Browning buck mark sear

And there goes a pot of Black Templar. Welp. Let's talk pots?

2023.06.08 01:04 Stargazer86 And there goes a pot of Black Templar. Welp. Let's talk pots?

Myup. It's been a while since I've spilled anything. Saved half of it by soaking it up but flushing 4 bucks of paint down the drain still stings.
Anyway, can we talk about GW's pots for a second? Yes, exciting new topic, I know, but I honestly want to discuss why, when these things are so openly panned by their consumers, GW continues to use them.
First, I'm not into the conspiracy theory that "Ooh, they design them this way on purpose so the paint dries out quicker or you spill them so you have to go buy more." They're not that Machiavellian.
Second, out of every other competing paint brand out there they are the only ones that specifically use THIS style of paint pot. Every other one I can think of uses some form of a bottle. Some are thicker, thinner, taller, with different tops or nozzles, but they all share the similar characteristic of not being fully open on the top. So why GW? I've got three different theories:
One. Marketing. They have a rather distinctive design that definitely marks them as being Citadel Paint. As I said, no other brand looks like they do. In advertising terms that's a pretty big deal. People grab their paints because they've associated that shape with Citadel and to them that's worth more.
Two. Price. GW's a big company and if these things are marginally cheaper to produce than dropper bottles than that's what they're going to do. If that's the answer than there's probably not much anyone can do to get them to stop.
Three. Inertia. It's too much money and effort to go to the trouble of swapping manufacturers and shift their paints into bottles. To them it's still more cost effective to use the pots and deal with people like me who spill them and get irritated than to change their paint packaging process.
I'm not angry, or even all that irritated. It's more of potted plant falling through the atmosphere "Oh no, not again." feeling. Ultimately it's my own clumsiness, of course, but I can't help but thinking that if I had done this with an open bottle of Army Painter Speedpaint I'd have lost a few drops at most. I've resolved to move all my Contrast Paints into dropper bottles now just to never have this issue again, so at least I've learned something.
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2023.06.08 00:45 ProgramExciting1270 AIO grow bag fruiting PE - Mist?

AIO grow bag fruiting PE - Mist?
Hey y’all, Im a noob growing PE in a grow bag (my first grow). I put the bag in FC today on 6/7 (7 week mark since inoculation on 4/20). I have a few questions. Many of the water droplets on the sides of the bag above the sub have dripped down towards the sides of the sub when I introduced FAE…most of the surface of the sub has small water droplets on it except for a small patch behind the sticker label. Does there seem to be enough moisture inside the bag? Should I mist the sides of the bag or should I keep the bag closed to avoid risk of contamination? Many ppl have mentioned that there’s no need for misting or FAE during the first flush and my intuition is telling me to just leave the bag alone (since the sub doesn’t appear to be too dry…and more little brown dots are starting to appear). The last question I have has to do with the yellowish/brown spot on the side of the bag…is this something I should worry about? It appears to be myc piss but Im not too sure. I think it had to do with too much moisture against the side of the bag…I readjusted the bag and it now appears to be drier (looks contained as well).
As a noob who’s done a ton of research, nothing looks super suspicious to me…just worried that my bag needs more moisture. Let me know what you guys think. I hope these pictures help.
I’d really appreciate your help. Mush love <3
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2023.06.08 00:25 Commercial_Drawer105 does anyone know any easy remedies for the mark stain on her forehead and the brown on her eyelids without destroying the paint? I just got her yesterday and I wanted to fix up some blemishes 🩷

does anyone know any easy remedies for the mark stain on her forehead and the brown on her eyelids without destroying the paint? I just got her yesterday and I wanted to fix up some blemishes 🩷 submitted by Commercial_Drawer105 to LittlestPetShop [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 23:58 Gel_007 The Founding Chapter 6

