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The Endless War

2010.10.05 16:44 caferrell The Endless War

This is a community that discusses militarism and warfare. Since the US is the world's leader in wars, military spending and militarism, we specifically focus on American policies and actions that promote what the Pentagon calls the "long war" -- the unending Global War on Terror (GWOT). We include articles that show the politics behind the Endless War, the spending involved and the toll in human suffering and lives.

2015.07.14 21:24 mrfeeny24 /r/SpacePolicy: Outer space policy, legislation, and law

/SpacePolicy, a community dedicated to the discussion and debate of outer space policy, legislation, and law.

2023.03.22 07:40 The_kangaroo_ What are my chances >????

What are my chances of getting into a COMPUTER SCIENCE college with tuition + living and food= 30k total ( basically I wanna receive an aid as an international student or any scholarships that can reduce the total cost to 30k)
My stats are :-
9th grade 75 % 10 grade ICSE 93% 11th grade 90% 12th grade 86( expecting)
SAT - not given yet but practice test marks- 1540
  1. STAGE 2 International humming bird OLYMPIAD qualifier, Region rank 2/ 3000+.
  2. Volunteering work- Taught poor and homeless kids who couldn't go to school for 135+ hours during summer break. Raised 35000+ rupees to provide them with food, basic amenities like toilets, carpets. Hospitalized kids who suffered from diseases like Typhoid, malaria, dengue etc. Got major attention from local newspapers, community and the managing head of the city.
  3. House leader of my school for 3+ years , was the managing head for 3000+ students in a get together with Neighbouring schools for 3 years straight and other 15 different functions.
  4. Built a website for kids to learn effectively used by over 5900 people over a regular basis ( had to shut down due to financial reasons)
  5. Raised awareness among people to take care of our environment, swept roads of distance 15+ kilometers (10 miles ) with my team, cleaned trash cans which were not cleaned(1000+ cans cleaned) , cleaned the littered places, created banners of not spitting . Planted over 500 plants over 2 years. Collected donations of over 20k for cancer suffering patients.
  6. Represented my school in different regional and national championships of badminton and rugby. 2 times regional champion in singles badminton championship. 1 time rugby regional champion team
  7. Worked as an intern at a programming institute named NCC for 1+ year. Provided computer services to people with no money for free who couldn't afford to apply for scholarships and colleges as they didn't had any technology in the remote villages.
  8. Champion at INTERNATIONAL MATHS COMPETITION got Region/ district rank 1( first time in the history of my school).
  9. Created a prototype for automatic sweeper which was approved by the region technical manager. Received attention from the regional newspaper for this.
  10. Was leader of the marching band at my school, Leader of the students association, Co- leader of the Sports committee , Hosted SPORTS DAY in my school for 3+ years, Taught juniors how to play Badminton - they won gold medal at interschool competition 2021.
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2023.03.22 07:27 The_kangaroo_ WHAT ARE MY CHANCES????? I AM APPLYING IN AUGUST 2023

What are my chances of getting into a COMPUTER SCIENCE college with tuition + living and food= 30k total ( basically I wanna receive an aid as an international student or any scholarships that can reduce the total cost to 30k)
My stats are :-
9th grade 75 % 10 grade ICSE 93% 11th grade 90% 12th grade 86( expecting)
SAT - not given yet but practice test marks- 1540

  1. STAGE 2 International humming bird OLYMPIAD qualifier, Region rank 2/ 3000+.
  2. Volunteering work- Taught poor and homeless kids who couldn't go to school for 135+ hours during summer break. Raised 35000+ rupees to provide them with food, basic amenities like toilets, carpets. Hospitalized kids who suffered from diseases like Typhoid, malaria, dengue etc. Got major attention from local newspapers, community and the managing head of the city.
  3. House leader of my school for 3+ years , was the managing head for 3000+ students in a get together with Neighbouring schools for 3 years straight and other 15 different functions.
  4. Built a website for kids to learn effectively used by over 5900 people over a regular basis ( had to shut down due to financial reasons)
  5. Raised awareness among people to take care of our environment, swept roads of distance 15+ kilometers (10 miles ) with my team, cleaned trash cans which were not cleaned(1000+ cans cleaned) , cleaned the littered places, created banners of not spitting . Planted over 500 plants over 2 years. Collected donations of over 20k for cancer suffering patients.
  6. Represented my school in different regional and national championships of badminton and rugby. 2 times regional champion in singles badminton championship. 1 time rugby regional champion team
  7. Worked as an intern at a programming institute named NCC for 1+ year. Provided computer services to people with no money for free who couldn't afford to apply for scholarships and colleges as they didn't had any technology in the remote villages.
  8. Champion at INTERNATIONAL MATHS COMPETITION got Region/ district rank 1( first time in the history of my school).
  9. Created a prototype for automatic sweeper which was approved by the region technical manager. Received attention from the regional newspaper for this.
  10. Was leader of the marching band at my school, Leader of the students association, Co- leader of the Sports committee , Hosted SPORTS DAY in my school for 3+ years, Taught juniors how to play Badminton - they won gold medal at interschool competition 2021.
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2023.03.22 06:07 GQJohnDoe Two minutes ...

... (self) hate. That's normal, right?
And then an instantaneous immediate disconnect and numbness, at the flip on an internal switch.
Because feelings are counterproductive.
I kissed my 12+ year old "death row" shelter pull rescue dog and told her I hoped the life I've given her (11+ years) was better than euthanasia (but I'm honestly not sure?). I apologized to my Labrador (he could have gone anywhere but he was stuck with me).
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2023.03.22 05:19 RealisticFee8338 THE DPRK IS SO MILITARIST AND TOTALITARIAN!!! Wait, they eliminated forced conscription and are locking less and less benefits behind military service? Uhh, well!!!

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2023.03.22 05:13 Catvac-u-um_adnase NATO killed civilians in Libya —Part 2 of 2

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2023.03.22 04:19 Vegetable-Cobbler734 Fed Meeting, Banking Turmoil, Inflation and Recession

Fed Meeting, Banking Turmoil, Inflation and Recession
Full Abstract
  1. economic recessions involving banking crises

(1) are typically longer and more severe than recessions in which the banking system is not severely impaired

(2) The length and severity require a higher risk premium to compensate than a mild and brief recession.

(3) Two consecutive banking crises in the same country (i.e., two in about 20 years) are so rare that such an outcome would stigmatize public policy and therefore escalate regulatory efforts.

  1. The banking sector is facing a big test but not a crisis

The current macroeconomic backdrop lacks a key element (rapid private sector debt accumulation) and includes another important element that allows us to judge that there is no banking system crisis (duration risk rather than credit risk). Therefore, it is difficult to define that we are now experiencing a global banking crisis. For those who predict that the next recession will be a mild and short one, this is good news, because then the risk premium required for global risk markets (targeting PE ratios, retracements or credit spreads) only needs to be in line with the recession average, rather than the more extreme extremes.

  1. Tighter regulation of the banking system is inevitable

However, tighter regulation at the policy level to correct mismanaged banks will outweigh the effect of interest rate hikes on capital markets. Therefore, even if the central bank suspends interest rate hikes in the coming months, it will trigger a recession by the end of 2023/early 2024 (web link).

  1. Interest rate hikes and financial stability can kill two birds with one stone

The conflict between price stability and financial stability objectives should be manageable by using the central bank's policy rate to target inflation; and at the same time - using the size and structure of its balance sheet - as a macroprudential policy tool to help banks and financial system to achieve stability reinforcement. The UK had used highly precise asset purchases to ride out the crisis last year, along with the decision to raise the policy rate by 75 basis points from 2.25% to 3%, with subsequent 50 basis point rate hikes implemented on December 15 and February 2, respectively.

Banking crisis and economic recession
According to some Google indexed value indicators (as shown in the chart), the topic of banking crisis has never received as much attention as it has since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, even though many indicators of financial market stress (e.g. stock retracements, volatility of stocks, currencies and commodities) are far from recession or financial crisis levels. Only interest rate volatility has reached the level of the Lyman Brothers.
When there is such a disconnect between market sentiment and market risk premiums, it is worthwhile to explore the characteristics of a banking crisis. If these characteristics are currently present, the risk premium must rise to align with sentiment. If these characteristics are not present, sentiment will eventually normalize to align with a modest risk premium. I refer to the International Monetary Fund's Systemic Banking Crisis Revisited in 2018 and the Bank for International Settlements' Boom and Banking Crisis in 2016 to determine which events in the financial sector should be called banking crises so that they can be used to determine the risk premium required for diversified risk assets. The IMF study defines a banking crisis as an event that meets the following two criteria.

(1) triggering severe losses, such as a bank run, a surge in non-performing loans, or a bank failure.

(2) triggering major policy interventions, such as deposit freezes, bank nationalizations, extensive liquidity support, public sector capital injections, public sector guarantees, and asset purchases. Characteristics of Banking Crises Based on this definition, the IMF has identified about 150 systemic crises since the 1970s, including both developed and emerging market economies.

The experience of these 150 empirical studies shows that.

(1) frequent banking crises in the same country are rare. Since 1970, only three countries have experienced three or more such events (Argentina, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ukraine). The United States has experienced two events (the savings and loan crisis of the late 1980s and the global financial crisis of 2007-09); eurozone members, the United Kingdom and Japan have had only one (the exact date varies by country); and Canada and Australia have had no banking crises. For me, the lack of crisis re-occurrence is attributable to the typical crisis policy response of limiting the ability to re-leverage in the future by regulating the offending sector.

(2) When a banking crisis occurs, it is rarely just a country-specific event. For me, the contagion is either due to cross-border economic and financial linkages or a common crime committed in one area (e.g. the overleveraging of US, UK and European banks prior to the GFC)
(3) Banking crises are usually associated with currency and sovereign debt crises. These linkages are intuitive given that banking crises require a fiscal response, that credit risk in sovereigns weakens the asset base of banks holding government bonds, and that economic crises drive capital flows to reserve currencies. the 2010-2012 eurozone crisis is a case study of these double and triple crises.

(4) Banking crises often follow credit-intensive booms. The risks associated with unusually rapid credit creation arise not only from the quantity of debt that needs to be rolled over when an economy hits a shock, but also from the quality of those debts. The latter problem arises because rapid debt accumulation is usually associated with lower lending standards, so that the population with the least financing flexibility suffers the greatest accumulation of vulnerability.

(5) Recessions associated with banking crises are usually deeper and more protracted than those in which the banking sector does not exhibit extreme stress. This result is driven by the need for the banking sector to regain profitability before it can resume its traditional role as an intermediary between households and firms. For example, the 2001 U.S. recession occurred with little significant stress on the banking sector (NPLs rose from about 1% to 1.5%), and it took only a year to return to pre-recession GDP growth trends. During the GFC, NPLs rose from 1% to 5%, and it took about four years to return to the pre-recession growth trend.

Of the five characteristics discussed above, I believe that - the presence of the pre-crisis credit boom - is the most important because it is the only one we can observe in advance. The other four features (re-occurrence within the same country, cross-country contagion, simultaneous currency and sovereign debt crises, and longer and deeper recessions) are either consequences of the crisis or simultaneous events rather than prerequisites for transforming macroeconomic shocks into systemic events.

