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2023.03.29 11:40 ElephantOk9785 Do i give up? or do i keep trying?

Hey so im new to this all and just dating in general.
I met someone a few months ago in august and i never thought id be the type of person to fall in love except her she literally walked in and i knew i loved her.
i found a way to talk to her somehow and it went amazing she liked me i liked her we may have gone too fast but it felt right? we felt connected. i went from talking to her casually to us saying we liked each other in the matter of not even a week, then it was bam love in 2 weeks we was in a relationship she was practically moved in i know fast but it was love? or i thought it was. my whole view of life changed, i used to go out a lot d i was a smoker and drinker previously until i had a stroke, my gf new the life i had before, i would go out practically every night but i never even talked to girls? was just to drink and have a laugh with friends, i never even hit on anyone over the 2 year period, never kissed someone i mean hell i never even spoke to a girl. and after i thought id never find anyone, well not even before ! but i did and i was literally given a second chance and there she was it felt like my second chance. She gave me a purpose in life, i never had one until now.we talked a lot about our future together and we both had the same goals or thereabouts and i found out we're expecting our first child together, we found out just after Christmas. then literally BAM it all started going wrong? i have a dog which she does not like there were discussions on if we ever did have a baby? that she'd prefer the dog not here, She did not want to move in until the dog had gone. i wasn't exactly over the moon about it because my parents passed away and it was their dog, ive had this dog for over 12 years, she was the last living thing of my mum? But i always chose our baby first, i never hesitated i never said no, i just said if that's the case id like to make sure she's in a safe place, i asked friends and family but unfortunately they could not have my i looked into places from reputable shelters so RSPCA, Dogs trust, blue cross , faith, just basically any respected shelter. She was on lists for those places i think i was in contact or on a list for around 12-17 places. She said put her on gumtree, i was hesitant i said no, i heard stories about that growing up and it didn't feel right, i heard they use animals for bait and breeding etc, and i didn't feel comfortable with it, we had arguements over it but i didn't feel right doing it so i said no. Then this lead to a problem where she said i didn't care about her or our baby, i didn't think they're a priority that i would rather chose my dog over the chance to be a family? this lead to countless arguements, and eventually it was to the point she would not come round unless the dog was not here, i used to be able to get her a way for a night now and then, but then this lead to her not coming round at all.then more problems, she told me she was not feeling affectionate , we barely kissed, held hands, cuddled anything romantic or physical, I gathered maybe the hormones? the pregnancy maybe? her body is going through something i can't understand and i wish i could, but i just said im here still for everything, just talk to me.
i had friends from work, who were females it was a very female oriented place, but they had other partners and kids, i would like a picture of them and their other half with their kids in it or speak to them say oh they look nice in a photo, but she thought i was into them? I told her ive never had any romantic feelings for anyone other than her tbh, and im not even lying i never really found myself to be in love or even like anyone tbh, i was very alone just friends. ive never once flirted, or talked to another girl unless they were a friend. I was the type of person growing up to say oh hey lovely, or alright beautiful, or hey trouble i would say this to anyone regardless, from my age to 70s i call my neighbor beautiful and she is in her 60s with more of a beard then me, i never meant it romantically or to flirt i was just being too nice i guess, maybe i shouldn't have when i was in a relationship? but it was what i was used to, and i knew and she knew i never meant it to be in a romantic or flirt way. she wasn't happy with me i told her i wouldn't do it again, and i meant it because i never wanted to be disrespectful or ever make her insecure she was my world, my eyes were on her where ever we went , we were all over each other.
this lead to her saying i think we need a break, and i pushed it i should've said look ill give you space ?but i didn't want to abandon her? I felt like a break was just another word for im leaving you and i didn't want that, i wanted to be there to help her , go through this together so she wasn't alone. I know i pushed things i did the whole routine of but do you love me ? do you still care? do you want us still? I know im an idiot i was being selfish but i was very insecure, she would not tell me anything about her she would say im not telling you my plans. My head manifested and i became very down and insecure id ask if shes okay? she wouldn't tell me? id ask if she has plans? she wouldn't say, id ask alot and get no answers, until one night she was like im out i have plans, i asked and asked who she's with and what she's up to if she's okay? and she wouldn't tell me at all then i get into my head why is'nt she saying? which lead to the "are you with another guy" i know im an idiot but with everything going on i just didn't even know what to think my self anymore, i knew she wasn't that person but it was in my head and i couldn't get it out.