June 10th, 327
It’s been a bit since I’ve written here. I decided to give Augustine a looser leash and I allowed him to explore the outside world as long as he knew what he was doing.
June 11th, 327
Augustine said he had something to tell me later tonight, he’d been exploring almost every day now, the active sense of adventure that boy has honestly impresses me.
A: Hey Zach
Z: Hey what’s up?
A: I wanna tell you about something I found while I was exploring the other day.
Z: Spill then.
A: Alright, so as I was playing around with my long distance teleportation spell and I ended up on the base of a large mountain range. It was strange as I couldn’t teleport all the way to the top, it was like something within the very mountain’s mineral makeup was negating my attempts to teleport up to its peak. So I decided to scale the mountain the old fashion way: climbing it. Thanks to the enhancements given to me by that project I scaled the mountain in no time, and the other side? It was like nothing the world has ever seen, the mountain range was hiding a large gulf of water, a large island placed just within the gulf, lush forest and 2 large mountains towards the center, a place that seemed untouched by time itself. It could be the perfect place to permanently hide from the Templar, after all we can only hide in this cabin for so long before they eventually find us.
I was certainly surprised at the fact that he was able to scale an entire mountain with seemingly very little effort, but what interested me more was the island he discovered. He claimed it looked “untouched” but the higher ups at the Templar claimed they have colonized nearly all the available land in this world so to have an entire island be left untouched is almost like foreign concept, something of legend.
Z: An untouched island? Not only untouched but also unheard of. The Templar said they’ve colonized all known land in this world.
A: I know! But I couldn’t see any mana towers among the trees or any humans from the peak of the mountains.
Z: Well if still untouched after all this time, chances are that they won’t find it anytime soon.
A: exactly! A place where the Templar will never reach…solemn look
Z: What's wrong Augustine? The memories and thoughts haunting you again?
A: yea, I’m sorry to constantly bother you with them but I’ve kept them contained for too long
Z: Hey, hey it’s alright. You’ve never been a bother at all, helping you deal with your issues is what friends are for.
A: I appreciate it Zach, for the longest time Elock was really the only friend I’ve ever had so it’s enlightening hearing someone else say that, to this day I still wonder where she is today and if she’s even alive! I used to have nightmares where I would meet her again just to discover that she’s-
Z: it’s alright, I’m sure she thinks about you every day too and most likely wonders the same every night.
A: Yeah I know, but it’s hard remaining optimistic in this world with the whole war between humans and keidran going on.
Z: Well to me that island sounds like a great place to start.
A: agreed.
Augustine and I agreed to visit the island he found beyond the mountains tomorrow, he thinks it’ll be the perfect place to hide from the Templar.
June 12th, 327
Augustine said that the mountain range was incredibly far, about days worth of running in Augustine’s estimation, so teleporting there is just another thing to add to the list of things he impresses me with. While the material the mountain range is composed of prevents any magic from directly interacting with them, they don’t extend beyond that, so Augustine offered to fly us up there using a telekinetic spell.
Turns out Augustine is only used to telekinetically lifting one item, how do I know? Because he accidentally dropped me. Luckily I landed in a tree. After traversing both sides of the mountain and making it across the water, we arrived on the island at last and man Augustine wasn’t lying. It truly was beautiful, lush fruit bearing trees, 2 large mountains and not even the smallest hint of Templar interference!
We headed further inland and decided to stay at the valley between the 2 mountains with Augustine immediately getting to work and hacking away at the tree with the guard’s sword. After a few hours of work, Augustine already had a large pile of planks with me barely keeping up and Augustine teasing me about it, oh I’m sorry not everyone is a magically enhanced super soldier.
It was beginning to grow dark and we made the decision to head back to the cabin for today and continue the build some later time. Augustine made a waypoint in the cabin so getting back was easy though it had some issues as it took a while to activate. I took a rock sample from the mountains to analyze back at the cabin.
June 13th, 327
This was fascinating! The rock sample I took had incredibly unique properties never before seen! Its primary ability was “absorbing” sources of mana. I had stabbed one of our mana crystals into the rock and I observed as it broke down the crystal over the course of an hour! This explains why Augustine couldn’t teleport up the mountain. So even if the Templar did find the mountain they would never get over it, even with the most powerful mages magic.
Augustine had gone out to town again, he said it was to pick up building tools to help shore up the house we were building. He claimed he could handle it on his own and despite me wanting to protest, I let him go through with it. Unfortunately the town we went to around a week ago didn’t have a hardware store as any construction must run through Lulio first, so Augustine had to head to the neighboring town to see if he could find anything there.
(Cut to Augustine’s pov)
Thoughts: “ugh cmon how hard could a hardware store be to find, it feels like I’ve been searching for hours already!”
sees sign with a hammer on it
“Gah! Finally!”
heads inside
Shopkeeper: Greetings sir! How may I assist you today?
“Uhh it’s alright I can handle it on my own, thanks for the offer though!”
Thoughts: this time the illusion should last longer as these mana crystals are fresh rather than being recharged.
grabs a large amount of nails, 2 hammers, some axes to preserve his sword, saws, sand paper, and stone blocks
Shopkeeper: Oh my sir, this is an awful load that you’ll have to carry on your own, are you sure you can handle it?
“Yes I’m sure…”
Shopkeeper: Are you sure? We have a policy that allows you to rent slaves to help you with whatever you’re working on.
“No, n-“
(Shopkeep rings a bell to send a slave to the front before Augustine could interject)
Thoughts: are you kidding me? Gahhh cmon Zack is waiting for me and I don’t wanna keep him on the line!
Female voice: coming!
Augustine: frustrated and staring at the floor
Shopkeeper: How about this one? Hard worker she is, very cooperative, very friendly.
Augustine: looks up
Elock: hello sir! How may I assist you today?
Thoughts: E- Elock?! When?! How?! I thought you worked for a farmer?! I can’t say anything, it'll reveal my identity to the worker! Okay, okay, okay just keep it calm!
“I- uh stuttering I changed my mind! She can help me, I’ll take her!”
Shopkeeper: I’m not surprised, she’s gone from owner to owner as she’s quite a hard worker, she’s worth a lot of money after being traded so many times before ending up at my place. 1000G for 7 days.
“I- yes I’ll take her”
Shopkeeper: perfect!
exits with supplies and Elock
Elock looking at Augustine’s wanted poster: solemn
“Something wrong?”
Elock: oh! N-nothing! It’s just these ropes binding my hands are just a bit tight! And W-where are we heading sir? We’re outside of town at this point and I- uh-
A: chuckles a bit you’re still just as bad as ever at hiding your nervousness Elock
Elock: Ah- I- how do you know my name?!
A: unties the rope and disables illusion It’s been a while, wouldn’t you agree?
Elock in shock and on the verge of tears: I…A…trembling, mouth slightly ajar in shock
A: what? Cat got your tongue? Well I guess that’s true consid-
Elock: pounces on him AUGUSTINE! I’ve missed you so much!How have you been?!Where did you- starts talking so fast that even Augustine couldn’t keep up with what she was saying and weeping happy tears profusely on his shirt
A: slightly choking from how tight she’s hugging him it’s okay, it’s okay! I’ve missed you too. I almost thought you were gonna be de- ow ow! Stop it I was kidding!
Elock: blep I know. Not a single day went by where I didn’t think about you! And say weren't your eyes brown before?
A: I’m flattered that you still remember and well…it’s kind of a long story…but first let’s retreat to safety. teleports with Elock
A: …and then I ended up here
Elock: That’s incredible! You sure had been on a wild cart ride while I was gone! I wish I could have been there.
A: It's not as glamorous as it sounds, that experiment was agony incarnate, it’s a wonder I survived! In fact I was the only one who came out alive, though the powers I got bestowed with are certainly nothing to complain about but still the effects after we’re brutal.
Elock: glad you did, the way you and Zach escaped the facility was incredible.
A: well he can tell you all about it points to cabin we’ve arrived
Zach opens door
A: Hey Zach, I’m back from my shopping spree.
Z: Augustine what took you so long? The plan was to just get the supplies and get out.
A: I know! But I got a bit off track. I found someone very special.
Elock: pokes head through the door Mrow?
A: meet Elock, remem-
Z: her! The keidran you met when you were 10?
A: yup to Elock it’s alright Elock it’s fine he won’t bite.
Elock: H- hello sir.
Z: please call me Zach. It’s a pleasure.
shakes hand
Elock: it’s a nice place you 2 have here.
A: It was by sheer luck that we found this place actually.
Z: Yeah, the blast was much larger than we’d anticipated and even if my house remained intact, they’d still come searching for me.
Elock: Well lucky you found this place when you did.
A: Are you hungry Elock? We have some steak leftovers.
Elock: oh, I am actually, thank you!
Z: say Elock…
Elock: yes?
Z: Would you mind telling us your journey? I’d love to learn.
A: Zach!
Z: Right, sorry.
Elock: No, no Augustine, it’s alright. I don’t mind in the slightest.
Life in the rainforest regions was paradise, plenty of food, clean sources of water, plenty of building materials, and a beautiful sight to wake up to everyday. My parents worked directly under the matriarch, Lektra(keidran for bolt/thunder) so me being born was almost as exciting as the coronation of the matriarch herself. Unfortunately that swiftly came to a close when Lulio decided to use our home as farmland and despite protests from Lektra, Lulio still went through with the plan. In a flash everything was pretty much destroyed. Our warriors tried to fight back but were eliminated instantly, I was about 3 when this happened and the memory still burns strong to this day.
Augustine: muttering under his breath psychotic bastard…
Elock: I know how you feel, Augustine, trust me I do.
A: I know, I’m sorry
Elock: holds his hand It's alright.
After the destruction of my people and my home, I was sent into the town and stayed in a keidran only home until my 4th birthday. Instead of pleasant accommodations like human orphan homes, all we got was a pillow and some sheets to make ourselves comfortable with, most of us slept on the hardwood floor and it was unbearable. Lulio passed a law where keidran as young as 4 would be eligible for work. After my 4th birthday I was almost immediately whisked off to work on a farm, while the job was tough, they at least gave me my own room and bed, one of their guests even took a small liking to me but tragically he died of a lung infection.
Z: I lament your journey and loss Elock, I can’t imagine how tough this was to bear all at once.
Elock: please it’s okay, you don’t have to apologize for anything. None of this is any of your wrongdoing.
Z: You said your people were killed but what about your parents? Did they survive too?
Elock: Oh right! My parents were spared as they opted to surrender peacefully and they were sold to different owners. I used to occasionally see them from time to time but after I moved I had to say a tearful goodbye to both them and Augustine. playfully pinches his cheek
Z: You’re strong for getting through that, not many could take that much.
Elock: I appreciate that.
Z: Do you have any idea where your parents are right now?
Elock: I think they’re still in the same tow- Augustine? Are you okay?
A: on the other hand gripping the table so hard that it was gonna break, eyes with a look of both confusion and rage
Elock: Augustine?
A: I- I saw them…
Elock: What do you mean?
A: They were there…in the same room.
Elock: Are you talking about the operation?
A: Y- yes…I saw them, both of them. They were in the operation too, part of the 10 keidrans selected to be in the experiment. I briefly saw them looking at me, they were scared but I couldn’t do a damn thing to help them and now they're dead! slowly growing hysterical
Elock: Augustine!
A: snaps out of his hysterics
Elock: it’s not your fault! Neither of you have to feel guilty!
A: I know, but I just wish I could have done something to help them, but I was just a powerless child.
Z: Augustine. We all wish we could have done something to stop Lulio’s plan, we all feel the same way just please don’t put all the blame on yourself.
A: I know, I'm sorry…
Elock: it’s alright…we’re all here to support you, you got hit the hardest out of all so you should be the one to be the one who receives sympathy.
A: …thanks guys, It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve heard something so comforting.
Elock: don’t worry, we’ll never leave and when we do, we’ll leave together.
A: …oh! Elock, I hate to do this but would you mind helping us with something? We found a place that could be our key to salvation.
Elock: Of course! I don’t mind in the slightest.
A: teleports all 3 of them via waypoint
Elock: in awe of the island I…this is incredible! It reminds me so much of my home! And you were right! There’s no hint of Templar activity at all!
A: We were just as shocked as you are right now when we first found it. I mean like Zach said, the Templar claimed that they have settled on all available land in this world.
Elock: Well then, let’s make good use of this place, so let’s get to work!
A: I couldn't have said it better myself.
hours later, the trio had finished building a moderate sized wooden house
A: woo! Not bad for a day's work, am I right?
Elock: Mrrrr…man that was a nice workout!
Z: Tell me about it!
A: So Elock, should we tell Zach?
Elock: I think so!
Z: Tell me…what?
A: Well…on the way here, Elock and I started thinking and we were thinking of a way we could free other slaves from their captors.
Z: sigh… well at this point, I know better than to criticize your plan before even hearing it so go ahead, spill it on me.
A: Operation: torchwick
  1. Elock would be our messenger, using her spare time to get any other slaves on board with the plan, amassing as many as possible.
  2. On the large hill next to the town, we plant a large amount of gray mana crystals. Where downhill wind will carry the effect down into the town
(Gray mana crystals were created for a special purpose, making large smokescreens on the battlefield)
  1. I would then use a spell that emits a light that can’t be perceived by humans but can be seen by keidrans and basitins alike, Which would act as the signal to go for it.
  2. The group would then head towards the light where we would then break for the mountains as fast as possible.
(Unfortunately the waypoint spell barely lasts for even a few days, and teleporting a large group of people via waypoint could be tough even for me)
I would then use as much of my power as possible to telekinetic lift as many refugees as possibl-
Z: Yeah…considering that you almost dropped me off the side of the mountain, I think even you would have trouble lifting a bunch of slaves.
A: hey!
Elock: Mreeheehee!
A: anyways! After we figure out a way to get everyone up there, we’ll be untouchable!
Z: huh…well from one chaotic strategist to another, it’s worth a shot.
A: Perfect! See Elock?
Elock: mew?
A: I kept the promise I made, all those years ago! when we meet again, it’ll be your freedom.
To be continued
Also for anyone who wants to know a bit more about Elock:
Name: Elock of the rainforest leopards
Species: rainforest leopard
Languages: human, keidran
Physical characteristics: yellow fur, black nose marking, black rosettes running down back and onto tail, unusually big and poofy tail, butter yellow hair with black streaks, faint outline of heart pattern on her behind
Height: 5’4”
Age: 9 years(was 4 when she met Augustine)
Eye color: emerald green
Mental characteristics:
-Quick learner
-Eager to help
-Bad at hiding panic
-Heart of gold
-Shy but slowly growing out of it
Likes: adventure, rain, storytelling, being adored, helping, hugs(especially from Augustine), pouncing on people she cares about.
Dislikes: slavery, Templar(although not as intensely as most others)
Unlike most, Elock had the ability to both read and write prior to slavery, being taught by both her parents and Lektra herself. Spending most of her time reading and drawing using whatever material she could find.
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2023.06.07 23:50 frankenfiyaah South Western Pennsylvania, USA

