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this community is completely dedicated towards Ed Sheeran and sheerios, everything related to Ed will be here.

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Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran is an English singer and songwriter.

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Discussion and examination of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's beautiful romantic relationship through readings of their music and public personas. Open your eyes to Edlor! The edvidence is insurmountable!

2023.06.06 17:36 HotSinceNinety-Two Ed Sheeran GA tickets for sale (CHEAP!)- 6/10 MetLife Stadium

I am asking for USD 280 for TWO-GENERAL-ADMISSION Tickets for the Saturday 6/10 event at Metlife Stadium. I bought them a while back and unfortunately am not able to go to the event.
I can provide proof of purchase if required.
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2023.06.06 17:23 Doom_solider AI Ed sheeran sings Jack Black's Peaches (Made by me)

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2023.06.06 17:16 eriklehnshrr in recovery, will i ever gain my old metabolism back?

basically before my ed i was relatively small and i ate whatever the hell i wanted and didn't care ab calories whatsoever. i was even less physically active than i am now, and i workout and run and stuff. i'm still scared that since i'm usually in a slight calorie surplus it's just gonna lead to infinite weight gain, someone please tell me otherwise 😭 i just really wanna get back to my old self in a metabolism way yk to help me get tf out of treatment
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2023.06.06 17:11 No-Communication7220 2Step - Ed Sheeran x Animals - Maroon 5 Remix

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2023.06.06 17:02 thinkingstranger June 5, 2023
This morning, CBS News cameras captured on video the sight of former president Trump’s lawyers entering the Department of Justice.
It appears there is reason to suspect Trump’s lawyers delivered to the former president bad news about Trump’s refusal to return to the government—that is, to the American people—the classified documents he stole when he left the White House.
The Twitter account of the Republican National Committee promptly tweeted footage of House Oversight Committee chair Representative James Comer (R-KY) suggesting that the “Biden family” has engaged in “a pattern of bribery, where payments would be made through shell accounts and multiple banks,” in a system of “money laundering.” There is no evidence of these accusations, and their framing of Biden as part of a “family corruption scandal” is pretty transparently designed to make the Bidens look like the Trumps, although there is no Biden family business as there is a Trump Organization.
Republican leaders have tiptoed around former president Trump even if they were hoping to move him offstage, but that caution broke today when the governor of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu, who in February said he would vote for Trump if he is the 2024 nominee, warned in a Washington Post op-ed that the Republican Party must break free of Trump and the culture wars or face “electoral irrelevance.”
Sununu announced that he would not seek the party’s presidential nomination himself, keeping his powder dry to try to correct the Republican Party’s course. In a clear shot at the many Republicans jumping into the race, he warned that “candidates should not get into this race to further a vanity campaign, to sell books or to audition to serve as Donald Trump’s vice president.” He promised to work for whichever candidate he thought best positioned to win in 2024.
Sununu called for returning the party to “classic conservative principles of individual liberty, low taxes and local control,” saying that Republicans need to “expand beyond the culture wars that alienate independents, young voters and suburban moms” and appeal to new voters on substantive issues. He also took on the issue of abortion, which has created a groundswell of opposition to Republicans, saying that “Republicans should recognize that every time they open their mouths to talk about banning abortion, an independent voter joins the Democrats.”
Indeed, as Kate Riga of Talking Points Memo wrote today, the abortion issue is suddenly toxic for Republicans. After years of calling for the end of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion, Republicans got their wish almost a year ago with the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health decision. Republican-dominated states promptly began to pass antiabortion laws at the state level. But a majority of voters actually support abortion access, even in Republican-dominated states. They are eager to restore abortion rights, while the evangelical base of the Republican Party wants a federal abortion ban.
Republicans running for president are now trying to avoid the issue, since they need to support a federal ban on abortion to win base voters but will repel a majority of general voters if they do. Putting Republicans into power will likely mean a federal ban that will run badly against the popular will. It is not clear how Republican candidates will square this circle, but it is unlikely to go away simply because Republicans try not to talk about it.
While many eyes in the United States are focused on domestic political events, today’s news also included reports that the Ukrainian military may have begun its counteroffensive to push Russian invaders out of Ukraine (although Ukrainian officials denied it, saying that no single action would indicate that a counteroffensive had begun).
The U.K. Ministry of Defence reported that there has been a “substantial increase in fighting along numerous sectors of the front, including those which have been relatively quiet for several months.” It also said that the feud between the mercenary Wagner Group and the Russian Ministry of Defence has “reached an unprecedented level.” It is not clear they will continue to cooperate.
Natasha Bertrand, Zachary Cohen, and Kylie Atwood of CNN reported today that Ukraine has encouraged sympathizers and agents in Russia to sabotage targets there, diverting Russian attention from Ukraine and bringing the threat of war home to Russians.
Tonight, part of the Nova Kakhovka Dam was breached, sending a flood down the Dnipro River. The breach will create flooding downstream. It will also affect drinking water, and the electricity for more than 3 million people. It threatens the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, whose reactors are cooled with water from the reservoir above the dam, but tonight the Ukrainian state nuclear energy company Energoatom said the situation is under control.

