Did julia cearley leave qvc

what did you use to successfully kill master nez

2023.03.30 19:05 paffyoggy what did you use to successfully kill master nez

I was doing the full master raid with a team earlier (lfg) but had to go somewhere after a few attempts at nezarec and had to leave. I then hoped on lfg to try finish master nez and the closest we got to (from all the different lfg teams I just for master nez) was a sliver of health at last stand. I haven't bet him yet and would love to so I can get the seal eventually. I've tried rockets but it can be very inconsistent due to missed rockets. For one team which was the last team I was playing with (5 wellocks and 1 void titan me) before I had to get off we used thunderlord after awhile of using rockets but we would always end up on the 2nd phase with little heavy ammo. Anyone who bet Ron on master what did ye use and how did ye do it? Appreciate any responses
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2023.03.30 19:04 ThrowawayAcc987808 Life of an Asian Kid: Stuck Between Rock (Ultra-Collectivist Culture) & Hard Place (Hyper-Individualistic Solutions)

The greatest challenge I am facing as a twenty-something Asian kid is being stuck between a rock and a hard place.
On one hand, you have been beaten into shape by this ultra-collectivist society that only values you when you are a part of the structure, an unquestioning member of the family, and a blind follower of the community. And, when you start going out into the world, you discover the concept of individuality and self-expression. You realise all the wrongdoings done to you in the name of "culture". And, when you seek a way out, a path of discovering yourself, you are bombarded with tone-deaf solutions like "Just move out", or "Cut them off". Yes, we know that. We know we need to move out. We need to cut them off. We need to get financially independent.
But, sometimes, the problem is not just moving out. Not earning your own money. It is about navigating your personhood. It is so, so lonely. No one tells you that. The transition is so lonely when you break yourself away from the "community" so you can grow your own full-fledged self. That detachment is so painful, even if you're losing an unwanted part of your body, it hurts. It is such a fragile state that we think we are not even allowed to make mistakes because God forbid if we fail, we get told how our individuality and freedom are worthless. And some of us, in our weak state, cleave back to our society, thinking failure is something we cannot afford as human beings. The journey when you realise a part of your personhood includes mistakes is normal is so difficult. The lingering guilt that stays rent-free in the back of our minds that discovering ourselves is somehow an act of betrayal. Our trained minds make us think like that because we quite literally abandon years of our manufactured lives to look for ourselves. To look for something that is inevitably ours. It is very difficult for us to leave because we feel as if we are leaving something behind, even though it was never ours but something is given to us by our parents, families, and society, from which we have to squeeze out returns and give back what we owe to them.
For years, I did not know who I was. What my likes were. What my dislikes were. What my personality is. What my opinions were. Heck, I could not even realise the reason I did not like milk: I was lactose intolerant. As I grew up and started feeling things, and my mind, my body, and my thoughts were also trying to get adjusted to those feelings, my mother would often complain that I had become disobedient, picky, or high-maintenance. She did not like the fact that she cannot "mother" me any more because I have come to know "too much". They delude you from yourself. And when you leave the culture, you are left alone with yourself. It feels like you are with a stranger. You don't know who that person is. It is scary. It is daunting. It feels as though you have to nurture yourself after being malnourished for so long. The cultural trauma inflicted upon our self-identity is so unjust and unfair to us as human beings. They never give recognition to our personal selves, and when we step out into the big world, we are overwhelmed with heavy emotions and blurred understandings. They emasculate us from surviving in any place as a separate individual other than just being an identical yet competitive "building block" in the collectivist society.
It is so much more than getting your own apartment or getting a job abroad. So many people who give such advice do not realise the amount of power such societies have on our personal lives—it is nigh infinite. To bolster in us a mindset that makes us believe we won't have any value or worth if we break away from the community. When you look into your parents' eyes, you see no respect for your education if you don't obey them. When you look into your grandparents' eyes and you see no acceptance of your love if it is not their choice. Your mental autonomy is perceived as a tool of deceit by your family. Your individuality is infantilized as an act of teeny-angst rebellion.
We seek help in that phase of transition, from chopping them off from our lives to soothing that wound. We seek help in protecting ourselves from our forefathers' haunting. We know we need to move out. We just want to take these negative emotions and intrusive thoughts out of our minds first. We seek help in unlearning all the indoctrination. We seek help in learning ourselves. And, sometimes, just sometimes, we seek a space to just vent and be understood for what we have been subjected to and not be met with blanket statements such as "Why are you still living with them if you are 18?"
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2023.03.30 19:03 Owl_Queen101 Update to: I gave my boss until the end of March to find someone but he hasn’t

I just spoke with my boss about my last day and how it was supposed to be this week and he swore we never had a conversation about it. And that he’d need a few more weeks. He swore that when we did speak about me leaving in early March 10~ he thought we were only talking about my coworker who was also leaving. I’ll admit I wasn’t 100% clear (because I’m kinda a timid person) but I did tell him MY last day would be that last week and I kept recommending workers for him and this entire week I’ve been asking him about new help.
He’s being extremely picky. He doesn’t want to hire an actual manager but rather wants to hire a store associate that he can train to be manager. And there was one guy who came by who wanted to work but need 2-3 weeks before he could start. I said why not him then he said oh he wasn’t right for ‘x’ reason.
Honestly I’m not sure what to do because my co worker is gonna be gone by next week and he still wants me to work Saturdays I’m not sure what to do atp
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2023.03.30 19:01 BreadAntique1398 Ay yeo what’s with all the try hards in this school?

