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2023.06.07 09:57 SignificantAd2222 Wtf with the RNs coming to SNFs?

Sorry for the title but had a long and annoying 16hr shift.
It’s a problem i keep seeing from facility to facility. Especially of registry Rns. Don’t get me wrong lvns and cnas get flak too…
Today was in a SNF had 60 patients…. 300 bed facility. There were three RNs. I’m registry so it’s my first day here meeting all these patients…I can’t complain about hard shifts… you get cakewalks sometimes others are something like Russian roulette.
I’m passing meds and the RN is just chilling in her phone watching YouTube instagram whatever. She did 0 rounds all 16 hours. I had
And the RN helped with not a Dmn thing. - didn’t cover breaks -didn’t help with charting - didn’t call doctors or families or pharmacy. - didn’t assess patients after falls or fights - didn’t call 911 or stabilize anyone - didn’t reorder any meds - didn’t take any vitals or help with med pass - didn’t touch the admissions. - told the lvns to manage the phones. - didn’t speak to the cnas
Got mad when we asked for help saying “ oh my god I’m busy” or “ I’ll help you guys if I have a chance but I’m really helping you guys out”
I asked the staff and they were saying RNs here only did IVs and supervise. She had no Ivs that double.
Later I was chatting and asked how much she was paid….. $75 she showed me in app. And said she wouldn’t take less “ they’d better pay me what I’m worth”.
All day long she was on her phone or writing “orders” on a piece of paper and sticking them to the lvns computers….. don’t forget the admissions, your patient fell,pharmacy called, patient needs changing or help
This isn’t isolated. Many of the rns I meet are new grads who are “managing” lvs with decades of experience. And they don’t do anything. When state shows up or a patient codes they disappear.
Or the other popular one is they have a full time at some hospital….keck, usc, Kaiser, etc. they pick up these shifts for extra money. But are tired and resent having to do any work
Now I’ve seen only 2 good rns in my entire 2 years of experience. Not long sure but it’s created a picture. They came in did rounds asked who needed help, helped with charting, talked to patients, handled calls, and helped in emergencies. But that is super rare.
I wish if rns were coming to work at a Snf they would do so without so much disdain. That they actually had experience and led instead of being utterly useless. It’s leads to a perception that may or may not be true
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2023.06.07 08:10 RebeccaBuckisTanked Customer tried to hit on me and now I have a 3 star in my ratings…

Customer tried to hit on me and now I have a 3 star in my ratings…
I told the customer (who met me outside) when I delivered his items that the chat was still open for a half an hour and to let me know if there were any problems with his order and I would happily correct it as I was on my way back to the store. He waited almost exactly a half hour, sent this, and the chat closed. Now I have a mysterious 3 star rating and I’m wondering if it’s him because he didn’t get the response he wanted. Between the Meijer issues last month and this mysterious 3 star my usually stellar ratings are in the toilet!
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2023.06.07 08:02 Possible-Story7309 (21f) She finally broke me (26ftm)