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2023.06.06 16:56 Original_Cap7790 MetLife Ed Sheeran Concert on June 10th

I have tickets to Ed Sheeran at Metlife - section 104 row 6 And have an option to switch to section 236 row 2. Anyone have any idea which seats would be better? It’s the first concert of my life so I have no idea! Thanks. 😄
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2023.06.06 16:27 AsymmetrikLeverage ID-0 (Anime Review and Discussion)

I watched ID-0. Here are my thoughts:

ID-0 is about a naive astrogeologist girl and a group of space bandits, some of whom are minds trapped inside robot bodies, who engage in illegal space mining. Things go wrong during one of their illicit excavations and the plot spirals from there. All the characters have unique personalities and I enjoyed the chemistry of this motley crew working together.

This show is actual genuine science fiction and frequently invokes intriguing sci-fi concepts such as digital consciousness, robotics and cloning. The story is interesting and engaging; it incorporates mystery elements well and does a good job of 'peeling back the onion' as the plot progresses. As a whole, ID-0 is quite creative and unique; it feels like a hobby project moreso than a commercial anime.

ID-0 also seems to have a budget as low as a hobby project. All of the character animation is CGI, but it doesn't look completely awful and I didn't find the faces to be uncanny or unsettling in ways I've experienced with CGI animation in the past. A lot of the celestial landscapes are cool and the show looks best when it is depicting spaceships, planets and things of that nature. Although they are infrequent, the action scenes in this, especially the space battles, are actually quite entertaining; the CGI looks nice and dynamic. There are also lots of awesome spaceships, and the celestial environment is a nice backdrop. I couldn't help but laugh at the space motorbikes with the decorative-flames paintjobs – they fit the mood of the anime well. In some ways, ID-0 is metal as fuck but also doesn't take itself too seriously; it's a really fun ride overall.

The soundtrack is somewhat unconventional but fits the atmosphere of the show. The OP/ED songs are endearingly cheesy. I liked the voice acting for Grayman and Rick.

My overall rating: 7/10
ID-0 is an endearing passion project with a unique intriguing story, fun likeable cast, and lots of cool creative sci-fi stuff mainly relating to space, robotics, consciousness, physics and the like. If you can overlook its janky visuals, ID-0 is a great sci-fi show.

If you're a fan of actual science fiction (i.e. not space romcoms) then you would likely appreciate this show. I enjoyed it way more than I expected.
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2023.06.06 16:02 RobYaLunch Billboard Chart Discussion - Week Of June 10, 2023