South Western Pennsylvania, USA
Top side of it is just the same plain orange/brown with no markings that I could see (or recollect).
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2023.06.07 23:20 Voodoo6two6 Brown FSD 20cv

Timestamp and Video
Brown FSD
Full size FSD in 20cv, this is number 112. Has a fresh glass blast on it done by me, blue pivot collars. Has been disassembled but appears to have factory edge. Was carried a couple times by me and has a small mark on the clip, tried to show in the video but it’s very hard to see. Blade has a couple very small marks as well but not bad. This one has some lock stick. It’s not bad and I’m sure it’ll work in but it’s there, so it’s disclosed. I briefly handled a mini and it seemed to be the same but I’m not sure if it’s typical.
Came to me in a zipper pouch so no hard case included but it does have the coa. Overall this one is clean and smooth just not for me.
Not really looking for trades but I’ll always listen.
USA made stuff, rare hinderer, lamia, shiro and stuff like that interest me.
SV$800 TV$850
FSD Archive how it originally looked
Thanks for looking.
USA shipping only Fully insured
PayPal Friends and Family
No Notes
Seriously NO Notes
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2023.06.07 23:13 malachiconstantjr Fans of the "DVD Era" of the American Indies: Do you still keep up with the indies today?

"DVD Era" was about the best name I could come up with for the period as that seemed to me like the main way it was delivered.
ROH, CHIKARA, PWG, EVOLVE etc. from approx 2003-2013 or thereabouts were companies that I watched as intently as I could during that time as they were giving me the wrestling I was looking for and couldn't get from WWE (I attended WM18 in person and think I phased out of watching soon after that - I remember Cena, Orton & Batista being introduced but not any of the runs that made them famous).
That being said, in this current day & age, I feel like AEW is providing that for me now - not only does the wrestling on the show provide an alternative to WWE & more closely resemble the style of those indies I'd watched in the past, the roster is absolutely chock-a-block with wrestlers from that era (Danielson, Punk, Claudio, Cabana, Chuck & Trent, Kenny, the Bucks, Adam Cole, Roddy Strong, AR Fox, Brian Cage, Eddie Kingston, Uno & Greyson, Jay Lethal, Kyle O'Reilly, Mark Briscoe, Samoa Joe, Sonjay, etc.).
Not to mention the landscape has changed tremendously with AEW, NJPW (much more accessible than it was then), ROH and Strong (not indies but WWE alternatives) employing nearly a whole generation of talent in their own right and producing a good deal of content that is likely to satiate even pretty hungry wrestling fans these days
As such (and, y'know, from being older & not having near as much time), I barely find myself watching any independent wrestling these days - the closest I got was watching a couple of the GCW shows from mania weekend and very occasionally (maybe once a year) I will look in on PWG to see what's happening but apart from that, I'm pretty much good.
So for fans from a similar era - do you find yourself still looking for alternatives/indy wrestling now?
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2023.06.07 23:11 caitiep92 Where is Kristi Krebs? Fort Bragg, California, August 9/10, 1993

Kristi Suzanne Krebs was born on December 29, 1970 and lived in Fort Bragg, California with her parents. Kristi graduated from high school in 1989 and went straight to work at a local Round Table Pizza full time. Little else seems to be known about Kristi's early years.
Kristi was usually an upbeat person that worked very hard, and this extended to her workplace. However, it soon became clear that Kristi had begun to develop a very unhealthy obsession with a male coworker who was married. Unsolved Mysteries referred to this as an "unhealthy obsession." On April 30, 1990 (three years prior to her going missing), Kristi's coworkers described her as "unnaturally euphoric," and was fantasizing about a wedding and having kids (presumably with the married male coworker, but this is unclear). After work, Kristi drove around town aimlessly and eventually ended up in a forested area. Kristi's car ended up being stuck in the mud. Kristi kept gunning the engine to get the car unstuck, which caused the engine to overheat, which in turn caused the car to catch on fire. Kristi obviously became panicked, causing her to have a trauma educed mental breakdown.
The morning after this event, railroad workers found Kristi wandering around, dazed and disoriented. One of these railroad workers recognized Kristi and called her parents. Kristi's came to pick her up, initially wanting to take Kristi home, but while in the car, Kristi kept chanting, patting herself and just "acting weird." So they took Kristi to the hospital, where according to a Medium article, "she spent the next four weeks recovering in a private mental facility, though it would take several months before her memory completely returned." But after this initial hospital stay, Kristi was in and out of the hospital where doctors would diagnose her with a trauma educed psychotic break. At one point in her treatment, an occupational therapist recommended that Kristi start off her recovery by only going back to work part time, about twenty hours a week.
At first this arrangement seemed to be going well, but then Kristi began working "more and more," even taking on a second job at a local Burger King. Due to the two jobs, sometimes Kristi was working up to 12 hours a day. Kristi's parents also noted that she didn't seem to be sleeping very much and was going to the gym a lot. And again, Kristi began seeming very happy with her life. Kristi's father would state that these things made him wonder if Kristi's mental health was going downhill again.
Despite this new hectic pace, Kristi seemed okay, so her parents didn't want to worry. At one point, one of Kristi's managers asked her why she was so happy, and she responded "it's not what you think." Kristi did not explain further and went back to work. At around 10pm on August 9, 1993, Kristi left work in "high spirits," and told her coworkers that she'd be heading home. However, Kristi did not end up going home and began driving around.
The next time that Kristi was seen was by a park ranger at McKerricher State Park, just north of Fort Bragg, at around 10:30pm. He spotted Kristi's red Toyota Tercel parked in the lot, so he went to go speak to the driver--which was Kristi. The ranger asked Kristi if she was okay and that the state park's lot closed a half hour before, so she needed to leave. Kristi told the ranger that she was relaxing after work and if she could stay. The ranger replied that she could not stay, and Kristi said she'd leave. This ranger would later tell police that the interaction was friendly and that Kristi seemed okay.
After this encounter, Kristi drove south through Fort Bragg, headed towards the small town of Mendocino. Kristi ended up in Mendocino Woods State Park, where she continued to drive a remote dirt road near a creek bed. And like three years before, her car became stuck and she began revving the engine to make the car start again, which again caused the car to catch fire. A car jack would later be found near her car, which lead authorities to believe that she attempted to jack up the tires to get the car going (admittedly I don't drive, so I don't know if I explained that correctly). When this didn't work, it apparently made Kristi angry, and she began bashing the car hood with a rock. She then took out her wallet, shredded the pictures inside and ripped out the car stereo.
Kristi had been wearing jeans and her work shirt when she left her job, but both of these items were found in the backseat of the car. It is believed that Kristi took them off because they'd gotten wet in her attempts to free the car. Kristi kept gym clothes in her car, so it is believed that she changed into those. When Kristi didn't come home, her parents reported her missing and a full scale search was launched. The Mendocino County Sheriff's Department searched the area surrounding Kristi's car and even an air rescue squad helped in the effort. The search of the park went on for a week, but nothing was found.
Kristi's family and authorities believe that she may be out there somewhere, with memory loss. There have been sightings of Kristi after she vanished, one of the first sightings was by a woman who claimed to have seen a woman resembling Kristi attempting to hitchhike. There were also sightings from Texas to Salt Lake City, Utah. However, there are two sightings that the police believe are the most legitimate. One occurred in March 1994 in Humboldt County (north of Fort Bragg), a woman who's daughter was a classmate of Kristi's claimed to have seen Kristi along Highway 101. When the woman called out to "Kristi," she turned and walked back into the woods.
The other sighting happened in June 1994. An off duty highway worker named Mike Case picked up a female hitchhiker in Visalia California, 300 miles south of where Kristi vanished. According to Mike, this woman "didn't seem to have it all there," and was in "a world of her own," and at first thought she may be on some kind of drugs. But as he began talking with her, Mike noticed tow slash marks on her wrist. When Mike asked about it, the woman responded that she'd had a breakdown and a boyfriend that "wasn't very nice." Mike and this woman were in the car together for about 90 minutes where the woman spoke about a boyfriend that seemed fake, having relatives in San Jose and liking the ocean. These things seemed true to Kristi's parents. Mike dropped Kristi off in Hanford, California and didn't think anymore about the encounter until he saw Kristi's picture in a trucking magazine. Mike contacted Kristi's parents, who sent more photos of Kristi and it was the woman Mike said he saw.
There has been one more sighting of Kristi, also by a woman named Alicia who picked up a hitchhiker in August 1993, two days after Kristi vanished. The woman who picked up this hitchhiker woman told authorities she picked up the woman near Salt Lake City, Utah. Alicia said the woman identified herself as "Kris," and Alicia only picked her up because she was standing at a dangerous spot on the side of the road. When "Kris," got into Alicia's car, she said "you're looking at the happiest girl in the world!" Apparently this was something Kristi said on a regular basis. Kris also began telling Alicia that she'd fallen in love with a trucker and she was meeting him in Amarillo Texas so they could get married. And when Alicia dropped off this woman off at a McDonald's in Park City, Kris said "Burger King is better."
There have been no other confirmed (or unconfirmed) sightings of Kristi Krebs. When Kristi vanished, she was 22 years old, 5'2 and around 140 pounds. She has brown hair and blue eyes and her thumbs curve inward. Kristi had been suffering from emotional distress with symptoms like amnesia before she vanished.
Unsolved Mysteries episode:
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2023.06.07 22:48 SeddelCougar Old Saint Louis Missouri apartment brochures.

