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The Case for Cason Wallace

2023.05.28 15:46 muchtoomessy The Case for Cason Wallace

De'Aron Fox, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Malik Monk, Tyrese Maxey, Tyler Herro, Immanuel Quickley. These are some of the names that have transitioned almost seamlessly from their Kentucky Wildcats days into the NBA. Could Cason Wallace be the next Kentucky player to flourish in the NBA?
In a recent poll about the Mavericks draft pick, this sub seemed to prefer Gradey Dick over Cason Wallace. I hope that is simply because one has a much funnier name than the other. In my opinion the only players that may be available at the tenth spot worth picking over Carson Wallace are Taylor Hendricks and Jarace Walker. I'd be interested to know what other names you would consider.
Cason Wallace is probably the best perimeter defender this draft class has to offer, he may even be the second best defender overall. He moves his feet incredibly well to stay in front of ball handlers and hardly ever allows an easy shot. Whether he is stripping the ball away mid dribble or pouncing on errant pass, his combination of hand eye coordination and intuition consistently force turnovers. The ability to contest vertically without fouling is rare in college players. Wallace not only posseses this advanced skill but pairs it with amazing athleticism to complete all kinds of rejections and chase down blocks. On offense he is not as impressive, but is a mature player with a decent jumper from three and in the mid-range. He has good touch at the basket, but will probably need time to learn how to finish over bigger NBA defenders. He also has playmaking upside and is comfortable with the ball in his hands. Probably not the player you want spearheading your offense as he isn't the best at creating space for himself. However that would not be that relevant to the mavericks, which brings us to the fit on this team
I admit his fit with the mavericks is not as obvious as other picks in the range. We are severely lacking in size, interior defensive presence and rebounding. We have two elite guards. Jaden Hardy will probably cement his position in the guard rotation. Green will play the 2 often enough and THJ ist still a rotation guard. So how does the Wallace pick benefit the Mavs? Well, we'd finally have a point of attack defender for our backcourt. Whether he is sharing the floor with Luka, Kyrie or Hardy he'd more often than not be able to pick up the opposing teams best ball handler. The prospect of Hardy and Wallace sharing the floor off of the bench is genuinely exciting. We'd have another player who can playmake and distribute the ball for our less offensively skilled players. Our guard depth would be sorted, perhaps even softening the blow should the nightmare scenario of Kyrie leaving soon kick in. It also, in my opinion, makes THJ completely expendable. Perhaps it also opens an avenue to trade Bullock for a big or wing with a little more size and rebounding prowess.
Should we miss out Hendricks and Walker, I'd be more than happy with Wallace as a "consolation". What do you think?
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2023.05.28 15:11 Edwardsreal "Everyone Must Welcome Our Soldiers!", poster for "Behind the Rising Sun" (1943)

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2023.05.28 14:00 DodgerBot Daily Chat 5/28 ⚾ Game Day

Good morning, Dodgers!

⚾ Dodgers @ Rays ⚾

First Pitch: Sunday, May 28, 2023 8:35 AM Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida


Team Starting Pitcher IP K/9 BB/9 H9 ERA
LAD RHP Gavin Stone 8.0 2.25 7.88 1.13 10.13
TB -HP TBD - - - - -

Team Offense

LAD 53 .237 .327 .449 .776 21.14 5.43
TB 54 .271 .346 .499 .845 18.27 6.00

Top Performers

Dodgers Pos OPS Rank OPS Pos Rays
Freddie Freeman 1B .979 1 1.048 1B Yandy Diaz
Mookie Betts RF .866 2 .936 LF Randy Arozarena
Max Muncy 3B .850 3 .851 SS Wander Franco

On this day in 2021...

Giants @ Dodgers, SF 5 LAD 2, bot 9, 2 out, Austin Barnes facing Tyler Rogers... Austin Barnes homers (2) on a line drive to left center field. Justin Turner scores. Gavin Lux scores. VIDEO
Win Probability Added: 48.5

MLB Upcoming Dates

  • End of the 1st Half - Sun 09 July 2023
  • All Star Game - Tue 11 July 2023
  • Start of the 2nd Half - Fri 14 July 2023

Questions of the Day

  1. What piece of “art” would you create if you had to pretend to be an artist and submit something to a gallery?
  2. What’s the noblest endeavor a person can dedicate their life to?
  3. What’s something people don’t worry about but really should?
Have a great day, Dodgers.
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2023.05.28 14:00 efitz11 5/27 Highlight Roundup: FastCast, top plays, recaps/condensed games and longest dongs of the day

Daily Dash: Austin Hays dives, Starling Marte leaps - 00:51
5/27/23 Real Fast: Kiner-Falefa walks it off in 10th - 00:59
Quick Pitch explores the Premier Plays from May 27 - 00:48
Season 8, Episode 9: Ronald Acuña Jr. stops by - 22:39
Bo Bichette: Home Run Statcast Analysis - 00:15
Austin Hays: Home Run Statcast Analysis - 00:16
Salvador Perez: Home Run Statcast Analysis - 00:17
Max Muncy: Home Run Statcast Analysis - 00:11
Mitch Haniger: Home Run Statcast Analysis - 00:14
Gio Urshela: Home Run Statcast Analysis - 00:15

SPOILERS FOLLOW, to get the same table with scores hidden, go to the comments.

SD 2, NYY 3, F/10 recap - 03:12 condensed - 08:47
CWS 3, DET 7 recap - 03:02 condensed - 08:48
TOR 7, MIN 9 recap - 03:14 condensed - 08:59
TEX 5, BAL 3 recap - 03:10 condensed - 08:26
HOU 6, OAK 3 recap - 02:57 condensed - 08:17
WSH 4, KC 2 recap - 03:02 condensed - 07:47
PIT 0, SEA 5 recap - 03:13 condensed - 08:19
LAD 6, TB 5 recap - 03:14 condensed - 08:23
PHI 2, ATL 1 recap - 03:11 condensed - 07:40
SF 3, MIL 1 recap - 03:14 condensed - 08:46
BOS 2, AZ 1 recap - 03:07 condensed - 08:05
CIN 8, CHC 5 recap - 03:14 condensed - 07:29
STL 2, CLE 1, F/10 recap - 02:55 condensed - 07:48
NYM 7, COL 10 recap - 03:05 condensed - 08:57
MIA 8, LAA 5, F/10 recap - 02:59 condensed - 09:47
Longest dongs of the day:
6 Ryan McMahon Jeff Brigham 2 439 109.7 30 video
7 Francisco Alvarez Jake Bird 3 435 103.5 27 video
9 Fernando Tatis Jr. Luis Severino 1 426 106.4 30 video
4 Willi Castro Adam Cimber 1 419 102.9 28 video
4 Mitch Haniger Peter Strzelecki 2 419 103.7 27 video
3 Zack Short Jimmy Lambert 2 416 105.8 25 video
20 Pete Alonso Chase Anderson 1 415 105.1 22 video
6 Austin Hays Andrew Heaney 1 411 105.8 31 video
1 Matt Wallner Chris Bassitt 1 409 107.4 32 video
16 Max Muncy Tyler Glasnow 1 408 108.9 26 video
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2023.05.28 12:49 twor76 Concert Gear

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2023.05.28 12:29 blg1987 Why I'm grieving the season that never happened (and maybe never will)

