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2012.08.11 03:12 jmorlin I just had the weirdest dream: tell your strange dream stories here.

This is a place for all of us to share what weird shit happened in our dreams last night.

2013.08.10 01:32 Foxbrel Pandas Being Clumsy

A subreddit dedicated to our clumsy monochrome friends.

2023.03.25 12:59 The_Last_Deadman I can't take this

I'm sorry, I have to get this out. I'm an experienced lucid dream technique user. You guys are describing escapism and the movie inception. Frankly it's sad that you're doing "reality checks" it's upsetting that you're only doing it to build stuff in your dreams.
You're all using techniques that...frankly are a farse which is why half of you are having difficulty or can't, and the other half are most likely lying. Self hypnosis? Eating foods that help induce dream? Its too much for me. Someone that learned these techniques for their proper use which is to A: Transcend into the nearby realms or "projection" and B: sharpen your intuition and awareness. You even prevent certain words from being used that describe why its originally used. Censorship of a sub about dreaming???
You do know these things that are attacking you in your dreams aren't aspects of your own psyche, yeah? These entities are trying to steal your awareness, to eat it because it is a higher form of power. Did you know that you're inviting them to come closer and closer the "deeper" you go in your dream. Which, btw, that's one of the reasons sleep paralysis happens, your soul or spirit is trying to get out and walk around. Which is the point of this technique, is steel your mental and spiritual fortitude so that the body and spirit body can exist separately.
Reality checks? The human brain knows when it's asleep and awake, especially if you've trained your mind how to lucid dream. You're literally giving these entities a green light to find you every time you do it. Are you practicing combat techniques while dreaming? Are you practicing defensive techniques while dreaming? I'll bet you that you're not even seeing the good entities that hang out around the edge of your mind, at the threshold.
Yeah, I sound like an ass, I'm sorry I do. But you're giving people the wrong tools to play with. I know I can't make people stop this. But, if you're having problems achieving this state. If you want to know what real lucid dreaming does for you?
DM me, no offense to this sub, but you're learning how to use a technique that could hurt you in ways you cannot possibly know until its too late.
Mock me, kick me, I don't care. This is a form of metaphysics, not a damn movie.
Good Day!
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2023.03.25 12:58 foxlore99 To James the psychotherapist...

Weird title, I know, but I wanted to put it out there that I had an amazing customer first thing this morning who has no idea how much what he said means to me.
I'm not religious, but when I say this man felt like an angel I'm not joking. I've been dealing with a lot with my family and partner at the moment, and it can get overwhelming, even without the added stress of two jobs and school.
James came through drive-thru this morning and made me laugh because, through the speaker, he sounded sort of like a NY cab driver, and I love when people do silly voices over the speaker. Kept saying that he was doing fantastic. Then he came up to the window and we got chatting about where he was headed so early. Turns out he's a psychotherapist and was headed a few hours to the city for work.
To keep it short, we ended up chatting and he told me about appreciating the little things in life, like the smell of roasted coffee and the crackling of the trees in the breeze, living in the moment and allowing yourself the chance to acknowledge those things. Talked about how sometimes things go wrong, like getting in a fight with family or a roommate, how it happens to everyone, and to remember that things don't stay that way forever.
Without the context of everything going on in my life, this might sound cheesy, but for me having this interaction first thing in the morning when I didn't even plan on working today? It meant a lot to me.
So thank you, James, I hope that today is as fantastic of a day as you hoped it would be.
And to all my fellow baristas, I hope today is kind to you, that you have the chance to breathe, and that you have the chance to appreciate the little things when everything else might make you feel small. 💚
P.S. First post, please let me know if I've given too much "personal" information or anything! Apologies in advance if I have 😵‍💫
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2023.03.25 12:58 TechnicalTrash95 Forgotten Record: Bentley Rhythm Ace (Self titled)

This short lived band had quite a few good ideas but only ever made two records the most successful being the first. There was a lot of music kinda like this around this time. The Wiseguys, Chemical Brothers, Avalanches etc. I'm not so sure it even exists now but it should as it's funky, catchy and decent. I've idea what happened to the guys who made up this group but it'd be interesting to know?
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2023.03.25 12:57 Valkieboo I had a dream and now I'm ????

For context: I'm mtf pre hrt, but out to all my friends and they all accepted me no questions asked :3 My mom knows too but the rest of my family doesn't yet. They probably would, if i wasn't dependant on my parents for housing again -.- that's a different problem though
So i had a dream last night where i went to a big family gathering. Nothing special these happen every few months and are super chill. Food, beer, card games, music and about 40 people. The party had already started when i got there, but for some reason I showed up in this cute red dress! And everyone stared at me! Some questioned as I walked by but i just smiled and giggled and they let me be. When i got to my cousins, who i usually have around they asked me questions, but accepted me quickly like my friends and everything was good! It was all an awesome experience! Besides that everyone still referred to me as "he" for some reason...
Anyway now I'm sitting here like a bit confused cause the feelings i have now aren't sadness or joy or euphoria... I have some strange feeling in me but i can't place it? It's like an anxiety but also a lil happy? It reminds me most of fear but idk of what?
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2023.03.25 12:57 lowlightnow Ndad announced a "serious talk" with me after me refusing to help him around the house

To keep it simple, dad is a hoarder and for years he has been fantasizing about how one day he will "bring order into the house and start living a normal life". Every time he attempts to do this, he just relocates stuff from one place to another, from the attic to the garage, from the garage to the basement, etc. without throwing anything away so it's all meaningless. Today he asked me whether if I would like to help him to "sort stuff" and do garden work and I said: "Idk, I don't really feel like it". The reason why I don't want to do it is not because I like the mess, but because I am tired of these "cleaning" cycles where nothing really gets cleaned/thrown out but just gets relocated. It's an pointless endeavor. The second reason is because the last time I helped him with house work, he yelled at me for refusing to do a certain task the way he wanted it to be done. I don't want to be put in a similar situation where I will be yelled at again and I don't want to do a task which makes no logical sense to me.
My guess is, if I said "Yes" to his request the whole "serious talk" announcement wouldn't have happened. The question if I would want to help him was not a question, but an order which was phrased as a question so it would come of as a polite way to tell me that I must do it. The "serious talk" is just a retaliation for my "wrong" answer,
What should I say tomorrow, without making the situation I am in worse? I think bringing up the instance where he yelled at me would make him only angrier and he could lash out again. I don't think any explanation I would bring up would help me, because there is no logic when arguing with such person. He sees his outburst of anger as a normal thing and wants me to just get over them and move on. For me, it's not about the physical action of doing the work (I already do the vacuuming of the house, toilet cleaning, hallway cleaning, ironing, doing dishes and similar chores.) but about having to deal with him while doing it.
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2023.03.25 12:57 InTheSkyCity 3/25/23 (Day and Nights)

