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Every dream is a direct, personal, and meaningful message to the dreamer. This communication uses symbols common to all mankind, but always in an individual way. By identifying what a symbol means to us, we can start to identify the message a dream brings. Dream Interpretation is a place to post your dreams with the aim of having others discuss and interpret possible meanings of your dream or its constituent parts. . . . YOU CAN HELP . . . by responding supportively to others' dream posts!

2018.10.28 02:21 CubedGamer Thomas the Plank Engine

Don't let your memes be dreams!

2023.06.07 14:31 GoatLord8 GoatZone - An SMP to call home!

Welcome to GoatZone - A Minecraft Java SMP that feels like home!
Looking for a place to build and explore with a close-knit community? Look no further than GoatZone! Our server is all about creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, where players can unwind and have fun.
But that's not all - our world is completely fresh and will never be reset, meaning you can invest your time and creativity without the fear of losing anything. Our dedicated team of moderators ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all players, and we're always open to suggestions on how we can improve our server.
Additionally, we offer an optional in-game proximity voice chat feature that enhances the social experience on our server. You can communicate with fellow players in real-time, adding a new level of immersion and collaboration to your gameplay.
In order to be clear and not mislead anyone, we would also like to note that we do not enforce or pressure anyone to be active. We have a very laid-back approach on GoatZone. All players are welcome to come and go as they want whenever they have the time and motivation to do so. Because of this, the player activity may vary. Sometimes you will encounter several people online, while at other times, you may see none. However, everyone is always available and socializes on our Discord server when unavailable to play.
Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft veteran, a newcomer to the game, or just want a place to hang out, you'll find a home at GoatZone
If you wish to join us, feel free to send me a dm at anytime!
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2023.06.07 14:31 Ace_TD Total Drama World Tour Appreciation Week day 03: New Blood

Total Drama World Tour Appreciation Week day 03: New Blood
One of the lessons that WT learned was that the way you manage your cast is important, many people think Action had 15 and WT had 17 characters, and those few more characters and not having a double elimination in the beginning, help a lot to the pacing, but also is the fact that WT added two new characters and oh boy it used them.
Sierra is a bit controversial, but it was a very interesting addition, she is the super fan that knows everything, but most important, she is a bomb, Sierra is a character that is full of energy and does her best in the challenges and to be with Cody, I know her love can be a bit too much, but at her best she is a funny character that have lots of spotlight and give the team amazon someone to create new dynamics between the team, people also underestimate how she plays as the vote to win in her team.
Alejandro on the other hand is a very well-liked character, and for a reason, as TD usually does the villain have lots of focus and his rivalry is one of the best in the show, Alejandro start as a polite and very good team member as part of his manipulative true self,and that create very good situations and relationships that make him a very enjoyable character, a very interesting villain and the first one to reach the finale.
The inclusion of these two characters is very important as it refreshes the relationships and give us something new to watch, I like the seasons with a cast we all know but for the 3rd time it was a very good idea. What do you like the most about the new comers? share your comments below

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2023.06.07 14:30 1xpx1 Fitness Trackers

Hello all,
I am at a place where I would like to start using a fitness tracker again.
In the past, I had a Fitbit Alta HR, which in my opinion is the superior Fitbit. It was simple, had a great battery life, and not too bulky. It was THICK compared to newer trackers.
I had upgraded to a Charge 3 when it came out, but it sucked in the fact you couldn’t customize the order of the display. I returned it after a few days.
I also tried a Garmin, but I’m wasn’t able to record multiple instances of sleep which annoyed the shot out of me. It was also the largest of the three listed.
I would really like something small and low profile. I am someone who would wear it 100% of the time, so I don’t want anything too bulky or thick. I’ve looked at Apple Watches (as an iPhone user), but they’re quite large. I don’t necessarily need a display on my wrist if it would make the device less big.
Does this even exist?
What fitness tracker are you currently using? What would you recommend?
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2023.06.07 14:30 regular_smegular The mockery is infuriating lol

Someone shared this on Twitter. Apparently it’s a tweet 17 year old Kylie Jenner shared back in 2016, that she deleted minutes after posting.
I tried to do a search to confirm it’s real, it was hard to find anything but I did find a Vice conspiracy article about how she posted it and deleted it that was also dated back in 2016 around the time it would of been posted.
why would a nepo baby who (soon after posting this became the worlds youngest billionaire) has never had to experience any of what the picture illustrates share this? 🤔
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2023.06.07 14:30 IYIatthys Different philodendrons in same pot?

