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2023.03.29 18:49 Subject-Inflation-62 Is it right time to go for masters?

Hey everyone, I currently work as an Sde-1 in Amazon about to become an SDE-2 by the end of this year.
I have an admit for MSCS in SJSU, Suny Buffalo and USF for this Fall 23
Considering the recession, inflation and hiring slowdown in the US , would it be a good choice to go for masters this year, or should I postpone the plan by an year.
I am keen on getting a summer internship and eventually a good job.
Whoever is reading this, kindly provide your feedback. It would help a lot
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2023.03.29 18:48 ethanrocks38 Is this a good budget PC to build and resell?
I am adding the RGB fans because after watching hours of DLM tech garage videos I’ve learned that RGB sells.
CPU is from Facebook Marketplace, Motherboard and GPU are from a friend, and the rest are new from Amazon.
I’m looking to see if anyone has recommendations on changes for this before I buy the parts.
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2023.03.29 18:48 AIwriting Boost Your Blog Posts to Google's Page 1 with GPT-4 Power: ChatGPT & Surfer SEO Unleashed

" SKYROCKET Blog Posts to Page 1 of Google w GPT4 (ChatGPT + Surfer SEO)"
In this engaging YouTube video, the presenter unveils the secrets to optimizing an article for SEO using cutting-edge AI tools such as SurferSEO, Grammarly,, and WordPress. The host meticulously guides viewers through the essential steps of keyword optimization, spelling and grammar checks, plagiarism detection, originality verification, and WordPress optimization, ensuring that the article is primed for search engines and readers alike.
With the recent release of GPT-4, the speaker is eager to share their experience using this revolutionary AI model to rank a blog post on the first page of Google within mere hours. In this informative video, they will thoroughly detail their proven process for harnessing the power of GPT-4 to write and rapidly rank blog posts, showcasing the immense potential of AI-driven content creation and optimization.
#GPT4SEO, #SurferSEO, #Grammarly, #OriginalityAI, #WordPressOptimization, #BlogRanking, #AIinSEO, #Page1Google, #ContentCreation, #SEOStrategy
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2023.03.29 18:46 ti-poux2021 I've wanted to strart a vegan recipes blog for years but I am so bad with tech that I can't...

I've been trying to open a blog for YEARS. Everyone that tasted my food have pushed me to do so. A few times a year, I get very primed up and I am like ok, lets do this. I can manage writting recipes. I can manage to take ok-ish photos (and sometimes not. But that's fine for me) but gosh I cannot for the life of me understand wix or wordpress or any of them. I've been learning with youtube, skillshare, my boyfriend. I just cannot.
And I make it harder cause I want a specific layout where ingredients of a step are line of with said step (like in a ~ designed ~ table). It's so much easier for me to understand recipes when written this way but it's a nightmare to do in a website. I may get it ok and then I turn to phone layout and it's absolute garbage.
So long story short, I always give up.
I've been writting my recipes in Word for years. I've been taking pictures of my food, for years, too. But cannot get to publish it... Could I just put a screenshot of my word layout and upload it on the blog instead and stop messing around with it all? Is it lame? I hate when things look heavily "diy" but I can't work like everyone else... Honestly, anyone has a simpler idea or tips?
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2023.03.29 18:46 Jealous-Run2757 Yes i did IT again !!! At the rock Bottom for the 1000x time

Sup Everyone , first Time for me to Write in this gambling forum but Here the story of my life...i Been gambling since i am 18 Now im 36.. its all start with a 1000$ jackpot on a local bar and since i Nevers stopped,,, slot machine , poker , blackjack , sportbet , crypto , FOREX , gold trading , name IT all im a degenerate gambler , but Here a couple of month ago i convince myself too stop gambling for good and save m'y money and stop living paychek to paychek ..IT was really great i started back to Buy small thing That make me feel better like shoe , cloth , a bicycle , New laptop my life was improving and its was good i had saving 3k in the bankaccount . BUT you know the devil came back , and couple of Day ago i was like ; hey maybe just 100$ yes 100$ That IT after i stop , im good Now just 100$ hey gambling is fun. but Here i am Now couple of Day later i lose all the 3k took me month to save but i even pawn m'y laptop and m'y bike to try to chasse m'y lost. Now im Here reading like a zombie on a gambling forum and feeling low but guess what i Will start again and i hope this one is the last one . YOU ARE STARTING TO WIN WHEN YOU STOP GAMBLING . I make this post because Everytime i Will feel the urge of gambling i Will Côme Here and Read this to remember to NEVER GAMBLE AGAIN yes not even 1$ . Peace Everyone and keep going life is beautiful .
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2023.03.29 18:45 ConsistentFlight8129 Automatic HDMI Switch

I just recently bought a Samsung HW-Q990B sound bar which I am enjoying so far but it only has 2 inputs and I need 4.
What is my best option for adding a hdmi switch? I want to make sure it doesn’t degrade the picture quality and I also need it to be auto switching between sources for ease of use.
I see a lot of them on Amazon but not sure which one is the best quality. What brand is recommended?
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2023.03.29 18:45 tonnie_taller Get $220 off a roborock S7 robot vacuum and mop with this Amazon coupon

SAVE $220: As of March 29, Amazon has a coupon for $220 off the roborock S7 robot vacuum and mop so it costs a total of $429.99, down from $649.99. That’s a discount of 33%. Opens in a new tab Credit: roborock roborock S7 robot vacuum and mop (opens in a new tab) $429.99 at … Continue reading Get $220 off a roborock S7 robot vacuum and mop with this Amazon coupon
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2023.03.29 18:45 tonnie_taller ‘The Power’ review: Sci-fi thriller upsets gender dynamics — but then what?

