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Listing or looking in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Or are you just fascinated by the booming residential and commercial market in our fair burg? Let's work together to stay informed and help each other find homes, find tenants, vet neighborhoods, discuss trends, speculate wildly about whether we're in a "bubble," and more.

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This is a community for real working dogs. These are jobs or tasks a dog is specifically trained to perform such as Guide Dog, Service Dog, Herding Dog, Police Dog, Sled Dog, etc. Silly/Fake jobs are NOT allowed in our sub. Read the full rules in the sidebar before posting.

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Post about RV Rentals by owner and the peer to peer marketplace. Get advice on RV Rentals, how to rent. How do RV's work? Looking for an RV to rent? Ask about it here. How do you start an RV rental business? Get advice from experts here. The growing movement of "Rent, not buy" and why this makes sense for many when it comes to RV's. Please keep this community on topic about RV rentals and limit the self-promotion. BE HELPFUL AND SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE!

2023.06.07 11:37 greentechproperty Green Tech Property Care Announces New Services

Green Tech Property Care, a leading provider of sustainable property care solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of new services to their portfolio. The company now offers concrete driveway sealing, pressure washing, exterior house washing, lawn maintenance,and roof and gutter cleaning services.
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Green Tech Property Care uses only the highest quality, eco-friendly products and equipment. The company’s concrete driveway sealer is made with a water-based formula that is safe for the environment and will protect your driveway from the elements for years to come. The company’s pressure washing service is also eco-friendly, using low-pressure water to remove dirt, grime, and stains from your home’s exterior without damaging the surface.
Green Tech Property Care’s exterior house washing service will leave your home looking its best. The company’s team of experienced technicians will use a soft washing process that is gentle on your home’s exterior but effective at removing dirt, grime, and mold.
Green Tech Property Care also offers lawn maintenance and roof and gutter cleaning services. The company’s lawn maintenance service includes mowing, edging, weeding, and fertilizing. The company’s roof and gutter cleaning service will remove dirt, debris, and moss from your roof and gutters, improving the appearance of your home and preventing water damage. for more information visit us -
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2023.06.07 11:30 PM_CACTUS_PICS Postgraduate housemate finding forum?

Hi. I’m joining as a PhD student this autumn and I’m starting to think about housing.
Are there any good housemate finding forums for Cambridge postgrads? I want to find people to rent a house privately with me once I my offer is confirmed.
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2023.06.07 11:26 Proastandtoast Van Life Chronicles: Exploring Iceland for Three Weeks

This sub has been an incredible source of information and inspiration, so I gave myself an hour to write down and share some insights from the recent three-week road trip I’ve had with my partner.
General remarks:
- Our main goal was to enjoy nature, so we were okay with spending absolutely no time on the golden circle or in Reykjavik. Due to the weather, we ended up doing both anyway; but these would be the parts of the trip I would skip first. Coming from continental Europe, we had almost no jetlag and could safely start directly with our journey. With more jet lag, some more time to adapt is definitely a good idea.
- We rented a 2WD campervan from Star Car Rental and spent all but the final night on campsites. Our experience with Star Car was very good. The price was competitive and included unlimited mileage, additional driver and all necessary utensils (chairs, table, cooking stuff). We got picked up from the airport and were ready to go within 15’. When giving back the car, we got driven to our hotel without any inspection (we did have zero excess insurance).
- Mid-May to beginning of June was a very nice time to travel. The days are long (I’ve seen no darkness), almost all camping places are open, but the crowds at the highlights are small – except for the big boys in the south.
- We started our days quite early and therefore typically arrived during the afternoon at the campsites. The kitchen area, showers and laundry spaces were often free to use. Be prepared to go to campsites that have only 2 stoves and 1 shower. During prime time, expect some waiting times.
- We picked up around 100 € worth of cash – two campsites were cash-only, everything else was absolutely card-first / cash-free.
Useful ressources:
- Vedur and Safetravel: This sub is absolutely right. Learn how to read and anticipate the weather before you get there. We were there during two yellow warnings and these things are really no joke. It helps to have plenty of time to spontaneously adapt the schedule. And we’ve seen it all: blizzard in the West, hail up North, storm in the East and sun in the South.
- Google reviews & park4night: These were pretty accurate for the campsites. 4+ stars are no-brainers, 3+ depend on your needs (kitchen, shower, electricity) and less than 3 should be avoided. Also, remember to rate them yourself during/after your trip to increase the statistical significance ;)
- Google Maps/MyMaps: MyMaps was useful during our planning to fill with random highlights (waterfalls, hotpots, hikes, campsites) and to set up a rough itinerary. Google Maps is accurate on paved roads. On gravel roads, expect some significant delays. Maps calculates with 80 km/h, while you will probably never exceed 50 km/h. In the Westfjords, we guess-timated our times with 2 minutes per kilometer on the gravel roads. The Happy Campers Campsite Map as well as the Hot Pot Iceland Map were nice to have in the back-pocket to check with some time to spare whether something is close by.
- Polarsteps: This was a cute little App, which we used to keep family and friends informed. You can add pictures and some text to your highlights. This way, you don’t send the same picture into various chats and there is a location- and time-dependent context.
Cost: This is the per-person cost breakdown for our 21-day trip (20-day camper rental, 1 hotel stay, total 3’500€).
- Rental (zero excess insurance, additional driver): 1’135 €
- Flight (from continental Europe): 700 €
- Activities (Pools, Spas, Horse-riding, Kayak): 300 €
- Camping (pretty consistent 2’000 +- 500 ISK p.P.): 275 €
- Groceries (Bonus, Kronan, Netto): 255 €
- Coffee, Beers, Food in Restaurants: 260 €
- Petrol (420 € in total for roughly 3’600 km): 210 €
- Souvenirs: 180 €
- Ferries (into Westfjords and to Westman Islands): 95 €
- Hotel: 75 €
- Sundlaug and Spas: When camping in small towns, very often there will be a swimming pool close by. They are not expensive (around 1000 ISK pP) and a great way to relax after a long day. Also, it feels nice to take longer, hot showers without knowing people are waiting in line. We decided to go for some smaller premium spas and were very happy with all of them: Krauma was one of our first stops, the Forest Lagoon was incredible during evening hours and GeoSea was also fantastic. Re: nudity. It takes a bit to get used to, but its very refreshing to see this very open approach to nudity in the pools. No one cares, no one watches – just do your thing. It’s cool to see groups of friends at all age groups be so open about it. Certainly very different compared to continental Europe.
- As we had to skip the Eastfjords a bit due to storm, we had some time left at the end. We spent the last 3 nights on the Westman Islands. It was great to leave the car for a longer while and do everything by foot. There are plenty of things to do and the swimming pool is fantastic.
- Mulagljufur: Use Google Maps to find the exact location, as of now, there is no sign along the road. The canyon is very beautiful and we ended up hiking for almost three hours. Couldn’t get enough of the views.
- Glymur: The infamous log wasn’t placed when we were there, but the short hike to the cave and towards the canyon was absolutely worth it.
- Camping highlights: Melanes campsite at Raudasandur beach (Westfjords): incredible scenery, wild drive to get there; Thingeyri campsite (Westfjords): directly at the fjord, fantastic infrastructure (probably the best kitchen we’ve had) and IMHO a great alternative to the Tungudalur campsite in Isafjordur; 66.12 N campsite (near Husavik): insane ocean view, good infrastructure, one of the best sites along the diamond circle; Glamping&Camping (Westmann Islands): beautiful setting, good infrastructure.
Itinerary (Highlights: *, ** or ***)
Day 1: Arrival at KEF during the afternoon in pouring rain, set up campervan, first grocery stops at Bonus and Kronan, Dinner at Issi’s Fish&Chips*, Camp at Hjalli Kjos
Day 2: Glymur hike** (up to river, no log), Krauma Spa**, scenic drive into Snaefellsnes, Camp at Freezer Hostel
Day 3: Check out Snaefellsnes highlights, get to Stykkisholmur in the afternoon, Ferry Baldur to Brjanslaekur, Hellulaug hotpot*, drive to Melanes campsite*** on Raudasandur beach
Day 4: full day at Raudasandur, great hikes, another night at Melanes campsite.
Day 5: Long drive through westfjords. Highlights included the self-service fish station in Talknafjordur (amazing fisk bollur**), Dynjandi waterfall and Sandfell hike. Camping at Thingeyri*, relax in local swimming pool
Day 6: drive to Isafjordur, check out city (kind of underwhelming, but it was a national holiday; the brewery is nice), do some small hikes in the area. Camp at Tungudalur.
Day 7: very long drive out of westfjords towards Varmahlid. Hot dog stop in Holmavik and arrive at Lambeyri campsite (cash only)
Day 8: woke up with dead battery, but got jump start by campsite owner. Horseriding tour at Lytingsstadir* was very nice, drive to Akureyri, visit Forest Lagoon**. It was Saturday night when we visited, upon leaving we had police checking every driver for alcohol – so better hold off the pool-side bar ;) wanted to camp at Vaglaskogur but campsite wasn’t open. Went up until the CJA campsite in Laugar with a late-night stop at Godafoss (around 10pm, were the only people there)
Day 9: check out Myvatn area: Dimmuborgir hike, Hverir, Leirhnjukur hike**. Then continue to Dettifoss and camp at Asbyrgi. Late night hike to Asbyrgi ‘island’*.
Day 10: Hike in Asbyrgi canyon, continue to Husavik, visit GeoSea**, camp at 66.12N***
Day 11: long drive with very strong winds. We had to go back to Akureyri (optician to fix broken glasses), so went through Myvatn again with a quick stop at Grjotagja. Beautiful drive, weather was too bad for Studlagil canyon, so we continued all the way to Borgarfjordur eystri. Crazy winds during the night and we were happy that our car didn’t get blown away.
Day 12: unfortunately, no hikes in this beautiful area. Waited for storm to pass until lunchtime, visited harbor with puffins**, drive to Egilsstadir (hot dog stop), continue to Seydisfjordur (kind of underwhelming town, the drive is gorgeous though) and, due to weather forecast, continue all the way to Djupivogur campsite.
Day 13: Incredible drive from Djupivogur to Höfn, stops at Hvalnes and Jökulsarlon. Hike at Mulagljufur***, camp at Svenifell.
Day 14: early-morning hike in Skaftafell**, continue to Kirjubaersklausur for campsite. Had to skip Fjardrargljufur due to weather, visited local swimming pool.
Day 15: yellow warning again. Continued to Vik for Skool Beans Coffee*, quick stop at Reynisfjara beach (red alert was on, so we didn’t go further than the sign), continue to Skogarfoss and hike part of Fimmvorduhals*, camp in Selfoss – swimming pool was closed unfortunately.
Day 16: Weather forecast was very bad, so we spent the day in Reykjavik. Walked around town, grabbed some coffees and visiting the local Sundhöll*. Camp at Mosskogar** (cash-only)
Day 17: Golden circle: hike at Thingvellir, look at Geysir, skipped Delfoss. Camp in Selfoss again.
Day 18: quick stop at Seljalandsfoss, ferry to Westman islands. Set up camp at Glamping&Camping** for the next 3 nights. Visited Brothers Brewery*.
Day 19: Kayak tour with Kayak-and-Puffins-company***. Visited local swimming pool* (trampoline slide was very nice) and watched a local handball game.
Day 20: Hike along volcanoes and coast**, visit brewery again, go to puffin bay**
Day 21: Ferry back to mainland. Drive back towards KEF. Drop-off campervan and spent night in Konvin Hotel. Early morning shuttle to airport (we arrived about 2h early for our 7 am flight and had plenty of time).
Of course, I’m very happy to answer any questions you might have!
Hope this is helpful to some of you :)
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2023.06.07 11:24 CuteConfusion9851 highly unlikely cfg lineup

