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2023.06.07 23:41 SignificanceAny5346 Anansi

Character: Anansi”The trickster God of Africa”
Door: a large Door with spider webs across it along with traditional African mask and finally many decorative hands and legs around it to symbolize the many legs and eyes of a spider
Entrance: Heimdall: And Now folks I’d like use to meet the god who weaves all the stories you’ve read as children, The spider god himself.. This deity is know across the lands for his power in combat.. Now ANANSI take center stage!
As heimdall finished for a few more seconds about 30 no one comes out until Anansi is running to the door panting because his Godbucks coffee shop was closedown and according to him he NEEDS his coffee
Appearance Anansi appears as a dark skinned man with 6 arms and 2 other arms that he can pull out when ever he chooses with golden arm bands around 2 with a black spider tattoo on his back and indigo hair and eyes and his hair in the style of locks and shirtless along with blue tattoo symbol on his face and lastly his pants are shown to have with baggy yellow trousers with a blackish blue bandanna around his waist he also has 8 other eyes around his body
Personality Anansi is shown to be very intelligent yet very arrogant and enjoys pulling pranks and annoying other gods and he is very good friends with Buddha and he very prideful and lies a lot and if rarely serious but is very protective of his friends he is one of the few gods against the destruction of humanity but him and Zeus do have an agreement That is he fights for gods he can becomes a chief god if he does win
Divine/Sacred treasure: none
Divine silk Anansi can create extremely durable silk to the point it’s thought to be unbreakable he can take multiple spear attacks and even survived attacks from Zeus and can hold and swing him around
Illusion creation Anansi can make very realistic illusions and all of them seem very real but they cannot be touched or feel anything they do it’s just used at a trick or distraction for when he’s trying to attack
Shield of the spider This technique lets Anansi create spider webs to block an incoming attack this was able to block Achilles strongest attack Pandora
Unseen clone Anansi creates an illusion of multiple clones of himself to distract his opponent from attacking him or counter attacking him
Unknown Arachnid Anansi creates an illusion of an smoke cloud So an opponent cannot see his attacks or see where he is
Web of the divine weaver Anansi creates multiple threads of silk come out of all of his finger tips to make a cage made of silk and all of the silk he makes he can control so his opponent is in a field of his control
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2023.06.07 23:38 Educational-Swing-45 Please help me find my aunt's childhood teddy bear

Please help me find my aunt's childhood teddy bear
It was purchased at the Arnold Palmer Hospital gift shop in Orlando, FL around 1993. I know this isn't much to go on but this is the only picture I can find of it.
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2023.06.07 23:38 Horkosthegreat Everyone is talking about economic struggles, but somehow statistics say people are buying things more then before

Historically, things got expensive , people stopped buying them, supply and demand rules happened and prices went down. But I do not think it works like this anymore. Because people constantly whine about prices but still keep buying. The demand do not go down. I live in a different country then my mother and my dad passed away last year, so I must visit my mum in holidays. So I bought a ticket like every year but prices are insane. More than double of 2019. Then I thought, but everyone is talking about inflation, how expensive everything is etc, which makes you think, that people should be spending less, less fancy holidays etc. Then I started asking around and literally everyone had nice, not budget friendly holidays plans bought and paid Then I started looking at other expenses, demand on unnecessary or expensive products, which you would expect people to buy less, if there are problems. And they seems to be not decreasing, rather increasing. Every country I looked had significant increases in new car sales. If economy is bad, you would expect new car sales to go down, but rather they go up. Same with cloths, you would expect people to shop less and continue with cloths they have, but nope also on increase. Did people become so reckless that they keep spending money despite anything?
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2023.06.07 23:37 mister-mcgoo Husqvarna 701 SM Exhaust: Arrow vs Wings

Hey guys,
Going to pick up a 22’ 701 SM this weekend and am already shopping exhausts (slip-on’s). So far I’ve narrowed it down to either an Arrow or Wings. I just have a couple questions for those of you that have experience with either..
1.) Any particular reasons to pick one over the other?
2.) Is the Arrow truly “plug and play” (no tune required) like the Wings? If so, how does your bike run without a tune/power commander?
3.) Is there a baffle in the Arrow? If so, how’s the performance/sound with it in?
I’m pretty torn between the two! I think the Arrow looks a little better aesthetically speaking, but I do like the idea of the Wings option including multiple baffles..
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2023.06.07 23:37 Grey392 Am I unrealistic? Daily commuter

