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2023.03.29 17:42 flaiman A plea from a Del Toro convert

I grew up not appreciaI would be very happy with either of the two or even four remaining contestants, but at some point of the competition I decided I'd back Guillermo so here are some things to consider.
-He would be a fitting winner of the world cup tournament, even if the bulk of his work is in English. He's worked and told stories from many places and continents (ever more than Bong), he has even gone to other dimensions and planes of existence.
-He has no real supporters amongst the BC team, they don't hate him, as many say, but he's not gonna be on anyone's list, so I guess is up to us blankies to get him covered, he's the least inevitable of the remaining four.
-He was ahead of the curve when it comes to superheroes and, like Ang Lee before him managed to make a few comic book movies that have something to say and are made with an some artistic integrity.
-Del Toro is a truly BC filmmaker, he had some success early on his career and somehow manages to develop his passion projects, everything he's done since he won the Oscar has been truly uncopromising and very personal, he somehow keeps getting away with it despite the commercial failure of great movies like Crimson Peak or Nightmare alley.
Now you can yell at me Wokies. I was all in with you against Weir but I stand with GDT on this one.
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2023.03.29 17:42 e-dizzy85 Peace, love, good vibes, & good intentions: Why ignoring the negative in the world is detrimental to your spiritual journey.

Read with an open mind. Language and the true meanings and origins if words that we use is extremely important.
So, why is ignoring the negative detrimental to a spiritual journey you may be asking. Well, avoiding problems is not the same as understanding and solving problems. To ignore the problems of humanity such as false advertising, coercion, mind controlling language and symbolism through the sub-conscious mind is detrimental because by not understanding how these processes work, you are susceptible to them even though you are thinking that you are ignoring them. Color and certain shapes have deep seeded primal meanings in our brains that we aren’t able to make decisions about without knowing how the mind works towards these colors and shapes. How can a person ignore an issue and master their mind against perversion without knowing how the perversion works on their mind in the first place? The short answer is that you cant and you’re kidding yourself if you think ignoring it will fix the issue. Knowledge is power and it applies here just the same as it applies anywhere else in life. There is knowledge that tells of this information, it is a lesson on how the mind and the natural universe operates through Natural Law among other communities of knowledge. Knowing this information about yourself is key in understanding yourself and reality as well as working with that reality. We are capable of far more than we are lead to believe. The mind creates reality. After years of researching spiritual works and works of teachers I’ve come to the conclusion that the spirituality community is also tainted by coercion and misunderstanding. Vagaries with a wink and a nod, per say, information labyrinths. Not simple and clear truths. This is misleading to people. Reality is not complex as these vagaries elude, nothing is. I repeat truths are simple and clear, always.
Nothing that has been created or that will be created just happens, it started as a thought and turned into reality through action and work. This applies to a ‘sudden awakening’ that is being talked about. Nothing ‘just happens’ without a thought and a lot of work. Knowing thyself, thy mind’s abilities, and the nature of reality is like the holy grail. Self realization to what and who all of us are and how the war on consciousness has been applied to humans for centuries is the starting point to self-realization. Self-realization through knowledge, not through technique from a self proclaimed ‘guru’ that’s charging you for their time. The mind creates reality, the world is absolutely what you think it is. But, that can be changed for you, by you and you alone for through your experience of this reality and working to gain knowledge about how reality works. Not by meditating, not by going to retreats, but by learning how to work with reality and working reality with your mind, ‘the work’.
I’m not here to change anyone, I am only here to offer a starting point for you to start at and research into to make your own decision. A decision that will lead you to understand how we’ve all been duped into believing someone else’s reality all of these years and lifetimes. Truth works on principles. Principles are simple, elegant, and absolute. Truth is always simple. Someone selling a truth of complexity that is hard to learn or understand is selling coercion for personal gain of some sort. The laws (police, etc) are ideas, not truths and are in place for control and must be enforced through force. Does that sound natural? Of course not, because it’s made up by someones’s mind. Natural law flows easily and smoothly because it just is, like gravity. Gravity isn’t up for debate, while Man’s law is forceful, clunky, and debatable through circumstance and who you happen to be or know. Anyone can see the difference here. The REAL things don’t need validation, they just are and are unchangeable no matter anyone opinions on them. Real vs. fake.
The only way through the problems of humanity are through them. Going through problems requires full understandings of the inner workings of the problems. This is the only way to personal growth and to the growth of our species. Sending good vibes and good intentions while ignoring the problems is not a path forward. The saying ‘the road to hell is paved in good intentions’ rings true. Ignoring hell is not solving hell. Learning how hell works and how it can be defeated is solving hell. Not putting your head in the sand so you feel better while so many still suffer around you.
I’m truly sorry to be the one to tell you that the monetized spirituality community is duping people into ignoring hell, not solving hell. While it may not be intentional, good intentions are not solving anything. You may feel better but the rest of the world is suffering. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to leave anyone behind. That’s selfish, we should want to bring everyone forward. The first step in that is learning how things work and sharing that knowledge. Learn how hell works, we can solve hell quite easily with the correct knowledge, collectively. There is a plethora of knowledge that is ‘hidden from view’ about how this works and is being used. I am not mentioning the source because I was unable to post with the words included.
Thanks for reading, before you go I just want to add that we all have an infinite value. We are all infinitely valuable. The attitude that we are not or that someone is more valuable than you are, like a president or a king, is the EXACT information and coercion of this type of knowledge used against you to believe the nonsense that you are less. We are all susceptible and have all been altered into believing many, many things by people that fully understand how the human mind works and have used that knowledge to their advantage by making you believe you are less. I’m here to tell you that you are not less. You have infinite value and it’s time to learn the knowledge that backs that up so that we can all use it to make the world a better place. Figure out hell for yourself so that you can solve hell, it’s the only way through hell. Burying your head in the sand like an Ostrich will still bring about hell when you pull your head out of the sand. Nothing will change around you if you continue to do that. Reality is not what it seems, it is much, much more than that.
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2023.03.29 17:42 mypaperboatsank My boyfriend calls me fat

