot Racing
Hot Tin Roof The Cat That Wore A Fedora
Hot Wheels Unleashed
Hover (X2)
Human Resource Machine
I Am Bread
I Am Not A Monster First Contact
Ice Lakes
If Found...
Impact Winter (delisted)
In Between
Inexistence Rebirth
Infinite Air With Mark McMorris (delisted)
Interplanetary Enhanced Edition
Ion Fury
Iron Danger
Iron Harvest
Jack Axe
Jet Set Knights
Juanito Arcade Mayhem
Jump Stars
Jurassic World Evolution
Just Die Already
Kathy Rain Directors Cut
Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes (X2)
Killing Floor 2 Digital Deluxe NEW
Kill To Collect
Kingdom Classic (X2)
Kingdom New Lands
Kingdoms Of Amalur Re-Reckoning Fate Edition
King Oddball
Last Oasis
Last Tide
Lawn Mowing Simulator
Lead And Gold Gangs Of Wild West (X2)
Legacy Of Dorn Herald Of Oblivion (delisted)
Legend Of Keepers Career Of A Dungeon Master
Leisure Suit Larry Retro Bundle (1 to 7)
Lethal League Blaze
Liberated (GOG key)
Lifeless Planet Premium Edition
Light Fall
Little Big Workshop
Lone Fungus
Lost Planet Complete Pack
Lost Ruins
Lust For Darkness
Lust From Beyond M Edition
Magrunner Dark Pulse
Maid Of Sker
Main Assembly (X2)
Mars Horizon
Masquerade The Baubles Of Doom
Max Payne 3 (Rockstar Launcher)
Mega Man Legacy Collection
Midnight Ghost Hunt NEW
Midnight Protocol
Mind Scanners
Mini Metro
Miscreated (X2)
Monster Crown
Moon Hunters
Morbid The Seven Acolytes
Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021
Motorsport Manager
Mount And Blade Warband
My Lovely Daughter
Naruto To Boruto Shinobi Striker
Nascar Heat 5 Ultimate
NecroVisioN Lost Company
Neighbours Back From Hell
Neo Cab
Neon Abyss
Nickelodeon All Star Brawl (X2)
Ninjin Clash Of Carrots
No Time To Relax
Northgard NEW
Not Tonight
Odyssey The Story Of Science
Of Orcs And Men
Old School Musical
OlliOlli World Rad Edition
On Rusty Trails
One Finger Death Punch 2
Onikira Demon Killer
Operation Tango NEW
Orbital Racer
Orcs Must Die 2 Complete
Original War
Orwell Ignorance Is Strength
Out Of Reach Treasure Royal
Overlord II
Override Mech City Brawl
Paint The Town Red
Paper Fire Rookie
Paradise Lost
Path Of Giants
Paw Paw Paw
Payday 2 + Big Mike mask
Peaky Blinders Mastermind (delisted)
People Playground (X2)
Perfect Heist 2
PGA Tour 2K21 (X2)
Phoenix Point Year One Edition
Plane Mechanic Simulator
Popup Dungeon
Post Void
Pound Of Ground (X2)
PowerSlave Exhumed
Prehistoric Kingdom
Primal Carnage Extinction (X2)
Project Cars GOTY (delisted)
Project Hospital
Project Warlock
Pulsar The Lost Colony NEW
Pumped BMX+
Punch Club
Purrfect Date
Quest Of Dungeons
RAD (X2)
Radio Commander
Rad Rodgers Radical Edition
Railroad Tycoon 2
Railroad Tycoon 3
Railway Empire
Raji An Ancient Epic
Rebel Cops
Rec Center Tycoon
Red Faction Armageddon
Red Solstice 2 Survivors
Redeemer Enhanced Edition
Redout Enhanced Edition
Remothered Broken Porcelain
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil Revelations (X2)
Resident Evil Revelations 2 Deluxe Edition
Ring Of Pain
Rings Of Saturn
Riot Civil Unrest
Rise Of Industry
Rise Of Insanity
Riven The Sequel To MYST
Roarr! The Adventures Of Rampage Rex
Rogue Heroes Ruins Of Tasos
Rogue Lords
Rogue Stormers
Rover Mechanic Simulator
RPG Maker VX
Salt And Sanctuary
Satellite Reign
Saturday Morning RPG
Say No! More
Serious Sam 2
Serious Sam BFE (X2)
Serious Sam Classics Revolution
Serious Sam Double D XXL
Serious Sam HD The First & Second Encounter (1 key for both)
Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter Legend Of The Beast
Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter Serious 8
Serious Sam Kamikaze Attack
Serious Sam The Random Encounter
Serious Sam Bogus Detour
Shadow Tactics Aiko's Choice
Shady Part Of Me
She Remembered Caterpillars
She Will Punish Them
Shock Troopers
Shogun's Empire Hex Commander
Shuyan Saga
Sid Meier's Civilization VI
Sid Meier's Railroads
Simulacra Collection
Skeletal Avenger
Skullgirls 2nd Encore