“Day and night. I toss and turn, I keep stress in my mind, mind. I look for peace, but see, I don't attain. What I need for keeps, this silly game we play, play. Now look at this. Madness, the magnet keeps attracting messages , me. I try to run, but see, I'm not that fast. I think I'm first but surely finish last, last. “
“'Cause day and night. The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night. He's all alone through the day and night. The lonely loner seems to free his mind at night, at, at, at night. Day and night. The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night. He's all alone, some things will never change. The lonely loner seems to free his mind at night, at, at, at night.”
I’ve been the busiest in the most un-busiest ways lately.
Tripped out for like five days straight, that wasn’t a good idea. My friends were able to get me the good (bad) stuff. Felt pretty great at the time. It really took a lot of my time tho.
I’m sure I could try to get an extension or something out of like a paper I have to do. I’m not that good when it comes to making good decisions lmao.
I’m writing this all at 6 in the morning, probably won’t do like much journal stuff until I’m actually under some medication, actually made an appointment about it this time.
I’m probably going to make some kind of playlist out of songs I wanted to use or my favorites off the ones I used from the journal.
Still don’t know if I want to keep journaling. Shit, I’ve been told that maybe I should write it physically. Hell no, not only is my handwriting shit, but it takes much longer for me to write compared to typing. (Mostly because my handwriting is awful).
I’ll probably spend more time reading when I could be writing. Or making things more complicated for myself, this one will probably happen.
I’m not really sure what else to write about, started writing this at at 6:30, it’s about to be like 7 am. Ik what i should be writing, I should be doing my homework. Not this lmao.
Oh well, I say all this, and I’m just going to go back into the loop. We all go back into our time loops eventually. Everything’s got to go to its place eventually. I’m just saying
Whoever reads this should check out Queens Of The Stone Age or that new Navy Blue record.
Oh yeah, Ramadan Mubarak.
Some alternative picks I had for songs I could’ve used for Song of The Day (i kept deleting and rewriting journals):
Earl Sweatshirt - Riot! (This song is cinematic to me, I would have a movie end to this fucking song. It’s that good.)
Kanye West - After You (Love this freestyle, it would’ve been the first time I re-used a song.)
Kanye West - City In The Sky (Self-explanatory.)
Playboi Carti - Made It This Far (feat. Vory) Oh shit, 24 songs actually leaked. Sucks that he got charged for like domestic assault or some shit.
Queens Of The Stone Age - You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire (The song I’ve been mostly addicted to it.)
JPEGMAFIA - black stacey dash (I’ve been wanting to use this song since I first got high.)
Navy Blue - To Fall In Love (feat. Budgie)
Kid Cudi - REVOFEV
SOTD: Kid Cudi - Day ‘N’ Nite (nightmare)
“Hold the phone The lonely stoner, Mr. Solo Dolo. He's on the move, can't seem to shake the shade. Within his dreams he sees the life he made, made. The pain is deep. A silent sleeper, you won't hear a peep, peep. The girl he wants don't seem to want him too. It seems the feelings that she had are through, through.”
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2023.03.25 12:57 Wakeupnow22 How do I know if I was neglected

I feel guilty of making this post but I feel that there is a need to. I’m an adult male and I have never really questioned this until recently. My parents are good people and I’m pretty sure they tried their best, and always told me they wanted what’s best for me. They both told me they loved me and had my back. Both went to college, no criminal records nor did drugs and are more traditional. I feel that me this needs to be mentioned as well for context: my family is very traditional and religious, as was I until I was 15. So to start off:
-Why can’t you be like brothesister? I was often compared to my siblings when younger especially in my fuck ups. -never had “the talk” nor was I taught to shave down there, had to learn elsewhere. -helicopter parents. They were extremely overprotective and in my face, where I was, or who I’m with. -my problems, them being real world or emotional ones were ridiculed and often was told I haven’t seen the real world to have any problems -hit by both when younger This needs to be emphasized as well, this was only for a couple of years and it never got bad to where I was really bruised but it did the job since I was struck with fear. When my dad got angry he had this look in his eyes, and he’d lose his mind yelling; my mom wasn’t an Angel either -crying wasn’t ok (boys don’t cry) I was told this by both of them but mostly from my dad -wasn’t taken serious when trying to open up. Was told you’re making yourself like this, it’s all in your head. Interestingly enough I didn’t have this problem until I was 14-15ish but that’s when I needed it most. -avoided uncomfortable topics even when obvious. An example is that I’m obviously bulimic but they’d rather avoid talking about it. -belongings taken unnecessarily. This could be a normal thing, as in when parents take their kids phone but it was really bad for me in freshman year of highschool since my grades were bad, phone was taken, and tv was Seran wrapped so I couldn’t use it. -dad bought me happiness. Although I think he tried his best, just didn’t seem to emotionally be there and constantly bought me things instead (phone, laptop, games, etc). I’d cut him slack since he did work all day. -parents are always right and I’m just young no matter the situation, even when they’re in the wrong -fought a lot when younger, always had to apologize first no matter the situation, and always felt guilty regardless of who was in the wrong
These are just a couple of things I could think off. It’s very confusing for me to talk about since my parents have provided me with everything and kept a roof on my head and a lot of what I mentioned happened when I was young and they mellowed out and are way different people, I feel like I was the free trial for parenting fuck ups since they seem to have got it right with my siblings. I’m sure they love me and only want what’s best, but I’d lie to you if I said they couldn’t have done a better job. Since I’m realizing the consequences of their actions probably molded me into the person I am. Low self esteem, can’t open up, unhealthy cope methods, constantly blame myself, I distance myself from anyone and this might be fear of opening up since the only person I trusted to open up to laughed and ridiculed my feelings, could go on All day. sorry for the rant but I felt the need to vent.
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2023.03.25 12:57 Hypocriticuss NoP Fanfic: Secret Predators - 5

