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“I’m confident that Reddit could sway elections. We wouldn’t do it, of course. And I don’t know how many times we could get away with it. But, if we really wanted to, I’m sure Reddit could have swayed at least this election, this once.” - Reddit CEO

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So its kind of a stupid story, for the past couple of days I started going to a coffee house near me and there was a semi-perfect girl i saw her for three days there and there was a lot of eye contact and she is so cute, I didn’t talk to her I kept waiting for a situation where we run into each other and it never happened and today she didn’t come so I think i will never see her again and i just keep thinking about it this is literally the first time i feel something since I broke up with my ex I just want some advice if i saw her again and some advices in general so this mistake doesn’t happen again, i just dont like to look weird I have a great social skills but whenever feelings are involved i feel like i am awkward and i am forcing sth or she is never interested i desperately need to fix this problem, and thanks in advance.
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2023.06.03 13:54 Impossible-Yam-1907 Local Packer and Movers

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2023.06.03 13:53 Admirable_Ad_6977 Mother relaxed my hair without me knowing.

So I (f16) am adopted from ethiopia by my white parents in the u.s. I have thick curly hair 3c-4a on a hair type chart. My parents and other siblings have straight thinner hair and my mother always did my hair for me. She would always brush my curls out when i was younger and just put them in a bun or two braids but never keep my hair curly. she only ever complimented my hair when it was straightened or wet so i knew from a young age that she didn’t like my natural hair. I recently found out how to properly take care of my hair and the right products to use and i now wear my hair curly so it’s super big and kind of an afro. My mother described it as “unkept” and “dirty looking” and kept trying to get me to straighten it. She started looking up ways to get my hair permanently straightened and she found a product called a relaxer which permanently straightens your hair with harsh chemicals and you can never get it back to its natural state without starting all over. I was very firmly against this idea but she kept pushing it. But one week she starting weirdly being very supportive of my decision to wear my hair natural and she bought me a bunch of products. One of them being a leave-conditionehair mask. I think you can tell where this is going. I didn’t suspect her of anything and i thought she finally read all those pro-natural hair articles i had been sending her and was finally coming around. The container was already opened but that’s because she had already used some on herself and she said that she really liked and offered to apply it on my hair for me. so i let her do it and after a couple minutes i felt a burning sensation and i told her and she just said “that’s how you know it’s working”. after a couple more minutes i went to wash out my hair and it came out of my hair but left me with a stringy mess that was nowhere near what i had before she applied the mask. I started bawling and she kept telling me that she warned me and that if i had just taken care of my hair she wouldn’t have had to do this. she kept telling me it looks better this way but i know it doesn’t. I haven’t spoken to her in days now and i don’t know what to do. i don’t know what i can do to fix my hair apart from chopping it all off.
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2023.06.03 13:53 LewisHamtilon Last night was a crystal clear sign to quit

I woke up hungover and went to work. Managed to get through the day somehow. Got a few beers and slept early at 7pm. Woke up at 9pm because I left the candle on next to my bed and the sheets and blankets(which I recently bought btw) got burned. Clothes burned.
I broke my Xbox controller and now I can't game anymore.
I spent a stack on alcohol and somehow had the sense not to hang out with a group of shady people and a dude called Laz who was driving the car at a crazy speed with a bunch of people around. One guy who was lying about being a lawyer when he's clearly probably a criminal.
I nearly burned my penis when I was ashing my cigarette into the toilet bowl while I was taking a dump
I met a girl who was probably the easiest sex I ever had and initiated it because I looked at her and she wanted to fuck at her place which was around the corner. We go there, she calls someone called Junaid, I say he's probably not coming so let's just go to my place I'll call a cab. She insists so I think ok. Junaid comes, she french kisses him wildly. I'm thinking maybe he's gay.. who knows. Junaid is her boyfriend. I was aghast all night.
I talked to this girl, interested in her, her friend comes and kisses her and I guess I'm shocked and I observe.. turns out I'm a weirdo because why did I watch, so says a group of girls around her.
I finally leave at 3AM and I meet a girl who's with her friend. We end up going to my place and stop by at the gas station for food and drinks. Come to my place. She's absolutely frigid. Won't let me touch her, won let me kiss her. Yet she won't leave my apartment still. She's still here, sleeping and she's cramping my style. I'm telling her but she's so hungover and just wants to hang out with me she says.
I feel like a total loser. But I know I'm not. I have a date tomorrow with a really beautiful girl who studies journalism that I met at my job. We both like reading and writing books and I wanna see where things go with her. I genuinely don't think I'm even all that interested in just sex I wanna get to know her well and possibly have her as my girlfriend.
My "girlfriend" left a month ago and the line has just gotten so cold. She really loved me for that time. I guess I didn't think about it at the time, but her leaving kinda hurt.
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2023.06.03 13:52 RedundantSquash Extremely angry right now (UK NHS rant)

