Where's the nearest zaxby


2021.03.31 02:28 Paraguay_Stronk polandballfunny

"""""""funny""""""" also egg hey where is the nearest taco bell? pro-bing chilling subrediot

2009.08.05 02:37 MamsTaylor Road Trip!

/roadtrip is your source for everything road trip related. Whether you enjoy traveling by motorcycle, car, or recreational vehicle this is your destination for everything related to road trips!

2020.05.21 09:46 AlexanderFlood PretendToBeABee

Here we pretend to all be part of a hive, share your homey making, or where the nearest flower is Respect the queen, mate only with her

2023.06.06 19:02 dennaneedslove I gave it a fair shot, lack of map overlay is still painful

Like many game design things I understand their vision. They don’t want players just looking at a dot on some ugly 2D map all the time. Sure
The problem isn’t the vision. The real problem is that their solution to make that vision work is not very good. It’s over function and opening and closing your map over and over is not a good gameplay loop.
Don’t get me wrong, it works if you’re just casually going through the campaign and taking in the sights. It becomes more and more annoying as you try to play more efficiently.
There’s another game that did this but even more extremely - Elden Ring. It worked in that game because that game is about slow exploration and wonder. D4 simply is not that by the virtue of its ARPG roots and the approach just doesn’t work.
Anyone who’s tried doing helltide knows how bad it feels constantly opening the map to see where you’re going for the chest. Hell, anyone who wants to play optimally and speed through the game would already know this after 10 mins of gameplay.
Here’s are my suggestions - allow a lot of zoom out on the minimap. Allow automatic pin placement on nearest helltide chest/event as an option. Rework the open world a bit so that there aren’t as many deadends and blocked areas. Make the map open and load instantly, like less than 0.1 seconds. Blizzard should either make these compromises or just make map overlay optional.
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2023.06.06 19:02 3thanwarner Case being thrown out after CPS failed to answer escalations stating victim was unavailable for court?

I’ve had a pretty nasty investigation ongoing for the last year. Big griefy job, where CPS have had me at their every beck and call for every type of action and escalation they could think of. MG11 stating what I had for dinner the day I locked up? Yes sir, right away sir. After an uphill struggle we got four charges in April and a court date was set for today with all the relevant witnesses being warned, of course including the victim. My forces witness care team had some issues contacting the victim but eventually made contact with them a month later. Victim informed witness care that they will be unable to attend court for that day as they are on holiday. Witness care raise an action to CPS to request that the court date be rescheduled. CPS confirm that an application has been raised a day later. We hear no word from them and a week later raise an escalation. No answer. Second escalation, no answer. Eventually the court date arrives and we raise an immediate escalation to get an answer to which they say words to the effect of “THE COURT DATE WILL NOT CHANGE, ALL WITNESSES ARE TO REMAIN WARNED”.
The court goes ahead, victim obviously doesn’t turn up and the judge decides to throw the case out on the grounds that the victim has failed to attend.
Despite wondering why on earth I ever bother giving anything 100% in this job, I’m left wondering? Where do we, as officers stand, when challenging results such as this? It’s obviously a huge failure by CPS and the courts when we had a strong case they were all very likely to be charged for. My inspector has said that other than an apology, we’re unlikely to get very far with it, but do any of you have similar experiences with challenging silly, avoidable outcomes like this?
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2023.06.06 19:02 MMOPIXEL11 Star Citizen: Auec - The In-Game Currency Explained

Welcome to our blog, where we dive into the vast universe of Star Citizen Auec and shed light on its in-game currency, aUEC (Alpha United Earth Credits). In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the importance of aUEC, how to earn it, and how to make the most of this currency to enhance your Star Citizen experience.

Understanding aUEC:
a. Currency in the Verse: aUEC serves as the primary in-game currency in Star Citizen, allowing players to purchase ships, equipment, commodities, and services within the persistent universe. It is a crucial resource for progressing and enjoying the game to its fullest.
b. Differentiating aUEC from UEC: It's important to note that aUEC is distinct from UEC (United Earth Credits), which is the final currency intended for the game's official release. During the alpha and beta phases of the game, aUEC is used as a temporary currency.
Optimizing aUEC Usage:
a. Ship Upgrades: Enhance your ship's capabilities by purchasing better weapons, shields, engines, and other upgrades. Upgrading your ship can improve its combat prowess, durability, and versatility, enabling you to take on more challenging missions and explorations.
b. Equipment and Gear: Invest in high-quality armor, weapons, and equipment to improve your combat effectiveness and survivability. Choose gear that suits your playstyle and the challenges you're likely to encounter in your adventures.

c. Trading and Investments: Expand your wealth by investing in commodities or rare items that are expected to appreciate in value over time. Stay informed about the in-game economy, trends, and changes that may impact the value of certain items. Be patient and strategic in your investment decisions.