the night we broke up i answered a call from someone from my old work, she was with her partner and she has kids, no romance what so ever we were actually the type to be like oh you alright dick head i hate you etc type relationship we were mean to each other as friends, she asked me how i was, how im getting on after my stroke and what im up to we had a long conversation. I told my gf at the time that i was talking to her, i hid nothing.
i woke up from a text from my gf saying how long was i speakign to her for? i showed her the call log, and she went mental saying how dare i speak to a girl the night of our breakup/break , like i was cheating on her? Like i did it to hurt her? no she was a friend, and she knew this, She hated me she didn't want anything to do with me, im a c**t im an a**hole im everything under the sun, she despised me i make her sick, she stopped talking to me.
This lead to us barely seeing each other , it stopped completely unless it was a appointment for our baby or her
she told me were no longer in a relationship and we're not trying at the moment , but who knows what the future holds. Which gave me hope? but then it still got worse from there.
i would forget things so dates, plans , i met a friend when i went to town and we went for a drink, i forgot to do something for her, she made out like that's the ultimate betrayal , like i wasn't reliable or trust worthy she couldn't trust or believe me. i changed a lot of my dogs habits when she arrived, and it was pointed out, which is true i wouldn't of changed my dog without her, it wasn't in a bad way? but because i didn't defend her saying it wasn't true that she things im unreliable i don't have her back.
she swears at me calls me such harsh words, like you're a c**t and f**k off i don't want to speak to you ever again, and im just like are you okay? is everything alright, what's the matter? I don't lash out at her, i don't swear at her i just... i care and love her too much to be an as*hole.
She didn't speak to me for a week, she told me were over completely she wants nothing to do with me and to f**k off , she just no contact, nothing, not one thing. i promised her i wouldn't drink, and i had a drink, over that period of the week because i felt the lowest i ever felt, i had given up really, i felt like nothing mattered.
she then contacted me asking if i spent money and what i spent it on , i could have lied? she wouldn't of known, but i told her the truth i said i had a drink, i brought take away's i didn't know what to do or how to function to be honest, i sort of reverted back to my old ways so to speak, she kept me level headed and made me want to better myself, then she left i felt like it didn't matter, she didn't care i felt sorry for myself. And i shouldn't have because im having a baby and i knew i was letting myself down but i was so depressed.
so i told her the truth and then she just basically said , you broke a promise, you are such an evil person you're scum you're nothing to me, she said we wasn't broken up but we was on a break ? But i told her no that's not what you were saying you said you didn't love me you didn't care about me, you hated me you this and that basically, and she was like no we was on a break.
now dude to all of this she is now telling me that im never getting a chance to be back with her, she wants nothing to do with me in a relationship never again , and no matter what i say or do it'll never change her mind. She wrote a pro and cons list and there's too many cons, ive done too much wrong and im such a bad person? She told her friends and they all agree that im bad for her, im such a nasty person and they see who i truly am??
but i don't think ive done enough to deserve all the hate and the harsh words? I spoke to some of my family and friends, and they don't think ive really done anything to deserve all this? Yes i made mistakes im not perfect no one is. But is this all deserved? do i deserve to be hated this much over this? I don't think ive left anything out but if i have ill add to it.
i think im just looking for an unbiased answer and an honest answer, if ive done wrong? ill accept that but i don't know? its all friends so they have a sort of duty to agree?
she is now only 15 weeks pregnant and i know i made mistakes, but i love her too much to let go? i can't abandon her, and i will never abandon our child, but i don't know what to do? Do i just give her time? or I just cut everything off and just be there for our child, because im lost.
she's younger than me, im m30 and she is f22, we have been together now for 7 months.
TL;DR; i feel like im being made out to be someone im not, i get abused but all i do is care and love her, and i don't think ive done anything to deserve this much hate, i don't want her to go and i don't know what i can do my heart is set on her but she feels im someone im not.
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2023.03.29 11:40 meepybeepyfuwa expired passport