Different philodendrons in same pot?
Hiya, I bought this guy the other day because it just caught my eye, I mean look at it, both the big green leaves and the variegated leaves are so pretty. Anyway I'm curious, are these two different kinds of philodendrons put into one pot? Is this supposed to be like this? Should I try to separate them?
I have another philodendron, it looks very similar to the variegated leaves here, just a little bit different. And that's been such a chill plant that just takes anything I throw at it without trouble. And that one has two in the same pot as well.
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2023.06.07 14:30 Salty-grt 💩

Elsewhere, conditions for summer interns in the beating heart of capitalism at Citadel seem quite impossibly sweet. They are getting paid $5,000 a week, being given free accommodation in Chicago, New York or other financial centres, and kicking off with a week-long offsite in either Palm Beach (for the hedge fund) or Fort Lauderdale (for Citadel Securities). While they’re bonding in the sunshine, they will also be matched to “buddies” responsible for mentoring them and trained in how to “act like a leader – even as an intern”.
Obviously, the extreme attractiveness of this program means that it’s almost impossible to get on to it. There were 69,000 applications this year, up 65% on last year, and although it’s a large program by hedge fund standards, there are about 300 places (an acceptance rate of somewhat less than half a per cent). The good news is that it’s not all about academic excellence – being a chess grandmaster or a special forces soldier can also be a way in.
Perversely, of course, that very exclusiveness is part of the attraction of the program. Citadel recruits from top universities worldwide, and it is likely to appeal the most to people who are really driven to try to get things simply because they’re the most prestigious of their kind. It’s unlikely that there will be anyone at the party in Florida who applied because they thought it was the company that makes Warhammer figurines.
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2023.06.07 14:30 SuccessfulPatient548 Bleeding again 4 weeks post partum

Hello fellow parents,
I delivered my son on May 8th. He’s the sweetest little baby. I bled quite a lot in the first few days, it got less and less eventually but it remained bright red most of the time. These last days I wasn’t bleeding so much, and mostly pink/whitish so felt very normal. But for two days I’ve been bleeding bright red again and a bit more. I could go all day with the same pad so the quantity does not worry me but I find it weird that it’s bright red again — for me it means fresh blood. It’s too early for a first period I think, 4w2d pp. Anyone had the same experience? Is it normal? Thanks!
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2023.06.07 14:30 RedditAbUserHUN What would be your dream setlist? Here's mine

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2023.06.07 14:30 MakerOfMillionaires [Announcement] /r/MillionaireMakers stands in solidarity with other subreddits in protest of Reddit’s API changes!


In case you haven’t heard, first of all, congratulations.
On July 1st, Reddit plans to change their API pricing structure to a model that will directly affect app developers, moderators, and third-party app users, among others.
Here is a link to an open letter by many of the moderators and communities on the platform in protest of the changes: https://www.reddit.com/ModCoord/comments/13xh1e7/an_open_letter_on_the_state_of_affairs_regarding/

How This Affects Us

The moderators of /MillionaireMakers use third-party apps to perform their moderation duties best on Reddit. Apollo in particular has been used to post on different accounts, post and sticky relevant threads and comments, access mod mail to communicate with winners, and monitor user activity on the subreddit, some of the features personally paid for to both support the developer and be able to moderate more effectively. It’s also a good app to browse Reddit with, the functionality is intuitive and the design combines the best of Reddit and iOS’s design language.
Another aspect that this could affect us is that the introduction to API pricing can now mean being charged to run an Entry Thread. I say could as our API usage in contrast to a third-party app is minuscule, both in scale and in frequency (occasional Decembers not withstanding). However, this is still a serious concern as currently the only financial costs of maintaining the subreddit have been in renewing the website running the mailing list.

How This Affects You

For you, if you use a third-party app like Apollo, Reddit Is Fun, and Sync, then the main way you use Reddit is going to be changed. You must use the official app to explore the platform, of which there could be features lacking in the official version and the potential for trackers. This also puts into risk other features that you may use, such as navigating on old.reddit.com to access the platform.
In addition, your moderators will not be able to moderate. People that rely on third-party apps to access Reddit and perform their moderation duties will find it much more cumbersome or even impossible, as there will undoubtedly be times where there is no easy access to a computer. You will see more spam and irrelevant content without the help of moderators.