Memory Transcription Subject: Hik, Extremist Counter-Action Agent, Brownburr, Rangha (Lower) Underground City
Date [Standardized Human Time]: July 17, 2136
Plasma bolts flew past our heads. The closed quarters of the underground city made the gunshot sounds much louder than they were. Our cars and the thin walls barely provided any cover as the extremists pinned us down with a barrage of plasma fire.
As if the situation couldn't get any worse. Not only have we let the extremists smuggle a live alien into the lower cities, but also plasma weaponry as well! Central Office is gonna bury us alive when they learn about this. A scary prospect, but not as scary as what would happen if we didn't manage to retrieve the alien alive. The alien exterminators on the surface haven't used their flamethrowers for a few months. I know their claws are itching to burn down whatever little of our sacred forests we have left. If the alien dies, we'll have no choice but to declare him missing in a predator attack, and the exterminators will use that as the perfect excuse.
It was a rather unassuming looking building the extremists were holed up in. A single story building in a residential area, rather spacious for Ranghal architecture. Since the building was facing three different streets, it was easy to surround them before they could prepare properly for our arrival.
The extremist the ECA agents managed to capture at the Xenovore restaurant spilled out some pretty useful information, after some rather "advanced" interrogation. Apparently, the extremists wanted to eat a live alien, as in, make the alien watch as they eat his limbs. So they brought the unconscious alien to a butchering station in the middle of Brownburr. What the Arxur-wannabe failed to mention before passing out was that this butchering station also happened to be a damn True Sons den. And that's how we have at least 10 extremists with plasma guns pinning us down despite being surrounded from all sides.
"AAGGHH", a plasma bolt hit Gebal on the shoulder. The shock from the hit made him lose consciousness immediately and he dropped out of his cover.
"GEBAL!", shouted Fria, "Hik, cover me!".
I obliged, getting out of my cover, firing wildly at their direction and emptying all my charges in a matter of seconds as Fria ran over to Gebal's unconscious body and dragged him to cover. Through the chaos, I could see an extremist drop dead as one of my bolts hit him through their cover. The extremists were shouting among themselves and scrambling to replace their dead comrade.
"Shit! I'm empty", I yelled at Fria.
"There's more magazines in the car", she yelled back.
I looked at the car. Two police officers were hiding behind it, having not fired a single shot. They weren't trained in firefights like us ECA agents, since they mostly dealt with dissenters and general lawbreakers. I signaled them to cover me, but they nodded against it. I glared at those cowards until one of them grew thick enough scales to peek over their cover and fire a few shots at the general direction of the extremists.
Fria fired at them too. It didn't do much, but the extremists slowed down their fire enough for me to run out of my cover and into the car. Miraculously, I didn't get hit as I searched for the bag containing the magazines. As I was reloading my gun, Fria managed to down another extremist.
They were right. Death sentence is the standard for all extremists. It has been that way for almost a decade. Personally, I think execution is too good for them. Especially for these disgusting, alien eating, Argon's ass-licking bastards. Endangering the entirety of the Ranghal species just for their disgusting appetite. They deserve worse.
As I reached into the bag to get another magazine, my claws felt something smooth and round hit it. I pulled it out to see that it was a LS bomb. A wild idea formed in my mind.
"Fria!", I shouted at her to get her attention. Once she looked at me, I showed her the bomb and gestured to her to cover her ears. Fria's eyes widened in surprise.
"Hik, are you insane! That's for surface use only! You might cause a cave-in!"
"We're out of options. It's gonna be a while before backup arrives. And they might kill the alien if it drags out too long."
Fria ducked out of cover to shoot, but ducked back in when she realized she was out of charges. "Shit! You have any more?"
"Just 2 left", I said as I threw a magazine at her and held up the LS bomb again.
"... Fine, but it's your scales on the line here", Fria reloaded his gun, "Central really is gonna bury us alive".
"Alright. Get ready!", I turned to the 2 police officers, "Close your eyes and cover your ears as tightly as possible. This will be loud. Inform our guys on the other side". The officers got on their communicators and told them what we'd be doing in a few moments.
Once the officers gave me the go-ahead, I pulled the pin on the LS bomb and lobbed it at the extremists. My throw didn't quite reach, but the bomb's shape made it roll close enough to them. A blinding flash of light illuminated the area for a quarter second, threatening to burn our retinas even through our eyelids. But that was nothing compared to the deafening boom that followed it. The sound echoed through the underground, the resonance amplifying it to ridiculous extents. My ears hurt like hell, a sharp ringing replaced any sound I could hear. I felt a deep rumble reverberate through the ground around us.
I emerged from my cover behind the car. Fria did the same. We fired at the extremists as we walked closer to their hideout. And kept firing until all our charges were spent. I couldn't hear a single shot, just the painful ringing. 3 more extremists dropped by the time we reached them. 4 were sprawled on the ground clutching their eyes or ears. Bright red blood spilled from their busted eardrums.
That makes 9. The other one must be further inside. We went through a living room and a kitchen before reaching what looked like the butchering station. A furry brown alien with spines on its back laid on a table with several large knives by his side. A Ranghal stood beside him, clutching an ear in one hand and shakily pointing a large knife at us with another. I saw his mouth move in speech, but didn't hear anything through the ringing. Fria and I pointed our guns at him, knowing full well neither of us had any charges left in them. The bluff worked, and the Ranghal dropped the knife and held his claws up in surrender.
Fria knocked the extremist off his feet and made him lie on the ground.
"...s t… ...en …d?", I heard Fria's muffled voice say. The ringing in my ears was finally dying down.
"I SAID IS THE ALIEN DEAD?", Fria repeated. Her voice was much clearer this time.
"Let me check", I answered. Despite the ringing in my ears, I could hear the alien's heartbeat when I put my ear to his chest. Relieved to see he was still alive, I looked for any damage on his body. There was none. It seems like we got here just in time.
The rest of the police and ECA agents were coming in to secure the place. Some of them were still somewhat disoriented from the blast. One of the extremists we killed turned out to be Sogon, the Ranghal who kidnapped the alien and brought him all the way down here from the upper cities. Our orders were to capture him alive, to know how he and the True Sons got so much info on our security and surveillance in the first place. With how much we've been fucking up up to this point, I don't expect HQ to be particularly happy with this news. But I hope the fact that we retrieved the alien unharmed might soften the blow somehow.
The alien was starting to wake up. The police officers, not knowing what to do, were starting to panic. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what would happen if the alien recognized what was happening to him. I remembered seeing a large box in the living room. Scrambling to the box, I found inside a gas cylinder the extremists were using to keep the alien unconscious until now. The alien opened his eyes briefly, only to see a Ranghal hold an oxygen mask over his snout until he fell unconscious again. Everyone in the room sighed, having avoided yet another potential disaster.
More police and ECA agents arrived a few minutes later. A medical car carried Gebal to the hospital, while another one took care of the alien. I was curious as to what would happen to the alien, so I asked Fria. She said since the alien was unharmed and wasn't conscious, they'll most likely take him to the upper city hospital and pass it off as carbon monoxide poisoning, as a result of poor ventilation systems and whatnot.
Fria and I got in our car and headed for HQ. The police would handle the locals and the rest of the work cleaning up for now. A nightmare in its own right, especially because of the blast from the LS bomb earlier. Luckily there weren't any cave-ins as a result.
"You're in for a lot of trouble, you know that?", Fria said without taking her eyes off the road, "Chief's gonna chew us out for that stunt"
"But it worked, didn't it? And no cave-ins either. Looks like a win-win scenario to me", I replied, my own words did nothing to reassure me.
Fria forced a fake chuckle, "Yeah. Good luck telling the Chief that".
We were silent the rest of the ride.
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2023.03.25 12:57 astrawnomore Is money a commodity? My thoughts and questions on the work of Michael Hudson and Radhika Desai.

