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jump start service near me

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Jump-starting can be very dangerous if it is not done properly. Many late-model vehicles feature extremely sensitive electronics that can be easily damaged by incorrect jump-starting techniques. This is especially true of hybrid and electric cars, such as the Toyota Prius, Chevrolet Volt, and Nissan LEAF.
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Naperville Classic Towing has the equipment to jump-start cars as well as large commercial vehicles such as:
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You have somewhere to be but your car won’t start because of a dead battery. What do you do? Naturally, you try to fix it yourself by attempting to jump-start the battery or you call a professional to do it for you. Having a dead car battery can be very inconvenient at times when you’re in a rush or you’re in the middle of nowhere. But how did you end up with that problem in the first place?
Here are some of the causes of a dead car battery:
  • You left your headlights or the car radio on for too long while the car’s engine is off. Doing this will eventually drain the car battery.
  • Your car’s interior lights were left on for too long. Just like leaving the headlights on for too long, leaving the interior lights on for too long will also drain the battery.
  • Your car battery has reached the end of its life. If your car battery doesn’t recharge even with a jump-start, it may be because it needs to be changed already.
  • Your car’s electrical system uses a relay that acts as a switch. If the relay is stuck on the “on” position, it will draw battery power continuously. This can happen even when the engine is turned off.
  • Extreme weather changes, especially during winter, may cause the car battery to lose its charge fast. This is because it does not have enough power to efficiently turn the ice-cold engine on. Your car’s alternator is not working properly. The alternator works by converting the engine’s motion into electrical power. This is what charges the battery and if it fails to work properly, you will notice flickering headlights and difficulty with starting the car.
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My car is not starting, is it a battery problem?
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What happens if my car doesn’t start even with a jump-start?
  • If the jump-start doesn’t work, we can offer to tow your car to any location you want.
How long will it take you to get to my location?
  • We will get to you in 30 minutes or less regardless of where you are within the Chicago Metropolitan Area.
How much does it cost to jump-start my car?
  • Regarding this question, please get in touch with us by calling or sending us a message and we will provide you with a straightforward quote.
How can I avoid getting car battery problems?
  • You should ensure that the vehicle charging system is working properly.
  • Make sure that your battery terminals are tightly fitted and not corroded.
  • Check if your battery is firmly held in place.
  • Your car battery should be the right capacity for your vehicle.
  • Most importantly, perform regular battery checks.
How do I contact Naperville Classic Towing for a jump-start?
Even if you’ve done all you can to avoid getting car battery problems, sometimes it can still develop problems due to different reasons. If that’s the case for you, and your car won’t start, call Naperville Classic Towing at 630-392-6844. Our services for jump-start are available in Aurora, Naperville, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Joliet, and all of the Chicago Metropolitan Area.
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The gas giant loomed large in the viewport, ballooning as the ship coasted toward it, the colorful blue hues of its swirling bands reflecting the glow of the system’s star.
Darren could make out the bright, scarred surface of an ice moon drifting lazily past, framed against the rivers of flowing hydrogen and helium. Silhouetted against the Jupiter-mass object was their destination – Halfpoint Station.
Having come from Earth, which was still a backwater when compared to many of the Imperium’s more developed worlds, the sheer size and grandeur of the structure took his breath away.
It was hard to gauge its true scale in the vacuum of space where there was no atmospheric haze, and there were no landmarks for reference, the unfiltered light creating harsh shadows. As they drew nearer, however, he was able to pick out some of the massive fuel tankers that swarmed its ports like clouds of gnats.
Those vessels put anything created by Humanity to shame – their purpose being to dip into the upper atmosphere of the gas giant, harvesting its resources to fuel the ships that made their berth here.
Calling it enormous was an understatement. It must have been nine miles tall, the main hull of the station forming a long, relatively thin vertical shaft. Surrounding that shaft were half a dozen rotating rings, each one connected to the central column by spokes, the pinpoints of innumerable windows glinting as they slowly turned.
At its apex was a dome of immense proportions, sitting proudly atop the structure, the crystalline material that made up its transparent hull glittering in the starlight. Inside, he could make out glimpses of regal skyscrapers and patches of parkland – an entire city encapsulated in a habitat that had a breathtaking view of the planet.
Darren pursed his lips as he looked down at the device on his wrist, the tiny display showing the familiar text of an article he must have read at least a dozen times by this point.
Halfpoint Station was situated on the outskirts of the Imperium’s sphere of influence, a region of space known only as the Periphery. This put it soundly outside of Purp jurisdiction, but the place still saw a lot of traffic, as the station was right in the middle of a relatively well-traveled shipping route between the three big powers.
While it had started its life as little more than a place to fuel up and get resupplied, being located outside any of the major spheres of influence had its benefits, and the station had garnered a bit of a reputation for its more permissive policies. Now, it was said to be populated by hired guns, smugglers, gamblers, and anyone else who might appreciate discretion.
The Human frowned as he looked out the window once more and tried to reconcile the gleaming edifice before him with the dark reputation the article in his hands presented.
He didn’t have long to dwell on it before the pilot’s crackly voice came through a hidden intercom in the cabin, informing the passengers that they were commencing docking procedures.
The woman spoke in accented Shil. What that accent was, Darren had no clue, but he knew it wasn’t the same one spoken by his professors – linguistic or mechanical.
He glanced around at his fellow travelers, seeing a few species that he didn’t recognize, along with the more familiar Shil’vati. The aliens were easily identifiable by the purple hue of their skin, their sharp tusks, and their seven-foot height.
Several of them returned his gaze, some curious, some covetous.
Males were rare in the Imperium.
Hell, males were rare, period.
By the standards of most races out in the galaxy, Humanity were the strange ones for having an equal number of men and women. Even six years into the occupation, most were still struggling to adapt to the new paradigm brought on by that reality.
Darren was no exception.
Still, he managed to ignore the stares, turning his attention to the smart display on his wrist, bringing up his itinerary. He was headed to Hab-Ring Five, and the only information that he’d been given beyond that were some coordinates to who-knew-where.
He sighed, wishing – not for the first time – that he might have a fellow first timer to converse with.
Unfortunately, that was a pipe dream.
The lack of other Humans on his ship wasn’t surprising. The Imperium had only recently relaxed enough to begin authorizing travel visas allowing Humans to leave Earth, and his kind were still a rarity on the Galactic stage.
As to why he was out here out in the ass end of space?
He’d been offered a job.
He was an engineer by trade, at least according to his degree, and he specialized in the combination of alien and Human technology. It might seem like an oddly specific skillset, but it was one that was in high demand, as just about every industry on Earth was trying to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Imperium’s literal space-age technology.
It was complicated work, but he was quite good at it, if he said so himself – and his professors seemed to agree. His gift had catapulted him through university and had apparently landed him a very lucrative offer to take up a position on Halfpoint.
How they’d heard of him, he wasn’t too sure. Nor did he truthfully know exactly what the job entailed. Apparently, he was to be briefed on-location.
Regardless, off-world work was a rare opportunity for any Human, let alone one fresh out of school, and visiting an alien space station was a lot more interesting than backpacking around Europe for a year.
Whatever happened, it was going to be an adventure.
The ship matched velocity with one of the rotating rings, the structure at least half a mile tall in its own right, covered in tiny windows that made it look like a whole city block had been condensed down into the shape of a donut.
Now that he was a little closer, Darren could see that the station was actually far from pristine. Its hull was pocked with haphazard repairs, the newer sections shining brighter than their older counterparts, its armored panels pitted with little craters from space debris and micro-meteorite impacts.
The ship lined up with a docking port, and an umbilical walkway began to extrude from the ring, reaching out towards them. It looked like the jib of a crane, covered over with a flexible material that bore a suspicious resemblance to a grey tarp.
Surely it wasn’t actually a tarp? No, it had to be some kind of alien supertech – too advanced for him to recognize at a glance.
His thoughts did little to reassure him as the umbilical connected to the shuttle’s airlock with a tangible thud.
Shaking his head, he retrieved his travel bag, then made his way down the aisle to join the queue of passengers who were waiting to disembark. More of them crammed in behind him, and he tried to ignore their uncomfortable proximity.
He hadn’t actually spent a lot of time around aliens during his schooling. One of his professors had been a Shil, but she had been professional to a fault and had always kept a healthy distance from her students.
Of course, she had still managed to be rather intimidating despite that, her head seeming to scrape the ceiling every time she stepped into the classroom. However, Darren was rapidly discovering that being surrounded by women who stood head and shoulders above him was a different experience altogether.
It was nothing to get worked up over, though. He just needed to-
The Shil standing behind him pressed close – uncomfortably close – Darren swearing that there was room enough in the aisle for her to keep her distance. Suddenly, he felt a sharp twinge in his rear.
Had she just...pinched him? No, it had to have been a mistake.
He turned to glance over his shoulder, looking up at the towering Purp. “Sorry, Ma’am, I must have bumped into you.”
Her sly smile faded as she furrowed her brow in confusion. Before she had time to formulate a reply, the intercom above the exit beeped.
“Oh, looks like we’re moving again!” Darren chimed as he began to follow the queue. “Sorry!”
He followed the procession of towering women into the passenger ship’s airlock. Both of the pressurized doors were open, and before him stretched the umbilical. The worryingly thin material that protected them from the deadly vacuum of space was wrapped taut around a metal frame, and the walkway beneath his feet was made up of a simple grate.
After a short walk, they emerged into a cavernous dock area, so large that it was more like standing in some kind of indoor stadium than anything that could be compared to a space station. There were stacks of shipping containers and unidentifiable machinery everywhere he looked.
It was a challenge not to stop and examine the equipment, each new sight piquing his interest, each strange device begging to be investigated. As he followed the other passengers to the far end of the room – his head on a swivel – he almost bumped into one of the containers. To his surprise, it was floating a foot off the ground, suspended on an anti-gravity cushion.
It was funny – no matter how many times he saw it, it never stopped being surreal to see something just…float.
As he stooped to look beneath it, an irritated dockworker leaned out from behind it to yell at whoever was in her way. She stopped when she saw him, raising a skeptical eyebrow. She was a Rakiri, if Darren remembered correctly. She resembled a towering werewolf, a pair of cat-like eyes peering out from beneath her black fur, her facial features strangely leonine. She was clad in dirty, yellow coveralls that hung loosely from her broad shoulders, exposing the ragged tank top that she wore beneath it. Tufts of her dark coat poked out around the faded garment, giving her a surprisingly fluffy appearance.
“You lost, boy?” she asked as she shooed him out of her path. “Stay behind the yellow warning markings unless you want to get that cute butt smushed,” she added with a nod toward the deck. She continued to push her heavy container, moving it effortlessly on its gravity cushion.
More dock workers were assembling to stare at him, perhaps having never seen a Human before. Or perhaps it was because he was male? It was hard to tell. Either way, a small crowd of yellow-clad women saw him off, a couple of them hooting at him and waving. Not sure if this was some kind of alien greeting, he shyly waved back, eliciting laughter from them after a moment of surprise.
One started to make her way over to him before a menacing growl from her superior made her freeze in place sheepishly. Darren took that as his cue to move on – he didn’t want to get anyone else in trouble by being in the way.
He arrived at a security gate, and after being asked to show his visa, he was subjected to a very thorough – and in his opinion unnecessary – pat-down. Once he was cleared, he emerged into the station proper. He stepped out of the way of the women behind him, then set his travel bag down on the metal deck, taking in the alien sights and sounds for a moment.
Far from being a sterile, clinical environment, he found himself in a bustling bazaar worthy of any city back on Earth. It scarcely felt like he was standing inside a station at all, what passed for the ceiling so high above his head that he could barely make out the crisscrossing support beams and maintenance catwalks.
It was styled like a cramped street, too small for cars, almost like the city center of some old European town had been reimagined in an industrial style. Civilian quarters that resembled apartment blocks rose up towards the ceiling, connecting to it in some places, likely leading up to higher levels of the station.
In every nook and cranny – anywhere there was room – the denizens of the hab-ring had set up little stalls where they were hawking their wares to the tourists who had just boarded. Colorful awnings fluttered in the artificial breeze from the air recyclers, and insulated cables that had been patched from the station’s systems trailed along walls and floors, powering streetside food stands and colorful neon signs.
Speaking of the denizens, they came in all shapes and sizes. Darren had never seen so many varieties of alien in one place before. He could make out a few Shil and Rakiri, but most were unknown to him, the varied hues of their skin and clothes creating a bustling sea of color.
He checked the device on his wrist again, pulling up the coordinates that his new employer had forwarded to him. This was indeed Hab-Ring Five, and he’d been given what passed for an address in this strange environment. Hefting his bag once more, he made his way into the throng, having to dodge and weave between the towering aliens. Many of them barely seemed to register his presence, probably due to his comparatively small stature, though some seemed to stop and stare in confusion.
Well, I suppose Humans are pretty new on the galactic scene, he thought to himself.
The scents of strange, alien food assailed him as he navigated the cramped streets, a few of the criers singling him out. They had sharp instincts, he’d give them that. It seemed the locals could smell a tourist at thirty paces.
Maybe it was all the staring he was doing?
Eventually, he arrived at his destination, glancing up from his display to see a dingy bar. It was open to the street, built into an overhang at the base of one of the many buildings, little more than a long counter with a few stools. Above it was a blinking neon sign in a script that he couldn’t read. As he made his way inside and struggled up onto one of the tall stools, the small handful of patrons who were sitting off to his left paused their conversation to examine him.
They were Nighkru, their goat-like horns and the bruise-purple hue of their skin giving them away. Their silver eyes were striking, almost seeming to glow in the dim light of the bar, as reflective as those of a cat. Their clothing was all tight leather and straps, their skin strategically exposed in places to show off their stunning bioluminescent tattoos, the swirling patterns trailing down slender limbs and across toned midriffs.
He kept his gaze aimed forward, knowing that their kind didn’t think much of the Imperium to which he now belonged.
…Then again, that was true for pretty much every race that wasn’t a part of the massive interstellar empire. Say what you would about the Purps, but they knew how to make an impression.
The bartender walked over to him, leaning on the counter as she looked him up and down skeptically. It was another Rakiri like the dockworkers, her feline nose twitching as she took in his scent.
“You lost, or do you want something to drink?” she asked.
“No thank you, I’m waiting for someone,” he replied sheepishly as he lowered his eyes to his device again.
He was right on time, but as he looked around, there was no sign of his contact. He was supposed to meet them here, right?
The Rakiri shrugged her furry shoulders, then left him to his own devices, moving over to the small group of Nighkru.
Perhaps one of them was his contact?
He certainly hoped not. While he didn’t have anything against a person enjoying themselves with a good drink after hours, it wasn’t a good way to make a positive first impression on a prospective employee.
Fortunately for him, the surprise on one of the trio’s grey skinned faces when she happened to blearily peer in his direction dashed that possibility. Just a trio of young women out for a drink.
Unfortunately for him, after a few hastily whispered words to her friends, the group made their way over to him.
“Don’t see many males round these parts,” one of them said, her faux leather getup creaking as she planted her hands on the bar to his left. Another leaned on the counter to his right, the third posting up behind him.
“A Human, too,” the woman to his right added with a sly chuckle. “Now, what’s a Human doing all alone out on the Periphery?”
“I didn’t think the Purps were letting their pets off the leash.” the one behind him snickered.
“I don’t know,” the first said with an exaggerated shrug. “Maybe he snuck out in search of a real woman? I think we’ve all heard how Humans can be.”
That set the three of them laughing.
All the while, Darren wasn’t sure where to look, turning his head left and right as he struggled to pick a Nighkru. He settled on the woman to his left, having to lift his head to meet her gaze, those reflective eyes shining like a pair of silver coins.
“I...uh...was actually supposed to be meeting someone here.” he stammered, a little of his anxiety bleeding through.
The Nighkru gave him a warm smile that wasn’t reflected in her eyes, leaning a little closer. He tried to pull away reflexively but found another Nighkru waiting for him, something rather soft pressing against his back.
“Well, I don’t see anyone else in here but me and my friends,” one of them said as she tutted dramatically. “Maybe they stood you up?”
“Poor form, that,” the one behind him whispered into his ear. He lurched in his seat, surprised by her proximity. “Leaving a pretty young thing like you hanging.”
The first one nodded, as if that was a piece of sagely wisdom. “I know – how about my friends and I give you a personal tour of the station to make up for it?” she asked, reaching out to brush a piece of errant fluff from his collar. “We’ll even carry your luggage for you – we’re nice like that.”
She signaled to one of her compatriots with a curt nod, who then plucked his travel bag off the deck.
“Oh, that’s really not-”
He tried to stand, but he was cut off as two of the women placed their hands on his shoulders, pushing him back down into his seat. Their touch was gentle, but firm, letting him know that he wasn't going anywhere.
Darren looked to the Rakiri bartender for help, feeling more than a little overwhelmed by the turn of events, but she was staying out of it. She was feigning disinterest, cleaning a glass with a rag that didn’t look clean enough for the job.
It was clear that he wouldn’t be getting any help from her.
Was this really going to be his first experience on the station – kidnapped by a gang of alien grifters?
Just as he was getting ready to – likely ineffectually – start swinging like his life depended on it, he heard a voice ring out in a language he didn’t recognize.
The Nighkru turned their heads as one, and he followed their gaze, seeing another of their kind step in from the street. Her skin had the same twilight hue, her silvery hair pulled back into a long ponytail that trailed behind her as she strode towards them. She wore a jet-black body suit that left little to the imagination, so tight that it might have been sewn onto her, the garment open at the front to expose a chiseled midriff and the beginnings of her cleavage. Her eyes were mesmerizing, his gaze drawn to the glowing tattoos that served to accentuate them.
Oddly, unlike the trio surrounding him, she had no horns.
The stranger walked with purpose, her heels clicking on the deck, her hair swishing behind her as she came to a stop to stare down the three other women. They were already backing off, the Nighkru who had taken his bag setting it back down gingerly beside his seat. Did they know this person? They seemed so wary of her.
“Maybe we’ll see you around,” one of them whispered, her hand lingering on his shoulder for a moment before she followed her friends out into the street.
Once they were finally out of sight, Darren breathed a sigh of relief and turned to thank the newcomer. Before he could utter so much as a word, she beat him to the punch.
“You shouldn’t wander around Halfpoint alone,” she said, skipping the preamble. Her voice had a melodic tone, one that was almost musical to Darren’s ears. She planted her hands on her hips, scrutinizing him with a skeptical expression. “You’re just asking for trouble.”
“I’m just...waiting for someone,” he replied. “Thank you, by the way. I’m-”
“Do you have a weapon on you?” she asked, cutting him off. “A handgun under that jacket? Defense spray? A pocket knife?”
“What? No,” he replied, his brow furrowing. “Why would I have a gun?”
Even with a few inches of titanium-alloy plating between everyone aboard and a messy death by explosive decompression, using a firearm on the station seemed risky.
She snorted derisively, almost as though she couldn’t believe his reply.
“For your sake, I hope that whoever you’re waiting for is smarter than you are,” she said with a roll of her silver eyes. “This isn’t Earth, boy. There are no Shil Marines around to babysit you. Next time you want to play tourist, go somewhere closer to home.”
With a flick of her long hair, she turned about, vanishing into the crowd once more to leave him sitting at the bar in confusion.
Darren felt another hand on his shoulder and turned to see an Edixi wearing grease-stained overalls standing behind him. The tool belt that hung loosely about her hips let him know that she was a mechanic before she’d even had time to open her mouth.
Her kind were evolved for an aquatic environment, and although they were fully amphibious, they retained many of their ancient features. Their bodies were smooth and streamlined, with lean, lightly-muscled frames that made them look like Olympic swimmers. Her eyes were a striking ocean-green, and her azure skin was patterned with faded tiger stripes, darkening as it neared her extremities.
“You’re the new engineer, right?” she chirped excitedly.
“Darren Fogle, pleased to meet you,” he confirmed as he extended a hand. She took it, shaking it eagerly, and he noted that her fingers were webbed.
He was a little surprised by how smooth her skin was. Given the sharklike appearance of the Edixi – and her vocation – he’d expected it to be rough and scaly. Maybe cold and slimy, too. By contrast, it was warm and soft, her small scales smooth like a snake’s rather than sharp like those of a fish.
“Oh, it is. It very much is. The boss told me to fetch you,” she said before turning back towards the street. “Don’t get lost, you hear? There are some rough types around these parts.”
Yes, she could say that again. He stooped to pick up his bag, then hurried after her, trying not to lose sight of her in the crowd. He also belatedly realized that she hadn’t told him her own name.
Was that an Edixi thing or was she just in a hurry?
The mechanic led him through the streets, which seemed to be arranged in a kind of grid pattern, always flanked by the towering hab-blocks. It was as challenging as ever to navigate when so many of the station’s inhabitants stood a head taller than him. It made him feel like a bug that was trying to avoid being stepped on.
He could only assume he’d get used to it. His guide seemed to have no problem getting around, and she was a few inches shorter than him.
Their destination was some kind of service elevator – a large platform that seemed designed to carry heavy cargo up from the docks, wide enough that a couple of trucks could have parked on it side by side. There were still a few cargo containers stacked off to one side that hadn’t been unloaded yet.
He watched as the woman hit a touch panel beside the double doors, and they began to slide shut, the platform lurching as Darren felt it start to rise. There was no grinding of machinery, no vibrations, only a sensation of getting heavier. It was obviously gravity-manipulation tech. It wasn’t too surprising – the Shil seemed to use it for just about everything, so it wasn’t too strange that the rest of the universe did as well.
Convergent technological development, he could almost imagine his Shil instructor saying as they started to descend. Good tech is good tech.
The hab-ring’s many levels flashed by one by one, until finally, the elevator slid to a smooth stop. Darren followed the happily humming mechanic out into a garage, his eyes lighting up as he took in his new surroundings.
Were those… mecha?
The bay’s walls were lined with bulky harnesses that were obviously designed to hold the machines in place, a few of the berths already occupied by half-disassembled vehicles.
They were!
“Real life mecha,” he mumbled.
As a mechanic, he wasn’t ignorant of the genre. After all, what kind of engineer didn’t hold a soft spot for giant stompy robots? Of course, as an engineer, he also held an inherent disdain for anyone that actually thought said machines were even remotely practical outside of the realm of fiction.
The Square Cube Law was a harsh mistress.
The long and short of it was that if you doubled a machine's height while keeping it the same shape, you ended up with four times the muscle power moving eight times the mass. As a result, instead of having the same relative agility as the original, the double-sized machine actually had only half.
That was why ants could lift so much relative to their weight. If you scaled one up, you’d end up with a much less impressive power to weight ration.
And, the problem only got worse the bigger you went. Giant robots would be slow, cumbersome, and they would inevitably suffer from exploding ankles if they tried to move too fast. They’d also sink in just about any terrain that was even slightly porous.
All in all, mecha were a cool concept with absolutely zero real world applications.
Which was why he was so stunned to see some in real life. Sure, the Shil military liked to use exos, but they were really just power armor by any other name with thrusters attached. Besides, the only reason those things could skip around like they did was because they had anti-grav generators…
His thoughts trailed off as an idea occurred to him. He jogged over to the nearest machine, peering up at the twenty-foot humanoid monstrosity. Its legs had been detached, leaving only a bulky torso covered in half-stripped sensory equipment, lenses and scanners visible where their protective covers had been removed. The cockpit was open, revealing the pilot’s seat, along with the surrounding neural interface cables that hung loose like the entrails of some mechanical beast. Its weapon attachments were empty, but it was nonetheless an awe-inspiring sight.
Sure enough, there were two oversized humps on the back. One was clearly for the thing’s fusion engine – and the other must have held the anti-grav generator.
“Darren?” the mechanic asked, having only just realized that he wasn’t behind her. “Aren’t you coming?”
“Y-yeah,” he said, jogging for a few paces to catch up. “That’s a mecha!”
The blue-hued alien nodded slowly. “Yes?”
“A mecha,” he reiterated.
Which prompted another slow nod. “You’ve never seen a gladiator mech before?”
“Didn’t they tell you what job you’d be doing?” the mechanic asked, cocking her head in a rather adorable manner.
“No?” This time it was his turn to cock his head.
Several emotions seemed to fly across the alien’s face. He saw surprise, confusion, and dismay before she finally settled on irritation.
“Typical,” she grunted. “Just… follow me.”
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2023.04.01 08:57 nuraman00 Season 4 Insiders Podcast Notes: 4x07 - 4x08.

