Sugar Rush Eggs [MEGATHREAD]

2023.03.27 22:32 AutoModerator Sugar Rush Eggs [MEGATHREAD]

This is the thread to post the images of any eggs. This post is for all discussion and questions regarding eggs. If you would like to show off or ask about contents please upload the image in the comments. All posts outside of this megathread will be removed.

Contents of several eggs have already been leaked in another thread.
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2023.03.14 16:52 chri5uh Was just checking him out on mutgg and saw this 🤯🤯 y’all think it’s a glitch?

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2022.12.01 00:49 Bmw5464 How Do The All Madden Chems Work?

With the release of All Madden III tomorrow, I was wondering if anyone had actually purchased all 10 players to get the tier for the plus two overall boost? Is it decent on guys like Matthews and Taylor? I wish mutgg would actually show them scaling up from the bonus.
If anyone has seen a video on it or has done it themselves, care to share?
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2022.09.24 14:05 DemonSlyr007 Investing 101: WE MADE IT! Legends Saturday

I'm going to try and not let the power trip go to my head, but I'm only human and need to get one thing off my chest (well two): I TOLD Y'ALL! These 85's were going to be money and that's going to pay off today. Also, to everyone who said that these methods will be less profitable now that we are sharing them, I still don't believe you. It's greedy to keep methods to yourself when a majority of players can't be bothered to come here and read these let alone actually trust and follow them. Plus, the market changes pretty much daily and this week emphasized that, so share what worked for you last week here! There's no harm in doing so, and it helps build a community up instead of tearing it down! With that being said, let's dive in!
TL;DR: Buy Low, Sell High, make coins, don't buy packs, stick it to EA, become a dragon, ???, Profit. Mid Legends 85 ovr much profit very wow.

Week in Review

This section is going to be used to describe what happened with the market and what I did over the last week to make coins. I'll be as specific as I can be in the moment, but as always if you have questions I will happily answer to the best of my abilities in my DMs or in this thread. Special apology to those that DMd the day of this post or throughout the week, I'm basically knocking on deaths door now that I'm almost through the 27 club, so this old mind didn't realize I was blocking every DM until I accepted the messages. I'll be more attentive this week now that I know.
After my investment last week of 1.5 million coins into the 85 legends, I had about 1.8 million left to work with through the week. I flipped some Larry Fitz cards when they dropped to 210k for 279k and climbed back up to over 2.4mil. But the big chunks came later in the week. I made an absolute killing on Friday when the PACKSTRIKE took full effect. On Wednesday and Thursday, the market absolutely nosedived on some high end cards, specifically the 88-89 QB, DB, and HB market. Thats what I focused on, but checking today's prices, if you bought literally any of these cards at any position and started selling today, they are all major profit. Specifically though, for me, I bought about 6 or so 88 Josh Allen's for 100k and under with most being in the 95k range, I bought 6 89 ovr Joe Montanas for 140k and under either most being 130k and lower, 3 or 4 89 ovr L'Jarius Sneeds for 110k and under with one at 99k, an 89 Jerome Bettis for 135k and my first true snipe of this game in 89 ovr Deacon Jones for 96,750. I also bought a fair number of 88 ovr Cooper Kupp, Kevin Byard, Mark Andrew's, and Myles Garrett's over the week when they were lower than 90k and flipped them for 119k (except the MGs, those I sold for 139k).
All of those sold on Friday morning. I sold all my Allen's for 155-159k, my Montana's for 195-210k, Sneed for 169k, Bettis for 189k, and that sniped Deacon Jones for 239k. The crazy thing about that profit, is I actually undersold these cards. Thanks to the PACKSTRIKE the market dried up super duper fast after everyone stopped ripping open the Gridiron stuff. I was getting disheartened thinking it might be an actual crash, but then checked at noon on Friday and everything was sold and I had 3 million coins in the bank... and we haven't even got to the fun part today: All the 85 legends. Don't worry, we will get there.

