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Not So Berry (But Straud) The Full Story

2022.06.01 01:47 Content_Call5083 Not So Berry (But Straud) The Full Story

A Let's Play Told In Webcomic Format
This showcases my playthrough of the Not So Berry Challenge. I generally post a new update every day.
If you are intrigued, jump in anywhere. This is an ongoing story but the posts can be enjoyed standalone. I changed my style a bit over time, posts starting around Gen 4 are more story rich.
The only EA content missing from my library is a couple kits. I also use many gameplay mods and some cc; a listing with descriptions and links can be found on my Tumblr. List of my currently in use mods.
Characters from the series are on the gallery under the hashtag #notsoberrybutstraud. My EA ID is SimsLegacy5083. The non occult households from the series are base game only.
This save was based on my personal template save. I made a handful of my favorite EA NPCs immortal/ageless occults to keep them around long term. This is why you'll see sims like Don Lothario in later generations.
Each generations story is under its own heading. I "officially" end the previous generation when the heir ages up to elder. Link to the family Plum Tree
Most posts prior to "Its Go Time! Welcome Gray Gen" have the link back to this page in the comments, so be mindful if you are trying to get back from one of them.
If you like the series (or don't!) leave a comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Gen 7 (Pink) - Steven
Fizzy Flea Market Fun
Gathering Support
The "Traditional" Choice
Meet the "Mini-Me's"
Second Chances
Big Sad Wolf
Full Moon Rising
The Helpmate
Advice From Beyond
Ways to Say I Love You
The Joy of the Everyday
Brothers Are Doing It For Themselves
Advice and Preparations
Sharing The News
Double Your Fun
Happy Birthday Baby
The Honeymooners
Auntie Kori and Uncle Ed
Family Planning
A Reception to Remember
Time to Wed - Times Two
A Celebration of Life and its Accomplishments
New Year's Regrets
An Evening at the Fair
An Afternoon in Strangerville
Open for Business
An Engaging Reason to Celebrate
A Day At Home
The Beast Within
Moving Day
Cleaning Up for the Girls
An Ancestral Stroud Winterfest
Winterfest Travels
Stormy to the Rescue
Spencer's Folly
A Night at the Farm
A Evening in the Valley
More Reasons to Celebrate
Fun With Friends
A Proposal to Remember
Starting Out
Back Home for Harvestfest
From the Bay to the Backwood
Gen 6 (Orange) - Jasper
End of an Era: Orange Gen
Saying I'm Sorry
On the Subject of Immortality
Dreams Come True
Transitions and Hard Conversations
Dinner With Ed
A Meditation Mishap
Life Things
Hijinks to Make You Smile
Blowing the Whistle
A Pool Deck Renovation
A Fabulous First Gig
A Not So Happy Union
Reactions to Romance
A Time and Place For Romance
A Fond Farewell
Ed's Bach Party
Jasper Fabulous
Vacation Romance
Ed's Choice
Tartosa Here We Come
Working Like Dogs
Friendly Support
An Arranged Marriage
Birthdays Abound
Wedding Season
An Artsy Fartsy Birthday
Spring on the Farm
Love Is In The Air
Playing The Field
Some Grandfatherly Romantic Advice
Sneaking Up On Love
Bro Bar Bash
Hot and Cold
Some Auntie Uncle Time
New Friends From Distant Lands
Diet and Exercise
An Unexpected Crush
The Hard Conversation
Prom the Second
Sunny New Year's Eve Fun
Shouldn't It Be Easy?
Oh My Heart!
A Magical Promposal
Broken but not Beaten
Oh My Nose!
Not Striking Out
Future Thinking
A Winterfest Wedding
A Winterfest Romance
Could This Be Love?
Life's Little Joys
To Market We Will Go
Sharing in the Happiness of Others
The After Party
At Prom At Last
Meeting the Parent
Harvestfest Fun in the Sun
Persistence Pays Off
Dating Disasters
Will You Accompany Me?
Emotional Support Animals
Here and There
Lending A Hand
Gains From Death
Death and Loss
Spencer's Struggle
The First Day of School
Intro To Magic 101
Crawling Home
Neighborhood Brawl Crawl, Continued
Neighborhood Brawl Crawl
3 Birthdays and a Wedding Reception
Retying The Knot
Taking A Sick Day
Prodigal Jasper
A Birthday Decision
Family, Reunited
Apartment Adventures
Adventures With Hammy
Gathering The Party
Don the Lothario
Forever, Again
Entertaining Afternoon
Therapeutic Thrashings
Days at Home
Not So Neighborly
A Recovery From the Country
An Adventure in the Country
Humor and Hijinks
Sims About Town
Unhappy New Year
Together Again
She Ain't Done With Them Yet
Laughter - The Worst Medicine
The Downs and Ups of Villainy
Homebodies for the Holidays
Winterfest Revelations: Part 3
Winterfest Revenge: Part 2
Winterfest Revelry: Part 1
City Living
The Little Things
Making the Doctor Work Overtime
Seeing Family and Friends at Harvestfest
Birth Plan Chaos: Welcome Pink Gen
Finishing Touches
Telling the Family
What's One More?
