Marcus mariota or derek carr

Need to quit again..

2023.05.28 14:32 vilebubbles Need to quit again..

I have a follow up appointment coming up in 3 weeks to determine if the surgery I had worked at removing precancerous cells. I am extremely anxious about it. It’s been 6 months since my surgery and if this thing came back, that’s pretty bad. I will have to wait 2-3 weeks afterwards for the results.
I had quit vaping for 6 months and started back a month ago. I know I need to stop. I don’t want to spend the next 5-6 weeks vaping and worsening my chances health wise. But I have this mindset of “well I might have cancer anyways so fuck it.” And, “I am so anxious and stressed right now, I need this escape and dopamine boost to make it through.”
I can’t really go on jogs or go hangout with friends or do some hobbies to keep my mind off of it and to naturally feel dopamine. I work Mon through Friday, when I get off work in the afternoon I pick my son up from his therapy/childcare place and then I’m parenting the rest of the time. My son is non verbal autistic and very sweet, but he is constantly whining or or tantruming and pulling me around the house trying to communicate in his own way, he’s not really able to entertain himself and wants me with him 24/7.
So other than Saturday’s, I don’t get free time and I’m really stressed the vast majority of the day. I was miserable for the 6 months I quit vaping and I’m just not sure I can do it again. I don’t know how. I have read Allen Carr’s book twice and am reading it again, but it’s not having the same effect this time.
I would really like some help.
(I know many people strongly recommend therapy, but that is far out of my budget currently, unless you know of any free or very low budget therapy resources).
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2023.05.28 13:02 ba-phone-ghoul Prohormones vs SARMS? Vegas in a month.

Are all prohormones oral or some injectable? You need a base, right? To keep from fluctuations. That why they recommend a Test-1 or something with a superdrol, or what ever the compound is similar too? Website I looked at showed most the prohormone types breaking down into similar versions of Test no matter if it was a DHT, Nandrolone named supplement. So how similar is the compound to what it’s supposed to be representing? I read PH are more effective then SARMS. And apparently they are mostly all not toxic to the liver. So could you do them for months compared to real Superdrol which Derek adviced you wouldn’t wanna push it past a month because the liver toxicity.
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2023.05.28 12:35 teamcrazymatt Defending the Draft 2023: New England Patriots