What Are We Doing

First of all: We will not be putting our subreddit on private, nor will we cancel the Entry Thread!
We believe that setting this subreddit to private will be either ineffective or, more consequently, detrimental to what the subreddit stands for, and cancelling the Entry Thread, even moreso. Threads here are already limited as it is, with the only posts being from the mod team and from the winners. Additionally, a shutdown will prevent easy access to winner’s donation information.
However, we want to bring as much awareness to the issue as possible! We introduced the API changes when they were first announced as something we’d pay close attention to, we are currently making this Announcement thread expressing our solidarity with other subreddits, and we will once again highlight the issue come this month’s Entry Thread, which will take place as scheduled on June 16 at 23:00 UTC. The most unfortunate case scenario is for this issue to evolve into the new normal, and we want to do everything in our power to prevent that.

What Can You Do

If you’re a user, there are many things you can already do, such as spreading the word on a different platform or contacting the admins expressing your concerns. However, I would also like to encourage the idea of joining a new platform, even if at the moment there are not as many users as you’d expect there to be. After all, if you are the product, then it’d be a shame if there was no more product to go around. I’d recommend taking a look at Lemmy and Tildes. Note on Lemmy though, as you create your profile, use a less popular Lemmy instance such as sopuli.xyz or lemmy.one as the main instance is already sharing they’re experiencing server overload from the influx of people joining. Tildes also has a decently active subreddit as well over on /Tildes that you can access.
If you work in Reddit, please emphasize to the people around you how detrimental this can be for the health of the users and for the future of the platform. Reddit is not like Twitter, many users here actively participate in and read discussion, others volunteer their own free time out of passion for a community, and if an idea is popular, the community can band together to do incredible things. It is very possible for the people key to moderating on this platform to migrate away, thus introducing a host of problems that you all may not have even considered, and it may not be worth the risk of changing from the status quo into a structure that could have ramifications for communities on here.


We stand in support of subreddits for the ability to use third-party apps to perform our duties as moderators. We will continue to highlight this issue in the times to come. We encourage everyone possible to responsibly take action and see that a difference can be made.
As for the people working at Reddit, as moderators, we again implore you to think of the negative effects that the changes being brought can have as a whole. Moderators rely on these tools immensely and for them to be taken away can be incredibly detrimental. We appreciate your time and we hope that our actions all across the platform have helped you reconsider or become more active where you are.
Finally, thank you to the community at /MillionaireMakers for taking the time to read this. This is unprecedented for this subreddit, the last time there was a big non-traditional post was around the time of [Draw #73]. Thank you all for your kindness and your attention.
/MillionaireMakers Moderation Team
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2023.06.07 14:30 0111001101110010 Redditors who have had an extraordinary experience during an NDE and claim that the state of consciousness obtained was "more real than real", what exactly makes you say this? How was it different from everyday life or a dream?

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2023.06.07 14:30 Z3rocat How come so many kids in school never seem to have any friends?

I am home schooled so it just baffles me how so many of you seem to have zero friends. I can only dream about being around so many kids my age (18m). Someone help me understand what's going on? Is it really that bad in school and is our future screwed?
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2023.06.07 14:29 Endela_ 19f looking to [chat]

Im not doing anything rn and i thought id chat with someone. I like talking about stuff ive been reading, about the state of the world, hobbies, etc. I hate small talk and hope to find an actually engaging convo so message me if you re interested
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2023.06.07 14:29 airttq Adapted from a school newspaper

