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2023.03.25 09:41 thejoie12 Revive Daily Reviews 2023 (URGENT UK, USA CUSTOMER REPORT) Read This Before Start Your Sleep Support!

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2023.03.25 09:14 GeometryDash_Gamer (DISVENTURE CAMP SPOILERS) "Sabotage Below Zero" Aiden isn't that bad

As some of you know, I’ve been watching some of the TD fanseasons, one of which includes Disventure Camp. And I’ve now seen quite a bit of people’s takes on it. Though there seems to be one heavily controversial character throughout, that being Aiden. And while a lot of people don’t like him due to him going very far despite…not having much of a personality to latch onto aside from just being an average teenager (well, and IG having a cool voice and design), his characterization and handling throughout episode 9 seems to especially be strongly hated by various people. Now I’m just going to preface things, the whole drama between James, Aiden and Karol is absolutely atrocious and makes me lose a ridiculous amount of brain cells with how it goes down. Even in hindsight, it was the one plot in DC I genuinely disliked, and I’ve just grown to hate it more and more overtime. Though for this post, I’d like to delve into things on Aiden’s end and explain why he’s nowhere near as bad as various people make him out to be, and if anything, the one character I actually sympathize with throughout this drama
The main complaint people tend to lodge against Aiden here is how upon Karol returning, she gets villainized for wanting to get them eliminated, even though she had a justified reason to be mad given how James orchestrated her elimination. Now if this complaint was only just applied to James, I’d absolutely agree. But it’s almost like people seem to think Aiden was also in on Karol’s elimination or IG “betrayed” her in some way. Though when we look back at episode 2, all Aiden did was talk to Karol to try to get her in an alliance with James and Aiden. But then once Aiden told James that Karol was also in on voting one of the 3 girls, James just randomly decided to snitch on Karol to the girls to get her eliminated, since all three of them voting for one of the members of the girls alliance trio apparently made too much sense IG. Yet for some reason...Karol gets mad at Aiden only and calls him a traitor. Now granted, it can be argued that from Karol’s POV, Aiden told James what she said, which led to James snitching on her, meaning in a way Aiden betrayed her. But even then, I can’t help but wonder how she didn’t notice Aiden actively protesting while James was ratting her out, which I would think should be a big sign to her that Aiden wasn’t in on what James was doing at all. I mean, Karol even seems to think Aiden as well as James manipulated everyone into voting Karol out. But if Aiden actually also purposely told everyone about what Karol said…why would James also need to do so? And why would Aiden be actively protesting while James is doing so?
But that aside, this then rolls over to episode 9, AKA writing quality below zero "Sabotage Below Zero", where Karol returns and acts oddly very nice, only for it to turn out her nice demeanor is just a facade to win others over so she can get Jaiden voted out for what they did to her (or “did” in Aiden’s case). However, James is able to catch Karol plotting against them as she confides in Riya about her plan, and then records it and shows it to Aiden. They both realize they have to actually try to do something to hinder Karol from carrying out her plans against them. And this is where Aiden’s most controversial moment comes in. In order to prevent her from winning the challenge, he sneaks a tarantula Karol gave him earlier (while she was trying to play nice with him) onto her sledding partner Oliver, to distract them. As it turns out, it actually works, but…not in the way Aiden intended for it to. Oliver and Karol end up crashing during the challenge, which leads to Karol getting injured as Oliver just so happens to land in one of the most unfortunate spots possible, that being on top of Karol’s leg. And then in an extremely anticlimactic and copout resolution to this rivalry, Karol pulls a TDI Eva (that being getting eliminated just after she returned) and gets medically evacuated, not before protesting immensely
It’s also worth noting that at one point before Karol’s injury, Aiden unnecessarily rams into Karol’s sled while confronting her, out of anger at her for plotting against him and James (all the while pulling a nice facade with them). And then afterwards, she rams into them back. Though what’s especially weird is what unfolds after Karol gets injured. As Aiden makes it down to the hill, Karol gets mad at Aiden and curses him out for inadvertently getting the tarantula killed as a part of his sabotage (the tarantula also ended up getting crushed while on Oliver, as a result of their collision). And then, Aiden claps back by bringing up how she rammed into them…even though he did it first. Though while that is indeed hypocritical and an L on his part, it’s a pretty minor part of the general plot. That is unless you think him ramming into Karol was also what led to her being injured. But it didn’t. It was Oliver being distracted by the spider that caused them to crash, which led to Oliver landing on Karol and injuring her, which happened some time after Karol successfully rammed back into Jaiden and actually knocked them over (so it's not like their altercation played a factor into distracting Karol and Oliver)
For my final thoughts, I’d say Aiden is actually surprisingly great this episode. I can always appreciate anti-heroic or pragmatic characters who are generally well-intentioned but aren’t above getting their hands dirty when push comes to shove. It's also the one time Aiden actually strategizes aside from having a good social game. And overall, I think his sabotage was pretty justified and understandable, and didn’t cross the line into being too despicable for me to not root for him. As even Aiden himself says, he wasn’t remotely trying to injure Karol, but rather he was just trying to distract her so she wouldn’t win immunity, and so Jaiden could actually try to get her voted out. And for the record, multiple other people also flew off their sleds and were fine afterwards. So the only real reason Karol actually got injured was because Oliver landed on her. Now admittedly, you can maybe make a case that Aiden could’ve been more outwardly apologetic to Karol about injuring her. But nonetheless, he still made it clear with James later on that he actually felt bad for it and didn’t intend to hurt her. And considering how two-faced and scummy Karol was being to Aiden, I can’t say I totally blame him for being defensive when she yelled at him. All things considered, Aiden is the one person I can actually fully sympathize with throughout this plot. He had no idea James would did what he did, and as a result was very undeservingly the subject of Karol’s scorn, despite them actually being cordial with each other earlier on. Although I'm not a fan of Karol throughout this plot, I feel bad for her to a degree as well. After being the last one on her team standing in the challenge, she got humiliated and painted in a bad light because of James, who got her eliminated as a part of…probably one of the dumbest strategies I’ve ever seen. And then despite this, she gets villainized during her return as she justifiably tries to get revenge (even if half of her spite was misplaced). Ultimately, I’d say James easily sticks out the worst during this plot. On top of being the catalyst of this entire mess, he also gets painted in the right to Karol along with Aiden…even though he was the one who actually got her eliminated, and in a rather scummy way for that matter. I’ll also never get over just how completely brain-dead his """"""""""strategy"""""""""" leading to Karol's initial elimination is, but that’s a topic for a separate post
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2023.03.25 09:11 Vulture_pran Pudge with 75 max mana at level 17...

Pudge(me) got down to 75 mana at level 17

Core silencer had around 5K mana
I was literally a creep walking around... couldn't hook (not that I am good at hooking) or couldn't dismember lol.
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2023.03.25 09:09 Aromatic_Director_30 FS113- Booking LA Knight after WrestleMania 39 Pt. I

In the sport of Professional Wrestling, we all know that the art of holds and strikes but one thing we forget about is the gift to gab. The promo is an art that many athletes today forget, but very have mastered it but none are Shaun Ricker aka Eli Drake aka LA Knight YEAHHH! This man has made his name noticeable on the independence and NWA landing him a spot on the Impact roster to thrive with his charm and walked away as a tag and world champion, Once leaving Impact and he returned home to NWA and mann… just watch the “Shoes of a Champion” promo and the crime is that he was only a tag champion, but NWA’s loss was WWE’s gain and he entered NXT making a wave going toe to toe with Cameron Grimes for the Million Dollar Championship but after that it was rumored that he would be moving up to the main roster. He eventually moved up and became Max Dupri, managing the Maximum Male Models until Triple H took over everything and quickly returned to LA Knight and he has became a central figure on SmackDown carrying his feud with Bray Wyatt. Now, everybody wants to know what’s next for him and hopefully you guys enjoy my path for him.
Alexa play Take Me Out. YEAHHH!!
So, with the final weeks building to ‘Mania, WWE announces that LA Knight will be hosting the showcase of the Immortals and whenever he states that this event will be memorable and will have millions around the world talking about the impact that he has left on this show. But being a consistent throne in his side is of course, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston casually embarrass him, but on the final SmackDown, where the show features the Andre The Giant Battle Royal with Knight eliminates Woods but fails to win the match.
On Night One, he started off the show claiming that this two-night extravaganza will have everybody talking and he also claimed he has banned The New Day from the show. Throughout the night, he mocks several talents and crew but claims he has something for the crowd. As he enters the ring and mocks the crowd but prepares to show his surprise but is interrupted by Kofi and Xavier.
He's shocked that they entered the arena and claim that they paid someone off and that they weren’t alone… revealing a returning Big E and the trio embarrass him and give the audience a feel-good moment since it’s been over a year since Big E has been in a WWE arena.
Before the show began, Knight took to Twitter and claimed that nobody will interrupt his gift to the WWE Universe tonight. Throughout Night Two, he was heckled by the locker room from the L he took but ends with him getting the last word. Before the main event, Knight finally reveals his gift as a statue of himself but was interrupted by Hall of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin. The two interact and have dick measuring contest with the words what? and yeah! But ends with Austin delivering a Stunner to the host.
On the following SmackDown, he refuses to let those clowns ruin his WrestleMania moment and he vows that disrespect will not synonymous with LA Knight and was again interrupted but by Madcap Moss alongside Emma and he stated that he wants a shot to prove himself to everybody and looks no further than a pushover like Knight. That line pushed him off and responded with where was Moss at a WrestleMania, cause last year he was playing lackey but last weekend he was in catering complaining to his girlfriend. And speaking of, he addressed Emma saying he felt sorry that she’s stuck with a himbo when she truly desired to be with a real man like yours truly and that led to a little brawl with Moss getting the upper hand until officials broke it up.
After the brawl, Knight rushed towards Adam Pearce’s office and wanted a match against Moss and Pearce responded that Moss had done the same thing concluding with announcing that next week the two will face off against each other.
LA Knight v. Madcap Moss (w/ Emma)
The two start off with an intense lock-up but Moss taunts Knight, but it concluded with Knight outsmarting his opponent targeting his knee to weaken him throughout the match. During the match, Knight flirts with Emma and that pisses Moss off but that was needed for Knight to throw his game off and take advantage to walk away with the victory.