The build-up to Season 3 was such an exciting time for me.
Season 2 had been a huge disappointment, especially towards the end. I struggled with the way they'd handled Jon's story and felt like so much had been removed that made Season 1 great - Clois had taken a back seat, there were barely any happy family moments, the Cushing's had been given a disproportionate focus. Many of the seasons plots seemed to have been picked up and dropped like hotcakes and the writing felt lazy. At certain points, I wondered if I should just let go of any positive expectations of the shows quality, accepting that season 1 was a beautiful fluke in the world of Superman media representations I could love.
When interviews started trickling through, and the season 3 synopsis came out - it felt like maybe the fans’ voices had been heard! I dared to feel excited. They described Lois and Clark in romantic bliss, working together as reporters again, a new merciless villain that we assumed would be the recently cast Chad Coleman as Bruno Mannheim (the introduction of Intergang was something i'd personally been hoping for since we met Killgrave in season 1) - and then they cast Michael Cudlitz as LEX LUTHOR! - my all-time favourite villain - with a description of him that was music to my ears.
Despite my caution, I found myself on the edge of my seat waiting for the season to begin.
We did hear some news that there would be a character with cancer, but this was quickly assumed to be a side character in the story. We guessed (correctly in some ways) that it might be Mannheims wife. There were a few questions about whether it could be Lois, but these were quickly dismissed. They wouldn't give Lois Lane cancer, that would just be crazy... right?
And then... they did. I couldn't believe it. I had no idea what to do with this information.
Now, let me preface this by making a few things clear.
Firstly, I think they have done a fantastic job showing a woman's journey with breast cancer. The writing around that aspect of the story has been top-notch. There has been some beautiful direction and cinematography around the emotional scenes and of course, the entire cast, particularly Bitsie and Tyler, have done an incredible job. Secondly, I understand that there are some viewers who have their own personal experiences of cancer and are finding the identification healing and therefore enjoying the season. I think that's really lovely, that it is bringing something positive for those of you who feel that way.
However, the truth is, for me and many others I know, the decision to focus an entire season on Lois Lane being diagnosed and treated for aggressive inflammatory breast cancer, to show in excruciating detail every aspect of it from the insertion of a chemo port, close-ups on chemo bags, vomiting, hair loss, loss of energy, loss of sense of self, and now surgical removal of both breasts... has been a huge shock that continues to rumble through every episode.
This was not the Season 3 I was hoping for.
I know many have spoken about the misogynistic undertones of the plot. I think that's a very valid concern and as a woman myself, probably does add to that shock factor I experience each episode - but since so much of that has already been discussed, I wanted to talk personally about the other reasons why this has been so hard for me (and i'm sure for others too).
I've been a Superman fan since I was a kid. Superman is my happy place. As a kid I watched Lois and Clark every week and recorded it on VHS as it aired (I must have been about 7 at the time). I wrote Smallville fanfiction as a teenager and in the lead-up to MOS, I was on message boards arguing about whether or not he should keep the red pants. I love Superman stories, I love Lois Lane, I love Clark Kent. I love their relationship and the kind of trouble they get into. I love the villains they go up against and they ways in which they have to save each other and the world from various crisis.
Superman for me is the ultimate escapism. As Grant Morrison famously said - 'Somewhere in our darkest night, we made up the story of a man who would never let us down,' and through all the stresses of my life, I have turned to Superman for comfort. Lois Lane is just as much a part of that escapist fantasy as Clark. I love seeing her thriving, proving to the world over and over again that she is a woman not to be trifled with. I even studied journalism at university because she inspired me so much - I thought if I could be half the woman she was, id be happy in my skin.
I don't think i'm alone in this. I think there are a lot of people who turn to the medium of fantasy storytelling as a rest bite from the world - and Superman in particular is a shining light in the darkness for many. Let's not forget, that this show appeared during extremely uncertain times, during the covid 19 pandemic when there was so much trauma surrounding us. It was a beacon to hold on to for many people as they trudged through that reality.
Now, i've been 'burned' as a Superman fan before. I walked out of MOS crying because I was so unhappy with the creative choices they made (letting Jonathan die, snapping Zod's neck). I had a love-hate relationship with Smallville for many years, feeling like their characterisation of Clark was often so off key it was offensive. So when Superman & Lois was first announced, I had very little expectation. I'd become quite guarded.
After only a few episodes, that guard came down. By episode 1x11 I was fully in love - because they'd proven they understood the core of what makes Superman stories work. We finally had what felt like a perfect characterization of Clark & Lois. A naturally dorky Clark who was always trying to do the right thing, a tenacious and ballsy Lois with a heart of gold, a Superman that felt like such a commanding presence and yet so friendly and hopeful too. And now we had two new characters to love! Jordan and Jonathan, the son's of this amazing power couple, who both showed aspects of their parents but had their own interesting quirks to play with. The possibilities felt endless. There was so much they could do with this amazing family setup, so many stories they could tell. Just pop on over to Archive of Our Own and you'll see how many fans were inspired to write stories within this world, playing with the different experiences these characters could have together as a unique and engaging family unit.
Season 2 lost sight of that. It tried to tell too many stories, and in the end managed to pull off none. It squashed a lot of the good characterization it had built up, seemingly for the sake of drama beats that weren't needed. But I really hoped Season 3 would pick that back up. That we'd get to see the kind of stories this show was capable of telling within the amazing world of Superman. That these characters would actually get plots that matched their potential.
Instead, we got cancer. In a show that so many turn to for a rest bite from the darkness in the world, for a bit of joy and hope and fun - we got excruciating detail of the journey of inflammatory breast cancer.
I know we technically have other storylines going on in the background - but for me at least, they feel insignificant in comparison.
It's clear a lot of priority and effort has gone into getting the cancer part of the story right - and understandably so. You can't tell a cancer story in a half-baked way... but the result of that is that all the rest of the story elements are paid much less attention. Even the villain plot is about cancer - so instead of seeing Mannheim as a nasty SOB and the inner workings of Intergang, we see a loving husband fighting to save his wife as she sits with Lois in chemo.
Add to that the number of side characters we are having to balance, and the boys barely have plots at all this season. We see Jordan doing bits of training and the occasional save - but there's very little growth or room for introspection about that journey. We see Jon jumping at the chance to be a hero in any capacity, but still, we see him being put down at times - and both boys plot are often about their mom's cancer (again, understandably so... how could they not be?).
We get snapshots of Chrissy & Kyle, Lana as a divorcee, Lana slapping Sarah (what the hell was that btw?), Natalie's first love, Natalie bonding with Grandpa Lane, JHI bonding with his sister, JHI letting his anger out at Mannheim, Kyle suspicious of a superhero in town - but these things often feel like side quests that barely link together (i'm looking at you Junior!)
At the end of the day, the cancer story they are telling, is just too big. It's too big for it to even feel like a Superman show at times. All of those amazing fun story ideas that have been swirling around fans minds - there's just no room for them to happen. We barely get to see Superman. Clark's story arc? - how do I be a supportive husband to my wife while she has cancer... Lois' story arc? How do I keep being myself while I try and beat cancer?... the boys story arcs? I'm going to try and be a hero in my own way, while worrying about my mum's cancer.
It's there in every aspect of the plot, and as real and gritty and respectful as it is - cancer simply isnt enjoyable escapism. It's not my happy place. It doesn't inspire my geeky imagination. In fact, there's even been a significant decrease in fanfiction being written about this season - because it's hard to have fun writing fanfiction with cancer looming in the background.
I'm not someone who shys away from this kind of story in general. I watch medical dramas and it doesn't bother me there... because it's in a context I expect it and I choose it when I sit down to watch. I even appreciate dark plots within shows I love that are usually a bit lighter. For example, as a Buffy fan, I really liked season 6. I identified with it as someone who has been through depression and addiction in my life. Hell, one of my favourite episodes, season 5 'The Body' is extremely upsetting - but it was so incredibly beautifully handled that I rate it highly and have re watched multiple times.
But this feels different for so many reasons. It's different to the Buffy episode 'The Body' because it's not just an episode - it's an entire season. It's different to season 6 of Buffy because it's not a supernatural metaphor for real-life experiences... it just IS a real life experience... and one of the hardest ones a family can go through. It's different because it's Superman.
It's different because it's cancer.
Every single episode is about the horrors a family, in particular an incredibly strong career driven mother, experiences as they go through the journey of breast cancer.
Don't get me wrong, there have been some beautiful moments. I love the way Lois and Clark are supporting each other through this, I love the intimacy and tenderness, and love the kids all trying to help in their own ways. But none of that takes away from how hard it is to see Lois suffering in this way, knowing the kinds of much more enjoyable stories we could have had.
I've flip-flopped back and forth in my mind, trying to find a way to love it, because it is being done so well. Because it might raise awareness. Because the writing has been such a vast improvement from last season. And because I hoped there would be a payoff or that it would be over much sooner than I now accept it will be. I've made fan videos and felt connected to the beauty in the story. I've felt good about some episodes and then felt completely deflated by others. It's been a rollercoaster, and at times I have no idea how to handle it.
By the time we got to the opening montage of 3x08, I felt broken. I cannot watch that scene without crying, and it's always the same bit that gets me - Lois in bed writhing in pain. It was the absolute tipping point for me of what I could handle after the previous 7 episodes had already had her going through so much. I keep trying to put my finger on exactly what it is, but all I can identify is that the look on her face, that pure pain that Bitsie is so incredible at portraying, is simply nothing I ever wanted to see happen to my idol. Its way way too real.
And then we had 309 straight after... an episode that on paper really shouldn't work. That talks about the mastectomy many of us hoped was a line they wouldn't cross. And yet it's somehow... beautiful. It's so beautiful it's even rewatchable. I make another fan video. I feel confused all over again. Do I love this show? Or do I hate it? Do I think the cancer story is beautiful or awful? I think that's what's making this even harder. I keep coming back for more because a) im a Superman fan... im kind of all in and b) there is all this love and tenderness that I adore.
I put up with the pain and the trauma of the story because those moments almost feel worth it. But I still grieve the season that could have been. The exciting, fun, joyful experience we could have had.
I know there's been a lot of debate about this, and it seems like it's hard for people to see each other's points of view. I guess i'm making this post because I hope to give a little window into what it's been like for me personally, in the hopes it might help those who ARE enjoying the season to understand that those that are making criticisms are likely struggling as a fan just like me.
My fantasies about what season 3 would be are long gone. And as much as I want to hope there is still room for them in season 4, we don't even know if that's going to happen. The fun, exciting stories that could exist in this universe, might only come to pass in fanfiction now. As the CW continues to leave the show teetering on the bubble, teasing the fans with comments about a cliffhanger that will make people hungry for more... while promising nothing of delivery.
I have no idea how I'll feel at the end of this season. When all of this has consolidated together and we have a full picture of the finished piece. We will have a brief shining moment of Lex for maybe 2 episodes, and that still has the potential to make me squee with delight - but with all the story elements they need to wrap up, will there really be much room for him?
For now i'm just trying to detatch a little from the emotional investment I had. To accept that cancer is the direction they chose and thats never going away. To see that although it is not a story I would have wanted them to tell, and I do feel it has prevented the show from being what I hoped it could be... its not all doom and gloom.
Even though for this fan, and many others, the journey has been and continues to be hard.
*I am a mod, but also a fan. This is simply my personal reflection.
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2023.05.28 12:24 Radiomestre Tina Turner live in Barcelona in 1990. This playlist contains this concert and the original songs by the creators. Do you know "The best" is an original song by Bonnie Tyler written by Holly Knight, and Mark Knopfler wrote "Private Dancer" and played in the original song. Enjoy Tina and the original

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2023.05.28 10:34 BruteSentiment Daily Minors Quick-Notes 5/27/23 - Reggie Crawford takes the Mound

Daily Minors Quick-Notes 5/27/23 - Reggie Crawford takes the Mound
The Giants 2022 1st Round Pick Reggie Crawford finally took the mound in his first pro game, and it appears to have been worth the wait. And in Sacramento, Tyler Fitzgerald’s double gave the River Cats a much-needed win.

AAA: Sacramento 2, Oklahoma City 1

Sacramento Notes:
  • Sacramento’s offense finally kicked in at nearly the last possible moment for the Cats to pull out a win against the Dodgers. Down 1-0 in the 8th, the Cats led things off with a hit batter and a Luis Matos single. After they were moved over by a sacrifice bunt, Tyler Fitzgerald knocked both in with a double to give them a win.
  • Tyler Fitzgerald’s double was the only extra-base hit for Sacramento, and Fitzgerald was the only one with multiple hits, going 2-for-4 with a stolen base. In 15 games at Sacramento, Fitzgerald now has five doubles, a triple, and three home runs, with six steals without being caught. His batting line at Sacramento is .305/.391/.576.
  • It was Day 1 of rehab stint 2 for Austin Slater, and he went 1-for-3. Slater went six innings playing center field on the day. It’s his first game since May 10th in the big leagues when he suffered a hamstring injury. He was batting .368/.455/.421 in the big leagues.
  • Luis Matos was 1-for-4 on the day. It was a pedestrian day for Matos, but he maintains a .318/.362/.455 batting line in Triple-A after ten games, with two doubles and two triples, with three walks to two strikeouts.
  • Starting pitcher Drew Strotman had a solid game, giving up a run in 4.0 innings of work, on five hits and three walks, while striking out four. It was a great bounceback for Strotman after he gave up eight inning his last time out. He now has 23 strikeouts to 18 walks in 25.2 innings this season, but he’s given up hits at a .305 batting average.
  • Reliever Nick Swiney had two scoreless innings, giving up only a walk while striking out two. Swiney had given up five runs, three earned, over his last two appearances. After four games at Triple-A, he has a 3.52 ERA and a 1.43 WHIP.
  • Erik Miller had a scoreless inning, his sixth straight appearance, allowing just a walk and two strikeouts. Miller gave up four runs in his first five innings at Triple-A, but has now lowered his ERA from 7.20 to 3.00 in the six appearances since.

AA: Binghamton 7, Richmond 4

Richmond Notes:
  • Richmond couldn’t get out of the blocks in this game, and by the time Richmond’s offense got started, they were too far behind. The Ponies scored four in the 2nd inning, and two more in the 4th. But in the 5th, Richmond got four singles, plus a walk and a sacrifice fly that led to four runs. However, Richmond wouldn’t get any more.
  • The leading hitter for Richmond was catcher Rob Emery, who went 3-for-4 with three singles. It’s Emery’s first 3-hit game at either level this season. He’s had two games with four hits and two with three hits in the two seasons before this. He now has a .214/.303/.250 batting line in 10 games at Richmond.
  • Andy Thomas was playing first, and went 2-for-5 with a fielding error. That gives Thomas a small 5-game hitting streak, in which he’s gone 7-for-20 (.350) with two doubles and a home run. He’s batting .218 on the season, after batting .238 in High-A in 2022.
  • Vaun Brown was DH, and went 2-for-4 and drew a walk in the team’s big rally, but also struck out twice. Over six games at Richmond, Brown now has a .333/.407/.583 batting line, with a double, a triple, and a home run, with two walks, but to 11 strikeouts in 24 at-bats.
  • Simon Whiteman went 1-for-3 with a walk. Whiteman’s been cold in May after a great April, going 9-for-60 (.150) with 10 walks to 17 strikeouts in the month.
  • Mason Black had a rough game, giving up a season-high six runs in 3.1 innings, on on a season-high six hits (two of which were home runs) and four walks, with just two strikeouts. Black’s ERA jumped up from 4.60 to 5.79 after this game. He now has 41 strikeouts to 14 walks in 32.2 innings.

High-A: Doubleheader

Game 1: Everett 4, Eugene 2 (7 Innings)


Game 2: Everett 8, Eugene 6 (7 Innings)


Eugene Notes:

  • It was just a difficult day for Eugene. In Game 1, Everett scored four runs in the first three innings and never looked back, as their pitcher Reid VanScoter threw a complete 7-inning game. In Game 2, Eugene was the “road” team because this game was a makeup of a rainout from Everett, and jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the top of the 1st, but Everett scored three runs in each of the first two innings. Eugene rallied in the 9th, down 8-4, with a double and two singles to lead off the inning, and then a 1-out double by Jimmy Glowenke to make it 8-6. A HBP loaded the bases with one out, but Eugene wouldn’t get anything else.
  • Damon Dues was one of the team leaders in Game 2, going 3-for-4 with two doubles and a steal, although he was 0-for-2 in Game 1. In 33 games, Dues now has seven doubles but no other extra base hits, but also has 19 walks to 26 strikeouts. That evens out to a .295/.408/.362 batting line. His 12 steals puts him one off his season high, when he had 13 in 2022 over 30 games.
  • Logan Wyatt also had three hits in Game 2, for three singles and three RBI, though he was 0-for-3 with two strikeouts in Game 1. Wyatt now has a batting line of .260/.362/.440 in 40 games, with 24 walks to 41 strikeouts.
  • Victor Bericoto combined for a 3-for-7 day with all singles. Getting hits on both sides of the day means his hitting streak is up to eight games, as he’s gone 11-for-32 (.344) over that span. He’s got a batting line of .303/.347/.503 on the year after 40 games.
  • The team’s leading hitter in Game 1 was Aeverson Arteaga, who took Game 2 off. Arteaga went 2-for-3 with a double, his tenth of the season. Arteaga now has a batting line of .211/.308/.404, and has ten doubles, three triples, and five home runs.
  • Game 1 starter John Bertrand struggled early, getting hit hard, giving up two home runs and two doubles en route to four runs on seven hits and a walk, in 5.0 innings. He struck out four. It was Bertrand’s first start of the season in nine appearances between San Jose and Eugene, and now has a 4.50 ERA in High-A, with 13 strikeouts to two walks in 16.0 innings.
  • Game 2 starter Seth Lonsway had similar early problems, giving up six runs in 2.0 innings, on five hits, two walks, and a HBP, with four strikeouts, and one 3-run home run. Lonsway now has a 7.50 ERA, and a .318 batting average allowed.
  • Reliever Ben Madison handled the final two innings in Game 1, striking out five in 2.0 innings, though he had two wild pitches, one on a strikeout that allowed a baserunner to get on (the only baserunner he allowed). Madison has 37 strikeouts to 15 walks in 21.0 innings, and has a 4.71 ERA.
  • José Cruz went 2.1 scoreless relief innings in Game 2, allowing just one hit with three strikeouts. Cruz now has a 1.62 ERA, with 24 strikeouts to seven walks in 16.2 innings.

