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2017.12.04 19:40 BringtheBacon Bipolar Memes

Got memes? Share to your heart's content! This is a central repository for memes centering around Bipolar Disorder. This disorder can cause so much stress, and this is a place to come and vent through humor and relatable memes.

2020.10.08 05:14 mtp6921 Bansmoking

In adults who have never smoked, secondhand smoke can cause: Heart disease For nonsmokers, breathing secondhand smoke has immediate harmful effects on the heart and blood vessels. It is estimated that secondhand smoke caused nearly 34,000 heart disease deaths each year during 2005–2009 among adult nonsmokers in the United States. Lung cancer Secondhand smoke exposure caused more than 7,300 lung cancer deaths each year during 2005–2009 among adult nonsmokers in the United States.

2017.01.02 08:14 steakoutwhoa SADS (Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes)

Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes (SADS) are genetic heart conditions that can cause sudden death in young, apparently healthy, people. These conditions can be treated and deaths can be prevented. One relatively common type is known as Brugada syndrome.

2023.06.06 19:14 sploshfreak i’m the worst daughter and i feel helpless

this post is gonna be long so I apologise in advance. adding nsfw just in case.
my family has financially struggled for as long as I can remember, my childhood was great. we owned a penthouse, my family was happy and I had everything a child ever wanted. all the toys, a bunch of friends and loving parents. this all changed when we moved to another place for dad's work, my mom had to shut her business down because of the move ( most of the monev was being earned by my mom ) we didn't own the home we live in but didn't have to pay rent because the apartment was owned by one of my dad's friends, our neighbours were amazing and it all felt like being in a huge family. when my fourth grade ended we had to move back to our old home because of family issues. those being the fact that my dad had a second family. my mom found out about his second family when she was six months pregnant with me, she never told me to protect my peace of mind. they found our address and tried to harm us so we ended up moving out. When we moved back new tenants were living below us. It was a woman who I will call 'A' for now. A used to force women to become prostitutes and used to sell alcohol. Now the state where I live is dry so no alcohol is allowed unless you had a permit. Even if she did have it reselling is not allowed. I live in India where to this day inter-religion marriages are heavily frowned upon.
My mom a Jain married my dad who is a Muslim. She was kicked out by her parents and wasn't allowed to talk to my dad's side of the family until she converted which she refused to do. When A found out that my mom was a Jain who married a Muslim guy she beat my mom up. I was at a friend's house and when my dad saw her beating my mom up he ran away. A threw glass shards at my mom and beat her up with a metal pipe. Thankfully there were some people around who defended my mom. For five days we lived at my dad's friend's house. We ended up abandoning the house and had the bank seize it. However, A managed to break in from the roof and stole all my mom's valuables. We moved to another place near my dad's friend's house. I was sent to boarding school so that I did not have to deal with my parents. I spent my sixth and seventh grade there before covid hit. This is when I found out the truth about my dad.
He and his wife beat my mom up when she was pregnant, He sold all my mom's jewellery without telling her to buy his other wife gifts. He took my tablets and my toys and gave them to his other kids. He constantly abuses her and threatens to kill her. As a 13-year-old this was a lot to take in. I fell into depression and started hating my dad. Three years spent in that house has made me realise what a huge piece of shit my father is. My mom's business picked up a little and we were able to move to a better area. This was when I started tenth grade so I was thankful for a new environment. I made new friends, started feeling happier and also convinced and supported my mom to file for a divorce. the only reason he signed the papers is because my mom told him that to earn more money she has to switch back to her old surname. we even changed my name which he doesn't know about yet.
Now the business is slowing down again. We are struggling to pay rent, and can't afford a lot of groceries right now. My mom and dad have been going through a lot of fights and she asked him to leave, to give us peace and asked him to go back to his other family for a few weeks. He threatened to commit suicide and blame my mom for it so she gets jailed. I know my father hates me. He blamed his heart attack on me. I've always said my mind and I've told him several times how I hate him and how he's a terrible terrible dad. He only pretends to love me for his security of housing. My mom works a lot. She's at her office up to 12 hours a day. lk not a lot compared to a lot of other women but she also has to manage her sleep, making food and spending some time with me. The thing is she works in a male-dominated field (in my country ) and therefore a lot of people don't take her seriously. She finishes all the work but never gets her payments. She has to collect about 4.7 crores at this moment ( around 500k USD) but her clients simply delay the payments. She came home crying today. She went to collect a cheque THAT SHE WORKED FOR and the client started saying things like "You should become a prostitute you'll earn more" and "You're a poor girl so I thought I'II do a favour by dropping you off but you're purposefully showing me the wrong roads" "You're brainless" and so much more. Mind you he's thirty years older than my mom and has known her since 2010. He even made a comment sexualising me.
I just don't get it. why my mom? she's an amazing mom, yes we have moments but she's done so much to protect me. I just want her to be happy and I feel terrible knowing that I'll never be enough. I'll never be the daughter she deserves.
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2023.06.06 19:14 Heliomantle Scaling kills social content (op/disc)