Complicating Circumstances
Preparing For The Future
The Morning After
Oh Baby... A Protection Malfunction
Hijinks for Two
A Change of Plans
The Motive Trials
New Horizons and Heartbreak
Burgliate For the Win
A Teen No More
Jasper's Eventful Day
An Awesome Odd Job
The Roommate
Prom Promises
Family Reunion
No Rest For The Weary
No Remorse
Telling Veronica
Magical Days
Inappropriate Entry
Running Away From the Problem
Prom - New Years Edition
A Visit From the Reaper
Pranks and Pain
A Beachy Winterfest
Dating and Discovery
Fear and Failure
A Prom-ing We Will Go
Household Happenings
Final Exams and Prepping for Prom
A Little Harvestfest Magic
Friends, Crushes, and Pranks - Oh My!
Gen 5 (Plum) - Violet
End of an Era: Plum Gen
Welcome to High School
Ill Birthday Tidings
Summer Moments
Living The Dream
Turning Things Around
When It All Goes Wrong
A Love Transcending The Grave
A Magical Love Day
At the Altar, Take Two
Finding Peace With Parenthood
Starting the New Year off Right
Sealed With A Kiss
Fatherhood Suits Him
Home for the Holidays
Geeks and Glee
Motherhood 101
Operation Reconciliation Continues
Storm the Matchmaker
Brindleton Bound
Baby Blues
Double Trouble: Welcome Orange Gen
Hard Labor at Harvestfest
Acceptance Out of Reach
Don't Worry Be Happy Now
Sharing and Planning
A Mutually Unwanted Surprise
Moving On From Moonwood
Rebound Romance
The Last Straw
The Aftermath
Keeping it Casual
Date Night
Moving On and Moving Up
Emptying the Nest
Scaling the Mountain
All Roads Lead to Moonwood
Gen 4 (Gray) - Storm
The End of an Era: Gray Gen
The Beginning of an End
Best Laid Plans Go Astray at Winterfest
Endings and Beginnings
A Weekend to Remember
Violet the Veterinarian
Happy Harvestfest
Birthdays, A Baby, and Coming Out on Top
Storm's Big Fat (Gay) Wedding
Chole and Johnnie's Big News
Xander (Finally!) Graduates
A Helping Hand
Planning the Perfect Wedding
When Love Dies
Oh Brother...
Fun in the Sun
Chole and Johnnie Make it Official
Chole's Move For Happiness
A Wish Granted - Meet Marlee
The Birthday Parade
Just Say Yes
Planning the Perfect Marriage Proposal
A Snowy Mountain New Year
New Beginnings
Storm Finds Love Hiding in Plain Sight
An Engaging Holiday
Aileen's Good Fortune
Back in the Saddle
A Tough Pill to Swallow
Chole and Johnnie Sitting In A Tree...
New Directions at Harvestfest
Time Well Spent
Johnnie and the inheritance
Ouch! Violet's First Doctor Visit
The Gift of an Olive Branch
The Inheritance
Chole Wants What Storm Can't Give
Daddy's Precious Flower Girl
Storms Woohoo Awakening
An Offer He Couldn't Refuse
That University Life
University Here I Come
Storm's Birthday, His Way
Change, Growth, and Acceptance
Moving Out and Moving In
Surprise! Welcome Purple Gen
2 Birthdays For The Price of 1
Future Thoughts
New Years, Party of One
A Merry Little Winterfest
Storm's Very Bad Day
When Mom is Away Storm Will Play
Back to Back Birthdays
Resting and Rocking Out
Pepper's Big Mistake
Mourning and Welcoming
Goodbye Daisy
Reality Bites
A Bittersweet Birthday
Just One More Baby, Maybe?