highly unlikely cfg lineup
someone sent me this lol idk where it came from and i know it’s most likely fake. it’s definitely something fun to talk about though. who do you think will be on the lineup?
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2023.06.07 11:23 Hentrox Flatting questions (first time flatter)

I'm 24 and wanting to move into a flat (first time). I've seen several posts here from people talking about having terrible experiences when they were 'boarding', due to the house owner having ultimate/legal control over pretty much everything (and this leading to many subsequent problems/conflicts).
Are all situations where you would be living with a house owner a 'boarding' situation (legally)? Or is there some other legal arrangement that can occur? Should I stay away from boarding situations in general for the reason illuded to above?
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2023.06.07 11:04 lechatheureux The Tonpa Kingdoms Part 2 (The Kingdoms of Jangshun and Monyul)

Check out part 1 for context
The Tonpa Kingdoms Part 1 (Overview and The Gods) : worldbuilding (
There are 5 connected Kingdoms that have Tonpa as their main religion these are.
A Place of snow-capped Mountains and green Valleys, said to be built upon the ruins of the ancient Jungar people who controlled much of the area of Jangshun and the nearby kingdoms of Monyul and Taishigang.
Very little is known about the Jungar, their ruins are scattered throughout the landscape of Jangshun, and are often characterized by simple stone structures, pottery shards, and other artifacts. Based on these remains, it is believed that the Jungar were a relatively simple society, with a lifestyle that revolved around farming, herding, and other basic activities.
Despite their lack of sophistication, the Jugar are an important part of the history and culture of the region many myths and legends have grown up around them, the people of Jangshun often see the Jungar as a symbol of the enduring spirit of the region, and take pride in the fact that they were able to survive and thrive in a harsh and unforgiving environment. In addition to their physical remains, the Jungar have left a lasting impact on the people of Jangshun in other ways. Their language, customs, and traditions are thought to have influenced the culture of the later kingdom, and many people still feel a strong connection to the Jagun and their way of life.
The Capital of Jangshun is called Druktse, founded by Dragon Priests and the legendary Namgyal dynasty the city is known for its unique architecture, with buildings made of wood and stone, intricately carved and painted with colorful designs and motifs, the streets are narrow and winding, with prayer flags fluttering in the breeze and the sound of temple bells ringing in the air.
At the center of the city is the Royal Palace of Jigme Wangchuk, a majestic building that serves as the residence of the Royal Family, the palace consists of several wings and halls, each with its own specific function. The main hall is the center of political and ceremonial activities, where the king held court and received important guests. The royal family's private quarters were located in a separate wing, with opulent living spaces and lavish decorations.
One of the most impressive features of the palace is the Eagle Tower, a tall structure that houses the elite Eagle Guards, who were responsible for the king's security the tower is covered from top to bottom with intricate carvings of the bird of prey.
The palace is surrounded by lush gardens and fountains, and it is guarded by soldiers in traditional Eagle attire, the Eagle Guards of the palace of Jingme Wangchuk are an elite group of soldiers tasked with protecting the king and the royal family, known for their fearsome reputation and exceptional combat skills, the Eagle Guards are considered one of the most prestigious units in the Jangshun army.
The guards are named after the majestic eagles that inhabit the mountainous regions of Jangshun, and they were trained to emulate the hunting tactics of these birds of prey. They are adept at using the terrain to their advantage, and are particularly skilled at scaling steep cliffs and mountainous terrain to surprise and overwhelm their enemies. In addition to their exceptional combat skills, the Eagle Guards were also known for their loyalty and dedication to the royal family. They undergo rigorous training and were selected based on their physical prowess, intelligence, and character, to become an Eagle Guard, applicants must be graduates of both the School of the Father and School of the Dragon.
The Eagle Guards are outfitted in distinctive uniforms that featured a stylized eagle emblem, and they were armed with a variety of weapons, including bows, spears, and swords. They were also known to use eagle feathers and talons in their armor and equipment, as a nod to the unit's namesake.
Druktse is a hub of cultural and religious activities, with several monasteries and temples located throughout the city.
The most famous of these is the Tashicho Dzong, a stunning fortress monastery that serves as the seat of The Gyelpa (The Duke) the secondary ruler of Druktse and the center of Druk-Ta worship. The dzong is surrounded by high walls and towers, and is accessible through a grand gate that is guarded by soldiers. The interior of the dzong is a maze of courtyards, chapels, and offices, all connected by narrow passageways and staircases.
One of the most impressive features of Tashicho Dzong is its towering central fortress and monastery, which rises above the rest of the complex and can be seen from miles around. This fortress is home to the Dragon Priests and is one of the most important structures in Jangshun. The fortress monastery is also famous for its beautiful architecture and intricate artwork. The walls of the courtyards are adorned with colorful murals and paintings, while the chapels are filled with statues and other religious artifacts. Visitors to Tashicho Dzong can tour the complex and learn about Jangshun history and culture, as well as observe the daily routines of the monks who live and work there. The Monastery is open to the public during certain hours of the day, and visitors are advised to dress modestly and remove their shoes before entering the chapels. Even though the current royal family of Jangshun are connected to The Father, The Dragon holds a special place in Druktse.
The people of Druktse are known for their warm hospitality and their strong sense of community. They celebrate several festivals throughout the year, including the annual Tshechu festival, the 3 Gods Festival which features colorful dances and rituals performed by monks and laypeople.
To the north-east of the Kingdom lies the second biggest city in Jangshun, the city of Lhagyal, often called “The Fire-proof City”
Lhagyal is a mass of stone walls and buildings with precious little wood being used at all, the walls of the city are imposingly high and even the central palace is relatively flat and does not rise above the walls, there are 4 gates made of pure steel and those are the only entrances and exits.
Inside the city walls, the streets are narrow and winding, with tall, tightly packed buildings constructed from rough-hewn stone. The architecture is distinct, with flat roofs and ornate metal doors decorating the doorways and windows, many of the buildings are built into the city's walls, their backs resting against the ancient stones.
There is more to the city than what meets the eye. Beneath the streets lie a labyrinth of tunnels and catacombs, built for both practical and spiritual purposes. Some are used for storage or as escape routes, while others are filled with ancient artifacts and sacred relics. The catacombs are also home to a complex network of underground temples and shrines and busy streets that are home to underground residences and businesses.
Despite its rugged appearance, the city's architecture is a testament to its resilience. It has withstood numerous attempts at invasion over the centuries, including attacks by powerful enemies armed with the latest in siege weaponry. The city's fortifications are a marvel of engineering, designed to withstand even the most devastating attacks and yet, for all its defensive prowess, the city has never lost sight of its cultural heritage.
The most famous instance of this was when the neighbouring Confucian Kingdom of Jinyun attempted to invade Jangshun with its impressive military might, scores of loyal foot-soldiers hardened by decades of conflict and advanced siege technology that included weapons that used fireworks.
The city withstood months of warfare with Lhagyal earning its nickname of “The Fire-proof City” The stone structures withstood the fireworks and the hard rock of the walls withstood the Jinyun catapults, outside the city several guerilla efforts by the Eagle Guards, The Company of the Hand and The White Tigers from Monyul lending their support repelled attempted on-foot invasions by the hardened Jinyun soldiers.
In the south-west of Jangshun, near the borders of Monyul and Taishigang lies the town of Gyalpeling, a place revered by monks and pilgrims alike. Gyalpeling, meaning "Abode of the Victorious" is a small yet vibrant town located in a remote corner of the kingdom. Its strategic location, surrounded by imposing mountains and blessed with fertile lands, has made it a crucial hub for spiritual activities and monastic life. The town is centered around a grand monastery, which serves as the heart and soul of the community. The monastery, known as Samtenling Monastery, is a majestic complex of ornate buildings adorned with colorful murals, fluttering prayer flags, and the sound of chanting monks echoing through the air. It is a revered place of worship and learning, drawing scholars, practitioners, and seekers of wisdom from far and wide. The streets of Gyalpeling are lined with modest housing for monks, adorned with intricate woodcarvings and colorful paintings. The locals, known for their warm hospitality and deep reverence for Tonpa, every activity the townspeople engage in helps the monastery in some way, whether trading, farming or craftsmanship, every resident of Gyalpeling helps out the monastery in some way. The town also boasts natural hot springs, believed to have healing properties, which attract pilgrims and visitors seeking solace and rejuvenation. The pristine rivers and lakes surrounding Gyalpeling add to its enchanting beauty, serving as places for meditation, ritual ablutions, and scenic walks. Gyalpeling is not only a place of spiritual significance, but it also serves as a center of learning, with numerous scriptoria, libraries, and meditation caves where monks engage in intensive study, contemplation, and meditation, prospective monks come from all over the 5 Kingdoms to study in Gyalpeling, as monks educated within its walls are valued in any court of the Tonpa Kingdoms.