I’m not even talking about the pre meds who just want 4.0s, I’m talking about all the kiss ass nerds around here. In every single class I’ve had there’s always that one annoying kid that tries to flex their unsolicited knowledge. Like you can say “Leaves are green” and that kid will raise their hand and go “Actually 🤓 did you know that leaves are green because of chloroplasts and the chlorophyll pigment 🤓.” Thanks dude? It didn’t answer the prof’s question though. Or in group me’s after an exam that one kid goes “That was the easiest test I’ve ever taken 🤓” after clearly seeing the 200 other people struggling with it. Or one kid that goes “Calculus 500 is so easy 🤓 I have a 99.87654321 average on it” LIKE SHUT UP. SHUT UP SHUT UP. These people just love to hear themselves talk but it’s the most insufferable nonsense ever.
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2023.03.30 19:01 ArmadilloFlats Part of my last conversation with FD 1st responder Abby Kennedy 2021

Part of my last conversation with FD 1st responder Abby Kennedy 2021
So did Cecil leave the scene and go to Mtn Lakes.?
It had to be when FD was there for Abby to make this statement.
Cecil supposedly left the WBC scene to respond to the suicide call for the Beckett School.
Was there any search of Old Peter's rd that night..?
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2023.03.30 19:00 Altruistic-Bowl7647 AITA For Getting An Employee Fired At A Haunted House?

I posted this on a podcast and suggested that I post it here.
Hi, I am Fizz, and I am a 18 year old genderqueer person. I worked at a Haunted house for two years as a scare actor, and I loved every part of it. It was so much fun that I invited my friends to apply and we all worked together. As an actor, it helped me grow on my improvisation skills and helped me boost my confidence in very out there and embarrassing roles. My story starts here.
My favorite scene I worked was the HillBilly Scene. This is where I met. Let's call him Ted. Ted and I were put in this scene together, and we became instant friends. We created character names for each other, and we created somewhat of a family trees with these characters. (Mind you, this is very common.) We had a lot of similarities since we had a lot of trauma due to middle school. He was also very supportive of my gender identity. We shared eachothers contacts, which included Snap and Instagram.
He saw me as a friend, and he would gift me candy, soda, and small little plushies. This is where the issue comes in.
Ted was a 32 year old male at the time. So I called him my (haunt name) dad since there was a large gap. At this time, two others we'll call Moss and Dylan, become friends. They are closer to my age. Being 20 and 21 fiancees. They start to notice that his behavior towards me is strange. One day I need a ride to work so I text Ted and ask me if he can take me to work. I just needed to leave by 4:30. He shows up at my house at 3:15. He drives me up to get me food and said we were close so we can stop by his house to eat. I started to get uncomfortable of course. We quickly eat and we finally leave but we have to stop and get gas. He was inside the gas station as I stayed in the car. I am planning out in my head how to escape if something were to happen. When he came back, he showed me a ring pop and asked me if I would be his "(haunt name) wife." I laughed it off playing like a joke but really I was terrified.
We finally got there, and I told Moss and Dylan what happened. They were disgusted and told our manager and said that they would take me home. After work that night, they snuck me out of the haunt without him seeing and gave me food and hugs and told me how they would have just took me to work if I asked. They took me home. My parents are now good friends with them and are grateful for what they did.
After that day, I found out that he had broken multiple general haunt guidelines prior to my incident and had been getting close and personal to some other younger females and nonbinaries working there. He had been working there for 5+ years and the reason why he was still working there was because of my manager. After the staff party at the end of the season, he was told that he wouldn't be returning back for ant future seasons. Some of the people who were friends with him say that I got a good man kicked out and that I overreacted. AITA?
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2023.03.30 19:00 violet_hydrangea WP has a job interview out of town.

My boyfriend has expressed his dissatisfaction with his job since the beginning of our relationship. He feels like he could be making more money elsewhere and feels like overall he could be doing better career wise with another job. In his career field, jobs aren’t very easy to come by and people often have to move away to find a good job. He moved here a few months before he met me, and didn’t plan on staying here (in my city) long term. Then, he says all that changed when he met me. He says he envisions a future with me and could see him staying here long term, but is still wrestling with the fact that he doesn’t have the job satisfaction he desires. His friends and family are a few states away, so I’m quite literally the only thing keeping him here.
Right after DDay (back in January), we broke up for a couple of days. During the time we were broken up, he mass applied to jobs because he didn’t think we’d be getting back together and knew he wanted out of this town. Fast forward to now, we are working on R. Despite our ups and downs, I was starting to feel good about us again. Then yesterday, he gets offered a job interview at a place that is 30 minutes away from his hometown and family/friends. He said it would be his dream job and he doesn’t want to turn down the interview. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect him to either. He did tell me that if he were to be offered the job, he would want me to move with him if he were to accept. I told him I do not want to leave my family and friends, and he said he would consider turning down the job because of how much he wants to be with me. He swears up and down that I am the number one priority in his life, and ultimately any decision he made would be with me in mind.
This has completely made me feel unsafe all over again. I was worried this would happen, because he was open about the fact that he applied for jobs out of state during our breakup and he had already turned down a couple interviews during our R process. It’s like I’m being stabbed in the same wound with a different knife. I have to deal with the thought of him leaving, while also still processing the infidelity. I love him so much, I see the genuine remorse coming from him. But I feel so unsafe. I never really have in the relationship. He’s a great guy. Other than the infidelity, he treats me so well and better than anyone else ever has. We have a great connection, great sex, great communication for the most part. He checks off all my boxes. I just don’t know how I’m supposed to feel safe, between the infidelity and knowing he could potentially leave me by the summer. It’s like I finally start to feel good in the relationship, just to get knocked down again. I’m aware that safety is all an illusion anyway, but I still need something. He tells me that once this situation is over with, he won’t be looking for any more jobs. It’s so hard to trust that. I just feel sad and lonely. I’m tired of feeling so back and fourth.
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2023.03.30 19:00 Diligent_Ad_2722 help pls

