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2023.03.29 11:56 a_bsm_lagrangian Как бихте подобрили здравето на Българина?

Редовно дискутираме как изчезваме, как не се раждат деца и тн. Ама някъде там заравяме дискусията за ситуацията в момента относно здравето на Българина и как бихме я подобрили.
Вземам инфо от този източник:
Почти половината от всички смъртни случаи в България се дължат на поведенчески рискови фактори, включително на тютюнопушене, нездравословно хранене, употребата на алкохол и ниска физическа активност.
Имаме много лошо здравно поведение. Вижда се и във възрастни хора и при млади хора.
Вие как бихте накарали хората да консумират по-малко цигари и алкохол, да спортуват повече и да спрат да ядат вредни храни?
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2023.03.29 11:46 misssnowfox Help with financial evidence for fiancé visa - self employed sole trader

I am hoping someone in here can help me because I trust my immigration advisor less and less over time.
Basically me and my fiancé are shortly applying for a fiancé visa (I am the UK citizen, she is American). We are basically sitting around waiting for the financial year to be over as I need to submit my tax return for the financial year 2022-2023 as a part of my financial requirements part of the application. I am a sole trader. I can’t do this until the financial year ends on the 5th but in the meantime I can compile my evidence.
Here are some concerns I have (all pasted sections come from my advisors written advice)
Bank statements:
I know I need to provide these as a self employed person. This is what I apparently need to show:
BANK STATEMENTS Bank statements must:
  1. cover the period(s) specified and be: (1) on official bank stationery; or (2) electronic bank statements which are either accompanied by a letter from the bank on its headed stationery confirming that the documents are authentic or which bear the official stamp of the issuing bank on every page.
  2. a letter must be on the headed stationery of the bank, building society or other financial institution and must clearly show: (i) the account number, (ii) the date of the letter; (iii) the financial institution’s name and logo; and (iv) the information required on transactions, funds held and time period(s) or as otherwise specified in this Appendix in relation to bank statements.
I am just a little confused by the difference between the two types of bank statements. Firstly, almost all bank statements these days are PDF, so I am unsure of the difference between a “real” bank statement and a PDF one. Surely they are the same thing? I stopped receiving paper statements years ago. Even for my tax return I simply click on the “print current view” option and send him that electronically. I’m unsure what home office wants from this.
Regarding the stamp, is this a process that I can have done by simply walking into my bank branch and handing someone a stack of papers? Or do I have to book an appointment in advance with some special stamping person?
Letter from the bank?
Also regarding the letter from the bank - the way this is worded it makes it sound as though I need bank statements AND a letter from the bank. Or do I only need a letter from the bank if I don’t have “”””original””” bank statements? Will they know what they have to write in this letter? Or do I have to tell when what to say?
Other evidence:
  1. Evidence of the amount of tax payable, paid and unpaid for the last full financial year. - what evidence is this? Surely this information will be on my tax return? What other document could I provide if not my tax return?
2. (b) The following documents for the last full financial year, … (where those documents show the necessary level of gross profit as an average of those two years):
  1. (i) annual self-assessment tax return to HMRC (a copy or print-out); and
  2. (ii) Statement of Account (SA300 or SA302). - what is this exactly?
  3. (c) Proof of registration with HMRC as self-employed if available. - the only proof I have of this is a letter I received last here from HMRC but I’m not confident I even have it anymore. The only reason it said to keep the letter was to have access to my tax reference number but I can easily access that online so the letter is not useful to me beside that. My advisor did say that not having this confirmation letter on hand is not uncommon and that it shouldn’t hurt me if I can’t provide it.
  4. (d) Your Unique Tax Reference Number (UTR) and/or the UTR of the partnership or business. - this is clearly displayed on my HMRC home page when I log in to my area. Is there any way I can screenshot this page as proof of my UTR and therefore my registration with HMRC? If not then what other evidence can I provide for this tax number?
Ongoing employment:
. (g) Evidence of ongoing self-employment through the provision of at least one of the following: a bank statement dated no more than three months earlier than the date of application showing transactions relating to ongoing trading, or evidence dated no more than three months earlier than the date of application of the renewal of a licence to trade or of ongoing payment of business rates, business-related insurance premiums, employer National Insurance contributions or franchise payments to the parent company.
I am a freelance video editor who is on a month to month contract with each of my clients. Can I use my contracts as proof of ongoing employment? What about the bank statement showing transactions relating to trading? I don’t trade with anyone and I do not have employees. Seeing as I already have to provide bank statements to prove my income, I’m not sure what other bank statements they would want to show my ongoing employment?
Thank you in advance to any lovely people who may answer my questions!
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2023.03.29 11:41 Key_Information_7222 Loiter Squad Lost Media, I remember them showing the promo and the clip was never found or shown again. Has anyone seen or know where the clip is? Jasper had me crying when I saw it 💀💀💀

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2023.03.29 11:01 seasidenumtot Sussex GIC pushed back again - to September 2023

Title says it all, really.
Papers (page 120) for today's Sussex Partnership Board of Directors meeting confirm that the commencement date for the Sussex GIC pilot has been pushed back from an "aspirational" 1st May to 1st September.
So we've gone from:
That commencement date is "confirmed" now though, so that's something?
For more background, especially on the excellent FOI, see u/X_Xenith's posts here;
And as ever, if you're registered with a Sussex GP, please please please make sure that those details are correct with your GIC, so when this place eventually opens, you can access it
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2023.03.29 10:59 philosophiesde Zoomposium mit Prof. Dr. med. Cornelius Borck: "Eine Bilder-Geschichte des Bewusstseins"

#Zoomposium mit Prof. Dr. med. #Cornelius #Borck: "Eine Bilder-Geschichte des #Bewusstseins"
Für unsere Reihe der Zoomposium-Interviews zu den spannenden Ergebnisse aus Wissenschaft und Forschung konnten wir einen weiteren, sehr interessanten Gesprächspartner Herrn Prof. Dr. med. Cornelius Borck zu einem Interview bewegen. Der bekannte deutsche Wissenschaftshistoriker und Medizinphilosoph, der am Institut für Medizingeschichte und Wissenschaftsforschung der Universität zu Lübeck forscht und lehrt, hat sich bereit erklärt unsere Fragen bezüglich der "Bilder-Geschichte des Bewusstseins" einmal genauer zu erläutern.
Auf Herrn Professor Borck war ich aufgrund meiner Internetrecherchen zum Thema "Neurozentrismus" aufmerksam geworden, da ein besonderer Schwerpunkt seiner Forschungsarbeiten auf der Hirnforschung zwischen Medientechnik und Neurophilosophie, den Medizinischen Visualisierungsstrategien und allgemein der Zeitgeschichte der Medizin liegt.
Der große Aufstieg und Erfolg der bildgebenden Verfahren (CT, MRT, PET, fRMT)in den kognitiven Neurowissenschaften seit Beginn der 70er Jahre führte zu einer wahren "Bilderflut" an Informationen über den Aufbau und die Funktionsweise des Gehirns. Die große Resonanz, die das "Functional Neuroimaging" als neues Paradigma der Visualisierung erzeugt hatte, hat sich auch auf andere Wissenschaftsbereiche bis hin zur Soziologie in Form des "Social Neuroscience" (s. Vul, Harris, Winkielman and Pashler: «Voodoo correlations in social neuroscience», 2008) ausgeweitet.
Diese große "Macht der Bilder" und der damit einhergehende Wandel im wissenschaftlichen Diskurs waren für uns einmal Grund genug, diesem wissenschaftshistorischen Phänomen in einem Gespräch mit Herrn Professor Borck mal auf den Grund zu gehen. Deshalb hier schon einmal der Fragenkatalog zu dem dazugehörigen Interview.
Mehr auf:
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2023.03.29 10:38 u_genericuser Can someone pls explain the following?

