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2023.06.03 23:28 Rand0mName66 TRUST ISSUES/PARANOID

Long story short, the school called my dad in and showed him a photo of me smoking cigarettes. The problem is that from the location, weather and clothes ect. i was able to pinpoint the exact occasion and at that point there was about 4 of my friends with me, these are people i see every day and 2 of them are very close to me, idk what to do as 1 of them have literally smoked with me and as they were smoking with me (the fact that they were also smoking at the exact moment REALLY pisses me off) they took my photo and sent it to a teacher knowing they will show my dad. For this reason im having really bad trust issues and every time i speak to them in my head im constantly thinking “could it be him?”. Its also lead me to lose trust in other friends that have nothing to do with the situation and i feel like any of them are going to backstab me any moment.(for context about a week before this happened i was searched and found out someone tipped me off so this is the second time this person has backstabbed me .
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2023.06.03 23:25 ThrowRAHelpJaded How did you end your toxic relationship?

I know it’s time but I can’t bring myself to actually break myself of this cycle. Just last night my friends were crying FOR me because they think that I deserve someone so much better.
My boyfriend has accused me of not prioritizing him whenever I hang out with other friends, got extremely angry when I was out to a friends birthday dinner and didn’t answer my phone, got mad when I went to a Super Bowl potluck with other classmates, became extremely angry when I made male acquaintances in law school, is not okay with me going to any sort of bar setting, said I’m the worst thing that’s ever happened to him, got mad at me for going on a cruise with my friend over the summer, told me I’d have to choose between me and my friends because they’re concerned for me/ have voiced we should break up… the list goes on and on.
I came so close to breaking it off the other night because I’ve felt emotionally drained for months. I realize fighting all the time isn’t normal. And when I finally worked up the courage he said “None of this was real, love never fails.”
It stirred something up in me to try again and ask if I’m really the problem. I also hate to be the one to initiate a breakup because it always feels like I could have done something more.
Asking for advice if anyone else has been in a similar situation.
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2023.06.03 23:24 Senior728 Should I even apply to FSU or UCF for summer?

Does anyone know if ANYONE has been accepted into FSU or UCF (summer) with an 1100 SAT score? I’m not sure if I should even consider applying. (I know, it’s low)
*my parents make too much to be eligible for CARE program
High school senior this year, w female My talent is art (2 local art awards, and art magazine awards) First generation 30th percentile for my class (I know, it’s mediocre, hoping to bump it up senior year a little but my class is a super competitive group) 3.85 unweighted 5.5 weighted Will have 11 college courses by graduation (4 APs, 7 dual enrollments) *Making my senior schedule rigorous Will have close to 400 volunteer hours by fall of senior year. NHS, Key club, Art club, church summer counselor, library systems volunteer Photography intern for local photographer Babysitting Reading tutor for middle schooler.
Should I try for summer at either? Does anyone know if art majors stand a slim chance with talents that exceeds SAT score?
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2023.06.03 23:19 regrettibaguetti i feel like i fell asleep one day at school, miserable, but with close friends and hope for the future, and woke up in bed with neither

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2023.06.03 23:18 Used_Bat8668 Applying to jobs, how to go about this?

Hello fellow teacher communities, I have a situation that I hope someone can clarify about. So, I am currently applying for positions as first-year credentialed teacher. I have done some interviews and have one upcoming one this week. However, there's a vacancy in my school district and high school that I went to. The chances of being hire there are high-er since the principal knows me (I emailed him and he said me applying was great news), the department knows me, and I have references from the school district. However, I have to follow protocol and wait for the application to close in a few days. Specifically, how do I go about it if a school offers me a position while I wait for my school district's own hire process? It's a slippery slope because although they know me, it's not 100% guaranteed I'd get the job. So I'm scared, not sure if a school makes you commit or sign a contract right away. Please advise me while I wait for my school district and interview for other schools. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 23:10 MadaraUchlha7 Is Education a Prerequisite to Wealth?

23M. Basically I grew up dirt poor. I attended a Cal State near me and achieved both a BS and MBA. I graduated with 0 debt. Right now, I am a biz ops manager managing 4 offices making close to 6 figures. It is a stressful, but well-paying job.
I have high ambitions. My dream is to start a successful business, not sure what industry and I'm still learning and trying to figure it out. The only reason I even went to college was to have a safety net in case my ventures fail, which will happen since entrepreneurship consists of trial & error. If I fail, at least I can land back on a comfy corporate 9-5 job instead of slaving in retail for pennies. I have already made a commitment not to have a wife and kids until I accomplish my dream (not like women are knocking at my door anyway). I'm doing this because having a family will conflict with my ability to take risks and will tie me down to one geographical location.
Lately I have been doing research on millionaires and billionaires. I tend to find a good amount of them, not all, tend to have some fancy ivy league education. There are all kinds of schools represented and a few of them did not go to school at all. There are a few at my school who went on to start large F500 companies (2 to 3) and a few others that have gone on to be major execs. There seems to be a bit of an elitist glass ceiling and these opportunities are typically presented to the already wealthy. Can someone like me with a poor background and no fancy degree break into this "class"? I don't want a billion dollars, but I am not going to lie, I am aiming for 10 million. Or the amount that I can f off to South America and never be seen again. It sounds ambitious but I am willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.
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2023.06.03 23:08 Intelligent_Simple_8 Celebrities who were friends before they became famous (feat. throwback pics and ☕️!)

Celebrities who were friends before they became famous (feat. throwback pics and ☕️!)
For the most part I've tried to avoid super obvious examples (hence the lack of Damon/Affleck), Nepo Babies who grew up together (spot the exception!), or people who met after they started to pursue a career (drama school, improv classes, early performances, etc.).
This is just a list of people who happened to know each other as kids and who both ended up making it in the entertainment industry.
  1. John Krasinski and BJ Novak used to play Little League together. They went on to attend Newton South High School, Massachusetts, before reuniting for 'The Office'.
  2. Rachel Bilson and Rami Malek attended Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks (with Kirsten Dunst but I couldn't find a pic with her in it). Rami admits to having had a crush on Kirsten but appears not to be especially fond of Rachel who, by all accounts, may have exaggerated the closeness of their childhood friendship.
  3. Lenny Kravitz and Slash were both students at Beverley Hills High School. (Nicholas Cage was apparently there at the same time).
  4. Laura Linney and Brooke Shields were childhood friends. I couldn't find too many more deets but how cute is that pic??
  5. Tupac Shakur befriended Jada Pinkett Smith while they were both students at Baltimore School for the Arts. Despite rumors of them having dated, Smith maintains that the relationship wasn't romantic but instead was based on mutual 'survival'.
  6. Snoop and Cameron Diaz were one year apart during their time at Long Beach Polytechnic High. She fondly recalls buying weed from him.
  7. Andy Samberg and his fellow Lonely Island members (Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer) were all students at Willard Junior High, in the Bay Area, and became close friends during their time at Berkeley High. Even before that, though, Andy attended Anthony Chabot Elementary, in Oakland, with his future 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' co-star Chelsea Peretti.
  8. Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts met at North Sydney Girls’ High School in Australia and still seem to be super tight to this day. Nicole has described the relationship as being 'like a sisterhood'.
  9. Lauryn Hill and Zack Braff both went to Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey. They were even good enough friends for her to attend his Bar Mitzvah.
  10. Maya Rudolph and Gwyneth Paltrow first struck up a friendship as 7 year olds at St Augustin by-the-sea Episcopal School, in Santa Monica.
Let me know if I forget anybody! 🙂
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2023.06.03 23:08 Dramatic_Ad_80325 signing up for ap

how to sign up for ap courses??? the form shown in the portal says its closed and this was a sudden decision so idk how to get my teacher's recs now that it's summer... 'cause im a full time student. also, my grades are superb (i'm an all A student who usually took honors courses + i started high school courses in 8th grade so i might as well be taking senior courses this year), but i wasn't always the most on pace but i can definitely stay on pace if i get an AP course. i think my anatomy teacher might rec me since i was at least on pace and ahead in her course, and maybe my psych or algebra 2 ones, and i had a 98 in english 3 even though i wasn't always on pace, so i'm not sure about her.
  1. how to sign up
  2. how to get teacher recommendations
    1. what are the chances i'll get recommended if my grades were good but i wasn't on pace
  3. also do i have to contact my counselor first
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2023.06.03 23:05 Darth-Donkey-Donut I really don’t know what to do

