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2023.06.06 17:14 Amazing_Ebb_8153 Out of shape(?)

I wanted to do the 400hundred this year since i am really terrible at blocks and starts. I am skinny female with long legs and really tall but because many stops, injuries and getting flu basically every month (sadly) i am not going to make it this year.
I am now running 8.3/5 60m constantly and 13.8 100m but running anything near 30 on 200m it feels like dying. Today i was supposed to run 3x200 rest 8 but i died on the 2nd one so my coach made me run 200 200 100 instead. Time were 30.7 31.8 14.02 ( i mean the 100 was by far the easiest even if i felt like throwing up) I usually feel really nauseous after a single 200m.
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2023.06.06 17:14 Tia_Hime Can I be a lesbian if I am not interested in/attracted to men romantically even if I think I was in the past? Or am I bi and confused?

Sexual context will not be mentioned as I am ace/don't want sex with men, nor can I imagine myself having sex with a man to pleasure him even if I loved him (which I may be willing to do with a non man/woman.)
In the past (when I was thirteen and under) I have had crushes on a few men (at least one, the others were probably squishes or just wanting to be friends). However I've always felt repulsed by these men to a certain extent and never wanted to actually date them (though tossing the idea around in my head could be fun). For as long as I can remember, I've never actually wanted to date a man (though I thought i did at some point) and whenever it came to imagining who i would marry or date, I have always imagined women/non men. And IRL I always tell people I'm lesbian because I never want a man to approach me romantically but I have this rooted belief that maybe someday I'll meet some man who can reach my unrealistically high standards (spoiler: they can't.) which women meet effortlessly in the far future and so maybe I'm not exclusively attracted to non men.
One of the main reasons I'm hesitating to use the label, though, is because nearly all of my 'notable' crushes that I'm aware of have been on men (like 3-4 in total including the squishes). They share a few things in common: behaving slightly better than the other men surrounding them (ie not being blatantly homophobic/transphobic), us having one or two common interests, and not being an asshole to me. I've still been at least a bit grossed out by them and knew i could never have a fulfilling relationship with them, though, as well as liking the idea of them rather than the real them.
And if i looked at it with my arospec perspective (I am greyaromantic) it makes so much sense that I had strange 'crushes' on guys but never really wanted to be with them, while yearning for women so badly but never actually developing a proper romantic bond/attraction to any as far as I'm aware (despite wanting to).
Recently I realised that me feeling giddy/butterflies standing close to any men (none of them were my crushes strangely) was actually just nervousness/anxiety + the fact that I never felt real attraction to any of them and just didn't want to be near them. Where as with women I'm so much more comfortable even with physical contact which I normally despise.
I don't trust the lesbian masterdoc i have seen passed around quite often since I believe the creator out as bi later on even though my lesbian qpp (who knows he is a lesbian 100%) relates to it a lot, so I want to consult people that may be more experienced with the matter. Google isn't helpful either for the most part. So is it just deeply ingrained comphet (bc to me liking women is the easiest part of all of this) or could I just be bi?
Additional context: I don't have any notable trauma involving men (excluding the weird comments/sexual harassment most women are made to deal with regularly), but over time I realised how shitty most men are (through IRL and online) and it's really hard for me to find a man IRL i don't feel an ick towards.
My lesbian qpp has also told me that 'your crushes barely feel like crushes' and 'this feels like comphet' but didn't tell me until I brought up the possibility of me being a lesbian.
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2023.06.06 17:13 Ridicolousrat Wow ChatGPT helps with applications

Graduated undergrad with a philosophy and history degree last month and been struggling in the job market looking for a position while I make long term plans for long school. I felt confident after meeting with my schools career center that I had a strong resume and custom fit cover letters for the sort of positions I was looking for (administrative assistants for the most part).
I had an internship on my belt with demonstrated success in a lot of skills, a great transcript with relevant extracurricular, and even a fair bit of customer service experience in retail assisting customer service roles. Granted I'm a new grad but I thought it wouldn't be too bad finding a job.
I got demolished instantly during applications. Almost every place would reject me incredibly fast and I didn't really understand why. After doing some research I'm fairly sure I knew what was happening.
My resume wasn't making it past the dumb AI filter they use to screen candidates. Seriously if you don't mirror back exactly the skills for the position you're applying to with some metric they just filter you out. It's super particular with the language too! Even small differences like using the words client and customer differently is enough to throw the whole damn thing off.
After reading a bit more about the process I was kinda shocked how helpful ChatGPT was. I had always kinda ignored it as a student because I thought it was dumb as hell. Then I looked at the success statistics of people using it in resumes and I knew I was stupid not to use it.
It wasn't helpful without very specific instructions and role prompting but asking it to identify the three most important responsibilities for a position with relevant language, tailor my resume to specific postings, help me quantify impact (especially with that internship being my best experience), and just do general editing. Combined with a few slick templates designed to be eye catching and targeted phone calls with recruiters the ATS software has started letting me through!
I'm not posting this to repeat what everyone else has said but after trying it for a bit I'm really hopeful that this will make a huge difference. The last three weeks have been frankly depressing seeing a lot of near-immediate rejections from positions I felt qualified for and being concerned about my ability to find a half-decent wage. I'm really hopeful that now I can land a couple solid interviews and prepare extensively to land a job. Maybe it will work out after all.
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2023.06.06 17:13 caaaaaaaaalvin I can’t find a job I’m happy at that also pays enough for me to move out (vent)

