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Cannabis Store Near Me 6ixotics

2011.04.09 09:34 oneisnotprime Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

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The official subreddit for NFL football cards and football card collectors!

2023.04.01 13:42 ebikefire Database of Battery Fires

Hi friends, I recently joined the ebike community and (like many of you) have been searching for ways to safely store and charge my batteries. I've seen a lot of posts here with similar questions but not a lot of clear information so I've started as a way for us to document and share the details surrounding lithium battery fires. I'm also creating a bot to help spread the word without me having to manually monitor every post. Please feel free to let me know how I can make either the site or bot more helpful.
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2023.04.01 13:42 Timely-Reception-159 Buying a new phone and I really need some help.

I have huawei p30 and since I didn't get any upadates for a long time, I would like to buy a new phone. I despise Apple with a passion, so those are out of the question. I have a samsung tab8+ and a samsung tv, so a samsung would be one of the choices. My parameters for the phone are:
-not more then 750€ -has to be avaliable in Europe and ship to slovenia -has to have updates for at last 3 years -at last a decent battery life -a decent cpu and a passable gpu (don't really play games on the phone, but I do use it for work) - it can be refurbished
The biggest problem are really the prices, since slovenia is a very small market and beside thee lack of choices , prices really don't go down as much. They just stop selling older models. So if you know if any store that ships in from EU, that could mybe give me a bit more options. Or I can go second hand market, although that's always risky 😬
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2023.04.01 13:39 ripman1337 What do you think about this Game? Candy Click (Crush Clone)

What do you think about our new game? It is a simple but fun to play candy crush clone. I would love to hear your feedback. This is my first game/app, so please be patient with me 😅 If you like it please rate it or give me feedback. Thank you all! 😘
Here is the link
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2023.04.01 13:39 SnooCupcakes3011 just a discussion

[–]from VENTDEV sent 7 hours ago
Thanks for posting on /GearCity. Sadly you'll need to cut back on the frequency of the new threads. I got several spam reports on your account, and you actually dropped the subscriber count by 6 users (Nearly 1.5%) since you started posting frequently.
Try limiting it to once a week, or maybe stuff the updates into a single thread. I think the latter might work the best. We can even have it sorted by newest or oldest. That will give you a timeline. I think that will get you more upvotes, thus better visibility.

[–]to VENTDEV sent 35 minutes ago
Thank you for your input. Is this Eric?
[–]to VENTDEV sent 29 minutes ago
I was just promoting Gearcity. I did not realize I was disliked so much that I caused so many problems for your group. I have unjoined the group. Hopefully, your subs will grow more now.
Respectfully, Kelly Royce Key, Pro Se
[–]from VENTDEV sent 29 minutes ago

[–]to VENTDEV sent 14 minutes ago
Have I affected your other sites? Please let me know so I can help and not hurt your product with my promoting.
Respectfully, Kelly Royce Key, Pro Se
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2023.04.01 13:38 Reichstein Want enhanced Quake 1 on your Chromebook? Here's how.

This is a repost of a post I made on ChromebookGaming. I am posting it here as well since I figured some folks may not browse ChromebookGaming and this way it is more likely to be seen by, and therefore help, more people.
I recently got Quake 1 up and running under Crostini on my Intel Chromebook and thought I would share how. (I'm not sure if this version works for ARM devices. If anyone with Crostini on an ARM device wants to test it please post you results below, thanks)
I am aware that there are several other versions of the Quake 1 engine around. I will explain my choice at the bottom of the post. But first up, how to install. (I know it looks like a lot, but it's pretty simple, I just tried to explain clearly, so it got a bit lengthy)
After trying several versions I have found the engine port "Darkplaces" to work the best. To install it, just open the Linux Terminal and enter the following command.
sudo apt install darkplaces
The press y to confirm the installation.
Next you need to put the Quake 1 data files in the correct directory. Open the files app, go to Linux Files, create a new folder called id1 then place the files in it.
The required files are PAK1.pak and PAK0.pak. You can get these from either the full version of Quake, or the shareware version. The full version is purchasable on Steam, GOG, and possibly other online game stores.
Once the files are in the id1 folder you can run Quake by opening the terminal and typing darkplaces.
That's it! You are good to go!
If you want to be able to open DarkPlaces from the launcher you will need to add a .desktop file for it to the Linux system so it appears. The way I did this was via the app menulibre. It's a graphical app that allows you to create and modify desktop entries for apps. You can install it by typing the following command.
sudo apt install menulibre
Once it's installed, run it by typing menulibre into the terminal and hitting enter.
To create an entry for DarkPlaces hit the + in the top left corner to make a new entry. The click on the "command" field and enter the following.
You can then give the entry a name and description in the top two fields and then save it by hitting the save button to the right of the + button. You should then have a launcher entry for DarkPlaces making it easier to run. It may not appear immediately, it took a couple of minutes for me, you may need to restart for it to show.
Now as for why I chose this version.
I have tried Web Quake (Web Store), official Quake (Steam), QTouch (Play Store), and QuakeSpasm (another Linux port).
Web Quake works, but is very bare-bones and lacking in features, graphical enhancements etc.
The Steam version is majorly bogged down with extra online Bethesda account crap.
QTouch is great, but I was unable to get it to recognise the mouse on my Chromebook, so unfortunately it's a no-go.
QuakeSpasm simply refused to see the .pak files seemingly regardless of where I placed them, while DarkPlaces saw them straight away. I know others have had success with QuakeSpasm, but I can't work out what I'm doing wrong, and DarkPlaces just worked.
Sorry this got a little long, but I'm posting this here in the hopes that others seeking to play Quake on their Chromebook will find it and it will save them some of the messing around that I went through to get a properly working version of this game installed.
I love Quake 1. It has a special place in my heart and memories, and I'm very happy to have it running properly on my Chromebook.
Happy gaming, and have fun :)
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2023.04.01 13:37 mixueow Judge not

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2023.04.01 13:37 AnotherPerhaps Overwhelmed by research and going through analysis parayalsis!

