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2010.07.23 18:56 viperphantom Kalamazoo

For all things related to the town of Kalamazoo, MI -- Kalamazoo College, Western Michigan University, and KVCC! Events, happenings, meet-ups, music, etc.

2015.01.07 22:08 araaara Burning Miles & Points

A place to discuss anything related to redeeming airline miles & hotel points.

2015.02.08 03:01 Im_More_Of_A_Lurker_ Ocean City, New Jersey

A guide to what's going on in Ocean City, New Jersey . . (Not to be confused with /OceanCity in Maryland)

2023.06.01 23:23 JennyFrumDaBlock Did a hike in the UK and this was the before pics….. I look like i was dying on my after pics, so not posting those.

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2023.06.01 23:22 Obvious_Silver_485 70 year old tantrum.

FIL suggested an 20 hour road trip to see his mom, husbands grandma who he hadn’t seen in over 10 years. He also wanted us to bring our toddler her only great grandchild who she had never met. I agreed. Knew it’d be hell, but felt it was important for her to get to meet him.
Anyway, he kept getting frustrated about the frequent stops and not making it half way the first day. We sat down and said hey, you said you wanted to share a car. We have a toddler who needs to get out roughly every hour to two hours. Yeah it’s annoying but we’re managing. That was the first offense 🤣
Second, this “family trip to see grandma” turned into us leaving a day early to go sight seeing which FIL wanted to do. I was annoyed cause the whole point of the trip was to see grandma not sight see and also we paid for a hotel for four nights, and now we’re only using three. But I obliged.
The third offense that takes the absolute cake happens sight seeing. We’re at a museum our toddler is running crazy from exhibit to exhibit having a good time. He calls us to see where we’re at cause he got separated and has a literal melt down. Pulls my husband aside and said how left out he felt, cause we keep leaving with out him and not including him. My husband says I’m sorry you felt that way we’re just trying to keep up with the toddler we can’t make him slow down. FIL says you can you’re the adult you tell him what to do, tell him to slow down. My husband said that’s not how we parent, we follow his lead. I can ask him to move slower but it’s on you to keep up with us and not be on your phone getting lost. FIL literally starts sobbing in this museum. That this is a family trip and we need to spend family time together. My husband said he agrees but he’s not going to do that at the expense of my toddler having a good time. FIL cries harder saying he deserves to have a good time too.
Husband just walks away while I’m stunned that the only person who had a meltdown on this 20 hour trip was a 70 year old man.
Would also like to point out he got upset that my kid didn’t want to hold his hand (my kids not big on physical touch). Was upset we wouldn’t make him hug FIL. Got upset that we wouldn’t let him stay in the king sized bed with him in a separate hotel room cause “he was just being nice trying to give me and husband some alone time”.
He also spent most of his time on his phone taking pictures. Which I get capturing memories but I’m not joking one of them was us waiting to cross a sidewalk? And it’s not like it’s 15 candids it’s 15-20 pictures of making us ( yes even the toddler ) stop pose and do different poses. Then he’d get mad when my kid would start crying say no more pictures.
On top of all that the actual family time at lunch we had? Sitting down at a table? He spent watching stocks on his phone for an hour until it was time to leave.
Also caught him sexting two of his “lovers” who live over seas. He’s delusional and they’re using him for money, but to each their own. but still inappropriate to be sending that kind of content in the car with the fam when you could just wait to the hotel room at night when we have separate rooms.
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2023.06.01 23:15 SearchingSeries St. Louis Co built a poor farm in Allenton, MO, and it was sold in 1894 leaving behind its cemetery which became lost and forgotten. The hotel on the land today is haunted by a girl and a "Pig Man"

St. Louis Co built a poor farm in Allenton, MO, and it was sold in 1894 leaving behind its cemetery which became lost and forgotten. The hotel on the land today is haunted by a girl and a submitted by SearchingSeries to AdvertiseYourVideos [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 23:15 SourPrivacy Best Hopper Code for May 2023 ( $25 + Free Vacation )

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2023.06.01 23:14 Future-Rich-Guy *mic drop*

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2023.06.01 23:14 Tricky_Mammoth_4370 Financial Prepper-New York City of Mexico... Its anything goes- for the- Wait for it--- The Immigrints- Their kids get frunk- Hotel worker ind multiple guns- Kids abandoned by their parets in the hotels- Many uch horwelks are wirhin wqling distance o Times Squre- Taxpayers pick up the $1000/day

