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"We can live into the future with hope rather than hopelessness, feeling empowered rather than powerless." - Leah McElrath A positive community to discuss gardening, farming, and other means of food production when it counts. Our future looks scary, but we aren't helpless. Being resilient by growing food is an important skill in an uncertain future. We promote the ideas of mutual aid and community support. In hard times all we have is each other. Please share knowledge and ask questions.

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Subreddit for Shiba Inu dogs. Post your pictures, videos, questions, etc.

2023.06.07 10:46 Drakolf Dragon Rising- 21. Ultimatum:

Rakdo held out a phone to me, I took it and held it up to my ear.
"This is Imperator Ruuk Stingtail speaking." I stated.
"You had to make this difficult for us." A male voice spoke. "Are you aware what you have just done?"
"Completely and utterly shifted the paradigm of the entire world out of anger and spite?" I guessed flippantly.
"That's a concise way to put it." Came the reply. "Verify the prisoners are still alive."
I walked over to the Humans, still tied up, after the video was recorded, we'd allowed them to have their mouths uncovered, as long as they didn't do anything annoying or reckless.
"I'm standing in front of the prisoners." I stated. "We're currently recording as we speak, if I were in your shoes, I'd kill them, make it look like we killed them out of spite or hatred. Understand, if they die due to any machinations on your part, you seal the fate of your species."
There was a long pause. "Have them speak."
"One at a time." I said. "I will point to you, and you will say your name and rank."
I pointed at each one, they all spoke their name and rank, some tried to beg for help, but a spark from Prestidigitation shut them up.
"What was that sound?" The voice asked.
"Magic." I said. "A reminder that their well-being is in our hands. They understand that wasting your time and mine isn't going to work out for them."
"What do you expect will happen, if we comply to your demands?" He asked. "What is assuring us that you won't seek retaliation?"
"Eons ago, my God made an enemy of another God. This was before his ascension to Divinity, said God destroyed him and his people, and when the Gods were angry, he simply claimed it was a joke."
"Does this little story of yours relate to the question?" He asked.
"Yes." I replied. "For eons, after my God ascended, his divinity little more than recompense, he waged a war of genocide against that God's children. Just yesterday, at my urging, he chose compromise. They are no less enemies than they were before, but the fact of the matter was, we convinced that God to leave us be, rather than try to exterminate us on the behest of your soldiers."
"So, this is compromise? Holding my soldiers hostage, killing countless people?"
"I want you to understand something, Human." I stated coldly. "What your kind has done to us within the past six months was inhumane and cruel. Evil. Your soldiers' actions, the actions of the companies that denied us basic Human rights, who marched in on our home and shot at us... We are already at war, I am choosing compromise, so that the dead who are here may be the only dead." I paused. "And maybe, in time, if there is lasting peace, we can bring them back."
I heard a soft gasp. "Yes, Human, while it is a goal we have yet to achieve, we have the potential to resurrect the dead. There are many of us who have died, from a collapsed mine that we worked tirelessly to save many more, from the bullets your soldiers fired at us... We have loved ones who have died, just as your soldiers have loved ones they left behind."
"I cannot advocate for your success, Stingtail." He stated. "Nor will I. You represent an existential threat to our way of life."
"I represent the true face of the universe." I stated. "The Gods we lived with are lies, or convenient tools of other Gods. And right now, four Gods have been verified to have been on this planet in recent years."
"Whom?" He asked.
"Tiamat, Goddess of Evil Dragons, whose machinations led to my people becoming what we are. Kurtulmak, God of Kobolds, whose exile to this world did not stop him from ensuring we kept our sanity, where Tiamat would have rendered us unthinkingly savage beasts. Bahamut, Dragon God of Justice, whose miracles granted my people enough water to survive the shutdown, whose Clerics continue to serve as a moral anchor for my Empire. And Garl Glittergold, with whom my God made compromise with."
"You are implying something." He stated.
"Tiamat currently moves unopposed." I stated. "Bahamut is hunting her down, to mitigate the damage she can do."
"Why demand to be acknowledged as a sovereign nation?" He asked.
"Because being a citizen of yours led to our near extermination." I stated. "Do not ask such a stupid question again, our demands are non-negotiable, and I have given you a generous amount of time to consider your options."
"Our options being to negotiate with hostile creatures?" He asked.