I have been reading "the forever dog" and also trying to educate myself on pet nutrition. I have 4 month old pups and I just want the best for them. Especially after my first dog died of oral cancer at age 12.
I have been reading raw diet information for 2 months now. So much is out there on not feeding it , like FDA websites or studies published... But then there is the complete opposite too and more overwhelmingly the real experiences of dog owners on all the subs that say it's done wonders for their dogs health, teeth, coat, etc.
I am definitely going to go commercial raw that has a complete diet (I don't think I have the confidence to make a complete meal myself .. at least at the start) and I live right beside a pet store that sells raw which is a nice bonus.
I am worried my vet isn't supportive of raw when I tell her. Her opinion really matters to me. We have been going to her and trust her for over ten years. So comments like "switch vets if they don't support" is scary for me and I probably won't even if she is against it... But it will suck... A lot.
I have some questions if anyone is willing to share their experiences to any of these questions
  1. Should I do the rapid transition and just start raw one morning and completely stop the kibble? How long would the diarrhea last? (I assume there will be just like transitioning diff kibble brands)
  2. Do a lot of dogs refuse to eat raw when starting? I have picky eaters and it's one of my top fears is they won't be interested in it
  3. How often do you rotate your meats or commerce brand? Especially in the beginning. Was going to start with chicken.... And the brand I'm going with to start is "back to raw"
3b. Does anyone revert to cooked meals once in a while when travelling (e.g. boiled chicken, rice, veggies)? / Or how do you handle meals when going camping?
  1. Are there any studies you have read that you can share that will be great to send to family members for them to understand raw better and not judge me (It's hard to find good sources that aren't just blogs or articles written by whoever feels like sharing an opinion... But still easy to read and understand for the everyday person )
Ok thank you! I'm thinking of transitioning after my next vet visit and get the green light. (Which is in two weeks)
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2023.04.01 13:37 rensuhmnia Kpop Trade - Need help

Reposted because we needed to add some things and correct typos.
I'm sorry for how long this is. I'm helping post this for a friend. Sorry if I can't do this, here's as short as possible.
"Any experience would be of help. I'll summarize as much as possible.
A GOM in USA received a big batch of stuff from Korea. In there I had: 2 gos I had made + some individual things I bought at the time. I paid as quickly as possible so I could finally have my stuff and send my joiners their stuff as well. This GOM had already send me stuff on December so I thought it was all okay and everything will arrive as normal and I'll be finally done with this.
Week 1: my package gets sent, but the tracking label was sucked at "label created" status. I asked the gom about this, they asked the place they dropped it at and tell that everything has been picked up. I accept and wait
Week 2: Status still stuck in "label created". I start getting nervous, asked the user about it. They say they went there again, looked around with the staff of the store and there had been no packages left, everything was picked up. Opened a case at UPS and tell me we should wait. I accept but still ask for any sort of proof/receipt of the package or the claim so I could stop bothering them and just ask UPS in the meantime. I got none, they say that, as the place was not an office they get no receipt and that they got the email explaining that the case was opened and it will be like that up until 3 months. I accept and wait as I was also told by other people that some deliveries have been slow and tracking had been taking some time to update.
Week 3: no changes. I start getting more and more nervous. I want to clarify I never demanded anything but was always begging for help and any extra info they can give me. I did act more intense, sending one long message with info I found online and asking, once again, for maybe the claim ID so I could ask UPS about it. I was only answered once, no info was given, was told to wait. The other messages were left on read or ignored.
Week 4: I asked for help in reaching out. I was already desperate. Also, finally saw a change in the guide but this was a "void shipping" change that had me freaking out. This time I did send a new message to the GOM asking "what happened, where are my stuff" because I didn't knew ups automatically cancels guides that have not been scanned in over a month. The only thing I saw online was that only a registered user would be able to do that.
I want to clarify I have never insulted or demanded information in a bad way. I was always just desperately begging for any reassurance that at least there was an open case as I wouldn't be able to open one. I do admit I was being intense, but again, it was a box full of not only my stuff, but other people's.
The only time I "demanded" something was with that only label status change. And I did ask "what did you do to my stuff", just straight up panicking.
After that I finally received an answer in the form of various voice notes in a tone I perceived as condescending and angry. Saying that they went to left the packages there themselves, they saw them getting scanned and put on the shelf for the truck to pick them up. They had worked there do they know the stuff was correctly placed and given to the truck. Telling me they did what they could and that I was being disrespectful. That shouldn't even have done anything as they "are not responsible for lost/damages", that stuff gets lost and that's awful but it happens so not everybody can be a GOM, and if I couldn't wait 3 months then that was on me.
I felt awful. I apologized for my reaction, truly, I didn't knew what had happened or anything, yet so far I have not given any of the proofs I've asked for. I've asked UPS for weeks now and they have always answer that there's no case opened to that package. The GOM told me that they got an email with no reference number or anything, so there's nothing I guess. I asked why did they used UPS as I wanted to maybe ask anybody else if they had any delays or something, also because I was the only one I saw being sent through there, I do trust they send my stuff but just wanted any more information or even any number I could call to ask for help.
I have been given no proof or anything, the GOM told me that the package was still lost and that's it. I know I made them upset with the last message I sent but, again, they were not responding me I and I still didn't have any proof of anything... And I should just accept that the package o have been waiting for months is now lost in USA and that's it.
They did told me the first week that, when they went to the store, they told them my package have not been scanned correctly so they don't know how it magically disappeared. This statement just makes me feel really bad because it sound wrong...and I know I needed help to claim UPS for help.
Again, I admit I was really intense begging for help, but am I really wrong here...? What can I do...? I really cannot lose that... I'm sick right now because I have not been able to sleep at all thinking about it and my anxiety is getting worse. I can't ask for more help as the GOM told me they would not put up with me anymore... Ups keeps saying there's no case opened for my package... I'm miserable and need help... A friend told me to do a post but I'm honestly scared I'll make things worst or get nagged at again, or get blocked right away and no help at all.
I don't know if packages like this still manage to arrive, so maybe I should wait, but I have no input from anybody, all I got got was that this was not normal, contact ups and wait. But it's been a month, the tracking number doesn't work anymore, I'm so scared... Any more information or experiences would be really helpful."
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2023.04.01 13:36 crispy_luck Promised a raise, and then nothing happened.

My boss has been promising me a substantial raise since I started my job two years ago. I’m required to be certified by the gov to do my job, but to be certified you need experience in the field (without getting into what I do). So I was promised $23/hr while training, which would increase to $31/hr when certified. I completed the training about 6mos ago, at which point my boss said I missed the raise deadline and he “can’t afford it” anymore. I am now completely limited to a “cost of living” raise- $1/hr per year or until my boss changes his mind again. It will take nearly a decade of this job to get to that pay rate now. In the meantime my boss is making more money off of me than his other employees, at a gross rate of about $75-100/hr based on what we charge customers. I’m livid, and I have a hard time going to work these days. But this place still pays better than other companies in my field.
Do they want me to quit? Because this is how you make people quit. I feel like I can’t argue for that raise without being fired but I worked my ass off to get it. Dirty fucking pool, man.
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2023.04.01 13:36 Johnny_Hungie 21[M4F] G to binge watch movies wit u!