Low-A: San Jose 7, Modesto 1

San Jose Notes:
  • The Giants made it easy on their first round pick making his debut in a different place. Reggie Crawford made his pitching debut, and it was a successful one, even if it was short. But the rest of the staff followed it up, and the San Jose offense was in gear, behind two home runs and two triples, leading to a big 7-1.
  • 2022 1st round pick Reggie Crawford was on the mound for the first time in a pro game, going 1.2 innings, giving up no runs, no walks, and just two hits, with three strikeouts. Crawford has been in two games as a DH in limited time, going 0-for-3 with a strikeout, and that will continue.
  • Reliever Esmerlin Vinicio struck out four in 2.1 scoreless innings, giving up a hit and a walk. It was Vinicio’s first game without a run in the last three, as he’d allowed nine runs over the last two appearances over 4.1 innings.
  • The majority of the innings went to Gerelmi Maldonado, as he went 4.0 innings, giving up a run on two hits and a walk, while striking out six. Maldonaldo has a 5.14 ERA over nine appearances, with 32 strikeouts to 23 walks in 28.0 innings.
  • Center fielder Carter Howell went 2-for-5 with a home run, his fourth of the season. That extends Howell’s batting streak to ten games, with six of them being multiple hits. His batting average has moved up from .315 to .337 over that span, with five doubles, two triples, and three home runs in the streak.
  • Second baseman Andrew Kachel also had a home run, going 1-for-4 with two strikeouts. Kachel now has all three of his home runs this season over his last eight games. Kachel has a batting line of .299/.393/.479 on the season.
  • Shortstop Jose Ramos went 1-for-4 with a triple, his third of the season. Ramos has struggled in May, going just 11-for-73 (.151) with a double, two triples, and a home run.
  • Catcher Zach Morgan was 2-for-4 with a triple of his own, his first of the season. On the year, over 28 games, Morgan has a batting line of .206/.363/.330 with four doubles, a triple, and two home runs.
  • Tanner O’Tremba, playing left field, went 2-for-3 with a double and a HBP. O’Tremba now has ten doubles, a triple, and three home runs over 34 games. He has a batting line of .270/.396/.443 with 14 walks to 33 strikeouts.
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2023.05.28 09:06 No-Development-2191 Multiversal Gas Station

Welcome to the Multiversal Gas Station new employee! We have every type of item in this store including videogames,stuff from the past, and even the flesh of a fallen God! You will be working as a cashier earning around 10 organs every hour so dont forget to bring a bucket! Oh and before I forget here are some rules.
  1. Treat every customer with respect. You never know they might be offended and hold a grudge on You. Special Case 1:If any person with a Tv for a head walks in. You are to shoot the person with the gun under the counter and dispose of the body. They will return in the next few days as We still havent found a way to kill them. But a gun is the most effective way to deal with them so far.
  2. If You see any stains and mess call the janitor. Do not attempt to clean it yourself as it might be highly dangerous to your species.
  3. Try to make friends with the other employees. No matter what they look like They are still your co workers.
  4. Every 3 hours or so an announcement will be made on the speakers. When You hear this announcement, make sure to stay in the store otherwise You will be left behind. Special Case 2:If the announcement is playing music then put on the gas mask We gave You since We will be traveling to a universe with poisonous air.
  5. Get to the gas station at 10.30 a.m. and leave at 18.30 p.m. Otherwise You have decided to live at the gas station.
  6. If at anypoint the announcement becomes static then lock the store and go into the storage room. After that put on the blind fold and earplugs and never take them off until The manager taps you on the shoulder five times. Anymore or less should be ignored.
  7. If the manager calls you to his office then dont go. Instead call the real manager and tell him to go to his office.
  8. Dont steal :)
Staley(Dead) cause of death: Was always rude to customers until one followed him home and [REDACTED]
Rudiya(Fired) cause of termination: Tried to clean a unknown liquid. Causing her to go insane.
Tyu(Transformed) cause of transformation: Tried to shoot the Tv person but missing and getting dragged outside.
Yun(Dead) cause of death:Losing her gas mask.
Recrud(Missing) cause of disappearance:Having a smoke break outside while the store was traveling.
[REDACTED] subject Tv :Was the only one working that day when the static first happened his head was turned into a Tv and is now trying to get revenge on the gas station.
Tyler (Dead) cause of death: Reading classified information.
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2023.05.28 07:00 InternationalHunt738 A History of 1st Overall Trades and what we can expect for Lafreniere as time goes on.

Nail Yakupov : He was traded to the Blues for a 4th round pick/prospect, plus a additional 2nd on a condition he scored 15 goals for the blues. The condition was never met, and Edmonton only got a 3rd round pick. Which then turned into Stuart Skinner the same Skinner from this past season because Edmonton traded that 3rd to Arizona plus a 5th to get Skinner. Cameron Crotty is what that 3rd round pick turned into. And he is still struggling to even break the AHL level. Overall the Blues didn't really lose anything and neither did the Oilers. And eventually you could say Skinner was the result of the trade. Even trade and Yakupov was out of the league 2 years later. Funny thing is Yakupov was making 2.5 million at the time ....the exact salary most of you predict Laffy will get and probably why there was such little return for him. It was too late and he had cemented himself as a bust at that point.
Taylor Hall : He has been traded multiple times. He first trade was to the Devils from Edmonton. The trade was as follows....Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson. Initially this trade seemed like just a good swap. Edmonton needed defense, and the Devils needed some offense. Then season 2 happened and Hall won the Hart Trophy and Larsson, well just looked like a good stay home defenseman. But then Hall would never play more then 30 games in a season for the Devils again. All the while Larsson put steady efforts in for Edmonton. Hard to say which is a clear winner at this point.
But then the Devils traded him for an absolute HAUL. I mean just raped the Coyotes. They got a 1st in the 20 draft, and 3rd in the 21 draft plus a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round prospect/player. N. Merkley, N. Schnarr, Kevin Bahl, the picks ended up being Dawson Mercer, and Ryder Korczak. Not like anything special came out from this trade. IT is a joke. While Edmonton ending up letting Larsson go to Seattle in the expansion draft. Clearly the Devils won this trade.
Erik Johnson : The trade was to the Avs from the Blues. (Side note this was 3 years after he was drafted) Blues had already found their number 1 D man so had time to shop Johnson around. The Blues sent Johnson, j. McClement, and 1st round pick which turned into Duncan Siemans. In return the Blues got Chirs Stewart, Shattenkirk, and a 2nd round pick. Stewart was a 18th overall pick, Shattenkirk was a 14th overall pick, and the 2nd round pick was 32 overall and Ty Rattie was selected. On the Avs. side McClement was a 2nd round 52nd overall journeymen Center. Siemans never amounted to anything. But Johnson has had a long and fairly decent career as a 1st pair shutdown defensemen. Obviously Ranger fans know all about Shattenkirk. Stewart was a decent defensive minded center. 3rd or 4th line ability. Ty Rattie outside of his amazing name never really panned out and is out the league today. At this level of diving into this trade....it is clear the Avs won this trade. I am sure if I dive deeper it starts to even out with the returns of Stewart and Shattenkirk when they are traded later on. Shattenkirk got the Blues a 1st and 2nd and 2 prospects from Washington. Stewart got traded and got the Blues Ryan Miller and Steve Ott. Not such a clear win for the Avs anymore.
Marc Andre Fluery : Essentially played his first 13 yrs of his career for the Penguins. Covering his trades at this point when a 1st overall Pedigree or label had long worn off and the 2 x Cup Champion had taken over his reputation. Becomes very mute. So I skipped him.
Rick Nash : Again his 1st Overall Pedigree had mostly worn off by the time of his trade to us. He was already a Pro for 9 years in Columbus when they decided to move on. All though.... he did get us quite a haul back when we traded him to Boston.
Ilya Kovalchuk : Again traded after 8 seasons with the Atlanta Thrashers. Not exactly worth covering. Only notable thing is Kevin Hayes was apart that trade to the Devils. Which I then assume the Devils traded that pick away to Chicago. Essentially the Thrashers got on the prospect level...... a 1st round pick 23rd overall, A 2nd round pick 54th overall, and a Journeymen defenseman in Oduya. Plus a 1st and 2nd round pick in the 2010 draft. An the Devils got a 2nd round pick, and undrafted player who never played in the league. The first pick ended up being Kevin and the second ended up being Justin Holl. Who plays for the Leafs now.
Patrik Stefan : One of if not the worst first overall picks in the history of the league. Never lived up to his potential in Atlanta. And should have been traded well before he actually was. He played 6 years for Atlanta before they finally traded him to Dallas for a bag of pucks. He netted Atlanta a 6th and 7th round pick/player. Too late and I am amazed anyone gave Atlanta anything at that point for him. He was gone and out of the league the next season.
Now take what you want from all of this. But typically players lose significant trade value the longer you hold onto them. 3 years into a first overall's playing career is the deadline for a decent to good return for even the so called bad 1st overall picks. After that ....they must already be pretty elite and the team just feels it needs to move on from the player. The worst players on this list .... arguably should have been moved sooner. Stefan and Yakupov, both struggled mightily early on in their careers and that was the clear calling sign to move on. People on here often use Thorton as the example of why you should just hold onto to Lafreniere. But his 3rd year he put up 60 points. He wasn't traded til his 8th year in the league and the GM was rightfully fired 1 year later for that trade.
Look there are always going to be doubters. People who are too scared to cross that road. Too afraid of the what ifs. To me the chances of Lafreniere having success on this franchise at this point are the same as Patrik Stefan and Yakupov. And both Franchises held on too long and got nothing in return because those players were long past the expiration date.
I would love to be wrong! I would love for Lafreniere to go out there and prove all of his doubters wrong. And have a massive season and dominate the league. It is never going to happen. I will give a very clear example of why....both Kakko and Chytil went to the World Championship and played for their respective teams. Why didn't Lafreniere? What is Lafreniere doing right now? Nursing an unknown injury? Or more likely fucking off like a typical 21 year old in NY with millions in his bank account? It is not like there wouldn't have been a roster spot on team Canada if he wanted to play. But notice no one is asking this question in the media. Why not?
If someone can point to something about his game that stands out...I would listen. Can anyone tell me something about his game that truly stands out besides he puts up the most points at even strength? Yet no one includes with that little tid bit of information that he also has the 3rd highest 5 on 5 ice time only losing to Panarin and Trocheck on our team. I not saying Quinn, Gallant, Drury, and Gorton didn't mess up his career. I am not blaming just him. But if Drury doesn't see the same thing I do, what the hell is he looking at?
I get why the majority of this toxic sub doesn't want to move on from him. They are afraid they are going to lose a top talent for nothing and regret it in the future. Or the other common argument is he is at his lowest value why trade him now? I say trade him now because look at what you get if he doesn't pan out or prove his doubters wrong. There are 2 very clear examples of players that struggled just like Lafreniere in the beginning of their careers right above. And ultimately those teams waited too long and got nothing for those players when it was clear as day they weren't nhl players. If we can trade him for a top 10 pick with say an addition of our pick ....I say why not? That is a great return.
I honestly want to see Lafreniere succeed. I like him as a player and wish him nothing but the best. No one has ever come out of the QMJHL to have success in the NHL with the one exception of Crosby. I am sorry, but this kid is not Crosby. He doesn't show that same work ethic/desire to be the best. If you doubt this point just go look at all the players who have led the QMJHL in scoring since Crosby and see what level of player they are. There is 20 years of history surely I am wrong.
I will end this with...please give me a valid reason to believe in this kid. Give me a reason if you don't agree with me on why? And don't give me a recycled answer of look at his 5 on 5 stats or he has never gotten a chance in ice time. Corey Perry as a 37 yr old has less even strength ice time then Lafreniere but has more points. What do you see from him that says..... given the proper ice time/ line mates he will succeed? What is it exactly that you see in him...that people like me don't? And any who point to his trade value....it is only going to keep decreasing with time. I am not an optimist. I am very practical. If you have an opinion that he will get better..... show me a player who had similar stats/ice time issues who then suddenly turned it on in their 4th, 5th, or 6th year? I will take anything. I am not talking about a guy who struggled with injuries and never got a look at the NHL level. Lafreniere has 200 games plus of nhl ice experience. Show me a player who meets that criteria. I don't care if you go back to the 1920's to find them. But I honestly don't know of any player 200 plus games into their respective careers that suddenly became an impact player and doubled their point production. Hell I would take a 60 point winger at this point. 20 to 25 goals and 35 to 40 assists. I don't think we will even see that from him because of where he is on our depth chart at LW.
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2023.05.28 06:39 blscratch Thank goodness for Reddit. My wife and I can't agree.

We were watching S1E1 of Perry Mason 2020. The scene where he thinks he's going to get paid from the "Groucho Marx" movie executive for the scandalous pics, what actor is playing the Groucho.
I've spent this entire evening trying to settle this with her and I'm a Google flash. So even if you have an opinion, please say who you think it is and the % you think you're right.
If you find a source, I'll be astounded. I told my wife I'm going to have to call the studio or something haha.
Thanks if you know or if you help.
Edit; The actor I'm looking for is the one who played the "Groucho Marx" movie executive who tells Perry he has to decide what kind of person he wants to be.
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2023.05.28 05:39 Anubisfett [RF][MF] Untitled but testing the waters. This is attempt at strictly dramatic fiction. Probably also the most amateur writer and my first post here. Appreciate in advance the feedback.