Financial Prepper-New York City of Mexico... Its anything goes- for the- Wait for it--- The Immigrints- Their kids get frunk- Hotel worker ind multiple guns- Kids abandoned by their parets in the hotels- Many uch horwelks are wirhin wqling distance o Times Squre- Taxpayers pick up the $1000/day submitted by Tricky_Mammoth_4370 to EndUkrainianGenocide [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 23:12 cyclins_98 Favourite MI Pic

Favourite MI Pic
Hey Guys, What's your favourite MI Pic, maybe for 2023 season or overall in general. For 2023, i like this one -
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2023.06.01 23:12 Old-Landscape3601 Hotel No Drugs question

Hey, should've checked this before booking but it's too late now. I'm booked into a hotel with a no drugs no smoking policy. Just wondering how strictly this is enforced? I was thinking of taking 1g or less of truffles but I obviously don't want to be detected breaking this rule. I was thinking of taking them outside in a park and then going back within 20 mins before they kick in and just ride out the trip from the privacy of my bedroom.
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2023.06.01 23:11 Wide-Fly-2593 Lastniki hibridov - Kakšen je vaš l/100km in stroški vzdrževanja?

Danes sem pomislil ali lahko z nakupom rabljenega hibridnega avtomobila kaj prihranim.
Kakšen je vaš l/100km?
Kakšni so vaši stroški lastništva (vzdrževanje, registracija,....)?
Vidim, da se rabljeni od letnika 2007 naprej prodajajo od 8k€ naprej.
Trenutno se vozim z 2003 Citroen C5, ki je bil 2 leti nazaj kupljen za 950€ (sm preplačal ampak smo eksperimentirali s selitvijo na obrobje slovenije in se mi je ta nakup takrat zdel pameten). Skupaj z zavarovanjem in tehničnim, servisom, celoletnih Michelin gumah (za tak avto so vse štiri 350€ z montažo) in popravilih, ki sem jih opravil je bil strošek 1000€/leto, ki se bo verjetno zniževal vsaj 2 leti, ker je zdej avto zadovoljivo zrihtan. V povprečju cca 8,3l/100km (cca polovica avtocesta) + dolivam olje vsake cca 3 mesece.
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2023.06.01 23:10 REMINTON86_ This is mi whatsapp PFP should i change it? Who he is in comments.

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2023.06.01 23:09 Normal-Desk-5838 17M and 17F 2 years

I’m 17 (M) and have been in a relationship with my girlfriend of the same age for 2 years and 4 months. I went on holiday with my family quite a while ago now but something is eating away at me. An older member of my family befriended some of the hotel staff which lead to them hanging out with us a lot. One of the staff was a 23 year old woman who openly said she was “waiting until I’m 18”. Although i knew it was quite odd I also found it flattering in a way but believe this to be due to the fact I don’t receive compliments. She spoke to me on multiple occasions throughout the holiday complimenting me on things such as my voice all through a translator app as we don’t speak the same language. I found myself feeling weirdly stuck on the thought of it and wondering when I’d next see her. I love my girlfriend with all my heart and we had also argued once or twice while I was away which I think badly influenced me to carry on stupidly talking to this woman. She added me on WhatsApp and messaged me every now and then throughout the holiday and I had told her about my girlfriend and also that we had argued with me stating that I do care for her and she had responded asking why I don’t just leave her to which I replied that I simply care for her very much and love her. I knew what I was doing was stupid but let it get to my head because I hadn’t ever experienced anything. I had complimented her although I didn’t necessarily find her attractive and flirted in ways which I regret to the point It churns my stomach. I lied about speaking to the woman when my girlfriend messaged me on the holiday with suspicions. Was it cheating? What do I do? I love my girlfriend and do not want to ruin what we have as we have worked through so many issues and rough patches already and now are happy yet I repeatedly get this feeling of regret. I never laid a finger on the woman nor did I want to but I know cheating has multiple forms and I want to know honestly if it’s what I did.
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2023.06.01 23:09 jdavidson888 Places to swim in/near Oaxaca City?