Slime Rancher
Slinger VR
Smoke And Sacrifice (X2)
Sniper Elite V2 Remastered
Sniper Elite 4 Deluxe + Season Pass
Song Of Iron
Spacebase DF-9
Space Hulk Ascension (delisted)
Sparkle 2
Sparkle Unleashed
Spellcaster University
Spelunx And The Caves Of Mr. Seudo
Spiritfarer Farewell Edition NEW
Starsand (X2)
Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy
Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic
State Of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition
State Of Mind
Steel Rats
Stick Fight The Game (X3)
Stories Untold
Streets Of Fury EX
Strider (X2)
Stubbs The Zombie
Styx Shards Of Darkness
Submerged Hidden Depths
Suchart Genius Artist Simulator
Super Indie Carts
Super Magbot
SurrounDead (X2)
Surviving The Aftermath
Swag And Sorcery
Sword Legacy Omen
Swords And Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon
Swords And Souls Neverseen (X2)
Syberia II
Syberia 3 Deluxe Edition
Syberia The World Before
System Shock Enhanced Edition
Table Manners The Physics-Based Dating Game
Tabletop Playground
Take On Helicopters
Tales From Candlekeep Tomb Of Annihilation (delisted)
Tales Of Monkey Island Complete
Talisman Digital Edition + City,Frostmarch,Sacred Pool (trading only as a bundle)
Talisman Origins
Tank Mechanic Simulator
Telefrag VR
Teleglitch Die More Edition
Tennis In The Face
Tennis World Tour (X2)
Tesla Force
Tesla Vs Lovecraft
Tharsis (X2)
The Amazing American Circus
The Ambassador Fractured Timelines
The Adventure Pals
The Battle Of Polytopia Moonrise Deluxe
The Blackout Club
The Citadel
The Count Lucador
The Free Ones (delisted)
The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA Tour
theHunter Call Of The Wild (X3)
The Invisible Hand NEW
The Journey Down Chapter Three
The King Of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match
The Last Blade
The Life And Suffering Of Sir Brante
The Long Dark Survival Edition (X2)
The Manhole Masterpiece Edition
The Mims Beginning
The Mortuary Assistant
The Night Of The Rabbit
The Serpent Rogue
The Signifier Director's Cut
The Textorcist The Story of Ray Bibbia (X2)
The Uncertain Last Quiet Day (X2)
The USB Stick Found In The Grass
The Walking Dead Season 1 + 400 Days
The Wild Eight (X2)
They Bleed Pixels
Think Of The Children
This War Of Mine
Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales
Through The Darkest Of Times
Time Recoil
Titan Quest Anniversary
Toejam & Earl Back In The Groove
Tools Up
Tooth And Tail (X2)
Torchlight (X2)
Total Tank Simulator
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
Toto Temple Deluxe
Tower Of Time (X2)
Tower Unite
Townscaper (X2)
Townsmen A Kingdom Rebuilt
Toybox Turbos
Tracks The Train Set Game
Train Station Renovation
Treasure Hunter Simulator (X2)
Tropico 4
True Fear Forsaken Souls Part 1
Tyranny Deluxe Edition
Vambrace Cold Soul
Vikings Wolves Of Midgard
Volcanoids (X2)
V Rally 4
Wanderlust Travel Stories (GOG key)
Warhammer 40K Chaos Gate Daemonhunters NEW
Warhammer End Times Vermintide
Warhammer Vermintide 2 NEW
Warlock Master Of The Arcane
Wasteland 2 Director's Cut
We Are The Dwarves
We Should Talk
Western Press
We Were Here Together
When Ski Lifts Go Wrong
Where The Water Tastes Like Wine
While True: Learn() Chief Technology Officer Edition
White Day: A Labyrinth Named School
Windjammers 2 NEW
Wooden Sen'SeY
Worms Rumble + Legends DLC
Wrath Aeon Of Ruin (X2)
XCOM Complete Pack
Xenoraid The First Space War
X Morph Defense + European Assault + Last Bastion + Survival Of The Fittest (1 key for all)
XIII Classic
Xuan-Yuan Sword The Gate Of Firmament
Yet Another Zombie Defense HD
Ylands Exploration Pack
Yoku's Island Express
Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair
Zack 2 Celestine's Map
ZIC Zombies In City
Zombie Army Trilogy
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2023.06.07 14:37 AtomicTardigrade Will Samsung ever fix disconnecting Wifi on Galaxy S23 Ultra ?