It took me almost a year to work up the courage to confess my feelings to her... Let alone even come to terms with the fact that I had this crush in the first place. I didn't want to be a part of another long distance relationship, after the last LDR I had been in I didn't want to do anything like that to myself again. And yet... We had hit it off so wonderfully. From the moment I met her I knew we had something special. It was genuinely so different than anyone I'd spoken to in really my whole life. We connected instantly, and a lot of people hated that... But we were natural best friends, we complemented each other in a lot of aspects. It's the only time I could dance around the concept of "love at first sight" considering we were messaging over discord and various socials at the time, so there wasn't a whole lot of sight involved save for the art and pictures we would send each other on occasions. The little occasions turned more frequent as we talked however, as we hung out more and shared ideas and opinions... We fell so deeply in love, it was truly an eye opening experience for me. It was amazing, it was addicting. I ended up caring about her more than anything in the end, more than even my pets I think, those that have been there for me and with me longer than she had, the ones she had to learn to overcome her jealousy for. It was a dangerous and intoxicating feeling, but it was real and I don't doubt that one bit. I wanted to devote myself to her for the rest of my life, I was so ready for it after 2 and a half years of being with this person and actively trying (though, I guess fumbling...) to work toward getting myself out of this situation I'm in to be with her; To be together in person, permanently, and to prove that I can be someone worth falling in love with after some patience, of being someone capable of sharing a life with. This was a brand new, comfortable feeling for me after feeling unheard and overlooked my whole life... I was so sure that I had found MY person, and that she felt the exact same way. I wish I had a scoreboard so I know how well I did... I just want to know where I really went wrong. Things HAD soured once before. We had communication issues, but I was lucky I guess. I was the one who broke up with her, and quickly realized my mistake. She took me back after pouring my heart out and a month long break apart from each other. We apologized to each other and acknowledged our mistakes. We promised to do better to each other. I feel like it's been at least a solid year later, or somewhere around that time, ironically. I'm going through a very difficult period in my life. I just started a new job, which was really limited our time together and completely rotated my schedule. By the time work is over for me, she's pretty much just getting into her shift... And then when she would get home we'd really only have an hour or so to catch up with our day and hang out if we could before sleeping. A month ago I'd had a really hurtful and life altering moment with my family, and to top it all off I'd fainted over the weekend for my first time due to being new at injecting myself alone (I've been trying to do t-hrt at home), and finally I had just been unmedicated for antidepressants for two days because of a mistake on the pharmacy's part. I know I may have been on edge, but yesterday I know I snapped. I yelled at her, which I don't think I've ever done before. I blamed her for things I shouldn't have. I know what I did wrong. I always know when I've fucked up and this isn't much different. But... I don't think I have ever had a panic attack in front of her before. The way that she had handled my state of being at the time just felt like watching a bullet go through my brain, it hurt me even worse than I could have ever expected from her. It started as a text about the situation over snapchat, I was already angry and upset, so when she asked me if I was okay I had only replied "Of course I'm not" since I was freaking out before she even initiated a phone call with me. She asked me again if I was okay, this time over voice, and I made it clear that things weren't okay. I was pointing fingers, pushing my pain onto her at that moment... But she must have been sick of me by this time, waiting for something like this to happen. She became defensive within a second; She told me that she was sick of dealing with my drunk mother texting her (to which I've encouraged her to block already before now), she was telling me that she was worried about me yet simultaneously putting me in the shameful position of asking if I was even hearing myself not making sense which, as awful as it sounds... Yes. Having a panic attack does that to my brain. I knew full and well how stupid I sounded, and she really made me feel like a stupid asshole in that moment. I asked her then, "So what do you want me to do now?" And her reply? "I don't know. Figure it out." ... And that was when the metaphorical bullet exited the back of my head. I really had nothing else to say after that. I was in shock. I really, truly couldn't--still can't--believe that this was the kind of response I had received from the person I'd given my life to for pretty much 3 years. I want to know why she had shown me this side of her at one of my hardest and lowest points in life. I left the call that she started, and texted her not to talk to me for a while, which makes the last thing she's said to me:
"Go fuck yourself."
After that message, still in a frantic mindset I just... Deleted and blocked her. On everything. I blocked her phone number, unfollowed and blocked her on every social media, changed and deleted a few of them. I digitally tore up notes that we shared, kicked her out of a major project that we had really high hopes on publishing... I didn't keep that either. I scrapped everything that that we'd ever worked on together, erased each and every single photo we had together (hundreds... There were hundreds that I went through of her, and us.) and emptied my bin within what felt like all in the same moment. I don't know yet if I regret doing that. Personally I wanted moving on to be instant and easy, but I know it's not going to be that way. I can't even live right now without realizing that everything I do, everything I think of, is with her in the back of my mind. Always considering her, always wondering about her, loving her in such a casual every day way that's become so ingrained in my normal life that even just making a return at the mall had me feeling like I was going to throw up. I haven't been this anxious since being a teenager, my mental health has not felt this fragile in so many years.
I saw the most adorable picnic baskets for sale today. I stopped in my tracks because I remembered how she'd always wanted one. I can't remember how long I was standing there looking at them, remembering what had happened, what she had said to me barely 24 hours earlier... Realizing that this person who had become such a crucial part of me, was no longer there. This could be taken literally, or poetically really. In the end she really isn't the same person that I had fallen in love with, I don't think. Even now, deep in this pain, I still care about her far too much. I will never not want to be a part of her life, I really wanted her to be a part of mine. I'm telling this all to no one in particular, I don't expect any replies or sympathy. I just don't know what to do, where to go from here. I wish I could take it all back. I wish I could have just shut the fuck up or something. I wish I had pending notifications from her, waiting for me to answer them. The worst part of this all is that I don't really expect her to try and reach out to me after this. I fully expect for her and her friends to immediately decide that I'm an asshole, admit that they all hated me this whole time, and that she really put me in my place. That I got what I deserved.
The last song that we listened to together was one of my oldest favorites: Fantasy by DyE. It's been echoing in my head ever since I woke up this morning... I wonder if she hears it too.
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2023.06.07 06:19 VajraShoyru Who should I contact about a plethora of problems I've been having in training?

