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2023.05.30 23:14 SlasherRI How to revert Windows 11 Education to Windows 11 Home

Yesterday, I was signing into my college account in Microsoft and somehow it changed my OS from Windows 11 Home to Windows 11 Education. I do not want to lose any data and am unsure what to do to revert it back. Because I am not connected to the college's network/vpn , it shows this message
"We can't activate Windows on this device because you don't have a valid digital license or product key, If you think you do have a valid license or key, select Troubleshoot below. Error Code 0xC004C003""We can't activate your copy of Windows, Make sure you're connected to the internet and try again. If you're connected to the Internet and continue seeing this problem, contact your system administrator for more information."
I have been looking at these but unsure if they will work
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2023.05.30 23:12 Dirtbag619 Sony A7IV vs Canon r6 Mark 2

Hey everyone, I'm in a bit of a photography dilemma and could really use your input. I currently own a Sony A7IV camera, which has served me well for capturing sports and family moments. However, I'm contemplating selling it and making the switch to the Canon R6 Mark II. I'm torn and can't seem to make up my mind, so I thought I'd reach out to the photography community for advice.
The main reason I'm considering the Canon R6 Mark II is its reputation for sports photography. I've heard that its autofocus system is incredibly fast and accurate, which could be a game-changer for capturing those action-packed moments on the field. Plus, the Canon R6 Mark II boasts impressive low-light performance, which would be beneficial for indoor sports photography.
On the other hand, I've been satisfied with the Sony A7IV's overall performance and image quality. It has a fantastic sensor and excellent video capabilities, which are important for documenting family gatherings and creating memorable videos. I'm worried that by switching to Canon, I might sacrifice some of these features that I've grown to appreciate.
So, if any of you have gone through a similar decision-making process or have experience with both cameras, I would greatly appreciate your insights. How does the Canon R6 Mark II stack up against the Sony A7IV when it comes to sports and family photography? Is it worth making the switch? Are there any significant trade-offs I should be aware of?
Ultimately, my goal is to enhance my photography experience and ensure that I have the best tool for capturing those special moments with my loved ones and in sports events. Your thoughts and experiences would be incredibly valuable in helping me make an informed decision.
Thank you all in advance for your guidance and support!
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2023.05.30 23:12 vadisabilitythrow Splitting assets, spouse wants nothing

Hi, I (28M) live in Arizona. Me and my spouse (22F) are getting divorced having been married just under a year. No kids.
She adamantly doesn’t want any of my money. We have no joint bank accounts. The only thing financially tying us together is our home rental lease.
We have a big income disparity, she is at maybe $50k/yr (military, so some is untaxed) and I am at $116k/yr plus another $30k/yr in tax free VA disability. I have about $40k savings, $65k in 401k and $40k in taxable brokerage. She has about $5k in savings and another $5k in her 401k.
We want to file our divorce paperwork ourselves but I’m fearful the paperwork will be rejected if we try to do “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours”.
If I list the assets above and say that we’ll each keep what we have in our individual accounts, the paperwork will surely be rejected right? I can’t see how it could be considered equitable. Is there any way to get around this? I really would prefer not to pay out the ass for a lawyer just to answer this. Thank you.
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2023.05.30 23:12 Beebooptiktok Why telling the other woman is not always a good idea

