Acrylic and gold dining chair


2008.01.25 07:36 Humor

/Humor; a place for things that bring a wry smile to your face.

2010.10.07 09:37 JasonHears Folsom, the city of

The City of Folsom has a rich history beginning with the '49ers during California's great Gold Rush. It was the site of the West's first railroad and the world's first long-distance transmission of electricity. Today Folsom is a forward-looking city, a high-tech town, with firms ranging from small to large international corporations. Folsom also boasts excellent schools, beautiful family-oriented neighborhoods and outstanding shopping, dining and cultural options.

2015.01.12 23:25 the_8bit_kingdom Koji-Kustoms: Modified Retro Video Game Handhelds


2023.06.07 20:28 Ok-Faithlessness-102 Lawn chair rental

Does anybody have one or two lawn chair rentals they are looking to sell? Heading to the St Louis show tonight and rentals show sold out on Live Nation app . TYIA!
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2023.06.07 20:28 Screenwriter6788 White Room of Pausanias, King of Sparta (Assassin’s Creed Odyssey)

Kassandra enters the palace where the Peloponessian League is messily devouring a feast on two long tables at either side of the room. Pausanias sits in a lone throne over looking the hall. He rises to meet Kassandra.
Pausanias: With my death you have doomed Spartans to their bloodlust.
Kassandra: I have? You are the one who made this war! They fight because of you!
Pausanias: All they ever do is fight! I tried to lift them up from their madness. Even you have seen first hand their savagery on Mount Tagyetos.
Kassandra: And your answer is letting the warriors die!
Pausanias: The answer is letting the soldiers be the hounds of hades themselves. Turn all the Greek world into Helots. Let them burn and kill each other and let the true Spartans live as kings of all.
Kassandra: That’s not even sacrifice anymore. It’s genocide!
Pausanias: True change requires blood. Even Xerxes understood this.
Kassandra: This is not Persia. This is not the seat of the cults power. This is not a den of war dogs! THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!
Kassandra Spartan Kicks Pausanias into the throne, destroying it completely. Kassandra leaves as the Peloponnesian League is hunched over dead on the dining tables.
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2023.06.07 20:27 Bean_Squid Built My first Gaming PC NEED some help with case fans. Exhaust Vs Intake?

I built my gaming pc to use for Youtube, streaming, editing and light blender use!
Motherboard: MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK MAX WIFI ATX AM4 Motherboard
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor
Ram: TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta DDR4 32GB (2x16GB) 3600MHz
SSD: Crucial - P5 Plus 2TB & 1TB Internal SSD NVME
CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken Z73 Liquid CPU Cooler
Case: HYTE Y60 ATX Mid Tower Case
Power Supply: Corsair RM850x 850 W 80+ Gold Fully Modular
Hard-drive: Seagate Barracuda 4TB Internal SATA
Graphics: Gigabyte GAMING OC Rev 2.0 GeForce RTX 3070 LHR 8 GB
It feels great to finally play games with no lag !
Very happy with how it turned out and i'm planning on upgrading with some wire sleeves to make it more minimalistic and cohesive and some fan decals. (definitely going to be adding a bit of pink) I am also considering upgrading to the Lian li fans. I originally wanted those fans but they were sold out for a month! I would've preferred a white motherboard but there weren't many and honestly PERFORMANCE OVER AESTHETIC !!
Need some help because problem is... I am unsure if I have the intake and exhaust fans set up correctly. So I have opted to leave off the front panel of the case to make sure that I am getting enough airflow. there was no way to flip the fans when i was building the PC so i assumed maybe it would be in the app but NOPE...

I'd also love some thoughts on if I made the right choice going with the 3070. at the time it seemed like the best option and not overpriced and I spent a week combing through reviews making sure it was what I wanted.

Here IS my pcpart list and a video of me building the computer if you're interested in that - Spoiler alert I did not record any cable management or motherboard hookup because that alone took me a full day.
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2023.06.07 20:26 FormalSmoke Release Date: Nike Air Zoom Generation Court Purple

Check out Amazon Gold Box Daily Deals
Check out the Top Deals on Sneakers for Sale on Amazon!
Release Date: Nike Air Zoom Generation Court Purple
Way back in 2018 LeBron James was spotted wearing the player exclusive Nike Air Zoom Generation Court Purple. During this upcoming summer, we will all get a chance to scoop up a pair for ourselves as it’s set to official release to the public.
The Nike Air Zoom Generation Court Purple comes dressed in a Purple hue from top to bottom. It the 2023 GR pair looks like the PE pair you see above, you can expect a premium all-suede upper with matching tonal branding throughout. Finishing details include Purple heel counter and a semi-translucent outsole completes the design.
Looking to get your hands on a pair? The Nike Air Zoom Generation Court Purple is set to release via SNKRS and select retailers on June 21st for $190. For a complete guide including official photos, release dates, pricing and where to buy, visit: Nike Air Zoom Generation Court Purple .
In release news, will you be going after the Air Jordan 1 High OG Washed Black on June 10th?
UPDATE (6/7): The Nike Air Zoom Generation “Court Purple” is set to release via SNKRS and select retailers on June 21st for $190.
UPDATE (3/29): Here are official images of the Nike Air Zoom Generation Court Purple. There’s no official release date yet, but you can expect them to arrive sometime during the summer for the retail price of $190.
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2023.06.07 20:26 FormalSmoke UPDATE: Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low Will NOT Be Restocking This Year