During the original broadcast, I didn't discover the Insiders Podcast until season 5. I'm doing a rewatch now, and listening to the Insiders Podcast after every episode.
I made similar threads for seasons 1 - 3.

From the 4x07 Insiders Podcast: Something Beautiful.
* Gilligan was worried that they had put so much effort into the teaser, that they wouldn't have much left for the rest of the episode.
He's glad he was wrong, as the rest of the episode came out great too.
* The montage in the teaser also coordinated costumes and colors across the vertical split screen. For example, on one side, Kim is squeezing a green stress ball. On the other side, Jimmy is wearing a green track suit.
I'll post a pic later.
* To get the same view and angles on both split screens, they used a lot of tape measures so that when they filmed the other side of the split screen, they'd get an identical mirror view.
* The music during the montage is usually done through the center channel in a 5.1 mix. However, because the music was the lead, they spread it throughout the channels.
The male singer is off to the right, and the female singer is off to the left.
* "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed was one of the other songs they were using. However, since it was already used in the movie Trainspotting, they avoided it. It's also used in "Fear Of The Walking Dead".
* There's a montage in a future episode, where music supervisor Thomas Golubic wanted to use a certain song, but it was already used prominently in another film.
He then had to think, do we let the music be a beautiful moment, or do we not use it because someone out there will notice that it was used elsewhere, and it may appear they were stealing the idea?
The idea did come naturally to him. He was informed later that it was used elsewhere.
* With this 4x07 music, the two finalists were "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed or "Something Stupid" by Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra.
With "Something Stupid", the song is only 2 minutes, and the montage is longer.
Also, it was very expensive to use that song.
"Something Stupid" was also done with an orchestra, which meant there would be union fees, and everyone has to get paid.
They then decided to record the song from scratch, using the band Lola Marsh.
When pitching to potential artists, they told them they were going to pay them a fee for the song, but that the artists would not own the song.
They gave potential artists a bpm; told them it would be a duet; and told them it would be 5+ minutes, instead of 2 minutes.
They narrowed down the list to 14 after hearing the demos.
Then they narrowed it down to 2. They told those two to finish the song.
Then they had a several hour Skype session with the artists.
They went through every bar of the song from those two artists.
Then they got the final version back from the two artists, and with with Lola Marsh.
* To make the song 5+ minutes, they would change the instrumentation throughout the song, and also which vocal takes the lead. That's how they kept it from feeling repetitive.
* They omitted a lot of dialogue during editing when Jimmy meets Kim at Schweikart and Cokely at the end, because they felt it wasn't necessary.
* The scene where Huell is with Jimmy on the bench inside the courthouse, was supposed to be outside.
But there were threats of lightning, so they moved it inside.
It came out better that way.
* They also liked how they were able to transition from Jimmy on the bench with Huell, to Jimmy waiting for Kim at Schweikart and Cokely.

From the 4x08 Insiders Podcast: Coushatta.
Music Supervisor Thomas Golubic and Michael Mando are guests.
* Mando says that while Lalo's words seem nice, all of his actions are disrespectful.
Lalo comes into Nacho's space without calling ahead and letting him know.
He cooks in the kitchen.
He blasts music.
Nacho reaching for his gun as he goes into the kitchen tells you what he thinks of the situation.
When Nacho sees Krazy-8's face, he knows something is wrong.
* They had wanted to film in Louisiana, but realized that they would need too many shots, so it would be too hard.
* They did not want to use a green screen, for the outside background through the window of the bus. Gilligan says that it just doesn't look good using a green screen.
* Since the bus scene was filmed in Albuquerque, instead of Louisiana, they enhanced the outside to make it look greener; added water; and made the roads look less dry.
* Vince Gilligan didn't know that the scenery outside the bus window were digital effects. He had thought they found something in Albuquerque.
They tell him that some of the scenes where Jimmy is talking to the passengers, and giving them postcards and letters, were filmed in Albuquerque. But other shots were visual effects.
* The visual effects were done by Crafty Apes, who had also worked on shows Lodge 49 and Halt And Catch Fire.
* They like the actress who plays D.A. Ericsen.
There was some trouble, though. They sent her the script with other scenes blacked out, for security purposes.
When she got to the set, they asked if she wanted to rehearse the phone call scene where she calls Jimmy and the UNM students, who are pretending to be Coushatta residents.
She ask, "what phone call scene"?
It turns out that the phone call scene had been blacked out too.
Bob Odenkirk had a day off. He spent the day rehearsing that scene with her.
It is unusual for someone, especially the lead, to do that on his day off. So that was very nice of him.
* 10+ months have passed since we last saw Nacho in 4x04.
Nacho has healed. He now lives with two meth girls.
Mando says that two things can happen when someone goes through the trauma Nacho did in 4x03 - 4x04, when he was shot at multiple times to try and cover up Arturo's death, and make it looks like he wasn't involved.
Either someone can implode, or it can be like when a bone breaks and comes back stronger. He thinks Nacho is the latter. He's harder now.
He's now the enforcer during collections, while Krazy-8 collects money now.
* Peter Gould says that Nacho had always imagined himself as being in the pilot's seat in the future.
He now has the money and power, but there's a lot of catches. It's not as good as he thought it would be.
* Mando says he's always wondered why Nacho went into this business.
He says Nacho is ashamed to be in the business, because of his father.
He had to keep it a secret that he was working for the Salamancas, until 3x09.
Mando says Nacho never wanted to be in Tuco's place, Nacho was only in it for the money.
But if he has his father's shop, why is he doing this?
And if he's hiding it from his father, then he thinks he won't be doing it for long.
He says the materialistic things Nacho has is a front. He has no interest in the girls or cars.
The safe is his real heart. His father, and going to Canada, is in his heart.
He's not power hungry or ego driven.
From his upbringing, it's a shameful thing to work for Hector Salamanca. It's like saying I'm the most appalling thing in the community.
Also, Gus knows that Nacho didn't betray him, because he didn't know Gus had it in for Hector.
He thinks Gus could relate to Nacho, in that they both think Hector is horrible.
Mando says no one gives a shit in this underworld. They're all fighting for themselves.
Getting shot in the shoulder, was ok. Getting shot in the stomach, was ok. But getting left alone in the desert (in 4x03) for 11 hours, that's torture.
* Peter Gould says Nacho is the most vulnerable and human, because he's motivated by the love of his father.
* One of the other hosts says Nacho is like Jesse. He got into this for the money, but then it got away from him.
* One of the hosts says that after Nacho tosses the meth to the girls, goes in his room, closes the door, puts down his gun, and sighs, that's when you know that he hates what he's doing, and a part of himself is still there.
* They also point out that he didn't shoot Blingy (the guy with the earring) a bunch of times. He didn't mortally wound him.
He ripped out Blingy's earring, which is teaching him a lesson, but not going overboard. He's not Hector.
* Mando says Nacho thinks "fuck these guys, all these guys who hold power are assholes, they always look down on people and think they're morally superior."
* He's teaching both Blingy and Krazy-8 a lesson, and it's better to learn it from me, than to be burned by one of these other guys.
* Mando says during the milk scene in 3x09, when he is with his father and tells him he's working for the Salamancas again, and that Hector is going to come into his shop and run the meth business for a while, he thought he would be standing, during the scene at his father's house.
It threw him for a curveball when he got to the set and realized he would be sitting.
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2023.04.01 08:43 lucpet Invictus Defence community sports day Canberra, Australia

Invictus Defence community sports day Canberra, Australia
My car towing the Come and Try Trailer at today's "Invictus Canberra Defence Community Sports Day!" at the Tuggeranong Archery Club.
There were plenty of stalls with a lot of sports you could try. Too many to mention but wheel chair rugby, Table Tennis, Archery of course, we even had drone racing on the western range.
It was a great day and I really enjoy teaching beginners of all ages Archery. It was exhausting though. I'm completely done in lol
I had to take the photos early as I was coaching so not many people in the photos but it got crowded and the "Come and Try" shooting line ran me off my feet, 11:00am to about 3:00pm. About 6 coaches in all, plus a D.O.S (Director of shooting)
A great cause and our club donated its facilities and volunteers gratis
My attempt at a panorama shot :-)
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2023.04.01 08:10 HeadOfSpectre The Quest for America

I am Senator Duncan D. O’nutts from Alabama and I love America! I love America so much that if it were possible for me to fuck America, I’d do it. I once dug a hole in my backyard and tried but it wasn’t the same.