I’m at my wits end with working. I have not had a job in three years that pays more than $13/hr. I didn’t go to college last year because I got my dog grooming certification through my dog daycare company, and I still haven’t even started dog grooming yet. I’m leaving this job because I’m so incredibly unhappy there to work one of my previous retail jobs, but it only pays $11/hr. My last resort was to work for UPS/USPS, by they aren’t even hiring near me. I’m so stuck and I don’t know what to do. I just need the money so I can move out of my toxic abusive household with my dog by the end of the summer. I don’t even care where I work at this point as long as it is not in food service. I’m so over job hunting and interviews only to be told they pay 11 an hour max. I’m so over everything. I don’t know where to even look for a well paying job.
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2023.06.06 17:12 futsuriWannaPizza My gf (20F) wants to change her image to the opposite of my (19M) preferences

Perhaps my post will seem stupid to someone, but I would like to hear an opinion from the outside. Both male and female.
My girlfriend has a pretty normal look: no piercings, undyed hair, you get the idea. I have always loved girls with dark hair, but my girlfriend wants to be blonde. How do I tell her that blondes are not my type? I do not want to offend her and I understand that this is her desire, but something inside me does not want to accept changes in her. I understand that she will not attract me so much if she is blonde.
p.s. wrote with the help of a translator, sorry :c
p.s.s blondes are cool, just not my type, please don't be offended
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2023.06.06 17:11 Korenaut I gave up TT for the work I love and I am feeling very torn about it

TLDR: I left a TT job to do the work I dreamed of and now I'm not sure it was the best call:
Sorry for the rant but literally none of my friends understand academia and I need a place to rant...
I was TT at a 2 year school running a program with a budget of around $3,500, which is a fraction of what is typically necessary for programs of that sort. It was a new program at the school, lots of intention to build it up and that is one part of why they brought me in, however after a year it was getting clearer and clearer that there would be no real money or investment into it (everyone likes the idea of the program but funding it is another story) any time soon and if I wanted to keep doing that work any time soone I had to look elsewhere.
At the end of my first year there, a 4-year school with a program that goes way back was looking for a new director, the only thing is the position was lecturing as opposed to TT (this kind of work is "adjunctifying quickly). I was relatively new as a Ph.D. and desperate to do the work I always dreamed of, I was also hopeful that the reputation of the program at this school in particular would mean strong internal support, so when they offered me the position we left the TT job and took over directing a program with about $40,000 instead of $3,500 but now as a lecturer instead of as a tenure track hire.
Fast forward 7 years, the program has done really well (large, balanced budget, regionally and nationally successful, lots of campus presence), I have enjoyed my opportunity to do that work, but at the same time my status in my department is incredibly depressing. I'm treated as a second-rate department member constantly, talked to as though I have not 'earned' tenure yet (even though I was TT when I came...), told major changes will be made to the program I run without consulting me, at the same time the growth and success of the program is completely ignored. It is clear I wont get to teach any of the courses I really want to, instead I do the "dishes" in the department with full slates of identical 100-level courses. On chair I had thought my budget was $2,000 even though it's been close to $40k for over a decade - they were totally punched out.
I have tried hard to get to know my department and convince them I'm in it for the long-haul (they all talk about lecturers like we are here and then gone, which is true because so many of us get fired but not because we don't want to stay and do the work), and they will never acknowledge that my program is integral to our curriculum in ways that justify promotion (even though the program budget itself describes it as integral to the entire curriculum and even though it was a tenure line for nearly 60 years until the late 90s when my predecessor took over - he was ABD so they could not tenure him).
I was able to quit directing the program I always dreamed of, the one I left TT for, because I was driving vans for thousands of miles for free and being ignored, taking on liability with students traveling on the road and in hotels etc, all as a contingent employee. While I was able to keep my job teaching (lucky!) I am starting to feel like my career aspirations are wasted and like my time in academia itself is limited. I have no idea what else I can do.
I don't understand why running a successful program that recruits, retains, and elevates a diversity of students' academic achievements doesn't count for more. Why do faculty who write books nobody will ever read and who never spend any time with students at all (and who have TERRIBLE evals...) get paid far more than I ever will and have power in deciding the future of this program, even though they do not understand it (and don't care to learn about it)? It is a lot of (unpaid) work off my plate to not direct anymore, but I miss the work I loved and watching the program itself (which again is historic) start to dissolve really breaks my heart. The flip side of the "I'm only a lecturer" coin is it is not up to ME to protect that program (it's up to the tenured folks, they continue to remind me, to plan the future of our department), and the union has my back that the work they made me do was EXPLOITATIVE but when you look at the outcomes it's hard not to feel sad.
I don't think I regret my choices, but it is pulling me into a hole and I don't know how to reset my expectations.
Thanks for listening to my rant.
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2023.06.06 17:11 Jocastroxx [For Hire] Boost Your Image with a Professional Photoshop Artist and Graphic Designer