HELP!! I need to renew my passport that expired, however it was issued to me as a minor and I am now 19. I became a citizen through my dad, but they never gave me a citizenship certificate only a U.S passport. I have travel plans in 2 months so I really need a new passport ASAP.
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2023.03.29 11:39 Extension-Teacher126 do i agree to casually dating my ex?

okay so me (21f) and my ex (19f) dated for about 6 months last year. we met through work and do still work together a couple of times a week. it was her first queer relationship so it was a bit slow going at the start but she is my first love and i'm her's.
we had a wonderful 6 months together until the serious stuff that she went through with her ex started coming up for her and she ended it (we're talking r*** and regular abuse which has caused her to lose a lot of self-worth). at the time i knew that wouldn't be it for us and i voiced that to her but i'd be lying if i said i didn't struggle with my mental health after the breakup. we spent a few months not talking at all (at my request) and only interacting in desperate times w no other options at work but then she went overseas for a couple months.
leading up to the trip we had been talking a little bit more (floating the idea of a FWB scenario although that never happened) and we ended up seeing each other a couple nights before she left. we just talked for hours and hours and eventually kissed a bit and that was it. i went cold turkey while she was away (which she knew i was doing) and blocked her on everything, only texting her to say happy birthday briefly. i truly was really at peace during that time and would go days without thinking about her although i did miss her.
when she got home we saw each other a couple times at work before i decided that we needed to talk about what had happened before she left (we had also exchanged i love you's over text before she got on the plane) but said that i only wanted to talk if she thought she might want to get back together, otherwise i didn't see the point and i would go back to 0 contact. she said we could talk. it took a few weeks to find a time that worked for us both and in that time we texted almost every day. we had work drinks one night and i offered to drive her cause i would be sober and we live quite close to each other - she said yes. she ended up getting pretty drunk and asked me to stay over, i said no because i was not intoxicated like her and i didn't want to do anything that would make her or i uncomfortable. she assured me that nothing would happen, so i agreed. we cuddled and slept (me less so than her) and that was it but the next day i texted her to say i needed her to choose a time to talk cause the weird in between wasn't super fun for me anymore aka waiting for her to decide what she wanted.
that leads us to last night. we drove to a lookout and talked for a couple hours about her trip and work etc. before i told her i didn't want to put it off any longer. the essential gist of the conversation was me saying that if she wasn't ready now then that was it for me and her saying she loves me and us and wants things to stay the way they are rn because she's not ready to unpack everything that needs to be worked on, in order for her to be ready for a committed long term relationship again. we agreed that we both hated the situation and didn't want it to happen and had a long and emotional goodbye that included a lot of self-hatred from her and a lot of sadness from me. when i woke up today i was a wreck. i spent the morning crying before a therapy session and then a long talk w my aunt. both of those discussions made me see that i was making a decision based on what i thought would make me happiest in the long run, not choosing the thing that was making me happy now although neither was necessarily the better choice.
in the end i messaged and told her i was worried i'd made the wrong decision and i didn't want to lose her - i was willing to give up having an official title if it meant that i still had her in some capacity. it took me a bit to convince her that i had actually thought about it and wasn't just losing my mind cause i miss her and she asked for me to take a few days to think about it before we made a decision. she wants me to be happy and for us to be on the same page, as do i. i really believe that somewhere there is a world in which we can make it work and just be happy and not worried about the future, whether that means ground rules, agreements, regular chats etc etc i'm not sure but i'm sure i don't want to lose her and I would prefer to do it difficult with her than easy with someone else. i'm terrified of regretting either choice and keenly aware that everyone around me has a different opinion. i think love should trump everything else but it's hard to know what is right.
- we have both hooked up with other people in the time that we haven't been dating but neither of us is interested in other people
- our work friends know most of what's happened between us but our relationship has always been a secret from management
- i miss her dogs lol