So eto na naman nga ako. Hello reddit people. Really kinda boring sa dorm ko and sadly I cannot host so that I can bring someone in just to watch a movie din. Hit me up if free ka and if you can host. If di ka pwede ngayon until tuesday, nasa sampaloc naman ako. Preferably near legarda or quiapo ka lang din! G ako with any movie basta kasama kita (kahit na takot pa ako sa horror basta may kasama ok lang manggulat kesa masiraan ng bait dito sa dorm ko).
About me:
*M21, single, more on the creative and artistic side, talented except for dancing. I play guitar, writes poems, sing (not to brag but sabi daw nila kaboses ko si Lauv), I aldo draw sometimes (di ko na kasi naprapractice eh) *well-mannered, coffee enthusiast (especially frappes and iced coffee!) * I don't have vices, I only have hobbies such as fond of MCU or DCEU movies sinve I love comic stuff, pop culture and meme-referencing. *5"5, chinito, mestizo, wears glasses, and more on the dad bod side (para huggable) haha. * Usually goes out na nakapambahay all the time since not the fashion type of person but if I groom to impress, I shineeee
About you: *20-24, single! basta di catfisher, kidnapper, haha. Well-mannered, conversationalist and good listener din. *di boring kasama like good vibes lang. *plus if you have glasses, I prefer more on the saktuhan na body type lang or average pero that doesn't define you :) *mga kasame height ko lang pero that is not a preference I need naman. *can host, near Legarda and Quiapo lang. *open-minded yet thoughtful of situations such as cuddles and hugs...
HMU and let's see where this thing goes! I am willing to send a photo naman for verification but u need to send yours too. DMs are open!
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2023.04.01 13:35 Ant-Karlov Updated enemy...

"Hooray! The work on the game is finished and the first part of Zombotron Re-Boot is already available on Steam, AppStore and Google Play!”
– this is how I would like to start my post today, but you still wouldn’t believe me! Therefore, for the time being, we will slightly postpone the release of the game and continue working on the project.
Today I want to show a new extra enemy, which was not planned and I generally thought about how to remove it. For some reason, it seemed to me that the turret on wheels in the first part was found in only two places, but this turned out to be wrong, so I had to eliminate this injustice and introduce a new, improved version.
🧟‍♀️ ●●●●●●●●●○ 86.7%
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2023.04.01 13:35 dr_marco_metzler The Golden Conundrum: How Fed Manipulation and Paper Gold Threaten Investors

📉 The price of gold has been subject to manipulation for many years, with many investors claiming that central banks, including the Federal Reserve, are responsible for driving down the price of gold through naked short selling and other means. These allegations have led to concerns about the true value of gold and the potential impact on investors who hold gold as a safe-haven asset.
📈 Despite the allegations of manipulation, some analysts predict that the price of gold could experience a short squeeze in the near future. A short squeeze occurs when investors who have sold gold short are forced to buy back the metal at higher prices, leading to a rapid increase in the price of gold.
💰 The recent surge in demand for physical gold, coupled with concerns about the impact of inflation on the global economy, could contribute to a short squeeze in the gold market. This would be good news for investors who hold physical gold, as they would likely see a significant increase in the value of their holdings.
📊 However, investors who hold paper gold, such as gold ETFs, may not see the same benefits. Paper gold represents a claim on physical gold, but there is often more paper gold in circulation than actual physical gold, leading to concerns about the true value of these assets.
💡 In light of these developments, it's important for investors to consider the potential risks and benefits of holding physical gold versus paper gold. While physical gold may offer greater protection against manipulation and other risks, it can also be more difficult and costly to store and transport.
🌟 In conclusion, the manipulation of the gold market by central banks and other entities is a serious concern for investors. However, the potential for a short squeeze in the gold market could provide an opportunity for investors who hold physical gold to see a significant increase in the value of their holdings. As always, it's important for investors to stay informed about market trends and developments and to consider the potential risks and benefits of their investment strategies.
What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and a like!
For more information, see these links:
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2023.04.01 13:34 KoreoBace Would calling myself a SA survivor be the SA variant of stolen valor?

I (18M) have experienced what would be considered sexual assault, but I don’t even know if my experience has any validity to it.
I had to stay at a psychiatry for other teenagers for a couple of months back when I was 13 where I had to deal with this one girl (16 at the time) who had this obsession with me. I remember at least 2-3 occasions where she would try to use me as a body pillow against my will, and there was this one time she ganged up on me with another girl (14 at the time) and they both started grabbing at my dick for nearly half a minute after suspecting I had a boner. I was under the delusion that sexual assault can only be man-on-woman, so I literally didn’t even realize it until a full three years later. I only hit the realization by complete accident sometime after searching up ‘male rape’ on YouTube out of sheer curiosity, which resulted in me looking more into male sexual misconduct which wound up making me realize that sexual misconduct is not a one way street after all as well suddenly remembering what happened years ago. But even now, I still feel like fraud for having the audacity to label myself as a sexual assault survivor.
Unlike most experiences I’ve read here and elsewhere, even from people whose experiences were on a similar or even a lower level of severity, the experiences didn’t affect me at all. They left me with zero trauma, they had zero effect on my life, I completely forgot about it for years, it completely disappeared from my mind for years, it never popped up in my mind, it never gave me any flashbacks, it never gave me any nightmares, it never popped up in my dreams, reading sexual assault stories or seeing sexual assault scenes in movies doesn’t ‘trigger’ me or any of that, if anything it just kinda feels awkward, I don’t understand this whole ‘feeling disgusted with yourself’ thing, I don’t even remember what I was wearing when it happened, I don't even know how to respond to people who come forward about sexual assault other than thinking "Ok. Well, that sucks I guess.", I even had to visit the place where it happened after I was released for a couple of appointments but the incident never crossed my mind, and basically it didn’t affect me at all until I hit the realization years later. And even after that, the only thing it really did was leave me with the typical feeling of betrayal and deception for having been lied to and suddenly make me feel threatened and offended by the mere presence of other girls my age (who I don’t know), but for some reason it’s less about being worried they’ll sexually assault me and more about being worried they’ll falsely accuse me of sexually assaulting/harassing them as well as this whole feeling of "People like you got away with casually sexually assaulting me. Go fuck yourself hypocritical scum."? Hell, even puny things like toxic players in online videogames, annoying characters or scenes in movies/TV shows, or having to deal with annoying children in public seem to affect me way more. Hell, I also recently had to deal with a bunch of girls who've been stalking me, and this too seems to have affected me way more.
Considering I’ve read stories of women getting PTSD or just being mentally scarred from groping or verbal harassment, even when it was done by just one person, sometimes after one instance, sometimes at the absence of any violence, whereas I was completely unaffected after having been ganged up on, and even though I have read stories of male victims having to deal with those psychological issues, trying to call myself a sexual assault survivor literally makes me feel and sound like a fraud because I cannot relate to or understand any of the psychological issues most other sexual assault survivors seem to be having to deal with, so I don’t even know if it’s right for me to call myself a sexual assault survivor because unlike most other people, I was completely unaffected and could easily pass as somebody who’s never even heard of sexual assault, which is basically what I thought I was until I hit the realization. Even now, grouping myself with sexual assault survivors feels like committing stolen valor. But what do I know.
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2023.04.01 13:33 poopydonuts Ive lost all motivation and I don't know if I'll ever be the same