Check out Amazon Gold Box Daily Deals
Check out the Top Deals on Sneakers for Sale on Amazon!
UPDATE: Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low Will NOT Be Restocking This Year
When it comes to sneakers, Travis Scott had a hell of a 2019. Could we be seeing more of the same in 2020? We don’t see why not. One new Travis Scott collab rumored to release in 2020: Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low.
The Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low we expect to release next year was spotted in a short film and video for Travis Scott’s collective JACKBOYS. La Flame was shown wearing them in the film. Shown above, the latest collab between La Flame and Nike has the model flaunting a paisley-patterned overlay and presents a cement/elephant print underneath. Additionally, two brown buttons near the top eyestay are covered by the shoe’s tear-away paisley material. Other features include tan suede on the toe and tongue, embroidered text around the collar, thick rope laces, the signature Cactus Jack logo on the puffy tongues, a white midsole, and a tan rubber outsole.
After making its debut on February 29, 2020, it is being reported that the Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low will be restocking in September 2023 at select skate shops and (SNKRS) for the retail price of $150.
UPDATE (6/7): Contrary to what was reported by Tuxedo America last month, the Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low is NOT scheduled to restock this year per zsneakerheadz.
UPDATE (5/26): After making its debut on February 29, 2020, it is being reported that the Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low will be restocking in September 2023 at select skate shops and (SNKRS) for the retail price of $150. Source: Tuxedo America.


Travis Scott (2/23/2020)
**Stadium Goods (2/12/2020)

**yankeekicks (1/24/2020)

**repgod888 (1/17/2020)

**repgod888 (1/15/2020)

**yeezymic (1/14/2020)
**Travis Scott (1/9/2020)

**bentot_diwa (1/5/20)

Short film and video for Travis Scott’s collective JACKBOYS (12/30/2019)

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2023.06.07 20:26 NoSnoopingMyHistory This blog article, written in November 2022, is the most obvious case of using a generative AI to write an article I've ever seen.,players%20even%20reach%20their%20prime.
This probably isn't legal; as I don't think Jalen Rose has any official connection to this sports website at all. For those that don't know, Jalen Rose is an NBA veteran who now works as an analyst for ESPN.
Ridiculously obvious AI word salad from the article:
*"LeBron James is one of the best athletes in the world and is known for his speed... He was once timed at 4.4 seconds in the 40-yard dash. He has continued to improve over time, and now clocks in at around 3 minutes and 45 seconds on average in game action – faster than most players even reach their prime."*
Two sentences later:
" *LeBron James’ 40-yard dash time is a record-breaking 4.6 seconds. He ran the race in under four seconds to win the 2012 Olympic gold medal and set another world record earlier this year at the Nike World Championships.* "
What the hell is this? No idea what the "3 minutes and 45 seconds average" is talking about. Look at this sentence:
"*As long as you’re healthy and have good running fundamentals, you can achieve a similar time if you try hard enough – just don’t expect to run a 4.6 second 40-yard dash like LeBron James."*
Straight up says anyone healthy can run as fast as LeBron, but don't expect to run as fast as LeBron. Then it says about Derrick Rose:
"*Derrick Rose is a very speedy player, running a 4.18 40-yard dash.*"
Ahh yes, Derrick Rose ran a 4.18, faster than LeBron's "record breaking" 4.6 seconds. Then:
"*NBA player Russell Westbrook has a top speed of 21.6 MPH, which means he takes a dribble every 16.2 FT. That’s incredibly fast for an athlete and shows just how explosive Westbrook is on the court.
It’s also important to note that his top speed isn’t the fastest in the league – that title goes to Kevin Durant with a max speed of 30 MPG (mph). However, considering what Westbrook does on the court with his explosive playstyle, his top speed is still impressive nonetheless.*"
The bot that wrote this straight up confused minutes per game (MPG) with miles per hour (mph). That or somehow went insane and thought miles per gallon applied to an NBA player. Regardless, "Jalen Rose" apparently believes that Kevin Durant is the fastest player in the NBA, and runs 30 miles per hour, faster than Usain Bolt. I have no idea what it's talking about with regards to converting 21.6MPH to "FT" per dribble.
Is this illegal? How can a blog just claim to have Jalen Rose as an editor, use his picture, and have a fake bio for himself claimed to be written by him? Also who tf reads this shit?
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2023.06.07 20:26 witchywhale Mama trauma