Can someone help explain where the rule in the video is documented? I went through the NFL 2022 rulebook but couldn't find it here: Also please explain that rule.
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2023.03.29 10:24 Playful-Ad6177 Book for gate cse(old questions solutions since start of gate cse).

These are my options:
Which one should I buy? Or are they available for free in pdf format?
I saw gate overflow old questions sheet but wasn't impressed by the quality of it. so asking here.
Where can I get made easy old papers for free pdf?
educational_info: btech cse grad.
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2023.03.29 09:57 francisswim World Aquatics reveals Swimming World Cup 2023 calendar READ MORE #francisswim

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2023.03.29 09:14 vectormapper Plymouth Area UK Map Vector City Plan High Detailed Street Map editable Adobe Illustrator in layers

Plymouth Area UK Map Vector City Plan High Detailed Street Map editable Adobe Illustrator in layers submitted by vectormapper to CityMapDesign [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 09:14 vectormapper Plymouth Area UK Map Vector City Plan High Detailed Street Map editable Adobe Illustrator in layers

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2023.03.29 09:05 profloors Why Choose Acacia Color Theme For Your Kitchen?

Why Choose Acacia Color Theme For Your Kitchen?
Acacia is a warm, earthy color that can add a cozy and inviting feel to a kitchen. Here are some reasons why someone might choose an acacia color theme for their kitchen:
  1. Natural and Timeless Look: Acacia is a natural wood color that can give your kitchen a timeless look that will never go out of style. It is a versatile color that can work well with both traditional and modern kitchen designs.
  2. Complements other Colors: Acacia can complement other colors in your kitchen such as white, black, and gray. It can also be paired with other natural materials such as stone, marble, or granite.
  3. Warms up the Space: Acacia is a warm color that can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen. It can make the space feel more welcoming and comfortable for family and guests.
  4. Adds Texture and Depth: Acacia can add texture and depth to your kitchen by highlighting the natural grain of the wood. This can make your kitchen feel more interesting and visually appealing.
  5. Durable and Easy to Maintain: Acacia is a durable and easy-to-maintain material that can withstand everyday wear and tear. It is resistant to scratches and dents, and it can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
Overall, an acacia color theme can be a great choice for a kitchen because it is a natural, timeless, and versatile color that can add warmth, texture, and depth to the space while being easy to maintain.
If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen with an acacia theme in Naples and Marco Island, Florida, ProFloors & Cabinets has a wide selection of acacia flooring, cabinets, and countertops. Visit us at 2033 Trade Center Way, Naples, FL 34109, United States or contact us online to talk to our sales representative.

Acacia Flooring In Naples, FL

1. Tesoro – Luxwood Luxury Engineered Planks – Acacia Sunrise
Tesoro's Luxwood LVP is waterproof, with a 100% recycled limestone core and 100% virgin PVC for epic durability! Each plank has a four-sided bevel for a more realistic wood appearance. These planks have an EVA sound barrier pad attached and use Unilin® Click technology for easy installation. They are available in a wide range of colors. These can be put in any room of the house!
  • Size: 7.25 in. W x 48 in. L x 6.5 mm thick
  • Anti-Microbial surface protection
  • Floating floor or glue down floor with 1.5 mm EVA pad attached
  • Stone core composite
  • 20 mil wear layer
  • Finish: 2 layered Ceramic Bead, Aluminum Oxide Finish
  • Floorscore® Certified​ and Formaldehyde Free
  • 24.14 square feet per carton
  • Luxwood Installation Instructions
  • Luxwood Warranty
  • Luxwood Care & Maintenance

2. Alice Springs Acacia Luxury Vinyl Flooring COREtec
The patented COREtec Core Technology in our most affordable collection has significantly redefined luxury vinyl flooring by providing a simpler and more durable alternative to glue down LVT, solid locking LVT, or laminate flooring.
  • Sku: VV022-00801
  • Plank Dimensions: 6″ x 48″ x 6.3 mm
  • Sq. Ft./Carton: 31.73
  • Installation Method: Float,Direct Glue
  • Edge Profile: Micro Bevel
  • Core: Waterproof Foamed Core (WPC)
  • Attached Underlayment: N/A
  • Installation Level: Above, On, Below
  • Residential Warranty: Limited 25 Years
  • Structure Warranty: Limited 5 Year Light Commercial
  • Waterproof Warranty: Limited 5 Year Light Commercial
  • Petproof Warranty: Limited 5 Year Light Commercial
  • Commercial Warranty: Limited 5 Year Light Commercial
  • Environmental Certifications: GreenGuard (Certification, Gold, Private Label) Certified

3. Acacia Engineered Hardwood Allwood
Indicatively Unique & Exotic. The distinct, natural grain pattern of exotic Acacia adds depth and light to any room.
  • Width: 4-3/4” (120mm)
  • RL-Length: 48” (1220mm)
  • Thickness: 9/16” (14mm)
  • Wear(Face) Layer: 5/64” (2mm)
  • Species: Acacia
  • Structure: Engineered Multi-Ply Eucalyptus, End Matched
  • Grade: Character
  • Surface Texture: Hand-Distressed
  • Edge: Pillowed
  • Coating: UV Cured Polyurethane
  • Surface Type: Closed Pores
  • Gloss: ±5 Satin Finish
  • Adhesive: CARB Phase 2 Compliant

4. Afton Hickory Luxury Vinyl Flooring COREtec
With the engineered resilience of COREtec, you can enjoy the natural grown beauty of hardwoods. The hand-formed mineral core protects your floor from moisture, which would otherwise damage it. However, once installed, all that is visible are genuine, natural hardwood patterns. That is the joy and peace of mind that comes with a floor that combines natural beauty with engineered toughness. Nature created it, and COREtec perfected it.


  • DIMENSIONS: 72″ x 7″
  • STYLE: Wood

5. American Walnut Engineered Hardwood Allwood
American black walnut is considered by many to be the domestic exotic. Warm chocolate tones are entwined with light sapwood to create a mysterious and welcoming floor.
  • Width: 5” (127mm)
  • RL-Length: 48” (1220mm)
  • Thickness: 9/16” (14mm)
  • Wear(Face) Layer: 3/16” (3mm)
  • Species: American Walnut
  • Structure: Engineered Multi-Ply Eucalyptus, End Matched
  • Grade: Character
  • Surface Texture: Smooth
  • Edge: Micro-Bevel
  • Coating: UV Cured Polyurethane
  • Surface Type: Closed Pores
  • Gloss: ±5 Satin Finish
  • Adhesive: CARB Phase 2 Compliant

6. Appalachian Pine Luxury Vinyl Flooring COREtec
The big and the beautiful. This collection features 18 beautifully detailed styles with an embossed grain pattern, and an enhanced painted bevel for the look, feel and detail of real hardwood floors.
  • Sku: VV035-00913
  • Plank Dimensions: 9″ x 72″ x 8 mm
  • Sq. Ft./Carton: 26.95
  • Installation Method: Floating, Direct Glue
  • Edge Profile: Enhanced Painted Bevel
  • Core: Waterproof Foamed Core
  • Attached Underlayment: Attached Cork
  • Installation Level: Above, On, Below
  • Residential Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Structure Warranty: Limited 10 Year Medium Commercial
  • Waterproof Warranty: Limited 10 Year Medium Commercial
  • Petproof Warranty: Limited 10 Year Medium Commercial
  • Commercial Warranty: Limited 10 Year Medium Commercial
  • Environmental Certifications: GreenGuard (Certification, Gold, Private Label) Certified

7. Asher Oak Luxury Vinyl Flooring COREtec
Enjoy the natural grown beauty of hardwoods with the engineered resilience of COREtec. The hand-formed mineral core gives you protection against exposure to moisture that will damage any other wood floor. Yet, once it's installed, all you see are real, natural hardwood patterns. That's the joy and peace of mind of a floor with natural beauty and engineered toughness. Designed by Nature, Perfected by COREtec.
  • COLOR RANGE: Medium
  • DIMENSIONS: 72″ x 7″
  • STYLE: Wood