There are two things The Power wants you to know: Power frees, but it also corrupts. That push and pull between freedom and corruption makes for the central drive of Prime Video’s latest science fiction series, which sees women develop the ability to generate electricity. They use their newfound power to change modern-day gender dynamics. … Continue reading ‘The Power’ review: Sci-fi thriller upsets gender dynamics — but then what?
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2023.03.29 18:45 rattlemebones Walmart has to be one of the most frustrating seller User Interface experiences out there

After selling on there for about 6 months, I feel like I can safely say it's not me. It is shocking how poorly designed, implemented, and executed the entire Walmart selling platform is.
Off the top of my head:
God help you if you have thousands of items in your inventory because other sellers have probably already uploaded the incorrect information and unless you individually check each and every item at time of upload, you won't catch it until you make a sale. Multipack items are my favorite - Amazon at least requires multipacks to have their own UPC but Walmart just says screw it could be a single, 6 pack, 12 pack, whatever! Sure the customer only paid for a single item but they are expecting 12.
I use to think Amazon was bad but nothing compares to Walmart. It feels so amateur and barely kept together than I wonder how they are paying us correctly... or are they?
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2023.03.29 18:45 BPS_Customs [USA-MD][H] GPUs, CPUs, Motherboards, Power Supplies, Coolers, Cases, Custom Keyboards [W] PayPal

I'll be frank, for the past ~2 years the channel has been operating pretty heavily in the red and it's gotten to the point where I need to generate some income to keep this viable for me. Without getting into the details, times have been tough. So yes, some of these products are review samples, and thus I cannot verify their warranty status. To make things easier on everyone, just assume nothing here carries a warranty.
Please consider all items lightly used, although some may have close to zero use and some may have moderate use. I try to keep all of my items in good condition, and more often that not these products get used for one or two videos and then put back in their boxes.
All prices are firm and include CONUS shipping. I am willing to do slight combo discounts if you want more than one item, this will usually involve removing shipping costs. If you want something, please post here first and then PM.
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2023.03.29 18:45 aggressivebat Am I the only one who doesn’t think… (spoilers)?

Am I the only one who doesn’t think Inarius killed Rathma? Somehow when I was going through the plot I got the feeling the story was framing it for us to think he speared his own son but he actually didn’t. Especially because we don’t see it happen. Idk. I wonder if he was being set up by someone else to get Lilith to do something and cause chaos. Not that I think Inarius is a completely good character, I just think maybe there’s more to it than angels bad demons good this time. Like maybe one of the prime evils is trying to set a plan in motion and it started with Rathma dying and Lilith believing Inarius did it?
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2023.03.29 18:44 ConsistentFlight8129 Automatic HDMI Switch

I just recently bought a Samsung HW-Q990B sound bar which I am enjoying so far but it only has 2 inputs and I need 4.
What is my best option for adding a hdmi switch? I want to make sure it doesn’t degrade the picture quality and I also need it to be auto switching between sources for ease of use.
I see a lot of them on Amazon but not sure which one is the best quality. What brand is recommended?
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2023.03.29 18:43 arghvark What's the deal with Tesla vs. Other CCS adapters (for 2019 Model 3)?

I have a 2019 Model 3, with a mobile connector and J1772 adapter. I'm contemplating a long trip, would like to have the option to use CCS. The Tesla website says there is a retrofit needed to buy and use theirs for Models 3 and Y, and to check back in the middle of this year. Amazon and others have mutliple adapters by other manufacturers.
I've seen some indication that other manufacturers' equipment is (or may be) slower at charging, though I may need to purchase before this retrofit is available. What else should I know about this?
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2023.03.29 18:43 queermachmir House of Obscure Recommendations (03/29/2023)

HOOR: The Place for Hard-to-Answer Requests

I’ve become known for my exceptional request-answering abilities, and every Wednesday I host HOOR to share those abilities with you! I do this through GR searches, the help of friends and Facebook groups, and my own delving into obscure niches.
What can you request here?
This is the place for requests that you think might be too obscure, niche, or difficult to answer to be their own book request post. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to answer your request, but I’ll try my best, and if at all possible, I'll give you suggestions that have similar elements and might scratch the itch.
Please remember to check the TWs of books recommended to you. Sometimes authors keep these on websites, only on the GR blurb, or in the sample/front matter you can view on Amazon.
Please don’t:
Other users are welcome to respond to requests here, too.
If you have an answer to someone’s request, please chime in! More responses are always better.

Other Stuff

This feature is posted every Wednesday, subject to my availability. You can find the complete schedule of all weekly and monthly features at this link.
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2023.03.29 18:42 Merl1nAms Help! What devil should I use?? (5e)

I have always been encaptivated by Devils. I always enjoyed reading about them and their cunning ways. So I bought a book; Tyrants of the Nine Hells (I think). I read it and really enjoyed reading about the different roles of the devils and the leaders in charge and the lore etc.
Now a bit later I have decided to create my own game (5e). I thought it would be interesting for a devil to strike a bargain with an evil magic user or something along those lines. Power for their soul. So I decided to research what devil to use. I knew there was a plethora of devils, although there seems to be less in 5e than there was in the 3.5 book I read(I think it was 3.5).
So I took to the internet to see what devils strike bargains. I thought, because of the book I read, it was a Harvester devil but after reading the 5e monster manual there is no such thing as a Harvester Devil in 5e. My google searches backed this up.
So what devil am I thinking of? Do all devils collect souls, and I should just pick one I like the look of? I was thinking bone devil, although there is nothing overtly in the Monster Manual about collecting souls. And on the off chance that the book I read was 5e, would I be correct in saying the Harvester Devil is the one that mainly collects souls?
Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.03.29 18:42 bigtree17 If you feel like you're melting, you probably are. (Sodium Citrate, Metabolic Acidosis, and a BPC-157/GH Peptide Update.)