Hey so I am a high school student(16F) working on getting into a medical College, and so is my bf (18M), I have 10 hours of class+4-5 hours of studying and hw whereas,he has a different program and is currently on break, before starting 12th grade and he has online school,even when offline it was 4 hours only. He doesn't work out, but I do in my free time but due to inconsistency and lack of time,I can't lose weight. We were in a happy relationship for 6 months, then things took a toxic turn. He started mentioning what girls he finds cute all 'as a joke'. He said I should be comfortable enough with him to not take everything he says seriously. I am 5'4, 65 Kgs (130 pounds) which would be 4 pounds overweight maybe and I am in descent shape, a bit of belly going on, alongwith love handles. He is skinny, 5'9, average looking guy who has had a crush on me for 3 years before I finally said yes, I didn't know he had a crush on me before. He called me sexy and I said thank you. But he made a comment on how he loves my body, and that my chubbiness attracts him, but asked me to lose belly fat. I ignored it and it didn't come up until 6 months in. He said I had a belly, calls me fat 'as a joke', says I shouldn't feel bad about getting called that since he loves me anyways whether I be fat or skinny, and is just teasing me. He said my ass was flat, which is not (not my opinion but other friends both male and female said it wasn't), he is used to seeing bbl girls and refuses to believe when I say so. He asked me to show him my belly and then made a disgusted expression saying "How fat are you", I have told him that if he wants a skinny girl he can go date one but says they're too flat for his liking, yet drools over skinny models. He will also show me pictures of other girls on Instagram (influencers) and say they look cute 'as a joke'. One thing that I'd like to mention is that he never got asked out by girls and, I always had boys obsessed over me but I ignored them all for him, because he was really respectful and kind. He will also say how he loves chubby girls and look at them on Instagram. I snooped around his texts (I know I shouldn't have), I saw him commenting on some gamer girl's body, asking his friend to go check out her stream and look at her figure. He doesn't talk to girls in real life apart from me but I don't know how to move forward. Am I overreacting or am I reasonable?
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2023.03.29 17:41 MightBeneficial3302 Award Winning Canadian Tech Leader and Recent 69% Winner ShiftCarbon Inc. (CSE: SHFT, OTC PINK: SHIFF) Released Blockbuster $5 Million USD Revenue News

Award Winning Canadian Tech Leader and Recent 69% Winner ShiftCarbon Inc. (CSE: SHFT, OTC PINK: SHIFF) Released Blockbuster $5 Million USD Revenue News
Hello Traders,
Earlier this year we introduced members to a little-known Canadian gem that is considered a “global leader” in its high-growth tech sector. Over the following 2 weeks it saw an impressive climb:
  • $0.065 in mid-February @ time of SCC Report
  • High of 0.11 by March 3rd
That’s a real 69% gain! Since our report CSE: SHFT announced two major news releases, including a blockbuster $5 Millionannouncement with a $2.3 Billion per year IT giant. To put this in perspective, SHFT’s market cap is only $3.6 Million! And they just announced a project with a multi-billion company that is estimated to bring in $5 Million+ in revenue. Let’s look at the two recent press releases:
  1. *SHFT announced its first revenue-generating engagement with Solutions by STC. “*The first phase of revenue from this project is estimated to be US$5 million with the potential for additional revenue in the form of a long-term supply of goods as the smart city becomes operational.” Solutions by STC reported revenue of $2.3 Billion in 2022
  2. Earlier this month SHFT announced the launch of a new cloud platform designed for measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) automation of carbon offset projects.
According to the World Bank, “Digital MRV will be a game changer!” CSE: SHFT processed 5.5 Billion data points in 2021 alone!
  • Customers in 100 countries
  • SHFT already has 50 Large Enterprise Customers
SHFT has already won several international awards:
And SHFT is already well positioned with massive clients and partnerships with:
  • Fortune 500 Tech Companies
  • National Governments
  • Large-Scale Venues
SHFT is “Trusted by businesses in 100+ countries” including:
  • Hockey Canada, Telus, TD Garden, Micron, Royal Caribbean, the CFL, Singapore's Ministry of Health, and Viking.
And considering the trends in the market, things could get even better for CSE: SHFT. Perhaps best of all, this company is operating in an industry that is expected to see massive growth over the next several years:
  • The voluntary carbon offset market was worth nearly $2 Billion in 2021 and will grow to $10-40 Billion in value by 2030 according to a report co-authored by Shell and Boston Consulting Group
  • Climate tech is experiencing explosive growth, with US venture capital investment in the sector increasing by 80% between 2020 and 2021 to reach $56 billion.
Keep in mind: 49 countries and 93 Fortune 500 companies have committed to net zero emission targets, and many analysts believe these numbers will only grow.
And if those number do grow then CSE: SHFT could be in the perfect position to capitalize as they are firmly established. As mentioned above, SHFT has already won several international awards for their technologies:
  • Winner at 2022 SBR Technology Excellence Awards
  • Winner of Singapore National Innovation Challenge
  • Winner at TIA Technology Impact Awards 2021
  • Winner at WSH Asia Awards 2022
We’ve already said a lot so let’s step back for a minute so that we can better introduce you to today’s featured company you’ll want to keep your eyes on ShiftCarbon Inc. (CSE: SHFT) this week.
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2023.03.29 17:41 MattHatter117 Here comes the defense of a mentally ill murderer.

Here comes the defense of a mentally ill murderer.
I mentioned this in a post a few days ago, and here it is.
The defense of a clearly mentally ill person rather than promote real solutions. Keep in mind, this person considered attacking another school, and only chose her alma mater based on security reasons. THIS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH TRANSPHOBIA.
Well trained people with guns stop bad people with guns. PERIOD.
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2023.03.29 17:41 Larky17 Pennsylvania v Mimms, Maryland v Wilson, and Detention

It's that time of year again for "Larky is bored and can't be an instructor at the fire academy, so he spends his time compiling factual, regardless of your feelings, information that everyone should know."
This is the fifth post in a series that will last as long as I have just a smidge of sanity left and the hope that at least one person learns something they didn't know already. I took a break for 9 months. Let's see if I can last longer than last time(not a word u/specialskepticalface).
So far we have covered:
This post is by no means the end-all, be-all of information on this topic. If you have any questions please do ask in the comments or consult your preferred search engine. I welcome the input of Verified users on this sub to provide their experiences and/or knowledge.
Pennsylvania v Mimms
The United States Supreme Court holds that a police officer ordering a person out of a vehicle, following a lawful traffic stop, and conducting a pat-down does not violate the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
Opinion Text
Maryland v Wilson
The Court held that after lawfully stopping a speeding vehicle, an officer may order its passengers to step out. While burdening their personal liberty somewhat, officers must be permitted such authority over passengers if the overriding government's interest in officer safety is to be protected.
Opinion Text Page 578 on the PDF, 408 within the Report.


