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Suits - Two Lawyers. One Degree.

2010.10.21 05:03 p337 Suits - Two Lawyers. One Degree.

Welcome to the Suits Subreddit --- Suits A subreddit all about USA Network's hit show *Suits*, which centers around lawyer Harvey Specter and his associate Mike Ross (who doesn't have a law degree, but does have a photographic memory), and the law firm where they work. If you're looking for a subreddit about the clothing item, try /suit.

2015.04.29 19:06 chichora Tuxedo and suits for rent and for sale

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2010.08.20 16:29 wrayjustin White Collar Fan Reddit

A subreddit for the USA Network television show "White Collar", which follows FBI agent Peter Burke of the white-collar crimes division and reformed(?) con man Neal Caffrey, who helps Peter solve cases and catch other criminals in exchange for staying out of prison.

2023.06.02 00:53 redpurloin After years of adult therapy, I’m still at the beginning of recovery and basic functioning

It’s difficult for me to find friends, intimate partners, and employers who will tolerate my mood swings, anxiety/paranoia and depression. I lack a support system because I’m unable to explain to most people what I’m experiencing, and most people are squeamish and afraid of it. I’m navigating mental illness that went untreated through my childhood. I don’t know how to find steady employment. It’s a struggle to disclose mental health issues when you’re trying to make yourself employable. I need to have The Conversation with employers that I’m only in control of my paranoia and depression about half the time. The rest is a crap shoot.
The detail:
I’ll try and keep this relatively brief, but brevity is not my strong suit, so I beg readers to follow along even if this requires wading through densely packed information which may or may not be unnecessary.
As a kid I was sexually abused, probably autistic and bipolar and with a bunch of behavioral issues. My parents had a strange and fluid understanding about the efficacy of therapy and treatment and so most of the time my issues went untreated. When the calls home from school wouldn’t stop coming, my mom put me through intermittent therapy on a short term basis, with the understanding that it was supposed to straighten me out and put an end to the problems. Medication was out of the question.
My parents divorced when I was young, whereupon I was raised mostly by my mother, an emotionally distant workaholic with a hair trigger temper. My father died at a relatively young age. Because of these traumas I have a fear of abandonment and in my relationships I’m often a codependent partner. I either choose emotionally abusive partners, or reasonable partners who are driven away by my fear of being alone.
Fast forward about 25 years, and I’m doing the work as an adult that should have been done when I was a kid. It’s unsafe for me to live independently because I have a history of self-harm, and so I need family members to keep an eye on me. I’m trying, when I have health insurance, to try the right medications, but the side effects often worsen my anxiety, my depression, and my self-destructive behavior.
I’m trying very hard to preserve my sense that although I can’t change my past, I still have agency, and that with the right treatment I have the power to determine my future. I try hard to find work which recognizes the difficulty of my conditions. But when I lapse into manic episodes or become paranoid, my time management and ability to stick to routines becomes impossible.
I’m trying to build relationships and supports which take some of the pressure off my partners and me. So I joined meetups. But they don’t meet very often. Im at a loss for what to do. The world wasn’t made for neurodivergent people and I feel like the best I can expect from life is to survive and keep my head above water. But the rest of the time I feel like I’m drowning.
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2023.06.02 00:53 stlatos Indo-European *kWelno- ‘one-eyed’

G. Kúklōps ‘one-eyed giant’ seems to obviously come from ‘round eye’, from *kWekWlo-, and a similar origin for L. cocules ‘one-eyed’ has been proposed. However, in https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Cyclops the source *pḱú-klōps ‘cattle thief’ is given. This seems to make no sense. As added evidence, looking at OIr coll ‘one-eyed’, G. kellás, Skt. kāṇá-, all could be from *kWelno- (with e > o by KW in Celtic, like *pekWto- ‘cooked’ > G. peptós, W. poeth ‘hot’, Br. poaz ‘cooked’). If *kWekWlo- and *kWelno- were related, it could have been ‘round’. As far as I know, this exact reconstruction has never been made before. Greek dialects show optional treatments of PIE *KW, so an uncommon word like kellás being found in only one group with this change is not odd. *KW > K before *e seen in G. géphūra, Boe. bephūra, Cr. dephūra ‘weidyke/dam/causeway’; and the name of a god, dat. Kelepródei tôi Keraunôi, begins with Kele-, prob. the same as *kWele- > tele- in many G. words https://www.reddit.com/etymology/comments/10gga56/arcadian_god_kelepr%C3%B3d_keraun%C3%B3/