Community Interactions:
a. Join Organizations: Participate in player organizations and associations to collaborate with like-minded players. Engage in joint operations, cooperative missions, and trading ventures to pool resources and maximize your aUEC earning potential.
b. Player-to-Player Transactions: Utilize in-game trading platforms and player-driven marketplaces to buy or sell goods, ships, or services directly with other players. Building relationships and networking within the Star Citizen Auec community can provide valuable opportunities for profitable exchanges.
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2023.06.06 19:02 Jolly-Rip4098 Chest

Where do I place the chest?? (Day5)
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2023.06.06 19:02 P4rmaster Device name with HAADJ

Hi all!
With AADJ you can set the device name for example PC-%SERIAL%, but with HAADJ this doesn't work. You can only set a prefix (I have "APC-" for AutoPilot Computer) and the rest is a strange mix of numbers and chars. I even don't know where these come from. My question is if there's a working solution to set the device name like %SERIAL% (or whatever I want). I found some scripts but they didn't work, even the OMA-URI does not work.
Thank you!
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2023.06.06 19:02 beansprout__ Bought car with clean title, learned at DMV it is actually a reconstructed title

My fiance just bought a car for 4,995 from a small auto dealer in Oregon where we live. He was told it was a clean title, our bank said nothing came up on their search, but we learned when we took it to register at the DMV that it is actually a reconstructed title. She said that Washington state, where the vehicle was in an accident, failed to stamp the title as reconstructed after the accident. I am wondering what steps we should take towards the dealer, is it possible that the dealer really didnt know? I would think he has the same resources to run the VIN as the DMV.
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2023.06.06 19:02 Ok_Bluebird_1032 Discover the Rich History of Mecca: Must-Visit Places in the Sacred City

Mecca, the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and the holiest city in Islam, is a treasure trove of historical and cultural landmarks. As millions of Muslims flock to this sacred city every year for pilgrimage, it offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich history and significance of Islamic civilization. Whether you are a devout Muslim seeking spiritual enlightenment or a history enthusiast intrigued by the ancient tales, Mecca has something exceptional to offer. Here are the must-visit places that provide a glimpse into Mecca's illustrious past:

1. Masjid-Al Haram (Kaaba): Standing at the heart of Mecca, Masjid-Al Haram is the most sacred site in Islam. This grand mosque houses the Kaaba, a cube-shaped structure towards which Muslims around the world direct their prayers. Millions of pilgrims gather here each year during Hajj and Umrah, seeking spiritual purification and divine blessings. It is also the very place where Prophet Muhammad ﷺ received his first revelation, making it a site of immense historical and religious significance¹⁵.

2. Jannat Al Mualla (Al Muallaa Cemetery): Pay your respects to the family and companions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ at Jannat Al Mualla. This cemetery holds the graves of prominent figures from Islamic history, including Prophet Muhammad's ﷺ first wife, Khadija, and his son, Qasim¹⁶. It serves as a reminder of the profound legacy left by these noble individuals.

3. Mount Arafat: Ascend Mount Arafat, the mountain where Prophet Muhammad ﷺ delivered his farewell sermon to the Muslim community during his last pilgrimage. This mountain holds great significance as pilgrims spend a day of prayer and supplication here during Hajj¹⁵. Stand in the same place where the Prophet ﷺ imparted his final teachings and reflect on the profound messages of unity, compassion, and righteousness.

4. Masjid Al-Taneem (Masjid e Aisha): Located just outside the boundaries of Mecca, Masjid Al-Taneem is where pilgrims residing in Mecca assume the state of Ihram before performing Umrah. This mosque holds historical importance as it is where Prophet Muhammad ﷺ met his wife, Aisha, after returning from the Treaty of Hudaibiyah¹⁶. Take a moment to appreciate the connection between personal stories and the larger historical events that unfolded in this holy city.

5. Maktaba Makkah-al-Mukarramah (Birthplace of Muhammad): Visit the Maktaba Makkah-al-Mukarramah, a library that marks the spot where Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was born on the 12th of Rabi ul Awwal. This historical site is within walking distance from Masjid al-Haram, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the early life of the Prophet ﷺ¹⁶.

6. Masjid Al Nimrah: Situated in the plain of Arafat, Masjid Al Nimrah holds great significance as it is the place where Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prayed during his last pilgrimage. Pilgrims also gather here to combine the Dhuhr and Asr prayers on the day of Arafat¹. Stand in this sacred mosque and partake in the spiritual atmosphere that reverberates with devotion and humility.

7. Masjid Al-Hudaibiyah: Visit Masjid Al-Hudaibiyah, a mosque commemorating the site of the Treaty of Hudaibiyah—a peace agreement between Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and the Quraysh tribe of Mecca. It was at this very place that the Prophet ﷺ received the revelation of Surah al-Fath (The Victory)¹. Reflect on the importance of diplomacy and peaceful resolutions in Islam as you explore this historically significant site.

8. The Cave of Hira (Jabal Al-Hira): Venture to the Cave of Hira, situated on Mount Nur, where Prophet Muhammad ﷺ used to retreat for solitude and contemplation. It was within this cave that he received his first revelation from the Angel Jibreel. Take a moment to absorb the serenity of the surroundings and reflect on the profound impact of those early encounters with divine guidance¹⁵⁶.