Billboard Hot 100 chart
Position Title Artist ▲/▼ Last week Weeks Charting Peak
1 Last Night Morgan Wallen - 1 18 1
2 Karma Taylor Swift Featuring Ice Spice ▲+25 27 12 2
3 Flowers Miley Cyrus ▼-1 2 20 1
4 All My Life Lil Durk Featuring J. Cole ▲+3 7 3 2
5 Calm Down Rema & Selena Gomez ▼-1 4 39 4
6 Kill Bill SZA ▼-3 3 25 1
7 Ella Baila Sola Eslabon Armado X Peso Pluma ▼-1 6 11 4
8 Fast Car Luke Combs ▲+2 10 10 8
9 Favorite Song Toosii ▼-4 5 15 5
10 Creepin' Metro Boomin, The Weeknd & 21 Savage ▼-1 9 26 3
11 Anti-Hero Taylor Swift ▲+1 12 32 1
12 Die For You The Weeknd & Ariana Grande ▼-1 11 44 1
13 Sure Thing Miguel - 13 44 13
14 Where She Goes Bad Bunny ▼-6 8 2 8
15 Something In The Orange Zach Bryan ▲+2 17 58 10
16 Un x100to Grupo Frontera X Bad Bunny ▼-2 14 7 5
17 Boy's A Liar, Pt. 2 PinkPantheress & Ice Spice ▼-2 15 17 3
18 Rock And A Hard Place Bailey Zimmerman ▲+1 19 51 10
19 Search & Rescue Drake ▼-3 16 8 2
20 La Bebe Yng Lvcas x Peso Pluma ▼-2 18 11 11
21 You Proof Morgan Wallen ▲+2 23 55 5
22 Stand By Me Lil Durk Featuring Morgan Wallen ▲+79 [FRESH] 1 22
23 Cupid Fifty Fifty ▼-3 20 11 17
24 As It Was Harry Styles ▼-2 22 61 1
25 Thinkin' Bout Me Morgan Wallen - 25 13 9
26 Chemical Post Malone ▼-5 21 7 13
27 Hits Different Taylor Swift ▲+74 [FRESH] 1 27
28 Snooze SZA - 28 25 28
29 I'm Good (Blue) David Guetta & Bebe Rexha ▲+1 30 40 4
30 Snow On The Beach Taylor Swift Featuring Lana Del Rey ▲+71 -- 7 4
31 Need A Favor Jelly Roll ▲+9 40 9 31
32 One Thing At A Time Morgan Wallen ▼-6 26 26 10
33 Thought You Should Know Morgan Wallen ▲+1 34 42 7
34 Eyes Closed Ed Sheeran ▼-3 31 10 19
35 Pelle Coat Lil Durk ▲+66 [FRESH] 1 35
36 Players Coi Leray ▼-7 29 22 9
37 Dancin' In The Country Tyler Hubbard ▼-13 24 15 23
38 Area Codes Kali ▼-5 33 4 33
39 TQM Fuerza Regida ▼-4 35 2 35
40 Thank God Kane Brown With Katelyn Brown ▼-8 32 38 13
41 War Bout It Lil Durk Featuring 21 Savage ▲+60 [FRESH] 1 41
42 Next Thing You Know Jordan Davis ▼-3 39 19 37
43 Dance The Night Dua Lipa ▲+58 [FRESH] 1 43
44 Tennessee Orange Megan Moroney ▼-3 41 25 30
45 Cruel Summer Taylor Swift ▲+4 49 4 29
46 Under The Influence Chris Brown ▼-9 37 38 12
47 Religiously Bailey Zimmerman ▲+1 48 4 40
48 Princess Diana Ice Spice & Nicki Minaj ▼-5 43 7 4
49 Love You Anyway Luke Combs ▼-4 45 16 15
50 Memory Lane Old Dominion ▲+7 57 9 50
51 Por Las Noches Peso Pluma ▼-9 42 12 28
52 PRC Peso Pluma X Natanael Cano ▼-8 44 16 33
53 Bye Peso Pluma ▲+48 [FRESH] 1 53
54 America Has A Problem Beyonce Featuring Kendrick Lamar ▼-16 38 3 38
55 Mourning Post Malone ▼-19 36 2 36
56 TQG Karol G x Shakira ▼-3 53 14 7
57 See You Again Tyler, The Creator Featuring Kali Uchis ▼-5 52 7 44
58 Daylight David Kushner ▼-7 51 7 47
59 Never Imagined Lil Durk Featuring Future ▲+42 [FRESH] 1 59
60 It Matters To Her Scotty McCreery ▲+2 62 7 60
61 El Azul Junior H x Peso Pluma ▼-5 56 8 55
62 Never Again Lil Durk ▲+39 [FRESH] 1 62
63 AMG Gabito Ballesteros, Peso Pluma & Natanael Cano ▼-5 58 19 37
64 Human Cody Johnson ▼-3 61 18 61
65 Slut Me Out NLE Choppa ▼-10 55 11 28
66 Pound Town 2 Sexyy Red & Tay Keith & Nicki Minaj ▲+35 [FRESH] 1 66
67 Big Dawg Lil Durk & Chief Wuk ▲+34 [FRESH] 1 67
68 Cross The Globe Lil Durk Featuring Juice WRLD ▲+33 [FRESH] 1 68
69 Chanel Becky G & Peso Pluma ▼-9 60 7 55
70 Cowgirls Morgan Wallen Featuring ERNEST ▼-4 66 13 40