Short history:
February 13th - Start of Guttate Psoriasis brought on by a strep throat infection 2 weeks before.
February 16th - Contacted GP, given steroid cream/ moisturizer
March - Referred to dermatologist as 95% of my body covered
April 2nd - Dermatologist appointment, examined and told they needed to speak to other colleagues before deciding on treatment
May 1st - Treatment finally decided on, prescribed acitretin but only the hospital can dispense it.
May 30th - Appointment for dispensing comes through for June 30th
Today - Received a letter saying my appointment is cancelled and they cannot offer me another one right now, advised the wait is up to 33 weeks.
I am actually beyond angry at this point and just in despair. My situation has been massively mismanaged from the start. I have had no help apart from moisturizers and steroid cream for nearly 4 months. For the past 4 months I have been in near constant pain, I barely sleep or eat, I've pretty much given up socialising, I am like a zombie. I really don't know where to even go from here now, I've lost all faith in the NHS system.
Apologies for the rant, I'm just feeling terrible right now.
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2023.06.03 13:51 Stunning-Public7074 The Beggar (spoiler review)

  1. The parasite This is almost an improvement over the demo, however, giras vocals are too echoey at times and also get too loud. Like the song is relatively quiet instrumental wise, but gira just wanted obnoxious vocal spikes. I do however really appreciate the new (synthy??) Direction it took, it's good for what it is. Sadly I have another problem with it, it just doesnt end ever, like seriously, whatever energy hes trying to make me catch isnt working whatsoever. hopefully in time I'll enjoy it more. 87/100
  2. Paradise is mine This song is a good transitional piece, I don't think it does anything too interesting but that's fine. It doesn't really need that, it's got a catchy riff and that's all it needs, the song pulls itself together in classic swans fashion. 96/100
  3. Los Angeles city of whatever Official album mix is a billion percent better. This song does disrupt the flow of the tracklist, I'd rather this song had been removed but still released as a single. It's decent, just doesnt belong right here. 90/100
  4. Michael is done Not a fan of the layered vocals. The female singers voice does not mesh well with giras. Instrumental is solid though, I'll give it that. The chime or xylophone thing idk sounds good, very nice. Ear candy even. I hate how he keeps repeating the words "is done" like bro I get it, you're done now be done and stfu my God man. It's not even ironic it's just a bit annoying. The song gets filled in nicely after all that and makes up for its slightly subpar beginning. I like the heavenly choir in the back, it's a nice touch. Basically a better version of anything off of leaving meaning. Only bad thing about swans is that if I'm ever just slightly not in the mood for repetition most of their songs take a major hit, right now I'm tired so this is a little long winded. This means that when I'm fully awake it'll be a good song. But really though this goes on for a while please end please I'm bored cause adhd plz. I don't like the abrupt cut back to the chorus, doesn't work. 0/10 jk feeling maybe an 85/100
  5. Unforming It sounds like Annaline became a fucking nihilist but doesn't want to get violent. The album is pretty decently well paced so far. Annaline/10 (9/10) nice beautiful sounding song that does a good job and doesn't have a bad moment. I almost want to force the entirety of leaving meaning into this tracklist just to make it longer, but I'm sure the beggar lover will do that all by itself lol. God this song is slow, but it sounds good so I still can't knock it at all. Oh my God a switch up, freedom from fear guys omg. Swan reference? Remember that time on to be kand where he scream fredon? But fr tho it sounds fucking incredible, my brain is just schizoing out rn cause yes. The way the vocals are layered makes it sound like he's saying free yum instead of freedom, 0/10 now. Bad gira.
  6. The beggar I kinda wish it was 30 minutes long like the live version. Other than that fatal misstep it's a solid song with an atmosphere thick enough to be thick ig. Ominous sounding. Omg gira said he's gonna steal a child, guy's we gotta stop this mad man. What will he do next? 7/11?? Okay that build up was fantastic, song just picked up the pace but I'm gonna assume like with the live version, it's gonna get bigger.
Omg he said freedom again, America reference mayhaps?
Yk for how bitchy Michael acts on stage when a fellow band mate messes up a note, you'd think maybe he'd quit fucking up the vocal layering randomly. Straight up hypocrisy to an annoying extent. Oh for fucks sake, the shitty ass scream into the second climax took away all power it had. That was pathetic. The background vocals saved it, nvm. I still think that scream was ass tho. If your voice can't handle it, don't do it, it'll sound like shit and leave assholes like me disappointed. I didn't even really have that high of expectations but this kinda falls flat for me, the cracks are staring to show in this album and it's kinda just sad. 73/100, I really hope this shit will grow on me man
  1. Ebbing Okay already some interesting -nvm Shitty folk instrumental, thanks for the blue balls. I definetly needed that after the last pair you gave me. This female is not jarboe (the only real woman) background vocals are kinda mid, and also feel off. Like poorly spliced together. You can tell where they took shortcuts on this album and as a result it's really starting to piss me off man. There are areas where he just splices the demos over the instrumentals and it sounds terrible. I don't know how he thought these vocals sounded good. Please dear God grow on me please. This girls vocals are best suited for build ups, not for passive background noise. #bringbackjarboe My expectations keep lowering and - oh Okay now it's coming together alright, I am just an asshole. Song is music again, on the 7th day God said let there be swan. Genuinely very pretty sounding instrumental here, I'll quit bitching and enjoy it while it lasts. Wow, originally this was maybe a 60/100, this ending has really pulled it together though, 10/10 I like what they went for, it worked. The blue ball beggar still hurts though :( Omg 3 more minutes, really? It better do something else, as good as this sounds you can't just slap on 6 minutes of good music to make up for a mid intro. That'd be lazy, oh no that's what Mr swan is doing. sigh Gira, please, come on dude, I believe in you, do the thing that glow man did with big boom. This is me writing out of boredom, which isn't the albums fault, I'm just tired. Whatever still sounded good and honestly didn't drag as much as I thought it would, still a 10/10