As a user of Twitter. After two years of pandemic tweeting, we’ve finally returned to the events that have defined Twitter since it first opened its doors. But there exists a sharp delineation between the pre- and post-COVID eras of Twitter’s history.—a shift within Twitter’s culture. I can sense this change in myriad ways: in our academic culture, in the language I hear in the halls, in the way we interact with one another across grade levels and cliques and even between students and faculty. For the most part, I sadly can say that I have watched Twitter’s student culture degrade over the course of my four years within these walls. Whether due to COVID or shifting teenage culture at large, the sense of community at Twitter has diminished, and this disruption manifests in different ways. An uptick in students cutting Regents, Honors, and AP classes alike, belittling and bigoted language shouted carelessly in the halls, and a lack of concern for our fellow students have all damaged the community I once saw at Twitter. But I know that this shift does not define our school, and that we can recalibrate our culture, moving away from this nastiness and towards a cohesive community. Given our school’s standing as one of the best high schools in New York state, and our fealty to “the grind,” the prevalence of cutting seems like a paradox. While cutting has never been a non-issue—and our school has never been perfect—the level of cutting we’ve reached as a student body this year has surpassed that of past years, a dubious distinction to be sure. This year, however, classes that students would never cut in the past, like AP English Language, found themselves missing students. In my own science class, one desk remained conspicuously empty each week, and a rotation of seniors and juniors routinely disappeared. In my freshman year, I had hardly ever heard of my peers skipping class; now, even freshmen cut. This issue has moved beyond simple high school mischief; it’s grown to seriously disrupt classes, harming the education of the class as a whole. While some teachers, like my science teacher, have taken steps to reduce cutting—including harsher punishments for frequent cutters—teachers can only do so much to assuage this problem on their own. Real change comes from within the student body. We must realize the way our actions, however fun and good-natured they may seem in the short-term, are harming our education and our peers. Outside of the classroom exists another, more insidious way in which we hurt each other, something less outwardly outrageous than cutting class but even more ubiquitous: an increase in harmful, hateful language exchanged between students. This year, I personally faced some of the worst misogyny of my life within the walls of Twitter; unfortunately, even that experience pales in comparison to what I hear students say when they think no one else is listening. Almost every day I hear a remark shouted carelessly in the halls that makes the back of my neck prick. My stomach churns at the casual homophobia, sexism, and racism I observe. Students calling each other “gay” as an insult, students speaking disparagingly of the girls in their class, students using racial slurs to mock their “friends.” Even when in faculty-supervised spaces, nonblack students use the N-slur casually, as if it were just another “bad word” and not a relic of a deeply racist past. Even more prevalent is the almost-constant appropriation of AAVE (African American Vernacular English) by nonblack students in our school. AAVE is its own language with different grammatical structures and rules, not “Internet slang” to be parroted mindlessly. This behavior is inexcusable everywhere—especially so in a purportedly “No Place For Hate” school—and its prevalence within Twitter troubles me deeply. This is not to say that our school has ever been perfect in the past; I’m not claiming that language in poor taste and issues with homophobia, sexism, and racism did not occur pre-COVID. But on a personal level, I cannot imagine the deluge of belittling remarks I hear today happening only four years ago. The sheer saturation of this type of language shocks me. This is not the Twitter High I grew to love. That version of Twitter died in the pandemic, halfway through lockdown. Something changed in the year-and-a-half we spent away from our school and from each other. And whatever broke did not fix itself last year, either, despite our best efforts to “return to normal.” More than anything, COVID isolated us from our peers and our teachers; we seemingly all grew meaner in that absence. The echoes of involuntary isolation and a lack of human connection and the leniency of our remote year still inform the ways in which we interact with one another. Isolation and an increased reliance on social media during that time have made us forget the value of human interaction. We’ve become blind to the personhood of those around us, and so we treat each other cavalierly without ever pondering the impacts of our actions. And that lack of mutual recognition, more than anything else, has bred the culture of toxicity that has come to define my final year at Twitter. Beyond COVID, the reasons for this general nastiness are as layered as they are varied; too many exist for me to name within this piece. But, ultimately, these causes matter less than the situation they’ve created. We should focus less on what led us to this point and more on what will lead us out.I can see this glimmer of mutual recognition reemerging at Twitter. It is up to us to reach it; we all have a part to play in this. Teachers, especially, act as stewards of the student body and can guide us towards the feeling of compassion and understanding that we have lost, But it is up to us, the student body, to fully change for the bettter. It is our behavior that defines our culture, our behavior on which we live or die. As cliched as it is, we can create a paradigm shift; we can value our academic and personal lives equally, and we can have fun while doing so. A helpful and healthy school culture is built on mutual appreciation. So realize and respect the effort your teachers put into teaching. Look at your friends and treat them with kindness. Move away from the hurtful and towards the beautiful. I am leaving in a month; I will not be here long enough to benefit from an improved student culture. But I believe it is worth continually reaching for. So reach for it.
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2023.06.07 14:29 IQuoteRelevantSongs You moved out of town, A, but not my dreams