Im (15M) am depressed, lonely w/o any friends and abused, let me explain, 2019 was probably the last good yr of my life, 2020 was the year i would leave primary school (or Elementary school) I had many friends and I was still happy, i had to do a test to pass for a high school, my parents took this test seriously, and with that being said, they punched and beat me till my nose bled for making 1 simple mistake in practice tests at home.
A few weeks later i did the test and place in the top 100 in my country, they were proud but after that would come the worst yrs of my life, fast forward to late 2020 which was when i was supposed to go to school, however covid put us in lockdown and did online school till abt 2022 in 7th-9th grade. Now around now real school opened again but i realised, (idk why it took me so long) that after a few weeks i was still at home, confused I asked my step dad and he threatened to beat me up if I questioned it, months go by, the little friends i made from the online school period messaged me via gmail because I dont own a phone, they were asking why was I not showing up to school, but my mother forced me to block them all.
Now we jump to the current in 2023, im still at home doing online classes which im bad in bc i learn better in person and they chastise me and call me names. I try to tell them how I feel but it always ends up south, yesterday my dad slapped the living daylights outta me and kicked me on the floor multiple times, and now im getting a short term job soon and they want $1000 rent each month or they'll kick me out, they also say that 1k is "payment for taking care of me",I cant take this anymore, my life is a living hell, just had to get it all out bc i have no one,I have 0 privacy, and my parents always say since im a child im basically not worth anything, id like someone to talk too please thank you all.
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2023.03.30 18:59 Existing_Kale_8979 My bf (24m) snapped at me (23f) when I talked to him while he was gaming. Am I overreacting?

We've been together for 4 years. This happened this morning while he was gaming on his PC and I was on the nintendo. I wanted to show him something on my game so I asked him to look. I see him turn and look so I start speaking and showing whatever it was I wanted to show him. After like 5 seconds I turn to him to see that he's back on his game typing in the chat so I ask him "are you even listening?" That's when he snaps at me and says "Can't you see I'm busy?" With a harsh and mean tone. So I say "Well, sorry then" and and leave him be. He did come up to me later to say sorry while I was cleaning but I was still upset so I didn't really listen to him, and then he returned to his game, until dinnertime. After dinner I asked if he could help me with my sign language assignment because I'm completely stuck and need help. I study sign language and he's fluent and he had promised a couple days ago to help but we haven't done it yet. He then says no because he doesn't want to, he wants to game. And that's when i lost it and started crying and he got mad at me for reacting that way. He doesn't seem to understand why.
TL;DR So, am I overreacting when my boyfriend snapped at me while gaming (he did try to apologize), and then refuses to help me because he wanted to game?
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2023.03.30 18:58 PalmetttoStateArmory PSA: Do not use spent ammunition cartridges with your rolling or weed kit for health and legal reasons

Cross posting from /stonerengineering.
I've been scrolling on here for a bit and noticed some people have been using .45acp and .38spcl spent cartridges to help roll joints.
This is an extremely dumb idea for a few big reasons.
Primers (The small silvebrass disc on the bottom part of the cartridge the firing pin hits) used in ammunition to set off the gunpowder are extremely toxic and use many scary substances like lead acetate, mercury fulminate, barium nitrate, tetrazene, etc.
These chemicals are toxic as fuck and don't leave your body easily if ever. There's also the leftover lead/coppesteel from the projectile, the crazy chemicals used in gunpowder and whatever treatments they did to the brass.
By rolling joints in spent ammunition casings, you're giving your joints a nice bath in these pretty fucking toxic chemicals that you will be inhaling pretty soon.
Legal issues
Per Federal law, the possession of firearms or ammunition in combination with marijuana is still a Federal crime that even in a legal state can get you in severe legal troubles.
Under current Federal law, spent ammunition casings are still considered ammunition despite them just being a brass/steel/aluminum hull with no explosive material remaining within the casing.
What may be just a simple possession charge could turn into a felony very quickly with just the presence of spent ammunition casings being near your weed.
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2023.03.30 18:58 throwRA192008 Its been 8 year since i (M28) lost my ex gf (F27) and i cant stop thinking about her.

Throw away for reasons. But i need some help please. We met when we were kids, only 12 years old. And we stayed together until she suddently left. We ofc had our up and downs in our relationship up though the years, but we loved each other alot and we basically grew up together.
However one morning, i woke up and she was gone. No goodbye, no apparent reasons, she was just gone. I was blocked everywhere and that was the end to our relationship unfortunately.
Because there was no ending to our relationship, I believe i could not get over her, and for some reason she is every single day in my mind. And i even dream about her atleast once a week. Its driving me crazy. Because i want to move on.
However, something else happened for a month ago which i can’t understand. She took her time to actually unblock me everywhere. On all social platforms. And now she has started to block me again. I have not taken any sort of action to contact her, but im afraid if she blocks me now on all platforms again, ill loose my chance to perhaps get some closure.
I got so many questions on why did she leave, why did she unblock me after 8 years and why did she start to block me again? Should I contact her, should i not?
Also, ive coped with this for the years that has passed, but after she unblocked me, im started to think even more and more about her.
To add some information -
She has been in a relationship with this same man ever since we ended.
Im independent, got my own house, owns several businesses and i would say is rather successful. So no, i do not live in my parent’s basement.
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2023.03.30 18:56 raredontstare OOP - WIBTA if I abandoned my roommates who depend on me?