  2. No more of this I'd really prefer if there were more of this. I'd also prefer if Mr gira wasn't a hypocrite, in this case it's not the layering, it's the way he attempts to drag out notes. Yikes man, really? Whatever, I'm being too negative, ill keep listening and give it a fair shot yk. Instrumental is nice, same as demo. I think I prefer the demo album over this one so far :( Please gira, just make it stop you're killing my heart and not in the good way. This album is really just not doing it for me. I'm gonna cry myself to sleep. This sure is a song. It sure does keep going. If there ain't a payoff for this slow build I'm gonna die. No really fr, I'll die, I have a weak heart. Oh no, the payoff isn't sounding too hot. I'm really trying to not be negative but this album just feels like a failed experiment. I will give this song credit tho, I think that the payoff is good but isn't for me. Or maybe it'll get better idk. Songs not over yet. Yea that was just okay. Idk man, I really don't like being this negative, it's just not working for me 78/100
  3. Why can't this song title be slightly shorter than that book report I wrote in the seventh grade? Sounds nice so far, please don't let it fall flat later on. It's very (I'm terrible with descriptive word so I hope this is the right one) despondent. The background vocals along with the riff makes this feel like the type of shit that zombies dance to at 3:37 pm est. Oh shit nice, now it sounds more menacing. "I feel wrong in this skin" me too buddy. If you really don't like it you should just peel it off. Peel off your skin. This song is kinda a vibe man, wishing we got more of this instead of yk, all the shit I've been complaining about nonstop. Haunting and loud, also it's the good repetitive that swans excells at. Nice nice. Builds up into something so the last 2 minutes don't drag, classic swan moment. 86/100
  4. The beggar lover (three) I will not bitch about this song even if it's slow, it's 40 some minutes it can take its time to impress me. Background vocals sound good again, like the first half of Frankie m. Oh nice, this song is going somewhere. It's using some bits from previous parts. The chimes are cool and nice sounding. I want them inside me (sexually). Big drum moment. I'm not closing my eyes, sorry. Oh, this is the 30 minute beggar from the live shows isn't it? Nice. But if that's the case, why have other worse beggar? To show you can improve? Congrats??? Whatever, I'll get over myself eventually don't worry. Holy shit this sounds so fucking good. This is the beggar I wanted. I don't know how swans pulled it off but this makes up for every problem I had earlier with all of these songs. Holy shit. I'm in love. Did they put all their effort into this one song and rush everything else? Like seriously, wtf happened. I love this man, 11/10 fucking hell. I love you Mr gira, send me more swan thx. This weird middle section with knick knack paddy wack is surprisingly not bad and actually dread inducing. Idk how but wow. And now gentle guitar strum. Hmm, interesting choice to have a song from leaving meaning called leaving meaning at the end of this song. It's good, just kinda lost me at the end. 95/100 it's incredible solid and I appreciate it for what it is.
  5. The memorious The weird vocals that have popped up on this album actually sound decent here. it's a good way of getting you into the groove of this song. The baby coos don't work here, on the demo they worked fine due to the lack of finished instrumental, but here it's distracting and sound like, and don't take this the wrong way, he just slapped it there because he thinks it belongs. This has happened several times during this album, things being placed wherever without care or effort. Really frustrating. Like actually annoying and pulling me out of the fantastic instrumental. Every time I begin to enjoy it I hate it again because the baby coos and I hate the fucking sound of children. Maternal instincts my ass, I'd football that little bitch ass toddler out a 10th story window. Thanks gira for ruining the 1 thing this song had going for it by having the crying baby continue crying throughout the song for no rhyme or reason and only at times where it'd be the most distracting. This would be a great closer without the baby coos and if the album wasn't overall mid. My God man, why? Gira, you can't just finish half the album and quit on the second half. The demos sound better. Well okay, mostly, the end here sounds good except for the baby coos because they only play at distracting times. I'm tired of being negative, this is genuinely disappointing and not worth the wait. I'd rather have not heard this, because if I hadn't I'd no longer feel this empty pit in my chest. 10/100 because the baby coos ruin everything that could be good here. Fucking annoying.
It's an 88/100 album, which is odd because the quality control has just completely disappeared. This is the worst swans album since the reunion and it's so disappointing I feel genuinely angry, yet somehow it isn't that bad. I guess what's upsetting is watching them just poorly splice shit together. It still sounds good, but I can tell 0 effort was put in. This album can't grow on me because every problem comes from the lazy ass production. This album had way less care put into it and as such it causes a frustrating and miserable experience, even if it occasionally impresses with you with the jingly keys (haha get it cause baby and last song had baby noise? HA Comedy.) Fuck it, if they're gonna be this lazy with the production then I'm just gonna score unfairly (like that will solve anything) 65/100, do better.
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2023.06.03 13:51 Imaginary-Baker-7358 Sanity of people in Perth

