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2023.06.06 18:51 lh7884 Torontonians making more than $236K need to save for about 25 years to buy a house in the city: report

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2023.06.06 18:49 Educational-Mouse-99 Going to meet up with fellow mids, is this a good way to establish a friend group?

I’m a college programmer in a battalion full of 4/C’s and I’ve already got my duties for the summer, workout, memorize navy terminology etc…
For reference I’m in the national battalion out of GW and I’m going to CUA. I’ve talked with my roommate and we’re squared away with housing. I’m looking to make friends and people in my battalion are from all over the country and I sent a message in our group chat wondering if people would like to meet up in DC before NSO to get to know each other. I’m not doing NSI cause college programmer.
Is this a good way to meet with other mids and establish a good friend group?
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My son has recently started living back with me last year. He used to live with his dad's side of the family (not his dad) I gave birth at a young of 15 and suffered really badly with mental health and trying to unalive myself. And I wanted a stable mind for my sweet sweet baby, I looked after him for 9 and half months and my mental health declined massively. This was years ago, so fast forward to now. My son got into an accident when he was staying the night at his grandma's house (on my side of the family) which resulted in stitches. My son is completely fine, he's 6 years old and autistic. Anyway since the accident his dad's side of the family are making out I can't look after him? Making comments saying he's lost weight (he's had a growth spurt and eats like a horse, he's also gained weight and is in all his criteria for his age). Demanding to have him and not asking if they can for example I had planned to go away on the Monday with my son for a few days, and they kicked off saying it was the only day they had to see him. Yet they haven't bothered about seeing him or anything since I've had him nor have they bithered with him till the accident, they are sending snotty messages and having ago at me if I say I have plans with him. They wanted to come and see him and take him out as soon as he was out of the hospital, my son is autistic and he refused to go out when he had the accident due to the stitches on his face. When I explained this I got loads of hate? But never said they couldn't see him, i said it would just be at my house. Not once has his dad been to see him, pay for him, ask him how he's doing or ask for photos? Hes was always been like this even when my son was born, i used to get spamed calls and texts everyday with death threats, abuse and him saying he will take my baby away even now the only thing I got off his dad was him saying he was going to unalive me when things didn't go his way (we was supposed to vist them but my son got an ear infection this was months before the accident).It's all giving me anxiety especially when they never wanted my son placed with me. Even after social said that there are 0 concerns and are happy for me to have him again and placed him into my care full time. Social are out of the picture but I still have someone who comes round and checks on him and the house and they see how much he is thriving and how happy he is? He's even doing really well at school and got star of the week twice in a row! So would I be the arsehole for cutting them out his life? Even when they never bothered with him before the accident only until after the accident?
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2023.06.06 18:49 wrenchclench [Advice] Which country is better for buying luxury goods?

I am on the hunt for another watch. Considering Grand Seiko, Tudor, IWC (Rolex if I get incredibly lucky). Which country is the best for tax free shopping, the Netherlands or Denmark?
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2023.06.06 18:49 Vegetable-Design-509 How does Southampton compare to Bristol?

I am moving down to Southampton in September for university (Solent) and I’m wondering how it compares to my hometown, Bristol.
I would consider Bristol a decently lively city, it has a larger population than Southampton and has a big student population/nightlife.
How does Southampton compare?
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2023.06.06 18:49 Vegetable-Design-509 How does Southampton compare to Bristol?

I am moving down to Southampton in September for university (Solent) and I’m wondering how it compares to my hometown, Bristol.
I would consider Bristol a decently lively city, it has a larger population than Southampton and has a big student population/nightlife.
How does Southampton compare?
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2023.06.06 18:49 LovetoLearn1994 Saturn in pisces in 7th house smdh... predictions for saturn return ?

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2023.06.06 18:48 Big_Shot_Fancy_Pantz TW: was I in the wrong for trying to contact my friend?