First time I bought such expensive phone and while I love it, the fact that Wifi just keeps randomly dying is infuriating, especially more so because it has been happening basically since beginning, I think it started with update in Feb 2023. It's June now and this nonsense is still broken. Come on, this is the most basic thing one expects to work and I've never had issue with Wifi on any phone, not even cheap ones. But here is 1400€ flagship wizh such dumb problem that has been going on for months now. Wtf Samsung?
Also no, none of the "fixes" do anything, even bog standard 2.4GHz is doing this.
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2023.06.07 14:37 Druhiny Xiaomi Redmi Buds 4 Pro on iPhone XR? (And are they worth buying?)

Hello everyone, I’ve never really used any TWS headphones, except some random cheap chinese ones, one my coworkers recently bought Xiaomi Redmi Buds 4 Pro and said that they’re pretty good. So yeah, how is the iPhone (XR in my case) compatibility, I’ve seen Xiaomi Earbuds app on AppStore but it seems very new (a couple of months, does it work properly?)
Overall would you recommend buying those headphones and what’s your experience with them?
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 14:36 ScottVietnam Where to rent HCMC...

Hi All, we are a mixed couple and just found out we are moving to HCMC. We are into nightlife, we party, close daytime social areas to meet people, make new friends, hit the gym, convenient parks to walk the dogs, prefer near waterfront with a water view, good mix of Việt and foreigners. Where do we look to live? We currently live in Hanoi on the lake, next to a park, lots of people gather and meet. We would love something similar. Places we have seen on listing that intrique us: Icon 56 building D2 Sanwah Pearl Golden River looks nice but no dogs. Suggestions welcome
We want a mix of social, access to everything we want to buy, not overpriced but we aren't cheap, unique, where we can easily meet like singles and couples.
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2023.06.07 14:35 dukeofplazatoro [Thank you] Finally have a bra that fits and I’m so happy

This is my new favourite sub. I’ve been here a while and did the calculator, but wasn’t quite ready to admit I didn’t have the 32 band size I used to!
Got fitted a while ago at Boux Avenue and my ex got my a load of bras which - while I am grateful for - didn’t quite fit… the best fit was a 38G. One fits well in the cups but the underwires dig in, one fits in the back but my boobs pop out of the cups… etc.
Fed up of having so much rage when wearing any bra and feeling very unsupported going braless, I did the calculator and got myself onto Curvy Kate and got some bras that fit!!!!! AND they’re cute!
I even got a sports bra, after years of squeezing myself into a 32E Shock Absorber. (I was too cheap to buy a new one because I felt I didn’t work out enough to justify the price.)
Honestly, I’m so happy and just wanted to yell into the void somewhere that the void might understand!
Thank you, ABTF x
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2023.06.07 14:34 thepakistaniprincess AITA for wearing a bikini?