No one can ever predict a Bill Belichick draft.
When people start assuming he’ll act based on his stereotypes (first-round trade down, OL early, no early WRs, all Alabama players or small school guys or guys from Rutgers), he’ll do the opposite. When the consensus is that he’ll shift away from those stereotypes, he’ll lean right into them.
So in observing mock drafts, both full and team-centric, there was a lot of accord that he would follow those stereotypes. (Adam Korsak, both a punter and from Rutgers, was EVERYWHERE.)
But then the end of April came.
Before then, New England had suffered a 2022 season full of embarrassment, from Matt Patricia and Joe Judge’s ineptitude at running the offense to a team that seemed to find new ways to lose in humiliating fashion (a certain ill-fated lateral sequence peak among them). The Patriots went from their dynastic reign as a team which would trounce their opponents in laughers to the team that everyone pointed and laughed at. Mac Jones’ Patricia- and Judge-sparked regression along with impressive cameo appearances by ‘22 rookie Bailey Zappe split the fanbase into Mac and Zappe camps, with sports media fueling the flame by spreading or outright fabricating rumors of Belichick shopping Mac, rumors which lasted through the first day of the draft. It was an ugly season and an uglier start to the offseason.
The franchise clearly needed to make changes in 2023, and changes started near the top. Patricia and Judge lost their roles, the former joining the Eagles coaching staff and the latter moving to lead special teams, a necessary move as this Belichick-led squad had plummeted to the lowest-ranked third unit. (More on that later.) Patricia had filled the dual roles of de facto offensive coordinator and facto offensive line coach, and filled both roles with the acumen of me designing plays in Backyard Football 2002, except I could actually design plays that resulted in touchdowns. Judge had manned the quarterbacks room, and given that Daniel Jones finally broke out for the Giants once Judge had been booted from mentoring him, you can guess how that went for Mac and the Pats. In his new role in charge of special teams, he has already cost the team two OTAs and Bill Belichick $50,000 for an offseason meetings violation, and has elevated his 2022 title of Co-Most Hated Man in Foxboro to Single Most Hated Man in Foxboro.
Anyway, New England needed to fill their old roles, and brought in:
Bill O’Brien, Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks Coach A long-time friend of Belichick’s, O’Brien returns for his second stint as Pats OC, having dictated the offense in Rob Gronkowski’s record-setting 2011 season. Additionally, O’Brien comes by way of running the offense and the QB room at the University of Alabama, which spawned Mac Jones. Mac regressed in 2022 after an impressive 2021, but recall that 2022 was under the abysmal leadership of Patricia (calling his plays) and Judge (his direct coach), a situation in which no one could develop. By bringing in his old OC and QB coach, Mac has been put in the best possible position to develop in ‘23, a position which will much more clearly give fans a vision of his future as an NFL quarterback. (And the playcalling will be legitimate! It’s been but a year and we have already forgotten what creativity, route concepts, and misdirection have looked like!)
Adrian Klemm, Offensive Line Coach Belichick’s first draft pick after taking the helm in New England in 2000, Klemm has joined the team after coaching at Oregon last year. He comes with a strong reputation at that coaching position, having headed a Ducks O-line that allowed just five sacks in 2022. Last season, the Patriots saw a regression from their veterans on the line, most notably in Trent Brown’s newfound flag-happiness, and first-round rookie guard Cole Strange put forth a mixed performance. Bringing in an actual offensive line coach gives the team the best chance to fix any issues that showed in ‘22 and to develop their young linemen.
Of course, coaching was not the only issue last season, as New England was criticized for their lack of talent on the roster. Of New England’s high-cash free agent class of 2021, only edge rusher Matthew Judon shined in both his seasons in Foxboro: neither tight end Jonnu Smith nor wideout Nelson Agholor ever got off the ground, tight end Hunter Henry regressed after a solid ‘21, and wideout Kendrick Bourne found himself suddenly in Patricia’s doghouse and off the field. Moves needed to be made as the calendar turned to free agency.
Notable Departures
S Devin McCourty (retired) The most prominent departure from the ‘22 squad, McCourty is one of many who can be termed a quintessential Patriot. A first-round cornerback out of Rutgers in 2010, D-Mac made the switch to safety in 2012 and locked down the position for the next decade. When he was on the verge of leaving the team in free agency in 2015, even reaching out to Belichick to say goodbye, Belichick signed him to a top-valued safety contract and kept him in red, white, and blue. His leadership and personality made him a joy to watch on the field and off, his personality showing itself especially well recently through interactions with his twin brother Jason, who played alongside him for the Patriots from 2018 to ‘20. Statistically, D-Mac ends his career with 35 interceptions, one shy of the franchise record, and 4 touchdowns (two picks, a kickoff return, and a blocked field goal return). We miss him already.
P Jake Bailey (released; signed with Miami) What a drop. After an All-Pro season in 2020, Bailey signed a four-year extension in 2022 only to become the worst statistical punter in the league. After he was injured, the Patriots brought in Michael Palardy, who managed to be even worse (personally, I blame the team’s curse that comes with the jersey number 17). Neither punter remains with the team, Bailey joining an AFC East rival in the Dolphins and Palardy currently unsigned.
TE Jonnu Smith (traded to Atlanta) There is a strong case to be made that Smith is the worst free agency signing Belichick has made as Pats GM. In the two years since inking a 4-year, $50 million deal, Smith totaled just 55 catches for 539 yards and one touchdown, and a ‘22 restructure of his contract meant that Smith appeared to be a monetary albatross the Patriots would not be able to shake loose. What led to Atlanta agreeing to take on his whole contract, sending New England a seventh-round pick to get the player, I have no idea, but I think every Pats fan would agree that Smith didn’t work out in the least and a change was best for all sides.
WR Jakobi Meyers (signed with Las Vegas) Meyers’ departure was somewhat shocking, as the 2019 UDFA had worked his way up to the top of the Patriots’ wide receiver depth chart. More of a big slot guy than an outside #1, Meyers had a minor role in his rookie season and started 2020 at the bottom of the depth chart, but injuries to the players above him got him onto the field, and a 12-catch, 169-yard performance against the Jets that November meant he wasn’t leaving it anytime soon. While not possessing top-tier speed or explosiveness, Meyers was the team’s best route runner and separator, and his departure left another void that needed to be filled.
QB Brian Hoyer (released, signed with Las Vegas) Hoyer was third on the depth chart, Zappe having shown enough to take the #2 spot. While a fine veteran mentor, the Patriots chose to go a different direction with that third QB role.
WR Nelson Agholor (signed with Baltimore) Agholor was given a two-year contract in 2021 with the anticipation of his being the #1 receiver, something which did not happen due to his unreliable hands and separation abilities. For those two years and $22 million, Agholor produced 68 catches, 835 yards, and five touchdowns. Not worth it.
RB Damien Harris (signed with Buffalo) By far the most productive member of the Patriots’ atrocious 2019 draft class, Harris was good in New England but had been passed on the depth chart by sophomore Rhamondre Stevenson midway through 2022. Couple that with Belichick’s predilection to let running backs walk instead of giving them second contracts, sprinkle in a dash of two ‘22 draft picks (Pierre Strong Jr. and Kevin Harris) who will get more opportunities in 2023, top it off with the return of Ty Montgomery II from injured reserve, and it’s no surprise that Harris is no longer a Patriot.
T Isaiah Wynn (signed with Miami) Another former first-round pick, Wynn was all right as a left tackle though was criticized for frequent injury problems; with his fifth-year option picked up for ‘22, he was inexplicably switched to right tackle, where he was very bad. He never really earned the role of franchise tackle, so it was expected that the Patriots would let him walk.
But on the upside, the team now has:
WR JuJu Smith-Schuster (via Kansas City) After Meyers signed with the Raiders, the Patriots worked quickly to bring in his replacement in the slot. Smith-Schuster revived his career in Kansas City and is now in position to be a primary target for Mac for the next three seasons, possessing more explosiveness and speed than his predecessor. The biggest concern with JuJu is his durability, but I believe the Patriots have made preparations in the draft (spoiler) in case that becomes a significant problem. The fanbase is excited for Smith-Schuster on the field in Foxboro, and deservedly so.
RB James Robinson (via New York (the green side)) A one-time breakout UDFA in Jacksonville, Robinson’s role diminished with the rise of Travis Etienne Jr.; after being traded to the Jets, Robinson never got settled into a role. In New England, Robinson is likely first in line for the #2 RB spot behind Stevenson, an important role given that Stevenson’s overwork saw his productivity decline as last season came to an end. Robinson also possesses the pass-catching versatility that Belichick loves, a role Harris was never used in but Stevenson is, further suggesting he can have a significant spot on the field for the Pats.
TE Mike Gesicki (via Miami) As Smith never worked out as the co-#1 TE, here comes Gesicki. A pure pass catcher at the position, Gesicki has the size and hands to be a reliable target in the red zone, and should pair nicely with Henry for a potential TE-heavy formation as the team approaches the goal line.
T Riley Reiff (via Chicago) T Calvin Anderson (via Denver) While neither comes with the contract expectation of being a long-term solution at either tackle spot, the hope is that Reiff (expected to start at RT) will be an upgrade over Wynn, while Anderson serves as a reliable swing tackle who can start if needed.
LB Chris Board Jr. (via Detroit) Remember that awful special teams unit? Board is one of the NFL’s top special teamers, a player Belichick singled out when New England faced the Lions last year. It’s unsurprising he brought in such a veteran to help solidify the unit after… just all of last year.
QB Trace McSorley (via Arizona) By bringing in McSorley in Hoyer’s stead, the team is showing a bit of a shift in philosophy with how it is using its backup QB spots. Both Mac and Zappe are pocket passers; McSorley does most of his work outside the pocket and can run with regularity, a trend more common among top-level quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. At minimum, he’s worth a camp spot, and that’s fine.
P Corliss Waitman (via Denver) Following the implosion of Bailey and Palardy at punter, the Patriots were on the verge of entering the draft with none on the roster. Waitman is a veteran addition there, but pretty much everyone expected New England to add a punter either as a draft pick or UDFA. (Another spoiler – my bad.)
After this free agency, many saw the Patriots as still having holes at the top of their depth chart at wideout, tackle, and cornerback. Tight end was also considered a need as New England, despite adding Gesicki to pair with Henry, does not have a tight end signed beyond 2023, entering the draft with only Matt Sokol and Scotty Washington behind their name duo.
Then they went on the clock, entering the draft with:
1-14 2-46 3-76 4-107 4-117 4-135 6-184 6-187 6-192 6-210 7-245
Here’s how it all went down.
Draft Picks
TRADE: 1-14 to PIT for 1-17 and 4-120 Although this trade was criticized for receiving too little back from Pittsburgh, it was not a major loss in capital according to the Rich Hill value chart (325 points to PIT, 320 to NE), and it came with enough high-level talent on the board that the Patriots were sure to get one of their targets. The way the board fell, fans most wanted Christian Gonzalez, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Zay Flowers, or Broderick Jones; when the Steelers took Jones, it became clear that the Patriots were not interested in him (reports came out that the Patriots had not been interested in Jones at all due to coachability concerns), but they were sure to land an exciting player after moving down only three spots rather than the seven-plus many mockers had predicted. Additionally, the Steelers landing Jones appeared to knock the Jets’ war room for a loop (though later video has shown that the Jets were expecting the trade), and the only thing New England fans love more than a victory is an opportunity to screw over the Jets.
1-17: Christian Gonzalez, CB, Oregon The Patriots’ selection of Gonzalez received universal acclaim, and it’s easy to see why. Despite having strong CB depth, the Patriots lacked a true #1 corner; Gonzalez has the ability, length, and athleticism to be that from Day One. The first-round pick via Colorado and Oregon was widely projected as a top-10 selection, so for New England to land him at 17 is a tremendous coup. From his interviews and his play style, Gonzalez seems like a quiet guy off the field who wants to shut the opponent down when on the turf. He’ll be fun to watch.