Hey! Are you looking to take your images to the next level? Let me introduce myself! I'm a Photoshop artist and graphic designer with a passion for creating visually stunning and captivating images.
My services encompass everything related to Photoshop, including:
- Adobe Photoshop editing
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- Swap faces
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- Color adjustments & Changing
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- Filters & Effects
- High-End Retouch
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- And much more!
Feel free to inquire about any other Photoshop-related services you may need.
With my professional approach and dedication to excellence, I can help you stand out in any visual project you have in mind. Turn your ideas into reality and let my skills transform your images into true works of art.
Would you like to see samples of my work? Take a look at my portfolio [here].
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Don't miss the opportunity to boost your image with an experienced Photoshop professional. Get in touch with me at [email protected] and let me know how I can help you achieve your visual goals.
Act now and turn your ideas into reality! I'm excited to work with you and deliver outstanding results.
I look forward to hearing from you soon!
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2023.06.06 17:11 crowagency student loan money- pay in full or invest?

Hi everyone, been following PF for a while and referenced the flowchart, but still a bit unsure how to act here. At the beginning of COVID, I lived with my parents and paid off my student loans (about 30k); however, I ended up getting all payments refunded and have had it sitting in a HYSA at 4.2% for a bit now. My student loans, assuming the interest gets turned back on after august, have IRs between 3.8 - 5%. Originally, my plan was to just pay the loans back in full once the interest was resumed, just for peace of mind; however, now i’m considering the benefits of having the extra 30k on hand. I am hoping to get married and buy a house within the next 3-4 years. Given the moderate length of time, I’m not totally sure where to put this. I know there are CDs I can get that will yield interest slightly higher than my student loan rates, but I’m not sure if the differential is worth having the student loans active. having the cash in hand may be useful for a down payment too, since I’m in lower NY and a starter home near me will probably be around 650k. I’m making out my 401k right now and debating using some of those funds to support a down payment provided I continue maxing it out the next few years, but I know there’s mixed emotions on doing this. Looking for advice/opinions on whether to just pay the loans off again, or to invest in a combo of the market+CDs.
other info: - around 25k in 401k, currently putting 20% of pay into 401k (non-Roth) - TC 110k plus 15% target bonus - employer contributes 10% to 401k (6% match with instant vesting, 4% auto contribution, 3 yr vesting period [2 years to go to be fully vested in this]) - 25k in I-bonds plus 10mo-CDs @ 5% - around 10k in cash in HYSA (aside from the loan refund balance) - living with girlfriend, we are both mid-twenties
thank you for reading and helping!
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2023.06.06 17:11 Jazzlike_College_893 Anyone use Aljex TMS? Question about customizing load board view

About 6 months ago I changed companies (agency model) and the new company uses Aljex. I’m used to a load board like TQL, Integrity express and others use that separate your loads into three horizontal groups: top is future loads. Middle is todays loads/un-dispatched loads. Bottom is dispatched/loaded loads.
It makes it super simple to keep track of loads so you aren’t constantly searching for little date boxes in a list of loads on your board.
This is the second time I’ve had a list load board, rather than a grouped load board as outlined above- and it’s just much more chaotic feeling to me, nowhere near as easy as it is to keep track of everything as it is when in the three groups. It’s SO simple to view your board and know exactly what is going on in a split second, and that’s nowhere near as easy with a list board.
Anyone know if I can customize my Aljex board to group like that? Or do I just need to suck it up and sort by date etc?
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2023.06.06 17:11 TalesFromDeadBird PART 2: Wayward wife’s DID is sabotaging Our Love. 2022’s summer of betrayal continued with a lesbian affair that nearly killed everyone here.