"This is not about salvaging a bad situation, this is not about saving face. You will comply, or there will be war." I stated. "Do not twist my words for your own benefit, you have been the aggressor in this situation. We are simply fighting back."
I ended the call there and turned off the phone.
"Turn off all phones." I stated. "If they wish to communicate, it will be face to face, not over the phone. I want this wall secured, and this outpost manned. Moreover, all weaponry belongs to the Empire now. Gather the remains, those who are still intact will be put into coffins, those who are not, we will piece together. We don't need every piece, a hand, a head, anything will do. Ensure you gather the dog tags, in the event we need a True Resurrection."
My warriors got on it immediately. I faced our prisoners. "Prisoners." I said. "Until such a time that your freedom is negotiated or you are to be executed, you will be provided food, water, and clothing. Even if we don't recognize the Geneva Convention at this time, we will operate under the assumption that jus cogens applies." I regarded them. "If you ever address me, you will address me as Imperator. I will point to each of you, and you will acknowledge."
Each one replied with, "Yes, Imperator."
"Good." I smiled. "In the interests of ensuring you retain your Humanity, such that your leaders can consider you safe, sane, and unharmed, you will be held outside of the range of the Gate. Attempts to escape will be met with lethal force. If you wish to defect, you will be required to state such on video, Otherwise, we will keep you alive. Is this understood."
"Yes, Imperator."
"Good." I looked for a pen and paper and wrote out my orders, then I had one of my warriors run it into the city. By evening, the holding cells were built, which our prisoners were led to.
The cells were the size of an average Human bedroom, with a bed, a toilet pot, a pot with sawdust, and a roll of toilet paper provided from our newly acquired base.
None of us really missed modern amenities all that much, we got used to what we had to make due with, so even though going on the internet was just as easy as riding a bike, I felt no particular draw toward the time-wasting activities of trawling through social media.
As I walked through the streets, my subjects celebrating, my father, a Ranger, approached me. He was one of the Beast Masters, those who formed an almost supernatural bond with our loyal pets.
"Imperator." He said, saluting me.
"Is there something you need, Baruk?" I asked.
"No, but Brutus does."
I smiled. I hadn't seen much of Brutus since I finally opened myself up to the Warren. Though he was still as big and friendly as he was back then, there was a glint in his eye, a wildness that hadn't been there before.
"I'm sorry for not visiting." I said. "Between the water crisis, the Gods making themselves known, everything else..."
"Ruuk." He said, the use of my name was deliberate, he was probably one of the few people I'd allow to address me so informally. "You've been working your hardest to keep us all alive." He hugged me, Brutus nuzzled his way between us. "I am proud of everything you have done for our Warren."
"Thank you." I said softly.
He let go and we walked together. "I take it you've been staying in the Rangers' Lodge?" I asked.
"For the most part, yes. Adena- that's what your mother calls herself now- has been spending her days in the nursery, taking care of the Warrens' eggs. She was always at her best, taking care of you hatchlings." He paused for a moment, then shook his head. "Of course, we spend our time together as often as we can."
"I'm glad she has something she can do." I remarked, smiling.
"She's a Cleric, you know." I raised my brow ridge. "You didn't know?" I shook my head. "She joined Bahamut's Temple shortly after you did, I could have sworn you'd seen her."
"I didn't spend that much time at the Temple." I said. "Did she-? Was she-?"
"Ruuk, your mother never once thought of you as a traitor." My father looked me in the eye as he said this. "She knows you better than that. Hell, the Temple excommunicated her because she refused to think of you as anything less."
"I had no idea." I said.
"For what it's worth, they did welcome her back, though I think that was mostly Tallyn's efforts."
"Do you often talk with Tallyn?" I asked.
"He often comes to me." He said. "For a while, he was just so angry, he yelled at your mother. Now, I rarely spanked you and him as kids, only when you did dangerously stupid things in spite of our best efforts to get you to stop. You bet your ass I bent him over my knee and made certain he regretted his words."
I nodded. "Dad... Does it ever bother you, knowing I've had to kill people?"
"Son, I've killed my fair share of people as well." He replied. "When the soldiers got close to the nursery, your mother and I gave them hell."
I smiled. "Please let her know I'm proud of her." I said. "And let her know she's welcome to drop by at any time. So are you, for that matter."
He nodded. I gave Brutus one more hug and head pats before heading back for the Fortress City.
It was going to be a long year, if we were lucky.