Old Saint Louis Missouri apartment brochures.
I found these at my parent’s house. Think they are worth putting on eBay?
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2023.06.07 22:44 sippelben11 (Selling) Digital HD Codes

I’ll accept PayPal or Venmo. They will all work on Vudu with the exception of ones marked iTunes. If you buy two I’ll knock a buck off.
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2023.06.07 22:33 No_Desk_582 Can anyone tell me what this thing is that my great grandfather is whering around his neck in his pow card photo

Can anyone tell me what this thing is that my great grandfather is whering around his neck in his pow card photo submitted by No_Desk_582 to Militariacollecting [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 22:26 mdf98_ Chloe Brown responds to Mark Saunders’ tech plan during CARP debate

Chloe Brown responds to Mark Saunders’ tech plan during CARP debate submitted by mdf98_ to toronto [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 21:48 weetman69 Search Concerns

Search Concerns
I was looking up Marks The Forest videos to put on as background noise while I paint and as j was searing this came up. Am I missing something or is YouTube trippin?
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2023.06.07 21:37 Virtual_Formal ArtificialAI Token launch tommorow! Join our trip to be number 1 comedy meme coin!

Introducing Artificial AI - The Ultimate Comedy Coin Launching on June 8th, 2023! 🤣💰
Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round and prepare yourselves for the most groundbreaking crypto project to hit the market - Artificial AI. Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of laughs, ridiculousness, and plenty of facepalming moments. This is not just another crypto project; this is a cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize the industry by making fun of it!
The more laughter generated, the higher the price goes! It's like having a stand-up comedy show merged with a financial rollercoaster.
So, mark your calendars for June 8th, 2023, and get ready to join the comedy revolution! Artificial AI is here to shake things up, make you laugh till your sides hurt, and perhaps even make a few bucks along the way.
Project will be active till next bull run, then we are going to dump it big time, so make sure you sell at right time!🤣

Token details:

For more info check our:

See you on thursday!
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2023.06.07 21:26 AutoModerator Heat vs Nuggets LIVE STRTEAM REDDIT

The Miami Heat will try to rebound against the Denver Nuggets in Game 2 of the 2023 NBA Finals at Ball Arena in Denver on Sunday, June 4 (6/4/2023) at 8 p.m. ET.
Miami Heat vs. Denver Nuggets Game 2 will air on ABC, and can be streamed live on fuboTV (free trial) and other live TV services.
Stream the 2023 NBA Finals on fuboTV (free trial).
Go Live🔴>>➡Heat vs Nuggets Live Stream Free
Go Live🔴>>➡Heat vs Nuggets Live Stream Free
The Nuggets won 104-93 in Game 1, marking the first NBA Finals victory in the franchise’s history. Denver jumped out to a 17-point lead in the first half, and drove it even higher to 24 in the second half, from which Miami couldn’t recover.
Heat vs Nuggets live stream: How to watch NBA Finals game 2 online tonight, start time, channel By Henry T. Casey last updated about 10 hours ago The Finals finally begin with a Heat vs Nuggets live stream
Back to Denver tonight, for the Game 2 Heat vs Nuggets live stream. And you'll be excused if you think that the home team can repeat their Western Conference Finals performance in these NBA Playoff live streams.
HEAT VS. NUGGETS LIVE STREAM CHEAT SHEET Date: Today (Sunday, June 4) Time: 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT / 1 a.m. BST / 11 a.m. AEDT Watch in the U.S.: ESPN3 on Sling TV Orange, ABC on Fubo and in select markets on Sling TV Blue Watch from anywhere: with ExpressVPN.
Jimmy Butler and the Heat, possibly a little burned out after the Celtics pushed them to a Game 7, showed up in Denver's Ball Arena (yes, that's what it's called), and looked like victims of the higher altitude. But unless they play tremendously better when they're back home in Miami, that excuse won't hold up.
Right now, though, it looks like the Nuggets won that game on their own, as Nikola Jokic's latest triple-double didn't even feel like a necessary part of the game. The Nuggets went up early without him even shooting, thanks to the efforts of Aaron Gordon, Bruce Brown, Michael Porter Jr. and Jamal Murray.
As for Miami? Bam Adebayo led the team in points with 26, but the rest of the team not named Jimmy Butler struggled. Max Strus (0-10) and Caleb Martin (1-7) in particular looked like they left it all in Miami
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2023.06.07 21:24 AutoModerator Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets Live Stream [email protected]