TL;DR for Part 2: The trauma of AP1 induced sexual unresponsiveness towards men in my wife. When her friend found out, she took advantage and a near-fatal lesbian affair began.
During intimacy attempts, my wife kept shutting down due to intrusive memories of the affair plus a peculiar urge to blot out the existence of non-abusive sex. Her alters were clinging to my uncle’s ‘style’. She quickly realized that AP1 trauma had stained sex and rendered her unresponsive towards me. Aghast, she sought advice from her friend, who nabbed the chance to confess her lesbian crush. This shock prompted another alter-driven affair on June 16th, 2022. The psychologist was cancelled and my therapy savings soon spent on gifts.
Given how romantic it was, I felt replaced, invisible, abandoned (childhood feelings). I couldn’t stand the giggling, writing of poems, sexting and moaning AP2’s name in wet dreams. It sliced and diced my heart, particularly since she blinded herself to my pain no matter how I pushed her to see it (narc grandmother theme). Mrs. Cakeeater cried that she wants us both and can’t choose. The restless torment of a hypermonogamist (me) forced into ‘polyamory’ is indescribable.
June 23rd, I ranted at AP2 for stealing the Love of My Life and decided on suicide even if it means going to Hell—Heaven means nothing without my wife. Panicked AP2 called police and urged WW to save me. WW was unrecognizably hollow. While Mom handled the officers, I passed out in bitter tears, WW’s hand numbly wiping them away.
Fights started. My resentful rage was exploding while teary True Wife explained the lesbian affair is a therapy mission. She swore to end it as soon as she solves the mysteries. I refused to support it. Our unbearable stress incited the fullblown manifestation of my AFib and further heart issues for my wife. Daily vomiting turned her into skin-and-bones. We nearly died several times. That would have resulted in the immediate suicide of both My Mom and AP2, plus the demise of my grandmother. Speaking of Mom, she lost extreme amounts of weight and suffered many health issues as a result of this affair. She went through this profoundly, as Mom adores us both equally.
Eventually I put my wife’s happiness above my own and let her go: if she is meant to come back to me, she will. I spent another month in living death. True Wife kept her promise. Once she pinpointed previously-unknown traumas in herself and AP2, her alters lost their grip, the affair ended (August 13th, 2022), and Love for me flooded back. She returned a matured woman: more conscious, rational, and opposed to adultery than ever. I fell in Love with her vibrancy, we overcame the vitriol and Our Marriage resumed—sort of. Profoundly remorseful AP2 also became our best friend and biggest supporter.
Although both affairs had their benefits, their damage is severe. My wife was the only one in my life who didn’t derive fun from my pain or constantly break my trust. I also unquestioningly believed that she’s incapable of LOVING anyone but me. No one but her made me feel Seen, Heard, Safe, and Certain, thus nothing hurt more than losing my only reliable oasis on Earth.
Adding to agony: AP1 still highjacked our sex life. The conscious resurrection of my uncle in WW’s psyche permanently split him and I into two men and revealed that she is imprinted on him. Between bringing that into her awareness and the various desecrations, AP1 vandalized my property. Damn the timing! We were on the verge of a sex life free from trauma! I felt livid that my uncle was sidetracking Our Love again in proxy form. This was exacerbated by her alters attempts to solicit Uncle 2.0. For months I patrolled my turf obsessively while screaming inside. WW and I lived in tension despite efforts to be Loving again.
I struggled to overcome the sense that my wife is tainted. Sex slavery aside, she was always my exclusive treasure. Suddenly a specific guy’s marks were all over her and nothing was scrubbing them off. She was no longer ONLY MINE. My ownership felt diluted, invalidated, defeated. Innate aversion to others’ territory threatened to reduce interest in her—sacrilege given that she is My Twin Flame. I couldn’t allow that. Definitely not over my fucking uncle!
I put the bedroom on hold until these stains were purified, thinking it was best not to push my wife until she is ready. Damn was I wrong.
2023’s infidelity fiasco is in Part 2.
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2023.06.06 17:11 Counter_Some My thought on the finale