I have had hayfever literally my entire life; I remember struggling in primary school to spend time on the field and I remember barely ever leaving my pollen filtered room during the summer pretty much forever. I’ve been taking any kind of antihistamine that works for as long as I can remember.
Unfortunately I have hit a bit of a problem: None of them are working anymore, I’ve tried citirozene, loratadine, benadryl, piroten and even the fancy new allevia stuff.
Over the years I have had to take progressively larger doses and cycle them on a bit of a rota before they lose effectiveness for me, But for the last year or so nothing has worked.
Today alone I have had 3 citirozenes, 1 loratadine, 2 pirotens and an allevia tablet and I am still completely unable to breathe through my nose or close my mouth for more than a few moments for an indomitable fear of drowning in my own constantly dripping snot.
This is no overstatement or joke, I find it terrifying to eat when it’s bad enough as it interrupts my breathing cycle with my mouth, I haven’t had anything yet today. My eyes itch with the fire of a thousand suns before even touching them and my nose, no matter how much i blow it and wipe it and nasal spray it my nasals never clear and I still cannot breathe at all.
I have hayfever year round but it peaks in the summer, I do not think there has been a day in the last few years of my life, winter included where I have not been trying to take something to fix this.
Please, Someone, Anyone; If there is any solution, no matter how hard to attain or difficult to acquire it is just please let me know. I can’t keep living like this.
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2023.06.03 23:03 KnightBreeze What I've Become: Chapter XI