8. Barnwood Rustic Pine Luxury Vinyl Flooring COREtec
This collection achieves High Definition status by combining Embossed In Register (E.I.R.) technology with an enhanced painted bevel to create a realistic visual unlike any other LVP or WPC floor on the market today.
  • Sku: VV031-00645
  • Plank Dimensions: 7″ x 72″ x 8.5 mm
  • Sq. Ft./Carton: 21.27
  • Installation Method: Floating, Direct Glue
  • Edge Profile: Enhanced Painted Bevel
  • Core: Waterproof Foamed Core
  • Attached Underlayment: Attached Cork
  • Installation Level: Above, On, Below
  • Residential Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Structure Warranty: Limited 10 Year Medium Commercial
  • Waterproof Warranty: Limited 10 Year Medium Commercial
  • Petproof Warranty: Limited 10 Year Medium Commercial
  • Commercial Warranty: Limited 10 Year Medium Commercial
  • Environmental Certifications: GreenGuard (Certification, Gold, Private Label) Certified

Acacia Wood Kitchen Cabinet In Naples, FL

1. Metro Fabuwood
The Metro series is a straightforward cabinet with useful overlay drawers that is both cost-effective and plainly stylish for your classic kitchen. With its beautiful and shrewd design, the Metro cabinet is a great option for multi-unit applications.
Specification: DOOR
  • Traditional overlay with mortise & tenon construction
  • Recessed panel captured into solid birch rails
  • 5-piece recessed panel drawer fronts
  • ⅝” solid birch drawer box
  • Tandem plus Blumotion 7/8 concealed drawer runners
  • ½” select plywood construction
  • ⅝” select plywood adjustable shelves edge-banded in wood veneer natural finish

2. Fusion
Our stained Kona finish, which is a lovely shade of walnut brown, highlights the distinctive wood grain of each cabinet. The Luna series stands out thanks to its sleek finishes, which give it a polished appearance with a modern twist. The collection presents a stunning, timeless minimalistic masterpiece.
  • Full overlay door with mortise and tenon construction
  • Solid wood door frames with ⅝” MDF center panel
  • All Allure door styles come standard with Blum Compact Clip Concealed Hinges and feature Quick-Release Technology with Blumotion Soft-close. Hinges are six-way adjustable and open at 110°. Please note: Lazy Susan, Easy Reach, and Pie Cut cabinets do not feature the soft-close mechanism.
  • 5-piece recessed panel drawer fronts
  • ⅝” solid wood drawer box with dovetail construction
  • Tandem plus Blumotion full extension concealed drawer runners
  • Dovetail construction
  • ½” select solid wood construction
  • ¾” adjustable shelves edge-banded in wood veneer natural finish
The base cabinet has 18” deep shelves

3. Adriatic UltraCraft
Adriatic cabinet doors are part of UltraCraft's Thermofoil cabinet door collection. Thermofoil doors provide a flawless finish with a clean, smooth surface and superior stability while being low-maintenance due to moisture, chip, and stain resistant finishes. They are made by the heat-and-vacuum application of a rigid vinyl to a door form made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Our Adriatic door style is available in all Thermofoil finishes and has a matching drawer front.

4. Acrilux Ultracraft
3/4″-thick, slab door and drawer front. The door is edge banded in translucent PVC with an aluminum backer. UltraLux finishes (with the exception of the Linear options) are scratch-resistant.

Kitchen Countertops Shade Of Acacia Color Theme

1. Berkeley™
Berkeley takes its name from a southern English town, and its inspiration from the river that runs through it. Hints of copper and a smattering of bronze swim among a riverbed of sandy tones, creating a pleasing combination of movement and inertia.

2. Hampshire™
Warm and welcoming, Hampshire features a smooth caramel base with shades of mid-tone brown, white swirling veins, and a delicate dusting of gold shimmer.

3. Hamilton™
Murky and mysterious, with glimmers of light. Hamilton, named after the once-medieval village in England's East Midlands, replicates the region's ancient Roman pavements and baths.

4. New Quay™
The rolling movement of New Quay abounds with foggy grays bespeckled with silver and black, much like the quaint dwellings that reside on the slopes above the Welsh seaside resort town of the same name.

5. Canteburry™
Canterbury is a regal design with a refreshingly modern feel, with rich, warm tones of wood, leather, and stone befitting an ancient abbey or country manor in Kent's southeast county.

6. Lanseshaw™
Laneshaw's mysterious sea of brown tones, tan, and black, named after a centuries-old village in northwest England, is a grand statement maker. Subtle white and a veil of gold shimmer add an unexpected touch of glitz.

7. Lincolnshire™
Rustic, yet captivating and refined, the earthen hues of tan, taupe, moss and peat pay a fitting tribute to the bucolic farmlands of Lincolnshire County in northeast England.

6. Lanseshaw™
Copper flecks dust the surface of Bradshaw like the stained glass that graced a 16th century church famous in this part of England. A whirling fusion of taupe, tan, black and shimmering copper elevate this captivating neutral to standout status.
Simplify your white theme kitchen remodeling project with ProFloors & Cabinets' one-stop shop service. From conceptualization to completion, our team of experts will guide you through the entire design and selection process. You will work directly with a personal project manager throughout the entire job to simplify the process. ProFloors & Cabinets is more than just a specialty flooring and cabinet store. In business in Naples since 1998, we are the experts prepared and equipped to help our clients discover the perfect floors, countertops and cabinets to exceed their expectations.
Visit our expansive 6,000 square foot showroom in Naples, FL to shop our wide selection of floors and cabinets.
Call ProFloors & Cabinets at (239) 310-2711 or connect with us online to talk to our sales representative.
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2023.03.29 08:21 ArmyofSpies Cardano Rumor Rundown March 29, 2023

