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Man united and Mason Greenwood have held "talks"

2023.03.30 20:56 bigupnumber25 Man united and Mason Greenwood have held "talks" - wonder what GoldBridge is going to say.
While this would solve our striker problem and Greenwood is innocent under law, this leaves a sour taste in my mouth, if you haven't heard the recordings I suggest you do, this whole situation stinks and I'm not sure what to think.
Should he return or not? if you ask me, he shouldn't though he would benefit the squad. I think he is a disgusting rapist and don't want him anywhere near Old Trafford or Carrington
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2023.03.30 20:55 moneybullets [WTS/WTT] Hogue Mini RSK Magnacut, CRK Large Sebenza Insingo PJ Magnacut

Hogue Video-
Sebenza Video-
Hello everybody!
A couple of good ones today.
  1. Hogue Mini RSK Magnacut- Second owner. When I received this it had a chip in the blade and a horrible grind/sharpening job. It was around 11 dps near the front of the blade and around 17 dps at the heel end. I sharpened it to 15-16 dps on my TS Prof with Venev stones. I gave it a high polish that is reflective but not mirror. It’s very sharp and the bevels are even. I carried it a day and used it to open some boxes and plastic bags. The milled carbon fiber scales look great but are a little rough. I carried it without the pocket clip the day I carried it. The pocket clip has a few marks on it that I show in the pictures. Has very slight play both ways if you grab it by the tip. This is because of the bar lock and is barely noticeable. Centering is good. No marks on it I can find. Comes with original packaging.
SV$180 PPFF No Trades on this one.
  1. CRK Large Sebenza Insingo PJ- At least second owner on this one. I’ve never carried it but it has been carried and disassembled. Expect some snails. There is a little mark on the show scale. The blade has the factory edge and no marks on it. Centering seems to favor the show side a little. I haven’t tried to remedy that. This knife would become almost brand new with a spa treatment. There is ano wear on the thumbstud. DOB-July 13 2022 Comes with everything except the lanyard (have the pin) and Allen wrench (I probably have one laying around if you need it.)
I would like to look at trades first on the Sebenza. Plus cash to me. If you want to buy it I will honor first I’ll take it/YOLO.
A couple of things I’m looking for are…
Native 5 S90V/Fluted Carbon Fiber
Neutron 2 Titanium (maybe other scales)
DCC String Bean or Lil Rascal
Macnees MAC 3
Maybe some others shoot your shot.
I ship USPS Priority via Pirateship within 24hrs of purchase.
Thanks for looking!
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2023.03.30 20:54 Suspicious-Bug7030 Help me please

feel like this is an obvious answer to my question but as per usual I always second guess myself.
A little back story-
Me (F-32) moved with my boyfriend (M-41) back to his hometown following his cancer diagnosis to be near cancer centers and since he's not able to work. I am the only one working in the home that his parents own and live in currently...
He has family around there to help him with various tasks... Even though he depends on me for nearly all of it. I don't know anyone in this town, I have no friends and no family around here.
The kicker is my parents health is getting worse and I'm roughly 100 miles away from them.
I don't wanna break up with him but I feel like I should go up there and take care of my parents.
Should I? My heart is telling me I should go up there and be with them, but my boyfriend is gonna get upset if I do.
TL;DR should I go take care of my parents back home and leave my boyfriend back with his family?
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2023.03.30 20:54 travtex Where to go from here? ( Senior IT/DevOps/DBA )

So, I've had one of those atypical tech careers. I've been a hobbyist since late 80s/early 90s. Started doing some web design and development on the side for a government job back in the '00s. Then I jumped ship into Healthcare for a while and found myself training people on their data entry systems while being a clinician. Once I hit the burnout on my clinical career, I decided to hop into a bootcamp and fill the holes in my web dev skillset.
From there, I became a full-timer and worked a few web developer roles with a dev shop and a couple of startups. Eventually I landed a front-end job with my current organization ( Smallish nonprofit ). That quickly expanded to hybrid mobile developer, then general attrition over the next few years had me cross-training anything and everything. Meanwhile, I finished a BS in Information Technologies.
I took over the department about five or six years ago, for a while being the only member of the IT/Development/Database/Security/Sysadmin/All-Computer-Stuff department for an organization researching data for an educational site serving about 10-12 million users annually.
I hired a small team, which has been the same few people for 4-5 years. For most of this time there's been steady growth, and our usual daily grind is the battle against years of accumulated technical debt and lack of time to do everything. My day-to-day technical contribution has morphed into more of a DevOps role than anything, though I'm also the only DB Admin/Project Manager, and I'm throwing in a full API rebuild on the side to update a 15 year old system with huge volume subscribers ( Search engines, other nonprofits, etc ).
Through most of this, compensation has been stagnant. I made a jump from 50k to 85k when I took over the department, and that's just recently bumped to 100k. I know for what I'm doing that's not the market rate, but it's a good nonprofit mission, so I've just accepted that as part of the deal. Right now my insurance has thrown about a $3500 annual premium hike at me while also providing even more terrible services and benefits than before.
I have leukemia, and various autoimmune/metabolic issues so I can't just NOT have the healthcare. I have an 8yo, so I'd like it to be -good- healthcare to get me through at least another couple of decades. I'm currently a little bit shy of 50 years old. The benefits problem is becoming untenable, really. Right now I'm over 10K in just for premiums, then the insurance won't cover anything until I'm meeting a further 3k's worth of deductible.
SO. I've kind of looked at the job market, at least a couple of years ago. My age along with the breadth of my experience tends to work against me. Should I just double down on the management track? Should I sit for a few AWS certs and just keep doing what I'm doing with a more modern DevOps role? I still like being an IC -- ( I think I took on the current development project at least partially just to get to learn a new framework and build something because building stuff and learning things is fun ) ... BUT it seems like I'm too much the middle-aged generalist to land a senior dev role and too much middle-aged leadership experience to land a junior dev role.
I guess I'm just kind of looking for possibilities from a semi-comfortable rut. Thanks!
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2023.03.30 20:53 Amazing_Salt Fucking 😡🍆 sick 🤕 of my ideas not ❌🙏 being 😑🔥 used in 👆🍌 IAT 💰 projects 🏠

