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2011.10.01 08:49 theJAW NOVUS ORDO SECLORIUM

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2023.03.30 06:48 KateBetsOnSports Residential Lease w/ purchase option

4.5 years ago I started renting a home in Michigan. I found it on CL as a rent to own lease w/option to purchase. It’s also a triple net bondable lease; and being as young and naive I was, I blindly signed the contract with a company named Orange REO in Florida. In the original lease with original property owners; there was a provision or clause (idk the difference lol) that stated I’m tenant is responsible for maintenance, taxes, and insurance. The title/deed was sold to a company called Nationwide community Revitalization in California December 2020 and Orange REO told me after the sale, I had no idea they were selling the title. I then received an email from the new company with a new lease and I just assumed, like a dumbass, I “had” to sign this new lease with said company to remain in my house, so I electronically signed the current lease in December 2020. This lease also read similarly as far as being responsible for maintenance, taxes, insurance… but they increased my rent from $350 to $550/mo and changed the duration of my lease from 25 years to 5 years. This lease also states I waive my right to a jury trial. The lease is not in the name of the company (NCR); instead it says “5555 2nd Street Michigan Trust” as the Lessor and myself as the Lessee. I also paid a deposit of $3,500 for the option to purchase, which exceeds 1.5 my rent. Unfortunately, I lost my job in 2021 after signing this lease and my husband is a special needs teacher that earns not nearly as much as he should and also pays child support… I don’t receive child support, either, so the math on our budget just did not work at that time… I immediately applied for the CERA app for rent assistance. They agreed to accept the cera payment and to fill out their portion of the application and submitted it… they ended up getting impatient and filed for eviction as we had to jump through many a hoops to get approved for rental assistance as community action agency repeatedly denied them because they said my lease is actually a land contract; despite not saying land contract ANYWHERE, instead it says “residential lease w/ option to purchase triple net bondable lease”…. I got served an eviction and luckily the day before the sheriff was going to remove me from the property, I was able to gather enough money to cover what I needed to for rent and finally the CERA app was processed. I got another CERA payment in December of 2022 and it just expired February 1st. I was not able to pay rent so they filed for another eviction, this time to terminate my tenancy due to habitually late rent payments (when they were well aware I was waiting for the cera app to process) and also states “breach of contract- failed to maintain property” because I missed a housing inspection that is required in city ordinance for non owner occupied rentals; an inspection every other year. When I moved in there were 20 or so blight violations and I’ve been fined many times because I’ve not completely all repairs, such as painting trim and outside of house (chipping paint) the list is down to 5 blight violations and the inspectors are always very understanding and waive a lot of fines so long as I keep making an effort; it’s only when they stepped into the picture and started handling these communications with the city; from California, that I started getting fined heavily… and missing the appointment for inspection in January, I assume, is what they initially planned to end my tenancy. I have legal aid attorney that has not helped much as he’s the only attorney handling landlord tenant cases currently and legal aid. I went to the pre trial last week and the hearing is April 6th. They have a lawyer representing them in Michigan and one of the asset managers from NCR will be zooming in as well. My original defense was that the eviction, lease, and even the title is in the name of a trust, not an actual landlord. They agreed when they signed the CERA app agreement that they wouldn’t not evict me for at least one month after the last payment was paid by the cera app, which was February 1st. They filed February 14th, so not a month… also they lied to me when they got the first check from cera that I had to pay their legal fees of $550 before they could deposit accept the rental assistance check. So I paid the $550. They also signed on the cera app that they would waive any legal fees that exceed $150. So that sucked. I have a beautiful blended family, 3 amazing kids, a pitbull , 3 cats and lots of cool cichlids lol… so to be threatened with eviction/ homelessness not just once but twice while waiting for my cera app to process…. I ended up admitting myself because I had suicidal ideations; I felt hopeless and defeated when I woke up everyday knowing I was on the brink of losing everything that I’ve worked so hard for… I did the repairs myself even…. To save money. My husband has a bad back and couldn’t help much… so I felt just so scared. I’m in intense therapy now thankfully, but seems every system has failed myself and my family in the midsts of a pandemic and all around hard times being below poverty line. I feel this company is predatory and I’m scared, again. April 6th is coming and although my husband and kids are home for spring break, I’m building my defense all day everyday so the 9 of us don’t lose our family home 😭 I know I left tons of information out but I’m hoping maybe someone has some advice here 🙏 I have not returned to work due to ptsd and the evictions have truly made me spiral. There’s a company called vision properties that the legal aid lawyer told me is getting sued currently in Detroit and they sound a lot like the company that owns my houses title now. I appreciate any help, thanks in advance.
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2023.03.30 06:48 bestheaters Best Radiant Heaters - Best Buying Guide 2023