Am I being unreasonable here? Unrealistic? So I’m car shopping for a daily commuter that isn’t too expensive. I have a 100mile commute round trip again. Literally 1hr of straight road. I did this commute a year ago and put 20k+ miles on my truck in 5 months and I don’t feel like doing that again to any of my current cars since I did not anticipate this commute.
Im looking everywhere and these car prices make no sense to me. Im looking at 2005-2011 (reliable brands) and all of these cars are ran through asking for half their msrp? I established a Honda fit would be best for me but they’re all going for 9000$+ (clean title, can’t trust salvage in my area) and have 100k+ miles. I cant bring myself to spend that much on a 7+ year old car with that many miles. These things literally sold under msrp. Everything else is a 2005-2010 Corolla/civic with 130k + miles going for 7500+. Cars under 6000$ are borderline 1995-2006 with 120-200k miles idk how much id trust an older car with that long of a commute lol. Now the cheap cars under 4500 I have no faith in they’re all beat most listings are honest upfront and tell you they got issues.
I don’t know if I want to bite the bullet on a Honda fit or just finance a newer used car and getting whatever I want. I remember when I got my civic in 2018 I got that thing for 20k otd, and I could have grabbed a fit instead for about 17k. (This is why I have an issue paying 9k for a used Honda with 100K+ miles) lol
TLDR: spend 7-9k on a car that’s at least 12 years old, or put that towards a newer car 3-5 years old?
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2023.06.07 23:36 drewhosick Synapse alloy 105 2013 spacers

Hi there,
Recently had my bearings changed at a shop and I'm darned sure there were spacers on each side of the crank on top of the seal and the one wave washer. Still getting creaking so I'm thinking it might be the problem even though it feels pretty tight. I've been trying to find the manual for that specific bike but it seems impossible. Wondering if anyone would know what size spacers I need or if there's a link to a manual or whatever. The crank is FSA bb30a gossamer
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2023.06.07 23:35 Acanthaceae69 NordVPN $5 - Credit/debit card/Google Pay/Binance/Crypto

Unlimited NordVPN Subscription, works on iOS Android Windows MacOS. More products available
Access the shop by clicking here
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2023.06.07 23:35 Calm_Programmer6490 Got Humbled Shopping for Clothes

Got Humbled Shopping for Clothes
I am 2 months (ish) post op. Went from 272 to 222. I went shopping for a dress for a friend's wedding. I had no idea what size I am. Most of my clothes are comically large on me, and are 2-4x depending on the brand. I thought to myself "Well I think I used to wear a 2x, so now maybe a L?". NOPE
EITHER I was waaaaaay larger than I remember before surgery (completely likely) OR just the brands I tried on were sized small. It was a total mind bend...and I left feeling a bit upset. I ended up getting a dress and it was a 2X. It's super cute, and I am happy with my outfit, but I'm disappointed that clothing sizes haven't changed as much as I expected. I see so many changes in the mirror (pics for reference) and not to see it reflected in the dressing room makes me feel confused.
The body dysmorphia is real. How do y'all handle it?
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2023.06.07 23:35 trampolinegod F30 Drone, Normal, Subframe Issue?

I just installed a catless downpipe on my 2014 328i. I got a generic catless dp and had the midpipe side welded in by an exhaust shop (N26), the original turbo clamp and gasket was reused. The car has a full stock exhaust besides the dp. There is now a drone only at 2-2.25k rpms, and it is very apparent at high speed/load but much less during normal operation. It vibrates the entire car and sounds very bad. I have heard of bad downpipe fitment rubbing against the subframe and causing such drone at that rpm, but I do not believe that is the case as it only happens on throttle, making me believe its a sound thing. Should I get a new gasket/clamp? Anything I should inspect to check if the subframe rub is the culprit? I appreciate any advice.
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2023.06.07 23:34 officalBifrost_SMP Bifrost SMP [Semi-Vanilla] {Whitelist} {Events} {HermitCraft-like} {1.20} {16+}

“I'm providing refuge in a stronghold built by our ancestors. But if the garrison falls, our only escape will be the Bifrost."