LA Knight wins via pinfall.
After celebrating his victory, he was interviewed and claimed that Moss was just an example of what happens when you try to embarrass LA Knight. He calls out the locker room cause he’s going to put them on notice and the following week’s SmackDown, he debuts the LA Knight show with him standing on a podium and addresses the locker room as a bunch of dummies but is interrupted by former Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke Nakumara and it led to a little brawl with Knight getting the upper hand but ran away when Xavier Woods rush to aid his ally.
LA Knight v. Shinsuke Nakumara
Knight tries to use his speed against the former I-C Champion, but Nakumara uses his skills to capture his opponent and begins to bring the match in his favor. After countering a German suplex, Knight targets his opponent's knee to prevent him delivering his signature moves and that left Nakumara to deliver forearms and punches. Soon as he was attempted to deliver his signature Kinshasa, his knee gave out and that led for Knight to capitalize and get another victory.
LA Knight wins via pinfall.
After his victory, Knight grabs a microphone and immediately calls out Xavier Woods to the ring. After Woods enters the ring, the two get things off their chest with Knight wanting to obliterate Woods for the weeks of embarrassment and without his buddies he can accomplish that. Woods responds to him being on his own and that his need to prove himself as an individual has never struck him more than now, he challenges Knight to a match at Backlash to give him his retribution but himself an opportunity to showcase his abilities.
Knight accepts and throughout the build the two scout each other’s matches concluding with brawls between them, but has everybody questioning who will walk out of Backlash the victor and with momentum to carry them up the ranks?
LA Knight v. Xavier Woods (w/ Kofi Kingston)
The match starts off as a battle of speed v. power with Woods doing everything in his power to prevent getting in Knight's grasps but was caught after a failed crossbody. Knight begins to dominate and preys on Xavier throughout the match, after delivering a suplex on the mat and the referee counts the former tag champion but he struggles back in by the count of seven. Knight approaches a wounded Woods, who fights back a little but is defeated and Knight gets his retribution.
LA Knight wins via pinfall.
The following night, The WWE Draft takes place and during the second round he was drafted to Monday Night RAW. He was later interviewed and claimed that SmackDown dropped the ball with him and focuses on Monday Nights being the LA Knight Show.
Since his arrival on RAW, Knight has made his presence known quickly and that got him as one of the few competitors to qualify for the Men’s Money in the Bank match but in his way is former NXT Champion, Johnny Gargano. Knight acknowledges Gargano’s grit and drive since returning but tears him down to remind him that he’s never truly reached a big victory and it’s not going to start in their qualifying match.
LA Knight v. Johnny Gargano: Qualifying match for the Men’s Money in the Bank match
Gargano and Knight start off with a lock-up, but the former NXT Champion gets an upper hand in this bout until Knight deliver a boot to counter his apron DDT. Knight gets the upper hand until his opponent fights back until he was distracted by Damian Priest and that gives Knight the advantage to win the match and advance to the ladder match.
LA Knight wins via pinfall.
At the end of the night, RAW participants for the Money in the Bank match confront each other on the stage and some tension rises between Knight and Seth Freakin‘ Rollins. Later in the week, LA Knight crashes an episode of The Bump to emasculate the former World Champion, stating that he can dance and laugh to the bank but come Monday he best deliver in the ring.
LA Knight v. Seth Rollins
The two men stare each other down, Knight smacks Rollins across his face and that lights a fire under the former World Champion and that leads to the match being a back and forth but Rollins gets the upper hand and was going to end it with a Curb Stomp but was clotheslined by Bronson Reed.
Seth Rollins wins via disqualification.
After the bell rang, Knight joins Reed on the assault on Rollins until Reed strikes him and that results in Balor coming out to attempt to take down the big man in a failing effort. The show ends with a tease that Reed could be Mr. Money in the Bank.
LA Knight v. Seth Rollins v. Santos Escobar v. Bronson Reed v. Xavier Woods v. Finn Balor v. Ricochet v. Karrion Kross: Eight-man Money in the Bank match.
Knight enters the match so arrogant and gets in the face of former rival, Xavier Woods. Knight usually rushes to grab the briefcase but is caught and given hell by his fellow competitors. When the match looks like it's Xavier Woods or Kross to reach for the briefcase but Knight rushes to the top and take them out of the picture, he has his hands on the briefcase and was powerbombed by Damian Priest giving the victory to Finn Balor.
Finn Balor wins the Men’s Money in the Bank match.
Number One Contender’s Battle Royal
Throughout the match, Knight eliminates a couple of competitors and made to the final two against Montez Ford. The two brawl throughout the ring and the match ends with both men being eliminated and both dropping the floor at the same time.
The match ends in a draw.
After the two finalist brawl around the arena, Adam Pearce announced that the two will compete in a Number One contender’s match to face Theory for the U.S. Championship at Summerslam.
LA Knight v. Montez Ford: United States Championship Number One Contender’s match
Knight and Ford have a battle of agility vs. aggression with Knight getting the upper hand against his opponent. After countering a suplex, Ford gained momentum and was on the verge of delivering his signature Frog Splash but was assaulted by the U.S. Champion, Austin Theory.
The match ends in No Contest.
After Theory assaulted both men, he grabbed a microphone and continue to dub himself “The Present of WWE“ claiming that he isn’t afraid of defending his title against both of them. Throughout the build, Ford is diminished that he couldn’t walk out the U.S. Championship but reminds both men that he’s no pushover. Knight also uses his cunning manner to get into the champion and his opponent’s mind to trying to throw them off getting closer to being the U.S. Champion.
Austin Theory© v. LA Knight v. Montez Ford: Triple Threat match for the United States Championship.
Throughout the match, Theory and Knight teamed up against Ford but their alliance didn't last long with them turning on each other and that gave Ford the momentum to bring the match in his favor. In the final moments, Ford delivers the Frog Splash on Theory and Knight takes him out of the equation to pin the wounded Theory to win the United States Championship.
\NEW CHAMPION* LA Knight wins via pinfall.*
On the following night, LA Knight throws a celebration featuring his statue and talk his performance was similar to taking candy from a baby. After popping a bottle of Champagne, he’s interrupted by Stone Cold Steve Austin and just laughs remembering WrestleMania. The hall of famer congratulates the champion but Knight dismisses it and gets some things off his chest with Austin and left him speechless but before the Rattlesnake could respond Knight attacked him and left him a bloodied mess.
After making his presence known, Theory stated that he wanted his rematch but also entering the U.S. title picture was Johnny Gargano and Angelo Dawkins. Knight kept ducking and dodging until a Viewer’s choice edition of RAW, where the audience voted that Knight will defend his title in a Fatal Four Way match against the three men for the United States title.
LA Knight© v. Austin Theory v. Johnny Gargano v. Angelo Dawkins: Fatal 4-Way match for the United States Championship.
The match starts off as a tornado tag team match, until Gargano and Theory are the last two standing at the moment, but then the match gets underway with Dawkins being an underdog and proves everybody wrong. Theory isn't ashamed of bringing in a steel chair to wound his opponents to get the upper hand but in the end, Knight retains after striking a wounded Gargano.
LA Knight retains via pinfall.
After retaining his championship, Knight claimed that the locker room was terrified to step up or they would end up like Steve Austin. But stepping up to the plate is a former champion, Shelton Benjamin. He celebrated twenty years of in-ring competition and didn’t believe that would ever find an opportunity to do this, but he challenges Knight at Unforgiven for the U.S. Championship and the champion accepts but vows Benjamin should’ve just stayed out of the way. Throughout the build, Knight gets the upper hand but the challenger fights fire with fire and delivers some impressive agility to build to this match.
LA Knight© v. Shelton Benjamin: Singles match for the United States Championship.
Knight and Benjamin uses their technical abilities against another with Knight getting the upper hand and whenever he fails an attack, the challenger delivers impressive strikes and aerial offense throughout the match. During the closing moments, Benjamin tries to deliver his signature Paydirt but the champion held on to the ropes and took advantage to walk away with the victory.
LA Knight retains via pinfall.
Throughout the weeks, Knight brags about defeating the best that Monday Night RAW has to offer but wants to be a generous guy and decides to have an U.S. Championship open challenge vowing to give someone their five minutes of fame but will not walk away with the title.
LA Knight© v. Axiom: Singles match for the United States Championship
Axiom uses his agility against the champion but he dodges a suicide dive and turns the match in his favor. Knight attempts to deliver a back suplex but the challenger escapes and tries to gain momentum, the champion stops it and deliver a dirty O'Connor roll to get the victory.
LA Knight retains via pinfall.
The U.S. Championship reign lives another day, but it’s time for an inter-brand battle against SmackDown’s Intercontinental Champion, Santos Escobar. He mocks his opponent’s height and really begs him to put the mask on, but he’s left embarrassed and that added some weight to their match at Survivor Series.
During their match, Knight has the upper hand and was prepared to deliver a powerbomb from the top rope but was countered into a hurricanrana followed by a Phantom Driver for the win.
LA Knight© v. Elias: Singles match for the United States Championship
Elias gets the upper hand against the champion, but his momentum is stopped and takes advantage using the outside environment to his side giving him the victory to retain the title.
LA Knight retains via pinfall.
After celebrating his victory, he grabs a microphone and insults everybody and wants to know who’s next for his United States Championship. Entering the scene is Montez Ford, who has scratched and clawed since Summerslam and states he’s next. The match is announced for Starrcade but through the build, the champion dismisses his opponent but Ford reminds him of every obstacle he has went through for this match and won’t let this opportunity slip. But every time the two encounter, it ends with Knight standing over Ford.
LA Knight© v. Montez Ford: No Disqualification match for the United States Championship
The match starts with both men one upping another, but Ford gets the upper hand until Knight uses the barricade against him. Knight begins to dominate his torso and applies numerous stretches and holds to have the upper hand but Ford powers out and gains momentum, once he tried to deliver a Stinger splash but the champion dodges and nails a neckbreaker.
Both men are down, until Knight gets up and was going to end Ford until...
Glass Shatters.
It's Stone Cold Steve Austin, he's walking and talking and rushes the ring to open a can of whoop ass on LA Knight. The champion stops it and punches him around the ring, the former World Champion dodges a strike and delivers a Stunner to him and that give Ford the opportunity to nail a Frog Splash to get the win and finally awarded the United States Championship.
\NEW CHAMPION* Montez Ford wins via pinfall.*
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2023.03.25 08:54 Metapia Façonner l'avenir par notre vision

