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You never know where Elf on the Shelf is going to end up.

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Welcome to the new liv spring Reddit community The series will follow Liv spring a hotheaded ,self-assured teenager Who stumbles upon a portal to the land of vendon where she befriends a young Cool-headed wizard name max and with his two sidekicks Jade a buff Warrioelf and nya-sue a cat/humanoid/magical girl hybrid, she ultimately finds a new family in an unlikely setting. Here are the rules Be nice to each other don’t be toxic No nsfw please stay on topic only Focus on my cartoon

2023.06.06 19:35 ServoToken Weekly Testing Report #2

Hey y'all, back for my next Weekly Testing Report. Just as a recap if you missed the last post: I do a lot of testing every week, and this is a series to showcase what i've learned about each deck i've played. Each deck will have a quick overview, a breakdown of its tested matchups, an overall rating, and any changes I am thinking about making at the moment. Not every deck is a banger, but I want to try everything out at some point.
I test everything against what I call the "Affinity Test", which is a suite of decks that I feel best represent each macro archetype (aggro, control, midrange, combo) at the moment, alongside any number of other random brews that I find that people have been working on.
I'll list those extra decks under each deck's heading, but for this week the Affinity Test was represented by Affinity, High Tide, White Initiative (sometimes Everett's GW list, sometimes a mono white build that I have, sometimes a RW list), and UW Miracles.
Rakdos Scam
Rakdos Scam is a Black Red midrange deck that looks to utilize "scam" cards that rebirth a creature when it dies. Undying Malice, Supernatural Stamina, etc. The main principle is to take advantage of creatures with strong ETB or death triggers, and double up on those while applying pressure with the creature half of the card.
When assembling this deck, I found a rather striking lack of cards that want to both die and enter play, which initially led me to believe that the archetype would be impossible to fully support. After some digging though, I realized that not only were there a small handful of very strong options, but that there was an infinite combo available as well. Dualcaster mage plus a sacrifice outlet go infinite with any of the scam cards, which means that there are a variety of "infinites" in the deck, from +1/+1 counters on carrion feeder to mana via treasure tokens to damage output via bombardment / judith.
In testing, the deck performed about along the lines of where I expected an untuned midrange deck to perform. It's quite good at stopping the aggro decks, but not a whole ton else. Hymn and Inquisition of course carry a lot of weight when it comes to disruption, which helps a ton in the control and combo matchups, but the creature suite is sort of fragile in the wake of actual removal spells - even with the scam cards as backup. I also found that the combo was way too fragile, and not super effective when broken down into components because the deck just doesn't have enough mana to support holding Dualcaster up at all times. I think that this may be better as a classic RakSac type of build similar to the pioneer deck, or maybe more of a Zombardment deck if the pieces can come together. At the moment, it just feels like you're relying on Bloodtithe and Judith to tag team to victory, and that's just not good enough in a good number of matchups. This is an archetype that i'm highly interested in however, and will likely be sticking with once I find a way to make it work.
Overall rating: 6/10

Primal Ponza
Primal Ponza is a spin on Green Devotion that uses the classic Arbor Elf / Wild Growth package to power out some mix of land-destruction and big old creatures that can close out a game once the opponent is slowed down enough. It's a classic ramp style deck that wants to cheat on mana costs, while also implementing a prison style squeeze on the opponent's mana base to make sure that it doesn't need to work too hard to get to that point of casting end game threats on repeat.
I was quite surprised by this deck. between the efficiency of the ramp cards and the sheer strength of land destruction in concept against a wide variety of decks, Ponza was able to do what it wanted to do a very high percentage of the time. Between the ability to stop the opponent from casting spells and the diversity of win conditions, the deck feels like it's got game against a lot more decks than a more conventional ramp oriented deck otherwise might. Roaring Primadox was a standout card. It feels very win-more when you read the ability in conjunction with the ETB effects happening in the win condition suite, but with its ability to act as a panharmonicon and bury the opponent in card advantage or to be a prison piece while working with Acidic Slime, the card put in a ton of work. I feel like there isn't a lot to change in this deck aside from perhaps some more suitable win conditions per the meta game.
In the Affinity Test, the deck was able to step on every archetype in one form or another. Combo struggled with the prison elements if there was a real clock in play, control usually started to fall behind when LD got started, and midrange wasn't able to 141 their way through the onslaught well enough to overtake positioning. Aggro was the only archetype that could really get under the strategy, either by going wide very quickly or by shooting the ramp creatures with burn spells and slowing the deck down tremendously.
Honestly, I don't think that i'm playing with the right suite of win conditions, but I do think that the other aspects of the deck are both very strong and the correct choices for their slots. I will continue working with this deck for a while to see if there aren't any major innovations to be made in the meantime however.
Overall Rating: 8/10

High Tide
So I understand that people have worked on High Tide before me. I'm not saying that i've innovated the deck, created anything, or otherwise. I'm largely just learning the ins and outs of the deck, because I've never played with the strategy before in a serious way.
High tide is a mono blue storm-style combo deck that uses its namesake in order to increase the output of its islands, then takes advantage of some well-meaning cards from 20 years ago to untap those lands and produce a bunch of mana. It then looks to draw a ton of cards, and eventually win the game by emptying the opponent's library. Blue Sun's Zenith is the common way to make this happen, but Brainfreeze, Fascination, Folio of Fancies, or a few other options have also been tried.
I've been using High Tide in my Affinity Test, which means that it sees a lot of action already. However, putting the deck through it's paces is also important to learning how the deck is supposed to work. It presents a strong clock against most decks, with its capacity to go off on turn three fairly regularly, turn two as a possibility, and turn four absolutely. It's difficult to disrupt and can fight through common hate pieces like Thalia with ease. It's less a matter of figuring out the right way to do things and more so memorizing patterns and recognizing when to focus on cards in hand vs when to focus on generating mana.
At the moment I don't see any changes being necessary, i'm happy with all of the cards and how they function in their specific slots. I might trim back one impulse for another solve the equation, but that's more or less just the minutiae. I've also attempted other builds, such as a paragrine drake ghostly flicker build, but those have often been too fragile or slow even though their output levels are superior. With the snap cloud of Faeries version, you only need two lands to get going.
Not a very exciting wrap up, because a lot of us already know what High Tide does and is capable of doing, but I put it here anyway just to note that i've spent A TON of time learning the deck this week, and that's why there isn't a whole lot else here.
Overall Rating: 9/10
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2023.06.06 19:34 PeterRiveria how do I (22 NB) get over my friend (20 F) when I feel like there’s a ton of mixed signals?