A striking feature of the current macroeconomic backdrop is the deleveraging of the U.S. household sector over the past decade and the moderate increase in corporate leverage over the same period (ignoring some of the consequences due to the collapse of the GDP denominator). These two trends stand in stark contrast to the savings and loan crisis of the late 1980s and the dual accumulation of household and corporate debt during the global financial crisis of 2007-09, as shown in the chart (shaded bars indicate the U.S. recession).
Such leverage trends are not only seen in the US. Also in addition to the volatility associated with COVID, private sector credit (households and businesses) as a share of GDP has remained stable in the Eurozone countries and the UK, in contrast to the previous banking crises in these countries, as shown in the chart.
The world's major private sector credit boom of the past decade occurred in our own country, China, but the financial turmoil is already reflected in our stock market and real estate credit problems in 2022:
Previous industry research on the link between leverage, banking crises and post-crisis harm has focused on credit risk and so has ignored the most salient risk feature of the current U.S. and global banking industry today, namely duration risk. Unlike the credit/default risk of bank assets (their loan portfolios or securities holdings) that relate to banking stability, it is the duration risk (valuation changes due to rising interest rates) that simply triggers anxiety and sentiment. Impaired assets are always an issue for banks, but there is a material difference between assets affected by credit risk and those affected by duration risk. The difference is that one is cyclical (asset values fall further as the economy deteriorates) while the other is counter-cyclical (asset values rise as the economy deteriorates as central banks pause or ease policy).

While the market believes that the Fed is likely to pause rate hikes, the duration risk implies structural changes in the operating models of banks in certain regions, as well as recapitalization and consolidation. But federal policy support for the asset side of these institutions' balance sheets is more important than directly addressing credit quality through monetary policy.

Reversing credit weakness requires a recovering business cycle, which can only occur later in the federal monetary policy easing cycle, or directly by the U.S. government through fiscal easing. But sadly, neither is likely to be a potential policy option for 2023.

Even though the headlines in both the U.S. and European banking sectors look ominous, this is not some banking crisis we are experiencing right now. Having a proper, objective and dispassionate understanding helps us determine the size of the coming recession and the size and scope of the risk premium required in such an economic environment.

Financial Stability and Monetary Tightening
When a market liquidity and/or funding liquidity crisis occurs at a moment when inflation is above target, a tension between the central bank's objectives - price stability and financial stability - is inevitable. In this case, while financial stability must come first, as it is a prerequisite for the effective pursuit of price stability.

This does not mean, however, that central banks should stop or suspend their anti-inflationary policies when threatened by a banking crisis or similar systemic stability risks. The conflict between price stability and financial stability objectives should be manageable by using the central bank's policy rate to target inflation; and at the same time - using the size and structure of its balance sheet - as a macroprudential policy tool to help banks and financial system to achieve stability reinforcement. Reliable communication is essential to achieve both objectives simultaneously
Will the SVB collapse (and subsequent turmoil in the banking sector) be the catalyst to reverse the Fed's tightening cycle? The market seems to be saying "yes" as it is forcing this week's hike to be priced in at +25 bps, with the assumption that a significant cycle of rate cuts will follow.

However, a 50 basis point increase in risk-free short-term nominal rates would not have a material or significant impact on the stability of the financial and banking systems of any of the large developed advanced economies. The stability of the financial system is affected by interconnected liquidity and credit risk premiums, and the disappearance of potential purchasers and lenders in illiquid financial markets. The Bank of England mastered this trick and succeeded in temporarily purchasing long-term UK government bonds during a period of monetary policy tightening brought about by the incoherent policies of then Prime Minister Liz Truss, and postponed quantitative tightening and stabilized the financial system through asset purchase facility gilt sales. The asset purchases, which lasted from September 28 to October 14, were designed to address dysfunction in the long-term UK government bond market. At the first Commonwealth Monetary Policy Committee meeting following the asset purchases, the Bank of England demonstrated its continued commitment to its firm goal of fighting inflation by raising the policy rate 75 basis points from 2.25% to 3%. Subsequent 50 basis point rate hikes were implemented on December 15 and February 2. The prudence of the temporary asset purchases would have been more evident if they had been offset.

The ECB also raised its policy rate by 50 basis points this month, despite the financial chaos in the U.S. following the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) bankruptcy. Headline HICP (Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices) inflation in Europe was 8.5% in February, and core HICP inflation (excluding volatile energy and food prices) was 5.6%. The ECB addressed the twin issues of financial stability and inflation by stating that its "policy toolkit is well positioned to provide liquidity support to the euro area financial system when needed and to maintain a smooth transmission of tight monetary policy". In the second half of the 1940s, the Federal Reserve also combined interest rate hikes (albeit very small) with balance sheet reductions and yield curve controls
What will the Federal Reserve Board do at its upcoming meeting? I believe that the issue of financial stability after the collapse of SVB and Signature Bank has been effectively addressed after ensuring that all deposits in these two mismanaged institutions are intact. In effect, this means that all deposits in U.S. banks are insured from now on. No doubt this will lead to moral hazard, as incompetent or reckless bank managers will not be punished for losing familiar depositors. But this is an unavoidable price to pay for ruling out the systemic threat posed by a bank run. This is because, with the market value of many eligible debt instruments well below par, the lender of last resort has become the lender of first resort, providing what is essentially a subsidized loan of funds. The same anomaly (valuing collateral at par value) now applies to loans in the discount window.

As of the end of 2022, U.S. banks plan to hold to maturity securities with unrealized losses of approximately $620 billion. While an increase in policy rates would likely further reduce the market value of long-term securities, it would be right to continue to raise rates anyway, as the U.K. and ECB have typically done. It is difficult to quantify the duration risk hedging pressures on banks and their counterparties, but bank losses due to bad investment decisions (in an orderly market) are part of the healthy Darwinian mechanism that maintains a market economy: banks that do not hedge interest rate risk carefully have to face bankruptcy; and so does the orderly liquidation resolution of failed institutions. Both U.S. and global central banks must be prepared to fulfill their financial stability responsibilities as lender of last resort and market maker of last resort in the event of illiquidity, bank runs, or other market failures that pose a systemic threat. However, if extreme circumstances do not arise, the continued responsibility to maintain price stability should also be honored on a consistent and stable basis.

As the U.S. core personal consumption expenditure inflation rate remained at 4.7% in January, the Fed should, in theory, raise its policy rate target range by 50 basis points at its upcoming meeting. However, the market believes that the Fed may raise rates by only 25 basis points or even pause the rate hike, as the market feels that a larger rate hike would have a serious negative impact on financial stability. In the short term, the Fed stands ready to intervene as a lender and market maker of last resort, in the best interest of U.S. financial stability. In the medium to long term, the Dodd-Frank regulations for small and medium-sized banks, which were repealed in 2018, should be reimposed, and restrictions on banks' proprietary investment activities should also be reinstated
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2023.03.22 04:09 payrollexpert Understanding Hong Kong’s Continuous Professional Training (CPT)

Hong Kong is one of the world’s most important financial centers and its financial services industry remains one of its key pillars, contributing to around 23.4% of its GDP. In 2022, Hong Kong was ranked 4th in the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) released by Z/Yen Group and the China Development Institute.
The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong is the independent statutory body charged with regulating Hong Kong’s securities and futures markets. The SFC is also accountable for updating the Competence Guidelines and Continuing Professional Training (CPT) Guidelines, which have been in place for over 18 years.
With one of the world’s most active and liquid securities markets, Hong Kong’s financial industry is one that is fast-changing and highly competitive. Financial institutions that are unable to keep up with the ever-changing financial regulations may be exposed to unnecessary risks, resulting in loss of trust from customers and investors. The same concept applies to professionals working in financial institutions as well as those looking to enter this industry.
One way to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is to rely on the organisation’s internal compliance as well as external auditing companies to conduct audit checks. At the same time, organisations can ensure that its own employees comply with financial regulations through CPT.

Objectives of CPT

Based on the definition of CPT outlined by the SFC, the key requirements of the CPT is to ensure that an individual engaging in regulated activities remains “fit” for the role. This can be done by undergoing training that enhances his or her technical skills and professional expertise. Concurrently, it enforces that an individual is “proper” by periodically refreshing himself or herself about the relevant ethical standards and regulatory knowledge. The Guidelines on Continuous Professional Training (Guidelines) are published under section 399 of the Securities and Futures Ordinance, Cap. 571 (SFO) by the Securities and Futures Commission. They provide general guidance for individuals to comply with the CPT requirements.
There are 3 key objectives of the CPT programme, namely:
  1. To maintain and enhance their technical knowledge and professional expertise
  2. To provide reasonable assurance to investors at large that they have the technical knowledge, professional skills and ethical standards required to perform the regulated activities efficiently, effectively and fairly; and
  3. To maintain and enhance Hong Kong’s international reputation for high professional standards.
Depending on the size and nature of the business as well as the responsibilities to be undertaken by an individual, the requirements for CPT will vary. Instead of mandating the specific programmes that individuals have to undergo, these guidelines aim to describe the general attributes of the CPT programme. Nonetheless, the objectives of CPT could not be achieved solely through work experience or on-the-job training. Individuals are required to undertake CPT programmes if they are to remain fit and proper.

Relevant CPT activities

Individuals are required to clock in a minimum number of CPT hours per calendar year, with the minimum number of hours dependent on the type of regulated activities the individual is carrying out. CPT hours refer to time spent by individuals in undertaking CPT activities. The CPT activities should be relevant to the functions to be performed by them and should incorporate significant intellectual and practical content and involve interaction with other individuals.
As defined by the SFC, the following are acceptable means of obtaining CPT:
  1. Attending courses, workshops, lectures and seminars
  2. Distance learning which requires submission of assignments
  3. Self-study or online learning courses
  4. Industry research;
  5. Publication of papers
  6. Delivery of speeches
  7. Giving lectures or teaching
  8. Providing comments to industry consultation papers
  9. Attending meetings or undertaking activities as members of the SFC’s regulatory committees or formal working group
  10. Attending luncheon talks which normally last for one to two hours in total (0.5 hour will be counted)
Normal working activities, general reading of financial press or technical, professional, financial or business literature and activities which do not involve interaction with other individuals are generally not regarded as CPT activities.

Relevant topics

There are various topics that professionals and senior management can focus on as part of clocking their CPT hours. Relevant topics for individuals at professional levels include:
For individuals who play a crucial role in ensuring effective corporate governance and control may, in addition to the above topics, include the following:
However, the list of topics above are not exhaustive.
The AAAC has endorsed a list of recognised institutions for providing CPT. Individuals can also sign up for CPT courses provided by iInstitutions which provide recognised industry qualifications for competence purposes. The list of recognised institutions will be updated and posted on the SFC’s website as and when changes occur.
CPT is a key element in ensuring that individuals engaging in financial regulatory activities remain fit and proper. It helps to ensure the compliance of individuals and institutions to local financial laws and regulations. It also keeps individuals updated with the latest financial regulation practices, knowledge, and ethics to perform regulation with optimal levels of efficiency and fairness. All financial institutions in Hong Kong are also responsible for ensuring their employees undertake CPT periodically to enhance their industry knowledge, skills and professionalism.
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2023.03.22 03:38 AdMore2091 Disarmament and nuclear weapons

Any books that help me understand role of science and technology and how it helps with disarmament and like helps me understand the various ways disarmament is useful to third world countries and like helps them get an equal position in international relations .Also books that talk about how and what sort of nuclear disarmament programmes and committees can be started .
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2023.03.22 02:39 BearToesandPudding [The Final Countdown]