(Just a brief TW as there is a threat of suicide and manipulation)
When I (F23) was 18 I got my first job. There was this guy who was then 25 (now M30). We kind of hit it off and after a few months, we got a bit more flirty. I learned he had a difficult upbringing so still lived at his friend's home, with his mother (F?? I believe in her late 50s/early 60s), and her children (not going into details but they were underage). He asked me out before he went on holiday. When he came back we met each other at the weekend when he got back and went back to his friend's flat. I saw a ring on their table, he said it was his friend's, as he was going to propose to his gf. After we... you know, he seemed a bit stressed, and wanted a walk, that was fine, so we went to the beach and he told me his friend's mum had gone through his computer. When I got home, I received a message from the mother. This is when I learned they were in a relationship. I contacted, who I thought was my bf and he told me to ignore it. Next thing I knew, I was blocked everywhere. During the week he didn't turn up for work.
On Friday, he messaged, me, saying he was sorry, it was then he told me, the friend's mum and him where in a relationship, but there was a slip-up and he ended up sleeping with her on holiday and she thought they were back together. He explained she was checking through his accounts on his computer as she knew there was something up. He then went on to say, he was on medication as he did not want to live anymore. He said I was the only thing making him happy, as he wanted to move out with me. Being naive and also young, I forgave him even though he was still with her at her house. It was then I learned they were together since he was 17, and I think her youngest daughter would have been around 2 when they got together. We would talk on Snapchat where he would unblock and block as he said he wasn't allowed to talk to anyone and he would get in trouble if I did. A friend of mine told me that if someone is depressed they encourage you to talk to others, so I thought something was off. I ended up messaging, what I thought was his ex. She then blamed me for it all and said they were still together and they were engaged. I found out he had slept with her right after he slept with me. She wanted screenshots of the messages, which obviously I had little as he used to block and unblock me. She told me to stay away and then kept blaming me for everything.
Later, he kept messaging me. I learned he wasn't coming back to work, at least not for another month, then two, then three, all through this he was telling me he only had me left and if I left he would have nothing. He was saying he would off himself if I left and implied that everyone would know it was me. Then he used to go silent and not reply where I did not know if he was there or not, where I lost a lot of weight. I felt like I had to keep this up or I would get blamed for his death.
I took some time to think and decided to message her again where I would hopefully get a thank you. I was wrong. She blamed me again and asked for screenshots. She told me it was all my fault and she had to take time off work to care for him and questioned why he was messaging me and why I was replying. (While his messages to me were lovey-dovey, my replies were somewhat stiff). I had a few screenshots this time but it wasn't enough for her. He must have told her they weren't him and she accused me of lying. Finally, he must have caved and said it was his but she was still pissed at me. She said they were still engaged and nothing would change that. Then I got a message from her account on Messenger saying it was from him, explaining he never loved me and was just using me to make himself feel better. I sent a message back explaining how manipulative he was and blocked her account.
A few weeks later he messaged me again, I really don't know why I didn't block him when he sent me the messages this time, but I think I really did love him. (My friend even told me I had Stockholm syndrome). We began chatting a bit but all the while I felt guilty as I knew he must still be in a relationship and all the while saying how horrible he felt. I was worried he would threaten to do IT again and say it was my fault. I felt so trapped. He would say how sorry he was and say we should get married and mentioned getting a flat so he could escape with me. He said he didn't have any money but he would clean and do all the housework. So, again I unblocked his gf to let him know it was obvious he was still cheating. Of course, I was blamed again, I sent all the screenshots I could but said even if he does contact me I won't be contacting her again.
He sent me a few messages, even after all that but I had the courage to block him first. I received random requests on various social media accounts, to follow me right after this happened, but I can't be sure it was him. I learned a few years ago they got married. I don't think he has a job and is on benefits. Good riddance to both of them.
TLDR: I at the time (F18) was seeing someone from work (M25), who was seeing his friend's mother (F50s/60s). The guy from work would say he was going to off himself if I didn't stay with him. I told the friend's mother several times, and each time we had a conversation and she told me it was my fault he cheated.
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2023.05.30 23:10 NotaKoffing Tama Mail!!

Tama Mail!!
Everyone on here seems to love Floppy Frog so I wanted to give it a try! I'm not a huge fan of running Nanos so I'll probably keep this one in its packaging. 😀
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2023.05.30 23:10 Important_Object2353 Why has dealing with computer share become so hard.

I have called computer share 4 times now to try and figure out the next bulk buy date for gme. All 4 times I have gotten someone who barely speaks to English and can't even answer my basic questions. Can someone help. When is the next dates. And does the money come out of my account the day I place the order, or the day computer share makes the bulk buy. Please help!!!
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2023.05.30 23:10 Optimal-Barracuda-70 Why can't I create an account on

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2023.05.30 23:08 Unhappy_Square_1030 My girlfriend was sexually assaulted by her ex and his friends. How do I help her?

Ok this is really hard to write about, the last few days have been hell. My girlfriend doesn't want me talking to anyone about this in real life so I created this throwaway account to try and get some advice because I desperately need some
2 days ago I went over to my girlfriends apartment because we were going to meet up and go for dinner. When I got over there she wasn't answering the door, I noticed the door was unlocked which was kind of strange because she's usually good at making sure it's locked. When I entered I found her lying on the floor of her apartment and crying. She had a bloody nose, blood coming from her mouth, and blood coming from somewhere between her legs. It looked like someone had beaten the absolute shit out of her
I held her while she cried and eventually got her to tell me what happened. Apparently her ex, who she stopped seeing about 6 months ago, and about 3 of his friends had gotten into her apartment and all of them sexually assaulted her.
They didnt date for that long and she always told me she broke up with him because he was a little aggressive and had anger issues but Jesus fucking christ I had no idea he was capable of doing something like this.
She absolutely refused to go to the hospital and I didn't want to force her. I had to use stuff from her medicine cabinet to make sure her cuts didn't get infected.
What do I do? Its been two days and she's staying at my place because she's terrified of being at her apartment anymore. She's practically comatose, has bruises all over her from how much they hit her, and barely ever speaks. She's completely shut down. I've been taking care of her, cooking for her, that kind of stuff. I've taken the past 2 days off work but I can't keep doing that, she's terrified of being left alone and to be honest I am too.
What do I do? Part of me wants to go kill that fucking piece of shit but I know that won't solve anything. She refuses to go to the police, please I need advice. How do I help her? What do I do?
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2023.05.30 23:07 Cool_Grade_6253 My mom lies

