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2023.03.13 16:10 Papa-Razzi [Walmart-In Store] Lego 10280 Flower Bouquet $20 / 67% Off - YMMV

I was at Walmart yesterday with one of my boys and he was looking at sets and I was scanning the aisle for anything on clearance. I didn't see anything but noticed there was a new section in the aisle. They had many of the Icons sets and noticed the price on the shelf, marked as normal price was $20 for the Flower Bouquet. I figured it was a tag for something else with the product misplaced. I pulled up Brickseek to see what it said and sure as heck, marked at $20! Grabbed "flowers" for my wife!
I pitched my receipt but in case you feel like I'm kidding, check out the Brickseek link below and put in 53083 as the zip code!
Currently they are marked $50 at Walmart online and Amazon so it's still about 18% off the MSRP so still a deal.
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2023.02.22 05:58 Bob_the_peasant Heads up, many retail stores are getting 0 (zero!) copies of Metroid Prime Remastered this week

This is second hand information from multiple locations of GameStops, Walmarts, Best Buys, and Targets in my area. Call before you waste time driving to these places and good luck!
I’m hoping to get a copy tomorrow as my Amazon order has also been pushed out, but it’s looking unlikely. Nintendo dropped the ball on this, or supremely underestimated the demand.
Edit: so, I was lucky enough to get a copy from a Walmart near me in the LA area. Every GameStop, Target, and Best Buy nearby said they didn’t even get a shipment. The Walmart had 3 copies when I was there, but showed 0 copies via Brickseek.
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2023.02.02 00:15 dhs1041 Brickseek for gaming laptop deals

Hi guys ,
I am looking to buy my first gaming laptop .I discovered this page few days ago, and while scrolling through posts I found someone got an insane deal in walmart for leigon 5.
I want to ask you guys,how reliable is brickseek ? are the listed in-store deals legit and what about the inventory ?
I saw some walmart deals listed as in store for my zip code, when I check walmart website for that item it does not come up with "in-store" filter but does come up for purschaing online with orginal higher price.
Any guidance or useful tips would be helpful.
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2023.02.01 18:49 kentrelia Anyone else super upset with this Pokémon squish drop?

3 of my Walmart’s had it in stock on brickseek. First Walmart had no clue what I was talking about, second Walmart said 72 on floor but had nothing on floor, in back or on trailer, third Walmart said they never even got confirmation if they’d get it. We have 5 other Walmart’s in the area but none of them are getting them. People waited in line, just for them to not even get the shipments in. Just feel like this drop was so uncoordinated, it’s not even Walmart’s fault that it was a mess.
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2023.01.28 23:38 zonianjohn Another "teachable moment"

Policy says if tags are wrong then the customer gets one item at tag price and tag is to be removed/changed.
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2023.01.26 22:07 Spooky-pan-cakes Help! Need price policy help.

This is weird of me but I’m genuinely curious and a little annoyed about a recent encounter with Walmart. I found a clearance laptop on brickseek and it was in stock at my local Walmart. I went and scanned one of THREE barcodes by the laptop and it said $299( the price on brickseek) so I get a employee and ask for the laptop and she brings one over and scans it at the register and it’s $949(full price) I say that I scanned it at $299 so she goes over and scans all three barcodes and all three are different. $949, $699, $299. She said she couldn’t sell it to me at that price and would need to get a manager who she felt wouldn’t give it to me for $299. Is there a way I could get them to give it to me for the $299 since one of the barcodes did scan for $299? I couldn’t find any help on Google 🤣
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2023.01.22 06:29 Undsputed Reading Brickseek and Walmart

New to this. Trying to land Pikachu and Gengar at Walmart since Target near here won’t sell yet. Using Brickseek for Pikachu I see only two Walmarts appeared out of many but stock said “unknown.” Is there any way to read this or another way to tell outside of driving to each?
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2023.01.12 17:25 dauntingmountain BotW Link, Zelda, & Samus Walmart SKUs & Tracking Links

This is just for reference for now. They're all currently listed as unavailable / unknown but not out of stock.
Link - 806298938 Zelda - 667390418 Samus - 549344758 Mystery Assortment (New SKU) - 580308272
Brickseek Links: Link: Zelda: Samus: Mystery: Links: Link: Zelda: Samus: Mystery:
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2023.01.09 00:24 zonianjohn something interesting I saw...

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2022.12.01 03:38 nohrianlordleo DISO Gwendle Fuzzamallow

Hey guys!! I’m just curious if anyone has found Gwendle in the PNW, specifically the VancouvePortland area if possible. I have been going to several Walmarts many times this week because I’m DISO her and have had zero luck. 😭 I’m wondering if I maybe just need to wait until she’s released online. I know she just popped up on the website, but she’s listed as out of stock. I’ve also been checking Brickseek but not sure how accurate that is either.
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2022.11.19 12:42 FloggingMcMurry Brickseek for Dark Fash?