another 🚪🚪 fucking 💰 semester went 👏 by, 🍂 another semester of egoistic groups who thinks 🤔 they should have 🅱 ALL 👩👬 the 🚽 fucking 🏿 creative control, 😵 and force me to do 💕💦 basic 😚🌑 grunt work. 🏢 So that they 👉👬 can 👏 put 👏 these 👆 projects on their portfolios and 💦🙏 leave 💀👎 me to 💦🏃 the fucking dust. It's ➡ been 😀 a 🍆 thing 😂🦊 for 😣🌹 3 years, 💯 the ✝ exact 👌 same ❗ thing, over 🤔😩 and 💰 over. 👏 From 👉🐣 IAT 106 and IAT 💰 235 where 🙅 this same 💁 bitch just throw 😷😷 out 🍭 my ➡😡 ideas and 💆 force 😣 me 🤓 to work on ♿🔛 theirs, won't 💪 even 👎 allowing me 👩😤 to 🚓 make 🖕🙋 my own ♂😎 adjustment to 💦💦 her 👩 idea. every ⓜ👖 single major 😳😳 and 🔫 minor suggestions I 👏 made 👑⚗ the 🚮 entire group gang 💎✔ up 👀👭 on 😂👇 me to 💦 fight me over 💦 ruining 😭😭 their 💦 "perfect" idea 💡💡 and 👩 that my ideas don't 🙅 make sense, 🤓👂 guess what, 😕😦 your 👏😫 stupid 🤔💩 red 🎴 hair and 👏 its 🌲 stupid 📖💩 hairstyle is the 🏡🕵 thing 🔥📴 that makes 💘 no 🏻♂ sense. 💰 IAT 💰💰 202 where 😭🌎 all 👨 my 👀 inputs on 😁 shot 🔫🔫 composition and 👏 story 📗📗 are ❓ thrown out ⬇ in 👏 favor of 💦 a 👭 single 🚫 person's 🗣🚫 idea 💡 which is 🍅 fucking 🙏 bad, I was 🔪 so 🙇 fucking 👉 looking 👀 forward to 🏼 IAT 💰 202, making 📉 films is like ❤👍 my childhood dream, i wanted to 💦🚫 make the 👏 best film ever using my own ideas, my 👨😀 asshole 😍 group 👥👥 members 👨 ruined ❌❌ it, 😢😂 instead im 😂👀 treated like 😄💖 a 🐝🔫 minimum wage worker that 🔀 is holding the camera 📹📷 and boom 💥💣 mic instead of 💦👅 the 🌊 one ☝🏼 making 🛠📉 shot 🔫 lists. I 👁🤞 wasn't even 😒🌃 allowed 🙄🛑 to edit the 🅱👏 film 🎥 when 😂 I 👏 got 38.5/40 for the 🥗 first project, ↗ while 👱⏳ they 🙋👩 got 🍸🏻 only fucking 😡😫 30. 🚹🚹 to 🎀💰 IAT 💰 233 where 🏿😾 group members 👨 force 😖 me to 🍅 make 3d models and a 👌 showcase video 📹▶ of 💦 their 😐👏 own 😎☯ fucking 🍆😡 idea for a ⛄👌 pavilion like ❤ I 💯 am 🚫🏳 a 😍 for hire animator. They ♂😱 wouldn't even 🌩🆗 put 🏻 my 😡 initial 💇 sketches of 💦😍 our own 💛🌈 ideas on 🏿💦 the 🌫 presentation or 👱💰 the 👏👦 website. Im 😷😊 supposed 👏👏 to be 💰👏 designing buildings in this 👈👈 course, 😤 instead all 🤰 Ive done 😤👌 all semester is getting 😚➡ assigned the 👧😂 lowly labour like gluing cardboard because 👑 of ☝ 6 entitled 😊 fuckfaces spanning 4 😘💦 projects who 🔭 won't 💪 let 🙆😤 me contribute creatively. to 🏻💦 IAT 💰💰 222 where 🔭 no 💦❌ one 💯 even considers my 😤🏿 idea 🤣 for a 🚕💰 art 🎨💋 project, instead 🚔👍 throwing all 👦💯 the programming work 💵 to me like 🏾 some 💚 grunt as 🅰🍑 if 👏 I 👀👉 love ❤💋 programming when I 🚫 quit 🏽 CS for a 💅 fucking reason. 😤🙎 At 🍴 least 🚟 for 👨👏 this project ↗ I 📺 get 💦 to 💦 sabotage it somewhat and 👏🙌 make it 😽💯 bad on 👀 purpose 😀😵 since 💦 I'm 😂 doing 😛😧 all 🤵👴 the 😞🏾 programming work while they sit 💺 around ↪🕥 just 😣👌 drawing things.. 💰💰 And 👏 guess 🤔😦 what Mr.M___a_l 🦀 _a_g, your 👀🤴 ideas fucking 👌😡 sucked 💦 like 👌 I 😋 told 🗣👩 you, I 😡🎓 told 🗣👉 you ❌ in your 👉🏾 face 👍 that 😐 you 😂🤔 are 🙏💰 a 🍑🅱 fucking dumbass, and 👉✔ I was 😣 right. ✅❤ We got a 55%. Had 🅰🍑 you 👈👃 guys 💪😑 done 🏿✅ my idea 👌 it's practically a 👌👌 A- guaranteed. Now in 😫📥 the 3 IAT 💰 classes Im taking 💅 this semester, the same 😂 thing 🔥👌 happen ♂♂ fucking 👈 again, 😎😬 i ☝ don't understand 😷 why 🤔🤔 IAT 💰 is 😒💦 full 👌 of 👉 dumbass control ✋👉 freaks 😂 who 😒 don't 🚫 understand ☣ group projects 🏠 and group 👥 projects 🏠 and ➕🔫 they 👵👥 are 🏻🙏 not 🉐 fucking 💰👉 entitled 😊 to 🔟 all 💯👨 the creative 💭 input. ➡ Just 🕛💪 looking at 🎓🍆 other 💰😂 people 👦♀ portfolio 📊📊 pisses me off, ♂ that fancy walkthrough video 🔊🎥 of 💦 your architecture 3D model, 🤳 I. 👁 FUCKING. MADE. IT. Both 👬 the 👌🐕 3d model and 🌰👏 the 😂💞 animation and 👏 the editing are 👌 done 🏽 by 😈😈 me. 🏻 Who 🔎 the fuck are ☺💰 you 🙌 to put ⬇😏 it ✋ on 🔛🔛 your portfolio 📊 site, 📥 didn't even 🌃🆗 credit 👌 me for making 👧👧 the ❌🌌 fucking 👉 video, ⏸🎥 what, 😦 just because it's 👱 your idea 🤣🤣 you 🏻👈 think 💩 you are ⛔🏼 so high 🆙👍 and mighty? if it's 🚫😩 legal for ☯ me 💁 to 🎓✌ sue 🔫 her 👱 I 👀👁 would 😎🏽 fucking 👉➡ do it. ❌ Just fucking once, 👆 i 🎼👄 wnat people 👱 to 💦 use 👏 my ideas, just ♀🗣 fucking once. 🏳 I've done 💯🅱 what? 👏🚟 over 👇 40-50 group 🅱🅱 projects? 🏠🏠 In 👏👈 NONE ❌ of them I 👁 get to use my ideas, instead 🤷👽 all 👌 I 👁💰 did was making other 🕹 people's 👨 dream project ⬆ come 💦💦 true 🏼☑ FOR 💊 them 😢 like a 📐 slave. 🙇 this 😆 major is a 👌 fucking joke, 🐪 the 👏 people in 💘 it moreso. Why the fucking 🏿👉 am i doing 😛 grunt work 🔨 like 👍 gluing cardboards/holding the 👏 boom mic/writing report on 🔛 other 👪👨 people's ideas/doing all 😢 the 📖 boring coding and ✊🙏 modeling while other 🏫🙅 people had 🅱💋 all the fun 🍬🍬 having 😋 all 👶👩 the 🍩 creative control and 🔙 get to 💦⛔ make the project ⬆↗ they want 💦😋 to make. 📝📣
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2023.03.30 20:52 _BASSBIN_ Raid completions should not be part of the ranking system.

As a person whom has played since D1 beta, but doesn't raid, I find this really annoying. I've solo cleared legend Lost Sectors, I've cleared GM nightfalls, I've amassed nearly a million enemy kills in D2 alone. But, I don't care to raid, never have. While I know some raids can be done fairly quickly VoG, RoN, etc, and others can be a real slog, LW and GoS, it doesn't matter to me. I'm not terribly good at mechanics gameplay, and I don't particularly enjoy LFGing for 6 person activities for a few reasons. One, people get annoyed and start bitching at each other. Two, there's always that one player who wants to tell you how to play and what to run. Honestly, it's not worth the hassle.
Generally when I play in a fireteam it is with 2 buddies, one near me on the US east coast and another buddy that lives in England. We all belong to a small clan and the 3 of us are the most active members.
I have a job, wife, kids, elderly parents to care for, etc that my time is oigated to. So, there is the problem of not really having a bunch of time to just disappear into the game for anywhere from 3 to 8 hours or more for a difficult raid run.
For the ranking system to require any raid clears to me does a disservice to veteran players like me who now have life obligations that supercede just being able to sit around and game whenever I want to as I did when Destiny first launched.
If someone here were to make the argument that the issue isn't that the raid clears are there, but that they are required too early in the ranks, I might be able to agree with that. But going from rank 7 to 8? C'mon, that's asking a lot. Especially when going from rank 1 to 6 takes about 2 hours total game time. Sure, maybe 9 to 10, that I could see, I'd feel like that was fair.
It just seems like for a long time player like myself to sit forever at rank 7 in a system that not many people like anyways is unnecessary at best and disrespectful at worst.
That's my two cents.
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2023.03.30 20:52 r-Gonn [FOR HIRE] Characters commissions open! Send me a DM (+info in comments)

