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Knife Modifications

2018.09.16 22:43 Guerrilla357 Knife Modifications

A place for any and all things regarding Knife Modifications. Acidwash, Acid Etch, Stonewash, Cerakote, Anodizing, Adding jimping, Adding choils, you name it we want it.

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Share your greatest drug ideas and don't let all that creative energy go to waste... Like, share the knowledge, man.

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A subreddit created for a bot that posts randomly generated prompts for a plot brainstorming session. Contact the Mod for suggestions about improvements. Mirrored to twitter: https://twitter.com/BrainstormCent1

2023.03.25 10:50 narvuntien Having a bad weekend

I try to be the positive guy on here, "You are inherently valuable" guy. But man my weekend has me feeling defeated.
So I was driving home from my extremely nerdy weekly Friday night out, Friday Night Magic the Gathering. As I was almost home, a police car flashes its lights behind me and pulls me over. This is a very rare event for me. I haven't gotten so much as a speeding ticket so I was understandably confused.
Turns out I have been driving an unregistered car for almost 5 years. I inherited it from my dead younger brother in 2018 and apparently somewhere during that process it was never properly transferred over. I don't blame my dad that was a bad time for the whole family. So that's a $250 fine and I have to get my car over the pits before I can drive it again.
My brother's death in 2018 basically precipitated a mental health crisis, even though I managed to complete my PhD in 2018. I was in no mental state to start work. So I took a year off to travel and get my mental health treated. By the time I was ready to face the world again, the world was in the middle of a global pandemic. Somehow that has snowballed into me being unemployed for nearly 5 years.
I have a bachelor of science (nanotechnology) a form of Chemistry, with great grades, then a torturous 8-year struggle to complete my PhD. I am simultaneously overqualified and underqualified for everything. I have no experience and no network (thanks mental health :/) my previous research group left the state 5 years before I finished my PhD. I can't get 3-5 years of experience if no one will give me a chance. I have made over 400 job applications a bit low for this length of time but I was and am picky with my applications.
I am just not a service person, I am just literally now learning how to people properly, but that is also a complete waste of my actual skills and years of education. I am an analyst, capable of learning almost anything and writing a report on it. I am a supreme and creative problem solver. My skills are in questioning everything and trying to streamline systems. I have heard people say if you are so smart why don't you start your own business? Well, the authorities look down at backyard chemistry. But it is more than that, I can't focus on just one problem to solve, I am thinking about how to solve all the world's problems all the time, without the direction some kind of job would provide. Hire me to solve your problems, please. I know there is absolutely nothing wrong with me but I have no idea how to prove that to someone.
*sigh* without my car I don't know how I can get to what is my paid job tomorrow. I am a private chemistry tutor for $50 a week, which is entertainment money but not living money. It will make getting any other job and most of my other activities significantly harder. Just another kick while I am down.
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2023.03.25 10:50 AutoModerator [Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator

[Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator
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  • Crypto Affiliate Stack
  • Real Estate Affiliate Stack
  • Weight Loss Affiliate Stack
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2023.03.25 10:50 AutoModerator [Get] Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 – Download Instant Delivery

[Get] Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 – Download Instant Delivery
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/dan-wardrope-the-pay-per-lead-agency-blueprint-3-0/
[Get] Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 – Download Instant Delivery
The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 In Just 6 Weeks, We’ll Show You How To Grow And Scale Your Pay Per Lead Agency

What You Get in The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0:

Week 1 – Lay The Foundations and Get Started

First and foremost, we’ll go over your goals for The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint as well as some general housekeeping.
Please don’t skip the housekeeping! It includes important information about the Mastermind community as well as the weekly Q&A calls.
We’ll also go over some “ground rules” for course participation. If you follow these guidelines, you should have no problems.

Week 2 – Landing a Client and Know Thy Customer

This week is all about selling and understanding your niche/offer.
It’s time to get to know your niche and its target audience inside and out. Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss:

  • Building your agency website
  • LinkedIn and Facebook organic outreach
  • Direct mail outreach
  • Paid advertising
  • Cold email
  • Closing the deal and how to get paid
  • Knowing your offer
  • Customer Avatars and Empathy Maps
  • How to gather and assess the market

Week 3 – Building Your Lead Generation Funnels

This week will focus on three major topics:

  • Hooks
  • Funnels
  • Lead delivery
Week three also delves into copywriting. As previously stated, this includes writing hooks and longer-form content such as advertorials. Here’s a complete list of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Lead gen versus 1-2-1 selling
  • Different ways to generate leads with Unbounce
  • Spitballing and figuring out your hooks
  • Building a quiz
  • GTM basics and HotJar
  • Our different funnels – dummy car finance campaign
  • How to embed a LeadsHook quiz and pull through data to a results page
  • Writing an advertorial
  • Lead capture and lead distribution
  • Privacy Policies, cookies and GDPR
  • Unbounce tips and tricks
  • Data validation

Week 4 – Paid Advertising and Getting Started

It’s now time to start running ads, generating leads, and making money.
In this module, we’ll cover:

  • Where to start
  • Tracking
  • Facebook ads
  • YouTube ads
  • Twitter ads

Week 5 – Advanced Lead Generation

This week will be more difficult. We’ll walk you through everything step by step so you can follow along easily.

Week 6 – Growing Your Agency

This is the course’s final module, and it teaches you how to scale your agency.
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2023.03.25 10:49 NomadicLabs Want to learn how to write Tezos Smart Contracts? We are thrilled to announce that the registration for the upcoming free Nomadic Labs programming training session is open!