One of the most valuable cities in Jangshun isn't far from the capital, a short 1 hour horse ride east of Druktse stands the city of Jangtse, a jewel in the crown of the kingdom. Jangtse, meaning "Silver Peak" in the local tongue, owes its fame and prosperity to the rich veins of silver that run through the nearby mountains, making it a thriving center for mining and trade. At the heart of Jangtse rises a magnificent conical palace, known as Jang Potrang, or the "Silver Palace." The palace, glistening like a beacon atop the tallest hill in the city, is adorned with silver-plated roofs, walls, and pillars, reflecting the sunlight and casting a mesmerizing glow over the surrounding landscape. It serves as the royal residence, where the Count holds court and conducts affairs pertaining to the area between Jangtse and Druktse. The streets of Jangtse are lined with buildings that boast silver-plated facades, creating a surreal and shimmering sight as one walks through the city, often shining gold from reflecting the sunlight, the wealth of the city is evident in the intricate silver filigree work that adorns windows, doors, and rooftops of temples, mansions, and markets alike. The silversmiths of Jangtse are renowned for their craftsmanship, producing exquisite silverware and jewelry that are sought after by collectors and traders from distant lands. The city is a bustling center of commerce, with a vibrant market square where merchants from across the region gather to trade in silver, gemstones, textiles, and other precious goods. The sounds of bartering, laughter, and the clinking of silver coins fill the air.
The Armies of Jangshun are known for their ferocious foot-soldiers, the every-day rank and file soldiers of the Jangshun armies are regarded as the best in the region and are a feared prospect to face on any battlefield.
The soldiers of the army of Jangshun are highly disciplined and skilled in the art of warfare, and are renowned throughout the region for their courage and loyalty. They are trained in a variety of weapons and fighting styles, including archery, swordsmanship, and hand-to-hand combat.
It is said that the success of the army comes from the fact that many men and women who fight in it are from mountainous regions and are conditioned from a young age to move over mountainous land with ease, their armies can easily traverse land that would be impossible for normal armies to travel over, due to the fact that the soldiers know the land.
The army of Jangshun is led by a commander-in-chief, who is appointed by the common foot-soldiers and is responsible for the overall strategy and tactics of the army. Under the commander-in-chief, there are several generals and officers who oversee different units of the army, each with their own specific roles and responsibilities. The soldiers of the army of Jangshun are equipped with a variety of weapons and armor, including shields, helmets, and chainmail. They are also skilled in the use of traditional weapons, such as the da and the gochu, which are types of swords. In addition to their skills in battle, the soldiers of the army of Jangshun are also highly respected for their loyalty and devotion to their ruler and country. They are known for their strong sense of duty and honor, and are willing to lay down their lives in defense of their homeland. The army of Jangshun is often called upon to defend the kingdom against invading forces, and has a long history of successful battles and campaigns. Their reputation for courage and skill has earned them the respect of their neighbors and allies, and they are a source of pride and inspiration for the people of Jangshun.
One of the most famous regiments from Jangshun is the “Wheel of Steel” A heavily armored longsword unit founded by Princess Jamyang Daughter of King Kunga and Sister of King Yangchen of the Yeshe Dynasty after she travelled to Europe and witnessed people fighting in full suits of armor, this was a foreign concept in the areas around her and she implemented the idea with her Father's (And later Brother's) full support they were first deployed in aid of Taishigang who were experiencing an invasion from a nearby Dharmist Kingdom. The longswords cleaved through the invading forces lack of armor and their steel plates deflected blows.
Monyul is a land of vast open spaces and stunning natural beauty. The kingdom is home to a proud and fiercely independent people, who have built a rich culture and a strong military tradition, its plains are green and warm during the summer but snow is not uncommon in winter. Dharmaling is the capital city of Monyul and is nestled in the hills, surrounded by winding rivers and vast grasslands. It is a city steeped in tradition and culture, with a rich history that stretches back centuries.
Dharmaling was built as the northern most outpost of the Dharmist Indraprastha Empire but was conquered by Tonpa forces from a tribe that would eventually become known as the Monyul. The city is built around a central marketplace, where merchants from all over the known world come to trade their wares. The marketplace is a bustling hub of activity, filled with the sounds of bargaining and haggling, and the aromas of exotic spices and perfumes.
The Company of the Wind have their main offices in Dharmaling and use the bustling 10 storey wooden building to plan its operations throughout the known world. The streets of Dharmaling are relatively wide due to the constant horse carts that pass through them. The buildings are made of stone and wood, with intricately carved facades and ornate balconies. Many of the houses have flat roofs, which are used as outdoor living spaces during the warmer months. At the heart of the city lies the great monastery of The 3 Gods, unlike in other cities which have separate monasteries for the three Gods, this temple combines them as a display of unity between the three sects. The massive structure dominates the skyline, with its towering walls and intricate carvings. The monastery is home to a community of monks, who dedicate their lives to the study and practice of Tonpa. Surrounding the monastery are the homes of the nobility, who are known for their wealth and power. These grand estates are filled with beautiful gardens and courtyards, and are often adorned with intricate carvings and colorful murals. Outside the city walls, the landscape is dotted with small villages and nomadic encampments. These communities are home to herders and farmers, who make their living tending to the region's yaks and sheep. Despite its remote location, Dharmaling is a city of great importance, both culturally and politically. It is a place of pilgrimage for Monks, Merchants and laypeople from all over the world, and is also a hub of trade and commerce. The people of Dharmaling are proud of their heritage and their way of life, and are fiercely protective of their city and its traditions.
A 30 minute walk to the west of Dharmaling lies the Temple of Tong Thang, the Beehive Temple, as visitors approach the temple, they are greeted by the gentle humming of bees that buzz around the entrance, seemingly inviting them inside, the entrance is adorned with ornate wooden doors intricately carved with depictions of bees in flight, the temple is home to hundreds of bee colonies. The interior of the temple is a marvel of craftsmanship.The walls are adorned with honeycomb patterns carved into the stone, creating a mesmerizing visual display. Soft light filters through small openings in the dome-shaped ceiling, the centerpiece of the temple is a large altar made of honey-colored stone, adorned with intricate carvings of bees and honeycombs, where devotees offer their prayers and offerings. The Temple of Thong Tang is a place of worship dedicated to the reverence of bees and their significance in nature and the cycle of life, every day priests and priestesses of The Mother make their way to the temple to tend to the bees, bringing them water and sliced fruits, every year there is a festival outside the temple where priests and priestesses of Caihong distribute honey gathered from the bees.
Monyul is home to a large lake called Jangchub Tso, the lake is bordered by lush green forests and snow-capped mountains to the south-east, a product of Monyul's border with Taishigang.
On the edge of the lake there is a large city called "Gangri Thang", which is known for its fish markets and skilled boatwrights, nobles from the surrounding Kingdoms often commission boatwrights from Gangri Thang to build grand freshwater barges for them.
Several villages surround the lake, mostly fishing and farming communities, every spring fishermen from these villages make their way to Gangri Thang with hundreds of fish, hoping to hock their catch to fishmongers, tourists and Company of the Wind officers.
The fish they carry is mainly the several species of trout that live in the lake but a few of the lucky ones carry the Golden Mahseer, a gleaming fish variety that is said to be very difficult to catch, although the taste of the fish pales in comparison to the trout, the Golden Mahseer is revered for its scales that give off a vibrant golden glow, these scales are often used in ceremonial dress of the region adoring clothing and jewellery.
The people of Monyul are also skilled artisans, known for their intricate weavings and pottery. The kingdom is home to many workshops and marketplaces, where merchants sell their wares to buyers from all over the region. The people of Monyul are known for their skill at horsemanship, and the kingdom is home to some of the finest cavalry units in the region. The army of Monyul is also composed of archers and spearmen, who are trained in the art of mounted combat and guerrilla warfare.
The most prestigious regiment of Monyul is a cavalry unit called the White Tigers, the horsemasters of the White Tigers are known as the strictest in the Tonpa Kingdoms, if a horse fails a single training drill both the horse and rider are deemed unworthy. The White Tigers main weapon is a thick spear, painted red with a bronze spearhead, it has a heavy counterweight at the back that also doubles as a blunt weapon. Their secondary weapons are a heavy sword and a short bow.
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2023.06.07 11:00 Citizen639540173 Cost of Living crisis: why not add strategic price controls and dividend controls?