Ok so I (F24) recently went on a vacation with some of my girlfriends. It was going to be a fun trip where we did a lot of fun things but when we got to our hotel I realized that I had left my swimsuit back at home. Now for most people it wouldn't necessarily be a problem but since I'm a Muslim woman it's kinda a big deal as I can't just go to the store and buy a modest swim suit, not to mention I'm the only Muslim woman in my friend group that wears a hijab and tries to be as modest in clothing as possible.
Well one of my friends who is around the same size as me had a new bikini that she decided to give to me so I could enjoy the day at the beach. It wasn't the most modest bikini but it also wasn't. Totally revealing so I felt fine wearing it. We had fun and overall the vacation was a blast but when I got home I got a call from my mother (F50) who started berating me for wearing a bikini. She said that I was being immodest and that the only thing that I had done right was wear my hijab. I argued back saying that it was about the only thing I could do without ruining the vacation. We continued arguing back and forth and she said that I should have just stayed modest and stayed in the hotel or something as to not be immodest around other people. Now I'm starting to wonder if I am TA?
Link to what the bikini looked like to potentially help out:
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2023.06.07 14:34 Ellamen89 Looking for a specific book

I once read a novel that I'm trying (and failing) to find. It's a werewolf romance The female lead is at some sort of pack party, she sneaks into the room with all the Alpha's and ends up going back to a hotel room with one of the alphas (who later turns out to be her mate) When she wakes up he is gone. She then finds out she is pregnant, her father (the alpha of her own pack) banishes her. She gives birth and lives in her car by a train station. At some point she meets a lady and they start renovating a hotel together.
Anyone have any ideas what book this is?
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2023.06.07 14:34 Storm_Duck Fill in the blank: "My cheap landlord is refusing to fix my ___"

I'll start. Stovetop light!
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2023.06.07 14:33 ancientindia1 Exploring the Enchanting Charms of Jodhpur: The Blue City of Rajasthan