First Previous
Ja’vail woke up with a yawn, her eyes squinting in the evening light. Her room was positioned in the castle on the west side, to ensure that Tor’s sun would wake her up for her duties. It was a purpose that it served with perfection, despite the fact that she really would have liked to sleep for a few more minutes.
However, her duty could not be delayed. It was her power that served as the linchpin to Tor’s spell, and she would fulfill her duty to ensure her Diarchy’s, and her world’s, future. With a grunt of exertion, Queen Ja’vail rose from her bed, stretched out her wings, and moved to the balcony before picking up her robe. As soon as she was somewhat decent, the Queen of the Night then opened her wings, looked to the skies, and began channeling her power into the spellform that had been weaved between the planet and its moon, renewing the bonds that connected them, and ensuring the delicate balance between her magic and her husband’s would not come undone.
She performed this ritual twice a day, every day, to ensure the spell’s continued existence. In the past few months she had performed it well before Tor had performed his own renewal, and had had to go remind the foolish drake to not only perform his duties, but to hurry up and get his tail to bed. Without her efforts, and her constant reminder to the king, the entire thing would come undone, ensuring their planet’s rapid descent into division once again.
Without the two dakri turning the planet, the two sides would either become too hot or too cold to sustain life, with the twilight between them ruled by monsters birthed from the nightmares of the oppressed.
It was with some surprise, then, that as she poured her soul into this undertaking, she could feel the thrum of her husband’s power clear in her mind, letting her know that Tor had already renewed his half of the spell for the night.
He really did need that sleep, she thought, giving a self-satisfied nod towards the setting sun before turning back towards her private chamber. She still had much to prepare for her night; even with the most pressing matter out of the way, she still expected a full schedule. Her court wasn’t especially busy, as the dakri found the night to be the best time to sleep and prepare for the next day.
That was besides the point, though, as her duties rarely involved overseeing the day-to-day rule. Rather, her task was to patrol the ǣther, hunt the nightmares that plagued her people, and to do her best to heal the source of those nightmares.
This was especially important now that she had cleared the Forest of Yith and had located the source of that particularly violent nest. It was best to keep those nightmares from returning, and for this cause she was going to attempt to enter the survivor’s dreams again. She doubted she would have as much success this time as she had last time, simply because almost drowning had weakened the creature’s defenses significantly. However, she had faith that she would at least be able to soothe the visitor’s dreams, and possibly gain a little more information on how he thought.
At the very least, she’d settle for a name. She couldn’t just keep calling it ‘the creature’ or ‘the survivor,’ as those ‘names’ grew heavy on the tongue, and wore down her patience. A name would also help the visit she had planned go a lot smoother, and would hopefully help them as they tried to convince him to come to the castle with them.
Once Ja’vail was dressed, she left the comforts of her room and made her way to her husband’s study. As she expected, he was still there, his desk still quite messy, a combination of his daily paperwork and the reports of the crashed alien spaceship forming the majority of the clutter.
Much to Ja’vail’s surprise, however, Tor wasn’t at his desk. Instead, the drake was standing at his window, looking out over the countryside and the eerie sunset before him, a reminder of the twilight that his people had escaped. In his hand he held a memory crystal, its red glow plainly visible in the slowly darkening room.
“Tor, are you alright?” the queen asked as she approached her husband.
Tor turned to look at her, surprise on his face. “Oh, I am well enough, I suppose…” he said, clearly still lost in thought. The king then looked down at the memory crystal in his hand, his brows furrowing in displeasure. “I have just received some… unsettling news. I was actually waiting for your arrival before deciding on anything.”
Ja’vail took a few more steps, her eyes locked on her husband's diminutive form. “What happened?”
Tor looked at her, then back at the stone. “It isn't easy to say this, but… we may have to kill the visitor.”
Ja’vail felt like her stomach had turned to ice. “Kill? Tor, what madness are you spouting? What crime could he have possibly committed while I was asleep to earn him a death sentence?”
Tor looked at his wife, pain in his eyes. “Nothing, dear. He’s completely innocent. That is beside the point, however.”
“Then tell me, what madness has overtaken you that you would murder an innocent?” Ja’vail demanded, her tone brooking no argument. “Or what monster are you, to have taken the place of my Tor? I must say, you have the likeness down, but your impression of his mannerisms leave much to be desired.”
Tor let out a mirthless laugh at that. “No monster or madness, my dark princess. Just a visit from an old friend…” he sighed again, before turning and holding out the crystal for Ja’vail to take. “Lady Siv paid both me and the survivor a visit today. She left me this, as well as a decision to make.”
Ja’vail looked at the crystal, before staring back at her husband, a dubious expression on her face. "And she told you to kill him? I do not remember her being so heartless.”
“And you would remember correctly. She was nearly in tears when I met her, though she did well in hiding them,” Tor said, before approaching his wife. He gently took her hand, and placed the crystal in her palm. “When she saw the visitor, she also looked into his future. This is what she saw. Please, do not force me to bear this knowledge alone.”
Ja’vail’s expression softened ever so slightly before she glanced down at the stone in her hand. “I will look, but I do not promise anything.”
Tor’s crest rose, but he did not say anything else. Instead he turned back to the window, waiting patiently for his wife to see what he had seen.
The memory took Ja’vail less than a second to go through, but she felt like she had been gone for a lifetime when the world came back into focus. She stared at the rock in horror, before throwing it to the ground. It did not shatter, it being made of quartz, but it still felt satisfying after the horrors she had witnessed.
“I was not pleased, either,” Tor said, not even bothering to turn and look. “Even if the visitor was guilty of some crime, I would spare him for what he could teach our people. As it stands, he is lost and alone, hoping for a friend. And I have to kill this lonely soul.”
“But… but we can’t do this! You’re better than this… we’re better than this!” Ja’vail said, nearly in tears. “Would we really sacrifice an innocent for the security of our own realm? Would you… would you…”
“Would I what?” Tor asked, turning to his wife, fire in his eyes. “Would I judge the worth of souls? Would I weigh a single life against the good of my people? Of his people? Would I become my father?”
Ja’vail looked away, her eyes closed as she folded her arms. “I’m… I’m sorry…”
“Don’t be,” Tor said, turning back to the window. “You have no need to apologize. I cannot measure the worth of anyone’s soul, nor would I try. However, this visitor’s life is not worth the lives of every person on this planet. When you include the lives of his own world, as well as the unnamed snake people… well… the choice is quite obvious.”
Ja’vail looked down at the floor, her eyes filling with tears as she thought everything over. “Would it have been better, then, had I not saved his life? Should I have let him drown?” she asked, her voice barely a whisper.
“Maybe. Maybe not. All I know is that the spirits have told us that the lives of others are better off if his is forfeit,” Tor said, his voice filled with bitterness. “I have not even seen this visitor in the flesh, and I do not know anything about him at all. What is he like? Does he have a family? What does he enjoy?” Tor asked, looking to his wife hopefully.
Ja’vail shook her head, not daring to bring her eyes up to meet her husband’s, as she didn’t think she could contain herself if she did. “I cannot say. I was only in his mind for a brief time, and I do not understand much of what I saw,” she said, her form gently shaking, as if a chill wind had entered the room.
Tor looked back at the window, his eyes closed as he thought on this. “Essentially, we are deciding the fate of not only an innocent, but a complete stranger.” Tor took in a deep breath, then slowly let it out. “And try as I might, I cannot measure his worth as greater, or even equal, to the lives of my people’s. If it comes to it, he will be slain, and his body destroyed, just as the spirits have told us to do.”
Ja’vail began crying in earnest, her shoulders slumping with the weight of guilt. This caused Tor to turn to her, lifting her beak gently with one hand until she looked him in the eye. “So… let’s ensure that it never comes to that.”
Ja’vail looked up at Tor, hope in her eyes. “But, Tor, we can’t-”
“Shhhh…” Tor said, encircling his wife in his arms. He was shorter than her, but she still felt comforted, simply because it was him. “I’m not going to murder someone simply because of the damage his life might cause. Siv’s vision wasn’t that his continued existence spelled our doom, but that we must do everything in our power to ensure he doesn’t leave.” He pulled away from her a little, looking up into her hopeful eyes. “His death will be treated as a last resort, nothing more. For now, let us see how much worth his life is. What can he teach us? What is his people like? I, for one, do not want to squander this opportunity that the spirits have gifted us, simply for fear of an unknown future.”
Ja’vail’s crest rose as she dried her tears with the feathers on the back of her arm. “Yes… I completely agree…”
The two of them spent quite a bit of time like that, lost in each other’s arms as the sun slowly set on the horizon. Even after the world was shrouded in night, they were still there, lost in the comfort that each other provided.
* * *
Kel’vara’s beak glowed as she wove her magic, pulling the water from the bucket in front of her. It coalesced into a ball hovering inches above her hand, the swishing, splashing sounds of the liquid a soothing counterpoint to the frustration she was feeling.
She liked working with liquids when she was feeling upset. It had always come easy to her, the seemingly chaotic way it flowed and ebbed was a balm on her nerves, instead of a frustrating mess that most other practitioners found the state of matter to be.
She slowly flexed her fingers and extended her wings, the movements giving a tactile presence to the shapes she was forming in her imagination. Slowly, as if watching ice melt in reverse, the ball of water stretched and flowed, extending here, twirling there, molding and shaping to her will to become whatever she wanted.
In this instance, the water took the shape of a dragon, its long, strong legs striding through the air as it looked around, its inquisitive, intelligent eyes searching for prey, or barring that, a dakri to play with. Its long tail wagged behind it as it seemed to spot something, before it shot off like an arrow, dashing towards whatever had garnered its attention.
The small, watery, facsimile of a dragon didn’t get very far across the room before the door opened, breaking Kel’vara’s concentration and causing her happy little pet to lose its cohesion. In an instant, the once watery, spiky, two legged reptile was nothing more than a mess on the once clean floor.
Kel’vara looked up in annoyance, her gaze falling upon an irritatingly unapologetic Valros as he entered the room. “Haven't you ever heard of knocking?” Kel’vara demanded as she used her magic to scoop up the water and return it to the bucket.
Valros was unimpressed. “Kel’vara, you can’t just stay here sulking, we still have work to do.”
“I’m not sulking! I’m just practicing my more precise spell work,” Kel’vara said, turning up her beak as her crest lay flat against the back of her head.
Valros, however, did not look convinced in the slightest. “Kel’vara, The Lady is her own person. You can hardly expect her to stay around and answer every single question you have.”
“I never said that she wasn’t.”
Valros let out a frustrated sigh. “Well, if you’re sure, then I really think we need to go over the plan for tomorrow,” Valros said, trying to get Kel’vara back on track. “I don’t think we’ll need many knights, the thing’s pretty docile, all things considered. Have you given much thought in how we’re going to actually communicate with it?”
Kel’vara thought about this for a while, her beak glowing softly as she played a little with the water in her bucket, causing the surface of the liquid to ripple in odd ways. “Ja’vail said that she was able to communicate pretty well with it while it was dreaming. The only problem with that is that it was dreaming. I don’t know how dreams work with its species, but for dakri at least, anything that happens to our subconscious from outside forces is quickly forgotten. Bad dreams, flights of fancy, nothing to be taken seriously, or remembered.”
“I’ve been talking with the Captain of the Dreamguards about that too. He told me that we can’t rely upon that for communication, since we’re just as likely to get a straight answer as one about how the creature loves to eat its own pillow and ride a dragon made of Twirly Whirlys,” Valros said, stretching his wings a little and grunting with discomfort. The knight quickly brought his arm close to his chest, searching the broad wing until he found the feather that had been giving him trouble, and quickly put it back into its proper place.
Kel’vara found herself staring a little as the knight preened himself, before she turned away, her feathers fluffing a little in embarrassment. “Yes, and… ah, and in addition, the creature won’t be as weak as when we fished it from the river. It has an ǣon level spirit, after all, regardless of any actual ability it may or may not possess. We’ll be lucky to be able to intrude on its dreams at all.”
If Valros noticed her discomfort, he didn’t show it. Instead, he stood up and made his way to the window. “I remember the Sunrise Tribe had something to communicate, but it was mainly used to control their apprentices during ǣon training. It was supposed to be able to cross language barriers, but I don’t think we want to be dredging up the old ways…”
Kel’vara shuddered a little. “Those ways were barbaric.”
Valros nodded at her, but did not say anything as he stared out the window. “I suppose the only choice we have is to slowly teach the thing how to speak.”
“That’s not as easy as it sounds, though,” Kel’vara said, shaking her head. Valros looked at her, one of his brows raised, prompting her to continue. “When I treated his wounds, I ran a number of tests on him. He’s showing the symptoms of someone who has been transmuted into another shape entirely, except that he has no binding spellform keeping him in that shape.”
Valros looked confused at this. “You’ll have to forgive me, M'lady, but my knowledge of magic is somewhat limited to a handful of combat spells. You’ll have to use less formal terms with me.”
Kel’vara rolled her eyes a little, then used her magic to pull the water from the bucket again. With a thought, she caused the water to take on the shape of a dragon again. “With magic, it is possible to force something to assume another shape or state. Such as turning a dragon into a pig.” With a little exertion, the water took on the desired shape. “I’ll not bore you with the details, but things… well, they remember what they were. Always. If the spell is not properly maintained, the spellform will eventually fall apart, and the thing will revert. This is because things want to return to their old state. They’ll continue chipping away at the spellform, increasing the difficulty of keeping things in their altered state, until it grows beyond the mage’s ability to control. It’s why you cannot turn copper into gold and have it stay that way, or why you cannot turn dirt into food without accidentally poisoning someone.”
“Or purposefully poisoning someone,” Valros pointed out. “I remember history class at least. That happened quite a number of times during the Clan Wars.”
“It was a popular method of assassination, yes, but the old ruling class quickly caught on, and began screening their food before eating.” Kel’vara furrowed her eyes as she twisted the water to appear like the creature. “Whatever the bug-like aliens did to the creature, it didn’t involve magic. ‘The creature’s shape isn’t his own,’ if you remember what the queen told us. It’s entirely possible that it’s lost the ability to speak, even in its own language.”
Valros thought about this for a time. “Well, can’t we turn it back? Reverse the changes, and return it to its original shape?”
Kel’vara thought about this for a little bit, but shook her head. “It’s… possible, but there are so many unknowns. I was even afraid of using regeneration magic on him when I healed him. I had to resort to sealing spells to repair the damage.”
Valros looked confused. “I’m not sure I follow. I thought you healed it up pretty good.”
“I didn’t heal it at all. All I did was fuse its skin together, and do some very basic repair based on that strategy, to keep it from bleeding internally or externally. It’s why I still applied bandages, in case those wounds reopened; I couldn’t risk regenerating it,” Kel’vara explained, her voice both pained and exasperated.
Valros still didn’t understand what the fuss was about, though. “Why not? What’s the big deal if you use a little regeneration? And what does this have to do with changing it back?”
Everything!” Kel’vara said, standing up in anger as she rubbed both hands through her crest. In response, the water in her grip twisted and flowed into strange shapes, a clear reflection of the tormented state of the battlemage’s mind. “This is an entirely unknown scenario, with an entirely unknown species! The spell to do this doesn’t even exist! All we have are spells to change something into something else, not to return something to its original shape. The way we would do this if this were a magical affliction would be to simply collapse the spellform, but this isn’t magic! If I were to try to change it back, any number of things could go wrong, the least being the creature dies a quick, painful death as it turns completely inside out! The closest I can come up with is the regeneration spell, which would force accelerated cell mitosis using the target’s remembered form, not its changed form. If I did use regeneration, it is entirely possible that the creature might revert…”
“...But?” Valros asked, knowing that there was a but in there somewhere.
“But the creature’s body might start attacking itself, killing itself from the inside out! The two different sets of genetic material might merge, making it into something even more monstrous than it is now! Any number of things could go wrong!” Kel’vara shouted, the water next to her turning into some kind of lumbering beast, whose basic shape only vaguely resembled the creature in the forest.
Valros held up his hands in a placating gesture. “Okay, okay, I get it. It’s probably a bad idea… but what do we do, then?”
Kel’vara collapsed into her chair, the water that she had been shaping falling into the bucket at the same time. “I don’t know… I really don’t know…”
Valros rubbed the back of his neck. “Well, there’s always pictures and trying to teach it to read…”
“That would take even longer than just teaching it to talk,” Kel’vara said dismissively. “Especially since it probably can’t-”
Before Kel’vara finished, a voice chimed in, interrupting her thought process. It seemed to be coming from the lieutenant’s belt pouch, and based on the tone of the speaker’s voice, whatever it was was urgent. “Sir Valros! Are you there?”
Valros quickly pulled out his whispering stone and gave it a squeeze, worry building in his heart. “What’s wrong, Calis?”
He almost wished he hadn’t asked, because what Calis said next turned his insides to ice. “Sir, I’m relaying a message. Viar and his drakes need backup, and they need it now. It’s those bug aliens the queen told us about. They’re here.”
First Previous
Dun dun dun!!
Remember: if you can't wait, and want to find out what happens now, you can always just buy the books...
What I've Become
Nightmare of the Past
What I've Become
Nightmare of the Past
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2023.06.03 23:03 yunepio Analysis of all religions (3/3)