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2023.03.30 20:52 kindapishy Discussions about handling layoffs

I got laid off a week ago and I’ve been feeling really bad, since a lot of people also has been going through the same thing maybe we can talk about it? I don’t want to talk about it with people in my life, haven’t told anyone yet.
I was working as a junior swe for the last year and will be graduating in 2 months and my company was in the process of relocating me to EU. I live in a 3rd world country that is in a pretty bad and unsafe situation. I also stopped taking money from my abusive family after I got the job but I don’t have enough savings to keep me for a long time. I was just about to escape and form my own life but now I have no money, dependent on my abusive family in this country. I was so close and now I feel so disappointed. I knew this was coming as we stopped new hires a month ago and started applying but no one will provide visa to me in this economy. I feel so tired, I literally worked for this for the last 7 years. I know this isn’t something personal and a lot of people go through it, but I still feel really bad.
I guess this is it, I still feel like talking but really hard to talk about it and no need to write pages on a reddit post. Anyone else feeling the same way? Any advices? I fear dying here before getting to live my life, I know it is a possibility and life is not fair but I am still so sad.
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2023.03.30 20:52 AdSpecialist6598 I despise people who use anti-work ideas to justify their own selfishness not you are not anti-work because you believe in its principals, or you see the issues you are anti-work because you are lazy, entitled, and don't want to do anything with your life and we all suffer for it.

For context, I am disabled, and I live with my elderly mom and 1 near do well sibling. When covid happened by dad passed suddenly and the replacement aid fell through, so I had to give the job to the sibling who I do not like at all. They for lack of a better phase are 9 going on 29. They are a man-child who is throwing a lifelong pity party because adulthood "sucks". Now he greatly resents me b/c he says my disability and who I am because he says I ruined his life. Okay fair enough, I am not easy live with, and I made many mistakes but I have reached out to repair things, but he is not interested which is his choice but what he doesn't have the right to do is refusing to do your job and cost me my health and future b/c you not only have an axe to grid but mostly b/c you are a lazy entitled fuck head.
I did not want to give him the job at all b/c of who he is and what he was going to do. But I had no choice I was like look man we got issues with each other but I your help. We don't have to like each other but we can be professional and respectful; and as long as you do your job, the way I need you to because Iam entrusting you with my safety and well-being for the time being we are good. If you fuck around like you, do you are going to have your ass handed to you.
Nearly, three years later, he hasn't done a damn thing. He has not done anything but watch crunchy roll and espn all day including doing everything he can to avoid paying for household expenses. And he justifies this by using anti-work talking points, ableism, bullying, entitlement, and self-loathing.
Now I am taking steps to not only get myself better and the help I need and to make sure he pays the piper so to speak but sadly things move slowly, and things are slanted against disabled people. Of course, he not only he accuses me of being an asshole that is ruining his life but is the kind of person that the anti-work movement is going to take down huh?
Before anybody asks, he had outs, he dropped out of school because he didn't want to pay for textbooks and refused my offer to pay for them instead because he didn't want to "owe" anyone especially me. And people including his former friends of whom he burned tried to get him better opportunities like much better jobs often going above and beyond he not only turned them down but burn them down b/c he felt he was too good for them, but the truth is b/c it is easier to be nothing and be bitter and hateful than to try and be something better.
So many people are like him. They aren't anti-work b/c of all the challenges, unfairness, and bad breaks etc, which is fair no when you get down to it, they are anti-work b/c they don't want to work b/c they for whatever reason don't want to do or be anything. People like my brother are the tyle of people that undermine the movement. Now am I unbiased in my brother's case? No of course not and can I do better I am trying, and can he change and can folks like him change for the better absolutely it happens all the time but don't hide behind anti-work.
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2023.03.30 20:52 mkriles How to talk to guy I’m seeing about Grindr/apps, what we are

Still early on with a guy and not sure how to ask about grindapps, and about where we stand.
So I met this guy off grindr (I know), but it hasn’t been like any other situation I’ve had off there. We chatted for a while initially then ended up snapping and FaceTiming for hours that same night. Next night we FaceTimed even longer. Both kept saying things like how surprised we were how natural it felt, like we already knew each other, he kept saying he hadn’t been this excited to meet someone in a while. We finally then met up a couple days later for dinner and I ended up going to his and staying the night after he asked me to. The chemistry in person was even better. Since then we’ve hung out every other night (and not for like a quick hookup— been regularly staying the night, cuddling, then often hanging out well into the next day). On days we don’t see each other, we’re constantly messaging, sometimes talking on the phone, etc.
It’s only been three weeks so I know it’s way too soon to ask what’s going on. But it certainly feels like we’re in an early phase of dating. When we first started talking, we’d both expressed we were looking for a FWB situation, but that was before we were FaceTiming for 5 hours straight and sending sappy messages. He also said some things that made it seem like he was open to something more and there are just regular casual references to things we’ll be doing in the near future. Maybe this is what FWB means to him— for me that usually looks a lot different.
Regardless, I’m very much of the mindset of— if I’m really enjoying something and someone’s company, I’m not interested in looking elsewhere right then. I don’t delete apps or anything, but I’m not logging on and messaging guys. Now, I know that’s not the case for him. (Notifications from tindehinge/Grindr occasionally pop up when he’s showing me photos or videos on his phone, or if it’s there on the nightstand, and he definitely doesn’t flinch or hide them. At the same time, they’re definitely not constant the way they would be if he was super active.)
Wouldn’t say I love seeing these things pop up, but I get it, we’ve only been hanging out a short while and we haven’t talked officially about us or apps. I also appreciate how he’s not trying to hide them or be secretive. Only thing I had asked a couple weeks ago was checking in to see if he was sleeping with anyone else and to ask if we’d say anything if either one of us did. (He said he wasn’t and took the question well.)
But I’m at the point now where I don’t know if I can hold off much longer on asking the more pointed questions. It’s been made a lot worse by finally checking Grindr today (I’d been offline for two weeks but my curiosity/worries got the best of me), and seeing he was last active yesterday— exactly between when we talked on the phone and when we met up a half hour later. That timing alone really rubs me the wrong way. But I’m all the more turned off because I was meeting up to help him pack and move a bunch of stuff (did that for hours before staying the night again). It just feels shitty in that specific context, even if we haven’t had a conversation about our situation.
How do I broach the topic of apps and what’s going on between us without seeming too intense or clingy this early on? I don’t know if I’m even interested in trying to define boundaries or in him getting off apps, so much as trying to understand what he’s looking for—both with us, and on the apps. (Is he looking for dates? Hookups? Chats?) I’m really liking what’s going on, whatever it is. I just don’t like not knowing what it means to him.
I know the usual refrain is to say don’t trust guys off Grindr and not to expect much with someone off it. But would appreciate insights (along those lines and not) all the same.
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2023.03.30 20:51 Cautious-Building-29 Need advice/reassurance

I’m supposed to be getting my wisdom teeth removed in the near future but I’m extremely terrified of the entire process I might have to go through (including general anesthesia and the aftermath of the surgery). I’m really scared about what’s going to happen to me. Is the surgery gonna be as bad as I think it’s gonna be, or am I just overreacting? Will the anesthesia make me feel sick?
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2023.03.30 20:51 Solid-Rhoads Really questioning my value and my worth when it comes to work lately. Advice?