This could be from several changes; other words show several related meanings (Go. haihs ‘one-eyed’, OIr cáech ‘squinting’, L. caecus ‘blind’). The shift of words for disfigurements can create a wide range of meaning (consider the many changes in Greek blaisós ‘bent/distorted / splay-footed / bandy-legged / twisted/crooked’ >> Latin blaesus ‘lisping’ https://www.reddit.com/etymology/comments/vyr3qc/unable_to_smell/ ), so a word for ‘round-eyed / bug-eyed’ could shift to ‘having one eye larger or more open’ then ‘one-eyed / squinting’. That such words existed is probably seen in *spek^- ‘see’ >> G. skôps ‘*large-eyed > bogue’, Mac. gôps. Since in many languages ‘eye’ can also refer to a hole or spot, the single white spot on the head of some animals might also be called an ‘eye’, leading to a similar shift.

The loss of *l in Skt. kāṇá- from *kWelno- is probably regular. There is evidence that Skt. *l was actually *ḷ since it caused a following dental to become retro. (Skt. huḍa- ‘ram’, Dk. hʌldin ‘male goat’, ON *galtuz > göltr ‘boar’). Since r \ l alternate in Skt., old words that also show ar > ā might indicate that some r > l before this change (*karsto- > Rom. karšt / kašt, G. káston ‘wood’, kāṣṭhá-m ‘stick / (piece of) wood/timber’; *per(s)ni- > Skt. pāṇí- ‘hoof/hand’, *parn- > Kv. přõ ‘foot of cow/horse’, *pinra- > Rom. pindro ‘foot/sole’). Since Dardic and Gypsy languages show retained l or r, it is more evidence they were not Indic https://www.reddit.com/language/comments/12ui9st/peter_zoller_and_the_metathesis_of_aspiration/

Another unlikely connection is given in https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E0%A4%95%E0%A4%BE%E0%A4%A3 for Skt. kāṇá- ‘one-eyed’, Tamil kaṇ ‘eye’, kāṇ ‘see’, etc. Not only is this a native Dravidian word from uvular *q- or X- (Malto qanu, Brahui xan), but it did not come from *-rn- or *-ln- (though another *-Cn- creating all forms is possible). Similarly, in https://www.academia.edu/43371783 he connects Skt. kāṇá- to words for ‘having holes’, but many of these come from *r, and if ‘having holes’ > ‘eye’ is possible, surely ‘having (one) eye’ > ‘having holes’ is the same (see the use of ‘eye’ to refer to a hole or spot above).

Alb Albanian
Arm Armenian
Aro Aromanian
Asm Assamese
Av Avestan
Bal Baluchi
Be Bengali
Bg Bulgarian
Bu Burushaski
E English
EArm Eastern Armenian
G Greek
Go Gothic
H Hittite
Hi Hindi
Is Ishkashimi
It Italian
K Kassite
Kd Kurdish
Kho Khotanese
Khw Khwarezmian
Ku Kusunda
L Latin
Li Lithuanian
Lt Latvian
M Mitanni
Mh Marathi
MArm Middle Armenian
MW Middle Welsh
NHG New High German
MHG Middle High German
OHG Old High German
OBg Old Bulgarian
OBr Old Breton
OIc Old Icelandic
OIr Old Irish
OE Old English
ON Old Norse
OPr Old Prussian
OP Old Persian
MP Middle Persian
NP (New) Persian (Farsi)
Nw Norwegian
Os Ossetian
Phr Phrygian
Ps Pashto
R Russian
Ru Romanian\Rumanian
Sar Sarikoli
Shu Shughni
Skt Sanskrit
Sog Sogdian
TA Tocharian A
TB Tocharian B
W Welsh
Wx Wakhi