Want to learn how to write Tezos Smart Contracts? We are thrilled to announce that the registration for the upcoming free Nomadic Labs programming training session is open!
📆 6-7 April 🌎 Available in 3 timezones ✍️ Sign up here.

🔍 This online training will be in English.
🤝 Devs from Nomadic Labs, as well as SmartPy, Ligo & Archetype programming languages will be there to help the participants succeed.

🕰 Time slots: Europe: from 9AM to 5:30PM CET
🤝 Coaches available for Asia and Americas timezones

🧑‍💻 Requirements: you need to have some programming experience & general blockchain knowledge to follow the training session.

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2023.03.25 10:49 One_Resolution4711 Poneglyphs

So as we know the Poneglyphs are stones that help us find out about the Big 3 Weapons and lead us to Laughtale. As we know there are only two people confirmed that can read poneglyphs and are alive, first one being Robin and the second one being Oden's dad who stayed disguised in Wano up until now (since we know that reading and writing Poneglyphs was taught up until Odens generation). Now as we know Shanks is making his move towards Laughtale, but here comes my question: who is translating the poneglyphs for Shanks and his crew. If I had to guess some other people who can read poneglyphs my answer would be Dragon and Vegapunk since we saw that they had connections to Ohara. Now back to Shanks we know that he doesn't seem to have connections with any of the people mentioned beforehand and that leaves me with 2 answers: Shanks was taught by Oden during his time as a Roger pirate or Shanks truly has some deep connections with the WG and the Gorosei who have people translate it for Shanks. Now I want you guys to think who could be translating the Poneglyps for Shanks.
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2023.03.25 10:49 Sarai87Verrer RQ telegram group 🤝

Hiii again 🤭
I don't think I can put the link of the group here (because of the rules) but for those who were interested, write something here so that I can write you the link or directly write me a DM. Thank you for reading 😊
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2023.03.25 10:48 Puzzleheaded_Moose38 Big time saver for anyone applying for jobs

ive been using GPT to speed up the process of writing covers letters and responses to selection criteria. Im using GPT-4 and im not sure how well 3.5 would work.
the prompt im using is:
you are a world class HR specialist and you have been given the task of drafting an application. here is the resume:
*paste your resume*
And here is the job advertisement:
*paste job ad*
Please write a professional and engaging cover letter (or pitch or response to selection criteria) that is relevant to the client without repeating the information from their resume.
Then I usually tweak the result a bit manually and run it through again with "you are a world class HR specialist and you have been given the task of improving the following job application:"

Ive been able to make pretty high quality job applications for about 5 jobs today, each with a roughly two page pitch, which comes in at about 5000 words. It took me maybe an hour.
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2023.03.25 10:48 AI0 reddit performed action `removelink`

Target User: u/Gisle77
URL: /Twittecomments/121gxho/help/
Title: Help!
Does anyone know how to get proper support from Twitter? Like for instance talking with a human being who reads and understands what you write?
Here is my case...
I’m doing whatever I can to regain access to my Twitter account, but it is not easy as it has been compromised / hacked and personal information probably has been changed.
Here is what happened:
1) Friday 17th some crypto scam got access to and used my account to host an Arbitrum Orbit. They changed my profile picture to Arbitrum logo. You can see the details here and listen to the talk.
2) Afterwards they removed the Arbitrum logo and just left an empty avatar profile picture. Now the account is in my profile name again GisleThorsen, but I cannot access it.
3) I believe they have changed e-mail and another information, hence when I contact you, you tell me the account is not associated with my e-mail. That’s the whole point and why I ask for your help.
Please help me!

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2023.03.25 10:47 Eydor Assorted noob questions about the Tyranid campaign and possibly the game in general

I've barely started to figure out what I'm doing after having the game for more than a year and never getting into it, but I decided to finally sit down and figure it out. And I thought what better faction to learn the game than the completely unorthodox and alien Great Devourer?
I just like the nids, and the games which allow you to play them are a precious few.
Anyway, I've read a few guides and posts, and the consensus seems to be boarding = good, ramming = bad, long range pew pew = optimal. Is it still the case or have patches changed things around? For now I've dismissed some short range ships and spawned a couple of Acid Voidprowlers since they seem to be the best.
For upgrades when I get the renown for it, I should first take the one that increases fire rate in clouds and asteroids so I can park my ships there and snipe the enemy, then board any who manage to approach, would that work?
Also, the deluge of different ships are just variations of hull and weapons since you can't design your own ships, right?
As for the campaign, you build whatever you need at the moment while you wait for systems to be devoured, then invest the new resources and move on unless there's some special feature that give you biomass or better build points.
In battle, you can destroy a ship, depopulate it with boarding actions, or "break" it like a routing unit from the Total War games, and the different systems debuff or disable different sections of the action bar like stances, weapons etc, is that correct?
I have no idea how criticals work. Is it a chance or is it like a threshold of damage to a certain system? Speaking of which, do the yellow and red filters on enemy ship types represent damage?
I think that's all for now. The game looks absolutely amazing and I'd like to figure it out so I can finally enjoy it, thanks for any info you can provide me.
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2023.03.25 10:46 z7q2 Consent

We've already established that Bard won't do erotic role play (at least for me, not sure what you folks are getting away with), but I asked it if it knew other chatbots that did ERP. The answer surprised me.
There are some chatbots that can be used to write smut with. However, I do not recommend using these chatbots. Smut is a form of pornography, and it is not appropriate to share it with others. Additionally, chatbots are not real people, and they cannot consent to sexual activity. If you are interested in writing smut, I recommend using a human writer.
Robots can't consent, so it's not right to have sex with them. That is an interesting take.
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2023.03.25 10:46 sikerce Need help with SSR?