I am NOT OP. Original post by u/Nuahxos_1 in AmItheAsshole

WIBTA if I abandoned my roommates, who depend on me for living? - 20th May 2020
I’m a college students and so are my roommates. We’re all 18 yo guys and we study in the same university.
They aren’t assholes but they aren’t good in dealing with shit related to the house. They hardly clean. There are many times where they leave plates and kitchen utensils unwashed throughout the night. They sleep very late and wake up somewhere between 3:00pm - 6:00pm. They also fuck up the oven so many times whenever they cook. The entire oven is black due to how much liquids and dropped food from used pots being burned after many uses. I’ve cleaned and restored the oven several times but working on cleaning usually wastes 3 steel-wool(s), and it takes around 45 minutes of hard work of rubbing, and cleaning. Yesterday I just cleaned my own pot, which they used without their permission. It also wasted a steel-wool for me as they used it to cook rice and some of it got sticky. My pot is no longer shiny. It seems they forgot to let some air in when they were cooking and it got fizzed (idk the word) and it got the pot dirty. They also use my kettle and rely on it. They ask me to use many of my consumables (food, spices, etc), when they cook.
Edit: here is how fucked up the oven is. it’s “brand new” 4 months old.
If I left them, it’ll cause them a lot of changes. It will probably screw them up, not having someone clean after them. WIBTA if I abandon them?

UPDATE - 7th August 2020
Nobody asked for an update, but I think you guys would be interested for an update.
I moved to a new apartment, a bought one that is. I can now live in peace and comfort, at the cost of their friendship. It caused them a lot of damage, especially during this pandemic.
The rent of the apt we were living in was divided equally between each of us, until I left them; making them deal with the rent without me. It pissed them off but that wasn't the only reason they started to hate me.
The landlord came. She saw the stove and oh my oh my, how mad she got. Initially, my roommates were saying it's "everyone's fault". I defensively objected with them. I showed a solid proof to the landlord I was doing my part of cleaning. I did so by preparing from before by keeping track and saving history of what I was doing by sending photos of before and after cleaning the oven and sending them to my mother. It kept track of dates, hence it was a solid proof and I'm no longer to be blamed. My roommates however... the landlord scolded the fuck out of them while I was just there watching them silently. They couldn't throw some of the blame on me anymore; leaving them desperate. It escalated so badly, the landlord was going to kick them so I intervened. I convinced her to give them a 2nd chance. She agreed in the condition if they restored the stove back to life, they shall stay in the apartment.
It left a lot of hatred on my ro0mates for not being in their situation.
They are now stuck in the apartment. The country my roommates they came from doesn't have opened air ports; hence they are stuck in the apartment with higher rent. They are not in a situation to move.
I gotta say they already know I was planning to move a month ago.
Edit: thanks guys for the nice comments!

Reminder - I am not the original poster.
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2023.03.30 18:56 malin22 I (23F) am confused. Does he (24M) like me or not?

I really like this guy. He’s my friend’s roommate. He asked me out a couple times and then one day we went out and he kissed me and then after that he never messaged me or said anything to me after that day. We did have a snap streak so we continued to snap after that night for a bit. One day he snapped me a pic of him and I snapped back saying you look cute and he left me on read so I thought he wasn’t interested in me which is why I never asked him what happened after that night. We do still see each other here and there as we are part of the same friend group. So we do talk when we are with our other friends.
But yesterday my friend was talking to him on the phone and its been a while since i’ve seen him. So he told my friend over the phone that he misses me. So now i’m really confused as to whether he likes me or not. Now that he said that I kinda want to ask him what happened after that night because maybe he might be interested in me if he said that he misses me. Or he might just be messing with my feelings. Should I ask him or just leave it? I don’t want to look stupid asking him as he might think that i’m desperate.
TLDR: My question is what do you think of the situation? Should I ask him if he’s into me?
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2023.03.30 18:55 FailUnique5769 Lots of insecurities, but passed with 3 ATs 🦋💙

Lots of insecurities, but passed with 3 ATs 🦋💙
Dear pmp community,
Finally my moment has arrived: PASSED with AT/AT/AT. Sharing briefly my tips: 1. Start studying AGILE first and once you make sure you have assimilated the agile related knowledge, you can move on to PMBOK. Reason for that: most of the test is hybrid/agile. Sources I used for Agile: Agile Practice Guide and David YouTube video. I did only half of the questions from David Video, but learnt through my own detailed notes everything in the scrum guide and agile practice guide. 2. Read the PMBOK knowledge areas and highlight key points. I did not take notes or made summaries for these ones, but I printed out Andrew's resources and added notes to his slides when necessary. I learnt very well scope, cost and schedule, resources and I just read the other processes since I didn't have enough time to study them carefully. I also bought thirdrock notes, but did not use them much, since I did not have time. *MINDSET is absolutely key, but everybody knows by now. 3. Practice, practice, practice. I bought just SH essential, I did just 4 mini tests and I found them relatively hard. Questions were longer than in the real exam and often very unclear. The questions in the 2 full exams were more similar to the test experience than those in the mini tests. However it doesn't hurt to practice through the mini tests as well. My study hall score were 63% and 68%, but over 80% without expert questions. 4. This community is GOLD. I've regained trust in humanity.
Finally some tips for the exam:. 1. Use the flagging option, but *PROTIP: to avoid re reading all the options at the end and waste time, choose the option that you think is more probable to be the correct answer and HIGHLIGHT the other candidate option. This will save you lots of time and worst case scenario, if you don't have time to review you have already chosen your top option. Don't leave the question unanswered. Flagging helped a lot since I changed some questions at the end after re reading with a clearer mind. 2. Be aware of time. I cannot stress this enough. Calculate well the time and questions left. (I continuously divided time left on each section by no of questions to understand time available/question. This helped me to keep track, but I am good at math. Don't lose time doing this, if you are not) It took me a lot of stress during the first part to adjust and manage time well in the last parts. I finished 5 mins earlier after reviewing 8 questions in last section. Don't spend to much time when you are not sure, choose one, highlight the second option, flag the question and move on. 3. Take the breaks. Super necessary to refresh. I used the breaks to drink water, go to toilet, eat some dried fruit and do breathing exercises to relax. 4. Wear blue💙 (wore blue underwear as well :P). This is reassuring as you feel part of the community and adds some extra comfort.
It has been a difficult journey for me, since I have been in the midst of chaos for the past few months (super toxic work environment, a distant relationship, applying to fellowship opportunities abroad and thinking of a career pivot), but it all paid off today. My study has not been very consistent, but I am happy I did not give up. I am finally relieved and will party 🥳 during the weekend since I still have to finish an application tomorrow.
P.s: I am currently looking for a remote PM job. Please advise if you have any leads.
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2023.03.30 18:55 TheCybersmith No: "Somehow Palpatine Returned" doesn't undermine Vader's Redemption...