hey y’all, so for context, I’m really active in my local music scene, and i’ve gotten pretty close with a few of the other people there over the past year. and this girl, who i’ll call “L,” and I have become friends in the past few months after seeing her around for a year or two - she helps run one of the house show venues so we talk at shows all the time. she’s an unbelievably cool person, just very passionate about her interests and really warm and inviting to everyone around her. she’s also genuinely one of the most beautiful people i’ve ever met but that’s besides the point, it’s our banter that really made me interested in her. I don’t know how exactly to describe it, but we just click together? our conversations are funny, back-and-forth and surprisingly deep. it just feels right in a way I can’t really describe.
 now I’m not officially diagnosed, but I feel like a lot of autistic traits deeply resonate with me, so having this level of connection with someone right off the bat is really uncommon for me. i’ve had a few serious romantic relationships in the past, but flirting/courtship/all of that still flies completely over my head. despite all that, I really feel like this is flirting? idk, she just lights up when she sees me and is way more touchy with me than I feel like is warranted for just friends. also, on multiple occasions (easily 5+ times) she’s walked over to me at a show and said something like “just so you know you look incredibly handsome/good/well-dressed right now.” also, I have had two separate mutual friends of ours tell me that she talks about me unprompted to them all the time in “glowing” terms. literally verbatim stuff like “he’s one of the hottest guys i’ve ever seen + they have the face of a greek god,” which seems pretty romantically interested to me idek. so after that had been going on for like two months, I thought I should finally bite the bullet and ask her out. so I pull her aside after a show and give her note saying like “hey I think you’re super cool and if you want to go on a date sometime just text me! if not it’s completely nbd - it’s always great to make a new friend. : ) “ she texts me later that night saying “hey I think you’re cool too but i’m not looking for anything romantic right now, but your note was really sweet,” and that was that, I haven’t mentioned anything romantic to her since then. but after that, we started hanging out one-on-one a lot. easily 2-3x per week for 6+ hours each time. just going on long walks and having those same really deep + vulnerable conversations. last week we went for a hike together and we both shared about our respective mental illnesses/parental trauma. I have a really hard time opening up to people so this was a big deal for me. and now when we hang out she still gets really excited to see me and has gotten even more touchy with me? but I don’t feel like anything has changed since I asked her out originally. and now when we talk she’s told me that she thinks i’m an “incredibly special person” and lot of similar really personal complimentary stuff a few different times. I know she said she’s not looking for romantic relationships right now, and I completely respect that - but I still think about her all the time and I can’t help imagining how perfect we would be for each other. I just want to get over my feelings for her so I don’t end up inadvertently torpedoing a friendship with someone I genuinely care about and want in my life. she’s had a string of really awful + abusive exes so I really don’t want to just be another shitty person in her life and/or another “man” who is only friends with her in order to get in her pants down the road. I really appreciate her and the connection we have, so what can I do to get over my feelings for her so I don’t ruin a new good thing in my life? 
TLDR: my connection with “L” feels incredibly flirty to me, even after she said she’s not looking for anything romantic, how can I get over my feelings for her as to not jeopardize our friendship? I really care about her and I want to do the right thing here.
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2023.06.06 19:33 Heavy-Fruit8618 The Doctor - Park Avenue Armory

Has one had a chance to see Robert Icke's play The Doctor starring Juliette Stevenson at the Park Avenue Armory? I saw it over the weekend and was really transfixed by it. Really first rate production, theatre at its finest. Not since The Lehman Trilogy have I been so stirred by a play.
Some really neat directorial choices. Turntables are in apparently. Hamilton, Hadestown, The Lehman Trilogy, and A Doll's House. Hoping it gets a Broadway transfer. If it does, Stevenson will be hard to beat at the Tony Awards 2024.
Truly shocked that she lost the Olivier to Sharon D. Clarke in Death of a Salesman. No shade to Clarke who is a gifted actress but she's really a featured actress in that play, barely in the 3 hour runtime, where as Stevenson is on stage the entire time.
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2023.06.06 19:32 bobbyraoul In the hospital again repairing the damage I did a year ago. My life is even worse now (Self pitying vent)

One year ago I was lying in this exact same hospital ward with a destroyed collarbone because I crashed my moped wasted. Now I have the surgery tomorrow to take the plates out. I remember thinking last year: “This is it, this is my wake up call. I’m gonna turn my life around.” And what changed? Everything just got worse. One year older (29, and haunted by the realisation that I completely pissed my twenties away), still broke, still unemployed, still living with my dad like a spoiled teenager, my friendships and relationships are worse (I feel more separated from people) I’m eating less, I don’t exercise, hygiene is terrible. Barely feel emotions anymore apart from hopelessness and numbness. I have supportive parents (dads even got a bit of money), had all the time in the world, and resources to spend my twenties doing whatever I wanted and what did I do? Sat in parks and stood on street corners getting drunk. Pathetic. When I was clearing out my room this morning getting ready I was genuinely disgusted at how far I’ve let myself slide. Dirty. I’ve been to AA, got someone willing to sponsor me, have a shrink who suggest antidepressants (haven’t taken them because I’m scared of sexual side effects which I already really struggle with.) Every time I see a beautiful girl walk past my heart aches with frustration and self loathing because I feel like such a self pitying loser that I’ll never get another gf. In fact I don’t even have the slightest idea how to get one sober. So yeah, surgery coming up tomorrow, 24h sober, and life is looking pretty fucking shit right now. Sorry for the pitiful rant, but I had to get it out somehow. I think I’m just full blown depressed and I don’t know how to stay strong enough to get out of this. I know how, but I just always fucking fail. Feel like a worm right now. In fact even a worm has a purpose.
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2023.06.06 19:31 MerelyWhelmed1 I'm Officially Team Neither

I've always hated Brooke, for a long list of reasons, not the least of which is her lack of boundaries whenever she feels like bedding someone. But I just cannot get on board with this version of Taylor, either. Taylor used to be calm, measured, logical...the opposite of Brooke, which is why she was a popular character. Taylor didn't let her emotions dictate her every choice, nor was she selfish.
This Taylor? Is like watching a teenage girl. She is as manipulative as Brooke. And she doesn't seem intelligent. I can't believe this ditzy woman is a psychiatrist, much less someone who is "world renowned."
And both are again chasing after a faithless jerk who has pitted them against each other for decades. You have Brooke dropping her tiny robe and kissing Ridge...you have Taylor declaring her love for Ridge and shedding a tear. Both women should be ashamed.
So I'm officially Team Neither. I can't root for either woman when I think their both behaving like idiots.
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2023.06.06 19:31 NamelessNanashi [The Gods of Dragons: Beginning] Ch 18 - A Name