Tyler sat in the driver’s seat with his hands still gripping the steering wheel firmly. He’d been parked in the driveway and staring at the closed garage door at the same green spot near the bottom staining the beautiful white paint for over half an hour now but couldn’t move. As the constant taps of the falling raindrops kept drumming the rooftop and windshield of his car, Tyler sat and tried to think. He tried to think of what the next steps were. He tried to think of how to move forward from here. Still sitting with his hands clenched around the steering wheel at ten and two, white knuckles drained of blood from an unrelenting grip for fear of letting go, he tried breathing deep but it wouldn’t take. He was so afraid that if he let go, he would have to face it. Jules would be gone and that would be it; he would have to start letting go. “I’m just not ready.” he breathed shakily.
The car still smelled of her perfume and it was intoxicating. He tried not to think it, but these might be the last bits of her he would be able to breathe in alone in the quiet. He began to peel his fingers slowly off the wheel and let his hands drop to his knees. His right hand brushed against the keychain and he couldn’t help but laugh briefly through the tears. As they rolled from his swelling eyes, his tears stung as they from eye to the bottom of his jaw where they let go to fall to his jeans. He forced a chuckle as he focused on that damn ridiculous keychain of hers. He had thought about all the times he’d given her shit about having an ungodly amount of keys and dangly bits that god only knew what they went to. As he let himself chuckle at the thought, the surge hit him again like a tidal wave of emotion as he slumped forward and tried to catch himself with a hand on the cold leather steering wheel.
A thousand questions raced through his mind on why her, how could this happen, what had he done, what had she done to deserve this. “Of all the people God… why her” he cried. “You gotta help me here because I just…” he paused. “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO FEEL!” Tyler screamed and slammed his fists on the wheel. Almost as if someone somewhere was listening to his need to pull himself out of this moment, the front porch light of his parents two story house came to life and the bright red front door to his childhood home at 27121 Oak Drive opened wide.
Standing in the door frame, his mother, silver haired and wearing a black sweater, beige capri pants, and a soft and gentle smile waived as she looked at her son. Smiling and gleaming in the porch light in her grandma’s other arm, half sitting on her hip, was his beautiful brown eyed, brown haired little girl. He tried wiping his face with his rough cotton work shirt. With the salty tears that had been rolling down his cheek, it felt like sandpaper on an open wound. He took a quick look in the rear view mirror at his face and breathed out heavily to try and regain what little composure one could regain considering. The rain had begun to really pour now, and of course, he’d never listened to his all-knowing wife and left the umbrella at the house that day the events of the day. “It never rains on a Thursday” he replayed himself saying to her in his mind as he had walked out of the house that morning. He couldn’t help but think it was the last thing he’d gotten to say to her.
Tyler pulled the keys out of the ignition, opened the car door, and stepped out into rain. The rain felt cool against the burn on his face and began to sting where he’d wiped too hard with his shirt. It felt good. Without taking a step, he stood for a minute and just let the rain fall over him. Even though it was a brisk 52 degrees out, the rain seemed to feel like a warm wave washing over him. With slightly more confidence, he gently shut the door to the car and started toward the front door. Each step felt like he was wearing hundred pound weights around his ankles but he trudged forward to his little girl and mother still waiting for him in the doorway. “Hi Daddy!” Anika spewed, smiling from ear to ear as she anxiously awaited her daddy, rocking back and forth in grandmother’s arms.
Anika looked every bit like her mother. She was a spitting image, if only just a smaller carbon copy of Juliette who stood a slim 5’7”. Juliette had long beautiful brown hair and soft brown eyes that had stolen Tyler’s heart at the tender age of nine. The two had been classmates since elementary school and almost never left each other’s side. Growing up together, a little time apart here and there, the two were inseparable. Juliette was strong willed, outspoken, and full of life. Tyler on the other hand, was reserved, calm, and just wanted to be anywhere Juliette was. She was always his “the one.” He had told his parents somewhere around twelve years old that he intended to marry her, “when we’re grown up, of course”. He was determined like that and she never made it easy. She kept him on his toes but Juliette didn’t take much convincing. She loved him every bit as much as he did her. It was a kind of beautiful fairy tale the two had lived. Until now.
“Hi baby” he said shakily as he reached out for her. Anika leapt into her daddy’s arms and Evelyn reached out for her son Tyler, doing her best to hold it together for his sake and Anika’s. She reached for his arm and pulled him in tightly and wrapped her small arms around them both with as much strength as she could bare. “Ouch mom!” Anika squealed. “Too tight” she said giggling. “Sorry honey, mom forgot you were there bean.” Evelyn forced her words softly as she gently lied to her sweet little granddaughter. Anika was only three and didn’t mind when “mom” squeezed her tight.
“Daddy? Where’s mommy? She better hurry home! We’re posta doing tea party.” Anika explained.
A large lump lodged itself in Tyler’s throat just then. This was the part he hadn’t yet thought about. His face went white and his eyes darted to his mother who had lost what little control she had due to the heartache she felt for her son. Now the thought of her granddaughter having to learn this broke her. Instinctively knowing it was his time to step in, Tyler’s father, Carl, arrived down the stairs in just the nick of time. “Where’s my sweet little munchkin?” grandpa Carl asked in a loud grandpa voice. “Wanna go play hide and seek?” Anika answered with a resounding “YES!” as she darted for the living room.
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2023.05.28 04:16 ChiCubsbot Postgame Thread: 5/27 Reds @ Cubs

Line Score - Game Over

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
CIN 0 1 1 0 3 1 2 0 0 8 12 0 6
CHC 1 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 5 8 0 7

Box Score

2B Hoerner 4 1 2 1 1 0 .293
SS Swanson 5 1 2 2 0 1 .264
LF Happ 3 0 1 2 1 1 .285
RF Suzuki, S 3 0 0 0 1 0 .287
1B Mancini 3 0 0 0 1 1 .246
C Gomes 4 1 1 0 0 0 .288
DH Morel 3 0 0 0 1 1 .317
3B Wisdom 3 1 1 0 0 0 .216
PH Mastrobuoni 1 0 0 0 0 1 .171
CF Tauchman 3 1 1 0 0 1 .250
Taillon 4.2 6 4 4 1 5 80-48 8.04
Fulmer 0.2 1 2 2 2 2 25-13 7.84
Estrada 0.2 3 2 2 0 0 18-12 2.08
Merryweather 1.0 1 0 0 0 2 13-8 4.79
Hughes 1.0 1 0 0 0 1 18-12 3.60
Leiter Jr. 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 16-9 1.69
CF Friedl 4 2 2 0 1 1 .326
SS McLain 5 2 2 1 0 2 .333
2B India 5 2 3 5 0 0 .291
RF Fraley 5 0 1 0 0 1 .261
DH Stephenson, T 5 1 2 0 0 3 .256
1B Steer 3 1 0 0 1 1 .280
3B Senzel 3 0 1 1 1 1 .255
LF Fairchild 3 0 0 0 0 0 .245
C Casali 4 0 1 1 0 2 .157
Williamson 4.1 6 4 4 3 3 81-52 5.02
Farmer, B 1.2 0 0 0 1 0 12-8 2.81
Gibaut 1.0 1 1 1 1 0 16-8 3.86
Young, Al 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 8-6 2.95
Díaz, A 1.0 1 0 0 0 2 17-10 1.83

Scoring Plays

Inning Event Score
B1 Ian Happ hits a ground-rule double (14) on a line drive down the left-field line. Dansby Swanson scores. 1-0
T2 Nick Senzel singles on a ground ball to center fielder Mike Tauchman. Tyler Stephenson scores. 1-1
B2 Nico Hoerner singles on a line drive to right fielder Jake Fraley. Yan Gomes scores. Patrick Wisdom to 3rd. Nico Hoerner to 2nd. 2-1
B2 Dansby Swanson singles on a sharp line drive to left fielder Stuart Fairchild. Patrick Wisdom scores. Nico Hoerner scores. 4-1
T3 Jonathan India singles on a line drive to left fielder Ian Happ. TJ Friedl scores. Jonathan India out at 2nd on the throw, left fielder Ian Happ to second baseman Nico Hoerner. 4-2
T5 Matt McLain singles on a line drive to right fielder Seiya Suzuki. TJ Friedl scores. 4-3
T5 Jonathan India homers (4) on a fly ball to right field. Matt McLain scores. 4-5
T6 Curt Casali singles on a line drive to left fielder Ian Happ. Spencer Steer scores. Stuart Fairchild to 2nd. 4-6
T7 Jonathan India homers (5) on a fly ball to left center field. Matt McLain scores. 4-8
B7 Ian Happ out on a sacrifice fly to right fielder Jake Fraley. Mike Tauchman scores. 5-8


Description Length Video
Bullpen availability for Chicago, May 27 vs Reds 0:07 Video
Bullpen availability for Cincinnati, May 27 vs Cubs 0:07 Video
Fielding alignment for Cincinnati, May 27 vs Cubs 0:11 Video
Fielding alignment for Chicago, May 27 vs Reds 0:11 Video
Starting lineups for Reds at Cubs - May 27, 2023 0:09 Video
Breaking down Jameson Taillon's pitches 0:08 Video
Measuring the stats on Jonathan India's home run 0:13 Video
An animated look at Jonathan India's home run 0:09 Video
Breaking down Brandon Williamson's pitches 0:08 Video
Breaking down Jonathan India's home run 0:14 Video
Visualizing Jonathan India's swing using bat tracking technology 0:09 Video
Ian Happ lines an RBI double in the 1st inning 0:22 Video
Dansby Swanson hits a two-run single in the 2nd 0:15 Video
Jonathan India hits a two-run homer, gives Reds lead 0:24 Video
Jonathan India hits second two-run homer of the day 0:26 Video


Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Save
Farmer, B (1-3, 2.81 ERA) Fulmer (0-4, 7.84 ERA) Díaz, A (11 SV, 1.83 ERA)
Game ended at 9:16 PM.
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2023.05.28 04:16 RedsModerator The Reds defeated the Cubs by a score of 8-5 - Sat, May 27 @ 07:15 PM EDT