Hey Everyone!
Let’s go….
Newly Covered Today:
  1. Charles dropped a video on the Cooper & Kirk memo on Chokepoint 2.0.
  2. Here’s the Cooper & Kirk memo itself.
  3. The Cardano NFT community is embracing CIP-68 and updatable/evolutionary NFTs.
  4. Charles responded to the MKBHD tweet that branded crypto as “dumber and dumber every day”.
  5. IOG dropped a video of the March Hydra technical meeting.
  6. CFTC Chairman says Binance was a clear case of evasion of US Law.
  7. Report: Japan is creeping up on a CBDC issuance with a pilot program in April and statements from the Bank of Japan that they need to be ready to issue if the government makes the decision to launch..
  8. Allegations of insider frontrunning at Binance.
Previously covered, but still interesting:
  1. Do you like Javascript and Cardano? This thread is for you.
  2. It’s going down today! Hearing in the House on the Coordinated Attack on Crypto.
  3. Paul Krugman hilariously complains about being locked out of his Venmo account. He predicted the impact of the internet would be about as much as the fax machine and has subsequently opposed crypto.
  4. Even Jerome Powell thinks we need regulatory clarity for crypto.
  5. In the House hearing, he also gave us some new tidbits on CBDC development.
  6. A member of the House committee actually asked Powell about Operation Chokepoint 2.0.
  7. Senator Lummis got Powell to agree that properly regulated stablecoins could have a place in our banking system and that a workable legal framework for crypto is something Congress should do.
  8. Big Pey is launching something called Atrium Lab.
  9. Believe it or not…legal systems made up entirely by coders may not be optimal. Incredibly, the study of law is actually a fully developed centuries old academic discipline that lies outside of JavaScript and Python. Unless you have full anonymity, you WILL be cross-chain bridged to IRL law. Some DAOs will learn this the hard way.
  10. The NY Attorney General just filed against Kucoin for being an unregistered broker-dealer. Here’s the important part: they’re alleging that ETH is a security and a commodity. Their argument is not’s very straightforward.
  11. Silvergate was a failure of fractional reserve banking, not of crypto.
  12. The current US Administration’s Budget seeks to eliminate tax loss harvesting for crypto, add a 30% tax on energy used in crypto mining, hike capital gains taxes on high earners, and beam us directly to clown world with an unrealized gains tax on high earners.
  13. The subcommittee hearing on “the Administration’s Attack” on crypto went about like expected. Paul Grewal of Coinbase along with Prof. Evans of Penn State Law made some persuasive pleas for regulatory clarity. The “Anti-Crypto Party”™ also brought out their favorite witness from Duke.
  14. Rep. Emmer (Pro-Crypto) called the current regulatory approach “lazy & destructive…that is chilling innovation.”
  15. Rep. Foster (Cryptophobe): “this is the essential thing that has to be provided for the healthy development of the crypto industry…somewhere there has to be an API provided by a trusted 3rd party to register your crypto wallets.” Why not just completely neuter crypto?
  16. Rep. Ritchie Torres (Pro-Crypto) pointed out offshore deregulated overleveraged centralized crypto companies pose the greatest risk to consumers. But, the regulators don’t focus there. They incredibly only attack the onshore entities. He also pointed out the absurdity of the idea a stablecoin is a security. (Sadly there’s the Section 2(a)(1) exposure).
  17. Rep. Davidson (Pro-Crypto) shamed his anti-crypto colleagues for their implied claims that these assets are the same as centralized assets and came out strongly supporting self-custody and pointed out there was no FTX risk if you self-custodied your assets. “We have people overtly trying to make self-custody illegal.”
  18. CMC is tweeting about IOG’s Sidechain toolkit?
  19. Now we’re dealing with U.S. bank runs. Among the casualties was Silicon Valley Bank where Centre (the Circle/Coinbase joint entity that issues USDC) was keeping $3.3 billion of the $43ish billion backing USDC. Signature Bank was also shut down by regulators.
  20. Unfortunately, the FDIC insurance limit is $250k.
  21. The Feds were taking bids for anyone to acquire SVB until 2pm Eastern on Sunday. The big question on Sunday was whether the Feds will cover all uninsured depositors. They decided they will and that also applies to Signature Bank.
  22. Here’s the joint statement from Treasury, Federal Reserve, and FDIC.
  23. Yellen said NO to a bailout for SVB on Sunday. She’s obviously got bigger macro concerns. But, it’s funny how that fits perfectly with a strategy of suppressing stablecoins generally.
  24. Here Caitlin Long explains the fundamental incompatibility between fast settling crypto and fractional reserve banking that caused all this.
  25. CZ reminds us that he’s considered buying banks in the past and asks if it’s time yet.
  26. CIP-1694 has been updated.
  27. Here’s a good rundown of all the changes in the CIP-1694 update.
  28. Apparently, Cardano NFTs will be going to space!
  29. Many in the crypto space think that Signature’s shutdown was just an extension of Operation Chokepoint 2.0 aimed at shuttering crypto banking.
  30. Rumors: regulators are calling every bank today and asking if they have exposure to crypto.
  31. Instagram is disabling NFTs.
  32. Cardano TVL is doing things.
  33. Cardano NFTs in space!
  34. GPT4 was released today. It crushes the Bar Exam, the SAT, the GRE, the LSAT, and almost all AP subjects. This will displace a lot of human jobs.
  35. It has already done amazing real world things. In Example #6 it shows you how to exploit an arbitrary ETH contract. Better pay attention crypto.
  36. Report: Gov. Newsom failed to disclose accounts at SVB while lobbying White House and Treasury for a bailout of depositors.
  37. Things are not looking good at Credit Suisse.
  38. The court in the Voyager decision had some pretty harsh things to say about the SEC.
  39. Barney Frank points out that the regulators never claimed Signature Bank was insolvent and wonders if they are the first US bank to ever be closed down without being insolvent.
  40. Charles dropped a video addressing the updates to the governance proposal.
  41. Gensler reasserts his claims that proof-of-stake tokens are securities.
  42. Dudes are already letting GPT4 run whole startups.
  43. Here’s an interesting theory: taking down Binance would create too big a hole, so they took down Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature to insulate the fiat world from crypto. Now they can take down Binance.
  44. The Army of Spies Channel is now TWO YEARS OLD (March 17)!
  45. Yes! Everyone’s favorite Cardano cetacean is back!
  46. I was asked to list a few Irish whiskeys today.
  47. An interesting exchange between a Senator and Janet Yellen regarding the effect of the bailouts on small banks.
  48. Eleven other banks swoop in with $30 billion to save First Republic.
  49. Wut?
  50. Here’s Raoul Pal with a very optimistic take for crypto if you are one who believes anyone understands the markets.
  51. Any buyer of signature bank must agree to give up its crypto business.
  52. Here’s Duncan Coutts explaining P2P in Cardano.
  53. Here’s a visual representation of how CIP-1694 works.
  54. This is one of the craziest things I’ve seen in crypto. Balaji is burning a few million to ring the fire alarm and make everyone aware of what he believes is an impending attack on dollar holders. Counterparty is guaranteed $1million (minus BTC price) if he just buys one additional BTC (or an option to purchase more).
  55. Here’s the Space where he explains his bet.
  56. Arthur Hayes gives you an incredible explanation of what’s going on with this banking crisis and what he thinks comes next.
  57. This is officially the worst regulatory approach ever.
  58. The SEC hide the ball game seems to conflict with how judges actually view the law.
  59. The Fed Quietly opened the swap lines with other central banks on Sunday night.
  60. Here’s why they are opening the swap lines: so that US treasuries don’t get dumped on the open market by foreign banks. This way the foreign central banks can have dollars to absorb the treasuries from the foreign banks.
  61. Charles dropped a video on Markets and Contagion in which he revealed that Credit Suisse wouldn’t allow an account when he was with Ethereum b/c crypto was “too risky.” Bwahahahaha.
  62. Apparently, Djed will also be on ETH and BSC?
  63. Super ironic that the Credit Suisse CEO claimed crypto was in a bubble at $7k BTC. How the tables have turned.
  64. Personalization is coming to ADA Handles.
  65. Four million Cardano wallets. Nice milestone to cross!
  66. More aerostat activity out of World Mobile. This time in New Hampshire.
  67. You gotta admit. Balaji is genius at inventing new tag lines. First it was “We are all bitcoin maximalists now.” Today it’s “Fed around and find out.”
  68. Apparently, Sushi Swap DAO and its “Head Chef” just got served with an SEC subpoena and they’re asking the community for a $3 million defense fund (with potential for more).
  69. The crypto twitter meme response to the Sushi SEC subpoena was fast and brutal.
  70. People are now suggesting that no member of the Sushi Swap DAO should be in the US.
  71. Very interesting rumors that projects are sitting on 2-300 SEC subpoenas and dozens of Wells Notices.
  72. The IRS is asking for comments on NFTs as “collectibles” (apparently matters for long term capital gains and elsewhere).
  73. Sebastian Nagel reports they have a Hydra head open on Cardano Mainnet.
  74. Coinbase just revealed receipt of a Wells Notice. This means the SEC has concluded their investigation and they are (theoretically) inviting Coinbase to convince them otherwise before they file an enforcement action. Basically, the SEC has launched its full war against crypto.
  75. Here’s the actual notice.
  76. Brian Armstrong says the Wells Notice is focused on staking and asset listings.
  77. Kraken is also not having a great day. Operation Chokepoint 2.0!
  78. Report: The SEC is suing Justin Sun over TRX wash trading. Jake Paul and other celebrities are also being drug into the suit.
  79. Here’s the SEC vs. Justin Sun complaint.
  80. The Fed chose to hike a quarter of a percent and softened guidance on future hikes. Here’s the redline.
  81. IOG dropped a recap of the CIP-1694 workshop.
  82. Emurgo signed an MOU with Pan-Atlantic University in Nigeria to support blockchain education and research.
  83. The US is trying to kill crypto. Hong Kong is investing millions in building a crypto hub.
  84. Report: Montenegro caught and arrested Do Kwon!
  85. Here’s Caitlin Long on the Banking Crisis. She is absolutely the most knowledgeable person on banking in crypto. If there is anyone I would trust on banking matters, it would be her.
  86. Here’s the wilder, more extreme take from Balaji. Interestingly, he and Caitlin disagree about how many big prints are left and they both say the position of the other could be right.
  87. Wow. Did Cointelegraph really try to claim we have no self-custody in Cardano staking?
  88. Coinbase is updating its staking services (including those related to ADA) and says it will “acts only as a service provider connecting you, the validators, and the protocol.”
  89. This is being interpreted by some as a move toward on-chain only staking that may positively impact the decentralization of validation in blockchains like Cardano. But, we’ll see what validators they aim their delegation at.
  90. People are divided on whether GPT4 will swallow everything and if any skill matters right now other than prompt engineering. But, it looks like Cardano smart contract development is definitely on the radar for that conversation.
  91. The disparity in daily users between the fledgling defi projects in Cardano and the largest most established defi projects in crypto is shocking to some.
  92. The CFTC has filed an enforcement action against Binance, CZ, and Samuel Lim (CCO of Binance).
  93. People are very curious about how the CFTC knew what Signal text chains were on CZ’s phone.
  94. Some are already implying that the CFTC alleging a coin is a commodity in an enforcement action may be a long term blessing in disguise for crypto since at least it’s not the SEC.
  95. CFTC alleges some bad facts based on internal chat logs.
  96. The relief sought by the CFTC is off the charts.
  97. I wonder if the shape of a Ledger would have been an advantage here.
  98. CZ has already published a response.
~Army of Spies
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2023.03.29 08:00 Bumish1 Iron Mace just posed an info dump. Here's what it says w/ google translate.