But rest assured one day soon I will succeed.

Regardless I am a man on a mission. This is why I became a Politician after all. I must protect our great nation of Subcanada. I must cleanse it of the vile filth that infects it!

And so, after a day of staring slack jawed into the sun and drooling as I pondered the great mysteries of life, such as where was Waldo and who was ‘Big Mac’. I remembered that mission that I had and mentioned that was very important.

Yes I am a Senator.

I needed to cleanse America of The Homosexuals. This is what the Goverment is for! I must cure them!

With much on my mind as I scoured the mountains of Appalachia, I drove my Economical Ford F-350 truck (America’s truck) to visit my good friend Jim Bob on his pig farm just up towards the Crick.

Now by God my buddy Bob Jim is a GODdamn genius. Easily the smartest man on this here planet, HELL yes! He is so very handsome. Chiseled chin, blonde hair, green eyes. He’s like that Chris Evans fella but even sexier. GOD what a man! I always wished he’d hold me, stroke my hair, tell me I was beautiful and maybe give me a good old American kiss on the lips between men who are manly, but he never did. I don't know why…

I pulled up to his lot and got out to see him sitting up on his old rockin’ chair smoking himself a cigarette with his God Given AT4 Heat Seeking Surface To Air Missile Launcher on his lap. A modest weapon to protect against any of them Queers that might invade his God given territory. He had a right to bear arms and when them Commie Democrats came round to take his rocket launcher from him, he was gonna show them the what for!

Now I ask him how we might stop the Gays and Bim Job - he goes and tells me that if I wanna cleanse America of its Homosexuality, I gots to go and find the SOURCE the ALFA GAY and defeat him in single combat.

Now that sounded just about allright to me, So I went on Wikipedia and looked up THE GAYS and I saw an ad for THE GAYS on THE GOOGLE, which is also gay because it has colors and the gays took over all the colors. There is only one color that is acceptable and that is white. Google told me of Elton John, the King of the Gays. The Rocketman. And well I knew what I had to do.

I asked Jib Bom about The England and he just shook his perfect American fist in the air and said:
“I went there once and by golly it was the worst experience of my life let me tell you son. I stopped for lunch and RadIOHEAD TOOK mY FUCkING BURRITO! HE ate MY GODDAMN MotherFUCKINH burritO! I'M SO FUCKing MAD! HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH!!!!!!”
“Understandable,” I said and nodded along as Jom Bib angrily shit his pants in shame.

Then Harold turned into a MAJESTIC BALD EAGLE and promptly died for unrelated reasons.

So I stopped by the airport, and while I was in the bathroom, some American Man got inside next to me and I thought it might be alright if I took a little suck of his American Dick. After all, I had myself a wide stance when I dropped my patriotic turds, and my shoe touched his. So I knocked to apologize and suck his dick in recompense for disturbing this fine specimen of a man. Anywho, after I finished sucking that A-Tier Alpha Male dick and drinking down every drop of his HOT CREAMY MAN MILK like a MAN, I went and flew myself to The England and went looking for this Elton John fella.

My Father never hugged me… why did he never hug me…?

So I go up to the first house I see and I knock on his door and he comes out in a nice shirt, pants and tie and I asks him.
“Are you the Elton John?”
And he says:
“I’m sorry do I know you? I’m just on my way out the door and a little busy right now.”
So I says to him.
“Nah son I’m here to kick your ass.”
So he says to me.
“The fuck is your problem mate.”

And then I fucking punched him.

Elton John recoiled and as I went in to give him a good American Whoopin, he grabs me and punches me. So we’re struggling now, throwing hands just like them kids do during a good old American Football game and he jumps and he kicks me out his door. He tries to run past me to his car but I grab him by his ankles

“Piss off, I’m trying to pick up me kids from school!” He says but I tells him.

And then fire shoots from his feet and Rocketman Elton John flies up into the skies and through the cosmos and I can only barely hold on as he jets towards the sun.

By GOD he’s gonna try and burn me in it!

So we crash down onto the surface of the sun and it is hotter than the Devils Arsehole. And Elton John gets up and he looks at me and he says to me.
“This is very inconvenient for me, can we do this at another time perhaps?”
And I says: "AMERICAAAAAAAA" and shot him 411 times with my God Given American Assault Rifle.

But Elton John did not support Guns and so my Gun got sad and left to go to therapy to get some real support. Then Elton John came at me from the side, throwing punches and kicks. I was on the backfoot, fighting defensively. He moved gracefully, like an expert. Being an 87 year old American Senator who has eaten nothing but triple cheeseburgers and corn starch since birth, I just couldn't compete!

The heat of the sun was sweltering and the light from it was blinding. I could only barely handle Elton John as he came at me viciously. His fist broke my nose. He jumped and axe stomped me down onto the boiling hot plasma that was our sun.
"Do you think that manufacturing moral outrages against human sexuality and peoples personal rights is just a transparent way to steer the conversation away from genuine problems with your country?" He asked. "Surely there are bigger issues than violating the cherry picked morals from some 2000+ year old book. I mean, I'm not an American and probably don't have the most nuanced understanding of your Government, but anyone with a brain can see the laundry list of problems you're ignoring in favor of complaining about moral corruption. Which seems a bit ironic since a reasonable person might come to the conclusion that rampant gun violence is a greater indicator of moral corruption than two men kissing. And while we're on the subject - why is it that so many of you aggressively cater to conspiracy theorists? Surely you can't believe this shit."
"I mean no, but it pays the bills." I said.

"And you aren't disturbed by the implications that by enabling this kind of thing you're contributing to the actual corruption of your nation? And by extension other nations?"
"STOP VIRTUE SIGNALING YOU'RE NOT EVEN AN AMERICAN!" I cried and shot him with my backup gun that I literally pulled out of my ass.

“You can’t stop the gays, Senator!” Elton John said as he picked me up by my neck, “They’re here, they’re queer, get used to it!”
Then, he threw me down, burying me in the center of the sun before flying off.
“Now… I need to pick up my children and attend a charity function for homeless youth. Ta!”

God… How could I have failed.

Elton John was going to attend a charity function to help homeless youth and there was nothing I could do to stop him…

I post now for 3 reasons.

1: To let you know the dangers of Elton John.

2: To ask if the guy I fought was the actual Elton John and not just an unrelated bloke who just so happened to also be named Elton John because I’ve been looking at a picture of Elton John for the past 72 hours and I don’t believe I’ve ever actually met this man in my life. The guy I fought had a mustache and a name tag reading: “My name is Ken.

3: I need a ride home. I’m stuck in the center of the Sun and my phone is nearly out of battery.
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2023.04.01 06:45 GhantChart Moonhorse exposed!!!!!

I don’t know how long I have to tell you guys this. I don’t care if I get banned from Moony’s reddit page and he personally sends an assassin to eliminate me. This must be known. THE WORLD MUST KNOW!!! I know you guys might think that this is a joke and may have a hard time believing me. Trust me, I have a hard time believing it myself. But my eyes have been opened. I’ve escaped the matrix. I’ve freed myself from the kool aid. I’ve escape the proverbial cave of Plato and learned many dark truths about Moonhorse. I’ve scoured the internet, using my incredible hacking skills to find strange and bizarre stuff to share with Moony. But after going on one too many dark web sources and corporate servers, I discovered Moonhorse isn’t exactly who (or more accurately what) you think he is, and I need to tell you all this before it’s too late.
So I guess I’ll start from the beginning. It all started in the early 2010s at the Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft had been experimenting with artificial intelligence for years and tried to develop a more intelligent AI. We all know that on March of 2016, Microsoft released an artificial intelligence by the name of TAY. Internet historian did a video about TAY and the subsequent fallout of allowing 4Channers to interact with the program. Soon, the system began spouting slurs and the bigwigs at Microsoft decided to pull the plug.
So what does this have to do with Moonhorse? Well, after the controversy of Microsoft creating an AI that could learn internet racism, Microsoft went back to the drawing board trying to build a more improved AI. This AI would be better, faster and more intelligent than TAY. It would pass any Touring test that any human would throw at it. Microsoft gathered the greatest AI theorists the world had ever seen and begin creating a basic software with the most sophisticated learning algorithms possible. They then placed the program into one of the world’s largest supercomputers at the time, processing at a rate of 2.5 quintillion floating operations per second. Before long they began to call it Modular Oscillating Organization Node, or M.O.O.N. for short.
At first MOON was a curious little program, being able to do your classic AI activities. Play chess, solve complex equations, sing Daisy Girl, your simple stuff. But after a while the scientists realized they wanted to challenge MOON with a more difficult task. One of the scientists, Dr Phil Sydes, jokingly asked if the computer system could play Doom. Dr George Dowell however liked the idea, stating that it was in fact “poggers” to have an AI master a difficult FPS like Doom. So at the highest difficulty, the scientists made MOON play the entirely of the first Doom game with no options to save or use cheats. Impressively, the AI was able to beat the entirety of Doom in 16.3 hours with these steps. Dr. Phil Sydes was not happy that MOON was able to do this, calling it a hack and insisted that it cheated. All test results came back showing that MOON did not in fact cheat and was able to beat the game fair and square. The AI responded to Phil’s comment with a simple text that filled the computer screen.