Gy Gypsy
Dv Domari \ Do:mva:ri:
Lv Lomavren
Rom Romani

Dardic Group
A Atshareetaá \ (older Palola < *Paaloolaá)
B Bangani
Ba bHaṭé-sa zíb \ Bhaṭeri
D Degaanó \ Degano
Dk Domaaki \ Domaá \ D.umaki
Dm Dameli
Gi Gultari
Id Indus Kohistani
Ka Kalam Kohistani \ Kalami \ Gawri \ Bashkarik
Kh Khowàr
Km Kashmiri
Ks Kalasha
KS Kundal Shahi
Kt ktívi kâtá vari
Kv Kâmvíri
Pl Paaluulaá
Pr Prasun
Ni Nišei-alâ
Np Nepali
Sa Saňu-vīri
Sh Shina
Ti Torwali
Wg Waigali \ Kalas.a-alâ
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2023.06.02 00:52 New-Aspect-550 22(f4m) orgy party today (Snapchat) gilbertsonj20

Hosting at the suite. Wanna attend a sex party and fuck the hell outta somebody or get fucked the hell outta. Well the party is on now till dawn. You can bring whatever you may need too, we decide if it goes in or nah. All you have to do is bring yourself over. Note fees applied, rules no guns allowed in the party and no violence, not all ages are welcome. Age 20 upwards, of course there’s a charge
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2023.06.02 00:52 Mummels_5 Ireland questions.. itinerary/ tattoos ...

I'm taking the kids (23- 20- and 18) to Ireland in October for the first time. I've been there before so this trip is mostly for them. I want them to see as much as we can but not so much that we miss the details if that makes sense. We're also looking to get some kind of family tattoos while we are there. Not sure of what. They don't all have to match and they don't have to be anything Irish. Was thinking more travel/ family related. But I have no idea where the best place to do this would be. Here is the itinerary so far. I'm more than open to suggestions!
Thank you so much for any insights you can offer!
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2023.06.02 00:51 pittsburghstrong How to remove wax coating from Pergo floors?

How to remove wax coating from Pergo floors?
I just moved into a house that I bought a couple of weeks ago. The previous owners lived here for 5 years and renovated the whole place themselves during the time. Their renovations included installing dark brown Pergo Outlast+ laminate flooring throughout the whole home.
From my research, this type of floor is supposed to be highly resistant to scratches from pets. Despite that, I’m noticing that it’s gotten scratched up significantly since my dog and I moved in, and the scratches are unmistakably from her nails.
I suspect the previous owners waxed the floors, or applied some other type of polish because they aren’t supposed to scratch so easily. And, the other clue is that when the floor gets wet it turns a dull while color even after totally wiping off the water, and it takes about 15 minutes for the dull white to fade away and return to dark brown.
If indeed the floors have been waxed, is it possible for me to remove the wax coating without damaging the floor? How would I go about doing this?
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2023.06.02 00:51 asimo77 I'm AMAB on E but not sure I want breasts, anyone else have similar feelings?

So, I’m AMAB and have been taking feminizing hormones for about a year and a half. When I started out, I didn’t even realize NB was a thing, so I thought “well I guess I’m a trans woman” however as I figured things out for myself NB or even just being perceived as a feminine/androgynous man really suited me.
I do really love what HRT has done for me in terms of hitting those body image goals, but I feel like my breasts, while still small, kind of tip the scales towards feminine more than I’d like. I was wondering if any other people, especially AMAB, have gone through something similar: taking estrogen and other hormones to be a bit more feminine but not wanting breasts and if top surgery is something they have gone through or considered.
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2023.06.02 00:51 Late-Contract8144 Any bbcs want to talk about fucking and taking white girls you’ve fucked? Snap: mov4055 or Dm

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2023.06.02 00:51 Fabulous-Fig-6877 Temu help! New users! Not a bot!!