The Miami Heat will try to rebound against the Denver Nuggets in Game 2 of the 2023 NBA Finals at Ball Arena in Denver on Sunday, June 4 (6/4/2023) at 8 p.m. ET.
Miami Heat vs. Denver Nuggets Game 2 will air on ABC, and can be streamed live on fuboTV (free trial) and other live TV services.
Stream the 2023 NBA Finals on fuboTV (free trial).
Go Live🔴>>➡Heat vs Nuggets Live Stream Free
Go Live🔴>>➡Heat vs Nuggets Live Stream Free
The Nuggets won 104-93 in Game 1, marking the first NBA Finals victory in the franchise’s history. Denver jumped out to a 17-point lead in the first half, and drove it even higher to 24 in the second half, from which Miami couldn’t recover.
Heat vs Nuggets live stream: How to watch NBA Finals game 2 online tonight, start time, channel By Henry T. Casey last updated about 10 hours ago The Finals finally begin with a Heat vs Nuggets live stream
Back to Denver tonight, for the Game 2 Heat vs Nuggets live stream. And you'll be excused if you think that the home team can repeat their Western Conference Finals performance in these NBA Playoff live streams.
HEAT VS. NUGGETS LIVE STREAM CHEAT SHEET Date: Today (Sunday, June 4) Time: 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT / 1 a.m. BST / 11 a.m. AEDT Watch in the U.S.: ESPN3 on Sling TV Orange, ABC on Fubo and in select markets on Sling TV Blue Watch from anywhere: with ExpressVPN.
Jimmy Butler and the Heat, possibly a little burned out after the Celtics pushed them to a Game 7, showed up in Denver's Ball Arena (yes, that's what it's called), and looked like victims of the higher altitude. But unless they play tremendously better when they're back home in Miami, that excuse won't hold up.
Right now, though, it looks like the Nuggets won that game on their own, as Nikola Jokic's latest triple-double didn't even feel like a necessary part of the game. The Nuggets went up early without him even shooting, thanks to the efforts of Aaron Gordon, Bruce Brown, Michael Porter Jr. and Jamal Murray.
As for Miami? Bam Adebayo led the team in points with 26, but the rest of the team not named Jimmy Butler struggled. Max Strus (0-10) and Caleb Martin (1-7) in particular looked like they left it all in Miami
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2023.06.07 21:20 newmusicrls Ibiza 2023 - House Party playlist by Simon Field
  1. MK, Dom Dolla – Rhyme Dust 03:01 128bpm G
  2. James Hurr & Simon Field – Vibe Like That (feat. Georgia Meek) 03:23 bpm
  3. Gorgon City – Voodoo 03:33 bpm
  4. Anyma (ofc) – Explore Your Future 03:40 124bpm
  5. Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding – Miracle (Mau P Remix) 03:37 128bpm Cm
  6. Simon Field – Rock with Me (Radio Edit) 01:57 126bpm A
  7. Fred again.. – Danielle (Smile on My Face) 03:21 130bpm F
  8. Ferreck Dawn, Jem Cooke – Back Tomorrow (GUZ Remix) 02:38 124bpm Gm
  9. jaded – Lost Myself Again 02:52 125bpm Em
  10. Milk & Sugar – Let the Sun Shine (Purple Disco Machine Remix) 02:46 123bpm B
  11. Jamie Jones – My Paradise 03:31 128bpm Bbm
  12. Simon Field – Diamond 02:36 124bpm D
  13. Todd Terry, Riva Starr – This Is The Sound 03:12 126bpm Gm
  14. Honey Dijon, Channel Tres, feat , Sadie Walker – Show Me Some Love (feat Sadie Walker) 03:52 126bpm
  15. Dombresky – Soul Sacrifice 03:52 126bpm E
  16. Dom Dolla, Clementine Douglas – Miracle Maker 03:08 128bpm Bb
  17. Jess Bays, Poppy Baskcomb – Temptation (feat. Poppy Baskcomb) 02:52 125bpm Ebm
  18. D.O.D – Every Step 02:39 bpm
  19. Eats Everything, Shezar – Get Up 03:06 159bpm F
  20. Nimmo, St. Panther – When I’m With You 03:41 157bpm Bbm
  21. Audio Bullys, Michael Bibi, KinAhau – Different Side 03:13 128bpm C
  22. Cevin Fisher, Micky More & Andy Tee – All About The Culture (Simon Field Remix Edit) 03:31 125bpm Cm
  23. Aluna, TSHA – Killing Me 03:14 124bpm Ebm
  24. Claptone, LAU.RA, James Hype – Beautiful (James Hype Remix) 03:04 126bpm Am
  25. ACAY, Lauren L’aimant – Hold On (Radio Edit) 03:36 126bpm Bbm
  26. Robbie Doherty – It’s My Beat (Radio Edit) 03:51 130bpm Ebm
  27. Kaskade, deadmau5, Kx5 – Escape feat. Hayla (John Summit Remix) 03:46 126bpm Am
  28. Rudimental, Marshall Jefferson, House Gospel Choir – FWD 03:01 128bpm Am
  29. MistaJam – Nothing Else Matters 02:36 bpm
  30. Bob Sinclar – World Hold On feat. Steve Edwards (FISHER Rework) 02:58 127bpm Abm
  31. Café Du Midi – Sweet Deep (Radio Edit) 04:14 123bpm Am
  32. Ferreck Dawn, Jem Cooke – Back Tomorrow 01:58 125bpm Cm
  33. D.O.D – Set Me Free 03:00 bpm
  34. Essel – Lennon 03:25 128bpm Gb
  35. Curtis Richa, Teo Mandrelli, Tristan Carmichael – Fever 02:53 125bpm Cm
  36. The Blessed Madonna – Serotonin Moonbeams 04:49 65bpm Abm
  37. Simon Field – Gack Gack (Get Down) (Radio Edit) 02:45 123bpm Cm
  38. Simon Field, The Endorphins – Out of the Blue (feat. The Endorphins) (2023 Version) 03:25 123bpm Dm
  39. Mirko & Meex – Take Me Away (Qubiko Remix) 03:20 bpm
  40. Movada – Level Up 02:28 bpm
  41. Marten Hørger, Tchami – The Calling 03:17 125bpm Db
  42. TCTS – Never Know 02:55 128bpm Bm
  43. James Hype, Miggy Dela Rosa – Ferrari 03:06 125bpm Dbm
  44. Steve Aoki, Regard, mazie – New York ft. mazie 02:12 105bpm A
  45. Tinlicker, Helsloot, Hero Baldwin – Tell Me (feat. Hero Baldwin) 03:23 124bpm Gm
  46. Fatboy Slim – The Rockafeller Skank (Jay Robinson Remix) (Radio Edit) 03:32 124bpm Gm
  47. The Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme (Radio Edit) 03:27 124bpm Gm
  48. Aluna, MK – Kiss It Better 04:17 127bpm Em
  49. Random Soul – Just Bounce (2023 Rework) 04:41 125bpm Bbm
  50. Gorgon City, Danny Howard, Sonny Fodera, Stevie Appleton – Remember (feat. Stevie Appleton) 03:20 160bpm Cm
  51. Hugel, Westend, Cumbiafrica – Aguila feat. Cumbiafrica 02:48 125bpm Gbm
  52. Paul Mayson – Have It All 02:43 125bpm Am
  53. Tobtok, Arinn – Satellite (feat. Arinn) 02:43 124bpm Cm
  54. MK, Burns, Teddy Swims – Better 03:02 125bpm Gbm
  55. Goodboys, Leftwing : Kody – Only You 02:49 126bpm Bbm
  56. Riton, Oliver Heldens, Vula – Turn Me On 03:28 124bpm A#m
  57. Dutchican Soul, Husky & Elly J Devon – Higher 02:53 bpm
  58. Franky Wah, ACO – Under The Sun 03:28 122bpm Gm
  59. Alex Mills, Eden Prince – This Feeling 03:14 126bpm Bm
  60. Purple Disco Machine, Sophie and the Giants – In the Dark (Oliver Heldens Remix) 04:27 124bpm Dbm
  61. LF SYSTEM – Afraid To Feel 02:57 128bpm Ebm
  62. Tube & Berger, Alegant, Armaja – Imagine 03:38 125bpm D
  63. Stone Van Brooken – The Otherside (Radio edit) 03:10 123bpm Em
  64. Burns – Burning In My Arms 03:31 125bpm
  65. Jack Kelly, Bertie Scott & Lauren L’aimant – Backwards 03:28 bpm
  66. SverreV – You Make Me (Oh Oh Oh) 02:26 123bpm Am
  67. Simon Field, iiola – Where Are You Now 03:42 123bpm Gbm
  68. Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa – One Kiss 03:34 124bpm Am
  69. Fisher, MERYLL – Yeah The Girls 03:14 126bpm Ebm
  70. Nihil Young – Believe 03:33 122bpm F
  71. Petrona Martinez, Simon Field – Las Penas 03:06 126bpm B
  72. Ella Henderson, Nathan Dawe – 21 Reasons (feat. Ella Henderson) 02:35 124bpm Ebm
  73. Karen Harding – Back To You 03:03 124bpm A
  74. Tube & Berger, Frank Sonic, Goatchy – The Future 03:31 123bpm Dbm
  75. David Guetta, Becky Hill – Remember 02:40 124bpm Eb
  76. Fred again.. – Billie (Loving Arms) 03:37 128bpm Bb
  77. James Hurr, Moya – We’ve Got The Time (Radio Edit) 02:47 124bpm Bbm
  78. ESSEL – Love Vibration 03:00 bpm
  79. John Summit – La Danza 02:37 126bpm Dbm
  80. Drama, Gorgon City – You’ve Done Enough 03:33 125bpm Cm
  81. Kaskade, deadmau5, Hayla, Kx5 – Escape 04:00 126bpm Am
  82. David Guetta, Becky Hill, Ella Henderson – Crazy What Love Can Do 02:49 123bpm Em
  83. The Blessed Madonna, Fred again.. – Marea (we’ve lost dancing) 04:45 123bpm Fm
  84. Milos, Simon Field, Magnus Foss – If I Don’t 03:28 120bpm Cm
  85. Paul & ME, Ryan Spicer – Can’t Break Again 02:53 124bpm A
  86. RAYE, Disclosure – Waterfall 03:52 128bpm Bm
  87. Nihil Young, Crimsen, Rodrigo Serna – Sirens (Radio edit) 03:26 93bpm Gbm
  88. KREAM – Take Control 02:47 123bpm Bbm
  89. Glen Horsborough, MVTTIE – What It Means To Me (Zsak Remix) 03:08 126bpm Cm
  90. Zedd, Disclosure – You’ve Got To Let Go If You Want To Be Free 04:13 124bpm Am
  91. Tube & Berger – Waterfall feat. Goatchy 03:26 123bpm Am
  92. Westend – Get This Party Started 02:40 126bpm B
  93. Doja Cat – Streets (Disclosure Remix) 04:14 117bpm Em
  94. Serra 9 – Save Me Now 04:12 115bpm Dm
  95. Simon Field, SverreV – La La La (Verano 2018 Remix) 02:24 120bpm Dm
  96. Michael Gray, Brutha Basil, Tatiana Owens – In My World 02:57 122bpm Dbm
  97. Sonny Fodera, Danny Howard, Gorgon City, Stevie Appleton – Remember (feat. Stevie Appleton) (Hannah Laing Remix) 02:44 132bpm Cm
  98. Elton John, Britney Spears – Hold Me Closer (Purple Disco Machine Remix) 03:38 126bpm C
  99. Jamie Jones – Lose My Mind 03:01 124bpm Gm
  100. Bob Sinclar, A-Trak – Deep Inside Of Me 03:01 125bpm Ebm
  101. Gorillaz, feat , Tame Impala, Bootie Brown – New Gold (Dom Dolla remix) 04:34 127bpm
  102. Manodom – Be Funky (Sebb Junior Remix) 03:33 124bpm Bb
  103. Giant, Ferreck Dawn, DAIJAH – Free Candy (feat. DAIJAH) 02:48 128bpm Gbm
  104. Dave Lee & Omar – Starlight (Grant Nelson Mix) 04:42 bpm
  105. C’mon, Mat.Joe, Otistic (DE) – Hypnotized 06:15 124bpm Dm
  106. Da Lukas, Mandy – West End Girls (Mark Picchiotti Remix) 03:30 121bpm Em
  107. LF SYSTEM – Hungry (For Love) (Paul Woolford Remix) 04:01 130bpm Gm
  108. Joeski – Afro Latinism 06:54 125bpm A
  109. Franky Rizardo – Whatchagonnado 04:37 128bpm Db
  110. Mau P – Drugs From Amsterdam (Armand Van Helden Remix) 02:36 130bpm Bb
  111. Idris Elba, Solardo – Big Talk 02:40 128bpm Dm
  112. Miguel Migs, Martin Luther – Restless Nights feat. Martin Luther (Dutchican Soul Mix) 03:20 125bpm Em
  113. Gilbert Le Funk – Outside 05:14 124bpm B
  114. Saison – Feel This 06:07 126bpm C
  115. Bob Sinclar, Salome De Bahia – Outro Lugar (Bob Sinclar Remix) 03:40 123bpm Gbm
  116. Kim English, Schak – Moving All Around (Jumpin’) (John Summit Remix) 03:26 128bpm Bbm
  117. Dirty Channels – Make You Cry 04:11 126bpm Em
  118. Tensnake – Coma Cat (Chloe Caillet Remix) 03:35 125bpm Gb
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2023.06.07 21:08 minhtyfreshtea [US to wherever USPS can go][Sell][perfume/linen spray/makeup/earrings] NAVA, BPAL, Alkemia, Stereoplasm, Whisper Sisters & More!