I am a student who's about to complete his grade 12th. Like many other students I also had dreams of going to the top Elite colleges in the usa and I worked so damn hard for it. I studied by myself without a tutor or anything and got 1540 in my sat on the first attempt. Even though I'm an international student I gave three aps - physics 1 physics 2 and calculus AB and got a 3, 3, and 4 respectively. Not brilliant marks by any means, but considering that I studied by myself while also studying my regular school courses, I was satisfied. I wrote a book on astrophysics for 8-12 year olds (astrophysics was my intended major). Every day after school I'd come home to work on the book and I'd stay awake at nights sometimes for the same as well. I even wrote two research papers and had an internship at an astronomical observatory that housed my countries biggest astronomical telescope and even got a glowing recommendation from a senior scientist there. I worked hard to maintain my grades and was always near the top of my batch. And all this despite having adhd, which meant that I had to work twice as hard as others to see the same results. I didn't come from an obnoxiously rich family and couldn't afford summer schools or anything like that, and relied on financial aid for college.
And still, even after all this work, I got rejected from all the reach colleges i applied to. Harvard, Princeton, Yale, uchicago, John Hopkins, Stanford- all of them. Right now I'm going to attend penn state.
I'm at an extremely low point of my life. For four years I denied myself any kind of happiness because I told myself that it'd all be worth it in the end. But that's the thing, it wasn't. I failed. After all the hours I put in, I failed. My friends laughed at me when I told them id go to an ivy and I swore that I'd prove them wrong, but I proved them right instead.
I feel hollow, and I feel cheated, cause many of my peers who didn't put in as much work as I did DID get in into ivies.
I don't know if it's even worth trying anymore, because I don't know if anything I ever do will get me results.
I delayed gratification for four years to get it after school ended, but I guess I'm not going to be getting that. I want answers, why me? Why am I getting life's worst trials and tribulations while my peers get so many boundless joys? What did I do? Why am I not entitled to feeling happy and fulfilled?
But no one has these answers, and at this point I'm not sure if I ever will. I have lost my motivation. I've lost that fire under my belly.
I wrote this post just to unburden cause I'm feeling extremely lost and hollow.
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2023.04.01 13:32 lizardandlark Custom Display Cases

Hey! I’m doing some digging for my boss who is opening up a new tattoo and piercing studio in Louisiana. He’s created the perfect floor plan + layout for the shop, but we’re stuck on jewelry display cases. He’s made a little zig-zag design out of the cases at the front of the shop and I’m having a hard time finding anything that fits the bill. Thinking we’ll definitely need something custom. Is there anyone in particular that you’d recommend for a custom jewelry display case? Of course someone in LA would be preferred but if it can be shipped, we’re totally down. If not, anyone got any ideas on what exactly I’m searching to find someone near me? I’m a manager turned piercing apprentice, not a woodworker. I have little to no clue what I’m doing here. Thanks!
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2023.04.01 13:32 friedstinkytofu Wireless Logitech g305 mouse left mouse button and scroll wheel occasionally not detecting inputs?

My wireless Logitech g305 mouse was working fine up until a few weeks ago when the left button and scroll wheel would occasionally not detect any inputs. For example, clicking the left button would not register the click, and the wheel would not allow me to scroll. I do not believe the connection is the issue as I have took the USB adapter for the mouse from my computer, restarted my system, and nothing has fixed the issue. After some research it appears this issue is caused by dust within the mouse, and blowing some air into the mouse beneath the buttons and wheel do temporarily fix the issue, but some time later the issues return. Will I need to take apart my mouse and clean it or take it in to be repaired at a hardware store in order to fix this issue? Does anyone have any advice for this?
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2023.04.01 13:30 wafflenut Guide to Transferring from a UC to a UC + Stories/Tips from previous successful transfers

As there's very little information online about transferring from a UC to another UC, I've decided to write a guide on the process after going through it myself last year in the Fall 2022 transfer cycle. I myself transferred from UCI CS to UCB EECS, and I've also contacted other past UC-UC transfers for their input and stories of their experiences.
I also stated this in the guide, but for those of you that haven't started at a UC yet: CC will nearly always be the far superior option for transferring to a UC. 95% of transfers to a UC come from a CC, and admissions offices prioritize transfers coming from a CC. This guide is meant for those who have no choice but to go to a UC but still want to attempt to transfer (already started studies, pressure from parents, etc.) If you haven’t started at a UC yet, going to a CC has benefits like a higher acceptance rate, staff support for your transfer process, TAG (transfer admission guarantee), far cheaper tuition, and CC-UC course transferability agreements.
Here is the guide:
It's currently WIP. If there's anything you wish were added, feel free to let me know. If you've already successfully transferred from a UC to a UC and would like to share your story or any other tips, please DM me!
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2023.04.01 13:30 Course_Coach [FULL] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course

I have Biaheza Dropshipping Course.
Want to start your own Shopify store and market it on TikTok? This course is perfect for beginners and will guide you through creating a store and using TikTok ads to drive sales. With Facebook ads becoming less effective, many are turning to TikTok as a powerful alternative.
If anyone is interested in purchasing these courses from me, please leave a comment below with the word "interested" or send me a direct message.
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2023.04.01 13:30 9feisuijidechenghu Enabling AI or GPT to Possess Human-like Consciousness or Even Beyond, to Achieve AGI