So i just turned 18 on April 28th And i live with my parents and my brother , like 2 weeks ago the water got turned off My mom said that it was a " water contamination" last week i overheard my dad on the phone saying hes gonna pay it when the check comes in, so today i decided to call the water company to ask if its off because of the "water contamination " or because the bill is not payed , i called and spoke to the customer service lady but she said i needed the name on the account and the last 3 digits of my mom social so i took the phone to her and she acted like she "cant remember her social " so i hung up the phone but that conformed that my mom has been lying to me for 2 weeks for no fucking reason i went in my dads room and asked him "is it turned off because the bill is not payed " or because of "the water contamination " he said because "the bill is not payed " And im not mad because the water is off Im mad because she fucking lied to me for 2 weeks for no reason its literally all she does and then expects me to warm water in the microwave to do dishes 💀 And before yall say "its her house she pays the bills " she literally doesn't my dad pays all the bills
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2023.05.30 23:07 NobodyRules Pixel 7 Pro or One Plus 11

Hey guys! Long time Samsung user here, but this time around I'll be forced to turn my attention to other brands as the S23 line is very expensive and I just can't pay the extra to get the Plus or Ultra. My last two phones were the Note 9 and Note 20 Ultra.
I really loved both of them, but that Exynos chip has been abysmal recently with the hot weather and it performs like absolute shit. It's time to take my mom to 2020 and get an upgrade lmao.
Big phones are a must for me as I have rather big hands and I vastly prefer them for the extra screen real estate, so the baseline S23 just won't cut it for me and, all in all, it's still more expensive than these two.
I use my phone a lot for media consumption, work and some casual gaming. I would really like to get a phone that lasts me for a while with decent performance. I've seen some reviews, but they haven't really compared both and I would love to get some input by folks that actually use the phones.
Thanks a lot for your help!
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2023.05.30 23:07 Dinkle_D The only flaw in this masterpiece that could have been...

Alright soooo here me out. Demon souls was a slept on huge innovation in the world of action rpgs genera when it dropped, probably, I've never played it so I have no idea if that's true. Dark souls improved on it I think, but it is essentially the same shit by what I can tell. Unlike demon souls, dark souls became popular because of pewdiepie, and now everyone knows about it's formula.
They have then cashed in on this addictive formula with like 5 other games, and have since honed their strategy of hooking introverted video game addicts to their dopamine inducing loop of making your 4th or 5th imaginary character a god eventually by doing the same shit for about 400 hours at a time give or take. And that's fine by me. In our current state of society, until scientific research proves that this is causing untold psychological damage to our youth or something, this shit is still legal as of now so idc.
But you would think that this so called god tier game developer would be able to have thought that maybe, just fucking maybe we would like to have field enemies and maybe some mini bosses be randomized in a lore-true manner, right? Maybe seeing the same 675 enemies doing the same 1 scripted thing, being in the same spot every time would, I don't know, break immersion or something? Be boring as shit perhaps? Idk, keep some key item holding mini bosses in the same spot and keep scripted enemies in dungeons caves camps etc., but have some damn variety in the open world for Christ sakes. Maybe implement a weapon enchantment charm system like bloodborne where random mobs can drop, keep shit fresh and spicy.
And further more, Spoiler warning, why can't we play in any post ending world?? They totally sold out at the end of development. They could have changed the skybox and added post game dialog related to your decision. Ranni's ending? Get ranni as your new companion, a spirit summon version of her, and put a big blue fuck you moon in the sky so I remember my queen. Frenzied flame ending? Forced newgame plus by leaving you in a world burned to nothing except like 1 or 2 mini dungeons like in ds3's dlc's last area. There is 0 reason why they couldn't have done this, but instead this game studio just copied and pasted their formula all over this open world map and for whatever reason they didn't see these obvious no brainer decisions right in front of them. Maybe because while we have been shaming ubisoft, ea, rare, naugtydog and activision we were blind to see that fromsoft sold their soul a decade ago, yeah.
Also, They should have levels 300, 350 and 400 actually be worth getting too. I would love to see some spells and weapons require 60+ in two or three stats, and some new damage types for like Int/Faith int/Arc, faith/arc, and int/faith/arc builds. Ideas:
New Damage types: Curse, Life Essence, primordial
SL 250-300 Arc-Int= Curse damage: Strong against human and holy users. Inflicts curse, along with 1 or 2 of the following: frost, poison or bleed. Scales with arc and int but inversely scales with faith, so lower faith = higher dark damage.
Sl300-350 Wind Element Buff Damage: A No fucking brainer. A quality build should have much more going, it should boast at least 250+ Ar at 80-80 than 80 str or dex builds while dedicating itself to hefty skill based weapons, spears, curved great swords, lances, halberds, etc. Quality builds should get wind damage, which is just physical weapon buffs and spells. This wind damage could then be used to make wind-element damage if they take int-faith or arcane to 55-80 too. Fire wind, magic wind, ice wind, lightning wind, blood wind, poison wind, etc.
Sl 250-300 Arc-Faith = Life Essence Damage. Not effective or ineffective against anything, except undead are immune. Causes 50% stamina loss for 30 seconds when proceed, can be procced twice to temparary wipe one of stamina completely.
sl 250-300: Int-Faith= same, add more shit though
SL 400+ Arc-faith-int=Primordial damage: Does like 50 of all status effects at once, and does a set amount of extremely high physical damage and a set amount of elemental damage equally. However, when damage is dealt, it deals the elemental damage type the enemy is weakest to on impact, along with the physical damage. Super overpowered and access to everything, but at this point you would be so over playing elden ring it fits.