We invite you to join us across the rainbow bridge in Bifrost SMP!
Bifrost SMP is a community of Minecraft enthusiasts created by a group of friends in December of 2021 to foster our love of Minecraft and a vanilla play style!
We are now preparing for a Vanilla 1.20 reset! See below for details!
Apply On Our Discord! - https://discord.com/invite/z3HWXbjurD
Our Community:
Bifrost SMP is a community-driven server - this means that any major decisions and changes are suggested and polled by our members in an effort to enhance and improve our gameplay. While Minecraft is what brings us together, we love to hang out! We have impromptu movie nights, board game nights, Dungeons and Dragons, variety games, and are excited and open to more!
Our Server:
Our primary focus on Bifrost SMP is our Vanilla Survival World (Midgard), which is currently running on Java 1.19.2. In addition to an 8k radius world border, the server boasts a grand Nether Hub (continually growing thanks to community efforts!), shopping areas, and several minor QOL Datapacks and Plugins, listed below:
We are in the stages of resetting and launching Midgard Season 2! This world will be the reset Vanilla Survival World, and will be launching in the next few weeks on Java 1.20.
This world includes all of the features above, as well as an expanding world border, a close community with several large projects in store, and more!
Our Staff:
The Bifrost Team strives to provide a sense of community among all members. We enjoy creating and encouraging activities often both in game and on the discord, from mining events to social game nights, and more! We keep members in the loop with our news, updates, and events posted on our Discord.
How to Apply:
Just Click this Link to join our Discord! https://discord.com/invite/z3HWXbjurD
Ensure you Read the Rules Carefully!
Our Staff will get to your application within 12 Hours (but usually sooner!)
See you soon!
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2023.06.07 23:34 xEaglEBeaRx Repopulation effort!!

Pizza Ty is the server. Our server has slowly died out the past couple of days. If anyone is needing agood map then this is the one. Only two main groups on the server now. Come have fun and PvP!!! Also we got super cheap guns and other items in our shops.
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2023.06.07 23:32 Impressive_Body_1437 Armies and companies

Have arrows be limited for archers - if they run out, the use a melee weapon
Also muskets would be very cool along woth cannons and naval combat (all with limited ammo too)
I think it would be cool if there were to be a tweak to trading, companies could form and sell their items in shops on the mainland and have trading boats which could travel said products into other kingdoms where they can buy products such as wheat and maybe weapons
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2023.06.07 23:30 Hirquiticke95 A little rant

So today, I was going around looking for a blue Spinosaurus Body Fin. I first discovered it in someone's shop and I thought it looked cool, but it was sold at 25k gems meanwhile a different coloured one was sold for 5 saps. I don't have a lot of gems so I went around looking for one. (I don't have a dino to go to Meso btw and there was only one listing of that item in explorer)
I was in Sapphire Shop when someone traded me and said they have one. They told me I could offer their wish but it was just expensive stuffs that I don't have. And then I asked if they're interested in anything on my trade list and they picked an alpha item 💀
I told them that I don't think it worths that much, since people are selling it for 5 to 11 saps. They replied with "k" and I offered a raccoon tail. They accepted at first, cancelled and then locked me out of their den lol 😭
I don't know why weird people are interacting with me today, just before that someone was trying so hard to gain saps from me. They asked me to buy stuff from them bcs they're trying to save up for a viper and had no buyers, and then offer to buy me a dino egg??? (after saying they have 81 saps lolll) A few minutes after they told me their sister wants me to buy a rainbow raccoon for her?? What????
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2023.06.07 23:30 Dogopus9 Does this look dangerous?