Reds @ Cubs - Sat, May 27

Game Status: Final - Score: 8-5 Reds

Links & Info

1 Friedl - CF 4 2 2 0 1 1 2 .326 .378 .496
2 McLain - SS 5 2 2 1 0 2 3 .333 .423 .556
3 India - 2B 5 2 3 5 0 0 0 .291 .376 .439
4 Fraley - RF 5 0 1 0 0 1 0 .261 .350 .415
5 Stephenson, T - DH 5 1 2 0 0 3 1 .256 .340 .344
6 Steer - 1B 3 1 0 0 1 1 2 .280 .351 .471
7 Senzel - 3B 3 0 1 1 1 1 1 .255 .323 .383
8 Fairchild - LF 3 0 0 0 0 0 3 .245 .344 .387
9 Casali - C 4 0 1 1 0 2 1 .157 .259 .157
Totals 37 8 12 8 3 11 13
BATTING: 2B: Stephenson, T (10, Taillon); Friedl (8, Taillon). HR: India 2 (5, 5th inning off Fulmer, 1 on, 2 out, 7th inning off Estrada, 1 on, 0 out). TB: Casali; Fraley; Friedl 3; India 9; McLain 2; Senzel; Stephenson, T 3. RBI: Casali (3); India 5 (24); McLain (7); Senzel (23). 2-out RBI: Casali; McLain; India 3; Senzel. Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: McLain; Friedl. Team RISP: 4-for-10. Team LOB: 6.
FIELDING: Outfield assists: Friedl (Morel at 1st base). DP: 2 (Senzel-India-Steer; Friedl-India-Steer).
1 Hoerner - 2B 4 1 2 1 1 0 0 .293 .345 .397
2 Swanson - SS 5 1 2 2 0 1 4 .264 .361 .421
3 Happ - LF 3 0 1 2 1 1 2 .285 .405 .430
4 Suzuki, S - RF 3 0 0 0 1 0 4 .287 .380 .493
5 Mancini - 1B 3 0 0 0 1 1 2 .246 .321 .338
6 Gomes - C 4 1 1 0 0 0 1 .288 .306 .471
7 Morel - DH 3 0 0 0 1 1 2 .317 .358 .794
8 Wisdom - 3B 3 1 1 0 0 0 2 .216 .305 .514
a-Mastrobuoni - PH 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 .171 .277 .220
9 Tauchman - CF 3 1 1 0 0 1 2 .250 .423 .300
Totals 32 5 8 5 5 6 19
a-Struck out for Wisdom in the 9th.
BATTING: 2B: Happ (14, Williamson). 3B: Swanson (2, Williamson). TB: Gomes; Happ 2; Hoerner 2; Swanson 4; Tauchman; Wisdom. RBI: Happ 2 (21); Hoerner (25); Swanson 2 (23). 2-out RBI: Swanson 2; Hoerner. Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Mancini; Suzuki, S; Happ 2. SF: Happ. GIDP: Mancini. Team RISP: 4-for-11. Team LOB: 7.
FIELDING: Outfield assists: Happ (India at 2nd base).
Reds Pitchers IP H R ER BB K HR P-S ERA
Williamson 4.1 6 4 4 3 3 0 81-52 5.02
Farmer, B (W, 1-3) 1.2 0 0 0 1 0 0 12-8 2.81
Gibaut 1.0 1 1 1 1 0 0 16-8 3.86
Young, Al (H, 6) 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 8-6 2.95
Díaz, A (S, 11) 1.0 1 0 0 0 2 0 17-10 1.83
Totals 9.0 8 5 5 5 6 0
Cubs Pitchers IP H R ER BB K HR P-S ERA
Taillon 4.2 6 4 4 1 5 0 80-48 8.04
Fulmer (L, 0-4) 0.2 1 2 2 2 2 1 25-13 7.84
Estrada 0.2 3 2 2 0 0 1 18-12 2.08
Merryweather 1.0 1 0 0 0 2 0 13-8 4.79
Hughes 1.0 1 0 0 0 1 0 18-12 3.60
Leiter Jr. 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 16-9 1.69
Totals 9.0 12 8 8 3 11 2
Game Info
HBP: Fairchild (by Hughes); Tauchman (by Díaz, A).
Pitches-strikes: Williamson 81-52; Farmer, B 12-8; Gibaut 16-8; Young, Al 8-6; Díaz, A 17-10; Taillon 80-48; Fulmer 25-13; Estrada 18-12; Merryweather 13-8; Hughes 18-12; Leiter Jr. 16-9.
Groundouts-flyouts: Williamson 2-6; Farmer, B 1-1; Gibaut 0-2; Young, Al 2-0; Díaz, A 1-0; Taillon 2-2; Fulmer 0-0; Estrada 1-1; Merryweather 0-0; Hughes 0-2; Leiter Jr. 0-0.
Batters faced: Williamson 22; Farmer, B 4; Gibaut 5; Young, Al 3; Díaz, A 5; Taillon 20; Fulmer 5; Estrada 5; Merryweather 3; Hughes 5; Leiter Jr. 3.
Inherited runners-scored: Farmer, B 1-0; Fulmer 1-1; Estrada 2-1.
Umpires: HP: Manny Gonzalez. 1B: Quinn Wolcott. 2B: Junior Valentine. 3B: Adrian Johnson.
Weather: 64 degrees, Partly Cloudy.
Wind: 9 mph, In From LF.
First pitch: 6:16 PM.
T: 2:57.
Att: 36,372.
Venue: Wrigley Field.
May 27, 2023
Inning Scoring Play Score
Bottom 1 Ian Happ hits a ground-rule double (14) on a line drive down the left-field line. Dansby Swanson scores. 1-0 CHC
Top 2 Nick Senzel singles on a ground ball to center fielder Mike Tauchman. Tyler Stephenson scores. 1-1
Bottom 2 Nico Hoerner singles on a line drive to right fielder Jake Fraley. Yan Gomes scores. Patrick Wisdom to 3rd. Nico Hoerner to 2nd. 2-1 CHC
Bottom 2 Dansby Swanson singles on a sharp line drive to left fielder Stuart Fairchild. Patrick Wisdom scores. Nico Hoerner scores. 4-1 CHC
Top 3 Jonathan India singles on a line drive to left fielder Ian Happ. TJ Friedl scores. Jonathan India out at 2nd on the throw, left fielder Ian Happ to second baseman Nico Hoerner. 4-2 CHC
Top 5 Matt McLain singles on a line drive to right fielder Seiya Suzuki. TJ Friedl scores. 4-3 CHC
Top 5 Jonathan India homers (4) on a fly ball to right field. Matt McLain scores. 5-4 CIN
Top 6 Curt Casali singles on a line drive to left fielder Ian Happ. Spencer Steer scores. Stuart Fairchild to 2nd. 6-4 CIN
Top 7 Jonathan India homers (5) on a fly ball to left center field. Matt McLain scores. 8-4 CIN
Bottom 7 Ian Happ out on a sacrifice fly to right fielder Jake Fraley. Mike Tauchman scores. 8-5 CIN
Team Highlight
CHC Bullpen availability for Chicago, May 27 vs Reds (00:00:07)
CIN Bullpen availability for Cincinnati, May 27 vs Cubs (00:00:07)
CIN Fielding alignment for Cincinnati, May 27 vs Cubs (00:00:11)
CHC Fielding alignment for Chicago, May 27 vs Reds (00:00:11)
CHC Starting lineups for Reds at Cubs - May 27, 2023 (00:00:09)
CIN Visualizing Jonathan India's swing using bat tracking technology (00:00:09)
CHC Ian Happ's RBI double (00:00:22)
CHC Dansby Swanson's two-run single (00:00:15)
CIN Jonathan India's two-run jack (4) (00:00:24)
CIN India's second two-run homer (5) (00:00:26)
CIN Nick Senzel's RBI single (00:00:12)
CHC Nico Hoerner's RBI single (00:00:16)
CIN Jonathan India's RBI single (00:00:17)
CHC Happ throws out India at second (00:00:17)
CIN Matt McLain's RBI single (00:00:12)
CIN Curt Casali's RBI single (00:00:11)
CHC Ian Happ's sacrifice fly (00:00:14)
CIN Jake Fraley's diving catch (00:00:25)
CHC Patrick Wisdom's nice snag (00:00:07)
CIN Alexis Diaz records final out (00:00:06)
CHC Dansby Swanson's triple in 1st (00:00:20)
CIN Jonathan India's two-homer game (00:01:06)
CHC Mancini's catch at the netting (00:00:26)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
Reds 0 1 1 0 3 1 2 0 0 8 12 0 6
Cubs 1 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 5 8 0 7


Division Scoreboard

PIT 0 @ SEA 5 - Final
SF 3 @ MIL 1 - Final
STL 2 @ CLE 1 - Final
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2023.05.28 04:03 micronesiarain Episode 4- "Design Gone Galactic" ⭐️🪐