First of all, I apologies in advance if anyone feels attacked or suspects me of being a troll because I just have a serious question.
Belgian man in Perth for a few months for my job.
I've been in Perth for two weeks, and every time I go somewhere—city or beach—I encounter a number of crazy characters: people steering at you on the bus, people following you down the street with a bible, drunks, drug users, and other people behaving strangely and attempting to make eye contact. I didn’t have any problem so far, but despite being a big guy I won’t go outside after sunset.
So far, the only "sane" people I've encountered and talked to so far are migrant from South Asia/Asia whose are taking the bus after work to go back home; we undoubtedly have weirdos in Europe, but not in that amount.
So is my definition of “sane” is completely wrong and that it’s just a normal behavior for people here, Or is the abundance of alcool and hard drugs created an army of “strange personage” Or it might be because of something else that I missed.
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2023.06.03 13:51 talkingterpz my [m21] gf[f23] went to vegas without me with our mutual friends

So she left yesterday to vegas with some buddies i smoke with and used to play video games with. It’s a mix of guys and girls but mainly guys that went( just giving context). I couldn’t go because i started a new job and had onboarding and didn’t think i would have the time. also living apart for the summer because of my job and i’m in the middle of no where. She decided to go without me and she’s having a fun time and drinking and going to the strip club which is cool. but i feel such much fomo and queasy. i wanted to be there but realistically couldn’t. she knew she was bi but never had experiences with women until now. she got a private dance which i’m not mad but she said she had a sexual awakening. i just wish i was there because she said it’s something we could do in the future together. but currently i feel so many emotions of jealousy and left out because these are also my friends and she’s having this good time without me. what do i say or do?
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2023.06.03 13:50 Lost-Newspaper2582 Things that have worked for me

Hello, I move been steroid free for about 2 1/2 years now, I’m doing okay, I have daily episodes of itching from hives but they are not nearly as bad, my skin has some hyperpigmentation as a result and I have some elephant skin wrinkles but nothing too severe, I might rebound but fingers crossed things get better. Thought I would share some things that have helped me find relief and many others that did not. keep in mind that nothing ever “cured” my tsw but time and also I have not had weeping skin or bacterial infections.
Vaseline- this really helped my tsw when it was at its worst. Helped with the elasticity of my skin and heal the cracks. It def shows the most dramatic healing effect but it does nothing to help the itch. In fact I believe I somehow developed an allergy to it, as it would irritate my skin like crazy, I kept using it tho because it saved my skin at first.
Zinc ointment- this one helped a lot, as it would “dry” my skin out, so it would help a lot with moist areas like the creases of my elbows, or just anywhere because I would get lots of hot flashes, in addition to the zinc it had a vaseline base so it had the healing properties of that. The ointment I used, I believe had zero water content which I think was important to the success of it, because it was not a moisturizer.
Cerave anti itch cream- unsure how good this was, it helped my face when it was itchy but my face did not really get tsw, I think it somewhat works, it was definitely miles better than all the oat moisturizers they recommend for eczema but it was ultimately just too expensive lol
Compression- I never bought anything specifically for this but i used old cotton shirts that I would tie around my neck, and socks that I would cut and fit on my arm. Sometimes it would soothe the itch but it wasn’t bulletproof. I highly recommend getting something professional specifically for compression because I think it was really good at numbing the itch
Distractions- when having an itch episode, I tried my best to distract myself I tried flicking the palm of my hands where I had no tsw, and fidgeting with things but the BEST ,and I mean this seriously, was the Mario kart app on my phone. It’s immersive and you have to always be engaged and doing something with your fingers. The only con is that after you finish, there’s a lot of loading screens that take you out of the experience and it’s back to itching. I would counteract that by clicking restart before I would finish a race.
Cold- cold packs did work really well, but I found it annoying because my tsw was all over. Nowadays I just take a cold shower. I run extremely cold water and put only a part of my body in it like my arms or my feet. It helps a lot with cooling the internal body temp I think
Deep breathing- once again cools the body, slows down heart beat, and relaxes you. Itching can be anxiety inducing which no doubt increasing more itching.
Consistent eating- I’m putting this because I really struggle with it, I’m so used to skipping meals. Feeding your stomach at a consistent level is so important especially for hydration. I never felt anything different by going on different diets or trying supplements.
No moisture- I didn’t try this for very long, but I kind of understand why it works. I think the physical act of rubbing things in itself can be irritating. From what I understand moisture softens the skins which makes it more prone to damage and susceptible to irritation, which is why eczema often focuses on thicker ointments because they contain larger amount of occlusives which actually act as a barrier. I’ll admit I don’t know much about this so feel free to tell me I’m wrong
Nail filing/ alternative scratchers- I file my nail daily, I find it fun and it’s an easy thing to do as a multitasker, it help to have short nails because they do immediate damage. Instead of using my hands though I experimented with other ways to scratch my itch, my favourite is with this ordinary lash serum, it’s basically a plastic tube. Cylinder so it has no sharp point of contact. I also have used a lip balm. Because they are so “gentle” I have to press hard, I think the downward pressure is better for the skin than the horizontal scrape of sharp nails. However it does mean if I want a good itch I have to use more muscle power which can further heat flashes .
Less Showering- this might sound gross but I showered very little when I was at my peak severity because it was so painful, I would focus only on genitals, asshole, face (didn’t have much tsw here), hands, feet, i don’t rlly have an armpit smell because of Asian genetics. When I did shower, I used cetaphil gentle cleanser in a one litre bottle. I don’t think it gets any gentler than that. And I also used hypochlorous acid for disinfecting hands instead of alcohol. Nowadays I shower normally
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2023.06.03 13:50 throwaway_anoni Probably my biggest (work related)adhd tax