Yesterday we went to Hierve el Agua and honestly, we were a bit disappointed in terms of being able to swim. It was full of tourists and a lot of the pools looked like they were dried up, and only one pool was open and it was flooded with gringos (no offense, soy gringa también).
Anyway, we didn’t swim and just did the hike instead. I still would love to swim somewhere. Are there any places in or near the city open to the public for swimming? I would even be open to hotels who do day passes.
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
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2023.06.01 23:09 Cultural_Estimate_90 Set Idea: Gallywix's Pleasure Palace (Gambling-themed expansion)

This is the second idea I'm presenting here. If you want to check my other idea, click here
Expansion Idea: Journey to the Center of Azeroth (Jules Verne inspired set) : hearthstone (
(Imitating Jaster Gallywix)
Intro: Welcome! Are you'se a bored hero with a ton of free time and lots o' cash? Then come down to my Pleasure Palace! Jaster Gallywix here, reknown cartel leader, big military boss, and all around lovable billionaire! And my Pleasure Palace is the ultimate in luxury and all around good time!
Come to our tables and take part in exciting high stakes games, which fortune can be won with a single roll of a dice or flip of a card! Or perhaps youse are more into something more engaging and unpredictable? We've got races featuring the best ridahs all over Azeroth for betting and winning loads of cashola!
When yer done with our fine gambling activities, we got loads more to entertain ya! Watch our exciting magic shows and our live trick animal acts! Come to our luxury spa, run by the lovely Madam Izu-Mi and her husband, Zieg. Feel like cutting loose? Our night club hosts an assortment of great talent, such as our resident singah, Sarah Screachsong! And feel free to take part in our nightly dance competition against our resident champion, Aviss Speedstep!
Feelin' hungry? We've got da best restaurants on Azeroth too! First, we've got the Felgirl Grill, run by our 7-star chef, Greeta Felgrill, who uses actual fel fire for dat extra smokey taste! Want something a little more fancy? We also have Chez Frostoven, run by our other 7--star chef, Tilly Frostoven! She serves da finest and fanciest dishes, the coldest desserts, and the best aged wine and cheeses all around!
And don't worry about your safety; I've hired da best security in all of Azeroth, so no would-be thieves are gonna break into my super secure vault!
Come to Gallywix's Pleasure Palace! We've got it all! (...Except refunds)
Explanation: This idea is based on Gallywix's actual existing Pleasure Palace, and doing the Hearthstone twist of altering it for the game. Here, Gallywix has turned his base of operations into a luxury casino resort for the wealthy. The cards will be themed around different parts and characters of the resort, as well of the idea of "gambling".
The Classes: Each class will be based on a specific character for that part of the casino. To give some variety, especially since these characters have potential to be hero portaits, I picked new race/class combos not in the game yet to stand out.
Death Knight: Chef Tilly Frostoven. Gnome. Supposely she is claimed to be the personal chef of the Lich King in her previous job. She is a fancy and quite haughty chef, whose specialties are the bloodiest meats (blood), coldest desserts (frost), and most aged cheeses and wines (Unholy). Has a heated rivalry with Geeta Felgrill, whose restaurant is right across from hers. Gambling angle is preparing food without ruining it.
Demon Hunter: Aviss Felstep. Blood Elf. The current champion of the resort's dancing contest. With his incredible footwork and aerial manueveribility, he is a tough contender for anyone seeking the trophy. Gambling angle is not missing a step and scoring in the contest.
Druid: Sieg Moontea. Worgen. The husband of Madam Izu-Mi, he helps his beloved wife run the spa, using animal and plant-based therapies for weary and stressed customers.
Gambling angle is making guests happy.
Hunter: Ra'gor. Troll. Is the head of the animal-based acts. His menagerie of well-trained and beloved pets entertain all with their beauty and intelligence. Gambling angle is entertaining the crowd with the proper tricks.
Mage: Fenn. Night Elf. Aided by his silent vulpera partner, Jeller, the two put on a magnificent magic show. Gambling here is about entertaining the folks without them figuring out their tricks.
Paladin: Kacie Metalflash. Dark Iron Dwarf. The champion of the races. She and her personal ram, Dark Comet, have won more races than any other rider. Gambling here is keeping their place in the race without tiring.