Episode 4-
the queens return to the workroom after Yuka's elimination
Wren: Awww, Yuka!
🏁Wren CF: Seeing Yuka leave is bittersweet. I had gotten really close with her. But when you're in the bottom two, you can only focus on it not being your name on that lipstick. One of us had to go, better her than me!
Fleur: I'd say I can't believe she's gone this early, but I'm afraid I saw it coming.
Sue: Really?
Fleur: If there's one thing about me and Yuka being in a competition together, it's that I'll make it farther. Bring out the tiny violins, bye bitch!
🏁Fleur CF: Did Yuka do anything to me? Hmm, that's a dumb question. But I do know that she was in the competition, and now she's not!
Morgs: Blondie and Zodya, congratulations. I'll admit, I was hoping this would be our week. But you did a nice job.
Blondie: Thank you.
Sharris: Let's hope that there aren't any more pity wins this season. That would be great.
Zodya: There's a difference between a pity win and being the best team to follow the rules.
Sharris: And I don't think you were either!
Zodya: Sharris, I don't need you making this a miserable experience.
🏁Zodya CF: I feel like Sharris brings a dark cloud over the competition. I trust Morgs and Steph, and I know that they trust Sharris. For now, I can play nice. But when it comes down to the inner group of the alliance, she'll have to go.
Kami: Blondie, how are you feeling after being in the top?
Blondie: It felt right, it felt correct!
Fleur: Oh shut up.
Blondie: Alright, that came out of nowhere, but work.
Wren: I'm sure my lipstick is in your bra right now, but it really was nice to see you get celebrated like that.
Blondie: I actually chose Yuka.
Wren: Girl, you don't need to lie. It's fine, really.
Blondie pulls her lipstick out to reveal she truly did choose Yuka
Blondie: Not lying.
Wren: What the hell, I'm at a loss right now.
🏁Blondie CF: Saving Wren was not an easy decision. I know people want her gone. And after what went down between the two of us, I had a million reasons to get her out of here. But this is the new version of Blondie, and I've made the decision to fight for this friendship. And that can only happen once one of us decides to be the bigger person. And that's usually not me, but there's a first for everything!
Blondie: What you did, it hurt me. But things I did on Season Six, that hurt you. If we keep going after each other, we can't move forward.
the camera slowly pans over to Sue who is hysterically crying
Steph: Sue?
Sue: I just...I just love seeing the birth of a friendship!
🏁Steph CF: If any of you question why I love this bitch, now you know. The sweetest soul I know.
Wren: Blondie, that means a lot to me. Thank you. Now, I still don't know if it should've been me in the bottom, but thank you.
Fleur: Here we go again.
Anthyy: Who do you think should've been in the bottom?
Wren: Our challenge was to show up at a certain time and perform. Most of us did that. But two of us didn't.
Sharris squints her eyes and takes off her earrings, handing them over to Morgs
Sharris: Wren, you're a joke. Not just a joke, an embarrassment. Why the fuck are you even here?
Wren: Excuse me?
Sharris: You take this so seriously, and it makes me physically uncomfortable. It's a game, calm down.
Wren: I'm not apologizing for showing up to a competition and wanting to compete.
Sharris: You need to apologize for a lot more than that. Starting with that face.
Fleur: And then work your way down.
Zodya: Are we really doing this right now? You're all taking this too far, and it needs to stop. I'm serious.
Sharris: Oh bug off, you don't need to play mediator.
Zodya: Sharris, stop. I'm not letting you attack my friend.
Sharris: If that's the kind of freak you're friends with, that says everything about you.
🏁Sharris CF: I won't rest until Wren is out of the competition. I don't like her, I haven't liked her, and I will never like her. It's not even about winning anymore. It's about breaking this bitch from the inside.
The Next Day
the queens enter the workroom, laughing and ignoring the drama from the previous night
🏁Anthyy CF: It's a new day in the workroom, and the stress of the competition is clearly getting to these girls! I feel good, staying out of the drama, and ready to slay. You won't see me safe again, that's not a cute look!
Sue: Seeing how many people are still here just shows how big this season is going to be. Three girls down, and we can still barely fit around the table.
Sharris: Some of you can skip some meals, and that'll change!
🏁Sue CF: I'm afraid that I'm fading into the background, and it's about time that I step forward. On Season Four, I never got to a win, even though I was close. I know that these girls think my attitude is more fun and relaxed, but I won't let them underestimate me.
the workroom door swings open as Micro steps in, wearing a sliver puffer track suit with futuristic silver sunglasses
Micro: Greetings Earth queens! When I invited each of you back, I did so because you are the best and brightest in the galaxy. And to prove that, it's time to take things out of this world. Behind me, there's a table full of celestial inspired materials. Each of you will design a high fashion look that takes us to infinity and beyond. Now, some of you may not love the idea of producing your own look. Which is why you have options! If you'd like, you are able to use a pre-existing look. The only catch is that you need to modify it enough so that it reads as your own unique creation. Good luck, and I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Micro leaves the workroom, and the queens rush over to the table of materials, grabbing everything they can find
🏁Whorechata CF: This is what I've been waiting for! From the start of this competition, these queens have questioned whether or not I belong here. And I knew they were wrong. Because...duh, look at the material. But this is the challenge where I know I can outdo everyone else. Yeah, I feel pretty good about my chances.
the queens spread throughout the workroom in different groupings
Fleur, Morgs, and Sharris discuss the challenge and what their ideas are
Sharris: I've decided to not make my own look. I know my limits, and there's more I can do with little embellishments than with a sewing machine.
🏁Morgs CF: Sharris is the person I'm the closest to here. I do trust that she can make this challenge work. But when she says she's not even taking out a sewing machine, I'm starting to worry.
Fleur: I've taken my sewing classes after Season Four, and I didn't really have that much to improve on.
Morgs: You had a design challenge on your season, right?
Fleur: We did. We got these horrible boxes of trash and had to make it into something.
🏁Fleur CF: I felt great about my look on Season Four. Truly, how can you describe it without using the word beautiful? Some people said I should've been in the bottom, but "some people" got sent home two episodes ago. Hi Lectro, thanks for watching!
Morgs: From what I can see of other people, I don't think we have anything to worry about this week.
Sharris: Just say Wren...
the camera cuts over to Wren on the floor, sculpting multiple arms and cutting out fabric
🏁Wren CF: I've always had a strong sense of what I want when it comes to the designs I wear. But it's taken some time to polish up the level of execution. This is my chance to show how much I've grown, even in the short time since Season Six.
Zodya: Wren, you doing good?
Wren: Can't talk, too busy serving cunt.
🏁Zodya CF: If you can't love yourself, then you must not be Wren! But hey, I can't knock the confidence.
Zodya: Chata, what are you bringing with your look?
Whorechata: I'm trying to embrace the materials as much as possible. I don't want to use any patterns I brought, any base garments, nothing. If it's not from that table, I'm not using it.
Zodya: It's definitely a bold color choice.
Whorechata: I need to stand out. Whatever it takes.
🏁Whorechata CF: Being able to create looks like this, that's why I applied for Season Five. And finally, I got a challenge where I can shine.
Anthyy, Steph, and Sue chat by the mirrors as they sketch out look ideas
🏁Anthyy CF: I've come back to judge fashion challenges on MDR a million times. If I don't slay this, I need to apologize to everyone I ever critiqued! I need to bring a new silhouette, new materials, everything. You won't be able to clock a single detail.
Steph: Last time I had a challenge like this, it caused me to spiral.
Sue: You know you've gotten better since then.
Steph: I think I have. Being back in these four walls, and feeling like I'm just starting to get the momentum going, it's hauntingly familiar to how I felt on Season Three.
Anthyy: You have to believe in yourself! Let the infection take over. Well, not like that. But the fashion infection.
Steph: Please, I need to catch the fashion infection first!
🏁Steph CF: Ever since my elimination on Season Three, I've felt like had I just made it through the design challenge, I could've won the whole thing. This is my chance to show that I can not just make it through this challenge, but I can come out unharmed, and ready to give this competition what I have. Call me dramatic, but you all saw the look, it was traumatizing!
Sue plugs in her headphones and turns on Kylie Minogue, unlocking her full powers. She turns on the sewing machine and gets to work
🏁Sue CF: When it comes to sewing, I may not be Sue Essence Hall. But I have the drive and heart to win this thing. Nobody wants this more than me, and that's gotta count for something.
the lights flicker and an electric magenta light floods the runway as Micro struts down the center
Micro Episode 4 Look
Micro: Welcome back to the runway of Micro's Drag Race: All Stars! This week, the queens were asked to design a high fashion look utilizing or inspired by celestial materials. And joining me on the judging panel is a very special guest. Usually, we keep it in the family and have past queens return to judge. But this season, I've invited some legendary queens that I admire to help me out. And tonight, we have the amazing Hex!
Hex Guest Judging Look
Micro: Hex, thank you for being here!
Hex: Honored to be here.
Micro: You've been a legendary designer in the drag world for years. What do you think makes a good design?
Hex: Finding a concept, and immersing yourself in that world. If you want to be an alien, become that alien and think about how they'd wear the look. You have to commit!
Micro: That is fabulous advice. You ready to get started?
Hex: I'm ready to feel inspired!
Micro: Without further ado, let's see if these looks are truly out of this world!
"Bad Juju" by Jujubee plays
Anthyy: Coming down this runway I feel amazing! It’s a design challenge and you just know that miss Anthyy will deliver in those! Tonight the category was space at first I got a bit scared cause the home eis super broad if you look at it but then my. Mind went straight to my sister she is OBSSESED with space, so I called her and asked her what is her favorite planet! She said Uranus… and the rest is history! So tonight for my look I am channeling you the Uranus fantasy, my dress is a net made out of 27 of the Uranus’s moons and being me you can see a stunning set of it’s rings, not many people know that Uranus is one of the 3 planets with rings! Yup not only Saturn so tonight I wanted to make sure we don’t forget about those rings! Uranus is also one of the coldest planets that exsist so i made sure my alien puss is frozen the haus down boots! The parts holding together the moons on her dress are all coveed in galaxy dust and you can see my stunning 3 pairs of hands all going in diffrent directions! As for the look itself, it is a pretty gown (which you know i only do for special occasions!) with an amazing backpiece and stunning hair artistry! I would say this is soemthing that isnt often seen and its one of it's kind so im suoer happy to bring it to you on the design challenge! Lets hope this alien lands me my 3rd win! Finding out that this week's guest judge is my amazing friend Hex, she also is included in this look honey did you notice how my alien has 3 nostrills??? YUPPPPP thats what i call referencing
Anthyy Look
Blondie: You better beware, you're in for a scare! Run in fear when Captain Blondatrix arrives on your planet and goes for a pure femme pink fem-pire! For this look, I did use a pre-existing outfit but dyed the colours to a nice ballet slipper pink & a rose gold pink to add to colour theory. I did paint the mask and got a dazzling matching wig... I mean, styled my hair into a gorgeous blonde to meet my branding. Next, I got rid of some pesky details that weren't needed and created more of a space priestess vibe, and kept the alien incubator, as I'm here to spread my seed any way I can. Finally, I created a new banner and an amazing bi-sexual planet to create awareness. So beam me up, cuz I'm here to take y'all down~
Blondie Look
Fleur: I love the Earth. The Earth just gives cunt 24/7 for the past billion years. She always finds some way to absolute slayyyyyy. For example when she decided that she wanted a desert, we were all like "yas girl sand is so sexy". Her brain is just so innovative and she is truly a lovely person. I love the Earth. It is just so calm, and peaceful and sweet. Everyday is amazing on Earth because the Earth is just amazing. It has not one bad quality. That is why I love it. This look resemblances the cuntiness Mother Earth is but also how serene it can be. She's so quirky. But sometimes... just sometimes... the Galaxy is jealous of Earth's cuntiness. Like for example, when the Galaxy decided to shoot a meteor onto it and kill all those leather wearing, katy perry roaring carnivores. Like that was bullying! But sometimes... just sometimes... the Galaxy is in a bad mood and it wants to recreate the devastation of the first meteor. Fuck the galaxy honestly. FUCK YOU. And when the Earth goes BOOM, so does the runway Fleur is modelling and strutting on. This gives her enough times to take of her jumpsuit and reveal her bare naked skin which is just coincidentally painted in a molten galaxy pattern. Science lesson: This is because the Earth has plates. The crust, the mantle and the core. The core is filled with molten lava and I think lava is so that bitch. Like it can burn a hoe like that! So obviously when the earth explodes, lava will ooze into the milkyway making the milkyway turn orange. Kind of like food colouring. And obviously, when the world does explode into the galaxy, you would probably be blinded by the light so you will always need some funky Lady Gaga looking sun glasses. And that's on period.
Fleur Look
Fleur Reveal
Fleur Reveal
Kami: Kami steps out onto the stage, and she is ready for space! She is serving you astronaut realness with her helmet in hand, and her bedazzled star space bodysuit when suddenly she trips -
her belt unravels and suddenly you can see a fake face laying on the ground
Oh my god! She's really an alien?? She's kind of serving though... Her alien wings held back by the belt that was previously cinching her waist (?) in, has revealed who she truly is. The wig seems to have melted down, and a bunch of the accessories are now falling off as well. The stars on the alien skin slowly falling off as the bodysuit from before is now revealed to have been her skin all along. how is she hiding humongous wings underneath a tiny belt ? these are questions that are unnecessary!
Kami Look
Kami Reveal
Morgs: BLAM! for my intergalactic runway it’s getting hot in here, why? because i’m a star, litterally. i wanted to be the sun, the most important thing for life. i've got a warm dress on, glasses to protect me from the UV rays, and a backpiece that are supposed to be sunbeams. i’m slaying this runway and even though i hate designing my own stuff, i managed to make myself a whole outfit and sunbeams that shoot out!
Morgs Look
Sharris: For my Space Age Couture runway, my inspiration comes directly from the galaxy and the beautiful sky we see at nighttime. I didn’t want to go with an astronaut, or an alien, I wanted to go with the sheer beauty that the natural world holds. It’s couture, and just so so extravagant. This runway represents an entire celestial body. If a lady from the Capitol moved to space- this is what she’d be wearing. Upon walking onto the runway, the lights dim, and i’m SHINING. Practically radiating with beauty. I have never been in more awe than I have with what I’ve produced tonight
Sharris Look
Steph: for my runway look tonight i wanted to be a FIERCE celestial goddess. my entire body is painted in that same sparkling purple color as the mug which reminds me of Nebula one of my fav guardians of the galaxy. and honestly my look tonight IS THE SPACE AGE AND THE UNIVERSE MAMA. she is a space goddess and she has kidnapped the stars and the color purple to make this look. thx a bunch:) My vision is filled with this collage and i hope u enjoy her:)
Steph Look
Sue: So for my look tonight I am serving you intergalactic space pop star. She has her Ariana ponytail on and her microphone that she totally didn’t get inspired by from Fever by Kylie Minogue.
Sue Look
Whorechata: Tonight is my day to shine. Chata is living in the year 3000 and failed her astronaut astronomy space class exam thing and can’t use her spacesuit to go to the plant Whore anymore. So what does she do… she takes it apart MAWMA. This outfit is using a deconstructed padded astronaut suit. Some green tubing and inflatable thingys to create this futuristic Lewk. Tonight I hope to show these girls why micro let me in the doors.
Whorechata Look
Wren: Kneel.
Zodya: Tonight on the runway, I am giving you space duchess to the extreme! I am the most fabulous diva at the annual Galatica Ball, and honey, you can’t outshine me! Get out of my way, girls, because none of y’all can be as glamorous as me!
Zodya Look
Micro: Thank you ladies! Based on your performances tonight, I've made some decisions. When I call your name, please step forward.
Micro: Kami, Steph, Whorechata. The three of you...are safe.
Steph: Oh thank lord. Whew!
Kami and Steph thank the judges as Whorechata's face is drained of all life. Her legs begin to quiver, and her eyes lose emotion as they twitch
🏁Whorechata CF: Safe. Safe. Oh wow.
Whorechata steps forward and walks towards the judging panel. She hunches over and grabs the base of the panel, as Micro and Hex look at her in confusion. Whorechata lifts with all of her might, and flips the panel. Her eyes turn bright red and she storms around the studio, throwing punches and kicks at everyone in sight
🏁Whorechata CF: Well, that's what I wanted to do at least...
the scene snaps back into reality where Whorechata is standing on stage and faking a smile
Micro: The three of you may leave the stage.
Whorechata: Safe girls, woohoo!
Micro: The rest of you represent the tops and bottoms of the week. It's time for your critiques.
Micro: First up, Anthyy!
Hex: Hello Anthyy! This look is fun, i know that this isn't really your style but i think that you did the theme's justice tonight. You decided to be inspired by one of the planets which is a really safe choice to do on a theme like that, but you went with one of the most interesting ones so its ok, We can see that the inspo was there from the color palette and the rings. The look is just a basic gown let's be real but you still make it interesting with the transparent parts and overall its giving me very Brooke Candy/slutish vibe which i am personally a fan of. What i am not a fan of is the makeup here, i like that you decided to pay homage to your drag sister - me, but idk i am not really feeling the eyes, they kinda look weird but i guess it fits the whole alien aesthetic so maybe i'm just quirky and nitpicking. The headpiece is really fun and playful. Overall it's a really strong look from you tonight, good job!
Micro: Anthyy! I think this week was a great chance for you to show off a new style with your looks. Getting more into the alienesque and untraditional glamour. And you really nailed that in my opinion! I love when a look is simple, but has dynamic silhouettes and added bits. This strappy dress on its own would maybe be too simple, but the back piece and extra arms, it elevates it to an incredible level. I think the color palette of blue and gray was unexpected but worked well. And usually I’m begging for rhinestones, but I wouldn’t add any rhinestones to this look, I don’t know how you managed that! Great work.
Micro: Next, Blondie!
Hex: Blondie! Hi, i love how both you and Anthyy decided to go with 3 eyed aliens! I see what you tried to do with the theme, but i lowkey don't see space in it, your color palette is giving me just a normal person, maybe if you changed the hair and face to be pinkish too maybe it would help to sell the theme more? I also don't think that you edited your look enough to be that different from the original one which is a shame because i see some potential. Overall you were in the middle tonight, not the worst but not the best one either.
Micro: Hi Blondie!! I think this base look was a great choice for this challenge, since it does lend itself to that outer space vibe. And you definitely put the work in to make this your own. I do think though that the new color palette makes the level of detail come down a bit. There’s a lot about this that I like, but I have to nitpick!
Micro: Next up, Fleur Tation!
Hex: Fleur! Hello girl, let me start with the positives first, well, so i liked that you decided to be inspired by earth which is an original choice for a theme like that not gonna lie, everyone would do something quirky but you decided to not look too far for your inspiration. You have a + for that from me. Now for your look, hmm i think that you could do way more with it, its just a simple bodysuit with a print on it, the reveal version is better, but still could've been more elevated. I just wish that you did something more with the hair and makeup in both of these, because even though your inspiration was really good for me, it just looks like you did not know what to do with it. Overall its not a good look from you tonight, I appreciate that you drew it and your description was fun to read.
Micro: Let me start off by saying your runway commentary and how you sold this look was my absolute favorite. I love the effort you put into that. Now onto the looks. I think they told a great story. But the actual design elements, I’m not getting much from it if I’m being totally honest. If there was some sleeve action, some interesting cut to the pants, something to bring more to it.
Micro: The always fabulous, Morgs!
Hex: Hello Morgs! This is very safe for me, i like the inspiration because without the sun there wouldn't be us so good for you to appreciate that. There's nothing much to say here really, maybe other than i don't really see cosmos here but it's just not the worst look tonight so, at least you tried and drew it.
Micro: Hi Morgs! I love the energy and vibe that this look conveys. It’s modern and has a cool look to it. I will say, I think the back piece really saves you here. It adds a unique element, and I think the look needed it. The rest of the look is a bit too simple to me. Maybe some stoning, a different neckline on the dress, some little adjustments could’ve amped this up. But as is, this doesn’t totally work for me, I’m sorry!
Micro: Next, Sharris!
Hex: Hello Sharris! Your look is good but i don't think you did enough for me to call it as 'your' look. Micro gave you all an option to edit one of many existing looks and while you picked a really good one, you barely did anything to edit it as yours, it just looks like you put a filter over it and called it a day, not even bothering to change the colors really. While Blondie did the same thing, she at least i don't know tried to make things a bit interesting by changing the whole color palette. That's all.
Micro: Hi Sharris! With the option to take a pre-existing look and edit it, I think the potential to make something your own and really special was there. And while I think you look amazing right now, it is so similar to the original look. Small things like changing the hair, adding new jewelry, maybe a metal corset piece, those could’ve really worked to make this more of an original piece. Not a bad look by any means, but I have to look at how different it is from the original, and I’m not seeing much.
Micro: Shining bright, it's Sue Pernova!
Hex: Sue! This look is very adorable, i really like the color palette, it looks like some video game character thats a singer and has some cosmic related superpowers. Your inspiration here clearly shows because i can see each thing you mentioned in your description. I love how we can't really see her face because it also adds to the mystic element that the cosmos has because we still don't really know much stuff about it. Overall a really good job tonight, congrats!
Micro: Sue, this look is adorable!! I love the outer space popstar vibe you went for, and the vibrancy of these colors work really well with that. The different textures and materials as well add some visual interest and keep it from being too simple. I maybe would’ve liked to see some lengthening to the legs and a tighter cinch on the corset, but this is a stand out look for me, you really impressed me here!
Micro: Next up, Wren Wyvern!
Hex: Wren, uhh hello? This was a letdown for me, you kinda did a similar look to Steph but i guess her's more elevated and just more interesting to look at. I don't think your look really sells the theme since it's barely cosmos related other than the cosmic print. I like what you tried to do with the arms but it reads more as angelic to me rather than some alien creature. I'm sorry but i don't like this.
Micro: Hi Wren! I’m gonna have to disagree with Hex on this one. I really enjoyed this look. It’s very cosmic deity, and you stand out from the group tonight. I think a really big collar piece that had some height and sharp edges to it would’ve taken this look to an even stronger level, but I see where you were going with it! Some minor little edits I’d make, but solid look from you!
Micro: Last but not least, Zodya Killer.
Hex: Hello Zodya! This is one of my favorite looks tonight, you had a clear vision and presented it really well. I really like the color palette and how vibrant it is, i love the accessories and the overall shape of it. The backpiece with your blonde hair in front of it kinda reminds me of the sun which is also a really fun detail. The way that you drew this also is a big plus for me + the props? I am a prop queen so i like the use of them in this look. Overall a really good moment for you tonight.
Micro: Zodya, you look like a goddess tonight. You found a way to take this sort of galaxy pattern and print and make it look regal and expensive. I love the way this look sparkles, and the golden accents against that deep blue and purple, it adds to that royalty look. If I had to nitpick, I wish there was a big necklace or set of earrings, but I can appreciate the simplicity in not going heavy with accessories. Great work!
Micro: Thank you ladies. I've made some decisions.
Micro: Blondie, Morgs, and Wren. The three of you are safe. You may step to the back of the stage.
🏁Wren CF: At this point, I'm not sure what else I could do. I gave you a full goddess, and then Micro has the nerve to put me in the same group as Blondie and Morgs? It's stupid, it really is.
Micro: Anthyy. Tonight, your E.T. was a T-O-P.
Micro: Sue Pernova. You took us all on a trip to Chromatica, and we didn't want to leave.
Micro: Zodya Killer. Category is...MET Gala on Mars.
Micro: Anthyy, Zodya. Congratulations, you are the top two queens of the week!
🏁Anthyy CF: Ah, screaming!! I put so much of my heart and soul into my designs, and the hard work paid off.
🏁Zodya CF: I didn't think I'd be the type of queen who looks forward to a design challenge. But I really believe in my skills, and having that validated by the judges, that means the world.
Micro: Sue, you are safe. Great work this week.
Sue: Thank you Miss Micro.
🏁Sue CF: This week was all about wanting to prove myself as a real competitor here. I have what it takes to win the crown, and this moved things in the right direction. I feel amazing!
Micro: Fleur, Sharris. I'm sorry my dears, but that means you are the bottom queens of the week.
🏁Fleur CF: I don't have words. To be in a room full of people who look...like that, and be told I'm in the bottom? When I'm wearing custom couture? They're out to get me.
🏁Sharris CF: I'm fine being in the bottom. It doesn't bother me. I'd never throw a tantrum over a placement, unlike some people in this competition who shall not be named...but it's Wren.
Micro: Anthyy, Zodya. In a moment, the two of you will lipsync for your legacy, and the power to chop one of the bottom queens. Head backstage to Untucked, and make your decision.
the safe queens enter Untucked
Kami: Redemption!
Steph: And it feels oh so good! I'm so proud of us. Whorechata, are you happy to be safe?
🏁Whorechata CF: wHoReChAtA, aRe yOu hApPy tO Be sAfE? No bitch, I'm not!
Whorechata: I'm thrilled.
Steph: No you're not.
Whorechata: Oh really, what gave it away?
Kami: Let it out, let it out.
Whorechata: The girls up on stage right now, you can see the stringy little bits of hot glue. The seams are jankier than Wren's book in the first episode. Not to sound arrogant, but this belongs in a museum.
🏁Whorechata CF: Whorechata shows off her look and letting the camera zoom in on the hems
Kami: If it makes you feel better, I thought you should've been up on stage tonight.
Whorechata: If you change your name to Micro and tan a good twelve shades darker, it would mean more. But still, thanks Kami.
🏁Kami CF: You can't argue with crazy. You just can't.
the top and bottom queens enter Untucked
Wren: The attempt to break my spirit continues.
🏁Wren CF: Heading back to Untucked, it really does sting that I didn't win. I thought I had the best look, and I love the way I presented it. I wouldn't change a thing, but clearly the judges would.
Kami: I've heard the word "safe" enough times in the last hour to last me a lifetime, so can one of you fill us in on what happened on stage?
Anthyy: I'm in the top with Zodya!
Steph: Whyyyyyyy. Oop, not like that. Just you know, the Sue stan in me.
Sue: I'm torn with my emotions right now. Getting praised on this look felt amazing. But then it almost gave me a false sense of hope. I thought maybe I could win.
Zodya: And you could've. I'm so proud of your work here. It's amazing.
🏁Zodya CF: I know how much Sue wanted to win this challenge, but I'm also freaking out a little inside that I just won my third challenge! I mean really, what could go wrong now?
Wren: Regardless of what the judges said, I'm proud of this look.
Sharris: So why do you keep bringing it up?
Wren: With the runway last week, it was a more masculine approach than what I'm used to. And this week, I wanted to give full cunty goddess.
🏁Wren CF: Exploring gender identity and expression through fashion is important to me. Like, really important. I won't apologize for that.
Blondie: And just so I know, you use all the pronouns, right? I'm not trying to get cancelled again.
Wren: After saving me, you can call me whatever. But yes, anything works. He, she, they, it's all okay to me. But it doesn't take away from my trans-ness.
Sharris: Wren, what the fuck does that even mean?
Wren: What does what means?
Sharris: How are you a he, she, and they. Make up your mind.
Wren: I don't think I need to make up my mind. It's my personal journey, and I don't need to conform to what you want.
Sharris: You just represent everything that's wrong with the world to me.
Blondie: Okay, that's a bit much.
Fleur: Blondie, stay out of it.
Blondie: No! Why can't I say anything without you all jumping to make me look like the bad person?
Fleur: If people always think you're a bad person, maybe you just are.
Morgs: Woop, there it is.
🏁Fleur CF: Blondie swears she's an angel on Earth. But she's not. She's nasty, she's an input ho, and I don't fuck with her. Screw any alliances, I want her gone.
Sharris: The more I learn about you, Blondie, the more I understand why you and Wren are friends. The only upside to that is it means none of us have to be bothered by either of you. You can annoy each other instead.
Wren: Talk that talk in your bottom outfit. You could never give what I give!
Sharris: And thank god for that. Man, man, man. I see a MAN.
Anthyy: Girl...
🏁Anthyy CF: Sharris took a low blow with that one. Wren has been so open about her identity, and really advocated for trans representation! I considered Sharris a friend, but that changes everything.
Wren: Are you really going there? For real?
Sharris: I am, care to continue?
Wren: You know who I am and I've been nothing but transparent with how I feel in my identity. And for someone in this community to be the one coming after me, it's so gross.
Sharris: Let's get one thing straight, we're not in the same community.
Wren: Right, cause I'm some freak.
Sharris: Wren, shut up and go play in traffic.
Kami: Stop, don't go there. What's that even supposed to mean.
Sharris: As in, go die. Go die, for the sake of humanity, please.
the queens all clasp their hands over their mouths as they realize what Sharris said
Wren: You want me to go kill myself?
Sharris: Yes please, look at how easy that was!
Wren: Give me a few years, and I'm sure I'll get there.
Blondie: Wren, don't even say that. Don't give that bitch another moment of your time.
Sharris: Blondie, you too.
Blondie: You are a miserable and hateful little bitch. You're disgusting. You better be so ashamed of yourself.
Fleur: You're the moral compass now? Why do you keep putting yourself in things?!
Blondie: Sharris brought me into it, and I'm done sitting down and taking it. You both are vile.
🏁Fleur CF: Blondie spews the most venomous things out of that over-plumped mouth. Why are people surprised that it caused someone to snap? If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Blondie and Wren, there's the door, dumb bitches.
the queens return to the runway
Micro: Welcome back ladies. It has been brought to my attention that there was an altercation in Untucked.
Sharris rolls her eyes, as Blondie comforts Wren at the back of the stage
Micro: If this behavior continues, I won't hesitate to start this whole thing over. From the top, new cast and everything.
the queens snicker at Micro's comment, causing her to stand up and lean over the judging panel
Micro: I am NOT joking! Don't make me name names. But if you think you're one of the girls I'd replace, you're probably right.
the scene cuts to Lectro and Yuka standing outside of the studio and forming a prayer circle for the season to restart
🏁Kami CF: The behavior during Untucked shifted everything. I mean, it's really not that deep, and to stoop to that level? It's...it's just not acceptable.
Micro: Now, as much as I'm sure you'd love to keep attacking each other, we have more important things to get to: a fake lipsync. Will the top two queens please step forward.
Anthyy Lipsync Look
Zodya Lipsync Look
Micro: Anthyy, Zodya. Prior to tonight, you were asked to prepare a lipsync performance of "Supernova" by Kylie Minogue.
Sue: Please say jk.
🏁Sue CF: I'm fine! I'm so fine, don't even worry about me. cries in Kylie Minogue
Micro: This is your chance to impress me, and secure the right to give one of the bottom queens...the chop.
🏁Anthyy CF: I really felt like I was in a tough spot with these queens in the bottom. But after that moment in Untucked, I know what needs to be done. It was taken way too far!
🏁Zodya CF: I don't have a connection to either of the bottom queens this week. But I am ready to channel my inner Sue, and give this song what it deserves.
Micro: Good luck, and don't fuck it up!
Read lipsync here!
Micro: Oh wow!
the queens clap for Sue as she shrouds herself in a cloud of glitter before remembering that Anthyy and Zodya are on stage
Micro: I think it's safe to say Sue was the real winner of that one.
Sue: Kylie, that was for you, baby!!
Micro: Ladies, I've made my decision.
Micro: Zodya Killer, you're a winner baby!
Zodya: Ah, thank you! Kylie, I am so sorry.
Micro: Anthyy, you are safe to slay another day.
Anthyy: I'm sorry mama, my feet were tired after doing three of these!
Zodya giggles and raises her eyebrows
Micro: Will the bottom two queens please step forward.
Fleur and Sharris walk to the front of the stage as the safe queens glare at them
🏁Fleur CF: I don't think I should be in the bottom this week, and I shouldn't have been near the bottom last week either! If they send me home, it's just putting me out of my misery. But if I stay, I'll make this hell for each and every one of them.
🏁Sharris CF: I don't regret a thing. It went far, but there's only so much I could take from that...person doesn't feel appropriate. I think pathetic troglodyte fits Wren better. Whether they like it or not, I'd say it again!
Micro: Zodya. With great power comes great responsibility. Which queen have you chosen...to get the chop?
Zodya: I'm going to be honest, I don't have any strong connections to either of you. I think you both deserve to be here and can be able to bring something fun to the rest of the competition, but tonight, I'm going to have to go with the person I felt really took on the challenge to heart. My decision...is...
Zodya: Sharris.
Zodya's Lipstick Choice
Sharris laughs as Morgs begins to tear up
Micro: So it is written, so it shall be done. Sharris, I know that you have everything it takes to thrive in a competition like this. But now is not your time.
Sharris: Womp womp.
Micro: Now, sashay away.
Sharris goes to the back of the stage to hug Morgs before walking off
Micro: Moving forward, I hope we can treat each other with some more kindness, and enjoy this for what it is. Now, let the music play!
"Banjo" by Bebe Zahara Benet plays
Next Time on Micro's Drag Race
Blondie: There is a killer on the loose, and nobody is safe.
🏁Whorechata CF: If this means I make a few enemies, oh well!
Micro: I'm so sorry, I need to excuse myself.
Micro steps away from the judging panel as her eyes fill with tears
Track Record
Cast Shot w/ Placements
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2023.05.28 03:58 HelloIAmMarryMarry IWF Heavy Metal Title Qualifier( Seth Rollins in AEW)