--- Table of Contents ---
Winter 4986, 22 Aoimoth
They never locked the door. She checked the handle just in case. Did they honestly expect Her to stay in this white room forever without locking Her in? She opened the door just a crack and peeked out. No one.
The Cleric coughed. She closed the door quickly and pretended to examine the altar of Hengist on a nearby shelf, Her neck itching. The kindly man finished straightening his papers, slipping them into a desk drawer and locking it. So they locked their documents away but not the door? Or did they think he alone would be enough to stop Her if She chose to go out?
She watched the Cleric out of the corner of Her eye as he stood and stretched, but looked quickly to the altar again when he walked Her way. He stopped beside Her, bringing his hands up in a short prayer. He seemed nice enough, and She found Herself wanting to trust him. But Archmage Morndancer had moments when he was nice too.
She scratched the scales on Her neck, still unaccustomed to having unimpeded access to the area. The collar had become so much a part of Her that She felt awkward without it, never mind that it had been used to keep Her in line. She wondered again how these Paladins planned on keeping Her under control and debated different ways to find out without going so far that She would end up tied to one of these beds and stuck full of needles.
“Do you pray, Miss?” the Cleric asked, eyes still closed.
She shrugged, “I don’t really like one-sided conversations.” She glanced at him, half hoping he would get angry, maybe punish Her just a little, so She would have a better idea what methods they might use.
He laughed, “Yes, I remember occasions, before I took my Oath, when I wondered if Hengist could hear me.” he reached down and held Her shoulder for a moment, as long as his heat tolerance would allow, before letting his hand fall back to his side, “It's hard to take the word of others sometimes, but I know he’s listening. He delivered you from the Warlocks...” he let the idea trail as if he expected Her to thank the god for his intervention. But if Hengist had really wanted Her free, then why not come sooner? Why not when they had isolated Her? Even just an hour sooner would have saved Her treasures…
“Perhaps, when you’re ready, I will take you to the chapel.” he continued to smile, “Or perhaps you will find a greater calling to one of the other gods,” the Cleric shrugged, “We are not ones to proselytize.” She could only return his shrug.
She moved back to the window, Her favorite place in the infirmary. Below, a group of boys, young men really, practiced with weapons too small for Her to see. One stood apart from the others and She wondered what he'd done to be ostracized from the rest. She hadn’t met any of them yet and wondered if they were being kept from Her intentionally. She'd met with the Major General, Selibra, as well as another high-ranking Paladin, a woman, and a handful of Mages. Seeing the Mages, She'd been sure they were about to take Her to another tower, to lock Her in the basement again. They'd assured Her that wasn’t the case, and explained the difference between Her Mages -Warlocks- and true Mages -Guild members- though She still had a hard time believing them.
She wasn’t afraid. She'd gone past fear. There wasn’t anything more they could take from Her that the Warlocks hadn’t already taken. Instead, She was curious, what would they do? And how would She work around it?
Behind Her, the Cleric cleared his throat, “I’m going to the chapel,” She nodded without looking at him. Brom and Ran would leave Her alone for most of the day. This was a new place, but some things would always be the same. The door opened, then clicked closed again.
She stood at the window for a while longer before turning around and tilting Her head at the door. He hadn’t locked it… It must have been a mistake. She moved for the door and cracked it open just in case… The hall beyond was empty.
She looked back into the room with all its white, then back into the hall. Well... She'd wanted to test Her limits. She slipped out of the infirmary.
No one stopped Her, and nothing happened. She walked slowly at first, glancing at each door as though She expected it to swing open and reveal one of the Mages, fingers ready to snap. In the distance, a set of Paladins rounded a corner, and She froze. They spoke to each other, one laughing at something the other said. She glanced around for somewhere to hide before remembering that this was exactly what She'd wanted. If they saw Her out of Her room, they would undoubtedly take Her back, and if She resisted, they would have to play their hand. She just hoped the friendly Cleric wouldn’t get in too much trouble for forgetting to lock the door.
The Paladins' steps faltered when they noticed Her. Exchanging glances, one stepped forward, “Are you lost, miss?”
“No,” She answered, looking over Her shoulder. For a heartbeat She expected Brom to be there. He wasn’t. He never would be again. She forced the thought away. Locking it somewhere it couldn’t interrupt Her exploration, focusing on the Paladins.
The knight exchanged another look with his companion, who shrugged, “Well, if you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask.” they continued past Her.
Turning to watch them go, She tilted Her head to one side, then the other. Slowly, a grin began to spread over Her face. With a wicked giggle, She set off down the hall, ready to explore until someone stopped Her.
Shon stood well away from the others, his dagger clenched too tightly in his left hand. The first day back, Master Daunas had tried to include him in training as if nothing had changed. Then Shon had frozen the practice grounds, and no less than ten of the sixteen squires had fallen on their backsides, letting slip a variety of colorful curses that had them all doing pushups in full armor for at least five minutes straight. After that, he had been ordered to do drills alone while the others practiced. “Just until Ivelm finishes your item,” Master Daunas had assured him.
The little dragon that now followed Shon everywhere, whistled from the roof covering the weapons racks. Shon tried to loosen his grip on his dagger. He was getting sloppy, focusing too much on not extending the blade with an extra three inches of ice and not enough on the precision of his strikes. He tried to keep the power pulled in, but it made him tense, and he often found himself holding his breath unintentionally. Getting frustrated only made it worse. Instead of fighting his visualized opponent, he felt like he was fighting himself. And losing.
The pseudodragon swooped down and landed on Shon's extended arm, distracting him further. Growling, Shon tried to shoo it away, shaking his arm but only causing the tiny beast to dig its sharp claws deeper. "Not now," he hissed at the dragon, who hissed back, sending a wave of annoyance into Shon's mind to join his own. It walked up his arm to his shoulder, wrapping its tail around his neck to help keep itself balanced as Shon continued to try and finish his form.
He'd been confused but intrigued by the flying cat-like lizard on the night it had shown itself, but was quickly finding the thing to be as annoying as the Sorcerer magic it represented.
On the first day he'd resumed training, the little dragon had attached itself to his shoulder, as it did now, and wouldn't get off no matter how in the way it got. He'd asked, threatened, and begged, but at most, it would move from one shoulder to the other.
On the second day, he'd ordered it to stay in his room, closing the door quickly before it could slip out. Shon had been pulled out of drills for the first time since his arrival to clean and reclean his trashed room after the pseudodragon had dug through his uniform box and desk drawers.
On the third day, he had to physically resist the urge to grab the thing by the neck and throw it across the courtyard. Though to his surprise -and annoyance- Master Daunas had actually stepped in. Speaking to the pseudodragon kindly but firmly, the Weaponmaster ordered it to leave him alone during lessons at least. And for the most part, it obeyed. The fact that it was pestering him now meant the lesson had to be almost...
The bell for their break rang out from the tower high above the fortress. Shon snapped to attention with the others, the little dragon twittering happily and swaying with the motion. When dismissed, he was the first to return his dagger, then cleared off to give the others room to do the same.
No one said anything when he went to the water barrel instead of the fortress. His friends were still mostly supportive, but even they were growing annoyed by his occasional loss of control. Like freezing the running trail, so on the next pass, they had to dodge icy footprints.
Breaking the thin layer of ice that had formed over the top of the water barrel and splashing the back of his neck with it, Shon stared at his wavering reflection until the water stilled. Cold blue eyes stared back until the little dragon stuck its head in the way, smacking Shon's nose with its wing. He slapped the water, sending it splashing up into the pseudodragon's nose. The little dragon hissed, then scooped up a huge wing-full and splashed it over his face and chest. He could feel the little dragon's mirth as it chortled its clicking laugh.
Shon could only sigh, he'd come to cool off out of habit, not necessity. He didn't really feel hot in the same way as before. The exercise and exertion still made him sweat, but he only seemed to grow colder. Like even his body was acting out of habit...
He waited for the others to finish crowding into the fortress, most heading to the showers, some heading for their rooms, and a few to the library to play cards and socialize. Shon glanced towards the weapons storage -with the boxes of daggers and racks of various swords and polearms- but shook his head. He was in no mood to continue the fight with himself, and instead made for his rooms.
Squires laughed in the halls, and Shon stayed close to the wall to give them space as he walked. The pseudodragon draped itself over his shoulder like a scarf so it wouldn't hit the stone or passers-by. Apparently, sometimes, it was conscientious of Shon's desires. Once in his room, Shon retrieved his journal and opened it on the desk, but then focused out the window without sitting down. In early winter, the sun was already setting, painting the skies in colors he could never hope to match with simple pencils and white paper. He normally enjoyed this time of year, when the wind grew chill and snow occasionally fell as a promise for the deeper winter to come.
Now, he wanted to hate the cold. He wanted to toss it and everything like it to the wind. But not only could he not rid Clearhelm of winter, he also couldn’t convince himself to hate it. The little dragon sent a wave of concern over him, whistling quietly.
Closing his journal Shon scooped it up and left. Even if he opened the window, not much of a breeze would reach him from there, so he made for the stairs to the central tower.
Though now the tower was used only to house the hour bells, it was originally designed to be a lookout. It offered a complete view of the surrounding area through ten tall glassless windows around the perimeter.
He picked a window ledge facing west and sat with his journal closed, just enjoying the cool breeze. The knots in his stomach eased, and the power he could still feel swirling around him calmed. The pseudodragon purred, and he reached up to pet its side. It was okay to still enjoy the cold, wasn’t it? He just wished he didn’t inflict it on others who never seemed to like it as much as he did.
Someone hummed behind him, and Shon jumped, spinning in his seat. A girl with golden hair stepped up to his window. Her eyes were closed, and the wind blew her hair back, revealing three scarlet stripes across her right cheek. They merged together on her neck into a single line that disappeared below her white hospital dress.
She smiled, and Shon had to swallow, his mouth suddenly dry, “I was sure they wouldn’t let me up here,” she said, opening her eyes and looking at him, still smiling, “But I suppose if you’re up here, then I can come and enjoy the view too.” She perched herself on the sill next to him and tilted her head to the side, looking for all the world like a curious kitten. The pseudodragon mirrored the expression with an inquisitive chirp. Were her pupils slitted? "You have a pseudodragon... are you a Mage?" She asked.
Shon looked away, but the little dragon wrapped its tail around his neck and chirped again, "I'm a Squire," he stated, though if more to himself or the girl, he wasn't sure.
"Oh, so you're here to be a Paladin?" she accepted his answer without argument, and Shon looked her way again to find her still smiling, "I don't understand the appeal, but if it makes you happy," she shrugged, but then narrowed her eyes at him, leaning closer and squinting. Shon leaned back, keeping his distance. “Your eyes... You were there, weren’t you? At the tower?”
Shon blinked. She'd switched topics so suddenly. He nodded in answer, and she sighed, turning in her seat and bringing her knees up to her chest. She was probably annoyed he hadn't answered verbally...