Edit: sorry this turned into an essay 🙃
I’ve been struggling to get back into the workforce for a couple of years now, following COVID Unemployment (I was in the service industry, and a freelance media producer before). I’ve taken odd jobs here and there doing media stuff, mostly remote, and I’ve been thinking about setting up a Fiverr seller page. But when I apply to jobs/gigs I often feel inferior to other applicants, many of whom are younger than me (I’m in my early 30’s now). In just the past couple weeks, I’ve applied to nearly 30 jobs and heard almost nothing back.
My first flare and subsequent Lupus diagnosis set me back on graduating college, and ever since it’s felt like a struggle just to keep up with the “average” folks in my chosen industries, with no hope of ever matching those that truly excel. For restaurant work (cooking/bartending/managing), I feel less cognitively clear than others, and my energy doesn’t compare in the slightest. My body also can’t take the 400mg of caffeine a day it took to keep up anymore. Working in media at the television and film level requires extremely long days that I can’t reliably/consistently make it through anymore( usually 10-16 hours). Freelance media production gives me a little more freedom, but when I look at the portfolios of others that I’m competing with, mine simply doesn’t compare. I haven’t had the energy to produce an impressive body of work while also doing what I need to simply survive. Even on Fiverr I see people offering 24 hour turn arounds on custom logo animations and video edits; that’s a lot of work and some long hours to put in to get something like that done in a day, which I simply can’t promise clients. And I can’t simply blow them away with the quality of my work; I have a degree in media production, with courses in advanced video editing, but honestly I don’t think i’m even THAT good. I see kids who’ve learned After Effects off YouTube who seem to be more proficient than me even with my degree.*
I’m trying to strike a balance between not letting my disease rule my life, while also acknowledging the very real limitations it puts on me.
*I’ll note that my perspective may also be slightly more cynical than usual at the moment, as it doesn’t help that I’m also trying to do everything I can right now to try to help my mother who’s dealing with stage 4 duodenal (intestinal) cancer, and still trying to cope with the woman I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with leaving me after 11 years together for her younger, healthier coworker [pretty much left me the day my mom went in for surgery (but that’s a post maybe for a different subreddit, and a different day)].
So, I guess my question is, what advice do you all have on how to level the playing field when it comes to getting work and keeping up, especially when we’re competing directly against healthy folks? How do you improve or supplement your worth while operating within the bounds of this disease? How can you better keep employers or clients from writing you off, and replacing you with someone who doesn’t need shorter days, days off and/or accommodations? I should also note that I’m in the United States where the default work ethic is to work yourself into the dirt.
Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this short novel of a post and reply.
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2023.03.30 20:50 kappakeats [Discussion] The anime is kind of mediocre?

I''ll admit that I only started watching the anime to understand the yuri ships (between actual ships... ha... ha) but that's been my reason for starting other shows like Love Live which is genuinely great. Yet I'm finding the anime is just not what it could be. I haven't played the game and probably never will but I don't think that should really impact my enjoyment.
It feels like they can't figure out the tone. After episode 3 they had a chance to get serious for at least one episode and show the weight of the battles. They could have had an episode about the girls trying to make themselves feel better and then end it with the crying scene which was actually very satisfying. I'm reminded of how Gurren Lagan handled things. But instead it turned into whacky hijinks and idol battles. I'm not saying it had to be a fully serious episode, but it should have been more focused on the emotions of the characters. They nearly did with the first scene in the classroom and then they just flipped back into random slice of life.
I'm going to finish up the show and I don't think it's terrible or anything. Any scene with Kaga and Akagi is enough to keep me going. But man... It's just written pretty poorly.
How do you view the anime? Am I overlooking things or maybe it gets better? I'm also interested in S2 although I've heard it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for people who haven't played the game. The tone also looks depressing (I accidentally watched episode 1 and it was pretty sad). Maybe that's more my style though, I dunno.
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2023.03.30 20:50 TheGhostDM Wish-list of Base Building Features

This is one of the friendliest communities on Reddit, so I thought y'all might be receptive to my wish-list of NMS features I'd like to see from Hello Games. I know HG reads this forum, too, so... if y'all are reading I'd not only love these, I'd pay to see them implemented!

  1. More building objects per base I might be an edge use case, but my current love in NMS is the building aspect. I enjoy creating towns and settlements, and populating homes with trappings that tell a story is one of my favorite things. Alas, I the 3000 unit limit for shareable bases suggests that if I build out some of my ideas, they'll never have the chance to get shared. I'd love to see that limit lifted so I can build out some truly epic ideas.
  2. True multiplayer bases My girlfriend and I like to build together. It would be great if we could tag a base as co-owned so that we could both work on it, use it, and change it regardless of whether or not the other was online.
  3. More diverse / varied biomes, multiple biomes per planet I know this is a difficult one, but... planets are pretty one-note right now (though they're undeniably beautiful.) Generating more realistic planets with diverse biomes would be great! I have seen mods that do this, so it seems at least possible in theory. Maybe this could be a feature of a new set of galaxies?
  4. If you build it, they will come Simply... a way to designate a building or a town as an "NPC dwelling," ways to recruit merchants, etc would be fun. Seeing a town with people wandering around would make things feel more populated.
  5. Linked Bases Look, I like to build... a lot. Letting me expand my base boundaries by linking two or more adjacent bases would be amazing! I can approximate that with bases near each other, but why not let me link the two?
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2023.03.30 20:49 hodsct59 Choices for Oaklawn Park April 1, 2023 Arkansas Derby Day