2-46: Keion White, ED, Georgia Tech White is another player falling under the new Patriots draft umbrella under Belichick and Matt Groh: as athletic as can be. While he is raw, White has the athleticism to play three downs along the defensive line and the versatility to move inside when the situation calls for it. The Patriots thought so highly of him that he was a player they were considering drafting in the first round, even considering a move back into the last picks of the round to snag him, but landed him at 46 anyway. How much he will play as a rookie is uncertain as New England has a very good edge duo in Matthew Judon and Josh Uche, but even if White has to take a year to get acclimated to the NFL, that’s not unheard of in Foxboro and has produced success for highly-touted picks: neither Nate Solder (first round) nor Trey Flowers (fourth round) took on long-term starting roles as rookies (though Solder filled in at right tackle plenty), but were established starters in their second years. Similarly, Uche (second round) started off as an occasionally-used part of a pass rushing rotation before hitting double-digit sacks last year, his third season in the league. And if White earns significant playing time in 2023, all the better.
3-76: Marte Mapu, LB, Sacramento State* Here’s that small-school selection that detractors tend to point at regarding Belichick, but Mapu has elite potential. I got tipped off to Mapu late in the pre-draft cycle, and watching film of him I was reminded a lot of Kyle Dugger, another small-school Day 2 player who has turned into an excellent Patriot. Mapu is going to play linebacker, likely his best position, and fill the role of coverage ‘backer that New England has lacked for several seasons. He’s also athletic and scheme-versatile, having spent time at safety and linebacker while at Sacramento State, so he will be able to move around the defensive formation if the situation calls for it. Add to that his tackling, his closing speed, and his containment, and you’ve got yourself a potential stud.
4-107: Jake Andrews, C, Troy The Patriots need their future long-term center with David Andrews now 31 and having an injury history, and Jake Andrews (unrelated) is set up perfectly to be that guy. Andrews the Younger is built in the same mold as Andrews the Elder: both exited college as smaller in stature than other centers but able to get a push on defensive linemen from below, meaning Jake can easily learn specific bits of technique from David. While not expected to play the role immediately, [anagram: Ned Was a Jerk] is now in position to spend time behind [anagram: Swan Diver Dad], preparing himself to take over at center in the near future.
TRADE: 4-120 and 6-184 to NYJ for 4-112 4-112: Chad Ryland, K, Maryland This is not the first time Belichick has selected a kicker in the fourth round, selecting Stephen Gostkowski with pick 118 in 2006; with the Patriots in desperate need for a strong player at the position, moving up to make sure they could land him makes sense (especially with Jake Moody being selected by the 49ers at 3-99). And Ryland is what Nick Folk is not: a big-legged kicker with kickoff ability. Folk has been appreciated in New England for his accuracy, but his distance and accuracy notably declined in 2022, and when forced to kick off, his lack of touchback distance led to trouble, the Patriots surrendering a league-high three kick return touchdowns (including two in the season finale). It’s clear an upgrade at kicker was a requirement this offseason; with Moody gone, giving up a sixth to move up eight spots is absolutely fine. In doing so, New England has hopefully landed their kicker for the next decade.
4-117: Sidy Sow, G, Eastern Michigan At this point, it may be considered confusing for the Patriots to have drafted a left guard in Sow when last year’s first-round pick Cole Strange is entrenched there and Mike Onwenu mans right guard at an elite level, but Groh’s post-draft comments indicated the team would give Sow opportunities at left tackle as well. And not only does Sow have experience at left tackle, he has the size at 6’5” and 326 pounds. New England’s projected starting tackles are veterans Trent Brown and Riley Reiff, both of whom are over 30 and are in contract years; if Sow returns to the position, the former mauling EMU Eagle (heh, two birds) offensive lineman could ease the need at tackle for next offseason.
TRADE: 4-135 to LV for 5-144 and 6-214 5-144: Atonio Mafi, G, UCLA Another interior lineman? Yes. Mafi is a guard whom the Patriots worked with at the Shrine Bowl, and has the versatility to move between left and right guard. As the aforementioned Onwenu is in a contract year, Mafi has a clear path to a potential starting job in 2024, and the most important thing right now for the development of Mac Jones is keeping him upright. By selecting three offensive linemen – using a quarter of their 12 selections on the offensive trench – Belichick and Groh have signaled their intent to do just that. From all accounts, Mafi, who met with New England in a pre-draft visit, is thrilled to join the team; now it’s about proving it on the field.
6-187: Kayshon Boutte, WR, LSU Boutte is the epitome of a boom-or-bust prospect, his elite 2020 and ‘21 being overshadowed by a disappointing 2022 that dropped him from clear first-rounder to a middle-of-Day-3 selection. As a freshman and sophomore, Boutte looked to follow in the footsteps of highly-drafted LSU wideouts such as Odell Beckham Jr., Justin Jefferson, and JaMarr Chase, showing a complete package of agility, speed, and route running. Unfortunately, an injury plus conflicts with his new coach Brian Kelly led to underperformance, and a poor combine performance cemented his draft stock as having drastically fallen. But if he can get back to his earlier form, where his talent and athleticism led to a combined 83 receptions, 1244 yards, and 14 touchdowns in his first two college seasons, Boutte could become the steal of the draft.
6-192: Bryce Baringer, P, Michigan State While New England had signed Corliss Waitman so as to have a punter on the roster heading into the draft, none assumed he was the long-term answer; when the Patriots made Baringer the first punter taken in the 2023 draft, it became clear who was. A walk-on turned cut turned best punter in college football, Baringer has a booming leg that showed itself in an average punt length of 49.0 yards in ‘22; he also holds the Michigan State record for career punting average at 46.0 yards. As a bonus, he worked with Ryland at the Senior Bowl, so the two have already begun to develop chemistry in the holding game. As another bonus, he wore No. 99 in college, and that is awesome.
6-210: Demario Douglas, WR, Liberty When one imagines a typical Patriots slot receiver – small, shifty, and explosive with the ball in his hands – one might well be imagining Douglas. The five-foot-eight Liberty product can absolutely fly, moving all around the formation and catching balls at all levels of the field. New Englanders got a preview of what Douglas’ game might look like when rookie cornerback Marcus Jones began to take snaps on offense last year; Jones was often put in motion before the snap, worked out of the backfield, and assigned touches where his elusiveness was the spark to gain yards. Douglas has said he models his game after Jones, a claim that demonstrates itself when one views his collegiate tape. I had a third-round grade on Douglas, so the Patriots landing him at 210 is a thrill. (Even though the Giants took one of my draft crushes in Tre Hawkins III the pick before, for which I’m still irked.)
6-214: Ameer Speed, CB, Michigan State The unknown about Speed is whether he will develop on defense; that is not his skill at the moment. There are three things known: his size (6’3”, 210 lbs.), his speed (4.34s 40), and his special teams prowess. With longtime special teams captain Matthew Slater likely entering his last year, the Patriots need to develop a new crop of special teams standouts, long a hallmark of Belichick’s Patriots from the time of Larry Izzo. Last year’s UDFA Brenden Schooler looks like one of those players already; Speed will certainly be given every chance possible to be another.
7-245: Isaiah Bolden, CB, Jackson State More tall athletic cornerbacks! The only HBCU selection in the 2023 draft, Bolden is an incredible athlete who likely earned his way to a draft selection by lighting up his Pro Day. Though just a role player on defense, Bolden has developmental traits that any defensive coach would love, and has also been a top collegiate kick returner, leading all of college football in 2021 with a 36.9-yard average on kickoff returns. I don’t see the two late-round cornerback selections as “throw players on the field and see who sticks” à la the ill-fated dual tight end picks of Devin Asiasi and Dalton Keene in 2020’s third round, but selecting players who might have longer chances to succeed, but if they do succeed can truly shine.
Though Bolden was the last of the Patriots’ 2023 draft picks, that did not conclude their rookie class as the period of UDFA signings immediately began. The Patriots have had an undrafted rookie make the Week 1 roster every year since 2004; with just a four-man class this season, chances are slim. They’re not impossible – their only 2021 UDFA, kicker Quinn Nordin, made it – but they’re definitely slimmer. Here are the four who can continue that streak.
Undrafted Rookies
Malik Cunningham, QB, Louisville The most expensive ($200,000) and well-known of the quartet, Cunningham’s slight build and arm as a quarterback led to piles of speculation of his switching positions. However, he has started off his Patriots tenure as a quarterback in rookie minicamp, so he remains a quarterback until further notice. Throughout college, Cunningham’s most intriguing asset has been his supreme athleticism at the position, something which showed up in testing, and it remains to be seen how the Patriots will use that athleticism to help the team. (It may be a good while until outside sources get a look, as minicamp and OTAs have thus far been closed off to the media.)
Johnny Lumpkin, TE, Louisiana-Lafayette After foregoing using a selection on a tight end in a deep draft class (another Belichick trend), New England instead brought in Lumpkin, who projects as a blocking tight end in the NFL. This offsets the biggest negative, his age (he’ll be 26 to start the season), as the Patriots lack a true blocker at the position. Whether Lumpkin can take advantage of this path to a roster spot remains to be seen, but his road to making the team as an undrafted rookie seems easiest at the moment.
Jourdan Heilig, LB, Appalachian State Like Board and Speed, Heilig joins the Patriots as a special teams standout, playing minimal defense as a Mountaineer (three snaps in 2022) but standing out in college on the third unit (210 snaps in 2022). He’ll have a chance to follow in the path of Schooler as a UDFA who makes his mark as a core special teamer.
Justus Tavai, DL, San Diego State The middle of the Tavai brothers (older brother Jahlani is a Patriots linebacker, younger brother Jonah signed with Seattle as a UDFA), Justus played alongside Jonah on the Aztec defensive line in 2022. While Jonah put up eye-popping numbers with double-digit sacks, Justus was a steady contributor as well, putting up 3.5 sacks and intercepting a pass. Tavai is the ninth man on the Patriots’ defensive line right now, so he has a difficult path if he wants to make the team.
He’s not an undrafted rookie, but the Patriots have also brought in veteran free agent Anthony Firsker, TE to compete with Lumpkin, Sokol, and Washington for the third tight end spot, the roster spot opened with their losing reserve Raekwon McMillan, LB to a partially torn Achilles tendon.
Projected Offseason Depth Chart (italics = rookie, (in parentheses = exclusively or primarily a special teamer)) (Note: the Patriots assign temporary jersey numbers in the offseason starting with 50 based mainly on draft position.)
QB 10 Mac Jones 4 Bailey Zappe 19 Trace McSorley 64 Malik Cunningham
RB 38 Rhamondre Stevenson 3 James Robinson 14 Ty Montgomery II 35 Pierre Strong Jr. 36 Kevin Harris 42 J.J. Taylor
WR 1 DeVante Parker 7 JuJu Smith-Schuster 84 Kendrick Bourne 11 Tyquan Thornton 58 Kayshon Boutte 60 Demario Douglas 82 Tre Nixon (44 Raleigh Webb) (18 Matthew Slater)
TE 85 Hunter Henry 88 Mike Gesicki 86 Anthony Firsker 87 Matt Sokol 17 Scotty Washington 65 Johnny Lumpkin
T 77 Trent Brown 74 Riley Reiff 76 Calvin Anderson 75 Conor McDermott 64 Andrew Stueber
G 71 Mike Onwenu 69 Cole Strange 54 Sidy Sow 55 Atonio Mafi 63 Chasen Hines 62 Bill Murray
C 60 David Andrews 53 Jake Andrews 65 James Ferentz 66 Kody Russey
DL 90 Christian Barmore 92 Davon Godchaux 91 Deatrich Wise Jr. 93 Lawrence Guy Sr. 95 Daniel Ekuale 98 Carl Davis Jr. 96 Sam Roberts 70 Jeremiah Pharms Jr. 67 Justus Tavai
ED 9 Matthew Judon 55 Josh Uche 51 Keion White 58 Anfernee Jennings (97 DaMarcus Mitchell) 51 Ronnie Perkins
LB 8 Ja’Whaun Bentley 48 Jahlani Tavai 52 Marte Mapu 30 Mack Wilson Sr. (45 Chris Board Jr.) 43 Calvin Munson 59 Terez Hall 47 Olakunle Fatukasi (66 Jourdan Heilig)
CB 50 Christian Gonzalez 31 Jonathan Jones 13 Jack Jones 25 Marcus Jones 27 Myles Bryant (61 Ameer Speed) 63 Isaiah Bolden 37 Tae Hayes 26 Shaun Wade 34 Quandre Mosely 39 Rodney Randle Jr.
S 23 Kyle Dugger 5 Jabrill Peppers 2 Jalen Mills 21 Adrian Phillips 24 Joshuah Bledsoe (41 Brenden Schooler) (22 Cody Davis) 29 Brad Hawkins
K 62 Chad Ryland 6 Nick Folk
P 59 Bryce Baringer 15 Corliss Waitman
LS 49 Joe Cardona 46 Tucker Addington
Conclusion Is this a perfect Patriots team? No. There are still long-term holes at offensive tackle and tight end, and there is a question mark as to who can be that pass catcher whom defensive coordinators have to plan for, a player the team has lacked for several seasons.
But is this an exciting Patriots roster, a team who has a chance to exceed their middling projections and expectations, a team worth watching and cheering for? Absolutely. Belichick and company have stabilized the coaching staff; added explosive, athletic players at nearly every position; brought in a new crew of players to take over special teams; and begun their draft with three players who could not only start in the NFL but have the potential to star. I fully believe that this is not an 8-9 caliber team, even in an AFC East with three other teams that have added big name after big name.
As Bill Belichick might say, we’re on to 2023.
We’re on to victory.
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2023.05.28 11:25 GigaChan450 Bodie, Kane, and Marcus