The last 16 months in anticipation of the 2024 United States Presidential election, since then there have only been several more claims of alleged police brutality, as well as 4 more events of mass shootings that have divided the nation even further.
Riots plague the Capital, and thre major US cities, instigated by the newly formed American political party, the "National Social Panther Party" Supported by the infamous experienced General Malaqai Azriel Belle-Anderson Sheffield, not known for much besides his activism at a younger age which resulted in a murder charge which was dropped, though the party head if Jack Walton of the Walton 'Dynastic Corporation.'
Attacks on Mosques from far-rigbt militant groups begins after race riots in Charlottesville between Afro-American groups supporting Syrian immigrants though making it clear they do not support Syria's dictators, or Turkey's actions, clashed violently with Afro-American Christian groups which were soon joined by the larger "America First" Neo-Federalist Christians who after partnering with the Turkish Christians, proceeded to massacre Immigrants in many small communities, and later on did the same with the Turkish Christians before being apprehended by the authorities.
Bombings, shootings, and general new misconduct around Christian churches and Muslim Mosques have increased 10 fold, with some of the wealthier congregations hiring small militias to keep them safe during worship.
The American Embassy in the middle east is soon greeted with peaceful protesters waiting outside and waving signs that say "S.O.S" "Help us!" and "Save our home!"
These protesters are consisted of both Turkish and Syrian Christians and Muslims alike, it has been awhile since the country has seen the two together after months of conflict.
American media is shooed away, but still manages to capture the disheartening messages from the protestors, prompting for a Presidential candidate to give a speech; "I'm putting it to my black brothers and Sisters that the colour of our skins is the most fundamental thing about us. I could choose to talk about people of the same island, or the same religion, or the same class, but instead I have chosen skin colour as essentially the most binding factor in our world. I am not saying that is the way things ought to be. I am simply recognising the real world."
"If we war with ourselves then how can we expect a victory against the true enemy?" - Presidential Candidate Jack Walton
Despite this rousing speech, Jack has unsurprisingly been accused of causing division between Whites and Blacks in the United States, and ushering in a new age of racial conflict as numerous Afro-centric and middle eastern gangs and illegal organisations begin turning their combind attention towards white institutions within America. Jack of course rebutted "The white man is simply angered by any amount of threat to his power. Black unity is the ultimate threat to white power."
Some Nigerian-Americans feel as though Presidential candidate Jack Walton is using the conflict in the middle east to perpetuate his own agenda. Whether or not this is true, Jack has suffered in the polls, but gained a considerable amount of underground support, to the point where his vague threats against "white institutions" are beginning to be taken seriously, even by the FBI and CIA.
In other news, the United States inflation rate reaches an all time high of 7.4% per annum, as debt continues to worsen, and the current administration says nothing but empty words on the tv. Some have accused Joe Biden of hiding critical mental impairments due to his old age from the public. Causing even more instability and internal discourse.
Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael, and William "Roddie" Bryan have all been acquitted for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. Jury did not find any evidence to suggest that Ahmaud was not committing criminal activity.
Riots cease all life in the major cities and even a few small towns as members of BLM (Black Lives Matter), ABB (African Blood Brotherhood), NOI (Nation of Islam), and the incredibly militant BP (Black Panthers) clash with both the police and white supremacist groups as a sort of race war begins leading up to the primaries for the U.S Presidential elections. Martial law is declared in the state of California, and tourism slows to a halt in the capitol and New York City. The economy grinds to a halt as there have been bombings at the new Freedom Tower Killing 200+ people, requiring the National Guard to be called on all of New York City. The President, holding out, preferring not to declare martial law on the entire state.
Reports of another "great fire" being started by a riot in Chicago have also reached international news as firefighters and helicopters are seen rushing all throughout Chicago.
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2023.03.22 02:27 Due-Temporary-5458 Chinese Transnational Policing Gone Wild Safeguard Defenders 110 Overseas

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2023.03.22 02:18 Zeoran ***Enjoy Medical Gameplay? Want to help your fellow Citizens? Guardian Rescue Corps is for you!***

We are a casual, light-roleplay, medical-focused org who values teamwork & cooperation. Very new player friendly!

***GRC Motto***
"When all else fails, we don't"

***GRC Values***

While founded by a UEE Navy veteran, the Guardian Rescue Corps (GRC) is registered as a civilian organization based on an internal military structure.(but we are not a milsim)

• We do whatever it takes to rescue the client
• The GRC maintains the conviction that every resident, regardless of their affiliation or criminal record, has the right to receive medical aid and services at any given time.
• We only engage in combat to defend ourselves and/or our clients in need of medical aid
• We treat everyone equally and expect the same for us
• We do not tolerate inappropriate behavior against our personnel nor from our personnel
• Generally be cheerful, funny, helpful
• We are strictly non-PVP while on rescues

PVP pirate activities, beacon baiting, and pad ramming will absolutely not be tolerated. We do not condone unantagonized & unprovoked acts of PVP.

***Join the GRC Today!***
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2023.03.22 02:12 wtfwafflezor (Selling) 800 Titles Dune (MA/HD) $2 King Richard (MA/HD) $2