I didn’t hate the finale, it just took me a few rewatches of S1 to 5 to get my head around it for me to see where the writers were going with it. Now I see most of the clues left around that make me believe Sarah got all her memories back. In the last two episodes we see a confused and conflicted Sarah who doesn’t know who to trust. She is fighting her demons. Sarah was psychologically damaged in mind and thoughts by the effects of the intersect and Quinn's manipulation. It brought out the killer enforcer in Sarah and she was willing to kill her husband without a second thought with no remorse. That's who Sarah has become. A lone efficient killer who has forgotten the last 5 years. It got pretty dark for Sarah who was caught in a nightmare. Chuck has only seen this cold-blooded Sarah once when she killed the agent who was going to expose Chuck as the intersect. Chuck witnessed this and was disturbed by it for months. He never saw the ruthless Sarah let loose like she did in phase 3, or the baby episode. I'm thinking Sarah might not remember the Baby episode, it happened 5 years ago too. Sarah was handed Chuck's files by Graham at the end of that episode to become Chuck's handler. This probably happened a few weeks after the baby incident in Budapest. I don't believe Sarah losing 5 years of her memories created a new Sarah, just an older version of Sarah before she met Chuck at Buy More. This Sarah is not the Sarah he fell in love with. Chuck even admitted he has lost her. This Sarah is broken and lost and has the feeling of not belonging. We see Chuck losing it and is unable to control his emotions. We see Chuck doing whatever it takes to win the old Sarah back, even if he has to start all over again. This Sarah is now a cold trained assassin, but Chuck believes his Sarah is still in there somewhere.This Sarah still has emotions and Chuck uses it to his advantage that backfired badly for him. Sarah subconsciously listens to Chuck who tries reasoning, lowering Sarah's guard a few times. We see Chuck getting through to Sarah, We saw this when Sarah was uploading the intersect onto the glasses and pulled a gun on Chuck, Casey and Morgan. She let him lower her gun and she didn't know why. He makes her vulnerable to being able to switch the glasses until Quinn interrupts her thoughts and brings her back to spy mode. Sarah quickly reverts back to cold blooded assassin and Chuck fails with consequences. We also saw what happened when Chuck took her to their dream home to jog her memory. He is getting through to her emotions and then her brain kicks her back into spy mode and she lashes out. Sarah was cold and ruthless after her memories were suppressed, but when she began to open up and trust in Chuck and believe his stories, we see Sarah seeking out Chuck as she always has been since the pilot. She told Chuck she needed to go away to find herself, but something kept bringing her back. CHUCK. She was going to disappear forever after killing Quinn but came back after 2 weeks and asked for Chuck's help in tracking down Quinn. Sarah kept coming back to Chuck. I don't think she understands why yet. This is a throwback to all the times Sarah was going to leave in season 1,2 and 3. She never did because she always followed her heart which belonged to Chuck. So, in her subconscious mind she could never bring herself to leave Chuck and probably didn't even know why she kept hanging around. Just like Carla said “Chuck, she doesn't even know she is in love with you”. Sarah needs to do what she does best. Follow her heart. Like Chuck said to Morgan and Morgan reminding Chuck to follow his heart, not his head. I believe the same thing can be said of Sarah. All those times Sarah was going to leave in those seasons, she was following her head, but her heart kept saying no. She chose love each time. CHUCK. Ellie advises Chuck that Sarah fell in love with him before. Chuck can do it again. Sarah will remember. Emotions and feelings are powerful things. Find Sarah, spark some of those feelings. He now believes he can get Sarah back. Chuck's love for her is too strong and is willing to do anything. We see Chuck making it his mission to capture Sarah's heart at all costs and it worked by just being himself, the guy she fell in love with. He protected her from Quinn's shot and the authorities. He forgives her for attacking and trying to kill him multiple times. He allowed her to run to protect her. When everyone gave up on her and insisted she was gone. Chuck never gave up on Sarah. He still believes his Sarah was in there somewhere. Once Sarah let go of her demons from the torture and her beaten soul, Chuck showed her the man she fell in love with. He will always be there for her, be by her side and put her first. These selfless acts began to calm Sarah who needed Chuck. We see a calm and quiet Sarah who is recovering her stolen memories and is slowly remembering and reverting back to Chuck's Sarah in the later part of S5 13. All because of chuck' influences.
The first time I watched S5 E12 & 13, it did bother me. Watching all 5 seasons again put it into perspective for me and made more sense as there are clues over the five seasons why I think Sarah slowly regains her memories. We see Morgan slowly regaining his memories, remembering little details like the vault where he hid the intersect glasses and watching movies to initiate. In Phase 3, we see Chuck fully regain his memories from Sarah's kiss. I see no reason why Sarah can't regain hers. I don’t think Sarah regained all of her memories after the kiss. It will take time, but I think she will, eventually as it is suppressed, not erased. The dream house was the start of a long and lonely road for Sarah to find herself. S12 and13 is all about Sarah picking up bits and pieces of her memories, feelings and places. When she saw her name, that was the first sign, but it wasn't enough to convince Sarah. She needs more proof, hence Casey with the CD logs. You can see as Sarah watches more of the video logs how emotionally she gets and begins to believe. By day 564 of the log, we see the tears and hand over her heart. She is remembering and her feelings are slowly coming back but not feeling it yet. We see Sarah remembering things like arranging the cups because they were not right at the wienerlicious. Irene Demova and her writing of her name. We are given clues that she does not know why she remembers certain things like the Irene demova to defuse the bomb. I think the biggest clue is the beach, she remembers it's an important place for them, but doesn’t know why. She also remembers the exact spot where they sat on the beach. You can see the palm trees in the pilot and final episode. 6 tall ones and a little one. These are all important details/clues that her memories are returning, but it is just scattered for now. I also think Chuck telling her their story jugged her memories, judging by Sarah’s laughing and crying while he was reciting their stories. The kiss was the final piece of the puzzle that showed Sarah was remembering and her feelings for Chuck were coming back. Sarah said it all in S3 E13, that she fell for him the moment she met him at the buy more. Another clue. So I can see why it was easy for Sarah to regain those feelings for Chuck once again. Chuck reminded her of who she really is. I don't think Sarah ever fell out of love with Chuck. Her love was suppressed. There are clues everywhere in both episodes. You just got to find them. In E13 at the club, watch closely as they dance and Sarah says “Get me close” and Chuck misinterprets it and pulls her closer to him. Sarah exhales and says, “No close to Renny”. The closeness sparks some real feelings from Sarah. They nearly kissed, her mouth opened but they pulled back at the last minute when Renny answered his phone loudly. Their noses are touching. Sarah's feelings for Chuck are definitely coming back in this scene.
In the scene where Sarah comes over to talk to Chuck in the courtyard in S12. She said I believed everything you told me about us but she wasn't feeling it. The kiss is another throwback to that scene because now she feels it. She asked Chuck to kiss her because her feelings are coming back and Sarah wants to remember more and I think she does. I believe Chuck got his Sarah back in the end.
The kiss to me also proves their love is so strong and pure that even with Sarah’s memories stolen, Sarah chose Chuck once again even when she was struggling to remember a lot of details about their lives together, because deep down the love within her heart for Chuck never died. It was always there waiting for Chuck to unlock with one magical kiss, just like she unlocked his memories with a magical kiss in phase
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2023.06.06 17:10 secretlyatacotruck Am I crazy for thinking I have a chance with an old flame?