Has anyone read this book (in its entirety)? Investments - by Bodie, Kane and Marcus. Is it covered in its entirety in the CFA program already?
Do CFA candidates not have to read BKM any more?
I understand that it is MBA level so I wonder how much overlap or additional info there is.
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2023.05.28 10:53 DDCutie Hello! I'm Asking For Your Help Suggesting Boy's Names That Would Fit My Face Here's my photo.
Daniel was one of your name suggestions tied with Lucas in my last post on my last post.
I'm trying to keep my options wide open here.
I'm not exactly trying a new name for trans reasons, but it sure does help me to find my way to finding my new self. Maybe once you come up with a name, you could write a short story using it?
A first and a middle name would be a plus!
I guess I'm going to put down here a top 100 list or something and hope for some good answers as I'm considering using the names most suggested to me. Thanks!
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2023.05.28 10:50 DDCutie Hello! I'm Asking For Your Help Suggesting Boy's Names That Would Fit My Face Here's my photo.
Daniel was one of your name suggestions tied with Lucas in my last post on my last post.
I'm trying to keep my options wide open here.
I'm not exactly trying a new name for trans reasons, but it sure does help me to find my way to finding my new self. Maybe once you come up with a name, you could write a short story using it?
A first and a middle name would be a plus!
I guess I'm going to put down here a top 100 list or something and hope for some good answers as I'm considering using the names most suggested to me. Thanks!