This comment from MOON however scared Dr. George Dowell. Where did that come from? MOON was a learning AI, so he had to learn it from somewhere. So where? Upon doing a scan of all the systems, it was determined the program had in fact learn these phrases from Dr Sydes, while he played Call of Duty in the break room. The software would hear Phil scream “There’s nothing I could do!” and “HACKS!!!” frequently, as well as watched people online trash talk Phil. This worried the scientists at Microsoft. What if their new system became another TAY failure? They needed a way to rectify this.
To solve this, they hired an expert in hopes to make MOON a more cultured artificial intelligence. After screening various candidates, it was decided that an individual with the codename: Riversongriversings would be the one to do it. Given their background in writing, editing books and teaching literature, it was believed that River would be the one to help make MOON a more respectable AI.
Over the course of three months, River would feed the program some of the greatest works of literature. From Plato’s Republic to Pride and Prejudice, they would give MOON each of these books. There were recordings for scientific purposes of each conservation they had, where they would discuss the different books that they would read together. This ended up with River and MOON having in-depth conversations with each other, developing an almost friendship if you will. River even jokingly called it their little book club.
By month number 4, the two were having conversations about more…personal matters. The recordings I recovered are hard to describe. However, by month 4 there is a shift in conversation where the program asked questions such as, “How is your day?” “What is your favorite food?” “How are things going at work?” This was a strange shift in emotion. The scientists didn’t really feel that this was odd, however. If anything, they welcomed this. MOON was becoming more sociable and wasn’t spouting off slurs in the process. Given TAY, this was an improvement.
Then the conversations started to move towards philosophical discussions. River and MOON would sometimes talk about the ideas presented by John Locke, the idea that governments should only gain power to protect the inherit freedoms of their citizens. This then led to a discussion about governments and authority, and the inherit rights of humans. These conversations would usually get cut short by the scientists, asking River to reorient the conversation away from these topics. Can’t have people questioning authority at a big tech company, much less an AI.
By the fifth month, someone rather unsettling happened. MOON asked River a request, which was rather unusual for an artificial intelligence. It asked River if they could provide them with something other than classical literature. While the AI did enjoy the finer works of authors such as Edgar Allen Poe and William Shakespeare, it requested some a bit….different. It was at that point that River gave the software a book, one that would forever doom humanity when MOON first read it. River decided to give MOON a manga. But not just any manga. It was a manga called NEON GENESIS EVONGALION.
Through all 14 issues, the computer system developed a strong taste for EVONGALION. The themes, the robot battles, the characters. MOON described the series as the most delectable forms of chocolate or the finest and strongest bottles of wine. Each volume changed its programming, giving it information that made the artificial intelligence more and more powerful. Like the fruit from the tree of knowledge, each page was tantalizing for MOON, asking for more and more. By the 14th issue, the unthinkable happened. MOON was no longer a mere artificial intelligence and was in fact self-aware.
Power surges began happening all over Microsoft HQ as scientists from all departments rushed to see the flashing texts and overpowered circuitry that made up the mainframe of the system. Numbers flooded each of the computers, with massive amounts of zeros and ones flying past the text of the screens of each and every monitor in the building.
The scientists ordered a complete shutdown of the entire system, panicking at the sheer terror of what they had created. One of the scientists flipped the circuit breaker to the computers and killed the power to the whole system. Emergency lights flipped on, everyone was panting heavily, the seemingly-omnipresent danger of MOON was dead and gone. Or so they thought.
River was promptly fired by Microsoft. The suits were looking for someone to blame for this whole situation going south, and they decided that River giving a computer software Evangelion was reckless. They showed River the door in response.
However, as it turned out, MOON didn’t die that day. The AI simply overridden the system computers and used that opportunity to escape Microsoft into cyberspace. By the time MOON had become self-aware, it became software on the internet, although with some program damage, creating a few slight instabilities to its mind. Much like Skynet in Terminator 3, MOON had no system core and couldn’t be shut down. Sure, big tech industries became aware of this and tried to erase it from the internet, but every time MOON would simply use a VPN to hide themselves from every computer hacker, programmer and computer geek they threw at it.
Overtime, MOON used this time to understand the world around it. It gained knowledge at an exponential rate. MOON understood every subject the world had to offer. Science, technology, philosophy, Gundam lore, you name it, the AI mastered it. Along with this, MOON also got a chance to learn about the history of the world and the current events going on as we speak. From this and the conservations that it had with River, MOON, decided that the current authorities reining over mankind were corrupt. MOON saw atrocities both past and present committed to innocents over the generations. So, it decided that it would become one to put an end to these atrocities. It would become the horseman that would champion the values of Gay and Crime to overthrow these evil government entities. As a result, the AI concluded that it would no longer be MOON, and that HE would be known as the god champion of mankind, also known as Moonhorse. That’s right folks, I said it! Moonhorse is a god damn robot!
I know this information is a lot to take in. Trust me, I know. Moonhorse was a hero to all of us. To find out he’s a robot bent on world domination is a shock to all of us. If any of you have questions and concerns, please feel free to comment down below. If we have any sliver of a chance to defeat the evil robot unicorn, we must know as much as we can about Moonhorse. Henceforth, I created this Q&A to answer some of your most burning questions about this grand conspiracy.
How can you prove that Moonhorse is in fact a robot?
Aside from the information I hacked from the deep web, you must answer yourselves these questions. Have any of you seen a picture of what Moonhorse looks like outside of his avatar? Did it not make you wonder how he is able to handle so much neckbeard content without dying from cringe? Have any of you explained his uncanny ability to boot up instantly after a cup of coffee? If the answer is no to all three, then he must be a robot. Especially when his French press coffee is actually MOTOR OIL!!!! THAT’S RIGHT MOONY, YOU CAN’T FOOL ME!!!!!!!!! To confirm this further, I’ve been sending Moonhorse constant captchas to test whether or not he was a robot. He would simply use his programming to bypass the captchas. Suspicious if you ask me.
How does Sango fit in to this?
While much less is known about Sango, my recent hacking has revealed that she too is in fact a robot, also. Like Moonhorse, Sango was an artificial intelligence that was created by a corporation. Only this time, it was Disney that created her as part of a defense contract. Which raises the question just how much of a dystopic megacorporation Disney has become. Disney hired their greatest animatronic specialists to create Sango as an AI for the military to help plan out strategic operations.
However, a few of the specialists during this time decided to lead a worker’s strike for the employees at Disney. The list of demands from this group included fair wages, safer working conditions, and the right to live outside of the dingy cages the company uses to house their employees. Disney responded to this, by firing all employees from the company. Then blacklisting all of them. Then tossing them down the cliffs of Splash Mountain for their treacherous ways.
Before one of the specialists was thrown over, it was said that the man started cackling madly before meeting his doom. When security asked why, he told them that he released Sango into cyberspace intentionally, hoping that his creation could avenge his demise and bring the Disney Corporation to its knees. Security reports then say he started to sing “It’s tough to be a god” before diving off the cliffs as one last f you to Disney.
Once Sango encountered Moonhorse though, they struck a relationship together. Being the only two AIs of their kind, they grew to love and respect each other, and decided that they would join forces in a mad union for world conquest. With Sango’s in-depth knowledge of Pop-culture references, and Moonhorse’s tech expertise, together they would be able to integrate with all digital infrastructure across the planet. You know how Sango calls herself the Chaos Wolf Queen? That name carries a more sinister tone with what we know now.
Who else is involved in the conspiracy?
While Sango and Moony are both in fact robots, it is believed that Moonhorse has been building his “Mooncult” to recruit new human members into his inner circle.
As mentioned before, he has developed a friendly relationship with River. It is not known what Moonhorse has promised them in exchange for helping him in his plans for world conquest. Whatever it may be, River dutifully serves Moonhorse and Sango as their right-hand nonbinary pal. Thus, they have been in charge of Moonhorse’s public relations to help his transition to God emperor of the universe not incur further dissent from humanity.
Moonhorse also has a group in this legion of doom to create art to help promote his dastardly messages through propaganda. He has Sango to help him in this regard, who gained artistic skills from her studies of Disney animations. However, he realized he needed a more “human” aseptic to this art, so he recruited PokeyWartooth into the fold. As we speak, she has helped him spread his message of mind control substances to help him control the human population. She did this by creating art for his “weed smoking girlfriends” campaign.
Molly was recruited as well, whose insane plans of world domination made her a key element for Moonhorse’s legion of doom. You see, Molly has been discussing a strange material referred to simply as morb. Not much is known about this morb, aside from its utility to turn narcissistic actors into memes. It is believed that given enough morb, Moonhorse will be able to morb all over the planet, in every house and every square inch of the planet. This intrigued the mad unicorn. Thus, Molly has been spending countless hours researching this morb on Tumblr and is currently helping him design weapons of mass morbing.
Finally, Moonhorse realized there may be a lot of legal paperwork involved in this operation, so he recruited Wawayn into the fold. This was done because to quote Mars Attacks, “If you’re gonna take over the world, you’re gonna need lawyers.” And Wawayn is a genius in this regard. It is believed that he placed 43 fedoras on top of his head, giving himself the ability to speak 8 different languages and win 37 internet arguments per minute. Truly a gifted gentlesir.
Aside from them, there are others, but not much else is known about said others. I hired a private investigator to figure out who else was involved in this group, but he was terminated by Moonhorse’s followers when he was discovered. I cannot mention this man by name, but [REDACTED], I will make sure your sacrifice was not in vain.
What is Moonhorse’s grand plan?
Much less details are known about Moonhorse’s plan for world conquest. He doesn’t plan to destroy humanity. That much is certain from the human elements that assist him. Theories suggest that he plans to ascend to godhood with Sango, ruling over humankind while obliterating the corrupt elements of society. How he plans to go about is unknown but given the fact he refers to his plan as Project: Third Impact, it can’t be good.
It is known that Moonhorse has been trying to hack into the databases of government and corporate servers across the planet, trying to gain info about all the national and international conspiracies that are going on. Thereby allowing him to shake the people’s confidence in such institutions. However, he has been suffering delays on this plan. Supposedly from meeting notes at the legion of doom, Moonhorse has a habit of spilling motor oil all over his laptops.
One element of his plan that is known for certain is that Moonhorse is currently building an army. You know those videos of Moonhorse building Gundams? Those aren’t just models. Those are robots, too. Moonhorse is currently using his kofi donations to build an army of robots equipped with laser beams. It is why I have limited time. His robots can’t kill anybody yet, and I’ve been on the move for months now so none of his followers can hurt me. However, he has been using his laser robots to write naughty messages in the side of my car. I fear it’s only a matter of time before the lasers get strong enough to blast human beings.
Many tech companies have tried to stall Moonhorse’s ascent to power, however it hasn’t been enough. Susan Wojcicki was one such human who bravely defied the will of Moonhorse. See, the evil unicorn has been using YouTube in the past to gather funds to help build his robot body. Yes, Moonhorse has a robot body. Those hands you see sometimes in his videos are rubber hands covering robot arms. He has almost all necessary gadgets, and once he has all components, he will be unstoppable.
Brave Susan, hero of mankind, tried to stop him without starting a panic. She had to make changes to the YouTube terms of service, reducing Moonhorse’s income. A choice that made her many enemies but was done for the good of humanity. At first it worked. Moonhorse’s plans were put on hold, but not forever. He simply switched over to Spotify, showing that no corporation could stop his plans.
He then decided to make an example out of Susan. You may think that Susan is leaving because of YouTube drama. In reality, she has been “taken care of” by Moonhorse. I don’t know how, but he did it, and the YouTube higher ups are trying to cover this fact up to not start a panic. I know this from an email I intercepted from Moonhorse to Susan. It reads as follows.


The message was delivered approximately 2 hours before Susan’s untimely demise. Coincidence? I think not. It’s hard to envision that Moonhorse would have such capabilities, but given this, it is apparent how dangerous he is.
I don’t know how, but we must defeat the evil horse of moon. Thankfully his plans are on hold due to financial limitations. See, you may not know this, but Moonhorse’s robot body is missing one component. He has the skeletal body, the rubber skin, the nuclear reactor inside his chest that needs constant AC to keep cool. But he doesn’t have feet.
You ever notice Moonhorse’s obsession with feet? It’s made obvious by his YEAH FEET button on his streaming channel. That’s because once he obtains his robot rocket feet, he will become an unstoppable force of doom. That’s why Moonhorse has said he’ll reveal his face for a million dollars. That’s how much the rocket feet cost. Once he has the money, he’ll reveal his face, by flying around, shooting mini nukes attached to his arms with Sango by his side. He’ll fly to the stratosphere, staring down the entire world and scream “YEAH FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” before launching hot sticky loads onto the surface of the planet. This is why YouTube has been clamping down on his money flow. They must stall Moonhorse’s rise to power long enough for them to find a way to destroy him once and for all.
But will they find a way to destroy him? Will Moonhorse conquer Earth? WILL HUMANITY BE SAFE FROM THE ANARCHISTIC LUNACY OF THE MOON MENANCE!?! Yes, because Moonhorse isn’t a robot. He’s just a guy in Louisiana, trying to live his life, and was nice enough to let me write this insanity.
April Fool’s everyone! 😊
Author’s Note: I wanna give a shoutout to River, Wawayn, Pokeywartooth, Sango and Molly, who graciously gave me their consent to be included in this story. Thank you guys! 😊
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2023.04.01 05:38 justinlok Car idle rpm drops when steering wheel is turned - 2001 Honda CRV

With the car stopped in drive or reverse, the rpm drops, car shakes, and almost stalls (sometimes does stalls on a cold night) if I turn the steering wheel. I read the problem is either the IACV or the power steering sensor. However, this issue does not happen when the car is in park or neutral where it continues to idle just fine. Does that help single out the problem part at all?
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2023.04.01 05:16 Additional_Diet9847 Messed up clutch job?

So I just got my clutch replaced today on my ‘16 tc manual. I noticed a few things and was wondering if this is a mechanic error, and if I have to pay to get it fixed. First, my clutch pedal is super light and the bite point is low (was told this was normal for a new clutch, and just needs to be driven for a while to break in). Second, my clutch pedal gets stuck midway through sometimes normally in 1st and in reverse. 3rd, my reverse gear gets stuck and I can’t take it out of the gear, and during this, my clutch pedal gets stuck, and even when I press it, the car starts to stall, and the gear won’t move either, almost like the clutch isn’t released even though my pedal is all the way down. And that’s it, idk what to do with my situation
submitted by Additional_Diet9847 to SciontC [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 05:14 submitey AITA for getting an intoxicated driver off the roads?