Video lecture (relevant section roughly 17:00 through 41:00): https://youtu.be/Ew21FOlftkU?t=16m59s
My background: I've read most of the essential work of Marx. I have a pretty good understanding of Das Kapital and Marx's philosophy.
Recently I have listened to economist Michael Hudson with some intrigue. I'm not sure how he would identify himself ideologically; some people call him a Trotskyist because his parents were noted American Trotskyists. He also spent some time as a Georgist, but he broke with that school some years ago. I don't necessarily agree with this, I think he is certainly influenced by Marx, but I suspect he avoids labels. I believe Michael Hudson to be primarily a historian and economist.
The YouTube channel Geopolitical Economy Report (previously Multipolarista) started a new series about a month ago in which professors Michael Hudson and Radhika Desai talk about what they term geopolitical economy, ie political economy as an international phenomenon.
In the first episode, Hudson and Desai make a point that they acknowledge would find disagreement from some Marxists: they claim that money is not a commodity. This is apparently counter to what we all know from the first volume of Das Kapital, where Marx repeatedly refers to "the" money commodity, analyzes the effect of changing supply of the money commodity, and so on.
Hudson argues that money is not a commodity because it has no cost of production. It requires no labor for the US to issue new dollars; they can create an arbitrary amount of money instantly out of nothing.
Desai argues that even gold was not, in itself, money; gold coins were money. People did not use gold itself as a currency, weighing it, testing for purity, etc. Gold coins were money purely by symbol. This, Desai argues, sets the stage for modern fiat money, in which there is no reference of money to a commodity like gold.
My hesitation is that money being a non-commodity implies that a non-value can express value in other things, which seems counter to Marx’s analysis of money in Das Kapital chapter 3. Marx shows that a commodity is necessarily selected to give independent expression of value:
What appears to happen is, not that gold becomes money, in consequence of all other commodities expressing their values in it, but, on the contrary, that all other commodities universally express their values in gold, because it is money.
How can Hudson and Desai’s conception of money as a non-commodity possibly conform with a Marxist conception of money?
Yet, in spite of Das Kapital’s tracing of the development of the money commodity, I can’t think of any requirement that money necessarily remain a commodity. Further development of money beyond commodities seems like a natural, and maybe inevitable result.
Marx showed that capitalist crises can occur when the profit rate falls. Production slows in consequence, which reduces wages earned, which reduces consumption (demand), and so on in a downward spiral. This occurred in part due to use of a commodity standard such as gold which must be produced. A fiat money, on the other hand, can get beyond this natural limit by removing the need to produce money as such. Instead, money can be commodity-like, in that it is artificially scarce and gives independent expression of value, while not actually needing to be a commodity. The consequence of this is the bourgeoisie has managed to alleviate one of the contradictions of capitalism while deepening another: now, there is no natural limit to magnitude of the debt that is not repayable by the US government, or any other capitalist state which uses fiat money.
So, my questions: 1. Are Michael Hudson and Radhika Desai correct that money is not a commodity? 2. Is money necessarily a commodity? If so, how do Marxists understand the modern system of fiat money? 3. Is the analysis of Hudson and Desai compatible with Marx?
Thanks if you made it through my ramblings.
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2023.03.25 12:57 Nomyad777 Jacob Macrovich Wikipedia

