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2014.09.11 19:18 Ancient Civilizations and related content

This subreddit is about the past civilizations that walked the earth. Just as us, they also altered their environments to fulfill their needs and left us clues about their lives, culture, beliefs and so on. The wonders of the past shall surface here.

2023.03.22 08:23 gripother Andrew Tate - Webcam Business (High Quality)

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2023.03.22 08:23 Muzzikmann Difficulty with 6.2.6

Been playing since nearly the beginning but it seems my fight style is imbedded into my fingers and I have a hell of a time with The Champion. I can get all the way to him nearly without revive, and then I get to him and run out of the stockpile of revive I had. I've watched videos and I guess I just don't get it. If someone has a great way of explaining how to do it, or better yet, can come meet me and do it for me!!! 😂 If appreciate it. I'll see if I can post my roster in the comment
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2023.03.22 08:23 majesticpuffnstuff 27 M, Just finishing up the night shift! Anyone want to become new best friends?

Hey there everyone 👋🏻 It’s nice to meet you! So I guess a run down, I’m Spencer! I’m 27, from Ontario 🇨🇦, I’ve got two cats that are my absolute world, I work nights at as an auditor at a hotel and am a game master at an escape room/board game cafe during the day, I play the ukulele and skateboard and hike in my free time, love music and movies as well! I play DND and WoW with my friends on the weekend. Crime and conspiracy documentaries run my life. I love the outdoors, just the basic stuff for now! there’s a little blurb about me, am willing to pay my cat tax, hope y’all have the best day🙏🏼
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2023.03.22 08:22 iRaiseUwin Verse 2 Image 7

Verse 2 definitely hints at New Orleans various times. Could Preiss have used the iconic city to point to the state of Louisiana, and then buried the casque in a nearby city? Maybe not, but a detail in the painting led me down a fun rabbit hole. Hear me out... The sleeve in painting 7 looks like this map of Plaquemines Parish Louisiana upside down. Plaquemines Parish is home to a lot of interesting (some terrible) history. They host an annual Orange Festival at Fort Jackson... At the place where jewels abound?... That led me to look into Fort Jackson. Interestingly enough, Jackson was one of three forts built postwar in Louisiana under the "third system"... Only three stand watch? (read under history section)... Then I looked at Fort Jackson on a map. Turns out there is an older fort across the river from Fort Jackson, named Fort St. Philip, with some interesting history. In 1981-1982, when Preiss was burying casques, Fort St Philip was on privately owned land. The land was home to a "nonsectarian spiritual community" called Vella-Ashby Experimental Farm... Here is a sovereign people who build palaces to shelter their heads for a night?... Coincidentally, the Vella-Ashby farm was named after the old and new owners of the land when the commune was established... gnomes admire fays delight the NAMESAKES meeting near this site (see history section for more info on commune)... Then I found this Reddit post with even more information on the commume. In that post there is a link to a letter written by someone who visited Vella-Ashby farm in the early 80's. Turns out the commume hosted groups of visitors several times per month to aid in their "mission to raise people's consciousness". Could Preiss have stayed there when he buried the casque in Louisiana? Maybe this is the namesakes meeting near this site that the poem references? If Preiss was doing experimental commune type stuff, then the fairies and gnomes make more sense in my opinion. Some of the dresses worn at the popular Orange Festival at Fort Jackson were fairy-like... As the sound of friends fills the afternoon hours could be a reference to the festival... I looked at a few pictures of Plaquemines Parish, and the architecture there has similar features to painting 7. Plus, it looks like there could be a place at Fort Jackson with 15 steps... 15 rows down to the ground?... These are probably just coincidences, as there is strong evidence that Preiss hid it in New Orleans. I thought it was interesting though.
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2023.03.22 08:22 cherrryblosssoms Good god…

My partner and I started watching not long ago and boy… Luther started out so good, I was gripped straight away. But I’ve just watched Ripley die and I’m furious. I’m lost??? Ripley had near to no lines before hand, it just felt like they wanted to get rid of him quick??? And who’s this girl Luther is interested in, it’s so weird??? She crashed in to him and was really awkward and there’s 0 chemistry. I hate it! I genuinely cannot watch further. There are so many logical inconsistencies and plot holes it’s driven me mad. I think I’ve actually given up and won’t bother watching the rest.
Just wanted to rant really.
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2023.03.22 08:22 Baballe12 NGVC- "They cheat on their gfs and women love that stuff" then throw a tantrum when i call him sexist

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2023.03.22 08:22 majesticpuffnstuff 27 M, Just finishing up the night shift! Anyone want to become new best friends?