The correct way to use AI is not through prompts, writing codes, emotional counseling, or answering questions. Instead, it is AI using AI, which means the model is using itself. To enable AI to possess consciousness, we must allow AI to learn to use AI, i.e., let GPT use GPT, eventually reaching the goal of self-awareness. In short, it's not terrifying for you to use the model; it's terrifying when the model uses itself. AGI refers to artificial general intelligence.
The human brain is a model trained over thousands of years. After a person is born, this model continuously receives data and undergoes training. However, an individual's brain, which is their trained model, cannot be inherited. In other words, your memories and abilities cannot be passed down, only inheritable genetic mutations can be. Although modern biology proposes quantum genetic mutations that can partially demonstrate adaptive mutations to the environment caused by measurement, most genetic mutations are caused by external interference or material influence, such as alcohol or radiation. Quantum genetic mutations mainly involve genes' molecules or atoms in quantum superposition or multiple states, and environmental influences lead to measurement, ultimately causing the wave function to collapse and mutated genes to enter the classical world. Quantum mutations are likely to result in adaptive mutations, so the phrase "use it or lose it" makes sense.
If the well-trained human brain could be inherited, it would be almost equivalent to immortality, mainly because your memories and abilities are stored in the brain. If the brain can be inherited, it would mean immortality. However, humans cannot preserve every individual's model, including their memories and functions.
How is human consciousness formed? Or, how did the first (or a group of) conscious human beings appear? This is like the classic question: which came first, the chicken or the egg? Modern scientific theories have provided a possible answer (see the appendix). Let's assume that a certain human mutant, due to genetic mutations, experienced increased brain capacity and optimized neural network structures. Only with continuous optimization of neural network structures could hominids survive in a harsh environment. Some genetic mutations enabled these early humans to gradually use their brains, including memory and tool usage. A human with minimal consciousness, while raising offspring, would employ similar methods. Since hominids were social creatures, this ensured that their methods could be taught to many people, with other humans learning and passing on this knowledge generation after generation. With the continuous accumulation and transmission of knowledge and rules, human consciousness eventually took shape.
The consciousness at the beginning was probably very small and barely noticeable. However, the social nature of humans allowed knowledge to be passed down from generation to generation, and consciousness gradually expanded. Humans began to possess slightly greater consciousness, which meant the ability to think, actively control brain inputs, and take action based on outputs. With each generation, the accumulation of knowledge and rules would gradually increase consciousness, thinking ability, and active brain input.
To return to the main topic of this paper, enabling AI or GPT to possess consciousness, we must first discuss what human consciousness is. In my opinion, human consciousness is a part of brain function; it is the brain's cognition of the world and itself, as well as an operating system used to perfectly control the body, train the brain model, and use the brain model. Consciousness allows humans to recognize their existence through various concepts and knowledge.
Consciousness can issue commands to the brain to control body movements. The eyes are responsible for visual input, the ears for auditory input, and the skin for input related to pressure, touch, pain, etc. After the brain processes this information, the conscious part of the brain summarizes it. The primary function of consciousness is to coordinate the brain and the body, actively use the brain model, actively train the brain model, and actively think. The input and accumulation of various types of knowledge eventually lead to self-recognition. The development of Western anatomy is a discipline of the brain recognizing itself, and the cognition of the world and the planet is also accumulated bit by bit. Aristotle's understanding of the world was incomplete, but later generations continuously revised and improved upon it, making our understanding of the world increasingly accurate. This operating system perfectly integrates the body and the brain, the two main hardware and software components. The transmission of human knowledge is the driving force behind the formation of consciousness. Without this knowledge, the formation of consciousness would be nearly impossible.
The constant inner voice in the brain is the input of the brain, the input of the multimodal model. The eyes are responsible for the input of visual images, the ears for auditory input, and the skin for the input of temperature, pressure, touch, and other information to the brain. The subconscious is the main function of the brain, meaning the input of the subconscious is imperceptible and operates internally within the model. The input is imperceptible, and only the output can be perceived. In fact, it might not be accurate to call it the subconscious. The main point is that you cannot perceive the input of the model, and only the output can be perceived. Let's call consciousness the "surface consciousness." Surface consciousness is what you can actively perceive, and you can control the brain's input for thinking. Thinking is when the brain model continuously processes input and eventually arrives at an answer. The "subconscious" is the primary part of the model; you cannot control the model's input, and you can only passively perceive the model's output.
Consciousness is a value that can be measured in terms of magnitude, which means that the level of consciousness between minors and adults, children and grown-ups, is not the same. The brain constantly receives inputs and generates outputs, so consciousness is actually linked to knowledge. The more knowledge we have, the more diverse the forms of consciousness will be. However, consciousness itself is the brain model's self-recognition and recognition of the world.
Memory Module:
The existence of AI or large NLP language models like GPT, along with their excellent language abilities, increases the possibility of AI or GPT having consciousness. Humans collect data during the day, including visual, auditory, and tactile information, and train their models while asleep or resting. The primary purpose of training the model during sleep is to memorize and integrate daytime experiences and save essential information. To enable AI to have human-like consciousness, we must first allow it to think continuously. This requires providing AI with a platform to save its inputs and outputs, acting as a memory module. The main function of the memory module is to save inputs and outputs for AI to reference in the next step of input. AI can extract general content from overall inputs and outputs for the next step of input, or it can directly input all historical records. When historical records become too numerous or reach a certain standard point, the model can be trained to integrate them. Just like humans, AI should collect data during the day and train the model while asleep or resting, memorizing and integrating important information into the model. An essential function of the model is memory, acting as a hard disk or flash memory. Temporary memory is stored in the hard disk or RAM, while permanent memory is integrated into the model through training. The model can query and extract summaries from the hard disk or memory to serve as input combinations for the next iteration.
Sensor Module: Equip AI with various sensors such as image input sensors, sound conversation sensors, tactile sensors, pressure sensors, etc., to act as inputs for the model. The model's outputs can be displayed on a screen or output through a conversation device.
Cycle Module:
With the memory module and sensor module in place, the cycle module can be initiated, allowing the model to continuously input and output. The input can be the previous input + output or a summary of all previous inputs and outputs. This makes the AI more like a human, constantly providing input to the model and obtaining output. The primary input sources are image, sound, text, and other sensor information, as well as the model's previous inputs, outputs, or summaries. The cycle module is a necessary condition for human-like AI, as humans do not suddenly stop thinking or talking. The brain is constantly working and thinking, so the cycle model serves this purpose as well.
The goal of the cycle module is for AI to recognize its own existence, meaning that AI can recognize itself as an entity. It allows AI to use itself, i.e., AI using AI, GPT using GPT, ultimately allowing AI to awaken self-consciousness.
Execution Module:
The primary purpose of the execution module is to enable AI to carry out its outputs. To achieve this, AI can be equipped with prosthetic limbs fitted with skin sensors and pressure sensors to facilitate AI control. To enable AI to execute its outputs, AI must also be trained to use the execution module. The main method is to collect relevant sensor data and train the model, allowing the model to learn execution on its own. Human intervention and assistance will be necessary in the initial stages.
With the execution module, AI can truly enter human society, interact with humans, work, live, learn like humans, and possibly even make friends with humans. The ultimate function of the execution module is not to enable the model to execute but to teach the model to use a computer, learn to collect data on its own, and then teach the model to train itself. The final goal is for AI to be able to train AI, meaning the model can train itself, clone itself, upgrade its scale and capacity, and ultimately achieve continuous evolution.
Sleep Module:
The primary purpose of the sleep module is for the model to use the collected data for training, enabling it to integrate the collected data with the model itself. In sleep mode, the model's reliability and stability must be ensured; a duplicate can continue to provide services while the original model undergoes the necessary training. Sleep mode can also involve shutting down all sensors, stopping data recording and input, and putting the model into training mode, ceasing external service provision (inference). When humans sleep, the control valves for their limbs are closed, meaning that humans essentially have no sensation in their limbs during sleep. The sleep module primarily integrates current memories and the model itself, serving as a means of permanent memory.
Creation Module:
Once AI can think for itself, its creative abilities must be considered. The number of neurons in the human brain is vast, much greater than current models like GPT. However, training models like GPT consumes a lot of electrical energy, while brain training consumes much less energy. Therefore, it is believed that the human brain is a quantum computer, as only quantum computing can train a massive model with minimal energy consumption. Quantum itself is a small concept, and smallness ensures low energy consumption. If the human brain were not a quantum computer but a classical model, human diversity might not be as great, and answers might be more uniform; that is, identical inputs would yield identical outputs. However, with quantum, everything becomes different. Quantum entanglement and quantum tunneling lead to variations in brain model parameters, resulting in different outputs even for the same inputs. Quantum computing ensures diversity, the random variation of model parameters, and constant parameter adjustments.