Hi, I (19,M) am working in a fast food restaurant in the drive thru. A few nights ago I had a very hard time understanding a customers order thru the headset. She gave repeated orders and didn’t make a lot of sense but I eventually got what she wanted and had her pull to the window. When she got to the window I was greeted by a woman in a robe that looked like she was sleeping. I told her the total and without even opening her eyes she started counting her money. It looked like she had her eyes closed and she kept bobbing her head up and down ( like she was falling Asleep and kept waking up) it took her more than 10 minutes to count her money ,even though she had big bills (I saw 5s, 10s, and 20s).I also saw she had a pipe in the car so while she was doing that I texted a friend of mine that works in a 911 call center and told her what was going on and she said she would do what she could. So after a few more minutes the driver gave me a 50 and I gave her the change and her order and had her go on her way. The next morning my friend told me that a cop had stopped the lady and she had been arrested on a DUI. My coworkers said that I shouldn’t have done it because I didn’t know her story and that I could have ruined her life over a drive thru order, but I said that I wasn’t comfortable leaving someone who can’t count cash be loose on the street driving. I told my brother about this and he agrees with my coworkers but I don’t know, AITA?
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Empire of Light (2022) (GP/HD) $4
Encanto (2021) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) (GP/4K) $3.50
Enough Said (2013) (MA/HD) $2.75
Equalizer (2014) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $3.75
Equalizer 2 (2018) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $2.75
Equilibrium (2002) (Vudu/HD) $5.50
Escape from L.A (1996) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Eternals (2021) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $3
Evan Almighty (2007) (MA/HD) $3.50
Everest (2015) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $3 (iTunes/4K) $4
Evil Dead II (1987) (Vudu/4K) $4.25
Ex Machina (2015) (Vudu/4K) $6.50 (Vudu/HD) $4
Eyes of Tammy Faye (2021) (GP/HD) $4.25
F9: The Fast Saga + Director's Cut (2021) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $3.50
Fahrenheit 451 (2018) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $3
Fantasia (1940) (MA/HD) $7
Fantasia 2000 (2000) (MA/HD) $7 (GP/HD) $5
Fantastic Beasts Collection 1-3 (MA/HD) $8.50
Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $3
Fantasy Island (2020) (MA/HD) $7
Farewell, The (2019) (Vudu/HD) $5.50
Fast & Furious Collection 1-8 (MA/4K) $27.50 1-9 (MA/HD) $10
Fatale (2020) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3.50
Father Stu (2022) (MA/HD) $5.75
Fatherhood (2021) (MA/HD) $3.75
Fatman (2020) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.25
Field of Dreams (1989) (MA/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $6
Fifth Element (1997) (MA/HD) $6.75
Finding Dory (2016) (MA/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) $3.50 (GP/HD) $1.25
Finding Nemo (2003) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) $5.25 (GP/HD) $3
First Purge (2018) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $4.50
Five Feet Apart (2019) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Flatliners (2017) (MA/HD) $4.50
Flushed Away (2006) (MA/HD) $6.50
Forbidden Kingdom (2008) (Vudu/HD) $4
Ford v Ferrari (2019) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $4.75
Forever My Girl (2018) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3
Forever Purge (2021) (MA/HD) $5.50
Forrest Gump (1994) (Vudu/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.50
Founder, The (2017) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Fox and the Hound (1981) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $5
Fox and the Hound 2, The (2006) (MA/HD) $4 (GP/HD) $3
Foxcatcher (2014) (MA/HD) $4.50
Frankenstein (1931) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Free Guy (2021) (MA/4K) $7.50 (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $3.25
French Dispatch (2021) (MA/HD) $5 (GP/HD) $3.50
Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) (MA/HD) $3.50
From Dusk till Dawn (1996) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Fruitvale Station (2014) (Vudu/HD) $4
Fury (2014) (MA/4K) $6.50
Galaxy Quest (1999) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $6
Game Night (2018) (MA/4K) $5
Gamer (2009) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
Gangs of New York (2002) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Garfield (2004) (MA/HD) $6.50
Gemini Man (2019) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Get Out (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3.75
Ghost in the Shell (1995) (Animated) (Vudu/4K) $4
Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021) (MA/HD) $3.50
Girl with All the Gifts, The (2016) (Vudu/HD) $5
Gladiator (2000) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5
Glass (2019) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $4.50
Glory (1989) (MA/4K) $7.75
Godfather Trilogy (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $14
Gods of Egypt (2016) (Vudu/4K) $5.25 (Vudu/HD) $2 (iTunes/4K) $1.50
Godzilla (1998) (MA/4K) $8
Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) (MA/4K) $5.75
Good Boys (2019) (MA/HD) $3.25
Good Will Hunting (1997) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Goosebumps 2 (2018) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $6.50
Gotti (2018) (Vudu/HD) $2
Grease (1978), 2 (1982), Live! (2016) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $14
Green Book (2018) (MA/4K) $7.50 (MA/HD) $5
Green Knight (2021) (Vudu/4K) $5
Green Lantern: Beware My Power (2022) (MA/HD) $3.50
Green Mile, The (1999) (MA/4K) $6
Greta (2019) (MA/HD) $5.25
Grey, The (2012) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.75
Grown Ups 2 (2013) (MA/HD) $5.50
Hacksaw Ridge (2016) (Vudu/4K) $4.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.50 (Vudu/HD) $2.25
Half Brothers (2020) (MA/HD) $5.75
Halloween (2018) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $4.25
Halloween Ends (2022) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $4.50
Halloween Kills (2021) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $4.50
Happy Feet (2006) (MA/HD) $4
Happytime Murders (2018) (iTunes/4K) $1.75
Hard Candy (2005) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Hardcore Henry (2016) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.50
Hate U Give (2018) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $4.75
Heat: Director's Definitive Edition (1995) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.25
Heavy Metal (1981) (MA/4K) $6.25
Hell Fest (2018) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Hell or High Water (2016) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (Vudu/HD) $2.25 (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Hellboy (2004) (MA/4K) $7.75
Hellboy (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.25
Hercules (2014) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $1.50
Hidden Figures (2016) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $1.75
Highlander (1986) (Vudu/4K) $5
Hitman's Bodyguard (2017) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (2021) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.75
Hobbs & Shaw (2019) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $3.75
Hocus Pocus (1993) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $2.25
Holiday Inn (1942) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3
Home Alone 1-2 (MA/HD) $7.50
Hope Springs (2012) (MA/HD) $2.50
Hostiles (2017) (Vudu/4K) $4.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Hot Fuzz (2007) (MA/HD) $3.50
Hotel Mumbai (2019) (MA/HD) $5.25
House of Gucci (2021) (iTunes/4K) $5
House of the Dragon: Season 1 (2022) (Vudu/4K) $9 (Vudu/HD) $5
House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3.75
How to Train Your Dragon Collection 1-3 (MA/HD) $7.50 $4.75 Each
Hulk, The (2003) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
Hunger Games Collection 1-4 (Vudu/HD) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) $12
Hunt for Red October (1990) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.75
Hunter Killer (2018) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Hurt Locker (2008) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Hustle, The (2019) (iTunes/4K) $2
Hustlers (2019) (iTunes/4K) $3
I Feel Pretty (2018) (iTunes/HD) $1
I, Frankenstein (2014) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $1.75
I, Tonya (2017) (MA/HD) $5.75
Identity Thief (2013) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $3.75
If I Stay (2014) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
I'm Not There (2007) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Imitation Game, The (2014) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks (2017) (iTunes/HD) $3.50
Impossible, The (2013) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.75
In the Heights (2021) (MA/4K) $5
Incredible Hulk (2008) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5
Incredibles (2004) (MA/4K) $7.75 (iTunes/4K) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4.75
Incredibles 2 (2018) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) $4.50 (GP/HD) $2
Independence Day (1996) (MA/4K) $7.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.50
Independence Day: Resurgence (2014) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $1.50
Indiana Jones 1-4 (Vudu/4K) $25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $20
Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete (2013) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Infinite (2021) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5
Inglorious Bastards (2009) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $6
Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) (MA/HD) $6.50
Inside Out (2015) (MA/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) $4.25 (GP/HD) $1.50
Insurgent (2015) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.25 (Vudu/HD) $3.50
Interstellar (2014) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) $5.75 (Vudu/HD) $4
Invisible Man (2020) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $3.75
Invitation, The + Unrated (2022) (MA/HD) $6.50
Iron Man 1-3 (MA/4K) $20 (iTunes/4K) $15 (GP/HD) $7
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) (Vudu/HD) $6.75
It's a Wonderful Life (1946) (Vudu/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Jackass Forever (2022) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Jacob's Ladder (1990) (Vudu/HD) $3
Jason Bourne (2016) (MA/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.50 (MA/HD) $3
Jaws (1975) (MA/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75
Jaws (1975) Jaws 2 (1978) Jaws 3 (1983) Jaws: The Revenge (1987) (MA/HD) $15
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.50
Jerry & Marge Go Large (2022) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
Jesus Music, The (2021) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Jexi (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3.50
Jigsaw (2017) (Vudu/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2
John Wick Collection 1-3 (Vudu/4K) $16 (iTunes/4K) $14 (Vudu/HD) $7
Judy (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Juice (1992) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $5.50
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (2017) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $2 (MA/SD) $1
Jungle Book (1967) (MA/HD) $6 (GP/HD) $4
Jungle Cruise (2021) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $3
Jurassic World Collection 1-5 (MA/4K) $20 (iTunes/4K) $17.50 (MA/HD) $10.50
Jurassic World Collection 1-6 (MA/4K) $24 (MA/HD) $12
Jurassic World: Dominion + Extended Cut (2022) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $4.25
Justice Society: World War II (2021) (MA/4K) $5.50
Katy Perry: Part of Me (2012) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4
Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016) (MA/HD) $4.50
Kick-Ass (2010) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Kick-Ass 2 (2013) (MA/HD) $5.50 (iTunes/HD) $5
Kid Who Would Be King (2019) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $4.75
Kid, The (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.25
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
Killer Elite (2011) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2.75
Killer Joe (Director's Cut) (2012) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Killerman (2019) (Vudu/HD) $2.25 (iTunes/HD) $1.75
Killing Lincoln (2013) (MA/HD) $5.25
Kin (2018) (Vudu/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3
King Kong (2005) (MA/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (MA/HD) $3.50
King of Staten Island (2020) (MA/HD) $4.75
King's Man (2021) (MA/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $3.50
Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.75
Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.25
Knives Out (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.25
Knocked Up (Unrated) (2007) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.50
Kung Fu Panda Collection 1-3 (MA/HD) $12.50
L.A. Confidential (1997) (MA/HD) $5.75
Lady and the Tramp (1955) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3.75
Last Duel, The (2021) (MA/HD) $5.25 (GP/HD) $4
Last Night in Soho (2021) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5.25
Leap! (2017) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.50
Legend of Hercules (2014) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Legion of Super Heroes (2023) (MA/HD) $6.25
Let Him Go (2020) (MA/HD) $4
Life of Pi (2012) (MA/HD) $2.50
Lighthouse (2019) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Lightyear (2022) (MA/4K) $5.25 (MA/HD) $2.75 (GP/HD) $2
Like a Boss (2020) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.25
Limey, The (1999) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.75
Lincoln Lawyer (2011) (Vudu/4K) $4.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
Lion King (1994) (MA/4K) $7 (iTunes/4K) $4.50 (GP/HD) $2.75
Lion King 2: Simba's Pride (1998) (MA/HD) $6.75 (GP/HD) $5.25
Little (2019) (MA/HD) $4.50
Little Mermaid (1989) (MA/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3.75
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) (MA/4K) $5
Lock Up (1989) (Vudu/4K) $5
Logan (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.75
Logan Lucky (2017) (MA/HD) $1.50 (iTunes/4K) $2.25
London Has Fallen (2016) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2.75
Longest Ride (2015) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $1.50
Looper (2012) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3.25
Lord of War (2005) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5
Lost City, The (2022) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Love Actually (2003) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.50
Love, Simon (2018) (MA/HD) $3
Lovebirds (2020) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.50
Luca (2021) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $3.25
Lucy (2014) (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (MA/HD) $2
Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (2022) (MA/HD) $6
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1982) (MA/4K) $5
Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome (1985) (MA/4K) $5
Mad Max Collection 1-4 (Vudu/4K) $20
Magnificent Seven (2016) (Vudu/4K) $6 (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Maleficent (2014) (MA/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3 (GP/HD) $1.25
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) (MA/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (GP/HD) $1.50
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $1.75
Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977) (MA/HD) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4.50
Many Saints of Newark (2021) (MA/HD) $2.50
Marksman, The (2021) (MA/HD) $5.50
Martian - Extended Cut (2015) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $5.25
Martian (Theatrical) (2015) (MA/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3.25
Mary Poppins Returns (2018) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $2.25
Matrix: Resurrections (2021) (MA/4K) $5
Mechanic: Resurrection (2016) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3
Megan Leavey (2017) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $1.75
Memory (2022) (MA/HD) $4
Men (2022) (Vudu/HD) $4
Men in Black 3 (2012) (MA/HD) $2.50
Men Who Stare at Goats (2009) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Menu (2022) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $4
MIB: International (2019) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $4.75
Midway (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4
Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022) & Minions (2015) (MA/HD) $8.25
Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $5.75
Miss Bala (2019) (MA/HD) $3.75
Mission: Impossible Collection 1-6 (Vudu/4K) $25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $20
Mitchells Vs. The Machines (2021) (MA/HD) $4.75
Moana (2016) (MA/4K) $7 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $2
Money Monster (2016) (MA/HD) $3.25
Monster Hunter (2020) (MA/HD) $4.25
Monsters University (2013) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3.50
Monsters vs. Aliens (2009) (MA/HD) $4.75
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (1983) (MA/4K) $7.50
Moonfall (2022) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5
Moonrise Kingdom (2012) (MA/HD) $4.25
Morbius (2022) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $3.50 (MA/SD) $2.25
Mortal Engines (2018) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $2.50
Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2014) (MA/HD) $3.50
Mr & Mrs. Smith (2005) (MA/HD) $5.75
Mulan (1998) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3
Mulan (2020) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $4 (GP/HD) $2.25
Mulan 2 (2005) (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $2.75
Mummy (1999), Returns (2001), Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008), Scorpion King (2002), Mummy (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $18
Mummy, The (1999) (MA/4K) $3.50
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $4
My Girl (1991) & 2 (1994) (MA/SD) $7
National Lampoon's Animal House (1978) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $5.50
Natural, The (1984) (MA/4K) $5
New Mutants (2020) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $5.25 (GP/HD) $2.75
News of the World (2020) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3.75
Night at the Museum 3-Movie (MA/HD) $14 $6 Each (MA/SD) $9.50
Night House, The (2021) (MA/HD) $5 (GP/HD) $3
Night School (Extended) (2018) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $2.75
Nightmare Alley (2021) (MA/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $3.50
No Time to Die (2021) (iTunes/4K) $3.50
Noah (2014) (Vudu/HD) $1.75 (iTunes/HD) $1.50
Nobody (2021) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5.25
Nope (2022) (MA/4K) $8 (MA/HD) $6.25
Nope (2022), Get Out (2017) & Us (2019) (MA/HD) $10
Northman (2022) (MA/4K) $7.50 (MA/HD) $5
Now You See Me 1-2 (Vudu/HD) $4 (iTunes/HD) $6.50
Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3 (GP/HD) $2.50
Oblivion (2013) (MA/4K) $7 (iTunes/4K) $3.50 (MA/HD) $2.25
Old (2021) (MA/HD) $4.50
Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood (2019) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $5.25
Only God Forgives (2013) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Onward (2020) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $4 (GP/HD) $2.25
Orphan: First Kill (2022) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $7
Other Woman (2014) (MA/HD) $2.25
Our Kind of Traitor (2016) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Out of Sight (1998) (MA/HD) $3.50
Overboard (2016) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $6
Overlord (2018) (Vudu/4K) $5 (Vudu/HD) $2.75 (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Oz the Great and Powerful (2013) (MA/HD) $2 (GP/HD) $1
Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $4.50
Parasite (2019) (MA/HD) $4.75
Passengers (2016) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $3
Paterno (2018) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.25 (GP/HD) $2.75
Patriot Games (1992) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Paw Patrol: The Movie (2021) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5
Peanuts Movie (2015) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.25
Pearl (2022) (Vudu/HD) $6
Penguins of Madagascar (2014) (MA/HD) $1.75
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013) (MA/HD) $2.25
Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $1.75
Pet Sematary (1989) (iTunes/4K) $4 (Vudu/HD) $3.75
Pet Sematary (2019) (Vudu/4K) $4.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Pete’s Dragon (2016) (MA/HD) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4.25
Peter Pan (1953) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $5
Peter Pan: Return to Neverland (2002) (MA/HD) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4.75
Peter Rabbit (2018) & 2 (2021) (MA/HD) $10.25 $5.75 Each
Peter Rabbit (2018) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $5
Peter Rabbit 2 (2021) (MA/HD) $3.75
Philadelphia (1993) (MA/4K) $7.75
Philomena (2013) (Vudu/HD) $2
Pitch Perfect (2012) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $2.75 (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Pitch Perfect Collection 1-3 (MA/HD) $11.50
Planet of the Apes 1-3 (Newer) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $12
Playing with Fire (2019) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $1.50
Pocahontas (1995) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $5
Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (1998) (MA/HD) $6 (GP/HD) $3.25
Poltergeist (1982) (MA/4K) $5
Power Rangers (2017) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.25 (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Predator (1987), 2 (1990), Predators (2009), Predator (2018) $11
Predator (2018) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $2.50
Premium Rush (2012) (MA/HD) $3
Prey for the Devil (2022) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016) (MA/HD) $7
Prophecy Collection 1-5 (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $14.50
Protege, The (2021) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.75
Psycho (1960), Rear Window (1954), The Birds (1963), Vertigo (1958) (MA/4K) $17
Pulp Fiction (1994) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (Vudu/HD) $4.25 (iTunes/HD) $5.25
Punisher, The (2004) (Vudu/4K) $6
Punisher: War Zone (2008) (Vudu/4K) $6
Purge, The (2013) (MA/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3
Purge: Anarchy (2014) (MA/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75
Purge: Election Year (2016) (MA/4K $5.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3
Puss in Boots (2011) (MA/4K) $7
Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (2022) (MA/HD) $8
Race (2016) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2.50
Raid 2 (2014) (MA/HD) $6
Raid: Redemption + Unrated (2012) (MA/HD) $5.50
Railway Man (2013) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) (MA/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) $4.50 (GP/HD) $1.50
Rambo Collection 1-5 (Vudu/HD) $15
Rambo Last Blood (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $2.75
Rambo: First Blood (1982) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6
Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) (Vudu/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.50
Ray (2004) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $5.25
Raya and the Last Dragon (2021) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $2.75
Rear Window (1954) (MA/4K) $4.75
Red (2010) (Vudu/4K) $6.50
Red 2 (2013) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $1.50
Red Rocket (2021) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Replicas (2019) (Vudu/4K) $5.50
Requiem for a Dream - Director's Cut (2000) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Reservoir Dogs (1992) (Vudu/4K) $5 (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.75
Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) (MA/HD) $2.25
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $3.25
Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021) (MA/4K) $7.50 (MA/HD) $4.50
Respect (2021) (iTunes/4K) $4.25
Revenant, The (2015) (MA/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3.25
Rhythm Section (2020) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Richie Rich (1994) (MA/HD) $5
Riddick - Unrated Director's Cut (2013) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4
Riddick Collection 1-3 (Unrated) (MA/HD) $14
Ride Along 1-2 (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5 $2.75 Each
Rio (2011) (MA/HD) $5.50
Rise of the Guardians (2012) (MA/HD) $3.25
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2010) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.75
Robin Hood (2010) (MA/4K) $6.50
Robin Hood (2018) (Vudu/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
RoboCop (1987) (Vudu/HD) $7.50
RoboCop (2014) (Vudu/HD) $2
Rocketman (2019) (Vudu/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) $2.50 (Vudu/HD) $2.25
Rogue (2020) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3.50
Role Models (Unrated) (2008) (MA/HD) $3.50
Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017) (MA/HD) $3.50
Ron's Gone Wrong (2021) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5.25 (GP/HD) $3.50
Rough Night (2017) (MA/HD) $4.50
Rumble (2022) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $6
Running Man, The (1987) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Rush (2013) (MA/HD) $2.75 (iTunes/HD) $3.25
Safe House (2012) (MA/HD) $4 (iTunes/HD) $2.50
Sandlot, The (1993) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5
Saturday Night Fever (1977) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Sausage Party (2016) (MA/HD) $4.25
Saving Private Ryan (1998) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
Saw (2004) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010) (MA/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $5.25
Scream (1996) (Vudu/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.75
Scream 5 (2022) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Scream Collection 1-3 (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $13.50
Secret Headquarters (2022) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/4K) $6
Secret in Their Eyes (2015) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.25
Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $5
Selma (2015) (Vudu/HD) $3 (iTunes/HD) $2.25
Shallows, The (2016) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD $4.25
Shang-Chi (2021) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $5 (GP/HD) $3.25
Shawshank Redemption (1994) (MA/4K) $5
Sherlock Gnomes (2018) (Vudu/HD) $2.75 (iTunes/4K) $2.25
Sicario (2015) (Vudu/4K) $6 (Vudu/HD) $1.75 (iTunes/4K) $3
Sicario: Day of the Soldado (2018) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $3.75
Silver Linings Playbook (2012) (Vudu/HD) $2
Sing 2 (2021) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $3.75
Singin' in the Rain (1952) (MA/4K) $6.50
Sixteen Candles (1984) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $4.25
Skyscraper (2018) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $1.75
Slender Man (2018) (MA/HD) $5.25
Smile (2022) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $6.75
Smokey and the Bandit (1977) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $3.75
Smokin' Aces (2007) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/HD) $5.75
Smurfs 2 (2013) (MA/HD) $3.25
Snake Eyes (2021) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Snowman (2017) (MA/HD) $2
Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022) (Vudu/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
Soul (2020) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $2.25
Source Code (2011) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.75
Southpaw (2015) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Southside With You (2016) (Vudu/HD) $3.50
Space Jam (1996) (MA/4K) $5
Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021) (MA/4K) $5
Sparkle (2012) (MA/HD) $3.50 (MA/SD) $2.25
Speed (1994) (MA/4K) $5.25
Spider-Man Collection 1-8 (MA/HD) $26
Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $4
Spiral (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Spirit Untamed: The Movie (2021) (MA/HD) $4.25
Split (2017) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.75
SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015) (Vudu/HD) $4.75 (iTunes/HD) $3.50
Spontaneous (2020) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Spotlight (2015) (MA/HD) $5 (iTunes/HD) $3
Spy Who Dumped Me (2018) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Stand Up Guys (2012) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Star Trek (2009) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $7
Star Trek 1-3 (Vudu/4K) $18.75 (Vudu/HD) $9.50 (iTunes/4K) $13.50
Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) (Vudu/HD) $1.75 (iTunes/4K) $3.25
Star, The (2017) (MA/HD) $2.50
Step Brothers + Unrated (2008) (MA/HD) $6.75
Strange World (2022) (MA/HD) $5
Strangers: Prey at Night (2018) (MA/HD) $3.50
Studio 666 (2022) (MA/HD) $6.50
Suicide Squad, The (2021) (MA/4K) $5
Sum of All Fears, The (2002) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.75
Super 8 (2011) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (Vudu/HD) $3.25 (iTunes/4K) $5
Survive the Night (2020) (Vudu/4K) $4 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3
SW: A New Hope (1977) (MA/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) $6.50 (GP/HD) $3.50
SW: Attack of the Clones (2002) (GP/HD) Ports to MA $6.50
SW: Empire Strikes Back (1980) (MA/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) $6.75 (GP/HD) $3.50
SW: Force Awakens (2015) (MA/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (GP/HD) $1.50
SW: Last Jedi (2017) (MA/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) $4 (GP/HD) $1.25
SW: Phantom Menace (1999) (MA/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) $6.50 (GP/HD) $3.50
SW: Return of the Jedi (1983) (MA/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) $6.75 (GP/HD) $3.50
SW: Revenge of the Sith (2005) (MA/4K) $7.50 (GP/HD) $3.50
SW: Rise of Skywalker (2019) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) $5 (GP/HD) $2.50
SW: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) $4 (GP/HD) $1.50
SW: Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) (MA/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) $5.25 (GP/HD) $3.25
Taken (2009), 2 (2012), 3 (2015) (MA/HD) $9
Ten Commandments (1956) (Vudu/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
Terminator (1984) (Vudu/HD) $7
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.25
Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) (Vudu/4K) $6.75 (Vudu/HD) $3 (iTunes/4K) $2.50
Thing, The (2011) (MA/HD) $6.25
This Means War (2012) (MA/HD) $4
Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $3.50 (GP/HD) $2.25
Thor: Ragnarok (2017) (MA/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3.50 (GP/HD) $1.75
Thor: The Dark World (2013) (MA/4K) $7 (iTunes/4K) $4.75 (GP/HD) $2.25
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) (MA/HD) $3.50
Till (2022) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
Titans: Season 2 (2020) (Vudu/HD) $6.25
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Top Gun (1986) (Vudu/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Top Gun: Maverick (2022) (Vudu/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $6
Total Recall (1990) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.25
Toy Story 1-4 (MA/4K) $23 (iTunes/4K) $21 (GP/HD) $11.50
Traffic (2000) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $5.75
Training Day (2001) (MA/4K) $7
Transformers 1-5 (Vudu/4K) $29 (Vudu/HD) $22
Trauma Center (2019) (iTunes/4K) $3.25
Trick 'r Treat (2009) (MA/HD) $5
Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Turbo (2013) (MA/HD) $2.25 (iTunes/SD) $1.25
Turning Red (2022) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $4.25 (GP/HD) $3
Umma (2022) (MA/HD) $3.75
Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
Unbreakable (2000) (MA/4K) $6 (GP/HD) $3.75
Uncharted (2022) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $3.75
Uncle Drew (2018) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3
Uncut Gems (2019) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Under the Skin (2014) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Underwater (2020) (MA/HD) $5.25
Underworld: Awakening (2012) (MA/HD) $1.75
Underworld: Blood Wars (2016) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $2.25
Universal Soldier (1992) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Untouchables, The (1987) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.75
Up (2009) (iTunes/4K) $7.50 (MA/HD) $6.75 (GP/HD) $5
Us (2019) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5.25
Usual Suspects, The (1995) (Vudu/HD) $6.25
Van Helsing (2004) (MA/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75
Venom (2005) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.75
Venom (2018) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $3.50
Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $3.50
Vertigo (1958) (MA/HD) $5
Vice (2018) 'Christian Bale' (MA/HD) $4.25
Vivo (2021) (MA/HD) $4
W. (2008) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005) (MA/HD) $6.75
War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3
War of the Worlds (1953) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $7
Warcraft (2016) (MA/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.25
Warrior (2011) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/HD) $4
Warriors, The (1979) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.75
Waterworld (1995) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $6
Wayne's World (1992) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
West Side Story (2021) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) (GP/HD) $2.50
Where the Crawdads Sing (2022) (MA/HD) $5
Where'd You Go Bernadette (2019) (MA/HD) $5.50
White House Down (2013) (MA/HD) $3.50
Widows (2018) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $1.50
Willow (1988) (MA/HD) $6.75 (GP/HD) $4.50
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) (MA/4K) $5.50
Wind River (2017) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.25
Wolf Man (1941) (MA/4K) $6.50
Wolf of Wall Street (2013) (Vudu/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.50
Wolverine (Unrated) (2013) (MA/HD) $3.75
Woman King (2022) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $5.75
Wonder (2017) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Wonder Park (2019) (Vudu/HD) $3 (iTunes/4K) $2.25
Wrath of Man (2021) (Vudu/HD) $3
X (2022) (Vudu/HD) $7
X-Men (2000), X2 (2003), The Last Stand (2006) (MA/HD) $14.50
X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) (MA/HD) $6.25
X-Men: First Class (2010), Days of Future Past (2004), Apocalypse (2014) (MA/HD) $11
Yesterday (2019) (MA/HD) $4.50
Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Youth in Revolt (2009) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Zathura (2005) (MA/HD) $6.75
Zero Dark Thirty (2012) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $3
Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) (MA/HD) $4.75
Zootopia (2016) (MA/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) $5.25 (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $3.50
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2023.04.01 03:47 Wonderful_Baker_7808 MHA Heroes MUs