Although I’ve been working since I was a teen, I’ve had about a dozen jobs until now. Whenever I go to an interview, it’s the topic of discussion (fairly so) but when they state how most jobs are only 3/4/5 months, I know that I’m no longer considered no matter how optimistic I am, how many different experiences I have, or how open my schedule is (no children, currently taking a break from school, no hobbies etc).
Instead of admitting it’s due to adhd, I explain myself as someone who likes to be active and busy (but I guess it backfired as well because then they wondered what I would do if it became too slow at work and I don’t blame them because I’ve left some jobs for being too slow paced, not enough hours, not being given tasks and told to just stay there INCASE a customer needs me etc.
I just wish i could be one of those people fine with working one job for 15+ years
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2023.06.03 13:50 DarlingChaosPixie Y’all don’t wanna hear me, you just wanna dance

I try to share my wisdom about what I’ve learned, some hear me, some insist their toxic twin flame connection is different. I was like you for almost 8 years. So I’m not judging because I know what it’s like to be so stubborn you just have to learn the hard way. I am the same. I just don’t want to see more people needlessly suffer. But if you don’t let go of your toxic false flame you can never find your real one. I nearly died because of the toxic connection I couldn’t let go of. I am permanently disfigured from the things I did to myself while I was tethered to someone I convinced myself truly loved me. That he was just misunderstood. That others just didn’t understand him like I did. And then one day I let go and I found the man he was mimicking all along. Good luck though
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2023.06.03 13:50 Simple-abi So i Met a guy in Sevilla

So at this Moment im in Sevilla with the EU founded Erasmus+ and 2 days ago i met an American guy at a plaza.
Because of my language school (ends at 20:30) it was late but I don’t wanted to go home already. So I bought myself a bread and went to a plaza in the near to just enjoy the evening. A guy was next to me on the bank and also enjoyed the plaza. I listened to music with my headphones and just was just eating my bread and was happy. So happy that I wanted to share the bread so I thought about offer him some. So I did it but he said no but started to talk to me. We talked about stock market and live and so one, with the sun goes down and everything. It was great. So we sat there and were talking like two hours long. The we raked a picture gave each other the hand and said goodbye and went in different directions.
I was a bit happy that I offered him the bread but also was sad because I knew I would never see him again in my entire live.
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2023.06.03 13:49 AmIn1amh So how does melatonin work exactly?

My main issue with sleep is that my inner clock(or sunlight whatever) wakes me up around the same time no matter when I go to sleep. Actually it absolutely is the inner clock cause same shit happens in my old room at my parents’ place.
Last night I took melatonin for the first time in a while. I used to pop up to 5 per night.
I got the same amount of sleep, 5-ish hours, from 3-8. I have pretty much chronic sleep deprivation and suffer from near constant headaches. BUT today I actually felt rested and my headache is a lot milder.
Is melatonin really that powerful? The one I use has some supporting herbs and extracts.
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2023.06.03 13:48 LostPurple3574 I got 1000 Upvotes here last week grabe! Answering your questions to achieve what I have now.