I know what you're thinking, it'll destroy the meta. I argue it won't, there will just be three main pvp zones like there is now (main, there are dozens really). Sl 125-150 makes the most since for PVP, it's where many would stop and takes many hours for most players. Below sl 100 pvp will always have it's own flavor, and then players on a journey to being overpowered will have their own 250+ summoning pool.
There's so much more they could have done with this game. The fact that once I go through an area, I've done all that there is there to ever do there, ever, unless some ambiguous quest happens to be located there, is stupid as shit. Why are we not all outraged about this I do not know, a randomizer and continued variety in the game makes 1000000x more sense than stationary fucking enemies in a world that drop the same shit. Made sense in a game that plays like a hallway simulator, kind of I guess. A 2% chance for a rare helmet? How about a 2% chance for a field mimic tear Malenia boss fight with a chance to drop a unique hand of Malenia weapon drop that has different scaling, or status effect? Why would they not incentivize me to actually go places again and play with the character you had me build? Their answer? NG+, which only resets all bosses and graces.
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2023.05.30 23:06 xMaarrc [H] YouTube Premium (Worldwide), Disney+, Netflix UHD/4K [W] $8-10 USD for 3 Months - PayPal, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Revolut

YouTube Premium (Family Sharing):
  1. You can upgrade your own personal Account
  2. For the upgrade I need your email and country, so I can send you the invitation to my family. The invitation works with any country. You do NOT have to use a VPN or change country (Billed in Argentina)
  3. 8$/3 months
Disney +:
  1. Shared account and you will get one profile
  2. Works in any country (Billed in Turkey)
  3. 8$/3 months
Netflix UHD/4K:
  1. Shared account and you will get one profile
  2. Works in any country (Billed in Italy)
  3. 10$/3 months
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2023.05.30 23:04 HercHuntsdirty My (24F) Girlfriend Ended 6 Year Relationship With Me (26M) - I Don’t Understand (Advice/Guidance Needed)