Façonner l'avenir par notre vision
Initiative OpenNMS
Initiative de structure monétaire naturelle ouverte
OpenNMS est notre solution aux diverses difficultés rencontrées par la société actuelle, et vise à fournir une voie pratique à explorer ensemble par tous.Il y a une tendance au totalitarisme technologique dans le monde aujourd'hui, et c'est devenu un fait qui ne peut être ignoré. Dans ce contexte, les droits individuels et l'indépendance humaine disparaissent progressivement. À cette fin, nous proposons une condition préalable au mouvement spontané non organisé. L'histoire a démontré à maintes reprises que, quelle que soit la vision d'une organisation, elle finira par sombrer au centre de l'action. abyssation et corruption. Par conséquent, notre solution est d'établir un système monétaire naturel ouvert, de restaurer les attributs réels de la monnaie et de permettre aux individus d'avoir les droits et intérêts les plus élémentaires. OpenNMS est un réseau entièrement libre d'entrée et de sortie, et sa valeur n'est pas endommagée. Ceci est très important. Historiquement, l'attrait principal du système de monnaie standard or et argent est de maintenir n la stabilité de la valeur des détenteurs de devises, de manière à compléter l'échange.
Dans le passé, les éléments centraux de la victoire du capitalisme dans la concurrence géographique, le concept de liberté, d'ouverture et de non-intervention, ont été sapés par une intervention réglementaire croissante. La supériorité du capitalisme réside dans le principe inhérent de l'avantage d'efficacité de . Chaque participant à la transaction Tout le monde est un terminal informatique, et le résultat du calcul est le changement du taux de change. Comment revenir à son essence ? Nous sommes convaincus qu'OpenNMS est une option réalisable. Sa logique est une version améliorée de l'ancien réseau de monnaie naturelle confié au réseau blockchain. Nous appelons cela une initiative. Grâce au réseau distribué blockchain actuel, nous devrions atteindre des milliers d'années humaines d'attente pour l'équité et la justice communes, nous espérons construire une entreprise tournée vers l'avenir réseau de monnaie naturelle grâce à l'initiative OpenNMS, protéger la valeur fondamentale des individus contre l'infection, un et promouvoir l'avancement de la civilisation humaine.
ChatGPT a publié la version publique fin 2022, ce qui indique qu'une nouvelle ère arrive rapidement.Avec la maturité rapide de la technologie de l'intelligence artificielle et le développement rapide de divers robots, la population mondiale sera proche de 10 milliards en 2050, et plus de 100 milliards d'unités de divers robots de type IA servent les êtres humains, et une nouvelle espèce indépendante "corps intelligent à base de silicium" apparaîtra sur la terre. Au cours de cette période, le taux d'accumulation de la valeur de la richesse mondiale atteindra une plage inimaginable, et l'approvisionnement en monnaie compatible avec les robots requis sera également le même. au-delà de notre imagination. Avec la croissance explosive de la technologie AGI, plus de 90 % des emplois de production non physiques dans le monde seront remplacés par l'IA, et cette proportion d'humains devra faire face à un nouveau choix de survie. Cette chronologie peut être beaucoup plus courte que nous ne l'imaginions. À long terme, les fonctions de production physique humaine seront éventuellement remplacées par des machines d'IA. t travail sera remplacé, nous pensons que ce n'est qu'une question de temps.
La civilisation terrestre entre dans le processus d'informatisation globale de l'IA. Divers scénarios où les êtres humains sont gérés ou même contrôlés par l'IA ne sont plus des scènes de science-fiction, mais la réalité à venir. En tant qu'Homo sapiens, comment pouvons-nous survivre à ce processus ? C'est un problème majeur auquel nous devons faire face ensemble, et nous pensons qu'OpenNMS est l'un des plans réalisables, qui peut nous aider à nous définir comme la source de valeur , et transmettre ces valeurs aux bots d'IA ou à d'autres applications, de manière à servir notre valeur de consommation, valeur de créativité et production signifie valeur. Ce n'est qu'ainsi que nous pourrons réaliser la possibilité d'une existence continue maintenant et dans le futur. Sinon, le résultat final est évident.
Au tournant de l'histoire, les différends géopolitiques nés de conflits et de contradictions ont amené le monde dans un état de changement rapide et d'incertitude.L'idée de cette initiative est d'équilibrer ce fait visible avec une autre option pour éviter une crise en déployant une participation précoce.
1. Déduction du modèle monétaire
Voici une simulation de réseau monétaire de tribus primitives
A l'époque primitive, il y avait une tribu naturelle avec (100) personnes. Ces (100) personnes dépendaient les unes des autres. Ce n'est que lorsque tout le monde coopérait ensemble qu'ils pouvaient accomplir la mission de survie et de reproduction. Ces (100) personnes devaient échanger avec chaque jour contre une unité de matériel vivant. Tous ces matériaux peuvent être complétés par (100) la division individuelle du travail et la coopération. Chaque jour, ils doivent s'échanger contre une unité de matériel de survie.
Formule de simulation
• V : valeur monétaire : pouvoir d'achat moyen (1)
• X : Constante monétaire : l'état initial doit être des unités de nécessités de survie telles que des outils alimentaires,
Peut maintenant être en USD ou dans une autre devise majeure (1)
• C : Échelle de circulation (nombre de personnes) : taille de la communauté (100)
• E : fréquence d'échange : transactions par jour – dépendance (99)
• M : offre totale : le montant total d'argent sur le marché (9 900)
Tout le monde a besoin d'échanger avec d'autres (99) individus chaque jour, donc chaque personne doit avoir au moins (99) unités de devise pour mener à bien ces transactions. Dans le processus, chaque personne doit payer (1) unité de devise à d'autres (99) individus, et recevront également (1) unité de devise d'autres (99) individus, et tout le monde entre les deux terminera éventuellement (99 ) transactions.Un total de (9900) transactions ont été réalisées, leur valeur d'interdépendance est ( 99), le nombre d'échanges individuels par jour est de (1) et l'unité monétaire totale requise est de (9900), afin de s'assurer que tout le monde dans le village puisse obtenir les fournitures de survie nécessaires.
Lorsque certains des portefeuilles sont inférieurs à (99) unités monétaires, la transaction sera bloquée, c'est-à-dire que quelqu'un aura faim ou d'autres conditions de survie défavorables apparaîtront.Le mettre dans le contexte moderne est une crise économique.
S'il y a plus de (99) unités monétaires dans le portefeuille, la transaction se déroulera sans heurts, au moins personne ne mourra de faim et il y aura une crise existentielle. Les unités monétaires supplémentaires peuvent stimuler la production et la richesse commence à s'accumuler.
La formule nous a été expliquée : la monnaie n'est ni nécessairement l'or, l'argent, le cuivre, le fer, ni le crédit, elle peut exister sous n'importe quelle forme convenue par le groupe. Le but principal de la monnaie est de favoriser la circulation des marchandises et d'assurer la fluidité des transactions. sert comme un enregistrement des transactions, et il n'y a pas de différence essentielle avec la gravure d'une marque sur un bâton de bois.Le phénomène moderne de l'emprunt et du prêt est en fait un moyen de compenser le manque d'argent, et il a la même signification que l'écriture de crédit sur le tableau noir d'un magasin.
Au fur et à mesure que le bitcoin conçu par Satoshi Nakamoto devient une réalité et que la technologie blockchain mûrit, cela montre que le réseau monétaire naturel peut exister indépendamment dans la communauté sans l'intervention d'un tiers.
En appliquant la formule à l'environnement économique actuel, nous constatons que la masse monétaire est souvent insuffisante, ce qui entraîne des crises économiques périodiques. La raison spécifique est la diversité et le caractère aléatoire des sources de devises, l'échange du marché est bloqué et les résultats du calcul ne sont pas l'offre et la demande. être transmis dans le temps, entraînant une offre de devises insuffisante. La hausse et la baisse ont dépassé le seuil de stabilisation économique. Avec l'intelligence artificielle du développement économique, la diversité et la complexité des activités économiques, ainsi que la corrélation implicite, n'ont pas été détectées par le Le système d'échange existant, et l'effet de corrélation généré par le biais de rétroaction conduit finalement à une monnaie devenue souvent substantiellement déconnectée de l'environnement économique réel.
Nous avons simulé de nombreuses situations actuelles, y compris les conditions économiques, les taux de change, l'activité de transaction, la liquidité et l'influence, etc., et la plupart d'entre elles ont obtenu des données pertinentes proches des faits.
Voici les résultats de la simulation du statu quo de certaines devises
USD : la valeur actuelle est USD1,067251461988
CNY : La valeur actuelle par rapport au dollar américain est 1USD=CNY9.441860465116
BTC : la valeur actuelle est de 14 532 476,19 USD
ETH : la valeur actuelle est de 4 090 909,09 USD
XEN : la valeur actuelle est USD0.001150336033
XEN : Lorsque les ressources minières seront épuisées avant 2030, sa valeur devrait atteindre 0,218840908123 USD
Lors de la collecte des données, nous avons vérifié et relu autant de fois que possible pour obtenir les données les plus proches des faits. Grâce à la formule de simulation de comparaison horizontale, nous avons montré la relation entre la monnaie et l'économie, et comment chaque variable affecte la direction de l'économie. Nous utiliserons les données ci-dessus Construire les conditions initiales pour la mise en œuvre de l'initiative.
Ce que je veux expliquer ici, c'est que les données publiques du dollar américain sont relativement complètes. Les données que nous avons collectées n'ont pas fait l'objet d'ajustements subjectifs, et les résultats obtenus sont proches des faits. Les données de la zone euro sont relativement dispersées. et il est difficile de faire un résumé complet. Donc, nous sautons une partie, l'importation de données de CNY a certains éléments de jugement subjectifs à titre de référence uniquement. La monnaie cryptée est directement présentée par le calcul d'importation de données sur la chaîne publique. En particulier, il convient de a souligné que les données de XEN ne sont que les données sur la chaîne ethereum en tant qu'alimentation du générateur. .
Selon l'histoire et la dérivation de la formule ci-dessus, un système monétaire stable a besoin d'un point d'ancrage principal pour parvenir à un consensus de groupe afin que le réseau puisse fonctionner de manière stable.Avec le développement de la société moderne, la forme de la richesse est passée de la richesse matérielle à l'existence de formes non matérielles de modèles de données. Par conséquent, le réseau monétaire a besoin d'une forme non matérielle correspondante de données pour parvenir à un consensus de groupe, tout comme les métaux précieux correspondent à la richesse physique. Nous pouvons considérer l'ensemble du système monétaire comme un réseau informatique distribué. Chaque L'individu utilisant la monnaie est un terminal informatique, qui calcule les questions triviales que les gens traitent dans leur vie quotidienne, et le changement du taux de change est la présentation des résultats du calcul. Nous ne pouvons y participer. Ce n'est qu'en important nos idées dans L'ensemble du système de calcul pourra nous permettre d'obtenir les résultats que nous attendons, c'est-à-dire que nos droits seront réalisés grâce à OpenNMS.
2. Structure OpenNMS