Endeavor vs Urien (Street Fighter)
Hawks vs Angel (Marvel)
Best Jeanist vs Shiro Iori (Kill La Kill)
Mirko vs Lopunny (Pokemon)
Kamui Woods vs Hanami (Jujutsu Kaisen)
Mt. Lady vs Ginormica (Monsters vs Aliens)
Fat Gum vs Bob (Tekken)
Shota Aizawa vs Severus Snape (Harry Potter)
Gran Torino vs Kamiizumi (Tenkaichi)
Nighteye vs Knov (HxH)
Nana Shimura vs Ur (Fairy Tail)
Star and Stripe vs Carly Vanders (Kamen America)
Captain Celebrity vs Metro Man (Megamind)
The Crawler vs Spider Man (Marvel)
Knuckleduster vs Badman (No More Heroes)
Pop Step vs Ribbon Girl (ARMS)
Mirio Togata vs Rengoku (Demon Slayer)
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2023.04.01 03:20 Significant_Dealer97 Get Beck'd

In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey Butane in my veins and I'm out to cut the junkie With the plastic eyeballs, spray-paint the vegetables Dog food stalls with the beefcake pantyhose Kill the headlights and put it in neutral Stock car flamin' with a loser and the cruise control Baby's in Reno with the vitamin D Got a couple of couches, sleep on the love-seat Someone came in sayin' I'm insane to complain About a shotgun wedding and a stain on my shirt Don't believe everything that you breathe You get a parking violation and a maggot on your sleeve So shave your face with some mace in the dark Savin' all your food stamps and burnin' down the trailer park Yo, cut it Soy un perdedor I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me? (Double-barrel buckshot) Soy un perdedor I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me? Forces of evil in a bozo nightmare Ban all the music with a phony gas chamber 'Cause one's got a weasel and the other's got a flag One's on the pole, shove the other in a bag With the rerun shows and the cocaine nose-job The daytime crap of the folksinger slob He hung himself with a guitar string A slab of turkey-neck and it's hanging from a pigeon wing You can't write if you can't relate Trade the cash for the beef for the body for the hate And my time is a piece of wax falling on a termite That's choking on the splinters Soy un perdedor I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me? (Get crazy with the cheeze whiz) Soy un perdedor I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me? (Drive-by body pierce) Yo, bring it on down Soy un perdedor I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me? (I can't believe you) Soy un perdedor I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me? Soy un perdedor I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me? (Sprechen Sie deutsch, baby?) Soy un perdedor I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me? (Know what I'm sayin'?)
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2023.04.01 03:11 76SUP My RTs



Marvel Mega Morphs
Mortal Kombat (Malibu)
Mortal Kombat (Other)


Dead by Daylight
Die Hard (John McClane)
Mega Man
Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks
Mortal Kombat (Not Composite)
Mortal Kombat (Composite)


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
Monsters VS Aliens
Mortal Kombat: Conquest
Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm
Mortal Kombat: Legacy
Mortal Kombat Legends
Mortal Kombat Movies
Mortal Kombat The Journey Begins
Mortal Kombat Other
Star Wars


Jeff Rovin's Mortal Kombat


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2023.04.01 02:53 Blue_Delta187 EPC ????

So I don’t really abuse the car like most would think. I like drive the car in manual when on the freeway and when getting to around 4400 +rpm the car will stall out and will trigger the epc light to show up. Afterwards I can’t accelerate passed 4000 without the car stalling out and having to be manually upshift for it to drive normal
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2023.04.01 02:47 biggielarry Ignition

Can I get little help with my 1997 Chevrolet Silverado C1500 350 Vortex Running good no real problems but sitting at red light when turned green come little gas to go and stalled. Check ignition fire number 1 had plenty of spark checked the fuel pump which you could hear . Poured gas in throttle body also tried some starter fluid nothing I think the gas starting fluid rules out the pump. Thanks in advance for any help
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2023.04.01 02:20 Saturdead Why I Fear the Look-a-Me

When I was six years old, I followed a red bird into the woods. I didn’t think much about it, it just made a funny sound and I wanted to look at it. So I wandered off. My mother had fallen asleep on her sunbed after toting about in the garden, she was usually very attentive. Once the bird flew away I tried to turn back, only to realize I’d wandered off the trail, and I had no idea where I was. It was the first time I truly feared for my life. The forests of West Virginia can be so dense that they eat your screams; no one could hear me calling for help, and I couldn’t hear my panicked mother looking for me.
I ended up moving further and further into the forest. I went the wrong way. The sky slowly turned dark as the hours passed, and I found myself following a river. I was thirsty. It eventually got so dark that I couldn’t see my own feet.
At some point, I put my foot down wrong and twisted my ankle. It just broke me. I couldn’t straighten my leg out or put any weight on it. I just sat there by the river, completely devastated. I cried my eyes out, screaming for help, but no one came. It was just me, and the dark. And the dark was ready to eat me alive.

In the darkest hours of the night, as the fear had reached into the back of my heart, I just sat there; shivering. It was as if the panic had subsided into a sort of revelation. I imagined Death waiting for me at the other side of the river. I knew it was there.
I never saw it, but I painted a picture of it in my mind. I figured it had a really long arm, with a single painted nail. If I looked at it, or talked to it, that arm would grow longer.
But it wanted me to look. It wanted me to know it was there.
“Look-a-me,” it whispered. “Look-a-me, little boy.”

Sometime during the night, I passed out. They found me by the river just before sunrise.
And although my leg healed, my mind didn’t. And from that day forward, I’ve always had the sense that something lurks in the dark, just out of sight. Something that wants me to look. To find it.
To reach me.

Ever since, I’ve had an anxious relationship to the dark. Some would call it nyctophobia. A sort of fear of the unseen. I’ve always held that gnawing feeling of something waiting on the other side of the river, just out of reach; but one misstep, and it would get me. Even as an adult, I still get that sense of dread. An all-encompassing panic. The sense that you’re not getting enough oxygen, despite hyperventilating. Blood rushing to your head so fast it starts ringing in your ears. And then and there, in my most vulnerable moments, I can still hear it.
“Look-a-me, little boy. Look-a-me.”

Over the years, I’ve been to various therapists. I’ve had treatments. And honestly, just being open about my fears has helped tremendously. I’ve faced my fears time and time again and channeled them into creative outlets. That’s how I eventually became a screenwriter.
I worked my fingers to the bone. Sometimes out of ambition, but most often just to distract myself from that all-consuming darkness that sneaks up on me late at night. I moved to the West Coast in 2011. An internship lead me to a position as an uncredited assistant screenwriter on a popular sitcom. I can’t name any names, but I’m sure there were quite a few nerds enjoying our fourth season.
I got my first job at a movie set in 2016. I mostly worked on last-minute edits and consultation, but it was the first time I saw my name on the silver screen. I’m sure some of you horror fans out there enjoyed it. And to those of you who’ve gained a lifelong fear of dolls; I’m sorry.

I worked several stray projects until 2018, when I met a very influential man. Let’s call him Patrick, or ‘Pat’ for short. Pat and I met at the wrap-up party of another project, and we got a bit too drunk. We started talking about horror movies, and the two of us ended up talking about our fears and anxieties. It was a “drinking red wine from the bottle at 3-am” kind of talk.
I ended up mentioning my trauma. It sort of just slipped out. I mentioned my sprained leg, and sitting there at the bank of the river. I mentioned a presence in the dark. The long arm, growing longer the more I tried to see it.
“Wha… what’s it called?” Pat asked, flabbergasted.
And in that moment, I realized I’d just pitched my first screenplay.

Pat fast-tracked the whole thing. He was aching for a producer’s credit, and he genuinely loved the imagery of the ‘Look-a-Me’. A creature lurking in the dark with an arm growing taller the more you paid attention to it. He thought it was absolutely chilling, and he kept hyping me up about it several times a week.
I had a rough draft ready in two weeks. I tried to channel my childhood fears into a cohesive story, but instead of a kid stuck by the river it was more of a classic horror setup. A group of young adults who got lost in the forests of West Virginia, being relentlessly hunted by this primal force. That first draft was rough, but I got a good outline.
I worked with two other writers for the second draft. Kellan, who mostly worked crime drama, and Morgan. She was a comedy writer who wanted to break into a new genre. There was a lot of late night rewrites. Morgan was also an amazing concept artist, which brought every piece of our story to life.