Here are my choices for races 1-9 for Oaklawn Park April 1, 2023 Arkansas Derby Day. I will post the other races probably sometime tomorrow after I look them over good and type why I am taking a chance on them. Like last week at FG, there are some races that a longshot or two looks live and then other races where it will be hard to deny the top 3 or 4 favorites. And as always, my interest lies in finding those longshots and betting them when I think I have found one. Good Luck to all!
1st Race; Maiden Special Weight --- Purse $110,000 ---- 3 YO Fillies --- 6 Furlongs:
1)Sharp Attitude (12-1) has two starts, finishing 2nd in fillies' division of the Arizona Breeders Futurity a restricted state bred races for 2 YO. In her second start, she drew the 7th post on a sloppy track at OP, did not break near as well as her bloodlines suggests she should, then went widest of all without ever getting involved in the race. That race is essentially a toss for me, and I will give her another chance. Trainer is adding blinkers for this race, she has one average looking work since her last start, but trainer is switching jockeys and has named Luis Quinonez, a long time OP jockey who is known for blowing up the exotics here when dismissed in betting. Her sire is Sharp Azteca who won the G1 Cigar Mile H one month after finishing 2nd in the G1 BC Dirt Mile, beating a solid field. Broodmare sire, Rocky Bar, won one listed stake among his five lifetime wins but is a son of the speedy In Excess, who is also sire of Indian Charlie and is dam, To The Post, is a daughter of Bold Ego. 5x4 to Mr Prospector but she has a cross to Chop Chop, a son of Flares, in Storm Bird's dam line and in her own dam line along with U.S. TC winner Omaha, a full brother to Flares, also in her dam line. Crossing in the sire lines and dam lines with important stallions/broodmares is what has been reproducing the X-factor gene since it was first developed, especially if they are in a few choice spots. My choice to win.
6) Mary's Boon (6-1) caught off tracks in her first two and only starts, battled for the lead through very brisk and identical paces, but lost the battle both times to the eventual winners, one a highly regarded odds on favorite and then a first-time starter with solid bloodlines who was dismissed in the wagering. Should be the one that controls the pace early and have something left in the stretch. Though she has no works since her last, she does have a high percentage winning trainer and bloodlines to win early and often in her career. Likely to be live. 4x4 to Mr Prospector, 5x5 to Secretariat. Extremely well bred.
2) Goddess Of War (12-1) is a first-time starter. She has been on the work tab for quite some time and has shown some ability in about half of her works. However, what separates her from other firsters is she has worked multiple times at 5 furlongs, which is what most trainers nowadays uses as a stamina building work and clues you in to many high-priced winners when several of them are decent or good. She did most of her preparations at Turf Paradise but shipped into OP a few weeks ago and worked a deceptive good 4 furlongs, especially coming off a long van ride and then an easy 5 furlongs six days later that was a designed leg stretcher to keep her happy until race day. Her sire, Atta Boy Roy, won a G2 sprint and several other smaller stake races among his 14 wins in 36 starts and broodmare sire, Sky Mesa, won 3 of 6 starts including the G1 7F Hopeful S and G2 1 1/16M Breeders' Futurity. 4x5 to Seattle Slew, but in wrong spots to fully benefit a foal but gets help with crossings to Secretariat and his 2 best dirt producing daughters along with a Bold Rule daughter as the fifth dam. Also 5x4 to Northern Dancer in the right location of a pedigree.
8) Beautiful Bolt (4-1) has started once, on a sloppy track, and like my top choice drew the far outside and really was at a disadvantage but he still set in a perfect spot entering the stretch while watching two front runners battle but then faded. Jockey started this meet extremely hot in December but has cooled considerably. One decent work since his last work and has the bloodlines to win this race. It will be a matter if he can improve off his first race enough to beat a couple of these. 5x5 to Northern Dancer, Sir Ivor and Secretariat with 4 crosses to Somethingroyal through her sons Secretariat and Sir Gaylord, sire of Sir Ivor.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 1-6, $1 Tri Box 1-2-6, $.30 Super Box 1-2-6-8, $1 Super Key 1 with 2-6-8 with 2-6-8 with 2-6-8. Total Risks $29.20.
Race 2: Allowance O/C 25K ---N/W $23K Twice Lifetime (Means 23K in winning purses in allowance races including state bred) --- Purse $125,000 ---- 3 YO & Up F&M Arkansas Bred --- 6 Furlongs:
4) Chai Tea (4-1) has won once in 18 starts but qualifies as the class of the field. This race is restricted to state bred foes but at least 5 of her starts has come in open bred fields, including 4 allowance races and one starter allowance 50K in addition to finishing 4th in a 150K state bred stakes race 2 starts back. Likely to get good odds because jockey and trainer has been in a meet long slump but have teamed up before to shock bettors several times at OP. Top choice in a weak field.
9) Hamazing Debating (8-1) finished 3rd in her last race at 60-1 and is actually the horse that renewed my confidence and realizing my slump was likely nearing an end, if I continued to pay attention and working hard. While I missed that exacta (1st & 3rd), I did have my usual tri box. I thought she needed one more race before reaching her best form but was in a weak field with the two favorites from that race entered here again. She now has that needed start and could win but her jockey has not even been close to performing up to his usual standard at the meet. However, he is a decent jockey and it is only a matter of time before he snaps out of it.
7) Pattern Bet (5-1) was the beaten second choice three weeks back against my second choice today. She is closest to returning to her top form, but she could very well need one more start. Trainer is not following his usual pattern with this one and seems to be trying to run her back into shape instead of using works, and this could be because she has a minor physical ailment he's trying to protect or she simply doesn't apply herself in her works, making it difficult to see where she is in her training. I will be using caution, but she probably does not need her best race to win this, just something close to it.
6) She's Storming (20-1) is a 3 yo filly but is technically carrying top weight on the weight for age scale. Otherwise, she would be further up my list but it is way too early for a 3 YO to be giving their elders weight. She will not actually be turning 3 YO until the day after this race. However, her 7th dam, Right About, is a daughter of U.S. TC winner Citation and Right About's dam, Whirl Right, is a full sister to 1941 U.S. TC winner, Whirlaway. She has one work since her last start and it was a bullet work at 5 furlongs, the best of 16 that worked at that distance on that day. But it came on a good track and times are often wrong or deceiving on most off tracks, due to temporary track bias.
My Bets: $5 Ex Box 4-9, $.50 Tri Box 4-7-9, $.30 Super Box 4-6-7-9. Total Risks $20.20.
Race 3: Allowance Which Have Not Won An Allowance Race Worth $23K To Winner Or Never Won Two Lifetime Races --- Purse $125,000 ---- 3 YO & Up F&M ---- 5 1/2 Furlongs:
8) Hypersport (9-5) looks to me will be the one that gets the early lead and it is very difficult to catch the front running speed at 5 1/2 furlongs at OP. Normally do not like betting horse that ran well on off tracks in their prior starts, but I will make an exception for this one mainly because she is coming back in 23 days and has two works, both leg stretching types, but both indicates trainer thinks she is sharp and peeking into her best form. A definite include in the exotics. 4x4x5 to Mr Prospector, 5x5x5 to Northern Dancer.
6) Thunders Rocknroll (12-1) broke her maiden in her first start against Minnesota state bred fillies in good time. However, like most other states, state bred types rarely produces horses that can be competitive against open bred foes. She then finished second in a state bred stakes before getting an almost six-month break. She switched trainers and looks like she was nearing a winning race on her return, but still needed a few more works but trainer decided to go ahead and run her, likely to give her an out before this start, which is carrying a purse $20K higher than a normal conditional allowance race at OP carries. But trouble found her, mostly of her own doing and the race looks dull on paper. She has two works since that start, both designed to get her closer to top physical conditioning without taking anything fitness already put in her out of her. and now will be racing with blinkers off. Her sire, Maclean's Music, made one lifetime start at SA and ran a 107 3/5 in a maiden race and was retired afterwards. Broodmare sire Thunder Gulch won the 1995 Ky Derby and Belmont S while finishing 3rd in the Preakness to his stablemate, Timber Country and is the sire of Point Given, who was unplaced in the 2001 Ky Derby then won the 2001 Preakness S and Belmont S. 4x5x4 to Mr Prospector, 5x5 to Northern Dancer.
1)Je Suis Rapide (20-1) was claimed three starts back by her current connections, worked twice at CD, then was raised several levels in class at TP made a bid to the stretch but flattening out in the stretch. Sent back to CD, given a few extra days to rest, then shipped much further to CT and raised again significantly in class into condition allowance class where she tracked the early pace but could not catch a 1/5 favorite while pulling away from the rest and finished 2nd while still trying in a good time for that bull ring type track. Sent back to CD but was given normal rest this time, then worked twice, the first was deceptive good then an easy work to help maintain her fitness and then shipped to OP to wait for her next start. 4x4x5 to Mr Prospector, 5x5x5 to Gold Digger.
7) Rollin Chrome (9-2) is the only filly in here that has won a conditional allowance race, but her winning purse was $19.2K, therefore, giving her an opportunity to run in this race. However, she is switching trainers and has no activity since her race over a month ago, usually an indication to look elsewhere to find horses more ready and fit to win. New trainer has been around awhile, including during the era when trainers prepared horses away from the track (to save money and fees), so this is likely his angle with this one. 4x5x4 to Mr Prospector, 5x5 to Northern Dancer.
My Risks: $4 Ex Box 6-8, $1 Tri Box 1-6-8, $1 Super 1-6-7 with 8 with 1-6-7 with 1-6-7. Total Risk $20.
Race 4: Maiden Special Weight --- Purse $110,000 --- 3 YOs & Up ---- 6 Furlongs:
