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2023.06.03 23:07 tnpsych What’s a good career roadmap for a new stagehand looking to work in audio?

First, thank you for your support the other day as I landed my first job with a production company. I’m transitioning from audio post production (radio/podcasts) to hopefully work as an audio engineer for shows.
The company I’m now working for seems quite supportive and I’ve done a lot of digging on how to translate my audio background in podcasts to live mixing. Granted, there’s differences between the two, but I’ve noticed a lot of similarities so I’m thinking my audio background might make for an easier transition, though I fully expect and will embrace the inevitable difficulty that comes with live mixing.
For context, I was working at a high level in audio post production (editing and mixing with Pro Tools, performing corrections with iZotopeRX, and doing a lot of editorial work for long form audio documentaries and interviews. I ended up producing figures like Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu).
With that said, I’m accepting the fact that live audio engineering is a completely new territory for me so I’d walking into it with an open mind and ready to learn.
Eventually I would like to tour as an engineer, so what can I be doing now to gain experience and how can I make myself useful for the company I’m currently working for? I’m a big believer in just staying humble and learning along the way (it just makes life easier), but I’d like to take these skills on the road. I love this work so I’m willing to put the work in, I just kinda feel a bit blind on how to think about this in a future sense.
Thank you all for your support. Your feedback and encouragement is very much appreciated.
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2023.06.03 23:06 kashpan Why do people's eyes get watery at paranormal stories?

( This isn't a symptom or related to any disorder. What i'm talking about is a harmless response the brain has. I am only pointing out curious behaviour that it sometimes has and it's repeated response.)
I've noticed this in alot of people and in myself and i am very curios as to what the brain is even trying to do (or what it is failing to do)
Whenever i see or hear something very creepy or unnerving my eyes water. I'm not scared in the traditional sense, i'm not even really that scared.
It's usually about paranormal stuff or just things that can't be explained. For example this doesn't happen to me when i'm watching a horror movie or playing a game (then i'm just tense and if i get jumpscared i scream).
It's a weird feeling, can't explain it, people who have had this will definetly know what i'm talking about . It's on par with a light version of dread.
It isn't weeping or stress crying. Crying out of anger, stress, pain, sadness, joy or anything else is completely diffrent. It's almost like your eyes are just cleaning themselves.
As a concrete example, i was listening to something while i worked and a story about the first chinese astronaut and how he kept hearing knocking on his spaceship came up. He didn't see anybody and it wasn't some tech failing. He just heard knocking on the metal of his spaceship. That triggered the response and a few drops filled my eyes.
Another quite creepy one was when i was little i had sleep paralysis and saw this Monster from Scooby Doo. In full realistic detail and my god was that thing terrifying. I didn't even know what sleep paralysis was so it was a mistery for a long time. I know that's a scary monster but not so scary as to make my eyes water years later.
I don't believe in the supernatural at all and the only responses i've seen are that im an "empath" and that i can sense spirits. Unless the soul of a 2D cartoon came to haunt me then i think I'm safe.
They usually can go away if i expose myself to that a few times. I have no problem looking at that monster now obviously but until recently that wasn't the case.
My theory is that it's just the body's response to very frightened, not just scared but more complexly frightened by something, like a credible idea or some past event. Kind of like how instead of fainting some people just lose power in their fist. The danger isn't in front of me so there's no need for andrenaline or for blood to be pumped faster so it just makes me teary eyed for some reason. It's just weird that it only comes up when convincing supernatural stuff is shown.
Another explanation from someone else was that it might be a form of synesthesia. "a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway."
I would really like to hear your thoughts.
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2023.06.03 23:06 fireglide93 Angry at wife, she knows what ticks me off and does it anyway.