tldr: my ex (19f) and i (21f) are still in love but she's not ready for a relationship again, should I say yes to casually dating?
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2023.03.29 11:38 mikethecomic I have an idea! A very horrible idea but an idea none the less!

Hey, its me. Anyways on my horrible idea train, i came up with two ideas for get this...fnaf and mha combined. Ikr? Horrible, read them anyways, also the name is up for debate.
Freddy Fazbears Academia! Where Fantasy and Fun come to life! (an mha x fnaf fanfic hopefully.)

Idea 1: A tech savy character (Probably Hatsume Mei) Finds an old animatronic from a bygone era of childrens entertainment...this was incredible! She had never seen anything like this on her trips to the dump or just straight up abandoned buildings. Sure this thing wasnt on the level of any new tech but animtronic tech was left behind by most buisness's after the whole missing childrens incident. It had happened WAY before her time or the era of quirks but, she found out about it by one of those crime shows that dug up old cases. ect. ect. She brings the animtronic (which is up for debate, With Freddy and Foxy being the most likely since they're my favorites, but maybe Bonnie and Chica who knows.) back to her garage to tamper with it, eventually getting it to activate! This was so exciting but...wait a second this hunk of junk had code? It looked to be way too old for anything beyond very VERY basic code but...what the hell was a night mode doing on this thing? Or lack there of...and why was there an option to activate?

Idea 2. Hisashi Midoriya wasnt happy about this, his baby boy was going to have his 3rd birthday in just a few weeks and his boss knew that. So why out of all the days, was he scheduled to take 3 months work now? And to examine some decreppid old pizzaria? Ah what the hell...he really hated work but this next paycheck that was promised would finally get his family out of that old apartment so he had to...right? Cue a few weeks later and here he was, searching through some long ago burned remains of a pizzaria by the name of 'Freddy Fazbears'. Surprisingly the place was still standing, only with holes in the roof and A Lot of damage to everything. Though...somehow an old saferoom by the looks of it, had survived the fire mostly and most if not all of the stuff inside had as well! His boss was gonna be so thrilled, but...something felt off with the was colder then it should be considering August was only a few weeks away. And the smell, was like something had died in here and was forgotten. Anyways looking around the safe room, there were for some kind of robot, he didnt know what, and suits to go with them, actually there was already one open or at least the top of it someone or something had crawled out. There was a trail of dark red...oh boy what had he stumbled onto this time? Flashing his light around...he found whatever had crawled out...or more like had been yanked out by the looks of it. A small skeleton with a lot of bits missing....this was a little too much for him, but then looking around he found a small plush of what looked to be the suit standing next to him (This one is Freddy, no debate here.) Smiling to himself, he went to grab the plush, this would hopefully cheer Izuku up when he got home. Just then a heavy thunk was heard behind him, followed by a very powerful grasp on his body then...nothing. He had been knocked out and when he woke...he was inside the suit, someone had put him here! Panicking he tried to get out, or even move for that matter! He had to get out, to leave this place and quit his job and to see his family...but then something flooded his mind, blinding hot white pain everywhere inside and out of his body. It hurt so much and he could feel his conciousness slip...until a memory of his family flashed in his mind. He was going to see them again. He was going to get out of here. He was going to come back.
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2023.03.29 11:38 LlamaDilemma_123 [27M] Girlfriend's [26F] pet llama causing major issues, and I'm attracted to a new coworker [24F]. Help!