Does this look dangerous?
Was told by shop that this was unsafe to drive on. Brought it in for a winter swap over and brake inspection and they refused to put the tires back on. It still has some space before the first wear indicator. All tires have similar tread, and they said it was the tread being too shallow. Was hoping to get one more year out of these before getting new ones.
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2023.06.07 23:30 CuriousPenguinSocks Recommendation Request: Looking for Hair Professionals

Hello, I'm relatively new here but wanted to ask for recommendations for hair professionals. I'm looking for a place that can do short styles and color experts and that are friendly to all people.
I used to go to a barber shop (Weldon's) that was more upscale when I was on the other side of the water. They did men's and women's hair, all styles/lengths and color. Before that I went to Rudy's and loved that place as well.
I'm looking for something similar if anyone has any recommendations. I will say, I'm not open to Ulta, too many issues so I don't use them anymore.
Thanks for any help you can provide.
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2023.06.07 23:30 neverheardofsports IC?? UTI?? kidney infection??

So basically a little over a week and a half ago I started exhibiting signs of a UTI, but I brushed it off for a few days because I have suspected IC and I have flare ups every now and then. But after day 3 I was worried so I did an at home UTI test, I couldn’t really properly read the test results because my urine was discolored from taking AZO, so I went ahead and ordered antibiotics (Macrobid) and took those for 5 days.
After the last day of taking it my symptoms were still there, not nearly as bad but still there. So I decided to call my doctor and schedule an appointment. In the meantime I went and got some D-Mannose powder at the vitamin shop in my area and took it twice yesterday. Today my symptoms are better but I’m still urinating frequently. And I’m also noticing some slight pain in my right back area which has me paranoid about a kidney infection. I went to my doctors appointment and discussed all my concerns and he ran a urinalysis which came back negative for UTI but he didn’t run a culture test.
So now I’m wondering if I even had a UTI to begin with, and if it’s just IC? Also why is my back hurting? What the heck is going on?? The D-Mannose seems to be working though?
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2023.06.07 23:29 97cweb Moon's Third Eye - Of Fears and Food

Inspiration finally came back. Starting to get to the main story soon. Please leave feedback. I write more as a play outline, but I am hoping to be able to write normally

