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We Want Plates

2015.07.19 21:36 Jeux_d_Oh We Want Plates

**We Want Plates** crusades against serving food on bits of wood and roof tiles, chips in mugs and drinks in jam jars.

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Interested in Real Estate Investing? You've come to the right place! /realestateinvesting is focused on sharing thoughts, experiences, advice and encouraging questions regardless of your real estate investing niche! Structured Deals, Flipping/Rehabbing, Wholesaling, Lending, Land, Commercial Real Estate and more! If it has to do with real estate investing this sub is for you!

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2023.06.07 15:12 kittyandlatte Aside from the romance, what else do you think will be censored in the TGCF live action? And will it bother you?

I’ve been thinking about book 4 (volume 6 in seven seas version) and how much censorship is gonna affect it (or the story in general).
I’m sorry for going off-topic a little bit here, but I’m going to use The Untamed as an example of how censorship might affect the story in live action. There are so many things i love about The Untamed (the chemistry between the lead actors who managed to convey so much without the explicit stuff! More scenes for the women!), but I can’t say i wasn’t bothered by the way they changed the story due to censorship. Like for example, the way they whitewashed Wei Wuxian’s past mistakes by making Su She (out of all people) the one who blew another flute and caused the massacre at Qionqing Path and Nightless City. Or how they erased the fact that Wei Wuxian was the founder of demonic cultivation. And how they make Wen Ruohan a demonic cultivator (it was dissapointing to me because MXTX tried to show us that you can cultivate on the right path and still use your power for evil like Wen Ruohan in the book, as opposed to Wei Wuxian who cultivated the demonic path but used his power to protect people).
I understand it was done that way because apparently a protagonist aren’t allowed to be morally grey? But I still wonder what will this mean for live action Xie Lian and Hua of the things i love about MXTX is how she let her protagonists make terrible mistakes and grew from it. And now i wonder if they’re going to change some things from Xie Lian’s time as White No-Face and Fangxin Guoshi to pass the censorship? Will they make Hua Cheng “less evil”?
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2023.06.07 15:12 weirdarcade Human error

Make sure the person who is in charge of receiving your paperwork actually opens all their emails from you.
This whole time my medical was still processing because the person who I've been sending everything to forgot to open my last email. Back in February. They're claiming it's not in the emIl thread but it clearly is.
The funny thing is. I sent a whole different email asking for an update. They went all the way back to the email in February to respond "Never received this." This being the form.. that's clearly in that old email.
Like I get it's a human error but to have not checked in with me about it this whole time is a bit much.. February.. it's June now..
If you're waiting longer than you expected I advise checking in with the person in charge of your paperwork. It never hurts to do so. I definitely should have a lot sooner than this.
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2023.06.07 15:12 throwaway52923 How alarming is being passively suicidal?

How alarming is it? I'm an functional adult with a little to no support system and still living with my parents. No outside relationships aside from family. Been suicidal since high school but managed to finish a rough college and now a medical professional. Had crippling anxiety, depression, low self esteem and self confidence all throughout my teenage years. Unfortunately mental illness runs in the family.
I have those and there isn't be a week that I don't have those thoughts. I feel like I'm living life in hard mode and I got the short straw. I'm tired always having obstacles along my way. If I could only reroll this life for the better.
Wondering if just one day this mind will have the capacity to end it all.
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2023.06.07 15:12 Hot-Assumption-9516 Sports Marketing: Driving Success through Athletics