Prices FIRM - CashApp/Venmo/PayPal Friends & Family
Disney/Marvel titles are split codes. Only redeem what you pay for. Thank you.
101 Dalmatians (1961) (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $3.25
101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure (2003) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $4.75
13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (Vudu/HD) $2 (iTunes/4K) $3
21 Bridges (2019) (iTunes/4K) $3
3:10 to Yuma (2007) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
31 (2016) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
47 Meters Down (2017) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
8 Mile (2002) (MA/4K) $3.25
A Clockwork Orange (1972) (MA/4K) $5
A Cure for Wellness (2017) (MA/HD) $4.25
A Dog's Purpose (2017) (MA/HD) $4 (iTunes/HD) $3
A Dog's Way Home (2019) (MA/HD) $3.75
A Man Called Otto (2022) (MA/HD) $7.50
A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $4.25
A Monster Calls (2016) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.50
A Most Wanted Man (2014) (Vudu/HD) $3.75
A Quiet Place (2018) (Vudu/4K) $4.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $1.50
A Quiet Place Part II (2020) (Vudu/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
A Simple Favor (2018) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
A Single Man (2009) (Vudu/HD) $5
Abominable (2019) (MA/HD) $6.25
About Time (2013) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.50
Addams Family (1991) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.75
Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $4.25
Adventures of Tintin (2011) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
After Earth (2013) (MA/HD) $2.50
Age of Adaline (2015) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.75
Aladdin (1992) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $3.25 (GP/HD) $2.25
Aladdin (2019) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.25 (GP/HD) $1.50
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (2014) (MA/HD) $4.75
Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $4.25
Alien Collection 1-6 (MA/HD) $20 1-4 (MA/SD) $9
Aliens Ate My Homework (2018) (MA/HD) $4.75
Alita: Battle Angel (2019) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $4.25
All The Money In The World (2017) (MA/HD) $4.50 (MA/SD) $1
Allied (2016) (iTunes/4K) $4.50 (Vudu/HD) $4
Almost Famous (2000) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Aloha (2015) (MA/HD) $2.75
Alpha (2018) (MA/HD) $4.25
Amazing Spider-Man (2012) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $4.75
Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5.75
Ambulance (2022) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $4.50
American Gangster (Extended Edition) (2007) (MA/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $6.25
American Psycho (Uncut) (2000) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.25
Amsterdam (2022) (MA/HD) $5.50 (GP/HD) $4
Amy (2015) (Vudu/HD) $6
Anastasia (1997) (MA/HD) $6.25
Angry Birds Movie (2016) (MA/HD) $3.75
Annihilation (2018) (Vudu/HD) $2.50 (iTunes/4K) $2
Antlers (2021) (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $3.75
Apollo 11 (2019) (MA/HD) $6.25
Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm (2022) (MA/HD) $5
Arctic (2019) (MA/HD) $5.75
Army of Darkness (1992) (MA/HD) $3.25
Art of Racing in The Rain (MA/HD) $5.50
Art of Self-Defense (2019) (MA/HD) $6.25
Artist, The (2011) (MA/HD) $6
ATL (2006) (MA/HD) $5
Avengers 1-4 (iTunes/4K) $20 (GP/HD) $7.75
Back to the Future (1985) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.25
Back to the Future 3-Movie (MA/4K) $13 (MA/HD) $7.50
Bad Boys 1-3 (MA/HD) $12
Bad Guys, The (2022) (MA/4K) $8.25 (MA/HD) $4.75
Bad Lieutenant (1992) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
Bad Moms (2016) (MA/HD) $3.50 (iTunes/HD) $2.75
Band of Brothers (2001) (iTunes/HD) $7.25 (GP/HD) $3.75
Bank Job, The (2008) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Basic Instinct (Unrated Director’s Cut) (1992) (Vudu/HD) $5.50
Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons (2022) (MA/HD) $5
Batman Returns (1992) (MA/4K) $5
Batman Year One (2011) (MA/4K) $5
Batman, The (2022) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $3
Batman: The Complete Series (2004) (Vudu/HD) $12.50
Batman: The Long Halloween Deluxe Edition (2022) (MA/HD) $6.50
Bean (1997) (MA/HD) $3.25
Beast (2022) (MA/HD) $6
Beguiled, The (2017) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4
Beirut (2018) (MA/HD) $5.25
Belly (1998) (Vudu/4K) $5.25
Ben-Hur (2016) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
BFG, The (2016) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $4
Big (1988) (MA/HD) $6
Big Hero 6 (2014) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $1.75
Big Lebowski (1998) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $6.25
Big Wedding (2013) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.75
Billy Elliot (2000) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.25
Birth of A Nation (2016) (MA/HD) $4
Birth of the Dragon (2017) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.25
Biutiful (2010) (Vudu/HD) $5
Black Adam (2022) (MA/HD) $4.25
Black Mass (2015) (MA/HD) $2.50
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $2
Black Phone, The (2021) (MA/HD) $5.50
Blacklight (2022) (MA/HD) $4.50
Bleed for This (2016) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4
Blood Father (2016) (Vudu/HD) $4
Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland (2016) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Blues Brothers (1980) (iTunes/4K) Ports to MA $6
Blumhouse's Truth Or Dare (Unrated) (2018) (MA/HD) $4.75
Bob's Burgers Movie (2022) (MA/HD) $3.50 (GP/HD) $2.25
Bodyguard, The (1992) (MA/HD) $5
Book Club (2018) (Vudu/HD) $2 (iTunes/4K) $1
Book of Life (2014) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.50
Boss, The (Unrated) (2016) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2.75
Bourne Collection 1-5 (MA/4K) $26.25 (iTunes/4K) $19 (MA/HD) $15
Boxtrolls, The (2014) (iTunes/HD) $4.75
Boy Next Door, The (2015) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $5.25
Boy, The (2016) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.75
Brahms: The Boy II (2020) (iTunes/4K) $2.75
Brave (2012) (iTunes/4K) $6.50 (GP/HD) $4.50
Braven (2018) (Vudu/HD) $3.50
Breakfast Club (1985), Weird Science (2008), Sixteen Candles (1984) (MA/HD) $11.50
Break-Up, The (2006) (MA/HD) $3.25
Bridge of Spies (2015) (MA/HD) $5.50 (GP/HD) $4
Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.25
Bring It On (2000) (MA/HD) $3.25
Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack (2017) (MA/HD) $3.25 (iTunes/HD) $1.25
Broken City (2013) (MA/HD) $3.50 (iTunes/SD) $1.25
Bros (2022) (MA/HD) $6.75
Bruno (2009) (MA/HD) $3.25
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (1992) (MA/HD) $5.75
Bullet to the Head (2013) (MA/HD) $3.25
Bullet Train (2022) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $4.75
Butterfly Effect, The (2004) (MA/HD) $4
Bye Bye Man (Unrated) (2017) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2.50
Cabin in the Woods (2012) (iTunes/4K) $2.75 (Vudu/HD) $2
Candyman (2020) (MA/HD) $4.50
Cantinflas (2014) (Vudu/HD) $5
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017) (MA/HD) $3.25
Carol (2015) (Vudu/HD) $5
Case for Christ, The (2017) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012), Spectre (2015) (Vudu/HD) $13
Casper (1995) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $3.75
Castle Rock: Season 1 (2018) (Vudu/HD) $7.25
Cat in the Hat (2003) (MA/HD) $3.25
Catch Me If You Can (2002) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $6.25
Catwoman: Hunted (2021) (MA/HD) $3.50
Central Intelligence (2016) (MA/4K) $5
Change-Up, The (2011) (Unrated) (2011) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $5.75
Chappie (2015) (MA/HD) $3.75
Charlie St. Cloud (2010) (MA/HD) $3.25
Chasing Mavericks (2012) (MA/HD) $5
Chicago (2002) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.25
Child's Play (2019) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $6.50
Chronicle (2012) (MA/HD) $4.50
Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) (MA/HD) $7
Cinderella (2015) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.50 (GP/HD) $2.50
Cinderella II: Dreams Come True (2002) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $5
Cinderella III: A Twist in Time (2007) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $5
City of Lies (2018) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.75
Clerks III (2022) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013) (MA/HD) $3.50 (MA/SD) $2.25
Clown (2014) (Vudu/HD) $6.50
Clueless (1995) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.25
Coal Miner's Daughter (1980) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $6.25
Colombiana (Unrated) (2011) (MA/HD) $4.50
Colossal (2017) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $5.50
Constantine: The House of Mystery (2022) (MA/HD) $3.25
Contraband (2012) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2.25
Contractor (2022) (Vudu/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
Conversation, The (1974) (Vudu/HD) $5
Counselor, The (2013) (MA/HD) $3
Countdown (2019) (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Cowboys and Aliens (2011) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2.50
Crash (2004) (Vudu/HD) $5
Crawl (2019) (Vudu/HD) $3 (iTunes/4K) $2
Croods (2013) & A New Age (2020) (MA/HD) $7.25
Cult of Chucky (Unrated) (2017) (MA/HD) $3.75 (iTunes/HD) $2.50
Daddy's Home 1-2 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Daddy's Home 2 (2017) (Vudu/4K) $4.50 (iTunes/4K) $2 (Vudu/HD) $2.25
Dallas Buyers Club (2013) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2.75
Dances With Wolves (1990) (Vudu/HD) $6
Dark Tower (2017) (MA/HD) $3
Darkest Minds, The (2018) (MA/HD) $4.75
Dawn of The Planet of The Apes (2014) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4
DC League of Super-Pets (2022) (MA/HD) $5
Dead Man Down (2013) (MA/HD) $4.75
Death on the Nile (2022) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $5.25 (GP/HD) $3.50
Deepwater Horizon (2016) (Vudu/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Den of Thieves (2018) (iTunes/HD) $1.75
Dentist 1-2 Collection (1996-1998) (Vudu/HD) $6
Descent, The (2005) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Detective Knight Collection 1-3 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $15 $5.75 Each
Devil Inside (2012) (Vudu/HD) $3.75
Devil's Due (2014) (MA/HD) $2.75
Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010) (MA/HD) $4.75
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (2017) (MA/HD) $2
Dictator (2012) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.50
Die Hard (1988) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $4
Die Hard 1-5 (MA/HD) $16 $4.75 Each
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $2.75 (GP/HD) $2
Dog (2022) (Vudu/HD) $3.50
Don't Let Go (2019) (MA/HD) $4
Don't Worry Darling (2022) (MA/HD) $5.50
Doorman (2020) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.50
Dope (2015) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $5.75
Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019) (Vudu/HD) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) $4.25
Downsizing (2017) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $1.25
Downton Abbey (2019) (MA/HD) $5.75
Downton Abbey: A New Era (2022) (MA/HD) $4.25
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (2012) (MA/HD) $3.50 (iTunes/HD) $2.25
Dracula (1931), Frankenstein (1931), The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), The Wolf Man (1941), The Invisible Man (1933), The Mummy (1932) (MA/HD) $18.50
Dracula 2000 (2000), II: Ascension (2003) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $11 $6 Each
Draft Day (2014) (Vudu/HD) $3.25 (iTunes/HD) $2.75
Dragged Across Concrete (2019) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Dragonheart 5-Movie (MA/HD) $15
Drugstore Cowboy (1989) (Vudu/HD) $5
Duff, The (2015) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.75
Dumbo (2019) (MA/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) $5.25 (GP/HD) $2.50
Dune (2021) (MA/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $2
Earth Girls Are Easy (1988) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
Easter Sunday (2022) (MA/HD) $6.75
Edge of Seventeen (2016) (MA/HD) $3.50 (iTunes/HD) $2.25
El Chicano (2019) (MA/HD) $5
Elvis (2022) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $4.50
Emoji Movie (2017) (MA/HD) $2
Emperor's New Groove (2000) (MA/HD) $7 (GP/HD) $5.50
Empire of Light (2022) (GP/HD) $4
Empire Records (1995) (MA/HD) $6
Empire State (2013) (Vudu/HD) $5
End of Watch (2012) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $5
Ender's Game (2013) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
English Patient (1996) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.75
Epic (2013) (MA/HD) $1.75 (iTunes/SD) $1.25
Escape from Planet Earth (2013) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Escape Plan: The Extractors (2019) (Vudu/HD) $3.75
Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998) (MA/HD) $5.25
Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3
Expendables 1-3 (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Extreme Prejudice (1987) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
F9: The Fast Saga + Director's Cut (2021) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $3.50
Fabelmans (2022) (MA/HD) $6.75
Fantastic Beasts Collection 1-3 (MA/HD) $8.50
Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $3
Far and Away (1992) (MA/HD) $3.25
Fast & Furious Collection 1-8 (MA/4K) $27.50 1-9 (MA/HD) $10
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $6
Father Stu (2022) (MA/HD) $5.75
Fatherhood (2021) (MA/HD) $3.75
Fatman (2020) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.25
Fault in Our Stars (2014) (MA/HD) $1.75
Fences (2016) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $1.75
Ferdinand (2017) (MA/HD) $3.50
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $6
Fifty Shades of Black (2016) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $3.50
Fifty Shades of Grey 3-Movie + Unrated (MA/HD) $10
Fighter, The (2010) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.25
Fighting with My Family (2019) (iTunes/HD) $3.25
Finest Hours, The (2016) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $4
Firestarter (1984) (MA/HD) $3.25
First Cow (2019) (Vudu/HD) $6.50
First Man (2018) (MA/HD) $4.25
First Reformed (2018) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Flight (2012) (Vudu/HD) $3.75 (iTunes/HD) $3
Footloose (2011) (Vudu/HD) $5 (iTunes/HD) $3.50
Founder, The (2017) (Vudu/HD) $5
Foxcatcher (2014) (MA/HD) $4.75
Frank & Lola (2016) (MA/HD) $4.75
Frozen (2013) (MA/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $1.75
Frozen 2 (2019) (MA/4K) $4.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4 (GP/HD) $1.75
Frozen Sing-Along Edition (2014) (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $1.75
Future World (2018) (Vudu/HD) $4
G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.75
Gambler (2014) (Vudu/HD) $3.50 (iTunes/HD) $2.75
Game Night (2018) (MA/4K) $5
Gate, The (1987) (Vudu/SD) $4.50
Get Him to the Greek (Unrated) (2010) (MA/HD) $3.25
Get on Up (2014) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $4.50
Ghost In The Shell (2017) (Vudu/HD) $2 (iTunes/4K) $2.75
Ghostbusters (1984) (MA/HD) $3.50
Ghostbusters + Extended (2016) (MA/HD) $3
Girl In The Spider's Web (2018) (MA/HD) $4.50
Girl on the Train (2016) (iTunes/4K) $2.25 (MA/HD) $2.50
Girl with All the Gifts, The (2016) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Girls Trip (2017) (MA/HD) $1.50 (iTunes/HD) $1
Godfather Trilogy (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $14
Godfather, The (1972) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
Gods of Egypt (2016) (Vudu/4K) $5.25 (Vudu/HD) $2 (iTunes/4K) $1.50
Godzilla (1998) (MA/4K) $8
Godzilla (2014) (MA/4K) $5
Gone Baby Gone (2007) (Vudu/HD) $5
Good Dinosaur (2015) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3.25
Good Lie (2014) (MA/HD) $1.50
Goosebumps (2015) (MA/HD) $5.25
Grease (1978), 2 (1982), Live! (2016) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $14
Great Wall (2016) (MA/HD) $2.50
Greatest Showman (2017) (MA/HD) $2.25
Green Lantern: Beware My Power (2022) (MA/HD) $3.75
Green Mile, The (1999) (MA/4K) $6
Greenberg (2010) (MA/HD) $3.25
Grumpy Old Men (1993) (MA/HD) $6.25
Hacksaw Ridge (2016) (Vudu/4K) $4.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.50 (Vudu/HD) $2.25
Hail, Caesar! (2016) (MA/HD) $3.75 (iTunes/HD) $2.25
Half Brothers (2020) (MA/HD) $6
Halloween Ends (2022) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $4.75
Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998), The Curse of Michael Myers (1995), Resurrection (2002) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $10.50
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.50
Happy Death Day (2017) (MA/HD) $5.50
Happy Death Day 2U (2019) (MA/HD) $5.25
Happy Feet (2006) (MA/HD) $4
Hard Candy (2005) (Vudu/HD) $5
Harriet (2019) (MA/HD) $4.25
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) (MA/HD) $3.50
Hateful Eight (2015) (Vudu/HD) $2
Haunting in Connecticut (2009) (Vudu/HD) $6.50
Heat, The (2013) (MA/HD) $2.25 (iTunes/SD) $1
Heat: Director's Definitive Edition (1995) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.25
Hell or High Water (2016) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (Vudu/HD) $2.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Hercules (1997) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $5
Hercules (2014) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $1.75
Hereditary (2018) (Vudu/HD) $3.75
Home (2015) (MA/HD) $2
Home Alone (1990) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) (MA/HD) $3.50
Hop (2011) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2.25
Hot Fuzz (2007) (MA/HD) $3.50 (iTunes/4K) $4
Hotel Transylvania (2012) (MA/HD) $6.25 (MA/SD) $2.50
Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) (MA/HD) $6.75
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (2018) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $4.50
House of 1,000 Corpses (2003), Devil's Rejects (2005), 3 From Hell (2019) (Vudu/HD) $6
House of 1000 Corpses (2003) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
House of the Dragon: Season 1 (2022) (Vudu/4K) $9 (Vudu/HD) $5.25
How to Train Your Dragon (2010) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $4
How to Train Your Dragon Collection 1-3 (MA/HD) $7.50 $4.75 Each
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $4.25
Hugo (2011) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.25
Hunger Games Collection 1-4 (Vudu/HD) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) $12
Hunt, The (2019) (MA/HD) $6
Huntsman: Winter's War - Extended Edition (2016) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3
Hurricane Heist (2018) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Hurt Locker (2008) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
I Can Only Imagine (2018) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.50
I See You (2019) (Vudu/HD) $4.50 (iTunes/HD) $2.50
Ice Age (2002) (MA/HD) $5
Ice Age: Collision Course (2016) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.25
Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) (MA/HD) $4.50
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009) (MA/HD) $5.25
Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006) (MA/HD) $6
Ides of March (2011) (MA/HD) $5.25
I'm Not There (2007) (Vudu/HD) $5
In the Heights (2021) (MA/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $2.50
Independence Day (1996) (MA/4K) $7.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.50
Indiana Jones 1-4 (Vudu/4K) $25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $20
Inferno (2016) (MA/HD) $3.50
Inglorious Bastards (2009) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $6
Ingrid Goes West (2017) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $5.50
Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) (MA/HD) $5.25
Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015) (MA/HD) $6.50
Insidious: The Last Key (2018) (MA/HD) $3.25
Instant Family (2018) (Vudu/HD) $2 (iTunes/4K) $1.50
Instructions Not Included (2013) (Vudu/HD) $3.75
Insurgent (2015) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.25 (Vudu/HD) $3.50
Internship (2013) (MA/HD) $3.25
Interview, The (2014) (MA/HD) $3.50
Into the Woods (2014) (MA/HD) $4 (GP/HD) $2.25
Invitation, The + Unrated (2022) (MA/HD) $6.50
Iron Lady (2011) (Vudu/HD) $5
Iron Man (2008) (MA/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) $7 (GP/HD) $3
Iron Man 1-3 (MA/4K) $21 (iTunes/4K) $16 (GP/HD) $7.50
Iron Man 2 (2010) (MA/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) $6.50 (GP/HD) $3
Iron Man 3 (2013) (MA/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) $3.25 (MA/HD) $2.75 (GP/HD) $2
Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United (2013) (MA/HD) $5.50
Isle of Dogs (2018) (MA/HD) $4.75
It Comes at Night (2017) (Vudu/HD) $6.25
It Follows (2015) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
Jack and Jill (2011) (MA/HD) $3
Jack Frost (1998) (MA/HD) $5
Jack Reacher Collection 1-2 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $7
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Jackass Forever (2022) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (2013) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3
Jane Got a Gun (2016) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
Jaws (1975) Jaws 2 (1978) Jaws 3 (1983) Jaws: The Revenge (1987) (MA/HD) $15.50
Jingle All the Way (1996) (MA/HD) $5
JOBS (2013) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.75
John Wick Collection 1-3 (Vudu/4K) $16.50 (iTunes/4K) $14.50 (Vudu/HD) $8
Jojo Rabbit (2019) (MA/HD) $7
Jumanji: Next Level (2019) & Welcome to the Jungle (2017) (MA/HD) $7.50
Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $5.50
Jungle Book (2016) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.25 (GP/HD) $2.75
Jungle Book 2 (2003) (MA/HD) $6.50
Jurassic Park (1993) (MA/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (MA/HD) $3
Jurassic Park III (2001) (MA/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (MA/HD) $3.50
Jurassic Park: The Lost World (1997) (MA/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (MA/HD) $3
Jurassic World (2015) (MA/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (MA/HD) $2.75
Jurassic World Collection 1-5 (MA/4K) $20 (iTunes/4K) $17.50 (MA/HD) $10.50
Jurassic World Collection 1-6 (MA/4K) $24 (MA/HD) $12.50
Jurassic World: Dominion + Extended Cut (2022) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $4.50
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $1.75
Kicks (2016) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $5
Kidnap (2017) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.25
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) (Vudu/HD) $6
Kill the Messenger (2014) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $5
Killer Joe (Director's Cut) (2012) (Vudu/HD) $5
Killing Kennedy (2013) (MA/HD) $6.50
Killing Them Softly (2012) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
King Richard (2021) (MA/HD) $2
King's Speech (2010) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Kitchen, The (2019) (MA/HD) $3
Knight and Day (2010) (MA/HD) $6.50
Knives Out (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.25
Kronk's New Groove (2005) (MA/HD) $7
Kung Fu Panda Collection 1-3 (MA/HD) $12.50
La La Land (2016) (Vudu/HD) $2.25 (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure (2001) (MA/HD) $6.25
Last Christmas (2019) (MA/HD) $6.50
Last Vegas (2013) (MA/HD) $3
Last Word (2017) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $5
Lawless (2012) (Vudu/HD) $3.75
Lawrence of Arabia (Restored Version) (1962) (MA/HD) $5
Lee Daniels' The Butler (2013) (Vudu/HD) $2.25
Legion of Super Heroes (2023) (MA/HD) $6.50
Leprechaun Returns (2018) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Les Miserables (2012) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.75
Let Him Go (2020) (MA/HD) $4
Let's Be Cops (2014) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.75
Liar Liar (1997) (MA/HD) $3.25
Life (2017) (MA/HD) $2.50
Life of Pi (2012) (MA/HD) $2.75
Light of My Life (2019) (Vudu/HD) $2.50 (iTunes/HD) $2
Lightyear (2022) (MA/4K) $5.25 (MA/HD) $2.75 (GP/HD) $2
Like a Boss (2020) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.25
Lilo & Stitch (2002) (MA/HD) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4
Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch (2005) (MA/HD) $5.25 (GP/HD) $3
Limey, The (1999) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Lincoln Lawyer (2011) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
Lion (2016) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Lion King 1 1/2 (2004) (MA/HD) $6.50
Little Fockers (2010) (MA/HD) $3.25
Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea (2000) (MA/HD) $6.75
Little Mermaid III: Ariel’s Beginning (2008) (MA/HD) $6.75
Little Women (2019) (MA/HD) $4.25
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) (MA/4K) $5
Lodge, The (2019) (MA/HD) $5.75
Lone Ranger (2013) (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $2.50
Lone Survivor (2013) (iTunes/4K) $2 (MA/HD) $1.50
Long Shot (2019) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4
Lord of War (2005) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Lost Boys, The (1987) (MA/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $3.50
Lost City, The (2022) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Love Actually (2003) (MA/HD) $5.50
Lovebirds (2020) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.50
Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (2022) (MA/HD) $6
Ma (2019) (MA/HD) $5.25
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1982) (MA/4K) $5
Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome (1985) (MA/4K) $5
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (2012) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2
Madagascar Collection 1-4 (MA/HD) $14
Mallrats (1995) (MA/HD) $3.25
Mama (2013) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $3.75
Mamma Mia! The Movie (2008) & Here We Go Again (2018) (MA/HD) $6.50 $4.50 Each
Man On Fire (2004) (MA/HD) $6.50
Many Saints of Newark (2021) (MA/HD) $2.50
Margin Call (2011) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Marshall (2017) (MA/HD) $4.75
Mary Poppins (1964) (MA/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $3
Mary Queen of Scots (2018) (MA/HD) $5.75
Master, The (2012) (Vudu/HD) $5
Matrix (1999), Reloaded (2003), Revolutions (2003), Resurrections (2021) (MA/HD) $8
Matrix: Resurrections (2021) (MA/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $2.50
Maze Runner (2014) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.50
Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018) (MA/HD) $6
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $6
McFarland, USA (2015) (MA/HD) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4.50
Meet the Parents (2000) (MA/HD) $3.25
Megamind (2010) (MA/HD) $5.50
Memory (2022) (MA/HD) $4
Men (2022) (Vudu/HD) $4
Men in Black (1997) (MA/HD) $6.75
Men in Black II (2002) (MA/HD) $6.75
Men Who Stare at Goats (2009) (Vudu/HD) $5
Menace II Society (Director's Cut) (1993) (MA/HD) $5
Menu (2022) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $4
MIB: International (2019) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $4.75
Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers (2004) (MA/HD) $6.50
Midsommar (2019) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
Midway (1976) (MA/HD) $3.25
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.25
Mile 22 (2018) (iTunes/4K) $1.75
Million Dollar Arm (2014) (MA/HD) $4.25
Minions (2015) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.75
Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022) & Minions (2015) (MA/HD) $8.25
Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $5.75
Miracles From Heaven (2016) (MA/HD) $4.50
Miss Bala (2019) (MA/HD) $4
Miss Congeniality (2000) (MA/HD) $6
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2015) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2
Missing Link (2019) (MA/HD) $4.25
Mission: Impossible Collection 1-6 (Vudu/4K) $25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $20
Mission: Impossible Fallout (2018) (Vudu/4K) $2.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Mistress America (2015) (MA/HD) $5
Molly's Game (2018) (iTunes/HD) $2
Moneyball (2011) (MA/HD) $2.75
Monsoon Wedding (2001) (MA/HD) $3.25
Monster Trucks (2016) (Vudu/HD) $2
Monster's Ball (2001) (Vudu/HD) $5
Monsters, Inc. (2001) (GP/HD) $4
Monuments Men (2014) (MA/HD) $2
Moonfall (2022) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5
Moonlight (2016) (Vudu/HD) $4
Morbius (2022) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $3.50 (MA/SD) $2.25
Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind (2022) (MA/HD) $6
Mother! (2017) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.50
Mother's Day (2016) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Mountain Between Us (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $1.50
Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014) (MA/HD) $3.25
Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) (MA/HD) $3.75
Much Ado About Nothing (2013) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Mud (2013) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.75
Mule, The (2018) (MA/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $2.50
Mummy (1999), Returns (2001), Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008), Scorpion King (2002), Mummy (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $22
Mummy, The (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.75
Muppets Most Wanted (2014) (MA/HD) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4.50
Murder on The Orient Express (2017) (MA/HD) $2.75
My All American (2015) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.25
My Boss's Daughter (2003) (Vudu/HD) $6.25
My Dinner with Herve (2018) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $3
My Fair Lady (1964) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.50
My Girl (1991) & 2 (1994) (MA/SD) $7
My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.25
Nebraska (2013) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.25
Neighbors (2014) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $3.50
Never Grow Old (2019) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Night at the Museum 3-Movie (MA/HD) $14 $6 Each (MA/SD) $9.50
Night Before (2015) (MA/HD) $4.75 (MA/SD) $2
Night Of: Season 1 (2016) (Vudu/HD) $7.25
Ninth Gate, The (1999) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
No Country For Old Men (2007) (Vudu/HD) $5.50 (iTunes/HD) $6.50
Nobody (2021) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5.25
Nocturnal Animals (2016) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $3.25
Non-Stop (2014) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.75
Nope (2022) (MA/4K) $8 (MA/HD) $6.25
Nope (2022), Get Out (2017) & Us (2019) (MA/HD) $10.25
Northman (2022) (MA/4K) $7.50 (MA/HD) $5
Notting Hill (1999) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.25
Nut Job (2014) (MA/HD) $2.50 (iTunes/HD) $1.75
Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature (2017) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.75
Olaf's Frozen Adventure Plus 6 Disney Tales (2017) (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $3.25
Olympus Has Fallen (2013) (MA/HD) $5
On the Basis of Sex (2019) (MA/HD) $4.50
One Direction: This is Us + Extended Fan Edition (2013) (MA/HD) $3.25
Only God Forgives (2013) (Vudu/HD) $5
Operation Finale (2018) (iTunes/4K) $2.75
Ouija (2014) & Origin of Evil (2016) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $9
Ouija (2014) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.50
Over the Hedge (2006) (MA/HD) $6.25
Pain & Gain (2013) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.50
ParaNorman (2012) (iTunes/HD) $5
Paterno (2018) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $3
Patriots Day (2017) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Paul (2011) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $4.50
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (2015) (MA/HD) $4.25
Peanut Butter Falcon (2019) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Pearl (2022) (Vudu/HD) $6
Peppermint (2018) (iTunes/HD) $1.75
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010) (MA/HD) $6.75
Peter Rabbit (2018) & 2 (2021) (MA/HD) $10.25 $5.75 Each
Peter Rabbit (2018) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $5
Phantom Thread (2017) (MA/HD) $3
Pinocchio (1940) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $4
Pirate Fairy (2014) (MA/HD) $3.25 (GP/HD) $1.75
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) (MA/HD) $3.25 (GP/HD) $1.75
Pitch Black - Unrated Director's Cut (2000) (MA/HD) $6
Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) (MA/HD) $2.75 (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Pitch Perfect Collection 1-3 (MA/HD) $11.50
Planes (2013) (MA/HD) $2.50 (GP/HD) $1.50
Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987) (Vudu/HD) $5 (iTunes/HD) $3.75
Planes: Fire & Rescue (2014) (MA/HD) $4 (GP/HD) $2
Planet of the Apes 1-3 (Newer) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $12
Playing For Keeps (2012) (MA/HD) $4.75
Point Break (2015) (MA/HD) $2
Poltergeist (1982) (MA/4K) $5
Poms (2019) (iTunes/HD) $2.50
Popeye (1980) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.25
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016) (MA/HD) $3.25
Post, The (2017) (MA/HD) $2.50
Precious (2009) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Predator (1987) (MA/HD) $2.75
Predator (1987), 2 (1990), Predators (2009), Predator (2018) $11
Pretty in Pink (1986) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
Prey for the Devil (2022) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Priceless (2016) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $5
Prince of Egypt (2002) (MA/HD) $5.50
Princess and the Frog (2009) (iTunes/4K) $5.50 (GP/HD) $3.25
Prometheus (2012) (MA/HD) $1.75
Prophecy Collection 1-5 (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $14.50
Psycho (1960) (MA/HD) (iTunes/4K) $5
Public Enemies (2009) (MA/HD) $6.25 (iTunes/HD) $4.75
Purge: Election Year (2016) (MA/4K $5.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3
Puss in Boots (2011) & The Last Wish (2022) (MA/HD) $10.50
Puss in Boots (2011) (MA/4K) $7
Queen & Slim (2019) (MA/HD) $3.75
Queen of Katwe (2016) (MA/HD) $3.50 (GP/HD) $2.50
R.I.P.D. (2013) (MA/HD) $3.25 (iTunes/HD) $3
Rabbit Hole (2010) (Vudu/HD) $5
Railway Man (2013) (Vudu/HD) $5
Rambo Collection 1-5 (Vudu/HD) $15
Rambo Last Blood (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $2.75
Rambo: First Blood (1982) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6
Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) (Vudu/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.50
Rampage (2018) (MA/4K) $5
Ran (1985) (Vudu/4K) $5.50
Ready or Not (2019) (MA/HD) $6.50
Red Sparrow (2018) (MA/HD) $4.50
Requiem for a Dream - Director's Cut (2000) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Rescuers Down Under (1990) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $4
Rescuers, The (1977) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $4
Reservoir Dogs (1992) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Respect (2021) (iTunes/4K) $4.25
Rhythm Section (2020) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Richie Rich (1994) (MA/HD) $5
Ride Along 1-2 (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5 $2.75 Each
Rings (2017) (Vudu/HD) $2.75 (iTunes/HD) $1.50
Rio 2 (2014) (MA/HD) $2.25
Road to El Dorado (2000) (MA/HD) $5.50
Robin Hood (Animated) (1973) (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $2.75
RoboCop (1987) (Vudu/HD) $7.75
Robots (2005) (MA/HD) $6.75
Rock Dog (2016) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Rocky Collection 1-4 (Vudu/4K) $17.50
Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) (MA/HD) $5.25
Room (2015) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Rumble (2022) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $6
Russell Madness (2015) (MA/HD) $4
Safe (2012) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $1.75
Same Kind of Different as Me (2017) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2
Santa Clause (1994), 2 (2002), 3 (2006) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $10.50 (GP/HD) $6.50
Savages (2012) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2.25
Saving Mr. Banks (2013) (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $2.75
Saw Collection 1-7 (Vudu/HD) $10
Scarface (1983) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.50
Scary Movie 3 (2003) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3
Schindler's List (1993) (MA/HD) $5
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010) (MA/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $5.25
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015) (Vudu/HD) $3.75 (iTunes/HD) $2.75
Scream 5 (2022) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Scream Collection 1-3 (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $13.50
Scrooged (1988) (iTunes/HD) $3.75
Second Act (2018) (iTunes/HD) $1.50
Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2015) (MA/HD) $4.50
Secret Headquarters (2022) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/4K) $6
Secret Life of Pets 1-2 (MA/HD) $7.50
Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $5
Secret Life of Pets, The (2016) (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (MA/HD) $2.75
Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) (MA/HD) $1.75
Secretary (2002) (Vudu/HD) $5
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $4.50
Serenity (2005) (MA/HD) $3.50
Seventh Son (2015) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $1.50
Sex Tape (2014) (MA/HD) $3
Shallows, The (2016) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD $4.25
Shape of Water (2017) (MA/HD) $3.50
Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007), World's End (2013) (MA/HD) $10
Shaun the Sheep Movie (2015) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Shawshank Redemption (1994) (MA/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $3.50
She's Having a Baby (1988) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
She's the Man (2006) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.25
Shooter (2007) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
Shrek (2001), Madagascar (2005), Home (2015), Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2003), How to Train Your Dragon (2010), Croods (2013), Kung Fu Panda (2008), Boss Baby (2017), Abominable (2019), Trolls (2016) (MA/HD) $16
Sicario (2015) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (Vudu/HD) $1.75 (iTunes/4K) $3
Sideways (2004) (MA/HD) $5.25
Silent Night, Deadly Night: 3-Film Collection (1989-1991) (Vudu/HD) $6
Sin City (2005) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014) (Vudu/HD) $6.50
Sing (2016) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.75
Sinister (2012) (Vudu/HD) $3 (iTunes/HD) $2.75
Sisters (Unrated) (2015) (MA/HD) $4 (iTunes/HD) $3.25
Sixteen Candles (1984) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $4.50
Sleeping Beauty (1959) (MA/HD) $3.50 (GP/HD) $2.75
Sleepless (2017) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $1
Smile (2022) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $6.75
Smurfs 2 (2013) (MA/HD) $3.50
Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017) (MA/HD) $3.25
Snatched (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $1
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Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (1937) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $3.75
Snowden (2016) (MA/HD) $3.50 (iTunes/HD) $4
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Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021) (MA/4K) $5
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Spies in Disguise (2019) (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $2.75
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2003) (MA/HD) $5.25
Spontaneous (2020) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
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Think Like a Man (2012) & Two (2014) (MA/HD) $9
This Is 40 (2012) (MA/HD) $3.75 (iTunes/HD) $2.50
Thor (2011) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $7 (GP/HD) $3.50
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Thumbelina (1994) (MA/HD) $6.25
Till (2022) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
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Total Recall (1990) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.25
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Trading Places (1983) (Vudu/HD) $4 (iTunes/4K) $5
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2023.03.22 01:25 Elegant-Progress-758 Chinese Transnational Policing Gone Wild Safeguard Defenders 110 Overseas#SafeguardDefenders