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2023.06.07 10:43 42points DOGECOIN DAILY DISCUSSION

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2023.06.07 10:43 Terrytherugrat MADDEN 23 Franchise Ps4 SZN 2 Drafting at 7pm Est 06/7

Looking for competitive players that can actually play madden. If u suck plenty don’t dm me 20$ for superbowl winner. My gamertag is Tmoneyabeast. The packers and saints are also available if ur actually good. I also need people who can be active 24/7 damn near.
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2023.06.07 10:42 ChelseaMourning I don’t know how to do this

Freshly separated since last Friday (me 37F, stbxh nearly 39M). The gravity of the situation has hit me over the last 24 hours. We’re still having to live together for now until we can find the time to actually sit down and talk about the situation sensibly. We have a therapy session on Friday so we’re holding off until then. I just don’t know how I’m going to cope with all of this.
How do we tell our daughter (9)? She’s bright, she knows something is up as I’m sleeping in the bed and dad is on the couch downstairs. It’s too early yet, but the atmosphere at home is sour and I can tell she’s picking up on it. She was reading a book last night where a 10 year old boy was wishing his parents would reconcile (coincidence) and the language was very manipulative with dad desperately wanting to move back in with the family and be “taken back” because it would make the kid happy. How can I convince her that this isn’t healthy? It’s his birthday next week so naturally she wants to get him lots of gifts and spoil him. It feels weird booking dinner for us and buying him lots of gifts on her behalf, but it would be even worse if I didn’t at this point.
How do I deal with the guilt of him sleeping on the couch? I suggested me sleeping on the air mattress in our downstairs office, but he volunteered to sleep on the couch. But every night when I go up to bed I feel guilty that he’s having to sleep on it when I have the double bed to myself. The separation was my decision. I should be the one sleeping downstairs, but he said it’s fine.
How do I deal with the fact that he’s said he’s going to walk out of out daughter’s life completely because he can’t have his family. He said that our town is too small and the chance of us regularly seeing each other is too high and he can’t deal with that. So he wants to move away and not see her again. I don’t understand as he’s a great dad and they’re close. How can he just walk out of her life. I’ve suggested 50/50 and he’s said he doesn’t want “scraps” and he’d rather not see her at all.
How do I deal with losing my best friend? He’s a shocking husband, but he’s been in my life for nearly 20 years. It feels like a death. Even just pulling away from him at home is hard. The in jokes, doing stuff together, chatting. I know these things aren’t reasons to stay compared to how he’s treated me, but I feel like I’m losing a limb.
How do I navigate the future? I’m terrified of dying alone and unloved. I just turned 37 last week and I have no desire to have more children. Of course not interested in dating at the moment, but I know there will come a time in the future when I want to go down that road. Im scared that im never going to find someone and that this toxic, confrontational, sexless marriage was the best it will ever get. I’m keen to be alone right now (I have friends and some family nearby) but I’m scared of being lonely.
Sorry for the vent, but I needed to get all of this off my chest.
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2023.06.07 10:42 Serious_Ad_630 Apps to Catch a Cheater Without Their Phone//Which are the best Spy apps to catch Cheating Wife? How to catch your cheating girlfriend How Can I Catch My Cheating Spouse Remotely Spy On Text Messages Without The Phone How To Spy On Your Spouse Phone Without Them Knowing Hire A Hacker

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2023.06.07 10:42 Terrytherugrat MADDEN 23 PS4 FRANCHISE SZN 2 Drafting 2024 class At 7pm eastern 6/7

MADDEN 23 PS4 FRANCHISE SZN 2 Drafting 2024 class At 7pm eastern 6/7
Looking for competitive players that can actually play madden. If u suck plenty don’t dm me 20$ for superbowl winner. My gamertag is Tmoneyabeast. The packers and saints are also available if ur actually good. I also need people who can be active 24/7 damn near.
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2023.06.07 10:42 letmessleep Missing My Ex-Best Friend