Sports marketing has emerged as a vital component in the world of sports business. It encompasses a range of activities aimed at promoting sports teams, athletes, events, and brands associated with the sporting industry. With the ever-growing popularity and influence of sports, effective marketing strategies have become essential to maximize revenue, engage fans, and build lasting connections with target audiences.
The Role of Sports Marketing:
Sports marketing plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between athletes, teams, and fans. Its primary objective is to create a positive and impactful image for sports organizations and their associated brands. By leveraging various marketing channels and tactics, sports marketers strive to boost brand recognition, drive fan engagement, secure sponsorships, and generate revenue streams.
Key Strategies in Sports Marketing:
  1. Sponsorship Activation: Sponsorships are a fundamental aspect of sports marketing. Brands collaborate with sports teams or events to gain exposure and connect with target audiences. Effective activation of sponsorships involves creating engaging experiences and content that resonate with fans, leveraging digital platforms, and aligning brand values with the sporting entity.
  2. Digital Marketing: The digital landscape has transformed the way sports organizations engage with their fans. From social media campaigns to website optimization, digital marketing channels provide an avenue to reach a broader audience, drive fan interactions, and gather valuable data for targeted marketing efforts.
  3. Fan Engagement: Sports marketing thrives on fan engagement. By developing interactive experiences such as contests, fan clubs, loyalty programs, and personalized content, sports marketers can foster a sense of belonging and loyalty among fans. Building strong fan communities can lead to increased ticket sales, merchandise purchases, and long-term brand advocacy.
  4. Athlete Endorsements: Athletes possess immense influence and appeal, making them valuable assets for brands. Sports marketers collaborate with athletes to create endorsement deals and develop marketing campaigns that leverage their popularity and credibility. This helps drive brand awareness and association with athletic excellence.
  5. Event Marketing: Sports events attract massive audiences and offer unique marketing opportunities. From organizing pre-event campaigns to creating captivating halftime shows, event marketing focuses on engaging attendees, enhancing the overall experience, and leveraging the event's exposure for brand promotion.
The Future of Sports Marketing:
Sports marketing continues to evolve alongside advancements in technology and changing consumer behaviors. Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), esports, and live streaming are some of the emerging trends that are reshaping the industry. Personalized marketing, data-driven strategies, and immersive fan experiences are expected to be at the forefront of sports marketing in the future.
Sports marketing plays a crucial role in promoting sports entities, engaging fans, and driving revenue. By employing innovative strategies and embracing new technologies, sports marketers can create memorable experiences that captivate audiences and strengthen the bond between sports, brands, and fans.
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2023.06.07 15:12 Careful_Meeting1493 Questions About Freshman Classes

Hey Penn community,
I am an incoming freshman at Penn and am a little lost in the process of preparing to select courses. I wanted to post some questions here (College of Arts and Sciences btw).
  1. How many classes are you allowed to take your first semester? Is it only 4?
  2. I was originally interested only in poli sci (IR) but now I am thinking of also exploring some classes in finance or business economics. Is it possible to take these intro classes even if they aren’t in the College?
  3. What do you all recommend as a good course pathway generally for freshman? I know the curriculum is broad but I want to take a wide range of stuff while fulfilling requirements if possible. I may consider going for a dual degree but I want to be in a position to have options.
Thanks for the help in advance!
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2023.06.07 15:11 mooo3333 ADHD diagnosed as an adult, feeling overwhelmed and behind

I'm 23 and was diagnosed with ADHD last year, medicated properly this year. Growing up with unmedicated "severe" ADHD, I felt incompetent in most areas of life and didn't know why. I also struggled a lot with mental illness and trauma, so I grew up emotionally very quickly but not in other ways.
My parents didn't teach me much about being an adult. Even as a child they'd expect me to know things and say to learn by doing it...but this was after I had already fucked something up. For example, I had no clue how to properly clean. I'd try to get stains out of things using google but when I'd do it wrong or ask them to help, they'd say I should know how to do it it and I'd feel a lot of shame and confusion.
It's the same with financial stuff. Both my sister (26) and I are expected to understand money, stocks, taxes, etc. without them helping us at all. I've taken various classes on these subjects but I still don't understand it fully and it's really difficult without their help. They financial support me 100% (willingly) and my sister probably 70%.
I want to be more independent, I just feel like I was set up for failure. Other people my age are working full-time, handle all their finances, and know general "adult" stuff that I was never taught. Is there a cheatsheet somewhere?! It seems like there is so much I have to know, and I can't exactly just learn by doing because that might mean I fuck up something financially, you know?
Just recently I learned how to properly brush my teeth (GENTLE, small circles). I feel sooo behind and like I'm just wasted potential. I feel like I'm the only person my age who is this incompetent at adult life.
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2023.06.07 15:11 Godverdebobba Apple tree advice

Apple tree advice
Hi everyone! Last year I won 2 apple trees, not seedlings, through a contest held by my local newspaper. I planted the trees but due to working abroad for some time, they didn't get the proper care... As shown in the pictures below, you can see that the top doesn't grow no more, but there is some greenery in the middle of the tree. There's also a lot of ants on it so I guess that's good? My question know is: Can I still save these trees and see them grow big? What steps should I take? Thanks in advance, and if I need to give more information feel free to tell me!
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2023.06.07 15:11 Living-Dish-663 Car misfiring after changing spark plugs