As she wrapped her arms around her legs, he saw that her red stripe continued out her left sleeve to break apart into three again along the back of her hand. Looking down, he noticed three more pointed stripes on her bare right foot that merged at her ankle to twist around and disappear back into her dress. Did they all meet somewhere in the middle? He had to shake himself to banish the mental image and turned to follow her gaze out over the horizon.
“Thank you…” she whispered, and he turned back to her, arching an eyebrow. It took her a moment to look away from the view and see his expression, but when she did, she continued without further prompting, “I don’t remember everything that happened, but I’m glad I wasn’t alone,” she smirked and looked back out to the horizon, continuing, “The Cleric thinks I should thank Hengist, but I don’t remember seeing him there, so I’d rather thank you instead.” Shon didn’t know what to think about that, but the girl didn’t seem to expect an answer.
The pseudodragon dug its claws into Shon's shirt and climbed down his chest, pulling at the fabric and scratching the skin beneath. It walked across his legs then over to the girl gingerly. Her giggle was small and quiet, and she didn't hesitate to reach out and pet the flying lizard, though she did so carefully with brief pats, "Careful little one, I'm not the safest person to touch..." she whispered down to it. Shon furrowed his brow in confusion at her words, and predictably the pseudodragon ignored them completely. Crawling up her knees until she lowered them again so it could reach her lap, where curled up like a cat, complete with purring.
She giggled again and stroked its back all the way down to its tail, "It doesn't even care..." she sounded in awe of the little dragon, and Shon couldn't blame her. He'd only ever heard stories of the beasties before he'd seen this one. But the dragon wasn't nearly as interesting anymore, not compared to this girl.
“What’s your name?” he blurted before thinking. And silently cursed himself into oblivion. He sounded like an idiot. Those were the first words he said? She was obviously content just petting the pseudodragon. Couldn’t he have at least waited for her to address him? Or ask something? She was probably up here to think. You have no idea what she’s been through; she probably wants to be alone…
But hadn’t she chosen to sit next to him? And she'd already spoken first...
As if to confirm his fears, she sighed in obvious annoyance, her head falling back to hit the side of the pillar with a whine. When she looked at him, he could somehow tell that if she was annoyed, it was with herself, “I know I should know it by now, but I don’t. Do you think I’m going to have to explain every time I meet someone new? It’s really embarrassing…”
Shon could only stare, trying to understand. She didn’t say she couldn’t remember her name, just that she didn’t ‘know’ it yet. But that didn't make any sense. “You don’t have a name?” he tried to confirm.
She shrugged, exaggerating the motion by bringing her shoulders all the way to her ears then letting them drop limply, “They always said that I would know my own name. But every time I tried to guess or make one up, they got mad at me. What’s your name?”
“Shon,” he answered slowly, still confused.
“And when did you know your name?” she tilted her head again, confirming Shon’s mental comparison with a kitten.
He shook his head, “No one just knows their name. They're given one when they’re babies.”
Her mouth fell open for a full heartbeat before it snapped shut again, and she glared into the setting sun. The air had grown strangely warm, the pseudodragon chittered, and Shon fumbled for something to say, “What did they call you if you don’t have a name?” She'd said 'they' had told her she would know her own name, so that must mean 'they' had spoken to her. He could only assume she meant the people at the tower. The memory of burned corpses flashed through his mind, and once again Shon regretted speaking.
She didn’t look at him as she answered, “Ran called me ‘Red,’ for my scales,” she ran the fingers of her right hand over the stripes on her left, “Brom called me ‘Goldy,’ for my hair,” she brought a lock over her shoulder and stroked it absently, “But the Archmages didn’t like it when they did that…” the pseudodragon watched her dangling hair, swaying its neck back and forth to follow its motion.
Those sounded like nicknames someone gave a pet… He remembered Ivelm saying something about her being experimented on, like an animal. Shon brought his hand up to run through his hair, thinking fast. “You could pick one.” she looked at him, and he rushed to continue, “No one can stop you, and it could be temporary, just until you know your true name." whatever that meant, "Even the gods used to have different names depending on the province.”
“A name,” her eyes glazed over as she stared into the setting sun and absently started petting the dragon again. It tilted its head up at her and whistled, “I don’t even know where to start…” she whispered.
Shon searched the horizon for inspiration but saw only trees and birds. “What’s your favorite flower?” he blurted.
She focused on him again, “Flowers have names?” she asked. When he nodded, her cheeks puffed out, and she glared at him. Looking away again, she grumbled, “Even flowers get names, and I just have to sit around and wait for one to come to me?”
Shon opened his journal, turning it to the side and drawing quickly. The girl stopped mumbling to herself and looked over his shoulder, the pseudodragon crawling to the edge of her knees so it too could tilt its head at his drawing. He usually hated when people tried to watch him draw, but -for some reason- was able to continue without being distracted. It was a drawing for her after all, it made sense that she should see it. Never mind that she was so close... close enough for him to feel the warmth from her skin... or perhaps that was his imagination.
Finishing the final flower, Shon turned the book towards her. “Which one do you like most?”
She stared transfixed at the six flowers depicted, and Shon suddenly felt self-conscious. He'd only personally seen four of them, the other two he'd copied from memories of other drawings in books. She reached out, and her fingers hovered over the rose for a moment before she rested it on a six-petaled lily. The little dragon trilled in approval.
“Lily,” Shon said, then tried to explain, “I trained with a girl named Daisy,” he tapped the daisy flower on the page, “Daisies were also her favorite flower, so I thought…”
“It’s so beautiful…” she whispered, then grabbed his hand, desperately searching his face, “Can I really use it as a name?”
Shon’s heart skipped a beat. Her hand was hot, and he felt his power flow to where she touched, cooling his skin and making it tingle. Even before his power had awakened, everyone else had gotten colder the longer he touched them. As if he were pulling the warmth from them.
Her heat seemed unending.
Even more transfixing was the desperation in her eyes, which were dark blue and slit, like the pseudodragon's, who had crawled from her lap onto his journal and was studying the other flowers. Finally, Shon managed a nod, adding, “You can have whatever name you want. It’s yours.”
She looked at the flowers again and whispered, “Lily…” she seemed to chew it over for a moment, then smiled. And Shon realized all those before hadn't been in true happiness. This was her first real smile. “Lily.” her joy lit up the darkening sky and caused Shon’s heart to race, making up for its lost beats, “My name is Lily!” Lily pulled his hand closer to her and gripped it with both of hers, “Thank you. Oh wow, thank you, Shon!”
He could bask in that smile for hours. He stared at her, trying to memorize every line. Then she finally looked down at his fingers, and her brow furrowed. Oh no…
“It doesn’t hurt?” she asked.
Shon pulled away from her, looking away so he wouldn’t have to see her rub her palms on her dress, “No.” he answered shortly. She'd held his hand longer than anyone even before his awakening, but she'd been distracted by picking her name. She was probably freezing now…
He didn’t want to see her trying to warm her fingers after holding his, so instead, he focused on his journal, pushing the pseudodragon gently off so it wouldn't scratch the papers, then slowly working the page with the flowers out of it.
The breeze picked up, and Shon ran his hand through his hair, stealing a glance Lily's way. Her eyes were closed and she'd turned to face the wind again, “Refreshing…” she whispered.
He sighed. He could still feel her hands wrapped around his, a phantom memory he would just have to hope would last. Shon held out the drawings to her. She blinked at them, then at him, then back down to the page again. “You can have it,” he told her.
Lily hugged him.
Shon stiffened instantly. He'd never been hugged like this before. She smelled like cinnamon… Before he could fully register the sensation, Lily pulled away and took the page carefully with just her fingertips, “I will treasure it…” Shon felt himself blush, looking away to try and hide his face. Luckily Lily didn't seem to notice because she asked, "What's its name?"
Shon turned to look at her questioningly, only to see her tilting her head down at the pseudodragon. Shon's blush deepened. She was so happy to have a name, and now he had to tell her, "It doesn't have..." shame burned his cheeks, and he actually flinched when she looked at him in shock.
"You're not going to make it come up with its own, are you?"
"I... I just haven't..." Shon stuttered around for an excuse, but he really didn't have one, "I didn't think about it..." he finally finished, defeated.
He expected Lily to get upset, maybe chastise him, but instead, she just clapped her hands and smiled, "Well, we can fix that now." reaching down, she scratched the little dragon's chin, "Any ideas?" the pseudodragon purred, then climbed back over to her lap, wrapping its long tail around Lily's forearm so she couldn't pull away from the scratches.
"Pest," Shon mumbled.
Lily giggled, "That's not a name," she tried to stop scratching only to have it reach up and grab her fingers, forcing it back to its chin with both clawed hands. She giggled again, "Could be a nickname, though." the little dragon huffed but still wouldn't let her stop petting it.
"Pest..." Shon told it directly. Feeling jealous; the realization almost made him blush again. He was doing an awful lot of that all of a sudden.
"Well, it's a tiny dragon..." Lily mused, "So maybe something in draconic?"
Shon arched an eyebrow at her, but Lily just tilted her head at his unspoken question. "Draconic? Isn't that a dead language?" dead with the dragons who spoke it, he asked.
"You mean you don't speak it?" she answered with her own questions, "How do you read books written in it if you can't speak it?"
Shon shook his head, "I don't know of any books written in draconic..." he was becoming more confused by Lily every moment. The provinces all had their own ancient languages, but learning it these days was only an old tradition. No one actually used it. And yet the ones who'd held her, the ones who hadn't given her a name, had taught her a second language? A dead language?
"That's so weird..." Lily said, looking back out over the horizon. Just when Shon was sure she wasn't going to say anything else, she hopped a little in her seat, shaking the pseudodragon in her lap, "What about Ryuuko?"
Once again, Shon's eyebrow went up and Lily explained with a giggle, "It means 'little dragon.' Not very creative, I know, but if it likes it..." she dipped her head, lifting the pseudodragon's face to her nose, "Do you like it, little one? It's a bit feminine with the 'ko' at the end, but..." the little dragon licked her nose and Shon felt a wave of approval from the creature.
"I think it likes it." He told Lily as she laughed, pulling the pseudodragon in for a real hug, rubbing her cheek along its scaled neck.
Around them the bells sounded at full volume. Shon and Lily covered their ears, and Ryuuko took off, flying in circles around the bell tower, chittering angrily at being surprised. Lily laughed, but Shon could only hear the resonating rings shaking him from his head to his toes as the bells counted out the hour.
When the last bell faded, Lily dropped her hands, her laugh turning to a snicker, “I suppose that means it’s dinner time.” her smile faded, disappearing over the course of a few heartbeats, “I should probably get back to my room…” she clutched the page Shon had given her to her chest as if afraid it would be snatched from her fingers.
Ryuuko landed on Shon's shoulder as he stood, and Lily slowly lowered her feet back to the ground as if heading towards a hangman’s noose. It had been at least six days since the incident that brought her to Hamerfoss. Had she been eating in the infirmary all this time?
Shon arched an eyebrow at her, and Lily met his expression with a confused tilt of her head again. Shon asked, “Come to dinner with us?” and Lily’s smile lit up the night.
--- Table of Contents ---
Thanks for making it this far, you are the real MVP
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2023.06.06 19:31 Zorosenseofdirection My girl wants a threesome? (Need Relationship advice)