Hey everyone, using a throwaway account for obvious reasons. My girlfriend (26F) and I (27M) have been together for 6 years, and things were great until she got an emotional support llama a year ago. The llama, named Fluffy, is taking up all of her time and attention. Our apartment has turned into a llama haven, and our relationship is suffering. We've talked about it, but she's adamant that Fluffy is essential for her well-being and refuses to consider other alternatives.
To complicate things, I recently met an amazing coworker (24F) at my new job. She's smart, funny, and llama-free. I'm attracted to her, but I don't want to hurt my girlfriend. However, the llama situation is driving me crazy and making me question if I can continue in this relationship. It's not just the physical space Fluffy occupies; it's the emotional toll it's taking on us as a couple.
I'm torn between my loyalty to my girlfriend and my newfound connection with my coworker. I don't know if I should try to work things out with my girlfriend, perhaps suggesting couples therapy, or if I should end the relationship and explore the connection with my coworker. I understand that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, and leaving my girlfriend over a llama might seem absurd. Still, it feels like a symbol of deeper issues we've been ignoring. I'm scared of making a decision that I might regret later.
I'm looking for advice from anyone who has been in a similar situation or can offer some perspective. How do I handle this bizarre yet serious issue? Is it worth trying to work things out with my girlfriend, or should I consider the possibility that we've grown apart? Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated.
TL;DR: My girlfriend's emotional support llama is causing problems in our relationship. I've also developed feelings for a new coworker, and I'm unsure if I should try to salvage my current relationship or move on. Need advice on how to handle this unique dilemma.
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2023.03.29 11:38 _maybeitsyou Still thinking about my crappy ex

So I (23F) started dating this guy (22M) in Jul 22 and it all went super fast, we weren’t even together 6 months and I had already met his family and stayed at his home (he never met mine). I was going through a really tough period at work and he essentially didn’t support my anxiety at all and then broke up with me the next week. I always felt as though he was ahead of me in how he felt in the relationship (he asked me to be his gf, meet his family etc.) and by the time I felt like I had caught up he was done, leaving me feeling heartbroken. To me it felt as if he didn’t want to deal with any problems, we never really fought but he broke up with me saying he had been ‘out’ of the relationship for some time (only hours after initiating sex - felt a bit used). Cut to now, I find it hard not to think of him especially because he’s now on holiday with another woman, they’re friends but I need to stop thinking about whether they’re something more. It’s also hard to fully separate because we share a lot of mutual friends. Ultimately he treated me pretty bad but to everyone else he’s still the nice guy and it’s hard to deal.
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2023.03.29 11:37 zeexwifi Leaving a big company after just one month

So, I’ just finished an apprenticeship in IT support a few months back and I’m currently 20 and got a new job at a law firm as a first line engineer. Now, the issue is… it’s shift work so every two weeks I’ll know my shift for the next two weeks. It could be 8-4 9-5 10-6 Or 12-8 For the whole week . I don’t at all like the shift work especially 12-8 as I have no time to do anything in my day. And also the worst part about all this is that they do not let you work from home unless you’re I’ll your unable to get to work for some reason. Al though they give u one full week of working from home every 5 weeks. I want to leave but I’m being told that I should stay there at least 6 months so interviewers don’t ask me why I left so early. What would be your advice here? Baring in mind I live in the UK if that makes a difference and I can’t stand going into the office 5 days a week. I get way less distracted working from home too. I can’t ask my manager to let me off the hook when it comes to going in office everyday FYI
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2023.03.29 11:37 Perfect_Ad5659 Maybe a good news for 12thies?