(Un individu indépendant fait généralement référence à une unité indépendante participant à la communication, qui peut être un humain, une IA, un robot, etc., ou une unité indépendante qui combine des animaux de compagnie et des répondeurs de machines en réseau)
De cette manière, l'efficacité de l'échange dans tous les aspects peut être considérablement améliorée et l'écart peut être corrigé grâce à une rétroaction des données en temps réel pour atteindre l'équilibre du marché.
Cela fait également du règlement transfrontalier mondial ouvert multipartite sans transit une réalité simple et rapide.
3. Le meilleur des mondes
Imaginez, il y a un espace libre autour de nos têtes, où il y a des opportunités, où il n'y a aucune contrainte mondaine, c'est une terre vierge à développer.
Il y a cent ans, Turing a découvert ce nouveau continent et a jeté les bases du nouveau continent basé sur le silicium d'aujourd'hui.
Dans ce nouveau continent, nous pouvons profiter des avantages d'un « haut plateau offshore », exempt de taxation et de coercition. Nous interagissons dans un environnement Web libre, guidés uniquement par les règles du code et l'éthique que nous devons tous respecter.
OpenNMS est le trésor commun de ce nouveau continent et la première pierre angulaire de la quatrième civilisation humaine. Le réseau OpenNMS fournit des fonds pour tous les nouveaux immigrants qui se joignent au développement de cette terre vierge. Ici, la souveraineté personnelle est soutenue et reconnue par tous, et C'est devenu notre credo commun. Chaque participant a obtenu sa propre souveraineté monétaire. De toutes nouvelles idées et de la science et de la technologie avancées vont germer et émerger ici.
Il s'agit d'une expérience d'ingénierie sociale du Nouveau Monde, comparable aux grands voyages de découverte, où notre imagination et notre créativité se réalisent, et ici nous poursuivons le but ultime de la paix et de la coexistence permanentes.
4. Mise en œuvre de l'initiative
Le concept d'OpenNMS a établi MBTC/XUSD, METH/XUSD, XEN/XUSD, des pools de transactions sur UNISWAP, comme objet de la version OpenNMS1.0, XUSD/MEUR, XUSD/MCNY, le modèle de vérification initial utilisé pour vérifier la faisabilité de l'initiative, et des ponts reliant avec l'Ancien Monde. Le but ultime de l'expérience est de connecter et de communiquer l'ensemble des systèmes monétaires nouveaux et anciens
OpenNMS ne maintient que la ligne de fond de la valeur raisonnable de la cible de transaction stablecoin dans une période de temps spécifique pour s'assurer que les intérêts des participants ne sont pas lésés.L'expérience continuera d'être ouverte jusqu'à ce qu'un environnement d'échange complet et stable correspondant à la monnaie existante est établie.
La nature de l'expérience OpenNMS
  1. L'objectif de l'initiative OpenNMS : rendre le droit de frappe à chacun, afin que chaque individu indépendant devienne le point de départ et le point d'arrivée de la valeur.
  2. La communauté grandit naturellement : OpenNMS n'a pas d'équipe de base, pas d'organe de gouvernance et pas de structure de gestion.Tous les premiers membres qui ont participé à l'initiation ont apporté leurs opinions et leurs valeurs en tant que bénévoles, afin d'éviter les conflits d'intérêts avec les garanties, que Toutes les personnes impliquées dans l'initiative en bénéficient. Pendant une période où l'initiative a formé un large consensus social, nous n'ajoutons que des composants d'échange et nous nous concentrons sur le maintien de la stabilité de l'ensemble de la structure d'échange. Le but ultime est de complètement décentraliser et aplatir.
N'importe qui peut rejoindre OpenNMS de quelque manière que ce soit pour explorer ensemble le modèle de développement. Nous sommes impatients d'enraciner profondément OpenNMS dans la communauté dès que possible, afin que le rôle de fournir des liquidités soit entièrement assuré par les membres de la communauté. Vous pouvez être un banquier, un commerçant , marchand, designer, technicien, militants sociaux ou certains nouveaux rôles, tout système monétaire existant peut obtenir la confirmation de la valeur de tous les êtres humains en reliant OpenNMS. Nous prévoyons que la Communauté de Conscience sera l'état final du réseau OpenNMS.
  1. Attaque anti-liquidité : l'intention initiale de la conception expérimentale est de protéger les intérêts des participants en estimant l'échelle de la demande du marché futur, en présupposant une offre suffisante et en se défendant efficacement contre les attaques de liquidité, tout en évitant de surévaluer la condition insold Pertes, le désancrage de la portée locale à court terme peut être inévitable, mais s'ajustera bientôt à l'intervalle pertinent.
  2. Contributeurs au monde du chiffrement : OpenNMS peut fournir une liquidité abondante dans le domaine du chiffrement, résoudre le problème à long terme des déclins périodiques et brusques causés par le manque de liquidité dans ce domaine, et peut également devenir la norme comportementale des intermédiaires centralisés. OpenNMS est construit sur une crypto-monnaie native représentative et éprouvée à long terme sur le marché comme ancre de base, et dispose d'une source stable de crypto-monnaie native, de manière à construire une série de mécanismes d'échange naturels complets sur l'infrastructure mature existante. système d'échange stable", ou un "environnement commercial stable à l'état naturel". Il est prévisible que la communauté puisse fournir des liquidités suffisantes pour l'ensemble de l'environnement de cryptage, et les projets conformes à la valeur universelle des êtres humains recevront un financement suffisant. Au Dans le même temps, les actifs cryptés des participants peuvent également retrouver leur véritable valeur, au lieu d'être contraints de participer à un zéro - jeu de somme dans un environnement de marché déformé et porter atteinte à leur propre "valeur d'origine".
  3. Dons et commentaires : comme le montre l'initiative, OpenNMS est toujours un mouvement de bien-être public. Afin de faire face aux équipements quotidiens tels que le GAS et la génération de données, il a encore des dépenses fixes. Nous acceptons également les dons généreux du public. Afin de promouvoir la réalisation de notre vision commune le plus tôt possible, et afin d'enregistrer et de récompenser les donateurs, nous vous renverrons l'équivalent de jetons Elements en hommage à vos bonnes actions.Les donateurs peuvent échanger directement USDT/MELE sur Uniswap pour faire un don , la valeur de rétroaction initiale est de 1000: 1. La méthode de rétroaction dépend de l'avancement de l'initiative, mais elle ne dépassera pas la portée du rachat avec le produit de l'échange. Nous redonnerons également des éléments aux bénévoles, aux militants sociaux et aux bâtisseurs communautaires comme comptoir Un hommage à leur service public.
Les dons importants peuvent être faits aux adresses suivantes :
adresse de la chaîne Ethereum : 0x25803Ff2A8C4E3a37976Ad3CC53F02c9944B804B
  1. Intervention de destruction et de résiliation : lorsque l'environnement structurel d'OpenNMS atteindra l'équilibre du marché, les pièces restantes n'entreront plus dans la circulation du marché et seront brûlées. Ensuite, l'ensemble de l'initiative se développera naturellement dans la communauté et entrera dans une phase déflationniste. Avant cela , s'il existe un protocole commun approuvé par la communauté, qui peut parfaitement résoudre le problème de la redistribution circulaire, nous transférerons complètement le quota restant à ce protocole, et l'objectif de toute l'initiative sera parfaitement réalisé.
5. Conclusion
Nous proposons le réseau de monnaie naturelle très imaginatif OpenNMS, qui intègre une base monétaire suffisante pour le système économique de la quatrième civilisation. Toutes les données expérimentales impliquées dans ce programme sont enregistrées sur une infrastructure de blockchain honnête et durable de la blockchain, et tout l'historique des transactions. existera toujours dans la blockchain.
Notre mission est de faire en sorte qu'OpenNMS soit un système monétaire convivial pour le grand public - bénéficiant à toute l'humanité du bénéfice des individus.
Si OpenNMS est créé avec succès, cette initiative pourrait stimuler l'économie mondiale et nous aider à faire progresser la justice humaine universelle en augmentant à l'infini l'abondance de fluidité connectée latéralement. OpenNMS a le potentiel de permettre des modes de vie et des capacités entièrement nouveaux ; un monde dans lequel nous sommes tous avoir accès à l'aide financière dont nous avons besoin pour accomplir presque toutes les tâches créatives, un hommage à l'ingéniosité humaine.L'intelligence et la créativité sont de grands multiplicateurs de force.
D"autre part, il peut également présenter des risques d"abus et de chaos communautaire. Puisque OpenNMS est complètement ouvert et imparable, les premiers participants ont un effet multiplicateur significatif sur le financement. Nous nous attendons à ce que la communauté forme un code d"éthique bénin et dirige l"énergie dans le direction de la bonne volonté et de l'avancement moral.
Par rapport à d'autres applications, l'initiative OpenNMS ne se développe pas vers le front-end, mais s'appuie sur des briques matures existantes, ce qui permet aux participants d'éviter d'affaiblir leur valeur de portabilité : C'est l'idée originale d'OpenNMS, l'évolution des individus LP avec les uns les autres pour optimiser en permanence le coût d'échange, et les participants obtiennent des avantages continus. En fait, OpenNMS évoluera d'une manière dont nous ne pouvons pas être sûrs, et presque personne ne peut prédire le modèle d'évolution du système. Mais nous le savons peut être une communauté de sensibilisation solide.Les préférences collectives humaines et la valeur de sortie détermineront conjointement l'orientation future du développement d'OpenNMS.
Le succès d'OpenNMS peut être dans un avenir proche ou lointain ; de la matrice d'échange initiale à un chiffre, l'évolution vers la progression géométrique et la vitesse de décollage d'une participation plus puissante de l'ensemble de la société peuvent être très rapides. semblait plus propice à la santé de l'initiative, tandis qu'un démarrage plus lent a donné à la communauté plus de temps pour déterminer empiriquement comment cartographier les relations de valeur et comment s'adapter. crucial pour le développement d'OpenNMS, et il est également plus propice au système d'être suffisamment décentralisé et plat, de sorte que le système appartienne complètement à toute l'humanité, fonctionne et se développe selon les valeurs collectives de l'humanité, et complète réellement le initiative Les principales exigences du réseau : décentralisation complète, non-ingérence, non-falsification et existence perpétuelle.
Bien que nous ne puissions pas prédire exactement ce qui se passera, nous pouvons articuler les principes qui nous préoccupent le plus :
Résister à la technologie n'est pas l'objet de l'initiative. Au lieu de cela, nous espérons qu'OpenNMS permettra aux individus de prospérer au milieu de ce boom technologique sans précédent. Nous voulons maximiser nos capacités individuelles. Nous espérons que l'avenir de l'humanité est une utopie réussie. amplificateur pour tous .
Nous voulons que les avantages d'OpenNMS, des droits de frappe et de l'autonomie de la communauté soient largement et équitablement partagés.
Les références:
Événements historiques majeurs dans l'histoire du développement monétaire
Voici les événements historiques de la monnaie d'or dans le monde de 2600 avant JC à nos jours :
Vers 2600 av. J.-C., les pharaons d'Égypte ont commencé à utiliser l'or comme monnaie.
En 546 avant JC, l'Empire perse a commencé à extraire des pièces d'or.
En 312 avant JC, la République romaine a commencé à utiliser des pièces d'or.
En 610 après JC, l'islam a commencé à utiliser l'or comme moyen d'échange.
En 1284 après JC, Venise, la République italienne, a commencé à frapper des pièces d'or et est devenue l'un des centres financiers européens.
En 1489 après JC, les premiers billets de banque ont été émis par la dynastie Ming et échangés contre de l'or.
En 1717 après JC, la Grande-Bretagne a créé une banque nationale pour l'échange d'or, et des pays du monde entier ont emboîté le pas.
En 1875 après JC, l'Union monétaire latine a été créée, visant à fixer la teneur en or de la monnaie de chaque membre et à promouvoir le commerce international.
En 1933, le président américain Franklin Roosevelt a ordonné la confusion de l'or des citoyens et l'abolition de l'échange d'or contre des dollars américains.
En 1944, l'accord de Bretton Woods a été signé, stipulant que le taux de change entre le dollar américain et l'or était de 35 dollars américains par once.
En 1971, le président américain Richard Nixon a annoncé l'annulation de la relation d'échange directe entre le dollar américain et l'or, mettant fin à l'accord de Bretton Woods.
En 1999, l'Union monétaire européenne a été créée et l'euro a commencé à circuler en tant que monnaie.
Histoire de l'étalon-or
1. En 1816, le Royaume-Uni a promulgué le "Gold Standard Act", faisant de la Grande-Bretagne le premier pays à mettre en œuvre le système de l'étalon-or.
2. Au XIXe et au début du XXe siècle, la politique monétaire britannique reposait en grande partie sur les transactions et la liquidité sur les marchés nationaux et internationaux de l'or.
3. L'étalon-or britannique a été suspendu pendant la Première Guerre mondiale et n'a été rétabli qu'en 1925. Ce système a été abandonné en 1931. Pendant la période de l'étalon-or, la politique monétaire britannique s'est concentrée sur le maintien des réserves d'or et l'ajustement des taux d'intérêt. Amélioré la stabilité de la livre sterling et en a fait le centre du commerce et de la finance mondiale.
4. L'Accord sur le système monétaire international signé par 44 pays à Bretton Woods en 1944. Son objectif principal est de stabiliser les taux de change et de renforcer la coopération internationale dans le commerce international et la finance.
5. Le système de Bretton Woods stipule que les pays participants doivent arrimer leur monnaie au dollar des États-Unis, qui est arrimé à l'or. Le taux de change de la monnaie de chaque pays est affecté dans une certaine mesure par le taux de change du dollar des États-Unis et de l'or.
6. Dans le système de Bretton Woods, le rapport de change fixe dollar-or est de 1 once d'or pour 35 dollars. Ce rapport est connu sous le nom d'"étalon-or à 35 $ l'once". Dans ce système, les monnaies des autres pays ont également un relation de taux de change fixe avec le dollar parce qu'ils sont tous liés à la valeur du dollar et font des États-Unis le centre du commerce et de la finance mondiale.
7. Le système de Bretton Woods a bien fonctionné pendant quelques décennies après sa signature en 1944, mais au fil du temps, le déficit commercial américain et l'inflation intérieure ont commencé à causer des problèmes avec le taux de change fixe entre le dollar et l'or.
8. En 1971, le président américain Nixon a annoncé l'abolition du taux de change fixe entre le dollar américain et l'or, ce qui signifiait également l'effondrement du système de Bretton Woods. Depuis lors, les pays du monde entier ont adopté des régimes de taux de change libres.
L'effondrement du système de Bretton Woods qui l'a accompagné a également annoncé une transformation du système économique et financier mondial. Le système de taux de change flottants a remplacé le système de taux de change fixes et l'ouverture du marché financier mondial s'est encore améliorée, ce qui a croissance du commerce et des investissements internationaux.
L'expérience et les leçons du système de Bretton Woods ont également eu un impact profond sur le développement et le fonctionnement du système financier mondial actuel. Le Fonds monétaire international et d'autres institutions internationales tentent de maintenir la stabilité et le développement de l'économie mondiale en stabilisant les taux de change réglementation et gestion des risques.
Boom mondial du dollar
Le boom mondial du dollar fait référence à la période entre 1945 et 1971, qui est considérée comme l'âge d'or de la domination du dollar sur l'économie mondiale.
Après la Seconde Guerre mondiale, les États-Unis sont devenus le seul pays doté d'armes nucléaires, ils ont donc une énorme influence sur la scène politique internationale.
La puissance économique des États-Unis a augmenté rapidement après la guerre et est devenue la plus grande économie du monde.
En 1944, lors de la conférence de Bretton Woods dans le New Hampshire, les États-Unis ont dirigé la formulation du système monétaire mondial, désigné le dollar américain comme monnaie de réserve internationale et utilisé l'or comme garantie de convertibilité du dollar américain, ce qui a encore renforcé la statut du dollar américain dans le monde.
La politique de guerre froide et la politique étrangère militaire des États-Unis, notamment en fournissant une assistance militaire et économique à des pays comme l'Europe et le Japon, ont renforcé l'influence des États-Unis dans ces pays.
Au cours de cette période, la plupart des pays du monde ont indexé leur monnaie sur le dollar américain pour assurer la stabilité de leur monnaie. La prospérité de l'économie américaine a également conduit à la croissance de l'économie mondiale, faisant de cette période un âge d'or dans l'histoire de l'économie mondiale.
Cependant, cette période a finalement pris fin avec l'effondrement du système de Bretton Woods en 1971, lorsque les États-Unis ont mis fin à la convertibilité directe de l'or en dollars, entraînant des troubles dans le système monétaire mondial et des problèmes de récession et d'inflation.
Trilemme de Mundell-Fleming
Également connue sous le nom de fusion impossible en trois points, il s'agit d'une théorie proposée par l'économiste Mundell, faisant référence au fait qu'un pays veut atteindre trois objectifs : taux de change fixe, politique monétaire indépendante et libre circulation des capitaux, qui ne peuvent être atteints que En même temps Deux de ces buts, mais trois buts ne peuvent pas être atteints en même temps, c'est-à-dire que lorsque trois buts existent en même temps, un but ne doit pas être réalisé, et il y a un conflit inévitable.
emplois de production non physiques
Les emplois de production immatériels sont les emplois qui ne nécessitent pas d'implication directe dans la fabrication d'articles ou le transfert de matière.Ces emplois concernent principalement le traitement et la production d'informations, de données, de documents, de logiciels, etc., tels que le développement de logiciels, conception de sites Web, analyse de données, marketing, analyse financière, conseil, etc. Le processus de travail de ces postes est principalement concentré sur des ordinateurs ou d'autres appareils numériques, qui peuvent collaborer et communiquer à distance via le réseau et Internet, et ne nécessitent généralement pas de faire -opérations sur site ou fabrication physique.
quatrième civilisation
La quatrième civilisation fait référence à un nouveau type de civilisation émergeant sur la base de la numérisation et des technologies de l'information. Elle se distingue des trois civilisations précédentes (c'est-à-dire la civilisation de rassemblement, la civilisation agricole et la civilisation industrielle) en raison de la numérisation et de la technologie de communication préexistante de l'information. et l'innovation aux êtres humains, et ont changé tous les aspects de la société humaine, y compris social, économique, politique, culturel, etc. La quatrième civilisation est généralement considérée comme une étape importante dans l'histoire de la civilisation humaine, et on peut aussi l'appeler si - civilisation fondée.
note de l'éditeur : en repensant à cette période de l'histoire, nous avons constaté que le système du dollar-or exportait des liquidités stables vers le monde, permettant au développement de l'économie et de la technologie mondiales d'entrer dans une période de développement rapide et stable de 30 ans. l'Internet et la technologie informatique dont nous bénéficions aujourd'hui viennent tous de cela Au cours de la période, jusqu'à aujourd'hui, les États-Unis ont entretenu et réparé un tel système mondial à leurs propres frais. L'avenir pourrait être une ère de monétarisme humaniste, permettant ses coûts de maintenance à distribuer à chaque personne bénéficiaire.
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2023.03.25 08:39 ShadowDragon8685 [Ace is the Only Sane Pirate 12]The Avaricious Runaround