Hey guys! Really overwhelmed with your comments of support, really really happy to receive a positive feedback with everyone.
I am the one who made this post:
With that, I am happy to share answers to your questions on the comment sections. Please take everything with a grain of salt as all our based on my experience, different advices, and my take on it as I assess it on my knowledge, capability, and situation.
So the question is, how was I able to achieve a bit of financial confidence in me as a young 20 year old guy years ago? (I am 28 right now)
To give more background, I am from a poor family. I paid for my education by working as a BPO employee, I had nothing and I experienced na makitulog sa kaibigan just to have a shelter. But I never gave up
Let's say you are like me, you have a good education but you just graduated and you don't know what to do.
Once you start working, you are going to realize that salaries between 20-40k is pretty low for a COMFORTABLE LIFESTYLE (Sorry I won't sugar coat)
You wanted to have a good lifestyle, a good stable income, a good demand with your expertise, and extra fund monthly to do side business, investments, or simply enjoy life. You can also plan out getting your first car in this.
With that, here are things that you should know or consider to do:
  1. Get job experience - This is pretty basic but I believe some people undervalue the importance of this, a lot of people wanted to jump from nothing to a high salary quickly but the question is, what can you offer? Why will a company pay you that much? What can you contribute? You see, it is very important to get actual work experience first and your next decision will be based from what you are feeling and seeing with your current industry. I am not a fan of average work as I like to be someone who is great in what I do. Because remember, Average effort can only produce average results
  2. Augment Your Skillset - What exactly do I mean by augmenting your skills? It can be as someone who is good in spreadsheets and data, similar to accounting or statistics. But the question is, how can you get paid good with that type of knowledge? Learn new skills that is complimenting your current skills - Learn coding or programming in which can transition your expertise from just knowing accounting/data skills and become a data scientist, it can also be something like you being a digital marketer but knowing how to use different skills like email marketing, eCommerce Softwares, Copywriting, and many more! You get the idea, how can you make yourself valuable to your clients/company.
  3. Decide what kind of lifestyle will you be comfortable sustaining - Decide which lifestyle you are willing to spend on that will give you comfort, security, and focus on what you want to achieve. This is very important as I have experienced it recently, not being in an environment that you want would make you do less. Point is, you can't really spend less with the lifestyle that you want. Its a matter of earning more instead of just focusing on bigger savings. If 50k is your comfort level, then earn more to save more. Wala eh, magastos talaga yung comfort mo. Again, living frugally na di maayos will just make you distracted and uninspired.
  4. Focus on increasing your earning power - Its just pretty common na most people starts with "Ano pwede investan? "San pwede mag invest?", while it is a good way to start knowing about investing but a lot did not consider EARNING POWER. Remember, if we just talk about Mutual Funds for example na mag gain ka ng 8-10% yearly, if you only have 10k to invest thats only 800-1000 php gain. Now, you can start investing naman but the most important thing is to increase your earning power. Investing 1000 php monthly can only give you little gain kahit ano pa yan to be quite frank. Kahit maayos na start yan if you want to achieve more you should focus increasing earning power. Ano to? Salary increase, more clients on the side, bigger role na may bigger pay talaga. Connected yung 5 ko dito.
  5. You are the asset - Yes, you are the asset. It means invest in yourself. Why will clients and company pay you a high level salary if you are just someone na makikita lang kaagad skillset? is it a matter of exploited agad na mababa pay mo? No, its just reality na you are irreplaceable. You have to be someone na valueable sa company. Make yourself valuable enough na loss ng company pag di ka nila nahire or if you leave them. Build that portfolio, compile your achievements, become outstanding. Pero even with this, don't get exploited parin and take care of yourself. I am not talking about overworking, just invest more in knowledge, experience, and expertise.
  6. Budgeting - This goes different for everyone, but for me nilalabas ko agad yung expenses ko before mag start yung month. Example June ngayon, nilabas ko na expense ko nung May last week. I have budgeted my rent, electricity, wifi, food, leisure, gas, car expenses. etc. All of these are cash or nakahilaway na sa main bank ko where I keep my money, EF, investments. I have a specific bank account/digital wallet for spending and a wallet organizer with multiple categories (Food, Gas, Parking, Groceries) meaning, yun lang pwede ko gastusin. Di ko gagalawin yung pera ko sa bank, yung tinabi ko lang for this month. I do the same process every single month
  7. Saving and Investing - Pay yourself first, before mag start month ko again nakabudget na, kasama na doon savings and investment ko. If you have good income na, decide mo magkano savings mo and investment and bawas mo na agad sa gastusin mo. Remember, Income - Savings = Expenses. Not the other way around. Make sure to also build an EF (Emergency Fund, for example 20k monthly cost of living mo then you should have at least 120k for emergency at buhay ka for 6 months without income if may emergency.)
  8. Insurances - Sorry, but don't get VUL. Do that math and you'll see, compare mo din health/life benefits niya vs traditional insurances. Traditional parin talaga, investment-wise naman mas madali pa mag invest sa ETFs/Mutual Fund. Based on my own exp and research to, shitty VUL. haha, get a 10-20 year payable life insurance to protect your health in case of emergencies.
  9. Learn about investing vehicles - Learn about putting your money sa stocks or as simple as putting money sa mp2 pag ibig, mutualfunds and ETFs. Invest at your own risk, make sure to study first. I wont really give an advice here besides LEARN IT!
  10. Invest in yourself mentally and physically - So lahat ng ginagawa mo sa buhay worth it ba? You are not an endless self-improvement project. Yes we still do a lot of effort to achieve excellent results pero end of the day you have to enjoy life with your loved ones and kahit ikaw lang din mismo. You are not climbing the mountain to say "I AM HERE AT THE TOP" but for you to see the world. Take care of yourself mentally and physically, enjoy and live a long life.
I hope may napulot kayong aral or something na pwede niyo i-start, will be leaving multiple links sa post na to sa mga threads na pinost at finollow ko before. Best of luck everyone!
Spending more for a comfortable lifestyle:
What are rich secrets that middle and lower class doesn't know?
Fellow pinoys earning 100k
Whats your biggest financial regret
1m is the hardest
People fantasize too much about the one percentile
Guide to corporate work life balance
Corporate pay
Fire calculator
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2023.06.03 13:48 YawnKK Player and NPC relationships