Long story short my wife of 10 yrs especially after having kids pushed to take over more and more of what was my house. Fine, but she has pushed continually for the kids to have more and more of our living room, then more and more of the house to be “kid-proofed”. Step by step we had arguments over that. Seems like I should be in the corner with all my stuff while everybody else gets whatever they want. Yes I have things and tools and etc that come and go around a house with handy projects going on. Every time there’s an idea of what should go where there’s changes of mind and things sometimes gets switched around with notice. My wife likes or permits her mother to come over periodically and help her with things. Usuallly clean our sink full of dishes, that are a priority for me but not for her. Her mother is left to work alone where things get put anywhere and it’s up to someone to find it when they need it. Also they move things around and change where my things are which drives me nuts. She’s long known I don’t like people moving my things around because I know exactly where things are and usually after her (or their) work I have to look for one or more items for 15-20 mins when I need them, do that 2-3 times in a day and that would tick anybody off. Recently she approached me about clearing our third bedroom out that needs finishing. Been slow going from being busy with kids, life, work, job change etc. A couple weeks ago her mother was over, its always scheduled on a day I’m working. (I once asked her why and she says it’s because I would slow them down.🙄) I come home from work and though I’m angry I just go do something I wanted to do and took the kids to a park. I just tried to ignore it all, because when I think about it I get angry. They were back at it the other day, I get some texts at work saying she’s moving our big dog crate for our two dogs back into that room etc. I just don’t respond, I’m already angry. I come home and a bunch of my stuff is moved or boxed toted or stacked like a couple weeks ago. I don’t know if she knows how to clean, (she calls herself more of an organizer) I come home and look around at and have basically ignored, been brief, and given her the cold shoulder the past two days. I think I’ve done a good job separating why I’m ticked at her and why I’m upset about other things going on in recent days. This is not a new thing, every time this happens I feel hurt and and I’m pissed at her. She had the nerve to ask for a pep talk this morning ( as she sometimes does when she’s feeling down and asking if I still love her and hinting at sex tonight which I didn’t even respond to. I believe so have a legit reason to be angry. You go around doing what you want when you want and expect me to be fine with something you know at least put me on edge and usually over it. I just feel like ignoring her some more. It’ll probably blow over, but I’m so tired of the same BS. She tried to compliment me on handling our tough kids well at an all day scout event today. I didn’t want it and made it clear. If I fall into the sex intoxication lol it’s like drinking your feelings away. I’m angry and want it to be known, my stuff is not being respected. Her stuff and kid’s stuff taken care of or all over. I’m very active in the daily cleaning and care of our home btw. It’s times like this where I wonder my fiancé is behind this person I’m married who would knowingly stab me repeatedly 10 yrs later and want it to be ok.
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2023.06.03 23:05 NG-Kobra2918 Tmod loader bug

When I’m on the main menu of tmod loader there’s this bug I’ve had where clicking with my mouse doesn’t work and I have to use the space bar instead the only exception is when there’s a need for going like the search in the mod browser or the password on multiplayer
Does anyone know how to fix this?
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2023.06.03 23:05 AlaskanSnowDragon Texas lawmakers have approved a $200m budget to increase film and TV production in the US state.
"A bill by Rep. Craig Goldman of the city of Fort Worth to lower to the percentage of Texas residents required on certain production crews from 70% to 55% was also approved."
"He has yet to sign the budget into effect and could still alter individual provisions via item-by-item vetoes. According to Fort Worth Report, he "has shown no signs of unfriendliness toward the film incentives."
The fact that this subsidy only requires 55% to be texas residents may be very appealing to VFX studios. But also the fact that its capped at 200mil may prevent some film productions. I dunno. Very interesting to see how this plays out and if brings vfx work back to the US. I dont see how though being that its still more expensive to pay artists in USD than CAD.
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2023.06.03 23:05 Darth-Donkey-Donut I really don’t know what to do

I have had hayfever literally my entire life; I remember struggling in primary school to spend time on the field and I remember barely ever leaving my pollen filtered room during the summer pretty much forever. I’ve been taking any kind of antihistamine that works for as long as I can remember.
Unfortunately I have hit a bit of a problem: None of them are working anymore, I’ve tried citirozene, loratadine, benadryl, piroten and even the fancy new allevia stuff.
Over the years I have had to take progressively larger doses and cycle them on a bit of a rota before they lose effectiveness for me, But for the last year or so nothing has worked.
Today alone I have had 3 citirozenes, 1 loratadine, 2 pirotens and an allevia tablet and I am still completely unable to breathe through my nose or close my mouth for more than a few moments for an indomitable fear of drowning in my own constantly dripping snot.
This is no overstatement or joke, I find it terrifying to eat when it’s bad enough as it interrupts my breathing cycle with my mouth, I haven’t had anything yet today. My eyes itch with the fire of a thousand suns before even touching them and my nose, no matter how much i blow it and wipe it and nasal spray it my nasals never clear and I still cannot breathe at all.
I have hayfever year round but it peaks in the summer, I do not think there has been a day in the last few years of my life, winter included where I have not been trying to take something to fix this.
Please, Someone, Anyone; If there is any solution, no matter how hard to attain or difficult to acquire it is just please let me know. I can’t keep living like this.
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2023.06.03 23:05 UncleZeebs [FNV] Radiant-style Quest Mods?