Going to make this quick as I don't have much time these days. If you feel like your body is melting, it probably is, quite literally. There's been debate for years on whether or not your body can become acidic, and if alkaline or acidic foods make any difference. As I understand it those who cite that it doesn't matter say that because the pH of blood is supposed to be regulated by the body, which is true, at least for healthy individuals. However the body does this by releasing minerals from the bones, perhaps among other methods as well. This can lead to osteoporosis and likely other issues, and if you body cannot release enough it will become acidic. Excess acid in the body is called metabolic acidosis and is well studied, which is funny because in looking at those studies I don't believe there is really any debate that we can become too acidic.
When we become too acidic, there are many issues that result. Among them is impairment in collagen production. Here's a study looking at catabolism (muscle breakdown) as a result of metabolic acidosis. Other symptoms of metabolic acidosis are fatigue, kidney issues, and weakness. Probably sounds familiar. If you feel like you are melting, you probably are. We can quite literally dissolve ourselves by becoming too acidic.
How to Treat Metabolic Acidosis
Very briefly, you should understand certain foods increase and decrease your acid load. Meat, eggs, cheese, all increase acidity. I eat an animal based diet, so I get a large acid load from those sources. To balance this, fruits and vegetables are generally alkalizing. I don't do vegetables but I do eat a fair bit of fruit. However, for me trying to balance my foods doesn't come anywhere close to being enough, and it likely won't be for many others as well.
The best way to treat metabolic acidosis I have found is sodium citrate. Many also use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), but sodium citrate can remove 3x the milliequivalents of acid that sodium bicarbonate can. Sodium citrate is often sold for making cheese dips. It's extremely cheap and extremely effective. I use this brand personally but I highly doubt there's much difference among the various brands out there.
If you want to learn more about sodium citrate and metabolic acidosis, I recommend looking up Dr. Dinicolantonio and sodium citrate or metabolic acidosis.

Side Note
I have been away from this sub for several years now. Some of you will remember me from the BPC-157 and GH peptides posts. To this day I still get messaged a couple times a week about people wondering if I still take them and if they help. I have gone on and off them, and I'm currently running that combination again. Yes they help. No they're not going to fix you. It's one of many tools I use.
I have to say it's fucking sad to see how this sub has grown since I first joined here. I remember when we were at 1,500 subs. Now it's 44k. That's a lot of suffering and trust me I know the horror of this disease. I'm sorry I haven't been posting here much, I'll try to do some more quick posts in the future of some things that have helped. I deleted social media off my phone but do check on my computer sometimes. Please message me if you have questions, I will respond when I can.
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2023.03.29 18:41 Account0700884 Found strange book that possibly belongs to a cult?

I was at work today, and somebody showed me a book that was left behind and asked me what language it was in.
Based on the cover my first impression was that it was some kind of fantasy book. The cover had 2 small silhouettes of witches with a cauldron, standing outside in some kind of forest clearing, at dawn? The sky was orange. The title was in a very strange language.
The person that showed it to me said it looked Chinese, but I looked at it and to my surprise the characters looked unlike anything I've seen, for sure not any kind of kanji etc, as I'm pretty familiar with that.
I was very curious and looked through the book. All of it was written in those strange symbols. There were a few words written using regular characters on the first page that normally has information about publishers etc:
Szshiloh Addis Ababa an email address (not sure I can post this?) Dr. D.K Olukoya
These were scattered among the other text that used the strange characters. On the back page there was more of the odd writing, with one phrase about 'something devil something' and something about soul or spirit'. Now I definitely wanted to know wtf this was.
I looked the Dr up, and he is some kind of a Nigerian pastor. The website takes me to a Apostolic Reformation Church website, which has that strange text on it, and some links in English, but doesn't let me click on anything, all links say 'forbidden 403'.
Is this some kind of a cult? What is that strange language they are using?
Unfortunately I don't have the book, as some people threw it away when I wasn't there, think it was creeping people out lol, but other than what I wrote here there was nothing written in it using the normal alphabet. There is an email address, but I'm not up for contacting them in case they're some type of nutcases.
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2023.03.29 18:40 quasifandango powering arduino and motors from wall with battery backup

Newbie here working on my first project. Having a ton of fun learning about all this, but when it comes to putting electricity into things, I don't want to FAFO (which is how I accomplished most of my project so far, plus Paul McWhorter on YouTube.)
I want to purchase these items: Battery. Switching Module.
What I'd like to happen is that I plug into a wall outlet, then into this module. The battery and Arduino and motors are all also connected to the module. I want to use power from the house first, of course, but if that power goes out, the module should switch and pull power from the battery instead. Will this work how I think it works? Will the battery stay charged? Will it provide enough power for Arduino Nano (12v through Vin) and 4 of these?
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2023.03.29 18:39 _Mahe_ I got free valorant items in Amazon prime gaming.

I got free valorant items in Amazon prime gaming.
Hey guys, I recently found out that in amazon prime gaming you can get ingame items for free. Two weeks ago I got a fade sticker in valorant, and when I checked today go a buddy for the gun.
Does anyone of you claimed before, or also new to this amazon prime gaming. I you regularly collect ingame items here, could you please update how frequent they provide a new in game item, is it weekly/ bi weekly/ monthly?
Hope this post helps people who are not aware of this prime gaming.
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2023.03.29 18:38 master-of-the-great Where Can I Watch 'On a Wing and a Prayer' (2023) Online Free Streaming At Home?

Amazon Studios! Here’s options for downloading or watching On a Wing and a Prayer streaming full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit, including where to watch Sean McNamara's film at home. Is On a Wing and a Prayer (2023) available to stream? Is watching On a Wing and a Prayer on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Yes we have found an authentic streaming option / service. Details on how you can watch On a Wing and a Prayer for free throughout the year are described below.
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2023.03.29 18:38 autotldr UN seeks court opinion on climate in ‘win’ for island states

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 61%. (I'm a bot)
The countries of the United Nations led by the island nation of Vanuatu adopted what they called a historic resolution Wednesday calling for the U.N.'s highest court to strengthen countries' obligations to curb warming and protect communities from climate disaster.
The resolution was adopted by consensus and Vanuatu Prime Minister Ishmael Kalsakau called it "a win for climate justice of epic proportions." He reeled off a string of recent disasters including back-to-back Category 4 cyclones in his own country and record-breaking Cyclone Freddy that refused to leave southeastern Africa in recent weeks.
The group's Solomon Yeo added that "Young people across the world will recall the day when we were able to get the world's highest court, the International Court of Justice, to bring its voice to the climate justice fight."
The U.N.'s International Court of Justice is the body's highest court and can provide "An advisory opinion on any legal question" asked by states, said Nilufer Oral, the director at the Center for International Law at the University of Singapore.
While the opinion isn't binding, it would encourage states "To actually go back and look at what they haven't been doing and what they need to do" to address the climate emergency.
ADVERTISEMENT. The resolution now goes to the International Court of Justice, to clarify climate obligations and then begin proceedings.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: climate#1 court#2 island#3 resolution#4 international#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.29 18:38 toresman Whole Lore of r/MinutemanAF4