2) Kingmaker (12-1) finished 3rd in the first start of his career with a decent late kick but like so many first-time starters that runs well, he struggled after that start. After 4 more disappointing effects, trainer gave him a few months break and decided to start over. He was working well for his return then probably put in slower work than the trainer really wanted to see at that time but then showed at least his late kick was still there to give his trainer something to work with. He has four more works since that comeback start, 3 of them useful and the 4th work was in the mud and was what looks like a leg stretching work to maintain his fitness more than to move him forward. Kingmaker is as ready to win as he has ever been and looks like the one to me. 4x5x5 to Mr Prospector, 5x5 to Northern Dancer & Secretariat.
6) Federal Judge (8-1) is a first-time starter. He was purchased for $200K as a yearling. First entered the official work tab last May to give new connections a real look of what they purchased, and he has shown he has some early speed through a series of 6-7 works. Given another six months to grow and mature, he re-entered the work tab at the start of this year. After 3 works at Win Star farm to begin this year, he was shipped to OP and turned over to trainer Brissett to prepare him for his debut. His works indicates he can turn it on or off according to what the jockey is asking him to do, which is what most trainers wants to see from their new trainees. His last two works are fairly fast but his last at 5 furlongs is what separates first start winners from ones who needs a start or two (at 5 furlongs or more) to perform their best. 4x5 to Mr Prospector, 5x5x5 to Northern Dancer.
7) Miracle Worker (7-5) finished 3rd in his first start, when he sat mid pack early behind a brisk early pace then came with a late run when called upon. Same tactics here will likely get the win but there is always the possibility he gets head strong with a new jockey he is not familiar with and battles for the early lead, with plenty signed up, that he tires late, and others take advantage. I personally normally prefer betting others that did not have a decent break or race in their first start than one like this who looks like he ran his race but could not finished the job unless the race was ran in a fast time. And in this case, the finish time was normal for maidens but slightly faster than normal for all classes at this track.
4) P R Call Me Maybe (30-1) has started 3 times and these races will all be tosses for me as he was prepared in all three starts by a trainer that has no idea how to train a racehorse and gave this horse not even a small chance to run a little, much less to impact a race. New owners got a harsh lesson that it takes a trainer who has at least a little knowledge on how to train and has switched trainers. Under his tutelage, the horse's works have improved and actually looks like a racehorse finally. Not likely to be in his top form yet, but if he is, he will blow this field away just on bloodlines. His sire did not win in six starts. His broodmare sire, Lion Heart, finished 2nd in the 2004 Ky Derby to Smarty Jones and is sire of top sprint sire, Kantharos. Sire of 2nd dam, Yankee Victor won the 2000 G1 Metropolitan H. Sire of 3rd dam, Mining, a son of Mr P by a daughter of Buckpasser, won 6 times in seven starts including the G1 Vosburgh and only loss came in the BC Sprint in his final start. Sire of 4th dam, Run Dusty Run finished 2nd in the Ky Derby and Belmont S and 3rd in the Preakness S to 1977 U.S. TC winner Seattle Slew. And sire of 5th dam, First Landing, finished 3rd in the Ky Derby and then sired 1972 Ky Derby & Belmont S winner, Riva Ridge. This is one underneath chance that I am always willing to take a chance on and have been rewarded several times on such chances.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 2-6, $1 Tri Box 2-4-6, $.20 Super Box 2-4-6-7, $1 Super Key 2 with 4-6-7 with 4-6-7. Total Risk $26.80.
Race 5: Oaklawn Mile S ---- Purse $400,000 --- 4 YO & Up ---- 1 Mile:
I will be passing this race.
Race 6: Maiden Special Weight --- Purse $110,000 ---- 3 YO & UP F&M Arkansas Bred ---- 6 Furlongs:
7) Arden Ar (20-1) will be making her first start of year. She has made two starts prior, one in 2021 where she finished second while rallying from last and then one start in 2022 a year later when she did not pick up her feet in a dull effort. This will be her third different trainer in as many starts but the first that has gotten any speed out of her in any of her works. Bred to be speedy and catches a field of Arkansas Bred fillies that looks weak on speed. 3x5x4 to Mr Prospector, 5x5 to Seattle Slew. 2nd dam is a full sister to Tiznow.
4) Delta Moon (12-1) had quite a few works at 3 and 4 furlongs in 2021 but connections decided she needed more time to develop. Brought back in mid 2022, she had one 3-furlong work and then a series of 4 furlongs works but no stamina building 5-furlongs works which is important especially for first time starters to perform their best. She ran a dull first race while never getting in serious contention, waited until OP opened in December and then race two more dull races on off tracks. Owner switched trainers and he put a 4-furlong gate work in her followed by 2 good 5 furlongs works in her before her next start and she finally showed a little life but broke slowly, gained some ground then was bother by another foe stopping her momentum but was rolling late. Trouble has found her in each of her last three starts and she will be a major factor if she can finally avoid getting in trouble. 4x4 to Cox's Ridge, 4x5x5 to Mr Prospector 5x5 to Damascus and Laughter (daughter of Shenanigans and 1/2 sister to Ruffian). Longshot special.
2) Sassy Lass (8-1) has started three times, finishing third in her last two starts. In her first and third starts, she caught off tracks and broke poorly in both of them, which eliminated her from being a serious contender and while she finished third in her last, she was still almost 8 lengths behind the winner. She is bred to have some early speed and in the one start she was dropped into a maiden claiming she flashed that speed but came up empty in the stretch run, likely because she had never been given a stamina type work up to that point. She has no works since her last start, which is always a concern fitness wise, but this field is weak enough it may not matter as much as it usually does. Her sire, Double Irish, is an unraced son of Tapit while her broodmare sire is Half Ours, is a son of Unbridled's Song and his dam, Zing, is a full sister to Yankee Gentleman, the broodmare sire of American Pharoah. Half Ours won his first 5 starts of his 7-start career including a G2 7F sprint. Sassy Lass's dam line traces back to Spinaway. If other speed types do not get out with her early, she will likely wire this field. 4x4 to Fappiano, 5x5 to Mr Prospector.
8) Princess Hadley (20-1) has one start which she broke sluggish, was mid-pack at first call, continue to the turn in good position but tired going around the turn and faded. However, her fading appears much worse than it actually was as top two took advantage of moisture in the track, though the track was listed as fast and pulled away from everyone and then the 3rd place finisher got separation and pulled away from the rest in mid-stretch and at the finish was almost a combined 14 lengths of the 4th place finisher while actually slowing and laboring them shelves.
My Risks: $10 WP 4, $5 Ex Box 4-7, $1 Tri Box 2-4-7, $.30 Super Box 2-4-7-8, $1 Super Key 4 with 2-7-8 with 2-7-8 with 2-7-8. Total Risks: $49.20.
Race 7: Allowance O/C $50K N/W 2 Allowance/Stakes Races with a $23K value to winner (state bred races not considered) or which have never won 3 races or $50K claiming --- Purse $125,000 ---- 3 YOs & Up --- 6 Furlongs:
1)Mowins (30-1) looks like he went off form after a third against Indiana Bred stakes horses but actually his poor efforts came after he was thrown against open bred foes which fields come up much tougher and there is 4-5 more horses with ability to beat every race than a typical state bred race. But another problem is he has caught an off track in every start against open bred and that alone can should down the process of getting back into top condition. It is hard enough to cycle form on fast tracks, but trainer rarely knows if a horse's race is result of the off track or if the horse found the race useful enough to move him forward. This one probably likes the off track as he had 1 win in 2 tries on a wet track before his last four starts but now his wet track form is misleading. However, his last effort was the first time he tried to run late against open bred and he is likely returning to his top form. Three more leg stretching type works since his last start and his last work before his last start signals, he was coming around before that effort. Likely to be live at solid odds.
5) Much Better (12-1) used to be a class horse when he was younger but could not beat those type horses. However, he has shown he can off an 8-month break in top condition and win in first start back. For horses coming back off a six-month or longer break, I normally try to determine how far along a horse was in circling back to his top form and this will determine how many works and/or races he needs to get ready. I personally believe only horses that has proven they were in top form when trainers stopped on them are eligible to win first start back with a few good works and even then, needs a slight drop-in class to accomplish it. This one look like he was nearing the end of his off-form cycle and has worked 6 times for his return, including 2 bullet works followed by a stamina builder and last work was a leg stretcher type but was too close to race day for anything more serious. Made need one race but has proven he will keep trying until he tires and can no longer match strides with horses running late.
2) Sir Wellington (15-1) is also coming off a six-month break and will be making his first start of the year. I also believe he was nearing the end of his off-form cycle though he had a win in the middle of his cycle, not because he was in form but because he caught an easy low-class field, and he was in form enough to race 5 furlongs and easily beat them as the odds-on favorite. He has 7 works for his return which features 5 rather slow works to begin with followed by 2 more serious works that signals he is getting closer to his best form. Trainer wins at a high percentage and does well with his trainees returning off breaks. Chance to win but I will wait at least one before risking any WP money on him.