No sooner had Najia sat down at a dingy canteen on the scrap facility than her datapad received a call from Yorilos. She hadn't even gotten her coffee yet, and thought that was supremely unfair. "Anyone wanna bet he natters on without stopping to let me interrupt?"
There were no takers, and she propped the datapad up, connecting the call. Yorilos's face appeared, in the cockpit of the ship she had 'liberated' for him. "Excellent!" he exclaimed without preamble. "Now, Protectyon is exorbitantly expensive, but I suppose we will not need an entire unit to conduct your research. It might be our best course of action to approach the CEO of Northriver Company directly. We might be able to buy a small sample from him... If we can find him, that is. It is well known that he occasionally likes to flaunt his enormous wealth. A fellow trader just spotted him taking his most prized possession out for a pleasure cruise. I have sent you the coordinates of his last known location. Start from there."
He terminated the call, and Najia sat back, blinking. "Did he even stop to breathe?" Marta snorted. "That guy apparently sucks wind with his asshole, since he sure as hell didn't take any in through his mouth!"
Najia snorted, laughing and covering her face with her palm. Ace looked at Marta in disbelief for a few moments, as she worked out the idiom, then let out a high-pitched, almost strangled trill, hanging her head. "Y'all know I'm right," Marta hammered the point in. "He is longwinded, yes. And also, unfortunately, an idiot," Ace declared. "Well... Yes, but why in specific, this time?"
"I hope for his sake he is fantastic in the bunk and willing to pursue a career in prostitution, because he is clearly a homeworld-raised true believer in nonsense," Ace spat. "He actually believes 'the invisible hand of the free market' will result in equitable distribution of goods and wealth?!" She let out a shrill trill. "In Avarice and Windfall no less!" Marta snorted. "Yeah... He'd better be planning to be a boy-toy." She rolled her eyes. "Does he really think that the CEO of a monopoly is just going to sell us a tiny sample of what's making him filthy rich so we can take it away, analyze it, synthesize it, and start competing with him?" "Apparently he does," Najia said with an exasperated sigh. "That's kind of... Frightening, actually. Though chasing this fellow down might be something we'll have to do eventually, but for now... We might as well just buy a load."
"Protectyon is not ordinary cargo," Ace pointed out. "I do not know the specifics, but I do know that it requires special cargo-handling equipment. The Rakers know this. They guard the nature of this equipment with some skill. Between that, and that the only market for the stuff is here in Windfall, it is not a substance of any value to a pirate... Presumably, small containers for transporting small quantities are available to those in the know, of course." "Of course... But in this case, I think the best move is to make use of my checking account," Najia said. The waitress arrived with coffee in a cheap metal mug, which Najia took gratefully, as did the rest of her party. They were sitting at a table next to Robin and the party of crew she had brought with them. Najia took a drink of the coffee, and grimaced immediately. "Don't like it, spacer," the waitress asked with a smirk as she handed out the others' drinks. "Took me by surprise. Tidebreak serves it sweet enough to curl eyebrows." No sooner had she said that, than the waitress sat a bottle on the table with a heavy, dense thunk. Najia poured it in, and nodded; it was some kind of yellowish syrup or synthetic honey. "Thank you," she said. "Sure, whatever. Your ship brought a load of food here - and not even like, the stuff the fuckin' Viggs 'let us' have, at extortionate rates. So, there's that, spacer." The waitress turned and hurried away. Ace snorted. "Not very grateful, was she?" She had, apparently, missed where part of the plan had been to have Takio's personal Baku deliver a load of food, which she supposed had transpired while she was asleep.
"These people are... Prickly. I can understand that," Najia said. "Anyway, I'm just going to take the simple route on this one: buy one of the condensate ships, load it with the stuff at market value, and have it fly it to the headquarters... For 'upgrades' of course." She grinned.
Ace trilled softly at that. "Upgrades indeed." She fiddled with the datapad in her hand as Najia and the others started to do likewise, and after a few moments, found what seemed to be a saved-game in progress. It looked like a sketch of a space station, but it struck her as being a puzzle game, and probably an 'indie' one at that, given the godawful user-interface. She quickly worked it out of course, because a pirate's mind is slippery by necessity and a Teladi's mind is primed to calculate a dozen variables at once, and then she could dig into the meat of it. It looked like a space station, but it was one built on an impossible scale; an absolute megalith of a station, an absurd and ridiculous monolith seemingly built to construct the most basic and common of Commonwealth construction materials, but in absolutely absurd quantities. There was a rider on it, too; and that seemed to be the objective of the game, or at least of the current level; adding a mixed population of Terran, Argon, and Teladi workers, and the requisite inputs to feed them all, enough to run the entire station and then some.
The datapad in her hand chirr-uped, and Ace saved and closed the progress she had made in the game, finding that a new report had been filed by the professor they had hired for, frankly, enough money to probably have employed the entire Empyrean Curs. She skimmed the summary - short, consise and to the point - and trilled softly. "Interesting development," she noted. "Your starship professor is making yet more inroads." She looked up at the human magnate. "Apparently he found a project starfighter that someone had been preparing in one of your hangars."
Najia chuckled. "A project starfighter?" She took the datapad. "Paramerion...? Hmph. Looks like someone stripped down a Kallis for speed and narrowness, judging by these stats." "Could be fun," Marta pointed out. "For someone who likes to fly, that is," she added, grinning at Najia and Ace.
Najia chuckled, and then shook her head. "Might even be just the thing for chasing down this Northriver fellow, if we assume he's going to make himself difficult to catch up to. According to the Professor, it's currently a one-off, but they should be able to extrapolate the plans and build more, if desired. Seems that it actually was based on some early, unproduced Kallis prototypes." "I'll have it sent out to the Avarice Necessities supplier," Najia added. "Meanwhile..."
A high-importance alert hit her datapad. She frowned as she read the report; one - then two - then three - of her freighters in Windfall were reporting being harassed by the Vigor syndicate. That was new. She scowled at that, snarling.
"Trouble," Ace asked. Under the table, she curled her tail around Najia's calf, and Najia rubbed her eyes. "Trouble," Ace repeated; no longer an interrogative, but a statement. "The Vigor syndicate have apparently decided to start harassing ships carrying food," she noted, wrathfully. "That you have gone so long without them doing so is the anomaly," Ace pointed out. "They are not shy about that they use force to enforce their monopoly on food in Windfall and Vigor," she added. "And was this not the fight you intended to wage anyway?"
"Yes," Najia hissed angrily. "But the timing is wrong." She rubbed her eyeballs, seething. Her ships were reporting that the Vigor syndicate were being very aggressive; not quite at the point of shooting openly at them - which would go poorly for everyone concerned frankly - but they were harassing them openly, shaking them down for bribes or even demanding they drop cargo, as well as conducting "police" inspections for "contraband" - meaning food and water. "Then what do you plan to do?"
Najia grit her teeth, closing her eyes. She focused on the feeling of Ace's tail squeezing her calf, and seethed, but calmed herself. "Comply... For now. Set up some goodwill by selling them energy cells again." "Again? They're probably angry you cut them off in the first place," Ace noted, and Najia snorted. "Probably." Najia let out an annoyed hiss of breath. "Well, we'll deal with it." She drummed her fingers in annoyance on the bare metal, cafeteria-style table. "The time is not yet. Not yet... Yet." She cracked her knuckles, one-by-one. "First, we need to chase down this Protectyon stuff." She started fiddling on her datapad. "I'll just place the order and have it sent to the HQ. If Boso Ta can't work with that, well... I guess we'll try it Yorilos' way and chase down this Northriver."
"It might be worthwhile to approach him now in any event," Ace suggested. "The Northriver company are, as you might imagine... Well-connected, with the Vigor Syndicate." Najia pursed her lips and frowned, but nodded. She looked around the dingy cafeteria, and sighed, nodding, but sighed again, heavily. "You can't fix everything, Ninja Taco; and what you can fix, you mostly can't fix in a day," Marta said, softly. "Let's just... Let's try Ace's idea."
Najia nodded, with a heavy sigh. She covered her head with her hands for a few moments, and let out a huff. She needed a bit of breathing room, time to think, time to plan. She looked around, and drummed her fingers on the table. "Let's finish our business here, and head for the Necessities station," she said. "We'll give the Raleigh I bought time to make it to the HQ, and the Paramerion time to get here... Then we'll use it, as it's apparently speed incarnate, to chase down Northriver and see what he can tell us about Protectyon, or the Syndicate, or both." She looked around; there were no particular objections raised. Ace snorted softly at her. "I and 'Chipmunk' are laying low; it matters little to me where we do so or what other activities we engage in whilst doing. Besides, I wonder what this station looks like."
Najia grinned at her.
Scant hours later, Ace was in the co-pilot's seat of the Baku as it arrowed in to land, alongside the Radiant Afterglow that had been shadowing them the whole time. The station was a mammoth; Ace had been expecting some kind of small way-station. It had absolutely gargantuan solar arrays pointing at the nearby star; the number of docks and piers was, frankly, grossly excessive, to the point that Ace reckoned it could easily hold the entire ship population of Avarice. There were massive personnel accommodations, and all the things she had seen that made Takio's constructions so awe-inspiring. "The number of docks and piers you have here is mind-boggling," Ace commented as the ship landed on one of the Terran-style disk docks. "It defies description. I cannot imagine why."
Najia smiled weakly at her, leaning out to look out through the expansive flight-deck window. "Quite simply? I wanted there to never, ever, ever be any question about whether or not a ship in need of safe-habor from the Tide could find it here. And yes, we're buying the Protectyon stuff - at quite ridiculous prices - to keep the place safe." She pointed at a massive, triple-pronged module along the station's 'spine.' "The Breakers built that, and the storage for it. They're effectively a 'black box' to us since part of the deal there was that we didn't poke around inside, but the thing keeps working, and we've isolated them from outside comms to ensure that stays the case."
Ace snorted. "I'm surprised you agreed to refrain from reverse-engineering them." "Well, we did. Of course, we lied," Najia said, with a grin. "I don't believe in letting other people keep technological secrets from me. But we're not, you know, cutting our way in or anything... Sometimes, you have to move slow. Besides, nobody would bat an eyelash at me commissioning another Raleigh and stocking it with some Protectyon, right?" "Right," Ace said, chuckling. She glanced up at the station. It was massive. She glanced down at the time-table; the Paramerion would arrive in approximately sixteen hours. "This place is huge. I might have to look around."
Najia smiled at her. "Feel free. You want to come with me to chase down this Northriver character? I think I'm going to give this prototype a test run myself." Ace trilled. "That sounds fun. Sure."
The Avarice Necessities Supplier station was a mammoth. Ace had explored it thoroughly; it had all the amenities one might expect of a space station, which was surprising in Avarice space. Unsurprising to her now, was that the prices were absolutely rock-bottom. Not quite giving the stuff away at cost, but close enough. It was, Ace mused, a good way to make inroads with the Rakers, though she suspected that Takio was doing so out of beneficience as much as anything else. She seemed positively furious that the Syndicate were exerting control over food and water; absolutely furious.
That, Ace realized, was something that set her apart. To her way of thinking, it was only to be expected that the party which had the power to establish a monopoly on such basic necessities should do so, to further increase their power and wealth, exploiting that position to enrich themselves. Takio clearly did not see it that way. It was an affront to her; and she was clearly plotting the Syndicate's downfall over it. Ace mused these musings both before and after she took a nap, in a surprisingly-affordable lodging room she took on the station. The amenities were in fact made in the same style and materials as those Najia had established for herself back on her headquarters station. The shower, in particular, was an absolute luxury to Ace's mind; there was no time- or pressure-limiter, no charge for the water use, and, as with the showers on her ships, featured a slick slatted floor instead of an obvious drain and a bench. All available at such a rate that anyone who landed here could afford to stay without difficulty. Neither were there any other tiers of accommodation available; there were no 'suites' above and beyond what she slept in, nor were there the expected squalorus hostel dormitories she had sometimes been able to avail herself of in her youth - at prices that sometimes exceeded that of the individual suite she enjoyed. The only other forms of room available were doubles and quads for pairings or parties sleeping together, and 'accessibility' rooms for persons with mobility or other issues.
Ace had found this so surprising, in fact, she had chatted up the clerk at the lodging module. Apparently, Takio Enterprises had taken some simple shortcuts in their design process, by not doing the design work themselves; they had simply followed Segaris traveler-accommodation regulations and made use of a common Segaris habitat module design. The prices were set low because the station was, ultimately, self-sufficient save for the reliance on Protectyon, and it was largely viewed as a public service.
The difference between this station and the one they had left hardly any time at all before was striking. The Terran construction techniques Takio used were incredible, of course; but it also spoke to their intents that they were effectively leaving money in the pockets of persons who would pay higher prices for what they were offering and gladly. Of course, she mused, it wasn't entirely utopic. It couldn't be. she had found a tavern and lurked, and certainly she had caught the (metaphorical) scent of black-market trade. The number of employees at the station was enormous, surely there would be those who could be bribed. There was certain, she knew, to be a thriving underbelly in illicit goods or services; though it seemed that there was an effort to minimize this, by the simple expedient of making the most commonly-smuggled goods and most commonly-criminalized services legal, mostly in the Teladi style; Ace saw vending machines which dispensed packets of Space Weed and found a local-net exchange board which purported to connect medically-checked and cleared prostitutes with clients; tangential to that was a heap of information about prostitution - both practical and, she saw with a little digging, historical and philosophical - as well as resources for those looking to get into that trade, beginning with reporting to medical for an examination. There was also a stark warning that pimping, or abusing a prostitute in any way, carried a summary sentence of execution. Ace's eyes shot up at that. She ran a few searches to see what cut Takio Enterprises was taking for this, but couldn't find any over and above presumably the rental price of the lodging rooms involved.
It almost seemed clinical, but, she mused, on the balance, if this environment had been available to her when she was trying to figure out what to do to avert hunger, it certainly would have seemed a far more attractive option. Her primary reason for shying away from prostitution as a career, had been the fear of winding up the property of a pimp. Ace ruminated on this, whilst staring out the window of a tavern, at the star, through the solar panel array, when she got the message that the Paramerion had arrived.
The craft itself looked very much like many of the Terran ships Ace had seen in recent weeks, sitting in the pretty purple trim that Takio had ships meant for herself painted in. It was even sitting in a bay next to a Tsurugi superheavy fighter, which made her take a double-take; clearly they had wasted no time in producing the starfighters!
Ace looked between the two. The Paramerion was short dorsal-to-ventral, as most Terran small craft were, but this one took it to an extreme. It was elongated and somewhat narrow, though it could have, she thought, been narrower still without the side-mounted wings that served no purpose she could discern immediately, save to be wings. "They're for atmospheric flight," Najia explained. "Most Terran S- and M- craft are at least capable of it; most Argon, too, for that matter. Most Teladi... Even the Drill, which the Baku is based on; and of course the Baku itself. Though, admittedly, the flying shoe does rely a lot more on thrusters," Najia said; she was standing by the ramp into the Paramerion, watching Ace's gaze.
Ace trilled softly and nodded, joining Najia in the cockpit. It was roomy enough; the cockpit design seemed to be wholly-copied from the Kallis. That made sense, as they were apparently related designs. She looked around, and tapped on the holographic auxiliary console at the rear of the cockpit, to the side. "Shall I navigate for you?" "Unless you'd rather fly," Najia said, smiling at her. Ace took a moment to think on that, and shook her head. "I'll fly the way back, if all goes smoothly. It's your ship, you should take it. Where is Marta? Is she not coming?"
"She's already in the back. There's what the original designers of these classes euphemistically refer to as a 'bunk-slash-engineering-access' behind us, in front of the power plant. It's so tight I don't think anyone could even masturbate in there, but you can sleep in there... If you're desperate. Personally, I'd just roll out a sleeping mat in the dockpit," Najia said; this got a louder trill from Ace, as Najia took the chair. "Right, I've already done the preflight... Let's see what she can do."