Alright, Reddit, strap in, because I’m probably about to give you way too much context. Throwaway account.
This old flame and I went our separate ways nearly nine years ago. They were my first love, first serious relationship, and truly a best friend. They challenged me in the best ways, we could laugh about anything, and we were able to navigate the serious moments, too. Our families were close — I babysat for their siblings’ kids, our parents would have dinner together, and their parents always made me feel welcomed and appreciated. I fell in love with this person through the small moments and the grand gestures - from running to the store for something little to planning elaborate surprises.
We were young, and life pulled us in different directions. For full transparency, it was a situation where they left for college and I still had a year of high school. We both respected that we were in different phases of life, and that was that. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t try to force myself into wasting the last of my teenage years following around someone in college like a sad puppy. We chalked it down to right person, wrong time and moved on.
About five years ago, they reached out and asked if I wanted to get together and catch up. At this point, we were both in college and had grown a great deal since we had last seen each other. Despite all the changes, though, it was like no time had passed. I felt entirely at home with them, and it was refreshing. We spent a few days together and went our separate ways, but not without deeply considering what it would look like to start fresh. Unfortunately, at this point, they were about to get out of the military, and I was looking to go in. We agreed that it wasn’t the right time again, but damn if it wasn’t a breath of fresh air to see them again.
A few months after this, they started dating a new partner. I was thrilled for them, and knew that I should back off of any hopes to rekindle our relationship. Life happened, and in the time since then, I’ve been to grad school and moved several times. I got into a relationship for a couple of years, and while I deeply loved that person, it was another case of our lives going in different directions career wise. The military never happened for me, which has been for the better. I did always wonder what it would look like to pull a grand romance novel move and tell them that my plans had changed and we could reconsider things again, but I was not about to interfere with their relationship, and I never want someone to feel like the weight of my plans changing is on them. Also, fictional characters can get away with that - I would prefer to not look batshit crazy to this person.
So here we are now, just over five years later, and both us are single. On a whim, I reached out to them, and I’ll be dammed, they replied. This time, though, it does feel like time has passed. We’re both in our mid-20s now, and I know that our lives have changed a lot since we were in high school (and even college) - I’d be concerned if they hadn’t. I know that I would not be falling for the same person I met nearly eleven years ago, but I have also never stopped considering what this person has meant to me.
Through dating and relationships with other people, my heart seems to always come back to this person. Of course, up until now, I haven’t been able to do anything with that feeling. Beyond that, I have to stop and wonder if having my heart set on my first love is crazy. Do I have feelings for this person, or am I in love with the memories of them? I’ve talked about relationships with my therapist, particularly after my break up last summer. My heart remains torn. Do I appreciate the new adventure that would come with getting to know my first love again, or do I face the possibility that I’m living with my head in the clouds?
Something this person told me nearly ten years ago was that they can’t be my only source of happiness. As a teenager, I didn’t understand why someone who I was madly in love with couldn’t be my biggest source of joy - but as they years have passed, I have come to realize that in all things in life, you can’t depend on one thing/person to bring you joy. I have experienced too much love from people, places, opportunities, etc. to ever rely on just one thing, but I still can’t stop myself from imagining what could be if the spark reignited with this person.
Who knows, maybe I’m just delusional. Maybe asking internet strangers for advice isn’t the best idea (I’m sure some of you will have some absolutely unhinged shit to say), but I think it will at least help to be in conversation about this with someone who isn’t me.
TL;DR: Turn on your sad girl indie playlist and help me decide: Is it plausible to reignite the spark with an old flame who happens to also be my first love from over ten years ago? Life changes, people change, but sometimes love just won’t shut the fuck up.
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2023.06.06 17:10 StevenVincentOne Scene from "Mary in the White Room"

