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Have PTSD and this area doesn't help

2023.04.01 10:20 shortythebad Have PTSD and this area doesn't help

I have lived in this area for a long time with PTSD, Crohns' disease, osteoporosis due to Dr. Hoops down at University of PA broke my back forgetting to put calcium in my TPN which I was deemed not able to eat or drink for 6 months. Life is hard as it is and then watching people with money flaunt it in the ways we do it stinks. I have PTSD from lack of trust due to this and many other things. People seem to complain about their issues, but if not sick we should rejoice and be happy. I was told to by a big law firm in the area this was a good case but statute ruined it. I though I would die. Just throwing this in this section because I want to get my story out somehow. Thanks for reading if you got this far. Take care.
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2023.04.01 05:22 CoobikamisS H: Item W: V 25FFR/50H 25LVC Pepper Shaker , V FSS 25LVC Chainsaw/Ripper/Mole Miner Gauntlet/Power Fist/Sheepsquatch Club/Sheepsquatch Staff

- Special
These item only swap for listed weapon
- List
V FSS 1S Sheepsquatch Staff swap for V FSS 25LVC Sheepsquatch Club/Staff
V FSS 40LDWPA Chainsaw swap for V FSS 25LVC Chainsaw/Ripper
V 50C 25LVC Pepper Shaker swap for V 25FF50H 25LVC Pepper Shaker
I'm looking for V FSS 25LVC Mole Miner Gauntlet/Power Fist. Thanks.
- Energy Heavy Weapon
AA 25Aim RW GP
B 50C 15VCF Cryo
B 50C FR Cryo
B 25FFR 250DR GP
Exe 25FFR 15C UGL
J 50C FR Pepper Shaker
- Ranged Weapon
Rolled 419 Dragon
AA 50C 25LVC Tesla
AA 50C 15VCF Railway
AA 25Aim FR Gatling Gun
AA 50C 25LVC Hunting Rifle
AAE SF Gatling Gun
AAE SF Handmade
AA 25FFR 25LVC Handmade
AA 50C 250DR Handmade
AA 25FFR 250DR The Fixer
AA 50C SF The Fixer
B 50C 25LVC Tommy
B 50C 25LVC 10mm SMG
B 50C 25LVC Radium
B 50C 25LVC 50cal
B 25FFR 15VCF Handmade
B 25FFR 15VCF The FIxer
BE 25LVC Hunting RIfle
BE 15VCF Pipe Revolver
B 50C 15VCF Gatling Gun
B 50C 15VCF Handmade
B 50C 15VCF The Fixer
B 50C 15VCF AR
B 50H 50BS AB
B 50H 15VCF The Fixer
B 50H 15VCF Handmade
B 25FFR FR Minigun
BE FR Minigun
Exe E 90RW Minigun
IE FR Lever Action
I 50C 15VCF Crossbow
J 25FFR FR 50Cal
J 25FFR 25LVC Minigun
JE 15VCF Hunting Rifle
J 50C 25LVC Crossbow
J 25FFR 15VCF Laser Rifle
J 25FFR 15VCF ULaser Rifle
J 50C 15VCF Laser Rifle
JE 15VCF Pipe Revolver
J 50C 15VCF Pipe Revolver
JE 15VCF Combat Shotgun
JE 15VCF DB Shotgun
J 50H FR Handmade
J 50C 15VCF Lever
JE FR Pump
J 25FFR 15VCF Gamma
JE 90RW Minigun
J 50C 25LVC Railway
J 50H 25LVC Railway
J 50C 25LVC The Fixer
J 25FFR 25LVC Tesla
J 50C 25LVC Tesla
Q 50C 25LVC 50Cal
Q 25Aim 25LVC 50Cal
Q 25FFR FR Auto Pipe Pistol .38
Q 50C FR Radium
Q 50H FR The Fixer
QE 50DR The Fixer
Q 50C 250DR The Fixer
Q 50C 250DR Handmade
Stalker 50C 25LVC The Fixer
TSE 25LVC Pipe Revolver
TSE FR DB Shotgun
TS 25FFR FR Gatling Gun
TS 50limb 25LVC AGL
TS 25Aim 50DR AGL
TS 50H 50BS Fatman
TS 50H RW Missile Launcher
TS 25FFR 25LVC Missile Launcher
TS 25FFR 25LVC The Fixer
V 50C 25LVC 10mm SMG
V 50C 25LVC Railway
V 50C 25LVC Crossbow
VE 25LVC Railway
V 25FFR 250DR The Fixer
- Enclave Plasma Rifle
Med 25FFR 25LVC EPR (Standard Capacitor , Stabilized Splitter , Stabilized Stock , Reflex Sight)
V 50C FR EPR (Refined Beta Wave Tuner , True Flamer Barrel , Stabilized Stock , Reflex Sight)
TS 25FFR 25LVC EPR (Standard Capacitor , Aligned Automatic Barrel , Stabilized Stock , Reflex Sight)
- Melee Weapon
AA 40PA 15C Shishkebab
AA FSS 40LDWPA Tenderizer
AA 40PA 40LDWPA Tenderizer
V FSS 1S Board
V FSS 15Block Power Fist
V FSS 15Block DCG
V FSS 50BS Power Fist
V 40PA 1S Power Fist
V 40PA 1S Sheepsquatch Club
- Armor
Ass AP Cav Leather LL DR: 17 36 Sturdy
Auto Stim AP Sent Combat LA DR: 20 20 Heavy
Auto Stim AP Sent Raider RA DR: 22 10 Sturdy
Bol AP Cav Trapper RL
Bol AP Sent Combat RA DR: 12 12 Light
Bol AP Sent Marine RA
Bol AP Sent Robot LA DR: 13 13 Sturdy
Bol AP Sent Trapper RL x2
OE AP FDC Robot CP DR: 24 24 Light
Uny AP AWR Trapper RL
Uny 1I Sent Trapper LL
Uny 1I AWR Metal LL DR: 26 6 Sturdy
Uny 1S Sent Wood RA
Uny 1S Sent Raider LL DR: 22 10 Sturdy
Uny 1S Sneak Leather CP DR: 21 59 Sturdy
Uny 1S Sent Combat LL DR: 15 15 Sturdy
Uny AP FDC Metal CP DR: 51 11 Light
Uny 1P FDC Marine CP
Uny 25RR FDC Raider LL DR: 28 13 Heavy
Uny 25RR Sent USA RA
Uny 25EDR Sent USA RL
Van AP Cav Combat RA DR: 12 12 Light
Van AP Cav Leather CP DR: 16 45 Light
Van AP Sneak Raider CP DR: 42 15 Light
- PA
Ass AP Sent Ultracite Torso
OE 7LED Sent Raider Torso
- Plan
Pepper Shaker x2
- Mask
Buffoon x2 , Raven x1 , Deathclaw x2 , Hag x1 , Winterman x1
- Apparel
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2023.04.01 04:42 InboundsOrlovsky I have a career opportunity, but it’s very far from home…