71 Waffle House Jonas Brothers ▼-7 64 5 57
72 Put Em On Ice Lil Durk ▲+29 [FRESH] 1 72
73 300 Urus Lil Durk ▲+28 [FRESH] 1 73
74 Sad Songs Lil Durk ▲+27 [FRESH] 1 74
75 You, Me, & Whiskey Justin Moore & Priscilla Block ▲+7 82 4 75
76 Grandson Lil Durk Featuring Kodak Black ▲+25 [FRESH] 1 76
77 What It Is (Block Boy) Doechii Featuring Kodak Black ▼-2 75 4 75
78 Ain't That Some Morgan Wallen ▼-6 72 13 11
79 ICU Coco Jones ▼-12 67 11 63
80 Shake Sumn DaBaby ▼-11 69 4 69
81 Your Heart Or Mine Jon Pardi ▲+8 89 3 81
82 Before Fajr Lil Durk ▲+19 [FRESH] 1 82
83 B12 Lil Durk ▲+18 [FRESH] 1 83
84 Fragil Yahritza y Su Esencia x Grupo Frontera ▼-14 70 6 69
85 Fight The Feeling Rod Wave ▼-17 68 9 16
86 You Got Em Lil Durk ▲+15 [FRESH] 1 86
87 Baby Don't Hurt Me David Guetta, Anne-Marie & Coi Leray ▲+9 96 2 87
88 Beso Rosalia & Rauw Alejandro ▼-11 77 10 52
89 Low Down Lil Baby ▼-15 74 11 50
90 Say Yes To Heaven Lana Del Rey ▼-36 54 2 54
91 People Libianca ▲+1 92 5 89
92 Yandel 150 Yandel & Feid ▼-11 81 16 71
93 El Gordo Trae El Mando Chino Pacas ▼-22 71 11 58
94 Bury Me In Georgia Kane Brown - 94 3 85
95 I Wrote The Book Morgan Wallen ▼-11 84 18 18
96 Moonlight Kali Uchis ▼-16 80 8 80
97 Mathematical Disrespect Lil Mabu ▼-38 59 4 47
98 Everything I Love Morgan Wallen ▼-7 91 18 14
99 Trance Metro Boomin, Travis Scott & Young Thug ▼-20 79 17 42
100 Man Made A Bar Morgan Wallen Featuring Eric Church ▼-12 88 13 15
Billboard Global 200 chart (most popular songs globally)
Position Title Artist ▲/▼ Last week Weeks Charting Peak
1 Ella Baila Sola Eslabon Armado X Peso Pluma ▲+1 2 11 1
2 La Bebe Yng Lvcas x Peso Pluma ▲+2 4 14 2
3 Cupid Fifty Fifty - 3 12 2
4 Flowers Miley Cyrus ▲+1 5 20 1
5 Where She Goes Bad Bunny ▼-4 1 2 1
6 Karma Taylor Swift Featuring Ice Spice ▲+90 96 13 6
7 Un x100to Grupo Frontera X Bad Bunny ▼-1 6 7 1
8 Calm Down Rema & Selena Gomez ▼-1 7 48 3
9 Idol YOASOBI ▲+1 10 7 9
10 All My Life Lil Durk Featuring J. Cole ▲+4 14 3 7
Billboard 200 chart
Position Title Artist Sales Change Last week Weeks Charting
1 Midnights Taylor Swift 283,488 (192,282 pure) +409% 3 32
2 One Thing At A Time Morgan Wallen 127,671 (5,372 pure) +0% 1 13
3 Almost Healed Lil Durk 124,125 (2,388 pure) -- [FRESH] 1
4 SOS SZA 54,174 (8,731 pure) -24% 2 25
5 Dangerous: The Double Album Morgan Wallen 47,801 (977 pure) +3% 4 125
6 Lover Taylor Swift 36,835 (6,005 pure) -4% 6 197
7 Gettin' Old Luke Combs 32,334 (1,946 pure) -4% 8 10
8 Un Verano Sin Ti Bad Bunny 32,069 (355 pure) -3% 9 56
9 American Heartbreak Zach Bryan 30,387 (1,586 pure) -2% 10 54
10 Religiously. The Album. Bailey Zimmerman 29,968 (1,064 pure) -4% 11 3
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Why is X artist higher than Y artist on the 200 chart, even though X artist sold less?
A: This is because of a discrepancy between Billboard's ranking and the ranking from the website that the sales data is scraped from
Q: Where do you get the sales data from?
Q: What does "err" mean on the 200 chart?
A: If you are seeing "err", that means that the bot I use to gather chart data couldn't identify sales data for a particular album because of a difference in album naming between Billboard and HitsDailyDouble
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2023.06.06 15:44 Interesting_Radish10 Hiw should I respond to other people??