Was I in the wrong for trying to contact her?
Backstory, I(37) had a friend(37) who ultimately blocked me last November for reasons unknown to me.
Last week, she showed up at my house with her two children wanting to make amends. She realized that her boyfriend blocked my number and said that she didn’t know and was told by him that I blocked her. He told her that I said some awful things even though it wasn’t true. Told me that she just got out of a domestic violent relationship, showed me a picture of her with a black eye, said that he was controlling her, blocked her friends and families numbers, and isolated her from everyone.
She said that she called the cops on him because she was scared that he was going to beat her children. also said the cops escorted him out and he never returned. That’s when she said they broke up. Additionally said some damning information about him being a murderer back home and all sorts of stuff.
I gave her a second chance, we made amends, and her children and my child had fun playing. Said she was happy with reestablishing our friendship and then left my house.
Fast forward a few days and she sends me a message summarizing that my daughter said something mean to her child and that was going to be a big problem. We couldn’t be friends and that she wished us well and blocked me. Didn’t give me a chance to respond or work things out.
I called her trying to get an explanation, nothing. I thought that if she wasn’t willing to listen to me, then maybe someone on my behalf could talk to her because I was concerned for her safety but also to work things out. Nope, as soon as my friend said my name, she hung up and blocked her. Then, she called the cops on me fabricating a story that I was harassing her, she was fearful for her life, and that my husband who is ex military with guns was going to kill her. The officer told me that when he talked to her that she had a man living with her who was her fiancée and said that he understood my side of the story but told me to stop contacting her. I agreed.
I know, with hindsight being 20/20, I realized that I shouldn’t have tried to reach out to her but considering what she told and showed me last week, I was legitimately concerned. I am wracking my brain like crazy trying to figure out what I did wrong.
TL/dr Absent friend tried to make amends and explained that she was in a domestic violent relationship, then ghosted me again.
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2023.06.06 18:48 TonyLiberty Verses AI has many catalysts that'll help it capitalize on the rapidly growing AI market (and a likely NASDAQ uplisting too) [DD on why I'm bullish on $VRSSF (OTC)/ $VERS.NEO]:

Here is another round of updates and additional due diligence on $VRSSF (OTCQX)/ $VERS (NEO) to share. Since writing a DD for this stock on Reddit, it has nearly tripled. Volume has increased heavily since. Here is why I am EVEN MORE bullish now:
Original DD 2 months ago:”
TLD Investment Thesis: VERSES AI is a cognitive computing company that is developing a new type of AI that is designed to mimic human understanding. Verses AI is called GIA, has developed an advanced AI platform called KOSM which powers it. KOSM can connect data, rules, simulations, and processes to help businesses make better decisions. It also has a broad range of applications in industries such as smart cities, smart grids, and smart homes, to name a few.
Contrary to existing Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s GPT, Google’s BARD, and Meta’s LLAMA, which generate content based on inferred patterns but lack deep comprehension, VERSES is striving for a more human-like understanding. They aim for their AI not merely to mimic but to truly understand, incorporating new information post-training and applying nuance, similar to a human brain.
Today (6/5), the largest law firm in the world, Dentons, has co-authored a 50-page whitepaper with VERSES on how to govern AI, titled “A Path to Global AI Governance”. The report by VERSES and Dentons is a valuable contribution to the debate about the governance of AI, as it is a set of protocols, believed to become the backbone of AI governance. The report’s recommendations are comprehensive and well-argued, and they offer a roadmap for how to ensure that AI is used safely and responsibly.
Verses AI has a strong team of experienced AI professionals, and it has raised over $20 million in funding (this funding will help the company to grow its business and develop its AI platform). The company is already working with Fortune 500 companies, and it has the potential to be a major player in the AI industry.
VERSES’s leadership and technology AI team is led by Dr. Karl Friston (Dr. Karl Friston is a prominent British neuroscientist and theoretical neurobiologist, widely recognized for his work on brain imaging, neural networks, and computational models of brain function) and others who have a lot of experience in AI, IoT, Robotics, VAR, Enterprise Software, and Global Sales.
If GIA is successful, it could revolutionize the field of AI. Here are some of the benefits of VERSES’s AI: - It could be more accurate and less biased than current AI models. - It could be able to learn and adapt more easily. - It could be able to interact with the physical world in a more natural way. Looking at the AI industry’s prospective growth, it’s slated to become a trillion-dollar industry by 2030, with a CAGR of over 40%. The AI market is growing rapidly. The global AI market is expected to reach $422.37 billion by 2028.
VERSES offers an AI ecosystem for a variety of global solutions to B2B, B2G and B2C businesses in across all major industries. Their business model includes various revenue streams such as licensing, Joint Ventures, KOSM fees, compute fees, transaction fees, and marketplace fees. Verses AI’s focus on diversifying revenue streams and strategic collaborations offers a strong and sustainable business model. The AI industry’s exponential growth, plus Verses AI’s strong foundation and partnerships are very attractive.
VERSES’s AI could have a major impact on a variety of industries, including: - Manufacturing: GIA could be used to automate tasks, improve quality control, and reduce costs. - Logistics: GIA could be used to optimize transportation routes, track inventory, and manage supply chains. - Healthcare: GIA could be used to diagnose diseases, provide personalized care, and develop new treatments. - Education: GIA could be used to personalize learning, provide feedback, and create engaging educational experiences.
VRSSF has good upside potential, a strong business model with multiple revenue streams, significant revenue potential, near-term growth catalysts, a strong cash position as well and has intentions to uplist onto NASDAQ
Verses AI is up while $AI is down. The trading volume of VRSSF has increased a lot. The average volume stands at 369,753, but the most recent volume was nearly three times that at 1,092,582. This increased activity shows heightened investor interest and could signify a positive momentum shift. Overall, the technical analysis data for Verses AI is positive. The stock is trading above its moving averages, the RSI is above 50 and rising, and volume is increasing. These are all bullish signs that suggest that the stock could continue to rise in the future. Financials/ Valuation Data: - Revenue: Revenue has been growing steadily in recent quarters, with a 101.20% YoY quarterly revenue growth. This shows that the company is growing its business and generating more revenue. - The sales growth from 2021 to 2022 is a 2,606.59%. The company has leaped from revenue of 128.5K to 3.48M in just one year. This demonstrates the increasing demand for their products and services and indicates that they’re effectively penetrating the market. - Earnings: Earnings per share (EPS) has been negative in recent quarters, but it is trending upwards. This shows that the company is on the path to profitability. - One critical takeaway from the financials is the company’s ability to control its operating expenses, which dropped significantly from $16.91 million to $4.27 million. This is a strong indication that management is focused on efficiency and cost control, which is an excellent sign for future profitability. - Many young companies, especially in technology, often operate at a loss in their early years as they invest heavily in research, development, and market penetration. The fact that VRSSF has seen such rapid sales growth and improvement in gross income suggests they are on a great path. - Cash flow: Cash flow from operations has been positive in recent quarters, which means that the company is generating enough cash to cover its operating expenses. - Debt: Debt is relatively low, which means that the company does not have a lot of financial obligations. Technical Analysis & Price Action: The trading volume of VRSSF is a noteworthy point. The average volume stands at 369,753, but the most recent volume was nearly three times that at 1,092,582, and recently trading more than 2,000,000 shares daily. This increased activity shows heightened investor interest and could signify a positive momentum shift.
- Moving averages: The 50-day moving average is rising, which is a bullish sign. The 200-day moving average is also rising, which is a sign of a long-term uptrend. - Relative strength index (RSI): The RSI is above 50, which is a bullish sign. The RSI is also rising, which is a sign of increasing momentum. - Bollinger bands: The Bollinger bands are widening, which is a sign of increasing volatility. However, the bands are still relatively narrow, which is a sign of a healthy market. - Volume: Volume is increasing, which is a bullish sign. Increasing volume shows that more people are buying the stock, which is a sign of increasing demand. Conclusion: Overall, Verses AI is a company with a lot of potential. It has a strong team, a solid financial foundation, and a number of innovative products and services. Verses AI can revolutionize the field of AI by being more accurate and less biased than current models while being able to learn and adapt more easily. I believe that Verses AI has the potential to be a major player in the AI industry, and I am bullish on the company.
If you have any additional information, please let me know. Have you heard of it? Are you watching it? Do you own it? Original DD 2 months ago:\_ai\_has\_great\_catalysts\_that\_can\_help\_it/” Recent News/Catalysts: In June 20023, the largest law firm in the world, Dentons, has co-authored a 50-page whitepaper with VERSES on how to govern AI, titled “A Path to Global AI Governance”. Dentons and VERSES have put forward a set of protocols, believed to become the backbone of AI governance. They offer a standard framework, aiming to foster the responsible growth of AI technologies. The report by VERSES and Dentons is a valuable contribution to the debate about the governance of AI. The report’s recommendations are comprehensive and well-argued, and they offer a roadmap for how to ensure that AI is used safely and responsibly. In March 2023, Verses AI raised an additional C$600,000, bringing the total amount of capital raised to C$7,504,845.30. This funding will help the company to continue to grow and develop its AI technologies. In March 2023, Verses AI announced a strategic partnership with SimWell, a leader in digital simulations. The partnership will combine Verses AI’s advanced AI technology with SimWell’s experience in building digital twins to deliver predictive modeling simulations. This collaboration will empower enterprise clients in various sectors to generate real-time models to make data-driven decisions, optimize processes, and reduce costs. In February 2023, Verses AI announced the development of a next-generation AI personal assistant called GIA (General Intelligent Agent). GIA will automate data organization, predictive reasoning, and the ability to learn over time. GIA is poised to become the first intelligent all-in-one solution for anyone seeking a smarter way to organize, manage, and automate their personal and professional activities. Verses AI is planning the international beta rollout of GIA beginning in the summer of 2023. In February 2023, Verses AI partnered with SVT Robotics to expand the application of AI in industrial environments, specifically warehouses and distribution centers. As the demand for automation and AI continues to grow, strategic partnerships like this can create a competitive edge and open up new opportunities for companies involved in the supply chain and logistics sector. In November 2022, Verses Technologies and Blue Yonder have partnered to provide adaptive intelligence and Spatial Twin management applications to Blue Yonder’s global logistics customers. These applications will help improve workflow optimization, traceability, and intelligent automation in warehouses and distribution centers. This partnership is a good thing for the global supply chain. It will help companies to address some of the persistent challenges that they are currently facing, such as labor shortages, equipment availability, and the ripple effect of global bottlenecks. By implementing these advanced technologies, supply chain companies can enhance their routing, slotting, and capacity management. As the world continues to face supply chain challenges, this partnership is a good step towards addressing current supply chain issues by using AI technology. Additionally, it will help companies to automate tasks, which can free up employees to focus on more strategic work.
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2023.06.06 18:48 This-Spend-7170 How did you know it was time to graduate therapy?