A few months ago, I made a post on this subreddit asking about unrelated things regarding how I could get hired since my current job at that point in time was more toxic than I could handle. I finally got hired about a month and a half ago, and I still have many questions and one BIG concern.
As the title states, there are many problems I've had since we started, but let's start at the beginning - I am a young man with autism who is on Social Security Disability Income, or SSDI; I can only work around 20-25 hours per week in order to keep my benefits. During my search for a new job, I was reaching out to other stores desperately trying to get hired on as a pharmacy tech in-training. I finally found that the store manager of what is now my home store could see that I had the qualifications and she said "well how about I just send you a job offer right now?" I was overjoyed, having been witness to daily acts of violence from a few coworkers at my now-previous job, and as soon as I got the offer, I put my two-weeks notice in at that place.
Non-orientation shift one, I trained on the soundless computer (had some trouble understanding some modules without sound, though) with my scrubs going MIA, and ended up being there 4 hours total. I headed back to the same store on shift two, still with no scrubs, and was told "you need to do this at a training store". I was placed in contact with a scheduler person working from a store in a town an hour away from me, and as kind and patient as he is with me, therein lies my first gripe: he is annoyingly hard to get ahold of. It is like pulling teeth dealing with trying to learn my weekly schedule in advance, and even then I've not worked much since I got hired (but that's getting ahead of myself).
Shift two for real arrives, I do just fine, but when I come in for shift three, the training store's manager approaches me and asks "where are your scrubs? You can't work dressed like that" (I was wearing a nice shirt and a pair of nicer shorts). She was super-confused as to why I didn't have them...because I honestly DIDN'T have them. I contacted the home store where I had ordered them to be taken to, but they didn't have them either so I was sent home. A day or so later, though, I got my scrubs picked up finally and washed them, wore them for shift three, and it also went fine.
Things start to really unravel for me when I get to shift 4's training guide (which was really day-of-work 5, since it took me two separate days to finish the shift 3 guide, but whatever, refer to this one as 4), however. I get told upon starting that guide's recommended modules that I'll need sound to finish the entire set of modules...remember when I said that the home store didn't have sound on their training machines? Yeah, neither does the training store. I get told to just shadow again, which goes fine for a bit before I go back to try a no-sound-required module. It tells me to shadow on phone calls.
"Well, we don't get a lot of calls, so just skip that one and don't do it..." the pharmacist on duty told me. This raised a red flag to me immediately - I can imagine in my line of work now I will be receiving and taking many calls. How am I meant to learn it without...y'know...learning it? The rest of the shift goes pretty awkwardly, too, with a rise in orders that either use expired drugs, or are somehow different than a run of the mill prescription.
Then payday comes, and with it, the most devastating news regarding a new job I've taken that I think I've ever experienced.
I was not paid for training shifts 2 through 5 whatsoever. I was given a few reasons why, but I don't think any of them add up for any reason other than incompetence. You see, I was told quite a few times that "while you're at the training store, do not run the drive through, do not clock in and out using their computer since you're not an employee at that store, but please do turn in your paper pay slip before your next payday". I had followed that advice to the letter, but I was only paid for the first shift I had done at the home store - the four-hour one with no scrubs worn, no training store involved - with absolutely zero of the training store shifts counted. I called the pharmacy manager at my home store - he didn't really apologize as much as make excuses ("you brought your pay slips in after the pay period cutoff date!" which was NOT true, nor what I was told to do initially) and a half-assed attempt at saying "I'll put it in for an off-schedule payment but it won't be until Wednesday or Thursday that you'll get it". I called HR and they weren't super helpful either, suggesting that the reason was ONLY because I had not clocked in or out using the time clock on the computers up-front. To top it all off, I spoke with my scheduler guy (the dude who's really hard to contact) and while he did apologize for the confusion about it all, he also insultingly scheduled me only one day this week (tomorrow as of this post, which has even more insult to injury as that's actually my IRL birthday, meaning I had to cancel some plans)...and that's it.
I have had some pretty wild conversations with my father about getting a new job squared away with training, but needless to say, neither of us are impressed with how CVS has handled any of this. He was absolutely floored when I told him "hey Dad, I got a work schedule for this week, ten AM to three PM tomorrow, and that's all I got!" Everyone's answer as to why I was not paid properly for my current training seems to be different, and I'm kind of at a loss. On top of that, I do not feel like a single day out of a five-day work week would be enough to teach me much of anything and have it stick wtih me, especially when the machines have no sound when sound is required to hear what the modules are saying!
I've already put in a ticket on myHR. I'm not sure what to do until then...I do love the people at my training store; they're kind and teach me well, but they don't have any hours to take me in, and I really would rather not return to my assigned home store at this point. My home store is also 20 minutes away from me, compared to under 5 for another store in my area that I could probably get hired at, (but that's another story entirely); it made sense at the time to just take the job no matter how far away it was, but to try and confront the pharmacy manager about this again if it doesn't get resolved is kind of wasting gas in my car, not to mention the kind manager that hired me in the first place left the company around my fourth day of work. I honestly feel like they're going to miss the second and third days I worked on this rectification, since I had to call my home store's pharmacy manager and verbally tell him when I worked for those shifts, and that was before all the "I didn't get paid" stuff happened!
What should I do? I'm kind of shocked that this happened at all...