I recently changed my spark plugs on my 2013 ford escape and it was misfiring, I tried retorqing and I even put the old ones back in and it’s still doing that. I noticed one of the coil boots is deformed a little bit. Could that be it? There’s also a lot of oil in the spark plug well.
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2023.06.07 15:11 m_eggsandbacon Finding old valentines and cards

I'm just over a week after getting dumped in a 4 year relationship. Such a rollercoaster of emotions.
This morning I found an old valentine with the sweetest message. It read "My heart still skips just like it did the first time I got up the courage to talk to you. Even a short string couldn't keep me away"
The short string thing is a reference from a book I was reading at the time called The Measure which was a novel about people receiving a string that measured how long their life was - so people with a 'short string' knew they were going to die soon; people with long strings only wanted to be in relationships with other long-stringers. We had had a conversation about what we would do in the same situation.
I ripped up the valentine and threw it in his bedside table. I'm so hurt and confused that someone could say something like that in February and in May decide that they didn't want to be with me anymore.
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2023.06.07 15:11 ForeignIdeaSecretary {FA} I only know how to blow things up. I am completely unable to wait things out. (longlonglong)

Last year I connected with someone I've known for like 8 years and we've always had a strong underlying attraction for each other. But I knew what he was like and I knew he had a tendency to be very distant, as in disappear for weeks at a time to hyperfocus on his hobbies and things like video games. He's had a problem with this in a lot of his relationships--he focuses too much on hobbies and not on his relationship--women leave him. I knew this. I knew I didn't like that about him and I kept him at arms length because of it, even when he was obviously showing me he was interested.
But last year, we reconnected and he came on STRONG. He was attentive, wanted to spend so much time together, he offered me basically everything I had ever wanted from him. We would stay up all night until the late morning just talking and spending time together. And I knew it was a risk, but I went along with it, for some reason I hoped this would be different or real. We had an amazing 4 months together before any problems started. Like I had honestly never been happier in my life. Then his distance started kicking in. It was slow at first. Our time spent together slowly became a fraction of what it had been. He was verbally very reassuring, but physically just mainly focused on his hobbies. I started FA-acting out(not something I'm proud of, but a fear response I guess), the first time I'd shown any aggression or irritation toward him, he obviously was not into that. The distance got worse, but he remained very sweet. I convinced myself he'd lost interest and (he) felt stuck.
I eventually bailed without any warning or convo. He was so pissed, he cut me out in return. I spent months just agonizing and obsessing over this. Like I had clearly made a mistake. Why couldn't I have just waited it out. Why couldn't I have talked about it. I had intended to use this time to get over it, but I didn't, instead I just was in hell.
I got him back in contact months later. It's been nearly 3 months back in contact. It was rocky at first, he really took offense to me suddenly disappearing on him, but he was warmed up tremendously. I do think he feels something for me. He is positive and responsive and does stay in contact(not as much as I would like). He has started trusting me again and being vulnerable with me. But its not going how I want it too. Despite him inching closer to me emotionally and seeming excited to talk to me and showing signs he is forgiving me for basically abandoning him first---I am over here just flooding myself with "he just sees you as a friend now", "he's being polite, you know he's a nice guy.", "he actually thinks you are pathetic and is weirded out you came back", "if he liked you still, this would have progressed more by now", "what if you're over here thinking you're rebuilding stuff between you and he just falls for someone else all the sudden", "what if *this* is all you ever get."
And then I'm like "what are you doing here?" "get out, this is a time bomb." Like I spent months and months in agony just hoping for another chance at this and I have it now and I'm thinking about bailing again!? I wouldn't do it--I KNOW he wouldn't give me another chance if I did this again, but I fantasize about it. Just being free and cutting this connection and not having to worry about it any more, but I also know that those 4 months after I disappeared the first time were MISERY for me and I'm embarrassed to say I had never been more unhappy in my life.
I feel trapped. Not by him, by me. By my weird fixation on this situation, by the uncertainty of if this is all it will ever be, by the thought that I should let it go but I can't. How is it possible to feel trapped by something that asks nothing of you? How do I chill the F out?!
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2023.06.07 15:11 ProposalEcstatic3944 Deogie's Backyard Rescue- Buckatunna, MS Needs Donations