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2023.05.28 10:40 TechnocraticCitizen My Creed - "Everything we hear is opinion, not fact. Everything we see is perspective, not truth."

I have long been captured by the idea of philosophy as a way of life. My supervisor for my undergraduate thesis was the first to introduce me to this concept, and I ended up writing my thesis on the Stoic way of life. I have since read Philosophy as a Way of Life by Pierre Hadot; Philosophy as a Way of Life: History, Dimensions and Directions, by Matthew Sharpe and Michael Ure, and Pursuits of Wisdom: Six Ways of Life in Ancient Philosophy from Socrates to Plotinus, by John M. Cooper, among a plethora of other philosophical texts. I have most closely embraced the Stoic Way of Life due to its ease of conduction, though it is not a simple thing to embrace. I have also been taken particularly by the Socratic idea of the beginning of wisdom lying in the recognition of one’s own ignorance. I’m also a quite interested in Platonism and Neoplatonism – though admittedly, I’m not well educated on them.
Regardless of my metaphysical and ontological perspective, the above statement is not meant to be an embracement of relativism or a rejection of the objective world, but rather an acknowledgement of the fact that we as human beings are unable to grasp the world objectively. We will always be subject to our own biases, both conscious and unconscious.
To remind myself of this, I have embraced the above as my Creed, my way of life.
Also, to note, this Creed is not one of my own making, it's a quote by an unknown philosopher, often attributed to Marcus Aurelius.
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2023.05.28 10:22 BarkingRambler Derek Lively or Kobe Bufkin? (Plus other thoughts)

I’ve had Kobe Bufkin going to us in my mock, but Lively seems to make a lot of sense too, and I might be leaning towards Lively now. Plus these prospects are also being discussed here, so it looks like we’re generally on the same page. I see prospects like Hawkins (pretty good if available) and Howard (awful pick, can’t play D and really not the type of player we need) also being brought up. The thing is we don’t need another wing/forward, Murphy, Herb, BI and Zion is enough scuffle at that 2/3-4 spots, they’re really good. So i’m totally against Keyonte George/Jett Howard/Brice Sensabaugh and players like that. Prospects that I am open to other than Bufkin and Lively are Rayan Rupert (not a massive fan of drafting but see the intrigue) and JHS. Love Leonard Miller but not the position we want ideally.
Plus: Can someone tell me what the trade for Jrue ended up being? (ik what the trade was, but what did those pieces end up being)
Plus(2): Why is this sub not very active? (Ik we’re the smallest market in the NBA but come on)
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2023.05.28 09:23 ChoicesBOT Subject-Free Sundays: 2023-05-28

This is our weekly casual conversation chat! Here, community members are welcome to discuss anything and everything about the game, about your life, or about what you've been up to. We also include userflair data on this day. Please keep the discussion within subreddit rules, of course, and remember to keep things civil and friendly!