Just a few towns over, closer to your work. Jacob wants to move to the same town (I think? Maybe I'm mixing up the two again) but I'm really pushing for something different.
I'm so indifferent towards you, typically. Not the bland sort of passive indifference you feel towards a mundane daily experience, but the active indifference that you feel comprising vast highs and lows. Like two passing wave functions or a phaser set to stun.
You weren't good to me. You admitted it yourself. I'm no prince charming, but I thought I was good to you. Still, the connection we shared was undeniable to the both of us, and likewise we both regretted its timing. I've mostly internalized that you were bad to me- the good feelings hopelessly entangled with the bad. But in a sense, with my fucky past, that's all I've known. All I want... All I need.
At times, I wistfully miss us and debate reaching out to you once more. Our flawed souls matched a little too perfectly. I miss our talks, wide-ranging ones; we'd speak of lo-fi and literature and both engage in that weirdly cool self-reflection without the drive to execute. I miss helping to clean your room as an excuse not to clean mine. I miss talking about tech, my current fleeting passion and your previous one. I miss finally being able to feel okay in a group or a crowd, because a kindred spirit walked beside me and neither of us gave a shit. I really miss your kindness, your presence, your coldness, your pain. Ashes to ashes, fun to funky, dust to dust.
In a sense, I can't believe I let you do this to me. In another, I'd let you mindfuck me again in a heartbeat, if you'd let me do the same. I think I'm dying. It's a long-term thought. A long, slow-burn suicide that takes effect only after the symptoms lightened up enough to become bearable. If I really am, if I really do soon, I want to hear your voice once more. I want to play the new Zelda with you, I want to go to our cafe of emotional turmoil, I want to wrap you in my arms and insist everything will be alright when we both know it won't. But you're forever just out of reach, a haunting on my own terms.
The sun is up, the dream of you is fading, work calls me back once again. I'm heartlessly hoping you'll come back to retread a toxic old path. You're an American aquarium drinker, but a lightweight. Break my heart again, I beg of you.
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2023.06.07 14:29 chocchipwaffles- Lost a podcast…

Hi there, hoping someone here might be able to find a podcast that I’ve lost but would love to finish listening to…
I can’t remember the name but I listened to it a while back on Apple Podcasts. It was all about the modern Christian revival movement, and the host was a woman who had grown up within a revival church (but had since left).
It was looking into how the movement came about and investigating the credibility of certain aspects. Unfortunately my attempts to find it are being bogged down by revival movement podcasts - this was more investigative journalism style into the movement, it was not a religious podcast.
If anyone knows what the name of this podcast might be I would be so happy!
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2023.06.07 14:29 HopingToBeMyself Opinion : Course correction in Indian software salaries is inevitable

The fact (which lot of people don't want to admit) is that a lot of software engineers are overpaid in India and there is a clear reason for that
When the startup bubble of India happened (2019-2021) , there were a lot of companies who gained a lot of funding. And basically, everyone of them wanted software engineers.
This meant competition for each and every good engineer, leading to offer-shopping and an auction of sort which pushed software salaries to an extreme. Other companies had to keep up, and so the overall figures increased drastically.
Why is this unsustainable? None of these startups are making any revenue which justifies spending so much on their hires. 40 LPA for a 0-2 years in-experienced SDE for a company whose total revenue is not even 1 CR lmao - It's a clear bubble waiting to burst
Just take any of India's highest paying seed/A/B/C startups, their financials, the recent funding crunch and you will figure out why this is not going to work out
And we are already seeing early signals of it - the funding winter directly means much less companies having money to splurge and parallely, we are having a higher than ever supply of engineers coming in thanks to layoffs, more admissions, alternate programs etc..
The correction will take time but it's bound to happen- and it will be a solid correction. The best ones will still sail through it imo but the average figures will drop considerably.
What do you guys think?
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2023.06.07 14:29 abdulhakim1501 [FL] Today I learned through a HireRight background check that my husband never technically graduated trade school

In 2011 my husband "graduated" trade school, or so we thought hence the quotation marks.
He was signed up for an elective at the end of his course that he decided to drop. At the time he went to the school admin, requested the drop and believed he had done everything necessary to graduate.
He was recently offered his dream job and had a HireRight background check that showed a discrepancy regarding his education. He called the school to ask why they said he never graduated and as it turns out when he dropped his final elective he never officially requested to graduate.
They confirmed to us he is eligible to graduate, it's literally just paperwork that needs to be filed. He did send HireRight his transcripts but the report still says he didn't graduate which is technically the truth.
Will HireRight forward his transcripts to the employer? Should he preemptively send an email saying, "Hey, I'm a dumbass and I'm filling out the forms now to officially 'graduate'?"
It seems like it would be petty to reacind a job offer over this but I'm a bit concerned.
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2023.06.07 14:29 OmSaiRamPG Are you Looking for a Boys PG in Vaishali?