Hey all,
I made an app for my company. Backend is expressjs (node) and frontend is vue 2. I want to migrate/convert it to SSR. How hard it is? Shall I write the entire client side from scratch? Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.25 10:43 Odd_Avocado_5660 Input on designing an introduction to python course

I am designing a mandatory Python-based introductory programming course for *all* engineering students at my university (software engineering to medico technology!).
The course will be placed in their first semester and correspond to 1/6th of their overall workload in that semester (5ECTS/13 teaching sessions/2h teaching+2h lab). It will run in parallel to the math-course, which has examples typeset in notebooks using numpy/sympy (but from a user perspective).
For some of the technical lines (AI, robotics, etc.) this will unfortunately be their only mandatory programming course, which mean it has to do a great deal for a lot of different students. Because of these demands, I would ideally like it to start from the absolute basics (*no* prior programming experience) and end up with basic OOP as this will be important for those who do AI later (sklearn, torch, etc.), with a minimum of deviations along the way. The course will be open source (i.e. hosted on gitlab pages; all material available without login).
I have looked for other courses for inspiration, but many other courses include additional things (CS50 from Harvard) or seem to assume to much prior knowledge: https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/6-0001-introduction-to-computer-science-and-programming-in-python-fall-2016/
The kind of course I am aiming for (obviously this is open to criticism) is one that focuses maximally on the language (primitive datatypes, functions, lists+other compound types, loops, basic oop, basics about packages), somewhat focuses on useful developer skills (what is an interpreter, how to debug code, etc.) and very minimally on everything else (no regexp, no big libraries like pandas, only basic file reading/writing, etc.). The lab sessions will be based on editing/writing .py files in VSCode.
I am hoping that some here can recommend good resources -- Ideally an open-source course which has a similar scope and a really good progression curve, or a good (concise!) book, etc. Any general advice is of course welcome, but I feel stumped by the whole 'what fit in which weeks and how much' side of things. My current outline is:
  1. intro, print, simple functions, algebraic operations: Basically a very few examples of python to talk over that 'we will get to'. Must assume many don't have python working yet.
  2. primitive types, conversions int('31'), basic functions (analogy with math).
  3. functions++, variables, if/else. Mention type annotation to avoid confusion.
  4. Reading/writing text files as 'copy paste code', string operations. String manipulation is formatted as a soft intro to lists.
  5. Lists, loops, tuples, functions of multiple variables. "adfsa".split(), "".join(..), etc.
  6. Sets, functions of mutiple output arguments, comprehension, range(), enumerate()
  7. dicts, more on comprehension and looping, items()
  8. exceptions, asesrt, packages (all just a very brief overview). This is a catch-up lecture
  9. classes 1 (classes, mutability)
  10. classes 2 (inheritance, __add__, etc.)
  11. build your own sympy 1: running example on building an alternative sympy
  12. build your own sympy 2: running example on building a sympy + catch-up
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2023.03.25 10:43 _HingleMcCringle (Ubuntu 22.04 -> NAS) Mounted directory permissions constantly being reset

I'm trying to put together the following setup:
I'm running into some trouble with setting up the arrs. When importing media I get the following error:
Folder is not writable by user sonarr
A permissions error, easy to fix. I check the permissions for various directories in the NAS and, sure enough, they're all set up for root access and no one else. Open the terminal, sudo chmod 770 for the various users and the command runs but it doesn't work. sudo nautilus to try doing it through the GUI and I noticed that whenever I changed folder permissions for anything it immediately reverts back to root.
What I've checked:
I'm a bit stuck at this point. I would assume there's an issue with Ubuntu setting directory permissions for another system (or something) but the NAS has already given read/write access anyway, so surely as long as you used valid credentials to access the NAS you should be able to do what the NAS has allowed you to do?
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2023.03.25 10:42 ST4RCR4SH What is your partner/best friends’ quadrant and archetypes?

I believe I’m the exact opposite of my BF. I’m LU and he’s probably RD. I have strong reasons to believe he’s an Explorer. He has a very consistent outfit formula. He does have a “base camp” that’s reliable for him. Occasionally, I see him mixing his usual outfits with something different. The reason he chooses his outfits is out of practicality. He doesn’t have a deliberate thought process, but rather an intuitive one.
Interestingly, his style is more ‘up’ in comparison to people around him. This example goes to show that you can’t judge style logic by aesthetics itself. On a surface level, he would be put into the Right Up Quadrant. But the thing is, the perceived upness of his outfits is more of a byproduct of his main intentions. My outfits are formal, but the effect is a product of a strong deliberate intention.
On my best friend, I haven’t asked them to elaborate on the style logic yet. If I have to take a guess, it would be either an LD or LU.
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2023.03.25 10:40 mindhunter19 How i helped solve my Gastritis