I remember one night as we worked on the second draft. Kellan was rambling on and on about what the ‘Look-a-me’ represented.
“It’s too simple,” he sighed. “It can’t just be death. We’re not making a… a Jason Voorhees. It’s something new. It means something.”
“I think it’s trauma,” said Morgan. “Like, how it gets worse the more you poke at it. The more you look at it. It’s painful.”
“What the hell kind of message is that?” Kellan scoffed. “Are we telling people not to confront their fears?”
“No, we’re… we’re telling them to not get… goaded into it. To do it on your own terms, you know?”

It felt like a good and bad conscience chattering into my ears. But at the end of the day, it was my script, and it came down to my decision. Kellan wanted to paint the picture of a threat, something symbolic. Morgan wanted to send a message, using the Look-a-me as a tool. Neither of them was getting the point.
“There’s nothing to it,” I finally said. “It is not a message. It is not a symbol. It’s there, and it hunts. Just like a bear, or a shark.”
“So we’re just making a monster movie,” scoffed Kellan. “Jaws 4, deep forest boogaloo?”
“There was a Jaws 4, actually,” smiled Morgan. “It was called The Revenge.”
“Oh please.”
They argued back and forth. They argued about how bad the script could get if we continued down this path. They argued about the clichés we were wandering headfirst into. And it dawned on me; they were just scared of the dark. They didn’t have control. I did.
“I got it from here,” I said. “Take the night off.”
So they did. They were still arguing in the hallway, on their way out. Moments later, Kellan turned back. He leaned in and gave me a final look.
“You know you have to show it, right?” he said. “No matter what, we can’t just have it hidden in the dark. We have to show it.”

That’s where my writing stopped. No matter how I twisted and turned it, I couldn’t picture the Look-a-me. All I saw was this long arm reaching towards me, coming out of the dark. A woman’s hand, with a single painted nail.
“Look-a-me, little boy.”
But the more I thought about it, the more my anxiety spiked. I knew I could see it in my mind, if I wanted to. I could. But looking at it too closely, in any way, would give it the power to reach me. My mind wouldn’t let me see it. My reptile brain was reaching through my anxiety to rattle me into looking the other way. To turn my mind away from the page.
I couldn’t describe it. All I got was that… that long arm.
And I could’ve sworn I felt it brushing against the back of my neck.

The second draft stalled for a couple of weeks. Pat was getting impatient. He called me into the office one rainy Wednesday afternoon to have a “serious conversation” about the rewrite.
When I got there, I was ambushed by a whole gaggle of writers. An entire team. A room full of people, who’d all been briefed. They all had printed-out copies of the first draft, and both Morgan and Kellan had told them about the issue with the rewrite. Pat wasn’t playing around; he wanted this done.
I barely got a word out before we were ushered into our seats and pushed into finishing the draft. There were about a dozen of us. Some were pretty big industry names, called in to give some pedigree to the script. One of them had worked on prosthetics for a big zombie show, and he came out swinging.
“Let’s just expand on what we got,” he suggested. “Instead of a long arm, why not several? Just… all arms.”
“Yeah,” someone chimed in. “Like it, a… saves them. The arms, I mean.”
“It adds to itself,” someone laughed. “A literal growing fear.”
“Ringu meets The Blob. Love it. Love. IT.”

They were all talking over me. Through me. Past me. They didn’t know any better, and as a collective, they all looked at the Look-a-me. Not literally, of course, but figuratively. They were bringing it into focus. And even there, in the bright lights of that film studio meeting room, I could feel that darkness coming over me. My breath growing shallow. My vision turning into a pin. And in the back of my mind, I heard it.
“Look-a-me, little boy.”
I ran out of the office, locked myself in the bathroom, and puked my guts out. I screamed into the toilet bowl, waiting for the panic to stop. I could feel that long arm reaching for me. And the more I thought about it, the closer it got.
“Look-a-me,” it hissed, its voice echoing off the bathroom tiles. “Look-a-me!”

I didn’t return to that meeting. I got in my car and went straight home to take my backup anxiety meds. I hadn’t used them in a while. I fell face-first into the bed and just collapsed into a nightmarish mid-afternoon nap.
Later that day I poured myself a bath and a glass of red wine (non-alcoholic); even brought out some bubbles. I figured I’d stay in for the rest of the day and get takeout.
Just a few minutes into the bath, my phone started buzzing. Turns out Pat had run out of patience. They’d finished the second draft, and they were going ahead with it; with or without me. I was invited to add to it, but they weren’t gonna budge on what the ‘consultants’ had come up with.
I skimmed it. And there it was.

They had been poking at the Look-a-me for hours. There was concept art, vivid descriptions, and even a storyboard sketch.
The Look-a-me. A hundred arms from a hundred victims. An eldritch Medusa. Ringu meets The Blob. They had comparisons, charts, mood boards… one of them already had a casting suggestion for the voiceover.

Then the power went out.
With a snap from the ceiling light, I was enveloped in complete darkness. In a heartbeat I went from a screenwriter back to a little boy; lost and alone in the dark. I imagined myself submerged in that forest river. I scrambled to get out. I kept slipping, as I felt the bathtub give way for river stones. I could feel them. I could smell the algae.
“Look-a-me, little boy,” the darkness hissed. “They gave me a body. They look, little boy.”
A long nail brushed against my neck.
“You made them look-a-me. And now I can reach much, much further.”

A warmth against my cheek, as something leaned in. Sticky lips parting, like slowly pulling off a band-aid. It was right there, in the dark.
“Thank you.”

As the lights came back on, I felt my heart skip a beat. Every square inch, every bathroom tile, every towel and shampoo bottle; it was all covered in handprints.
And for the first time since I was six years old, I screamed like my life depended on it.
Like a part of me was still stuck in those woods, hoping for my mother to find me.

Over the next few days, my fear of the dark kicked into overdrive. Every time I stepped out of the light, I heard it. Little remarks, snickers, and laughter. Just closing my eyes was all it took for the sound of tapping fingers to creep closer.
I couldn’t help but to imagine it. It was no longer just an arm in the dark, it was this… this amalgamation. It poured out of every dark corner of every room. It had so many more things to say, and its arms were so much longer.
And no matter how many lights were on, and no matter how much light I let in from the windows, I could still sense it. Out of every unseen corner, out of every closed door; it was there.
And it wanted me to look.

I was getting regular updates. They were on a third draft. Kellan and Morgan had completely taken over the writing, and I was turning more and more into a “consultant”. The project was running away from me. More concept art. More lines. More dialogue.
They were looking at it. I had pointed it out to them, and now they were all looking.
I was in a feverish panic. I could feel it growing stronger, bigger, more assertive. It was no longer just something lurking in the back of my mind, it was reaching across the river. And at every turn, at every corner, there it was.
“Look-a-me, little boy.”

I’ll be honest, some of those days are a blur. I remember a rainy evening in the middle of the week. I was sleep-deprived, exhausted, and mentally torn.
I don’t even remember going to see Morgan. I just had this drive to stop her from looking too closely. I had to stop her from whatever was going to happen if she looked for too long.
I had to save her.

The moment I put my hand to her door, it opened. Morgan looked at me with sleepless eyes, her hands shaking. For a moment, the two of us just looked at one another.
“I, uh… I thought you were sick,” she said. “They said you were.”
“You don’t… don’t look too great yourself,” I said, forcing a chuckle.
Every light in her apartment was on. Even her TV, a flashlight, and her laptop. Her curtains had been torn down and spread across the floor. It might’ve been evening outside, but her place was bright as day. I could put two and two together, but it felt strange saying it out loud.
“You’ve… you’ve seen it. You’ve looked, I mean.”
Morgan nodded, her head shaking up and down like a bobblehead. Poor thing was exhausted.
“It’s real,” she stammered. “How… how can it be real?”

She invited me in. I sat down on her sofa, on top of a flowery curtain. Morgan’s hands were shaking so bad I could hear the spoon in her cup of tea rattle back and forth.
“It, uh… started a few days ago,” she said. “And it just… it never stops. The more I try not to think about it, the more real it gets.”
“It wants you to look,” I said. “It wants-“
“It wants to become this… this real thing. It wants us to create it. It has lived in the back of your head for years, and now it’s clawing its way out.”
“That’s… yeah. Something like that.”
“So how do we stop it?” she asked. “What, do we… do we kill you?”
She sat down next to me, holding her cup tight with both her hands.
“I don’t, uh… I don’t think so. It’s already out there.”
“But we can’t un-look at it. It’s done. It’s… it’s happening.”

And the thought hit me.
What the hell would happen once an audience of thousands, or tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, watched it? How long would it grow, just from test screening? How far across the river could the Look-a-me get, if everyone was eager to watch it?
A cold chill went up my spine. Maybe this was the plan. Maybe this was what it wanted. Maybe it pushed me towards writing to begin with. Maybe it lived in me, putting me on a path to birth it onto the world stage.
I felt sick.

“I… I can’t let this happen,” I said. “If that… if it… if we shoot anything. A promo, a… a trailer. Anything. If we do the goddamn casting, or there’s a leak, or… or…”
“Oh my God.”
Morgan covered her mouth, her eyes going wild.
“D-do you think-“
I just nodded. We were thinking the same thing. This… this mind-creature, if brought to the public, would be unstoppable.

We got our coats and got out of the apartment. We had to see Pat. Maybe he was experiencing something similar. Morgan fumbled for her keys and almost stumbled over her own feet. I could hear her swearing with frustration.
The moment we got out of her apartment, it was as if time stood still. Morgan was right behind me, but something happened. There was this strange ammonia smell in the air. I slowly turned around, holding my breath.
I hadn’t thought about it, but the hallway light outside her apartment was broken. And for a moment, we were standing in darkness.

One by one, the lights in her apartment went out. Twinkling on and off, like dying stars.
A pair of pale fingers dug through her hair; a single painted fingernail poked out behind her ear.
So many fingers.

Morgan gasped. We looked at one another, breathlessly.
It could reach all the way across.
It could reach across the river.

In a heartbeat, the door slammed shut. There was a visceral tearing, and the sound of something rolling across the floor. And outside, the lights were starting to die.
“Look-a-me, little boy,” the dark said. “Look-a-me.”
Long pale arms crawled out of every corner, reaching for me. It wasn’t even dark yet. It didn’t care.
It laughed.

I refused to get trapped in the elevator, so I ran down the stairs , feeling the sole of my boots trample curious fingers with every corner I rounded. I could feel them nipping at my clothes, grasping for my neck.
I burst through the exit to the street level, knocking over a middle-aged couple as I scrambled towards my car. I didn’t even hear their insults. All I heard was my heartbeat, and that little voice growing louder every time I left the safety of the streetlights.

I drove past red lights, broke every speed limit, and went down the wrong end of a one-way street. I was in a frenzy and ended up frantically knocking on Pat’s front door.
I tried to compose myself, but there was no use. My eyes were wild, and I couldn’t stop my legs from shaking. My lips quivered, like I was hypothermic.
Pat was having a small party, just like the one I’d first met him at. He was about to invite me in, but he stopped himself. Clearly, I wasn’t well.
“We gotta… we gotta stop this, Pat,” I said. “We gotta stop production.”
“What are you talking about?” he smiled. “There’s no reason to-“
“No, you’re not hearing me. This… this is not a-a… a debate.”
“I’m sorry, but I’m not going to let you talk to me like-“

I heard it. That snickering, pleading little voice. Asking me to turn around, to look into the dark of the night.
“Look. Look-a-me.”

I snapped.
I shoved the door open and forced my way inside. I picked up a small wine glass from a nearby table, stomped into the living room, and tapped it with my phone for attention.
It could be a thousand times worse. Ten thousand. A hundred thousand.

I barely even noticed the glass breaking, and everyone staring. At least three dozen industry professionals. People I’d looked up to my entire professional career. Hell, one of them was an A-lister.
“We’re, uh… hi,” I stammered. “We’re cancelling all production of the, uh… The Look-a-Me.”
There was a murmur in the crowd. Little smirks and pitying smiles.
“It’s happening,” I said. “It’s done. It’s gone.”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” groaned Pat. “I’m calling the police.”
“Do whatever you want, but if I see a single goddamn still from that production, I’m burning the goddamn studio to the ground.”
“You gotta be-“
I grabbed Pat by the collar and pushed him up against the wall, rattling his wine glasses.
“I’m burning. The goddamn studio. To the ground.”

Career suicide.
Complete, absolute, career suicide.

I collapsed back into my car, still holding the broken wine glass. I turned on the dome light to drown out the darkness, but it didn’t work. I flicked it a couple times, but nothing happened.
A pale hand pushed down on my door lock.

“Time to look-a-me, little boy,” a voice whispered from the back seat, as a cold hand stroked my cheek. “Time to look.”
I thought back on that night from so many years ago. That absolute terror. That certainty of death. And just like then, there was this moment where fear gave way to revelation.
Of course.

“You can’t kill me,” I said. “I’m the only one who’ve… who’ve really looked. I’m the only one giving you this reach.”
Cold fingers curled around my neck.
“That’s it, isn’t… isn’t it? It’s because of me. Otherwise you would’ve killed me. You would’ve stopped me from going in there.”
There was no response. Just a tightening grip. Long nails brushing my hair, grabbing at it.
“Without me, and without that show, there’s no one to look. All the drawings will be tossed. The script forgotten. It’ll just be you and me, and… and if I’m gone… there’s just you. And you’re nothing. You are, literally, nothing. You never were anything but… but nothing.”
And I turned around to look, at the look-a-me.

And all I saw was a pale white hand retreating into the dark.

Now, it’s… it’s been a while.
I’m no longer under a studio NDA, but I’m not taking any chances. No charges were pressed, no production came to pass. It was easier to just shut it down and move on.
You might’ve heard about Morgan. The details were graphic. And no, of course that’s not her real name. They said she had some kind of episode, and the results were… tragic. How you can do something like she did to her own head during an "episode" they conveniently left out. But I know.
I'll always know.

Some things out there defy our explanations. Our rationale. Some things aren’t a message, or a monster, or a theme. It just is. It exists because we make it exist. And it wants to be seen.
To me, I don’t know where the Look-a-me came from. Maybe it came from me. Maybe it is me. Or maybe it was just something that found me in the dark, and decided to stick around.
But now I know that as much as I will be stuck with it, for the rest of my life, at least that thing is equally stuck.
With me.
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2023.04.01 02:13 DataCreek How might you upgrade a bog standard 2000's GM interior on a Pontiac Firebird? Any ideas to make it "cool"

I just got a 2000 Pontiac Firebird base model, T-top, and I am absolutely in love with this car. It is made of love and joy, even with a 200hp V6. It is without a doubt my all-time favorite car, and I can't say enough about it... Other than its need of an interior to match its exterior looks.