...because Vader's choice to Return to the Light and become Anakin Skywalker again had no bearing on whether Palpatine lived or died.
There's an all-too-common take online that I fundamentally disagree with, and today I am going to address it... WITH TIMESTAMPS!
The take goes something like this:
"The return of Darth Sidious undermines VadeAnakin's decision to kill him, because now that choice has no consequence."
or, even more extreme:
The rise of the First Order undermines VadeAnakin's decision to institute the New Republic, because now that choice has no consequence."
There's a problem with these positions, though... they ascribe way more impact to Vader's choice than it ever originally had.
Let's rewind to Return of the Jedi. Luke surrenders to the Empire on Endor for two reasons:
  1. He fears that his presence will lure Vader to the Rebels, and endanger the mission.
  2. He hopes he can convince his Father to defect.
The moment he leaves the Rebel Pathfinder group, he has achieved objective 1.
He has full faith that his friends will down the shield, and destroy the Death Star. HIS DIALOGUE MAKES THIS CLEAR.
After his surrender, the stakes of his actions are PURELY PERSONAL. He might redeem Vader, save his own life, the life of his father, or he might not... but he won't impact the mission. He cannot. Nothing he does from that point until the end of the film has ANY IMPACT on galactic politics. It's all personal stakes. When Vader elects not to take Luke's initial offer, Luke accepts that he will die, his father will die, and that there will be no redemption.
But what about the Emperor himself, I hear you ask?
He'd have died anyway. He makes it 100% clear that he had no intention of leaving, nobody could or would tell him that the situation has changed, and the space station he is standing in was about to turn into rubble.
1 hour, 32: minutes: Luke tells the Emperor, in explicit terms, that both of them will soon be dead.
"Soon, I'll be dead, and you along with me."
The emperor disagrees, citing the legion of troops on Endor, and the operational nature of the Death Star.
Crucially... if he doesn't learn that this is incorrect with enough time to leave, he's going to die. The explosion will kill him.
I'll repeat that.
If the Emperor had not left the Death Star before it exploded, he would have died no matter what Vader did or didn't do.
So, the question then becomes: would he have left?
I argue that he would not have.
As Luke rightly points out (again, this is all EXPLICIT DIALOGUE):
"Your overconfidence is your weakness"
The emperor has absolute faith in his soldiers, his ships, his weapons. He is sure they cannot fail him. So sure, in fact, that he never indicates any plan to leave. So sure that he conducts his attempted conversion of Luke aboard the very structure that is under attack.
1 hour, 55 minutes: the shield generator explodes. Lando IMMEDIATELY realises the shield is down, and so, presumably, does everyone else with functioning sensors. The Emperor? He continues to speak slowly and calmly (albeit with notable contempt), and chooses a very slow and tortuous method to kill the unarmed and defenceless enemy before him.
He either does not know that the shield is down, meaning that his underlings have orders not to disturb him, which is plausible, as he sent even his guards away (technically, it's possible that they could tell him, but refuse to, for fear of his retribution; I think this is possible, given how scared Jerjerrod was of him); or he knows and doesn't care! In either case, there's no indication that he was going to do anything different!
1 hour, 57 minutes: Vader turns on, and kills, his master.
1 hour, 58 minutes: Rebel ships actually enter the superstructure. If ever there was a time to alert the Emperor, it would be now. And yet... no alarms in the Throne room.
1 hour, 59 minutes, 42 seconds: Luke and his dying father have left the throne room. Tie Pilots are scrambling everyone is at battle-stations, but there are still unattended shuttles. This is not a full evacuation. There has not been a call to Abandon Ship, because they are able to have a full conversation before Anakin finally dies... and nobody pushes past them, or tells them to board the shuttle. The Empire is still fighting, the people aboard the Death Star DO NOT EXPECT TO DIE.
Luke -alone- recognises the need to leave, because he has, as the Emperor puts it:
"faith in [his] friends"
Luke believes the Alliance will destroy the Death Star, but nobody else, including (especially?) the Emperor does.
And... that's it.
2 hours, 3 minutes: The explosive shockwave from the Death Star's reactor reaches the surface. Anyone still aboard is dead.
Palpatine was going to die there no matter what. Had Vader allowed him to torture Luke to death, Darth Sidious would have sat in his throne cackling for six minutes until the resulting shockwave turned his bones to splinters and ruptured his stomach.
Vader's last words to his son were purely personal. No "here is how you should run the new Galactic Government", or even "here's how you should run the Jedi Order".
"Balancing the Force" meant redeeming himself and saving his son's life, not killing his master or replacing the Empire with the New Republic, because THOSE THINGS WOULD HAVE OCCURED ANYWAY.
Thanks to Vader, his child lived a full lifespan.
Thanks to Vader, the ideology of the Jedi triumphed, and the prophecy was fulfilled.
Thanks to Vader, sinners found hope of atonement, and the new regime was one built on an ideal of mercy.
None of that was undone by the First Order, or the cloning experiments on Exegol.
But to act as if the events of the sequels undermined Vader's sacrifice is to ascribe to them entirely too much weight!
That story thread in RotJ was a personal and spiritual one. It NEVER had direct astropolitical consequences!
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2023.03.30 18:54 PalmetttoStateArmory PSA: Do not use spent ammunition cartridges with your rolling or weed kit for health and legal reasons