Yep, we're going there.
What constitutes a detention?
  • When an officer has a reasonable suspicion to believe someone has, is, or will commit a crime; they may place a suspect into custody long enough to reasonably investigate before moving forward.
During a detention:
  • The suspect is not free to leave, but neither are they under arrest.
  • Law enforcement is not required to read a suspect the Miranda warning, however one may still exercise that right. Depending on local case law and situation, one may still be obligated to provide their ID or further identify themselves to law enforcement.
  • An officer may conduct a [Frisk](Link previous post) for weapons for their own safety, but may not search.
If upon removal from a vehicle, an officer observes something in plain view it could help establish probable cause of a crime that leads to an arrest.
A consensual encounter is an interaction when an officer does not exert any authority or force on an individual AND the person is free to leave.
I.e. "Hey buddy, have you seen anyone in a black hoodie and jeans in this parking lot lately?"
Upon which one can ignore the question, and/or just walk away.
Vs.. "I have reasonable suspicion to speak to you because you look like the guy in a hoodie and jeans."
Discussion: LEOs, what are your real-life experiences when detaining someone?
  • What benefits you and your investigation when you order someone out of a vehicle?
  • Based on your locality, what are drivers/passengers required to show during a traffic stop?
  • What have you found that ended up helping you determine probable cause for an arrest?
  • What do you wish was discussed more/known more about detentions that haven't already been discussed or explained enough?
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2023.03.29 17:40 Bingham22222 Are there any daddies on here who pay consistently? Sick and tired of wannabes who talk a good game but can’t deliver. Holler at a real SB if you’re up to the task.

Are there any daddies on here who pay consistently? Sick and tired of wannabes who talk a good game but can’t deliver. Holler at a real SB if you’re up to the task. submitted by Bingham22222 to sugarbabydatingsite [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 17:40 Dreidhen Anirvachaniya - Akhyativada - Pramanyavada

The Sage tells us here that the real Consciousness is beyond time and therefore neither rises nor sets. It is like the sun, which — relative to the earth — does not move; the sunrise and sunset we speak of are due to the movements of the earth. So too the Reality shines constantly; the rising and setting of the ego are ascribed to it. The ego-sense is discontinuous; it rises and sets. Apart from the ego-sense there is no individual soul. It shines during waking and in dream, and sets in sleep. This little self is therefore not to be identified with the Reality. Nor can it be identified with the inert body.
What then is this little self? The Sage tells us here that it is a hypothetical being, a chimera of the mind, compounded of the light of Consciousness and the body. These two utterly unlike things are confused together; the result is this incongruous being called the individual soul, which says, I am so-and-so'. Because of the light of Consciousness associated with it, it appears conscious; but at the same time it is indistinguishable from the body, which has no consciousness of its own. Because of the two incongruous elements of which it is composed, it is described as the knot between the Reality — the Self — and the body. That is why the little self is manifest as the ego-sense, which has the form of the thought I am this body'. The body thus identified as the self is not always the physical body; sometimes the mind, which is only a subtler kind of body, takes its place and then the sense of selfhood is restricted to the mind for a time.
Now, the thought I am this body' is the primary thought. It is like a thread on which all the other thoughts are strung. Hence the ego is indistinguishable from the mind. In fact the mind is but an expanded form of the ego. Hence the Sage tells us that the mind and the subtle body are the same as this hypothetical little self, which is no other than the ego. Conversely we can say that the little self is not other than these. We thus learn that the so-called soul is nothing but the ego, which is due to a confusion of two elements which are distinct and can never mix, because one of them — the body — is non-existent, being a mere mental image. There can be a real mixture only if both the elements be real. The mixing up of the two, explains the Sage, is like a marriage contracted by a bachelor in a dream, where the bridegroom is real, but the bride is not; when the dreamer awakes, he finds himself as much a bachelor as before. Hence the real Self who is the Reality — did not really become limited; He never really became the soul or little self; He was not really married to the body. Thus it is made clear that the individual soul has no real existence.
All those questions that relate to that soul are meaningless, because they assume the existence of a soul. There is only one real Self, the Pure Consciousness, which is beyond time. We shall see later on why He is described as Consciousness, and not as conscious; we shall then see that there is a fundamental difference between the two descriptions. Since the mind has no existence apart from this spurious entity, the ego, it follows that all the creations of the mind, including ignorance and bondage, and the consequent conditioned existence consisting of enjoyment and suffering — which we call 'life' — are outgrowths of the ego, and partake of its unreality. That ignorance is unreal will be seen later on.
That this teaching is correct will be clear to us if we look at the facts without bias.8look at the facts without bias. By the most careful analysis of the whole of our past experience we can find no proof of an individual soul other than the ego. The ego itself is just the primary ignorance, the recognition of which is the starting point of our inquiry. It is here shown that it is an imaginary entity being a compound of two un-compoundable elements. Thus the whole of this conditioned existence, which we call life, is founded on this lie, the individual soul. It is natural therefore that life should be full of lies, and therefore full of disappointments. This teaching may be difficult to grasp. But it is the fundamental truth as taught by the ancient lore.
There can be no correct understanding of the ancient lore, if this teaching be not accepted. So long as the notion of individuality is retained, all philosophical inquiries are bound to prove useless; for they cannot lead us out of the primary ignorance. This was clearly taught by the Sage Sankara as follows: "Only so long as there is identification (effected by the mind) of the real Self with the intellect is there an appearance of individuality and of conditioned existence for that Self. But in reality there is no such being as the individual soul, other than the spurious entity imagined by the intellect. In the study of the Vedanta we do not find (support for the existence of) any conscious entity having an existence of its own, apart from the Supreme Being, who is ever-free and all-knowing; the sacred texts say: 'There is no seer, hearer, thinker or knower apart from this Being'; 'There is none but He, that sees, hears, thinks or knows'; 'Thou art That'; I am the Reality'; these and hundreds of other texts are our authorities."
The ego is the only source of all our life-experiences; they are what they are because of the ego. We say, I am so- and-so', I am a doer of actions', I am happy', 'I am miserable', and so on. In every single thought we can find this I am’. It is in fact the common factor of all thoughts without exception. No thought can arise, which does not contain this I am’. But this I am' is not a property of the mind; so we learn from the Sage and from Upanishadic Lore. We are told that this I am' is the Light of the real Self. That Self being infinite and unqualified, this I am' is not really the little thing we take it to be. And we take it to be limited, imperfect and bound to the wheel of pleasure and pain, only the individual soul being unreal, it follows that there is no perceiver of the world. This may be surprising; but it need not be so.
The seer and his spectacle are inseparable; they are like the two ends of a single stick; as a stick will always have two ends, so every perception involves the two, the seer and his spectacle. The three, namely the seer, the spectacle and the relation of seeing form a triad, of which the essential element is the seeing, which becomes possible by the light of Consciousness; by that light both the seer and the seen are manifested. It is not possible to attribute reality to the seer. The term 'Buddha' signifies 'a Sage.' while denying it to the spectacle. If we accept the view that the spectacle, namely the world, is unreal in any sense, then we must also accept the view that the seer of the world is unreal in the same sense and to the same extent. The spectator is in fact an integral part of the world; both in waking and in dream the spectator and the spectacle form one single whole, appearing and vanishing together.
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2023.03.29 17:40 Chemical_Bathroom368 Is there any way to treat,help dyspraxia ?