Posts in the series

Brief recap

In the previous post, we continued our analysis with a second round of eliminations of more religions that cannot reasonably be from a judging and fair God. At this point, only the Abrahamic religions remain to be analyzed, which we will do below.
The reason I wanted to analyze the Abrahamic religions together last is because they have many similarities. For one, they reference the same God and agree on many details: similar people, similar places, similar events and for the most part, even originated in the same region. In addition, two of them are the biggest religions in the world today, far ahead of all other religions in terms of adoption, nearly accounting for half of the people on the planet! The fact that they are spread out in time and that they reference each other, can at least in theory, represent a pattern of recurring communication. It's also possible that they're just copying from each others. Let's see!
The timeline of appearance of the Abrahamic religions from old to new is as follows:
Baha’i Faith
Can the Abrahamic religions be instances of communication from their common God? It’s possible, however some issues surface:
Let’s keep the issues above in mind and apply the same criteria to the Abrahamic religions in the same way we did to all of the others. We will analyze them in the chronological order of their appearance.


Let's analyze the message of Judaism.
Now let's analyze Moses, the founder of Judaism.
If there is a judging and fair God, Moses is highly likely to be one of his messengers. He passes all the criteria while explicitly making the claim of being sent by a God. If he was a fraud, he would have had an existing history of it, and he wouldn’t have dared to come back to a place where he killed someone and feared for his life, then challenge its ruler and win! If he was a deluded self-appointed leader to his people, that delusion would have been his demise. He would have been killed, as other religious founders have. Instead, he and his people, although an oppressed minority without any military power, were able to escape their oppressors and defeat them! This is impossible without some powerful external assistance.
One can reasonably claim that the story of Moses is just a myth that is made to look impressive. That would be fair, except it had more impact than what a myth can fathom. That being said, even if we accept that it’s all a myth, or at least a heavily augmented truth, it is still told by other Abrahamic prophets who happen to have had similar or more impact than Moses did. This makes his story as valid as theirs can be. So, let’s continue our analysis.
(1) From Britannica: Moses... Hebrew prophet, teacher, and leader who, in the 13th century bce... delivered his people from Egyptian slavery...
(2) From Britannica: ...When he found an Egyptian taskmaster beating a Hebrew, probably to death, he could control his sense of justice no longer...
(3) From Britannica: ...After checking to make sure that no one was in sight, he killed the tough Egyptian overlord...
(4) From the Qur’an (translation): ˹One day˺ he entered the city unnoticed by its people. There he found two men fighting: one of his own people, and the other of his enemies. The man from his people called to him for help against his foe. So Moses punched him, causing his death. Moses cried, “This is from Satan’s handiwork. He is certainly a sworn, misleading enemy.” He pleaded, “My Lord! I have definitely wronged my soul, so forgive me.” So He forgave him, ˹for˺ He is indeed the All-Forgiving, Most Merciful.