Am I missing something?
Inflation keeps rising, and the BoE keeps on increasing interest rates, which become unaffordable for people at some point (personal to each mortgagee). Worse case scenario is people are forced to sell to clear their mortgage debt, or the bank takes the property.
In both cases, many properties probably get sold to unscrupulous commercial or private landlords at knock-down rates for quick sales, which restricts the housing market further for individual buyers, and they don't pass on savings to people they rent to to protect their own profits.
Those who already rent also have problems with interest rate rises as their landlords pass on those increases at the next opportunity.
Meanwhile, the cost of living is increasing most other places. Sure, energy prices have risen and the government's put in place some very limited measures to help with caps, etc - but people are still paying way more than they did, and they've now removed the additional cap and allowed energy providers to fiddle with standing charges and rates to continue to squeeze whatever they can out of people as the weather improves and energy use drops. They introduced a windfall tax, but then lots of loopholes that allow companies to get away without paying those windfall taxes, including if they "invest". Instead, the government could have increased taxes (and introduced permanent excessive profit taxes to all sectors), and then the government could use that to help with energy prices as well as deciding where and how to invest rather than leaving it to private enterprise.
Food and other goods have increased massively. For sure, this is in part due to increased costs - materials/ingredients, transport, etc, etc.
But clearly, there's also been a lot of bandwagon jumping - people hiding behind increased costs to make more money. This is evidenced by the rich continuing to get richer, corporations getting richer... But the average person having the biggest drop in living standards since records began, and the biggest gap between the average income and average house price since 1876.
And yet the BoE's increasing interest rates to try and stem inflation isn't working.
Why? Because a lot of people have already cut a lot of non-essential spending. They have little choice but to pay the inflated prices on housing, food, energy, transport, etc, etc.
Surely a much better way to control inflation would be to add strategic price controls?
Doing so should include rent price capping. With other goods and services, it seems a little difficult - because if you cap prices below what they cost to produce/provide, especially with rising costs, then that could cause companies to go bust. But there's maybe other ways to do it - maybe restricting profits (price above costs)?
Also, shouldn't we be considering dividends freezes or caps? Because those dividends often always seem to be paid - whether people are laid off, whether prices are increased... If there's less incentive to raise costs because the money can't be released to shareholders, would it help stem inflation?
I accept that none of these things are perfect solutions. Everything has potential issues, too. But what's happening now isn't working, and we need other solutions to help more people and not just serve to benefit the rich, the powerful and corporations? Sure, there will be balance points that need to be found - but carrying on as we are isn't working?
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2023.06.07 10:56 grababitoblue Housing association has set up my rent account with someone else’s details