Every fucking day i spill something over myself,spill drink over my face,t shirt , run into door, break something,make mess in kitchen. It makes me feel embarssed and inept. My mother keeps insulting me for this and raging over this which i understand. I angry at myself too. Like i cant control it myself. It keeps ruining my every day life. My confidience. Even when i can draw pretty,when i play pc games or play sports in real life iam accurate and better than most.But when i need motor skills in everyday life i fail. Its like my hands do something and sometimes my brain is like not connected to them.Shit i remember when i was kid in past i could not even tie my shoes for long time . What can i do with this ? I refuse to just give up and live like this. I tried sports failed everytime when i could not even listen to instructions and know which leg is left and right. So i do weight training. Still not helping.
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2023.03.29 17:40 wowwhatacrazyworld How seriously do you take this life stuff?

How seriously do you take this life shit?
On a scale of 1-10
Now me id like to think of myself as 1
I dont take life seriously at all its all subjective made up bullshit which isnt even real bruh
If you compare yourself to others for instance you have no right to be a 1
If youre a perfectionist again
If you judge others for their shortcomings youre not a 1
If when your boss asks you stay after hours and you say anything other than "fuck you" well yknow the drill
If someones makes a joke and you feel the need to point something out about it
And most importantly
If you know exactly whats going to happen tomorrow
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2023.03.29 17:39 Spiritual_Hope_6730 D2PO

Just a reminder rest and staying in front of your pain management is so important. I want to beat myself up for not being able to do anything around the house but honestly I just slept a full night and am still in bed (have gotten up to pee a couple times) and it has helped tremendously. I was feeling anxious and depressed yesterday but part of that was a total lack of sleep from being in the hospital the night before and my body was exhausted making my brain exhausted.
Also, I know this is so scary and the anxiety is real when it comes to this. I wasn’t expecting to feel so sad about it but it is final and a big chapter closing on life (I am a 36f). Never had biological children but have been a bonus mom for almost 10 years to my stepchildren and am close to their bio mom and other stepmom and was even in their wedding. Despite all that was still sad. My uterus has been with me my whole life and it is weird thinking it is gone. Yet, I know my quality of life is going to be so much better. I just need to get through recovery.
Resting is so important. Do not rush recovery! Your body just went through such trauma and it needs time to heal and if that is weeks then you need to take those weeks.
Edit: if anyone needs a book recommendation to help with their anxiety then defiantly checkout the Dare Response. It has been such a crucial tool for me and dealing with my anxiety.
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2023.03.29 17:39 Dopdee Just spent a week at Dreams Onyx

The resort was wonderful. Rooms were a good size and clean.
I traveled with wife and two girls (9 and 12)
Amount of pools and availability of chairs was good (I did reserve a set of chairs every morning at about 7:30 to make sure we were by the pool my kids wanted that day). However, I did notice a big increase in visitors starting this week (more spring breakers) and got a little more rowdy at the pools. Still not too bad though.
Water park was fun. They have four water slides and a lazy river - so a nice change from lounging at the pool/beach. There is an age/height restriction for the slides though. Must be 9 and 4’6” to ride any of them, so my youngest couldn’t ride. They do have one smaller slide that I’d guess they’d let her ride - but she had no interest.
The beach was a good size and the water was a little choppy - which my kids liked. Allowed them to boogie board every day (there is a stand on the beach that rented boards for free). All except last day, there was barely any sargassum.
There are some pushy vendors walking up and down the beach trying to sell hair braids, cigars, massages. The worst (and coolest) were a group of guys with animals to take pictures with - a monkey, two parrots and an iguana. I pointed out the monkey to my girls and the guy came over and put the monkey on my daughter. We took some pictures with our phone and he wanted me to pay $200 for it. Said “not a chance, don’t have that with me” said I could Venmo him or I could go back to room. He dropped price to $40. I told him I had $7. Take it or leave it. He got a little grumpy, took my $7 and left.
The only real downside was the food. Most of it was just okay. Some of it was kinda gross. We were not preferred club members so couldn’t make reservations. Most nights was fine but a couple we had to wait for up to an hour for a table. But we expected that a planned for it by eating late lunches and snacking.
Every member of the staff was wonderful. All the pool and beach areas have staff all around taking drink orders and were pretty to return with your drink orders.
All four made it through the week without getting sick from the water, so that’s a super bonus.
All in all, I’d happily return to Dreams Onyx. However, I’d also look at other options and would be happy to try another spot - mainly to try somewhere with better food options.
Happy to answer any questions.
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2023.03.29 17:39 MightBeneficial3302 Award Winning Canadian Tech Leader and Recent 69% Winner ShiftCarbon Inc. (CSE: SHFT, OTC PINK: SHIFF) Released Blockbuster $5 Million USD Revenue News