Let's analyze the message of Christianity.
1: If God sacrificed his son in order to absolve us of our sins, judgment wouldn’t make sense. Also, why does a God have a son? Mortals have children to continue the species and to provide for them when they grow weak. A God doesn’t need a son...
  1. If God sacrificed his son, also a part of himself, it should have been the final act of life here on Earth. Instead, he let Muhammad come after and be so successful in reversing this idea, all while claiming to be sent by him!!! And what about the people who died a long time ago and never knew about this important sacrifice?
  2. The idea that God is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving doesn’t stand for a judging God. It simply isn’t possible for him to have these 3 attributes at the same time. If he is all-knowing, then he knows that many humans will fail his judgment and be severely punished. Consequently, if he is also all-powerful, being all-loving would have him not resort to judgment and not punish anyone. Since he insists on judgment with a heaven and hell, then he isn’t all-loving. Muhammad also happens to correct this idea.
  3. The conditions of success and failure in the upcoming judgment are not particularly fair. It’s not about what actions one does during their life, rather, it’s about accepting Jesus as savior. One can be the most ruthless killer, then just accept Jesus as savior in order to be absolved of all wrongdoing. Also, what about all the people who lived and died before Jesus was even born? They didn’t know Jesus; how can they accept him as savior? Haven’t they spent their lives following other rules? Isn’t that unfair to them?
Now let's analyze Jesus, the founder of Christianity.
Similar to Moses, if there is a judging and fair God, Jesus is highly likely to be one of his messengers. His feat is even more impressive than that of Moses. His mission and success in correcting and complementing the existing Jewish faith against incredible odds, adds more credibility to his claim. Jesus changed the world and continues to do so today!
(1) From Britannica: ...Joseph is said to have been a carpenter (Matthew 13:55)—that is, a craftsman who worked with his hands—and, according to Mark 6:3, Jesus also became a carpenter...
(2) From Britannica: ...As a young adult, he went to be baptized by the prophet John the Baptist and shortly thereafter became an itinerant preacher and healer (Mark 1:2–28). In his mid-30s Jesus had a short public career, lasting perhaps less than one year, during which he attracted considerable attention...


Let's analyze the message of Islam.
It aligns with reality well by describing reality as a test of free will. Life is neither the suffering Buddhism makes it out to be (which it isn’t), nor is it the joyous life Tenrikyo claims it should be (which again, isn’t). Every single human is continuously tested through good and bad. When it is something bad, it is their patience and acceptance that is tested. When it is something good, it is their capacity of being thankful and generous that is tested. Everyone’s life is a mix of good and bad. Exceptions exist and are accounted for.
Islam states that God has been sending prophets since the beginning in order to remind people that judgment is coming. It states that people who didn’t get the message will be tested again. Those who got the message of the prophet of their time, accepted it and followed its guidelines, shall pass the judgment. Those who rejected the message after receiving it clearly shall fail.
Now let's analyze Muhammad, the founder of Islam.
If a judging and fair God exists, Muhammad is highly likely to be one of his messengers. He was leading a normal and regular life in a polytheistic society for 40 years, then suddenly started preaching monotheism, suffering for it and even going to war for it.
(1) From Wikipedia: ...Due to his upright character he acquired the nickname "al-Amin" (Arabic: الامين), meaning "faithful, trustworthy" and "al-Sadiq" meaning "truthful" and was sought out as an impartial arbitrator. His reputation attracted a proposal in 595 from Khadijah, a successful businesswoman. Muhammad consented to the marriage, which by all accounts was a happy one...
(2) From Wikipedia: ... It is known that he became a merchant and "was involved in trade between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea...
(3) From Wikipedia: ... Because he could not read and write himself...
(4) From Wikipedia: ...Muhammad was deeply distressed upon receiving his first revelations. After returning home, Muhammad was consoled and reassured by Khadijah and her Christian [sic] cousin, Waraqah ibn Nawfal. He also feared that others would dismiss his claims as being possessed...
(5) From Wikipedia: ...Regardless, several attempts were made at Muhammad's life...
(6) From Qur’an. Aisha said: "The Prophet was being guarded until this verse وَاللَّهُ يَعْصِمُكَ مِنَ النَّاسِ (Allah will protect you from mankind) was revealed." She added; "The Prophet raised his head from the room and said; «يَا أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ انْصَرِفُوا فَقَدْ عَصَمَنِي اللهُ عَزَّ وَجَل» (O people! Go away, for Allah will protect me)"
(7) From Sunnah: Miqdad reported that he heard God’s messenger say, “There will not remain on the face of the earth a mud-brick house or a camel’s hair tent which God will not cause the confession of Islam to enter bringing both mighty honour and abject abasement. God will either honour the occupants and put them among its adherents, or will humiliate them and they will be subject to it.” Miqdad said, “God will then receive complete obedience.”


Let’s analyze the Druze faith!
Now let's analyze Hamza Ibn Ali, the founder of Druze.
It’s extremely unlikely that the Druze faith is a communication from a judging and fair God. Its founder fails a combination of some important criteria.
(1) From Wikipedia: ...Indeed, in his epistles, Hamza is critical of his colleague, both for al-Darzi's disputing Hamza's role as the leader of their movement, as well as for his followers' over-zealous, extremist and provocative actions, which revealed the movement's ideas prematurely and placed it under danger of attack... During this time, the followers of the rival leaders engaged in regular brawls in the streets of Cairo, cursing one another as infidels.
(2) From Britannica: ...Almost nothing is known of his life before he entered Egypt in 1017. He became a spokesman for the religious convictions of the Fāṭimid caliph al-Ḥākim (the Fāṭimids were the ruling dynasty in Egypt), who was already accorded the position of imām, a divinely appointed and authoritative spokesman for Islam...
(3) From Wikipedia: ...According to the medieval chroniclers, he too enjoyed signs of favour from al-Hakim: when he complained to the Caliph that his life was in danger, he was given weapons, which he demonstratively hung on every entrance to the Raydan Mosque...
(4) From Britannica: ...Considerable resistance to these doctrines appeared when they were first preached in 1017, and Ḥamzah went into hiding until 1019, when al-Ḥākim was able to move vigorously to support the new religious movement... Ḥamzah claimed to be representing not just another sect but rather an independent religion, one that superseded traditional Islam. Al-Ḥākim disappeared in mysterious circumstances in 1021, and, much persecuted, the Druze cult all but ceased to exist in Egypt...