My ex-best friend, let’s call her… June, and I had been friends for 7+ years. The last time we spoke was about a year and some months ago. I still think about her almost every day and I can’t help but wonder how she’s been doing.
It still baffles me how a single mistake I made had been essentially the catalyst for the decisions she made about us, but maybe I should’ve seen it coming.
See, this one day a friend and I wanted to grab a drink and we just so happened to be near June’s workplace which was a cafe of sorts. I was hesitant on bringing my friend there because June and her were also former friends and I wasn’t sure if June was scheduled to be there. After much reassurance from my friend that she wasn’t gonna do anything, I reluctantly gave the green light. Just my luck, June was there.
Thankfully nothing happened between them and we went about our merry days… or so I thought.
June and I would text each other every day, even if it was a single check-up or “Hello”, we’d say something, but that evening, I received nothing. I thought nothing of it and brushed it off thinking “maybe she was just tired or busy”. But the silence continued on and next thing I know, she passed by me in the hallways without a single ounce of acknowledgment.
I was ignored for weeks, no texts, no wave, no nothing. She acted like I didn’t exist, chatting it up with some friends of hers while I watched from afar and waited for her every morning at the same spot I sat in the hall.
At some point, I became fed up with her and sent her a text, asking for an explanation. I hinted at possibly knowing why she was ignoring me, thinking it was because I had brought my friend along despite knowing they were no longer friendly with each other, but a day later, June replied saying it wasn’t because of her rather my attitude that day when I visited her workplace.
June explained that I hadn’t acknowledged her at all when I came by and didn’t even give a “Thank you” when I received my drink. Admittedly, I can see how she thought that, but the truth is, I had greeted her and I did give my thanks. If I had been rude, it wasn’t intended. I was a bundle of nerves at that moment and I’m terrible at social interaction, sometimes my volume would lower without me noticing. I did my best to not make excuses rather explain myself and made sure to let her know that her feelings were valid and apologized for my actions.
Knowing each other for so long, I thought she would understand at least a little bit and hear me out longer, y'know, keep the conversation going, but instead I was once again met with silence and rather than just a week, June had acted like I didn't exist for about a whole month. It was then that I decided to contact her again. I vented some of my frustration and I gave her an ultimatum-- talk things through or we end it here. To my disappointment, she wanted to move on.
Maybe I shouldn't have demanded for a choice so early on and continued to try to persuade her to talk things through, but it was the heat of the moment and I know deep down, it probably would have ended the same way.
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2023.06.07 10:41 LazerCrystalx what should i do?

hello! recently i’ve been very interested in all kinds of insects and keeping them so around easter my parents gifted me a gel ant farm which i was absolutely elated to have received. unfortunately though, they didn’t research much at all and since this was sort of sprung on me, i didn’t have time to research either. i really appreciated the gift and i love my ant colony a lot, but now that i have done more research and i know how bad gel farms are i feel incredibly sorry for my ants. i want them to be happy and properly taken care of, but i’m stuck on how to do so.
i don’t believe there’s any way to transfer the ants to a new container or change out the gel in their current one. one of them escaped and stung the absolute living shit out of my mom, and i’m not sure how i can move them without that happening again lol.
i know theyre most likely nearing the end of their lifespan anyways so i question if trying to figure out how to move them is even worth it, but i just feel so bad for the little guys :(
i know most people reading this will probably be mad at me and you have a good reason to be. im mad at myself, even though it’s not my fault
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2023.06.07 10:41 Nearby_Accountant429 Want free coins msg me with proof of bad team or low coins with bad team

Not bs or a joke msg me I’m done with this shit game
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2023.06.07 10:41 Terrytherugrat MADDEN 23 FRANCHISE Ps4 Sz 2 about to draft 2024 draft tmrw

MADDEN 23 FRANCHISE Ps4 Sz 2 about to draft 2024 draft tmrw
Looking for competitive players that can actually play madden. If u suck plenty don’t dm me 20$ for superbowl winner. My gamertag is Tmoneyabeast. The packers and saints are also available if ur actually good. I also need people who can be active 24/7 damn near.
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2023.06.07 10:40 TheBlueScar CAILLOU! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??!!