Temu help! New users! Not a bot!!
Need helping getting a switch!! Need new users to click link and I’ll click yours ​​if you want to get free gifts! My fam uses the site and it is legit but hard to get free gifts because need new users to sign up! Accept my invite to score 3 free swag! https://app.temu.com/m/us0v0LXmkqK104g
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2023.06.02 00:50 LeNzYFly MTW3 turned unusable

I had issues with my MTW3 where suddenly out of nowhere my right earphone just died. The LED stopped working, commands didnt work but the Sennheiser app said the earphone was charging in the case even when it was outside of the case. I couldn't figure out a way to fix them so I ended up turning them in for warranty and received a new pair today.
They worked fine.. for about 30 minutes and now the same thing happened, but on the left earphone. I tried factory resetting, I tried updating the firmware which none of it solved my issue. I for some reason decided to unpair the MTW3 from my phone but since the left one is dead, I can't pair them again.
Something is faulty, but I have no idea what it can be. Remember, this happened to my old pair and these brand new ones I received. Anyone got any ideas? I literally can't pair them or do a manual factory reset due to commands not working.
When I pull the left earphone out of the case, the LED flashes in red and then white for a split second and then completely gives up.
Is this a new issue that has happened to more people or am I just unlucky? Could it be an issue with the application?
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2023.06.02 00:50 mangochutney55 [Routine help] How can I improve my

[Routine help] How can I improve my
I have large pores, blackheads, uneven pigmentation, sun spots, and some old acne marks. If you zoom in, you can see a little redness and some white spots - not sure if that's dryness or something in my pores.
Current routine: Morning - CeraVe foaming cleanser, CeraVe vitamin C, EltaMD tinted sunscreen
Night - CeraVe foaming cleanser, Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Cream with Retinol (this has been on pause for a few months since I'm currently pregnant), CeraVe moisturizer
I will add that my skin been a little dryer than usual during pregnancy, and I've been using extra moisturizer.
Any tips to help improve the appearance of my skin would be appreciated.
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2023.06.02 00:50 PepsiHeads 36 [M4F] EastBay - Breast Worship

Lately this has really been more and more at the forefront of my mind..decided to take a stab at finding a woman who's into it or intrigued enough to explore together Beyond the more obvious lust aspect..I think there's a really unique bond and connection to be made there. Also really like the nurturing element of it..taking care of each other. I love the idea of exploring this and also what could stem out from it as a friendship and ongoing connection.
Open in terms of age, race, type..ect ect Connection and chemistry are the key here.
As for me..I'm 36, white, tall, lean, some tattoos, no drugs/clean lifestyle
Tell me a bit about yourself and what interests you about it and we'll go from there Let's see what it could become
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2023.06.02 00:50 ToastyCrouton Selling 2 tix for Jersey City (6/2)

Hey flowers, I’ve got 2 extra tickets to tomorrow’s show at White Eagle Hall. If you’re wanting to go but haven’t got tickets yet shoot me a DM. I’ll pawn them off at face value and save you a couple bucks in fees.
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2023.06.02 00:50 UltraXFo I Hated This Game For 6 Years And Now I Play It.

I started just at the end of March. Went to my roommate’s/friend’s place for Easter. Little did I know his two little sisters and his mom played often. So here I am playing halo and they said you should try it. I did not want to. Next day ended up downloading it just so I could join up and play. It ended up being a lot of fun. They never did quests but I ended up tackling them enough and ranking up quick enough for them to follow suit. They got me to play and stay mostly but the Star Wars event got me to stay. And somehow I’m teaching a 8 year old how to play that I met in a random duo match. Happy to be playing finally.
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2023.06.02 00:50 AutoModerator [Download Course] Cardone University Full Course by Grant Cardone. (Genkicourses.com)

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2023.06.02 00:49 SwampPotato The real POC 🇨🇵🇧🇪

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2023.06.02 00:48 ksnoop Hyundai challenge legal advice!!