EDIT for a tl;dr - I was given a bunch of conflicting directions for the very few shifts I've worked since being hired recently, and it resulted in me not being paid for four shifts.
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2023.06.07 05:37 ineedananp Rx om

My pharmacy manager wants to promote me to rx om, does anyone know the raise? I’ve been told by two people (my old store a manger and someone I know personally from California) that it’s $27 an hour. Please confirm.
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2023.06.07 05:29 schaea Is there a 24/7 pharmacy in Calgary anymore?

I remember from years ago that the Shopper's Drug Mart in North Hill Mall and the Shopper's Drug Mart at Chinook Mall were open 24/7. A friend was picking-up his mother from Foothills Hospital ER at around 2am early Sunday morning. They'd changed the dose/timing of some of her regular meds as well as prescribing two new meds (she has congestive heart failure, hence all the prescription drugs), so he was asking me if I knew of any 24/7 pharmacies in Calgary. Not having any reason to believe they weren't open 24/7 any more, I told him to go to the Shopper's at North Hill Mall. Apparently they close at midnight, as does the Shopper's at Chinook Mall.
There was a pharmacy (also years ago) that was technically closed at 5pm, but were "on call" throughout the night via an answering service that triaged calls (e.g. need a doctor's appointment? Sure, we'll pass that onto the clinic at 8am). I don't remember the exact name (it was something along the line of "Meds On Call"), but I drove past the place it used to be in the NW a couple of weeks ago and they aren't there anymore.
Are there any pharmacies open 24/7 in Calgary anymore? Many people are discharged from the ER at ungodly hours, and they've been sent on their way with prescriptions that sometimes need to be urgently filled. Does anyone know anything about pharmacies that are open 24/7, or ones that are technically closed but will come in if it is truly a med that cannot wait until regular pharmacy hours? Thanks everyone.
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2023.06.07 05:26 shinjiswalkman Update: planned parenthood MA today

I took the 4 miso at home at 2pm, keep in mind I just worked a 12 hour night shift and haven’t slept yet so my plan was to sleep during the majority of this, and was able to sleep for about 2 hours before any pain kicked in. I unfortunately was not able to pick up the anti nausea medication that was prescribed due to the pharmacy having a random closing today (which was a pain), so I lived off of extra strength tylenol and a hot pack. Two-three hours in is when everything started. The cramping was pretty intense, but my nausea and vomiting was the worst of it. I can’t even lie I was in quite of a lot of pain and was pretty miserable for about 4 hours until it all kind of just stopped and I fell back asleep. I was lucky to have my roommate/best friend help with some things. Once what I believe was the “main part” of it passed I felt much better and was even able to make a quick grocery trip for ice cream and pig out on the couch like it was a bad period. Overall, it really does mimic a terrible period. Just make sure you have everything you might need to make yourself feel better and end with a treat! Let’s just hope this was fully successful, I have a follow up ultrasound in about a week so fingers crossed! Hugs and best wishes to everyone going through this!
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2023.06.07 03:34 Foundno11 Found TRCoL at Tower Records while abroad in Japan 💿

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2023.06.07 03:32 netman85 37 year old male. Need help dealing with my doctor when it comes to pain management.