Super Long Post! But this is a rather huge update that includes GitRepos.
I cover a lot of this stuff in my video found here - (It's like an hour long and goes over a lot of the stuff said here, before they even released this info. They even use some of the same stuff as evidence.)
Discord Link to info - To see the update in it's origional format.
Full list of assets purchased to make Dark & Darker:
Git logs for the first year of development. The earliest entries start at the bottom of the document. It is a little embarrassing showing all our development mistakes and bugs but we believe that is further proof that Dark and Darker was built from the ground up.
- Although our company was officially founded in October 2021, our development logs go back to September 2021. This can be explained by our company history below.

- A bit of background history regarding IRONMACE. Several of our founding members started work as a development team starting in September 2021. The members worked for more than a month in a shabby jiujitsu gym without pay using our own personal PCs as a test of our resolve and teamwork, and also because we had no investors. Once we realized that our members could form the foundations of a viable company, the company was formally founded in late October 2021. The original funds were quickly exhausted and IRONMACE almost went bankrupt as we were unable to acquire investors. Luckily members rallied together and collected funds from over twenty friends and families to bankroll the company for another couple months. This was also quickly exhausted and IRONMACE relied on outsourcing work unrelated to game development to help it survive another month. It was only through grueling meetings and countless, countless, countless rejections that IRONMACE was finally able to find brave VCs willing to fund the studio in 2022. The studio made it point to accept as little money as possible to stay hungry and motivated to get to the current point.