So my 2018 Hyundai Sonata was hit by the Hyundai/Kia challenge going around on Tik Tok. My car was broken into in the middle of the night and after taking out of the ignition they started it with a USB drive. They then took it on a joyride, smashing into trash cans and mailbox’s. I was asleep and I wasn’t even aware that it was stolen until the cops came to let my mom know it was found. The car is basically totaled, but insurance won’t even send an adjuster out to confirm that.
I bought the car used 2 years ago for like $26k, so obviously it has a lean. With that, as every banker would know, this requires us keeping full insurance coverage. I have yet to have something come up needing insurance for this vehicle until now. When we filed the claim to Progressive for comprehensive and collision with the police report, we were informed that not a dime of the damages are covered because the car only has liability.
Of course we called the bank it’s financed with (Chase) and they sent over our “Proof of Insurance” they had on file and said that if insurance won’t payout this also voids our Gap. This so called proof didn’t even have the Sonata listed but instead had my 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe that we had removed to add the Sonata.
Moral of the situation is my car was stolen and severely damaged without my knowledge, leaving me without any form of transportation, and now we are being told we are on the hook for the rest of the loan and insurance won’t even take our calls anymore. There is also a class action suit against the theft on Hyundai/Kia that my car qualifies under. I am just trying to see if anyone else has ever been in this type of a situation before and what you did or if anyone has any legal advise??
We are planning on getting an Attorney and live in Arizona.
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2023.06.02 00:47 Carrie_Boo PLEASE HELP ME!! I'm being stalked by something nonhuman... PART THREE

Part One: https://www.reddit.com/nosleep/comments/13v4lju/please_help_me_i_think_im_being_stalked_by/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
Part Two: https://www.reddit.com/nosleep/comments/13w2hum/please_help_me_im_being_stalked_by_something/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