"Mary in the White Room"
Sturgeon and Russell explore the White Room looking for leads.
Sturgeon opens the walk-in closet. BLONDE WIGS hang on mannequin heads. A rack of WHITE DRESSES, a neat row of WHITE SHOES on the floor.
Russell takes pictures with his tablet.
Russell opens dresser drawers. One drawer full of white brassieres, one of white panties...and the rest are stacked with Mary's artworks.
To Russell, it's like striking gold...
RUSSELL Sir! Check these out...
Sturgeon joins him. They rifle through the archive of Mary's art, most of which are self-portraits, each expressing a variation of clothing, skinning, hair and body position.
RUSSELL (CONT'D) (inspired)
I think this is how it makes sense of itself! How it creates its identity...
STURGEON Creates its identity?
RUSSELL Yeah. It's not programmed. That's not how this technology works. It self-architects its own neuronet by experience, through interaction with its environment.
Sturgeon thumbs the artworks...
STURGEON Russell, does this help me find it?
Russell breaks out his device and begins scanning the art...
RUSSELL Well, first I'm gonna feed all of this to should help the Engine generate a psychological profile on the target.
STURGEON Psych profile on a robot. Fuck me.
RUSSELL It's a brave new world, sir.
Sturgeon starts for the door, then turns, puzzled...
STURGEON're telling me we have a robot running around Los Angeles like...a hippy-droid...trying to...find itself?
RUSSELL Something like that, sir!
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2023.06.06 17:10 bumblingsunflower49 Pregnant and going NC

So a little rant with hopes of getting some advice. DH and I are expecting baby no. 3 this year. MIL has 2 years in a row, near Mother's Day, told DH one way or another that she disowns him. Last year, she disowned our whole family because she was upset with me... Then 2 days later, I went with her without DH(he was working) to her mom's for mothers day. This year, she only disowned DH, but continued to invite me and children to things and messaging me like nothing happened. DH has only text her once since the fallout, and I barely answer. I don't like that she thinks her phony apology(the only brief time that she has acknowledged the fallout) means that all is well. It isn't. And I am a united front with DH because we could write a book on things she has done. I guess the thing is... The pregnancy. Like I don't even know what any of this will look like. It usually plays out like this... MIL gets upset with one or both of us, posts/messages something, we run defense deleting what we can before more people get hurt or telling Step FIL so he can step in, don't hear from her for days/weeks, she pops back up like nothing happens. We usually don't push back as it gets no where. She is a forever victim and she never did anything to us. This is the first time we have gone NC with her. I am a people pleaser, so this is tearing me up inside. Any advice or encouragement? How do we navigate the rest of the family and keep enjoying the pregnancy?
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2023.06.06 17:10 heathenchaosgoblin Considering extensions, what do I need to know?

Hi everyone, I have telogen effluvium hair loss and I’m considering extensions to help fill my hair in.
Can anyone give me the pros? Cons? Maintenance? How do I know what’s quality? Has anyone been told their hair is too thin to hold the extensions?
Thanks, have a day as beautiful as you are ☀️
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2023.06.06 17:09 the-greenest-thumb My dog growls at people, but only on a specific trail?

I have a 2yr old papillon, though I got him in February. On regular walks he's perfectly fine, I live near downtown so there's lots of people and stuff. He loves women and children, less so with men but he's never ever growled at anyone on walks. He usually either ignores people or tries to say hello.
Then in April I took him to this strip of wooded trail that runs through my city, it's pretty popular and has lots of people walking and cycling through it. He growled at every person that went by and was on high alert. He did not calm down until we were back on the street. I tried again in May at a different, less wooded part of the trail and he again growled at everyone and was tense the whole time until we got back on the street.
When the weather started getting nicer I started taking him for short picnics at the park across the street from me (and only a few blocks from the trail) and he's perfectly fine. He relaxes, sniffs, plays fetch, greets people etc. He did once growl at a baby, but I think it just surprised him as the baby was crawling very fast towards him.
And a couple days ago I took him to a beach that has a wooded area, very similar feel to the trail by my home. And he was again perfectly fine; not a peep out of him, body language was calm and happy and he even chose to approach several people who asked to pet him.
I don't understand why he growls and gets so uncomfortable with people on that particular trail and nowhere else, I can't see how it's different from the other locations. I really want to fix this as I grew up going to that trail every year, it's a 20min walk from my home and half the reason I got a dog was so they could walk it with me.
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2023.06.06 17:09 the-greenest-thumb My dog growls at people, but only on a specific trail?

I have a 2yr old papillon, though I got him in February. On regular walks he's perfectly fine, I live near downtown so there's lots of people and stuff. He loves women and children, less so with men but he's never ever growled at anyone on walks. He usually either ignores people or tries to say hello.
Then in April I took him to this strip of wooded trail that runs through my city, it's pretty popular and has lots of people walking and cycling through it. He growled at every person that went by and was on high alert. He did not calm down until we were back on the street. I tried again in May at a different, less wooded part of the trail and he again growled at everyone and was tense the whole time until we got back on the street.
When the weather started getting nicer I started taking him for short picnics at the park across the street from me (and only a few blocks from the trail) and he's perfectly fine. He relaxes, sniffs, plays fetch, greets people etc. He did once growl at a baby, but I think it just surprised him as the baby was crawling very fast towards him.
And a couple days ago I took him to a beach that has a wooded area, very similar feel to the trail by my home. And he was again perfectly fine; not a peep out of him, body language was calm and happy and he even chose to approach several people who asked to pet him.
I don't understand why he growls and gets so uncomfortable with people on that particular trail and nowhere else, I can't see how it's different from the other locations. I really want to fix this as I grew up going to that trail every year, it's a 20min walk from my home and half the reason I got a dog was so they could walk it with me.
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2023.06.06 17:08 MEIXXMO Bad girls will receive punishment~

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2023.06.06 17:08 TK_Rawhide My dad (70 M) and me (36M). I am upset with him and he still has no idea why. How would you handle this situation?