Whether you're at home, at your studio, or out camping, radiant heaters can make you warm in a minute. The best radiant heaters come in portable and wall-mounted versions so you can select the most practical heating option for your requirements. They have several settings and can produce warmth in rooms up to 1,000 square feet.
Read more: https://bestheaters.org/best-radiant-heate
#BestHeaters #BestHeatersorg
#DeLonghi #AmazonBasics #Dreo ...
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2023.03.30 06:46 Action3xpress [WTS] Sionics Phosphate BCG, Unity Hot Button Pic, FCD ACF, Haley Thorntail QD, and Arson Wire Guides

Good evening! Got some extra stuff that I need to offload to loving homes.
Sionics bcg / FCD ACF have around 200 rounds through them. Hot Button has a bit of FDE spray on the wire and it's a little kinky (oh behave!) from the wire guides/routing. Doesn't affect performance at all. If you want the wire guides + hot button I'll cut you a deal.
Prices are all OBO PayPaled FF (no notes!) and shipped to you.
Let me know if there are any questions and thanks for looking.
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2023.03.30 06:44 bet88_vn Thể thao bet88 nhà cái cá cược uy tín nhất châu á hiện nay

Thể thao bet88 nhà cái cá cược uy tín nhất châu á hiện nay
⚽️Thể thao bet88 nhà cái cá cược uy tín nhất châu á hiện nay⚽️
🥅Thể thao Bet88 cũng cung cấp cho người chơi các tính năng hỗ trợ cá cược như xem trực tiếp các trận đấu thể thao, các thông tin thống kê, tỷ lệ cược và các tin tức liên quan đến các giải đấu thể thao hàng đầu trên thế giới

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2023.03.30 06:39 myenoodle [WTS] Repost: Complete Carbine Upper, Geissele 34mm Mount, Accessories

S&W M&P 15 Sport II 5.56x45 NATO 1/9 twist
Purchased from a friend new, came off from the CA version, hence no threaded barrel. 200 rounds through it $270 shipped
LBX Black Multicam 2-Point Sling
New $20 shipped SOLD
Magpul MOE M-LOK Hand Guard FDE & Strike Link Anchor Hand Stop
Bought new, 200 shots through it. Comes with box, no box for hand stop. Sells as a pair $36 shipped
Strike Mini King Comp 5.56
NiB $36 shipped
Hera Arms CQR Gen 1 FDE
No box, 200 shots through. CA compliant version $77 shipped
Geissele Super Precision Scope Mount 34mm Black 05-417
Catch and release, new with no box, needed a 30mm mount instead. $260 shipped
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2023.03.30 06:06 kingleonidus12 April 1, 2023 in mcallen Show starts at 6! Get there early to sign up for the joke of the evening.