The Usual: US Shipping starts at 5.25$ for a bottle or up to a handful of samples/decants, 25 cents additional per bottle. PM me to get an international estimate. I ship within a week, depending on my work schedule. I extensively reuse packing materials. I have a couple flair threads floating around if you'd like some added assurance. Happy to do bundles. Also feel free to ask if I have more unlisted - I only list so much at a time to keep it manageable. Help me thin out the hoard!
Nocturne Alchemy
BPAL - priced as marked, but a deal of 6$ for the remaining 4 GC slinks (7$ if you want all five).
Whisper Sisters - take all four 5ml rollerballs for 36$ shipped
Alkemia - take both for 25$
Stereoplasm - take both samples for 6$
Bath Sabbath sample 1ml vials, 2$ each or pick one as FWP
Sucreabeille Cream Tea 1ml sample, 2$: A blend of chai tea, burnt sugar, white musk, warm milk, and hot scones slathered with raspberry jam and honey.
Astrid ajevie slonk, 3.25$ - Lunar Dust: Vanilla, white patchouli, soft wood notes, cream, orchid, and spun sugar.
CocoaPink 2.5oz linen spray (will require additional 1$ for shipping), 5.50$ - Castle Underground: Black wood, dark earth, patchouli, forest's breath, woodsmoke, incense, sweet blood orange, little cakes, wormwood, and brown sugar.
LalaLandScents (etsy) 1.5 ml sample - Bananas Foster: A mouthwatering blend of bananas, caramel, amaretto, and ice cream.
about-face paint-it lip color in Slumber (matte rosy beige), 14$ shipped - BNNU but it is out of its foil packet that it came in. My brain is dumb and needed to physically see what the color was because sometimes I can't trust what I see on a screen.
mystery polymer clay earrings for pierced ears, 10$/pair (or 8$ with FS perfume/lipstick purchase) - I bought a mystery box from this etsy shop, which consists of some prototypes and/or single run designs from her early days. I'm only reaching for 2-3 of these in my weekly rotation, so hoping to rehome the remaining pairs. Feel free to reach out for photos! Just can't get them uploaded at the moment but wanted to include them here before I forget again.
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2023.06.07 21:05 Bonzographer [S/T] [USA-FL] 2 Nikon Lenses + grab bag of old lenses

Paypal G&S and all prices are shipped.
Sigma DG 28-70 f/2.8 EX lens in Nikon F mount - very good condition inside and out. Constant 2.8 lens with full-frame coverage. AF is perfect but this lens requires that the body have an AF motor. This is the equivalent of a Nikon G series lens. Includes front and rear lens caps + lens hood shown in timestamp. $265 shipped.
Nikon 85mm f/1.8D - Excellent condition aside from some internal dust/debris. I just took photos at min aperture f/16 and none of it is visible in photos against a blue sky. But I'm still pricing to take the internals into account. Aperture indents very solid, AF is smooth and silent. Comes with rear lens cap and since I don't have a front lens cap, I'll throw an old filter on it for protection during shipping. $165 shipped.
Lens grab bag - All of these lenses have varying amounts of internal/external haze, dust, maybe even a fungus or two. If you want to practice disassembling lenses, this bag is for you. Ships in brown canvas bag shown in timestamp. Very much "ugly" rating and as-is/broken/for parts/etc. Will not split. $30 (to cover shipping and PP fees)
Lenses: Haminex OM mount 28-80 f/3.5
Vivitar K/AR mount 28 f/2.8
Sears MD mount 28-70 f/3.5-4.5 & 70-210 f/4-5.6

Trades: Nikon 20mm, 24mm, or 35mm (ais or D)
Nikon AF-I or AF-S 2x teleconverter
Other Nikon D glass, perhaps? Shoot me a PM.
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2023.06.07 20:46 wesbren The Government Of The United Nations And Worldwide Church Leaders Are A Dangerous Agitator And Threat And Have Put These Whole Nations In Danger, Because Of Their Paranoid Behavior And Lies''

And they know this is a crime being done here to the whole nations and have put the whole nations in danger, because of their sick behavior and lies, people are being hurt and destroy and possessed and control by violent spirits, causing people to be violent and out of control and how can they run their big mouths about what people are doing here, and they are lying and covering up the truth and
misleading people making them think they are leading people to salvation and know people have dangerous out of control spirits in them causing them to be violent and out of control and crimes and violence are increasing here every single day because of their sick lies and are responsible for it and while the whole nations are fighting and are turning against each other, they are convinced in their
paranoid minds, they have done nothing wrong and is perpetrating in front the whole nations, if thou, they are the innocence ones, and have the whole nations turning against each other here fighting, family against family and friends against friends and people in relationships. People were misled by creatures playing a nasty joke and not real priests leading them to salvation here in this time and have
been deceive with false doctrine and think the gospel they have come from God and what they are teaching here in this time does not come from the original gospel and do not speak the same truth and according to the bible there is only one gospel and people were misled by evil spirits playing a nasty joke misleading them with false doctrine. The King James Bible has another version and is not
the same as the original King James Bible and only the original King James Bible comes from the original gospel based on ancient historians and prophecies people are bringing to pass, and God commandments and people have the original gospel here, but they are not serious about what they
are reading and don't know they are being misled by demons using worldwide church leaders personating a priest to destroy the nations, using false doctrine to cover up the truth.

2 Peter 1:20-21 and Deuteronomy 4:2 and Proverbs 30:6 and Revelation 22:18-19

I Timothy 4:1-2 Now the spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.

St. Mark 7:6-13 This people honoreth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men, for laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups and many other such like things ye do.
And he said unto them, full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition, making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered and many such like things do ye.

Galatians 1:6-9 I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel which is not another but there be some that trouble you and would pervert the gospel of Christ.

alatians 1:8-9 But though we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you let him be accursed.
Galatians 1:9 As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be a cursed.

Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

Galatians 1: 11-12 But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man; for I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ

2 Peter 1:20-21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost and Jeremiah 20:1-18 and Romans 16:22 I Tertius who wrote this epistle, salute you in the Lord.