I have sickle cell anemia, I was diagnosed as a child and well it's not an easy thing to manage. Needless to say visiting the E.R. makes me absolutely terrified. It's either they don't believe you, or think you're a junky trying to get high on pain meds or that you're lying about the amount of narcotics your doctor administers for break
Years ago, I had an older physician Dr. B, who was part of a cancer practice group. He was amazing, the best part was he actually listened to me. It honestly felt like a partnership. I saw him for close to 10 years, and because it was a cancer treatment facility, when I got flare ups, I went in and was prescribed/administered IV pain meds and fluids. As Dr. B was older, he finally decided to retire in order to spend more time with his family. When he did retire he referred me to a new doctor who joined the practice. Dr. S.
Right off the bat, on our first meeting she was immediately combative, she went on a diatribe about my pain meds and how she's strict about them. She immediately made me sign a pain management contract and stated if I ever broke the contract I was out.
The first time I had my crisis, and came to the infusion center, she cut my prescription from 6mg to 4. Not a big deal, but now most times I have to go in 2-3 days to get my pain under control rather than the 1 day before.
Then we had a discussion about a drug Hydra. I mentioned that Dr. B had me on it, it caused me to get sick more frequently and eventually caused me to almost die in the ICU. I was going into sepsis from toxicity from that particular medication.
She didn't care, wanted me on it. I tried to argue my case but she never listened. So, I decided I just won't pick up the prescription from the pharmacy. Eventually she found out I wasn't taken the meds (blood tests), I reluctantly agreed to start taking them.
Well my previous experience is repeating itself, I'm having more frequent crisis, almost every other week. The last time I went into the infusion center for pain management, the drugs were cut again, this time from 4mg to 2. I talked 4mg Dilaudid orally, which as I understand it, the bioavailability comes down to 2. So wondering why she'did prescribe 2mg when I've done 2mg every 3 hours at home didn't help. Anyway, talked to the administering Nurse and was told "well you'll get a second dose later so it's the same thing". This came from Dr. S.
With my crisis getting more frequent and having this, I pretty much stopped going to the infusion center. It's all the inconvenience of getting there, getting a ride to come back, without actually relieving my pain, seems like I'm just as well taking the same dose at home.
This brings us to today, she had me stop the hydrea to try a new medication, an infusion of crizanlizumab.
This triggered a bad flare up, my pain was at a 9 in my joints and back, my face was flush. My bp which is normally 110/60 jumped to 155/70. The nurses gave me benedryl, and steroids to mitigate the reaction.
The doctor refused to prescribe pain meds. The nurses asked her a number of times, finally she said I could have Toradal. Anyway, I wasn't looking/feeling better and both nurses decide to contact the doctor again requesting pain meds.
When the nurse came back, she whispered to the other nurse that she asked the doctor whose response was "I don't believe him". It's one thing to go through crap like that from ER doctors who don't know my history, but from the doctor that's been treating me for over 5 years?
I know this is an unusual situation/question for this sub, but at this point I'm at a loss for what to do. So, doctors in the sub, what do you recommend?
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2023.06.07 02:20 SammiesHammies Are these safe for my rodent?

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2023.06.07 02:11 notadudadude Is there anything more to life

I am 18 and I feel like I live a very unfulfilling life. I am about to start university this year, I will be studying pharmacy and will end up having a good career and probably end up with a family. I get the recommended hours of sleep, I engage with my family and friends, I have a girlfriend. I’m tall and attractive enough to not care about it. I do everything in the “recommended” amounts. I go to the gym and have a good muscular body. Sometimes I smoke and drink socially to feel a little. Recently I just sit and think is this all there really is, I feel like I’ve gone down a respectable healthy route and what have I got to show for it is being successful. But it’s all I feel. I want to get good at one thing and then I do and I’m happy for a little bit but then that’s it I want more. And if I don’t want more that doesn’t make me happy either I just feel depressed as I have nothing to chase. I don’t understand how I can be truly happy. I know I can engage in nature, meditate etc, but it all seems so temporary. Everything feels temporary. Is happiness like that truly happiness or is it discipline, what’s the difference. How could I possibly be satisfied with life and also grow if I feel I need nothing more.
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2023.06.06 23:27 silverintorain what do i do in this complicated healthcare situation. so mad

any advice would be really appreciated. sorry if this doesn’t make much sense i’m really mad writing this and don’t know a lot abt navigating insurance.
for about a year now walgreens has been charging me $60-$150 per vial of novolog insulin. i used to be charged $20 for 4 years since i was diagnosed but there was a price spike. this started when i switched from humalog to novolog since for some reason with humalog i’d get allergic reactions with each injection, switching did help though. without fail every time i’ve tried to get my insulin it would take hours because the pharmacy the insulin wouldn’t be covered at all and i’d have to sit on the phone for hours calling different places trying to get my insulin, my doctor wouldn’t even know why i’d have complications and said there isn’t a reason why i was dealing with this. my insurance is through my dad’s job and a couple other families in the job w the same insurance have type one kids and both of them have told us that they’ve gotten their insulin with no complications for $20, and have stocked up on their vials when i’m never in possession of more than one vial at a time. today i called my insurance through my dads job and a nice rep told me that i shouldn’t have ever been charged more than the $20 and that walgreens hasn’t been giving me novolog but has been giving me their ‘generic store brand(what the lady said)’ of insulin and charging me their price for their brand of insulin? the vial looks like novolog but instead of novolog it says insulin aspart. since the design and everything else looked like novolog and i didn’t experience any complications with the insulin i didn’t question the name change. i would just give into using it after spending hours every two weeks just trying to get dang insulin. called walgreens and the doctor there said that they haven’t been doing anything wrong and that they’re allowed to give their own brand insulin over novolog??? she got defensive and said that my insurance doesn’t know how pharmacists work. then the doc there said to call my insurance again. i’m so confused. i’ve spent an unnecessary amount of money on something i need to live even though i’m supposed to be covered under a good insurance company. don’t know if this is walgreens fault or my insurance. cant say how many times i’ve spent hours on the phone dealing with loops like this but today this just really set me off.
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2023.06.06 22:08 Vivid_Employ36 Questions about 1st prescription.