When I was a teenager about 15 or 16 my mom attacked me.
My mom liked to stalk me on my high school's website called parent connect. A program she that allowed her to see what I ate at lunch, she would know my attendance she could keep up on my grades ect and she would go on this website at least five times a day if not more.
As a kid I hated homework, I didn't get the point of it. I thought it was stupid and pointless, so a lot of the time I didn't do it but because of that it did affect my grades. so I had gotten in trouble and was out on a plan to do all of the homework I hadn't done including what was to be given. well I worked really hard the week before Christmas break to get it all in and have a good break. the last class I went to to turn in my homework was my math teacher, unfortunately she did not put that in on parent connect that I had turned my homework in so it looked like on that program that I did not even though I did. I handed the homework to my teacher and we had a conversation and I left she did not put it in on parent connect so when I got home my mom was livid because it looked like I did not turn my homework in. she did not believe me that I had gone to my teacher and handed her the homework directly and had a conversation with her. All because it didn't show him parent connect. When my teacher just wanted to leave it was the end of the school day it was the Friday before Christmas break she probably wanted to get the heck out of there and for her to go on to that program and put in that I had done my homework would mean that she had to stay late instead of leaving but she would just put it in when she came back if not over break.
I had always had resting bitch face and I told my parents I don't do it on purpose it's just the way my face rests especially when they're yelling at me, which my mom did all of the time. that was her form of communication to me was to scream at the top of her lungs.
And my dad had given her permission to slap me whenever she didn't like a face that I was making. he told her to just slap it off so that's what she tried to do. she stood on the other side of her small sewing table and told me she was going to slap me and I needed to approach her, I did not want that to happen because I had been getting hit multiple times before so I did not willingly want to walk up to somebody so she could slap me. She didn't like that I said no or resisted so she grabbed my forearm and tried to drag me to her and I kept backing away and she would not let go.
She had a death grip on my forearm and at one point I was backing away from her and she was holding on to me so much trying to pull me to her I was actually pulling her while she was not moving.
Eventually she was able to start swinging and I covered my head with both of my arms so she couldn't hit my face, so she started hitting me with both hands screaming at the top of her lungs to put my hands down and let her slap me.
I screamed no, so she hit me harder and she clawed at my arms with her nails and slapped my arms trying to slap my face, while screaming at me to put my arms down. eventually she backed me into a corner and I fell to the ground she then proceeded to still attack me swinging at me with both hands hitting me with both of her hands her nails whatever she could do whatever she could on me while standing over me.
Eventually all I remember is my leg went up and it kicked her in the stomach and she flew backwards into a chair
She was livid because I had pushed her off of me while she was attacking me.
After that I had no rights in that house I didn't even have a bed, she took away any forms of communication with the outside world, I was not allowed to go to my brother's Christmas choir concert that he had when he was in elementary school. they did eventually let me go to that but that was the only thing I was able to do in the week away from school.
I had no phone, no computer, no music nothing.
My mom took my bed away because she saw an episode on Dr Phil on how to deal with terrible teens and the episode suggested taking the child's bed away. I've honestly somewhat hated Dr Phil because of this episode.
So I had to sleep on the floor. the first night I rolled up some towels into a pillow and laid one down and I took a blanket off my bed to use. when she walked in the next morning she was livid because I was supposed to just sleep on the floor with absolutely nothing no blankets no pillows just the floor and myself -I don't even let my dogs sleep like that on the floor
And that morning I asked her what gives her the right to treat me so bad to hit me without any care in the world and she said I'm your parent and that gives me that right to do whatever the fuck I want to do to you.
Sometime later not that week whether it be weeks later or months later I don't remember she tried to sleep me again. I ended up blacking out and hit her and it was her screaming at the top of her lungs that brought me back. I had no clue what had happened, or what I did. I had never blacked out before. I was standing there like a deer in headlights trying to figure out what had happened when she grabbed a yardstick and came at me with the yardstick and in a few seconds I was able to run into my room close the door which she proceeded to try to get through, so I sat in front of the door. I had to prop my legs up on a play table my brother had in the shared room we had so she could not get through the door.
She put a hole in the door and she almost broke the door and half trying to get to me.
After that she proceeded to always get in my face and dare me to hit her. And in my face I mean she would get her nose to my nose and tell me to hit her,I dare you to hit me give me a reason to kick you out of this house, give me a reason to call the cops on you, hit me in my house I dare you.
And at the time I was very naive to law enforcement so in my head it didn't matter how cruel and mean my parents were if I put hands on my mom then I was the one who would be getting in trouble and going to juvie while my parents just let it all happen. As an adult I know it would not be like that, hopefully.
One thing that had always stuck is I never hit first. I only hit after so I can say it was out of self-defense. never hit first, but she still proceeded to get in my face constantly whenever there was an argument or anything that happened, daring me to touch her so she could proceed to beat the hell out of me and call the police and then claim that I was the one who struck her.
What's even better is in her dementia she proceeded to tell the entire family about these incidences about how I attacked her first and she did absolutely nothing to provoke it.
My family never questioned my mom they believed her 100% on that so I never got to have a relationship with family because that's what they thought of me.
My dad never came to my defense. he never did anything. He always just sat by and let my mom handle the punishment however she saw fit. And if it sounded like I was becoming too much for my mom that's when he would give her permission to hit me beat me whatever my mom wanted to do and that gave her the courage to always strike me.
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2023.06.07 20:25 Otherwise_Boat_6438 Sevens Rugby this weekend

Sevens Rugby this weekend
Join the Huntsville rugby club at Rick Cooper Memorial Park for the third annual Rocket City 7s rugby tournament. Teams from the southeast competing in a full day of fast play action. Bring a chair, cooler and the fam and join us on the pitch and under the sun. First kickoff is at 9AM.
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2023.06.07 20:25 justlaw150 Worth? Never seen one before so grabbed it

Worth? Never seen one before so grabbed it
First gold Dino egg I’ve ever seen and it was up for 5k. Good investment or nah?
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2023.06.07 20:25 Moh_Maya23 Any decorators for a low key backyard wedding?