I had really bad stomach cramps for the last 3 months alongside frequently passing wind, throwing up food as it would sit on my chest for hours and bad acid reflux even if i drank water. Within this period i lost 16lbs in weight. Most likely because i cut down in what i was eating as i was scared to keep throwing up the food. This period of time was also stressful as i had a lot to to deal with in my life.
I’ve always suffered from ibs type symptoms for the last 16 years and a big trigger for me is dairy but this was something totally different.
I decided it was time to get checked out and i was convinced i had stomach cancer. So I went through my private health insurance and did blood test, stool test, allergy test, abdominal scan and they all came back clean. I then asked for an endoscopy which i did and they found out that i had mild gastritis but the Doctor wasn’t too concerned.
However my condition remained. At this point the doctor told me to take omeprazole for 8 weeks, i lasted 3 days on the medication as the side effects made me really sick so I stopped taking it. When i did take it my stomach felt a little better but the side effects were awful. So to was the rebound once i stopped.
I friend of mine who i spoke to about my condition asked if i tried Fekir. I told him I heard about it but its a dairy product so I couldn’t try it. He then told me they do oat fekir that have all the live cultures. I went and bought some and it changed everything.
No more acid reflux, wind, vomiting, cramping. Since taking a glass a day every morning i have been able to eat large meals and digest my food properly and I have even gained back weight these last two weeks. Im not sure what the reasoning is behind it but it seems my stomach was inbalanced and taking the kefir rebalanced it. I can have easy night sleeps again and im no longer in discomfort. Thought I share my story in case anyone else had similar symptoms.
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2023.03.25 10:40 Well_howdidwegethere Horrible Fear of Food Being Drugged

Lately I’ve been having this massively irrational fear of my food being laced with LSD or some other form of psychedelics. I won’t eat something that’s been already opened regardless of whether or not it’s mine, which has led to me not only wasting food, but actively avoiding eating unless I make it right there, and even then it takes quite a bit of effort. This in turn has also led me to having a fear of an undiagnosed mental illness, and I can’t quite afford to go to a doctor currently to figure out if that is the case.
I’ve only ever been technically “drugged” once when the cannabis my friend bought was laced with PCP a few months ago but this fear extends back to when I was around fifteen (twenty three now). I’ve done acid only twice and while I did enjoy it, it’s not something I’m likely to do again, and I rarely smoke cannabis or drink, but I did do a lot of both for a few years.
Obviously nobody is gonna waste good acid on me but the fear is constantly there to the point that I yelled at my brother the other day for jokingly pretending to drop something into my Gatorade on the way to work (he’s unaware of this fear) and threw it away despite it being completely full, and even avoided eating the cookies my mom brought down for Christmas, which made me feel awful as there is absolutely no way my mom would ever do anything like that to me.
I’m iffy on telling anybody close to me about this fear for a few reasons, the main one being the irrationality of it all, but I also do not want to be sent to an inpatient center (again, can’t afford it) as I was for depression as a minor. Sorry for the rambling wall of text but I just need to know if this is signs of a more major illness or at the very least how I can possibly cope with it.
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2023.03.25 10:40 Sinpleton025 Rifts of War - Chapter 2