Hello Traders,
Earlier this year we introduced members to a little-known Canadian gem that is considered a “global leader” in its high-growth tech sector. Over the following 2 weeks it saw an impressive climb:
That’s a real 69% gain! Since our report CSE: SHFT announced two major news releases, including a blockbuster $5 Millionannouncement with a $2.3 Billion per year IT giant. To put this in perspective, SHFT’s market cap is only $3.6 Million! And they just announced a project with a multi-billion company that is estimated to bring in $5 Million+ in revenue. Let’s look at the two recent press releases:
  1. *SHFT announced its first revenue-generating engagement with Solutions by STC. “*The first phase of revenue from this project is estimated to be US$5 million with the potential for additional revenue in the form of a long-term supply of goods as the smart city becomes operational.” Solutions by STC reported revenue of $2.3 Billion in 2022
  2. Earlier this month SHFT announced the launch of a new cloud platform designed for measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) automation of carbon offset projects.
According to the World Bank, “Digital MRV will be a game changer!” CSE: SHFT processed 5.5 Billion data points in 2021 alone!
SHFT has already won several international awards:
And SHFT is already well positioned with massive clients and partnerships with:
SHFT is “Trusted by businesses in 100+ countries” including:
And considering the trends in the market, things could get even better for CSE: SHFT. Perhaps best of all, this company is operating in an industry that is expected to see massive growth over the next several years:
Keep in mind: 49 countries and 93 Fortune 500 companies have committed to net zero emission targets, and many analysts believe these numbers will only grow.
And if those number do grow then CSE: SHFT could be in the perfect position to capitalize as they are firmly established. As mentioned above, SHFT has already won several international awards for their technologies:
We’ve already said a lot so let’s step back for a minute so that we can better introduce you to today’s featured company you’ll want to keep your eyes on ShiftCarbon Inc. (CSE: SHFT) this week.
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2023.03.29 17:38 archarinasoftware The Ultimate Guide: Improving Employee Engagement Using HRM Software

The Ultimate Guide: Improving Employee Engagement Using HRM Software
HRM management systems have become an essential part of many businesses. The system provides access to vital information about employees' health benefits status and time-off entitlements. So, if you want to streamline operations in your organization, HRM software can help achieve this.
ArcHRM software offers an easy-to-use platform designed specifically for small businesses like yours, without any hidden fees or complicated plans. Everyone in your company will have access to our powerful features without breaking the bank. So don't wait any longer - sign up today.

What is HRM Software?

HRM or Human Resource Management software is a goal-driven platform that helps in the overall management of your employees. Most HRM systems pride themselves on providing in-depth reports, real-time data, and employee tracking.
HRM software connects everything you need to keep your employees healthy, productive, and motivated without ever having to go through a complicated user interface or navigating countless pages on different websites.
How Can HRM Software Improve Employee Engagement?
HRM software can improve employee engagement by giving workers more insight into what goes on behind the scenes of an organization. This is because small businesses' growth opportunities are limited, but your workforce will become much more cohesive and satisfied in their work with proper communication.
HRM software enables employees to stay up-to-date on the company's latest happenings. It also helps build a sense of community within your organization because everyone will have access to the information they need when they need it.
Additionally, since this is web-based software, you can work from anywhere, making it easier for employees to be more flexible and productive.
For example, suppose someone works in IT and needs documentation to fix an urgent issue.
In that case, HRM software allows them to log in and get what they need without interrupting another person's workflow who might be covering their shift.

HRM Software Features Can Boost Employee Morale

Happy employees are more engaged, productive and take fewer sick days. Since HRM software is easy to use, the entire team will get familiar with it quickly, increasing morale. Plus, because everyone has access to the same information, there's no need for them to call out when they aren't feeling well or have an important errand they need to run.

What Are the Benefits of HRM Software?

HRM software holds various benefits. For example, it can streamline your operations quickly and help manage employees.

Manage Leave Applications Efficiently

HRM software helps automate leave management. Several features make this process much better than using multiple systems like Word, Excel, Google Sheets, or similar file storage applications.
For example, ArcHRM software stores all of your employees' information in one centralized location, which means everyone on your team has immediate access to their details anytime they need them.
You can also manage your commission plans, make notes of any expenses or even reward employees with points for meeting an objective. Our software is so feature-rich; it does everything from automating leave applications to preparing travel itineraries.

Manage Your Employees Better

We understand that there are many different types of employees, and each one requires a unique approach. With this in mind, we created a platform that helps you handle everyone – from full-time staff members to part-time workers – more efficiently than ever before.
For example, if you have a dynamic workforce, keeping everyone informed about what's going on within your organization can be challenging. With the announcements feature, you can send company-wide memos directly to their inboxes or choose to create blog posts for them to read later.
This strategy is much better than trying to communicate via email, WhatsApp, or other messaging apps because everyone will receive the same message at the same time if implemented correctly.
Plus, HRM software makes it easy to quickly schedule interviews with potential candidates for open positions and send reminders when an employee has been absent too long.

Can Help Track Employee Performance

HRM software helps you track performance making sure that every single worker is doing their best work possible.
It does this by creating reports that focus on the strengths and weaknesses of every member of your team. So if you're looking for something definite, like what someone is good at or where they need improvement, our software can help you with that.
Most HRM software also have a time-off feature that calculates how many days an employee has before they burn through all of their leave allowances. That is great because it helps managers know how much work each worker can do before the next person gets too overworked.
And since HRM software automatically tracks everything, you'll never have to fall behind on deadlines again. This is because you won't have to spend hours creating reports that may or may not be accurate at the end of the day.

Why HRM software to increase employee engagement?

HRM software allows you to manage your company's employees and expenses more efficiently than ever before. It also allows the employees to easily engage with your business with less time and effort. It does all of the heavy lifting for you and for your employees. It allows you to focus on growing your business instead of wasting time doing administrative work. And it allows employees to maintain a high level of engagement with your business and less time filling out paper administrative requests.
Our Other Applications:
CRM Software Time Management Software Digital Signature Software
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2023.03.29 17:38 JackWills94 How to win your Solo Queue Draft - a statistical analysis of 1M+ games

How to win your Solo Queue Draft - a statistical analysis of 1M+ games
Hey, I'm Jack J (Twitter) and I work in the AI & Esports/Gaming space! (I run & write the weekly The Esports Analyst Club article).
My main focus at the start of this year was to build AI models that could help professional teams win more games through draft.
I've now taken those same techniques we used in pro to analyse mid-elo (SilveGold) solo queue games to answer the question: How to win Solo Queue Draft. This article is a statistical summary of the results from studying 1M+ games.
Stick around to the end for a link to a tool I've built to analyse your account + any draft (even drafts that are half-way through) to find which of your Champions gives you the best chance of winning.
“Master Yourself, Master the Enemy”
It should come at no great surprise to anyone that by far the most impactful of all is the level of Mastery you have on a Champion.
How Champion Mastery impacts a players win rate
It’s not even that you need hundreds of games before a Champion becomes an acceptable pick — it’s just that so many players in mid-elo insist on first timing in ranked! The drop off is considerable, with sub-5k Mastery players averaging a win rate of just 41.5%, compared to the 54.5% enjoyed by 500k+ players.
The improvement is fast, but diminishing returns also come around quickly. Gaining an extra 5k mastery from 2.5k to 7.5k is almost an 8% rise in your win rate, whilst a 100k gain from 75k to 175k is only a 1.5% increase.
There is a simple lesson here: don’t first pick in Ranked.