Jacob Macrovich Wikipedia

Jacob Macrovich, most famously known for The Jacobian Event and his reality-breaking genetic experiments, was born in Richmond Hospital in Vancouver, Old Canada on the 28th of September, 2023. Five hundred test subjects survived his laboratory in the Jacobian Event, and Jacob himself died in its fall in 2054.
Birth And Upbringing
Jacob was raised in a medium-class single-child family in the Broadmoor neighborhood, and was well known in his local neighborhood as a good kid to play with, if a bit socially oblivious. After finishing school at Blundell Elementary School and Richmond Secondary School, he was accepted and then moved across the country to the University Of Waterloo, in the city of Waterloo. Living in scholarship-given dormitory housing, Jacob proved his genius at the school by being the first person to crack the principles of the Hard Light Projector and its revolutionizing implications on various industries.
After university, Jacob would take a job at Google, and work his way up the company quickly. However, in the economic downturn in the six-month span between World War III and World War IV, he was laid off then picked up by Quantum Team Research Laboratories.
Quantum Team Research Laboratories
Jacob would rapidly rise through the ranks of Quantum Team Research Laboratories after being hired on the 14th of January, 2051 just before World War IV, and would become one of the youngest Site Directors on record when a new lab was opened in the Canadian Rockies. Here, he would pursue his dream of immortality.
As Jacob rose through the ranks, employees and subordinates reported his attitude slowly changing to a "holier-than-thou" type. After acquiring the site, it would run normally on record with few indications of what was going on inside for the rest of its short service life.
The Jacobian Event, and Death
On the 4th of March, 2051, Jacob would begin his kidnapping spree. By bribing the certain on-site staff with the results of his experiments, Jacob simply drove into Calgary and tricked his victims into helping him jump-start his car, at which point he'd inject a tranquilizer into them and imprison them inside an unauthorized-built sublevel below the research site.
Jacob would kidnap five hundred individuals from the surrounding area before stopping when the police arrested a suspect for an unrelated kidnapping. Jacob would then alter the human genome and inject these replacement stem cells into his victims bodies, who were all ten to twenty-five years old of both sexes, though as time went on Jacob found it easier to convert his entire subject pool into females to not have to work on the Y-chromosome.
As Jacob continued his experiments, an audit from Quantum Team against inspections marked his site for an additional inspection. Jacob promptly bribed the inspector, and when that didn't work, he killed him, hid the body, and then pretended the inspector hadn't properly closed a blast shield when observing an experiment and died. Another team was sent, and they didn't find the hidden access to the unauthorized sublevel; as everything else was in check, they let Jacob go.
On the fourth of May, 2054, Canada Neurogel AI would personally mark Calgary's site once again for suspicious activity. After a surprise inspection on May eighteenth from a team in which the sublevel was found, Jacob and his comrades would bribe four of the inspectors and killed the last one, but not before she got a video transmission back to Quantum Team command.
Quantum Team immediately asked for help in dealing with a rogue site director and contacted site security, as per protocol after the London Quantum Team Hijacking. Calgary's three SWAT teams would show up at Calgary site's door within an hour. After two teams were fully killed by improvised traps and weapons when attempting to enter the site to talk to Jacob, and the third lost a member, the remaining SWATT team reported back to Calgary that they were unable to talk jacob down.
A state of emergency was called three hours later after Jacob blew up one of the SWAT trucks using a high-powered laser built from site supplied. RCMP were sent to assist, and when they were also met with death in various forms, Canada declared Martial Law in the region and sent special forces soldiers.
Quantum Team cyber-security were locked out of the site by local overrides, and as such unable to provide much intel other than the site's layout and suspected entrance areas to the sublevel. On the twenty-second of May, 2054, four days after the first SWAT team had showed up, the situation turned into a hostage one as Jacob threatened to genetically mutilate ten of his subjects into "anthro pokemon" using genetic information recovered from experimentation if he didn't receive a shipment of supplies, including food. While the threat worked, Jacob converted three of the on-site staff who were also held hostage into more genetic test subjects in retaliation for it taking three hours for the shipment to arrive.
For the next couple months, Jacob would continue his reign of terror over the Calgary Quantum Team. Protocols put in place after the London Quantum Team Hijacking failed against preparation, and not even military commanders could find a way to get through to the site. Slowly, when his demands were not met, more and more of the staff were turned into test subjects until only Jacob and his inner circle were left. When the military once again refused his request to let nuclear supplies through, three anthro pokemon with cybernetic implants were locked in a room with a glass window showing them to the military outside.
On the seventh of October, 2054, when all of the genetic subjects were forced into anthro forms but were able to shapeshift into other pokemon around during their sleep at will using their cybernetic implants, Jacob managed to use other on-site materials to procure a specially-designed nuclear bomb with an approximated detonation power of four kilotons of TNT. As he finished his airborne vials as well, the last phase of Jacob's new plan was put into action.
At the same time, a military operation months into the making by Commander George Kenal dug a tunnel into the approximate location of the prison room for Jacob's victims. The Commander managed to evacuate all five hundred and forty-eight remaining alive victims and get them out safely before storming the site.
Sometime during the operation Commander Kenal was exposed to Jacob's airborne genetic drug and fell unconscious while disarming the nuke. Two of his subordinates also succumbed to the drug, but the early trigger of the drug saved many other people from much worse effects.
At 7:46 AM MST on October 7th, 2054, a hyper-efficient nuclear device was launched from the site over Calgary before detonating. While the device left behind only trace amounts of radiation due to using most radioactive particles in the initial explosion before they were blasted away by the shockwave, it killed the entirety of Calgary, and cities as far away as Thunder Bay reported sightings of a bright flash. Due to the site's far distance from Calgary, the military presence was disoriented due to the shockwave but otherwise present.
Jacob and his subordinates then attempted to take on the military outside and killed most of them before being shot to death, and did manage to kill over four thousand soldiers, before being killed in various ways.
After Death
Jacob would sharply change the attitude of the public surrounding intentional biological tampering. As of current, it is one of the most restricted fields, even when dealing with diseases that directly lead to death or brain death such as cancer.
Quantum Team Research Laboratories would shut down all sites for over a month while overhauling them. While governmental audits found that Jacob had left behind no trace of what he was up to, and that there was no reasonable way to know what Jacob was up to, Quantum Team didn’t see it that way.
The city of Calgary was wiped off the map by the nuclear detonation, though thankfully the evacuation managed to save a number of people in the city core. Still, roughly one hundred thousand people would die, and it would be quickly deemed too expensive to repair Calgary. The city was dissolved and most of the displaced residents moved to Edminton.
Jacob himself would leave behind a legacy of what not to be, much like other historical figures.
Wikipedia of a villain here. Lore of a world.
[8569] characters, this is a 'short one.'
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2023.03.25 12:56 Patient_Delivery_376 Arul from Borderless Cap will host a twitter space "Voice of Algorand Community"