Hi all, I’m looking for a bit of advice on how I should be dealing with this situation as I’m not getting very far with a resolution going through the housing association themselves.
TL;DR - Housing association has put someone else’s payment card number on my rent account resulting in my manual rent payments going to someone else’s account. Is this a data protection breach and how to proceed?
I moved out of my parents home in early 2021 to live alone in my first house with a housing association in the North West of England. They’ve honestly been nothing but problematic to get anything done, resulting in me having to go to my local council multiple times to get them to do anything helpful.
Thankfully I’m moving home in the next month and will no longer be renting with them. I have always paid my rent through direct debit monthly until now where I cancelled it to pay my rent manually so I wouldn’t be overcharged when I move as I’ll only be in this house for 2 weeks of July and not the whole month.
When I rang them to cancel the direct debit I was asked if I’d been at or will be moving to another address with them as my name was showing under 2 addresses which was bizarre as they’d never told me this before. I’d told them no as this is the only house I’ve ever been a tenant for so far in my life and I’m moving to a private rented property. They dismissed it as their system being weird and cancelled my direct debit as requested and I thought nothing of it.
After this was done I went ahead and paid a month’s rent in advance to cover me to near my tenancy end date and done this manually through the housing association’s website. On the website you have your own account associated to your current address, your housing officer’s name and you are assigned a payment reference number which is used to pay money into your rent account on the website or on the phone and is basically a long number similar to on a credit or debit card. You cannot edit any details on this account apart from your contact details.
Their online payment system automatically fills in your payment reference number as the account you will pay into for your property as this is pulled across from the details they’ve got on your account. I can only assume that someone has entered these when the account was created. You are also sent a payment card in the post with this number on when you move into your property.
I was getting concerned after a couple of days that the manual rent payment I made in advance was not showing on my account yet when they’re usually quite fast to show. Another odd thing was that the housing officer that is associated to my property had changed with nothing sent to me to say that they had changed over. This was important as well as I have a housing inspection with my housing officer very soon to sign paperwork and to check the property condition. So out of curiosity I grabbed my payment card and double checked the details on it compared to the details on my online account and have found that the payment reference numbers do not match, not even closely.
I contacted them about this and come across an issue instantly where they refused to initially speak to me about my tenancy as apparently I was not on it to have permissions. I’m the only one on my tenancy and have only ever been. Again turns out that apparently my name is showing under 2 addresses but they can’t tell me anything about it for reasons relating to security and data protection.
After about 45 minutes on the call they tell me that the payment reference number that’s been associated with my online account and auto fills for rent payments isn’t actually mine and is someone else’s and that my rent payment has gone to their account and not mine. They’re supposedly sorting this out to be corrected but are really dragging their heels about it and it has resulted in me now going into rent arrears.
Am I correct in believing that this is a breach of data protection as someone else’s payment details for their rent account has been associated with my account for me to see and pay into without my knowledge and most probably without theirs? I’ve mentioned this to them and they still aren’t getting into gear with resolving it quickly.
Any advice on how I should go about this or if I should just leave this to be resolved by them would be helpful as I’m fed up with them messing me about for the last time.
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2023.06.07 10:55 South-Juice961 The whole story of my wife (f24) and I(m23), help?

Tl;dr My still technically wife and I have been going through a messy separation, looking for insight listed at the end of the post. Fair warning it's a long one
Made 2 previous posts Me (M23) and wife (F24). This is kind of the whole of those 2 previous posts and all that has happened since
My wife and I originally went to school together and rekindled a friendship in 2021. We began dating on June 26th of that same year while I lived in Texas and her in Oklahoma. She had to kids, both from different partners. While we were friends she vented to me about how her previous partner left because he wasn't interested in being a parent. I was upfront to her that I was in a state where I was working on myself, mainly esteem wise both from a past partner and with my upbringing, and told her I did not want it to become her problem if we were together. At that time, we agreed to be communicative about our own hardships and to speak to each other so we could help each other through hard times.
We were together for about 3 months, during which I would make visits to Oklahoma to hang out with her and her kiddos, spend quality time with her, with them, and with all of us together as well. After this 3 months span, we thought things were going okay enough for me to move in with her. I moved in with her near the end of September 2021 and for a while we were very happy with one another. We were very openly intimate and basically honeymoon phasing still. Since her family helped her out beforehand with child care, and since we still needed it to both work, we moved in with her family in November 2021.
Around this time, we ended up finding out she had gotten pregnant. Her and I kept it between the two of us as she was unsure of her families reaction to it. Her and I were both working still during this time and in February 2022 was when we hit our first bump in the road.
Her and I had always been very open with our phones, and had shared passcodes and the like. In February 2022 she had been acting off, I thought due to her pregnancy she had of course wanted some space to herself. I ended up finding out by looking at her phone one night that she had been sending illicit images to someone on her snapchat. I confronted her about, and the first thing she tried to say was that they were old (they were not, because some of them as a scrolled up said October 2021, the previous year). After this I asked her to explain herself on it, to which she responded that the person was an old F buddy who had threatened to release her photos online if she didn't continue supplying him. I was unsure to about this response, and took some time to deliberate everything.
In my mind I could not just take my own emotions in to account, I had to consider her 2 step kids getting to know me as dad as well as my unborn child. She had given me to no reason to distrust her before that so I was willing to go forward with the relationship on the grounds that we be more open with one another. In the months that followed, she even showed improved resolve, and began showing more affection towards me once again. At times she was still down on herself and beating herself up over it, so I decided in April to show her I was committed to making things work and proposed to her. We got courthouse married in May of 2022.
Things continued on this way, in May 2022 I started a new better paying job and also her family decided to move to Texas, so we ended up paying them monthly to live in the house in Oklahoma. In June my wife went on maternity leave from her job, and we discussed her being a stay at home mother and me being the sole working party. We agreed it would work best so we wouldn't have to pay for child care.
Over the course of the rest of 2022, I ended up working more hours to make ends meet. At times, my wife's mother would speak with her and give her a hard time about not working. After she had these conversations with her mother I would reassure my wife that I would make sure everything was taken care of financially. Our baby was born in July of 2022.
In March 2023, I started a new job with the same company that paid almost twice per check what I had been making previously. I felt like financially, things were taking a turn and that it could be a big improvement in life quality for my wife and kiddos. However during this particular month I had an incident where my stress had overwhelmed me. It was like any other day where my wife handed me our baby as she was putting the 2 big kids to bed. The baby was teething and crying her head of, I had a lot of stress in apartment hunting, working related, etc burdening me and the whole situation overwhelmed me. I threw a bottle toward the wall, my wife came in hearing me throw it and tried to take the baby from me. In my flurry of emotions, I stiff armed her from me to keep her from taking the baby. A few hours later, I went downstairs to her and we spoke about it. I apologized and explained my sensory overload I was experiencing, but admitted it was no excuse for how I acted. I asked her how she was feeling, and she told me she was doing good that the incident had left her tired.
April 2023 is where everything now has fallen apart. I brought up a discussion to my wife because I had noticed that I had been messing up on my end by hanging out with gaming friends too much. I brought this conversation up to her and asked how she had felt about. This is when she outpoured a bunch of issues she had kept quiet on up until this point. She told me she felt like I had more fun gaming with my friends than hanging out with her and the kids, and she admitted to me that from the previous incident she was scared about my reaction at that time. Immediately upon her bringing these up, I tried to discuss with her a plan so I could work to make improvements. When I tried to communicate however, she said she didn't think we could fix things, and told me she wanted to separate. I was devastated because over the course of the relationship I was constantly adapting and improving to my best me for her and our kids and I felt like she was giving up on our marriage so easily. In the days following I worked on improving these things she addressed and we were working towards finding common ground
A few days after this conversation however, she got an incoming call from a person named "Papi" on her phone. When I tried to address it she tried telling me it was "an alarm". When I pushed the issue and told her what I saw she admitted to me that since mid April she had been talking to another man (who was also married). She said they started off talking as friends and complaining about their partners and it turned into flirtation. When I brought up blocking him, she said she didn't feel comfortable doing so, but later on claimed that she did block him since it was hurting me.
From then on we had discussions that ran in circles, I wanted to work for and fight for our marriage, and she said she wanted to be by herself and work on herself. We could not find common ground, and in a lot of conversations she would try to find a way out and said that the conversations for her were draining. Ultimately we both decided we were going to move to Texas, be separate and co parent as we worked on ourselves. We set boundaries regarding ourselves and the children and planned our move. One boundary I was very particular about was that I did not much care who she dated since we were going to be separate, but that if she dated the guy she emotionally cheated with that I wanted him in no way to be around our baby (I did not want this person, who to me was of very questionable moral character to be around my child). She agreed to me and even reiterated that she had blocked him.
In mid May, we both made our move to Texas. However, her mother was the owner of the house we had been staying at and had security cameras at the house connected to an app on her phone. Her mother had new about my wife's emotionally cheating and had shown me that after I had left the house that the man she cheated with showed up to help her move. And against my wishes, she brought him around our child and even had him carry our baby out of the house. Our plan was for her to drop my daughter off to me a few days after the move, but after seeing what happened I messaged her and asked if she could drop my daughter off to me that same night. She agreed.
During that night, she dropped her off to me and I then confronted her about what I saw. When she was planning the move, she has told me her cousin was helping her move. She tried to lie again and say she didn't know her cousin was going to bring him to help. I was baffled she was still trying to lie her way out. Currently, I only keep in contact with her to update her on the baby, send pictures, or to planned supervised visits to where I am currently staying.
She is currently staying with the man she cheated with. And this person even drops her off for her visits with my daughter. She claims to be sorry but her actions to me tell a different story. I had made mistakes but was willing to put in effort to fix them and she wanted nothing to do with it. I don't feel like my transgressions were bad enough to deserve how she reacted. Even in light of all this, she is trying to claim to be doing what's best for the kids, but is immediately introducing a new male figure into their life after I've been her step kids father for the past 2 years.
I want better insight on to why she might have handled things the way she did. All I feel now is anger at all the lies and betrayal and it makes it difficult to move forward with my self improvements. The only thing motivating me is my now 11 month old daughter. Even in spite of all that happened I don't wish I'll to my wife, but I feel like she has a serious lack of accountability or responsibility. I feel like her actions were very selfish to her own feelings, and that her cutting of communication with me and instead talking to another man rather than working on our marriage is a big issue on her part. I felt our marriage was very fixable yet she wanted to move on so quickly. And honestly I don't know what to believe from her anymore with all the lies she has told. Can you guys provide any clarity on why she might have acted this way, and what I can do to improve myself as well?
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2023.06.07 10:44 detroitmommy Suggestions for Divorce with Kids