A Brief Note on the 84 Legends

Before we dive into what to do today with your 85's, let's talk about the 84's. I think these cards might be stabilized for a bit at 44.5k. For as long as the 90 OVR legend cards like Herman Moore maintain their value, so should these cards. If you see 84's for lower than 35k, that's quick profit. HOWEVER, this will not last for too many more weeks. As more 91 OVRs become the norm, those 90s will depreciate in value, reducing the value of the 84's. It is possible, though, that when this happens it could come back around when 92 Legends start being released early November, but I don't like speculating that far out, that's just crazy. We can re evaluate when we get closer to that point. For now though, those 84's still have decent value, but they are harder to find at lower prices now.

85 Legends, Your Time Has Come

If you listened to me last week and bought some 85's when they were 18-22k, Congrats on making it big lads! We are about to be quite a bit richer than we were last week. How you handle today and selling them is up to you. Me personally, I'm going to try and start high and sell them for 59k, and slowly drop them. Why so high and not at the current rate of 45k? Well, I think we are in the middle of a perfect storm of reasons. Thanks to the PACKSTRIKE, the market is drying up. In addition, people were absolutely buying the 85 Legends and quickselling them for training when the Gridiron re roll came out, which further depreciated the 85 market. I think the demand is going to be high and the supply will be short, especially with such a nasty looking card like that 91 LT. I really wish that RT wasn't LTD, it would have spiked these cards way higher, but that's very clearly an attempt by EA to get people to cave on the PACKSTRIKE.
When you have leverage and hold a market, don't undersell yourself right away. Sell high and work down from there as they don't sell, not the other way around. Keep in mind, if the set is exactly the same as the other Legends, people will need 4 of these 85s just to build one 91 Legend card. That is huge. In addition these cards are STILL needed for the 89 Legends, 3 of them there. They have double the value right now, triple Thanks to the limited market supply atm. Ride it out lads/lasses and make that coin!

The Tip Jar

This section is going to be for general tips and philosophies I have as a NMS player. If you have more, leave some in the comments below! Plenty of people are mad with EA right now AND want to play this game. Going NMS (no money spent FYI) is the best way to do both things.
Tip 1: Unless you have mega millions (3 plus) don't go out and buy the absolute best card available atm. Obviously, it's your coin stack, do what you want with it. But always keep in mind that the most expensive cards will be not that expensive in 1 month time, whereas 1 million coins is still 1 million coins. Look no further than 89 Steve Atwater this year. When he first came out, there was a pretty popular post here complaining that they won't be able to afford his 750k-1mil cost until December. Atwater is now 200k. It's been about a month or so since he released. If you have a bit of patience, those top cards will come down in price, while you continue to build your stack.
Tip 2: Don't forget you are playing a game though and to spend your coins! Almost directly contradicting my point above, this tip is a reminder to myself too. The point of the game is to have fun and build your own ultimate team, not hoard wealth like I'm daddy beezos building a super Yacht that's also a Transformer with a shark tank on board. The rule of thumb I have for going out and getting top game changing cards, changes with your coin stack inheritantly. The more coins you have, the bigger cards you can buy. Simple. But that leaves people of varying coin stack sizes confused on what they should buy or not. So, I think a better way to approach it is to look at your purchase as a percent based purchase of your current total coin stack. My first big card purchase was 89 Joe Mixon for 179k when I had a coin stack of 1 million. I was rocking the 83 miles sanders and wanted to upgrade. So I looked at my coin stack and decided I could spend 20% of my stack and then go back to rebuilding and flipping cards. Once I made that coin back, I could do the same thing again at another position of need. For me, 20% was a good benchmark for a position of need as I don't upgrade all that often. Thats my comfortable risk tolerance zone. Maybe for you it's 15% or 10%. That's something you have to decide for yourself. But looking at it like a percent purchase of your liquid coin stack is better than getting caught up on the specific numerical value, which will change day to day. Know your budget and work within it!
Tip 3: When looking for new cards to flip on the market, do so at a position you don't mind upgrading! This is the best way to feel good about your investments. This tip is especially useful for the Soon to be Ballers (people under 1 million coins) as you aren't buying large batches of cheap cards to flip. You are likely buying a single card or two to flip and then repeating as you build your stack. So buy a card you wouldn't mind actually starting on your roster atm! I did this with the 84-85 market and flipped a lot of Big Qs, Denzel Wards, Kyle Pitts, and Aj Terrells when I had a sub 300k stack because those were all cards I could use on my roster at the time, and I didn't know their selling points. Turns out, I could flip most of those (again at the time, might not be the cade anymore, PLEASE don't just go out and do this without checking current prices) for 10k coins profit easy.
Tip 4: always factor in your 10% tax when calculating card profit. It's easy too since it'd 10%, just take the first two numbers, and add the corresponding amount of zeros needed and then you have how much you will be losing to tax. Ex) I'm selling a card for 45,000k, my tax will be 4,500, for a total card sale value of 40,500k. I bought it for 20k, so I made 20,500k off of that card AFTER tax.
Tip 5: Best time to buy regardless of coin stack size is about 1-6 hours after brand new content is released. You can absolutely be there right when the content is dropped, but since no one knows if those prices are good, you could easily overpay. So I like to wait for the market to settle a bit before purchasing new card types to flip. If its an old existing card like a core elite, by all means go ham if you see a price you like. But new cards are speculative for a bit and I don't like taking that risk.
Tip 6: I am not a MUT wizard, I just am a stay at home house husband looking for something to do with my time and right now, that's work the Auction House. I'm also an absolute Ape who makes some dumb decisions, so use your own judgement with what you want to invest please.