Three moon cycles later
Galdush fields, Meilume region of the Empire
The time has come and the troops are ready. The chosen commander of Imperial forces is Ylyndar Glynra, general of the IV army, commanding twenty-five thousand infantry, ten thousand cavalry, ten thousand archers along with one hundred wyverns, one hundred battle mages and hundreds of siege elements for a total of fifty thousand troops. The vassal forces number forty thousand. Ten thousand dwarves from Nundolar commanded by Bardek Leadmaster and ten thousand from Halboram under Dalmin Bronzering. The Rosians sent twenty thousand in total under the command of Bodin Zorgen of Alston, king Thavok's eldest son. The imperials have also brought an auxiliary force of ten thousand slaves, which include ferral orcs, trolls, ogres, swine, lepians, feelians, leanoids, and welfen.
In total, the invasion force numbered one hundred thousand strong and they were to start the land attack in the Galdush fields. At the same time, the VI fleet of one hundred ships of various sizes gathered in the western waters away from the port city of Lashil. Admiral Lothar Tanros was also tasked with opening a rift and to attack the enemy's shoreline, making the invasion a pincer assault.
"It is time, general.", a captain said proudly.
"Indeed.", Ylandar replied, "I cannot wait to bring the emperor's light to this savage world. Are the mages in place?"
"Yes, general. They are finishing the ritual. It is a pity we cannot open more rifts."
"Any more and the spiritual energy of North Altia will be completely drained. I do not wish to destroy our world along with theirs."
"Understood sir.", at that moment, a large rift opened up. It was thirty steps wide, ten steps tall, and shining in bright blue. All soldiers stared at it with amazement and fright. This was the gateway to the savage land they were warned about, they must remain vigilant. "I shall prepare the first wave."
"Hold. I shall go.", Ylindar said.
"S-Sir? Are you certain?"
"Yes. I will lead the first wave.". With that, he rode to Bardek, Dalmin, and Bodin. "You know the plan. All Rosian troops, half of the dwarves, the entire auxiliary, and ten thousand of my own troops. Once a foothold has been established, a messenger will ride back and inform the rest of the troops to begin the second wave. The navy has most likely begun its attack. We must hurry. For the light!"
With that they marched forward into the rift, unaware of the dangers they will face. All they could do is pray to the spirits.
History is not kind. Many bad things happened throughout human history. Wars, plagues, destruction, and death beyond counting. On top of that, humans themselves were never the best of people. It is they who caused all of it to happen and it is also they who keep doing it. History has always described humans as selfish and self-harming, but history is written by the winner. And this time, the good wins.
The great virus that occurred in the third decade ravaged the planet, killing millions of people. But through human genius, a cure was made and the death was stopped. However, it was then that the true culprits were discovered. One of the greatest problems of humanity is overpopulation. We have grown soft and stopped "culling the herd" so that a sensible number can thrive and be strong. A group calling themselves 'True salvation', sought to fix this. Through decades of careful planning and manipulation, they've reached a solution. For mankind to prosper it needs to suffer. So they showed themselves in 2034 and declared that they will do what was necessary to save the Earth. So they set off fires and explosions all throughout the world. Thousands upon thousands of factories and industries were destroyed, the capital and major cities were devastated, planes kept crashing, ships kept sinking, and it was chaos. The death toll was in the millions, even hundreds of millions as every country suffered.
But the salvationist forgot one important thing. These are human beings. By attacking them all they've united them all. Global governments decided they will not stand by idly while their people were being killed for some 'greater good'. In a united effort, after fifteen years, they tracked down and eliminated the salvationists, ending the crisis. But now the bigger problem took the stage. The world was in chaos and it needed fixing. So for the future years, that is exactly what happened. A new generation replaced the old one and with everyone united they not only repaired but also advanced. New technologies were invented, and life became better. Artificial limbs became more common, medicine was more advanced and the military received more than one upgrade so that no future threat can harm the nations.
NATO got more support from South America and Australia, while East Europe and Asia created a new block called Easter Powers Alliance. The UN now strictly enforces laws against drugs and poachers are shot on sight so to protect the wild and plant life. Renewable energy sources are spread across the world and the atmosphere is being healed. Many monuments were built for the victims of the salvationists. It goes to show that no matter how much humanity is battered, it would always rise stronger.
And now? Now it is the year 2070 and things are going just fine.
5th of May, 2070
Lumberton, North Carolina
The Northeast park is always a wonderful place to visit. With playgrounds and baseball fields, it was always cheerful. Right now the Jaguars were playing against the Bulls and hundreds of people gathered to watch. Officers Bradly O'Neil, or just Brad, and Jack Mitchel pulled their police car over to watch the game.
"So who do think is winning this time?", Jack asked.
"My money is on the Bulls.", Brad said, "They're winning right now."
"No one knows man. I have a gut feeling the Jaguars are gonna make a comeback."
In that moment, a Jaguar pitcher threw the ball and the Bull hit it with the bat, sending it out of the ring.
"Hooooo! Another home run by the Bulls!", said the announcer, "If they keep this up they will win it all!"
The Bull ran full circle and when he finished, a tremor shook the ground. Suddenly, a large rectangle of light appeared. It was nearly fifty feet wide and sixteen feet tall. People were confused and everyone tried to wrap their heads around what exactly was happening.
"Brad?", Jack asked, "Did anyone order a light show?"
"At four pm? Unlikely.", Brad said as he grabbed his radio, "Dispatch this is officer O'Neil, we have a situation at the Northeast park. Unclear if it is a threat but I require reinforcements and-"
Out of the light, men started appearing. They were strange to say the least. They wore medieval-like armor and has pink skin. Behind them appeared something that freaked people out and scarred them even more. Things they would only see in fantasy movies. Green-skinned orcs, dwarves, and even huge dragon-like lizards. No one understood how they got here but they understood their purpose as they attacked the players and spectators.