1. Our Korean Response to the takedown claim - From Iron Mace
We are Iron Mace, a game developer in Korea developing the PC game Dark & Darker. Through this document, we will deal with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Take Down Notice (DMCA Take Down Notice) filed against us by Nexon Korea Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Nexon”), and our position on allegations of copyright infringement and leakage of trade secrets.
Through its own investigation, Nexon said, "Dark and Darker appears to have been developed by copying and stealing trade secrets and copyrighted information owned by Nexon." said. We want to make it clear that this claim is baseless. Our company, Iron Mace, has never owned or used Nexon's copyrighted materials or trade secrets.
Nexon belatedly registered the copyright related to the P3 project in February 2023, more than six months after Dark and Darker was released, and is claiming copyright infringement against it. The first point of their claim is that one of our members (then director, hereinafter A) illegally moved important assets to a private server “without permission”.
Our response to the above claim is as follows.
Due to the mandatory remote work policy implemented by Nexon in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, A received written approval from Nexon executives to use an external personal server to improve the team's work efficiency from 2020 to 2021. While developing using a personal server for about a year, A asked if it was okay to continue using the personal server. The head of the senior organization responded to the question by telling them to refrain from using private servers. A has agreed to discontinue use of the private server. Instead, we received an exception from the company to work in the office, circumventing the current remote work policy, in order to keep the team working efficiently.
In order to stop using the personal server, A moved the connected system and started deleting trade secret files, but the immediate hurdles (a kind of mid-term evaluation process in the game industry, and if the results are not good, the project may be suspended) , the migration of development systems to internal servers was not a quick and thorough process. As a result, some auto-upload scripts related to the build system were left running. And buildings around the office are closed due to corona expansion, so I can no longer go to work, etc. A made a mistake of using the personal server again without re-approval due to the anxiety of reduced work efficiency and the burden of meeting the schedule and achieving the goal.
At that time, all computers in Nexon's company were monitored using the endpoint solution, so the use of personal servers subject to approval and re-approval was known to Nexon during several months of development. However, during that period, A did not receive a single warning from the security team, and when answering to the head of the higher organization to refrain from using the server, he received an answer saying, 'It's a bit ambiguous to say that it's official/no', so he made a wrong decision. that was hit
A suffered the shock of his previous project being shut down in 2020, and several other projects within Nexon were canceled around the same time. A had doubts about the release along with various circumstances that could only be seen as lack of development support. Later, due to an incident, his trust with his boss was broken, and in June 2021, he finally decided to leave Nexon.
A revealed to members of the development team he had worked with for a long time that he would be leaving the company soon. He cited a lack of support for development as the reason for his departure, and further doubts about whether he would ever be able to launch the project. He also said he welcomes those who would like to join us for the next try. He's likely pushing for a project in a similar genre to the P3 project, but he's made it clear that everything needs to be developed from scratch. The above fact was also proven in the course of investigating a separate individual lawsuit filed by Nexon against A in the testimony collected by the police.
Immediately after Nexon's executives learned of A's plan to resign, their attitude suddenly changed to find A's fault, without any effort to amicably resolve the situation. He then sent an internal audit team to accuse him of stealing files, even though he knew the private server had been used for work for months. Seeing efforts to find out the fault somehow in this way rather than solving it through dialogue, the relationship of trust with the company was completely broken, and A consulted with a lawyer and said that since there are personal information on the personal server, there is no obligation to submit it to the company. After hearing the conclusion, instead of submitting my private server, I completely deleted everything in it.
A was fired due to a claim interpreted differently from his intention, and around August 2021, civil/criminal charges and lawsuits were filed against his house and other assets with omnidirectional seizure and pressure, and several seizures and searches were conducted. has been done up to A's personal case is still ongoing, and claims that he stole or misappropriated these files have yet to be substantiated. He actively cooperated with police investigations every time. Our company was also seized and searched several times during this investigation, but we responded to the investigation with the utmost cooperation in order to prove our innocence. If Nexon's trade secrets were really stolen or misappropriated, nine out of the more than 20 P3 project team members would not have risked joining Iron Mace.
The second issue in the DMCA notice filed by Nexon is the claim that Iron Mace CEO Terence Park abused the suspect's stolen trade secrets and copyrighted material to develop Dark & Darker for his own and Iron Mace's benefit. Our response to this claim is below.
The company's CEO makes it clear that no stolen trade secrets or copyrighted material were used to develop Dark & Darker. Indeed, Terrence Park has repeatedly stressed to his team that in order to maintain the company's vision and branding, third-party trade secrets must not exist by mistake and must be developed from scratch.
Subsequently, in the DMCA notice, Nexon claims that the only way to come up with an idea similar to the P3 project is theft, and as a basis, it claims that the P3 project has never been disclosed to a third party during this period. However, this claim can be proven unequivocally false. Nexon unveiled the P3 in a media showcase in August 2021, and has since written about it in numerous blogs and articles:
Nexon also claims in its DMCA notice that no other game has the same "concept, genre, and plot" as P3, claiming to have created an entirely new concept. But none of the P3 concepts are entirely new. A game already on the market called Expedition Agartha is a similar game in the three categories already stated.
Since then, Iron Mace has claimed without evidence that it is impossible to make a test version of Dark & Darker in just 10 months of founding without using Nexon's trade secrets. Our response to this claim is as follows.
The fact that a big game company like Nexon can't develop games this fast doesn't mean that other studios, big and small, can't develop at that speed.
Iron Mace's rapid pace of development was possible for the following reasons.
Iron Mace began development with 18 people, significantly more than the initial P3 team of about 11 people. The percentage of dual programmers doubled to 3 and 6, respectively.
We used as many 3D game objects as possible, purchased from the Asset Store, which account for most of the cost and time required for game development.
Also, with the permission of the artists, it was developed with a focus on game design and programming.
The server code did not exist because there were no server programmers on the P3 project team. However, Iron Mace was developed by employing senior-level server programmers from the beginning to create a stable server architecture.
Fortunately, we have evidence that clearly shows how we developed the game quickly and efficiently, and we will be making it public soon.
We'll soon publish a list of purchased assets used in Dark & Darker development, proving that almost all 3D assets were purchased from the Unreal Marketplace.
And we have tons of videos to see what major milestone builds look like, from early internal playtests to more recent tests. These videos will also be coming online soon, showing you how to quickly and efficiently develop the game from scratch.
Finally, for verification from a technical point of view, we will soon release the Git log and its file list, which is the development history from the first log in the Git repository to the work on the self-developed anti-cheat module. This is a log over a period of about a year or so. This will allow other developers to easily check our progress and check for stolen code or assets. In addition, since the P3 project was written while learning because none of the programmers had any experience using Unreal Engine at the time of the project, using the code and assets of the P3 project as a reference is a dark and darker project.
It wouldn't have helped you in your progress.
In the DMCA notice, Nexon compared and analyzed files from the Dark & Darker and P3 Projects and said, "The number of files with the same name is too many to be a coincidence." claims. And it claims to have found more than 2,338 files with the same name. Our response to this claim is as follows.
They attached the remaining 1,032 resources to Exhibit D, excluding files generated by using the same game engine. Of these, 950 files were either assets purchased from Unreal's Marketplace or files from plugins. The remaining 82 files (41 to be exact, because two files are created with the same file name) also have the same name because of the general concept and official naming convention recommended in the process of developing a typical first-person fantasy game. (See naming conventions and examples below)
Rules for Writing Unreal Engine Official Names
Blueprint (BP_) + Arrow => BP_Arrow (Exhibit D 33p)
Material (M_) + Base (Base) => M_Base (Exhibit D 35p)
If Nexon agrees to provide the file, it is suggested to compare and analyze the actual contents of the files with the same name through a third party. We have provided a list of sources for all “same-named” resources listed by Nexon.
In addition, the DMCA notice claims that the two games' character designs, worldviews, and core gameplay are similar. In response to the above claim, we'd like to say that both games borrow settings from very traditional fantasy worlds. None of this is original, and the similarities to the pointed character classes and use of torches can be found in countless other fantasy games. Both games belong to the classic fantasy dungeon exploration genre, and the similarities can be explained.
In addition, Nexon claims that "Iron Mace purchased graphic assets, including character concept art, from the Unreal Marketplace, but the assets purchased from the Unreal Marketplace and Dark & Darker's assets look different, and there are many similarities with those of P3. ” claims. Our position on the claim is as follows.
Most of the 3D assets were purchased from the Unreal Marketplace, but most of the 2D graphic elements, including concept art and UI, were created in-house. The character concept artwork that Nexon claims similarities to is a reflection of a very traditional fantasy setting. In addition, the concept artwork of the two games was created by the same person, so the painting style is also similar. Soon, our concept artist will organize and disclose that the character concept of Dark & Darker does not infringe on the concept of P3. Through this document, Google image search shows artwork of other popular fantasy concepts, and Dark & Darker's concept art follows the general fantasy world, so it looks similar, but I want to prove that I did not infringe P3's copyright. .
The DMCA notice states that the two games' core concepts, genres, and storylines are so similar that "I am convinced that Iron Mace may have used Nexon's trade secrets to create Dark & Darker." Again, Dark & Darker's concept and settings are all largely inspired by traditional and popular fantasy RPG games. The gameplay of adventurers digging through dungeons full of monsters and treasure in search of riches is so common and common that it could be widely applied in many other fantasy games as well.
Just for fun, we asked ChatGPT to explain the definition of a typical PVP dungeon exploration game, and we got the following response.
----------------------------------Content from ChatGPT------------- ----------------------
In this PvP dungeon crawl game, players compete against each other in dangerous and mysterious dungeons filled with traps, puzzles, and monsters.
Players choose their character from several classes, each with unique abilities and playstyles. They need to explore dungeons, defeat monsters, and solve puzzles to advance deeper.
But besides fighting monsters, players also have to face each other in intense PvP battles. They can attack other players to steal loot or gain an advantage, but you have to be careful not to be suddenly attacked by enemy players.
In the meantime, players can collect loot, weapons, and magic items to help them in their missions. They can also trade items with other players or buy and sell them at NPC shops.
Gameplay requires strategic decision-making, and players must decide whether to focus on attacking other players or progressing through the dungeon. They must manage their limited resources carefully, including weapons, spells, and stamina.
The ultimate goal of the game is to reach the deepest dungeon's floor and defeat the final boss. You should be able to beat other players while doing all of this. The game offers an exciting and competitive experience for players who enjoy both PvE and PvP gameplay.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
Finally, the common characteristics of the two games announced in Exhibit E are generally shared characteristics that can also be found in many other similar games.
Judging from the information presented, it would be difficult for Nexon itself to believe that Iron Mace infringed on the copyright of the P3 project. And Nexon does not provide evidence that Iron Mace used Nexon's trade secrets to make Dark & Darker, only circumstantial inferences.
Finally, Nexon is accusing Iron Mace of violating Valve's SSA and SOCR, preventing us from delivering our games to fans on the world's largest PC gaming platform. We want Nexon to stop making baseless claims.
In order to resolve issues quickly and definitively, we are willing to provide source code, produced assets, and design documentation for comparison between the two companies. We ask Nexon to make a positive impact on gamers and gaming communities around the world by actively working on resolving issues between the two companies.
That's all of that document. Translated by google.
2. Concept Artist response:
Rebuttal to claims of character design similarity
Hello, this is Dark & Darker's concept artist.
Through this document, we would like to refute the allegation that the concept of P3 was stolen from Dark & Darker.
Nexon claims that Dark & Darker was developed using P3's assets, and claims to be suspicious because of their visual similarity. The contents below are intended to refute this and explain what parts we focused on in class design and why the claim that the results are similar is not valid.
Dark & Darker's classes are made up of classes commonly handled in Dungeons and Dragons and medieval fantasy games influenced by it, and aim for familiar classic fantasy concepts.
Therefore, it cannot be seen that it has the distinctive features of Dark & Darker in appearance or design.
Dark & Darker worked on the class concept based on the following three concerns.
What are the most familiar classes in the memories of classic fantasy fans?
What design can you accept without hesitation even if you are not a fan of classic fantasy?
What is the range that can be expressed with the assets you own (purchased assets)?
P3 and Dark & Darker have the same concept artist (i.e., because I worked on both), the way the characters are portrayed or the painting style may feel similar, but there are significant differences in detailed composition such as costumes.
The following will refute the claim that the classes of P3 and Dark & Darker are similar by comparing each class.

Class Comparison 1: Barbarian
When I started thinking about Dark & Darker's Barbarian, I initially tried to work with a barbaric warrior feel like Conan the Barbarian (movie). However, I had to use the purchased armor assets in common, so I had no choice but to switch to the current Nordic Viking feel.
To elaborate more, even if I drew concept art, I did not have enough time to create assets for it, so I changed the direction of the concept art according to the assets.
Images in document.