Northriver was, allegedly, in the same sector - Avarice I - and finding him was a minor challenge. Ace operated sensors whilst Najia piloted; the ship seemed to have very desirable piloting characteristics; agile and responsive without being touchy or prone to over-maneuvering. Swift, but not prone to sliding. She looked forward to her own turn at the stick, as they narrowed in on the alleged location of Brantlee Northriver.
Finding him was little challenge - then Ace swore softly. "Is that..." She had another ship on the fighter's sensors, and brought up its details. Sitting a hundred klicks from Astrid, apparently the ship of Northriver, was J.P. Morgan's Knife. Ace hissed softly. "Does he... Really..."
"Does he really expect this guy to give us a sample to reverse engineer?" Najia groaned. "Fine, fuck it. If we don't ask, he will, and Yorilos is about as good at negotiating as someone who goes to a flea market, sees a pair of sun-shades at a stall, talks the proprietor down two credits and walks away feeling like they're John Pierpont Morgan." Ace trilled softly at that. "Is that whom his vessel is named after? Who was this person?" Najia snorted. "We'd have to interrupt the history lesson to run for cover from the Tide," she said with a grin, looking over her shoulder. "Suffice to say he was a human industrialist from a very long time ago, who managed to amass one of the smaller fortunes of his era, but who wielded power and control of money to substantially more effect than the actual wealth he personally had. He formed banks, you see; once, he helped to fend off an impending bank run that would have caused a financial collapse, by assembling a large number of a nation's most powerful bankers in his mansion, and locked them in his library, telling them that they would not be leaving until they had worked out a scheme to avert the crisis."
Ace trilled, watching as the little fighter closed on what she was reading as some kind of yacht. "That sounds like something you might do," she pointed out. Najia snorted, looked back at Ace, and chuckled. "I think I should take that as a compliment. J.P. Morgan was an asshole, like pretty much all of the wealthy and powerful persons of his time and era... Or, any era, to be honest. I... Never expected to find myself wielding clout and power like Morgan's, let alone enough that I probably eclipse him. It's... Kind of overwhelming, to be honest." "And yet, you persevere," Ace retorted. "By any measure, you could take what you've amassed now, retire to a sector of your choosing, build a monumental space station of your own design, and live a life of indolence until the money ran out. A Teladi could take your wealth and live out the rest of her life, even. Yet, you are building warships and lodgings fit for well-off individuals and affordable to the hardscrabble. By Teladi reckoning, Najia, you are insane."
Najia blinked at that, half-snorting. She had cut the travel drive and was approaching the lazily drifting yacht, and took the moment to turn her chair halfway, looking to her side at Ace. "Do you think I'm... Literally mad?" Ace peered at her, and shook her head. "No, I do not. Many Teladi might assume it to be so," she said, with an ambivalent sway of her hips and a shrug. "... I believe that you are acting to a set of principles and convictions that are, however, utterly alien to most Teladi understanding. You seem as if you intend to seize Windfall and Avarice outright. Yet even if you did, you would not squeeze the Rakers on food prices the way the Syndicate does. I do not understand where you are coming from," Ace said, swaying her hips again. "But... I feel I can trust you. And from there, confidence. Heads-up," she added, cautioning Najia. "We are close enough you had best comm them, lest they think you're about to attack."
Swiveling rapidly back to face forward, Najia did just that, signaling the yacht she was approaching of her intent to communicate. Moments later, she recieved a reply. "Yes, what is it you want?" Brantlee Northriver had a grating, abrasive, and smug voice; he was also dressed, she thought, ridiculously, wearing what looked like a desaturated blue jacket trimmed with excessively gaudy, and gaudily excessive amounts of gold, with some kind of absurd half-hood thing cupping the back of his head. It was some long-ago futurist's vision of what a far-flung spacefuture clergyman's robe might look like crossed with a business suit. Najia knew that her own sense of fashion was questionable, but even she immediately recognized the outfit as disgustingly ugly, and radiating both wealth and contempt. Her impression was realized as he continued, "I sure hope you have a good reason for approaching me. I am quite busy, you see?"
Najia mastered the urge to ask if he was busy receiving fellatio from someone under the console he was sitting at, because she could see absolutely no other possible activity he was invested in; she also mastered the urge to just shoot the smug off his face. She instead smiled at him, schooling herself into 'businesswoman' persona even though he made her skin crawl on an imager; and, of course, she would have to try to talk a sample out of it, because she knew that Yorilos was listening in and would certainly swoop in and somehow make things stupider if she didn't. "Mr. Northriver, you may not have had time yet to notice my minor operations; Takio Enterprises is expanding into Avarice. The name of Northriver and its Protectyon is on every set of lips within three jumps as a potent defensive measure against the Tide. I wished to obtain -"
"What, just a sample?" Northriver leaned forward, towards his camera, smirking - no, smugging - at her, adopting the 'Thinker' pose, briefly. "Such a small quantity won't get you far, if you want to protect yourself from the Tide. Can't afford more, eh?" For a moment, Najia toyed with the notion of making an offer to buy Northriver outright, just to wipe the smug off his face, but he continued to smug audibly at her. "Oh, well, since you seem to be new around here, I'll allow it. Once." Brantlee turned to look out his cockpit window at Avarice, which illuminated him brightly. Looking away and up was probably his 'best side;' it was the only posture in which she had yet seen him that looked anything other than 'contemptable.' "To get you hooked. Am I not charitable?" He immediately resumed his contemptuousness, then turned back to face her and made it all the more stark. "I will even cut you a special deal, how about that?" His expression clearly communicated his contempt and belief that he was superior. "Merely twelve and a half thousand credits for the sample you so dearly desire; my first, last, and only offer."
Najia wanted to say something scathing in return, she really did. Or simply to lock her cannons on his admittedly-very-sexy yacht and take the sample at cannon-point. Or to flip him the finger. Instead, she schooled herself to merely raise her eyebrow skeptically; forcing herself to maintain 'The Businesswoman,' who was too refined to rise to the bait. But she also had neither time nor patience to haggle over what was, frankly, a trivial sum to her bank account. Hell, she knew for a fact that Ace could buy the sample and wouldn't lose much sleep over it, just from what Ace had made in the last several days with her. "It seems your proposal can only be agreed to," she said, bringing up the financial transfer function on her console and sending the sum required.
Smugly, Brantlee grinned at her. "Here you go. I hope you leave as a satisfied customer!" Ace quickly tapped a message that appeared on her console. 'He's jettisoned an XS cargo pod.' The Teladi deftly located it for her on sensors, targeting it for her, as Northriver continued, "Oh, and by the way - don't for one second think that you can use this sample to engineer a competing product. It won't work. Northriver products are just too ingenious!" Northriver positively crowed it at her, and once again Najia had to master the urge to lock weapons upon him, but she did, at that moment, privately vow that, by means fair or foul, she was going to gain possession of his yacht if only to spite him. "Run along now," he added, smirking. "I have much more important matters to attend to," he clarified, sanctimoniously smiling, ending the comm channel and turning the yacht away, entering Travel drive.
"Let me bring that pod aboard," Ace muttered, manipulating the tractor controls, and comming the multipurpose space in the back. "Marta, if you would kindly suit up -" "Way ahead of you, Ace," Marta answered her, popping up on-screen already wearing a light pressure suit, in the airlock. "Get it over here and I'll grab it, make sure it doesn't jostle or anything. Mass?" "Considerable, but not more than a large human such as yourself can handle. Volitility is not known, but it cannot hurt to be over-cautious."
Najia smiled to herself as she heard Ace, unprompted, begin collaboration with Marta. A part of her cynical and intellectual side tried to argue that Ace was a pirate, and probably always would be a pirate at heart, but she was quite simply too fond of the reptilian spacer to listen to that part of her anymore; her oldest friend and her newest could be coming together. Then another comm popped up, and she resisted the urge to groan aloud. She let The Businesswoman fade; frankly, Yorilos didn't rate it, and they were (sort of) collaborators on this anyway. To her surprise (and pleasure), when he commed her, he immediately voiced her own opinion, "I wonder if being obnoxious is his deliberate business strategy?" Najia laughed, heartily, slumping back in her command chair and grinning brightly, shrugging. "I don't think so. I think it just comes naturally to the git."
Yorilos looked momentarily nonplussed, presumably by her vernacular, then said, "No matter. It will make it all the more enjoyable when we pull the rug from under the Northriver Company." "We are in absolute agreement about that," Najia said. "I want to wipe the smug grin off his face." She glanced down; her airlock indicator had closed, and she flicked up a view of the inside. Marta was carefully securing a container roughly the size and volume of a ubiquitous 205-liter shipping drum, though it wasn't one. "I've just taken the sample aboard." "You want to take it back to the headquarters yourself? Go ahead," Yorilos said. He cut the channel, and Najia blinked at the suddenness.
"... Well, that was... Abrupt," Najia said, looking back to Ace. "It was. I cannot believe that you paid twelve and a half thousand for the sample." Najia shrugged. "I mean... It's highway robbery, considering that a commercial volume costs just about twice that and is twenty cubic meters in volume whereas that sample is maybe two. On the other hand, you heard him; he wasn't in the mood to negotiate. What should I have done? Shot at him?" "Yes." Ace trilled, then huffed, shaking her head. "No. As cathartic as it would be, your plans are too long-term to have simply taken it from the wretch by force." She shook her head. "I suppose you had little choice," she conceded, "if you are to continue Yorilos' scheme."
"I'm kind of eager to set Boso Ta loose on this stuff myself," Najia said. The revolving door to the back cycled, and Marta walked in, looking flushed with exertion. "Thanks, Marta," she said. "You can thank me by you securing the damn thing in the 'hold,' Marta said, snarkily.
Najia nodded, and swiveled her chair all the way. "Sure. Thank you. Ace, you're up on stick," she said, standing up. "Let's just fly this thing straight home; I bet we can make it before dinnertime with us flying," she said, smiling at Ace. Ace trilled softly. "That sounds like a challenge. Accepted." She slid past Marta and Najia, slaloming between them, and took the stick, keying in a course for the Takio Enterprises headquarters. "We should recall the other ships, yes?" "Yes; good thinking, Ace. Thank you. I'll handle it from the back, after I've secured this barrel."
Ace and Najia made great time returning to the headquarters; they flew close to recklessly, causing Marta to comment that she was glad she was flying with them, for if they got themselves killed flying that way, she wouldn't have to hear about it. They arrived at the headquarters to little fanfare, and Marta peeled off as soon as they arrived, pleading the need to go and look into something she had arranged previously. "Well, shall we talk to Boso Ta?" Ace asked, looking up at Najia. They had gone to Avarice in an overnight journey by-the-numbers, stayed for less than a day, and were now back where they had started. "And hope that this back-and-forth bears some fruit?"
"I would very much like that," Najia agreed. The container had already been sent to the lab, and she squared her shoulders up, heading for the lift with purpose.
The door to the laboratory opened, and Najia's jaw dropped. "How," she said, flatly, quietly, as Ace all-but plowed into her backside. Ace slid around her side, looking into the lab, and let out a chuff of disbelief.
Yorilos was standing beside Boso Ta's tank.
Ace resisted the urge to hiss in surprise, and reached up, patting Najia's back. "I do not know," she confessed. "Perhaps he made use of an anomaly and was quite lucky. Or perhaps he has modified his hauler in ways unimaginable and is an outright daredevil pilot." Najia shook her head, and squared up, entering the lab. The elderly professor was nowhere to be seen, but it was late at night; he was likely in bed. So she went to the interloper, approaching Yorilos. "Yorilos, hi... What are you doing here?" She wasn't even going to ask how. That was his secret and his alone.
"Ah, yes. I really hope we can find a way to make the Protectyon more affordable for everyone in Avarice," he explained, as he peered around the laboratory. That, she thought, didn't exactly explain her question; presumably he intended for her to infer the answer. Somehow. Najia shook her head and smiled, nodding to him. "Alright." She climbed up the stairs, after a glance back at Ace, who had become fascinated by the new addition of a lot of bonsai trees in the laboratory's little greenery display, and greeted Boso Ta with a wave, to which the Boron responded with one of his own. "Hello there! Ah, excellent, the Protectyon sample has been delivered, and we may begin. Thank you kindly!" Boso Ta seemed to examine a computer tablet held in his... Tentacles? Flippers? Manipulators. He made a few deft strokes. "I have added the Protectyon Research to our agenda, and listed the required secondary materials. Feel free to initiate the research at any time convenient to yourself!"
With that abrupt declaration, Boso Ta swam upwards through the hatch in the laboratory tank, presumably to his personal lodging suites. Najia blinked, rocking back on her heels and looked back at Ace, who looked at her with the cocked hips that Najia had intuited was a definite shrug. "You'd think I didn't own the place," Najia muttered to herself, "the way almost everyone just... Is so... Curt with me." "You could put them in their place the way a pirate lord would," Ace suggested. "Or, if having a beating administered is too vulgar for your preferences, do what a capitalist might do and threaten them with penury."
Najia snorted. "Yeah... I think I'd rather just live with being curtly spoken to than be an asshole." "So be it. Your ways do allow for others to become... Familiar with you," Ace said, giving a vibrato trill. "For better, and for worse." She smiled at Najia, and Najia smiled back. Ace was toying with a small bonsai tree, and watched as Najia checked her datapad, then clucked her tongue.
"A lot of things we don't have on-hand," Najia muttered, "mainly because what Boso Ta wants - for this research project, and others - are Commonwealth-base, and we're not. That's not a huge problem, I'll just ask Tsukiko to set up a PO for a useful quantity of said commodities. For now -" The tank was suddenly filled again with Boso Ta. "Assistant, you simply must do something about this irksome vessel!"
A moment of silent passed. Najia pushed down the urge to be catty or snarky at Boso Ta, or outright hostile. She took a deep breath. "A... Vessel? Is irking you?" "Yes yes! Somehow, it is managing to distort the station's sensors, preventing me from witnessing a solar event in the Great Reef Nebula. I suggest you take care of this annoyance before it manages to disrupt even more observations!"
Najia took in a breath to respond, but Boso Ta had already vanished again, with such rapidity that even Yorilos seemed to be watching him dumbstruck. Yorilos also made a cocked-hip gesture, and then walked out. Najia watched him go, and snorted. "If he has even half a brain, he's going to ask Boso Ta what resources he's asking for and then try to get ahead of the purchase orders," Najia noted. "I would." "As would I," Ace agreed. "Would you like me to take care of this... 'Irksome Vessel' for you?"
"Bored?" Najia asked, grinning at Ace. "I wouldn't say that I was bored," Ace said, reaching out and squeezing her hand. Najia squeezed back. "But it seems that Boso Ta will not likely let the matter drop."
"Alright. Let's take care of it." Najia rolled her shoulders. "I can do this admin stuff from a ship as easily as my apartment study." She headed for the lift, neglecting to let go of Ace's hand; Ace likewise kept the hold, accompanying her. They almost ran into Marta coming out of it. She had a big grin on her face, and Najia pursed her lips. "Okay, what have you done," she asked.
"Oh, not much, just had a warship commissioned to keep close-to-hand in case we get in trouble and need some biggish guns fast. She's done, come take a look." Najia looked down at Ace, who trilled loudly at her. "Either you pay her too well, or you trust her entirely, if she has such authority in your name." "Jealous," Marta asked, smirking. "Yes," Ace admitted frankly. "Shall we?"
Najia sighed and laughed. "Fiiiine."
The bridge of T.E.S. Koshirae was the common standard Terran capital module, and very shortly, Najia, Marta and Ace were standing in it, shaking hands with the woman standing at the captain's post, who was wearing a stylish jacket in a decidedly non-Terran style, tights, and comfortable looking sneakers. "I'm sorry," Najia said, with a smile. "I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage."
"Kevlin, ma'am; Selaia Kevlin. I'm a shipyard specialist." Her accent was distinctly neither anything Solar that Najia recognized, nor Segaris. "I'm surprised you're even aboard yet; we're only about to put her through space trials."
Najia snorted. "Not even the shakedown cruise, huh? You're not from anywhere I've been, are you?" "No ma'am." Selaia looked Asian, with her hair up in a tight bun. "I'm from Argon Prime. I found myself in Grand Exchange as crew on a freighter, saw the amenities on offer on your headquarters station, and jumped ship for a job here."
Najia nodded. "I see..." She grinned. "Are you spying on me?" "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you, ma'am," Selaia responded back, in the age-old joke. Najia laughed in turn.
"Right. Well, stand down for a while," she said. "I appear to have been talked into taking her out personally." "Ma'am!" Selaia stepped aside. "The, err, owner has the bridge!" she called out, fumbling through something approximating military protocol, as Najia stepped up, looking over the console. Najia grinned. "Alright. Nifty little ship. Ace, take the helm," she said. "Take us out."
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2023.03.25 08:10 AutoModerator Celebrate! Saturday [March 25, 2023]