I've been scrolling on here for a bit and noticed some people have been using .45acp and .38spcl spent cartridges to help roll joints.
This is an extremely dumb idea for a few big reasons.
Primers (The small silvebrass disc on the bottom part of the cartridge the firing pin hits) used in ammunition to set off the gunpowder are extremely toxic and use many scary substances like lead acetate, mercury fulminate, barium nitrate, tetrazene, etc.
These chemicals are toxic as fuck and don't leave your body easily if ever. There's also the leftover lead/coppesteel from the projectile, the crazy chemicals used in gunpowder and whatever treatments they did to the brass.
By rolling joints in spent ammunition casings, you're giving your joints a nice bath in these pretty fucking toxic chemicals that you will be inhaling pretty soon.
Legal issues
Per Federal law, the possession of firearms or ammunition in combination with marijuana is still a Federal crime that even in a legal state can get you in severe legal troubles.
Under current Federal law, spent ammunition casings are still considered ammunition despite them just being a brass/steel/aluminum hull with no explosive material remaining within the casing.
18 U.S.C., § 921(A)(17)(A)
The term “Ammunition” means ammunition or cartridge cases, primers, bullets, or propellant powder designed for use in any firearm."
What may be just a simple possession charge could turn into a felony very quickly with just the presence of spent ammunition casings being near your weed.
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2023.03.30 18:54 Electronic-Work5328 Support our Music School

Support our Music School
Hello everyone,
I would like to kindly ask for your support, as a Greek mysic school student.
Music and Art schools here in Greece have been struggling due to the government's constant attempts at downgrading our degrees and value.
In our attempt to prove ourselves, we did what we do best; we made a song and partook in the Europian School Radio's Song Contest for 2023.
Our song can be found in the link below, by the title "Whispers" with the code 8622.
Please do leave us a like!!
Thank you in advance!
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2023.03.30 18:53 ciroc042 Me 25m 25f - just a long text

I had a seven-month relationship, which ended on January 12. We never had problems or internal conflicts, the only discussions, if it can be called that, were about me giving too much space to her, as fear of becoming just one person as it happened in my old relationship. Sometimes I feel like I tried to sabotage this relationship, because I wasn't doing well in graduation.

She broke up with me because, according to her, she wasn't able to feel anything because of life events. Her father was with cancer, grandfather hospitalized for the same reason, mother with a deep depression and her 12 year old dog died during this period. In some moments at the end of our relationship I couldn't be so understanding, because I was also in a bad way. At other times I was very understanding. I remember that one day we went to the beach, one of our favorite roles, I started to tell her a story about my life and she just cried, a very sincere cry, because she couldn't feel anything and was very afraid that we wouldn't reconnect. I told her that we had something beautiful and that it was a phase, we would reconnect and go through this moment together. We went home soon after and she continued talking normally, apologized for being rude, which I don't think she was.

She also asked for some time off, by message, which made me feel really bad. The next day I asked her to call me and we talked. I felt really bad that she wanted a break during our vacation period, where, also she was going to travel to see a friend and then spend a week in a course. We had always been very open to trips and alone time like this, and I also trusted her enough to know that she wouldn't be with someone else. Two hours after our conversation, she texted me saying she doesn't want to distance herself from me and doesn't know what's going on with her. We got back together.

On the day she went on a trip, she dropped by my house to leave a book with me. It was the day after we went to the beach. She didn't get out of the car and I figured she didn't want to kiss me. She asked me where my kiss was and I said the phrase that I regret the most, "I never know when you want to kiss me". I apologized later and she said it was ok.

She went to her appointments and during this period her puppy got sick, which made her come back earlier. We went out to eat and she decided to break up, because she saw me and felt nothing. She said that she left home without having made this decision, but that she really needed to be alone and that the events had affected everything in her life, but especially our relationship. She said that I was her first love and that I had many good things to say about our relationship and about me, that she still loved me, but that she couldn't feel that now and that it wasn't fair to me to hold me back without knowing if someday she would be able to feel something again. She also said that she didn't see our story ending right now, that we would still meet again.

Before this event, she said "I don't want to scare you, but I really see myself with you" and her feelings, the emotional block, happened after she was discharged from the psychiatrist.

I would text her every 14 days to see how things were going, because I was always worried about her. She became active again on social networks, posting stories going out with her friends, which in a way did me good and bad. It was good to see that she was happy, but at the same time it hurt me to see her and know that I'm not part of her life anymore.