Romans 16:25-26 Now to him that is of power to stablish you according to my gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began, But now is made manifest, and by the scriptures of the prophets, according to the commandment of the everlasting God, made known to all nations for the obedience of faith. and Romans 16:21-27

1 Corinthians 1:10 Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.
Deuteronomy 4:2 and 4:1-49 and Proverbs 30:6 Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish aught from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you. and 1 John 2:1-29

They mean harm and want to hurt people and are a dangerous agitator and because of their dangerous violent behavior, people are being hurt and destroy, and this is not about just people and their corruption here anymore, this is about corrupted filthy out of control spirits having pleasure with people in the earth and think the nations are supposed to treat them with respect and have no damn
respect themselves, and the nasty sh#t they are doing here in front the whole nations and are in no position are fit to lead a nation and is not in their right frame of mind and they are in no position are fit to tell people what to do and arresting and condemning and punishing people and are no different from a criminal and murderer themselves and how can they lead the nations and make the right
decision here, not in the right mind and how can people live here with dangerous spirits in them causing them to be out of control and violent, like themselves and are corrupted and convince in their mind they have done nothing wrong telling lies and misleading the nations, and have put the whole nations in danger, but people have no excuses and because of their lies, people are being hurt and
destroyed. They are a bad influence and are out-of-control corrupt agitators are in no position are fit to lead a nation and are responsible for these whole nations being corrupted and out of control, like themselves, and if I were them, I hide myself and think people do not know how they think and don't know their game and are in no position to judge and running their big mouths about what people are
doing here and arresting people and are a bad influence and are out-of-control corrupted ring leaders responsible for the whole nations being corrupted and out of control and how can they condemn people and have a mote in their own eye, and they have nothing interested to talk about and all they know is attacking people and the nations and have a mote in their own twisted eye and are corrupt
and out of control and people should know better than that and know they will be punish for it because of those corrupt bastards, and how can the truth exist if bad behavior is tolerated, and it is not ok to commit crimes and causing people harm and there is no difference, because wrong is wrong and because of their dangerous violent behavior, is causing people harm and destroying the nations
and they are out of control and are dangerous, and this is war and a fight for respect and truth and justice and mankind soul. And no one told the corrupt bastards about themselves here and are damn crazy and out of control.

Ancient Biblical Historians And Prophecies Of The Bible.
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2023.06.07 20:43 IHVeigar Best Oilers player to wear 13 Day 9 Jersey 13.

Yesterday with an overwhelming vote Colby Cave won. Now we move onto 13.
  1. Ken Linseman 1982-1984, 1991
  2. Risto Jalo 1986
  3. German Titov 2000
  4. Todd Harvey 2006
  5. Andrew Cogliano 2008-2011
  6. Cam Barker 2012
  7. Mike Brown 2012-2013
  8. Steve Pinizzotto 2013-2015
  9. David Desharnais 2017
  10. Mike Cammalleri 2018
  11. Jason Garrison 2019
  12. Jesse Puljujärvi 2020-2023
Previous Winners
  1. Ron Tugnutt
  2. Evan Bouchard
  3. Al Hamiltion
  4. Kevin Lowe
  5. Ladislav Šmíd
  6. Jeff Beukeboom
  7. Paul Coffey
  8. Joe Murphy
  9. Glenn Anderson
  10. Esa Tikkanen
  11. Mark Messier
  12. Colby Cave
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2023.06.07 20:43 Future_Ad_3485 The Swallow and the Mad Hatter Part Eleven: A Lilac in the Bayou