Welcome to Jodhpur, the mesmerizing Blue City of Rajasthan! Nestled in the heart of the Thar Desert, Jodhpur is a city that beautifully combines vibrant colors, rich history, and royal grandeur. Here are many best luxury resorts in Jodhpur. Known for its majestic forts, intricate architecture, and warm hospitality, Jodhpur offers a unique experience that captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression on every visitor. Join us as we embark on a virtual journey to uncover the hidden gems and cultural delights that make Jodhpur a must-visit destination.
Majestic Mehrangarh Fort:
Our exploration begins with the crown jewel of Jodhpur, the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort. Perched on a hilltop, this colossal structure stands tall as a symbol of the city's glorious past. As you ascend the fort's imposing gates, you'll be greeted by intricate carvings, expansive courtyards, and breathtaking panoramic views of the city below. Explore the museum within the fort, showcasing an impressive collection of artifacts and artifacts that offer a glimpse into Jodhpur's royal heritage.
The Blue Hues of the Old City:
One of Jodhpur's most distinctive features is its old city, painted predominantly in shades of blue. Wander through the narrow, labyrinthine alleys of the Blue City, where every turn reveals a picturesque scene of indigo-washed houses. This unique architectural tradition has both historical and cultural significance, with blue believed to keep homes cool and ward off insects. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, interact with friendly locals, and capture stunning photographs that will transport you back in time.
Umaid Bhawan Palace:
Prepare to be awestruck by the grandeur of Umaid Bhawan Palace, an opulent residence that epitomizes luxury and elegance. Built during the reign of Maharaja Umaid Singh, this magnificent palace is a splendid blend of Indo-Saracenic and Art Deco architectural styles. Today, it houses a part of the palace as a museum, showcasing an exquisite collection of artifacts and preserving the rich history of Jodhpur's royal family. Indulge in the regal experience by staying at the palace hotel, where you can immerse yourself in royal luxury and impeccable hospitality.
Savoring Rajasthani Delicacies:
No visit to Jodhpur is complete without savoring its delectable culinary delights. The city is renowned for its mouthwatering Rajasthani cuisine, which is a delightful fusion of flavors and spices. Indulge in local specialties such as dal baati churma (lentils, baked wheat balls, and sweet crushed bread), gatte ki sabzi (gram flour dumplings in spicy gravy), and mirchi vada (spicy chili fritters). Don't forget to try the famous Makhaniya Lassi, a traditional yogurt-based drink that offers a refreshing respite from the desert heat.
Exploring Local Bazaars:
Experience the vibrant colors and lively ambiance of Jodhpur's bustling bazaars. Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower) Market and Sardar Market are the heart and soul of the city's shopping scene. Lose yourself in the maze of shops selling handicrafts, textiles, traditional jewelry, spices, and vibrant tie-dye fabrics. Bargain with local vendors to bring home unique souvenirs and keepsakes that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Jodhpur.
Jaswant Thada:
Located near the Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada is a stunning marble cenotaph built in memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. This architectural marvel is adorned with intricate carvings, delicate marble lattice screens, and tranquil gardens. Take a peaceful stroll around the memorial and enjoy the serene ambiance while marveling at the detailed craftsmanship.
Desert Safari and Camel Rides:
Experience the magic of the Thar Desert by embarking on a thrilling desert safari adventure. Hop on a camel and traverse the golden sand dunes as you soak in the awe-inspiring desert landscape. Witness mesmerizing sunsets and enjoy traditional Rajasthani folk performances under the starlit sky. The desert safari is an exhilarating escapade that allows you to connect with nature and immerse yourself in the rustic charm of Rajasthan.
Mandore Gardens:
Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and explore the tranquil oasis of Mandore Gardens. This historical site, once the capital of Marwar, features beautifully landscaped gardens, ancient temples, and grand cenotaphs. Admire the intricate architecture of the cenotaphs dedicated to the brave Rajput warriors and enjoy a serene picnic amidst the lush green surroundings.
Stepwell Excursion to Toorji Ka Jhalra:
Jodhpur is home to a hidden gem known as Toorji Ka Jhalra, a magnificent stepwell that dates back to the 18th century. This architectural marvel was constructed to provide water for the local community. Descend the steps and witness the intricate geometric patterns adorning the walls of the stepwell. The tranquil ambiance and unique design make it a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts and a peaceful retreat from the bustling city.
Marwar Festival:
Plan your visit to coincide with the Marwar Festival, an annual extravaganza that showcases the vibrant culture and traditions of Jodhpur. Held in memory of the valiant heroes of Rajasthan, the festival offers a captivating display of folk music, traditional dance performances, camel races, and exciting competitions like turban tying and mustache contests. Immerse yourself in the lively festivities and witness the vibrant spirit of the locals as they celebrate their rich heritage.
Bishnoi Village Safari:
Embark on a Bishnoi Village Safari to get a glimpse of rural life in Rajasthan and learn about the Bishnoi community, known for its harmonious relationship with nature and wildlife conservation efforts. Interact with friendly villagers, witness traditional pottery making, and observe local artisans at work. Keep an eye out for the region's diverse wildlife, including blackbucks and migratory birds, as you explore the rustic beauty of the Bishnoi villages.
Adventure Activities:
For adrenaline junkies seeking adventure, Jodhpur offers exciting opportunities for ziplining, paragliding, and rock climbing. Indulge in thrilling activities and witness the mesmerizing landscapes of Jodhpur from a different perspective. Challenge yourself and create unforgettable memories as you engage in these adrenaline-pumping adventures.
Jodhpur, with its magnificent forts, vibrant markets, cultural festivals, and warm hospitality, offers a truly immersive experience. Whether you're exploring the architectural wonders, savoring delectable cuisine, or witnessing the vibrant traditions, Jodhpur never fails to captivate visitors with its unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. So, pack your bags and get ready to be enchanted by Blue City's timeless allure.
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2023.06.07 14:33 adoreadoredelano How should I spend my afternoon and evening in Sofia, Bulgaria?