"Well, that went about as well as I could hope," Thomas mutters to himself as he crosses the marsh back to his broken building. Storming up the stairs, he does not bother taking off his muddy shoes. Seeing the pile of leaves and discarded skins he uses as a makeshift bed, he flops down face first.
"If I did the right thing, why do I feel like I am about to break down and throw up?!"
Mind racing, he plays back over what he said and did.
"Now that I am here, I have some saved dried food, I can gather water at the stream that feeds the marsh, I have many containers to carry water with so I won't have to go everyday. I should be able to hide here for a few days."
"What to do after that? I have burned the last bridge that I had, I am not important enough to hunt so I have that going for me, but now what?"
Looking up to the sky, he sees the stars, and with tears streaming down his face, begs the stars, "Why? ...Why?"
"I never thought the runt had it in him to run away," the chief bellows.
"Don't talk about him like that!"
"Why son, it's true. Today was a day to celebrate you and the work you put into making that thing work. Sure it took a few weeks to build, but you managed to organize everyone to work on it. Calling out any specific person would make it seem like you are favouring them over any other."
"But without him, th-"
"No buts! You also managed to have him flee, and with the duel he lost, he can never return. In one day, you managed to do something I have been trying to do for years. That is worth celebrating!"
Ned stands up and storms out of the dome, rustling the plastic liner within the door on the way. He immediately runs into Katrina who is standing out there, seemingly waiting for him, and possibly eavesdropping.
"So am I to go after him and return with his ears? Or tongue?"
"Katrina! What are you saying?! Yes, he is as good as dead, but we don't need to kill him."
"This is why you will make a poor chief. No guts to follow through on promises"
"There was no promise. I did not even get to choose the combat!"
"Good thing, you probably would have allowed himself to defend what he said. Claiming all your work in setting up the pump and organizing the village"
"You really think I had the idea? I can barely sort people's problems and what the craftsworkers do might as well be magic! I know that I shouldn't touch the sharp bit or the hot thing, but that's it!"
"You don't have to know those things, you know how to delegate. So what if it was not your idea. It was still you who did the work to actually get it to happen"
Suddenly, one of the villagers runs in. "Master Ned, the pump's broke"
"What do you mean, 'the pump's broke'? It has only been a few hours since we started it, and it was tested for days before!"
"The handle turns, but no water comes up"
Ned storms off to the pump, followed by the villager and Katrina. He arrives at the pump, slips through the gathering crowd, and tries the handle. It is very loose, but the screw seems to spin.
"That does not make sense, it's loose, but I was here before the festival and it worked perfectly. I would even say it was stiff"
Katrina stands, and in a huff, exclaims "It must have been Thomas! I should have ended him when I had the chance!"
"No! Katrina! Come back here right now!"
"You're not the boss, and you're not my dad!!" Katrina shouts as she runs off into the forest, bow in hand and spear on back.
"Should we fix it?" "Can we fix it?" "I don't know", the crowd mumbles
Ned, thinking about what Katrina said before arriving at the pump, stands straight and shouts:
"All of you! We are going to fix this pump, not because it is easy, but because it is unknown. One of you snuck the plans to me, so one of you knows how it works. I want this info to be spread across all craftspeople and this pump deconstructed and repaired. Do I make myself clear?!"
"Yes!" Most of the crowd exclaims. Many of the younger craftsmen immediately start yanking the pump out of the creek bank to bring it back into the shop.
Ned, ready to head back, feels a hand on his shoulder, and sees that it is Nathaniel. The tall and lanky many with a wild eye stares at him. The rest of the crowd has eagerly wandered away. Nathaniel speaks, "Good for you to start looking to the past and future. I feel that my time is near, but may the sky guide you through the challenges ahead with the winds of change"
Ned, carefully brushing off the old man's hand, replies "...ok, sure... You've got a few more years left though."
Early the next morning, Thomas awakes, confused and hungry. He quickly remembers what occured the day before. He quickly eats some of his stored pemmican and water he gathered. Now finding himself with a lot of spare time, and still needing to be incognito, he stays in the building and explores a few more of the rooms. Coming into one of the smaller rooms, he comes across another long rotted out pile of springs arranged in a rectangle, and another bookshelf. Seeing these books, his eyes light up and he quickly walks over to them, testing the floor on the way. Gently lifting one our of the case, he sees that they are damp, but in pretty good shape for being in an enclosed room with a rotted metal thing.
Leafing through, he sees that it is without pictures. Placing it gently on the floor, he opens another one, and in it,sees strange yet familar shapes of a spoon, archer and W. Studying them, he realizes this is a book of star pictures, 'constellations' as the book calls them. And is surprised to find that these stars are actually each a far away sun.
Hours pass, engrossed in the knowledge of space and distances of billions, he dozes off, surrounded by books, and sleeps calmly for the first time in years.
Several days later, he forces himself to eat some pemmican and now sick of it, decides to venture out into the marsh. Sneaking through the bushes on its edge to ensure no one sees him or hears him, he spies a small pile of food, and recognizes it as a standard lunch for the kids collecting nails. He checks his surroundings, and takes the bun, and some of the dried strawberries and hightails it back to the building.
Sitting down to enjoy his meal, he realizes that he stole from one of the kids he probably helped pull nails from the ground. Taking some of his pemmican, he brings it back to where the lunch is, and places it where he found the bun.
Seeing the amount of disturbed ground around the small pile of food, he quickly snaps a pine bough off and brushes over the footprints to hide his presence.
He returns to his house, nay his home, and reads, happy if a little guilty at the food gained, and more importantly, the knowledge of the stars that this book provides.
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2023.06.07 23:27 Fantastic-Divide-634 PRIDE MONTH QUIZ.