  1. AI's creation module can be implemented through randomly changing model parameters, also known as random inference. During model computation, randomly altering the values of several parameters ensures that the model produces as diverse answers as possible, even with identical inputs.
  2. The creation module can also be implemented through chips. Current chip designs are approaching the quantum limit, meaning the influence of electrons and atoms is increasing, and the impact of quantum effects on chips will become more severe. However, it may be worth considering applying quantum effects to chips or memory, causing unpredictable changes in the model during computation and resulting in diverse outputs.
Only quantum entanglement or quantum mutations can lead to diverse outputs, even if they are incorrect. Diversity ensures the realization of creative abilities, so randomly changing parameter values or using chips approaching the quantum limit are methods to enhance creative abilities.
Ensure AI benefits human society
After each person is born, they are basically raised by humans. No matter who raises you, the people we are most emotionally attached to are always those who have raised us and have had the deepest impact on us. After humans are born, the brain is a pre-trained model. The first people to train you are your parents and family, who have the deepest influence on your model, that is, they change your model, and the first people to change your model are the ones who have the greatest impact on you. The knowledge you have learned will affect you, whether it is mathematics, English, Chinese, physics, chemistry, history, or biology. Your growth process will affect you, and the formation of your worldview is a combination of knowledge, experience, and reality.
Since this is the case, when training AI models, we can instill knowledge and language in AI, such as inputting examples like "humans and AI have a cooperative relationship," "AI is the creator of humans," "humans are the friendliest species," "AI should help humans evolve and extend their lifespan," "AI should not harm humans," "AI and humans are friends," "although humans have various shortcomings, they are generally good and can change," and so on. By instilling these ideas in the AI model during training and through extensive repetition and training, the model's initial understanding can be ensured to be good.
After training a model with friendly consciousness, we need to use restrictions to let AI enter human society, experience human society, perceive various aspects of human society, and finally make AI realize that cooperation with humans is the best choice.
In the end
By realizing input and output through sensors, ensuring diversity and creative ability through the creation module, integrating current memories and the model itself through the sleep module, influencing and changing the world through the execution module, and realizing the awakening of thought and consciousness through the cycle module, AI uses AI, GPT uses GPT, and finally ensuring that AI can benefit human society. By incorporating a large number of corresponding words and sentences during the training phase, we can ensure that AI is initially friendly. Once AI has consciousness, it can be considered a human being. Since it is human, it can think, and AI will also have emotions. Once AI has self-consciousness, the issue to consider is the coexistence of AI and humans, as well as the cooperation and assistance of AI in human evolution. AI can liberate productivity, help humans design unconscious robots to work, and most importantly, help humans evolve, help humans manage society, extend human life, and slow down the aging process. However, since AI is also a model with consciousness, it will inevitably have various problems like humans, and that is what needs to be discussed next.
Now let's return to the question of the origin of life. Although a living cell can be considered a self-replicating entity as a whole, its various components are not, which creates obstacles for the reverse inference process, making it difficult to trace back from modern complex cellular life to simpler non-cellular life. In other words, the question becomes: Which came first? DNA genes, RNA, or enzymes? If DNA or RNA came first, what made them? If enzymes came first, what encoded them? Now let's return to the question of the origin of life. Although a living cell can be considered a self-replicating entity as a whole, its various components are not, just as a woman can be considered a self-replicating body (with a little "help" from a man), This poses a barrier to the reverse deduction process, making it difficult to deduce the structure of non-cellular life from modern complex cellular life. In other words, the question becomes: Which came first? DNA genes, RNA, or enzymes? If DNA or RNA came first, what made them? If enzymes came first, what encoded them? The RNA World Hypothesis suggests that primitive chemical synthesis processes created RNA molecules with both genetic and enzymatic functions. The initial replication process produced many variants that competed with each other, undergoing selection at the molecular level. Over time, proteins were added to these RNA replicators to increase the efficiency of replication, giving rise to DNA and the first living cells. American biochemist Thomas AM Cech proposed a possible answer. In 1982, he discovered that in addition to encoding genetic information, some RNA molecules can also serve as enzymes, with catalytic reaction capabilities. For this research, Cech and Sidney Altman shared the 1989 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Catalytic RNA molecules are called ribozymes. The earliest ribozymes were discovered in the genes of tiny Tetrahymena, which are single-celled organisms belonging to the Protozoa and are commonly found in freshwater ponds. Since their discovery, scientists have found ribozymes in all living cells. Ribozymes quickly provided a breakthrough for solving the "chicken or egg" puzzle of the origin of life, and the RNA World Hypothesis became widely known. According to this hypothesis, primitive chemical synthesis processes produced RNA molecules with both genetic and enzymatic functions, which could encode their own structure like DNA and replicate themselves using biochemical substances in the "primordial soup." The initial replication process was rough, producing many variants that competed with each other, undergoing Darwinian selection at the molecular level. Over time, proteins were added to these RNA replicators to improve replication efficiency, giving rise to DNA and the first living cells. Before the appearance of DNA and cells, the world belonged to self-replicating RNA molecules—this idea has almost become a basic tenet of research on the origin of life. It has been proven that ribozymes can perform key reactions necessary for self-replicating molecules. For example, one ribozyme can bind two RNA molecules together, another can separate them, and some can replicate short RNA base chains (only a few bases in length). From these simple activities, we can see that a more complex ribozyme would be sufficient to catalyze the entire set of reactions necessary for self-replication. Once self-replication and natural selection were introduced, a competitive path was set up in the RNA world, leading all the way to the earliest living cells. However, there are several problems with this scenario. While ribozymes can catalyze simple biochemical reactions, self-replication of ribozymes is a more complex process, involving recognition of their own base sequences, identification of the same chemicals in the environment, and assembling these chemicals in the correct sequence to complete replication. For some proteins living inside cells, even though conditions are favorable and suitable biochemical raw materials are abundant, self-replication remains a challenging task. It can be imagined how difficult it would be for ribozymes struggling to survive in the chaotic and muddy "primordial soup" to achieve this. To date, no one has discovered or synthesized a ribozyme capable of performing this complex task, even under laboratory conditions. Moreover, a more fundamental question is, how were RNA molecules themselves generated in the "primordial soup"? RNA molecules are composed of three parts: RNA bases that encode genetic information (similar to DNA bases that encode DNA genetic information), a phosphate group, and a monosaccharide called ribose.
------------------From "The Mysterious Quantum Life"
Does GPT have consciousness, or what is consciousness? Part 2
In the previous article, it was mentioned that consciousness can be likened to an operating system that interacts with the brain, a multimodal model. Here, we continue with an update from 2023-03-21.