When booking Seth Rollins in AEW, there are plenty of dream matches we could set up, but only one match already has the in-built storyline with a main event spot open. See, starting in June, AEW will reportedly be launching a new show AEW Collision to be headed by someone not named Kenny Omega or MJF, with the current talk indicating that AEW will be initiating a "soft" brand split. With this new opportunity, here is how I would book Seth Rollins in AEW. Enjoy!
So we start with AEW Double or Nothing 2023 to set up the building blocks. We start the Main Event is an anarchy in the arena match. Blackpool Combat Club(BCC from now on) vs. The Elite with Konosuke Takashta. A bunch of silly mayhem, Takashta jumps off a bunch of ridiculous things, The Elite fire, I don't know, Byan Danielson out of a fucking trebuchet, Jon Moxley goes full Bagby from Trainspotting throwing pint glasses of piss over his shoulder from the press box. The end of the match features Moxley setting up for his double under-hook DDT(what is he calling it nowadays? Is it still Dirty Deeds?) when over the loudspeaker, "Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta SHIELD." Moxley turns to look at the ramp looking as if he had just seen a ghost. This distracts Moxley long enough for Omega to recover. Omega plants Moxley with the one-winged angel 1-2-3. The Elite win the match. Every week until the return of Forbidden Door, two electric boogaloo, we are shown Moxley walking around backstage asking everyone if they know who played that music at Double or Nothing. No one seems to know. Eventually, he asks Tony Khan, and even he says something like, "Mox, I have no idea. We've been working on trying to figure out what happened. I promise you we will find whoever did it."
At AEW Forbidden Door, BCC and The Elite have their rematch, and again Moxley looks to be in a position to put the Elite away when he hears over the loudspeaker, "Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta SHIELD." Moxley looks around again but sees nothing and turns to finish the job. He hits Omega with his finisher, but before Moxley can cover, he is hit from behind with a steel chair, making the ref call a DQ win for the Elite. The man is Tyler Black. Tyler Black looks down at the broken body of Moxley and leaves the ring.
The next stretch of booking is building up to two shows. All In at Wembley Stadium oi oi and All Out two weeks later, presumably followed by All Shake-it-all-about two weeks after that. The next night on Dynamite, Tyler Black walks to the ring, grabs a mic, and keeps acting as if he's about to say something but doesn't. He just puts the mic down and walks away. This happens again the following week, but before he can leave, Moxley's theme hits, and he runs right up to Black and gets in his face. Before anything can happen, they both are interrupted by Don Callis. Don Callis stands in the middle of the two and talks about how "this company was founded on a bet. That's why they called it All In. Now here, Tony Khan thinks that there's money to be made here. We're playing our first stadium boys, so Khan's rolling the dice, but it's a big gamble, and this is a volatile situation, so here's the deal you get your promo time separately," he gestures to Moxley. "You can talk next week," he gestures to Black, "you can talk the following., but that's it, there'll be no violence. Not until All In, if there is any physicality before then the match is off, and each of you will eat a 250,000 dollar fine to pay back the gate that you're throwing away."
This is all about delaying the gratification, as Black hasn't said a word since debuting not one word into the microphone. Next week Moxley talks about his past and how he's never really forgiven Black for what he did. One of the reasons he left WWE, he states, was that he couldn't "play nice" with Black like management wanted him to, and just when he thought he could move on, that he had moved on, he came to AEW to spite him. The following week Black comes out TO NO MUSIC. This is important. We hear him speak for the first time. He says that he's on a free agent contract and can be employed by any company if they pay royalties to WWE. He was hearing about the hype of AEW, MJF, Chris Jericho, and Omega and wanted to see what it was all about. But when he got here, he saw his former partner sharing the same ring as someone as accomplished as Kenny Omega. And that made him sick. How can this great company have a pile and, I quote, "dog shit" be main eventing their most significant Pay Per View of the year across Kenny Omega. "Jon, or should I call you Dean? You should have gone back to CZW, as your only relevancy is being able to bleed more than Ric Flair. At All In, I'm going to murder you."
Moxley and Black come face to face, but Don Callis comes out to plead the two to not come to blows. The two stand down, but on the way out of the ring, Black hits a curb stomp on Don Callis for a little bit of heat before the match.
The two meet at All In in an Intercontinental Champions Challenge match which is based on the Champions League's rules because football because England oi oi. The pair have two sixty-minute Ironman matches—one at All In and one at All Out then whoever has the most points by the end of the second match wins the feud. So, let's book these matches.
Moxley's music hits, and he walks to the ring as the hometown hero for AEW. This is the house that Jon Moxley built, and the fans are well aware of who the outsider is. Moxley's music fades away, and the crowd waits with bated breath for Tyler Black. After a short pause, we finally hear, "BURN IT DOWN!" as Seth Rollins, aka Tyler Black, makes his way to the ring.
The match starts, and both men start off the match by locking up with some good old chain grappling. Going back and forth, Black can eventually take control by slamming Moxley's hand into the turnbuckle pad. Moxley then fights back, trying to set up for a quick Dirty Deeds, to which Black counters with a clothesline hurling Moxley out of the ring. Black acts like he's going to do a suicide dive to the outside of the ring but promptly sits down to take a little bit of a breather and to swerve against some expectations like the cheeky heel he is. Moxley gets back into the ring, and the two continue to brawl. After a bit, it's Black's turn to be clotheslined out of the ring. Moxley does his best Black impression and also sits down and proceeds to mock Black. Black is too quick, though, and rushes the ring. Moxley tries to get up in time but runs right into a curb stomp 1-2-3. Black is up 1-0. Black goes for another pin immediately after but only gets a two-count.
The two continue to go at it, and about thirty minutes have passed by this point when Moxley his a quick Dirty Deeds out of nowhere 1-2-3. The score is tied up at 1-1. Later in the match, Moxley nails a devastating Brainbuster to Black on the apron. Moxley then proceeds to hit another Dirty Deeds in the ring to secure a point lead. Moxley is now up 1-2. The fight spills out of the ring for the third time now with only 5 minutes left on the clock; Moxley prepares the announce table. Moxley looking to make a statement and put Black through the announce table.
The ref starts to count. Black counters into a Pedigree and stumbles back into the ring. The ref continues to count 7-8-9-10. The score is tied 2-2. The ref restarts his count as Moxley begins to stir. The ref counts eight as Moxley is stumbling to get into the ring. The ref counts nine as Moxley is stumbling up the ropes. Just before Moxley can get into the ring, Black dropkicks him off the apron, and the ref counts ten. Black is up 3-2. Moxley gets back into the ring after shaking off his stupor. The clock has 60 seconds. Moxley is overwhelming Black and pummeling him in the ring. Ten seconds, Mox hits another Dirty Deeds and goes for the cover, but he's too slow. The clock runs out before he can make the pin. Black is in the lead after their first match.
Next, Dynamite Black comes, picks up a mic, smiles, sets down the mic, and walks to the back. Moxley would come out next week and address that Black got lucky he got saved by the bell and promises at All Out he will finish this story once and for all and finally get revenge for the Shield.
Their All Out match starts with Moxley making his way to the ring; however, Black attacks Moxley during his entrance. Moxley tries to fight back, but the surprise attack is too much. Black hits Moxley with a chair and then a curb stomp onto the chair before throwing him into the ring, and the match officially starts. Black goes for the pin 1-2-3. Black leads 4-2. black picks Moxley up and tries to deliver a Pedigree, only for Moxley to counter and fight back. Moxley hits Black with a clothesline, an elbow, and another clothesline. He hits Black with a suplex and another suplex. Black is disoriented, allowing Moxley to hit a Dirty Deeds 1-2-3. Black is up 4-3.
The two continue to fight as the clock ticks down—forty-five minutes on the clock. Moxley attempts to hit an avalanche slam off the top rope but Black counters and knocks Moxley to the ground. Black then hits the Phenoix splash 1-2-3. Black is up 5-3. The clock is at thirty minutes. Moxley quickly recovered from the maneuver and rolled Black up in a small cradle right after the three counts to bring the score 5-4. The two continue to fight until Moxley is knocked back into the ref. Black looks at the situation and looks all around at the crowd before going outside and grabbing a steel chair. Black starts hitting the chair against the canvas yelling at Moxley to get up. Moxley gets up but counters Black's attack into a Dirty Deeds on the chair. Moxley gets rid of the chair and wakes the ref up 1-2-3. The score is tied 5-5. The pair continue to fight as the clock ticks thirty seconds. Black is back on the top rope, looking to give another Pheniox splash. With the last bit of his energy, Moxley lashes out, scrambles to the top rope, and delivers from the top rope a Dirty Deeds 1-2-3. The bell rings as the time hits zero. The final score is 6-5. Moxley wins.
From here, you can have Seth Rollins, aka Tyler Black Fuck off back to WWE or keep him around in AEW. The prompt "Seth Rollins in AEW" was so vague that I kept it to one feud, but you can easily take this as a jumping-off point and then have him enter into a storyline with other big names such as MJF or Omega or maybe even have a match with Darby Allen. This also sets up Moxley and the BCC to be top stars on the new show AEW Collision. Where ever you choose to go from here, This is how I would book Seth Rollins, aka Tyler Black, in AEW.
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2023.05.28 03:56 idkmaybe61 Anyone else think it would be really funny if they randomly pulled a super famous guest out of nowhere?