I stopped drinking this time around in March 2022, had a handful of “binge weekend” slip ups between then and August, and have been sober since August. (Previous time around lasted March 2020 to May 2021.)
I started going to therapy pretty much exactly a year ago, at first for help with getting sobriety to stick, and then after a few months I switched therapists to find someone more specialized in dealing with the underlying issues for why I started drinking in the first place.
Between September and January I saw 2 therapists for that and both were kinda helpful but not a great fit. First therapist I saw once a week and went to biweekly with the next two. Then I found my current therapist and have been seeing her every 3 weeks after 2 initial weekly sessions. I like her a lot, no real complaints.
My general “issue” is, I feel solid. The first therapist helped me find good strategies to deal with the drinking, and I’ve been going to weekly AA meetings since August as well (sporadically since last June). The current therapist gave me good strategies to deal with the relationship/self worth issues I had been having that were the ultimate reasons for the drinking and all the problems in that category are either solved or I have tools to manage them.
It’s not like my life has no challenges, but I feel equipped to deal with them. This spring I’ve moved cities, changed jobs, gone through some transitions and conflicts with my partner, and I feel like I handled all that in a healthy way. (Not a 100% perfect way because I’m human, but a way I feel good about.) I never felt the desire to drink rather than deal with one of those issues.
My last couple therapy sessions (so since like the end of March), I’ve struggled to find things to talk about. The sessions mostly go: I say what’s happened in my life in the last three weeks, any conflicts/challenges/adjustments that happened, how I thought about them, how I discussed with relevant people, and what solutions we came to. She asks some follow up questions which are all good questions, but all things I’ve already thought about and journaled about and have answers to. She tells me basically “good job”. Again, no complaints with her because there’s nothing I’m conflicted about so I don’t know what else I’d want her to say.
To me it feels like especially given that I have weekly AA, and am good about journaling, I don’t need therapy anymore. But I know that knowing I go makes my partner and parents feel comfy after dealing with my shenanigans. And a year of therapy (and not very long with any single therapist) doesn’t feel very long? (Compared to about a decade of issues with relationships and alcohol (I’m 28) - though I was always pretty introspective about what was wrong, just eventually got the kick in the butt to take it seriously.)
I also know I’ve been sober about as long as last time around, but it feels different. Last time I felt “cured now, I can drink normally again”. This time I just have no desire to.
I have a session tomorrow and will talk about this with her, but figured in the meantime I’d like to head others’ experiences. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 18:48 DoctorOtter I think I need anger management treatment. That. Or my life just sucks and I take it out on the world.