Me and my girl have been dating for two months now and she was a virgin when I met her. We recently did the deed and she enjoyed it. But two days ago on my birthday, we were just talking and she was talking about how she would want a threesome with another guy. Which I’m not comfortable with, just the thought of another possibly more handsome and bigger guy doing it with her make my heart break. I told her this and she proceeds to bring up how I had other women before her. And that I wasn’t gonna be the last guy she had. I asked her what she meant by that and she responded by saying that if we break up she wasn’t gonna not date anyone else. Is this a red flag? Or am I just overthinking and In the wrong here?
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2023.06.06 19:31 AppropriateEbb5556 The Office: both Pam and Jim are the worst characters of the show

The show portrays them like the ideal man and woman.
Jim literary seduces an engaged woman. Jim is such a boring and arrogant character... If you think about it, the whole show is from his narrative. Everything goes his way, he never does anything wrong. Ever.
Pam is the most bland and boring person I have ever seen on TV. Yet she is portrayed as a literal catch. Probably bc we just love the "nice girl next door". She literary has no backbone, and thats why Jim so easily seduces her and why she is stuck for years with the wrong guy before that. That little speach about Al Qaeda and how they would "like her if they just got to know her" is the most cringeworthy moment of the show. And it is obviously supposed to be endearing.
There is nothing romantic about an arrogant homewrecker and a spineless vegetable getting together and having a family.
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2023.06.06 19:30 birdbirdeos Can't believe she got exactly what she wanted