So lots of people have noticed that despite people running around in the world - no one groups up except for world bosses which is a forced mechanic. No one needs or communicated for groups - and I think this is entirely due to the game scaling. Scaling can be great for certain things to allow friends to play together but is horrible for facilitating the need of players to cooperate. Why would I group up if a dungeon is never beyond my ability to run alone? If I add someone to party for it, unless they have a substantially stronger build I could actually inhibit myself, and if they do have a strong build I actually inhibit them. Imo scaling causes the sense of social isolation as we see now.
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2023.06.06 19:14 BrightCold2747 Identifying PID generating DNS requests

I recently added a pihole to my local network and have been rather impressed with it. It's also made me aware that my machine is generating DNS requests for adware websites. I'd like to identify the process and remove whatever is causing it. I've tried googling recommendations online (using iptables) but all the examples I tried just gave me errors. Can anyone give me a recommendation?
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2023.06.06 19:13 AshShaun NY Marijuana and Infants

So THC, the 'high' chemical in weed, is transmittable through breast milk and stays there for hours. The more you smoke, the more THC can be in breast milk.
I have no issue with weed, but I do feel like it could mess up the chemistry of a developing brain. You're essentially getting your baby high. From what I've read, there can be enough THC in the milk for an infant to pop on a drug test.
I know it's legal to smoke in NY, but is it legal to be getting your infant high off of breast milk? Is what I read inaccurate? I tried to be fair and look at both pro weed and anti weed sites, and they both agreed breast feeding and smoking should be avoided.
It may be a legal drug, but it's still a drug, and can pop a drug test and that seems no different to me than hot boxing a room and getting your infant high that way.
So is it legal to breast feed while smoking weed?
This isn't a question pertaining to me, but a situation I witnessed, that caused me to ask questions. Before anyone says I'm anti weed, I would happily smoke it if it were legal in my state, but I'm not going to risk jail time or losing my job while it's illegal here.
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2023.06.06 19:13 ladderclimbdown How do you determine it’s “just” anxiety?

27F 120lbs
What leads you to conclude someone’s symptoms are “just” anxiety vs doing some testing? My symptoms could very well be anxiety, I understand that, but it’s been over a year of dizzy spells, horrible headaches, chest discomfort, high heart rate (90bpm is pretty average) GI issues, extreme fatigue, hair shedding/thinning, ringing ears, exercise intolerance… I’ve been in therapy for years and I personally feel like I’m in a great place! The only thing keeping me from living life fully are these symptoms, I go home early or don’t see friends when I have a headache, I stopped hiking/dancing due to the exhaustion and full body aches… basically feels like I have the flu constantly but I don’t. Basic blood panel is fine but Dutch Test shows hormone imbalance (low testosterone, cortisol, etc.) but I know that’s a controversial test…. Any thoughts? Should I just keep waiting and see if this “anxiety” gets better? I even went on psych medication but the psych appointments are awkward cause I say I feel fine and happy when I’m not exhausted… and they don’t seem to know what to do with me
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2023.06.06 19:13 anonymous-user-1993 Please tell me I'm not the only person who's done something like this