Welcome to Celebrate! Saturday

This is the weekly hype thread, a place for you to share your excitement about in-game achievements, lucky drops, and upcoming projects. This is also a space for the community to celebrate you!
While the subreddit is already a positive, celebratory space, this thread is meant to be especially so. For those of you who might hesitate to post something to the subreddit, because you worry it might be too beginner, too redundant, too low-effort: it's not. Come share with us here!

(Note: this thread is not meant to replace posting directly to the subreddit. You are still welcome to do so!)

Non-exhaustive examples of things to celebrate:

  • Marrying your spouse!
  • Getting a giant crop!
  • Perfecting your farm or house design!
  • The mushroom hat! The tiger hat! The living hat!
  • Meteorites, Stone Owls, and Strange Capsules!
  • A dinosaur egg from fishing or hoeing!
  • Hooking a legendary fish!
  • Getting triple Stardrop at the casino
  • Beating Lewis at Junimo Kart!

If you want to share screenshots of your achievements, upload them to an image-sharing site like Imgur and drop a link in your comment.

This is also a thread where mods might lurk and offeaward prestige userflairs. These are animated icons that go next to your name as a way to celebrate particular achievements in the vanilla game. Note that posting in this thread doesn't guarantee you'll get the flair—you'll want to send us a modmail if you want to apply directly!
Achievement Flair
Complete the community center! A prismatic dancing Junimo
Fund all Joja Community Projects A prismatic Joja Cola
Complete the museum collection! An artifact trove busting open
Reach level 100 in Skull Cavern! A flying serpent
Complete all Monster Slayer goals! The prismatic slime
Cook every meal! The Queen of Sauce herself
Craft every item! Robin hard at work
Catch every fish! The Legend, swimming
Beat Journey of a Prairie King The King himself
Collect every hat in the game! Magic Cowboy Hat
Reach Perfection! A walking golden chicken

Get hyped!

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2023.03.25 08:06 anthraxnapkin I asked ChatGPT for a top 10 pocket knife list, do y'all agree? Peep #9

I asked ChatGPT for a top 10 pocket knife list, do y'all agree? Peep #9 submitted by anthraxnapkin to knife_swamp [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 08:00 AutoModerator Daily Advice Thread 25/03/2023

Welcome to the DAT, summoner! Post questions regarding team composition, content progression, game mechanics, or anything else in this thread. If you are able to help your fellow summoners, please take some time to contribute to the community and answer some questions yourself as well!
A lot of helpful guides and resources can be found in the subreddit mega wiki.

If you ask a question please give ALL relevant information!

  • Your monster box: Upload a screenshot to Reddit directly or an image hosting site like imgur or use swarfarm. Sort your box by "Grade" and try to include all 4*s and LD nat 3*s.
  • Your current progression: Where you currently are in the game, what your teams are, what content you need help with and what you have tried so far.
  • For ToA, which enemies are on the floor you're stuck on.
  • For PvP, indicate what rank you are trying to achieve, i.e. currently F3 want to get C1 Arena. For RTA also share your rank percentage.
The less people have to clarify or look up to help you, the more likely you will get a fast response.

Beginner friendly/farmable PvE teams

Recommended progression: GB10 -> ToAN -> GB12 -> ToAH -> (DB11 ->) NB12 -> R5 and Rifts
Fast progression: GB12 -> (DB11 ->) NB12 -> BJ5 -> Tricaru DB12
Note that for NB12 a few violent sets (especially on twins) are making things a lot easier so before tackling Necropolis you might want to farm a little bit of DB11, it also gives you Guard runes for Tricaru.
  • GB10: Vero (L), Fran, Loren, Lapis, Shannon/second awakened (2A) Kro
  • Legacy GB10 teams typically include Belladeon, Bernard, or Darion. These units are outdated and can be skipped.
  • GB12: Vero (L), Fran, Loren, 2A Kro, Shannon/Lapis/2A Naomi
  • DB12: Verde (L), Fran, Loren, Sig, Elsharion or Verde (L), Vero, Fran, Loren, Spectra (2A)
  • PB10: Verde (L), Colleen/Fran, 2A Raoq, 2A Kro, 2A Spectra/Yen/Pang. You can also use 2A Jultan to tank the boss (on multiple Will sets).
  • SB10: Fran, Loren, 2A Kro, 2A Raoq, Ling Ling
  • NB12: Lapis (L), Colleen/Fran, Loren, 2A Raoq, 2A Kro/Raoq (NB10 guide). Twins are a much better choice and should be used if possible. You can also directly use Tricaru.
  • ToA(H): Fran (L), Lapis, Verde, Loren, Vero/2A Kro/2A Spectra. Use Tyron if you have him. 2A Sath/Thrain are good options if you want to go for a dot team, do not use Baretta as he's terribly outdated.
  • R5: Front Line: Xiong Fei, Darion Back Line: Colleen, 2A Kro, Tesa, Theo/Xiao Lin/Belladeon
  • R5 stat minimum: You need 25k HP and 1.5k DEF for FL units and 20k HP and 0.8-1k DEF for BL units. Healers and your cleanser should have 100% RES after lead.
  • Rift unit options: Xiao Lin, Theomars, Fran, Colleen, and 2A Kro can be used in most of your rift teams. FL Mav/Bernard is good for Water rift and Lapis is good for Fire and Dark rifts. Twins are great in all rifts.
You still need appropriate rune quality and turn order! Do not expect to beat a dungeon just by having these units

Common speed teams

  • R5 - BJ5: Colleen, Baleygr, Janssen, Dagora, Loren, lead unit (BJ5 guide)
  • DB12 - Tricaru: Verde (L), 2A Icaru, 2A Icaru, 2A Icaru (guide (Note: DEF requirement is 3300)) (Cheatsheet) (Calculator)
  • NB12 - Tricaru: Either add Astar or replace Verde with her (on vamp, same stats). Adding Astar and Lushen to clear waves first also works.
  • GB12 - dots dots dots: 2A Sath, Mellia, Mellia, 2A Tatu, dot unit/Lushen (guide)
  • PB10 - Tricaru: Kill towers first (usually L>R>B but some people reported R>L>B working better for them).
  • SB10 - dots dots dots: 2A Sath, Mellia, Mellia, 2A Tatu, dot unit/Lushen

PvE accuracy requirements

Rifts need no ACC. R5 needs 15%. SB10 needs 25%. PB10 39%. ToA(H), GB10, and NB10 45%. DB10, GB12, NB12 and ToA Hell 55%. DB12 needs 65%.

General tips and answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • NEVER feed non-farmable monsters! (you can feed dupes for skill ups)
  • Save your devilmons! In general you do not want to give devilmon to 4* units, Sigmarus and Jeanne are the best early game candidates. Veromos does not need devilmon.
  • Best summon stone targets: Tyron, Lushen, Shaina, Sabrina, Talia. For PvP Khmun, Skogul, Galleon.
  • Check the events for free energy, mana, and other beneficial stuff. To find the current event pages use the button below the energy/mana counter in-game.
  • Lapis can farm Faimon Hell on the free 6* level 15 vampire/revenge runes provided by the challenges. She should be your first 5* and probably 6* as well.
  • Shield sets can reduce the HP/DEF requirements on other units and multiple shield sets will stack to form one larger total shield. Each set contributes a shield equal to 15% of the base HP of the monster they are equipped on.
  • White artifacts from B2 are cheap to upgrade and can give you a massive stat boost early.
  • Hall of Heroes (HoH) should be attempted as high as you can climb. Reps like Rica or Verad can help a lot. Mid/late game players can get 5 extra copies of the HoH monster using almighty scroll pieces after each floor at the small cost of 2000 guild points for each extra monster.
  • Most nat 5*s are PvP exclusive and should be set aside in storage till you make some progress on PvE. Some exceptions are CC units like Rica for ToA, cleansers like Anavel for starter R5, and Perna for rifts.
  • Dimensional hole energy should be spent as soon as possible, always try to stay under the energy cap (recharge rate: 1 per 2h). 2A Kro first, then Spectra or Raoq.
  • Need advice on RTA? Check this post first
  • Looking for ToA Hell guidance? Take a look at this FAQ post.
  • Swarfarm provides a bestiary for monster stats and data logs.
For more information please check out the more exhaustive FAQ.
If you see someone using monster icons, you can learn how to use them yourself: .
To set your user flair please visit the Reddit website (do not use the mobile app) and edit it there (example picture).
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2023.03.25 08:00 dspeyer EA Forum Digest 25 Mar 2023

A Proposed Approach for AI Safety Movement Building: Projects, Professions, Skills, and Ideas for the Future [long post][bounty for feedback]

Written as a non-expert to develop my views and get feedback, rather than persuade.
Read this post for
I also ask for your help in providing feedback and answering questions I have about this approach. Your answers will help me and others make better career decisions about AI safety, including how I should proceed with this movement building approach. I am offering cash bounties of $20 for the most useful inputs (see section at the bottom of the post).
If we want to more effectively address problems of AI safety, alignment, and governance, we need better i) shared understanding of the challenges, better coordination of people and resources, and ii) prioritisation.
152 more paragraphs...
There is uncertainty about what AI Safety Movement Building is, and how to do it helpfully Uncertainty about AI Safety Movement Building reduces the number of potentially helpful movement builders Having fewer movement builders probably reduces AI Safety contributors, contributions and collective coordination To address the uncertainty and related problems we need a better shared language and shared understanding AI Safety movement builders contribute by helping to start, sustain ** and** scale AI Safety projects AI Safety movement builders start and scale AI Safety projects by contributing ** **human resources : ** ** technical and non-technical professions and skills ** *in * *full-time * *and * *fractional * **capacities. AI Safety Projects generally require many ** **technical ** ** and non-technical professions and skills to start/scale Technical contributions to AI Safety Movement Building are very valuable, but need to be balanced against trade-offs, and may best be made in a fractional capacity There are relatively few technical experts within the AI Safety community and most are (rightly) focused on doing technical work Many technical experts within the AI Safety should consider fractional movement building Technical novices within the AI Safety community should consider assigning a larger fraction of time to movement building What do technical contributions look like in practice? Non-technical contributions to AI Safety Movement Building can best support AI strategy and AI governance but can also support AI Safety technical work. Non-technical people may be best suited to movement build for AI strategy and AI governance Non-technical people can also contribute to technical AI safety Non-technical people are in greater supply than technical people, they have lower opportunity costs, and their complementary skills are needed to produce the optimal outcomes from technical contributors and contributions. Non-technical people who are able and willing to contribute to AI Safety should prioritise support technical AI Safety movement building when possible . For some non-technical movement builders, it will make sense to work in a fractional role where only part of one’s time is spent on AI safety work For some non-technical movement builders, it will make sense to work as a generalist across multiple parts of the AI safety community Non-technical people working as experts in AI governance or strategy roles should consider being fractional movement builders What do non-technical contributions look like in practice? Use the three AI Safety Movement building outcome metrics suggested (Contributors, Contributions and Coordination), or something similar, to evaluate progress in AI Safety Movement Building I think that AI Safety Movement building is doing well for a small community but has significant potential for improvement Determining clear priorities for AI Safety Movement Building is the most important bottleneck to address once we have a shared understanding Fractional movement building seems like the best way to grow the community once it knows if, and how, it wants to grow It will usually be better for most people in the AI safety community to do fractional movement building than to entirely focus on direct work It will be usually be better for AI safety movement building to focus on growing fractional movement building commitments than full-time movement building commitments I have outlined a basic approach/theory of change - does it seem banal, or flawed? I will pay you for helpful feedback! To encourage feedback I am offering a bounty. What next? Acknowledgements

Announcing the European Network for AI Safety (ENAIS)

TLDR; The European Network for AI Safety is a central point for connecting researchers and community organizers in Europe with opportunities and events happening in their vicinity. Sign up here to become a member of the network, and join our launch event on Wednesday, April 5th from 19:00-20:00 CET!
ENAIS (pronounced e-nice) was founded by European AI safety researchers and field-builders who recognized the lack of interaction among various groups in the region. Our goal is to address the decentralized nature of AI safety work in Europe by improving information exchange and coordination.
17 more paragraphs...
Why did we create ENAIS? About the network What does European AI safety currently look like? Vision Join the network! The near future of ENAIS Current Organization—Temporary Board, calling for permanent board Launch Event Conclusions Acknowledgments

Personal Finance Coaching for EAs: Call for Applicants

We’re excited to announce the launch of Yield & Spread’s free 1:1 Coaching Program, designed to help people with their financial plans for giving. We are looking for applicants familiar with the Effective Altruism movement to help us trial this program, and give us their feedback.
You can apply for the coaching program here.