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2023.06.07 10:39 AndyKiDandi0 🌟 Seeking Exciting Opportunities as a Frontend Developer! 🌟 🎓🚀

Hey, fellow developers! 👋
I recently graduated with a degree in engineering in June 2022 and have been working on building my skills as a developer. As a Fresher, I have experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, and other front-end technologies. I am passionate about creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces and have a keen eye for design.
Now, I'm eager to apply my knowledge and passion to real-world projects, and I'm actively seeking new opportunities in the field of web development. If you know of any openings or have any leads, I would greatly appreciate your help in connecting me with potential employers. 🙏 I'm open to full-time roles, internships, or even freelance projects 🎓🚀. I thrive in collaborative environments and enjoy tackling challenges head-on, bringing innovative solutions to the table. 💪
If you're interested in learning more about my skills and experiences, please feel free to reach out to me via private message or email me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) . I'm also open to connecting with professionals in the industry to expand my network and gain insights from experienced individuals. Let's learn and grow together! 🌱
Thank you all for your support, and I look forward to exciting opportunities and collaborations in the near future. 🤝
LinkedIn:- Github:- Hashnode:- Resume:-
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2023.06.07 10:39 slaphappypap Would you ever take a beginner on a trip like this?

TLDR to start: met bartender’s gf, she’s an accomplished thru hiker, completed pct and done sections of other long trails. Wants to take her bf (the bartender & completely inexperienced backpacker) on a 65-70 ish mile hike through the Sierra from bishop pass to kearsarge pass in 4 days… in late July…. In this record snow year…. Should I pull him aside on a night when she’s not around and tell him what he’s in for?
So her and I hit it off as soon as she starts talking about backpacking. I haven’t done a ton of backpacking in the last 2 years, and even before that I’m not as seasoned as any thru hiker. I’ve never called myself a thru hiker. But I asked her if she had been to the Sierra to which she went on about her pct hike in 2016, and how her and the bartender had a trip planned for late July.
I’ll stop here to preface that between 2017 and 2021 I spent 4 of those summers doing short trips in the Sierra of 65-150 miles a piece. I feel like I really cut my teeth in the Sierra when it comes to longer distance hikes because before that I had done overnighters and 2 nighters. Then in 2017 I jumped into a 2 week trip. I digress.. but I know their route quite well to say the least.
I am flabbergasted that she is taking someone who’s completely inexperienced on a trip so long. And apparently with such little planning. She thought I was way overestimating the 70-80 mile range for that hike. I’m like no, you have bishop pass, Mather pass, Pinchot pass, Glenn pass, and kearsarge pass, all with roughly 10 miles of hiking between each, with at least 10 additional on each end. I learned after my brief map review after getting home it’s more like 64-72 miles. And it’s a record snow year in July, and he’s never done an overnighter. And you want to do this with him in 4 days. She got very frustrated and defensive with my sentiment, granted I came off strong but she just flatly ended the conversation.
Should I pull this guy aside next time I see him in private and tell him exactly what he’s in for? It seems like a newish relationship for them (last 6 months) and I don’t want to be that guy who seems like he’s trying to drive a wedge for whatever reason. But I know that terrain well. I’m going to an area of the Sierra further north this year, but am doing my first September trip because of the snow year and it’s an off trail route and I’m not familiar with the area outside of extensive google earth and map studies. I may be over cautious, but I’ve had a couple of backcountry scares in my time, and I know first hand that no matter how beautiful the mountains are, they don’t care about you.
I just can’t imagine ascending Glenn pass from the north as a part of my first backpacking trip. Or descending Pinchot pass for nearly 8 miles, or trying to deviate from the trail to cross the south fork of the San Joaquin. Or just getting over bishop pass and all the way to leconte canyon and beyond as a first day. That’s insane to me. If I was planning this trip for myself it’d be a 6 nighter with 7 days. I could do 5 nights and 6 days but man…
What’s the sentiment here. Am I way out of line for bringing this up to him when she’s not around?
Sorry if this doesn’t make complete sense. I’m kinda drunk.
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2023.06.07 10:37 brosterben Is my mechanic ripping me off?