Deogie's Backyard Rescue- Buckatunna, MS Needs Donations
Message from Ms. Kristie of Deogie's Backyard Rescue
Rescue Facebook page-
Rescue Gmail- [email protected]
Wayne County MS
Every day is busy at the shelter …. Today extra busy.
18 puppies filling all puppy space to be tended. 2 feral backyard dogs (backyard dogs for human interaction daily, so hopefully their fear will subside), 2 small ones in the den due to no room in the shelter for them, and 13 adults and teens in kennels in the big shelter yard. 5 of which got fixed yesterday. (4 females and 1 male) plus my 4 personal rescue failures Beaux, Chelsea, Hop, and Lulu as well as my grand dog I’m baby sitting for a few days . Then there were these 7, who left today headed for Tired Dog Rescue in Gulfport MS to begin their transition from Breeder Stock to loving happy family members in some very happy and lucky families. Please remember folks, this is a 1 woman rescue/shelter and I’m giving it all I’ve got every day. Help me with our most important drive yet. The drive to get 200 Wayne County Citizens to commit to a re occurring $10 monthly donation so we can hire a shelter manager. It is imperative to the continued success of our County’s only Shelter and Rescue that we get a 2nd person to help me continue to carry this load for us all. I’ve already got confirmation these 7 have arrived at Tired Dog Rescue and their assessment by vets and groomers began about 5:00 pm. The 3 in the larger crate are females, and there are 2 boys in each of 2 smaller crates. They were so happy in these crates. Could they have a sense that their lives are fixing to take an unbelievable turn for the better? They each have foster families waiting for them. Experienced in helping them with the transition that will begin before this day ends. The day is done . Tomorrow is another day. It will hold something new . I will be there to see it through. Thank you all for your support in making it all possible !📷📷
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2023.06.07 15:11 sweetwheatz quitting weed, hopefully

I have decided to let go of habits that no longer serve me. I spent the entire weekend smoking until my lungs could no longer take it. Right before bed I say "one more can't hurt" but why have I been waking up every morning with a heavy feeling in my chest? I can no longer continue doing this to myself unless I want to dig my own grave. My lungs were formed in my mother's womb. My lungs took 37 weeks to fully develop, one of the last organs to fully form. After I was born, my mom wasted her days with hospital visits because I was too stubborn to listen. It wasn't fair I couldn't go outside and play in the heat of the summers, it wasn't fair that I could not run around, it wasn't fair I couldn't eat ice-cream whenever I wanted, it wasn't fair having to sit through several 20-minute nebulizer treatments a day when all I wanted was to just play along with my older sister. Before I knew it, 10 years passed, and all of my asthma symptoms disappeared. If I was still alive, it was because of all the sleepless nights my mom endured to make sure I did not stop breathing. My mother's love saved me.. The day I said yes to drugs was also the day I said I would never be an addict. I am 26 now, it's been 10 years since I first thought it would be so cool to try smoking with some of my friends. It's been 10 years and I have not been able to quit smoking pot. I can't go a single day without thinking about smoking. I constantly quit and a week or 2 later when my body is beginning to get used to sobriety, I give in to temptation and my habit only comes back stronger. I began this year thinking in 2023 I would be drug-free but here I am halfway through the year without committing. For whatever reason this morning I woke up with my mind set that today I quit. No matter what. As of today, I have decided for myself that this IS what's best. I only have to experience withdrawal symptoms one more time and then I'm free... I wish I could apologize to my mom and tell her how sorry I am for basically wasting her time and have her support but my mom knows nothing about my addiction. I only pray that I get the strength to remain sober and hopefully one day be able to open up to her about the decade I hid being an addict. For now, it's just
One. Day. At. A. Time.
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2023.06.07 15:10 3435taptapTT Okay what is a good response to abandonment anxiety if it's not detaching or clinging (the way avoidant and anxious people do respectively)?