29 days ago she sent me a message "just checking in to see how you are" I replied and all the feelings for her came to surface. A week later I saw her traveling, and on that same day, it was the graduation of some friends. I drank and texted lol saying that I still liked her, that my feelings hadn't changed and if we could meet, I also asked about her psychiatrist. She said it wasn't healthy for us to see each other for now and she didn't want to talk about the appointment with me, before, even after the break up, she did. After that we never talked again (it's been only a week).

Last week we went to the same graduation, we saw each other, but we didn't talk. Her friends looked at me and left. We exchanged a glance when I went to the bathroom and she was leaving and that was it. Before, she always said hello to me.

Our relationship was wonderful, I always got along well with her, family and friends.

I know that somehow, life will still unite us, but at the moment things are complicated.
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2023.03.30 18:53 MaxGiustizia My obsession with Zack’s movies compromised my life.

Hi everyone. I won't waste much time with introductions, nor am I going to justify why I created this account. It is obviously not my main. I was torn between writing this post on confessions or here, but finally decided to see if any other Snyder fans are in my situation. I'm a neurobiologist, so I know how addictions work, and I can assure you that my dopaminergic circuit is addicted to Zack Snyder movies like an addict is addicted to any drug.
When I was in college I first watched 300 and thought it was a great movie, the combination of visuals and soundtrack brought me to tears. So you can imagine my reaction to Man of Steel and Batman V Superman afterwards. Upon leaving the cinema, I found it strange that my wife and son did not find the film exciting. And as absurd as it may seem, it was the cause of a quarrel with her. I'll spare you the details, but already in 2016 we weren't going through a good moment in our marriage, which is why anything, even discussions about a movie, lit the fuse.
In 2017 we divorced. I was hoping to find relief and distract myself with DC movies, but Josstice League came along and dealt me ​​a huge blow. For the following years I continued to rewatch MoS and BvS, trying to grasp every detail and watching video analyzes that spoke of the hidden meanings and references in the films. I became one of the main leaders of the #Releasethesnydercut campaign, and when ZSJL was released it was one of the best days of my life.
I'd lost my wife, my job was failing due to depression, but I'd gotten a film that I'd wanted for a long time, and one that was mostly about hope. He helped me get up. To take back the reins of my life. If Batman had come out of the tunnel of despair that gripped him, so could I.
Then James Gunn came along and destroyed my dreams for good. Now I'm battling depression again, broken only by the failed hope of getting Henry Cavill back as Superman. I live alone, I don't have a partner, I see my son once a week and when we meet we watch a chapter of the Snyderverse trilogy every time. In 2016 he was too young to understand BvS, but now he is almost as much a fan as I am.
The problem is that by now the Snyderverse has become a fundamental part of my life. I know it will never be restored, but it's hard for me to part with it. I've fought for him so long that accepting that he won't have a future means accepting that there's no hope for me either. He helped me through a dark time in my life, and was the only light that enlightened me. I know you'll call me a loser, maybe you'll think I'm a troll, but I wanted to get this off my back. What for some is just a movie, for others it can be a lifeline. I have to accept that WB has moved on, that Zack isn't coming back, and neither is my wife. I messed up, I mixed my personal life with a movie saga and that compromised everything. Sorry for the outburst. If anyone is in the same situation let me know. If this post violates the rules, the admins are free to remove it. Thank you all.
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2023.03.30 18:51 KregoryHaus Wanted To Share A Win

I started out around 370lb and was trying to lose weight months ago, I had a consistent weight lifting routine and I was eating around 2500 calories a day. I eventually got down to 365lb but then I plateaued, I couldn't figure out what was going wrong, I fell into a spiral and I eventually gave up trying. I got back to 368lb before this latest push to finally leave the 300 club.
My last attempt I was allowing myself to eat fast food consistently still and while I was on paper under my calories I think other factors surrounding that type of food really hindered my progress. I started last Monday by completely reshaping my groceries and prepped meals based around chicken and vegetables and I've been feeling pretty great since. In the gym I decided to just find one consistent thing I could do and I landed on a HIIT cardio routine, you walk 5 mins then alternate between 30 second sprints and 1 minute walks until you complete 10 sprints. When I first did it last Tuesday the 21st I got through 3 sprints before I had to tap out. I decided to do it every other day since it puts a lot of strain on me but as of yesterday even with the soreness from a mile of walking I did the day before I was able to complete 6 sprints.
I'm feeling the progress my body is making, my back has basically stopped hurting while walking, I'm not getting as winded, my lungs stopped burning after the routine, I stopped tasting blood and I stopped coughing after as well.
I weighed in this morning at 353lb, I've been stuck above 360 for a very long time and the lowest I've ever been since becoming an adult was 315lb but then I ballooned back up to 380 once lockdown hit. I feel like I'm making real change and I have real control over the process this time around.
My first goal is to leave the 350 club and then the next big step is to finally see a 2 in front when I stand on the scale.
I just wanted to share the experience so far with everyone, I feel better and better every day!

tl;dr: After struggling to lose weight and hitting a plateau I didn't know how to deal with I've finally made another attempt with a better plan that in the first 2 weeks has brought me from 368lb to 353lb and I'm ecstatic about it!
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2023.03.30 18:51 dunnrenee123 This was just posted on her fb! Why does she refer to age in yrs and months like a toddler?