Let’s analyze Mormonism:
Now let's analyze Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism.
(1) From Wikipedia: ...Meanwhile, the Smith family faced financial hardship... Family members supplemented their meager farm income by hiring out for odd jobs and working as treasure seekers, a type of magical supernaturalism common during the period. Smith was said to have an ability to locate lost items by looking into a seer stone, which he also used in treasure hunting, including, beginning in 1825, several unsuccessful attempts to find buried treasure sponsored by Josiah Stowell, a wealthy farmer in Chenango County, New York. In 1826, Smith was brought before a Chenango County court for "glass-looking", or pretending to find lost treasure; Stowell's relatives accused Smith of tricking Stowell and faking an ability to perceive hidden treasure... Although Smith had abandoned treasure hunting, his former associates believed he had double crossed them and had taken the golden plates for himself, property they believed should be jointly shared. After they ransacked places where they believed the plates might be hidden, Smith decided to leave Palmyra
(2) From Wikipedia: The region was a hotbed of religious enthusiasm during the Second Great Awakening. Between 1817 and 1825, there were several camp meetings and revivals in the Palmyra area… Smith said that he became interested in religion by age 12… With other family members, Smith also engaged in religious folk magic, which was a relatively common practice in that time and place…

Baha'i Faith

Now let's analyze Baháʼu'lláh, the founder of Baha'i Faith.
It's highly unlikely that Baha'i Faith is a communication from a judging and fair God.
(1) From Wikipedia: Some of his earlier writings suggest that he did not enjoy the business and instead applied himself to the study of religious literature… He was constantly absorbed in his own thoughts, and was preoccupied with repetition of his prayers and verses… In 1841 the Báb went on pilgrimage to Iraq, and for seven months stayed mostly in and around Karbala. There he attended lectures of Kazim Rashti and became his follower… As of his death in December 1843, Kazim Rashti counseled his followers to leave their homes to seek the Mahdi, who, according to his prophecies, would soon appear. One of these followers, Mullá Husayn, after keeping vigil for 40 days in a mosque, traveled to Shiraz, where he met the Báb…
(2) From Wikipedia: Soon after declaring his spiritual mission to Mullá Husayn, the Báb sent him to Tehran to deliver a special tablet to one whom God would guide him to. After learning about Baháʼu'lláh through an acquaintance, Mullá Husayn felt compelled to arrange for Baháʼu'lláh to receive the tablet—this news brought great joy to the Báb when Mullá Husayn wrote to him about it…


After analyzing all the religions, the ones that are highly likely to be communications from a judging and fair God if one exists, are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They are the only religions that satisfy most of the criteria. In fact, their founders are the ONLY ones who satisfy all the criteria, specifically the criterion of non-involvement prior to their claim of a contact with a God. All the other founders were involved in one way or another, making their claim a possible result of either fraud or delusion.
It is important to note though: we haven't proven that a judging and fair God exists, and we haven't proven that these religions are actually communications from him, not at all. All we did was to reasonably prove that if a judging and fair God exists, then Judaism, Christianity and Islam are highly likely to be communications from him.
In the next post, we will continue our research and see how we can reasonably prove that a judging and fair God exists.
Until next time!
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2023.06.03 23:00 siriusx22 Will mental health and legal problems change anything?

So I'm 13f and I'm going with a friend who's 12f and we've saved up almost $1000 dollars over a year. I'm going to court for being truant and we'll be gone during one of my scheduled court meetings. We've also ran away a few times before (me 4 times and her 3 times) and I've tried to off myself a few times and at least my parents ( probably a few more people though) know about 2 of my attempts. Recently, the girl I'm going with got caught self harming in a school bathroom so there's some people also trying to get her into a mental hospital. We'll be going about 10 hours away from the city that we're in now and It'll be in another county too. Should we go farther and is there anything that could change because of our history?
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2023.06.03 23:00 Slytherin_Devil1 Should I (18F) cut ties with my (best)friend (18F)?

Should I cut ties with my (best)friend?
Should I (18F) cut ties with my (best)friend (18F)?
Hey everyone, I wanted to get your prospective on a matter that’s been bugging me for te last few months. My (best)friend, let’s call her M., and I have known each other for 7/8 years and through all of them we’ve been close and supportive of each other. We’ve gone through a lot in all these years and we were always there, no matter what was going on.
This last year though, we’ve grown apart a lot, ever since she made a new friend, a girl who’s really similar to her that’s in her same class (we’re not in the same classes). I’m happy for her, I really am glad to see that she finally gets along with somebody, but at the same time it also feels like she only was my friend so she wouldn’t be alone and because she knew that I would support her no matter what (from giving her my notes to listening to her 100th rant about her toxic bf. Btw he’s a real jerk but she always refuses to listen to my advice, because she’s afraid of being alone, that she’ll never find anyone again).
We used to text a lot, not necessarily talking but even just sending a TikTok or a funny post said a lot, it was our way of saying “I’m thinking of you”. One day I suddenly realized “Hey, I’m the only one sending stuff these days” and that she’d always answer with a brief text, no more than two/three words. So I thought I’d see what would happen if I stopped sending stuff. Turns out we stopped chatting and that we’d only speak briefly when we saw each other by chance in the hallway at school or when she’d come see me to my classroom (and even then she’d say “oh my friend isn’t at school today” which basically means that without me she’d be alone).
I don’t want to be her second-rate friend anymore. I can’t be the only one who’s keeping this friendship alive, I think I deserve to be more than just a safety net for when other people aren’t available.
Also we don’t have a lot of things in common, and our political views are opposite. She never takes things very seriously, so even talking with her about important matters is impossible. She’ll get all defensive and take it personally, when really all we’re having is a normal conversation (I do it with my other friend all the time). So we can’t really talk about anything. The only thing we do talk about is sex/sexual preferences, but that’s because we know each other so we’ll that it’s become sort of a routine to talk about our experiences.
I’ve tried keeping my distance but I’ve found it hard to actually go through with it. I keep on doubting myself, thinking “what if I’m wrong and delusional? What if it’s all just in my head?” I don’t want to lose our friendship over nothing but at the same time I’m really starting to resent her for never being there for me when I actually needed her and taking me for granted instead.
Once I used to call her my best friend without a single doubt. Now I’ll say she’s my best friend and then I’ll think “Is she really though?” We hardly ever speak and we only see each other by chance and only for a few minutes at most. Or are we just people who used to be close… Hell, once we didn’t go out for 3 months to celebrate her birthday because she was “busy” (her birthday is on the 31st of January and we “celebrated” it in the middle of April). But then I’d see her Instagram stories of her going out with her friend when she’d told me that she couldn’t go out because she had to study. Yeah right. Is it too much to ask? For her to celebrate her 18th birthday with one of her oldest friends? I mean in three whole months she couldn’t find one (1) hour to have lunch with me.
Is this even friendship at this point? I used to think we’d always be friends, I couldn’t imagine being without he. Now…. I’m barely holding on, because I’m so attached to our friendship, I don’t want to lose it. And at the same time I grieve for what we used to be an for what could’ve been. How did we go from having lunch every Friday to this?
Anyway, sorry about the rant, but I really needed to get this out. What should I do, in you opinion? Am I right for wanting to distance myself from her? Or should I try to reconnect with her?
TL;dr My best friend and I aren’t really friends anymore but I don’t want to lose our friendship. What should I do?
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2023.06.03 22:55 whoshatter I was trapped in my bed for a year and I've never been able to forget