Has anybody had luck with Brickseek? If so, what's the code or link to it?
The Walmart app shows sold out (fortunately no 3rd party sellers currently) and when I "check nearby" there's 1 store within 45mi that's shows they have some... but I have been to that store twice within the week with poorude customer service when asking about it ("it shows we have three so if they aren't in the isle, we don't have it")
I know brickseek can sometimes work but I'm just curious if they could help at all. I haven't seen the Speed Metal, Darkest Knight, or Arkham City BAF figures, and no Death of the Family Joker either, so I feel lucky I grabbed Azbat and Parallax considering how sparse new figures are (no Walmarts around here have gotten the Black Adam wave so my whole set minus Dr.Fate were from Target who they themselves never got in the Starro wave although I finally saw Power Ring yesterday but left it since I don't have Ultraman, Owlman, or Superwoman)
Thank you
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2022.11.09 20:37 Tyler152022 What sites/apps do you use for tracking figures?

I used to use popfindr and brickseek but it seems that Walmart and target changed the way they inventory items and they no longer work for me. What do you guys use now? Thanks!!
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2022.10.27 19:21 volcanovividsquid Brickseek Walmart Deals

Here is the Brickseek Walmart Deals. By using the promo, coupon codes or discount deals from this website, you can save money on your next purchase.
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2022.10.27 19:21 volcanovividsquid Brickseek Walmart Toy Clearance

Visit for Brickseek Walmart Toy Clearance. This link provides a regularly updated list of coupons, promo codes and discount deals.
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2022.10.25 09:02 JoJoR2327 Walmart

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2022.10.25 09:01 JoJoR2327 Walmart

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2022.10.15 16:50 dorynetworknova Walmart Deals Brickseek

Here is the Walmart Deals Brickseek. By using the promo, coupon codes or discount deals from this website, you can save money on your next purchase.
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2022.10.09 17:11 Cejas_17 does the Walmart exclusive cody show up on brickseek?

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2022.10.08 04:12 2_Ckains Looking for Walmart Exclusive CM Punk Any Help?

I’m looking for the Walmart exclusive CM Punk figure from Unmatched Series 4.
The stores around me don’t restock for shit and when I asked them to look up his SKU from off of Brickseek, two different associates didn’t even know what I was talking about.
I’m open to outright buying one or trading for those of you who have an extra one.
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2022.10.05 01:43 Norris04 Buying Strategy

I'm looking for the best deal on a 36" pro. It seems like Walmart is out of them, at least in the Northern VA area. I'm hoping for a Black Friday sale but wondering if low stock is an indicator that there will be a new model released soon? What's my best strategy for the best deal? Brickseek hasn't been much help.
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2022.10.01 16:12 aellamarie All the G3 Links- So Far!

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are posting links everywhere, which is really helpful, but I wanted to consolidate for everyone just logging on. Here is what I’ve learned in the last 3 or so hours or stalking the subreddit:
Working Links to In-Stock Dolls (US)
Monster High Store Page: This store page has all 5 core dolls as well as the amazon exclusive Deuce available. Do Not open in app, as it will not work (in my experience).
Goreganizer Draculaura: The Goreganizer is NOT on the Monster High store page as of yet, but is available here.
Coffin Bean Playset: EDIT 3: (link courtesy of phoenix_of_metal, thanks!) Playset is currently in stock on Walmart Online and the app.
Links that we anticipate WILL Work (US)
Deuce and Frankie Coffin Bean: Not in stock yet, but seems official. Ghoulia: Not in stock yet, but seems official. EDIT 2: Bedroom Set (Clawdeen):
Edit 1: OTHER INFO - Try Brickseek to locate dolls at Walmart and Target near you. The Walmart app in particular is known for being wrong; for example, when I was ISO RH Costume Ball dolls, I couldn’t find them on the app, but they were in store at my local Walmart. - Deuce is an Amazon Exclusive. - Torelai is a Walmart Exclusive - Deuce and Frankie 2-pack (Coffin Bean) and Ghoulia are Target Exclusives.
EDIT 4: Core Doll SKU CODES (missing Clawdeen) Lagoona: 902532512 Toralei: 668994671 Draculaura: 495181232 Cleo: 654667940 Frankie: 217453482 Coffin Bean Playset: 845418742
EDIT 5: Links on Walmart to Dolls (courtesy of boolPropGnome, thanks!)
Drac Gore-ganizer:
Thank you to everyone on this subreddit that has posted so far! I will edit and add any links I find after making this post!
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2022.10.01 14:40 turbo-vicki question about brickseek

hey y’all, i’m not super experienced with brickseek; does anyone know when it updates on stock? i’m checking it right now to see which store i should go to first, but every single target and macy’s still says out of stock, and every walmart still says unknown. things are opening in a couple hours and i live in a big city that’s supposed to have them, so i’m not sure why there just wouldn’t be any?
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