My opinion on the points he made in his tweet.
His first point on Adoption. Basically, most of Borderless Capital's investment portfolio companies in the Algorand ecosystem are highly speculative in nature, such as Gard. However, there are investments they made that have more real world use cases, such as Koibanx, Quantum Temple, etc. For these less speculative assets (and more geared towards real world use cases), adoption will need patience based on loads of factors. But here I am going to discuss a lot more on the speculative ones.
One thing is for sure is that if you are a speculative asset and you want adoption during a bear market (when investors in general struggle for liquidity and run away from high risk assets), then you'd better build an innovative project that stands out from the competition in the entire crypto sphere; an example of such an innovative platform is C3 protocol. If you don't offer something special to the people outside of Algorand, then don't expect adoption from them, cause they would rather look elsewhere, where there are better products.
Furthermore, the entire crypto industry represents barely less than 0.5% of the whole economy and there's a shortage of web3 developers relative to the total developers. And those that decide to make the leap into web3, they go for Ethereum, Polygon, etc most of the time, cause it's just more mature in a lot of ways -- but that doesn't mean that the underlying blockchain is better. So for adoption, one needs to onboard the other developers. And this takes time, education and patience. Blockchain is not an easy to grasp technology even for developers. For instance, I know a friend with a PhD at the intersection of Machine Learning and Cryptography, and yet he sees public blockchains in a bad way. He sees it in a bad way, not because he understands it, but because he doesn't want to learn to understand it and its applications. And if a public blockchain wants to receive global adoption, then it surely needs to reconcile its public nature with privacy. And this will take patience, since FHE, MPC and Threshold Cryptography aren't ready yet to be deployed in a decentralised setting.
His point on governance and leadership. At some point, Arul pointed that a CEO of a foundation should be elected by the community via votes:
Well, I don't object to that since it represents the true meaning of decentralisation. However, in the case of Algorand, the ecosystem is nowhere near mature enough for such things to happen. Maybe in a few years time, if Algorand wins, then yes. But not now. Also, such things is prone to a lot of issues. For instance, those with a lot of weights (such as Borderless Cap) can manipulate such an important event. Hence, the elected Foundation CEO is likely to be the pawn of the whales that elected him/her. Additionally, the elected CEO may not do what is good for the ecosystem, but will take decisions based on what will make them reelected next time. So Algorand is nowhere near ready nor mature enough for such a move. It is still a nascent ecosystem.
His point of Funding. I think that if you have an innovative product that people want and you are a hardworking, proactive and talented team -- not just hoping for money from the Algorand Foundation and if you don't get, then you are mad and start spreading FUD -- then your chances of raising capital from top VCs in the crypto sphere is higher. For instance, look at Limewire, or C3, whose investors are top investors such as Two Sigma Ventures, Jane Street, Jump, Golden Tree, etc.
Finally, considering the lack of web3 developers, if the Foundation's Treasury were to go into investing into the ecosystem, then I would rather see that funding go to a team that has a proven record of delivering an innovative product, while showing proactiveness. Or An example of such a team is AlgoFi, Reach, Milkomeda, Tinyman, C3 guys, etc. Or a team whose pitch is bulletproof.
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2023.03.25 12:56 that_crom Day 12 - Karaoke Blues

On my vacation. Went to a bar with my sister and her boyfriend, specifically for karaoke night. I did Stone Temple Pilots, Elton John, and Hootie and the Blowfish. I must say, I killed it. No drinking and no weed, I was decently on key and very on tempo. I haven't been to a bar in a very long time, and my sister got a little wastey. We had an all around good time. Without much effort, I was attracting dudes left and right, and clear headed enough to just chat and move on. It seems like in the southern US, everybody can sing really well. I've never been to such a karaoke night, where 90 percent of people were great, despite most being drunk as hell. I also was able to appreciate all these things just for what they are. Shout-out to the woman with the amazing pipes doing Carol King. I stayed up so much later than I ever have in a long time, and I got the best sleep of my sobriety period yet. Woke up feeling a little bit of a headache, but not as bad as yesterday. I will say there was a lot of cig smoking happening right outside the bar door that was wafting in, and I didn't like that, but I also didn't join the smokers. Maybe I'll go back tonight. I should probably bring my country game if I do. Anyone have some suggestions for songs? I'm sort of a tenor, kinda Elton John or Lionel Richie ish. Man, that was fun.
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2023.03.25 12:56 Alexandar_The_Gr8 I fucking hate JNTUH colleges

I've been wanting to write this post for a while now but didn't have the courage to, thinking what would happen if I got tracked down but today I've reached my limit and I just want to vent my frustration. The reason I write this post is to warn other people against joining JNTUH affiliated colleges if they want peace of mind. So essentially, I'm in my final year of engineering, I have to submit my major project report which has to be apparently printed in FUCKING BOND PAPER with a HARD COVER. That costs around Rs 750 per copy and as per MY COLLEGE'S INSISTENCE, JNTUH RULES say that I need to submit 6 copies of this shit. Now here's the thing, 3 of those copies will be returned to me and my TEAMMATES (They didn't do shit) on the spot and 3 will be kept in the college, most likely sold as scrap after my batch graduates. So my team has to waste Rs 4500 for this garbage report that could be and, as it is 2023, should be submitted online as a softcopy the way it was written. Clearly this is just a shady tactic by these engineering institutes to make money by getting free scrap probably upwards of 400, 500 kgs and that's not even scratching the surface as the records are another story altogether.
Now to the next part, I'm also asked to write a paper for my major project and guess who's name is on that, my guide (she only made my work more difficult, hasn't taken any action against my teammates who haven't done an ounce of work and has always put the blame on me never calling up or targeting my teammates for anything). The college also want their name on it. Till here I don't quite mind it much but, if you know anything about paper submission, you should know that it costs 7000 to 10000 or sometimes more. Well guess how much of that amount the college or the GUIDE is paying? 0, fucking 0. We have to bear the costs.
Parents of reddit, don't send your kids to JNTUH colleges, I'm barely scratching the surface here. Most of these things happen in other non JNTUH colleges as well but some of these colleges are pure shit in the quality of students, staff and Co curricular activities so it's just a pressure cooker. My college strictly doesn't even allow phones and takes them away for 4 fucking years. An engineering college, should be allowing one of the most useful things of the 21st century that is a part of daily life.
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2023.03.25 12:56 OutrageousAside196 Well done, you broke me