I want to start a new playthrough of FNV and I was wondering if anyone knows of any mods that introduce repeatable quests like Skyrim and Fallout 4's radiant quests. I only know of 2:
Caravan Guard allows you to work as a guard for a caravan with random encounters during the trip that attack said caravan. You get paid at each stop with deductions based on how much damage the caravan took, and you can also decide to leave at each stop. My problem with this mod is that if you have any mods that change the terrain in anyway, Like Spiffyskytrooper's Desert Bridges, it breaks the caravan leader's pathfinding, as it seems to be hardcoded.
Mojave Express Courier Delivery Work (Primm) Allows you to actually do your damn job as a courier and deliver packages in exchange for about 200 caps per delivery. The trick is that any damage you take affects the package, which can actually break, and your payment is reduced based on how shot up, stabbed and blown up the package is when you finally deliver it. In addition, fast travel is disabled during delivery. You can however pay 80 caps to "travel with a caravan", which reenables fast travel for the delivery at the cost of making less money. Finally the NCR has set up toll booths along the main roads, meaning you can either stick to the roads where it's safe but have your caps cut into, or travel through the wilderness at the cost of increased chances of your package getting damaged. Overall a very good mod.
Does anyone know of any mods like the ones I listed above? Also sorry for the long winded explanations of both mods.
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2023.06.03 23:05 amaaybee Bs with pharmacy + insurance

Hi. My name is Amy and in October I got very sick. I stayed that way despite multiple hospital visits that just disregarded my symptoms and gave me two powerful anti biotics. On December 8 I went in to the hospital because I felt like I was dying. They tried to pull the same thing with giving me anti biotics and sending me home. This time I rejected them and said no I need further evaluation. Giving me a general diagnosis of colitis and treating it with anti biotics just doesn't seem right. The anti biotics were making me feel worse. They admitted me that day.
Three days later they gave me a colonoscopy in order to give me an actual diagnosis and it turns out I had severe ulcerative colitis. steroids failed, Remicade failed, and I was transported to a hospital in Baltimore, bc I live in a rural area. The doctors were supposed to be more experienced. On January 5th, I had a total collectomy and now I have a colostomy bag.
A few days later they realized my right ureter (the tube between your kidney and bladder that transports urine) was severed. They put a stint in to try to direct the urine but the doctor didn't place it properly and severed the ureter completely. I ended up with a nephrostomy bag. The tube leading to the bag would cause me to become septic approximately every two weeks. I was very sick the entire time I had it and it wasn't until two weeks ago that I got rid of it through another major surgery.
May 15 I was supposed to have a surgery to remove my right kidney and transplant it to the left side of my body to re attach the ureter. But I was already in the hospital for another infected nephrostomy tube. so they had to put it off until I was able to be transported to a different hospital in Baltimore.
The kidney was so damaged from the weeks of continued infection, that after they connected the kidney to the ureter and transplanted what they thought was successful, I started bleeding internally and my body was rejecting the kidney. Just two weeks ago I nearly died. I now have one kidney, but I am alive. And grateful.
All of this has happened since October. My life changed in an instant. I was already on this sub because I have a neck injury that is also pretty severe. I can't even feel my neck pain because of how badly this abdominal pain is. I don't know what I did to myself to end up like this, but it's rare I wake up without crying every day.
The hospital prescribed me 15mg of oxycodone, once every 4 hours. They gave me a two week prescription, 84 pills I think. It said two weeks on the label. So two weeks would be the 7th.
I had an appointment with my pain management doctor yesterday so I called the pharmacy to make sure they ordered a months supply of this medication. I had her send the prescription way ahead of time so if any issues arise, they can be handled before the 7fh. He tells me they're on back order. That my insurance company won't cover any amount of pills until the 18th instead of the 7th. And when they do fill it, they can only fill 96 of the 180 that I was ordered for a months supply.
So I've been taking my prescription as prescribed by the surgeons who wrote the prescription. Every 4 hours. I am in serious pain. They did some serious damage and I am having more disgusting symptoms than ever. Now I can't even pee normally either. I start to pee, I'll get a good stream going, and then suddenly, it stops. I wait a moment or two and the same thing happens. I go through this until I think I have emptied my bladder. I'm worried because I am not sure that I have fully emptied my bladder. I am concerned about getting a kidney infection due to this. I can't get an appointment with a urologist until the.28th.
I have to go back to Baltimore on the 8th for a follow up. Visit with the surgeons or just a surgeon who may or may not have worked on me. I have to drive almost three hours to Baltimore for me to see the doctor for probably less than five minutes. Then turn around and go back home. At least that's how it went with the follow-up with the surgeon who did the collectomy.
I guess I just needed somewhere to rant. I have enough pills now that if I only take one a day, I'll be fine by the me the 18th rolls around. I'm calling my insurance company as soon as I can on Monday to see what's going on here. They have some policy that every 25 days, you're allowed 180 pills. After 25 days end, it starts over and you are allowed 180 pills. This is the first time I've ever come close to having a script so large until now.
I'm terrified of how the next two weeks are going to go. I'm in serious pain. Just the incision hurts so much, my entire inside feels bruised. You don't think about how much you use your abdomen until something like this happens and your abdomen is cut's hard to walk, even just standing is a task. I can usually only do one activity per day before I need to rest. But I'm doing my best to get out at least once a day now. Also, while I was in the hospital my dog Lucy passed away on her 12th birthday. I had rescued her at six months old..
Thanks for listening to my unloading of*t.
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2023.06.03 23:05 Impossible-Buyer-673 I’m really tired of my home.