Psh no one was there to protect me when I was 16-2 months an he was 29-11 months!!! Nothing to be done- just bc I was married at the time for 2 MONTHS- like I knew ANYTHING about the world- no one to help with a divorce also ….
Gave him right to manipulate- belittle- badger- control- steal from me ~ have children he stated he couldn’t have- leave me every 2 weeks for 2 yrs ~ control whom I talked to- what I done…. Controlled the funds I worked to provide while he stayed home- not watching our kids! So many upset in the comments about 10 yrs- where was MY PROTECTION HARDIN CO? No where- it never has been! Each time u arrest him- he is released thereafter an his mobile patrol taking down….WHY- bc he’s a snitch of Hardin county- you get way further doing so ~ that is why I was NOT protected- the informant was! Officer discretion needs to stop - wrong is wrong , right is right! If u believe wrong doings have happened - you pursue the defendant for such… u don’t turn a cheek an say we’ll I don’t want to do paperwork today ~ or I know them- or there’s nothing I can do - OUR LAWS SHOULD PROTECT MINORS MORE- I was signed Off to my 18.5 yr old husband by my maternal gpa an father as my gma who raised me sat in the car crying….. the act of meeting an having my 1st child at 16-1month DIDNT change my life an the way it went- the SINGLE ACT OF BEING MARRIED OFF DID! I do not regret my beautiful babies- but I so hope in the next 10-20 yrs I can write my book- speak to battered an abused women- men an children..and MAKE GREAT CHANGES TO TN LAWS!
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2023.03.30 18:49 toddler_tot Was I abused?

I (F20) need opinions from unbiased sources. I think I was abused growing up, but I’m having such a hard time convincing myself to believe it and take steps to move away from it. I know without a doubt that my parents love me. My mother would be absolutely heartbroken if she knew I was thinking these things, that’s why I’m having such a hard time with it.
There are many nuances to this story and I want to explain it as effectively as possible so I’ll provide a little background on each person involved:
Father: Verbally/Physically abusive childhood. OCD. Extreme anger issues. Verbally abusive to my mom. Threatened to end his own life if I didn’t stop my mom from leaving. Since that event, he’s been in therapy and is making major moves in healing and being a better person.
Mother: Grew up in a cult. Verbally/Physically abusive childhood. Her family is absolutely nuts, there’s no way for me to sum it up in a few sentences. Extremely attached to me, treated me as her best friend/therapist. Whenever I try to talk with her about the things she did wrong, she will meltdown as if her mind cannot handle the idea that she caused us pain. -Mom thinks my older brother married the wrong person. Brother is still on family phone plan, when he first married she would check the records to see how much he talked to SIL and to see if he was ignoring her. -When brother married, mom was devastated. Said they did it too quickly, she was depressed for months, couldn’t talk about him without crying. Even slept with his childhood blanket.
Me: Homeschooled, severe anxiety from ages 8-16. Mom’s therapist/best friend. Grew up extremely poor.
I’m going to list a few facts about my childhood, and then I’ll put together a few scenarios. There’s just too much for me to compile into a few paragraphs.
-Homeschooled completely, mom didn’t want to spend time away from us -Mom didn’t have a job, we were extremely poor -Education was neglected, I barely graduated and don’t believe I could make it through college -Drs & Dentist visits were neglected, last dr checkup was at 8 years old, last dentist visit was way before that. -Had severe Anxiety, never slept at night -Mom babysat 3 kids, made me get up early to take care of them so she could sleep (still had to do school as well, with next to no sleep) -My moms personal therapist, I can’t count the times she had convos with me about her marriage problems, financial problems, her trauma, that ended with me giving her advice and consoling her. At 7 years old. Probably earlier. -Am 20 years old, live in an apartment in my parents house, still required to asked permission to do more than a trip to Walmart. -watch my parents scream at each other consistently Life events-
-My first job was 8-2 at cfa, I also went to church on Sunday nights. Mom eventually had a huge meltdown that she got my dad involved in bc she felt that I was neglecting her and I didn’t want to be friends anymore.
-The only reason my dad stopped abusing my mom was because I stood up to him. She never did. After I stood up to him, that’s when she started doing it. She should have divorced him for the sake of her kids long long long ago.
Last main and most important event, the moment I began to see my mother for what she was.
I began dating. At the beginning of this relationship, my mom insisted that I tell him all about how she and I were best friends, and that he needed to impress her and how she was my favorite above him. Just a ton of weird things, like he was dating both of us.
At the time, I was 19, almost 20. I paid for all my bills, I voluntarily paid rent for the apartment in their house that I occupied. I owned my own car, had a big girl job. I wanted to go see my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. We’re long distance, and it would have been a 2 1/2 hour drive to meet in the middle. My mom did not like this. She said I didn’t have enough experience driving. When I wouldn’t relent and promise to do as she said, she came to my apartment and gave me a dressing down. She began with telling me all the ways she thought my boyfriend was lying, and how she thought he was narcissistic. I told her over and over that I didn’t want to discuss this with her. She kept going. Every point she made was so silly that it showed me how desperate she was to keep me from being in the relationship. Even my dad said he didn’t see any of the things she was talking about. Eventually, she told me that if I went, then she would follow me there. I told her I’d turn Life360 off, and she wouldn’t know where I was. At that point she threatened to turn my phone off.
She did more things that night, but moral of the story: I can’t do anything without my mom being involved. I’m 20. Can someone please please tell me that I’m right and this is not how families should work? My mom does love me. But she’s causing me pain. I want to move out and away but that would break her heart. I feel responsible for her emotions. She made me make promises that I’d never just up and leave, or elope without telling her. Is it morally wrong for me to break those promises? I feel like they were coerced out of me to keep my mom feeling happy and safe. I’m sorry if this is confusing, I’m not good at getting this out but please. Helpppp 🙏🏼
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