Very quickly I have come ro realize just how bad the situation has become. In the last few months my Q husband has driven drunk with the kids, not been able to pick me up from the hospital because of drinking, and now someone has told me that they believe he is cheating on me (and im inclined to believe since he barely comes home at night but i dont have evidence that its true). I cant believe i am saying this after 13 years and two kids but i think i have to get a divorce. However I am really scared about custody of the kids because he is not safe and I hear that in Michigan (USA) where i live the default is 50-50 custody. Please give me any suggestions you all have who have gone through this. My children are ages 5 and 11. Do i need to hire a private eye to get proof of the drinking, driving drunk, and/or cheating? What are my options? I own our house (in my name only) what does that mean for spliting assets? I make 60,000 a year and he only makes 30,000, how can i avoid having to pay him alomony? How can i get full legal custody of the children? How much do divorce lawyers cost and how do i know if i pick a good one? Im so scared, but I don't think I can live like this anymore. Please tell me your stories of how you got through this..
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2023.06.07 10:44 testbankhub Test Bank For Basic Geriatric Nursing 6th Edition Williams

Test Bank for Basic Geriatric Nursing 6th Edition Williams

Test Bank for Basic Geriatric Nursing 6th Edition Williams
Basic Geriatric Nursing 6th Edition Williams – Test Bank
Basic Geriatric Nursing 6th Edition Williams
Chapter 01: Trends and Issues Test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. What fact explains the shift of health care focus toward the older adult in the late 1960s? a. Disability was viewed as unavoidable. b. Complications from the disease increased mortality. c. Older adults’ needs are similar to those of all adults. d. Preventive health care practices increased longevity. ANS: D Increased preventive health care practices, disease control, and focus on wellness helped people live longer. DIF: Cognitive Level: Comprehension REF: p. 1 OBJ: 2 TOP: Aging Trends KEY: Nursing Process Step: Implementation MSC: NCLEX: Health Promotion and Maintenance: Growth and Development 2. To what age group does the term “aged” apply? a. 55–64 years of age b. 65–74 years of age c. 75–84 years of age d. 85 and older ANS: C The term aged refers to a person s why on reG7T 5–B8.4CyeO Mrs of age. DIF: Cognitive Level: Knowledge REF: p. 2 OBJ: 1 TOP: Age Categories KEY: Nursing Process Step: Implementation MSC: NCLEX: Health Promotion and Maintenance: Growth and Development 3. Which of the following is true of ageism? a. It is discrimination against persons solely on the basis of age. b. It causes a person to fear to age. c. It involves the use of cultural sensitivity to address concerns of aging. d. It focuses on resources for the older adult. ANS: A Ageism is a negative belief pattern that influences persons to discriminate against persons solely on the basis of age and can lead to destructive behaviors toward the older adult. DIF: Cognitive Level: Comprehension REF: p. 4 OBJ: 3 TOP: Ageism KEY: Nursing Process Step: Implementation MSC: NCLEX: Psychosocial Integrity: Psychosocial Adaptation 4. What is the most beneficial legislation that has influenced health care for older adult? a. Medicare and Medicaid b. Elimination of the mandatory retirement age Basic Geriatric Nursing 6th Edition Williams Test Bank c. The Americans with Disabilities Act d. The Drug Benefit Program ANS: A The broadest sweeping legislation beneficial to an older adults is Medicare and Medicaid. The elimination of the mandatory retirement age does not apply to health care. The Americans with Disabilities Act deals with all Americans with disabilities, not just older adults. The Drug Benefit Program was added to Medicare but deals only with medications. DIF: Cognitive Level: Comprehension REF: pp. 15-16 OBJ: 6 TOP: Legislation KEY: Nursing Process Step: Implementation MSC: NCLEX: N/A 5. What housing option for the older adult offers the privacy of an apartment with restaurant-style meals and some medical and personal care services? a. Government-subsidized housing b. Long-term care facility c. Assisted-living center d. Group housing plan ANS: C Assisted-living arrangements offer the privacy of an apartment or condominium with meals prepared and served limited medical care, and a variety of personal services. DIF: Cognitive Level: Knowledge REF: p. 13 OBJ: 9 TOP: Housing Options KEY: Nursing Process Step: Implementation MSC: NCLEX: Physiological Integrity: Physiological Adaptation 6. The 75-year-old man who has been hospitalized following a severe case of pneumonia is concerned about his mounting hospital bill and asks if his Medicare coverage will pay for his care. What would be the most hUelpSfulNrespTonse by the nurse? a. Medicare Part C pays 50% of all medical costs for persons older than 65. b. Medicare Part B pays hospital costs and physician fees. c. Medicare Part A pays for inpatient hospital costs. d. Medicare Part D pays 80% of the charges made by physicians. ANS: C Medicare Part A pays inpatient hospital costs, Part B pays 80% of physician’s charges, and Part D helps defray prescription drug costs. Medicare Part C allows individuals to receive health insurance through private insurance companies and typically pays entire costs. DIF: Cognitive Level: Application REF: p. 15 OBJ: 6 TOP: Medicare Provisions KEY: Nursing Process Step: Implementation MSC: NCLEX: Psychosocial Integrity: Coping and Adaptation
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2023.06.07 10:37 rahulsharma2023 Brilliantly Constructed Residential Homes In Bengaluru