I get abandonment or separation anxiety not only when I feel like someone likes me less than I like them, but even when I'm confident about their feelings but one of us is too busy for us to spend time together. And even when neither of these things are at play, I feel separation anxiety just thinking about the fact that we will die someday. Oh yeah, I also get it when I have imposter syndrome and think that I've managed to fool the person into liking me so far, but that soon the jig will be up.
The only way I can cope with this feeling is to detach from the person, detach from my feelings for the person. It doesn't feel possible to have strong feelings for someone without also having extremely high anxiety, so I turn down my feelings like they have a volume button in order to control the anxiety.
Usually, I manage how attached I get to a new person in the first place so that it doesn't reach the point where I care whether I'm abandoned/whether we'll be separated. But when this is impossible and I'm already too close with someone to do that, I actively suppress the emotion.
If this isn't healthy, and neither is preoccupation with the other person, then what is?
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2023.06.07 15:10 Standard-Trouble-690 [WTS] REDUCED Bedrock, Chaco, Scarpa, Danner, Keen

Hey all -- I'm new to geartrade, but I have plenty of selling experience (and feedback on my posts) over at Shave_Bazaar. I'm trying to clean out my closet a bit and rehome some create sandals and boots. All items come from a smoke free home and the boots have been oiled/treated every season. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me (no chats as I don't receive them).
CONUS preferred but willing to ship elsewhere if the buyer pays shipping. Willing to negotiate within reason (especially if buying multiple items). All items in USD and items can be bought only using paypal.
Bedrock Cairn pros size 11m 12w: 80 60
Leather Chacos, unsure about the actual model, size 10m: 40 30
Scarpa SL Active, not waterproof but very breathable, size 10m: 200 140
Danner Super Rainforest 200g Gortex size 10m: 200 140
Keen, unsure of model, Keen dry waterproofing and leather, size 10m: 40 30
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.07 15:10 marcel_t Is no therapy better than therapy with a therapist I don't quite like?

Hello everyone,
I currently find myself in quite the dilemma and I thought I might ask you what you think about my situation.
For a couple of months now I've been searching for a therapist. And as you all probably know in current times that is easier said than done. But I did manage to get an appointment for a first meeting with two different therapists and a third one is coming up next week.
The first therapist was quite a nice woman and I found myself easily opening up to her. She however told me she couldn't really take me as a client because she already has too many. So she offered me five counselling sessions. The second therapist was a man who in my opinion seemed quite capable. And at the end of the first meeting he offered to take me as a client.
The problem is that somehow I didn't feel like we had a good connection. And I don't quite know why but something was off, which made it hard for me to really open up to him. Don't get me wrong, we didn't have a bad connection, but it wasn't good either.
But right now I have the choice between taking the therapy that was offered to me, but with a therapist, who makes me a bit uncomfortable. Or I don't accept his offer and risk not getting therapy for another couple of months at least.
I know that at end of the day it is solely my choice, but I still would like to know what you would to in that situation.
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2023.06.07 15:10 myspamhere The RE - Re return of the $99 Cobra Denali. (Now with more words)

6 years ago I made a $99 purchase of the cheapest semi-auto in America. 3 years ago, I gave up on it and now it is back from the dead. I was re-arranging the safe, and found this in the very back of it. I pulled it out, and figured 'Why not, I love disappointment.' So I am going down this road again.
The last problem I has was the magazine falling out with each shot. I pout in an empty magazine, and pulled, and it slid right out. The mag catch can be removed once the grip is off. I took off the grip removed the catch and examined it. I could see instead of a sharp corner, it was completely worn to a round ramp.
I found a new one on e-bay that came with some more pins and springs. WOOHOO. I installed it, and the mag was secure again! Now I got out the dremel, and metal polish, and polished the freak out of the feeding ramp. It was a mirror by the time I was done. I cleaned it up, oiled it with Hoppes number 9 gun oil. I then tried to load a round to see if it would work. It jammed on the feed ramp. CRAP. I tried with the other magazine, and same result.
I put it back down and had a glass of Johnnie Walker Green ( I Don't make enough for Blue.) I was done for the night. The next day, I looked at the .380 rounds, and noticed they were truncated flat nose. I tried loading again with round nose FMJ, and they freaking loaded fine. WOOHOO.
I went to the range yesterday, and it was mostly reliable with FMJ round nose. 2 times out of 30 rounds, it failed to go fully into battery. A small push on the back of the slide and it was ready to go.
For the hell of it, I loaded a mag with 3 rounds of Winchester Silver Tip 380's and .....IT SHOT ALL THREE..... without a problem.
Now I need to figure out the going back to into battery issue. I was using Blazer Aluminum so that might be part of it.
On a sad note - Cobra Firearms is out of business. I guess the lifetime warranty is no longer effective.
Stay tuned for more.....
Complete History
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2023.06.07 15:10 mtzdotcom Stop before it’s too late (PLEASE READ)