I coach college baseball in Pennsylvania as an assistant coach for the better part of a decade. I’m in my late 20’s and I’ve interviewed for a couple head coach positions, but to no avail yet. I have an opportunity in Omaha, NE to build up my resume as a summer collegiate league head coach, but I’d have to leave my house, gf, business (and business partner) behind for 2+ months this summer.
Being a Head Coach of a college program is the dream, and I THINK this will increase my chances and be a good experience in a vacuum, but is complicated on the home front…. What should I do ?
TL;DR- should I go from PA to Nebraska for the summer to take a chance at advancing my coaching career with no guarantees even if it complicates things at home?
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2023.04.01 02:37 Equivalent_Location8 Perzalez Mission (Dream On)

I was playing the Perzalez mission and I found these two interesting characters. The first one is a lady who works for arsaka but why is she in their apartment shouldn’t only Elizabeth and Jeff be there. The second picture is that one guy who’s suppose to be in a wheelchair but isn’t here, also he goes but a different name here. And he is at the ramen place where we meet with Elizabeth to discuss what V should do about telling Jeff. What do you guys think?
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2023.04.01 02:30 andy_337 Gotta love not knowing where I’m going or how many miles I’m driving. :)

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2023.04.01 02:03 GTSBot [GTS] Dr. Pepper Strawberries and Cream found at Walmart in LaVale, MD

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2023.04.01 01:47 crowmaire It’s back for me, I reinstalled the app and it appeared to fix it idk.

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2023.04.01 01:36 FreshPrompt4178 March empties!