Visit Bengaluru, a vibrant city in Karnataka's Deccan Plateau. See for yourself how beautifully the buildings in this Indian city mix in with their natural setting. There is a wonderful harmony between the city's natural and built attractions, from its attractive homes to its remarkable businesses. This city is known as the "Garden City of India" because of its abundance of beautiful plants. Live more comfortably in a tranquil and upright metropolis. Check out these hand-picked projects in Bengaluru.

Properties In Bengaluru

Ashish Narayana

Located in Thubarahalli, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Ashish Narayana is a project developed by Aashish Developer And Builders. The opulent project boasts sprawling verdant expanses and abundant airy areas, allowing for uninterrupted natural ventilation throughout the day. Experience the epitome of luxury with the exquisite 3 BHK premium row houses, boasting a private garden and no shared walls. Indulge in the opulence of your own personal oasis, surrounded by unparalleled elegance and sophistication. Indulge in the opulence of bespoke residences that are meticulously designed to align with your lofty aspirations. 3 bhk flats in Bengaluru are available at a selling price of INR 1.65 Cr.

Casa Grand Galileo

Located in Devasandra, Krishnarajapura, Bengaluru, Casa Grand Galileo is a project developed by Casagrand Builder Private Limited. Indulge in the convenience of effortless accessibility to all your heart desires - esteemed schools, top-notch hospitals, prestigious colleges, bustling workplaces, cutting-edge IT firms, thrilling entertainment zones, opulent malls, exquisite supermarkets, and an abundance of other lavish amenities. One shall no longer lament the inconvenience of traffic. Journeying from this location is an absolute delight, with the opulent Bangalore-Thirupathi Highway (OMR) a mere 120 meters away and the grand metro and railway stations in close proximity. 2, 3, and 4 bhk flats in Bengaluru are available at a selling price of INR 79.18 Lacs, 1.05 Cr, and 1.38 Cr respectively.

Mahaveer Tranquil

Located in Nallurhalli, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Mahaveer Tranquil is a project developed by Gomati Infratech. Indulge in the opulence of Mahaveer Tranquil, where a magnificent tower structure beckons you to experience the epitome of luxury living. Mahaveer Tranquil has been meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled opulence and indulgence to its esteemed residents, ensuring that their every whim and desire is catered to with utmost care and attention. Whitefield offers unparalleled connectivity to all the prestigious high-street retailers, providing a truly luxurious shopping experience. Whitefield is renowned for its opulent and pristine verdant expanses, untainted by any form of pollution. Whitefield is a grand and opulent vision, crafted to offer a sophisticated, eco-friendly, and avant-garde solution for a luxurious way of life. 3 bhk flats in Bengaluru are available at a selling price of INR 1.27 Cr.
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2023.06.07 10:36 dj_claudizzle My landlord sent this to me (June, 6, 2023.) I've already contacted lawyers and waiting on responses. What information can I legally gather from him to find out if this is real?

Their message reads:
"Hey [OP], it’s been brought to my attention, that I was sold this house illegally. It’s meant strictly for low housing income owners and the previous owner wasn’t allowed to sell it. Now they are foreclosing on him.
I know how hard this is to move and have to do it again. I’m genuinely sorry. I am losing my entire life savings that I put into this. I will prorate your rent as of today and credit that back along with full security deposit.
Looks like they are officially selling it June 21st. So you’ll have the next couple of weeks to find something. I found out recently and have been trying to fight with an attorney but looks like I’m out of luck."
My partner, roommate, and I have been living here for less than a month and the house has been renovated into two units. It feels strange to me that through the whole process of buying and renovation no one has said anything to them about the house being illegally sold.
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2023.06.07 10:34 clementheng Double bed Lady Room

Double bed Lady Room
Clement 60162202886
Room Detail:
Uniqueness of this room n house
1) 5 min walk to UCSI uni 2) 2 min walk to LRT/ MRT bus station, banks, shops n restaurants. 3) CCTV for safety n cleaniless 4) Spacious Sky Garden 5) WiFi 300 mbps 6) Solar Heater. 7) Water Dispenser : Hot n Cold 8) All local Chinese Students with majority females. 9) Fire Extinguisher in every floor 10) Newly n fully renovated house n rooms. 11) Modern n full cooking facilities n washing machine. 12) Fully furnished rooms with wardrobe, bed, mattress, table n chair. 13) Rental inclusive of all utilities, wifi, repair n maintenaice except room eletricity. 14) Super Safe, Comfortable and Clean.
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2023.06.07 10:34 anty_tac ILPT Request: Does death through electricity seem likely as an accident for insurance payout?

Hypothetically, if I have a life insurance and would want my partner to get this money, would dying by an electric shock during work on the house be approved as a claim? I imagine it can't be stuff like working on the breaker but is an open connection outside that the previous owners jerry rigged applicable?
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2023.06.07 10:34 kiwigirl83 How to politely tell a neighbour you don’t want to hang out

So I’m house sitting & the neighbour decided before I’d even met him that we were gonna be friends.. texting me to hang out etc. the home owners gave him my number & his to me in case I needed it. It seems since he’s friends with the home owners it’s like I’m obligated to be. How do I say politely say leave me alone? I’m running out of “I’m busy working” excuses
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2023.06.07 10:33 eatfortunecookie Social and career issues due to a rare and very embarrassing medical condition