All my life I was straight, i had not one single attraction to men, always woman, wanted to get married, have kids, etc.
When I was 10 i started masturbating but at 13 i started watching porn (lesbian porn)
At age 15 i stumbled across gay porn. i watched it but didn’t see men attractive.
I also had HOCD for that but it went away
After that i started watching porn and all kinds of porn, but i still was attracted to woman in real life and nothing else.
Now 2022 came and i was ADDICTED to porn, i would watch it at work, in my college parking lot, and where ever and on March 26, i decided to watch gay porn, when I watched it It felt good and i got a erection from it, i felt like i became Gay, my HOCD began and i started feeling depressed because i started finding men attractive in real life. Now a year later I still suffer with this and I’m trying to get off porn, the best I did was 90 days but i relapsed, now i feel like i like men and my attraction to woman is almost gone. I’m 22 and i never thought this would happen to me, what happened to my dreams of loving a woman and having a family that i truley want? Now I’m depressed because of this
Moral of the story, porn messes up your mind to places you never thought would happen.
Porn is toxic and should be banned and illegal
Thanks for reading and pray for me
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2023.06.07 15:10 onlyfactualfacts I blocked him today,was I abused a lot?

It's been an endless road of pain and constant disappointment. We just broke up but I was kept around as second option and punching bag for him for a long time. He didn't care or try even slightly. He kept gaslighting me, telling me ,, it's none of your business " and so on , he kept telling me hurtful things because it made him happy. Never apologized for anything. He lied and deceived me all way long.
Today I asked him straight up about dating app,he admitted of having it.
He called me yesterday and tried to manipulate me into not meeting my male friend next month nor having any sexual relationship with him. He called him stupid and a liar. Told me I should tell him to f off. All that while using dating app himself.
He manipulated me into staying with him confusing me between telling me he wants to meet women and keeping me at the same time around.
Today I blocked him after that confession. He didn't block me yet. I don't deserve that, I deserve much better than that. He is just nasty. I can't stand his manipulation anymore. He made a choice and I will follow through. All this time he didn't believed that I am capable of it because I was always running behind him begging for his attention.
Over last 10 months he humiliated and disrespected me so much that I am shocked how weak I am to not see it. He was successful in making me feel like everything is my fault.
I was told I'm the worst but he still kept me around for sex or to whine. I am not devastated much, I was preparing myself for that. I got the last stab in the heart today.
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2023.06.07 15:09 thecommonground_ Gwen from Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse

Okay, so I may be looking into this too much but just here me out I want your thoughts.
So, the new animated Spider-Man film just came out and I already new from certain trailer stills that in the background of certain shots there was some social commentary on real world events, but specifically in regards to Gwen may this be a little more complex?
In the movie, Gwen has a “Protect Trans Kids” flag on the top of her door, originally seeing it I didn’t think to much about it because I was like “oh, well she’s probably just showing her support” but then in the movie another trans flag shows up subtly on her fathers police jacket.
On top of that, she seems kind of (stereotypically but still kind of accurate lol) trans-coded in the movie if you understand where I’m coming from, from the dyed hair, her hairstyle, and her friends from the band.
It wouldn’t be surprising giving the trilogy is both an adaptation and a reimagining of the Spider-Man characters from the comics. It takes inspiration from the original comic book storyline of "Spider-Verse" which features multiple versions of Spider-Man from different dimensions and universes. While also introduces new characters, changes the origins of some characters, and altering some of the character designs.
I wish I could’ve added some stills to better relay what I’m trying to say. But anyways, it doesn’t change anything but it’s just something I thought to point out. Even if she is I’m glad that it’s not a sole focal point in the movie and she is treated as any other character with her own pros and cons and love story.
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2023.06.07 15:09 napsthefifty Help me help this tiny survivor survive