So Where Do We Go From Here?

Congrats on your large coin stack after today! I got an idea from another user asking what to do with 4 million coins, and I realized I focused a bit to much on the lower coin stack with my last post. So, I've decided to make two extra sections in my write up each week here, a Soon to be Baller section for those under 1 million coins and a Baller Shot Caller section for those above a million coins. Everything here on out is speculative and will change week to week. We will revist how it did here and whether it worked or not. Since EA can change anything at any time in their own game, don't invest everything only what you can afford to lose. Always think what you have to sell avard for to at least make your money back when you are looking for new ventures

Soon to be Ballers

Hey welcome to a whole different side of Madden Ultimate Team! Congrats on making it this far! I appreciate you! Unfortunately, I actually don't have much advice at the moment because of the jacked up prices. Best advice I can give is don't buy cards right at this moment, wait to see when the market starts dropping again. When it does, target the 82-83 range if you are under 100k, 84-85 range if your are under 500k, and 86-77 range if you are under 1 million. Use good price tool tips like mutgg or muthead (both are websites) that show you the complete history of a cards price to see where the relative floor (lowest average price) of a card is, and THEN watch those cards with your own eyes. A lot of people use these tools and they are awesome, but they can also skew the priced a tad. A great example I used last week and will use again is 85 Denzel Ward. In the first few weeks of the game prior to campus heroes, he sold for 40k according to all of the tooltips including Madden itself. That was mostly true. Except, at night, or certain times of the day, his supply would dry up and you could regularly sell him for 55k. This happens with all kinds of card. Remember, the average price you are seeing when you look at a cards value is an average. Often of a small sample size too, like the last 25 cards sold. So when a supply dries up and his card goes for more, you can make serious coin to build up to the higher markets.
Also, UTILIZE THE FILTERS and sell for 1 hrs almost all of the time (unless you are sleeping or working or don't want to be playing MUT). Filters are extremely important to actually see the lowest card values. Madden only displays 100 cards at a time on your screen. Those are not the cheapest cards either, it has never made any sense to me what ones they show and what ones they don't. So when you apply filters like Type:QB, Quality 84-85 you drastically reduce the card pool and can see brand new cards at their cheapest price. Sometimes you have to filter down to team as well if the card is popular. As for why use the 1hr sell? It's because a lot of people don't even use filters. They just buy whatever cards show up as expiring soon. This is why a lot of your cards won't sell until the final 5 or 10 minutes of auction. So, logically you want your card to get to that screen as much as possible. Posting a card for as short amount of time as you can as often as you can is a good way to do this and find out where a card can actually sell for!