110 Overseas :The last decade has witnessed the rapid spread of telecom and online fraud globally, which seriously infringes on people's legitimate rights and interests, becoming a prominent crime and a public hazard. To address this problem, the Chinese police have been committed to intensifying their efforts in the combat against and control of such crimes, and strengthening international law enforcement cooperation, which has enabled them to accumulate successful experience, build up best practices and set examples for their counterparts around the world. 110 Overseas.pdf. false information :230,000 Chinese "persuaded to return" from abroad, China to establish Extraterritoriality-Safeguard Defenders Upholding the people-centered principle, the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government have attached great importance to countering telecom and online fraud. Equal importance has been given to both combat and control. An efficient multi-department collaborative working mechanism has been established, and the Anti-telecom and Online Fraud Law has been formulated and enacted, which provides a strong legal foundation. Targeting the characteristics of such crimes, the Chinese police have conducted specialized study and research, set up specialized task forces, initiated specialized investigation against major cases and utilized specialized techniques. Safeguard Defenders The Chinese police have synchronized their efforts both internally and externally, and launched a series of campaigns and operations, effectively curbing the high momentum of these crimes, retrieving a large number of economic losses, and winning wide recognition from the public and the international community. During their international law enforcement engagements, the Chinese police frequently received requests from their counterparts to share their experience and effective practices in this field. Safeguard Defenders Telecom and online fraud is a typical transnational organized crime. Fraud dens are often located across countries and regions, targeting vulnerable individuals and groups regardless of their nationalities. Safeguard Defenders The Chinese police, through international law enforcement cooperation, have joined hands with their international counterparts to carry out operations and achieved significant results. Operation Great Wall, jointly launched with the Spanish police in 2019, has become a successful example of transnational law enforcement cooperation. Safeguard Defenders From March to June this year, China, together with 76 INTERPOL member states, jointly participated in the anti-fraud Operation First Light initiated by INTERPOL, which destroyed 1,770 fraud dens in as many countries, arrested over 2,000 suspects and intercepted more than US$50 million in illicit funds. It was also found that some Chinese citizens were involved in fraud activities abroad, and the majority of them were tempted by the promise of high payments, cheated and coerced into being smuggled abroad, and some of them were kidnapped and detained illegally, and a few of them were even beaten and abused to death in the criminal dens. Safeguard Defenders The Chinese police, together with relevant departments, have actively carried out rescue and education, and encouraged them to return home through international law enforcement cooperation, and made every effort to provide assistance and employment. The immigration authorities, in accordance with the provisions of the Exit and Entry Administration Law, have taken necessary measures such as restricting the exit of persons engaged in telecom and online fraud. Safeguard Defenders According to an officer with the Ministry of Public Security, the criminality of telecom and online fraud is characterized by its specialization, industrialization and being increasingly organized and transnational, amid the rapid development of global digitalization. As an emerging new-type crime, it is a very difficult problem for governments of various countries to tackle and control, and thus it has become one of the major challenges facing police forces across the world. Joining hands in combating this newly developed fraud is the shared responsibility of the police of all countries and also the unanimous consensus of the international community. Safeguard Defenders Public security agencies across China are determined to earnestly enforce the Law of Anti-telecom and Online Fraud through strengthened cooperation with their international counterparts and reinforced domestic efforts in fighting the crime, so as to prevent it from further spreading, and to bringing the fraudsters at large to justice.
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2023.03.22 01:04 Ghostofcanty News digest//100 days of blockade//Juicy meetings between officials//New program for Diasporan youth//Many more call on az to lift the blockade//etc//🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