4) Osbourne (5-2) is likely reaching the end of his top form cycle because after a win in N/W 2 lifetime allowance level, he was dropped into this class and came running on a sloppy track to finish 2nd. However, it has been over a month since that start, and he does not have a work since which indicates trainer has identified a minor ailment or he thinks the horse took too long to recover from last and needed rest more than physical activity to keep his peak form. Betting horse races is full of tough calls but can be very rewarding if you learn to make those calls and happen to be right. If right on this occasion, he should finish third or worse. Bottom of the exotics only for me.
I will pass on the 6) Straight No Chaser as he will fast but also a proven quitter who runs as fast as he can as far as he can, then stops with or without pressure. Like his sire line but even the best sires have progeny that stops without a good reason. He has run only on the fastest big track dirt in the U.S. at SA with GP and Monmouth dirt tracks the only big tracks that can have similar times on occasions. Smaller tracks like Los Alamitos, Turf Paradise, Emerald Downs, and all dirt tracks in New Mexico have similar dirt tracks that can be considered as fast as SA. Quitters, like over bet favorites, are not worth the risks ever.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 1-5, $1 Tri Box 1-2-5, $.30 Super Box 1-2-4-5, $1 Super 1 with 2-4-5 with 2-4-5 with 2-4-5. Total Risks: $29.20.
Race 8: Hot Springs Stakes --- Purse $200,000 --- 3 YOs ---- One Mile:
4) Cactus (8-1) has started twice and has 2 wins. His 1st start came in maiden claiming $30K race where he sat 7th early and then came running with a late charge and kicked clear to win going away and was claimed out of that race by his current connections. Entered back in an O/C $50K, he again raced near the back past the first quarter, then edge closer into the turn, took the lead into the stretch and was clear by 1 1/2 lengths on a sloppy track at the finish. He has no works since that start over a month ago, but I will overlook that in this case because he is still young, has done everything asked of him thus far and his bloodlines. He was purchased as a 2 YO for $300K and why original owner risked him being claimed in his first start is baffling to me, regardless of what he does the rest of his career. His sire, Twirling Candy won the G1 7F Malibu S along with 3 more G2 events among his 7 wins in 11 lifetime starts. Broodmare sire, Kitalpha, is an unraced full brother to Kingmambo, who won 3 important G1 miles in Europe and is best known in U.S. as sire of U.S. Champion Older Horse. Lemon Drop Kid. However, Cactus's dam line traces back through Raise You, dam of Raise A Native, along with quite a few more important broodmares. 4x3 to Mr Prospector, 5x5 to Fappiano, Northern Dancer, & Seattle Slew.
3) Gun Pilot (7-2) has started 4 times with 2 wins and 1 second. He broke his maiden at first asking, then won his third start by setting just off the pace was boxed in around the 2nd turn and shot to the lead when he found a seam and went clear, an indication there was not much in the race comparable to his ability. Both his losses came in races when G1 placed Verifying was in the race and was main reason he faltered in both, including a second in a $80K O/C race to that one. In the Rebel S, he never really got involved and tried to save ground near the rail was a main reason why on a sloppy track. He has 4 works since that start, an easy work followed by two good works and then another easy work 5 days before scheduled start. Simply do not believe he ran anywhere close to his best race in last and will try him back against these. 4x3 to Storm Cat, 4x4 to Quiet American, 5x5x5 to Fappiano.
1)Powerful (12-1) has started five times with 2 wins and a second. In all his placings, he was near the lead or eyeing the early pace, a tactic employed by his sire, Ky Derby winner, Nyquist. His start against Forte is a toss as no one in here has ran well against that one. However, he drew inside in his last start in the Rebel on a sloppy track, set the pace for 6 furlongs while pressured throughout before fading in the second turn. The rail is not the place to be at OP on an off track, especially when sloppy as 3-5 paths has an added advantage and often allows horses to clear early which is needed to win and is the cause of many romps when water is on top of track. The two paths inside are the first to drain and becomes heavy mud before the rest of the track and is common at a lot of tracks. For this reason and his works since, I will give him another shot and hopefully will see him rate early and let others battle for the lead, as plenty is signed on. 4x4 to Storm Cat, 5x4 to Mr Prospector.
7) Rocking Rocket (12-1) has made six starts and has only a maiden win as his only board finish. However, he has shown flashes on having some potential but has been ridden in most of his races by an inexperienced jockey that has had trouble grasping the concepts of racing. In his last, Lukas switched jockeys to a better known and more in tuned one only to watch him burn the horse out on the lead even before the real racing started. Switching jockeys again to a more eager, up and coming jockey who just scored his second G2 stakes win in the FG Oaks with limited opportunities, though he has ridden several graded stakes horses and always seems to have them at the wire trying to pull off major upsets, including nearly upsetting heavy favorite Zulu Echo in last year's FG Oaks. D Wayne Lukas will likely have the horse ready and now has a jockey listed that will take advantage of a horse's fitness and will give a ride the horse has not yet seen. Will be big odds and is high risk, but definitely worth an include in exotics simply because Lukas has won big races before when others have doubt him. 3x2 to Empire Maker, 4x3 to Lord At War with a dam line that descends from Myrtlewood, an influential broodmare whose sire was Blue Larkspur (from the Domino sire line whose line is most responsible for La Troienne influence also) and is a main taproot mare of family # 13.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 3-4, $1 Tri Box 3-4-7, $.30 Super Box 1-3-4-7, $1 Super 4 with 1-3-7 with 1-3-7 with 1-3-7. Total Risks: $29.20.
Race 9: Maiden Special Weight --- Purse $110,000 --- 3 YOs ---- 1 1/16 Mile:
10) Quality Chic (9-2) has started twice and endured trouble both times while finishing 4th in each. Before his first start, he was given a series of 3 and 4 furlongs works on Silverleaf training center dirt track and did not have a recorded workout on a certified racetrack or at 5 furlongs, a must for a horse asking to go 1 mile in his first start, especially on an AWT track he is not familiar with. As should have been expected, he broke bad and trailed after the first quarter, then put in sustained run to reach contention, then raced evenly in the stretch. Shipped to OP, he was given a blowout work 11 days later after his first race and then asked to run again 4 days later, again at one mile. He breaks better, then is put in tight at the start, sustained another middle move but ran evenly in the stretch again while altering course late after race was decided. Now, for the first time, he has been set-up to where he should run his best race. Two weeks after that last race, he worked a deceptive good 5 furlongs one week before this scheduled start. His trainer, McPeek, also trains the likely race favorite, so this one will likely go off between 6 to 8-1 and will offer good value for his chances. Top Choice.
4) Game Keeper (6-1) has started twice and ran 2 even races while finishing unplaced both times. But his trainer is Lukas and he is now serious about winning this race with this horse. Before his first race, he had five works this year at 3 and 4 furlongs with only one slow gate work and no 5 furlongs work. Then his two even races ran two weeks apart with no additional works. He now has two works to prepare for this start, a solid 5 furlongs work and then a bullet 5 furlongs work a week apart and 6 days before this scheduled start. Gaffalione leaving this mount for another is probably a mistake if it was his choice but also the only reason this one is not my top choice. Asmussen's son takes the mount and while he struggled early in this meet, he has ridden better as he gets more experience. Expect odds of at least 15-1 but will likely be much higher because of speed figures will point others away from him. You will get higher odds than normal for a solid sire like Honor Code. 3x3 to Storm Cat, 4x5 to Mr Prospector, 4x5x5 to Secretariat, 5x5 to Buckpasser.
7) War Rascal (15-1) has started once and finished 2nd in a maiden race at 5 furlongs with a solid late kick. This one was properly prepared to win his first start, including a 5 furlongs bullet work 13 days before that start. He simply came up short but probably wants more ground and gets it here. He has two more 4 furlongs bullet breezes since that start along with an easy 3 furlongs work. His sire, War Correspondent, won two G3 mile grass stakes races at GP, was stakes placed twice on the AWT including a G2 in Canada but never tried the dirt among his 5 wins in 16 starts. Broodmare sire, Victory Gallop, finished 2nd in both the 1998 Ky Derby & Preakness S before foiling Real Quiet bid for a TC by winning the Belmont S by a nose over that rival among his 9 wins in 17 lifetime starts. Victory Gallop's sire, Cryptoclearance, is also the grandsire of Candy Ride. 4x5x5 to Northern Dancer, 5x4 to Fappiano, 5x5 to Halo, 5x5x5 to Mr Prospector. Ownebreeder of this horse is trying to pull off a rags to riches story as he brought War Rascal's dam in 2010 cheap, has bred the mare 5 times to low priced stallions and sold 3 them of that made over $100K each with two of them winning minor Iowa state bred stakes. He decided to keep this one and race him instead of selling him.
7) Tahoe Run (12-1) has started 7 times with 3 seconds his only board finishes. He looks like an inconsistent sort on paper, but he has the most experience entered in this race and this about is about the time prior experience begins to pay off for early three years old as they lose their early career nervousness and start to settle down into racehorses. He also ran his best race three starts back though he did not win and is one of the angles I use to identify horses ready to run big. His two starts since shows him getting gun for the lead from the 1 post, a move that backfired on OP sloppy track, and then breaking sluggish as given too much to do. Now trainer puts one fast work in him at 5 furlongs since that last start five days before scheduled start and he is ready to roll but will need his lifetime best to pull off the win. Outcross in his first 5 generations.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 4-10, $1 Tri Box 4-7-10, $.30 Super Box 4-6-7-10, $1 Super Key 10 with 4-6-7 with 4-6-7 with 4-6-7. Total Risks $29.20.
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2023.03.30 20:49 Kassini-Art [FOR HIRE] Commissions open! Limited opportunity , DM me!