Tl;Dr at the end:
So, Abhi I'm preparing for jee and around 4-5 days ago, padhte padhte bor ho gaya tha so i went to this random calling website and was talking to people.
5-6 logo ke bad i found this guy from Assam and when I told him ki maine 12th board diya hai, he told me that he'll be checking the cbse papers. Turns out he was a teacher so maine unko pucha ki checking wagerah ka kya scene hai (normally)
And he said ki basically teachers ko ye pata hai ki papers hard aaye the (I'm a pcm student to maine uska pucha but i guess baki ka bhi aisa hi kuch hoga) And he also told me ki he and other teachers have been instructed to give maximum marks. "Jaha 1 ban rahe hai usko 2 dene ki koshish karne ke liye bola gaya hai hame"
He also told ki no one would fail as long as they have filled the sheets.
Although he was an English teacher and just to confirm it, maine unko ek passage ka ek question pucha (cuz unseen passage lagbhag sab papers me same hota hai) and not only he identified the passage with my outline but ans bhi bata diye so i guess he was not some random unkil.
So yeah, let's hope for the best.
Tldr: I talked to a 12th English teacher on a random calling website and found out that they have been instructed to be lenient and award max possible marks.
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2023.03.29 11:37 Limeyyyyyyy Waking up around 10:30 AM regardless of time in bed

I seem to always wake up at around 10:30 everyday regardless of what time I went to bed.
A week ago I went to bed at around 04:00 and woke up 10:30 with around 6 hours sleep while last night I went to bed around 23:50 and, once again, woke up at 10:30 clocking in around 10 hours of sleep.
Naturally waking up this late is kind of a bummer, and it would be nice to shift my natural wake-up time to around 07:00.
Anyone have an explanation or any tips? Thanks!
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2023.03.29 11:36 Unorthodoxgent Canon Defector

Sold my Canon R6 about 5 months ago and I’ve been toying between Sony and Panasonic. I’ve settled on Panasonic, but my new issue is do I grab
S5, 24mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.8
S5ii and 30mm
Does the most recent firmware updates for the S5 make it a contender with the new S5ii?
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2023.03.29 11:36 Complex_Smile_184 5000mcg sublingual methylcobalamin once a week

I have been diagnosed with low b12 couple of years ago due to malabsorption of b12 in stomach.Initially I have taken injections for 6 months after which I started taking 5000mcg of methylcobalamin sublinguals once a week. Have got my b12 tested couple of times in last 3 months which shows b12 ranging between 400 and 500 pmol/L .
Should I just continue the routine of 5000 mcg once a week or make any adjustments?
I am M 34,178cm,76kg .
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2023.03.29 11:36 nymphslove 1 year and 4 months waiting for a EAD based on Initial (Approved) TPS and Renewal on going (6 months waiting).

Two e-request on pending with no answers. What can I do about this situation? Should I contact my obdusman now or talk to an USCIS agent first?
I'm desperate at this point.
Thanks for your help in advance..
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2023.03.29 11:35 devobb31 Team rating and suggestions (was only able to start playing a month ago)

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2023.03.29 11:34 No-Face_likes_cake Will I stop getting sick?!

I’m fairly new to education, started my career in September last year. I work in jr primary (5-7 year olds) and I have not had a single month, (besides the 6 week holiday period at the end of year) where I haven’t been sick. I got glandular fever late last year. Then covid. Then since then it’s felt like I’ve caught cold after cold. I wash my hands very regularly through the day, I sanitise tables, etc. I feel like I’m doing everything I can to stay healthy but it’s not working. The students are always being told to wash their hands and being taught good hygiene.
Have you found your immunity builds up over time while working with children? Does this get better?! I never got sick in my old job. I’m reaching the point where I feel like I can’t handle this anymore. The glandular fever was one of the sickest I’ve ever been. Even the slightest cold goes straight to my chest, causing bronchitis. The constant congestion is causing migraines. I feel so tired and run down. I feel a bit ridiculous crying over colds, but I’m at the point where I’m worried I won’t be able to continue in this career, and I LOVE my job!
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2023.03.29 11:34 noregrets2022 Morning, guys! We got on a property ladder!