Young Love
That Dog Has to Go
Family Camping Trip
Growing Up Gray
Poolside Birthday Party
Days Of Our Lives
Baby's Bad Behavior
Gen 3 (Yellow) - Daisy
The End of an Era: Yellow Gen
Into The New Year
Its Go Time! Welcome Gray Gen
Oh Baby: Happy Winterfest
Trying Again
Tragedy Strikes
Baby Fever
That Newlywed Life
Wedding Day Blues
Trouble in Paradise
She Said Yes
A Whirlwind Romance
Ch Ch Ch Changes
Death Doesn't Stop Thorne Miller: They Got Married Anyway
Gen 2 (Red) - Thorne
The End Of An Era: Red Gen
Transitions and Wedding Planning
Celebrations and Sickness
Family News
The Boys Got Hitched
Happy Holidays
Take The Good And Take The Bad
Candor's Epic Quest: The Death and (De) Death of Thorne Miller
RIP Thorne, Gone To Soon But Not For Long! To Be Continued...
Time Marches On
Baby Daisy Isn't All That's Been Happening! In Other News...
More Surprises! EA Story Progression For The Win
Yellow Gen Is Here! Meet Daisy
Weird Tummy Ache
Back Surgery
Birthdays, Promotions, Family Time, and LOTS Of Romance
Gen 1 (Mint) - Willow
The End Of An Era: Mint Gen
Going To The Chapel And We're Not Gonna Get Married
Love Ending In An Unpleasant Surprise
Birthdays, Relationships, and Elemental Aspirations
Family Things
Unwanted Pregnancy, Snips, and Summertime
Thorne's A Big Boy Now Plus A Big Surprise
Getting Back To Good
More Cheating
Holidays and Parties Oh My!
Winterfest Baby
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Gen Two Is On The Way
Can't Catch A Break
Trouble In Paradise
House Fit For A Minty Girl
What A Beautiful Wedding
Vlad That's Your Daughter Man!
Not So Berry, But Make It Straud
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2021.11.26 03:19 lateja [Question] Is this sign satire/humor, or am I confused?

Hi everyone, happy Thanksgiving!
I was "exploring" OKC over Google Streetview earlier today, and came across this.
Is that meant to be a joke (i.e. don't drown your car in the lake), or am I not getting something? (i.e. maybe there are tides or some other phenomenon where a portion of the lake bottom gets exposed?
Sorry I realize this is a really stupid question and that 99% chance it's humor, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to confirm, since I don't usually see city governments in the US being playful or friendly with the residents (typically it's the opposite).
Edit: here's another one in the same park
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2017.06.04 17:26 Stircrazy186 [H]ReaperBones 3,40k,Infinity[W]$$$Misc.[Loc]USA VA

Half of it is gone, lets roll out the rest
Just got in my Reaper 3 pledge from what feels like 8 years ago so thats now available as well
Would prefer to move things as lots, so lot prices will be heavily discounted, but I will split.
I'm willing to consider discounts for large purchases, prices in parenthesis on most items do not include shipping
If sending me an offer, please say if the price includes shipping or not.
If you ask "how much?" PLEASE at least give me a yes or no when I answer. Seems I've replied to that question dozens of times for no response.
Images can be found in the albums here: http://stircrazy186.imgur.com/
Added direct album links
http://imgur.com/a/MqFwv IG
http://imgur.com/a/xzmqd infinity
http://imgur.com/a/hgMRL SM
http://imgur.com/a/pkETg eldar
http://imgur.com/a/JeNSb Misc.
I can take more pictures on request.
Assume anything painted needs to be stripped.
(Prices in parenthesis)
Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter with the following all NIB
2015 Core Set
Frost Giant Warriors
Blackstar Corsairs
Kyra and Lavarath
Undying Lords
Sledgehammer (Badass IG cannon by Victoria Lamb)
Titans of the Tide
EZ Tiles Dungeon 1
EZ Tiles Village Streets 1
EZ Tiles Wilderness Ruins
Ravenfell 3-D Core Set
Frost Giant King & Queen
Solar, Angel
Fire Giant Jailor
StoneSkull Expansion
OOP/Rare stuff:------------
2x 30th Anniversary Marines NIB
Space Marine Captain Centos
Pewter Witch hunter Inquisitor with Retinue still in box
Juan Diaz Seekers 3 NIB 1 assembled and primed white (1 of every sculpt)
SM:Take it all for 100 plus shipping (199 total)
Razorback missing floor (15)
OOP pewter Vanquisher (25)
SM Commander (SB/LC) (5)
5 Assault Marines (10)
Ugly Landspeed(8)
OOP Terminators (10 Plastic 1 Metal)(15)
NIB pewter Scout with Heavy Bolter (5)
NIB pewter Scout Snipers(8)
NIB OOP Pewter Apothecary(8)
NIB OOP Maleus Calgar (power armor)(10)
NIB OOP Chaplain Cassius(15)
Pewter Venerable Dread (20)