So for context, I’m 17(F) and my mother is 34(F). So I haven’t lived with my mother for 12 years and 5 and a half years ago, I moved in with her. I was finally happy to live with her, as I was living with my aunt for my entire life. I moved in with her, hopefully thinking that I’d have more freedom in my life but she’s worse than what I thought I was going through. In 8th grade, she told me I wouldn’t be able to go to the school I wanted to go to because of my grades, so I ended up making myself feel bad and I never went to the audition. I never really knew what depression was because I never had to go through it at all. I got diagnosed with it after I moved in with my mom. I used to be sad all the time, thinking I was always doing something wrong and then realized it wasn’t my fault, it was my mother’s. I recently learned that depression doesn’t always come with sadness, but it can be anger too. I’ve gotten pretty angry because I started fighting back with my mom because I’m really sick and tired of what she puts me through. So, I have alopecia and one time I was putting eyeshadow to cover my spot because I hate it, and she called me baldie and then got mad at me when I started crying at the fact she called me that. My little sister (Ginny, fake name) is 6 years old and my other sister (Hailey, fake name) is 13 years old. Hailey and Ginny go to the same school but Hailey leaves before Ginny does. Ginny’s father (Ben, fake name, 34M) is supposed to take Ginny to school every morning, but my mom and Ben would argue all the time and he would get kicked out of the house, meaning I would have to miss my first period to take Ginny to her bus stop. Then Ben came back, but my mom never gave the responsibility of him being a father back, so I’ve been taking Ginny to school even though Ben changed his work shift specifically for him to be able to take her to school. I don’t know what I should do. I might be moving out as soon as I graduate and live with my grandma. Should I confront her about my feelings? Or should I do that as soon as I leave and then tell her? I want to get help for my anger management, but she hasn’t been helping me at all to try and get that type of help. I don’t know what to do. Reddit please help me.
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2023.06.03 23:05 NoBoatsNoSnowmobiles Marshall AVT150 Presence

Marshall AVT150 Presence
Spent some time tracing this part of the circuit for the Marshall AVT150 (DrTube Schematic is my source), trying to see how the presence control works. I think I have this traced correctly.
Assuming I do, it appears that the presence control uses the impedance of the speaker in the filter. Does anyone have any insight how this actually works?
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2023.06.03 23:05 Incelsurprise Looking for the least bad option here.