Hey there everyone 👋🏻 It’s nice to meet you! So I guess a run down, I’m Spencer! I’m 27, from Ontario 🇨🇦, I’ve got two cats that are my absolute world, I work nights at as an auditor at a hotel and am a game master at an escape room/board game cafe during the day, I play the ukulele and skateboard and hike in my free time, love music and movies as well! I play DND and WoW with my friends on the weekend. Crime and conspiracy documentaries run my life. I love the outdoors, just the basic stuff for now! there’s a little blurb about me, am willing to pay my cat tax, hope y’all have the best day🙏🏼
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2023.03.22 08:22 realusernamer Did I accidentally shift last night?

Hello all! Something strange happened last night and my best friend and I think I may have shifted so I just wanted to get some opinions.
So I fell asleep and was dreaming but a few hours prior I had seen a video about the lucid dream method. I have not attempted to shift for about two years however I have been trying to lucid dream.
As I was asleep I remembered the video (as my thoughts and memories of the day prior manifest in my dreams) and it resulted in me becoming lucid.
However, I couldn’t exactly control myself so dream me decided to create a portal and go through it despite not having a dr to go to.
I immediately appeared in my school and the first thing I noticed was that I felt awake. I tried to fully make myself aware that I was lucid dreaming to try and wake up (this normally wakes me up) but I didn’t wake up.
My consciousness felt as if it was kind of hovering between where I was and my cr? And I was like have I shifted..?
Then I met a character from my current hyperfixation and we were already friends (I think? my whole memory of this thing is very fuzzy) and then we went to the cafeteria.
We sat down at a table and I was looking around for my two favourite characters to see where they were but I couldn’t find them. The character I was currently with was my favourite character’s sister and I was contemplating asking her where my favourite character was.
(this is another weird thing as in my dreams i don’t contemplate things thoroughly yet i was doing it normally during this whole thing)
Then I became very tired so I rested my head on the cafeteria table in my arms and fell asleep. I dreamt normally and then realised I was lucid in this dream and felt myself begin to wake up. However, as I began to wake up I felt my head on the cafeteria table rather than my pillow and I even tried making myself even more “lucid” by trying to imagine my pillow of my normal cr but I woke up in the “dr” instead.
My favourite character was there by my seat and I was like “if I really have shifted, why not make the most of it?” so I went off with him and we ran to this classroom in my school that was a debate club that was held during lunch. (my school does not have a club like this).
I noticed there was a whiteboard and I could read it well and the words were coherent and made sense (unlike words in dreams). We sat and waited for the teacher to come so that we could debate, then I decided to send a video and show my best friend what just happened.
I recorded the video and since during this whole situation my consciousness felt semi disconnected and kind of like it was trying to drift away (probably back to my cr).
I then shift out?? or like leave the dr and instead of waking up it’s like i fall asleep again or something and i’m in a dream. The dream is lucid and things begin to go weird confirming that it’s actually a dream.
I open my phone and see the video is still in my camera roll so I don’t even check it to see if it’s coherent and I just send it to my best friend with the caption “think I shifted” (the words aren’t coherent. My best friend then appears from nowhere and is extremely small like a gnome and is running around.
I was definitely dreaming after that and soon enough I woke up in my cr.
I felt normal when i woke up but as I replayed everything that just happened i think i might have mini shifted?? I kept thinking about it throughout the day and told my best friend about it and he believes I shifted.
Now I just want to know other people's opinions.
For some context, the characters are originally cartoon characters and when I dream of them, they look like their cartoon-selves however, during this they looked like a normal human.

tl;dr- I created a portal in my sleep and I think I shifted despite having no intention
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2023.03.22 08:22 CommandSecret1206 I need tips as many as i can take

i’m just starting and i’ve been struggling, i finally found a station that has a gun store and then land where they told me too and then my ship gets impounded for blocking the landing bay or something then after struggling to find the gun store i got a pistols and tried figuring out what ammo it takes i spent forever finding it then once finding it just hoping if it’s the right one, and my flying sucks, also where’s the best place to buy ships? i just need any helpful tips or quality of life things to know
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2023.03.22 08:21 Difficult-Estimate21 Pakiramdam ko ayaw sakin ng mundo