A couple of days ago I posted our 6 months' worth struggle to get on a property ladder and got some very practical advice and lots of moral support from you, lovely people.
Just now we got a brilliant news. A month ago we viewed a flat (yes, a downgrade from a house, and only one bed BUT in St.George area and a spacious one - our favourite part of Bristol) and some investor muscled in and outbid us. Now, a month later the investor (who kept looking and wasting everybody's time) found a better option and pulled out of the sale.
The agency offered it to us and we were happy to accept for as much as we offered previously. And it'll be a cash sale. 1 bed flat with no mortgage vs 2bed small house with a mortgage - what would you chose? We made our choice and feel free and happy.
If you have any good vibes to send or any words of wisdom (goes well with smoking a joint), we'll be grateful for any good will. Have a wonderful day, y'all!
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2023.03.29 11:34 DinosaursLayEggs Can I transfer to a different hospital?

This is in the UK btw.
Basically what the title says. I moved a significant distance from my childhood home 2 years ago and thus moved GP’s, and my diabetes care was referred to a local hospital. However, the experience I’ve had with this hospital has been nothing short of awful. I haven’t been seen since May 2021, they very rarely tell me when they’ve made an appointment for me until day of which is impossible to accommodate, they send letters to an address I have never lived at which is about 200 miles away from where I live, and when I am aware of an appointment, they cancel and don’t inform me until I am actually in the clinic. Because I haven’t been seen in so long, they’ve restricted my medication (I have to collect my pods for the Omnipod Dash monthly at the hospital) despite the fact that it is not my fault I haven’t been seen. No amount of complaints have resulted in any change and in all honestly, I’m done with this hospital.
There are a few hospitals further out that have diabetes clinics and I just wanted to know if anyone knows if it’s possible to transfer my care to one of them? And if so, what the process would be? They aren’t technically in the same county as me, and this is literally a last resort for me, but after almost 2 years of arguing with this hospital, I’d really rather not deal with them again.
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2023.03.29 11:34 Important_Monk5518 Minor OB on Suppressive HELP?!?

Hi all,
I’ve had GHSV2 for around 4 years now. I started suppressive treatment with acyclovir around 6 weeks ago.
On Saturday I had sex and just wiped down with a wet towel and fell asleep then showered in morning. On Sunday I began feeling itchy on my left inner labia and left side of clitoris. Maybe not cleaning properly has led to my current predicament?
On Monday I increased acyclovir dose to 800mg 3 times a day. And I have used the same dosage today as well. I thought if it is an OB then I want to treat it at first symptoms.
On Monday evening I did see a tiny little white pimple like bump on the left inner labia but it seems to have disappeared and I can’t really see an open sore left behind. It was TINY!
I’ve not developed any typical sores that I have had in the past, I just have some itching on the inner labia, entrance of the vagina and clitoris. I also have some white discharge. I have sent a swab off to check for BV or thrush but waiting on those results.
Before suppressive I had full on outbreaks with nerve pain, blisters, sores and itching. Is this also an outbreak? Has the nature of the OB changes because I’m now on suppressive??
If this is an OB, and I’ve not had any sores, how long can I wait before viral shedding will have decreased?
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2023.03.29 11:33 Mike_Touch How bad is it in these days?

Hi, I've organised this trips like 6 months ago and seeing the weather in these days i feel a bit lost, but i think it's a matter of luck or not :(
Basically I'm going to flight tomorrow to Reykjavik, take a car (from bluecarrental) and perform a clockwise trip of the Ring Road for 10 days. On 03 theoretically I will be in Seyðisfjörður, but right now the road is closed. The same thing for the road between Hofn and Vik, and between Vik and Reykjavik.
I've seen this url: and on Saturday 01/04 seems better the situation, so I still have some hope :')

What do you think? There is some chances that the weather will changes or I need a plan B for all the south part?
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2023.03.29 11:33 thtsrnmslrdtkn Is there a name for this experience that I've had?