Figure 1: A draft of a Dark and Darker Barbarian that was scrapped in the works.
Images in document.

Figure 2: Barbarian used for loading image after drafting
Images in document.
Figure 3 below is various concept art of the barbarian that I referenced during work in this regard. Based on this, we focused on creating a barbarian that fits the worldview of Dark & Darker, and designing it so that there is no particular problem when using equipment of other classes in common.

Figure 3: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Nexon is claiming that P3's Barbarian and Dark & Darker's Barbarian are similar.
As explained earlier, Dark & Darker's Barbarian was created based on works from common fantasy worlds, and furthermore, those used in various games.

Figure 4: P3 and the Barbarian in Dark & Darker
Image in document.

Even in the details, of course, there are differences. P3's barbarian is more colorful than Dark & Darker's barbarian, such as horns, Nordic patterns of armor, beard shape, and cape, and the style is mixed. The shape of the helmet may look similar by adopting the design of the actual German helmet (Yelmo de Gjermundbu), but the detailed design is completely different.

Class Comparison 2: Fighter
Image in document.
Dark & Darker's fighter is a class specialized in melee attacks wearing typical medieval knight armor. The items in Figure 5 below are reference materials when designing fighters, and are also popularly used, heavy armored warriors specializing in melee attacks.
Through the items in Figure 6, you can see what process the current fighter design came out through

Figure 5: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Figure 6: Fighter used for loading image after drafting
Image in document.

Figure 7: P3's Tanker and Dark & Darker's Fighter
Image in document.

Nexon claims that P3's 'Tanker' and Dark & Darker's 'Fighter' were produced in a similar form. However, as you can see from the picture in Figure 7, except for the open helmet, everything is different, including the appearance, armor design, weapon design, bag, and props.
The figure wearing an open helmet is just a type of expression commonly used to show a character's face because it is obscured.
Class Comparison 3: Ranger
In games and movies set in the Middle Ages, rangers were often depicted wearing hoods, and purchased assets also included hoods. The costumes depicted in the Dark & Darker illustration were designed with reference to the asset costumes you own.

Figure 8: Appearance by referring to the clothing on the left and the hood on the right
Image in document.

Figure 9: Ranger used for loading image after cyan
Image in document.

Figure 10: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Figure 11: P3 and Dark & Darker's Ranger
Image in document.

Dark & Darker's Ranger has borrowed the overall color from common designs to keep the sensibility of the old fantasy intact. Also, in order to express the concept of a hunter who fights while hiding in the dark, the use of colors was limited and designed with low saturation.
As you can see by comparing the P3 and Dark & Darker's Ranger illustrations, they are not the same except that they wear hoods and have bows.

Class Comparison 4: Wizard
The design that became the basis of the Dark and Darker Wizard is Gandalf from ‘The Lord of the Rings’, and it is the most easily recognizable image of a wizard.

Figure 12: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Figure 13: Wizard of Dark and Darker with P3
Image in document.

Like the image of the other classes described earlier, Dark & Darker's Wizard expressed a more traditional and classic wizard than P3's Wizard. Wearing a long and cumbersome robe for an adventurer's appearance, it was produced with the intention of taking the form of an old man who is old but wise and still capable of fighting.
Class Comparison 5: Log
Likewise, in the case of logs, other than wearing a hood, the P3 and Dark & Darker logs have different components such as weapons and costumes.
In the case of the rogue, we tried to embody the real thief's play, rather than simply wielding a fast weapon such as a dagger (it is actually possible to steal while playing), and for this purpose, the weapon was highlighted at the beginning, and finally It is made in the form of emphasizing the money bag held in the hand.
Rather, in the case of Rogue, the design was made to approach the essence of a thief more than a thief generally seen.

Figure 14: Initial log cyan
Image in document.

Figure 15: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Figure 16: P3's Thief and Dark & Darker's Rogue
Image in document.
Like the images of other classes described above, P3’s ‘thief’ and Dark & Darker’s ‘rogue’ have different design goals.
Class Comparison 6: Cleric
In general, the class called Cleric is often designed with the Templar Knights as a motif. Dark and darker clerics also adopted a design with a tunic wrapped around chainmail to match this popular design. Also, like other classes, it had to be created based on the assets you have, so I designed it with reference to the assets below.

Figure 17: Polyphoria's assets referencing clothing design
Image in document.

Figure 18: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Figure 19: P3 and Dark & Darker's Cleric
Image in document.

From that point of view, if you compare P3 and Dark & Darker's clerics, you can see that there are many differences in armor, costumes, and patterns.

Conclusion: P3 and Dark & Darker are different.

In this way, the design of the classes expressed in Dark & Darker is only the result of selecting the ones that are most suitable for Dark & Darker among one of the character designs that have appeared in various fantasy games that have been dealt with for decades, and are not designed by stealing P3's trade secrets. didn't
In conclusion, the allegation of theft is only a phenomenon that arises from the fact that the concepts of the two projects are oriented toward a medieval fantasy worldview. We, the development team of Iron Mace, focused on the direction of the game we were aiming for, designed and expressed it accordingly, and revealed that the game was not made by taking the parts that were produced in P3 as it is.
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2023.03.29 07:35 Playful-Ad6177 Which books should I buy for previous year gate cse question papers solved?

These are my options:
Where can I get made easy old papers for free pdf?
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2023.03.29 07:05 Sageknowledge 10 Interesting Facts About Kangaroos

Few animals symbolize their continent quite like kangaroos, which are world icons for Australia. Despite their international fame, kangaroos are ordinarily misunderstood, both at home and abroad. Did you know, for example, that the animal we've come to regard as cute and cuddly is regarded by its human neighbors as a gadfly?
1 - Kangaroo joeys are around the measure of a jelly bean.
2 - They're left-handed
3 - Kangaroos will swim.
4 - Kangaroos will flex.
5 - Kangaroo females will raise one joey per year. Read More Facts About Kangaroos...
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2023.03.29 07:00 bbirdy99 Doctors don’t know what’s wrong and I need help.