I have recently persued ED recovery from bulimia. It is a truly amazing achievement that once I stoped purging all together and with the help of a dietician and a psychotherapist I have also been binge free for about a month now. This I could have never imagined in my life and I feel so proud of me!!
The thing is that during my bulimia phase and for the last 5 years I was always in a relatively "healthy weight"... Well I was quite slim actually because I also overtrained and purged everything out of the system.
As of today , 4 different people have commented on how thin I look and that I should probably start eating .. this is devastating to me since my urge now is to eat everything, just not to seem thin to other people.
Of I know that I have quitted 3 binges a week of A LOT of food and it was quite obvious I would lose some weight, until I am taught about right portion sizes and regular meals etc.. but the comments thought, I dont know if I should answer or just smile politely. They made me so do you think should I respond??
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2023.06.06 15:38 shoelover53 Missed opportunity:

Wonder if C knew that Ed Sheeran was live on the Today show today. He actually spoke with fans on camera! One young couple invited him to their wedding. Imagine WWCD?!!! My mind is racing with how this could have been C's chance to connect with Ed! And it would all be free if you did not include air fare and other travel expenses, and of course a new adult tutu for the occasion! Maybe if she wasn't always trolling on her phone and paid attention to the world around her, she could been there to seduce Ed!!!✈️🚕🚉🗽🗽🗽🗽
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2023.06.06 15:04 Vicarious-Lee-Eye Do you think Ed Sheeran will one day take over Bobby's role in Dead and Co?

Do you think Ed Sheeran will one day take over Bobby's role in Dead and Co? submitted by Vicarious-Lee-Eye to gratefuldead [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 14:16 Reeeeeeeeennnzzie I (21F) doesnt sure what i'm feeling to my online brother(20M) and what to do next. give me Relationship advice

I have a online-non blood related brother (20M) and overall of his treatment, nearly met my Husband material criteria. He's consistent with his doing for almost 8 months. He likes someone else but giving up on his crush, and also me. Nobody ever treated me as right as he do to me. We sometimes argue but mostly only when i get tired with world and late reply-ed on his rant, and again he changed this behaviour after i told him to. Lovely. But as asian i binded with rules that i cant marry a man with different race, and he binded with another rules because he's moslem, he cannot marry woman outside moslem, so i generally become denial when myself asking, "do you love him". can you guys give me advice how to sort this feeling and what to do next? TLDR: I found someone that understand me very well and consistant on it. I might start to catch feeling but still not sure because of our CULTURE boundaries. I need advice
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2023.06.06 13:56 Reeeeeeeeennnzzie I (21F) doesnt sure what i'm feeling to my online brother (20M) and what to do next. give me Relationship advice

I have a online-non blood related brother (20M) and overall of his treatment, nearly met my Husband material criteria. He's consistent with his doing for almost 8 months. He likes someone else but giving up on his crush, and also me. Nobody ever treated me as right as he do to me. We sometimes argue but mostly only when i get tired with world and late reply-ed on his rant, and again he changed this behaviour after i told him to. Lovely. But as asian i binded with rules that i cant marry a man with different race, and he binded with another rules because he's moslem, he cannot marry woman outside moslem, so i generally become denial when myself asking, "do you love him". can you guys give me advice how to sort this feeling and what to do next? TLDR: I found someone that understand me very well and consistant on it. I might start to catch feeling but still not sure because of our CULTURE boundaries. I need advice
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2023.06.06 13:18 Plenty_Toe_5157 Chance me at T25 STEM