After the war with Institute the First Fire Section of Concord is created.
-A month after the creation of the first fire section of Concord two new special units were made: The Castle Crushers and Bunker Builders. The Castle Crushers were a special unit that specialised in offensive operations in every type of terrain. They consisted of two power armour squads and one covert squad. Bunker Builders specialised in building of defensive constructions. They consisted of two engineering squads and one heavy machine guns squad.
-On the 2088 Island of Far Harbour. Fog condensers started to break down. As the fog closed in on the people of the island they emigrated to the commonwealth and settled on the Spectacle island. After few days they got approached by the minutemen with an offer of joining to the organisation. After series of discussions they agreed to join.
-On 27/03/88 The Concord Reorganised Territory was brought to life. The treaty established a Democratic country that consisted of: Sanctuary, Concord (as the capital), Abernathy Town, Drumlin Caravan Hub (from which supplies would be distributed) and the Military Base 111 (as the CRT's military base of operation). The whole thing was rigged by the minutemen high command to centralize the commonwealth one by one. In following months more areas would become part of the CRT.
-As the Minutemen started to become more organized the topic of a standard issue weapon was brought to light. The final decision was to keep the laser musket for now in the long stock long barrel configuration and as a secondary weapon the revolver in 38 configuration. But in following months the 10mm pistol replaced it as molds for 10mm pistol parts were found and put into use inside the Saugus Ironworks.
-On 05/04/88 a bunker containing over 200 Thompson submachine guns was found. It was split between CRT and the Minutemen and became the new standard issue weapon for both factions.
-During the First Conference of Fort Liberty it was decided that civilians would not be allowed in to the Castle's perimeter. To accommodate all that lived inside the fortresses walls the body of water next to it was dryed out to build new homes. A wall was built around the site with guard towers to protect the more sensitive part of the building site.
-On 31/04/88 the Rat squad of the Castle Crushers had located a chinese submarine. It was decided to check what was inside of it. During the raid one chinese ghoul was captured and several feral ones were shot and killed. After checking it was found that the submarine was in a repairable state. With the help of institute scientists the boat was repaired and became the mobile headquarters of the Castle Crushers after being renamed to MNV "Catfish".
-On the 25/05/88 MNV "Catfish" has swam to the coast near Quincy and all of the Castle Crushers has exited the submarine to begin the operation. After 3 hours of fighting all of the Gunners of Quincy had either died or fled. Quincy would be once again established as a trading city where the first Quincy Fire Group would be established making the number of official Minutemen militia 45 soldiers.
-After joint military exercises with the Brotherhood the Minutemen had purchased two vertibirds for stable food deliveries and valuable technology. Minutemen with the help of institute scientists had made their own version of the vertibird using ones that they purchased.
-A month since the immigration of Far Harbour residents New Far Harbour would be established. There with the help of Minutemen and the Brotherhood (after the joint military trainings) a democratic country would be established. As a part of the help for new formed SIR (Spectacle Island Republic) a training of a single Marine Corp would be conducted by Brotherhood and Minutemen instructors. The Corp would consist of 25 men in five soldiers squads. Those Marines would be equipped with special Marines Armours brought from the Far Harbour. Minutemen instructors would teach the recruits about the terrain of the commonwealth and guerrilla fighting styles whilst the Brotherhood instructors would teach about discipline and military doctrines.
-On the 27/06/88 in the capital of CRT a lot of business started to pop up like: Johnson's Typewriters Company, Toyland, The Big Stick Armoury and The Liberty Clinic. Also a school was opened with professors from the institute. A chapter of the church of all faiths was allowed to settle. All this was thanks to a series of laws passed by the High Council Of Concord.
-On the 01/07/88 a gathering of all the representatives of the commonwealth had begun. The representatives of: Minutemen, Brotherhood, Diamond City, Bunker Hill, CRT, Gunners, RSI, Good Neighbor and 6 other independent villages had gathered in the Parliament of CRT. There they have cleared up their relations to one another and decided to build a heavy cruiser that could enforce any further decisions and rules. The construction would start in the RSI. Every participant of the gathering would contribute to the construction in some way or another.
-On the 06/07/88 a conference was held to settle the borders of the Commonwealth. There an agent of the railroad showed up to make a secret amendment was made to isolate certain lands of wastes the plan was to grant them breathing space and keep the base a secret. During the conference the Brotherhood was granted the peninsula where the Boston airport is. CRT got a big chunk of the Commonwealth as they were powerful and were supported by the Minutemen. The Minutemen mostly retained their old territory's and a little bit of new land. The independent villages got around two kilometres in every side from their centre. Gunners were restricted to their old territory's without Quincy.
-After the Diamond City conference the CRT had seen the potential of other factions and decided to acquire some kind of leverage against other powers of the commonwealth. Firstly they recruited the scientists from the Concord university. Then they hauled three vertibirds that had crashed before the war after that they hauled three APC's that can be seen around military checkpoints. After two months all of them were in a working condition. With that two new branches of the CRT military were created: CAG (Concord Air Guard) and CAF (Concord Armoured Force). The CAG's base of operations was CAG Satellite Station Olivia and CAF's was Military Base 111.
-On the 21/07/88 CRT has established the Commonwealth Intelligence Bureau. It was an organisation made with the help of Minutemen and Concord University. With a standing force of 20 agents from all over commonwealth that worked in sectors in which they were born, it's task was to gather intel and test prototypes, every agent was equipped with the newest technology provided by Concord University.
-On 06/08/88 the minutemen had decided to expand its navy. A ship would be constructed armed with a 57mm double cannon in the front and a 20mm anti-aircraft cannon in the back. It would be constructed on a pre-war fishing boat hull also it would be equipped with a radio that had strong enough signal to connect to the satellite array in the minutemen control.