Ewan ko ba lahat ng experiences ko sa buhay makes me think na malas Ata ako or what. Di naman ako panget sabi nila I'm a catch naman pero never pa nagka jowa and lagi lang ghosted. Sa pag aapply naman months na ako nag aapply pero wala pa rin aabot na Ata ako sa 100 plus applications hahahaha may experience naman ako ni lowball ko na nga sarili ko pag dating sa salary expectation para ma hire lang pero di pa rin talaga.
Masipag naman ako, matalino naman siguro kasi I graduated from one of the big 4 schools. Di naman masama ugali ko and sa looks are okay naman pero bakit kahit ganon kahit anong bagay na gusto ko di man lang ibigay saakin. Di ko alam gusto ko lang mag rant hahahahaha mejo frustrating na malas na sa Lovelife even career Ganon din. Ano bang mali sakin kasi if meron I'll do my best to change it para lang swertehin naman sa buhay.
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2023.03.22 08:21 ZealousidealTop1128 Two homes, one cat.

Hi y’all, to start with - my cat’s name is Ali, he is 2 years old, I had rescued him from the streets a when he was a month n half old and he was raised in my apartment with me and my flatmate who also grew extremely close to Ali. We never spoke about who Ali belongs to, since our friendship is strong we understood each other’s love and attachment towards him but now I have moved out of that apartment and took an apartment near by, in the same lane so the three of us can still be close but Ali has to now spend time between both the houses.
He is a friendly cat, who did get comfortable eventually but it still took him some time to get used to the new place and today I will go and drop him back to my ex flatmate, the question that I have as a cat parent is how do we make it easy on him because changing of the environment often can not be good for him, will appreciate a discussion if some of y’all may be experienced in similar situations. P.S - Ali is a completely indoor cat, he has other street cats who come visit him at home and they are friends but he himself doesn’t like the outdoors and gets scared easy.
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2023.03.22 08:21 O_2og Hi again John

Hi again John
John i know my last post was kinda unhinged i was drunk and high at the time and was upset plus the cat was not cute it was one of those hairless ballsack looking cats. heres a photo of my baby before the crash i did all the custom skelenton with cards decals myself. and a photo of that bitches house after i got revenge. for some backstory me and her where in a relationship for 3 months we met at a local bar we where hit it off from there and we where all happy and stuff. one day i find out she has an onlyfans and she told me nothing about this so im mad enogh already but when i look into it its not like a normal onlyfans its like weird feet shit and you know what i saw i saw her in a bikini on MY bed in MY house poseing her feet right at the fucking camrea and not only that she was takeing request to do all sorts of weird shit on there and she told me NONE of this and did this shit in my house without me knowing. so i confront her about this and she acts like im the problem and yelling at me shit so tell her to get out and she smashes one of my plant pots on the way out like its not the best pot its kinda mid tbh but i still have to clean that shit. so im fucking pissed its like 6pm i start to drink like one or two beers you know then i decide to go on a ride on my snowmobile to like clear my head and shit so im driveing and im like still upset and i pass by her house and you know i just like kinda black out and next thing i know im in her liveingroom my sled compleatly smashed up shes screaming at me im still in like a daze i sorta blackout again next thing i know im in the back of a police cruiser. now you see my side you see she is the real bad one here.
that bitches house
my baby
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2023.03.22 08:20 Brendanstubbs I would like to get financial advice from random Strangers on the internet

What would be my best trading options long-term I would like something that doesn't and with me being fucked something that is better than a bond but it's really not going to die like credit Suisse and silicone Bank
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2023.03.22 08:20 ForeverEmbarrassed25 Context is for the weak

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2023.03.22 08:20 uxorioushornet Is Ivy, Gleeful Spellthief really that scary?