This is something I've done as a teacher that was supposed to be a joke but it was really out of line. I'm about to go on one long ass backstory here but it's all relevant leading up to what I did, when I was about 16 I was dating this girl from my collage, I'm not going to mention her name for obvious reasons, but we'd been going out for a while when I realized how manipulative she was so when I tried to break up with her she threatened to kill herself and although I didn't like her, that was the last thing I wanted this to resort to. A few weeks later I'd found a way to get out of the relationship in a way that nobody got hurt and started going out with some guy I really liked, skip forward 13 years, I married this guy and we were doing pretty well, well out of the blue this bitchy ex texts me and asks if I want to get back with her, I was trying to be nice about it but for some reason she wouldn't let it go and kept begging me to go out with her even though I explained what was going on, she just wasn't taking no for an answer. About a year later I was in the middle of a meeting when my boss came up to me and said there was some girl in year 7 who was causing problems for her English teacher, disrupting the class, refusing to learn and whatnot, he asked if I was able to have a word with her. I told him to just move her to my class and I'll try teaching her, well the next week it was all sorted, I had my first lesson teaching this girl and as I was taking attendance I noticed this girls surname, bear in mind my ex girlfriend knew where I worked, well as you might have guessed by now, it was her fucking daughter, I thought to myself there was no way she would've done this but she actually had, that didn't mean I was going to treat her any different so I got on with the class as normal and then I noticed what my boss was talking about, holy fucking shit was this girl disruptive. Now I normally try to be as patient as I can with my students but I could tell she was getting on some other peoples nerves too and it was getting annoying, eventually some other kid got roped into it and started yelling things out too but I still tried to continue with the lesson. Eventually I was getting tired of it but then it just got worse, the other kid that was roped into it straight up asked me "miss, have you ever done it with anyone?" I was shocked by the question and normally I would've just ignored it but I was so tired and I thought to myself that if I just answered him they'd both shut up, I would just like to say I'm not proud of what I said next but I was so done with them, I looked at the kid and said "why don't you ask her mother" my ex girlfriend's daughter and the other kid both shut up straight away, some of my students were laughing about it whereas others were shocked that I'd been so straightforward, I immediately regretted saying it and quietly apologized but it meant that I was able to get on with the lesson. Well the thing is, one of the kids must've gone home and told their parents because the school got a phone call about it the next day and my boss wanted a word with me, he found it funny and was understanding towards me because he'd known me for some time and he knew that I could sometimes have a joke around with some of the other kids, but he advised that I don't say stuff like that again, which I completely understood however on the positive side, this girl actually respected me for it and started working in class so I don't know if it was such a bad thing.
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2023.06.06 19:13 healthy_reddits Difference Between Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack

Difference Between Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
Cardiac arrest is a sudden stoppage of the heart, requiring immediate medical intervention, while a heart attack is a blockage of blood flow to the heart, causing chest pain. Understanding the distinction can help save lives
Learn more
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2023.06.06 19:13 vinylcryes__ Addams Family Curse?

Why was it that so many people in the original Addams Family passed of heart-related issues? It is a very weird coincidence. And if it was not heart-related, it was cancer. Maybe it was the fact that it was the 60s? I just cannot settle with the fact that I can only rule it as a very large coincidence. It is just that, out of all the medical complications in the world, it was only those two that Addams Family actors passed from. If anyone has any insight on the situation, I would be most grateful.
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2023.06.06 19:13 Few_Moment7990 Realization About My Loving Parents

I want to preface this by saying that I truly, wholeheartedly LOVE and appreciate my Parents. They provided me with an amazing childhood, and tried their best; but today, I've finally realized something weird about their parenting style which has caused some major issues to arise in my adult life.
When I was born, we were poor; but by the time I was 7 or so, my Parents got their sh*t together and we found ourselves in the middle class. We had a house over our head, food to eat, the whole nine. But they were constantly working (Dad was a traveling sales rep, Mom was a ER Nurse) - so I spend a LOT of time alone; but that wasn't necessarily the problem, because when they were around, they were SO loving and spent so much time with me.
BUT - today I've realized that their love language to me was through words of affection, praise; compliments to the EXTREME. For example, I played a good baseball game: "you're a rockstar! you could probably go pro!". When they'd see me just merely treat another kid nicely: "OMG, you are SUCH an incredible person!", etc, etc, etc.
Seems like incredible support, right? But we all know, both as kids; and especially as teenagers and young adults - we fuck up. We keep things from our Parents, whether it was lying about staying out later than told to, or cheating on the test they praised you getting an "A" on.
And when you hear all of that praise, but know that you have your flaws, or downright didn't even deserve it - it can really f*ck with your self worth. I'm seeing this same thing happen a lot in my relationship (2 years, cohabiting) - where even the smallest of mistakes I'm criticized for - I feel like the biggest piece of sh*t in the world, and it makes me hard to believe the praise my GF gives me. I see it in my job - I overwork in work to try to live up to the praises my Parents gave me. The list goes on and on.
Even right here, right now - as I type this I keep thinking "well it could've been worse - they could've abused me, etc." - and that's true; but I also know that love-bombing isn't too great either. I will say, though, I feel like something has clicked, and at least this awareness can help me through both the praise, and criticism I get in the future now that I am at least AWARE that I shouldn't be praised even for bad things, and I DO deserve the praise for the good things that I DO do.
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2023.06.06 19:12 AnimeOutbreak01 Discovering Hidden Gems: Let's Talk About Underrated Anime!