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2023.04.01 00:52 baconslap_420 Is this malpractice? Need advice

So, I (35F) had been on Adderall on and off since I was 18 up until March of last year. Sometimes, I would take breaks from it. My doctor's never had issues with this. When I graduated college, I tapered off the Adderall and started taking Wellbutrin. About 6 months later I went back on Adderall. I have gone to psychiatrists/ psychologists my whole life and that is primarily where I got my meds. I take several other meds.
In 2019, I moved from TN to PA. I found a general practitioner and she agreed to prescribe me my psych meds so that I wouldnt go without my meds. The plan was for me to eventually find a psychiatrist. That doctor transferred to anpther office and I got put on another doctors caseload. He continued to prescribe me all of my meds, including my Adderall.
The issue started in 2020. There had been a mix up with my insurance company and my insurance had lapsed, unbeknownst to me. I was sick during this time so I went to the doctor 3 or 5 times. They didn't say anything about my insurance lapsing for a few weeks. Due to this, I ended up with like an $800 bill. However, I was under the impression that my insurance company was going to pay it and so was the doctors office. I submitted all the bills and paperwork several times. I was going back and forth with my insurance company fpr months. Finally after about 6 months of getting nowhere, I started making small payments towards the bill. This was during COVID and I was unemployed so sometimes it was only $5 or $10. even while I was making payments I was under the impression that my insurance was going to pay. Fast forward to December 2020. I go to my first doctor's appointment since April. Durijg this time, he had still been filling my meds, I just hadn't been in to the office. During this visit, my doctor and his resident student proceed to ask me a million questions about my Adderall. I wasn't working at the time so I get didn't think that I needed it. The doctor told me that I was too old to be taking it ( I was 33). He literally told me that I shouldn't need it anymore because I'm not in school. Be then proceeded to go on a rqmpage about cocaine. I don't have a history with cocaine and have never failf a drug test. He then screamed at me abojt my bill ( which I had been making small payments on) and told me that if I didn't want to pay, he didn't have time to and I could go to the free clinic with everyone else. I left the office in tears. I called the office manager and she put me with a different doctor.
It's important to note that because I was taking Adderall, I had to be drug tested every 3 months or so, I guess to make sure that I had Adderall in my system. The problem with this was that the doctor got to a point where he wouldn't prescribe any of my meds until I made a payment towards my balace. Becaywe of this, there were many Montsh were I ran out of my meds fpr a week pr two because I couldn't pay. Due to this, I basically never had Adderall in my system when they tested me. It was never an issue.
Last April, I called them on the day that my meds needed to be refilled. I was working a pretty good job and was able to make a payment that day, instead of having to wait. I was not due for a med check. So I call them, the they tell me that I need for come in for a urine before they'll send.mt.meds over. This immediately was suspicious because I wasn't due for a med check, and any other time they'd prescribe my meds even when my results hadn't come back. They told me that I had to come in that day and that they cpuldnt give me my meds until the results came back.
So I go in there and pee and make a payment. As I'm leaving they tell me I still have to make an appointment for a med check. Weird Because I had just taken the drug test. After this, they get really wierd. I wait until. I know my drug test was back and call them to fill my meds. They say ok but never do it. They start passing me aroud from person to person when I call the office. They won't let me speak to my actual doctor or the office manager. Then, they get really nasty. They say I didn't have Adderall in my system. I said I know, because I ran out like I always do. They tell me I shouldnt have run out. The last drug test I had taken before this was in December 2021 and I didtn have Adderall in my system then. They tell me that even if I was out I should have had trace amoints of Adderall in my system. I tell them ove been taking it for 17 ywars and I've never heard that and if that's true, why didn't you guys say anything all the other months? Then I get a letter from them, dropping me as a client becausw I "violated the controlled substance contracy' because I didn't have Adderall in my system... I DIDNT HAVE ADDERALL IN MY SYSTEM FOR ALMOST EVERY DRUG TEST OVER 3 YEARS. They won't talk to me. on the phone. I try to go the office ( which was literally the building rifht next to my @apt) and they close the gate to the parkong lot so I can't get in. I finally call their after hours and the after hours nurse tells me that they think I'm selling my meds. So my Dr just woke up one day and decided I was selling my meds? Im pretty sure that a girl that had been staying with me and who I had recently kicked out called them. She callwe my.landlord on the same day that this started and told him that I was selling drugs. He knew it wasn't true and we laughed about it Anyways, because of this, I havent been to th doctor in almost a year. I went off all of my meds cold turkey and I'm afraid to go to another doctor because I don't know what to tell them and I'm afraid that they'll judge me and Shame.me qnd I can't handle that I went to the dr office last week to try to get copies of my records for myself and they wouldn't give them to me. The manager screamed at me that I lied to her face and threatened to call the cops.
As a result of going off of.my meds cold turkey, I went off tg deep end and stared drinking uncontrollably. I've been to rehab twice since July..I know that this is a result of me being unmedicated fpt my ADHD. It's like I regressed back to a child. I don't know what to do. I need advice
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2023.04.01 00:19 tengrrl CFP: NCPTW 2023: proposal deadline two weeks away