I was hoping I could get some realistic estimates of the cost of mechanical work on my vehicle. I'm located on the mid-north coast of NSW.
I own a 2013 Toyota Rav4 (150k km). I booked it into a new mechanic today (much closer to where I live, hoping to find a long-term mechanic who offered sound advice and fair prices). I asked for the front pads to be replaced and to call me if any additional work was required.
I ended up heading down to the shop at the close of business as I hadn't heard anything (minutes before they closed, they were seemingly busy). They were just finishing up work on the vehicle and ended up replacing both pads and rotors (saying one of the calliper slides had seized). No call.
I was charged:
They also advised me that the noise my car was making when the clutch pedal was pressed in was a sign that the clutch bearing likely needed replacing in the near future (saying it was hard to say when it could fail). They said that due to the labour hours required (8?) that I may as well replace the clutch (pad?) at the same time, and estimated it to cost around $2500 total.
I'm not familiar with the parts they used today, but assumed they were cheap, and feel like I was charged a little heavily for the work. I also feel like $2500 is a significant over-quote to replace the clutch and bearing.
Could I please get some opinions?
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2023.06.07 10:37 International-Wing84 AITA for wanting my husband to at least call to say his plane landed or goodnight when he travels?

I have been married more than 14 years and have 3 children, two of whom have a health condition/illness that makes it difficult for me to work. It also makes home life absolutely devastatingly exhausting, and we have had almost no life for a decade.
My is thankfully able to work from home which has saved our skins with the kids. His job really only requires him to travel every few months for 2-4 days. He also does the bedtime routine with them so that I can have some space at the end of the night.
However, when he goes on trips, he hasn’t really ever seemed to do the natural things people do—send a call or text when he lands, or a quick text or call to say goodnight.
We used to fight about it when we were younger, before the kids, when he was not as aware or good at communicating and I was a little clingy and overreacted. But we reached an understanding where he would call and do a check in.
However, the kids nave made things much more stressful. During one of his trips four years ago, our child nearly died. During another, I almost miscarried. That’s given me immense anxiety bordering on a panic at times, even though the crisis itself is long over.
I would sometimes became panicked about what a difficult time I was having with the kids, and called him pretty upset that he hadn’t checked in, or out of sheer overwhelm just needing sanity. That was stressful for him as well, and sometimes embarrassing to be called so often—he was sometimes at events. But at the same time…can’t he just check in? Yes, he’s holding down a job for the family—but I’m holding down the family. I wish I could have a career.
Having been on his end of it a few times while I traveled, I do understand. It was so stressful to get a call about one of the kids when I had to present in front of 200 people. I just wanted to be able to do my job, and have a life and feel NOT stressed and normal for a moment. People on the outside don’t know the context or the burden. We both feel so trapped by the situation.
When I’m gone, he doesn’t mind that I don’t call, and asks the kids not to call me repeatedly so that I can have a break from all of it. That’s one way he shows care for me when I can leave. I usually do call at least once a day though.
I don’t have any reason not to trust him, although at some point he turned his location off, which m feels…not great. I don’t know when or why he did that.
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2023.06.07 10:36 Bubbly-Marketing7175 Does Alaska have a place for people like me?