I (26M) was recently broken up with by my (24F) girlfriend of 6 years right after opening up to her about how I had been struggling a lot mentally recently. That's not necessarily the cause, but it happens to be a terrible coincidence.
Backstory to the unfortunate mental struggles:
About 10 weeks ago I had a very long night out and woke up extremely hungover. My brother met up with me that night in our parents car and ended up staying with us for a few drinks, so evidently he left the car.
Of course, I woke up and had a boatload of caffeine so I was already on edge a little bit. My brother was still asleep, so my mom asked me if I could quickly drive my dad to the car so he could take it home. No problem, I hopped in my car and drove there with my dad.
On the way home, completely unprovoked and no anxiety prior, I had an insane panic attack. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I think I’ve only had one panic attack in my life, and for some reason it left me with a very small amount of social anxiety. During this attack, my hands and feet were completely numb and sweating. At first, I had literally no idea what was going on - I thought it was a legitimate health issue. I ended up taking a bit to drive home, but I made it.
Since then, I've just had heightened anxiety. I've had one other panic attack in the past and I eventually got over the lingering anxiety, so I knew it wasn't permanent.
Mental Health Backstory on her end:
To preface this, we both have anxiety/depression in our genetics unfortunately. In fact, her mom spent some time in the hospital when they were young because of how bad it got.
She also apparently had a ton of anxiety from work recently (she's a nurse, I'm in tech).
On my mothers side of the family, my mom, grandma and great grandma have struggled with anxiety their entire lives, some of them taking antidepressants.
Not fun genes for either of us to have, but we persevered!
Our Relationship:
This is what has been getting to me, our relationship was very healthy. We argued probably 2-3 times per year, we spent the majority of days together - as we lived only a 5 minute drive apart. We were both fully a part of each other's families. All of the normal relationship stuff, we were completely engulfed in it. We had also been looking at engagement rings for a bit and ALWAYS talked about our life together.
When I was about 19 before we were together, I used to drunkenly talk about her all of the time to my friends saying "if she ever gets out of the relationship with her boyfriend (at that time) she's the one I'm going for". When I was graduating high school, I went into her class on yearbook day, grabbed her yearbook and wrote my number in it. Long story short, she ended up single and within a month of that happening, we were together.
The "problems" we had over the years that were semi-recurring:
I didn't suggest enough of our plans. I explained to her a number of times that I'd happily go anywhere, I just don't tend to suggest ideas because sometimes she wanted to, other times she didn't. I've lived by the motto "happy wife, happy life" in that relationship, so I tended to go along with whatever she suggested.
We didn't take enough pictures together. I don't really like being in too many pictures and that bothered her.
We didn't travel together enough. This goes back to the anxiety, I hate flying and haven't done it in almost a decade. However, I have an appointment with my doctor in early July where I'm requesting some "emergencies only" anxiety medication to use for that exact scenario. Note - she went on a number of trips over the years with her closest friends. Furthermore, we had done weekend getaways via car together but those apparently don't count. To add, her friends are hopping on planes at least once per month to go somewhere, I think comparison became the thief of joy here.
I didn't tell her I loved her enough or hug her enough. This one is hard for me because I felt like I definitely told her I loved her a lot. She used to occasionally say "do you even love me", semi-joking but also serious, and I always told her of course I did and even though I may not say it a number of times a day, of course I do. I also did a TON of things for her to show how much I cared (ie. she very rarely had to make a lunch for work, I cooked for her almost every day and we don't even live together) The hugging thing is a bit different, as she's always been extremely affectionate and I never really have been. I truly think it comes down to how I was raised, affection just wasn't a huge part of my childhood. (note, that's not a problem for me or anything, I had incredible family/parents, it just wasn't as prominent as it was in her childhood)
I cared a lot about money and how we could set ourselves up to move out. She had taken 5 trips (two of them by train, three by plane) with her friends in the past year and after the 5th one I asked if she planned on slowing down so she could focus on tackling her student debt and so we could start saving to move out, have a wedding etc. Specifically, I wanted us to be in the position where we weren't renting a home, ESPECIALLY given how much money we were making combined. This part kind of confused me because she was the first one to suggest moving out, but when it came time to adjusting the lifestyle to prepare for it, she didn't like the idea. But, I did use it as a crutch for my anxiety to get out of things sometimes and I did open up to her about that. As an example though, I still went with her to the Gucci store and helped her pick out a very expensive purse to celebrate getting her first real nursing job after graduating. I don't feel that I cared about money (especially given the stage we were in in our lives) more than any of my buddies with girlfriends. I wanted us to be set up well for the coming stages of our lives; they were fast approaching. Furthermore, her friends are catching a plane every weekend and are living with their parents but pay cheque to pay cheque with no prospects of ever leaving unless it's renting
The Situation:
About 7-ish weeks ago, a few weeks after my panic attack, my girlfriend was very adamant that we needed to book a trip together. She said we hadn't been on a "real" trip during our relationship (by real, she means getting on a plane). We were sitting down in her bed on my laptop looking at destinations and flights, but I was incredibly anxious about the whole thing. As we were about to book, I broke down and was fully vulnerable to her for one of the first times in the 6 year relationship. I said that I just don't see myself getting onto a plane right now without some kind of medication to calm me down. On top of that, it would stress me out financially a bit, as I'm a full-time masters student and working full time. Plus, it was during my one-week semester break, so I honestly just wanted to relax.
From that day on, our relationship started going downhill. She said she felt extremely disappointed by the whole situation and she couldn't shake the feeling. We then started only hanging out maybe once per week and it was very bland when we did. A couple weeks after that incident, I slept over at her house and I could tell she was genuinely just not happy at that time.