Om Sai Ram which means at home, is true to its meaning. Om Sai Ram PG caters to both male and female students as well as working professionals. We provide the best facilities at an affordable cost for Boys PG in Vaishali. We have different rooms to meet all your requirements. We assure every student a safe, healthy, and comfortable stay. We are here to take care of all your needs. Om Sai Ram PG is the tech-Enabled PG where you can book a virtual tour and can decide on your room before coming to Ghaziabad. In today’s busy world, you can book your room and can customise the facilities that you need. For more query Visit our website: https://goo.gl/maps/FemtR1ZchBFv6mG77 or call us: +91 9716056549 to discuss further with our executive , we'll be happy to assist you
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2023.06.07 14:29 Peanut_coffee34 Should I say my final ending or goodbye to my ex who's saying he wanted to get back together and proceeds to nothing about getting together back and ignoring, busy going on his days ?

So, I have this ex who I was with together with for 1 year 7 months. In the beginning of our relationship, of course as cliché things, we were doing good . After 7 months in relationship, I had to broke up with him due to some personal reasons and he was willing to get us back together. He was calling me, begging me, spamming me all stuffs he can do to get back together but I wasn't in a position get back together and i told him to wait for me if its okay with him, he said yes I will wait. After a while we got back together, but I sensed or have a gut feeling that he wasn't the same loving guy anymore. We were both in high school, he was a year older than me. I would say we were quite immature back then. We weren't in the same school so I don't know what he's been going on. Some months later, he slowly shifted his attention away from me to other things in his studies and his football events. I patiently waited for him to be available for me till the day I can't bear it anymore. He became so cold to me, wasn't interested in the things I was saying and all sort of things he can act as an emotionally unavailable human. I told him the things that he was doing which are bothering me, he said he would fix but he never did. In short, I broke up with him, he begged me to get back together and the cycle goes on until one day after about 4 days we had broken up, he posted a story on his Instagram acc showing him and another girl were listening together to a song. I was confused. The man who was begging me every time to get back together but still acting cold was with a girl on a story he posted. I asked him about it and he said they were just "friends", my trust in him completely disappeared. Then again we try to get back together but his side wasn't cared to move a finger for our relationship anymore. After that i slowly left him and let's say i ghosted him but I still want him to now how he made me feel and say we weren't okay anymore to get back together because he wasn't trying anymore.. should I send a text about it? Pls help TwT
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2023.06.07 14:29 Automatic_Exit1900 Is this a scam

I am a contractor, mostly electrical. I received a text message yesterday from someone who claims to have purchased a new home near where I live and work, they say have a decent amount of work to be done and will pay 70% upfront (their idea not mine) I did the estimate and the 70% came out to just under $2000. This morning they texted me explaining that they would be mailing me a check for almost $8000, and that upon receipt I would be responsible to get the money to a material supplier through wire transfer or cash deposit. I verified that the house was just purchased by checking Zillow. He has said the supplier would be the one who granted me access to the property which seems weird to me and when I asked him why he wouldn't just pay the supplier directly he said it was because the supplier doesn't accept checks (weird). Hoping it's legit because I could use the work... Any thoughts?
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2023.06.07 14:29 allicastery I didn't seriously believe in ghosts but I think that opinion has changed

Last night around 11pm-1am my fiance were settling down for bed when we started hearing tapping sounds, almost popcorn popping sounds right outside the window. This is when I started feeling uneasy but I brushed it off and just tried to settle down for bed. This uneasiness shifted towards feeling like something was in the house watching us. Eventually we fell asleep but neither of us slept well.
Last night we locked both locks on the door, one being a deadbolt lock with only one key that is inside the house. Its a terrible lock thats hard to even get the key in so I do not think someone picked the lock. This morning that door was open but both locks were still in place. Nothing is stolen or disturbed. We did not hear the extremely loud storm door open thats right next to our bedroom and in front of the affected door. Our pets also didn't seem to notice anyone in the house.
I have absolutely no idea what to make of this. If someone broke in, why would they re engage the deadbolt so that they could not close the door? I would also like to mention that I have seen things out of the corner of my eye and seen glowing figures for brief moments in this house. Our things go missing constantly and turn up across the house. Just a very strange and slightly unsettling experience after another.
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2023.06.07 14:29 LipFlapper302 Came on my FYP!! Who wakes up this hateful and mean and so BOTHERD! Someone really needs to get her meds. WHACK A DOODLE!!! And all her reports??? 😳😳😳

Came on my FYP!! Who wakes up this hateful and mean and so BOTHERD! Someone really needs to get her meds. WHACK A DOODLE!!! And all her reports??? 😳😳😳 submitted by LipFlapper302 to OfficialTinyDinyMatt [link] [comments]