I'm just so fed up with everything. The slightest little thing gets me in a really bad mood. A few minutes ago I yelled at the top of my lungs at my screwdriver. I bought it yesterday. 100 bucks. I thought it was a nice deal. But the fucking thing is weak as a friggin five year old malnourished child. And I lost my resit. Recite. Reciet! How the FUCK DO TOU SPELL RECIET! I'M NOT GOING TO GOOGLE IT.
Ok. My heart is still raising from my fallout with my new screwdriver. I'm 36. I'm unemployed and me and my girlfriend live rent free at my grandparents old house. We try to fix it up but since I'm such a failure I can't even paint a wall without spilling paint all over the floor and have to drive back to the store and buy new paint and then drive back and paint the fucking wall and it turns out shit like always because the wallpaper bleeds through and it's uneven and everything I try just turn out to shit.
And the economy is going to shit and there's a freaking war in Europe and the climate is going to shit and pollution and mass extinction and school shootings and fuck... I just don't want to live on this planet anymore.
Fuck this world. Fuck it hard. Fuck that screwdriver.
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2023.06.06 18:48 Rat-king27 Humanity seems to care more about being alive over continual suffering.

For context I'm heavily depressed and disabled, I cannot leave my house much if at all most days, my mind is awash with negative news and thus my disdain for humans grow with each day.
I find it funny that almost every society cares about someone being alive, over that someone being in constant pain and agony, I will not get better, my condition is genetic, therapy and antidepressants don't work and even most other medication comes with side effects on par with that which it treats.
There is no break, no answer or cure, yet society constant and patronisingly says "it gets better" they give me pamphlets for suicide holiness rather than admitting that there is no help they can give.
I'm expected to live for another 50 years in near constant physical and/or mental torture, no one really cares about me, humans are gross selfish monsters that only care about themselves.
They don't want me to kill myself because they'd be upset, they don't care about my suffering they just don't want to be sad because I died.
I truly and with ever fiber of my being hate humanity, we are a cancer that thinks ourselves a god.
And I hope we get what's coming to us.
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2023.06.06 18:48 ConnorFree First Time Visiting Seattle - Hotel Recommendations? Tips for Traveling without a car?