-On 21/10/88 the minutemen and CRT had unionized with leaders of minutemen having more power but adopting the CRT constitution. The new organisation would be called CMR (Commonwealth of Massachusetts Republic).
-After the Concord Union the SIR has looked to join as the food supplies weren't plentiful. Needing to buy food from Minutemen cities. The leaders of SIR wanted to retain their power but be able to count on stable food supplies that would be free. They got what they wanted.
-A second siege of Quincy had begun. The gunners equipped with better guns than ever before have attacked Quincy. But the supresive fire from newly built USS Commonwealth had helped win the battle. After repelling the invaders it was noticed that the advanced equipment they possessed came from the Brotherhood.
-On December 3, 2289, Capral Clallum of the CMR was giving a speech in Concord to alleviate fears of raider attention in the nearby areas.
In a nearby building, a former BoS Knight who had deserted his post named Brett Walker had a scoped bolt-action pipe rifle which he had brought up with him.
The speech had lots of security however it was somewhat difficult to pinpoint how Walker had bypassed them.
At roughly 8 minutes into the speech the gunman fired and hit Clallum first in the lower neck, and then a second later the head. Clallum was killed immediately by the second shot.
The gunman was apprehended 6 minutes later and did not resist arrest. He was imprisoned in a CMR facility with a life sentence.
The assassination eventually lead to the discovery of the Left Hand.
-Shortly after the assassination of Caprul Clallum of the CMR, the gunman Brett Walker was interrogated and revealed that he was an AWOL Brotherhood knight.
CMR’s CIB (Commonwealth intelligence bureau) told him that he would live if he told them his motive.
Walker explained that a secret organization within the brotherhood called the Left Hand who wanted to eliminate all other factions to make the Brotherhood the sole dominators on the East Coast (and possibly the continent) had employed him to kill the general.
He complied with them due to an unexplained hatred against the CMR and explained that Left Hand were growing and planning a coup d’état against the east coast brotherhoods current leadership. -The combined discovery of the Left Hand and the scandal at Quincy had made the CMR very suspicious of the BoS’s true motives.
On January 3rd, 2289, a new division of the CIB was formed called the ‘Peace Division’. This was not made known to general people or low ranked CMR members due to the nature of the division.
The Peace Division was made up of loyal but not well known and skilled soldiers, with a rigorous and extensive training to prepare for their roles.
Members of the division would join the BoS to spy and inform on both the BoS itself and the other threat of the Left Hand.
The CMR also decided to not inform the leadership of the BoS of the Left Hand yet.
Communications between both sides began to be less friendly as the Brotherhood became aware of the position of the CMR and their suspiciousness of the Brotherhood.
Although they didn’t know exactly why yet, the Brotherhood figured it was due to the liberation of Quincy and the guns they had sold to the gunners.
Although originally, the sell was not intended to hurt the CMR, the Brotherhood became aware of the dangerousness towards the CMR’s position and allowed the Gunners to proceed anyways.
-Seeing raider raids coming from the glowing see CMR with the cooperation of Atom cultists had created a special firing squad compressed of two infantry squads and one support squad. MDC would use chemical weapons and radiation weapons to their advantage against human enemies. Most of the manpower would come from the coast part of the atom cult and its existence would anger all of Far Harbour immigrants (Marines included). MDC would be free to celebrate their beliefs but wouldn't be allowed to convert civilians that weren't willing to do so. MDC members would wear khaki cloaks, gas masks, grey helmets and knee pads. The rest of the equipment would come from themselves. CMR would give them Thompsons and 10mm pistols but sometimes a Fat man would be given to one of the soldiers.
-In the glowing sea, a nuclear bomb that had not yet detonated had been resting since 2077. On February 5th 2289, for unknown reasons, the bomb finally detonated, further irradiating the area and causing even more destruction.
The full power of the full sized nuclear bomb was so large that it caused constant rad storms and lots more radiation blowing in the wind around the Commonwealth.
CMR radiation teams stationed near the glowing sea first detected increasing amounts of radiation on the 7th of February and contacted headquarters in Concord.
CMR stations received word from CMR Radio Tower AE-114 (near where the radiation teams first detected rads) on February 11th stated that they were all feeling sick and feeling symptoms of rad sickness.
They explained that they were almost out of Rad-Away and wanted to evacuate however they were being attacked for unknown reasons by Gunners and it was dangerous to leave the safety of the radio station.
3 days later the first expedition team arrived at the scene and it was discovered that the CMR stationed there had all turned into feral ghouls.
The Gunners fighting there were now trying to kill the ghouls and a few had been killed on both sides. The CMR troops arrived and engaged the Gunners.
After the battle which lasted an hour, the CMR team was victorious. On the Gunner Captain’s body, they found a message.
The message detailed that the team had been hired by the Brotherhood of Steel to take any classified information from the station at all costs and to kill anyone there.
-When the information about Brotherhood paying for attacks on CMR locations was brought to the army command a plan was quickly drawn. It would consist of stages and its purpose was to steal the Prydwen and demand the Brotherhood to leave the Commonwealth on foot. An ambiguous plan but a doable one. 1 stage: relay the plan to the peace division. 2 stage: hire the gunners to turn on their employers. 3 stage: make the atom cultists (not part of the MDC) and gunners storm the defences of the airport. 4 stage: land the vertibirds on Prydwen with Castle Crushers squads 1 and 2 onboard. 5 stage: take control of Prydwen and fly off to the Castle and anchor it. The whole of the plan was up for debate and would play out during an radstorm.
-A second plan for a attack on the Brotherhood was to perform an amphibious on the airport. But two types of vehicles were needed. An amphibian tank and a APC. In the base 111 a group of scientists worked on the project: Sullivan McGregor, Professor Li, Sophia Goodman and Abraham Goldstein. Two Fully working vehicles were created: MAAV1 (Massachusetts Army Amphibious Vehicle) and MAAT1 (Massachusetts Army Amphibious Tank). After testing both were accepted into service with an order for 2 each type.