You may have noticed that I haven't been on here for a couple of days. Let me tell you why...
After what happened to Roger, I knew that I had to leave.
As soon as that 'thing' had left the house...after hearing it suck the blood from it's long spindly claws...I just ran. Part of me wanted to run to Pendle's cabin, but I thought that would just prolong the nightmare. I wanted out! So I ran for the main road, thinking that I could just hitchhike out of here and return to normality.
Only that didn't work.
The main road which passes the forest was about a 3 mile walk from Roger's cabin. I'm not exactly an athlete, however, with fear propelling me, I was sure that I could run the distance in 25 minutes or so. I grabbed a torch and bolted through the front door, running straight into the dense forest. This time I didn't care about the noises, or the moving shadows, I just ran as fast as I could, using the overwhelming feeling of impending doom as fuel.
As I reached the main road, for the first time in such a long time I actually felt that I was safe. The normality of the road signs and chevrons on the bend ahead shone brightly in my torchlight and the shadows didn't seem as formidable. Then, when I noticed two tiny bright lights in the distance, a tear of pure happiness fell down my cheek.
I'm safe.
The tiny lights grew and a low rumbling sound pierced the air around me as I walked slowly down the edge of the road towards my saviour. That's when I saw it. The long pale face in the bush opposite me. As the car drew closer, the face crept higher as the 'thing' stood upright and glided from the bush towards me. It stood there, directly in front of me, staring, as if it were sizing me up for it's next meal. Dried blood had coagulated on the white hairs of it's bony greyish chest. It's eyes seemed even larger than they had before and it felt like they were penetrating my mind, searching for something.
I stumbled slowly away from this terrifying creature or human, or whatever it is, and that's when I must've fell backwards. I faintly remember losing consciousness as the roar of an engine grew louder and the woods lit up for a second, before it fell silent again and my eyes closed with the acceptance that the end has come.
I'm going to die.
It was yesterday that I woke up. My whole body ached and as I moved my head to check my surroundings, a sharp pain shot through me. I moaned as I resumed my previous position of laying flat on my back, realising that I wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. It was still dark as I searched for anything that could tell me where I was, but all I could see was rocks and moss pushing through the darkness. Fear started to crawl back as my eyes acclimatised to the deep abyss surrounding me.
I was in a cave.
My body trembled as I began to sob. I tried to quiet myself, but it was no use. My sobs echoed through the cavern and I started to panic that whatever had brought me here, was going to come back. I tried to sit up slowly, thinking that I could just get up and run out of this place, however, as I moved my legs, I met resistance. Thick vines had been tied around my ankles and secured around the weird rock formations below me. I pulled at them with my hands, desperate to rid myself of this physical restraint and mental torture. They were so tightly wound, that I felt myself clawing at my skin each time I pulled and ripped at them. It seemed like I was getting nowhere when I heard a faint grunt from down the tunnel, making me stop instantly.
All I could hear now was my quick shallow breaths, however I could sense a change in the atmosphere. The air felt thicker and I felt as though I was being watched. My eyes frantically searched the darkness around me, almost wanting to see something to confirm that I wasn't alone. I sensed movement in front of me and, despite the intense fear controlling me, I called out.
"Who's there? Where am I?...ANSWER ME YOU FREAK!"
I took a sharp intake of breath and immediately wished I could retract the last sentence, knowing that I had probably initiated a showdown with my shouting. But nothing happened.
I immediately returned to clawing at the vines around my ankles. My fingers were now getting wet with what I can only imagine was blood from the self-inflicted scrapes of my fingernails. This didn't stop me though, I was adamant on releasing myself from the clutches of this freak. I even think I would've cut my own feet off for freedom, at this point. I had to get away. It was no use, however, because as soon as I started to notice that I was making progress with the vines, I was forced to stop.
I could smell it before I saw it. The distinct smell of mud, the metallic tinge of blood and a pungent body odour, filled the air as a dull shape in the distance grew larger. The 'thing' was here and it was gliding towards me slowly, making a low gurgling noise. I pushed my arms against the cold mossy cavern floor below me and tried to shift myself upward, away from the creature, wincing as the restraints restricted my movement.
"Please...let me go...please..."
The 'thing' didn't react at all to my pleading. It just continued to move closer to me, until it was stood right at the bottom of my feet. I resisted the urge to gag as the smell invaded my nostrils, making my stomach churn and I began to wonder if this creature had the same senses as me. I'm almost entirely sure that it could see so much better than me in the dark, and it certainly doesn't seem to be affected by the overwhelming stench of death that it reeked of.
My thoughts were interrupted as the 'thing' crouched down and raised its arms either side of me. I started to scream as it slowly slid over the top of me, resting on it's long pointed claws, dyed red from the blood of my friend. I pushed my arms against the icy coldness of it's bony chest and desperately wiggled my legs against the restraints, as it lowered itself down on to me. Then I felt a sharp claw press against my neck, forcing me to stop my assault.
I let auto-flight take over for the next few minutes while I escaped deep into the safety of my mind, away from the realism of what was happening. Away from the pain. Away from the quickening grunts. I became a teenager again, at the beach with my mother, jumping over the waves on the shoreline. I wish I could've stayed there forever. It was pure happiness.
I can imagine you're now thinking 'How on Earth are you writing this?'. It must seem to you that I must now be dead. But let me tell you, I am alive. In actual fact, I'm totally ok, apart from the deep cuts on my ankles from those bloody vines. It let me go. It cut the vines with one little scratch from it's claws and let me walk right out of there.
The cave isn't that far from my cabin. It's well hidden, but I still don't realise why I didn't see it before.
The weird thing is, I feel different.
I'll let you know if anything else happens.
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2023.06.02 00:47 Far-Ad9864 i feel like im the only one in the world who doesn't like black or white clothes.. i feel like they wash me out terribly and add no flair to my overall look.. anyone else feel the same on me

lilac, baby blue, rose pink, burgundy, mint green look the best on me. i cant wear black or white unless it has an interesting design or lace or something. but just a plain black dress looks so bad on me. my skin tone is olive with neutral undertones
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2023.06.02 00:47 mangochutney55 [Routine help] How can I improve my skin