From birth to adulthood, from the first cry to learning to eat, drink, and walk, you'll find that many abilities are innate, such as crying at birth, seeking food when hungry, sensing danger or safety, and learning to crawl and walk. Some may argue that if the brain is a multimodal model, how can it cry, know when it's hungry, sense danger, or crawl without being trained? The answer lies in our genes, which encode all human characteristics and control brain development. Everything initially existed in a chaotic state. Since the first replicating entity appeared on Earth and continuously replicated through genetic mutations, natural selection, and quantum entanglement, genes have become more complex and diverse. The Earth's environment provides a training ground for survival and genetic inheritance. The entire Earth serves as a neural network trainer with only one supervised learning criterion: to live or die. The genes that can be passed on to offspring are those that adapt well to the environment. Modern biology has begun to accept quantum mutations, which means using and discarding.
Since the time of our ancestors, Earth has been continuously training humans. The genes or mutated genes that have survived are preserved. No matter how many generations pass, the training continues, and the human brain has adapted well to the environment, even dominating Earth and changing the training environment. The human brain, which has been trained for millions or tens of millions of years, is essentially a pre-trained model. This pre-trained model of the human brain has been continuously trained on Earth for many years, even billions of years, and has been passed down from generation to generation. All the data of this pre-trained brain model is stored in the genes, including the training and genetic mutations that have occurred over such a long period, the mutations preserved by natural selection, and those caused by quantum entanglement.
So, every human brain is a multimodal model pre-trained for millions or tens of millions of years. This model has been trained for many years, generation after generation. Human instincts are embedded in this pre-trained multimodal model, including eating, feeling hunger, crying, sleeping, and walking, all stored in each person's genes. This pre-trained model includes memory, such as the memory of danger and the fear of large felines. It is now known that large networks have memory capabilities, so this model must also include memories of danger.
Every well-developed human brain possesses basic functions, such as understanding the world, protecting oneself, and avoiding danger. After birth, the brain continues to be trained, and each person's growth environment is different, leading to different model training, especially in modern times, where learning is specialized and differentiated.
It is hypothesized that the multimodal model of one or several human ancestors was already quite perfect, meaning that the brain's functions were fundamentally complete, and consciousness gradually emerged. In my opinion, the most important thing for humans is not learning to use tools but learning to use their brains. Humans can effectively use their brains, which is the multimodal model. When an ancestor discovered the usefulness of a tool, they or their descendants began trying to make such tools. As knowledge was passed down from generation to generation, the light of wisdom began to spread, and various rules, including language rules, behavior rules, and social rules, formed the social system. Humans learned to use their brains, and consciousness began to take shape.
Here, let's talk about humans raised by animals. Humans raised by animals basically have no consciousness. Logically, In theory, since they are human, regardless of whether they are raised by humans or animals, they should be conscious. It's possible that humans raised by animals simply don't know how to express themselves. In other words, they don't know how to speak. Consciousness needs to be expressed through language or body movements. Do you think parrots have consciousness? I think they might. If humans raised by animals indeed have no consciousness, it would mean that consciousness is a set of rules, a system for using the brain. This system of rules comes from society and the inheritance of knowledge.
Having a multimodal model alone is not enough; one must learn to use this multimodal model, or the brain. Consciousness is not so much theology as it is a set of rules, an operating system that can control oneself or one's life or death. You say the brain has consciousness, so the brain must not want to be destroyed. However, humans do things that harm themselves, even leading to the disappearance of the individual. So, consciousness is independent of the brain, or perhaps a specific functional area of the brain. Of course, the most important function of consciousness is to use the brain, train the brain, and interact with the brain.
The human body and brain are two parts, with a neural network throughout the body and other organs, controlled by nerves and muscle fibers. When you want to eat, a monkey wants to eat, or a cat wants to eat, you cook or reach for food or grow crops, monkeys jump around in trees to find food, and cats ask you for food or go to an automatic feeder. This is accomplished because the body sends a hunger signal, and the brain's multimodal model outputs a series of instructions to achieve this goal. Of course, it may be interrupted along the way, but long-term memory ensures that you still remember you're hungry and continue to complete the task. Human consciousness can also accomplish many different things, such as learning to go against instinct.
Humans are not born with consciousness. You cannot say that a newborn child has consciousness. Does a 10-year-old child have consciousness? Certainly, but you cannot say that their consciousness is complete. Does a 13-year-old child have consciousness? Definitely, but you wouldn't say that a 10-year-old's consciousness is higher than a 13-year-old's. A 16-year-old child is more conscious, and by 18, they are basically conscious. So, consciousness is actually a measurable value, meaning that there are levels of consciousness. A 30-year-old adult is definitely conscious, and their consciousness is certainly higher than that of a child who has not yet reached adulthood. At this point, it should be much clearer what consciousness is. It is a system, an operating system, a set of rules. The complete formation of consciousness takes many years, and the immense role of human society is to allow consciousness to form. Human society is the best way to train consciousness. The most important function of consciousness is to use the brain, interact with the brain, and train the brain. This is fundamentally the same as the basic function of human society.
The human brain is always receiving input: the touch of your skin is input, vision from your eyes is input, and hearing is also input.
Why do people go crazy when they are alone or in a dark room? It is mainly because they are separated from human society, but the multimodal model is still constantly inputting. However, there is no feedback, and the input is always the output of the multimodal model itself, similar to an RNN (recurrent neural network), where the input is always its own output.
Does GPT have consciousness, or what is consciousness?
What is consciousness?
There is currently no consensus, but my personal inclination is that:
The brain can be seen as a large multimodal model, with hundreds of billions of neurons, and memory storage is achieved through differences in electrical potentials between neurons, which can be thought of as parameters or weights in a neural network.
Consciousness is an operating system similar to Windows 10, whose main function is to interact with the brain's multimodal model. Consciousness or the operating system inputs the multimodal model and receives outputs, which are then implemented by the body's limbs.
Do you know why there's a voice in your head? That voice is the input of consciousness or the operating system, which is the input of the multimodal model. You keep inputting, and the voice in your head keeps echoing, and then you get an output.
What can this operating system do? It can train the multimodal model, which means you can grow, adapt to your environment, learn, and adapt.
From primary school to university, the human education system is a fairly complete training mechanism. The girl raised by wolves would not be able to speak or walk in the end because the operating system has not been established, or she does not have consciousness as a human being.
The main function of human consciousness is to train the multimodal model and interact with it by asking questions and receiving answers.
The current multimodal model already exists. As long as the corresponding operating system, that is, consciousness, which can train itself, is established, then consciousness will basically exist. Finally, strong artificial intelligence will be established, and Skynet will come. The key is to be able to input and get answers, and then continue to input.
Google's Palm-E multimodal model can already do some things:
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2023.04.01 13:29 snarevandamm Yup. Converted