I’ve just been prescribed adderall for the first time. Went to go pick up prescription about 4 hours after the doctor sent it to the pharmacy (CVS) and was told to check back tomorrow bc it did not come in with their order today.
This is my first time picking up medicine from a pharmacy any idea how long I will be waiting?
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2023.06.06 21:19 romanholidaysalt Acme Pharmacy Hours Deals & Offers

Check this out for Acme Pharmacy Hours Deals & Offers. Find the best deals for you by looking at the current promo codes and coupons on that page. You'll always find the newest coupons, promo codes, and deals on that page. Choose one to apply to your order and save money.
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2023.06.06 20:52 ImpossibleBloop *New York Medicaid Users Who Use have DME*

Hey guys!
I wanted to share this information so that people aren't going through hell to get the right answers. I live in New York.
I have Type One Diabetes and use MVP as a managed care plan. Starting in April, all pharmacy benefits go through NYRX. That means all meds, and supplies too. I have spent months trying to get supplies. MONTHS. I have been told different things depending on who I'm speaking to. It sounds like no one over at NYRX knows what needs to be said and where to send people regarding insulin pump supplies and CGM supplies.
Let me help you: Insulin pump supplies and CGM supplies can still be handled through a third party. These supplies are not supplies that can be found at local pharmacies or medical supply stores like oxygen can, for example. Some pharmacies might have them, but some may not. Which is what happened to me. This isn't something that staff can differentiate when you call. They know that some DME can be handled via a pharmacy or medical supply store but they don't realize that other DME is handled by another department all together that uses third parties like Byram Health, & Better Living Now. This department can see Prior Authorization statues, and can help you with what third party delivery services can help to get you the supplies needed.
The number is: 800-342-3005.
The woman I spoke to was extremely sweet but straight up told me what the deal was. She said that they deal with prior authorizations and can see everything needed to process claims. I have spent hours today spirling due to misinformation on Medicaid's end. I was transferred a million times. Even to the Medicaid Helpline. The woman I spoke to was no help. All I wanted to know was who handled prior auths. I was sent on a wild goose chase and was told I couldn't receive my supplies at all through any third party. It has been an absolute mess.
I'm doing this so that if anyone needs information on who to call to get the right answers when it comes to DME, the number mentioned above is the number to call. Thousands of people call and get discouraged with the answers they get. Because of this, they may not get the meds they need or DME needed. This can lead to a chronically ill person giving up. I can't bear to think of anyone giving up. I know its easy to....but please know that this little nugget of info changed my mental state from giving up to I got this.
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2023.06.06 20:04 Upstairs-Month-634 Do I still have a chance to get into medschool

I am currently a student at Carleton in a combined major of neuroscience and biology. I am about to go into my third year. My first year was that great. I used some Sat (so I don’t drop my gpa) ended with a 3.3gpa. my second year I only took 4 courses each semester i got abit better with my study strategies and ended the year with a 3.71 gpa. Although I didn’t do great in organic chem I got a D. I am currently retaking it in the summer.
Also in my 3rd year I will be taking full course load and I am planning on applying next April for the fall of 2025.
I have alot of EC: working at a pharmacy, tutoring and volunteering hours at a doctors office.
  1. Will orgo grade effect my admission to med school. 2.Please give me some advice on what I should do.
  2. Also what med school counts the year during your application cycle
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2023.06.06 20:02 ElenaSunshineMag 11 steps to a healthy lifestyle