Champion Win Rate

There’s not so much point graphing the correlation between a Champion’s win rate and how many games that player ends up winning — since they are practically the same thing (apart from some sampling randomness). So, instead — let’s look at the sort of values we tend to see in our ranked games.
The distribution of the Champion average win rates played
A grand majority of Champions sit between the 46–54% range, with few outliers. Of course, all else being equal it’s better to sit at the top of this scale where you can, but there’s not a huge range.

Counters & Pairs

If you play ranked, the chances are that you will occasionally look at the top lane counters to face up against your opponent. However, how often do we consider any other lane. Sure, your mid laner counters their mid laner, but how does it fair against their jungler? Or the synergy with your support?
The game is only isolated to the 1v1 for a relatively short period of the game when compared to all those skirmishes and team fights that will happen post-laning phase. No doubt, your 1v1 lane match-up will have the most significant impact — but that doesn’t mean you should ignore everything else!
Heatmap of Lane Counter impacts
This grid shows you the impact each lane counter has, where the darker the colour the more it sways the final outcome. For instance, the mid vs. mid match-up is by far the most important for those playing that lane, whilst for ADC’s is far more diverse with an almost equal impact across the board.

Econ & “Snowballatility”

This one’s not so straight forward, so bare with me. I’ve written an entire article dedicated just to this statistic, if wanted to really get into the details then head over there.
The simple summary is that certain Champions have a better chance of winning a game than others even if their laning phase went the same. If an Ornn goes 0–5 by 12 minutes, his win chances go down BUT not nearly as badly as if it was 0–5 Irelia. We call this a Champion’s econ.
The flipside is what I call “snowballatility”. A 5–0 Irelia can do more with that lead than a 5–0 Ornn, for instance.
To visualise this I’ve selected around 17,000 games where the lanes gone badly. The players all have around 70–75% of the average Gold @ 12 minutes for that lane. I.e. they’re about half an item behind schedule.
I’ve then split these in to two categories depending on whether that Champion has a good or bad econ rating. Here’s some examples of the Champions in each:
BAD Econ: Irelia, Tristana, Renekton, Aatrox, Riven
GOOD Econ: Ornn, Malphite, Galio, Singed, Malzahar
How an Econ Rating impacts a Champion's win rate when they are behind in lane
For all players, things are bad — averaging around 27.5% win rate if they’re set this far behind so early in the game. However, the BAD econ Champions have win rates almost 5% lower than the GOOD ones.
Obviously, the question is: “well how do you know how the laning phase will go?”. The technical answer is I have a separate model which first predicts the Gold @ 12 minutes before then going on to predict the final result.
In practice however, it’s very difficult. As a general rule it makes sense to consider this when blind picking or counter picking a Champion.
Know who you’re against and reckon you can face-roll the lane and get ahead? High “snowballatility” champions will maximise your win chance.
Blind picking and worried about getting countered yourself? High econ Champions will be good damage mitigation.

Team Composition

Obviously, you have far less control over the totality of your compositions strengths and weaknesses. However, there’s one that is worth considering: the AD Ratio.
By building a composition that is too one dimensional in their damage type you offer the enemy the opportunity to efficiently buy defensive items. Their tanks can use all 6 slots to build items effective against your entire team, when usually they would be forced to balance the two.
A team's win rate based on their combined AD/AP ratio
If AD accounts for around 20–80% of your team’s damage — you’ll be sitting bang average, just above the 50% mark. However, for those few games that fall on either side of this green zone there is a very real decrease in their win chance.
For some reason, <20% AD seems to be more painful than >80%. In other words, if you had to choose between the two you’d choose a full AD team over a full AP team. Potentially as there tends to be a greater selection of AD Champions with high and consistent true damage that can still handle the tanks.

And More…

There is of course many more elements to the draft, each bringing their own nuances that require consideration as you move through the drafting phase.
However, in the 30 seconds we have to make our decision there is simply too much to weigh up. Hence, I’d recommend sticking to these key points based on the findings above if you want to make that final climb:
  • Don’t first time. Above anything, it’s consistently the worst offender in mid-elos. You want a minimum of 5 games on a Champion before you take it to ranked. That’s a minimum.
  • There’s a reason Champions with high win rates have high win rates. This doesn’t supersede the first point. Of your highest played Champions, pick the ones with the highest win rates.
  • Lane Counters are super effective. Just remember non-lane counters are ALSO effective. We keep track of all matchup win rates in SilveElo on if you’re unsure.
  • Blind picking? Consider high econ Champions. Got them on the ropes? High snowballatility.
  • Diversify your damage. If you’re Jungling and the mid locks in Zed, consider an AP Champion. Last picking support and your team is 4 AP Champions? Consider Pyke or Pantheon.
Remember, this list is also in order of priority. If you’ve never played an AD support then avoid them, even if it locks you in to 90% AP damage. Quinn is a Garen counter — once you’ve played the matchup a handful of times AND she’s in a strong position in the meta.
If you aren’t an android from the future, chances are it’ll be extremely to consider all this in the moment. It’s why we made our drafting tool, after all:
Webapp Version (no download): The iTero AI Drafting Tool There's a downloadable version but to avoid coming across as a plug I'll leave for people who want it to find!
Simply type in your Summoner name, Region and the draft so far (you can even leave it empty if you want to see your best first picks) then hit “GET RECOMMENDATIONS”. The AI will calculate all the above and more, to give you recommendations based on your account. From our initial tests we’ve found that players using our recommendations consistently win more game— it’s as simple as that.
If you got this far down the article, I thank you! Long form content is (by name), more time consuming and not something you see very often in the space. I'm trying to do my part by writing an article once per week in the AI/Data/Esports space. You can see all of the previous ones at:
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2023.03.29 17:38 Different_County_939 Why are you ambivalent to recovery?