-Not wanting to spell bloodshed immediately CMR had invited all organisations in the Commonwealth to Diamond City to demand eviction of the Brotherhood from the Commonwealth. On 23/02/89 the case was opened and ready to be dissected. In following weeks many attempts at sabotaging the case followed. From stealing evidence to assassination attempts. Many representatives switched sides every day but finally the Brotherhood was proven to be at fault and subsequently were punished by needing to take back their part of the crew from USS Commonwealth and required to give 50% of settlements under their control to the CMR and in need of food it was to be bought from CMR. It was hoped that Brotherhood's reliance on CMR food deliveries would mean peace, but that thinking might be brought into question in the future...
-Knowing that for sure the railroad had agents within CMR, the highest army command had met in a pre-war bunker that was previously flooded with water to make sure no bugs were planted within it. Only the command was there no bodyguards. Inside a plan was formed to get a CIB agent in the railroad. A new agent was recruited to make sure that the operation remained a secret. After days of gruelling tests the agent was ready. After two weeks of getting information on the railroad from the public, the second stage was set off. After another week the agent got in. Through learning the code from the scattered letters around Boston the agent opened the secret vault under the church. After railroad trials to make sure that he was to be trusted, the agent begun gathering intel.
-As the Brotherhood civil war was going on the CMR and the Brotherhood had worked on a weapon that could be more powerful than power armour. To start the legs were elongated to be 10 cm taller than a normal set. Inside of the free space inside the legs amortization was placed to help with very long falls, as normal power armour would survive a high fall but it's user had a chance of dieing. A third arm was placed on the back fitted with a heavy machine gun that followed where was the user looking. In the corner of the armour's HUD a little screen was placed that allowed the user to look behind him (on the back a camera was placed). Also a rangefinder and a internal long distance radio station were fitted to convey acccurate intel on large distances. At the cost of the thickness of the armour various systems were installed. Like: internal oxygen tank to ensure safety in high places, underwater or in case of an toxic gases; an steel cutter to rescue trapped teammates; stronger exoskeleton with higher power to be faster, stronger and to carry all the new heavy equipment. Only two were created with one send to the Brotherhood and the second was given to the Castle Crushers.
-With the main attention of the CMR at the Brotherhood civil war there was a need for a new Firing Group that could protect the frontier. Equipped with scouting and mountaineer equipment the 1st Pioneer Firing Group was made.
-After renovating the section of Boston railway mostly hand cracked vehicles were used for transport. On the 24/06/89 the "Concord Merchant was released onto the tracks of Boston making some caravans change their routes as supplies were already delivered there by rail.
-The Vault Bureau and the Union of Old America
On May 20th 2288, the Vice President of the CMR announced the creation of the Vault Bureau and the subsequent action of the Vault Integration Act.
This would permit all operational, stable vaults designated area close to CMR territory and all unworking and abandoned vaults also to be subject to CMR law and occupation.
The only exception was Vault 111 which would remain a grave due to the significance to the CMR general, Nate.
Some vaults upon learning of this agreed to join the CMR and were happy to join a new, stable and seemingly positive group, a great change from what they mostly expected from wastelanders.
However, most of the vaults did not want to join, and representatives from 10 different vaults in the area (note: I am adding some fictional vaults here, these go over the official number of vaults) met in Vault 130 to discuss unification.
This ended in agreement, and the new nation the Union of Old America was formed, consisting of 18 vaults (including 8 that joined days later and weren’t present at the first congress).
The UOA subjugated nearby small towns mostly peacefully, although gunfire was exchanged with 2 deaths on the UOA side in the small community of Morgan Ferry.
The UOA also declared in their second meeting of representatives to discuss new plans, deals and issues that the vaults which has joined the CMR were traitors to the old United States and should leave at once.
-Military reorganization
In the CMR, the military was made up of many poorly trained militia members and conscripts.
In June 2288, the general of the CMR Armed Forces decided to start a military reorganization.
Troops of the CMR got better training, weaponry, and technology at the cost of a short economic downturn.
A new type of infantry armor and a new type of power armor were both made, the power armor model being called the AMAX-89, being based off the ‘Black Devil’ model of the enclave, and the infantry armor being based off the designs of the NCR due them both having known reliability.
This act legitimized the CMR’s military and reduced the amount of untrained militia fighters on the battlefield.
-The USS Commonwealth disaster
On February 8th, 2289, the Commonwealth's largest and most advanced naval vessel, the USS Commonwealth, suffering from a disaster that almost led to a total sinking.
At roughly 8:00 AM, the Commonwealth was being transported to an alternate position for some minor repairs.
In a position that was supposed to be checked for hazard weeks earlier, multiple naval mines of unknown origin had been in the water.
At 8:21 AM, the Commonwealth hit one mine on her starboard (right) side, close to her bow (front). Seconds later, she hit another on her starboard side, this time closer to the stern (back).
The ship began to list (tilt) heavily, with almost a 25 degree list in just 5 minutes. The ship’s watertight bulkheads were dropped and halted the flooding of the water. Hand-cranked pumps were used to pump the majority of the water out.
In panic and not wanting to lose their new flagship so quick, the CMR called an emergency meeting in Lexington and assembled an elite crisis response team called the Commonwealth Advanced Crisis Unit.
The response unit repaired the ship over time, and by February 18th, the ship was as good as new.
31 died in the incident, 6 from the initial explosions and the other 25 from drowning.
The formation of the Advanced Crisis Unit was one of the first legitimate crisis response teams in all of the former US, and paved the way for the modern idea of organized emergency services in the Commonwealth.