Was sexually abused as a child, never told anyone. Have had trust issues ever since. Diagnosed with depression in 2015. Did have friends but no deep connections with them. Mainly just doing fun things. Did have a strong bond with my dad, mother and brother. In 2018 my mother died in a car accident. I hit rock bottom. Started abusing drugs. Lost contact with all of my friends. Only had my father and brother left at that point. After 2 years of abusing drugs i decided to quit cold turkey and go back to college. I gave it my best but i was too weak for it, too depressed, too damaged. Since 2021 i have spend every day sitting at home doing nothing. No highs, no lows. Just numb. I made peace with this. I could get through the days. I helped my dad and brother where i could.
Out of the blue someone i had seen once or twice reconnected with me and asked me to meet up. I though to myself ‘why not, what’s the worst that can happen?’. We hit it off, it was the best night of my life. It was the first high for me in a long time. The lows came back. I told you i wanted to take things slow to protect myself, to deal with my issues before getting too intense. You told me you’d always be there for me, that you’d never abandon me. I believed you, i trusted you. We spend every day together for the past 6 months, i moved in with you. I told you all my secrets, you’re the first person i told i was sexually abused as a child. I trusted you completely. I gave you the world. Helped you through all your problems, helped you financially, cared for you. Not once did i wrong you. Out of the blue you were suddently done with me. We went out for dinner, i paid and you kicked me out 2 hours later? For what? We had a fun night and were watching a show and you snapped for no reason?
I left to give you space and time to think, assuming you’d apologise in the upcoming days. I told my brother what happened and without me knowing he snapped at you. I cut contact with my brother because i could not forgive him for this. I never spoke to you again. You didn’t even have the decency to give me closure. Weeks after our last contact suddently everyone knows about my secrets, the sexual abuse, everything. Why on earth would you share this with everyone? I’ve told you all my fears and you decided to use it against me? The worst part of all of this is that i still have nothing but love for you, how messed up is that?
I could not cope with this and started abusing drugs again, my own fault. My dad did not accept it and kicked me out. After 8 years of suffering i’ve officially hit rock bottom. Jobless, homeless, lonely, no way out. I don’t have the strength to build from here. I’m sitting on a bench writing this with no where to go, and still i only think about what you did to me. I will never trust anyone again, i will never open up to anyone again. I will get back on my feet one day, but for now there is nothing but pain.
Congratulations, you’ll always have a room in my mind.
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2023.03.25 12:55 NYCABC12333 Spotting for a full week before period- cause of miscarriages/luteal phase defect?

I (34yo) have been trying to conceive for 8 months now. Had 3 chemical pregnancies, and was recently referred by my OB to a fertility clinic.
My period is very regular as is ovulation (I use strips.) However, when they say day 1 of period, I know it means “full flow”. The issue here is that I start spotting and then increasing to a very light period for about a whole week before my “Day 1 full flow” is.
Typical: Day 1 full flow period Day 16 (ish) ovulate Day 24/25- (8-9 DPO) I start spotting Day 30-32 ish-full flow starts
So my question is, is this 7 day pre-full flow an issue? The doctors say that since full-flow is starting at about day 30 each month that my period/cycle is normal, but what about the full week of spitting? Will this prevent a pregnancy from sticking?? Is this the cause of my miscarriages?
**If I start spotting 8dpo and implantation happens day 8-10, will the spotting stop?
Thank you SO much. All tests are coming back “normal” and just want some answers.
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2023.03.25 12:55 Simian_Stacker As the Fed's financial house of cards starts to collapse under the weight of its own debt, fraud, and mark-to-fantasy accounting, please make your way to the nearest "conspiracy theorist" for instruction on what comes next & how to prepare for it

As the Fed's financial house of cards starts to collapse under the weight of its own debt, fraud, and mark-to-fantasy accounting, please make your way to the nearest submitted by Simian_Stacker to Wallstreetsilver [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 12:54 iudkwts Isshin and Ryuken

Where are these two at the end? What happened to them?
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2023.03.25 12:54 throwaway9474628 I feel like my past is catching up with me

About three years ago I (now17M) lied about getting r-worded, for obvious reasons this is a throwaway and in censoring certain words. I isolated myself after I confessed but by then two of my friends knew and so did my mum and Nan, I barley socialised for three years and have tried to become a better person in that time.
Currently I have a boyfriend (16M) who knows nothing about this, I only have my mum, siblings and nan now. I am working my first job to go and see my boyfriend since he lives far.
I have come into work today to find out someone I used to know is starting to work with me tomorrow. They used to know one of the friends I lied to and were very close. This person did not like me and made that clear.
I am terrified that once they start working here and see me they will tell all my colleagues what happened, if this person knows what happened.
I am so paranoid and I won’t know if they know until it’s too late. I can’t have this I am so scared everything I have tried to fix and move on from is going to come back and crash my life. I did have a strong urge to attempt s-word multiple times because of my guilt and still do.
Im unsure how to go about this and don’t want my life to go to shit once again and lose the only few people I have left. I know this is a difficult thing to ask advice on but I really need it this time.
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2023.03.25 12:54 AsphericB0p What happened to Spinsmith

what happened bro, his music is like nowhere online and https://osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/topics/37503?n=1 the download from this post from a supposed 2nd album of his isnt available.. this is sad -- what happened to him bro.
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2023.03.25 12:54 meeleen223 MOONS - Changing the very fabric of using Social Apps before our eyes! DCAing into Moons? Sounds crazy when we can earn it, but is it? Table inside BULLISH

MOONS - Changing the very fabric of using Social Apps before our eyes! DCAing into Moons? Sounds crazy when we can earn it, but is it? Table inside BULLISH
With recent Moons burns, developments and price action Moons have caught lot of eyes of the Media and people outside our community
Moons previously reached:

We know earning Moons through means of contributing is best, more and more people have been buying Moons, notably Bobby Oong - Coingecko Founder as well as people swapping their ARB airdrop for Moons and putting in liquidity pool
I was wondering what it would be like if one DCA-ed $100/Month into Moons

Date Moons Price Number Of Moons
01.01.2021 $ 0.01 10000
01.02.2021 $0.128 781
01.03.2021 $ 0.088 1136
01.04.2021 $0.07 1428
01.05.2021 $0.099 1010
01.06.2021 $0.07 1428
01.07.2021 $0.055 1818
01.08.2021 $0.21 476
01.09.2021 $0.26 384
01.10.2021 $ 0.135 740
01.11.2021 $0.16 625
01.12.2021 $0.15 666
01.01.2022 $0.126 793
01.02.2022 $0.076 1315
01.03.2022 $0.078 1282
01.04.2022 $0.061 1639
01.05.2022 $0.05 2000
01.06.2022 $0.05 2000
01.07.2022 $0.044 2272
01.08.2022 $0.073 1369
01.09.2022 $0.082 1219
01.10.2022 $0.124 806
01.11.2022 $0.1 1000
01.12.2022 $0.1 1000
01.01.2023 $0.078 1282
01.02.2023 $0.12 833
01.03.2023 $0.20 500