Hey fellow anime enthusiasts!
I wanted to start a friendly discussion today about something near and dear to our hearts: underrated anime. We all know about the big hitters like "Naruto," "One Piece," and "Attack on Titan," but there's a whole world of lesser-known series that deserve some love and recognition.
I'm sure many of you have stumbled upon hidden gems that have touched your hearts or blown your minds, but sadly, they don't receive the attention they truly deserve. Let's take this opportunity to share those underrated anime that have left an impact on us, in the hopes that we can help them gain more recognition within the community.
A personal recommendations:
86-Eight-Six - A mecha science fiction anime that offers a fresh take on the genre. Set in a dystopian future, the story follows the struggles of the Republic of San Magnolia, a nation under attack from an enemy known as the Legion. What makes this series stand out is its focus on the consequences of war and the toll it takes on both sides.
This is a must watch if you love Attack on Titan and Evangelion. I feel this is one of the best anime that should of had a much bigger fan base, but was lost in the tons of anime being released.
Visually, "86" is a treat for the eyes. The animation is sleek and fluid, capturing the intensity of the battles and the beauty of the futuristic world. The sound design and music further enhance the atmosphere, immersing you in the tense and emotional moments of the series.
Now, it's your turn! Have you watched "86"? What are your thoughts on this underrated series? If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend giving it a shot. Are their any other anime you feel are underrated?
Remember, this is a friendly discussion, so let's respect each other's opinions and keep the conversation positive. Let's spread the word about underrated anime and get them the recognition they deserve!
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2023.06.06 19:12 patquintin Seeking advice for water runoff

There is a drain outlet which sometimes releases a lot of water into this weedy patch between a raised bed and the sidewalk. We were told that this may have caused a sinkhole under the sidewalk a few years ago. The city did some work here recently and left us with that coarse gravel. How can we make this space look nicer and also deal with the water from this drain? I've been considering putting some pavers in between the drain and sidewalk to allow more of the water to run over the sidewalk rather than under it but wonder if there's a better way?
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2023.06.06 19:12 Kittyrainbow_ Saving sex for commitment

I am 28f and quite frankly am exhausted from the past decade of heartbreak, abusive relationships and casual sex. I had this awakening moment recently after a guy left me for his ex and then the next said he only wanted casual after we went on a few dates and had sex. If I have feelings for someone and want more I don’t think I want to have sex with them until they state that they want a commitment with me.
Obviously saving sex for a commitment doesn’t prevent the guy from ditching right after, but god dammit at least you have the dignity of saying we were together, he made it known we were together and I upheld a standard for myself. It is so heart breaking to be with a guy, but have no label for some bullshit reason and the next week see them giving a girlfriend everything you wanted.
Part of me is sad that the days of fun casual sex are ending because I’m aware that that is a sacrifice, but I don’t think my heart can take it anymore. Withholding sex for a commitment also makes things so much less confusing. I definitely struggle with CPTSD and self discipline to saying no to pleasure right now which ends up hurting my long term goals. If I don’t do things differently I truly see myself in a decade being in this exact position.
Any thoughts, advice or personal experience on this matter?
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2023.06.06 19:12 lyynonius Part 2 of my interaction with my dad. I had came out as bi to him and he insulted me for it. I have since blocked him

Part 2 of my interaction with my dad. I had came out as bi to him and he insulted me for it. I have since blocked him
Thanks for all the kind words to all the people here. It’s not been easy dealing with someone like this especially when it’s your own parent.
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2023.06.06 19:12 bidonesbol After 3 months of weekly visits, told LL I won't allow more and now he's accusing me of creating a mold issue