Seeing that the Brotherhood's and CMR's armies had not a very easy time getting ammunition for waging war against the Left Hand, Concord University had begun working on a energy weapon that could be reloaded on front without getting new energy cells. The first batch of prototypes were very heavy and clunky like: LAS-G1;2;3;4 and 5 but LAS-G6 was pretty lightweight, slim, cheap, easy to use and wouldn't take a lot of time to charge BUT it wasn't very powerful and the internal battery meant that a Firing Group would need to retreat from battle after just an hour to recharge their LAS-G's (aka. Las Guns). The LAS-G7 combined the strengths of its predecessor having a good stopping power, short time of charging, not a very costly design and a light skeleton. Whilst having new features like a easy to take apart chassis and a battery that could be taken out of the gun and charged in the backpack of the soldier. To add to the firepower of a LAS squad the LAS-HMG was made being capable of penetrating heavy armour (in AP type), mow down infantry (in the full auto configuration), and blast ball of energy to an entrenched enemy (in Shock-Troop selection). It had its drawbacks like being very heavy, long reloading time and more.
-MNV "North Star"
The Brotherhood civil war was waged near the sea and the main base of the CAF was miles away from the front. In need of a mobile airbase the cargo ship near Quincy was cleared out sealed and tugged to the Spectacle Island dock yard. There the main deck was cleared and readied for vertibirds. After a month of repairs the carrier was set sail.
-Penal Legions
After the LAS-G rifles were made it became obvious that there wasn't enough manpower on the front. With that a series of anti-raider raids were made by the Massachusetts Death Corp in and around the frontier to capture and not kill bandits. After that the captured were given an offer: Join the war and get freedom or be executed in Concord square. Obviously most took up the offer and with that a 100 man Legion was made, it was equipped with LAS-G6 rifles as they were cheap and and couldn't get recharged if a Fire Section leader didn't do so himself, ensuring that the Legion wouldn't go rogue.
-Springfield expansion
Though the BCW (Brotherhood civil war) was going on, the expansion of CMR wasn't waiting. The next task was to expand to the area of Springfield and deeper into the west Massachusetts.
-Weird discovery
When entering ruins of Springfield two not seen before animals were discovered both named after being classified by ex institute biologist Dr. Richard Williams. A "horse" and a "chicken" both were great for farm livestock.
-UOA controversy
After entering Springfield and begin more expansion, the CMR decided it was time to act on the Union of Old America, who had been dismissing annexation attempts for months. The CMR held a meeting between multiple leading figures and decided a military confrontation was the best decision.
CMR and UOA forces met at Vault 129 in an armed standoff. The UOA militia was lacking in weaponry but largely outnumbered the CMR force. The CMR commander shouted through a megaphone a request to meet the leader of high executive in the Vault.
The UOA militia refused and tensions heightened. Both sides began to berate each other and both called each other dangerous and unnecessary. It is unknown who fired first, but a shot was fired and immediately a full battle began. Despite being better equipped, the CMR force was mostly captured with multiple wounded and 2 killed of a 19 man force.
This was later discovered to be caused by an unnoticed preparation by the UOA, who anticipated the CMR force and set up ambush positions.
-Operation "Radstorm"
Wanting to end the Brotherhood civil war, CMR had Gathered it's fleet at Spectacle Island to bombard the Boston airport and then send soldiers to deal with what remained. On 23/11/89 2:45 PM the bombardment commenced with all of 38 cannons (+ 5 artillery pieces that were in range) that were available the fortifications and headquarters of the Left Hand were turned into rubble. Then using vertibirds and MAAV1 and MAAT1 the Infantry deployed and fought for 5 hours until the last of defenders who didn't flee died. This would come to shape the tactics that the CMR would use in the future.
-M1SMG and the Springfield Steelworks
After entering Springfield a Museum was discovered containing many artifacts like schematics of weapons. In those a schematic was found which presented a submachine gun that used a minimal amount of resources and was so simple in production that local gunsmiths could make it in their workshops without issue. It was taken as a new primari weapon for low priority units. With that a steelworks was made in Springfield to mass produce the weapon with scrap metal and send it across the CMR so a big standing force would able to be made.
-Dissolving the Penal Legions
After the Brotherhood Civil War was finished, the CMR kept true to their promise but they gave a choice: you leave the Legion and get a home in Springfield and a job at the Ironworks or you stay and fight with better conditions than before and get paid for it. That said only 30 people accepted the offer to stay, those people became part of the new First Springfield Cavalry Firing Group and the First Springfield Armoured Cavalry Firing Group.
-Internal changes in the CMR
Due to territory expansion and the unreliable structure of the Concord council, a new system was placed in power. The CMR territory was divided into Commonwealths, and the power structure was rebuilt. The House of representatives would consist of 100 seats with each representative from top 100 settlements (population speaking). The Parliament would consist of 2 elected from the representatives (2 for every Commonwealth for example there are 3 Commonwealths so there are 6 members of the Parliament) at the moment there are 3 Commonwealths: Commonwealth of New Hampshire, Commonwealth of Springfield and the Boston Commonwealth. The House of Representatives will discuss reforms and vote which ones will go to the Parliament for further decisions. The Parliament will pass or veto reforms, in case of a veto the House of representatives will discuss the reform again and vote on it if 70 representatives will vote in its favour it goes to the Parliament again, then they will vote on it if they decide to veto again, they will need to describe the problem with the reform, in case of the representatives wanting to vote again the reform will be passed to the people for them to vote on it. The Parliament and the House of representatives vote on reforms in the Massachusetts State House. Due to the government changes the name of the CMR was changed to CMF (Commonwealth of Massachusetts Federation).
-Northern League-CMF Agreements
Contact and diplomatic relations were established between the CMF and Northern League in Mid-2290. The Northern League was a major force established in what used to be the Northern United States (in what also used to be Canada before it’s annexation. The country was a large union with a monopoly on trade in the area due to many resources, and newfound oil supplies. The League itself was a union between New Ottawa (formerly Ottawa), Sherbrooke, Marshall City (formerly Montreal) and Québec City as well as smaller towns and cities in between the larger ones, with the capital being Marshall City. It is also believed it’s government was initially formed by surviving groups of Canadians after the war who had been parts of guerrilla movements to get the US out of Canada.