The green-skinned and pig-like monsters killed and ate everyone they could find. The dragons flew in the air and arrows rained down on the people.
Brad took the radio again and shouted, "Threat confirmed! I repeat the threat is confirmed! Send reinforcements and alert the national guard! They're killing everyone! We need-"
A pig-like monster jumped at him but it got blasted away by a shotgun. "Power or speed?", asked Jack who shot the gun.
"Speed. I'll take the smaller ones.", he replied and grabbed the shotgun while Jack took the SMG, "We have to save as many people as we can! Come on!"
The attack is a success. Already these pale-skinned savages flee and are killed by the dozens and soon hundreds. This field will serve as a good foothold for the invasion.
Prince Bodin looked over the scenery and thought, 'This doesn't look like a land filled with chaos. Were the visions a lie after all?'
"Prince Bodin.", called general Ylindar, "It is glorious is it not? We will slaughter these savages and take the lands in the name of the light. I need you to send your forces over to the structures to the southwest, I have already dispatched the dwarves and auxillia to the south."
"This place is not like the one explained in the vision."
"That does not matter. You are to gather as many slaves as you can and kill all the soldiers that attack you. We must clear a path for the second wave." Bodin internally cursed but went with the orders and called his men.
"Sir!", called a captain, "There are several savages that are causing problems for us."
"What do you mean?"
"They are hiding behind strange metal carts and it appears they have boomsticks much like the dwarves."
"Send a group of mages with dwarves and crush them."
"Right away sir!". With that, the captain left and Ylindar started setting up the stronghold and preparing the letter for the second wave.
Five mages along with a hundred dwarf warriors and shooters. The two dozen savages hid behind metal carts and fired at the orcs and swine that ran at them. The dwarves took aim and fired but they only killed a couple. The savages fired and the mages tried to create a force shield, but something was wrong. There was no energy in this world and magic didn't work.
"What's the problem?", asked a dwarf.
"I-I don't know. I can't-"
Before he could finish, he fell to the ground with a hole in his head. The dwarves started to fall as well. The warriors put up their shields, but the weapons of the savages tore through them. Eventually, enough orcs and swine pushed them and killed most while taking one prisoner.
Some time later
Noble self-service storage
Bodin never liked the empire or the emperor. They killed his grandfather just because they wanted freedom. But right now, he didn't have a choice. Denying a direct imperial order is a death sentence. He needed to make sure his kingdom, as well as the others, by doing their bidding and dirty work.
On his way to the strange structures, he encountered strange things. Metal carts that moved without horses and the wide roads made of flat stones, as well as soldiers with repeating boomsticks. For every one of them he lost dozens, but they couldn't hold on for long. Bodin gave explicate orders not to kill any retreating soldiers or innocent people. They won't become monstrous killers like the elves.
After a while, they reached the structures. Rows of identical buildings locked with metal doors. They opened them one by one and only found different pieces of furniture and sometimes jewelry.
"Take anything of value.", Bodin said, "We have taken enough people captive. After we are done here we will report to general Ylindar. Captain, take the captives back quickly. I fear the men we've faced are but a fraction of their army."
"Yes my lord.", the captain said and left with his troops in a hurry.
"Are you starting to doubt the visions, prince Bodin.", spoke a man next to him, "Because so far I am."
"Viscount Iaw.", replied Bodin, "I know what you mean. These people don't look like the savage barbarians the elves told us about. They look like us."
"While I do agree with you on that, you cannot deny the differences. These structures look so robust, and the roads are completely flat. The boomsticks, and the metal carts, clearly these people possess great magic and machines. I cannot imagine what would happen if the empire got its hands on them."
"Don't even say that. Let's just get these items back to-". His sentence was cut by a loud explosion that came from the other side of the structures. Bits and pieces of armor, weapons, and bodies fell on all sides. The men panicked as more explosions came from all sides.
"They have cannons!", yelled Bodin, "Scatter! Find the shooters!". After he gave his orders the soldiers ran to all sides, but they stopped shortly after noticing something in the air. Enemy wyverns? No. They looked different and were made of metal much like the carriages. Several of them filled the sky and inside were soldiers with aimed cannons who opened fire on the Rosians. The soldiers died by the hundreds and Bodin knew he was in danger.
"We have to get out of here!", yelled Iaw and hurried forward on his horse. Bodin and the others followed but they slowed down as they saw a roadblock of large and bulky metal carriages. Dozens of enemies came out of them and prepared their weapons.
"I shall clear a path for you!", said Iaw and charged at the enemy with his troops. Bodin attempted to stop him but to no avail. The enemies opened fire and Iaw was filled with holes along with his men. They didn't even get close before they were slaughtered. Paralyzed by fear, the remaining Rosian troops did the only sensible thing, they surrendered. Now they can only hope for the enemy to be merciful.
'This was supposed to be a slow day.", thought lieutenant Jefferson, 'What the hell did we get ourselves into.'
This was beyond strange. A portal opening up in Northeast park, fantasy, and medieval people coming out of it and attacking people? This wasn't what Mark signed up to fight. But he did sign up to defend the United States from any threat. This one counts.
As he rode in his helicopter he saw the other choppers literally slaughtering the 'enemy'. If you can call people with swords and bows riding on a horse a proper enemy. They were being killed in the thousands and only several hundred were left at the storage facilities.
"Lieutenant, are you ok?", asked a sergeant, "You spaced out."
"I'm fine Thomas. This is just beyond me. But I guess it's not our job to think about it.", he stood up and grabbed the rope, "We're going down!"
They lowered themselves from the helicopter and got into formation. They moved through the roads and shot every enemy that came after them. It wasn't hard, these 'knights' weren't much of a threat as long as they were out of range.