OOP Bjorn the fellhanded/SW Venerable Dreadnought (25)
Partially assembled Dread with some basecoating (15)
Bare partially assembled Dread missing rocket pod tip (15)
Imperial Guard:--------------------------------------- Take it all for 200 (total 285) comes with an Army Transport case for whole lot buy
1 Baneblade partially assembled (all assembly has been shaved and trimmed) will provide bits to make all variants (80)
Pewter OOP Hellhound (25)
3x Chimera HB turrets modelled to look armored (15)
11 OOP 5th Ed. Pewter Kasrkin/stormtroopers (30)
1 Powerfist/Lasgun Pewter ST officer (6)
1 Powersword/lasgun Pewter ST officer (6)
2 ST Pewter Grenade Launchers (12)
2 ST Pewter Flamers (12)
5 OOP Pewter Kasrkin/Stormtroopers (4th ed) (15)
1 Talarn Lieutenant (10)
2 powerfist Commisars (14)
3rd edition Beret Stormtrooper squad (25)
Various Pewter Henchmen (40)
Pewter Grimaldus with Retinue (50)
DV Chaos Lord(5)
DV Chosen (10)
1988 Chaos Champion from GW's Realm of Chaos line #11(10)(Fusion glued to pointing hand)
Eldar:---Take it all for 210+ shipping (333 total)
35 Guardians (35)
5x NOS Avengers (20)
5x OOP pewter Wraithguard
10 Dire Avengers some missing legs or arms see pic-(25)
14 Striking Scorpions w/ Claw Exarch (Metal)-(25)
6 Swooping Hawks exarch missing head (15)
7 Howling Banshees w/ Exarch (will include arms missing in pic (Metal)-(20)
Old Style fire prism in poor condition-(15)
OOP Metal War Walker-(10)
2x OOP Metal Wraithlords painted to tabletop-(15)
Metal Farseer-(8)
Rogue Trader Farseer (pointing) (25)
Three assembled Falcons with one missing a gun-(50)
Pewter Yriel (15)
Pewter Fuegan (15)
Pewter Karandras (15)
Pewter OOP Uldrad (15)
Pewter Jain Zar (15)
Buy the lot and get it all in an ArmyTransport case
Dark Eldar:------------------
5 Metal OOP Wyches, one missing arm(10)
NIB Metal Wyches (old sculpt)(15)
Infinity: Whole bunch of Caledonians, I dont know what half of them are, see the pics
Original Puppetwars booster packs still sealed. ( Multiplayer and Pawns 3)
Misc AOS:---------------------
Oop Sorcerer of Chaos W/ Familiar metal NIB x 2 (10)
(Ain't looking for much on these, sling me an offer.)
3rd edition Space Wolves Codex
4th edition Hard Cover Rulebook
4th Edition Space Marine Codex
6th edition Mini rulebook
WANTS! **********************
Priority wants:
Longshot, but if you have a giftcard for Revzilla or another Motorcycle website, I'm totally interested.
May be interested in items related to /trees, especially glass
Also Interested in a lampwork set up, especially need a good torch for boro.
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2014.12.25 06:41 microwavedindividual Filing FOIA for 3 watch lists

FOIA is freedom of information act. We are entitled to receive a report on ourselves from FBI, DHS and the three agencies Glenn Greenwald discussed in https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/08/05/watch-commande
(1) Terrorist Screening Data Base (TSDB) maintained by National Counterterrorism Center;
(2) Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) maintained by Directorate of Terrorist Identities (DTI); and
(3) CIA Information Needs Management (CINEMA) maintained by CIA.
Half a year ago, Glenn Greenwald promised to disclose the names on the watch lists. He disclosed only a few Arab names.
The second leaker may have been able to leak more documents on watch lists but he was arrested:
Terrorist Screening Data Base (TSDB) maintained by National Counterterrorism Center but FBI claims they maintain it. http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/nsb/tsc/tsc
However, FBI redirects to Traveler Redress Inquiry Program through Department of Homeland Security (DHS). http://www.dhs.gov/dhs-trip
"How do I know if I am on a Government Watchlist? The U.S. government does not reveal whether a particular person is on or not on a watchlist. If the government revealed this information, terrorist organizations would be able to circumvent the watchlist's purpose by determining in advance which of their members were likely to be questioned or detained." http://www.dhs.gov/step-1-should-i-use-dhs-trip:
How to file a FOIA for the watch lists?
It would be wise to serve the FOIAs via certified mail return receipt requested. Online submissions are not proof of service.
FOIA to CIA http://www.foia.cia.gov/foia_request
FOIA to Department of Homeland Security http://www.dhs.gov/how-submit-foia-or-privacy-act-request-department-homeland-security
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