Dear colleagues,

Happy Friday! Proposals for the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing 2023 are due in two weeks! You can submit your proposals at https://ncptw.info/. Check out our website, http://tinyurl.com/ncptwpitt, for information and the full cfp. The conference will be held in Pittsburgh November 2–5.

The theme is "Building Bridges and Breaking Cliches," and we are working hard to bridge gaps between secondary and post-secondary directors and tutors as well as writing centers and the broader community. Our keynote panel enacts this theme by featuring writing center scholar and writing center director Dr. Dana Lynn Driscoll, high school teacher and president of the Secondary School Writing Centers Association Stacey Hahn, high school tutor Sean Serenyi, and WLN editor and lead tutor at the educational technology company Paper Dr. Lee Ann Glowzenski. We’re thrilled to have such a wonderful group.

Check out this video to help motivate you and your tutors to propose: https://youtu.be/LPL0V6F6cqs

Feel free to email us with questions: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])


James P. Purdy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English/Writing Studies
University Writing Center Director
Duquesne University
620 College Hall [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Duquesne University Writing Center

Executive Vice President
2023 ConferenceCo-chair
National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing
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2023.04.01 00:15 Remmy_420 Crops- chemz- (chem dawg x sour dawg ) 28%thc, 1.3 terps. 03-08 pack date. massive 3.2 gram bud nice stuff fresh sour danky smell/taste. nice sativa leaning hybrid

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2023.03.31 23:59 Rogue_Musaic Let’s talk about how ridiculously easy it will be for the US to spy on ALL citizens under the RESTRICT Act S.686

There’s a lot of people on Reddit cheering on the “TikTok ban bill” S.686, or apathy from people who don’t care enough to take action thinking it’ll only apply to TikTok and there will be no impact on them.
I’m here to tell you in the most respectful way possible that you’re playing yourselves. I’ll show you why and will also post a link to it so you can fact check for yourself.
TL;DR: 1. Restrict Act passes 2. POTUS determines TikTok poses an unacceptable risk to national security. TT is banned under the Restrict Act. 3. Provisions of the Restrict act are applied in relation to TikTok, an app that 130million American citizens have downloaded and used on god only knows how many private and public networks, and not to mention shared posts with non-tiktokkers and other social media networks ( such as Reddit). 4. You are now subject to authoritarian surveillance, potential fines, property forfeiture, and of course, jail. It could be for direct refusal to comply, but also less defined violations such as failure to comply. It will be unlawful to violate, attempt to violate, conspire to violate, or cause a violation of any enforcement measures done in the name of this act. You will not be allowed aid, abet, counsel, induce, procure, permit, or approve the doing of any prohibited act.
Keep in mind: -US citizens are subject to this bill. -This bill addresses any past, present, or potential future transactions with these entities. -These are the consequences associated with one app. ONE. SINGLE. APP. Applying the Restrict act to social media affect so many Americans who may never know they did anything now considered illegal.
Here’s another industry that could have massive effect on the American public:
What if, say, the US decides to levy provisions of the Restrict Act on Alibaba? Or you transacted with a smaller Chinese retailer? Or one you thought was US based but hosted or somehow serviced by Chinese tech? Or you purchased a Chinese internet-enabled device of any kind?
This can go on and on.
IANAL. Just a regular person who read this bill multiple times over and still came away with this understanding, which you are free to do as well.
Here’s a link to the bill: https://www.congress.gov/118/bills/s686/BILLS-118s686is.pdf
If our government was really concerned about PrOteCTinG AmERiCAns they would do better than this and wouldn’t be threatening us with 20years of jail or life-destroying fines. They’d pass GDPR protections in the US. Then the geographic source of any company would be irrelevant.
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