"Cavalry behind us!", yelled Thomas. The platoon got into a firing line and opened fire, cutting down the dozens of horses and 'men' riding them. As they continued forward they arrived at the JLTVs placed to block the enemy's advance.
"Lieutenant Mark Jefferson.", he said as he saluted.
"Sergeant Norman Cole. Sir, you're not gonna believe this."
"We are under attack by Lord of the rings characters in pink. Try me."
"Well, these people speak a different language, unsurprisingly. But when I introduced myself they spoke English."
This did surprise Mark. "English? Are you sure?"
"Yes. There's an accent definitely but it's unmistakable. And that guy with the cape and silver helmet? He's the leader. Prince Bodin of Alston."
After some pondering, Mark answered, "Load them up in the trucks. Separate the more important ones. I need to get in touch with the forces sent to Food lion."
"Yes, sir."
'This keeps getting weirder and weirder.', Mark thought.
Near Food lion
Zoya was not happy about this. Being forced to fight for these oppressors alongside animals. It was degrading. But she didn't have a choice. It was serve or die. Because of their animal features, lepians and feelians are sent first to scout the area and bring information. But what the others were doing was horrible.
All around she could see the feral orcs butchering people and raid homes, the swine, trolls, and ogres eating people alive, and the dwarves plundering treasures and taking weapons. It was disgusting. The forces did suffer casualties. These people were armed with weapons more powerful than even the dwarves had. The feral beast suffered the most. Even the trolls and ogress fell to being shot enough times. But eventually, they had to run away.
Plunging her dagger into a blue-clothed soldier's back, Zoya let out a tired sigh. "How much longer?", she asked herself.
"As long as it takes.", said a woman behind her.
"Bora. I thought you were killed."
"I was almost. But I lost many of my own. These weapons are deadly. If we dodge one shot ten more appear."
"What's taking you so long, rabbit?", asked the dwarven general Dalmin in a disrespectful attitude, "I thought you lepians were supposed to be expert scouts."
"Don't talk down at us, dwarf.", said Bora.
"Shut it cat! Or I'll grind you into meat and feed you to my hog.", Bora hissed at that, "Now, get going. It won't be long before Bardek arrives and I intend to have more fun.". With that he rode off, leaving Zoya and Bora.
"I'm going to kill him one day.", said Bora.
Zoya looked behind her and saw a group of children running away from a swine and a feral orc. They went inside what looked like a large market. Zoya ran after them and Bora quickly followed. They reached the mark and when they entered it they saw the women and children cowering in a corner as the swine and orc closed in. Zoya rushed at the orc and slit its throat then quickly spun around and kicked the swine, knocking it to the ground. Without wasting time she plunged her dagger into its heart. She walked over to the children and gestured for them to calm down.
"What was that?", Bora asked.
"I'm not letting let innocent people get butchered and eaten by monsters."
"But if the elves find out-"
"They won't. We can-", she stopped midway after her ears twitched. Looking out the window she saw and hear explosions. That must be this world's army. Dalmin rode on his hog to lead a charge against their metal carriages but was cut down by the enemy's weapons.
Zoya and Bora were scared. Their people were dying and soon they will follow. But just then, a little girl walked to her side and pulled her hand. "Don't worry.", she spoke in the imperial tongue, which surprised Zoya, "We'll tell them you saved us."
"This is pretty insane isn't it sir?", asked a soldier.
"It sure is Paterson.", said the sergeant, "Let's just kill everything that can't talk first and worry about the rest later."
"Rodger.". They exited the Bradley and got to work, opening fire on what looked like dwarves and orcs. The Bradley itself focused on the larger targets while the soldiers moved in. House by house and street by street they moved in. The dwarves fired their musket-like weapons but they only managed to land a few lucky shots. The new M16A5 assault rifle with 6.8mm bullets tore through their armor and shields.
An ogre started charging from the back lines, swinging his large stone on a chain. "Paterson! Fire your grenade launcher!", ordered the sergeant. Paterson fired and upon impact the grenade exploded, leaving a gaping hole in the ogre's chest and bursting its organs all around. The battle continued and the stubborn dwarves fought as well as the ugly monsters. The only ones that surrendered were the animalistic 'people'.
As the soldiers progressed they saw horrid things. People were being eaten and ripped apart by the monsters as they screamed and begged for their lives. Homes burned and vehicles crushed. This won't go unanswered. "Kill them all!", yelled the sergeant, and the soldiers happily obliged.
With rifles, grenades, and machine guns they slaughtered the monsters. Trolls and ogres were blown to pieces, orcs, and swine riddled with holes like Swiss cheese. Even the stubborn dwarves were shown little mercy. The sergeant continued with his men to Food lion where he spotted two animal-like people, one looked like a cat and the other like a bunny, with over a dozen children.
They entered and pointed their guns at them immediately, but the children stood in front of them. "Don't shoot them.", said a boy.
"What?", asked the sergeant.
"They saved us from the monsters.", said a girl pointing to the dead orc and pig.
After some delay, the sergeant spoke, "Lower your weapons.". He walked to the two women. "I am gunnery-sergeant Jeff Miller. Who are you?"
"I am Zoya and this is Bora.", answered the rabbit woman, "We are the slave auxiliary of the empire of light."
Confused, Jeff asked, "The what?"
Before she could answer, Paterson walked over to Miller, "Sir, I have a message from lieutenant Mark Jefferson. He asks about a report and if we're ready to join them in the attack on Northeast park."
Jeff looked at the two women before turning to his men, "Paterson, tell the lieutenant that we'll join them soon. Johnson, and Shane, take these two into custody. I'll question them more when I get back."
"Where are you going?", asked Bora suddenly.
Jeff turned to her slowly and answered, "We're gonna end this."
End of chapter 2
Thank you very much for reading. If you'd like to support me (for some freakin' reason) feel free to upvote, follow, and check out my Patreon: patreon.com/SimpleWrites
Sorry for the choppy chapter, I promise better work in the future.
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2023.03.25 10:38 vide2 I simulated the bear and the ball