Hello all! My first time posting on this sub. Me and my partner recently bought a house and moved to st catharines. We are now planning to get married and do something super low key with 15-20 people in our house. I looked around but all the “wedding” decorations are super expensive and we are on a very tight budget. We are looking for someone to help us with just getting and arranging chairs and put up small arch decoration in our backyard. Any suggestions/referral’s please? Thanks so much in advance :)
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2023.06.07 20:25 AwekwardBadass How much damage would a barrel of oil do when ignited?

Okay so a flask of oil which is 1 pint covers a 5ft square and does 5 fire damage to anyone who steps in that area. I looked up online and apparently barrels in dnd hold 40 gallons. Which means 1 barrel can hold the equivalent of 320 flasks of oil (I think my math is right). So by the games standards if a barrel were to be ignited, what would be a reasonable area the blast would cover and for how much damage?
Asking mainly because the party has a lot of gold and they are presently preparing for a siege and are trying to make "Oil Barrel Bombs" meanwhile I'm curious as to how much fire damage 40 gallons of oil igniting all at once would reasonably do.
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2023.06.07 20:25 Severe-Writer4405 How to control oneself?

TLDR: Kinda straight guy put something up his ass and is boy crazy now.
This is embarrassing (hence the throwaway) but I had my gay awakening this week and I am losing my shit. [21M] My whole life I’ve been “straight” (dated 6 girls, fucked 4/6 of them) but I always knew I wasn’t 100% (felt attracted here and there). To make a long story short, I saw a meme about ass play on TikTok and couldn’t get the idea out of my head for a whole week. I tried hard to ignore the thoughts and felt ashamed for actually contemplating the idea. Kept telling myself “I’m not a bitch” and “I fuck, I don’t get fucked,” remorsefully some thoughts homophobic. But my sex life sucks, so eventually I swallowed my pride. Super fucking embarrassed and feeling less like a man, I lubed up my asshole as if I would a girl, laid face down with a pillow underneath my hips, and basically fucked myself with a household object. Life changed. All I can think about now is dick and getting fucked. I’m like a total bitch now. Interacting with dudes is now a challenge. Tried making small talk with a tall guy at the gym and noticed he had a big dick (his sweatpants). Big mistake. Got nervous, weak in the knees, my face got red. I was like a girl in heat, it was fucking embarrassing. Where are we now? I’m sitting on my gaming chair wearing white lace briefs from Victoria Secret. If you think this post is fake or a joke it’s 1,000% not. My questions are, is this a fetish that will pass? And is Grindr safe? I am dying to get fucked but Grindr scares me. 1. I’ve never not been in control during sex. And 2. Sure, I fucked myself but a guy thrusting into me is a different story. How can I make sure he goes slow? How can I make sure he stops when I ask him to?
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2023.06.07 20:24 aydeg Casual-friendly Hardcore Alternative

Hey !
I was watching Shroud's stream yesterday and one of his friend was talking about how Hardcore is way more fun to play because there is much more at stake and it is much more intense. I totally agree with this. The only problem with Hardcore is that you loose your character as a whole so for a casual player, this is way too intimidating because you could potentially loose 1-2 months of progress if you die at high level. While a streamer can get to 100 in a couple of days, this is not the case for majority of players, which is I think the main reason why casual players don't hop in hardcore even if it is more thrilling and fun.
It got me thinking that there should be a middleground between Hardcore and Normal mode for casual players that want the thrill from Hardcore but don't want to loose the whole character progress.
Here is what I came up with, what about an alternative gamemode that when you die, you loose all you gear that you have equipped as well as everything currently in your inventory. You don't loose gold or what is in stash so you can always build yourself back up with some basic gear from the shop. While it is a huge thing to loose all your gear, it is less intimidating than loosing the whole character but it would still bring a feeling and a thrill somewhat close to what hardcore feels.
I think a gamemode like this would be sooooo awesome. I would personally play this alllll the time because it brings more meaning to your decisions and more stake while fighting. Which is what is fun from Hardcore.
Anyways, give me your thoughts on this. I think it is a very good idea and I might be dreaming but since I thought of this I can only hope that they will one day add something like this. Thank you !
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2023.06.07 20:24 kristigem Need ideas of “prices” to give to an all knowing book for information!

I have home brewed an item called the “Book of Truth”. I gave it to my bard player who is themed like a librarian. Once per day she can ask a question by writing in the book and then book will give her the answer- for a cost. This is to allow me to give them direction on their travels without it being me giving it.
Some information is worth more than others. For example they asked where one of the party members sister was, and the cost was 5 hit points permanently. Others have been more simple, like 5 gold or a lock of hair.
I have it so that an adult copper dragon is trapped inside of the book and will eventually escape if given enough.
What are some unique “costs” that I can use for the information they can receive?
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2023.06.07 20:23 TheDataPanda First time Diablo player. Should I ignore build advice videos?