Curious. My therapist asked me this question recently and I’ve been writing down reasons why I feel like I’m hesitant to recover fully. What stops you from feeling like giving recovery a real chance?
I’m struggling a lot with wanting to put both feet in, and it’s causing a lot of issues and conflicting things in my life. Why do you feel like you hold onto your ED?
For me, I have a hard time letting go of control and feeling like I’m only valuable based on my appearance and my sense of worth. I’m terrified to let go of it because I love the sense of control I get and I’m scared of what I’ll be like without it.
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2023.03.29 17:37 ThrowRA_5478 I'm (29F) travelling for work for 3 weeks and am sad about leaving my new boyfriend (34M) for this time but have no choice. Need tips and advice on how to get through it without going nuts or seeming too clingy or missing him so much that I will not enjoy my trip

I have a trip planned for work that was planned months before meeting my current boyfriend. It is a work trip in Europe that involves 2 conferences, and 9 days in between the conferences for me to enjoy solo travel around Italy.
Things with my boyfriend are outstanding and we've both acknowledged how much we will miss each other. Him flying out to see me or meeting me during that time is not possible (1. he is scared of flying and 2. his work really picks up in the spring and will be busy with his own work while I am away).
It is not that I don't trust him, or myself. Because I do trust him and am not worried about anything like that. It is more the fact that we spend so much time together. While we have only been dating for 3 months we see each other every 2 days and spend A LOT of time together, our hangouts often last 12+ hours since we just click so well, so we both feel 3 weeks is a very long time to be apart. Regardless of how early it is in our relationship, we both feel strongly for one another and that is why it feels so hard. I know I will get through it but I was hoping to get some serious tips & insights from anyone who has gone through something similar and made it through?
I have an anxious attachment style, which has nothing to do with him. I am working on this with my therapist but unfortunately doesn't get resolved that quickly (damn childhood!). I guess my fear is I will miss him too much and the following will happen:
  1. I won't be able to fully enjoy my trip in Europe. I was so excited prior to meeting him because it is my first solo trip and thought it would be good as a single woman to enjoy life solo.
  2. This much time apart will make him realize he doesn't miss me and he will leave me (this is pure anxious attachment/fear of abandonment issues right here)
  3. I will come across too clingy while I am away by wanting to text/call/video call him and then he will think I cannot be independent without him.
  4. I will just genuinely miss him so much, he has become a very important part of my life and thinking of being away for 3 weeks is hurting my heart
Thank you! P.S. This is a throwaway account because my friends know I use reddit and I am ashamed to ask this question as the real me.
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2023.03.29 17:36 EarendelJewelry How important is this part?

This feels like it might be a dumb question, but i need to ask. How important is the base of the machine and/or the part the lap disks sit on? I'm currently using a Vevor faceting machine, and like everyone has said, it is indeed garbage. I don't regret it because I really did need to know if I'd stay interested and be any good at faceting. But it's time to move on.
I think the main trouble with what I have is the mast, but I'm struggling to get a really great polish and wonder if it has something to do with the part that spins the disk. I had better results polishing with 100k diamond but either have contaminated bort or... something... because I kept fouling my battlaps. So I switched to a Lightning Lap Natural disk. I had the same issue with the diamond so I switched to cerium oxide. I'm not getting scratches anymore, but I still get this kind of hazing on it that I can't seem to fix. I've used more and less CeO2, more and less water, faster and slower speed, and more and less pressure. So that seems to just leave the machine itself.
I think I want to transition to a handpiece. I'm looking at the ST-08 from Sterling but realized the adult decision to make would be to save up for it. I'm only a hobbyist and have a real career, so it's not like I NEED this right now. But I was wondering if I could go ahead and get a handpiece and use it with the base I already have (with potential modifications to it to make it all work of course). If the machine itself really is the problem though, I'll just wait. Maybe keep practicing with cheaper stones and building up my collection of better material for "one day."
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2023.03.29 17:36 Admirable-Tell3079 Two of my close friends got into a argument and might be because of me

I was with one of my friends in sports period let’s call him Joe as placeholder because I don’t want to say his real name, he was known for shittalking about other classmates with his girls friendgroup one of my other (closest) friends was near us when Joe was talking shit about him and he heard his name in it, so when the period was over he told me he heard his name and told me to say everyone I heard or I’m not a real friend, and since he was one of my closest friends I decided to give him a little detail which made him rage incredibly, he said he is gonna beat the shit out of Joe at the last period but I tried to convince him not to but did not work, at the end of the school day he really stood up and followed Joe as he left then started kicking him while in the stairs (3 of our other friends from another grade stepped bc Joe was about to fall down) we tried to calm my friend down and ofc he didn’t snitch on me and said that it will go down Thursday (tomorrow) and Joe warned him that he will snitch to the school staff, so I’m kinda preparing myself mentally for tomorrow and I already know “Joe” probably knows I told my friend about it, if anyone has been in this situation before mind giving any tips?
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2023.03.29 17:36 cobur5b4 Google's chatbot supports Chris Hansen in this very pointed convo on homelessness

Google's chatbot supports Chris Hansen in this very pointed convo on homelessness submitted by cobur5b4 to Denver [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 17:36 Specialist-Bag8043 Space expert reveals Guinness World Records of the universe