Intended Majors: CompEng, CS, Applied Mathematics
Demographics: White male, low-income(<10k $), international student Other info: I applied this fall but decided to take a gap year and reapply next year, I have some new stuff in my application. HS is 3 years, and unis typically ask for 4 years, so I'm not sure what I should do. Will apply for need-based aid. Also on average we have like 15 courses each school year, so I'm not sure if that will come in play, to make up for my non-perfect grades or not.
Grades: 8.25/9 10th Grade, 8.25/9 11th Grade, 9/9 12th Grade I study at the most competitive public school in our country (~30 students are admitted to top unis). We don’t have APs, electives, or honors classes. I’ve kept high grades throughout high school in STEM-related subjects, but unfortunately, I've had some low grades in my humanitarian subjects
Pilot DSAT: 1450 (800 Math 650 EBRW) got this score studying for 1.5 weeks, so I can aim for 1500+ TOEFL ibt: 108(27R, 27L, 26S, 28W) fluke, can definitely get 110+ on retake
⚫ Writing
LORs: soft dev internship plus 3 teachers(Maths, Physics, Social Sciences), overall 9/10 Personal Statement - 8/10 talked about my grandfather's garden and how Id occasionally spend time there with him, and how that built my character and interests.
P.S. my supplemental essays were not the best when I applied to unis the first time
⚫ ECs
2 soft dev internships, student council member, Did a lot of CS and math courses(attended Samsung innovation campus, some from top universities like MIT, Stanford, Harvard, etc.), Math Olympiad Club(was a T15 prospect for the IMO, participated in national olympiads), research projects with cooperation with my school, basketball club player, Guitar band player, tons of volunteer work(roughly 500 hours, managed international events, biggest one so far was the International Biology Olympiad), Robotics Club
⚫ Honors
First place diploma in a maths olympiad organized by the best uni in Russia(has a very high rep, as all the graduates who pursue masters degree excel at the T20 unis) Maths National Olympiad Qualification (T15 for 3 years) Physics National Olympiad Qualification(T15 for 2 years) School Research Project winner School Typing Competition winner typed 160wpm for 60secs(not sure if I should even mention this)
will apply: Duke - ED NYU - ED2 (reapplicant) all other unis EA or RD
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2023.06.06 12:54 onelamebitchboy Black Midi Ultimate Bracket Day 11: Sweater vs Sugar/Tzu

Black Midi Ultimate Bracket Day 11: Sweater vs SugaTzu
Yesterday's Winner: Marlene Dietrich with 314 votes to 134 votes for Hogwash and Balderdash
i thought it could be funny to put knees by injury reserve here instead
View Poll
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2023.06.06 11:57 ruaryrumors Raphael Narco