Me: 39M, healthy, tall, educated, reasonably attractive, not on any medication, full hair, finances not quite what they should be at my age (that's what academia does to you) but better than ever before and improving, so no obvious red flags as far as I can tell and no downward tendencies in the last few years that would be an obvious reason for why I'm in a sexless marriage. I'm as fuckable as I ever were. So it's probably not that. I also have no unorthodox sexual desires, let alone recently developed ones, so it's not that either. I used to enjoy a hedonistic sex life in my 20s until I realised that it didn't fulfil me. Started looking for more calm waters and more meaningful connections, fell deeply in love with who would become my wife. The way I'm phrasing the story is relevant because sex was never a priority with her from the start. It was good, not great, it was fun/frequent enough but I loved her for other reasons and I mostly believe I still do.
Her: 37F, still very attractive to me, her body outright refuses to age, used to have some chronic endocrinological health conditions (thyroid issues) that were resolved beautifully when she changed her diet into a (now not so strict anymore) paleo direction and became a bit obsessed with gut health, gluten-free, yoga, supplements, etc. But her health seems to be proving her right ever since. Otherwise in good health and no psychological condition or trauma I'm aware of and no medication other than thyroid hormones.
Timeline: We met in 2010, split up for almost a year in 2015 (she left and asked me to take her back), we decided to go all in after that. Started trying to have kids around 2017, which turned sex into a chore with obsessive timing and zero passion whatsoever from her side. That phase really took the joy out of it for me as well and I was glad when we decided to stop and instead go with IVF, wich got us a wonderful little boy and my favourite human in 2019. There was no diagnosis that would have explained the difficulties. IVF took a second attempt as well. We also got married in 2018 but since then have had sex for fun exactly twice (once in 2018 and once in 2019). And of course it wasn't great, but why would it be after such a long time? I really enjoyed the intimacy with her though and suspected that we'd be able to have actual fun again. Interestingly she initiated both times (I have stopped trying a long time ago.) and both times happened on vacation in a hotel room. Make of that one what you will, psychologists. Maybe she was trying to find out if optimal conditions would make her enjoy it, I don't know. She's not easy to talk to about these things and acts very intuitively.
Fast forward to now. She has zero interest in sex and/or intimacy whatsoever, she says she never masturbates, has no sexual thoughts or desires whatsoever, she has just become completely colourblind to sexuality. She is a non-sexual entity and I've kind of started accepting her that way. But sex isn't the only thing that's lacking in our relationship. Any kind of non-sexual intimacy is extremely rare and our emotional connection is clearly damaged, as we both don't seem to show the kind of resilience and patience with each other anymore that family life demands of partners. I'm under the impression that couples who have a sex life are just more resistant to outside stress. Well, we clearly don't have that anymore. We're a functional team, most of the time. She's a wonderful mother, we still have our moments, and I don't think our marriage is 100% doomed quite yet. But I'm feeling some resentment and maybe even contempt building up on both sides when times are stressful and my general level of frustration shows.
And I honestly don't think anyone else but myself is to blame for my decisions. I don't feel deceived in any way and I'm also not viewing her decline to zero as in any way linked to external issues, trauma or health. I knew perfectly well that her sex drive and probably her whole experience of sex was near the lower limit of what I'd be able to live with, even in our 20s. I knew that she was just wired a little differently and that there would always be a chance that things could get worse. Her pregnancy issues kind of confirmed that intuition. Interestingly, her sex drive faded even more with her improving health, if she wasn't pretending that she ever had it in the first place. I couldn't blame her. I also appreciated (and still do) the great influence she is on my life in terms of values and self-care. Choosing her was like eating my vegetables. Maybe even punishing myself a bit for the life I've had before (again, nothing crazy, just flings with lots of women and no attachment). But it was eating my vegetables with someone I truly loved and who was (and still is) crazy attractive to me. But I should have seen this coming. It was wishful thinking all along. And that's completely on me.
So what now? Ever since my Dad passed away somewhat surprisingly in his late 50s, I'm starting to ask myself how many years of health I have left and I'm starting to think that I cannot live like this until I die. The idea of having sex with her now seems more weird and awkward to me than with a literal stranger, because of all the history and baggage. I honestly can't see myself doing that anytime soon but I'm also sure that it won't be asked of me. I'm going through some kind of midlife crisis 15 years too early, but for pretty much exactly the same hormonal reasons (on my wife's end).
Here are the options that I would suggest if I were the reader:
  1. Suck it up. Life could be worse. I have a somewhat functional marriage and a lovely son who needs a functional family. We are his world and he deserves his world not to be fucked with. Pun intended. All the sex I've had in my 20s didn't make me happy either. Eventually my testosterone levels will drop and I will find more appreciation for the extra time I have. During this marriage, I've painted some badass Warhammer armies. But then again, my early midlife crisis is kicking in hard right now. I'm not ready to die. Maybe using something like excessive exercise or a new hobby etc... could it be possible to redirect the unused sexual energy. Does anyone have experience with something like that? Does it get better or worse if you hit the gym 6 times a week?
  2. Seek Professional advice. I'm pretty sure at this point that I couldn't get her to seek medical advice. She has no unmet need, I do. Call it selfish, maybe this is something I need to bring up more. As far as she is concerned she has never been a very sexual person. Psychological: No idea. My wife will be very skeptical because she's a therapist herself (not for sexual issues though) so she probably knows the limitations better than anyone. Maybe she's just comfortable with the situation and has no regard for how I feel, so there is no pressure to fix things.
  3. Leave. I couldn't do that to my son. I don't want to talk to him at 16 or whatever (if he still talks to me then) and tell him sorry son, that you had a fragmented, guilt-ridden and emotionally confusing childhood, but I had to leave because turns out I really like pussy. Impossible. Really not the kind of life the little guy deserves. So hard no. Of course this doesn't mean that my marriage won't blow up in my face eventually but I see no need to pull that plug preemptively.
  4. Talk her into an open marriage. Not gonna work. She actually brought that up herself, as if I had asked already. And despite not wanting sex, I believe a total lack of jealousy would be horseman of the apocalypse, more than anything else.
  5. Cheat and don't get caught. I'm thinking about this "solution", also knowing that some day I will have the opportunity to do something really stupid after three drinks and possibly will end up paying for it dearly. So why not do it intelligently instead? After about 3 years of sexlessness I hooked up with an old acquaintance from my university days a few times. It was incredibly easy for me to do, no guilt whatsoever. Because after all, I clearly wasn't giving anything to her that my wife would have wanted. Whatever we have isn't monogamy, it's zero-gamy, so to speak (couldn't be bothered to look up the greek word). I guess that's what you get for viewing your wife as a non-sexual entity. It felt amazing to be appreciated and the experience itself was a blast, but I wasn't able to fully relax because instead of guilt, I felt a sense of shame because I never thought this is the man I was going to be and also a kind paranoia for fear of getting caught and destroying my son's family in the process. Taking off your wedding ring before entering a hotel room is such a gut-wrenching degree of personal failure that I dread ever being in that situation again (strangely that move was out of respect for the institution, isn't that absurd? Of course my friend knew I was married). Also the fear of getting another woman pregnant or jealous etc.. is a fear I'm not sure I'd be able to cope with long term. Ultimately, I'm not sure if that means that this path isn't for me or if I'd just need to get used to the pressures. Right now I don't want to. But how do you even approach "ethical" cheating? Lying to one woman is stressful, lying to two is bound to fail. So given that your affair needs to know that she's just that, what kind of woman is both comfortable in a situation like that AND trustworthy/stable enough for you to gladly put the fate of what's left of your family into her hands? It doesn't seem worth it and even though said former uni friend is probably both of those things, she has her own issues (and a failing marriage) too, and ironically, it seems wrong to be part of that in any way. So am I looking for a woman with lower ethical standards than my own here? How do you even approach that? Cheaters, please let me know how you do it. No judgement.
  6. Prostitution. No. Just no. For a million reasons. Feel free to try to change my mind but no.
Here is what I am doing though. In order to fight my early onset midlife crisis, I made a pact with a friend who's also turning 40 by the end of the year to try to get ripped until our respective birthdays. I've been into some martial arts in the past but extreme personal fitness has never been a real goal of mine so this is what I'll be doing until the end of the year, hoping that spiking my testosterone isn't going to be all it does, thereby increasing the chance of doing stupid things. I'm hoping that being physically exhausted all the time makes me calmer and better able to vent my frustration and looking the best I ever have might also serve as a test for whether there is any sexuality left in my wife at all or if everything is truly lost and dead in that department. I'll also keep it in my pants for now as there doesn't seem to be a solution.
Thank you for your time, any comment is very much appreciated, including those telling me to grow a pair.
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2023.06.03 23:05 Buddlelum I'm worried it's a red flag that I've never been in a relationship before