  1. What does the LGBTQ+ acronym stand for? a) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, QueeQuestioning b) Love, Gratitude, Bravery, Tolerance, Quality c) Longing, Generosity, Boldness, Trust, Quietude
  2. When is Pride Month celebrated? a) June b) July c) August
  3. Which event is widely considered as the catalyst for the modern LGBTQ+ rights movement in the United States? a) Stonewall Riots b) Suffragette Movement c) Civil Rights Movement
  4. What does the rainbow flag represent in the LGBTQ+ community? a) Diversity and inclusivity b) Hope and freedom c) Harmony and unity
  5. Who is credited with creating the first rainbow flag? a) Gilbert Baker b) Harvey Milk c) Bayard Rustin
  6. Which city is known for hosting the largest Pride parade in the world? a) New York City b) San Francisco c) Sao Paulo
  7. What does the term "coming out" refer to in the LGBTQ+ community? a) The process of publicly acknowledging one's sexual orientation or gender identity b) An annual event where LGBTQ+ individuals showcase their talents c) A ceremony to celebrate LGBTQ+ unions
  8. Which LGBTQ+ rights organization was founded in 1980 and is dedicated to supporting and advocating for equal rights? a) Human Rights Campaign (HRC) b) American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) c) Lambda Legal
  9. Which country was the first to legalize same-sex marriage? a) Netherlands b) Canada c) United States
  10. What is the significance of the pink triangle symbol in LGBTQ+ history? a) It was used by the Nazis to identify gay men in concentration camps. b) It represents love and acceptance within the LGBTQ+ community. c) It symbolizes the fight against discrimination and prejudice
CONTACT for answers and make sure to get the new pride month merch available on teespring shop: itsrelatble
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2023.06.07 23:27 ChillinDylan901 Best Tulsa Breweries

What’s up from the south y’all!?
I will be in town this weekend for the Tulsa Tough bicycle races. Unfortunately, I broke my collarbone and had surgery 2 weeks ago, so I will only be supporting my team. (If you’re at the races come say what’s up, I’ll be at/around the Grind City Racing tent)
I’m looking to hear your opinions on the best local breweries. Perhaps a great bottle shop as well since your distribution is so much different than ours! I did search this sub but the best posts were at least 1-2yrs old - so I’m looking for the freshest takes!!
American Solera is the only “must stop by” brewery that I found VIA Google. As far as my taste is concerned I really prefer IPAs and Lagers. It seems like Marshall’s should be on my list for German styles!?
Anyways, thanks in advance for any advice and insight on the local beer scene! If you’re ever headed to Memphis message me for any suggestions in return!
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2023.06.07 23:27 chrry_mint00 I think my mom is toxic?

So I have GAD, which means I have really bad anxiety. One of my worst nightmares are public places, it just scares the living crap out of me when I see alot of people and I always think about what others think about me. And my mom knows about this and is just making it worse.. Ever since she found out that I had anxiety because I always refuse going to places with her and rather stay home, shes been forcing me to go to malls, grocery shops, etc. And its really stressing me out. I can come home from school and she will be immediately be like "Were going to the grocery shop and ur coming'', and I cant refuse it because every time I beg her for me to stay home she would get mad and aggressive towards me, she would yell and call me "mental" or "a sick person" for having anxiety, she knows deep well I hate public places and would make me come with her. And ive noticed she does it on purpose because my sister (doesn't have anxiety or anything) wouldn't be forced to go, she would always make me come with her but to my sister its a option if she wants to come or not. Not only that, she likes to humiliate me in public to, I remember when I had a panic attack in a store before and I started to cry, she started to yell at me really loud, while people in the shop were just watching, and she's done this multiple times now. She also does other things like putting all the windows down in the car and blasting some music, and she knows that I hate that to, I just dont like the stares people give from it, she also forces me to eat in public places to try humiliating me I guess. I hate it when I eat in restaurants because I'm not exactly skinny and I'm highly insecure about my physical appearance, I feel judged every time I eat in a public place, and my mom knows this to, and yet she makes me do it. I've asked her about therapy but she uses the "not enough money" excuse (As I'm forced to go shops with her, I've seen her buy expensive makeup, designer clothes, and I would say she has a pretty steady job, so there is no way she cant afford therapy for me) and says that therapy is just a "waste of time" and that I dont need it, and yet she calls me "mental" and "sick". I've asked her about this and she says that she's "making it better'' when she's clearly not and is doing the opposite, she thinks what she's doing is right, no matter how many times I tried telling her about how I feel about this, she's making my anxiety grow worse and worse as she's making this a daily thing now, I cant even rest at home for a good hour without being yelled and forced to go somewhere.. I really need advice.
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2023.06.07 23:26 Sea_Thought_2285 Advice on how to manage a small inheritance with no savings