11 steps to a healthy lifestyle
Many people are interested in how to preserve beauty and personal effectiveness for many years to come. By making a few changes to your lifestyle, you can increase your energy supply and overall quality of life.
Energy, strength, and resources, it is necessary to replenish, and restore, so that in the evening not to deflate like a balloon. But on the contrary, when you come home, you will nourish your environment with warmth and communication.
11 steps to a healthy lifestyle
1. Drink 1 glass of warm water with lemon on an empty stomach-boiled water and one cup of lemon. This gives an enrichment of the diet with vitamins and trace elements, cleansing the liver, and blood intestines, and benefits the heart due to the content of potassium and magnesium in lemon. 2. Add fiber or bran to the diet. They are sold in supermarkets in the sections of diabetic nutrition. You can not add them to food, but simply eat 2 teaspoons or tablespoons during the day, washed down with water.
It is important to monitor the drinking regime: if there are no difficulties with defecation, then everything is fine. If you have problems with this while taking fiber, you need to increase your water intake. Usually, the diet does not contain the necessary amount of coarse fiber, and the introduction of fiber or bran gives a better intestinal cleansing. 3. To introduce flax seed into the diet, it is also sold in most pharmacies and is often found in supermarkets in the sections of diabetic nutrition. It can be simply chewed 1-2 teaspoons during the day.
Flax has the same property as fiber, that is, it helps to cleanse the intestines due to coarse fibers. In addition, it has an antiparasitic property and enriches the diet with selenium and potassium, polyunsaturated omega–3,6,9 fatty acids, lecithin, and vitamin B.
4. Introduce perga into the diet – this is bee pollen processed with bee enzymes, "bee bread", a fully digestible multivitamin product of natural origin. It is good to eat it in the morning, 1 teaspoon in 20-30 minutes after a glass of lemon water, or during the day, in between meals. It is sold on the market at beekeepers' or in health food stores, as well as in bee products stores. It is a prebiotic (fermentation product), restores the energy balance, contains vitamins E, C, D, K, P, B1, B2; 20 amino acids (glutamic, aspartic, alanine, glycine, tyrosine, lysine, and others); organic and fatty acids; minerals: iron, iodine, cobalt, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, copper, chromium; glucose and fructose; carotenoids; hormone-like substances; enzymes.
5. Introduce green smoothies into the diet — this will take 10-15 minutes of time, a blender. As well as a bunch of greens, water or milk, fruit or dried fruit for the sweetness of the cocktail: the sweetness of the fruit balances the astringency of the greens. Greens are rich in chlorophyll, which is identical in composition to blood, and the blood is saturated with oxygen and magnesium, which is necessary for energy production. 6. Introduce herbal tea into the diet, just drink it instead of regular tea. It is a storehouse of valuable vitamins and micro-and macroelements: vitamins PP, A, C, and B, tannins, saccharides, pectin, chlorophyll, flavonoids, manganese, calcium, iron, potassium, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, coumarins, tannins, triterpenoids. It's also delicious.
7. Balance your diet roughly as follows-50% of your usual food, 50% of vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables contain selenium and folic acid, which promote the production of endorphins, thereby lifting the mood. They contain a lot of water, at the same time quench not only hunger, but also thirst, and are quickly absorbed.
Vitamins and micro-and macronutrients are contained in the most digestible form for the human body. Fruits and vegetables contain fiber, which helps to cleanse the intestines. It also helps to regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood, due to the pectin contained in them. They promote cell renewal due to the antioxidants contained in them, helping to become younger and fresher. They do not need to be cooked, which is very convenient.
8. Visit the sauna once a week. You can add 1-2 drops of essential oil. If you can not visit the sauna, then lie in the bath with sea salt or rub it in the shower. A sauna is a great exercise machine and skin cleanser. It also reduces the level of lactic acid in the body – the main factor of fatigue. And it calms the body and helps it cope with diseases and stress. In addition, the oxygen consumption increases and the heart trains perfectly. Sea salt is a very good scrub, effective in the treatment of many skin diseases, stimulates sweating, accelerates the removal of toxins from the body, and stimulates blood circulation in the upper part of the dermis.
9. Physical activity – walking, walking, running or dancing, cycling, women's gymnastics, yoga, or qigong. In order for the body to remain alive and mobile, it needs to be constantly trained. Constantly! Therefore, it makes sense to find something to do. 10. Body masters – classical massage or author's massage, manual therapy. It is important that this person is charged with health and helping people.
11. Sleep as an indicator of status and performance concerns.
Do you know the feeling of foggy thoughts and a tin head after 4-5 hours of sleep? More than once I noticed the relationship between performance and an increase in the number of hours of sleep. Yes, sleep eats up our time, but sleep leads to a higher level of productivity, gives clarity of thought, and better well-being.
If you have questions about your health and energy level, you can just try to start doing these steps within a month. Tracking the result is important! Awareness of what is happening gives an incentive to continue. And if the body responds well, then it is important not to give up, to continue to do it on an ongoing basis and gradually connect new steps.
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2023.06.06 17:38 carterfour36 Can't handle my new job