Just an idea I had that I think would be cool if added even at a surface level:
having a relationship meter with NPCs which when full would grant some friendly dialogue or even maybe help with an ongoing investigation through rumors and gossip from maybe your neighbour or a person you had previously helped with a job.
I'm aware everyone suddenly turns into backseat game designers when a cool early access game is released, but why not share ideas, eh? Personally, I'd love to see some more social elements in the game one day. The idea of just going out to a dingy bar late at night with a friend who might have some information that would help you sounds very cool to me.
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2023.06.03 13:48 tycho0 Do my foster kittens hate me??

Hey everyone I could really use some help!
So I recently started fostering some kittens (two 6 weeks olds 🤩) and from the moment I got them, one of them in particular totally imprinted on me. She was completely lovey, always wanting to be held, following me everywhere, snuggling me, sleeping on me at night, etc., overall just very strongly attached.
Recently, I had to start treating her for a URI that she got at the humane society and her energy has returned to normal. However, I’ve noticed in the last few days she no longer likes to be held, and while her “safe spot” used to be on my shoulders—she used to even balance on my shoulders when I’d walk around, now she tries to jump off almost as soon she gets up there. I’ve also noticed she’s no longer naps on/ near me and even started napping under the bed and more out of sight in the last few days. As her energy returns to normal, she is always playing with the other kitten and I’m sure that has something to do with it.
I would typically attribute this to URI and feeling better, but even before the symptoms of the URI she was super playful and attached to me.
of course realize this may sound ridiculous, but I was about 99% sure I was going to adopt her and as her foster stay is nearing its end, I don’t want to make a bad decision in either direction.
These are my first foster kittens so truly doing my best to make sure they’re happy and enriched but am I just being ridiculous?
Any input is appreciated 😩
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2023.06.03 13:47 Ilovetacos2022 Can a bugaboo buffalo fit a bigger / longer child than a Bugaboo Fox?

Also can it sit as upright as a Uppababy Vista? The Baby Bunting near me didn’t have any Bugaboo Buffalo’s on display.
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2023.06.03 13:47 Thirteencookies Places for going out I'll actually enjoy?

Hello, so I went to Kater Blau last night and was highly disappointed. The dance floor was small and few people were actually dancing on it, just swaying. I had more fun in an over crowded tiny karaoke bar in Munich and a punk bar in Bratislava. Also I found the blatant public sex caused me to have ptsd flashbacks. I don't care that people are hooking up, I just find seeing/being nearly out in the open causes me issues, if it's more hidden away then I'm fine.
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2023.06.03 13:47 Snikkiboodle I was fired from my job of 7 1/2 years. I’m devastated, angry and terrified.

I’m always running late. I do try to be on time and have made a ton of improvements on my timeliness since being medicated for my adhd.
I was fired along with 5 others for breaking company policy. The policy being; employees using other employees badges to assist them in punch-ins and outs. I admit I have been involved in these activities, this has been a common practice amongst several employees and normalized by department managers throughout our place of employment.
I was running late about a month ago and I couldn’t remember how many lates I’ve had so I called my coworker to ask if she could clock me in. I told her if she wasn’t comfortable, no worries. She’s done it for SO many of my other coworkers and this is not something I do often at all. I’m talking a total of maybe 3 times in my almost 8 year employment with this company.
Well, someone reported it and it initiated an entire investigation but only with a certain group of people. We were all interrogated and they wanted us to crack and give up information on other employees…I didn’t admit to anything. Big mistake.
I should’ve looked out for myself but decided to deny, deny, deny. The main reason being there is a lack of confidentiality and careless handling of investigations conducted at my place of employment. Due to this issue, management is almost always aware of what is said and who said what. Too many people, including myself, are constantly wary of saying anything, knowing that it will inevitably always lead to some form of retaliation. Including but not limited to targeting by favoritism, cutting hours, inappropriate comments/behaviors towards the employee, etc.
I’m so mad at myself for not admitting to how many other employees are doing this. I just didn’t want anyone to get it trouble. My own boss does this and I have witnessed, with my own eyes, her retaliating against fellow coworkers for reporting her for harassment.
They suspended me. I came back after my suspension and they broke the news and I broke down into tears. I could barely compose myself. I’m a single mother of two. I fucked up, I failed my kids. I will never make $30 an hr again in the field of work that I do. Idk what to tell my landlord.
Fuck. I hate that adhd makes me procrastinate and makes it so hard to get out of bed in the mornings. I hate that I basically went on medication FOR this job so I could keep up with everyone else. Fuck shit fuckkkk
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2023.06.03 13:47 travigal01 Why was my old home so scary