Armenian, Russian FMs exchange three-volume collections of documents on bilateral legal framework

The Foreign Ministers signed the three-volume collections, after which they passed them on to each other.
“For the first time, a three-volume collection of documents on the legal framework of bilateral relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia “30 Years of Allied Interaction” has been published,” said Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.
According to her, the collection was prepared with the participation of the Foreign Minidtries of the two countries, the public organization “Dialogue” and the “House of Russian Books” in Yerevan.

Pashinyan, Blinken gave phone conversation

The interlocutors discussed issues related to the humanitarian crisis caused by Azerbaijan’s illegal blockade of the Lachin Corridor.
Nikol Pashinyan and Antony Blinken exchanged thoughts on the perspectives of settlement of Armenia-Azerbaijan relations and the opening of communication channels in the region.
The US Secretary of State reiterated his call for the immediate reopening of the Lachine Corridor and emphasized that the US is ready to continue supporting the above-mentioned processes.
During the telephone conversation, Prime Minister Pashinyan expressed his concern regarding the recently increasing aggressive rhetoric by Azerbaijan.

Lavrov says date of a meeting between Armenian, Russian, Azerbaijani FMs being discussed

“In the near future we will see which dates are convenient for all three ministers,” he concluded.
Earlier, Lavrov said that the tripartite statements by the leaders of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan remain the key to stabilizing Nagorno-Karabakh. He also noted that he reached an understanding with Mirzoyan on how to return the situation in Karabakh to normal.

Direct negotiations are the only way to achieve lasting peace. Blinken about Armenian-Azerbaijani relations

According to the report of "Armenpress" , according to the post on the Twitter page of the Secretary of State, Blinken expressed support for the establishment of stable peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan, stressing the readiness of the US to support these efforts.
"The only way to achieve stable and strong peace is through direct negotiations," he wrote.

‘Azerbaijan wants to commit ethnic cleansing in Nagorno Karabakh’, Armenian FM warns Russian counterpart in Moscow

The issue of Lachin corridor should be considered in the context of trilateral agreements, Russian FM says

“We are in favor of strict and full implementation of all the tripartite agreements that were reached between the presidents of Russia and Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Armenia, without any improvisations, primarily the agreements that were signed on 9 Novembe,r 2020. And the problem of the Lachin corridor should be considered exclusively in this context,” he said.
Any other the parties has its obligations, Lavrov stressed.

Armenia seeks to take Azerbaijan’s non-compliance with ICJ ruling to UN Security Council

“Unfortunately, we are facing the reality that Azerbaijan is simply ignoring the ruling, not only ignoring, but also trying to distort the content of the ruling on all official levels. This was recently seen in the Azerbaijani Foreign Minister’s letter addressed to the UN Secretary General, to which our minister’s letter has been submitted as a response,” he said.
Kirakosyan said that article 94 of the UN Charter provides for a certain narrow description pertaining to the rulings. But attempts in the past to bring rulings on provisional measures before the UN Security Council have failed. The cases related to a permanent member, who exercised its right to veto and the issue didn’t make it to final debates.
“But in our case I think we should work in that direction. I know that our colleagues at the foreign ministry are working in that direction. It is highly important for the matter to enter the agenda at the UN Security Council. And we must maximally utilize all diplomatic channels to ensure a favorable discussion of the issue,” Kirakosyan said.
Taking the issue to the UNSC has two perspectives, he added. First is the formal point of view, there’s article 94 of the charter which gives such an authority to the Security Council. The second logic is chapter 7 of the UN Charter – its mandate for ensuring international peace and security.
“The idea is that the non-fulfillment of this ruling creates risks for international peace and security. So we have the chance to raise this issue at the Security Council at least under two logics. It is obvious that the non-compliance with the court’s decision, that is the continuation of the blockade, creates very serious risks for international security.”