Can't believe she got exactly what she wanted submitted by birdbirdeos to LeopardsAteMyFace [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 19:29 PokePlaysGames Am I the bad guy here?

Little background; I'm Liz/Elizabeth/Lizzie (any of those 3 will work). I'm a 19 year old girlflux trans girl. My senior year of high school, I did start telling people I was transgender, but I never did anything other than start growing out my hair (which I'm still doing) so I sort of just faded back into the closet. My parents don't support me, and actually one time, on my way home therapy, my mom said to me these exact words, "I'll never support you." (My dad, I'm pretty sure would support me if my mom was not in the equation. He just takes my mom's side which I can't hold that against him, but that doesn't mean I'm not mad at him for not supporting me). For a few months, I moved out to try to live on my own. Long story short, my anxiety got so bad, I couldn't get a job. Almost entirely ran out of money, had to move back in with my parents. Now we're at present day:
I've been taking anxiety medicine since the beginning of April, shortly after I turned 19. However, I still don't have a job because of my anxiety. My anxiety is just that bad. Anyway, after I do eventually get a job and move back out, I plan to cut my parents out of my life. They said it themselves, they'll never support. I can't live with that sort of negativity in my life. It's confidence shattering for me (negativity from a random person on the street vs someone who's constantly in my life is a completely different story). I told my mom this in an argument once, and she accused me of using them (this outburst from me came from my bottled up feelings from being dead named and misgendered every f***ing day and it started with another hopeless attempt at getting them to be willing to TRY to support me. As you can see, it went downhill fast). She's not wrong. I am technically using them. But it's not like I'm forcing them to let me stay here. If they didn't want me here, the would've already thrown me out into the street. They've chosen to let me stay here.
I want to add that I'm going to push myself to get a job soon, and hopefully try to get out of here. The hard part is, is I've done the math, accounted for all my expenses and stuff, and I probably wouldn't be able to pay all my bills with a starting wage at Hy-Vee or Fareway (the 2 nearest places for me to work, and I'd need something with either not too much social contact, or something overnight, since that's when I'd work best). Then again, I purposely undershot to be safe. I was thinking though that I should just get a job, and see what happens from there. I would be ideal to be completely independent after I move out, so that my parents don't hold anymore cards over me. I intend to talk to my therapist in my nest session about focusing less on the past and future and more on the present
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2023.06.06 19:29 Tenebris27 She's the bestest friend I've ever had and I love her

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2023.06.06 19:29 The-StinkyWinky Honeymoon with mother and sister?