Female, 24, ~220lbs. Medical history: PCOS, kidney stones, depression/anxiety.
I’m just looking for anyone to hear me and not disregard me. I’m suffering and I’m young and I’m so exhausted.
Since December 2021, I have been dealing with an undiagnosed and debilitating medical problem. The symptoms may have been occurring prior to this, but December is when I noticed and when everything began to spiral.
The first major incident was when I was helping set up for a work event. We had walked well over 2 miles - I was tired, but fine. Suddenly, it felt like my lower back tightened (think someone stretching a rubber band as far as it will go without snapping), I began to struggle to walk, my vision tunneled, and I thought I was going to pass out. Luckily, I didn’t and after sitting and resting I felt better.
I proceeded from this like I would any back problem: rest, OTC pain meds, stretching. Nothing helped. Everything got worse, much worse. For months, my pain grew from discomfort to debilitating. It migrated from my back to my hips and legs. I began to have problems with rapid heart rate and shortness of breath. At the time, I attributed it to the pain but looking back, it must have been part of the systematic inflammation I was going through. I also was losing strength everywhere. I could not step onto a curb without pulling myself up. I could not walk more than 10 steps without stopping. I couldn’t even change positions on the couch without hurting. I was starting to have difficulty chewing as well. Everything hurt.
I did get an MRI on my back done which revealed a lower disc bulge, but no one could explain how it could be causing my pain.
I tried everything to fix it: exercise, steroid injections, physical therapy, pain management, visits with a spinal specialist, special chiropractic care (no adjustments), swimming and many others I can’t remember. Everyone thought because none of this worked, that it was somehow my fault. I swear most days I could barely function to get out of bed, it was a miracle I was able to try at all.
My blood work was showing consistently elevated WBC. I had a couple doctors mention that it seemed like I had an infection, but clearly didn’t have one. I also developed a lymph node behind my right ear which an ultrasound cleared of being harmful, but it’s still kind of weird.
Fast forward to October 2022. I visit a hormone specialist for PCOS related things. He does some blood tests and tells me my inflammation levels are really high. He wants me to try an anti-inflammatory diet. It’s strict, but nutritious. In 3 days, 72 hours, I was feeling 60% better. It was like a miracle. The pain was manageable but more remarkably, my strength came back too. I had a doctor tell me my pain was gone because I lost weight, but I don’t think it’s possible to lose over a years worth of pain in 72 hours worth of “weight loss.” And even after the new diet, my inflammation levels were still high. Even still, I definitely wasn’t fixed and couldn’t function like I had been able to prior to before all this happened.
You’d think that would be the end, right? Nope. I began to go through periods of feeling… sick. I don’t know how to describe it except I’d be feeling fine, then I’d suddenly be exhausted, nauseous, and achy again.
I began to see an internal medicine doctor. She’s ran tests, and even sent me to a hematologist (for absolutely no reason), and can’t figure out what’s going on. In January, I got majorly sick with bouts of vomiting and fatigue which they claimed was caused by a “low-carb diet.” Considering all I had been able to eat for weeks was noodles and potatoes, I’m not sure that’s possible but they didn’t care enough to listen.
Since getting sick on and off, I’ve had a hard time sticking to my diet which is mainly vegetables, beans, and lean meats. Not exactly the easiest things to stomach. Which means my pain has come back.
Most recently, I landed in the hospital after having the worst spell of nausea of my life. I was vomiting bile, a LOT of bile, continuously and aggressively. My mom took me to the ER where I had to have tons of IV fluids, dextrose, and electrolytes just to get me stabilized. They did an abdominal ultrasound and CT scan and found nothing. My body pain is back in full swing. All they could say was that I was hypoglycemic, was in metabolic acidosis, and had a high WBC. But they couldn’t identify a root cause. I’m so thankful for their efforts though.
I can’t keep living like this. I can’t get a job, I can’t move out, I can’t do anything but try and figure out what is wrong with me so that I can move forward. I don’t know what’s connected and what’s not connected. I can’t find a single doctor that is willing to take a minute to talk with me.
I respect everyone in the medical field and I know I’m not the only patient, but I’m really, really struggling right now. I’m not looking for an immediate diagnosis or a special pill that will make me better. I’m looking for someone that can listen and put together the pieces without giving up or dismissing me.
Is there anything that stands out to you? Is there a medical professional you think I should reach out to? Any advice is appreciated and I’m sorry for the long post. I’m just so tired and upset.
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2023.03.29 06:31 nosotros_road_sodium [Postgame Thread] James Madison (15-9) defeats George Washington (8-18), 8-7

Links: Recap, box score
The fourth president has won eight of the last nine games vs. the first president since 2008 (see p. 20).
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2023.03.29 05:55 friedrichvonschiller Poor LLaMA Results? Use Prompt Design

The performance LLaMA will achieve with guided prompting is optimal because you have set a pattern for the model. It will try to mimic your example, and it will do so unencumbered by any baggage imported after the victorious weights won the game.
Home LLMs will improve, but we can improve today. Here are two quick demonstrations of guided prompt results from LLaMA 13B. Prompt, output quoted.
Example: Write three bullet points on the following topic. Dogs. * Dogs are very loving animals. * Dogs like tennis balls. * Dogs bark at people. Task: Write three bullet points on the following topic. Cats. 
Task: Write three bullet points on the following topic. Cats.
* Cats can jump high up in trees.
* Cats like to sleep a lot.
* Cats don't like dogs.
##Example Humans often have pet animals. ##Task Large language models often have pet 
{~80% "languages", ~20% "words"}
## Main Text Searle's thought experiment begins with this hypothetical premise: suppose that artificial intelligence research has succeeded in constructing a computer that behaves as if it understands Chinese. It takes Chinese characters as input and, by following the instructions of a computer program, produces other Chinese characters, which it presents as output. Suppose, says Searle, that this computer performs its task so convincingly that it comfortably passes the Turing test: it convinces a human Chinese speaker that the program is itself a live Chinese speaker. To all of the questions that the person asks, it makes appropriate responses, such that any Chinese speaker would be convinced that they are talking to another Chinese-speaking human being. ##Summary 
[include line break; click generate]
In "Minds, Brains, and Programs", John R. Searle proposes an argument against functionalism, the view that mental states can be identified with brain states. The essay was originally published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences (1980) 3(3):417–57.
Yes, LLaMA 13B 8bit just found "Mind, Brains, and Programs" inside itself. Correct citation, apparently.
Local LLaMA is a team sport. Understand your model, and your model will understand you.
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2023.03.29 05:54 Kamen-Ramen [H] Doom Eternal, TÜRKIYE-SYRIA, STAND WITH UKRAINE, Black Desert, Blasphemous, Bloodstained, and more! [W] Steam Games or PayPal

I am in the USA. :)
IGSREP (60+ confirmed trades):
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2023.03.29 05:54 Kamen-Ramen [H] Doom Eternal, TÜRKIYE-SYRIA, STAND WITH UKRAINE, Black Desert, Blasphemous, Bloodstained, and more! [W] Steam Games or PayPal

I am in the USA. :)
IGSREP (60+ confirmed trades):
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2023.03.29 05:08 colinjcole Seeking not-legal-advice for a speeding ticket in Seattle, WA

Hi folks,
My options (other than accepting the ticket) are to contest or mitigate the infraction. I fully understand the difference between the two. The ticket is $237 from a "speeding camera" in a school zone. Ticket says I was doing 36 in a "speed limit 20 when flashing," and images of my car driving by show the lights were flashing. Relevant ordinance number is SMC 11.52.100.
Here's the rub, though: my citation timestamps the alleged-occurrence of my infraction (hi throw040913) at exactly 2:15pm... which also just so happens to be the exact minute those lights start flashing. The lights weren't actually flashing as I initially approached the sign.
Moreover, I just went through Google Maps and checked: from the freeway offramp I took up all the way until the "20 when flashing" sign, which is half a mile, there are no other posted speed limits of any kind. Is the "normal" speed on that street 25, 30, or 35? There's no way to tell if you took the route I took.
I think the facts are reasonable enough here that if I request a mitigation hearing, a judge will agree there were some mitigating circumstances around my case... and then they'll proceed to knock effectively nothing off my fine, maybe down to $200, and I'll be in effectively the same crappy situation I'm in now. It'll still be too much, not to mention significantly more than I would like to pay for something that genuinely doesn't feel like my fault or something even avoidable without me having foreknowledge about the time schedule for school zones (sidenote: i love how fines like this are completely regressive and have disproportionate impacts on working people and effectively no impact on wealthy folks 🙄).
I'd much rather contest the ticket and get the whole thing thrown out... but I am reasonably confident that if I do that, they'll just say "you just gave us a bunch of reasons to explain why you committed the infraction, but that doesn't mean you didn't do it. you DID commit the infraction, see this video? It shows you committing the infraction. Your request to dismiss the ticket is denied. Now pay up."
My question is: is there any good faith argument I can make to support the claim "I did not commit the infraction" that I'm not thinking of, or are my instincts right and my only real choice is to mitigate and hope for a merciful judge?
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2023.03.29 05:03 husky1050 Indigenous resistance movements are very successful in combating climate change!

A good read - this resource has a lot of information on how indigenous movements have helped curb climate change.
"In late 2021, Indigenous Environmental Network and Oil Change International published Indigenous Resistance Against Carbon, a report examining 26 cases of Indigenous resistance to the fossil fuel industry that led to quantifiable and large reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. The report finds that Indigenous communities on Turtle Island (North America) have opposed 1.8 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, which is about 28% of pollution from the U.S. and Canada in 2019. Victories against fossil fuel infrastructure have blocked an amount equal to 12% of U.S. and Canadian pollution, or 779 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent"
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