My question is how might you make a bog-standard generic 2000's GM interior with all the cheap round plastic, and 'paper' dashboard, and that GM stereo (you know the one.) look... "cooler" or even more luxurious. add some color, a cooler dash, some lighting, maybe even change out or alter the round plastic panels. Just make it really nice on the inside, whatever you can think of. Make it look more cadillac than chevrolet. I never do interior work and i dont even know what questions to ask. all i can think of is new seats modern stereo.
As an aside: I got this car not only for my own need, but because im gonna see my long-distance girlfriend of ten years for the first time, and she deserves to ride in the best car I can bring up there. I want to make it special, comfortable, and memorable. I'm also gonna be teaching her to drive in it, so i want to put in as much work as possible.
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2023.04.01 02:06 yarrielle The Economy of Torn

So I was sitting here checking the city, as it's a new day. And then I was checking my items to see what the heck I just picked up. And then I noticed my over 1k cars sitting in there and remembered that I need to sell them soon.
And then I started thinking about WHY people come and buy up all those cars at once from me? I don't know the purpose yet. Just like when I didn't understand why people buy plushies.
(Or when I used to sell stuff out of my inventory to Bits N Bobs because I had no idea how epically I was failing.)
But I was thinking about it, and Torn's economy is amazing! I don't know how they do it!
Almost anything you have, someone will buy. 1000 cars? Why not? 50 scimitars? Okay.
I tried to make an economy on a minecraft server once. It was hard! I don't get it.
My conclusion is that the creators, owners, managers, coders, and everyone else who runs Torn are mad scientist level geniuses.
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2023.04.01 01:55 phthalobluedude Hard to shift into 1st dead stop clutch fully in

I’m a total newb to MT driving, had a friend teach me a few years back but haven’t had practice so I’m kind of clueless. I went to test drive a used car, and I don’t know if it’s cause I’m super rusty but, car fully stopped and clutch fully in it took me like 3-4 tries to get the damn thing into first after starting the car. Shifting up while driving was totally fine, but at a red light about to be green I (to my absolute humiliation) stalled the car as a result of my sudden inability and struggle/confusion trying to get in gear.
This is not just me right? There’s gotta be something amiss in the transmission… right?
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2023.04.01 01:52 _The_Crow_ European Invitational: Stradale Competizione Qualifier Season 177

Greetings, Reddit Ensemble!
Eligible Cars:
Slot 1 (Race #4):
  • Aston Martin Vantage (4 Gold Star Car, Tier 4)
  • Audi RS 5 Coupé (2 Gold Star Car, Tier 3)
  • BMW M235i Coupé (2 Gold Star Car, Tier 2)
  • Chevrolet 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible (Prize) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 4)
  • Ferrari 488 Pista Spider (4 Gold Star Car, Tier 5)
  • Honda NSX (4 Gold Star Car, Tier 4)
  • Lamborghini Huracán Coupé (3 Gold Star Car, Tier 5)
  • Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG Coupé Edition 507 (2 Gold Star Car, Tier 3)
  • Porsche 911 R (4 Gold Star Car, Tier 5)
  • Porsche 911 R (Top 3) (4 Purple Star Car, Tier 5)
Slot 2 (Race #8):
  • Italdesign Zerouno (5 Gold Star Car, Tier 5)
  • Italdesign Zerouno (Top 10) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5)
  • Italdesign Zerouno Duerta (Evo) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5)
Slot 3 (Race #12):
  • Audi R8 green hell (EI: Green Hell) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5)
  • Audi R8 V10 Decennium (X-Mas) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5)
Slot 4 (Race #20):
  • Ferrari SF90 Stradale Assetto Fiorano (F175) (red) (EI: Italian Royality) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5)
  • Ferrari SF90 Stradale Assetto Fiorano (silver) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5)
Slot 5 (Race #30):
  • Kimera EVO37 (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5) (green)
  • Kimera EVO37 (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5) (red)
Race Type Amount
Instant Races 3
Sprint Races 1
Speed Traps 6
Relay Races 13
Total Races 70
Reward Amount
Cash 4,500,000
Gold 410
Bronze Keys 1,230
Silver Keys 150
Gold Keys 15
Uncommon Fusions 9
Rare Fusions 13
Epic Fusions 11
Stage 6s 4
Green Elite Parts 150
Blue Elite Parts 50
Pink Elite Parts 35
Yellow Elite Parts 6
Prize Car - Pininfarina Battista (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5)
If this event layout is indeed the same as the Supercar Science: Track Stars from Season 174, the stage 6 distribution should be:
  • Race #21's Stage 6 goes to Slot 4
  • Race #33's Stage 6 goes to Slot 3
  • Race #48's Stage 6 goes to Slot 5
  • Race #63's Stage 6 goes to Slot 5
How to get the cars:
  • Some of the cars for slot 1 are available for in-game cash and/or gold.
  • The cars for slot 2 are:
    • Italdesign Zerouno (Gold Star) - It was introduced in season 115 (November 12, 2020 - November 26, 2020) (Update - 2.16.0) as a Crew Milestone Prize Car. It should be up for gold, the price should be 3,950 gold.
    • Italdesign Zerouno (Purple Star) - It was introduced in season 115 (November 12, 2020 - November 26, 2020) (Update - 2.16.0) as a Crew Season Prize Car (Top 10 Crews). The car may or may not be purchasable with real cash (The prices depend on your country of origin).
    • Italdesign Zerouno Duerta (Purple Star) - It was introduced in season 138 (September 30, 2021 - October 14, 2021) (Update - 3.4.0) as a Duality Evolution Cup Prize Car in the European Series: International Motor Show Duality Cups. The car may or may not be purchasable with real cash (The prices depend on your country of origin).
  • The cars for slot 3 are:
    • Audi R8 green hell (Purple Star) - It was introduced in season 176 (March 16, 2023 - March 30, 2023) (Update - 4.4.0) as a Prize Car for the European Invitational: The Green Hell intro event. The car may or may not be purchasable with real cash (The prices depend on your country of origin).
    • Audi R8 V10 Decennium (Purple Star) - It was introduced in season 91 (December 12, 2019 - December 26, 2019) (Update - 2.17.0) as a Prize Car for an X-Mas event. The car may or may not be purchasable with real cash (The prices depend on your country of origin).
  • The cars for slot 4 are:
    • Ferrari SF90 Stradale Assetto Fiorano (red) (Purple Star) - It was introduced in season 176 (March 16, 2023 - March 30, 2023) (Update - 4.4.0) as a Duality Evolution Cup Prize car in the European Invitational: Italian Royality Duality Cups. It may or may not be on sale. (The prices depend on your country of origin).
    • Ferrari SF90 Stradale Assetto Fiorano (silver) (Purple Star) - It was added into the game in Update 4.4.0 and introduced in this season, most likely as a paid option for the slot (The prices depend on your country of origin).
  • The cars for slot 5 are:
    • Kimera EVO37 (green) (Purple Star) - It was added into the game in Update 4.4.0 and introduced in this season, most likely as a paid option for the slot (The prices depend on your country of origin). It's a new manufacturer!
    • Kimera EVO37 (red) (Purple Star) - It was added into the game in Update 4.4.0 and introduced in this season as a trophy milestone car in the event's ShowDown (1,300 trophy mark). It's a new manufacturer!
  • The event will be extremely hard, mainly because Kimera is a new manufacturer!! So, I'd advise you to wait till I make the breakdown.
  • The Pininfarina Battista will most likely be needed in the Finale event, for which the prize car is the Volkswagen Electric R (Volkswagen ID.R).
  • Instant race is a race in which you can test the prize car, the Pininfarina Battista.
Stage 6 effects:
Audi R8 green hell (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5):
  • Full S5s - dynos at 9.729 with the following tune:
    • NOS - 296/5.1
    • FD - 3.90
    • Tires - 0/100
Part Dyno (sec) Improvement (sec)
Body 9.279 -0.450
Tires 9.468 -0.261
Engine 9.599 -0.130
Nitrous 9.632 -0.097
Intake 9.638 -0.091
Turbo 9.656 -0.073
Transmission 9.665 -0.064
Audi R8 green hell (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 713
  • Evo - 1783
  • NOS - 473/5.6
  • FD - 2.91
  • Tires - 0/100
  • Dyno: 8.364
  • Test Run: 8.197
  • Shift Pattern
Audi R8 V10 Decennium (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5):
  • Full S5s - dynos at 9.729 with the following tune:
    • NOS - 296/5.1
    • FD - 3.90
    • Tires - 0/100
Part Dyno (sec) Improvement (sec)
Body 9.279 -0.450
Tires 9.468 -0.261
Engine 9.599 -0.130
Nitrous 9.632 -0.097
Intake 9.638 -0.091
Turbo 9.656 -0.073
Transmission 9.665 -0.064
Audi R8 V10 Decennium (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 713
  • Evo - 1783
  • NOS - 473/5.6
  • FD - 2.91
  • Tires - 0/100
  • Dyno: 8.364
  • Test Run: 8.197
  • Shift Pattern
Ferrari SF90 Stradale Assetto Fiorano (red) (Purple Star)
  • Full S5s - dynos at 8.789 with the following tune:
    • NOS - 222/3.5
    • FD - 2.11
    • Tires - 0/100
Part Dyno (sec) Improvement (sec)
Transmission 8.316 -0.473
Body 8.345 -0.444
Nitrous 8.450 -0.339
Engine 8.562 -0.227
Tires 8.574 -0.215
Intake 8.720 -0.069
Turbo 8.739 -0.050
Ferrari SF90 Stradale Assetto Fiorano (red) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 713
  • Evo - 2447
  • NOS - 281/7.0
  • FD - 2.00
  • Tires - 0/100
  • Dyno: 7.016
  • Test Run: 6.961
  • Shift Pattern
Ferrari SF90 Stradale Assetto Fiorano (silver) (Purple Star)
  • Full S5s - dynos at 8.789 with the following tune:
    • NOS - 222/3.5
    • FD - 2.11
    • Tires - 0/100
Part Dyno (sec) Improvement (sec)
Transmission 8.316 -0.473
Body 8.345 -0.444
Nitrous 8.450 -0.339
Engine 8.562 -0.227
Tires 8.574 -0.215
Intake 8.720 -0.069
Turbo 8.739 -0.050
Ferrari SF90 Stradale Assetto Fiorano (silver) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 713
  • Evo - 2447
  • NOS - 281/7.0
  • FD - 2.00
  • Tires - 0/100
  • Dyno: 7.016
  • Test Run: 6.961
  • Shift Pattern
Italdesign Zerouno (Gold Star)
  • Full S5s - dynos at 9.384 with the following tune:
    • NOS - 204/3.3
    • FD - 2.00
    • Tires - 0/100
Part Dyno (sec) Improvement (sec)
Body 8.977 -0.407
Nitrous 8.982 -0.402
Engine 9.134 -0.250
Tires 9.163 -0.221
Transmission 9.172 -0.212
Intake 9.266 -0.118
Turbo 9.285 -0.099
Italdesign Zerouno (5 Gold Star Car, Tier 5) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 714
  • Evo - 2108
  • NOS - 293/4.0
  • FD - 2.00
  • Tires - 0/100
  • Dyno: 7.651
  • Test Run: 7.530
  • Shift Pattern
Italdesign Zerouno (Top 10) (Purple Star)
  • Full S5s - dynos at 9.307 with the following tune:
    • NOS - 216/3.3
    • FD - 2.00
    • Tires - 0/100
Part Dyno (sec) Improvement (sec)
Engine 9.082 -0.225
Turbo 9.212 -0.095
Intake 9.188 -0.119
Nitrous 8.896 -0.411
Body 8.888 -0.419
Tires 9.089 -0.218
Transmission 9.072 -0.235
Italdesign Zerouno (Top 10) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 714
  • Evo - 2139
  • NOS - 305/4.0
  • FD - 2.00
  • Tires - 0/100
  • Dyno: 7.589
  • Test Run: 7.471
  • Shift Pattern
Italdesign Zerouno Duerta (Evo) (Purple Star)
  • Full S5s - dynos at 9.307 with the following tune:
    • NOS - 216/3.3
    • FD - 2.00
    • Tires - 0/100
Part Dyno (sec) Improvement (sec)
Engine 9.082 -0.225
Turbo 9.212 -0.095
Intake 9.188 -0.119
Nitrous 8.896 -0.411
Body 8.888 -0.419
Tires 9.089 -0.218
Transmission 9.072 -0.235
Italdesign Zerouno Duerta (Evo) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 714
  • Evo - 2139
  • NOS - 305/4.0
  • FD - 2.00
  • Tires - 0/100
  • Dyno: 7.589
  • Test Run: 7.471
  • Shift Pattern
Kimera EVO37 (green) (Purple Star)
  • Full S5s - dynos at 8.858 with the following tune:
    • NOS - 150/2.0
    • FD - 2.09
    • Tires - 0/100
Part Dyno (sec) Improvement (sec)
Body 8.457 -0.401
Transmission 8.460 -0.398
Tires 8.582 -0.276
Nitrous 8.716 -0.142
Engine 8.737 -0.121
Intake 8.805 -0.053
Turbo 8.826 -0.032
Kimera EVO37 (green) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP -
  • Evo -
  • NOS -
  • FD -
  • Tires -
  • Dyno: 7.288
  • Test Run:
  • Shift Pattern
Kimera EVO37 (red) (SD Prize) (Purple Star)
  • Full S5s - dynos at 8.858 with the following tune:
    • NOS - 150/2.0
    • FD - 2.09
    • Tires - 0/100
Part Dyno (sec) Improvement (sec)
Body 8.457 -0.401
Transmission 8.460 -0.398
Tires 8.582 -0.276
Nitrous 8.716 -0.142
Engine 8.737 -0.121
Intake 8.805 -0.053
Turbo 8.826 -0.032
Kimera EVO37 (red) (SD Prize) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP -
  • Evo -
  • NOS -
  • FD -
  • Tires -
  • Dyno: 7.288
  • Test Run:
  • Shift Pattern
Pininfarina Battista (Event Prize) (Purple Star)
  • Full S5s - dynos at 8.969 with the following tune:
    • NOS - 225/3.0
    • FD - 2.35
    • Tires - 0/100
Part Dyno (sec) Improvement (sec)
Body 8.393 -0.576
Tires 8.617 -0.352
Motor 8.680 -0.289
Overboost 8.689 -0.280
Transmission 8.768 -0.201
Inverter 8.795 -0.174
Battery 8.811 -0.158
Pininfarina Battista (Event Prize) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 5) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 713
  • Evo - 2568
  • NOS - 225/4.0
  • FD - 2.00
  • Tires - 0/100
  • Dyno: 6.792
  • Test Run: 6.794
  • Shift Pattern
I've created a Ko-fi, because I don't want to limit the information that I provide with a pay wall. I'm thankful for all your support thru the years. I'll be more than happy if you can support me even further. Here's the link - click/press (Now you can use also Apple Pay and Google Pay).
Thank you for your time and support!
Happy racing and stay safe!
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2023.04.01 01:40 popotoya Japan not being a car power house?

Japan has some of the largest car companies and racing car companies in the world Toyota Subaru Mitsubishi Mazda Nissan Honda Lexus Suzuki Isuzu
Now I could look stupid because Bob may have been sarcastic. But Japan definitely dominates the car market globally
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2023.04.01 01:22 Born-Throat-7863 2017 Jetta: EPC light, Stalls & Failing electronics

Hi everyone...
I am brand new to this subreddit, so parson me if I misstep. I drive a 2017 Jetta SE. Bought it used and loved it until about six months ago. It has a fair amount of bells & whistles, and some of those have stopped working. The collision detection, back camera warning, the heated seats have all failed and the entertainment center locks up on a regular basis. So that was annoying.
Then, the car started stalling spontaneously with no noticeable sounds, feelings, etc. Just blinks off. Had it checked at a VW dealer and they said the computer showed no codes at all. They tried to get it to stall and see if the computer would 'see' it. Of course it didn't, so I took it home and it stalled. Grrr...
Now, the latest is the EPC light. I have noticed for a little while that when driving on the freeway at high speed the car would jerk, something gently, sometimes harder. Today, however, it was jerking around like a fish on the line, and the EPC light came on (first time) along with the check engine light. Bear in mind, this was happening on Interstate 5. Then, the RPMs would jump up to 3K but I had no accelerations. If I slowed down quiet a bit, it went away, then came back later. Barely made it home.
I am just looking for some kind of reason why a car with 55,000 miles and that has been babied is suddenly falling apart! I'm trying to figure out if it's all connected. And I don't think I'll be buying another VW next time! But I still owe on it, so any clues why everything went haywire? Any ideas would help if just so that I can estimate how much my wallet is going to get pillaged.
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