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2023.03.30 06:02 NotJoe2606 W/F/L

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2023.03.30 06:01 SkinnyRedBear [US-PA][H] Osume Dalgona x Ikki68 Prebuilt and Deskmat, Switch Coture Alice, Caps, Switches [W] Nuphy Air75, Cash, Froggo


Hey! Selling some items. Prices are including shipping, and are OBO. Will consider discounts for purchases of multiple items. Comment before PM.
If you want more pictures of anything, pm me. Open to offers, just trying to get rid of some of my stuff.
Item Description Price (USD)
Osume Dalgona PreBuilt w/ Specials and Deskmat Love the theme, just doesn't fit with what I like anymore. Opened to test out, but used for ~15 mins. Prebuilt comes with the switches as well! 300 shipped OBO (PENDING)
Clear Switch Couture Alice This board is built, solder PCB has lubed Glorious Pandas (205g0) and the stabs that came with the board (also 205g0). The layout is not for me. No defects that I am aware of, recognized and works with VIA. Comes with keycaps (generic BoW set) and ~20 extra lubed Glorious Pandas. 120 shipped OBO
GK64 Hotswap, no switches. Comes with the key caps in the timestamp/ image with it. I have a link to the most up to date software. Feels great with tactile switches, again just don't like the layout. Durock stabs lubed with 205g0. 50 shipped OBO
C3 Kiwis x69 Lightly hand lubed with 205g0. Hotswap use only. 50 shipped OBO
JellyKey Zen Pond II Spacebar Green I am pretty sure this is from the second run, since it's the first time a spacebar was available and the first run was only 1u caps. Comes with verification tag. 80 shipped OBO
JellyKey Lost Cities (Rejuvination) SA R1 Mounted on a board for ~2 months, then put away. 60 shipped OBO
The Froggo from OkeyDokey Studio :)
Nuphy Air 75, traded plus cash either side to make up the difference.
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2023.03.30 05:58 unforgiverii [WTS] Badger COMM C1 34mm 1.93", Hill People Gear Kit Bag and Recon Belt, Burris RT3

-Badger Ordnance 34mm C.O.M.M. Condition One Optic Mount 1.93" BLACK - Excellent Condition -- $250 shipped



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2023.03.30 05:46 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC) 9901 W SAHARA AVE 3/29/2023 8:23:31 PM incident #LLV230300127954
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2023.03.30 05:40 Boring_Ad6274 [H] St Ak Redline Ft (w/ Crown on wood, Cloud9 K15 Holo, Navi K15 Holo, 3DMax K15 Holo), St USP Orion MW (w/ 3x Navi K15 Holo, Virtus Pro K15 Holo), St Glock Dragon Tattoo FN (w/ Mystik Holo) [W] $550, $550, $475 on CSGOFloat

StatTrak™ AK-47 Redline Field Tested (Cloud9 Kato 15 Holo, Navi Kato 15 Holo, 3DMax Kato 15 Holo, Crown Foil): https://s.swap.gg/lmDSuw4RsI.jpg - B/O $550 on CSGOFloat
StatTrak™ USP-S Orion Minimal Wear (3x Navi Kato 15 Holo, Virtus Pro Kato 15 Holo): https://s.swap.gg/Hnq2On5Qd8.jpg - B/O $550 on CSGOFloat
StatTrak™ Glock-18 Dragon Tattoo Factory New (Clan Mystik Kato 14 Holo): https://s.swap.gg/e8zxiciYmy.jpg - B/O $475 on CSGOFloat
CSGOFloat Store Link: https://csgofloat.com/stall/76561198064305901
*** Also willing to trade for liquid skins
Tradelink: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=104040173&token=42HH8KnM
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2023.03.30 05:39 iTzOnliThai [WTS] 12.5 IWI Complete Upper and built 12.5 Upper (BCM, Criterion, DA, Toolcraft, Radian)

1 2 3
Need to get rid of some of my 12.5" uppers, they're starting to pile up.
Complete 12.5" IWI Upper with about 200 shots. Will come with OEM milspec CH and not the Raptor CH pictured. $400
Complete Upper 12.5" - All parts were bought new by me except for the barrel which I got on GAFS. Shoots super smooth/accurate suppressed and unsuppressed. Will split if I have a buyer for the stripped upper. $720 Complete - $550 Stripped.
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2023.03.30 05:39 matrix-has-u Pelican cargo cases pros/cons?