Don’t want to reach end game and find my build isn’t good enough and I don’t have enough gold of whatever to respec
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2023.06.07 20:21 fegrgggregg scam royale

Unlike the post I did before, this will be more chilling. This is not a discussion about slash royale, whether or not it's a scam. This is for the people that distrust slash royale, or believes that slash royale is not a good idea to spend all of their gold and will prefer to save it. Now, saying you can't spend a coin in slash royale is too much. I'm just going to spend it in a few cards that are too underleved for masteries and that's it. Maybe this strategy is more for f2p players, or you know, people that find pass royale not worth it.
So the strategy you should follow, or at least I suggest, is that you should start maxing your gold + the gold you saved before the update (if you spent too much in slash royale, you'll notice the consequences later). Then slowly spending it in the cards you need from the shop. When people start using level 15 cards in war, you could afford to spend a bunch of gold by buying leggies from max cards on the shop if you find it necessary, but don't spend too much. I would say only winning duels is worth it, and spending too much gold on the shop for maxing the entire 4 decks is just not worth it (considering you barely get 1000 gold in 1v1 or 3000 if it gets 3x, for using a maxed deck) . You could find disappointing having left too many cards not maxed, underleved, but with time you'll see it will become too easy to spend gold on them. All that while keeping your gold max. You will also be getting elite cards from chests, events,etc, but most likely, they will just come from time to time and sometimes won't be enough for maxing your deck. Just imagine the amount of elite cards that will be needed for champions, that will be a massacre of resources.
Then, at some time, after you have your main deck maxed and enough maxed cards for duels, use the wild cards as a piggy bank by buying more of them in the shop with the coins you get on excess. When they are full again, spend them slowly on other cards you can afford to upgrade to lvl 15 (like the other 2 war decks that weren't that great in levels). And finally after maxing all the cards you wanted (32 or 33 for example) to lvl 15, start upgrading the cards you didn't upgrade on slash royale. Yeah, and after so much time you'll find that having upgraded those cards in slash royale would have been absolutely useless. NICE. Also, by having saved the gold from slash royale, you would have found it much less necessary to spend money on the game after the update drops. Which believe me, it will huge the amount of people low on resources that will be in a rush to get offers just to get some elite cards.
And why keeping 5 000 000 gold (or more if max gold is increased)?
Because that way you can control much better when to upgrade a card to level 15, if you're in a rush and want a lvl 15 card you won't be left with little gold because you didn't save it. You can also have a better understanding of when to upgrade cards, when to buy from the shop, etc, etc. And when a new card arrives, you could afford to spend a lot in it just for having fun cause it would probably be overpowered. Also, that way if the meta or card stats change, , you can afford to level up other cards you weren't using, or to stop using some of your maxed cards (this is where people that spent all their resources in slash royale will be at a disadvantage). Finally, having stayed always at max gold and resources you will be much better prepared for lvl 16, and won't need to spend anything in slash royale this time cause you will finally understand...
That slash royales have never been a good offer.
P.S.: Keep your magic items and specially tokens. I may be wrong about this but they could be very useful. But if you are already saving gold instead of spending it, it's the most obvious choice.
P.S.2: If you are going to spend to spend a lot of gold in slash royale anyways, ignore what supercell said about maxing lvl 14 cards, upgrade underlevel cards ONLY to lvl 13 at much (this has a good explanation but I don't want to give the details lol)

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2023.06.07 20:21 Relentless_blanket Rebel Yarn complaint information

Hello everyone! Please read full post, lots of helpful information here.
If you are still finding issues with retrieving your money back from Rebel Yarn, please file a complaint with North Carolina Attorney General, Josh Stein.
You can fill out the form here [General Consumer Complaint Form](
You can also call (Outside of North Carolina) (919) 716-600
If you live *IN* North Carolina, call 1-877-5-NO-SCAM (877-566-7226)
PLEASE include supporting documents, such as purchase orders, proof of payment (make sure dates are accurate) emails or messages. Any attempts at communication and any and all responses from Lindsey. I have screen shots of her personal IG showing that they were not in-fact in dire straights and hurting for money between Sept and Dec. She took her family to Disney World, stayed in a pretty sweet hotel, dined at some not so cheap restaurants. As far her and her husband's sciatica and migraines, posting pics of 140 mile motorcycle cruises, going to motorcycle gatherings (think Street Vibrations), partying it up.
Her information is: Rebel Yarn Co.....339 Airedale Trail.....Garner, NC 27529.
Her new website is [Rebel Yarn Co]( .
She has registered as an LLC as of 12/16/2022. This means Rebel Yarn Co legally exists as a separate entity from Lindsey and Ryan(husband). Therefore, they cannot typically be held personally responsible for RYC debts and liabilities. However, in cases where an individual owner doesn't personally guarantee the LLC's debts, they can still be sued personally, and the court may find them liable. In general, courts err on the side of upholding LLC protections and only "pierce the corporate veil" where there's wrongful or fraudulent conduct. Which I think they will see them changing to an LLC trying to avoid the fraudulent sales and refunds. I am doing some research, but I believe Lindsey and Ryan are held responsible for all of the debts of Rebel Yarn Co from before 12/16/22 because at that time they were not an LLC.
Report her to the IRS and they will open an investigation into her tax payments.
Report to Instagram, TikTok (, Facebook (Rebel Yarn Co), and PayPal.
I left a message for Instagram customer service at (650) 543-4800 with a brief synopsis of what is happening and that people do not expect IG to help get their money back but only to shut down her accounts because of what she has done. I urge you to also call and leave a message as the "help" on the app/website doesn't do much in the way of helping. It is a long listen on the phone but, please leave a message.
Keep fighting the good fight. I might be setting up a new sub strictly for RYC to help others out. I will keep everyone updated and will invite you to it if I do.
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2023.06.07 20:20 LordFighting Trying to find an episode