There was a period of my life, for about a year, when I was completely immobile. I couldn’t walk by myself, I couldn’t get food by myself, I couldn’t even use the bathroom by myself. I spent every minute of every hour of everyday laying in my room with the lights off, the door closed, and the blackout curtains drawn. I stopped going to school and although we all had phones and shit, my friends were busy with their school stuff plus their clubs and shit so I fell out of contact with all of them, barring two who I’d only ever interact with every 5-ish months. My parents were working full time and I don’t think my sibling liked being in the house so I didn’t see them at all, though sometimes I could hear their voice talking to mom in the mornings. ‘Cause of this, my whole family would either be away or hella busy until 8 pm. Most days a family relative would come over to sit in the kitchen in case I needed anything, but they’d be doing their stuff, only coming in to give me food. The best analogy I can think of is Futaba’s palace and living situation in Persona 5. The only difference being that she was trapped by grief whereas I was trapped in a much more physical sense.
All this doesn’t even cover half of it, but here’s the thing I wanted to get off my chest; sometimes I feel like I’m still there, left in a tomb to die. It’s when the lights in my room are off and the curtains are drawn and the door is closed and I’m stuck in bed. It makes me nauseous, that distinct feeling of rotting and loneliness. I haven’t told anyone about this properly, but I needed to at least tell someone... so here I am on Reddit.
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2023.06.03 22:45 AUWarEagle82 Loudoun County School Board names new superintendent after nationwide search

Loudoun County School Board names new superintendent after nationwide search
Who wants to bet this man is a carbon copy of Mr. Scott Ziegler who was fired and charged for lying about sexual assaults in LCPS schools? LCPS and their board is the laughing stock of America.
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2023.06.03 22:45 Cheap_Ear2867 Broke up with my boyfriend am I the asshole?

This happened a while ago when I say a while, I mean a few months ago, but there still some awkward tension from the events that happened so I decided to go here I will not give away ages for personal reasons, but onto the story it was a six-year relationship. everyone was surprised how long it’s lasting well was lasting, and how good we were doing in the relationship not much fights very kind to each other well, kind of sometimes I didn’t catch on what was supposed to be a cute woman or a romantic moment, and it was kind of awkward when that happened probably for my at the time boyfriend since it was my first relationship and I’m just not good at love’s so we would hang out spend time together talk when we saw each other at school since were still at school ages we would say hi and talk actually looking back some other stuff was toxic. He would tell me that he’s breaking up with me over nothing he wasn’t actually they were stupid and he would constantly doing once he pulled that. Over the fact I had no clue what a game was and it was one of his favorite games. He did the same moth I’m breaking up with you and I said OK fine annoyed with this statement for the thousandth time and walked away. I didn’t talk to him for two days, although I was not good that guy in that situation that’s not the point the point is it was don’t get toxic over a little things one day after weeks of thinking about it, I was like I’m doing it I’m breaking up with him. I was no longer in love with him and only could see him as a friend and I have been questioning our relationship for three years over those three years I was very very slowly losing feelings. I still loved him during that time. I just was very questioning over our relationship and not sure if I was doing the right thing by staying in it and all things got to me and eventually I lost feelings so after weeks of thinking, considering over thinking, I finally broke up with him but of course I made sure on good grounds as in staying friends and then next time I seen his best friend thinking everything was in the good I said hi to him since me, and his best friend had a somewhat relationship in a friendship way. He got very mad at me and he stayed mad at me to the point he was calling me evil spreading rumors it, just making my life even worse telling my friends that I’m evil saying shit about me and making sure I knew he thought I was evil for breaking up with my ex this lasted for weeks and weeks on end until I told my parents they went to the school and the vice principal talk to him months later after not communicating with my ex’s best friend we have had a class together now since every once in a while, we get new classes so we can get computers, gym and all that different stuff we had our fourth hour together and at one point we were somewhat friends. We became chill about it. It has been a while now and everything wasn’t really that bad anymore now naturally I still don’t have a good history with him. He has dated two of my very close friends meaning he see ex of two different people that I talk to you on a daily basis, who are very important in my life he is the best friend of my ex so things always a little weird and then the bomb dropped now that we were friends, and we’re talking his cousin crush on me and I immediately ignored the situation. I didn’t know what to do he didn’t confirm it yet and that is heck a awkward later on. I officially rejected him, but he’s always been a little salty at me for being the ex of his best friend and best friends with two of his exes which one of them he’s on really bad terms with I understand it but I constantly get weird interactions and just a little bit of salty or rudeness towards me over the break up even after months me and my ex aren’t on the best terms even though we agreed on still being friends, he’s always been a little salty and I’m fine with it. I understand that maybe he’s having trouble getting over me or at least I did until. He admitted what he was being suspected of cheating. He was dating three different girls at one time and I was one of them. He had apparently a new girlfriend every week and back and the first year of our relationship he was dating me and one of my friends at the same time me and that girl are still friends when she found out she broke up with him that year, but he said that I knew so I was never informed, oh did I mention that friend just so happens to be the ex of his best friend although I might have gotten over him It’s still made me mad that he was cheating on me multiple times who wouldn’t be mad one of my friends is the one that told me that he admitted it I never confronted him since I don’t need that drama in my life but the fact that he cheated on me still made me mad sure if I have not had feelings for him so I wasn’t really upset about it I mean I kind of was but still he cheated on me and was going around bragging about it because he had three girlfriends at the same time and I was one of them, so yeah the situation is really probably over now it’s not really anything affects me. But I want to know what would you guys done and how do you guys see the situation? I really think I just needed to say it somewhere and get opinions from people on either side and people having a raw point of view so I can see how messed up this really was
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2023.06.03 22:44 SquirrelOp80 Rescued these from going into the dumpster at my high school after our horticulture teacher quit. What are they? [Southeastern, VA]

Rescued these from going into the dumpster at my high school after our horticulture teacher quit. What are they? [Southeastern, VA]
Like the headline says… our horticulture teacher quit suddenly (before the end of the school year) and left the greenhouse in disarray. These guys were bound for the dumpster (no labels and they were close to death).
I’ve been nursing them back to health for the last few weeks and there’s new growth, so I’m doing something right. I want to get them into the ground before the heat of summer takes hold and I need to know what kind of growing requirements these guys need (full sun, part sun, dappled shade, full shade, etc). Please help.
Can anyone help?
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2023.06.03 22:44 Maleficent-Split8267 My Mum dissuaded me from pursuing a career path that I cared about

I (22F, UK) wonder how different things would be now if my Mum had actually been supportive of me when I showed career aspirations as a teen. From a young age, I idolised a reality TV show about RSPCA inspectors (an animal welfare charity in England and Wales) and I wanted to be an RSPCA inspector for a while because I love animals but that's quite a niche job so it was unlikely but when I was 16/17 I expressed interest in becoming a veterinary nurse and my Mum told me I should just drop out of school and go to a vocational college then since I was presently studying qualifications for university and I didn't need that to be a veterinary nurse. I said I didn't want to drop out of school and that I could study veterinary nursing at university.
I don't remember the whole conversation as it was around 6 years ago now but she didn't want to support me doing veterinary nursing unless I dropped out of school and went to vocational college and I didn't want to do that because I knew I would be closing more doors than opening them without A-Levels (final school exams). I knew that even though I might pursue this veterinary nursing job, I would always want my A-Levels as back-up. However, she was adamant that me staying in school was a waste of time if I wanted to be a veterinary nurse.
When I applied to my school at 16, I told them I wanted to be an animal therapist but I had no support from my Mum (my Dad and I never talked about it) and no career advice so I studied Psychology at university. I don't regret studying Psychology but I can't help but wonder if I made the right choice. I'm about to turn 23, working minimum wage in an unfulfilling job in a supermarket and I dropped £12.5k on a master's last year which was near worthless and I regret it.
I'm not trying to pin the blame on her. I obviously made some choices that have led me to where I am but maybe things would've been different if I had been given some kind of support when I did show aspirations because I have shown little aspiration since.
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2023.06.03 22:43 LeslieJMercer Dwemer tips & tricks?