Like imagine they’re doing guess the rap song from the sample or something and they have Tyler the Creator sitting in the middle but just don’t say anything about it and play the game as if it’s a normal video lmao
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2023.05.28 02:37 round_the_decay Monster Chow, a class for MORK BORG

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2023.05.28 02:33 LeonTrotsky1940 An Unorthodox Jaccuze

I don’t know if I’m the first to do this, but I’m going to own this. I hereby CLAIM the first instance of a J’ACCUSEtm NOT TARGETED AT MARK, TYLER “BALLS IN HOLES” SHEID, OR WILL THE EDITOR! My J’ACCUSE!tm is targeted at sports organizations like the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB. In the most recent episode, Tyler mentioned TWO separate incidents of hockey players being sliced open by skate blades, one being NEARLY FATAL. And I think it could have been avoided. The simplest solution would be to issue cut resistant face and neck covers made of Kevlar to players. The NBA could construct its courts on top of coil springs or other load bearing surfaces that allow play so that the freak accident with the compound fracture would have been avoided. But they don’t. Because those cost money. And instead of spending that money on safety, they give players WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. Tom Brady made $68 MILLION in 2020 and 2021. Spend more on Safety, not vanity.
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2023.05.28 02:06 Greayo 19 [M4F] Chicago/Anywhere Let’s share our favorite songs with each other

Listening to music is one of my favorite things to do, especially finding new artist. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean, Tyler the creator, Greer, Keshi, Deb Never, Hether, Car seat Headrest, and a lot more but those are by far my favorites rn.
Anyway more about me, I’m currently in college studying marketing. I have multiple plans on doing marketing stuff rn especially with summer break.
Apart from that I also like to go on runs, I know some people hate their cardio but it helps me let out stress.
I was a big gamer in the past but now have shrunk my playtime by a lot. Most of the times I’ll play games like Pokémon, Smash bros, and final fantasy. Although I’m not much of a gamer anymore, I’ll always enjoy a cool game every now and then.
As far as physical appearance goes, I’m Mexican, 5”8, on the leaner side, and almost always wearing glasses.
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2023.05.28 01:50 ElProductoSeCuida Cards that put counters on opponent creatures for Kros deck?

I’m specifically looking for something that can hit all or at least many creatures. [[contagion engine]] for example. Ideally not as expensive, if that’s possible.
I’m actually on the fence about playing Kros, or Perrie the Pulverizer as my commander, so suggestions for Perrie are welcome too.
I’m leaning towards playing Perrie as the commander, and having a card that synergizes with Kros as a secret weapon? I’m completely new so I don’t know if that’s worth doing.
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2023.05.28 01:09 Juu1e1 Which one of yous was it

Which one of yous was it submitted by Juu1e1 to GoodAssSub [link] [comments]