OK I used to watch the bill when it was tv yearssssss ago like mid 00's is the timeframe here. I don't remember exactly what happened but it distinctly had the actress Sally Rogers in it and it was either a 4 part or 5 part episode series. Things I remember was Sally's character was tied to a chair in the kitchen j believe before she was duct taped by this younger women and then and the end of one of the episodes there was a drive by assassination on someone. I think outside the police station but you never saw the perpetrator but I'm sure it was dual pistols or something and there was like 2 suspects and we didn't know which one of them did it. A African American person was one of the suspects I'm sure being questioned by the police. Does anyone have any idea when this one? Probably around 06-09? Been bugging me for years
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2023.06.07 20:20 Such_Young_3740 how I quit the black shots

a couple of years ago, i really got hooked on the opm$ black shots. i was up to 3-5 a day on average for years. a sip here as a pick me up, a sip there to calm me down. i would be buzzing on this shit while talking to fellow attorneys, to clients, and more than once with a judge. i dont think it hurt my clients, and im grateful for that... it hurt me though
i wanted to share how i got off of them. my approach was to taper off extracts and shift to regular powder.... then to quit regular powder which i did yesterday
you may want to go CT, or not shift to powder, thats fine. maybe you can deal with discomfort but are less patient, you must find your own way. here is mine
  1. ~~decide to quit. there is no alternative. SO MANY times i tried to reduce without a real plan... more important i tried to reduce without a COMMITMENT to being done with this shit. the decision is what lets you push through and what lets you get back on the horse when you fall of. the decision can be caused by an outside event but it must come from within
  2. ~~cap the usage. i just said 3 opm$ black shots a day is my max. this was honestly easy once i made the decision. at these huge levels of usage i found no physical effects at all from cutting back... it was mostly the habit, or chasing a lazy high...
  3. ~~switch to weaker shots. i subtituted opm$ golds. these are weaker and cheaper
  4. ~~switch to extract pills. i substituted opm$ black extract pills for the gold shots, three a day. these last longer, are cheaper. they also get you used to a less intense hit. SUBSTITUTE ONE FOR ONE, if youre taking three shots, take three pills.
  5. ~~switch to weaker extract pills. i switched over to the opm$ gold pills.... cheaper, weaker
  6. ~~substitute powder for extracts. instead one of my doses with extracts, i would just take a lot of powder kratom....then in a few days would substitute another extract pill with regular powder
  7. ~~embrace the suck. ngl this wasnt too bad so far. i was saving money.... it was nice to be less high during the day. quitting that LAST extract pill was hard. i had a few nights of terrible sleep even though i took plenty of regular powder... it wasnt that bad tho
  8. ~~cap your powder usage. i was at about 20g powder a day when i quit extracts.... thats a lot but was way less, way cheaper, and i was now comfortable but never getting a buzz. i just counted how many capsule pills i took and said that's my limit. you do NOT want to get off extracts then start downing 70g a day!!
  9. ~~decide what to do next. i tapered down to 0.5g then jumped. maybe you will do a quick cut to 10g or 5g then CT. there are a lotta resources on this sub like the taper guide. USE THEM!
here are a few thoughts too for you:
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2023.06.07 20:19 Dwitt01 I recently started Luvox. What can I expect? Are the prospects good?

I’ve been in medication for OCD for over a decade, but a week ago I had an appointment and the psychiatrist I was speaking with said Luvox is the gold standard. I had never heard it discussed before after ten years of trying to treat it.
Is it as good as the doctor said? Is it the “gold standard”? Do I have reason for hope?
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2023.06.07 20:19 StrangeAccounts I won a trip to visit the Wordsmith.