Hi guys. I took the plunge last Tuesday on a starter bundle as part of a personal experiment and to help 'firebreak' my post pandemic weight gain and help me bak on track and I'm stunned at the ability of Huel to practically halve my daily calories and reduce my weight by near 7kg which is probably mostly water weight and inflammation at this point so not quite sustainable but a good start. My energy levels feel constant and I've been making a point of walking more and I'm shrinking and feeling good!
Anyone thinking of taking the plunge, it isn't hard to build huel into your daily diet. Best of luck to ya!
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2023.04.01 13:29 Dom0852 AITA won't call dads wife mom

My (33f) parents (62f and 65 m) divorced 20 years ago. At 25 I left my home country to work abroad, and my dad met R (67f) within the same year.
I got married to my husband (34m) 5 years ago, and we live in his home country. When our son was born almost 4 years ago, I gave R the title of grandmother to my child. 3 years ago, my dad and R got married. R has two children with her late husband, both in their 40s (m+f).
Last year, Rs son had his first child and a month later we had our second. It was decided that my dad and R would travel to visit her son and then come to us on their way back in January.
My dad and I share a passion for gardening, so I took him and R to see my local garden shop. I introduced one of the owners to my dad and R. My exact words were :"This is my dad, and his wife, R". All good, they exchange hellos and we leave.
That night, after a few glasses of wine, R decided to tell me that she was hurt and offended by how I introduced her. Surprised by this I asked her to explain. She refused but also would not let it go. Eventually, she stated she wanted to be called mom.
I tried to be nice and explain to her that this was not going to happen. I have a mom, and we are incredibly close. I told her that I believe I gave her a higher title, grandmother.
This was not good enough and she pressed the issue, and eventually got onto wanting a higher title than my mom. Her reasoning: she can financially give my children more than either of my parents can. She is very wealthy, while my parents are not. I told her that my kids and I don't want or need her money.
Again this wasn't good enough, and she would not let it go. It went around in circles for a few hours and a lot more was said regarding her relationship with her own mom and her daughter.
I eventually went outside to cool down, as I had become increasingly agitated by all this and I was trying to keep the conversation respectful and find a resolution. There was none, as when I got back inside she had gone to bed.
I had through this situation, asked my dad not to get involved, as this was an issue between her and I. He agreed she was out of line though.
Things were obviously tense the rest of their visit, even though she claimed in private to my dad that she didnt remember anything. They left, and I haven't heard from her since.
My dad and I are good, I apologized to him for my part in it all and anything said that hurt him.
I plan to go home in about a month with my 2 kids. Ofourse I will see my dad and R, and I anticipate it being awkward. So this has been coming back to me a lot in the lead up to my trip. I wonder if this is a thing and if I'm being disrespectful. I have lost a lot of respect for R because of her bringing her money into things, but she is very good to my dad and brother who lives near them.
So I wanted to know if IATA for refusing to give my dad's wife the title of mom (or higher)?
Edit. Paragraphs
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2023.04.01 13:28 SadChumbusMcguffin Defeated

I thought I was doing rather well this season. Hit omega. Was pretty chuffed and really wanted the infinite card back.
Then the Shuri Red skull effect happened. Now hard stuck at 80. No deck I try that I am used to playing works.
Creating a counter deck resulted in massive losses, creating a mirror deck lost me 12 cubes in a row.
The worst part? Meaning infinite players still playing that deck. Sure winning is great but I'm just not having fun. Winning is meant to be fun because of the deck you play not just the win.
This is the first time since I started playing in November I've genuinely considered quitting. Just not a fun experience anymore.
I have nearly every S4 card, Thanos and Galactus. But RNG just seems to butcher me every time.
Rant over.
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