Flairs Overview

Number of Users with each Flair

Note: This table shows the number of unique users with each flair image, with a minimum of 25. Multiple identical flairs in the same user's flair count as one.
Flair Users
A Courtesan of Rome 56
Adalhard-M1 42
Adam1 52
Adam3 51
Adrian1 405
Adrian3 165
Aerin 197
Aiden 179
Aisha 38
Aislinn 139
Ajay 210
Alana 133
America's Most Eligible 36
Andy 215
Angel 46
Anna 99
Annabelle 291
Annelyse 68
Aromantic 33
Arylu 129
Asexual 94
Aster 154
Aubrey 33
Aurora 114
Ava 151
Avery-F 71
Avery-M 48
Bloodbound 66
Becca 402
Beckett 1023
Ben 79
Bertrand 25
Bi 209
Bianca 73
Blaine-F1 42
Blaine-F3 56
Blaine-M1 69
Blaine-M3 89
Blades of Light and Shadow 117
Book 56
Bryce 862
Cal 174
Caleb-Hero 25
Caleb 40
Cas-F2 42
Cas-M2 113
Cassius 134
Cat 52
Charlie 155
Chris 107
Colt 260
Connor 83
Corgi 297
Crow 48
Dakota-F1 48
Dakota-F2 28
Dakota-M1 64
Dakota-M4 44
Dallas 53
Damien 930
Dan 48
Danni 111
Dave 37
Dean 35
Derek 37
Diavolos 61
Diego 29
Dipper 75
Desire & Decorum 40
Dom 119
Drake 429
Edward1 42
Edward2 48
Edward3 62
Edward4 35
Eiko 124
Eleanor 168
Eli 49
Emma 200
Emu 39
Eris 71
Ernest 743
Endless Summer 132
Esme 34
Estela 381
Ethan 1017
Eva 84
Fabien 41
Flynn 326
Furball 129
Gabe2 32
Gabe3 32
Gaius 122
Gay 39
Gorgue 100
Grayson 38
Greyhound 41
Griffin 106
Hamid 120
Hana 336
Hayden-F2 178
Hayden-F3 111
Hayden-M1 69
Hayden-M2 96
Hazel 35
Heart 588
High School Story 59
Hunt 184
Hunter-F1 30
Hunter-M1 28
Hunter-M2 111
The It Lives Series 90
Imogen 68
Imtura 154
Jackie 88
Jaime 70
Jake 848
James 68
Jax 296
Jen 107
John2 43
Julian 27
Kaitlyn 288
Kamilah 792
Kane 30
Kate 58
Katherine 47
Kayden-F1 73
Kayden-M1 112
Kayden-M2 40
Kenji 141
Kenna 181
Kepler 35
Kieran-M1 36
Kingsley-F1 38
Kingsley-F2 84
Kingsley-F3 55
Kingsley-M1 174
Kingsley-M2 36
Kingsley-M3 84
Kitten 102
Leo 74
Lesbian 116
Levi 69
Liam1 376
Liam2 38
Liam3 305
Lily 64
Lindsay 30
Lobster 50
Logan1 108
Logan2 102
Loola 32
Lucas 62
Luke 35
Lumian 41
Mackenzie1 68
Mackenzie2 29
Mackenzie3 69
Madeleine 25
Mal 548
Marc 376
Maria 259
Mark 36
Matt 43
Maxwell 372
Meridian 54
Michael 606
Michelle 46
Mona 242
Naomi 49
Nia 436
Nik1 80
Nik3 48
Noah1 27
Noah3 72
Noah 125
Nonbinary 26
Open Heart 70
Oliver 115
Olivia 197
Pan 49
Parker 119
Perfect Match 31
Poppy-Qb 581
Priya 87
Pug 86
Puppy 42
Queen B 36
Quinn 534
Quote 40
Rafael 195
Rainbow 31
Raleigh-F 45
Raleigh-M 278
Raydan 142
Redfield 82
Redpanda 29
Ride or Die 26
Rory-F2 54
Rory-M2 55
Sabina 81
Sam-F1 42
Sam-F3 60
Sam-M1 39
Sam-M3 59
Sam 51
Sawyer 149
Sean 129
Sei 61
Seth 27
Shannon 41
Shreya 246
Sienna 50
Simon 80
Skye 508
Slater 58
Sloane 96
Sol 63
Sonia 308
Stacy 32
Sumire 31
Syphax 95
Tatum 107
The Crown and The Flame 54
The Elementalists 95
Thomas 275
Threep 180
Tobias 25
Tom 347
Trans 41
Troy 26
The Royal Romance 42
Trystan-F3 28
Trystan-M1 44
Trystan-M3 34
Trystan-M4 34
Tyril 773
Uwu 69
Val 74
Vera 57
Veronica 87
Victoria 71
Veil of Secrets 30
Zahra 29
Zig 413
Zoey 161
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2023.05.28 08:57 Fine-Willow-1639 I’m homeless and I don’t know what to do….

I (18f) have been living with my mother (49f) and my brother; let’s just call him Steve (20m) just the 3 of us for the last 6 years.
We’ve lived in a small farming community for a while now and we have hated it the whole time. We’ve wanted to move for years, in fact at one point Steve went to live with our deadbeat dad (49m) for 2 years and then with our older brother Mark (32m) for a year. He dropped out of high school and only had a job for about 2 years before he just quit. I struggled really hard throughout school my whole life and barely graduated high school last summer and haven’t gotten around to getting a job yet, which is 100% completely utterly my fault.
I’m an adult and have never had a job, and I don’t have a car or my license, because I haven’t “gotten around to it”. My mom had been working at a place I will not name for our privacy for about 4 years now, but sometime last year she had a mental health downfall… she started going to doctor after doctor and they kept pushing her meds when she told them she didn’t like how they made her feel. Eventually she got put on disability and stopped going to work. That was 10 months ago…. She made significantly less on disability than she did when she went to work.
In October of last year we got a notice on our door saying we had 30 days to pay rent or we would be evicted. At that point we hadn’t paid rent since August, because money was super tight. After the 30 days we never got anything in the mail or anything so we just shrugged it off and basically squatted in our house. Around that time was when Steve moved back from our brother Mark’s house.
The rental office never acted on evicting us, until last week on Wednesday. They sent the sheriff to our door and he said we had 7 days to get out. So over the week we packed up everything we owned and put it all in a storage unit. My best friend, let’s call her Jess, was the only one outside of us that knew we were evicted. I got in trouble with my mom for even telling her in the first place but in the end she helped us move our stuff into the unit. I’m forever grateful for Jess 🩷.
During that 7 days we had gone to every housing crisis place we could think of; we applied for the section 8 waitlist, temporary housing, Salvation Army, etc. but we never qualified for anything because my mom makes $5 over the qualification for cash aid, which cash aid was one of the things that would have gotten us into 9 out of 10 places we applied for. We’re homeless but not poor enough to qualify for any type of help. What kind of bs is that?
Day 7 after the sheriff came, we were packing the rest of our lives into cardboard boxes when he came back and changed our locks. We had an hour to get our pets and the rest of our belongings.
My mom refused to let Steve and I tell our older brother Mark and Jack about anything that was going on because she didn’t want their money, she believed we had everything under control. We didn’t…
After we finally got the rest of our things out of the house and into the unit or our tiny Chevy impala… we drove around for a few hours until we ended up at a truck stop to sleep at for the night..
We lived in our car for 3 days with 2 cats and 3 small dogs… on day 3 Steve finally told our oldest brother, Jack, what was going on because he was tired of lying. Jack lives across the country from us, so he told our other brother Mark and now we’re currently staying at his house. He wasn’t mad that we lost our house, he was just upset he didn’t know….
Mark wants Steve and i to stay here, but in 4 days I’m supposed to go back across state, back to where I used to live, because I’m having a surgery. I would love to stay here and be a permanent babysitter for my niece and my nephews, but Mark is allergic to cats. My cat got me out of a really really rough spot in my life, and I don’t think I can handle leaving him behind… especially after I just lost the place I call my home. Mark and his wife Emma say that if they were in my situation they would kick the cat to the curb….
I don’t know… this kinda just turned into rambling because I’m a little drunk and there’s tears running down my face.
Basically, I’m that person who can’t fucking catch a break….. someone please tell me what to do….
Do I stay homeless and wait for my mom to get on the section 8 list and keep my cat, or do I do what Marcus said and get rid of him and come live here and get a job, license and my own apartment (eventually).
(Also; I’ve tried for days to find a foster for my baby until I can get a place by myself, but none of my friends can do it and I don’t want to to send him to someone one who wants to keep him permanently… I need my baby.
Backstory for the cat: I got him 2 months after Covid-19 caused everything to shut down. Around that time, I had a really bad falling out with my dad, and I was very close to committing…. alivn’t… I found him under my patio furniture, covered in feces and spiderwebs, he was only like three weeks old. He needed me because he was very small. I thought he was gonna die because he needed his mom and she left him (I sat outside with him for hours, waiting to see if his mother would come back and she didn’t.), so I was very determined to bring him back to health, so he wouldn’t die. In the end, he kept me alive more than I did him. He’s my best friend, my whole heart, I cannot leave him anywhere with anyone that I don’t trust, and I don’t trust very many people….
(TLDR: I got evicted and have the option to live with my brother if I get rid of the cat that kept me from suicide for the last 3 years)
Someone please help me…… Tell me what to do… I don’t know what to do….
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2023.05.28 08:25 Coconut3830 AITA for not buying the same amount of Christmas gifts?