I'm walking through a pathway of fire trees in full bloom and the bright colors remind me of your red hair. Isn't it so strange how i see you in all the little things?
days ago, I saw a purple sunset and had to stop in the middle of crowd to take it all in. You used to send me beautiful sunset photos that you took.
In the mall, I found a silver bracelet that's shaped like a human spine and I almost wanted to buy it for you. It's silver and goth and it's something related to anatomy. I think you would've loved it.
i remember everything – how you hated moray eels, and disliked blue balloons how you'd put lipgloss on your lips (it's clear gloss! you'd even argue.) how you can't drink soda because it upsets your stomach how you said if I was a plant, I'd look like a red spider lily or lirio do vale how you can't sleep without hugging your pink dinosaur teddybear eventhough you're all six foot goth dressed in black. (it was the cutest thing.) barreado. açaí ice cream. those gun figures you'd made from beer cans. how you're colorblind and pink is one of the brightest colors you see. miss how you'd call me princess and putinha.
you wanting to take a fireman course because you saw how sad your father got when a fireman walked by and he didn't graduate that course.
you getting so angry and protective over your friend Ed when he went back to this dude he used to like and you just wanted him to not be in that abusive situation anymore.
you saying how you visited a children's hospital during your nurse shift and saw all those kids playing with bags attached and needles and how despite their situation, they were still having fun and it made you happy.
the wounds on your inner cheek from your braces, the asymmetrical sleepy eyes you have in the morning, the long fluffy curly messy hair that you hate so much but i love, the scar on your upper lip that you got from a dog bite.
you were so beautiful i sometimes think you were unreal. you were the most beautiful man I've seen. i wanted to hold your face in the morning light and caress it softly.
you were so patient and gentle and tender. on times i disappear and weren't doing well mentally, I get confused why you still wait for me. because everyone always leave when i have nothing good to offer them, and you said i'm stupid. garotinha boba. you said it was love. how even if i disappear, you'd wait. it was one of the only times i felt warmth.
did you know how i got so disappointed at myself that last times that we talked? i lashed out on you. i accused you. i said, you lied to me. and it hurts how i became the very thing i never wanted to become.
i remember how much it scarred me when you said you felt scared like a little kid, that you felt cornered into a wall. to this day, i'm still ashamed of what i said. and i want to say i'm sorry. for everything. for being so volatile, for disappearing, for never being a safe space even on the last times we talked. i wanted to be like you – gentle and patient and understanding. but instead, i got so possessive. and loving someone shouldn't be about being possessive but allowing them the space to grow. i wanted to love you in that way. for you to never feel suffocated, for you to feel warm and safe enough to be yourself.
you might probably never read this. but I wanted to write it anyway and celebrate what happened and mourn what will never be. i want you to know that in that short time, all of it meant everything to me. it was real for me. i remember being so happy coming home everyday knowing you'd wake up and you'd get all needy for love and how i wish it would never end. it was platonic for you but for me, it meant more than being friends. i'm really happy i met you that December 24th in the stupid pixelated pony game.
but really, i want you to know I'll never stop being proud of you. if you eat three meals a day know that i'm proud of you. if you only smoke three cigarettes a day (three because three words: i love you) know that i'm proud of you. if you wake up and still go to work and study despite not feeling anything, know that i'm proud of you.
and in the days when you feel like you can't do those things anymore or you're not making progress, know that i endlessly believe in you. i love you eventhough I never knew what it's like to be loved. remember violet evergarden? that's what it felt like.
i miss you more the more i grow - when do you think it would stop hurting? i carry the ache of your absence everywhere i go. but the hurt is worth remembering. you are worth remembering. I love you.
– your forever short ass, N.
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2023.06.06 11:04 VITMOR- Ed Sheeran Faces Appeal Following Recent ‘Thinking Out Loud’ Copyright Infringement Victory

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2023.06.06 11:03 Zealousideal-Scene-1 I hate diet culture/how much weightloss is praised

This is mostly a vent, but still be mindful of any triggering topics I might bring up!! Take care of yourself first and foremost!! 🫶🫶
I hate most of diet culture. How most "healthy" diets encourage eating as little as possible, or so many high volume, low calorie foods. Even worse when they start talking about "unhealthy" foods like they are the devil and deserve to be purged from existence, and how you should feel like a piece of shit for even thinking about them. But I think what pisses me off the most is the way they are presented.
If you remove the word "healthy" or "diet" from them, and take it at face value, it's easy to see that most of these encouraged diets are nothing more than eating disorders. And I would have nothing against them if that's the way they were presented, hell that was and still sometimes is my mentality as someone that is undergoing anorexia recovery. It's no small feat to accept that you are struggling with an eating disorder.
But I hate that they are encouraged. I hate that most of diet culture just takes eating disorders, slaps the word "diet" and "weight loss" on them and start advertising them as the proper way to live. I hate that they normalize AN to the point that, especially if you are struggling with atypical AN, you could describe your symptoms and still find people that will think you are the embodiment of "healthy", simply undergoing a diet. It's so harmful. Both to people struggling with EDs, as it reinforces in their mind that what they are doing is good, as well as make healthy people fall into ED mindsets.
I also hate how praised weight loss is. Now don't get me wrong, there are plenty of examples where weightloss could be beneficial. But I hate how reinforced it is in society's mind that weight loss is the ultimate feat and should be praised.
Because even when I was at my worst, when you could see bones peaking out and I could barely walk, any time distant family would see me they would praise my "accomplishments", make rude comments about the way I used to be before and just overall make me feel like what I was doing was right. Like they were siding with the voice of my ED, like me destroying my body was indeed the right choice.
Even now, while I'm struggling with revovery, fighting the voice everyday, I have people that haven't seen me in forever tell me how "slim" and "healthy" I look.
Hell, one of the most discussed topics among my older female relatives is weight loss or diets.
It feels like I can never truly escape. Like no matter how far I try to run from my ED voice, how much I try to drown it out, it starts manifesting all around me, in/from the people I love, begging me to come back.
I'll try to stand strong and keep fighting, but man. Diet culture and the praise of weightloss makes it so hard at times.
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2023.06.06 10:52 kristel_ilagan Dancehall artist Ishawna and Grammy award-winning Ed Sheeran team up for 'Brace It' official music video