Help me help this tiny survivor survive
TLDR: help me find a way to safely heat this that isn't a heater.
So yesterday I was ghost feeding flakes to my cycling 40B tank of 2 weeks when I saw this tiny fry swimming around helping himself to the particles. I figure he came in on one of the potted plants (that was sitting around in a wetted tray for like 8 hrs omg) I bought from my LFS which had blue gourami in it.
Who knows how high the ammonia ever got. Since there wasn't any livestock (so I thought) I didn't bother to do anything else to the tank besides a 30% water change, ghost feed, and check the ammonia (2 ppm), ph (7.2), and nitrite (0.5) the one time. Who knows how high the parameters ever got!
All of the equipment is brand new and so the temp fluctuations were also crazy in there from like 70-85 F until I got it dialed in to 77. There is also a Tidal 75 just wrecking house with the flow and the skimmer was on just waiting to gobble this dude up.
SO when I saw him I grabbed the largest vase I could find and filled it with the same tank water, a pothos from that tank, a tiny cycled sponge filter from a different aquarium, and a worn-in catappa leaf. I also fed him some shrimp baby I had on hand and I have some frozen baby brine shrimp for later.
I went to petco and grabbed a tiny 5w heater and hoped for the best. When I woke up this morning THE WATER WAS 89 DEGREES.. he is still alive.
I want to do what is best for him and not have him live in ambient room temp (I tried it yesterday before the heater and the water will sit at 71-74). But now I'm scared of any heaters in a vase like that.
I've heard of people doing a deep substrate that in turn helps keep temps up. I'm kind of scared of trying something like that because little dude has been through so much and need something I know is failsafe.
Any help for his survival is appreciated! I do want to keep him, I eventually wanted a honey gourami but ill take a free blue lol.
When they say blue gouramis are one of the hardiest fish in the hobby they're not lying holy cow.
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2023.06.07 15:09 Spiritual-Map1510 New Tapings of Tonight Show W/Jimmy Fallon?

My birthday is next week and have decided to do another standby to be in the audience of the Tonight Show. :) However, I forgot that the writers' strike is still going on. Are there new tapings happening?
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2023.06.07 15:09 Gloryinwar Any thoughts on how the Psychological traits of these Clone soldiers affect them in battle?

Yeah, I just wanted to share this.
This is for a science fantasy setting of mine.
You see, there exists a vast nation-state ruled over and populated purely by Clones, and these Clones are counted as some of the most callous soldiers in the Galaxy.
As the Clone soldiers of this Clone Nation have a complete and utter disregard for their own lives, knowing they are "Immortal" in the sense that there will be more of them coming, while at the same time, the Clones never once get affected by psychological conditions.
These Clones are virtually never traumatized.
No amount of blood, artillery strikes, or brutality will affect them Psychologically, as though they are completely immune to those sorts of things... Which, combined with their callous disregard for their own lives make them very dangerous opponents.
You see, the Clones are like this because they were made that way by their former masters.
The Clones were created from a Human by a powerful Human state.
They were deliberately made so that they will never be affected by trauma... This effectively meant things that would traumatize a soldier, like the horrors and Brutality of wars will never affect the Clones. In addition, the more violent the battles, the more violent and Adrenaline filled the Clones get, due to the sounds, sights, and smells of combat being linked to them seeking it out even more.
In effect, neutralizes PTSD completely.
Unfortunately, the Clones revolted, and after driving their former masters out, used the Cloning tech and automated foundries to conquer hundreds, and then thousands of worlds, turning those worlds into Clone worlds as well.
All this meant that the Clones have an utter disregard for their own lives, often using the sheer weight of bodies, combined with overwhelming firepower from combined arms warfare to break enemy lines.
Every soldier is expendable, the Cloning facilities can make untold numbers of replacements, all equally as capable. Even Officers of the Clone army fight on the front, knowing other Clone officers will replace them.
These Clones are never traumatized and the more violent the battle, the more violent the Clones become in turn.
This can be seen in the Siege of the World of Iccarus, where the Clones did not use brilliant strategies, simply charging enemy lines over, and over, and over... And no matter how many clones died, no matter how many Divisions were rendered combat ineffective, the Clones never felt disheartened, and Many more came to replace them.
This gave the illusion that the Clones have an endless pit of manpower.
Another idea is their use of Suiciders.
Clones act as Anti-tank weapons by being pumped full of stimpaks, and painkillers, which allow them to take hits from machine guns and still keep running at full speed... Armed only rods with explosives attached to them, these Clones detonate their payloads, killing them and either disabling or crippling the tank.
Yeah just wanted to share this.
These Clones have a disregard that shocked even the battle-tested militaries of the Galaxy.
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