Hi folks. I recently received an inheritance (not taxed) that will give me around 135k and I am looking for advice to safely invest or manage this money. I will list my lifestyle/debt stats below:
33, engaged, NYC Income: 87k Monthly take home pay after taxes: $4,500 Monthly Mortgage + Utilities: $2,500 Balance owed on mortgage: 238k principle, 29 years left of 30, 5.1% interest Student loans: 38k Paid off used car, no other debt
I am mostly spending the remaining income I make on food, auto expenses/insurance, pet expenses, and other necessities. Loan payments ceased when covid hit, expected to resume in August and I plan to pay them off in full first, leaving me with roughly 100k to work with.
After all monthly payments are made, I can usually manage to save around $800-$1,000 per month if I am frugal enough (have no fun) I transfer this money monthly into a standard savings account but it’s not built up very much because things have come up (new engagement, new house, car issues) I have no 401k, pension, or retirement through my employment and that worries me.
I am newly responsible with money. I ruined my credit when I was in my 20’s by ignoring student loan bills and spending more than I made. 7 years ago, my credit score was 520 and today it’s 787. In the last 12 months I bought a house and got engaged which depleted all of my savings and I want to make the right choice with this money. I am able to pay my bills every month but there’s nothing left for vacation, shopping, fun etc. My fiancé and I plan to have a wedding and child in the next 2 years and we will be doing the IVF route ($$,$$$). Our car is also older and expected to be on outs within that same timeframe.
Logic tells me: pay student loan debt in full, put money aside for a car for when it goes, pay for wedding and make an IVF fund, and then a 12 month emergency fund in a HYSA.
Is there any sense in also paying a good chunk towards my principal balance on the mortgage? What’s the safest way to have my money make money? Is there any benefit to opening a CD instead of a HYSA? Is it too late for a Roth IRA or IRA to be beneficial at my age?
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2023.06.07 23:26 mckaykay511 rental car insurance .. are they trying to rip me off??

so a month and a half or more ago, i was rear-ended. i noticed very little damage to my car, & honestly, the girl who hit me came off a lot worse. but she said she wanted to file a claim, that she had full coverage & we'd get it sorted out. her insurance company(geico) contacted me later, answered all my questions, and told me i had three options: (1)let someone from geico estimate the cost of damages and cut me a check, (2)take the car to a repair shop, get their estimate, and get a check from geico for it, or (3)take my car to a geico-partnered collisions place & have everything done on-site, including a rental scheduled. the guy said 3 was the easiest option & that it would ENSURE my car gets repaired, so i just went with that.
i take my car in, & when i'm getting the rental, i have to pay a deposit & they ask me about insurance. they said they could put it on my parents' insurance policy if it was transferable, or i could pay like $12 or $17/day for coverage from enterprise. i tried contacting my dad(it's his policy) & asking him, but couldn't get an answer, so i said i'd pay two days' worth of coverage & figure it out later. around five days after, they contacted me & said they needed payment for those 5 days. it was like $80. i said okay, i'd pay for that up until that point. that's fine. i called back again later in the day, because i remember him mentioning my insurance may work. a woman said that if i got the rental covered by someone else's insurance because she hit my car, then her insurance should cover the coverage on the rental, too. the same day, i called geico to ask them(bc i also have geico) if i could use my policy in the event hers didn't work. they said yes. so i called enterprise and told them i didn't need the coverage anymore.
they keep saying they've tried to reach out to me multiple times, but i get a lot of spam calls so my phone typically stays on do not disturb, & they've left no messages. i got some emails, but i think the person was not understanding me at all, because he just kept repeating the same thing.
i just wanted clarification on how much i owed up until that point. i'm willing to pay that. i just wanted to know if because i've had valid and up-to-date collision & comprehensive the whole time, if i need to pay that whole first week, or if they expect me to pay the whole three & a half weeks' worth. if so, i just wanted to know how much.
but now, they're saying they've taken the damage waiver off the car, so any changes in condition, i will be billed for.
i'm literally not even old enough to rent a car myself. i only have this rental because i was rear-ended by someone else whose insurance covered it. now their emails are beginning to sound more threatening, but my insurance tells me that they should've stopped the billing as soon as i told them to.
i just don't know what to do or say, or even how all this operates. i just want my fucking car back. i didn't even anticipate my car being in the shop three and a half weeks, let alone needing a rental, much less one i had to pay so much for.
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