I am really in need of advice, and maybe even a little encouragement or confidence boost. I’ll keep this as short as possible…
Read this and please try to raise awareness if you can:
I have spent my life with a rare, mentally-debilitating condition called idiopathic craniofacial erethyma, which is a nervous system condition that causes chronic blushing and red face for any (- sometimes no- ) reason. There was actually a “House MD” episode on it. I have an extreme version of it where it happens daily almost constantly unless I’m at home alone relaxing on the couch or something.It’s very obvious , incredibly embarrassing , causes my heart to race and makes people uncomfortable . It’s basically my fight or flight response In total overdrive .
As a result of this I got into drinking/drug use to try and take away the anxiety. A decade of my life that ended up being a total waste. Some of it worked, but not for long and then I was going thru withdrawals and the nightmare of getting sober. I’ve tried many psych. Meds including off-label ones typically for blood pressure that make me dizzy and nauseous. None really are effective. I’ve tried therapy. I’ve tried so many things, including many different doctors. I have bad PTSD and childhoood trauma which only adds to its frequency and is probably a main cause of it . It’s not something I can control.
It’s to the point where I’ve limited myself in life tremendously, and spent a decade in and out of rehabs because of the methods I tried to treat it myself. Just imagine: Anytime someone walks up to you, speaks to you, or asks you a question you go bright red. You basically can’t keep any of your private thoughts private. One time I had a Manager confront employees about money being stolen. I turned bright red because I was worried that I would and then they’d think it was me when it wasn’t. My manager saw my reaction and I was almost fired. If they hadn’t found who it was on the cameras after days of going through footage, she might even had gone as far as to attempt to press charges, which she threatened to do. This is what I mean. It’s not some minor thing like every acts it is when I ask for advice they say “who cares don’t care what people think it’s no big deal “ it goes way beyond that.
Right now I work overnights as a front desk at a motel because I don’t interact with people much that way. But if only I didn’t have this condition I know I have the smarts to do more with my life. And I make shit money.
But I do have it. And unless I get a risky surgery that could leave me permanently mentally disabled if it goes wrong, I’m shit out of luck.
I feel like giving up and don’t see a viable solution. I feel cursed. My finances are complete shit, I have no social life, my mom died when I was young and my whole family is fucked up and can’t help me. It just feels like I’m in a dark hole with no way out.
To some it might not seem like a big deal1 until you are living with it. It’s not something I can take deep breaths and make stop. It’s not something I can always just make a joke about or brush off in conversation such as when that manager thought I stole.
I give up. Thx for any input you can provide…so much for “keeping it short”
if you actually read all this thank you so much and I hope someone out there has a good suggestion for me because I’m at my wits end at this point and bracing for having to go live in my car again lol.
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2023.06.07 10:27 josiesjumpers Birthday Parties Jumper Rentals Simpsonville, SC– Josie’s Jumpers

Birthday Parties Jumper Rentals Simpsonville, SC– Josie’s Jumpers
Welcome to Josie's Jumpers, the number one place for Birthday Parties Jumper Rentals in Simpsonville, SC. We have the ideal assortment to fit any party theme or size, from lively bounce houses to exhilarating water slides and engaging obstacle courses. Our hardworking team makes sure the equipment is secure and sanitary, giving parents peace of mind while letting kids jump, slide, and play to their hearts' content. We take pride in offering outstanding customer service, helping you choose the right rental for your occasion, and making sure delivery and setup happen on schedule.
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2023.06.07 10:05 Suitefindernet Elevate Your Beauty Business in Barnstable Town, MA with Salon Suites for Rent

Barnstable Town, located in the picturesque region of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is a thriving community known for its charming coastal beauty and vibrant lifestyle. If you're a beauty professional looking to establish or expand your salon business in Barnstable Town, salon suites for rent provide an excellent opportunity. In this article, we will explore the benefits of salon suites and why they are the ideal choice for beauty entrepreneurs in this dynamic town.
Advantages of Salon Suites in Barnstable Town:

  1. Personalized and Private Space: Salon suites offer personalized and private spaces for your beauty business. These suites provide dedicated, fully-equipped areas that you can customize according to your brand and style. From the interior design to the overall ambiance, you have the freedom to create a unique and inviting atmosphere that reflects your vision. This personal touch creates a warm and welcoming environment for your clients, ensuring a memorable salon experience.
  2. Business Independence and Flexibility: Renting a salon suite in Barnstable Town MA gives you the freedom to run your business independently and flexibly. Unlike traditional salon settings, salon suites allow you to be your boss. You can set your working hours, choose your services and pricing, and create a business model that aligns with your goals. This level of autonomy enables you to provide personalized services and cater to the specific needs of your clients, setting you apart from competitors.
  3. Enhanced Client Experience: Salon suites provide an intimate and exclusive setting that enhances the overall client experience. Your clients can enjoy personalized attention and a one-on-one session with you in a private and comfortable environment. This privacy creates a sense of exclusivity and allows you to deliver individualized services, ensuring your clients feel valued and well-cared for. By providing exceptional service and a serene atmosphere, you can build strong client relationships and foster customer loyalty.
  4. Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: Renting a salon suite in Barnstable Town doesn't mean working in isolation. Many salon suite facilities foster a sense of community among beauty professionals. These communities provide networking and collaboration opportunities, allowing you to connect with like-minded peers, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects. Engaging with fellow professionals within the salon suite community can lead to valuable connections, referrals, and growth opportunities for your business.
  5. Prime Location and Local Clientele: Barnstable Town is a popular destination known for its coastal charm and vibrant community. By renting a salon suite in this town, you position yourself in a prime location with access to a local clientele that appreciates quality beauty services. Whether you specialize in hairstyling, skincare, or other beauty treatments, being present in Barnstable Town allows you to cater to the unique preferences and needs of the residents and visitors.
Finding the Perfect Salon Suite in Barnstable Town:
When searching for the ideal salon suite in Barnstable Town, consider the following factors:

  1. Location: Choose a salon suite located in a convenient and accessible area that attracts your target market. Consider proximity to residential neighborhoods, shopping districts, and other local amenities that can contribute to your visibility and client base.
  2. Facilities and Amenities: Evaluate the facilities and amenities provided by the salon suite facility. Look for well-maintained equipment, comfortable seating, ample storage space, and any additional amenities that align with your business needs.
  3. Lease Terms and Affordability: Understand the lease terms, pricing structure, and any additional costs associated with renting a salon suite. Evaluate the affordability and flexibility of the rental agreement to ensure it aligns with your long-term business goals.
For beauty professionals in Barnstable Town, salon suites offer a unique opportunity to establish and thrive in the beauty industry. With their personalized spaces, business independence, and enhanced client experience, salon suites provide the perfect platform to showcase your talent and creativity. By renting a salon suite in Barnstable Town, you can tap into the local market, build a loyal clientele, and elevate your beauty business to new heights of success. Take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey and explore the salon suite options available in this charming coastal town.
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2023.06.07 10:03 PurpleExplanation842 The Matthias Nicoll manor: Built in the 1670s by mayor of NYC Matthias Nicoll. throughout its lengthy history it housed hessian troops during the American Revolution, & was home to US Senator Samuel Mitchell & US Representative Martin Littleton. It was demolished & replaced in 1998 by its owner.

The Matthias Nicoll manor: Built in the 1670s by mayor of NYC Matthias Nicoll. throughout its lengthy history it housed hessian troops during the American Revolution, & was home to US Senator Samuel Mitchell & US Representative Martin Littleton. It was demolished & replaced in 1998 by its owner. submitted by PurpleExplanation842 to u/PurpleExplanation842 [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 10:01 djfredgarde A look at NYC’s reported pitch to house migrants in private residences

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2023.06.07 10:00 ThrowRAgradgirl My 28m bf of 10 months lacks ambition and I 23f am starting to get turned off

When me and him first met everything was great we had similar interests and we always had fun hanging out. About 2 months ago he got fired from his job in real-estate and I did everything I could to stay supportive. We even decided to move in together and I am still in gradschool howver i make decent money from my assistantship plus i have scholarships that help pay for housing.He then told me he wanted to be a tattoo artist so I helped him build his portfolio and made and Instagram page for him. In the mean time he decided to he needed a job to pay off his house so he found a temporary job as a dog groomer. Today he started his first day and he said he liked it alot and even thought about working there permanently but he's still unsure on what he wants to do in life. I told him I'm supportive with what ever he wants to do. However privately I am iffy about the situation. 1.because he only makes 11 an hour plus tips, I am helping him pay for his house now but I am going back to school in the fall so I won't always have this much extra money. 2. It seems like he is still unsure on what he wants out of life. He seemed so set on being a tattoo artist and now he changed his mind so easily. His excuses are that it's too competitive and he will be tired working and doing an apprenticeship. This bothers me because I feel like he lacks motivation or a clear path on what he wants in life.This has been an issue because now I can't finish in the bedroom and I keep questioning where our future is headed. I am unsure what to do here, do I express to him my concerns or should I just let him figure out what he wants in life? Should I break up with him ? Am I being an AH?
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