Brief backstory - despite being 26, my mom still gives me a ton of flack if I sleep at her house. It was rare that I got away with it. But, I did it that night anyway because she always asked me to sleep over but I rarely wanted to have to deal with my mom. I thought it would help show her I'm really trying to get better. She also invited me over the following evening and I obviously went.
After that day, I don't think we saw each other for about 2 weeks. I texted her on a Friday evening and said I just don't feel like she wants to be with me anymore. She picked me up so we could talk, and explained that she felt very disappointed about how we were so close to booking the trip and ended up not doing it. She said she needed a break and I was fine with it, I understood where she was coming from.
During this time, I started seeing a therapist. I found one online who was one of the highest rated in my province and was also extremely experienced in marital/pre-marital counselling so I could tell her about the relationship issues I was having along with my anxiety.
Fast forward about 2 more weeks (last weekend) she texted me saying she was ready to talk and picked me up. She said it's probably best if we just end the relationship for the time being. She explained that she felt she had been disappointed a few times over the years and was bottling a lot of things up. She said she needed time to "find herself again" and didn't know if we would get back together at all in the future or not. Then, we sat there talking in her car for another 30 minutes like things were normal so it really threw me off.
I ended up texting her the next day and asked if I could pick her up because I was confused from the night prior since we talked so normally after the breakup conversation. We ended up talking again, sharing some tears and what not, but I kind of understood why she felt she needed to be alone for a bit, even though she didn't know if we would get back together or not. She said that people do this all of the time and sometimes they come back stronger, but if it was meant to be then we'll get back together. I also told her about how much help I'm getting and how I'm setting a goal to take a vacation when I finish my masters in November. She was noticeably happy and asked a lot about how I was talking to my therapist about improving as a person and a (what I thought was soon to be) fiancé. She asked for all of the details about what we talked about in regards to our relationship and was very happy that I was putting that much effort in.
A couple days ago is when she deleted are photos together, but it came right after she posted an Instagram story while out with a friend who has no stability whatsoever. This friend has been on and off with the same guy (who treats her terribly) for as long as we were together. Not to mention, she sleeps around a ton. I can't help but feel like some of this breakup is being influenced by her friends (specifically this one) wanting her to be single like they are out of jealousy or something. Or, they want her to be flying somewhere once a month with them with no plans for the future. My girlfriend has cried to me in the past because she had been brought to places she didn't want to be because her friend wanted to go for a guy. That friend has also been binge drinking several times weekly for years. The following night, her two friends posted a story of her incredibly drunk in the back of a car with her feet out of the window I'm sure in hopes that I would see it. We're grown ass adults, I can't help but feel like that's just not a cool thing to do to your friend in general? I don't care how drunk you are, in fact I expected her to have a night out with her friends and let loose but posting someone else like that is just insanely stupid to me! To put the icing on the cake, one of my long time buddies from high school decided to go for one of her friends and I gave him substantial warnings about her. Within a year, that relationship was completely over with and she was on to the next.
Neither of us were ever the type one to have one-night stands or get around, so I'm not concerned about anything like that during the breakup. If it happens it happens, but I won't be sleeping with anyone until I've put in all of my effort to saving everything we've built. She's only ever been with me and her ex, while I've had a handful more partners before her - but I've experienced enough in my 26 years to know that there was is only one woman for me.
After all of this, I still couldn't shake the feeling that I felt I was being abandoned during the one time in my entire life I've opened up to anyone and really wanted some support. I'm also just having a hard time processing why it happened and how I can salvage it.
I've texted her once per week since the breaks & breakup happened just telling her that I loved her and wished we were going to XYZ events coming up. I also always say in the message that "You don't have to respond or even read it, I just want you to know". I'm having a hard time deciding if I should continue giving her that weekly text or not, but I really do want her to know how much I care and thought we were a dream team.
I just can't help but feel like we had "problems" that were very fixable and were very minor compared to 99% of couples. Her two best friends have had 5+ boyfriends each in the time that we were together and countless one-night stands. Every time they would break up, I'd hear a story from my girlfriend about how terribly they were treated by these guys and we talked about how lucky we are to have each other. There was no forms of jealousy or self-consciousness between us either, neither of us were bothered when we went out alone with our respective friend groups. I also never for a second worried when she travelled with her friends that she'd cheat or something.
This wraps in with why I can't process the breakup. Aside from the few things we argued about here and there (few times a year) it was an incredibly healthy relationship. I had a great relationship with her friends (despite some of the things I've said about them above) and would often times opt to go out drinking with her group over my group of buddies. I acknowledged my shortcomings as a boyfriend (ie. the affection) with my therapist and she's giving me some help with it. Am I crazy for thinking 1. that I can fix what's happened and 2. Part of this breakup might just be her wanting to see how much I actually care?
Anyway, I might add to this if I remember more important points. I just needed to get some of this off my chest. If you've made it this far into my story, thanks for reading!
TL;DR - Our relationship was very healthy, we never argued, the breakup came essentially because I wasn’t ready to travel despite the fact that I’m actively getting help
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2023.05.30 23:03 heyybyyybyyyy I think the game is making arrangements to be gone fr (speculation)