Priest: Sarah Screachsong. Undead. The lead singer of the night club. Despite being dead, her voice still attracts all who hear her sing...even if she also have a deadly wail that can shatter glass and ear drums when she's angry. Gambling is moving the crowd.
Rogue: Flynn Fairewind. Kul Tiran/Human. (The only character here who actually exists in WOW). While coming as a guest, this sneaky rogue has come to loot both the tables and the secrets in Gallywix's vault. The gambling here is outwitting the dealers and navigating the security.
Shaman: Izu-Mi. Pandaren. The head of the Gallywix's Spa, she prides herself on her elementals making the most comfortable conditions for her customers, such as steam for steamrooms, fire for saunas, and water elementals for soaking. She also makes a delicious tea, helped brewed by her beloved husband, Zieg.
Warlock: Greeta Felgrill. Goblin. The head cook of Felgirl Grill. It is said she made certain deals with demons to cook the best food that would bring tons of cash into her wallet. Her more flashy and commerical cooking puts her at ends with rival chef, Frostoven. Gambling is cooking her food without burning it.
Warrior: Kalandu Staffsword. Nightborne. The head of Gallywix's security, he heads all of the muscle to boot out any troublemakers and would-be thieves to his boss's casino. He has combined his people's anti-arcane technology with Gallywix's (bargain bin) goblin tech to keep even mages out. Though that may not be such a reliable idea...
The story here is Flynn Fairewind is on a heist of Gallywix's casino. The other characters will be his partners in the heist, secret security, and/or rivaling treasure hunters.
The term here is "Gamble"; the game does have some random chance in it, but mostly its not really penalizing beyond not getting the cards you want on time. Here, whether you choose to gamble can be a game-changer for you or your opponent.
Gamble is basically a term for an effect (such as battlecry, deathrattle, attack, etc) that has an additional effect if you decide to take the risk. Basically, it will be a coin flip, and you're betting one additional mana and possibility a backlash effect if you fail. This is always optional, but the idea is to add a risk and rewards twist to the game.
High-roller Pit Boss. Warrior. 5-mana. 5/5. Any excess damage done between this and another monster is directed to the owner of the losing monster. Gamble: When this monster attacked or is attacked, flip a coin. Heads: Double this monster's attack. Tails: Double opposing monster's attack. (Basically, you can choose to make this monster stronger for a chance to cause more damage and possibly destroy a powerful monster, as well as cause excess damage to your opponent. But you also run the risk of making your enemy's monster stronger instead and doing excess damage to you instead)
Boxes of Vanishing: Mage. 3-mana spell. Arcane. Target one of your minions and one of your oponent's minions. Remove both from the game. Gamble. Win: Only your opponent's minion is removed. (Artwork is Fenn and Jeller standing in front of two boxes covered with sheets)
So some gambles will be more powerful and will carry an extra risk beyond spending one more additional mana to use. Also, gambles can never cost 0, so you always put in one (so they can't be cheated somehow)
Not all cards will be gambles though, obviously. Here's one non-gamble I thought of:
Kitten Treatment: Druid. 3-cost spell. Nature. Give all your minions this deathrattle: Summon a level 1 1/1 Kitten. Its keeps all enchantments from this monster except for deathrattles (so basically, you give your minions a deathrattle where they summon kittens that keep all the special buffs and effects you gave the original monsters, such as increased health and attack. Other deathrattles don't count to prevent abuse, such as doing two Kitten Treatments and getting an endless barrage of kittens) (Artwork is a night elf man, pandaren woman, and orc woman in spa robes with multiple cats all around them. The night elf man has two in his arms and smiling, the pandaren woman is petting the one on her lap, and the orc woman is blushing as she struggles to try and pet a sleeping one by her)
Gallywix himself will be a neutral legendary with a powerful effect for gamblers, but also worked so he will not become another Dentharius or Renethal. (In fact, he'll fit the theme while being opposite)
Gallywix, Casino Boss. Neutral. 7-star. 6/8. If this card is in your deck, you can only have 20 cards. As long as this minion is on your field, all gambles will be successful (so basically you have to cut your deck shorter as another gamble, and he only works as long as he's on the field. He gets removed, your gambles go back to normal). (Artwork is Jaster in a blinged out mech suit, wearing sunglasses and furs)
Feel free to comment and add your own ideas!
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2023.06.01 23:08 PurpleSolitudes Cheap Flight Ticket