Hello reddit This is my first post and i don’t know where to post but iguess i just need advice on what to do. I just need to know if i’m overreacting/overthinking this.
So… me(22f) and my fiancé(22m) are getting married this summer. We have been together for almost 4 years. We have been planning our honeymoon since november and decided to go to greece. We are so excited and of course have told people where we will go and what activities we are planning on doing. This is where i feel a bit off. My older sister(30f) and my mom (54f) have been on many trips together and always say “we are going on a girls trip” and i always tell them that it’s not a girls trip if one is missing because they never tell or invite me. Last christmas they went on another trip without telling me. I found out through other people that they were going. The reason they didn’t tell me was because they assumed that i didn’t have the money for the trip…I didn’t but i felt so left out side mostly because they kept it as a secret from me. Don’t get me wrong i’m so happy that they get along and have some mother daugther time but as i said i feel a bit left outside so i told my sister that it kinda hurt me that they kept it from me and because they didn’t invite me. Yesterday at a birthday party i overheard my mother tell my aunt that she and my sister are going to greece this summer. Then i heard “our flight is in july 21” and guess what… thats the same day we are leaving for our honeymoon… to greece. I think it’s so rude. They literally can go anywhere and they pick greece… AND they could have chosen any day and they choose the same day as our honeymoon…
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2023.06.06 19:29 Single-Protection697 Somali guys aren’t into me, why?

coming on Reddit isn’t an ideal place to ask this question I know
I’m in my early twenties, 22f. This is the age where I am supposed to have so many suitors and the age when you find the one lol not the case. I live in a city with a lot of Somalis. I don’t know why Somali guys aren’t interested. My sisters and mom already started jokingly asking “where will you find a man” because they know none are interested. When my sisters were my age and even younger so many Somali guys would approach/initiate. What is wrong with me😂
I assume they don’t find me attractive. I wouldn’t say I’m ugly😂 average? Yes. I give off nerdy quiet girl vibes (that’s what my friend says I’m not a nerd though, it’s the glasses). My mom is telling me I need to doll myself up, it’s just not me nor am I comfortable with it.
Any interactions with a Somali guy I can’t even look at him because I get so nervous. it can’t be a weight issue. Not on social media. In the mean time I fill my time with work and my hobbies. homebody.
I made this posts because if I don’t have guys interested now at my age, when I’m older I for sure won’t have any. harsh truth. What do you think is the reason? Sorry this is long
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2023.06.06 19:28 demondork224 [F4GM] Running the Gauntlet. A new frontier for reality TV.

I’m 18+ and all characters and participants must be 18+
Even backstage, the roaring sound of the audience is almost deafening. With the shouting and jeering, it's hard not to feel the adrenaline pumping through my body while i await the fate of the contestant ahead of you. Collectively, they start counting down the clock, the dramatic music rising in intensity as they approach the end of the clock. In a dramatic twist, however, the clock stops, the crowd starting to boo and jeer loudly, clearly disappointed. She failed. A production assistant walks up to me, adding a bit of final make-up. She smiles, almost reassuringly. "You're up after the break. Just relax, don't let the audience intimidate you, just do your best."
As the crowd settles down, the commercial break currently airing, i see the previous contestant walk down the corridor. She's naked, her face and body covered in cum, shivering, make-up running down her cheeks. I met her briefly in the green room, earlier. Ashley, 21 years old, running the gauntlet to pay off her student debt. She had a pretty face, long straight copper hair brushing her shoulders, wider hips and a bigger rack than you imagined when the two of you shook hands earlier. Now, you see she avoids you entirely, still sobbing, while she's ushered away to another room. I knew this wasn't going to be easy, but seeing her in that state made you even more nervous. With a deep sigh, i look up at the countdown clock, while the assistant counts down with it.
3,2,1. Go.
Down the catwalk i go, lights flashing in my face, while i hear the "Next Contestant!" announcement ring through the studio. A busty woman in a suit is standing center stage, inviting me to stand next to her, while the audience claps politely upon my entry. The music ends, the lights focused on me and the presenter of this wicked show. She smiles, before turning to camera 4. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Gauntlet. Ashley didn't make the cut, but don't worry, we've got a fresh contestant lined up for you." She turns towards me. points towards camera 3. "Please, tell the audience who you are and why you're running the Gauntlet today?"
Thanks for reading this far! Reality TV is taking on a new frontier, with girls doing depraved things for money. It might be an attempt to pay off their student debt, save up to purchase a house or just responding to a deep rooted desire to be used. Running the gauntlet seems easy; it can be quite lighthearted and quirky if you want, or dark if that's what you prefer. The idea of the gauntlet is that my character will be pushed to her limits.
Kinks: cum, cum eating, cum food, cum play,bukkake,cream pie,bdsm, bondage, forced, body writing, spanking, cuddling, degradation, rough partners, sizeplay, dominant partners, toys, multiple partners, spit roasting, mating press, full Nelson,frenching,rimming,body oil,bestiality,water sports,wax play,sex machines,being filmed,cosplay,NTR,petplay,exhibitionism,biting and pretty much anything that isn’t my limits
Scat,gore,vore,hyper sizes,necro and vomit
If that's of interest to you, please get in touch at Demondork on Kik and come with any questions you have, clarifications you need and ideas you'd like to share. Just please do more than just tell me you're interested. Don't worry about responding slowly/late, I still want to hear from you. Finally, please no chat requests, I will simply ignore them.
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2023.06.06 19:28 nonsensical_solitude Swiffer Girl Video – The Age Of Influencer Premiers On Hulu

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2023.06.06 19:27 Sach-Ki-Raftar-News लड़की को किया किडनैप, फिर जबरदस्ती लिए फेरे CM Ashok Gehlot #shorts ...