So about a month ago I posted about my LL having weekly visits for the past 2 months with "prospective tenants", and this situation continued for yet another month.
Last Saturday, again when the visit came along, I informed the LL that this should be the last one and I will not take more visits, since I find it completely unreasonable to have the place being visited every weekend for 3 months, my lease ends by the end of June and I honestly need a full weekend without strangers at home.
Today I received a "Mise en demeure" from the LL's lawyer where the LL is claiming that due to bad ventilation and low temperature I caused a mold issue in the bathroom and the LL is asking for me to fix it or to pay +1700$ to the LL for that.
The letter ends with a typical "warning" note that the LL may start judicial procedures against me without any other notice.
What are my options here?
The LL was aware that this apartment has a major humidity issue, there's even a natural occurring cave underneath the unit where the LL keeps the water heater (which broke once flooding that underground area).
Also at some point in winter he messaged demanding me to raise the temperature in my unit since he was cold on his (I live in the ground floor, he does right above).
I honestly wouldn't mind going to the hearing, I have the confidence I can prove this "mold" issue was not caused by me but the lack of proper isolation from the "cave" below, but is it really worth it?
Advanced thanks for your answers!
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2023.06.06 19:11 Next-Step-In-Life Ingram Micro Adobe Disaster - Alternatives

I've been with Ingram since 2003 or 2004, somewhere around there. We purchased small quantities of products and in 2012 we expanded, grew and started doing easily 50k a month in sales for wholesaling with Ingram.
We noticed in 2015 they started going down hill in their support, customer service and their microsoft support as well. Not uncommon you call up any number and you could hear chickens, scooters and yelling in the background causing all kinds of grief. Tech support was trash and we wouldn't hear from anyone for weeks at a time. Eventually we had to ask for a resolution spread sheet to determine when a ticket was put in and when it actually got addressed and resolved. It was WEEKS. So...
In 2020 we moved our Microsoft to Pax8.
In 2022 we moved out AWS to Pax8. ( lot of fighting for no reason at all )

And now Adobe. We have a couple dozen clients on Adobe and are satisfied with the product but then AGAIN Ingram is the problem. They are literally losing orders. Not just oh we forgot, but complete disappearances of orders.

In one of our clients:
2 orders placed in March, CHARGED to our Credit Card (I hate terms) and paid in full. We have the receipts, the PO and the invoice.... and you log in today and the licenses aren't even there like they expired and failed to renew. Contacted Ingram and they have NO RECORD at all of a PO, email etc. I had to SEND the rep the info and they wanted to CHARGE ME AGAIN for something I already paid for. I have the receipts, the bank statements and the "FUFILLMENT" invoice, yet, poof like a fart in the wind.

A new adobe wholesaler. I can no longer tolerate Ingram, their violent level of incompetence and their inability to fulfill any order. I've reached out to the reseller helpdesk and they just recommend I contact the wholesaler again, problem is, I have done that so many times but nothing happens.
I need to speak to an Adobe Executive, a different wholesaler or buy direct from adobe with reseller pricing but I want out of Ingram.
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2023.06.06 19:11 boykalbo 29 [M4F] Hey future partner :)

Hey future partner, I hope you’re doing well.
I wanted to give you a little life update.
Things are going fine, though not exactly perfect. I manage to get by. I’ve settled into my new role at work, and it’s quite fun! The team is amazing, and I get along well with everyone. The job can be stressful, but it’s not as overwhelming as my previous one. That’s just the nature of this industry, I suppose.
I’ve also been focusing on living a healthier life. I work out, take walks, and try to eat healthily whenever possible. I’ve even managed to lose a few pounds!
But you know what?
I believe there’s something even better waiting for me out there. I’ve been thinking of starting over, in a new environment. Maybe somewhere abroad? Like Australia or Europe. The options are endless.
I just feel like I’m missing out on so much by staying here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing fine, as I mentioned before. But there’s this feeling urging me to travel, explore the world, and see it in a new light.
So, I’ve made up my mind. I’m going for it. Maybe I’ll save some money for tuition or look for scholarships. I’m not exactly sure yet, but I’ll do whatever it takes to break free from this place.
Hey future partner, I hope you’re doing well.
Will you join me on this adventure and take a leap of faith? Let’s leave behind what we’ve built here and start a whole new life together.
Let’s step out of our comfort zones. Feel the nerves, the fear even, but always with excitement and an unwavering sense of optimism.
Take my hand, and let’s face every challenge that comes our way. With you by my side, we’ll be an unstoppable force, overcoming anything.
Hey future partner, I hope you’re doing well.
And I can’t wait to meet you soon.
With love,
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2023.06.06 19:11 Routine-Operation234 Dad asked me to come to house with 30+ dogs to swim with my two small children.