Travelstart is a leading online travel agency that offers a wide range of flights, hotels, and car rentals at competitive prices. They have a team of experts who are always on hand to help you find the best deals on flights, and they offer a variety of features to make booking your travel as easy as possible.

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2023.06.01 23:08 dannitogorganzola My Third Danny Gonzalez Dream

If you didn't see my first 2 dreams here they are if you want to check them out:

So now to my third dream- he was only in the beginning of the dream and the dream was actually a nightmare, so here it is:

It’s midday, and I literally am Danny. I’m making a youtube video, and it’s about this place called the Logan Paul Hotel. I’m holding 3 golden statues of Logan Paul. “If you put these 3 golden Logan Paul statues in front of the Logan Paul hotel and yell LOGAN PAUL! 3 times, he’ll be summoned!” I tell the camera, for some reason. Then, I look at the hotel. For some strange reason I say, “This is the wrong hotel! I guess Logan Paul doesn’t like furries!” Then it goes into third person, where I just see Danny Gonzalez running away through the streets in my neighborhood like the speedy gonzalez he is.

I have no idea why this was the dream but here it is I guess.
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2023.06.01 23:07 MarionberryAfraid958 Another Color Club haul 🙃

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2023.06.01 23:07 PurpleSolitudes Best Cheap Flight

Best Cheap Flight
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Book Cheap Flights
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2023.06.01 23:05 Epictoasterlemons 27 [M4A] Bored Irish guy looking for chats

Hi everyone I'm bored and sitting in a hotel unsure what to do anyone up for a chat?
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2023.06.01 23:04 uTurnSpecialist Question about Alsco, Cintas, Unifirst Sales experience

I narrowed down to 2 offers, one in an industry I’m very familiar with but tired of, offering 40% more base salary, similar 120-150k OTE.
However, I don’t know anything about linen, uniform, and facility supply sales. I was trying to gauge whether or not my large territory was good, as many businesses are dispersed, and not many manufacturing plants, hotels, or banquet halls in the area.
I really like the management based on conversations, and I can see the growth potential, but the base is so low, and it feels too entry level (it is) however, I’m all good for it as long as ppl with experience can confirm that this 70k-100k extra commission is realistic.
Thanks so much.
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2023.06.01 23:03 Euronotus 02L (Northern Atlantic)

Tropical Depression Two

Latest observation

Thursday, 1 June — 5:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT; 21:00 UTC)
NHC Advisory #1 5:00 PM EDT (21:00 UTC)
Current location: 28.0°N 86.6°W
Relative location: 252 mi (405 km) W of Tampa, Florida
Forward motion: WNW (290°) at 4 knots (2 mph)
Maximum winds: 30 knots (35 mph)
Intensity (SSHWS): Tropical Depression
Minimum pressure: 1007 millibars (29.74 inches)

Official forecast

Thursday, 1 June — 5:00 PM EDT (21:00 UTC) NHC Advisory #1
Hour Date Time Intensity Winds Lat Long
  - UTC EST Saffir-Simpson knots mph °N °W
00 1 Jun 18:00 2PM Fri Tropical Depression 30 35 28.0 86.6
12 2 Jun 06:00 2AM Sat Tropical Storm 35 40 27.7 86.7
24 2 Jun 18:00 2PM Sat Tropical Storm 35 40 26.4 86.6
36 3 Jun 06:00 2AM Sun Tropical Depression 30 35 24.8 86.2
48 3 Jun 18:00 2PM Sun Tropical Depression 30 35 23.7 85.7
60 4 Jun 06:00 2AM Mon Remnant Low 25 30 22.6 84.3
72 4 Jun 18:00 2PM Mon Dissipated

Official information

National Hurricane Center



Weather Prediction Center

For information regarding impacts from tropical and non-tropical storm systems, including rainfall amounts and excessive rainfall alerts.

National Weather Service

For information regarding impacts to your local information, provided by meteorologists working in your area of the country.

Aircraft reconnaissance

National Hurricane Center

Tropical Tidbits

Radar imagery

National Weather Service

College of DuPage

Satellite imagery

Storm-specific imagery

Regional imagery

Analysis graphics and data

Wind analyses

Sea-surface Temperatures

Model guidance

Storm-specific guidance

Regional single-model guidance

  • Tropical Tidbits: GFS
  • Tropical Tidbits: ECMWF
  • Tropical Tidbits: CMC
  • Tropical Tidbits: ICON

Regional ensemble model guidance

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2023.06.01 23:02 Kay_755 I was groomed at 15. Here’s his attorneys arguments

I (20F) was groomed at the age of 15 by a 30 year old male. He isolated me from my family, made me believe that he could offer me the life I had always wanted.
He eventually got me to meet him ( he FLEW from Phoenix to Dallas) and took me to the zoo and shopping. After that he convinced me to go back to his hotel for a movie.
He raped me. Seven times.
5 years later I am finally facing him in court. His attorneys argument is “You didn’t say no. You didn’t ask him to stop.”
I, a 15 year old female, did not ask a 30 year old man to stop having sex with me.
He made it seem like that’s what I owed him. He had bought me all of these things and spent all of this money on me. It’s the least I could do. I was in a hotel room with a man who was three times my size. What would happen if I said no?
But yeah, that’s it, I didn’t tell him no. And because of that, him pursuing a 15 year old from another state at the age of 30 does not make him guilty.
I am terrified of this trial to come. It is rapidly approaching. What if the jury sees 15 year old me as some promiscuous slut. What if he’s found not guilty? Then all of my years of trauma will be unjustified. Lost. I am lost.
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2023.06.01 23:02 Due_Cardiologist406 Will a hotel let me use their pool without checking in first?

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