Since a couple days ago i can't sign with my Facebook account, and is not a individual problem, other ones are facing it too.
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2023.05.30 23:03 bigmommy241 I'm paying $50 to anyone who can create and verify an account for me

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2023.05.30 23:02 SugarToast123 4 months PP

4 months post partum, so, pregnancy depression plus regular depression, nice cocktail. Made a better help account, started a subscription, filled in the questions, got matched with a therapist, then what did I do? Cancel subscription, log out and delete the app. Why? Because it feels fucking stupid. I’m not going to get any better. Especially not over the phone. I don’t know who I think I was kidding.
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2023.05.30 23:00 MetroBooling [US-LA] [H] Starlight Yata, Ultis, secret rares & other singles [W] Want list + plus difference or 85% PayPal

Back at it again, been away due USPS losing a tracked package, my first one in all my time here mind you, I guess I will be dropping off at the counters now. Aside that looking to offload something’s to reinvest into my YouTube channel, link in bio!
I am prioritizing my want list so that means I’m not looking at binders.. sorry.
Looking to let off the cards for TCGPLAYER 5k+ sales verified plus fees!

Binder #1
Binder #2
===== WANTS =====
[Mix of rarity]
[Super Rares] * • 1x PGD Necrovalley (Unlimited) * • 1x TU02 Gravekeeper's Assailant * • 2x DB2 Royal Decree
[Ultra Rares] * • MRD 1st Ed Mirror Force * • Hobby League cards 1x MST, 3x Card of Safe Return, 1x Creature Swap * • Magicians Unite Champion Pack 3 (CP03) * • FET 1st Ed Gatling Dragon - Flaming Eternity
[Secret Rares , all 1stED where applicable] * • 3x LCJW Solemn Judgement * • 2x 1st INOV Starving Venom Fusion Dragon * • PCK Secret Rare Blue-Eyes (NM-LP) * • Dark Magician Girl MFC 1st (NM-LP) * • 1x Dimensional Barrier 1st INVO * • GBI Egyptian god secret rare cards * • 3x Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo LOD 1st * • 3x DANE Gnomaterial * • 3x Ghost Belle FLOD 1st * • 1x CBLZ Spellbook of the Master * • 1x TSC Graceful Dice * • 1x Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon MRL-E000 * • 1x BOSH TrapTrix Rafflesia * • 1x LCYW Change of Heart
[Ultimate Rares] * • 1x Castel, The Skyblaster Musketeer * • 1st Ed Majester Paladin, the Ascending Dracoslayer * • 3x 1st Ed Spellbook of Fate * • 1st Ed. Gattling Dragon * • 3x Ulti Necrovalley * • Night beam * • Dark World Dealing * • Allure of Darkness * • A Feather of a Phoenix * • Into the Void * • Night Beam * • Card Trader * • Scramble Scramble!! * • Veil of darkness * • Triggered Summon 1st * • Miraculous Rebirth 1st
[Ghost Rares] * • Ghost Dark Magician
[Collector Rares] * • 1x CR 1st Ed Black Luster Solider * • 3x CR Trap Trick * • 3x CR Droll & Lock Bird
[Starlight Rares] * • Starlight Ip Masq. * • 3x Starlight Effect Veilers * • Gloomy aka Dark Charmer * • Accesscode Talker * • Borreload Savage Dragon * • Exodia the Forbidden One Pieces
(Not straight buying any as of right now unless putting towards trades)
==== Rules====
*Currently not shipping to Canada unless PWE (+$2 dollars for the stamp) due to two too many issues.
I'm happy to provide closeups of anything if needed. Hopefully Drive has better image quality where you can access the cards easiest without waiting for me to respond.
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2023.05.30 22:59 AltGayDude I have some issues

Using burn out account cuz i know it'd be too embarrassing fro me and i'd delete it very soon anyway. So i'm 21y.o. guy and i have a very strange relations with my body. Most of the time i hate alot about me (voice, face, my weight (90 kgs with 190 height), pp size). Also have some other mental problems so it's not really good for me. Kinda scared to go to therapist again cuz i had a bad expirience, but also can't vent to anyone cuz i think people have bigger problems than me
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2023.05.30 22:59 ApolloApproaches Simplii Financial Referral $50 Bonus

\*For Canadian residents only, sadly excluding residents of Quebec***
Simplii Financial is a subsidiary of CIBC. Access your money from any CIBC ATM in Canada without a fee. You can also withdraw money from any non-CIBC ATM displaying the Interac® or PLUS* signs (fees may apply at these machines).
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2023.05.30 22:58 Earthyanimal Started using beer money sites about 2 weeks ago as a teen, here's what works for me!