Invested Total Number Of Moons Total Value at $0.369
$2700 39811 🌊🦄 $14690

And if one started investing since Moons going to mainnet:
Invested Total Number Of Moons Total Value at $0.369
$800 8000 $2956

  • Moons are getting scarce
Number of Moons released to users at the start of DCA vs Today
Date Number of Moons released
31.12.2020 2,093,979
26.01.2021 1,025,00
That's 51% decrease, in 2025 we will go down to almost 500k
Number of Moons released to users drops by 2.5% each round, until it reaches a steady inflation of %1 yearly that will happen in around 10 years, even after that it will take many years for Moons to reach original 250m hard mcap
Moons only need $111m mcap to reach $1, this means our DCA would make us $39811!

  • Owning just 5 Moons is equal to owning 1 BTC in terms of percentage at current supply
1 BTC / 21 000 000 x 100 = 0.00000476%
x/109 000 000 x 100 = 0.00000476190476
x = 0.00000476190476/100 * 111 000 000
x= 5.28

  • Moons may very well be the BTC of Social Tokens and BTC of 2020s
Moons are a new paradigm in using social apps, getting something in return for our contributions is a unique, it is now US getting payed for ads targeted at us. Empowering us users in this town in app dominated world, together with power of governance shaping the future of this sub
Reddit's plan for subreddit's to operate like businesses and people to generate wealth on reddit bringing economy into subreddits is a entirely new business model. Reddit's plan to operate like a housing entity hosting companies - subreddits the way Apple houses apps, creating an entirely new business model for other companies to follow
At Paris blockchain convention 4 days ago, Steve Huffman CEO of Reddit, again underlined importance of users seazing value and future of web3 stored in interoperability, taking your tokens outside Reddit. This is key in bringing web3 to life and inline with what Vitalik named at Ethereum unveiling in 2014 as one of key points - decentralized reputational social networks
Reddit and Moons are frontrunning the web 3!

  • Moons mcap is only ~ $39m at $0.369/ 36m right now at $0.33
If Moons had Baby Doge ath mcap, 1 MOON would be worth $3.8
If Moons had 1/100 of Doge mcap, 1 MOON would be worth $7.56
If Moons had Safemoon's ATH mcap, 1 MOON would be worth $50
If Moons had Shiba Inu's bear market cap of $6.4B, 1 MOON would be worth $60.2
If Moons had Shiba Inu's ATH market cap of $40b, 1 MOON would be worth $387
If Moons had Doge ATH mcap, 1 MOON would be worth $756

  • Reddit subreddits are powerfull when united and we have seen them go viral
Once Moons hit $1 media, hype and bullrun will bring waves of people Fomo-ing into the sub, once they hear stories of people buying a home, car (lambo) from Moons they will come to earn a shiny new token

  • Moons value is also knitted in intangibles and are already lifechanging to so many
We put our feelings, thoughts, emotions and together as a community through thick and thin, fun and exciting alike go into our crypto journey. Creating safe investing environment for people as well as shitposting from the toilets,
We've seen one person set up a fruit stand for their parents, one person payed for their Dog's surgery with Moons, other took their daughter to disneyland, one young guy bought a lap top for their studies
I'd say that's pretty impactful and life changing for many

  • We've seen CZ from Binance liking the Moons concept
  • We've seen Vitalik suggest concept of Moons 10 years ago right here on Reddit
  • We've seen Reddit CEO SPEZ - Steve Huffman say users should generate wealth on Reddit
  • We've seen Bobby Oong, CoinGecko Co-Founder bullish on Moons and buying
Moons future is exciting, and their potential is huge and we are in front rows, buckle up it's gonna be one hellova a ride!

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2023.03.25 12:54 HD_weer4150 The Urgency of Addressing Climate Change

The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly severe and urgent. We are seeing more extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and habitat loss for countless species. The scientific consensus is clear: if we do not take bold action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a more sustainable future, we will face catastrophic consequences.
It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the scale of the problem, but we cannot afford to be complacent. We all have a role to play in addressing climate change, whether it's through personal actions like reducing our carbon footprint and supporting renewable energy, or through collective action like advocating for policy change and holding our elected officials accountable.
As individuals, we can make a difference by making small changes in our daily lives, such as driving less, eating less meat, and reducing our energy consumption. But we need systemic change as well. We need to transition to renewable energy, invest in sustainable transportation and infrastructure, and hold corporations accountable for their emissions.
We have the technology, the resources, and the knowledge to address climate change. What we need now is the political will and the collective action to make it happen. The stakes are too high to ignore this issue any longer.
So, let's come together and take action on climate change. Let's raise our voices, make our voices heard, and demand a sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.
What are your thoughts on this issue? How can we work together to address climate change? Let's discuss in the comments below.
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2023.03.25 12:53 WaleedIsGood I cant make a project

I cant make a project
Hello, I am trying to make a game, so i got unreal engine and chose "blank", "C++" , and i've setted up c++ in visual studio. this error message popped up when i try to create a project:
An error occurred while trying to generate project files.
Running D:/Users/Admin/Desktop/UE_5.1/Engine/Build/BatchFiles/Build.bat -projectfiles -project="C:/Users/Admin/Documents/Unreal Projects/MyProject/MyProject.uproject" -game -rocket -progress Running UnrealBuildTool: dotnet "..\..\Engine\Binaries\DotNET\UnrealBuildTool\UnrealBuildTool.dll" -projectfiles -project="C:/Users/Admin/Documents/Unreal Projects/MyProject/MyProject.uproject" -game -rocket -progress 'dotnet' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. 
here is the guide.
Furthermore, I noticed that in visual studio, it doesn't save the toolbar settings (in step one of the guide) when i close.
the highlighted one didn't save, this is what it looks in my computer:

i selected it manually, but when i checked it out after saving, this is what it looks like:
This is weird because all other options I've enabled happened to be saved, unlike this one.
Can somebody help?
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