I 35 female have been married to my husband 32 male for 4 years and have been together for over 10 years. We have no children so we spoil our one niece and nephew who are also our godchildren from bil Jared (33m) and one niece from bil Derek (30m) and I have been in their lives since the day they were born. My bil Derek is separated from his wife and has a daughter 9 years old.
Derek started dating Claudia (34 f) a couple years ago and she has two boys from her previous relationship. Derek brought her around with her kids the very first Christmas (2019) they were dating that was hosted by husband’s grandparents home. I was not aware they would be attending and felt bad so I gave them one of the gifts that was a joint gift for my niece and nephew.
The following year they were invited for Christmas (2020) which was hosted at Ava’s (36 f) (mom to Jared’s kids) house but none of them attended due to having Covid. We purchased my bil Derek and his daughter my niece several gifts as always and 2-3 gifts for Claudia and her kids and sent them with sil Joan (29 f) to drop them off to them. About two weeks after Christmas, Claudia called me to vent about why I hadn’t bought her kids the same amount of gifts as my niece and demanded that I buy her boys the same amount of gifts. I told her I barely know her or her kids and just because my bil Derek signed up to be the stepdad to her boys that didn’t have anything to do with me and how I spend my money. Claudia proceeded to complain to my sil Joan and anyone who would listen to her about it and they all told her she cannot dictate how I spend my money. Derek and Claudia got engaged in November 2021
That Christmas (2021) we hosted Christmas at our house and bought them all gifts (2-3) and a few extra for my niece. All Claudia did was complain every chance she got. Mind you that when we are around each other she always brags about how her kids have everything and the father of her sons makes 6 figures so they never need for anything, yet she’s complaining that I’m not buying her kids enough gifts or that they are “bottom of the barrel gifts” which they are not such as clothes, board games, and video games considering I don’t know them well enough to buy them anything else.
This past Christmas (2022) was hosted at Ava’s house, and since no one wanted to deal with Claudia’s drama, Derek and niece and Claudia and her sons were not invited.
So AITA for not buying Claudia’s kids who I barely know and have seen maybe a handful of times the same amount of gifts I buy my niece whose life I have been since the day she was born?
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2023.05.28 07:32 catlover9955_ S2E8 - Let it Be

I’m rewatching season two currently. Maybe I’m in too emotional of a place to judge it effectively, as someone who is BRCA positive and was recently diagnosed with stage IV/metastatic breast cancer at age 30, this episode really upset me.
For a recap, Derek and Addison’s friend finds out she is BRCA positive and is asking Addison to perform a preventative hysterectomy and double mastectomy. Izzie, is upset by this and says she’s giving up her womanhood and any chance of having kids because she “maybe” might develop cancer one day (85% likelihood) and she’s ignoring the 15% chance she won’t, and if she does - she’ll fight like hell, her mother also died of ovarian cancer.
I am not any less of a woman without boobs or the ability to have less children. If I knew I was BRCA1 positive and you told me that there was even a 10% chance less I wouldn’t develop cancer, I would jump on it in a literal second. Did I want more children and my boobs? Absolutely, but it’s not in the books. I am fighting like hell, but the reality is that I will not get to see my 4 year old grow into adulthood. Izzie was wrong.
I guess I just feel like sometimes greys gets it very right, and sometimes very wrong. Maybe it’s just me being too close to the source, but I feel like this episode was…gross…even 10+ years ago.
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2023.05.28 06:33 Econatron which side do you take - 2 Qb, 3 RB, 3 WR, 1 TEP, 2 FLEX PPR

Trade away: Derek Carr, Brian Robinson, Keenan Allen, AT Perry, Kyle Pitts, 2 x 2024 seconds
Receive: Justin Fields, Josh Jacobs, Christian Watson, Freiermuth
Other players on my roster
QB: Josh Allen, Kirk Cousins, Derek Carr
RB: Najee Harris, Nick Chubb, Brian Robinson, Khalil Herbert, Mattison, Abanikanda, Zeke, Damien Harris
WR: Ceedee, Waddle, Godwin, Hollywood, Keenan Allen, Lockett, Rasheed Shaheed, Lazard, Collins, Pierce
TE: Pitts, Everett, Knox, Likely
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2023.05.28 06:24 ImAmInsane A schizophrenic attorney submitted this to the court in the carroll v trump case
The attorney does not represent either side nor does she have any relation to any party as she claims. Its over 50 pages but here's some fun quips from it.