लड़की को किया किडनैप, फिर जबरदस्ती लिए फेरे CM Ashok Gehlot #shorts Sach Ki Raftar
राजस्थान के जैसलमेर जिले के मोहनगढ़ थाना क्षेत्र के सांखला गांव में 1 जून को एक युवती के घर से जबरन अपहरण कर के शादी करने का मामला सामने आया है जिसका एक वीडियो सोशल मीडिया में जमकर वायरल हो रहा है। इस पुरे मामले को लेकर युवती के परिजनों व गांव के लोगों ने आज जिला कलेक्टर कार्यलय के प्रदर्शन किया. युवती के परिजनों की मांग है कि युवती को अपहरण करने वाले लोगों के खिलाफ मोहनगढ़ थाने में विभिन्न धाराओं में मामला दर्ज होने के बावजूद भी अभी तक किसी को भी गिरफ्तार नहीं किया गया है.
इस मामले ने अब तूल पकड़ लिया है और अब ये घटना एक सियासी रूप भी लेने लेगा है। लड़की के परिजन दोषियों के गिरफ़्तारी की लगातार मांग कर रहे है और ऐसा न होने पर धरना प्रदर्शन करने की चेतावनी भी दे रहे है।
Kidnapped the girl, then took her forcibly
On June 1, in Sankhla village of Mohangarh police station area of Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, a case of forcibly abducting and marrying a girl from her house has come to light, a video of which is going viral on social media. Regarding this whole matter, the family members of the girl and the people of the village demonstrated in the district collector's office today. The family members of the girl demand that no one has been arrested so far despite a case being registered against the people who abducted the girl in Mohangarh police station under various sections.
This matter has now caught fire and now this incident will also take a political form. The family members of the girl are continuously demanding the arrest of the culprits and if this does not happen, they are also warning of protesting.
#GirlsKidnapping #CMAsholkGehlot #ViralVideo #Rajasthan #SocialMedia #SachKiRaftar
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2023.06.06 19:27 Eldwrin2008 People are gonna really hate me for this, but makeup is shit

Makeup just makes a girl look fake and make girls feel more insecure about how they look. And it also makes them look terrible, especially fake tan and those huge lashes. And then they go and complain how guys are fake and all that when they are the one who spend £200 to look like a plastic doll just to go to the shops. I personally think it should be banned from schools.
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2023.06.06 19:26 ThrowRASarmale I (23M) think my gf (22F) cares about video games more than she cares about me.

Me and my gf have been in a long distance relationship for about 1.5 years. We are from the same country, but she moved with her parents in another country when she was in middle school. We still live with our parents, but we were planning on moving in together.
But there is a problem, she acts like the video games are more important.
While we were playing a game of valorant, i didnt listen to her call and did what i thought it was the best, anyway, we lost the game and she started screaming at me and calling me names, and says that I don't give a f about her opinion and told me she will not talk to me for the rest of the night and left.
After I left her to calm down so we can speak about it she got even angrier cause I didn't messaged her and we argued even more. After 2 days of arguing, she woke up, didn't message me and went on discord with a stranger from valorant, and she told me that that guy, Vali, understands her and I should go to him for advice to understand her.
And later that day, i was seeing the relationship far from over, and in a last argument I told her every time she didn't listen to my feelings or denied them, and even after that she was kinda making fun of me, but after some time she realised I want to leave, and she started to apologise, cry and promised me that she will change and be better for me.
After that it was all good for like 1-2 weeks, she was kind, sweet, caring etc., but then she started doing the same things, being vulgar, getting angry and screaming at me for games and having pointless arguments.
For context, she is BI.
Before this big argument, she was flirting with one of our girl friend, telling her how much she loves her and some explicit things as well while I was around them, I told her that I feel uncomfortable while she does that, and asked what can we do about it, and to that she answered "you either suck it up or it is what it is", and told me that I shouldn't care cause she doesn't mean it. And when she gets angry in an arguments she says she is too tired to deal with me anymore, that if she could let the feelings go she would, she calls me names etc.
What should I do exactly? I tried to talk with her before and did not work, is a break up the only option?
Me and my girlfriend of 1.5 years always get in arguments because i don't do as she wants in video games and she oftens doesn't listen to my feelings or denies them, promised she will changed but she was back with the same attitude after 1-2 weeks.
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2023.06.06 19:26 Apprehensive_Load132 I’m done with relationships

My girl(now ex) officially broke up with me right now with the classic “It’s not you, it’s me”. I’m done with relationships. I’ll focus all my energy on studying for the bar. Kapagod maging goodboy.
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2023.06.06 19:25 piccrewmak Here’s the lyrics to the Rosie song

She’s a swimmy little shark she will swim into your heart cus she’s my swimmy swimmy girl and she’s my precious baby girl cus she’s a swimmy swimmy shark sometimes she go bark and sometimes she swimmy through the park cus she’s a precious baby girl she’s my precious little world (this just keeps going on for as long as you want)
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2023.06.06 19:25 throwawayy5279 The idea of cheating on her (21f) turns me (23m) on

I just want to know if I’m alone in this feeling. I’ve been with my lady since I was 17. We’ve had so many ups and downs in the years and I know I’ve gotten used to her always being there. I love her company, she is a beautiful girl and I don’t want to lose her cause we have built our the start of our lives together. Most of the time we know exactly what the other person is thinking or about to say it’s kind of amazing. She’s been the only girl I’ve ever had sex with (there were other encounters But I shot them down) and lately I feel like I sold myself short. I missed out on the dirty one night stands that come with growing up and that was something I always wanted to experience at least once since hook up apps became a thing. I just want to get it out of my system and have a night with no strings attached, is it wrong that I crave a lusty experience?
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2023.06.06 19:25 valonianfool Writing a story inspired by Purim

I've got the idea for a story loosely by "the book of Esther" from the Hebrew bible; they share some similar story beats and parallels, but it's meant to be my own story.
The story takes place in 16-or 17th century Sweden and follows a huldra who has been captured and enslaved by a landed gentleman who dabbled in witchcraft to gain wealth and power. Using magic, he forces her to act as his perfect, obedient wife and views her as a status symbol. One day, he throws a banquet for the local nobility meant to show off his wealth and gaining prestige, and he demands that the huldra show up to show off his beautiful wife. She refuses, resulting in him punishing her which is the final straw. She escapes, fleeing into the forest which was her home. But despite her newfound freedom she still isn't satisfied; she wants revenge on the gentleman for his abuse of her.
After some time, the gentleman remarries; the bride is a girl from a noble family who have fallen on hard times and need the wealth. Learning this, the huldra sees an opportunity and seeks to befriend the girl as part of her revenge scheme. But they soon develop feelings for each other and the huldra wants to free her from an abusive marriage.
The story will deal with themes of abuse, misogyny, the madonna-whore complex and sexual freedom.
"The book of Esther" has an important meaning for a lot of jewish people, so I want to know if my idea is disrespectful since it doesn't involve judaism or jewish people in any way. Part of my motivation for writing it comes from wanting a happy ending for Vashti from the book of Esther.
I've considered naming the huldra "Mashti" which is the name of an Elamite goddess and probably the inspiration for Vashti's name, and the girl as "Ellen" which is almost like "Ester", but I'm afraid that it would be too close to appropriation.
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