Hi, I've completed my Falmer revival by reuniting Skyrim under the name of Falmeris - focused on slow and meticulous rise from a one-county island through mostly stewardship.
Now I want to try myself in a Dwemeri culture run, but I seem to fail within around 10-15 years due to not being able to get myself off the ground early enough so that surrounding rulers (or my own liege) don't conquer me through sheer numbers.
At this point I tried 3 locations - all of them are one-counrt starts - north/south Morrowind and the island that belongs to the Daggerfell duchy (close to Hammerfell which in lore is closely connected to the Dwemer) and in all of them I get conquered early and the game simply ends.
The biggest issue seems to be the early focus on learning - sure, the quickly progressing development seems nice, but it leaves you at max 400-500 men in your army while AI focuses on sheer numbers, so no matter the advantage or commander skills - they just overpower me.
Another issue would be the complete randomness of the councillors you get at the start. One time I even got a chancellor with 8 diplomacy and he GAVE a neighboring ruler a Cassus Belli on my poor little island. One slip-up and suddenly your only holding gets random -20 control and you're left making 0.3 gold per month
Any tips? I don't want to start the game as a duchy or anything - not only isnt it lore friendly, but also the game gets too easy too fast.
Another thing is that with the decision to play Dwemer revival, I also started playing Ironman for the first time, so it also has a huge impact on how I play and, more importantly, how I lose
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2023.06.03 22:43 surprise_liquid Impatient, impulsive , too opened, too close minded

I think I would maybe be able to actually improve myself if I could cut the chatter of everything and anyone.
I'm not trying to offend anyone or come off as an asshole , but I feel all the general advice I get is so bullshit . Being harsh or mean is not going to help me in any capacity by the way. You'll push me further into the dark.
Since I was 8 years old I've always been suicidal. Tried therapy. Tried antidepressants. Tried psychedelics, and I always come back to the same place .
I didn't have the normal experience of getting through life.My parents showed their love by shoving religion down my throat , and accepting nothing less than a submissive, obedient pastors kid with no personality or thoughts of their own . I worked hard through school to achieve getting into a good college , and I was rejected by every single one because there was too many students that year and my parents blamed me. I got to watch people who got D's and C's not caring about school (which is fine) , buy cars and work high paying jobs while I struggled through an abusive workplace in retail, desperately trying to escape my toxic home.
I got to watch everyone else make money and get in good relationships, while I endured complicated and toxic ones.
Life has not been kind to me and despite it I've been clawing and grinding my fucking bones to the ground trying to fix what it broke , and trying to escape the circumstances I've been born into.
And many circumstances I've found myself in that destroyed my soul were circumstances where I stuck around what naturally came instead of made deliberate actions to get exactly what I want and what works for me
So I move quickly and efficiently. I go for what exactly what I want.
But I get called close minded for having a mere idea of what I want and sticking to it. Accused of intentionally throwing away opportunities because I'm not being opened to experiences that are different than what I want. But I never pass up on anything that catches my eye or seems like it could be something good , despite what I'm looking for, and even then , I'm presented with this bullshit of being told im not opened to other opportunities. I'm literally the only person I know in my circle who tries new things just for the experience. I'm simply just moving towards and putting effort into getting what I want. Somehow to everyone else , that means I'm also rejecting anything else. As if accepting different things but still looking for what you want is some fucking impossible task.
I overthink everything. It's lead me to make thorough plans that have a high possibility of succeeding because almost all variables have been considered . But I think fast, so I come up with well thought out plans fast. But my family acts like I'm this impulsive , impatient , person who doesn't think things through , and every plan or move that I've come up with has been more thought out and more logical and more likely to work than anything they were doing when they were my age , and that's their own damn words not mine!
I approached relationships from a place of wanting to see if things can work out despite differences, healthy communication, and being honest about how I feel to my partner. But it's only ever gotten me hurt because no one else wants to communicate or even solidify anything. In my experience , my previous partners didn't want anyone that can speak for themselves or was an authentic person. They wanted a sexual object that they can control through emotional manipulation. I've been made to open up about myself, reassured as if I meant something , then discarded after someone got their nut off.
So because I want to be authentic , and a healthy person who genuinely wants to contribute to my partners life or atleast have a decent connection, I get hurt , and it's my fault for just being that way. For being opened and honest and caring. For not seeing human connection as an opportunity to lie about your feelings, to fuck someone, and then discard them like a disposable Fleshlight. People talk like you're not supposed to care about the people you sleep with and spend a lot of time with. If they hurt you , well they shouldn't mean anything because no one should be able to hurt you. So it's my fault when someone intentionally deceives me into being vulnerable and thinking I mean more than I do to them.
Life keeps feeding me a constant , no breaks , no benefits , stream of pain and bullshit. I get kicked when I'm already down only to get a confusing mix of people screaming get up and stay down , simultaneously.
I work fast to reach my goals because I know if I don't finally achieve some semblance of stability and happiness, one day I'm going to snap and kill myself and it's not up to me if that happens. It's not my fucking decision. I was robbed of the ability to love myself and fix myself by my parents, and life seems to throw specific experiences at me that destroy all progress whenever I try. I was once a compassionate and loving person but I am growing cold and hopeless, and I envy sociopaths and the sociopathic tendencies of the people who've thrown me away and have been okay with hurting me. I feel as if I'm not sociopathic for the way people are.
I'm trying my best to make my life okay, before my heart and soul become so fucking damaged by everyone else's inability to give a shit about another human being , that the impatience I get accused of , is my race against the demise that will befall me if life keeps fucking me up like this.
I'm so tired. I'm so tired. I want to sleep forever. I don't know what to do.
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2023.06.03 22:41 Italian_Mole_Rat Aita for not wanting to be bff with someone after they told our parents EVERYTHING

So i 16yr old F had a bestfriend 15yr old F to sum this all up bascially me and this girl had been bestfriends since we were in elementary ever since middle and highschool she has been acting weird We were the very close and we hung out like people usually do i told her everything from personal problems to even who our crushes were. At one point in time in middle school i got into a bit of an argument with someone and it eventually got resolved. I didnt tell her what happen because i have already left it alone. We all met up and apologized to one another and called it a day. After a few month while were going middle school My bestfriend lets call her samantha, samantha told her mom a group of girls where trying to jump me and samantha. I was confused because the year just started and i didnt know alot of people except for a few that went to my old school. So my mom me and her mom and samantha wanted to meet up on my porch she then explained that apparently someone wanted to fight me no reason was specified.i asked her if she knew who it was and then thats when she started crying and telling me she didnt know and started bringing up things that i told her personally as my bff and brung up other things that had nothing to do with it. So i asked her why shes bringing up nosense and she then told my mom that i was smoking/drinking. I admit i was vaping at the time and i was trying to quit i only drunk alcohol once before with my mother. Samantha me and both our parents went to the school with concern for someone jumping me and her. We asked to see the camera footage to see what hapenned i could tell samantha was nervous but i didnt say anything the principal and vice principal both checked the footage. She lied not only to me but her parent and my mother. Later on she asked to talk to me since i stopped talking to her samantha went on and said that she was sorry and asked to be friends i told her no becahse i dont want to be friends with someone who lied to me and her and my parents
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