I simulated the bear and the ball
I simulated the bear and the ball problem.
If some of those points are obvious to you, i apologize and bow to your intelligence.
First objection i made was, that the ball ain't taking the expected path. Every time the bear jumps on the ball, it is getting velocity towards earth (negative y). If we assume the ball falls without v_y,0 in the first pace and then gets some from the bear the bear gets out of sync after the first bump. (ignore, that the bear jumps so much higher, we'll get into that)

Ball with v_y,0 =0 with y_0=100
You can see, ball and bear meet at start and after 45 meters, but never again. With ball having starting speed it turns into this. Funny aspect i didn't notice until the simulation: the faster the ball starts, the less the bear has to jump (his velocity after the jump gets smaller).

Diagramm with ball having v_y,0 of -20 and y_0 = 100
Another problem is, that if y_0 is to small, the ball falls to fast for my simple simulation. if i rise y_0 the ball takes longer, so must the bear and so the bear has to get way faster again. There's for sure a formula for this, but i tried trial and error.

v_ball_0=-20 ; v_bear = 122 ; y_0 = 1000
I liked 1k because you can see the ball moving quite oddly. We will in the end see, that a correct awnser doesn't have such beautiful spikes.

same as above, ball only
Now to the interesting point. Where is a ball and a bear able to pull that one off, given that a ball is about 400 g and a bear is about 200 kg, so 500 times heavier? Somewhere impulse must be conserved since it's not stated otherwise. The relationship of masses and speeds are equal, so ball must be 500 times faster than the bear.
I tried many versions, to trial and error my way into this and managed to find one, of probably infinite solutions:
The bear is strong, starting with 5 m/s. The ball therefore has 2500 m/s. The sweet spot of height is right about 1276 meters above ground.
Even if it doesn't look like it, but changing g from 9,81 to 10 already changed height by about 25 meters. (take that engineers)
If i did any (i hope not many) mistakes, let me know. I used Moebius and these were my stats

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2023.03.25 10:38 LitBrit94 When your main character disappears from the fan's head the second they're no longer the focus, something is wrong.

Protagonists, protagonists everywhere. I'm not talking about the ones with flat character arcs or anything like that. They can be memorable too. I'm talking about the protagonists that are so bland and uninteresting that they completely poof out of the audience's head when they dip behind the proverbial curtain, be it for story or character development reasons.
The audience should anticipate their return to the action, or ponder about what they could be doing in the meantime. The audience should care about them enough to care that they're gone. But some protagonists are just so nothing that they can't do any of these things. They just give way to people and story beats that engage the audience just as well, if not better, without them and nobody would blink if the main character ever returned to the story again. Some might even be relieved.
I wonder if some stories which latch onto the protagonist and never let go are aware of this issue, and their solution is to just never relinquish focus from the protagonist for a second, regardless of how much sense it makes, or how much it drags or hurts the story. This has the side effect of making the audience resent the protagonist and actually wish for them to go.
Some previously-interesting protagonists can fall into this trap when there is simply too many other characters around them, many more interesting or entertaining, each vying for the audience's attention. This is a problem with a lot of shonen anime, where the author seems compelled to write in so many characters that eventually it becomes a free-for-all that engulfs the guy we're supposed to be rooting for.
My Hero Academia is a series that gets this criticism a lot, and for good reason. The school setting and bloat of characters, all who are, at least as far as their quirks go, intruiging, lend the story more to a slice of life series than a battle shonen. It actually makes me think of Negima, a series I never saw all the way through but whose treatment of the many students the titular character interacts with engaged me without making me lose interest in Negima himself. Each girl was given a story or a moment to make an impact for both him and the audience, in a way that, at least at the time of reading, felt natural. Even now I can recall many of the girls in my head, their stories and characters (I'm terrible with names though), and they feel real to me.
MHA, by comparison, is an ongoing series that I follow (though now out of obligation rather than genuine interest) and yet I cannot for the life of me recall or care about the majority of the cast, even as they fight for their lives at the time of writing. I care about maybe a couple beyond the base level that they are kids, but that's about it.
Izuku, who was once endearing and whose journey I was interested enough to follow, has become so bland and nothing among so much competition that the second he's off the page I forget he existed. I don't hate him, I just feel completely indifferent, which is arguably worse. Your MC should be worth loving or hating or some kind of emotion. But Izuku has long passed the point of making me care about him.
Same with Ciel Phantomhive, although that may be the result of just how much the story has dragged on. Jesus, boy, do something!
Tanjiro from Demon Slayer falls into this trap as well sometimes, at least for me, but his willingness to cut down his foes balances out his shonen nice guy traits that would otherwise make him more forgettable, like Izuku. His attachment and dedication to Nezuko is also a plus for him. The story isn't bound to him, but he doesn't slip through the cracks when he's not the focus either. He manages to assert himself.
Rin Okumura is a shonen protagonist that I love and will defend to the death. Besides Edward Elric, and Alphonse to a lesser extent, he's the only shonen main character who not only interests and entertains me but continues to be relevant and compelling in my brain when he's not around. He feels like a well-rounded human being and I care about him. I actually want to see where his story goes, whereas I just want the other stories mentioned about to just END.
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2023.03.25 10:37 leakyroofhelp Accidentally took two Vyvanse!

This is the most ADHD thing I’ve done. I woke up earlier than usual this morning so decided to get a head start on my day and took my 30mg Vyvanse. An hour later my alarm went off to take my medication, and I took another 30mg without even thinking. I realised almost immediately after I swallowed it.
I usually take a Ritalin booster at noon as my 30mg Vyvanse doesn’t last very long. I don’t usually get any bad side effects from Vyvanse and I’ve been taking it for about 6 months. Obviously I won’t take my booster today.
I have some college work to complete so at least I can keep busy. I read that drinking something acidic will cancel it out but I really can’t afford not to do this work today. Will I be ok? Just need some encouraging words really. I know it’s not an overdose as people take up to 70mg but it’s a bit worrying!
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2023.03.25 10:37 CelestialFortitude Folded Space and Other Insert Instructions - How to Draw the Diagrams?

Hi there friends, I am trying to work out the best way I can write instructions for my little laser cut insert business and cannot work out the best way to do it.
Does anyone know what kind of software companies like Folded Space use to draw their isometric diagrams on the 'how to build' instruction sheets?
submitted by CelestialFortitude to boardgames [link] [comments]