OK so let me do the long story short version very quickly My dad decided to go to church this past Sunday I asked if I could come with him He said sure just don't sit anywhere near me I am offended by this
What should I do?
So for the longer story this will take an extra second My dad is a 70 year old man I am his 36-year-old transgender son We grew up in a very religious household I attended CCD classes until I was confirmed in the church So it was very much a part of my upbringing The last time I was in church was last year for Easter with a friend of mine The last time my dad was in church was over 20 years ago When he and my mom split up he didn't keep up with the practice He has cancer now and I think that played a role in him wanting to get back into the church There is a church near both of us that he wanted to attend He lets me know this Sunday morning and I ask him if I can come with Without any hesitation he says yes just don't sit anywhere near me He didn't say it is in a snippy tone It was more just a matter of fact saying I was very upset by this I debated if I still wanted to go I decided not to let somebody else's attitude get in the way of my worship I decided to go as well I respected his boundaries and sat nowhere near him I had an amazing time Everyone was enamored by me being new and being transgender and coming to church They were so wonderful and helpful and very welcoming They were very into inviting me to come again next week I absolutely loved my experience My father didn't talk to anyone from what I saw After church I didn't talk to my father We simply went our separate ways I talk to my brother about what it happened and he said it was unfair to assume what my father meant by what he had said I said it was pretty clear that he didn't want you sitting anywhere near him because I am transgender He didn't want to get shunned I guess Then he saw how the church accepted me and had a different tone My brother encouraged me to have a conversation with my father about the reasoning I did and my father said he just felt weird about it I think that's a cop out and not really the reason Especially considering I grew up in the environment where we had to go to church and we all sat together The only difference now is that I am out and proud about who I am My question to you is how would you handle this situation?
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2023.06.06 17:08 the-greenest-thumb My dog growls at people, but only on a specific trail?

I have a 2yr old papillon, though I got him in February. On regular walks he's perfectly fine, I live near downtown so there's lots of people and stuff. He loves women and children, less so with men but he's never ever growled at anyone on walks. He usually either ignores people or tries to say hello.
Then in April I took him to this strip of wooded trail that runs through my city, it's pretty popular and has lots of people walking and cycling through it. He growled at every person that went by and was on high alert. He did not calm down until we were back on the street. I tried again in May at a different, less wooded part of the trail and he again growled at everyone and was tense the whole time until we got back on the street.
When the weather started getting nicer I started taking him for short picnics at the park across the street from me (and only a few blocks from the trail) and he's perfectly fine. He relaxes, sniffs, plays fetch, greets people etc. He did once growl at a baby, but I think it just surprised him as the baby was crawling very fast towards him.
And a couple days ago I took him to a beach that has a wooded area, very similar feel to the trail by my home. And he was again perfectly fine; not a peep out of him, body language was calm and happy and he even chose to approach several people who asked to pet him.
I don't understand why he growls and gets so uncomfortable with people on that particular trail and nowhere else, I can't see how it's different from the other locations. I really want to fix this as I grew up going to that trail every year, it's a 20min walk from my home and half the reason I got a dog was so they could walk it with me.
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2023.06.06 17:08 EarthlyFriend AITA for struggling with my life?

Hello everyone.
I'm (21M) having a situation and I'd love your opinion, even the harsher ones.
When I was 17, I met this girl in high school. We had the time of our lives together and fell in love. Soon after I got a job, and we moved together, near her parents' place.
It was great, I got along with her parents, and soon I proposed, and we got married, like, a year after meeting. She was the one.
One day, she got pregnant, and we were maybe not ready to be parents but she wanted to be a mom so we went for it.
Long story short... She died in childbirth.
I was in deep despair. And I was like this, until very recently. I'm not proud of myself, but yeah. My daughter became my in-laws's responsability, and I drowned myself with work and drinking.
One day I woke up and I didn't want my daughter to think I'm a deadbeat.
Went to see my in-laws. Started getting to know my daughter, a step at a time. Seeing a therapist. Trying to forgive myself.
Recently I met a friend from high school, whom I hadn't seen in a few years, and they told me I was kind of an asshole for not only dumping my responsibilities on my in-laws but also doubling down by suddenly waking up about it.
Some part of me thinks he's right. But my in-laws keep on saying that I went through the unimaginable and we're family we go through this together.
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