I'm almost 23 and I've never been in a relationship before. No one's ever asked me out or pursued me seriously. I get along with most people quickly and without problems, I'm quite extroverted and I do get "approached" by men but mostly for conversations about mutual hobbies or to talk about our studies, but nothing beyond that. I've never been asked out before. I've dated through apps, but it usually didn't go anywhere so I deleted them.
I dress relatively well, and I'm average with the ability to look above average with enough effort put in(I study a demanding STEM field and I work so I don't put on a lot of makeup or tooooo much care into looking glam 24/7, but I do obviously try!) and I've been told I look good - specifically my body outshines my face - I'm mixed, so I thought maybe that was why but I don't find that most people have an issue with me being mixed or where I'm from.
I always get "friendzoned" / I have very deep relationships with people, and especially men but they're usually very close friendships where they love me like a sister and they don't see me as a romantic partner.
A lot of people are confused when I say I've never been in a relationship, and many are of the opinion that it's a red flag especially after a specific age. Tbh idk what to do, I have tried plenty of times but now I'm at a point where I'm busy and not really looking to invest into something that isn't working out.
Would you find that to be an instant red flag in a woman? I feel like it does turn some people off that there's no "competition" for me or that I don't get men lining up wanting to be with me or whatever.
The only time I can recall being asked out was by a guy who was extremely racist and mean to me, so obviously I said no. But that's it. I also get harassed a lot for some reason? Many men will get touchy with me and it freaks me out! Then they'll tell me they're not into me and they'd never touch a woman that way that they want for something serious!!
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2023.06.03 23:05 Wheeelp_ Accepting you’ll be hated as a manager due to your employees not having good work ethic.

Sigh…. If you want a job where you do bare minimum all day or have little interaction, go overnight. Work at a book store. Cut the grass at a grave. Idk, but get the hell away from me. Bring back the days of people caring, taking pride no matter the pay. If they didn’t care, they knew how to fake it. So yes I’ll take being called the devil, I have a business to run. The department has to make money. It won’t make money with you hiding in the roses outside or receiving. I refuse to motivate all these 20 something’s “just here until I get a real job man” or the older “I’m just getting some spending money until I die” How about I help you find your real job faster and write you right on out you bum. Excuse the rant, retail workers weren’t always the best but didn’t used to be like this. I blame the parents.
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2023.06.03 23:05 techhelpbuddy Prop firm traders, what are your money management and risk management?

I'm learning forex for over a month now, started making couple of trades out of my first 100$ dollar deposit. Not planning to make that 100$ to 10K tho just wanted to know how it feels to trade with real money than paper trade. I often find myself playing around and not taking paper trading seriously that's what i deposited a small amount.
My account is now sitting at 40% loss but learned a lot which I'm grateful for, i also journal all of my trades in a nice sheet.
I think my strategy works well it's based on Supply and Demand but my money management and Risk management is soo poor i realized this after i read all my trades 2 weeks ago.
I don't have same RR every trade which i think one of my major mistakes.
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2023.06.03 23:04 alleyeslookuptome What can I do to help her?