Hi all, yet another tourist, sorry to annoy anyone, but I’m traveling to your beautiful city for the very first time for my birthday, I’ve always wanted to visit! I’ve been doing my research and trying to plan accordingly, but I’ve got some questions if any locals or previous travelers wouldn’t mind helping out. I’ve decided to skip out on the car for this trip, I’ll be flying in and I will be using the light link rail and other public transportation. My first concern is I don’t want to pay too much for a hotel, especially since it will just be me, so I’m hoping to find an affordable hotel, not like the $200-$300 a night downtown spots. However, without driving, I’m still looking to find a hotel that’s accessible to everything, or maybe a hotel that’s close to one of the light link stops or near a bus station? Where should I stay or what part of town should I look for? And any tips for traveling without a car? Anything would be appreciated and I’d love to hear any recommendations anyone has, it’d mean a lot and I can’t wait to visit!
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2023.06.06 18:48 snarkystac HE IS NOT WORKING

So yep she just said in her live if a person can help them with a place to stay while he looks for a job. So that didn’t last long. And anyone who lets them stay in their home like rent a room I feel pity for……
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2023.06.06 18:47 BarbarianNayee Can I rebuild this friendship?

Hello. So, a few years ago I met this person who quickly became a very close friend. We felt like we understood each other pretty well and had lots of fun together. I really cherished our complicity, the gossip and the jokes. We formed a group of friends with our respective couples and some other friends and got together regularly. Nearly two years after that, the long term romantic relationship I was in ended and I got very depressed. The new dynamics in which me and my ex were uncomfortable with each other broke up the friend group (for me, at least) after a few months. My close friend made a great effort to keep up their friendship with both of us. But one day we got together to have some drinks and I got really drunk and passed out at their home. Next morning they asked me if I remembered what I did. I didnt. Turns out I hit on my friend and gave them a kiss on the shoulder without consent and got them very uncomfortable with me. I couldn't believe it and started wondering what the hell was going on in my head because I didn't consciously know I would do that. We talked about it and I told them I was sorry and that I would try to work it out. A couple of weeks later I passed out drunk at their house again and again made them uncomfortable with advances, I didn't touch them, but I kept bringing up intimate topics. I didn't remember what I did. When they told me I did that the next morning, I left right away feeling very guilty and embarrassed. We talked about it on the phone, I asked for forgiveness and told them I wouldn't bother them again. So I decided to leave them alone and work on my mess. I haven't seen them since. All of this happened more than a year ago. Recently, something about their work popped on my timeline that made me feel really proud about them and I reached out and said hi on their dm, asked how they've been and congratulated them on their work. We talked a bit. I then asked if they would like to rebuild a friendship. They didn't answer for three weeks, but they have just answered me that it could happen and they're open to listen to what I have to say.
How do I approach this? I think I didn't really want to have anything romantic with them. I believe I was craving affection and I was getting into destructive behaviors. I know I didn't respect them and I have reflected on why I acted like that. I haven't gotten drunk since the last time we met. I know we have had a really nice friendship, but I'm not sure if I can repair what I did.
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2023.06.06 18:47 Jdjxjxjxdiej Help with college/course possibilities

Hey guys, my brother just finished 10th grade and he dosent know what which area interested in. Passing 10th with 50% was the most he could do. We think it’s best he chooses a course from humanities so that it’s easy for him to pass but there aren’t any humanities colleges in our city.
My question is, are there any online courses certified by the govt. or a board that holds the same value as 11th and 12th (junior college) because our parents will not be willing to send him away to study.
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2023.06.06 18:47 Ligmaaballz New bike or second hand , help me decide

Hi everyone, I was planning to go for a bike 200cc around and it's my first bike , main use is to ride in city and occasional touring , one thought was to go for a new one which would cost me around 1.75 - 1.80 lakh and another thought was to go for second hand 2-3 year old version of the same which would cost me 1 lakh or less ,and save 70-80k of mine , bike that I'm considering is tvs Apache RTR 200 / NS200 pulsar / pulsar F250 ( rtr is first preference)
Give me your suggestions plz :)
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2023.06.06 18:47 quarterlymaple I (26F) want to move for work. Breakup with my bf (26F) seems inevitable