Laying in bed, my hand rested on my bump. How did I end like this? Demonic and pregnant, that very statement sounding like a cheap movie title. Demy slumbered next to me, the day was ours to be had. Demy promised me a date today, and I suppose I should take it. Swinging my feet over the edge of the bed, a black box waited for me. Opening the top, my breath was stolen from me. Golden lace sparrows flew over a scarlet rockabilly dress, my shaking fingers pulling it out. Holding it to my body, the measurements were exact to me. The mattress creaked as Demy sat up, the morning sun bathing his handsome features.
“Do you like it? I ordered it a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully, it will fit.” He yawned groggily, rubbing his eyes. “I also ordered new jeans for you, considering that they won’t fit eventually. Try it on.” Tugging on my snug bra, the dress fit perfectly. Loving the way the skirt floated away from me, Demy was already dressed in a simple black dress shirt and dark jeans. His casual look threw me off, a scythe charm dangled off of his wrists. Staring at him with pure bewilderment, he tugged his hair into a neat man bun. Shrugging his shoulders, he sauntered over to me. His hungry eyes devoured me.
“I like it very much.” I stammered with a fluttering heart. Wrapping his arm around the small of my waist, his lips pressed against mine passionately. Arching my body towards him, time stopped once more. Why did this keep happening! Releasing me from his spell, his forehead pressed against mine.
“I forgot to tell you that I can disguise myself. Now I look like an albino goth.” He explained playfully, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. “Let me fix your hair.” Brushing through it, he twisted it into a simple side braid. Kicking over my boots, he kissed my forehead while I slid on my boots. Spinning around the room, he swung me underneath him. Smothering me in kisses, he placed me on his back. Walking downstairs, we burst out onto the busy street. People smiled at us as he took every turn to an abandoned mansion. Vines had claimed the red brick, the metal porches barely hanging on.
“I bought it for us.” He proclaimed proudly, placing his hands on his hips. “I thought it was time we got a place of our own. What do you think?” Tears welled up in my eyes, my hand falling on my bump. He didn’t have to, my other hand clenching into a tight ball. Glancing up at the top window, a lone female spirit floated in her flowing nightgown. Cocking my head, shadowy hands ripped her back. Bursting through the front door, dust covered the water damaged walls. Sprinting upstairs, my fingers curled around my staff. The stairs creaked dangerously underneath my boots, a jump in the air saving me from a painful fall as the steps crumbled. Landing on the metal railing, my boots clanged against the metal with every step. A ghost was in trouble, the scene shifting around me. Demy caught up to me, the inside of the house rewinding back in time. Pristine walls with ornate wallpaper greeted me, Demy letting out a long sigh.
“We are trapped in another time bubble.” He groaned to himself, rubbing his forehead. “We know the only way out is to kill the ghost who brought us here. This bubble reeks of something else though. Can you smell the sulfur?” Sniffing the air, he wasn’t wrong. Hiding me underneath the staircase, my breath hitched at his body pressed against mine. A man with chocolate brown hair and caramel eyes landed inches from us, blood pouring from his eyes. A child’s scream snapped me from my horror filled trance, a thirteen year old girl ran by us with her long brown waves flying behind her. A shadow figure chased after her, a jagged blade sliding through her chest. Watching the ruby drops hit the floor, the worn wooden handle became stained with her blood. Dropping to the floor, her hand reached for me. The demon snapped its head towards us, rows of bloody fangs clicked together. Spinning his blade in his palm, his wrist flicked abruptly, Demy’s back caught the blade, his scythe charm glowing red hot. Pushing the knife out with his muscles, the charm grew to its full size. Ravens cawed behind him, the bracelet turning back into his top hat. Scarlet flames twisted with golden flames, the feathers floating behind me. Cocking his head back, crazed laughter burst from his lips.
“You are going to have to find me first.” He taunted cruelly, clapping his hands. “I will never let you claim my home.” Demy narrowed his eyes in his direction, the annoyance disappearing into the floor. Coming out of our hiding spot, jazz music played outside. Creeping around the corner, my flames died down for a second. A pile of bright yellow liquid coated the spot he went through, Demy crouching down to examine it.
“He is ancient.” He grumbled under his breath, his kind gaze watched me take in the information. “The brighter the sulfur the older they are.” Feeling stupid for not understanding him, the solution wasn’t obvious to me. Shifting uncomfortably, no words came to the tip of my tongue. The ghost of the girl floated over to me, tears flowing endlessly down her cheeks. Her hair floated up behind her, her quaking hands gripping her ragged nightgown. Her milky eyes met mine, surprise rounding her eyes at my outreached hand.
“We are going to get rid of him for you. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can free you because of the whole murder thing. Maybe we can find your father.” I offered sincerely, her icy hands cupping mine. “We can turn on the television for you every now and then. I’ll even cook your favorite foods so you can smell them. The one thing you have to do is help me out. Can you do that?” The spirit of the father floated around the corner, his snow white hair danced wildly. Fixing his mustache, his milky eyes fell on us. Dusting off his suit, he cleared his throat. Holding out his hand, I gave it one good firm shake.
“I am Mr. Smillet and that is my daughter Milly. We would love to help you.” He introduced himself politely, ruffling his daughter’s hair. “Unfortunately, we can’t leave because of an eternal curse on the land but your idea sounds lovely. Let’s make this place a home once more.” Floating through the floor, his head popped up through the center of the hole.
“This is going to sound backwards but he is in the attic.” He chirped warmly, pulling himself out. “We will lead the way.” Walking past the photos of them, the nineteen twenties raged outside. Stopping at the attic door, they took a step back. Thanking them silently, we pushed the door open. Pressing our backs against the wall, the stairs creaked with every step. Glancing behind me, the door slammed shut behind us. The only light flickered, my heart seconds from beating out of my chest. Pop! A sea of darkness swallowed us, cold breezes lashing our cheeks. Summoning my flames, my heart sank into the pit of my stomach at his face inches from mine. Slamming my heel into his chest, he smashed into the wall. Climbing the stairs, I kicked a pile of boxes down the stairs. Spinning my scythe over my head, balls of flames whipped in his direction. Stopping them before they hit him, he raised his hand over his head. Hundreds of those damn daggers spun over his head, my metal feathers destroying them upon impact. Snapping his fingers, cold hands smashed through the floorboards. Slicing my palm on an exposed nail, Demy seemed to be dealing with his own problems. Smearing my hand on the wall, the scent was enough for me to summon my pets. Whistling sharply, the attic door rattled violently. Wet snarls echoed on the other side, my three pets taking him down to the ground. Pulling his gun from his pocket, Demy towered over the howling demon. Pressing his gun to his forehead, his finger tugged on the trigger. His bullet burst from the end, his body decaying to ash. My pets bounded up to me, their tails wagging a mile a minute. Rubbing their bellies, they melted into puddles.
“Who are good doggies!” I spoke with my dog mom’s voice, tongues licking my face left and right. The time bubble still remained, my eyes narrowing. Something felt off, a glowing orb bounced in the corner. Walking over to it cautiously, the ball of light floated into my clammy palm. Tears welled up in my eyes, the spirit was her mother. The real reason the time bubble existed was because of her, her soul purpose had been served. She stayed behind to protect them, one more thing stopping her.
“I need you to promise to take care of them.” She spoke gently, the orb floating in the air. “I can’t stay here because I dragged myself outside of the property line. I need to know that they will be okay.” Drops of light hit the floor, sobs bounced off the wall. Demy embraced me from behind, his chin resting on my head. Flashing the orb with his crooked grin, the drops of light slowed to a halt.
“We vow to give them a lovely afterlife. I was thinking we could give them the attic.” He promised sincerely, kissing the top of my head. “We can furnish the space as they wish. Then they can hang out with us downstairs. How does that sound?” Thinking for a minute, the orb floated into the sky. The time bubble glitched, a dusty attic greeting us. Pressing my palm to the splintered floor, a bright light blinded us. Covering his eyes, the light died down. Pristine floors brushed against my palm, a neat bedroom pleased me. The simple furniture would do, a picture of the girl's family hung on the wall. Running downstairs, the two spirits waited on the other side of the door. Opening the door for them, I motioned for them to go on up. Gasps of wonder bounced off the wall, my eyes scanning the scarlet walls. The hall seemed empty, my fingers tracing the one ancient mirror. Demy’s jaw dropped, my finger picking it up.
“If I can heal living things I can bring inanimate objects back to life.” I bragged with a wide grin, poking it to see if it was real. “I didn’t think I could do this well. We do have to get some furniture though. I could only manifest theirs because it had existed at one point. Do you like it?” Parting his lips to speak, a distraught woman sprinted in. One of our marks entered the hall, I put my foot out. Not seeing my foot, his face smashed onto the floor. Pressing my staff into his back, he put his hands up. The silky onyx hair contrasted the restored wooden floors, my three dogs surrounding him.
“If you move a fucking muscle you'll become dog chow.” I snapped hotly, flaming feathers hovered over him. “Tell me why you were cha-” My face dead panned at my former colleague charging at me with a haunted expression. Grabbing her by the arm, I tossed her over my head. The floor groaned in protest, the boards repairing themselves. Examining her closer, her eyes were ruby. Her lilac waves cascaded down her back, the white frilly Lolita dress hugged her petite body. A diamond collar sparkled on her neck, my eyes falling on the inky stain spreading on the white lace. Sniffing the air, I let them both go. A nasty bugger limped down the hall, a curved lilac blade quivered in his sludgy back. Demy raised his scythe, his ravens cawing behind him. Harsh winds blew our hair around, my flames roaring to life. Crouching down to their level, I yanked both of the heads up by their hair.
“If I help you, you join my army. No ifs, and or buts.” I barked sternly, the two of them nodding. “Sit back and watch the show.” Resting against the wall, her master fussed over her. Spinning my staff over my head, flaming feathers landed in the body. Demy leapt over my head, his scythe cutting into the body. The demon roared, horror rounding our eyes as it absorbed our power. Opening up its mouth, a wall of lilacs blocked its path. An idea came to mine, the flames of the burning lilacs illuminating my features.
“We need to hit it with everything we have.” I whispered so it wouldn’t hear, bewildered expressions meeting my determined grin. “You have trust in me.” Allowing my powers to build up at the top of my staff, Demy’s pure power built at the end of his scythe. Swinging our weapons at the same time, a rush of hot air blew our hair back. Taking the mirror off the wall, I held it in front of us. Let’s see how much power he could take. Demy held me by my hips in preparation for the impact. Absorbing the power as I had planned, a beam of our power slid us back a few feet. The beam hit him, the cracks beginning to form on his skin. Absorbing the doubled energy, he blasted the mirror again. The frame creaked, the beam striking the mirror once more. Demy held me down with all of his strength. The game of tennis continued until the energy decayed him into a pile of ash. Lowering the mirror, the house repaired itself. Demy huffed behind me, his arm spinning me around. Kissing me hungrily, he seemed grateful that I was alive. Crouching down to her level, Demy’s top hat absorbed his scythe and ravens.
“Where is she wounded? I won’t hurt her. I want to heal her.” I assured him kindly, the fellow demon taking a step back. “Do you mind?” Lifting up her dress, a nasty spike stuck out of her back. Ripping it out, she cussed like a sailor. Hovering my hand over the gaping wound, her muscle fused back together. Watching her skin patch itself, a nasty scar throbbed underneath my touch. Demy kicked her blade over, her trembling fingers gripping the worn leather hilt with raw terror.
“You must be Davidos Darth and Lilac Mattson. These two defected a couple of years ago.” Demy explained calmly, the petite woman embracing me graciously. “They were just hunted down by one of her sludgy monsters. The Golden Lion must be after you. The question is why.” A two year old girl peeked out from around the corner, her lilac waves grazing the floor. A white summer dress floated away from her body, her ruby eyes falling on me. A bright smile illuminated Lilac’s purple lips, the girl’s purple lips curling into a matching smile.
“Mommy!” She cried out, Lilac tossing me to the floor as she caught her daughter. “I am glad you are safe. I hid in my invisibility bubble like you told me too. Who is the pretty lady?” Crouching down to her level, I held out my hand.
“I am Scarlet Deaclon, your mother’s best friend. How do you feel about living here? Is that alright with your mother?” I inquired sweetly, her face lighting up. “I can’t have you guys running like that. I will put a protection spell on the house if it makes you feel better. Us defectors have to stick together.” Silent tears stained Lilac’s cheek, Davidos seemed seconds from crying.
“Seriously, I can’t have you guys on the street. Fight with me and we can have a miniature family.” I continued jovially, ruffling the girl’s beautiful hair. “I can also babysit if you need it.” Lilac began to sob, several fresh cuts and bruises caught my eyes.
“Why are you being so nice?” She wept softly, wiping away her tears. “I don’t deserve it. We left in s-” Putting my hand in the air, confusion mixed with sadness. Cupping her face, she quaked underneath my touch.
“She is the best reason to leave.” I comforted her kindly, my three dogs bounding up to the little girl. “Don’t worry they don’t bite. What’s her name?” Oreo, Stripes, and Darkness smothered her in love, the girl's giggles twinkled in the air. The four of them played as Davidos helped Lilac to her feet, Demy pacing back and forth. An irritated growl rumbled in his throat, a hand on his shoulder calming him down. He had to know that we needed allies, his lips brushing against the top of my head. Fishing around his pocket, a worn pocket knife sat in my palm. Cutting the blade across my palm, my eyes watched the blood pool. Drawing a powerful protection spell on the wall, the house rattled the moment I slammed my palm onto the wall. A golden dome hummed to life around the house. Mouthing a silent spell, five necklaces appeared in my palms. Golden feathers dangled off of the golden chains, no words being said as I passed them out.
“These will protect you when you leave the house.” I informed them with my real smile, dropping the necklace over the little girl’s head. “This should increase your ability to become invisible.” Clearing her throat, she stood in the attention position. Holding her head up high, Demy grinned at her proud stance.
“I am Lavender.” She introduced herself boldly, cupping my hands. “I vow to be your ally.” Chuckling softly to myself, my hand fell to my stomach absentmindedly. Hoping my kid was this awesome, hope glittered in her eyes. Demy spun me on my heels, placing my necklace over my head. Hooking his elbow in mine, he glanced back with concern.
“We are going to pick up some grub. Is pizza okay?” He asked with his crooked grin, their heads nodding. “We will be right back.” Guiding me out the door, our neighbors stared at us long and hard. Waving to them, they waved back awkwardly. Letting the moonlight bathe me, he spun me around. Holding me by the small of my waist, scarlet colored my cheeks.
“Did you see that adorable little girl? Do you think ours will be as awesome?” He mused playfully, kissing my lips feverishly. A goofy look dawned on my face, the feather necklace I made glittered on his shirt. Following my gaze, he fiddled with the magical charm.
“I would be a fool not to wear what my wife made for me.” He continued happily, his hand sliding down to my slight bump. Getting onto his knees, his lips brushed against the surface. Hugging my bump, a deeper crimson rose to my cheeks. People watched with warm smiles, the older couples holding each other tighter. Rising to his feet, he hooked his elbow in mine. Making me feel like the lead in a romance novel, pride swelled in his eyes. Walking me to the local pizza place, a warmth came over me. A shadow figure darted in the distance, the serenity leaving my mind. What the hell was that?
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