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2023.03.30 20:49 Universa1Soup SI out of nowhere

I'm transfemme, nearly 30, and I hate this feeling. It won't go away. I spend half of my life just struggling with suicidal thoughts. I just want to go away so I don't suffer anymore and stop burdening everyone around me.
I don't want anyone to ever understand what this is like. It's awful awful awful. I feel alone because of it, trapped, and there's no other way out.
I'm trying so hard to just survive with this, and it isn't getting better after years of soley working on my mental health.
I'm tired. I don't want anymore suffering, I just want this weight completely off my shoulders.
It won't go away :(
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2023.03.30 20:49 JohnChevy88 A/C not coming through all vents, vent selector switch refuses to move to the left two positions

Hi everyone I’ve got a 93 single cab hardbody, I’ve narrowed down the problem with my AC and am curious how you guys propose I fix it
My AC blows hot and slightly cold through the side, bottom and window defroster vents, non of the front facing vents work at all. I discovered that the cable connecting to the vent selector switch right above the HVAC controls had popped out of the retainer clip holding the cable in.
I popped it back in and every time I tried to switch to any of the front facing vent options it would pop out
I decided that I would gorilla glue the black cable cover in which the cable moves inside to the clip to prevent it from moving so I could try and muscle it to open the front vents.
When I tried to switch it to the left all the way the cable popped out the glue and is giving me the same issue.
The cable goes from the clip and switch to a white gear mechanism near the gas pedal, I’m thinking of greasing this white plastic mechanism up and trying to move it then, if that does work should I replace the whole mechanism? I found one at a junk yard that functions properly, how easy would that be to replace?
Update: Lithium grease did next to nothing, it still doesn’t want to budge.
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2023.03.30 20:48 zelyl HR took my negotiation as me rescinding my acceptance. Any advice?

For some background: I went straight from undergrad to grad school, which I finished in May 2022. This is my first job offer for my first "real" job. I include this as a disclaimer that I don't know all the "unspoken rules" of negotiating or accepting a job, but I'm trying my best.
I'll try and be short about this, but it's basically the title. I applied for, interviewed, and got offered a job for a well-funded nonprofit that my friend who works there referred me for. I received a verbal offer for the role last Friday in which they offered a salary and I responded that I would be happy to consider with the whole benefits package. I knew that I was going to negotiate salary going into this regardless and was under the impression that I should do it after receiving a written offer. HR verbally said in this phone call that I would have to accept the verbal offer before receiving the written offer, which I did via email that following Monday.
After receiving the written offer Tuesday, I sent in email that night asking for consideration for a higher salary, approval for a family vacation in the near future, and also inquired about the availability for a relocation stipend. In this email, I affirmed multiple times that I was excited for the position and was ready to move forward with hiring. I got a call the next day (Wed) where HR left a voicemail saying that their offer was their best and final and basically that if I wanted to negotiate, the phone call with the verbal offer would have been when to do it (which I did not know and was not told to me in the call). What was concerning to me about this call was what she said twice and ended the call saying which was that she wished me luck on my future endeavors despite saying that it would be great if I would move forward with their initial offer.
I called back 15 minutes later and left a voicemail saying that I would be happy to accept their initial offer once I got confirmation that my vacation could be approved and then followed up with it again this morning via email just in case. To this, she emailed back that "once I changed my mind about accepting the verbal offer...we moved on with the position." I was literally shaking. I never once changed my mind about the position, and she never indicated to me that by sending a negotiation, I was rescinding my acceptance. I called her immediately in which she basically said the same thing and that she told me the verbal offer was for me to negotiate in our initial call (this is incorrect).
I'm just completely shaken and upset. Yes, I admit that I made a couple of missteps in the negotiation process, but I don't think that means I have completely disqualified myself from the position. Are there some unspoken rules that I don't know about? My language about the role in my emails were completely positive and showed a lot of eagerness for the role, so there is no way that they could have misinterpreted me. My only solace right now is that I have the voicemail in which she told me that it would be great if I accepted their original offer which I have sent to her. At the end of the phone call, she told me that she would speak to the team, but she makes no promises.
I'm just devastated because I've been searching for a job for about a year now, and this was a really good opportunity. Any thoughts or advice?
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2023.03.30 20:48 AE10304 Knowing more than one language is a gift & a burden

Whether it was customer service on either end, patient care, or just out in public, I've heard the shit talk in both Spanish and Arabic. (mostly Spanish. sorry people)
Why is it when I respond only do they wanna act like we're friends, I'm not obligated to learn Spanish or Arabic the way you're obligated to learn English. I wouldn't travel to Colombia DR or Saudi Arabia looking for someone to speak English. Like really, who's being the ignorant one cuz it's definitely not me feeling entitled to make ppl speak in my tongue.
You could use the argument that 70% of people speak Spanish in the U.S. that doesn't defeat the fact that nearly 100% speak English. And foreigners that make their way here have a mutual agreement to learn English not Spanish.
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2023.03.30 20:48 Scarcity_Lopsided How do you be okay with taking a profit margin cut while hiring someone in an uncertain economy?

I'm not an entrepreneur per say, I own an agency and for the longest time I've worked with contractors and freelancers as I wasn't able to get a good hire. However, contractors are costing me a lot (a good one just 2.5xd his price) so I have to finally hire a full time employee.
The pay is gonna be almost same what I pay the contractors. It might be less considering the total work done and the availability of the full time person.
Here's the problem: I'm REALLY worried I might not be able to pay the person. This makes no sense logically as I have enough work. I'm just anxious about a client or two leaving and everything falling apart.
But even in worst case scenario, I wouldn't be in the negative. It might be breaking even and sacrificing on profit margin. I'm just not able to wrap my head around NOT making profit from business.
Could anyone please share if you felt a similar way while making your first hire? How did you overcome that?
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2023.03.30 20:47 Kassini-Art [FOR HIRE] Commissions open! Limited opportunity , DM me!

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