So this is gonna be long af, but here it goes..
A few things about me for context: I've always had a few good friends, but i'm an introvert and I love spending time alone, and especially love being in the comfort of my home. I used to love cloudy wheather, rainy days, cold. I used to find the thought of death kind of comforting, like an ultimate escape from everything (I was fairly depressed during the entirety of my teenage years).
A few years ago exintential dread hit me out of nowhere in the middle of the night. It was such a feeling of dread that was so incredibly overwhelming and UNBEARABLE. I don't really know how to explain it, I was suddenly terrified of death, and everything in life felt meaningless and artificial, and millions of thoughts were racing trough my head, and I know this sounds stupid but it felt like enlightenment, like I could finally see the bigger picture and understand everything and realised nothing in this world matters really, and I felt so small and helpless and completely inconsolable. I couldn't do anything but cry, and after hours of crying I was finally able to fall asleep with the hope that I would forget about it in the morning, but I didn't. The unbearable feeling was still there. And it stayed there. For MONTHS without stop, I was constantly on the verge of tears and the smallest things could break me down. I spent hours of crying, unable to stop, on a daily basis. I tried my hardest to not fall apart all the time. Only the closest people (my mom and my bf at the time) knew that there was something wrong because they saw me break down in tears for seemingly no reason multiple times, but I couldn't explain to them what was wrong. Nobody else noticed (I think), because as I said, I tried fucking hard to stay as put together as I could. I couldn't eat, felt sick all the time, my head, chest and stomach hurt constantly, I was nauseous, I was miserable. I couldn't stand being at home, or to be alone AT ALL, I hated silence, I hated moody wheather and I was fucking TERRIFIED of death. Basically I couldn't stand anything anymore that used to comfort me before. I constantly sought out opportunities to be out with my friends, I was never as social in my life as during this time. I couldn't enjoy anything anymore, the thoughts haunted me every second, and nothing in the world could bring me peace, or comfort me even in the slightest, it was so fucking horrible. This whole thing went on full blast for at least 3 months and then the nausea and the crying fits slowly started to disappear, but the thoughts and the overwhelming feeling of dread stayed with me for more than a year before it finally started to fade away. Thankfully it was all gone eventually and everything went back to normal, but I have anxiety (for wich I'm on medication now), and seasonal depression, these are things I haven't had before this experience.
My question is, is there a name for this thing? A term that's used in psychology? I'm looking for answers because i'd like to look deeper into it and read about it.
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2023.03.29 11:33 nymphslove 1 year and 4 months waiting for a EAD based on Initial (Approved) TPS and Renewal on going (6 months waiting).

Two e-request on pending with no answers. What can I do about this situation? Should I contact my obdusman now or talk to an USCIS agent first?
I'm desperate at this point.
Thanks for your help in advance..
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2023.03.29 11:33 Infinite_Scallion_31 Finally reached 1000! :D

Finally reached 1000! :D
After 6 months , I finally reached 1000
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2023.03.29 11:33 af_ocean Living in the UK on a work visa is soul destroying

I started a job six months ago for a large company that sponsored my work visa. The application process took three months, during which I couldn’t make money or leave the country to visit family/friends and nearly missed Christmas. Unfortunately, my manager left the company and I got a new one one month in. She bullied and micromanaged me, so I decided to quit my job after 4 months. After that, I still couldn’t leave to be with family because I was worried about my visa being curtailed and not being allowed to renter. It took me two months to find a new job, which is relatively quick. But I basically had to hide the fact that I needed a visa until getting a job offer because I kept getting discriminated against by recruiters. I started putting on a faux British accent in interview just to not get asked about my visa, which is actually ridiculous. It worked.
Now I’m going through the sponsorship process again with a new company, which is also taking a long time. I still can’t work, can’t leave the country and have depleted most of my savings. It’s been three months now of doing nothing and trying to survive while waiting for the new visa to come through as I am not allowed to do any other job. I am worried that I will have to go through this process at least one more time. I have four more years till ILR. I really want to get the exceptional talent visa so that I can live here in more security, but that seems difficult. I am single, so any relationship visa is not an option.
Is there any other way to get out of this cycle of insecurity and misery while having career mobility or do I just have to hope and pray I can get through four more years without any layoffs/toxic workplaces? How do you all deal with this?
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