I only have tried survey sites/apps and research study sites/apps. I know everyone's success rate is different based on demographic, so for slight context I am 19, doing 19 year old things. That's about as much information on my demographic as I am willing to give on reddit haha. I just got back from Europe for my study abroad year and don't start my new job for another week so I have had a LOT of free time to explore side hustles, and really put in some effort to get some extra income due to my expenses.
2 weeks isn't a long time to rack up a ton of income, but ill list the sites I am currently using and whether or not I have made income + a little review.
- Crowdtap Mobile: Currently just below $10, haven't cashed out yet. I enjoy this one because it's efficient and quick on the go, and you always qualify for surveys/receive a few points. I don't love it because you can only cash out through limited gift cards. Ive probably spent around 10-15 minutes a day on this app so far.
- Curious Cat Mobile: Ive cashed out around $8 on this site, probably spent around 20 minutes on the days I felt like doing it. The surveys are slightly more difficult to qualify for and take a while, but I like that this site cashes out directly to PayPal + allows cash out at as low as $1 (100 points)
- User testing Mobile and Desktop: Got accepted after about 4 days. I have completed 1 survey so far and have made $10, but it is very difficult to qualify for surveys in my demographic. Ive probably applied to 30+ and only qualified for one, but I will continue to use it because the payouts are good and go directly to PayPal, and I don't mind doing camera/webcam interviews. I check this site every day.
- D-scout Mobile: Ive had the best luck with this one so far. Ive participated in 2 missions so far, 1 for $25 and an express mission for $10, both have been sent to my PayPal already. Ive made the most on this site so far, but both required webcam and pictures so it's important to be comfortable with that.
- YouGov Mobile: I have a little under 4,000 points right now and have had it for about a week. I think you need at least 25,000 points to cash out ($15). I haven't spent much time on this site and I am still unsure if I am going to continue on it, it also only offers gift card options for payouts.
-Swagbucks Mobile: I haven't used this one in a few days but as of now I have about $6 worth of points on the app. Also only allows gift card options to my knowledge. The surveys that I qualify for aren't worth much and it has been pretty time consuming, but I plan to keep this app. I probably have spent about an hour on it in total.
- Survey Junkie Mobile: I have about $1.50 on this app. Probably will delete, surveys I receive don't payout well but I haven't spent much time on this app.
Sites I am waiting for approval for or waiting to be accepted for projects/studies:
- Respondent: I have an account and have applied to about 5 studies but have not received a response on any yet. They have pretty high paying studies and focus groups but they are usually pretty time consuming.
- User interviews: Same situation, applied to studies or focus groups but haven't gotten a response yet.
- Prolific: applied and on the waitlist.
-Mturk: applied but either on the waitlist or I am not eligible I can't really figure out that site lol.
In total, I have cashed out about $53 so far on PayPal, and have a small amount of money in apps that I haven't cashed out due to not having a high enough balance to redeem or haven't applied for a gift card. Be aware that I had a hell of a lot of free time the past 2 weeks to really grind it out, so my income on these sites will probably be a lot more inconsistent in the future when I have less time. I have probably tried about 3-5 other survey sites I didn't mention here because they were not worth my time or didn't pay out through PayPal.
I am not quite sure how to put links on here yet but I hope this was informational enough! All mobile apps are through IOS App Store, and I am based in the United States
If you guys have any recommendations for other sites to try, I am totally open to that too! I hope this helps anyone in the younger demographic looking to try out beer money sites :) Good luck!
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2023.05.30 22:58 ApolloApproaches Simplii Financial Referral $50 Bonus

\*For Canadian residents only, sadly excluding residents of Quebec***
Simplii Financial is a subsidiary of CIBC. Access your money from any CIBC ATM in Canada without a fee. You can also withdraw money from any non-CIBC ATM displaying the Interac® or PLUS* signs (fees may apply at these machines).
To be eligible for the $50 bonus offer you must click through my referral - - and follow these instructions once you have set up your new Simplii account:
  1. If you open a No Fee Chequing Account or High Interest Savings Account, you must make a deposit of at least $100 within 6 months after account opening, and maintain a minimum balance of $100 for at least 30 days.
  2. If you open a Personal Line of Credit, you must use or spend a minimum of $100 from the account within 6 months of opening the account.
  3. If you open a Simplii mortgage, you must fund your mortgage within 120 days (see below for my mortgage referral code).
Mortgage Referral Code: 0009361587
*As an added bonus, if you open a No Fee Chequing Account by June 30, 2023 and add an eligible direct deposit of at least $100 a month for 3 straight months, you'll earn an additional $400!
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