Recently my brother told my mom he would not speak to her until she went to rehab. My mom missed out on the announcement of brothers baby. She misses everything now. She refused to come to another get together at my house.
My dads health has been declining around her because she stays up all night drinking and carrying on and he can barely sleep. His stress levels are through the roof and he has heart failure. He got away for one week and looked incredibly healthy for once but he went back.
Now my dad has reached out and asked me to come swim at the house they are cleaning that has 30+ dogs. He shouldn’t even be cleaning it as my mom controls the money they get from it and he has to do all the work and it’s hard on him.
It makes me incredibly nervous to even think of bringing my small children around that many dogs that are not familiar with small children. I think my dad is asking to boost my moms spirits as she’s always left out now because everyone is tired of her ways. Why should I be put in uncomfortable situation or even be asked. It’s frustrating because nothing they do ever makes sense. It’s not to the benefit of me and my kids. It’s just enabling their bad behavior
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2023.06.06 19:11 co4018 Took Propranolol for 3 days. This negatively affected my sleep. I have since discontinued use. Is the side effect permanent?

I took 20mg propranolol for 3 days for anxiety. I noticed a huge change in my sleep. I did research and found that beta blockers can lower melatonin. I stopped the med about 4 days, but sleep hasn’t improved yet. Will I return to normal pre beta blocker levels? Will this side effect be permanent?
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2023.06.06 19:11 raygunn_viola BLS cert?

So I am a case manager rn. I have very little pt contact, just 1 assessment/yr. I assess their home and ensure that their caregivers are caring for them. Anything beyond that, my answer is take them to the dr, cause it's basically beyond my job. I have worked or, pacu, peds, and infusion so I always kept up my pals and bls. However, it is not needed for this job and they won't pay for recertification (hospital always paid before) Should I pay out of pocket to keep my cert up, or let it go and I can get recertification later? Is it difficult to get it again if you let it go?
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2023.06.06 19:10 chlopspokojny That end-user agreement for ILG Exam360

So basically, they are going to try and give me working software? And if it doesn't work I'm shit of luck? And they'll laugh in my face if I try to get a refund?
Really, the NCBE should be paying me to use software so I can type this exam - I don't want to cause anyone eye damage reading my atrocious handwriting.
Of course, I'm accepting the damn EULA terms (yes, I read them all). Because I have to. There's a contracts hypo in here somewhere.
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2023.06.06 19:10 Ok-Ordinary6395 I take care of my mom and just found out she has an eviction, what should I do?

I have recently started taking care of my mom, she’s 60 and has some medical issues. My last apartment the owner didn’t mind her staying with me without any background check or her even being on the lease. Due to certain circumstances, we had to move states and me and my partner have been looking for apartments and constantly getting denied. We thought it was cause of an old eviction he had 5 years ago but that was paid off, but today I found out it wasn’t his. It was one my mom had and never said anything. She has a 4000 eviction and I have no clue what to do. We’re in need of a place asap but we can find anything with her cause if it. I need a place before the end of the summer.
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2023.06.06 19:10 gordo865 Unresponsive/ghost inputs from iPhone 12 screen.

1. iPhone model and iOS version
iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB. iOS 16.5
2. Purchase date, country and nature of purchase
Purchased in I think January or February of 2021.
3. What is the issue, how often does it occur and how to replicate it?
For the last few months my phone has been having touch sensitivity issues. Sometimes it doesn't register my inputs at all, sometimes I'm not touching anything and the screen starts bugging out. It'll start scrolling by itself or pressing buttons I didn't press. Strangely enough, it seems to improve after I turn the screen off and then back on again. Temporarily at least. After a little while it'll start acting up again. The frequency and severity of this issue has only seemingly gotten worse over the last few months.
4. What caused the issue?
Absolutely no idea. Screen has no cracks or visual signs of damage. No major drops that I can think of that might have messed with the phone internally. My initial thought was that it had to be an internal thing with the screen, but it's not a consistent part of the screen that is having issues and it's not all the time. The fact that the problem seems to "reset" in a way whenever I turn the screen off and then back on gives me further pause on it being a hardware issue. But at the same time, no updating or resetting of the phone has made an impact either.
5. What did you try to resolve the issue and what was the result?
I've reset the phone, updated the OS, and cleaned the screen thoroughly (not that it really gets dirty in the first place) and it didn't seem to have any affect.

Anyone ever heard of or run into something similar? My last payment on the phone is coming up so I can just upgrade it, but at this point I'd rather wait until SeptembeOctober. I don't want to upgrade now and then have the new phone come out in 3 months. I'd rather just use this phone if I can for the next few months and make it as pain free to continue using it as possible. I have insurance through Verizon, but I'm not sure paying to get a replacement phone is worth it for 3 or 4 months either.
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