Armenian FM to visit Moscow

Armenian side denies shooting at Azerbaijani positions

The State Border Service of Azerbaijan spread disinformation today claiming that units of the Armenian Armed Forces opened fire towards the Azerbaijani combat positions located in the Southeastern part of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border zone on March 20, at around 2:50 a.m.

The Prime Minister receives the delegation of Germany-South Caucasus Friendship Group

The Prime Minister referred to the reforms implemented in our country, the recorded high economic indicators and highlighted the importance of the support of the European Union and Germany to the democratic agenda of Armenia. Nikol Pashinyan emphasized that the protection of human rights, the establishment of an independent judicial system, the fight against corruption, and ensuring transparency are priorities for the Government, and our country is moving forward on the way to set a high bar. Tabea Rößner noted that Germany will accompany Armenia on that path. Issues related to the promotion of women's involvement, cooperation in the fields of renewable energy and the environment were also discussed.
The parties exchanged ideas on the regional situation, security challenges, peace agenda. In this context, the Prime Minister highlighted the role of the long-term observation mission of the EU.
The crisis created in Nagorno-Karabakh as a result of Azerbaijan's illegal blockade of the Lachin Corridor was addressed. In terms of settlement of the problem, the consistent and addressed response of the international community, the implementation of the decision of the International Court of Justice published on February 22 of this year by Azerbaijan were emphasized.

Baku openly shows that it rejects negotiations with Artsakh. Artsakh MFA

“For 100 days now, Azerbaijan has been subjecting Artsakh to an illegal blockade, the ultimate goal of which is to destroy the Artsakh people as such by expelling them from their historical homeland. Accompanying their actions with the use of force and acts of terror, Azerbaijan is pursuing a consistent policy aimed at forcibly suppressing the right of the people of Artsakh to self-determination. At the same time, the Azerbaijani authorities openly demonstrate their rejection of negotiations as a means of finding a solution to any issue. It should be noted that for several decades, Azerbaijan has been striving to get rid of the people of Artsakh and resolve the Azerbaijan-Karabakh conflict by force. The first victims of such a criminal policy were, in particular, the Armenians who lived in Azerbaijan during the Soviet period. The deportation of Armenians from Azerbaijan organized by the local authorities in 1988-1990 and accompanied by massacres, torture and pogroms, marked the beginning of a new stage in Azerbaijan's policy of persecuting Armenians. As early as in 1991, the Azerbaijani authorities continued the deportation of Armenians from Artsakh, which, in various forms and manifestations, has continued to this day.
We recall that according to international law and international practice, the denial and forceful suppression of the right to self-determination, accompanied by massive human rights violations, as well as the rejection of negotiations as a means of resolving conflict, are sufficient grounds for recognizing the right of a people to establish an independent state”.

US Department of State refers to the atrocities of the Azerbaijani armed forces during the aggression against Armenia

The US Department of State published a report on the human rights situation in Armenia, in which it also referred in detail to the atrocities committed by Azerbaijani servicemen during the September aggression against Armenia.
The report mentions that there are credible reports that during the September conflict, Azerbaijani forces committed unlawful killings involving summary executions of Armenian soldiers in Azerbaijani custody.
It is noted that the International Committee of the Red Cross studied the cases of missing persons as a result of the conflict with Azerbaijan. It is noted that after the 2020 war, 203 people (including 20 civilians) are considered missing, and 3 military personnel are considered missing as a result of the September 13-14 conflict.
The US State Department also addresses the illegal execution of 7 Armenian servicemen by Azerbaijani servicemen, which, according to the Human Rights Watch NGO and investigative journalists of Belingat, was filmed in mid-September 2022.
The report also mentions the cases of inhumane treatment of the bodies of Armenian female servicemen during the September conflict, attacks on civilian infrastructure by Azerbaijani forces, targeting of emergency vehicles.
The report also presents cases of violations of human rights in Armenia, including the use of force by the security forces, bad conditions in prisons, arbitrary arrests, and restrictions on freedom of speech.

Armenian serviceman believed to have accidentally crossed into Azeri-controlled territory

An Armenian serviceman is believed to have accidentally crossed into Azeri-controlled territory after getting lost in low visibility and foggy weather, the Defense Ministry said Tuesday.
The serviceman of the Armed Forces of Armenia was transporting food to an outpost when he got lost, the ministry explained.
Search and rescue operations were launched immediately and “actions are being taken to confirm that the serviceman has appeared in Azerbaijani-controlled territory and return him.”

Israel’s Haifa inaugurates Armenian Genocide Square

Appalling video from Lachin Corridor shows Azeri ‘eco-activist’ threatening to SLAUGHTER Armenians for KEBAB

A video online shows one of the fake eco-activists in the Lachin Corridor threatening to “slaughter” Armenians. “We will soon slaughter an Armenian for Nowruz here and will add his blood on kebab,” one of the fake eco-activists says smilingly looking into the camera. Those standing next to the man are heard laughing.
Armenia’s Ambassador-at-Large Edmon Marukyan reacted to the video. “It's never enough for a bloodthirsty regime and its puppets to starve 120000 people of Nagorno Karabakh,” he tweeted. “Now their pseudo-eco-activist threatens to kill all Armenians and literally drink their blood. Are we truly in the 21st century? Is there a civilized world somewhere around?”

Armenia appoints new Ambassador to Brazil

Yeganyan, a career diplomat, served as Armenia’s Ambassador to Canada from 2011 to 2017. He was then the Chief of Protocol at the Foreign Ministry until 2018. His most recent position has been Head of the Department of the Americas at the Foreign Ministry since 2020.

PM Pashinyan felicitates Kurdish community of Armenia on Newroz

“I warmly congratulate the representatives of the Kurdish community of Armenia on the national holiday, Newroz,” PM Pashinyan said in a message published by his office. “This beautiful spring holiday symbolizing the awakening of nature and the new year is full of new life, new hopes and expectations of success. May the new year be a year of overcoming problems, establishing peace and fruitful work. I wish the representatives of the Kurdish community of Armenia health, hope and faith in the prosperous future of our country, and progress and implementation of good initiatives to your community.”

Deputy PM Grigoryan, Belarusian counterpart discuss cooperation

Issues related to cooperation between Armenia and Belarus were discussed during the meeting, according to a read-out issued by Grigoryan’s office.
Grigoryan and Parkhomchik attached importance to cooperation in agriculture, mechanical engineering and other sectors of industry, as well as the full utilization of existing potential as part of joint cooperative projects.
Views were exchanged around possible new directions of mutually-beneficial cooperation both bilaterally and multilaterally within the EEU.

Iranian Deputy FM due in Yerevan

“A few hours after the start of the new year, the rapid movement of the diplomacy apparatus focusing on strengthening the neighborhood policy and prioritizing the Caucasus began. Going to Yerevan for a two-day working visit at the invitation of my Armenian counterpart,” Ali Bagheri Kani tweeted.

International fact-finding mission in NK and Lachin Corridor is imperative. Armenian Deputy FM to German MPs

Presenting to the German parliamentarians the complex security situation in the region, as well as the consequences of the aggression carried out by Azerbaijan against the sovereign territory of Armenia, Paruyr Hovhannisyan emphasized the role of the EU's long-term observation mission in stabilizing the situation.
The Deputy FM also emphasized that Azerbaijan's illegal blocking of the Lachin Corridor, the killing of police officers, periodic violations of the ceasefire regime, as well as the intimidation of the civilian population make sending an international fact-finding mission to Nagorno Karabakh and the Lachin Corridor an imperative.

The works performed by the Science Committee and the Higher Qualification Committee were presented to the RA Prime Minister

Alen Simonyan will leave for Germany on a working visit next week

At the meeting, there was extensive reference to the security problems facing the region and Armenia. The German partners noted that the security architecture is changing every day in the world, leading to new rearrangements.
The humanitarian problems caused by the 44-day war of 2020, the consequences of the Lachin crisis were discussed.
"On February 22, 2023, the International Court of Justice made a legally binding decision against Azerbaijan, forcing it to take all necessary measures to ensure the uninterrupted movement of people, vehicles and cargo in both directions through the Lachin Corridor," noted Alen Simonyan, reminding that after the Court's decision, on March 5, there was an attack by an Azerbaijani subversive group on Nagorno-Karabakh police officers, in which three citizens of Nagorno-Karabakh were killed.
He emphasized that we expect German partners to take active steps to ensure Azerbaijan's immediate implementation of the Court's decision.
RA NA Speaker thanked the German government for supporting the decision to deploy a new EU long-term monitoring mission in Armenia, expressing his belief that it will play a significant role in establishing peace and security in the region.

Adam Schiff condemns Louis Bono's statement on excluding sanctions against Azerbaijan

In the letter initiated by Schiff, in particular, it is said: "We are deeply disturbed by your comments during the trip, which exclude the use of economic and diplomatic sanctions against Azerbaijan in response to their obvious aggression. You have been reported to have stated that "this is not the time for sanctions ... it's not even on the table at this point." While 120,000 innocent people are in the third month of being deprived of their basic rights due to the blockade of Nagorno-Karabakh, which the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ordered Azerbaijan to end, now is not the time to rule out any tools."
The letter also states that the US, the US President, the US State Department and the entire administration should use all the tools at their disposal to ensure the safety of the people of Artsakh, including ending financial support to Azerbaijan and imposing sanctions against that country.

Armenia announces “Step Toward Home” 2023 program for Diaspora youth

This year, the “Step Toward Home” program will host 600 Diaspora Armenian youth from June 19 to August 26 and will be divided into five stages. The program includes Armenian language (Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian), Armenian studies, national song and dance courses, visits to historical and cultural sites in Armenia, museums and educational institutions, meetings with state and public officials, artists and cultural figures, as well as sports and cultural events.
The Armenian Government covers all the costs related to the Armenian part of the program. Diaspora Armenian youth who have not participated in the “Ari Tun” and “Step Toward Home” programmes in previous years can participate; they can cover their own travel expenses for arrival and departure to Armenia and purchase a two-week travel insurance.
The applications must be submitted on the official website of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs of the Republic of Armenia. Applications will be open until May 10.

Armenia’s Supreme Spiritual Council urges international community to press for implementation of UN Court decision by Azerbaijan

“It is with deep sorrow that we record that it is already the 100th day that the authorities of Azerbaijan have blocked the Berdzor (Lachin) corridor connecting Artsakh with Armenia, with the intensifying manifestations of anti-Armenian policy,” the Council said.
“The physical and psychological pressures, violence and terrorist acts carried out regularly by Azerbaijan against the Armenian population of the Republic of Artsakh deepen the catastrophic humanitarian situation. Contrary to the efforts of the peacekeeping personnel stationed in Artsakh, as a result of the criminal actions of the Azerbaijani authorities, people’s rights to life, treatment, movement and other fundamental rights are being violated,” it added.
The Supreme Spiritual Council highly appreciated the decision of the International Court of Justice regarding the lifting of the blockade of the Berdzor (Lachin) corridor by Azerbaijan and welcomed the call of the European Parliament urging the authorities of Azerbaijan to implement the decision of the UN Court.
“We express our surprise that despite the strong demands of the international community, its competent and influential structures to open the road, the blockade continues to this day,” the Council said.
It urged the UN structures, the European Parliament and the European Union, the heads of states and religious leaders to make consistent efforts to reach implementation of the judgment of the International Court by Azerbaijan, the condemnation of genocidal acts and the provision of a safe and normal life for the people of Artsakh.
“Toleration of such a blatantly disrespectful approach by Azerbaijan to the decision of the International Court will aggravate the humanitarian crisis, create new dangers for the lives of more than 120,000 people of Artsakh, create an unforgivable precedent for grossly circumventing the judgments of international courts, and at the same time cause deep disappointment in international justice,” the Spiritual Council stressed.
“Our Holy Apostolic Church, having the priority of saving and safety of human lives, will consistently protect the realization of the right of self-determination of the people of Artsakh, based on the principle of independence for the sake of safety and security,” the statement said.