The League’s strong military and conscription laws, taxation policies and overall stability gave it a similar status to that of the NCR, although smaller and confined to the East. As trade relations improved the CMF began to increase in its own strength even more as they now had more oil for vehicles, more materials for weapons and other equipment, and enough food being grown and produced that newly packaged food en masse, some of the first since the Great War, was slowly becoming available in society.
-War on Raiders
In November 2290, a group of raiders organized and attacked the small community of Horseshoe Circle in CMF territory, close to the coast. After the civilians fought back and contacted nearby CMF units, the Raiders fought harder and ended up defeating them. The raiders lined up any survivors against the local City Hall and executed them. Around 76 died in total in the incident.
Afterwards, the horrified and furious CMF Law Enforcement Committee organized a huge division called the ‘Anti-Barbarism Unit.’ This units primary goal would be to combat raiders, bandits, and assist those suffering from raider attacks. In the capital of the CMF, Concord, war was declared on all raiders and a statement was put out that any raiders who entered the CMF territories, attacked CMF citizens or otherwise endangered lives and caused chaos in the Commonwealth would be sentenced to death if caught.
The CMF began active operations to quell and destroy raider cells.
-Concord Autoworks
In collaboration with Springfield Ironworks, a new government-run company known as Concord Autoworks was formed in the CMF. This company would be focused purely on making working ground automobiles which was something excessively rare in the post-war world.
-Industrialization Act of 2291
On February 1st, 2291 the Industrialization Act was passed which would begin the construction of more factories for hopefully more jobs and more luxuries like cars, built-well houses, as well as helping contribute to a stable currency
-CA Infantry Carriage M1
Wanting to grant infantry protection and fast travel without very pricy refiting of pre-war APC's the Concord Autoworks had designed the CAIC M1. With good armour and a capacity of 6 soldiers (including the driver) it was mostly a platform to build on for example: adding a small caliber artillery cannon instead off infantry space, adding a roof and a turret to create a APC with good punching power or adding a mini crane and tool spaces to create a mobile engineering vehicle. The options are endless.
-Nakho Epidemic
In early 2292, a disheveled and dirty traveler arrived at the merchant circle in Bunker Hill (at this point under CMF control) and then collapsed. Examination quickly showed he was dead, and from the Northern League. A group of doctors went to inspect his body when they noticed strange sores and fluids coming from the man.
They took him in for further analysis, and a few days later, the doctors became terribly sick, but had unintentionally already spread it to many at Bunker Hill. The disease was the same given by the dead man, and with the status of Bunker Hill as an important trading and merchant area, many were infected and then spread it through caravans.
The disease was highly deadly and absolutely miserable for any infected, with a death rate of about 60% and very contagious. The CMF issued an official quarantine over the area which forced civilians to stay inside unless they they absolutely had to leave while the brightest medical minds of the CMF begin to try and find a cure.
The disease was named the Nakho Virus.
-Dreyfuss act.
Wanting to regulate the amount of men at arms the House of Representatives has passed an act to limit and set goals for the amount of menpower in the army. It was decided that:
-2500 infantry men would be deployed around the Commonwealths, 1250 of them mechanized and motorized with 625 mechanized in squads of 5, and the other 625 motorized in squads of 10 (5 men in each group dedicated to leadership). All of those split into 5 combat groups: Group North in charge of defending north wastes, Group Boston garrisoning Boston and surrounding areas, Group Rhodes deployed on the CMF-UOA border to attack and defend, Group Springfield defending the industrial sector and also the frontier, Group Central responding to reinforcements requests.
-60 vertibirds: 50 split between the Groups and 10 on the MNV North Star.
-unlimited amount of militiamen supplied with SMG M1 and basic military uniforms.
Further editions are to be passed as the need for more army men will grow.
-F-1; F-2 and F-3
Planning to wipe out the UOA once and for all the CMF army command commissioned an jet aircraft capable of delivering payload for long distance and scouting. The Concord University's brightest minds had worked tirelessly on a design and a prototype coming up with 3 different designs:
•F-1 a light craft with 4 .50 cal machine guns and a recon camera. Mostly made as a base for two next fighter-bombers;
•F-2, it's equipment consisted of two 20mm auto-cannons fed explosive ammunition, also with a recon camera. Made as a final product but was deemed not heavy enough;
•F-3, the final product equipped with a pair of 20mm auto-cannons and a single .50 cal machine gun, also with a recon camera but could be switched for a bombing camera after confirming the location of a target, it had two 50kg bombs and a single 100kg bomb. In front of the 100kg bomb was a 10, 10 cal long rocket launching pod. The jet had a effective combat range of 350 km. Unlike it's predecessors it had a crew of 2: one pilot and one bomb operator.
General characteristics
Crew: 1 (2 in case of the F-3)
Length: 37 ft 1 in (11.30 m)
Wingspan: 39 ft 1 in (11.91 m)
Height: 14 ft 1 in (4.29 m).
Two F-3 were made, both being on the MNV North Star. With hull changes and adding a Air control tower to the ship.
-The Workers Party (WP)
Is as the name suggests a party for the betterment of working standards and other pro labour laws. It has an average amount of seats in the House of Representatives.
-Cleanse, Purge and Prosper (CPP) is a staunch anti-ghoul and anti-supermutant party which has been often accused of being a ploy of the Brotherhood of Steel. It only has one seat in the House of Representatives.
The Massachusetts Clean Water.Co, is a government company made to build public water purifiers around Massachusetts with the current goal is to build a basic sewage system in Boston, Quincy and Concord (Sanctuary included inside of the Concord system)
-Repairs of the 90th
A fast way to get from Boston to Springfield didn't exist until now. Only 3 lanes of the road were repaired with the rest planned for repairs 3 months after the first three. 2 lanes were for automobiles and the third for Caravans that couldn't afford cars.
-MEC (Massachusetts Electricity Company)
Problem with individual electricity grids for each settlement is that pollution affects crops and health of the people. So the MEC was formed to confiscate individual grids and combine them into a single grand power station, so far a GG (grand grid) was only made in Boston effectively allowing for resettlement of old skyscrapers and buildings with proper mostly unfaulty energy.
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