Guinness World Records has been expanded by a space expert in order to showcase some incredible statistics found throughout the rest of the cosmos. In a new video this week, British scientist and BBC TV broadcaster Brian Cox says, "If there was a Guinness World Records 'Universe' book, the records would be remarkable." Cox quickly moves through an extensive list of exciting space-based records, starting with "the most enormous compact object," a supermassive black hole, a picture of which was taken by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope three years ago. The so-called M87 galaxy, which is six billion times more massive than the sun and is located 55 million light-years from Earth.In addition to numerous records, Cox unveils the universe's fastest object as well as its biggest structure and smallest object. The scientist identified Glass-z13 as the farthest distant verified galaxy when asked. "The light's journey from it to the telescope took around 13.4 billion years. We are examining the galaxy as it might have been 200 million or 300 million years after the Big Bang. Glass-z13 has a distance from Earth of little over 33 billion light-years due to the expansion of the universe. The James Webb Space Telescope, the largest telescope of its sort ever constructed, made the discovery of the far-off galaxy. The Webb telescope has been conducting research into deep space and sending stunning images back to Earth since its deployment earlier this year. As Cox points out, recordings of the universe are subject to perpetual change as astronomers and scientists make new discoveries all the time using more potent tools like the Webb telescope.
What reionized the Universe, and when?
When did the transparency of the universe begin? It's a strange but crucial question. The Universe was once opaque, but over time it changed to transparency and is still transparent now. It is literally the reason we can see far-off objects in the sky, and in a more existential sense, that instant of cosmic transparency had an impact on the behaviour of galaxies, the formation of stars, and other things. Answering the question is something that many astronomers want to do because it has significant ramifications for the objects we want to study and because we are here because of it. Astronomers from several countries may have discovered the solution to the puzzle: 12.7 billion years ago, roughly 1.1 billion years after the Big Bang. The fact that this is a few hundred million years later than previous calculations has some intriguing ramifications. Our entire Universe was in a hot, dense condition and all of its matter was ionised immediately after the Big Bang, like minutes after it: Any hydrogen or helium nuclei were free of any electron bonds. When an electron attempted to move, a photon, a particle of light, would strike it and cause it to fall. At the time, all of the light was incredibly high-energy and more than capable of maintaining the ionisation of the environment. As matter is so dense, if you were in this miasma, which in a sense you were since everything in the Universe was, it would appear absolutely opaque to you. An ionisation timeline Gas was cold and neutral in the early Universe (on the left), but as time goes on (on the right), radiation from stars and active black holes rips electrons off hydrogen atoms, illuminating the gas. An ionisation timeline Gas was cold and neutral in the early Universe (on the left), but as time goes on (on the right), radiation from stars and active black holes rips electrons off hydrogen atoms, illuminating the gas. The time interval is roughly one billion years from left to right. Thesan Collaboration, in picture Astonishingly, as the Universe cooled and expanded over the next 400,000 years, the average photon eventually ran out of energy to ionise hydrogen. For the first time, protons and electrons united and remained together to form neutral hydrogen. Recombination is the term used to describe the joining of an electron and a proton, hence this event is referred to as recombination even though it was the first time most atoms had united. Continuing the story Neutral hydrogen is highly good at absorbing visible light, the wavelengths of light humans can see, therefore the universe was still opaque even though the density of the Universe was reducing as it expanded. This period is known as the Dark Ages. That situation would last for a very, very long period until new objects formed that could emit ultraviolet light. When they were created, they ionised the hydrogen in space once more, but this time was different since the Universe had a lower density, allowing photons to go farther without being absorbed. Space became transparent all of a sudden and remained so. We can see a great distance even today because the majority of gas is ionised, or officially called a plasma. Reionization refers to this point in the universe's history. However, when did that occur? A pleasant approach to learn more exists. A blazar, or galaxy containing a supermassive black hole spewing energy, as depicted by an artist. Credit: Science Communication Lab and DESY A blazar, or galaxy containing a supermassive black hole spewing energy, as depicted by an artist. Credit: Science Communication Lab and DESY Image: Science Communication Lab at DESY Huge black holes evolved in the centres of galaxies as they initially emerged from the darkness. These black holes would collect matter as it fell into them, building up in a disc that would become extremely hot and emit high-energy ultraviolet light, X-rays, and gamma rays. These galaxies are what astronomers refer to as quasars, and we can view them from a very, very long way. When these quasars' light reaches us, it battles the Universe's expansion, which causes their wavelengths to lengthen—a process known as redshifting. In other words, the redshift reveals the quasar's distance, which in turn reveals how long after the Big Bang we observe it. Due to the fact that light can only move at a certain speed, objects that are further away are redshifted more and appear to us in the past.Because of the quasar's immense strength, even if we observe it before reionization, it will have already ionised the hydrogen immediately around it, allowing light to escape. The light from the quasar will be absorbed if there is a cloud of hydrogen between us and the quasar that is sufficiently removed from it to remain neutral. The redshift of the wavelength gap we detect in the quasar's light indicates how far away the cloud is from us and, more significantly, how far back in time we saw it. Very far distant clouds are neutral and unionised. However, following reionization, we suddenly stop noticing them because they are unable to take in the quasar's light.. So in theory, all we need to do is isolate the light from a collection of distant quasars using really good spectra. Numerous wavelengths will exhibit significant absorption, which will disappear at a sufficiently low redshift. Reionization took place then. This is really difficult to do in real life. You need really brilliant quasars, and even then, they are faint because they are so far away. Additionally, you need very good spectra, which calls for a large telescope and prolonged exposures. Numerous additional factors must also be taken into consideration, such as how the universe was structured back then. However, the astronomy team actually did this. They used archived observations of 42 additional extremely bright quasars from two other observatories in addition to 25 very distant very bright quasars from the XQR-30 survey. They discover that the Universe first became transparent roughly 1.1 billion years after the Big Bang by closely examining the 67 quasar spectra. Illustration of the first stars in the universe illuminating the gas clouds where they originated. Photo: NAOJ Illustration of the first stars in the universe illuminating the gas clouds where they originated. Photo: NAOJ And that's really fascinating! What precisely ionised the universe is unknown. There was enough time for supermassive, extremely hot, luminous stars to form as well, and they could have also blasted out UV light, enough to contribute. It might have been these very quasars. Was it thus stars, quasars, or a combination of both? The timing may be able to focus this. Reionization was previously estimated to have occurred 200 million years earlier, but if the new estimate is accurate, there is plenty of room for many more of these first-generation stars to form and contribute. So, if you'll excuse the pun, it might have been both stars and quasars working together. Around this time, galaxies were developing, and if these stars were incredibly powerful, they could blow gas straight out of the galaxies, altering the evolution of those galaxies. In order to comprehend when these stars existed and what they might have done to their surrounding environments, we need to know when reionization took place. I'll remind you that you reside in a galaxy and on a planet revolving around a star whose lineages may be traced back to this period. Reionization—what it was, when it happened, and how it affected the universe—thus plays a role in our existence. It's clear why we want to know the answer. And it might be here at last. Naturally, more observations are preferable. We may also be able to determine the duration of reionization if we have more exact estimates of this number from models of cosmic structure. 1,000,000 years? 10, fifty, or one hundred? It's almost certain that larger telescopes with better cameras will be used to answer that question. We are among the first species to comprehend precisely how the universe came into being and what occurred to it after that. You can quote me on that, but the Universe took 13.8 billion years to get here, and I think it was worth the wait.
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2023.03.29 17:35 Particular_Eye_3373 Microsoft has begun offering Local Search Ads on Bing

Microsoft has begun offering Local Search Ads on Bing
Microsoft has developed a new tool that enables platform users to set up customized conversion monitoring without changing the website’s source code. However, users of this specific tool will set up event-based conversion tracking and allow Microsoft Clarity information under the Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag. Cogent provides real-world use cases and validation blueprints with various partners to help you quickly develop and implement your AI solution. Utilize adaptable AI solutions to maximize the value of your data by providing you with the scalability, performance, and cost controls you require at the right moment.
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