Hey, Before we get too deep into it I want to be clear this is not discussing any plans to move to Alaska currently or things of that nature. What this is is me checking both for myself and my girlfriend in a "what if" scenario be both favor for our future together. I am looking for serious responses, but nothing urgent.
Backround: Me and my Girlfriend have gotten quite close in the near 2 years we've known one another, and obviously in that time the idea of where we would go if we moved in together has come up here and there. One place near the top of both of our lists is Alaska. We're both already pretty introverted and isolationist. Personally I think the fresh air and rolling nature would do wonders for both our health problems (myself having a lot of mental health issues such as anxiety, autism, and so on. Herself having physical issues with her lungs for example) and shes repeatedly expressed a love for its beauty. (For the record, she generally dislikes the cold. So knowing that and still favoring alaska above all others is a testament to her favor to the state)
However obviously their are pros and cons to everywhere you go. And your own situation affects that. For instance, Im fully medically disabled, fully collect disability insurance. I currently can't drive and honestly am somewhat scared too. A tendency to be overwhelmed mixing with with rows of 2 ton speed machines is just asking for disaster. As such, I was wondering a few things.
1:Are their any specific jobs or programs you can enter that can give you work at your own pace. Like say, get you in contact with a fishing boat who needs a one time crew member. Or something else that can generate an income without putting too much pressure. Like can you sell things you hunt/fish for a suitable income? (factoring in social security)
Everyone knows the basics of Alaska when it comes to climate. Cold, wet, high costs for groceries. But are their any aspects that should be focused on? Like How does the climate change from the north to south of the state? what are the pros and cons for each section (Can other than north to south, like costal vs inland)
The internet is important to both of us currently. Especially myself as the music works as a great way to help channel my anxiety brain, though my girlfriend also enjoys it for things such as artwork crafting. Is there anything we should consider on that front?
More for my girlfriend for this question. What kind of crops and plants can you grow? my girlfriend is an avid botanist, which she does for fun but can also be used to help grow food for us. Though of course, I'd want to know what she can expect. Also on that front, she raises rabbits for breeding and eating. Is that also a thing you can do up in Alaska?
And final one for now, how do you expect Alaska to be in 10-20-30+ years? As I said before this is not an immediate move, so time is going to have an impact on us all. You can get news from any station about climate change or whatever, but you are the people who actually live in Alaska and experience its highs and lows. So, what do you think it will be like in the years to come?
Thats it for my questions, though of course if you have ANYTHING you want to say outside of my questions, feel free to add to it! Im looking for anything and everything I can use to potentially plan my far future.
Either way, thanks for reading and I hope you have a good day ^^
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2023.06.07 10:35 Winter-Piglet4569 Averge me mining down near a village and finding this

Averge me mining down near a village and finding this
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2023.06.07 10:35 No-Expression-399 I’m convinced I must have been cursed..

I believe I was cursed a while back since my life has been a nightmare ever since I found chicken feet/claws in front of my doorstep.
Everything goes wrong; I’m always at the wrong place at the wrong time. Everywhere I go I always have people acting in an aggressive way towards me; I’ve had 12 near death experiences since finding the chicken feet (attempted strangling, almost got shot, someone tried to stab me, robbed twice, beat up severely 2-3 times, stalked, hit by car, ended up in ONLY abusive relationships, 3 car wrecks and the list goes on).
Electronics always die when I touch or interact with them even if they are brand new. I’ll go to the grocery store and suddenly the system is down or malfunctioning/glitching in some way. My health is in a severely bad and worsening state even though I’m only in my 20s and doctors can never figure out why or how to treat it.
I have been bullied or singled out in every situation I’ve been in (whether it be school, work or any other social situation, even though I’ve never done anything to hurt others & have always been friendly).
I know that the person who put the chicken feet there absolutely hated me (because of all the bad stuff my mother did to them - she was a cruel woman but I’m afraid that they cursed my family as well which would include me).
I really never believed in the spiritual realm before but I’m starting to wonder.
Is it possible to remove the curse yourself if you are the victim of this curse?
I need help; I’m really at the end of my rope 💕
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2023.06.07 10:35 Basic-Ad5314 I give up

I'm tired of the stubbornness and refusal to accept what you're being told and shown thus far. If you can't accept what has been conveyed by this point, you're probably not going to accept anything else. I give up.
The images in the video are not made up, they are not a lie. They are the result of weeks of work and money spent to use AI programs for image enhancement. The ignorance here is overwhelming, the blatant refusal to accept what you see as real when there can be no other explanation for its existence, is disturbing and frustrating. Communicating with this forum is worthless. Anyone that pursues the matter by actually going to Panama shouldn't be surprised if they eventually discover they've been following the wrong story. Does what you're being told closely fit the evidence? You have to ask yourself that question. If they girls had returned even just to Mirador, their phones would have been pinged by the local network. If they story you believe is that the girls were anywhere close to town, but if the cell phones don't correspond with that idea, then you're just chasing a ghost to nowhere. The Panamanians have come up with a story that might be two different girls, but not Kris and Lisanne. They blame the deaths of Kris and Lisanne on people that are now dead and cannot speak for themselves. If Feliciano or Henry were guilty, why would Hans, Roelie, and Martijn use him as a guide for their own walks on the trail? Do your own research and put it together. It has taken me nearly two years to do just that and now I know what happened. I have tried to share some of it with you, but all I get in return is resistance. Fine, I give up.
BTW, the woman's face can't be fake when you can enhance her corneas and see what she's looking at. That cannot be faked.
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2023.06.07 10:35 deaddirl i kinda need help please