Pelican cargo cases pros/cons?
Finally did it......Pelican BX85S w/ railing system mount tucked under rack testing has commenced!
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2023.03.30 05:36 volatomb April 1st @ 7th Circle

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2023.03.30 05:34 volatomb Metal show April 1st @7th Circle

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2023.03.30 05:20 redbirds4life [WTS] Magpul, Ruger stuff, Haley Strategic, American Defense, and UTG Package, Price Drop

Looking to clear out some items from my bin! NOT SEPARATING AT THE MOMENT.
$160, Price Dropped to $130 shipped!! package deal only, Paypal F&F only! Will ship in the morning!
Pics here: https://imgur.com/a/8pjTvcC
-Magpul MLOK Swing Swivel (rarely used)
-UTG Low Scope 30MM QD Rings
-Ruger AR15 Grip w/screw, Ruger Carbine Spring and Buffer (no shots fired, only dry fire/racking) -
-Haley Strategic Ranger Green X-Straps (basically new)
-American Defense Manufacturing Low T1 Mount with Tac Lever (mounted and used, but in excellent condition)
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2023.03.30 05:18 mangledteeth Hey Portland apes, I found some Popcorn!! Heading to the burbs this weekend

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2023.03.30 05:16 Ronney47 Acceptance affect Rewards in Illinois I can't speak for other states.

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2023.03.30 05:13 arsenalastronaut Should I buy a second set of wheels? I already have winter and summer rubber.

Canadian GTI owner. 2015 Autobahn edition.
I got the car used a few years ago. I still only have 86K Kms. I plan on driving this thing for another 5+ years hopefully.
I have OEM Austin wheels. The car came with almost brand new Michelin X-Ice Winter Tires.
I bought Pilot Sport all-seasons, and have only used those 1 or 2 summers as well.
So I have switched the tires onto rims a few times. But it's a pain to book an appt each time, and to shuttle tires to my parents house for storage.
The main thing stopping me from buying a 2nd set of wheels is I have been waiting to get 17" winter tires and steelies.
But...I've been thinking of buying a set of wheels like these, and mounting my summer tires on them.
Should I do that?
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2023.03.30 05:10 NE_embracing_life {Address update} Way of the Cross for the Victims of Abortion

{Address update} Way of the Cross for the Victims of Abortion

On Good Friday we remember all the victims of abortion—the children lost, the mothers wounded, the communities blighted—in a solemn, ecumenical prayer service:
April 7, Good Friday, Way of the Cross Stations led by Fr Rodney Kneifl.
9:00am at the Bellevue abortion center, 1002 W Mission Ave.
11:00am at Omaha Planned Parenthood, 3105 N 93 St.
Sponsored by www.ProLifeAction.org, and www.NebraskansEmbracingLife.org
Join us as we pray for healing for the victims of abortion and for a final end to this injustice in our land.
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2023.03.30 05:06 M2C42y Heat pump quote review / feedback

Looking to install a heat pump in our 2 story + finished basement 2400sqft (800sqft/floor) row home in the DC area. Our current system is an air handler in the basement with 100,000 btu/h, 80% efficiency furnace and 36,000 btu/h AC unit outside. There is a main trunk feeding the basement + 1st floor, and a second trunk going to the attic that supplies the 2nd floor (which has 3 bedrooms / 2 baths), with a manual damper that closes off the basement / 1st floor trunk to push more air to the top floor.
Our system has a few issues we'd like to fix when we replace it:
We have a few (very different) quotes, and would appreciate opinions on these:
Contractor 1 - $19k:
Contractor 2 - $23k:
Contractor 3 (Mitsubishi Diamond Elite) - $23k:
Contractor 4 - $14k:

I'm slightly leaning towards Option #3 because it would be nice to be able to individually control the upper bedrooms, good reviews of the Mitsubishi systems, and inclusion of a humidifier, but have a few concerns / questions:
Thank you!
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2023.03.30 05:04 stonerdoombro [Doom Metal Show] HEMPIRE/APE VERMIN/INANIMUS @ Monstercade 3/31

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