Hello! I booked a surprise holiday for myself, I had no idea where I was going before I arrived at the airport, so I have had no time to plan at all!
I’m at a cute hotel near the main street, according to my taxi driver. Now that I’ve gotten settled in, I thought I’d grab a snack and see what’s nearby, then have some dinner, and then find a grocery store on the way home where I can pick up some bulgarian snacks to try.
So, can anyone recommend what to see, where to eat and what snacks to pick up to make the first day memorable? The rest of my trip is planned out by the travel agency, so I just need to figure out today
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2023.06.07 14:32 Shawndakicksass A little shaky in my filming…. But let’s do a color check on these Chrysocolla beads!

A little shaky in my filming…. But let’s do a color check on these Chrysocolla beads!
I use sterile alcohol pads, which are cheap to buy, and give a rub…. This is an easy way to see if your beads have been “color enhanced” a.k.a. Dyed. You can also let your beads soak in lukewarm water, and look for any change in color. How often have you come across something you were sold, that wasn’t accurately labeled/represented?
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2023.06.07 14:31 Druhiny Xiaomi Redmi Buds 4 Pro on iPhone XR? (And are they worth buying?)

Hello everyone, I’ve never really used any TWS headphones, except some random cheap chinese ones, one my coworkers recently bought Xiaomi Redmi Buds 4 Pro and said that they’re pretty good. So yeah, how is the iPhone (XR in my case) compatibility, I’ve seen Xiaomi Earbuds app on AppStore but it seems very new (a couple of months, does it work properly?)
Overall would you recommend buying those headphones and what’s your experience with them?
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 14:31 SpartanDawg420 R+Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse Substitute?

I’m a guy in mid 20s with pretty curly thick hair and within the last year have finally embraced it and have gone longer rather than keeping it short to hide the curls.
My former hair stylist gave me r+co aircraft to help style it, which works unbelievably well, especially compared to other “cheap” mousses I get from the store. They feel different coming out of the bottle and hold my hair differently. But, the expensive price tag on r+co makes it hard to justify…
Are there any other cheaper alternatives that you have found that has the quality of the more expensive r+co?
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2023.06.07 14:29 TryingtoGetWell28 If someone has a college degree, here are the job options I’ve found in Portland and Eugene

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2023.06.07 14:29 TryingtoGetWell28 If someone has a college degree, here are the job options I’ve found in Portland and Eugene

Low paying office job (and you will probably need to Manage up)
Waiter / waitress
Sales or customer service
CNA or Caregiver
Website updates and social media posts
Business development (meaning find partnerships and generate interest)
Construction Flagger
These jobs continuously re-post their positions every few months for strange, frightening reasons
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2023.06.07 14:28 EatMoreFiber Moving to Norfolk/Hampton Roads? Welcome! Please read this before posting. [2023 edition]