I play an [[Ivy, Gleeful Spellthief]] commander deck, and every time I do, the other players immediately decide I'm the biggest threat, to the point where they come at me with [[darksteel mutation]] on turn 2 and immediately kill or exile my creatures at the soonest opportunity. My deck is capable, and I've won once or twice with it but I don't see how it's nearly as intimidating as everyone at ly lgs seems to think it is. It's my most fun and interesting deck, so I'd like to play it. They don't react like this to my other decks, including ones that are more competitive. Am I missing something?
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2023.03.22 08:20 blowlock Ultimate Dating Blueprint 2 - Playing With Fire (here)

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2023.03.22 08:20 rainrebelx Dirty Talk 101 by Stirling Cooper (Completed)

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2023.03.22 08:19 ActualRedactEd Ranking all main JD 2023 songs

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2023.03.22 08:19 ElectroChris78 Date a live mii's for smash bros

Would you guys want me to upload the mii's of the spirits including crossovers from spirit pledge game? (I will only include the spirits in their normal form and I tried my best to make the moves as much as they do in the spirit pledge game)
View Poll
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2023.03.22 08:18 Smoothcosplay761 I hate you Micheal

My life was fine my friendship was fine untill she started to catch feelings and I was left in the dark it's was one I'm done with him after the other yet she still went back to you. I would have been fine if it wasn't for what you did, you played 2 of my best friends, I cherish those 2 people with all of my heart, I have gone through hell to keep them by my side and all you is come in here and just wreck everything you played them, you didn't want to get closer to the other and I hate you just for that you made both of them hurt. I know that both of them I hurt the one that you just broke up with and said it was a mistake to date her, I know she's hurt it doesn't matter how much she smiles everyday, when I see heri know she is hurt all because of the you and I know you don't care I know you don't care about anybody else's feelings except for yours.if it was my choice we would have stopped talking to you months ago, years ago, but because my hate for you gose farther than that remember all the times you hit me for no reason I didn't do anything to you I now only started to pick up for myself it took slapping a child that was younger than you by years, for my friends to say ,hey, maybe he isn't the best person to be around maybe none of I should have met you. You were the worst thing to happen to me, and that's coming from a standpoint of always being compared my friends, just because they do better I was compared to them by my own parents, and that hurts more than anything. my friendship was in shambles because of something you did because of something I got sick of because of the mere fact that you don't check your surrounding before you do anything. I wish I had perfect eyesight, so that I did not have to have the pain of seeing my glasses fall on the floor because you decided to hit me, I could have stepped on them if I didn't notice that they feel off my face being the bigger person is overrated if I have to sit down and take disrespect from somebody who is older than me who should know better than me it would drive me to insanity .We were all friends at the start, we all like you, but something just changed, you were not the same sweet boy that we knew from grade 2 you are someone who I wish never has children, so no one else has to go through the kind of torment I had to go through. I stayed through this because of my friends, I didn't say anything because I wanted to keep the friendship I'm finally, my peace has come, we're no longer friends with you that is why I will always be happy to say to anyone that wants to hears why I hate you Michael
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2023.03.22 08:18 na3d1salvationstate How can I actually get good at a sport for once?

Pretty much my whole life I’ve been considered athletic, but every sport I’ve played I start off as a relatively good beginner with potential, but I just don’t progress like others I’ve been on teams with. I always start out as one of the best new people and then just watch as everyone else becomes better than me over time.
I feel like I have all the tools to be good at any sport I try and pick up, I have a damn near 40inch vertical and I’ve always been considered explosive (though maybe lacking a little bit in top speed), but for some reason I just still end up being kinda mediocre at any sport I try. I tend to get beat on defense for most sports, even though with timed 40s and shuttle runs I tend to be near the top of the team. My thinking is that I just have a hard time with game sense like exactly where to be and strong/weak spaces, but no matter how much I play, whether it’s basketball, hockey, handball, or even frisbee, for some reason I just haven’t been able to develop it.
A lot of people have told me that the game sense just comes with time and more playing, but having stuck with a bunch of different sports for several years each, it never seems to have come to me.
It’s really frustrating because I feel like I have a ton of natural ability, but no sport I’ve tried I have been able to actually utilize it well. Has anyone else experienced this inability to gain game sense and been able to overcome this? I’m just looking for some tips or advice that can help me actually succeed for once in athletics.
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2023.03.22 08:18 solusacleaning Professional House Cleaning Services Near Me

Professional House Cleaning Services Near Me
If you are looking for professional house cleaning services near me, look no further! We offer customized services to fit your needs, from one-time deep cleans to ongoing maintenance. Our experienced staff use top-of-the-line equipment and eco-friendly cleaning supplies to ensure your home is squeaky clean. We also provide a satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure you’ll be happy with the results. Make your life a little easier and give us a call today to book an appointment.
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