Yield & Spread is a nonprofit whose mission is to promote personal finance as a force for good. We believe that increasing financial literacy creates more opportunities for people to give back; when we can better optimize our own finances, we are in a much better position to help others. We have educational materials, free resources, and tools that are accessible to those outside the EA community, but our coaching program is specifically designed to help “do-gooders” do better with their finances and give them peace of mind.
13 more paragraphs...
Coaching Program Rationale Who Should Apply What to Expect How We Can Help Things We Cannot Help With How Much Do I Need to Know About Finances About Me

Books: Lend, Don't Give

Transcript: NBC Nightly News: AI ‘race to recklessness’ w/ Tristan Harris, Aza Raskin

Sparks of Artificial General Intelligence: Early experiments with GPT-4 Microsoft Research

The Overton Window widens: Examples of AI risk in the media

New 'South Park' episode on AI & Chat GPT

In case anyone's a fan of the US animated TV series 'South Park', a recent episode (Season 26, Episode 4, released March 9, 2023) is titled 'Deep Learning', and features AI & Chat GPT themes. (Link here if you want to watch with ads; otherwise it's on HBO Max or Comedy Central streaming services.)
Curious what your reactions are....

Holden Karnofsky’s recent comments on FTX

Holden Karnofsky has recently shared some reflections on EA and FTX, but they’re spread out and I’d guess that few people have seen them, so I thought it could be useful to collect them here. (In general, I think collections like this can be helpful and under-supplied.) I've copied some comments in full, and I've put together a simpler list of the links in this footnote.[1]
These comments come after a few months — there’s some explanation of why that is in this post and in this comment.
Updates after FTX
12 more paragraphs...

Comparing Health Interventions in Colombia and Nigeria: Which are More Effective and by How Much?

TL;DR: Nigeria bears 10 times the burden of communicable, maternal, neonatal, and nutritional diseases per capita than Colombia, despite both countries having similar health expenditures to combat these diseases. Applying the SNT framework suggests that health interventions are around 10 times more cost-effective in Nigeria even when comparing only the poorest regions within each country.
Chatting with the members of my EA university group in Colombia, I noticed many of them were mainly interested in contributing to problems that affected their home country. Although Colombia is far from being one of the poorest countries in the world, various regions of the country still suffer from similar problems as less developed countries. I thought there might be a chance that we found opportunities with similar cost-effectiveness as those that EA tends to prioritize in the area of health and development.
122 more paragraphs...
Scale (per person) Neglectedness (per person) Tractability
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2023.03.25 07:43 Redcrow53 better late then never!

better late then never!
Hello everyone! this is a bit late of an announcement due to computer issues but Episode 30 of the Japanese Campaign is out! Come check out the big
Chongus we designed!
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2023.03.25 07:34 Sea_Nothing3260 Gossip Girl's cancelled season 3 - I decided to imagine the whole season

Hi everyone, As you all know, GG 2.0 is dead. But as much as I disliked a lot of things with the reboot, I liked the characters and like to imagine what season 3 could have been about. I decided to use my talent as an unemployed, but licensed, screenwriter to write the plot of the whole season and each episode (I decided it would be 12, but I'll only post the 4 first episodes and see if people are interested. No need to spam the sub if no one is invested). It's a been long, I took the time to really think about it... I guess it's really time I find someone to hire me.
Note : I'm not rewriting the show. I tried to keep the "heart" of the reboot and what's already done. Even if I write something I like, I'm not trying to make it my thing but rather someting that could have really happened. For new characters, I tried to imagine actors who could played them. I tried to choose actors who could really play in GG. For example : I won't say Angelina Jolie or someone too big.
Well, well, well, Upper East Siders, it's the end of summer, and Constance St. Jude is back in session. And so am I, back from the dead, with a brand-new account and a fresh batch of scandals to reveal. Just to be clear, I'm not some teacher, and I'm definitely not Dan Humphrey. I just love the chaos. And speaking of chaos, let's have a laugh at Mr. Menzies, shall we ? My first juicy secret of the season : he planned to create a Gossip Girl app to spy on all you lovely nepo kids. Not only is that idea utterly ridiculous, but I'm sure the students of Constance St. Jude will be thrilled to know that one of the richest men in the world has nothing better to do than to harass his own child's peers. Isn't that right, Aki ?
But Mr. Menzies is merely a drop in the ocean of scandal. It's a new school year, and I think it's about time we pulled back the curtain to let everyone enjoy the most twisted senior year they could ever imagine. Dearest Constance St. Jude students, you've strutted around like peacocks for far too long, believing yourselves to be invincible. And let's not forget about your dear parents, who've been pulling the strings behind the scenes. Grades, exams, and results at Constance St. Jude have been manipulated for years by your doting guardians, desperate to secure your futures at any cost. Bribery, intimidation, harassment... But the most delicious part ? You, their darling offspring, are completely in the dark, basking in your false sense of brilliance. Felicity Huffman walked so the parents of Constance St. Jude could sprint. Now, let's get back to our favorite Upper East Siders, shall we ?
Spotted : J and O, entwined in each other's arms all summer long. But as they return to the hallowed halls of high school, our darling Queen J seems to be jetting off with Obie's private plane more often than not. She claims it's all about professional opportunities, but are those opportunities the real reason she's been MIA and losing followers by the day ? Perhaps they're finding L more captivating. Poor Monet must be lost in this shifting landscape. Is her friendship with L stronger than her craving for attention ? Maybe she'll find some in Angela (played by Rachel Sennott), the Buffalo Next Door who arrived at Constance on the same program as Zoya and who just so happens to be her former nemesis. An enemy in common makes for a passionate alliance. But did Queen Monet ever imagine her senior year would bring a love story with Middle America ?
In the meantime, Z is relishing her newfound singlehood, fluttering from one social butterfly to another. Word on the street is that a certain Philip has piqued her interest. But who is this mysterious suitor ? On the flip side, Audrey is burning the midnight oil to rescue her mother Kiki's floundering fashion empire. In her valiant efforts, she's sought assistance from her father Richard, who in turn introduced her to Vince (played by Michael Cristofer) and his son, Seth (played by Jack Alcott). Hushed whispers suggest a strange alliance between Vince and Richard, entwined with money and familial bonds. Could we be looking at an arranged marriage in the halls of power ?
The fashion world is abuzz as L is poised to make her mark as a top model, inviting everyone to a runway event that will seal her fate. But instead of celebrating L's success, J and M can't seem to shake their envy. It might be time for J to swallow her pride and consider stepping into the role of L's assistant – what a twist of fate ! Max, never one to miss an opportunity, has made his grand return, arm in arm with the mysterious Paolo. Poor Z is left reeling when she discovers that her new beau Philip is actually one and the same. J, too, is shocked as she recognizes the face of her secret Italian rendezvous, Pablo. It looks like he’ll be a new student at Constance St. Jude now. Aki and Audrey, on the other hand, are left with heavy hearts as they watch Max moving on without them.
Brace yourselves, because with these twists and turns, this year promises to be nothing short of explosive. XOXO, Gossip Girl
Hello again, Upper East Siders! It's your one and only Gossip Girl here, dishing out the latest on the elite. Word on the street is that Mr. Menzies has organized a lavish brunch, not only to redeem his tarnished image after my little exposé but also as a pretext to gather the parents of Constance St. Jude. You see, they're scrambling to devise a strategy in the wake of the scandalous exam fiasco I so graciously brought to light. It seems like everyone's invited, but rumor has it Aki's on the verge of cutting ties with his dear old dad. How heartbreaking ! And can you blame him ? It takes courage to stand up to a closed-minded father who's more concerned about appearances than his own flesh and blood. So here's to you, Aki !
Audrey seems utterly oblivious to Aki's internal struggle, far too busy cozying up to Seth. At first, she was hesitant, but now she's come to the stark realization that following her father's lead may be the only way to save her Kiki's long fall from grace. Aki is ready to play his part in this twisted game, but it's only a matter of time before the whole charade goes up in flames. And with Seth shamelessly flirting with Aki throughout the brunch, it's safe to say the sparks are already flying. Meanwhile, our dear Max is drowning his sorrows, betrayed by Paolo's web of lies. While Little Z and J have washed their hands of Paolo, Max can't resist the temptation and finds himself back in his deceitful embrace.
Once again, everyone's got it out for J. Why didn't she spill the beans about her secret rendezvous with Paolo ? She swears there was no affair, but refuses to reveal the real reason behind their meetings. J's hoping the brunch will bring her closer to Carla (guest star: Sarah Michelle Gellar), a powerhouse influencer agent who could help her maintain her status – especially now that her father's financial support seems to be mysteriously dwindling. Camille had planned to introduce M to some Ivy League bigwigs, hoping it would be enough to save faces considered Monet's less than impressive academic prowess, but M was far too preoccupied flirting and sneaking off with Angela. A covert affair, but for how long can they keep it under wraps ?
In a final twist, Camille pays a visit to Kate, desperately trying to uncover my true identity. Good luck with that, Camille ! You see, I have no connection to Kate at all. As I've said before, I'm here for the chaos, and I won't be unmasked that easily. XOXO Gossip Girl.
Hey there, Upper East Siders ! It's your one and only Gossip Girl back with another juicy tidbit. The weekend may be here, but there's never a pause when it comes to scandalous affairs. After all, the city never sleeps, and neither do I.
Word has it that J and L are set to share the limelight in an upcoming photoshoot, lensed by none other than Laurie Simmons (guest star: Laurie Simmons) for J. Humphrey's Designs. The feature's all about high schoolers on the cusp of stardom, but can these two rising stars put their differences aside for the sake of the perfect shot ? The tension in the air is as thick as the layers of makeup on their faces, but I have a feeling this is one catwalk catfight we won't want to miss.
Well, it's a matter of time before J and L's bickering reach its boiling point. And while they may kiss and make up, at least for now, it looks like J's already lost her coveted contract with Carla. Our favorite agent wasn't too thrilled about working with someone so unprofessional. And when Z swooped in to offer some unsolicited lecture, it was enough to send Carla packing. But it's not all doom and gloom, as L seems to have come out on top. Cozying up to Florian and landing herself a leading role in an upcoming film – it seems like this girl's star is on the rise. Watch out, mama, there's really a new queen bee in town.
It seems Audrey's life is taking a turn for the worse. With Kiki's world falling apart, Eleanore's support can only do so much. Downgrading to a less prestigious zip code ? Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Audrey's ready to play her father's game : she's ditching Aki and calling it quits. Poor Aki, losing his father and girlfriend in one fell swoop. But fear not, for our dear Max is ever-present, eager to console Aki. Just when Aki leaned in for a comforting kiss with him, Max dropped the bomb that their romantic escapades were a thing of the past. However, he graciously offered to revisit the idea of friendship, opening the door for Aki to become part of his life again. At least one happy ending around the two As.
M escaped the Big Apple for a wild time in Los Angeles with Angela, hiding from her mother and dancing the night away in a swanky club. But what's this ? It seems M's little pink book extends to the West Coast, leaving Angela more than a little surprised. Back in NYC, J's post-photoshoot plans took a turn as she drowns her sorrows in a night of partying after a tiff with O, who's fed up with her mysterious ways. As she loses herself in the haze, who should come to her rescue but Paolo ? Under the influence, she thanks him for keeping her secret safe and kisses him.
Hold onto your hats, Upper East Siders. This is one storm you won't want to miss. XOXO, Gossip Girl
Good evening Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here, and I've got some hot tea for you. In a world where everyone's searching for that elusive reset button, our favorite Constance St. Jude's girls decide a Hamptons weekend getaway is just what the doctor ordered. But let's not forget the storm brewing back at school, where the faculty is getting a makeover to quell the scandal of those rigged exams. Julien, Zoya, Monet, Luna, Shan, and Audrey are about to embark on a journey they won't soon forget, and you better believe I'll be watching every step.
Spotted : Monet and Luna, their tension thicker than a Manhattan smog. Seems like Luna's feeling abandoned, but Monet's got her own secrets to hide. When will she talk about the Buffalo in the room ? Just when they're about to claw each other's eyes out, who do they find crashing their girls-only Hamptons getaway ? None other than Paolo. With steam coming out of their ears, these two turn into amateur detectives to solve the mystery of the unwelcome guest. Good luck, ladies—you'll need it.
Poor little Audrey, drowning her post-breakup blues and dragging J down with her. But J doesn't need Audrey's help to spiral—she's got enough skeletons in her closet to fill a graveyard. Concerned Z can't help but fret over her sister, but her worries multiply when she suspects Shan's been drawn into a cult. Finding Shan's activist past erased from Instagram only adds fuel to the fire, but answers remain as elusive as ever.
Meanwhile, back in the Big Apple, Aki has a "chance" encounter with Seth. But the truth ? Seth was itching to see Aki again and made sure their paths crossed. As Seth bares his soul about his marriage fears, he's reduced to tears but stays tight-lipped about the details. And Max's weekend away with Gideon, Roy, and Saskia ? Let's just say things went south when they confronted him about his self-destructive ways and suggested therapy. Once again, Aki ends up being Max's support system – talk about drama.
Not one to be left out, Obie heads to the Hamptons to join the crew. At a wild party, J faces an interrogation from the gang, who demand answers to her ongoing secretive behavior. Meanwhile, O catches J locking lips with Paolo as he covertly sneaks into the residence. As everyone turns against J, she flees with Paolo, leaving a tipsy O and Audrey to find comfort in each other's embrace.
And so, as our scandalous weekend in the Hamptons comes to a close, it's time to bid adieu. But don't worry, my dear, I'll be keeping a watchful eye on all the sordid secrets and juicy dramas that are sure to unfold. Until next time, you know you love me, XOXO, Gossip Girl.
submitted by Sea_Nothing3260 to GossipGirl [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 07:26 Training-Noise-1890 Medicare Data

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2023.03.25 07:15 aldoblack Been working since 2015 as a Software Engineer. Tried to keep it a 1 Page but don't know what I should remove. I added "US Citizen" because it is recommended r/cscareerquestions. More info in the comments.

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