By user request, I'm recreating this thread in an effort to allow /norfolk's members to update & improve the information. Please comment as needed and I'll do my best to revise the main text as quickly as I can. Thanks!
Welcome to /Norfolk! Our subreddit gets a lot of questions about relocating to the area, so be sure to search the subreddit to see if your specific questions have already been answered.
Here's a quick list of the top tips and most frequently repeated advice about moving to the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area:
  • Live on the same side of the water as you work. Our many bridges, tunnels and bridge-tunnels frequently experience heavy traffic volume and become chokepoints even on days without incidents or accidents. Commuting from the Southside (Norfolk/Virginia Beach) to the Peninsula (Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg) and vice versa is not recommended. Additionally, many water crossings are now or will eventually be tolled. Get an EZ-Pass to pay the lowest rate.
  • This area floods. Look at FEMA flood maps for the area you want to move to and be aware of possibly needing flood insurance. Similarly, our area occasionally experiences hurricanes. Know your Evacuation Zone and learn more about Hurricane Preparations.
  • Hampton Roads has a lot to offer. Obviously there is the beach. But there is also a surprisingly good and growing food & craft beer scene. A great many museums and activities. And an easy drive to the mountains and other major cities. Career wise the medical center is growing year over year, and is only expected to continue expanding into a major hub for the region. Norfolk offers a slightly more urban feel, with lots of great food joints and cultural amenities, all while being walking and bike friendly. Virginia Beach is more suburban in feel, and has a large amount of great neighborhoods at a decent price not too far from the beach. Chesapeake is even more suburban, but more affordable. Suffolk is growing, but still by all rights could be considered mostly rural. (credit to Here4thebeer3232)
  • Check crime reports. Crime can happen anywhere but some areas see more reported incidents than others. Great areas can be adjacent to bad neighborhoods, sometimes separated only by a road or a few blocks. When buying or renting a residence, try to visit the area at different times of day and strike up conversations with locals to get a feel for the location. Use Norfolk's Crime Mapping tool to view crime reports and statistics.
  • Norfolk Neighborhoods of Note
    Chelsea/West Ghent: Small former industrial area that is now home to 2 top tier Breweries and is a central part of the Elizabeth River Bike Trail. Has a growing culinary scene. Limited residential options. Colonial Place: Upscale residential neighborhood with waterside access. Flooding is a concern in this area, but neighborhoods are family friendly and homes are gorgeous. Downtown: the urban center of our region. Growing residential population to match established barestaurant, entertainment and financial scenes. East Beach: Newly constructed high end beach condos right on the Chesapeake Bay. Has abundant docking for boats, fishing holes, and beach access. A more quiet and older community. Fort Norfolk: Growing area adjacent to EVMS and Sentara Medical Center. The unofficial midtown of Norfolk, that is slowly becoming a part of the city skyline. Floods often. Freemason: straight-laced & upscale enclave adjacent to downtown and built around cobblestone streets. Ghent: trendy, historic and filled to the brim with character, culture and delicious cuisine. The neighborhood’s main thoroughfare, Colley Avenue, and adjacent 21st and 22nd streets are lined with eclectic eateries, unique shops, art galleries and antique stores. Larchmont: High end homes in a family friendly neighborhood. Adjacent to ODU, but without the noise, Larchmont is home to incredible homes in a very green and quiet part of the city. Also has waterside access. Oceanview: Affordable community right on the beach. Still considered more working class, it is slowly looking to compete with the Virginia Beach Oceanfront as a tourist attraction. Home to the Bold Mariner Brewery and Jessy's Taqueria NEON District: Growing Arts district, adjacent to downtown. Home to a variety of arts shops and artisan restaurants, as well as the Chrysler Museum of Art and the Harrison Opera house. Park Place: Park Place is a historic neighborhood centrally located to the north of Downtown Norfolk. Park Place offers multimodal access to health and fitness facilities, dining, coffee shops, retail, visual art, live music, and community for people from all walks of life. This historic residential neighborhood is a diverse and inclusive community, and is comprised of a mix of single detached houses, condos, luxury, market rate, and affordable rentals homes and apartments. Located between 23rd street and 38th street, and between Granby street on the east, and Colley ave on the west, the Park Place area neighborhood includes two business districts, the 35th Street Business District and the Railroad District, and is walkable to the North Colley, Ghent, and Riverview business districts. Railroad District: Rapidly growing former warehouse district located between Ghent and Park place. Home to the majority of Breweries in the city. While could be considered gentrified, is still home to novel cultural centers such as 757 Makerspace and Nomads Clothing Exchange. Riverview: Immediately adjacent to the Norfolk Zoo and Lafayette park. With waterside access and a small commercial corridor, Riverview is a good area for all ages. Also home to MJs Tavern, the largest LGBT bar in the metropolitan area. St Paul's District: Under construction West Ocean View: Turns into a parking lot for HRBT traffic every time the base lets out. Willoughby Spit: Quiet residential sandbar. Remains somewhat isolated from HRBT traffic, but offers a commanding presence along the Chesapeake Bay.
  • /VirginiaBeach Neighborhoods of Note
    Chesapeake/Chic's Beach: "locals only" beachside community. Oceanfront: touristy stretch of beach + boardwalk, hotels, and trinket shops. Town Center: VB's Central Business District including Pembroke Mall and other high-end shopping, dining, and entertainment.
Please also view the 2021 EDITION for additional context & information, especially in the comments.
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2023.06.07 14:28 CommunistQwerty Where to buy deactivated/spent rocket launchers in the united states?