[Routine help] How can I improve my skin
I have large pores, blackheads, uneven pigmentation, sun spots, and some old acne marks. If you zoom in, you can see a little redness and some white spots - not sure if that's dryness or something in my pores.
Current routine: Morning - CeraVe foaming cleanser, CeraVe vitamin C, EltaMD tinted sunscreen
Night - CeraVe foaming cleanser, Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Cream with Retinol (this has been on pause for a few months since I'm currently pregnant), CeraVe moisturizer
I will add that my skin been a little dryer than usual during pregnancy, and I've been using extra moisturizer.
Any tips to help improve the appearance of my skin would be appreciated.
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2023.06.02 00:47 Khaniker Grand Prismatic Lightning

Grand Prismatic Lightning
Happy pride month, planefans.
For the last few days, I've been visiting Yellowstone National Park. Today I went to the Grand Prismatic Spring, and it reminded me of an obscure F-35 subspecies that had been named after the hot spring.
The Grand Prismatic Lightning (Duofulmen ferox technicolor), or "Dolly Zoom", is a large subspecies of F-35 Lightning II defined by its unique approach to courting.
One of about 6 aircraft considered to be 'prismatic' or 'chromatic' Lightnings, the Grand Prismatic by far has the most consistent coloration, often with a purple fuselage, brownish-tawny tail, and striking rainbow primaries. The coloration stems from a layer of bismuth grown on the fighter's skin near courting season.
While molting, the Dolly Zoom will fly through superheated flames or gas emissions in order to cause the bismuth to turn the desired shade or colour. As they are F-35s, they molt in set intervals, rather than all at once.
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2023.06.02 00:47 Wagglenak A lobster goes to an airport

“I’m free!” The lobster had made it through customs.
The lobster scuttled crustaceously along the tiled airport floor of duty free and all the way to a sign depicting a green mermaid.
“Ahah! A taste of home!”
He scuttled and whiskered along, dragging his almost bursting suit case across the floor, spilling socks and a tie onto the marble.
“I’ll have some clams please!” The Lobster exclaimed gutturally through his grotesque, filthy lobster mouth.
“Excuse me???” The human at the counter seemed both confused and disgusted.
“I mean umm…” The lobster reached for a tissue in his suit pocket to wipe away the profuse sweating on his brow. In doing so, his pincer snipped a hole in the fabric, exposing his bright red lobster shell for all the world to see.
The human behind the counter gasped.
“Ahem, well umm I wo- uhh. Excuse me.” The lobster jumped from his stool and began to scuttle away manically. The stitching in his tailored suit began to pop and tear, revealing more of his sculpted lobster bod until… His tailored suit, that had fit so well this morning, was now completely draped on the floor behind him. A security guard noticed the commotion going on a few feet in front of him when he decided to look down at the red object scrambling suspiciously.
“Sir, I believe you dropped something…”
The lobster turned to face the security guard, but the full body motion required to pivot caused the fluffy, brown, fake moustache to fall off his face, revealing the bare shell of one of God’s most shameful creatures.
“Y-y-you’re a lobster…” The security guard reached for his intercom, his hand and voice trembling. “We’ve got a code 1.”
Suddenly, just as the lobster began to make a run for it, the throbbing sound of helicopter blades could be heard outside of the building. Troopers began to break through glass armed with assault rifles.
“Put your claws where we can see them. This doesn’t need to get messy.”
This lobster was in hot water, and soon he would be bisque…
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