Baller Shot Callers

Welcome to myself! I've been in the millionaire gang in MUT before, but never the 3 Million plus gang before and certainly not this early in the year. I'm excited to keep welcoming new Ballers each week too and discuss what I think I'm going to do with my coins here. For now, my priority will be selling these 85 legend cards. But after wards, I'll probably keep browsing the 88-89 market. Those cards are higher risk because a crash absolutely will happen on their prices eventually, but I think they will still hold most of their value until Thanksgiving content at least. We might see a dip when Halloween content comes, but at the end of the day, don't panic. 20 new cards isn't going to tank prices across the board, at least not for long. That's the perfect buying opportunity. Why did 88 Josh Allen, a top 6 QB in the game drop nearly 80k in price in a two day span because one 700k Justin Herbert dropped? Is it because Allen is suddenly bad or because people who were changing him out for Herbert were all undercutting eachother COMBINED with people opening packs/rerolls also undercutting eachother? If you think it's the later, pull the trigger! We've got the coin. You have to have coin to spend coin to make coin. That's what I'll be keeping an eye on.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for making it this far. It's sure there are editing mistakes so I'll be fixing those as the day goes on. I tried to get those out early prior to the legends release to help everyone out who bought last week. I'm sure I'm forgetting some things I wanted to point out, but I've been typing on mobile for so long now my brain is a bit fried. I'll answer anything below that isn't a troll lol and the same goes for the DMs.
I hope the PACKSTRIKE works out tbh. Everyone raising prices too is helping put stress on the market which ultimately gives the strikers MORE leverage, so keep it up guys! I doubt it will get through to EA because at the end of the day, EA cares about one thing and one thing only: $$$. But just because something feels hopeless doesn't mean it isn't worth fighting for or trying to change for the better. Keep those heads high and those wallets secure. Even better, go NMS.
Finally, if this last part isn't allowed Mods, please just dm m3 before deleting and I'll delete this part myself. If any streamers or content creators out there are loooking for a partner that covers NMS or auction house stuff, looking to pay someone too, dm me. I could use the job, but also I've always wanted a teammate/partner to work with. I'm a bit of a wanderlust soul atm and something to focus on while doing something I enjoy would be nice.
Love y'all, see you next week/throughout the week.
Bonus Edit: The bundle toppers are 86 OVRs too guys. Even if people cave on the PACKSTRIKE, the 85 OVRs will be harder to find because everyone who listened to me and bought them, have them instead, AND there are 4 needed for the sets for 91s. And still there are 3 needed for the 89s too. It's all gas no brakes time!
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2022.09.06 21:50 stupidusername Budget Kicking - Save Money and avoid top tier kickers

Budget Kicking - Save Money and avoid top tier kickers
Kickers are expensive and I can't figure out why. Even the low Elite kickers go for well over the typical Elite prices, and they aren't even that good.
Kick Power is literally everything, particularly in your Kick Off Specialist, and the 4th highest Kick Power in the game is a high Gold (Panthers 79 OVR Zane Gonzalez)
Sure, there are people on here with a million gold stashed but spending a premium on that position just doesn't make sense to me. The 85 KPW Gold player can still reliably get kickoffs to the end of the endzone, and your money is much better spent on impact position players than a specialist.
Edit: Linking to mutgg
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2022.04.24 08:30 fucktooshifty Does LE Larry Csonka get 3x Dolphin chems?

I cannot seem to find it on mutgg, but RG Chris Long gets 3x Rams chems so I think he would
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2021.12.11 01:03 Curious-Pie-1483 Auction house question

I know madden has mutgg to check cards averages prices does hut have one?
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2021.11.24 05:30 Headweirdoh Jason Taylor Secondary Positions?

Does anyone anyone know if he gets any secondary positions? MUTGG & Muthead don’t seem to have anything
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2021.08.18 06:53 BiggunBarbosa Where is Eric Fisher?

Run Colts TT and he hasn’t been available in the auction house ever and has no prices on mutgg. What’s going on? Mutgg says he has a gold 79 card and haven’t seen it.
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