I recently started a new job where I am expected to be on site every couple weeks. I work from home the rest of the time but I'm realizing that, after working from home for 3 years, I am ready for a change and enjoy working in the office for a ton of reasons.
My bf of 1.5 years knows that I would need to work on-site to continue to pursue this job after my contract ends. When I told him this, he said it would be really advantageous to have this employer on my resume (implying I can get a job elsewhere). This rubbed me the wrong way because he has been so focused on his career over the past year, why can't I focus on mine? I love the work that I'm doing and look forward to it. I'm paid incredibly well and it's the opportunity of a lifetime for me.
I'm not sure what is the best way to break it to him, or when. I won't have the savings to move for another couple weeks. We also have a lease on an apartment that doesn't end for another 8 months so any advice is welcome.
My bf has said he doesn't want to. What if he changes his mind and says he wants to move with me?
I love him dearly, things aren't bad but I'm ready to move on for a variety of reasons including personal differences. We've talked a lot about our future and how he wants a family and to build a house together but I want to focus on my career and travel and I'm really uncertain about having kids and he doesn't really like traveling. He's really great in a lot of ways but I don't know if I can see myself settling in the near future.
I want to end things with him and move on in the best way possible for both of us. He's going to be heartbroken and completely blindsided and I'm feeling guilty and anxious thinking about it.
Any advice is appreciated. Thanks so much.
TL;DR i want to move for work and end things with my bf the gentlest way possible. not sure when or how.
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2023.06.06 18:47 nekooOs12121212 Idk what to do

I was dating this one guy and we were talking for weeks, we got along pretty well and at first I was just playing him and I knew that he didn’t like me and that he was after my body I didn’t like him at first but eventually I started really liking him because he was insecure and I related to him he really wanted to go on a date with me idk why but he really did We met online but he was in the same school as I was one day we met up in person during lunch and he almost kissed me he was so hottt and his eyelashes were really long and the way the dappled light was on his hair and light shined into his eyes was so pretty everything was hazy his face was close to mine and everything was so beautiful and I wanted to kiss him and he wanted to kiss me but I couldn’t kiss him because I wasn’t mentally prepared things didn’t work out in the end because he probably just wanted to use me and planning our date didn’t go exactly as planned so we ended up never going on that date later on we kinda just fell apart he also put me in this situation where I can’t talk to him at all or message him at all and I saw him the other day rock climbing near my house and I really wanted to say Hi to him but I was too afraid he walked around me and he sat not too far from me but I could still see him and I wondered if he still liked me because I still like him
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2023.06.06 18:47 Due-Ad9310 Need to know what the studio city platform in LA looks like for a book, can anyone help?

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2023.06.06 18:47 Effective-Bed1718 Wrote a blurb for my book - would u read this?

Even though there’s aliens and stuff in this I’ve been told it leans more into the space fantasy genre. There’s a hard magic system and tropes that lean more into fantasy too like gods Most of the series takes place on Earth as well. I’ve been working on this thing for like 7 years and I think it’s time for some fresh eyes on the synopsis 😅
Superstition and conspiracy sparks in the city of Lifeblood when radicalised young brute Rhydian Morgans is detained, having just arrived from beyond the Outer Wall. He harbours information that could spark a war across the galaxy. Rhydian is proud to call himself a Crimson Dawn. He believes that eradicating Cartaxians - a previously hostile Alien race - is the best way to ensure Humanity’s survival. When torture and questioning barely dents Rhydian’s resolve, he is sent to the Axxa Court as a last resort - a prison specifically designed to break only the worst inmates. Rhydian is prepared to spend his life in there if it means protecting this info, but the situation becomes messy when he finds himself in the company of a friend he’d previously thought killed, Jett. With this revelation, hazy memories of a past he has suppressed begin to haunt him. Revealing what he knows to the authorities will guarantee safety for himself and Jett, but will cost his chance at victory against Cartaxians.
Fifteen year old Cartaxian, Leo, refuses to look back at a childhood savaged by war. However, their plans for an easy living are compromised when witnessing a brutal homicide thrusts them in the middle of a nation-wide conspiracy. They have been tasked to stop this escalating before it can be revealed to the public. He’s assigned to a dismissive soldier for protection, and an unhinged aviator who's married to the bottle. As if his company wasn't stress inducing enough, rumour has it there are those outside the city walls who want to slaughter every last one of Leo's kind…and he's headed straight for them.
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2023.06.06 18:47 ExternalUnlucky17 Is this a good deal ?

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