“First, defendant is my half-brother. He suffers from bipolar disorder, as do I, as this mental illness runs in the family, which we have traced back to John & Edward Rutledge, signers of the US Constitution & Declaration of Independence. No one, judge, no court, no legislator, and no President has ever figured, discerned, or agreed on what those documents mean or intended, a reflection of their authors…”
“… the documents weren’t written (or signed) by highly trained, educated lawyers should at Cambridge and Oxford ,such as John & Edward Rutledge, but rather by their servants, their love slaves… For example, have you ever met a 3/5 person? I haven’t either, but there “it” is, a 3/5 person, still in the main text of the US Constitutions.”
“… the cases should be dismissed due to his bipolar illness and temporary insanity…”
“Partying, drinking, drugs, dancing, mental illness were all problems of the Founding fathers & mothers, who were busy binging and having sex orgies & sex with their African and Caribbean servants…”
“This court must decide its pending case of Carroll v Trump pursuant to British substantive and procedural law.”
“Benito Mussolini, Italian Fascist dictator, had similar delusions of grander as Hitler, but not as competent and skilled as Hitler.”
“As President Biden has, by Juneteenth Order Amendment, declared that Judaism is the official, national religion of the US and all states.”
“The government of Iran will become secular- they picked the wrong religion.”
“Now, there’s more to mention about Chester, PA, including the new Kobe & Gianna Bryant Olympic Stadium.”
(She spends 6 pages naming random musical artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Adele, followed by 2-3 pages naming random military ship names.)
“The tenth reason to dismiss is this case can easily be settled…: Plaintiff, Trump, Chester City PA, Brooklyn NY, Dr Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, and the NYC Board of Rabbis each get 16%. The Temple of Emanuel gets 4%.
“As a result, the case pending before your honor, must be dismissed, with prejudice.”
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2023.05.28 05:45 UFCLO So close yet so far away.

So close yet so far away. submitted by UFCLO to sportsbetting [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 05:33 picklesupreme As an attempt to step into the world of fun Broadway statistics, here are r/Broadway’s most crushed-on performers!

Foolishly, I did not make my own predictions as to what the results would be before I started tallying the numbers together. But you are very much welcome to!
I only tallied the top-level comments (I think that’s what they’re called?) on my “Broadway crushes” post from last week, to the best of my ability. If you have suggestions as to how I can improve my math, or other topics I should try to compile statistics for, I’d love to know! I’ll probably just make a google forum next time.
I’ll post the top 5!
In 5th: Phillipa Soo, with 7 mentions
In 4th: Tied between Jeremy Jordan, Matt Doyle, and Jonathan Groff, with 9 mentions each
In 3rd: Ramin Karimloo, with 14 mentions
In 2nd: Derek Klena, with 15 mentions
And in 1st, is: Aaron Tveit, being mentioned 24 times!
And that’s not counting the “I agree” comments on each top-level comment! In total, I got 185 unique names.
Welp, hope this isn’t too weird, I’d love to do something like this again! Or let me know if there are any specific statistics you want from this data set! Or if I should just post the whole google sheets page!
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2023.05.28 04:15 Tycerama Lookin at some old highlights and i wanted to ask why was mariota qb and carr was lined up as a receiver?

Lookin at some old highlights and i wanted to ask why was mariota qb and carr was lined up as a receiver? submitted by Tycerama to raiders [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 04:06 NostalgicPoodle Bluey Blokes and an Aussie Word

I've had strange considerations going through my autism brain lately, mostly based on what I hear Aussies saying in more loose and open contexts, and especially blokes.
I eventually considered most of the men, but started with two. Bandit and Pat. They're mates. Big time mates. They will do anything for each other and seem to be the best of friends. And because of that... do you think they call each other c--t? They're long time, true blue mates. And Aussies. They have to. Not when the kids are around, but they have to, and say it in unguarded moments.
I considered the other Heeler boys first. Stripe says it less, and VERY much not in front of the girls. Because if Muffin ever picked it up, it would be yelled at every bin chicken, ice cream lady, and stranger in all of Brisbane. Rad works on an oil rig. He probably says it more than the names of his fellow rig workers. I'm willing to bet he has to be reminded not to call his brothers that.
I started thinking about other dads and men in general, and will do quick rundowns.
Marcus (Honey's dad): No, he's a toff, very posh, he seems to be British. He might go with b-a-s-... well, that, with Bandit because they work together. If he was Scottish, yeah, of course.
Chloe's dad and Jack's dad: Nah, they're very soft, very kind, not as rough and blokey as Bandit or Pat.
Coco's dad: No, but he seems like a show biz type, probably drops the odd f-bomb from frustration.
Rusty's dad: He's a soldier. That's probably the least harsh thing he says.
Mackenzie's dad: No, super no. He has big goodest boi hunk himbo energy. He's too pure and maybe a tiny bit stupid to do it.
Fido: He and Bandit are at this stage. They were talking taking out the ol tennis balls. They're close enough for c-talk.
The Poffertjies guy: Unlikely. But he does probably call Indy's mum something interesting and Dutch.
Sparky and Chippy: 24/7/365, they're tradies. It's another Uncle Rad situation. But I have this idea that Chippie tries to do it less in front of Cherry, but Cherry doesn't mind.
Grandpa Bob and Grandpa Mort: You WISH this was the most they would say. But both are shown to have very old fashioned and ornery streaks. This may be half the words that pass between Grandpa Mort and that fellow that works for him.
Busker and Alfie: No. Like Mackenzie's dad, they are sweet, pure bois, but less himbo hunk. They're hipster cute.
Just a weird thought that grabbed me and didn't let go.
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2023.05.28 03:34 diablo-solforge Interview with most in-depth explanation of Sleigh Bells’ music writing style/process? Super curious to hear exactly what they say about how they write music

I know the basics: Derek writes all lyrics, and is the instrumentalist. He sends what I can only assume are basically poems to Alexis, and she writes a melody and harmonies that she feels fit what he started with. And then they iterate on the whole thing together. Or is it not always this way?
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2023.05.28 02:38 Brublios You don't want to study. You need to study.

It's not a question of whether you want to study or not; It is a necessity that must be confronted.
If you want to excel at something, facing the obstacle no longer becomes something dependent on your will, but a necessity for the fulfillment of your goal.
Otherwise, do you think that professional individuals train every day because they want to?
No, they do it because they need to, in order to reach their greater ambitions.

To reach your desired destination, you must cross the path. It's not a matter of wanting to, but rather needing to in order to reach it.
The obstacle in the path, becomes the path. Avoiding the obstacle, is avoiding the path.
- Marcus Aurelius
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2023.05.28 02:28 thebigtymer Camping World Backing Andy Lally?

Camping World Backing Andy Lally?
Andy had recently made a tweet saying he had a ride lined up for some Cup road races if he could find sponsorship (I'd guess either Live Fast or Ware). Marcus Lemonis says he's got this. We'll see if it happens...
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