Part 1

"Who are you?" I asked in a distant tone at Mr. Valentine. He had taken seat in the same place he had in my memories of the morning prior. He returned my look with his own piercing eyes.
"Vincent Valentine, of course. Why do you ask?" My head was spinning but my determination shined through with clear focus.
"Because I can't remember you. I can't remember a single thing I wrote about you in my essay. And last night-" He raised one of his boney fingers to silence me.
"It's been seven months since we first got in contact with each other. Memories fade. I understand that. Please have some breakfast and hopefully calm your nerves. You slept so long you nearly missed it."
I walked over to the far side of the kitchen and put my hand to my forehead. A clammy cold sweat had exuded from my skin from the very moment that I had woken up.
"You look abysmal. Maybe you're fighting off some jet lag. Lucas, bring the poor woman some lavender water." He looked towards the back of the room behind my shoulder and a voice responded.
"Yes Mr. Valentine."
"Please, sit down. The sun will cast off the shadows from that came from the night. And hopefully some of those shadows will be from the post travel jitters that you must be feeling. After all, I'd hate for you to leave before I have a chance to teach you anything." His eyes carried with them such genuine grace and that his look alone had put me at ease.
I sat down and glanced over to my breakfast. It was the same as the day prior.
The Butler Lucas had quickly brought me out a glass of lavender infused water. A pristine twig floated at the top irradiating the glass in a purple hue. I took a sip and slowly felt my fear wash away.
"I'm sorry Mr. Valentine. I think I had a rough dream last night." I watched the lavender sprout twirl around in the dull current of my glass.
"It's understandable. Visiting someplace new always comes with its sense of unease. It happens to the best of us." I heard my stomach growl to him in response. I felt my face turn a rose color as I began to feel silly over the whole thing. "By all means, eat to your hearts content. You'll need your strength for later tonight. We have another lesson scheduled."
I gave him a bitter sweet smile and began to eat my breakfast. It was a little colder today but all the same it tasted delicious. Mr. Valentine politely waited until I finished eating before he continued.
"I was thinking this afternoon you could spend some time in your room writing up a story for me. Tonight you can head over to my Den and read it. I'll help make it a little more authentic if I can." The elderly writer smiled and stood up from his table. "It's been a roller coaster of a wonderful morning. And the days just starting. I hope you begin to feel better soon." And with that he walked away leaving me alone with Lucas.
"Hey Lucas?" I asked, my voice feeling faint.
"Yes Madam?" He replied with his usual servile tone.
"Do you think you could make sure my door is locked tonight?" There was a slight twitch of Lucas's lips before he nodded to my request.
"Absolutely. We'll make sure to lock it up after your retreat inside. I hope the night servants didn't bother you last night." I couldn't bear to look up at the Servant. I continuously felt silly about the whole thing. Yet the visage of the Maid still haunted the dark corners of my mind.
I finished up my drink and took leave from the dining room. I thanked Lucas for the meal and headed upstairs to my chambers. The afternoon sun basked its earthly glow into the bedroom, caking the writers desk in a brilliant spotlight. I placed my journal on the desk and began writing. My story was that of a man trapped behind a windowless room. Each breath he took shrunk the room bit by bit until he was encased in the plaster, his last breath fatally sealing his final image into its plaster casing.
By the time I had finished the sun had already begun to set. I double and triple checked my work. Editing was never my strong suit but I'd be damned if I read an unpolished work in front of an accredited author. I wanted to make sure my story was as close to being as professionally crafted as possible.
Feeling just barely over the edge of content with my final draft, I had placed my writing pen down. I looked into my bedroom mirror and took in a deep breath. Dark circles had formed around my eyes and I looked exhausted. My stomach still in knots from the day prior. If anything it had only gotten worse with this newest task.
But still, I swallowed my worry down and tucked the book under my arm.
I went to open my door and to my thankfulness the knob twisted with ease and allowed me an exit. I silently stepped down the stairs trying not to impose my presence within the manor any more than I already had.
Within just a moment I had reached the hallway towards the den and I had felt that it had doubled in size since I had last seen it.
It was as if the home itself was challenging me. It demanded me to take the long walk down the aisle with the audience of ghastly portraits being my only company. Only to worsen those thoughts was the flashback visions of the endless halls that had occupied my nightmares the night before.
What should happen if I walked towards the Den only to discover more hallways at the end of it? Would it have led to another night of anxious retreat down the unending stone passages of the Manor? Would I have run until I awoke in a cold sweat once more?
I swallowed the thoughts away and stood up straight. If nothing else I would give those portraits something proper to watch. I could fake my belonging if nothing else.
Sure enough I felt the cast down eyes of the monsters and ghouls that had watched my every step. Even so I didn't let my eyes fall down. I just kept on moving my feet forward.
Tonight was the night I showed Mr. Valentine that I had promise within me. Tonight was going to be the first real night of my tutorage.
Thankfully, once I reached the end of the hallway of aberrant observers, I found myself basked in the calming red glow of the Wordsmith's Den. Mr. Valentine sat in front of his fireplace with a long iron prod in his hand. He carefully pushed against the logs to ignite the fires flames higher. The warmth that had billowed from the fireplace contrasted itself against the cold drafts that emanated from the stone walls.
"Hello Mr. Valentine. Sorry if I'm late. I just wanted to finish up some editing before coming down here." Mr. Valentine smiled, although he didn't turn to face me. I only saw half of his face. His elderly skin had had been cast brilliantly in the glow of the den's flames.