Can we get over this?
Married 31 years. I (WH, 62) had an emotional affair 18 years ago with my wife’s (BS, 54) best friend. There were a million excuses why, but they don’t matter it was wrong. 29 years ago my BS had an affair, with an person from the past. There were a million reasons why, but they don’t matter it was wrong. All was forgiven. 8 years ago with BS knowledge I began an online relationship with someone I met on Reddit, a few months later BS said she was no longer comfortable with me talking to her, so reddit woman (RW) and I stopped talking. ( sidebar: RW is a computer wiz) 2 years later I’m trying to develop a website for my latest idea for how to get rich. (hint: it’s not a fitness website) I contacted RW and we started working together to get the website going, ( during this time BS and I had almost completely stopped having any sorts of intimacy, there were again a million reasons) the website work this was totally professional. No flirting, nothing. However I knew my BS would be jealous so I did not tell her computer wiz was RW. After working together for a year or so, it was clear the site was getting no traction, I stopped throwing money down the drain. And RW and I didn’t talk much at all. During this time our son passed away. A year later I decided to try my hand at coding, who did I call?? Yep RW, and again didn’t tell my BS this was RW or website lady. We worked together almost daily for months with her trying to teach an old dog new tricks. After 6 month of futility I gave up, however during this time we had gotten flirty again, and it was inappropriate. Feb of this year RW sends me a text calling me sweetheart, my BS saw it and was rightly upset. She asked me to stop talking to this woman. I didn’t. My BS went thru messages and found we were talking, she confronted me in April and I lied saying it was over. She showed me the messages to prove I was lying, and had lied straight to her face. I was mortified, and so ashamed, I came clean about RW. I have been doing everything BA has asked of me. Now we are having sex , our intimacy is coming back to normal. However I’m a LongHaul truck driver I am only home every 3-4 weeks. Things seem to be moving forward. However, now she’s not sure she can ever trust me, or if she can continue “doing this” which I understand. How do I help her thru this. She is in individual counseling and I will be starting on Monday.
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2023.06.03 23:04 shewel_item MEME TECHNOLOGY

you heard of temes before? well fuck you
we don't need them
we need carpet
in the kitchen
wait hear me out...
we teach the fleas how to cook
and have them infest the kitchen
boom, infinite food
why do you even need science when mother nature does all the work for you
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2023.06.03 23:04 gmitch64 CPU and VRM heatsinks

I now have a couple of these boards

On the first board ordered, I also ordered the replacement heat sinks, based on what I had seem folks saying. The board I received had the new style heatsinks on the VRM, so when I ordered my 2nd board, I didn't order the additional heatsinks, so of course it came with the OLD style heatsinks; but I had the set from my first order, so I wasn't too concerned.
Since I planned for both of these boards to go into a 2U case in one of my racks in the basement, I was looking for a low(er) profile cooler that would work.
The first board, I installed a standard stock Intel i7 cooler, and it installed easily, and is working well at the moment.
For the 2nd board, I read the Erying recommendation not to install a stock Intel one, so I installed a Silverstone RL-NT09-115X. Or tried to. It fitted well with the original style VRM heatsinks. I swapped out the VRM heatsink on the right side of the board (the shorter one), and the CPU cooler still fitted fine. However, with the rear VRM heatsink swapped out for the new style one, the Silverstone just would not fit at all.
I'm currently running with the Silverstone CPU cooler and the new style VRM heatsink on the right side, with the old style VRM on the rear of the motherboard.
Does anyone know of a low(er) profile cooler that will work with new style VRM heatsinks in both locations on the 11Gen boards?
I also have a 12Gen board on order too, and from the pictures, the layout looks different on it as well, so does anyone have a known good CPU cooler suggestion for that as well?

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2023.06.03 23:04 lucidReaver AI and our dreams are not so different

I realized today, if any of you are familiar with AI-generated images, the program tends to struggle a lot with human hands, often adding fingers or having strange proportions. My reality check of choice is counting my fingers, and after waking up today from a lucid dream where I used that reality check, I realized how similar my mangled dream hands looked to those AI-generated hands. Now it could just be my subconscious taking aspects from those AI-generated images and putting them in my dream, but I really feel like this AI works very similarly to our visual imaginations, which are both inherently based on pattern recognition, and these algorithms based on all the human-made images we feed it. What do you think?
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2023.06.03 23:04 UXUI75 UX Research interview

As a UX beginner, I'm currently stuck. I conducted a qualitative and quantitative interview via Google Forms and now all the data is in Google Sheets.
I'm wondering how to proceed to uncover insights and problems. I don't find it convenient to work on Google Sheets. I've roughly understood the methodology for identifying recurring patterns and problems, but I'm stuck on Google Sheets, I don't know how to proceed further.
I need help because my professors aren't of any assistance and I've looked at some books, but they're too theoretical and I can't find anything that fits my specific situation.
Thank you in advance for your help.
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2023.06.03 23:04 Tricky_Unit158 What should I do? Boss threatened to fire me?