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2023.06.06 10:12 DriverSubstantial304 just wanna share the very interesting way i found out i have adhd.

so before this, i never knew what adhd was and just thought it was moving around too much like a lot of people did at first, but i “Felt” it or felt that i wasn’t normal my entire life (i’m 17). I started smoking wed and trying a bunch of drugs once a week all on my own while my life falls apart from every aspect, until i got to the worst, “cocine” tried my first time and didn’t feel it, kept trying it and didn’t get to feel the supposed “euphoric” and energetic effects. well after doing some research it turns out ADHD people feel this substance differently because of their lack of dopamine, i started researching adhd for months and holy shit it could not explain my life more accurately i can relate to every symptom and i am trying to get a psychiatrist appointment for months it’s all very complicated but i’m 99% sure but don’t want to self diagnose.
eventually got really into it and addicted for 4 months but now im coming out of that and trying to start fixing up the damages in the life lesson i’m going through. i never thought i would go this far but at least a major breakthrough and an explanation my problems which are similar came out of it?
just to prove: writing this took 30 minutes hyperfocusing (this is probably the longest i held enough attention to type including school) fixing and removing the extra words trying to make it sound different so no one think i sound like a dumbass
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2023.06.06 10:04 Volksmannen Donald Trump Sings Perfect by Ed Sheeran [HD]

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2023.06.06 09:52 wizzlezim Is this a reasonable enough message to send to a panel beater or did I just piss him off a bit

This is more geared towards people who work(ed) as panel beaters or something similar but I'd appreciate any opinions. The context will become clearer once you read the message. Basically, I have a car that's started to rust (it's one of those where 50% of people advise me to just get rid of it, and 50% say that it should be totally fine for another decent stretch). I have some free time this month and I plan to take it in to a panel beater to hopefully do some work on it as a preemptive measure. A mechanic I know (sort of) has recommended the panel beater that he uses, so I'll be taking it in to him soon for an initial assessment.
Here's the message I just sent to him:
" Thanks Steve.
Please read when you get a moment... I'd rather say it here so that I don't need to waste your time when I'm there and can just leave you to the vehicle..
The primary objective is to extend the life of the vehicle, if possible, and to be able to drive it relatively safely for another few years, i.e. I'm less interested in cosmetics. Regardless of your feedback/quote, I'll pay you for your time - I just want as accurate and honest an assessment as possible. If it's not workable, or otherwise not feasible, I'd want to know (e.g. if there's say structural damage, rust holes in the frame, etc). I have reason to believe it's workable though.
I understand that this is not something one can assess with 100% certainty. I would trust your judgment/experience, and then if I fall through the floor panel in 2027, so be it - we tried. (Of course I'm speaking with tongue in cheek here - I'm just saying that I wouldn't hold you accountable or anything, so no need to feel pressured.)
The reason I'm doing this is because I don't drive a lot (about 150km most months), and it doesn't make financial sense to trade anything in just yet. And I'll be in Carlton for the foreseeable future which probably bodes well for the car because of the dry climate. It's recently had a minor service - if we do go ahead with some repairs, I'll get a mechanic to replace the cam belt and one or two things after it's left your shop.
Hope this makes sense. I'd be interested to hear your feedback. See you Wednesday (if you're still keen for the job).. "
Obviously it's a bit wordy, but things are simply too frenetic to get a word in when I'm at an auto shop. Does this kind of thing annoy mechanics, panel beaters, etc? How would you respond to this message if you received it? How else could I go about things?
In general, I never know the right etiquette or tone to use when it comes to getting work done on my car. I don't know if I'm a painful customer with unreasonable expectations, or if I've just been unlucky, but it's rarely a good experience (coordinating with mechanics, panel beaters, etc). There's often some issue or miscommunication and it's stressful as hell each time (I've only ever had one mechanic I could fully trust, but he's emigrated now - each new one I try is either uncommunicative or too busy to talk to me properly).
I realise what I'm asking is quite meta and open-ended (I'm not sharing photos and/or asking a specific question). I'm just looking for some advice to increase my chances of success here - I want my ride to be good for another few years.
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