Hi everyone im new here. I'm 22f and I apologize for the long post but if youll bare with me I hope you're able to give me some advice :) so I just got off the phone with my doctor who wants to test me for fibromyalgia but can't see me for a few weeks still. A little bit of background
Back in 2021 I got a job at a pharmacy where I worked 11 hr days and on my feet for all of it with 2 15s and a half hour for lunch. I was treated horribly by my boss. The gist- he called me stupid in front of customers, made me clean up every mess he'd purposely make, after a year he'd hire a bunch of new girls the same ethnicity as him and would treat me like trash. Smiling, laughing with them, letting them talk, and go on their phones. But the second I did any of that it was " get back to work" or "dont do that again" or hed just say my name in a condescending tone. After a while, I then became really ill all of a sudden. Sick every day, throwing up, constant pain in my feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders, and my neck and giving me severe migranes. I began to call out quite often. Missing days at a time with no one to help him. ( which i do understandthat being there all day with no help isn't easy, however i couldnt control my episodes that i was having. After that went on for a bit he then threatened my job every single time. I spent months going to doctors, getting ultra sounds to check for IBS ( which was negative ) and bloodwork, only to be diagnosed with BPD, General and social anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression, and insomnia. But still no answer to why I was sick and in so much pain. Now i do have pre-existing body issues such as a short leg which displaces my hip, a double curve spine that affects my neck, and a shoulder injury from many years ago. But ive never felt pain like this until this point. Fast forward a few months and 30 lost pounds later I go on sick leave, then quit, and transfer to normal benifits, to which ran out in March.
Fast forward to now I finally found a job at Value village... however this is even worse physically wise. I've gained my weight back but still continue to feel extremely sick ( not to the point of vomit but close) and to be in constant pain and fatigue. However I started this job 3 weeks ago and it's so physically demanding. I'm in the worst pain I've ever been in because I'm standing in 1 spot all day. It's only for 7 hours but my lord by the end I'm crying so much. 3 weeks and I've unfortunately had to miss 5 days off so far... when I left today my boss gave me a look of disgust and now I'm anxious because I have to ask her tomorrow to work with me until I'm able to see my doctor and provide her with a proper diagnosis and accommodations that may be necessary.
I guess my question here is does anyone else have any experience with this kinda thing before? And should I keep this job and see if things get better or just not risk it and try and go on disability? ( I'm in Canada and I have no idea how it works) I guess I'm just lost and anxious atm. Any advice helps. Thank you :)
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2023.06.06 17:30 kikibananascray Should I pursue medicine?

I’ve always had a passion for medicine (having previously worked in a small community pharmacy for 8 years, patching up the locals and providing advice) as well as a general passion and “one day” mentality.
I’m 30 and currently working in upper management (ICT), comfortably working 70 hours a fortnight and making around 140k gross annually with plenty of perks and flexibility.
I want to get into medicine because it’s always been the true career I want (actually being able to help people), and the place I see myself being happiest - but my question is whether the pay will be worth the hard slog to get there? I see so many conflicting pay scales online and whilst money isn’t the deciding factor, it definitely has to be part of the decision if I’m going to upend my life to pursue it. Of course I can’t say for certain what my speciality will be (as I’m sure it will be heavily influenced by internships and clinical rotations), I’m most interested in general practice, ob/gyn, or emergency medicine.
Some additional info: childless and will remain so, have a mortgage, have partner who earns same wage and will continue working to support me throughout study.
TLDR: currently earning low 6 figures in comfy job, but want to study medicine - is it a stupid financial decision in the long term?
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2023.06.06 17:18 TheSwamp_Witch Burnt out

Someone is always mad at me
The house is never clean enough
Medication changes, pharmacy shortages, no insurance and make too much for Medicaid
My full time kids are both neurodivergent so there's never a break
My husband is up for a promotion and raise (we'll be able to get health insurance) so he's been balls deep in spreadsheets for the last three days
I do nothing but piss people off
I saw my friends Sunday, took my oldest swimming with them. It was great it was fun but three days of less than four hours of sleep I burned out so hard I can barely move
I fucked my back up last week. It's better but I keep pulling it and making it worse again.
I actually napped yesterday and my best friend asked why I'm ignoring her. I'm exhausted. I'm autistic and people keep popping up and changing plans and changing standards and I can't adjust quickly enough.
I hate myself today. I'll be better soon but right now I hate myself.
Edit: and my husband told my neighbor I just "don't like to get out much" because he asked about when I wait for my daughter to get dropped off, I just stand under a tree "like she's hiding". Yeah, agoraphobia and severe social anxiety is just not liking to get out much. He also tried to use some very counterintuitive bullshit that's exactly what we're not supposed to do with my autistic nine year old. Has he read the books? Or watched the videos or any fucking thing? Nope he just works himself to death. Fucking hell. I'm too tired to be pissed.
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2023.06.06 17:17 romanholidaysalt Acme Savon Pharmacy Hours Promo & Discount Code

Check this out for Acme Savon Pharmacy Hours Promo & Discount Code. Find the best deals for you by looking at the current promo codes and coupons on that page. You'll always find the newest coupons, promo codes, and deals on that page. Choose one to apply to your order and save money.
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2023.06.06 17:02 IslandSensitive870 Bullied for wanting a 15

Ok so I’m relatively new to being a pharmacy tech I stated this year in January. It’s only been 5 months but man this sucks and I don’t think I’m going to want to do this long term. The people I work with are so childish , bossy, and down right rude. I get it the pharmacy is usually busy at certain times and it’s not so fun. Although why do grown ass women have to bully me for wanting another break for a 9 hour day? Like I’m sorry excuse me I’m a human being and it’s hard to stay motivated when the work is crap and the people you work with are worse. I understand it’s up to who’s managing for the day. Do these people want me to be a robot? Like I can’t even get someone to come cover me to go to the bathroom quick. And you want to try and make me feel bad for wanting another break from this crap??
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