I need your help guys. I'm usually very professional and work in a field with high ranking people. I've been working here for a year and some change and have been told my my immediate report that my performance is much better than the guy who i replaced(I'll call the guy I replaced Dylan) But we both report to a high ranking person who i will call John for the purposes of this question.
Anyway... In the months leading up to the guy I replaced being let go i noticed that John has a habit of trying to humiliate or making people look like a fool in front of the whole team by asking absurd questions and then throwing little fits when he doesn't get the right answer back. I watched him do this to Dylan in front of everyone before and Dylan just sat there and took it.
John had never done this to me, until a few days ago when he started asking me absurd questions which were outside the scope of my presentation and which my immediate report did not tell me to prepare for. John kept asking really technical questions and trying to put me under pressure by saying 'think about it now' and when i said I didn't know he would turn to the team and say that we all need to know our job (basically saying i don't know what I'm talking about) and he just kept doing this slide after slide. And 40 min into my presentation i noticed that it was HE who had spent the majority of the time talking.
Anyway this kept going but I felt like he was trying to make a fool out of me in front of everyone. My job is to have a broad understanding of the topic but he kept asking questions that would be more appropriate for an engineer to answer. Anyway .... Everytime I would say that I didn't know exactly he would roll his eyes and keep turning towards the team and spout out stuff as if he was schooling us.
This kept going and I eventually kind of lost my cool because it was obvious he was trying to destroy my credibility in front of everyone. The last thing we said was "you know what I don't know" but I will admit it had a slight tone.
After that happened he said "I've had enough" and then he slapped his pen into the printout i had given him and slapped his book on the table and turned towards my immediate report and said "if you can't find someone who does know then find someone who does" which i took as a threat to fire me / him trying to hold my job over my head. Then he got up and walked back to his office. About an hour later i was told to telework from home for the next few days.
I understand i lost my patience but I don't feel like his behavior is appropriate and I'm not going to let him treat me like he did Dylan. I honestly feel like he tries to make a fool out of people during their presentations... Like he gets a kick out of it.
What should I do?
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2023.06.03 23:04 True_Payment8238 Help... Since the update happened I can't play the game anymore....

Since the Update was downloaded the game doesn't work right... My GPS is turned on but the game says that it can't find my Location... My character doesn't move... Weird thing is that it only happens when I turn on my mobile data... When I am in the wifi it works fine but that doesn't matter 'cause I need my mobile data to play it outside😅 I do have enough Highspeed so that shouldn't be the problem... Can someone please help me? Does anyone experiencing something like that too? I don't know what to do anymore... I also redownloaded the game but that didn't help too...😅 Pls I have no Idea what is the matter of that Happening...😅
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2023.06.03 23:04 Worth-Sentence-2131 Boyfriend dumped me on my bday

Hey. Here to vent and just talk about my experience and how to get over what has happened. Two days ago was my birthday and I am turning 28. I have been in almost a three year relationship with my boyfriend (living together for almost two years and shared pets) who is 37. We have been rocky since December. We have just started seeing a couples counselor and for the past three weeks have attempted to men our differences. I have been staying with my parents on the weekdays and him on the weekends (was living in a house he owned). We have been having a good time with intentional activities together and I have been trying to work on my short comings in therapy. He has been hesitant to put in effort in the relationship ship in the ways I need and I wanted to not be around him during the week because I WFH and he has been unemployed for over two years.
Well. We got into a fight on Tuesday and came close to breaking up. We didn’t break up and agreed go still see each other for my birthday on Friday (I took the day off work because he was going to plan something special). Thursday was my birthday and he texted me “happy birthday!” I called him and just acted normal and asked what we had planned. He was weird on the phone and quiet, he seemed like he didn’t really want to do something and I asked what’s up. One thing lead to another and he ended up saying that he wanted to break up because things have not been working for some time. I was so emotional and pathetically pleaded with him to get back with me. He said he wasn’t going to change his mind and said that he isn’t getting what he needs out of this relationship. I told him it is hard for me to show up in the ways he needs when he can’t do the same for me.
We spent a few hours throughout the day on the phone and ultimately the conclusion was to break up. My birthday felt like a wash and I have just been in my head and feeling like shit since. I thought we were going to be forever and it’s so painful that I felt like he took a special day away from me. I don’t feel entitled to much and usually like to do things for others, but I genuinely was looking forward to the weekend and plans I made with some friends for my birthday and now I’m just wallowing in self pity.
Anyway. I just wanted to share and let everyone know that no matter what life works out in seemingly funny and ironic ways. I’ll get through this and so will you! All we have is ourselves and when you think you know and love someone, they can still surprise you with awful and selfish behavior.
TLDR: I got dumped on my birthday over the phone by my partner of three years
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