"You're never late here in the Wordsmith. Nor are you ever early." He leaned back in his leather chair, the fabric stretching underneath his weight despite his slender frame. "So what can I look forward to hearing tonight?"
I once more swallowed the nervous spit that formed inside my mouth and looked down at the journal in my hands. "We'll it isn't much but for an afternoons work I hope you can enjoy it." Mr. Valentine rested his shoulders back into his chair and made himself comfortable. His hands rested on his lap.
"Please, share it with me. Word for word if you wouldn't mind." His voice soothed the air around him. A fact which only caused me to feel just slightly more anxious. There was something otherworldly about how he managed to control a room. His very presence felt unobtainable to a normal mans.
But needless to say I complied to every wish he asked of me.
I regaled the story as best as I could. I spoke of the mans panic. How his claustrophobia made his breath more labored and erratic. A fact that had caused his situation to worsen faster, and faster. Eventually leaving him nothing more than an outline of a man surrounded in plaster and wood.
Mr. Valentine simply sat through the whole thing. Neither smile nor grimace to any word spoken. It wasn't until my final word that he nodded in acknowledgement.
"Very interesting story. It already felt a little more real than your others. What inspired you?" I felt my face go pale as my thoughts drifted back to the very feeling of entrapment I had experienced within the Manor. How I felt suffocated inside.
But I refused to admit that fact to the man I had so admired.
"I think the idea in general is something interesting to me. I don't know how else to explain it." Mr. Valentine let the silence wrap around us. The quiet of the moment lasted just long enough to give me the feeling that he knew I was withholding the full truth from him.
"I suppose that's one way of seeing things. Though I do hope you come to terms with expressing the real reality here.
"And that reality is you're slowly believing your own stories. What you see in your mind isn't just a figment of your own imagination. You've imposed emotions, thoughts, goals and aspirations onto the man in your story. And now that mans dead.
"You didn't kill him though. You simply watched and documented all the facts down into your journal. Just as any proper documentarian would do." A strong gust of air billowed down the hallway behind us and hit the fire mercilessly. The light of the flames had dimmed but Mr. Valentine didn't use his iron prod to spark it back up.
Instead he choose to embrace the now darkened room.
"Do you know what the biggest rule for Horror is?" The darkness seeped into every crack and pour of the old mans face as the fires embers died.
"It's that you should never place yourself in the story unless you are prepared to die. Anything else would simply be unbelievable." I felt the hair on my body stand on end. He said it with only the raspy cloak of a whisper yet it felt as though he was making a veiled threat towards my very person.
A threat made with such a certainty behind it that I couldn't defend myself against it.
"You brought another journal here didn't you? To catalogue your stay? I do hope you get the final words in it by the end of your stay." A second billow of wind cascaded over us that finally killed the last of the embers.
I sat in darkness for a moment. My body neither running nor fighting its way through my predicament. I was frozen in fear.
I heard the same stretching of leather coming from Mr. Valentines chair that I had heard earlier. His trail of footsteps slowly turned away from me and headed their way towards the hall. "What a wonderful night for a horror story." I heard his voice whisper. It carried its way straight into my ear canal as though he stood right behind me.
I waited until I heard his footsteps disappear down the hall. I forced my eyes to adjust to the dim lighting that the windowpanes had allowed through. I gripped my chair tightly before standing up. My legs had begun shaking but I forced myself to remember the confidence that I had shown when I first approached the Den.
'Don't let them see you scared' I thought to myself. I kept repeating it over and over again as I walked towards the hallway. I let my eyes stay glued ahead. But just for a moment. When I had nearly past the last portrait, I allowed a single glance.
My vision didn't show a grotesque creature but rather an empty landscape.
My heart dropped.
I swung myself around and looked towards the other paintings and sure enough, all of them were of empty fields and abandoned homes. Not a single face to be seen.
I broke my facade of strength and darted back down the hallway towards the foyer. I heard nothing more than a pin drop through the entire Wordsmith on my way. My footsteps had echoed across the deserted halls like the clattering of porcelain falling onto a marble floor.
I didn't care. I needed to get into my room.
And so I did.
I slammed the door behind me and looked at the handle more closely. There was no way for me to lock it from the inside.
Footsteps had begun to make their way up the staircase upon this realization. My eyes darted around the moonlit room for anything I could use to help seal this place off from the hell outside. But nothing had shown its face. I did the only thing I could have thought to do in that panic. I pressed my back to the door and pushed all my weight against it.
It wasn't until I heard the door lock from behind me that my body relaxed from it's tense stature. My body slid to the floor and I tucked my legs up to my chest. Once again I had felt like such a fool.
Why was it that my mind couldn't think straight? Why was it that whenever night fell my brain clouded itself in fear beyond any rational explanation?
My stomach twisted and cramped inside of me. I grabbed onto it and made myself stand up on my trembling legs.
With a stagger I headed towards the bed frame. My vision had begun to blur. The second I folded over on top of the bed sheets my mind went dark. The last thing I saw was one of the portraits staring down at me from my window.
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2023.06.07 20:19 Traditional_Age2118 Benchmark Metals and Thesis Gold announce merger to create premier precious metals project - Proactive Investors UK

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