hi imreally sorry for the new account but my parents will find this they know about my reddit and stuff im sorry.
i got pregnant but i did not consent to sex and i was drugged and im underage and stuff and but my parents found out i am pregnant (my mother watches me in the bathroom to make sure i dont do anything bad) and she know i didnt have my period for like 2 weeks and she told my father and i got punched in the tummy alot by him and i got kicked out of the house and now im like heavily bleeding and in a crazy amount of pain and im hiding like in an okay place near my house but idk what to do it hurts so bad i keep passing out and stuff please
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2023.06.07 10:34 Distinct_Dog9659 Players got an easy way to get in touch with Strahd

So, I'm a first time DM and we're having lots of fun so far. My players entered Barovia (I used the Vistani messenger as a hook) and after discovering the real letter decided to carry out the last will of this unfortunate soul (one of my players is a Minotaur which has 2 homebrew abilities and one of them is to once a day discover the last will of the dead creature).
They carried the letter back to the gate. After putting it down near the gate, they had a brilliant idea to also write a note and hang it in front of the gate too, to warn any other adventurers of the danger inside....for some reason they decided to write the note in blood of one of the players. As soon as they hung it up and looked away for a moment, it disappeared (I was just going for spooks, but hey, that's a pretty handy thing for Strahd/anyone else to be scrying on them)
Some time later they are going through the Death House. At this point they hate evil Devil Strahd (they only heard the opinion of the Barovian people about him so...) but have no clue as to how he looks apart from him being a vampire.
They got into the House's dungeon and had an encounter with the Statue. They decided to burn it down, fought 3 shades, after which the Statue snuffed out all of the flames. They are creeper out with it.
And in this situation my Minotaur player decides it'll be an amazing idea to impersonate the statue with his newfound wolf companion.
He stands up in the exact same way, his hand on the wolf's head while the other is reaching out.
I'm thinking "Hey, that's neat, I should do something fun with it". I describe how as he does so, he sees something shine under the Statues cloak.
Our Wizzard hands him his sphere to make the impersonation even more successful.
The shining intensifies.
Our Paladin puts his cloak onto the Minotaur, completing the image.
The shining disappears. A second later the Minotaur notices he now has a ring with blood-red gem in it on his hand. Whenever he tries to remove it, he succeeds, only to find it back on his hand a second later.
He decides to use his other homebrew ability - touch his ancestors necklace to seek their wisdom about this precarious situation. Yet this time instead of a mighty Minotaur in his peak form he sees the person looking exactly like a statue appear. That person scans the group with his gaze, looks at the minotaur (still in a cloak and with a wolf and a sphere), smiles and disappears.
That player can "seek guidance" with his necklace only once a day. And I'm thinking Strahd could be interested in someone trying to impersonate him so hard. Besides, that sounds fun as hell!
So, I'd like to ask for YOUR wisdom, o mighty spirits of Reddit, what would be an interesting way to handle this ability from now on? I was planning to make it a way for me to provide party with tips on how to best some monsters without breaking immersion, but now... Well, I could still do that, but asking for Strahds help? That should never be a trivial thing or a mere "tip". I want his presence to be intimidating and powerful.
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2023.06.07 10:34 EliteTusken Sent a ticket to Team17, got told they won't do anything and post on Discord. Even though I sent it as a suggestion on the site itself. I think we need to start voicing our opinions and get heard. This is unacceptable.

Sent a ticket to Team17, got told they won't do anything and post on Discord. Even though I sent it as a suggestion on the site itself. I think we need to start voicing our opinions and get heard. This is unacceptable. submitted by EliteTusken to HellLetLoose [link] [comments]