Hello all, I was wondering where I can find cheap deactivated rocket launchers.
British deactivated launchers are available on the internet for about £150, but they are not available to ship to the US.
Only launchers here in the US cost about triple as much. For example, an M72 LAW that would cost £202 dollars in Britain would cost $700 dollars at some auction warehouse in Texas.
If there is any hidden rocket launcher sellers available, please clue me in, any help is appreciated.
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2023.06.07 14:27 DaVols Advice needed regarding UT-Georgia next season

So I finally won the battle at home. My wife is was a lifelong ND fan and I got her to decommit from them and join us on Rocky Top. After the 'Bama game last year she looks at me and says "we're going to a game next year."
After looking at the calendar the UGA game makes the most sense (big game and timing of it is perfect with our work schedules). Now, I need someone tell me what is the best avenue to get tickets and where to stay. I haven't been on campus on in 15 years, so I don't know what has changed.
I'm assuming that stubhub/seatgeek is the best avenue for tickets (I know they'll be expensive, that is fine) and the hotels near campus are super expensive that time of year. Is there something I'm missing? Looking for any and all relevant information.
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2023.06.07 14:24 esoteric82 Your Dad's Beer stand at the Trop

I mentioned this beer stand in another sub and was asked where it's located, but I haven't been to the Trop in years and have no clue as to whether the stand even exists anymore. Can anyone tell me where it's located if it still exists, and/or any other places at the Trop for cheap beer?
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2023.06.07 14:24 GeneralSarah369 First time travelling... HEELLPP!

Aussie, new to travel life and very overwhelmed because I'm not good at planning things.
Rough itinerary so far is week 1 nice hotel in main city, week 2 live in retreat for 1 week, week 3 and 4? unsure? One of my friends wants to get a tattoo, is this best done day before departing? one of my friends is vegan, will this be hard for her? muah thai/boxing camp or training for a week? casual gym membership for a few weeks?

Main things I need advice on;
Vaccines - my doctor suggested hep A and Typhoid. do most people get these? What about hep B, Malaria, Japanese Encephalitis and Rabies. Other medicines we should buy from chemist upon arrival as a preventative
Insurance - for health/hospital bills, for hotels/flights if there are any issues that arise. We plan to stay in a nice hotel for the first week, then average places for the remaining 3 weeks. should we book everything in advance? should we book return flights? will insurance cover if there is an issue? overstaying the visa?
Currency- Take Aud there? where to transfer? Cash or Card? I have recently ordered a travel card from my bank to use as a debit card for travelling.
Overpacking- I struggle to not pack half of my wardrobe, any hot tips?

Any help/advice is welcomed :D hehe xx
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