So i used to live in this house. It was newish it wasnt run down but it obviously wasnt the newest modern home either it was normal. But for some reason i hated being alone in it and had this feeling like something was extremely off about it or something was there that shouldnt be there with me. I lived there with my mom, her bf and my brother and i was 11 at the time. Onr time i could swear that someone had broken in. It didnt sound like it its just that i saw flashes outside of my room and im only 47% sure it was the reflection of the sun. This was in finland vantaa. Im ok telling the location that specific cuz i dont live anywhere near there. It could be the fact i wasnt the most sane 11 yr old. (Think imagining being an arsonist and killing my bullies and planning it) so it couldve been that but ik what i saw was real and it scared me shitless. It could be that im dumb and im not fully sure if it is a cryptid but im asking just in case theres anything that actually does that. I dont remember what it caused me to start getting paranoid. I dont remember a whole lot i think i heard like a step or creak noise that couldve been the washing machine but i honestly dont remember i was just scared to be alone.
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2023.06.03 13:47 -__-_-__-_-_ How much can they legally over work you in a salary job?

Sorry if how I asked that doesn’t make sense lol. This isn’t happening to me but a friend of mine so I also apologize if I got half baked info, I’m just trying to help them as much as I can. Okay so my friend had a receptionist job at this place that helps homeless people and addicts at will (I mentioned this bc it’s not a job where you can ignore things), meaning they could refused help and walk away at any point. Anyways recently one of her bosses was let go and they instantly came to them for the position. They completely undersold her responsibilities to them, while at the same time my friend was open about their lack of qualifications and experience. Every week since their hiring they have slowly increased her hours week to week, to the point here this week they’re pushing 70-80 and they’re completely exhausted. They literally just them in to do a 7 hour shift and I want to know if there’s anything they can do? I don’t even think they should be on the road (I forgot to mention that driving a bus is apart of their job) with the amount of sleep they’ve gotten. Is pushing a person that hard even legal? Sorry for the giant wall of text, I’m just trying to get this out as fast as possible. Thanks in advance
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2023.06.03 13:47 mint-racc Does it ever really get better?

Sorry if the flair isn't correct. I wasn't really sure how to label this. It's more of a vent than anything but if someone has something that may help, we're all ears.
To cut to the chase, I miss my abuser.
It feels wrong to call him that though.
We spent around 3, almost 4 years of our lives together. He was the first person to ever know I'm part of a system. We escaped horrific abuse together. I moved across the country to be with him.
He was never intentionally abusive, I truly believe that. Anything he did to us was a result of him healing from his own trauma and reenacting those experiences on us.
We did the same thing to him. Prosecutor, protector, persecutor, protescuator, whatever term may fit the part, but they hated him. They hate everyone. It took some time for us to realize that it was everyone not just him.
However, we were incredibly abusive to him too. We said some really horrible things many times. I said some really horrible things. I'm literally disabled and made ableist remarks directed at him.
The breaking point was when he said something extremely triggering to us, and an ex-persecutor fronted, slapping him in the arm. This escalated to him pushing us around and eventually getting us in a chokehold.
I still feel like I instigated everything. I was sort of drunk at the time and wasn't thinking clearly. If anything, we were drinking way too much at the time and have since gotten a lot better about it. Had we been sober, I wonder if things would have gone differently. I never would have laid my hands on him like that.
Ever since the incident, he's only gotten so much better and profoundly fast. He was practically nobody when we broke up, but now, he's basically a locally famous DJ, makes art all day everyday, and is constantly making new friends. He started therapy and hasn't had nearly the same demeanor as he did in our relationship.
If only I had held on for a little bit longer. If only I hadn't been such a dumb drunk. Maybe now I would have gotten the chance to see him at his best. Instead, I've only gotten worse with no hope of getting better.
I used to make music. I used to draw. I used to play instruments. I used to go for bike rides that lasted several hours. Now? I can't even go to the grocery store.
How is it possible for someone who seemed to have had it so much worse than me to be doing so much better now that I'm out of the picture? It truly reinforces the reasoning that I have no friends. I just hold people back from success. It has been 4 years since I lost my very last friend. My last real life connection to the world. Now I have no one. I just escape into my brain and talk to my headmates. We're all losing our minds in here.
All I want is to apologize to him. I hurt him so badly, and now karma has come to reap my soul. I want to live. I want to enjoy life. I want friends. Why is it so easy for him but so impossible for me?
I miss him so much. Life is so boring without him. He was the ONLY person I could relate to on anything. He was the ONLY person who we both just understood. Now I have no one. I have nothing.
It's been 6 months, half a year, what am I supposed to do?
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