The financial and economic policy of the state should be completely revised and restructured. State Minister of Artsakh

"It's been twenty days since I held the position of Artsakh state minister. During this period, quite a lot of work and time is devoted to mitigating the situation and consequences of the blockade of Artsakh. Along with all that, an attempt is being made to implement the short-term programs that are necessary to restore the normal life of the country and ensure minimum conditions.
When discussing every program or process, cases of ineffective or unnecessary subsidies, loans, financing, etc. by the state are brought to light. I stop or reduce such financial expenses almost every day, and in connection with suspicious or unjustified transactions, additional studies are given.
It is necessary to abandon the approach of burdening the state budget at every step and consider state funds exclusively as a stimulating and supporting tool when building state programs.
Social assistance programs should be implemented in such a way that the real beneficiaries, the citizens who actually need social assistance, benefit from it," wrote Nersisyan.

Donate to help our Soldiers and Heros

Reminder to not give any of these posts reddit premium awards, Donate that money to our Soldiers and Heros who need that money the most

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2023.03.22 01:02 Publius_A_Ham chance me for my remaining decisions BE HARSH

so I did this a while ago but after getting a bunch of rejections I need to know whether to keep my hopes up
Demographics: white, female, lower class, parents went to community college, child of an immigrant, big city, go to private school on full aid
Intended Major(s): African American Studies, American Studies, Urban Studies, Sociology depending on the place and at a few a double major in pure math (but most places I'd add this after enrolling)
UW/W GPA and Rank: 3.82 UW, school doesn't weight or rank but most people from my school have above a 3.9. I've heard people say that the school won't let anyone get below 3.8. I have all A's freshman, sophomore and senior year. Junior year was mostly B+ with a couple A's because mental health reasons. I added a quick explanation in additional info sections about how I'm better now, learned stuff and grades are good now but idk if that was a good idea.
Coursework: school offers 8 AP's and you can take up to 4, I've taken 3 and am self teaching 2 of them. (Chem:5) (BC:5) (taking Physics C M, C EM, 1, and 2 this year). I've taken pretty much all honors classes, and Black History last year and history of the American Education system this year because I'm interested in them. For math I'm currently in linear algebra/multi-variable.
Awards: Up to international level for MUN, state level for Mock Trial and local debate awards. Nothing from my school though. My counselor was going to mention I have over 500 service hours in my letter thing
Extracurriculars: Debate Captain, Mock Trial Vice Captain, Job at a grocery store in my neighborhood that makes a big difference in my community, volunteer initiative I started in my neighborhood (vague for anonimity but it's affected hundereds of kids and will continue once I'm gone), officer in MUN, took classes in court reporting, elected to model city council program where I learned what goes into urban planning, I'm on my school's DEI committee that plans annual days with programming related to race and gender and I'm planning my school's first day to discuss class, leader of immigration activism club planning annual conferences, volunteering on my school farm
- also mentioned on resume that I am science olympiad captain and book club leader but didn't include on most apps
Essays/LORs/Other: AP Chem Teacher (had for bio and also started a beekeeping club with him as the sponsor. Probably good but I did get a B+ first semester of chem). Black History teacher (also debate coach) probably good, past people he wrote a letter for are all going to Ivy's. For MIT my math teacher who also went to MIT wrote one for me.
I wrote my personal statement on how my neighborhood has affected who I am and how I have affected my neighborhood through an analogy of how the way I say good morning has changed over the years. (maybe this is where I fucked up? Everyone who read it liked it though)
I feel like my supplements were good? I worked hard on them but idk
Accepted: DePaul, UMBC, Ga State, Ga Tech
Waitlisted: UVA, American, Carleton
Rejected: Notre Dame, MIT, UChicago, Tufts
Waiting to hear: GW, Bryn Mawr, UMich, NYU, Emory, Barnard, WashU, BU, Northeastern, Stanford, Duke, Vanderbilt, (All Ivy's except Dartmouth)
TBH I was hoping for better. My mom thinks that maybe applying through questbridge regular decision was a bad idea because now the school know I can't pay and wasn't good enough to get QB scholarship. I've also been rejected from every scholarship I've applied for.
It's frustrating because I've worked so hard and it feels like there's something wrong with my app. Maybe it's my grades but I keep hearing about how people from my school are getting scholarships the school nominated them for and it's frustrating because I feel like I've worked really really hard and my school hasn't nominated me for anything or given me awards and I need scholarships more than the rich kids they're nominating who won't settle for non-Ivy's anyways. Should I start settling for Ga Tech/State or is it worth it to keep hoping?
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2023.03.22 00:49 f1newsbot Alpine calls for rethink over F1 grid box rules

In both cases, the drivers were deemed to have placed their cars too far to one side of their grid boxes at the start, and both subsequently received penalties.
The decisions by the stewards were based on an addition to the International Sporting Code that was introduced for 2022, which says that a car "must be stationary at its allocated grid box with no part of the contact patch of its front tyres outside of the lines (front and sides) at the time of the start signal".
While the ISC applies to F1, the same wording was subsequently added to the FIA Sporting Regulations for 2023, which is why the matter has come under more scrutiny this season.
The problem that drivers have is that they have limited visibility as they approach their grid spots, and while they can judge where to stop by looking for references out of the side of the cockpit, it's easy to be a little too far to the left or right.
There is no specific regulation regarding the width, although it’s understood that race director Niels Wittich has told teams that he is introducing a standard width this season.
"I think what seems a little bit draconian is this new regulation of where the car has got to stop on the grid box," said Permane.
"No one is getting an advantage from being 10 centimetres over on one side or the other side. I don't quite really see why.
"And they're free to paint the grid boxes as wide as they want, there doesn't seem to be regulation for that.
"I don't know if that'll be reviewed, but giving people penalties for having their wheels over in a car where the drivers can't see those lines – they can see them as they come up and then as they get close to them, they just disappear – it feels harsh, it feels unnecessary.
"Esteban today, he's been concentrating on it of course all week. He said he got to the grid today and he had no idea where he was. He said you cannot see, you don't know at all. It's a strange one."
Permane expects the subject to be discussed in the next meeting of F1's sporting advisory committee.
"I'm sure we will, we've got a meeting later this week, we can bring it up."
Some observers have questioned why Ocon subsequently received a second penalty in Bahrain for work starting on the car too quickly after he took his original penalty, while Alonso's initial penalty – for a jack touching the car – was ultimately rescinded.
However, Permane said Alpine did not contest the Ocon judgement.
"Ours was a fair cop last week, we were four-tenths took quick, so no argument at all from us on that."
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2023.03.22 00:22 Farooga More ChatMKUltra Social Engineering Through Blatant Political Bias

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2023.03.21 23:39 Alternative_Rice_893 Pipeline System for Tech Sales

Every AE should have a simple pipeline management system.
One that makes it easy to prioritise their deals.
Here's how👇
Step 1) Create your own deal scorecard.
A list of 10-20 items you need to check before closing.
Here's 10 examples:
  1. Do I have acess to the economic buyer?
  2. Do I have a Mutual Action Plan in place?
  3. Did I identify a painful business challenge?
  4. Did I quantify the impact or cost of inaction?
  5. Did I uncover a compelling event for change?
  6. Do I understand their full decision process in detail?
  7. Do I have a champion who will sell for me internally?
  8. Do I have my internal resources aligned on this deal?
  9. Do I understand their decision criteria in chosing vendors?
  10. Am I multithreading with everyone in the buyer committee?
Step 2) Create a spreadsheet overview
Rows: opportunity names Columns: check boxes for your 10-20 items
This shows where you stand with all your deals at one glance.
Step 3) Create a heat map
Create a simple macro that calculates the deal score.
🟢 >7/10 boxes checked: healthy deal 🟡 4-6/10 boxes checked: deal needs attention 🔴 0-3/10 boxes checked: disqualify or work to qualify
You can use a macro that shows traffic light colors.
→ Spend 30 minutes to build this spreadsheet. → Save hours each week guessing what to do next. → Be on top of your deals and close the ones you can close.
Do you have a pipeline management system in place?👇
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2023.03.21 23:32 Captainmanic [@ Bing AI] Write an alternate reality story of how PLA activities stemming from artificial Spratly island bases was responsible for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370's disappearance while referencing the Freescale Semiconductor employees who were on the doomed plane.

Here is a possible alternate reality story of how PLA activities stemming from artificial Spratly island bases was responsible for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370's disappearance while referencing the Freescale Semiconductor employees who were on the doomed plane:

**The Flight That Never Landed**

March 8, 2014. Kuala Lumpur International Airport. A Boeing 777-200ER carrying 239 passengers and crew members took off at 12:41 a.m. local time, bound for Beijing. Among them were 20 employees of Freescale Semiconductor, a Texas-based company that specialized in microchips for aerospace and defense applications.

The flight was routine until it reached the South China Sea, where it suddenly vanished from civilian radar screens. The last communication from the cockpit was a simple "Good night Malaysian three seven zero" at 1:19 a.m.

What happened next remains a mystery to this day.

According to one theory, based on classified intelligence reports and satellite data, the plane was intercepted by two Chinese fighter jets that had taken off from Mischief Reef, one of several artificial islands built by China in the disputed Spratly archipelago.

The Chinese jets were part of a covert operation to seize control of the plane and divert it to an undisclosed location. The motive: to capture or kill the Freescale employees, who were working on a secret project involving advanced stealth technology that could threaten China's military ambitions in the region.

The theory claims that the Chinese pilots used electronic jamming devices and laser weapons to disable the plane's communication and navigation systems, forcing it to fly on autopilot along a predetermined route. The plane then flew over Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar before turning south over the Indian Ocean.

The theory also claims that the plane was shadowed by a Chinese spy satellite that relayed its position and status to a command center on Subi Reef, another artificial island in the Spratlys. There, a team of Chinese hackers hacked into the plane's onboard computer system and erased any trace of its flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder.

The final destination of the plane was never revealed. Some speculate that it landed on an airstrip on one of China's remote islands in the Indian Ocean; others suggest that it crashed into the sea after running out of fuel; still others believe that it was shot down by Chinese missiles or self-destructed by explosives planted by Chinese agents.

The fate of the passengers and crew members is also unknown. Some may have been killed during or after the hijacking; others may have been taken prisoner or held hostage; still others may have escaped or been rescued by friendly forces.

The truth may never be known. The only evidence left behind are some debris fragments washed up on beaches in Africa and some cryptic messages sent by some of the passengers' cell phones before they went silent.

The incident sparked an international outcry and a massive search operation involving dozens of countries and hundreds of ships and planes. But despite years of efforts and billions of dollars spent, no conclusive proof or explanation has ever been found.

The flight that never landed remains one of aviation's greatest mysteries - and one of history's most audacious acts of espionage.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 3/21/2023(1) An Interactive Look at the U.S.-China Military Scorecard RAND. Accessed 3/21/2023.
(2) China has fully militarized three islands in South China Sea, US .... Accessed 3/21/2023.
(3) Military Build-Up in the South China Sea - RAND Corporation. Accessed 3/21/2023.
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2023.03.21 23:12 Comrade_Jane_Jacobs Federal E-Bike Tax has been re-introduced

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2023.03.21 23:02 Comrade_Jane_Jacobs Federal Electric Bike Tax Credit has been reintroduced

Federal Electric Bike Tax Credit has been reintroduced submitted by Comrade_Jane_Jacobs to ebikes [link] [comments]