9. The Cave of Thaur (Jabal Al-Thawr): Explore the Cave of Thaur, located on Mount Thawr, which provided refuge to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his companion Abu Bakr during their migration to Medina. It was within this cave that a spider's web and a pigeon's nest concealed their presence, ensuring their safety from the Quraysh. Reflect on the sacrifices made by the early Muslims and the resilience that allowed Islam to flourish¹⁶.

10. Zubaida Canal: Appreciate the engineering marvel of the Zubaida Canal, constructed by Queen Zubaida, wife of Caliph Harun al-Rashid. This canal served as a vital water source for both pilgrims and residents of Mecca for an impressive duration of 1,000 years⁶. Witness the ingenuity of past civilizations and their dedication to facilitating the spiritual journey of millions.

11. Makkah Museum: Enhance your understanding of Mecca's history, culture, and art by visiting the Makkah Museum. This captivating museum showcases a range of exhibits, galleries, and models that depict the life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, the development of Masjid al-Haram, the rituals of Hajj and Umrah, and the broader Islamic civilization³. Immerse yourself in the immersive displays that provide deeper insights into the significance of Mecca.

12. Exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques Architecture: Engage with the architectural wonders of Masjid al-Haram and Masjid al-Nabawi at the Exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques Architecture. Explore interactive screens, models, photos, and videos that shed light on the history, design, and significance of these two sacred mosques³. Gain a profound appreciation for the intricate details and spiritual atmosphere of these remarkable structures.

13. Jabal-e-Rehmat: Make your way to Jabal-e-Rehmat, the hill where Prophet Adam and Eve reunited after being expelled from Paradise. This site holds historical and spiritual significance as it is also where Prophet Muhammad ﷺ supplicated during his farewell pilgrimage and delivered the Farewell Sermon to the Muslims³². Reflect on the timeless teachings and guidance imparted in this sacred location.

14. Masjid Jinn: Visit Masjid Jinn, the mosque where Prophet Muhammad ﷺ recited Surah al-Jinn (The Jinn), leading to a group of jinn embracing Islam after hearing its powerful message. Witness the transformative power of the Quran and the influence it has had throughout history.

15. Bilal bin Rabah Mosque: Honor Bilal bin Rabah, one of the earliest converts to Islam and the first muezzin (caller to prayer) in Islam, at the Bilal bin Rabah Mosque. This mosque pays tribute to the noble contributions of Bilal and serves as a reminder of the diverse individuals who played a pivotal role in the early spread of Islam.

16. Mount Abu Qubais: Explore Mount Abu Qubais, believed to be the first mountain created by Allah. This sacred location is associated with various miracles performed by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, including the splitting of the moon and bringing forth water from a rock. Marvel at the signs of divine intervention and contemplate the power and majesty of Allah.

17. Masjid Al Khayf: Located in Mina, Masjid Al Khayf is a mosque where Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and many other prophets prayed. This mosque holds historical and spiritual significance, particularly during the three days of Tashreeq in Hajj. Experience the collective devotion and unity as pilgrims gather in this sacred space.

Mecca, with its profound religious and historical heritage, offers an extraordinary journey through time and faith. From the iconic Masjid-Al Haram to the serene caves that once provided sanctuary, each site tells a unique story of devotion, sacrifice, and spiritual enlightenment. As you explore these sacred places, allow yourself to be immersed in the profound spirituality and the rich tapestry of Mecca's history.

Plan your visit to Mecca and embark on a soul-stirring pilgrimage that will leave an indelible mark on your heart and mind. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, timeless traditions, and spiritual significance that make Mecca a truly extraordinary destination.
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2023.06.06 19:02 PersephonesPosies Suggestions for dating sites that might help me find open-minded, age-appropriate men?

I haven't dated much in my life (I married my first real BF and we were together for 20, dysfunctional years), but have been trying to expand my universe. After my divorce was final in 2019, I never imagined that I would date again (I didn't want the drama of a relationship), but upon the urging of some friends, I started a dating profile and met a man who seemed great at first.
There were some red flags, but I figured, we've all got our own personal demons to exorcise, and after a year of dating, we got engaged. Needles to say, that didn't work out for numerous reasons, and I was certain that I needed another relationship like I needed a hole in the head, but again, inspired by a friend of mine, I started another profile, and stumbled across a former colleague of mine that I had had a crush on forever. Again, it didn't work out, but it only took me 6 months this time to figure out that I was barking up the wrong tree - so I guess that's progress.
Now, I'm finally at a place where I think a partner might be nice to have, but I really don't know where to look. One big factor in all three of these relationships has been my relationship to my faith. The Christian denomination to which I belong has strong and persistent fundamentalist tendencies (no, I'm not LDS), which I firmly and vocally reject, but I do have a deep and abiding faith, which does color my interactions with the world around me. I'm too non-conforming to date within my faith (I love to dance, I drink regularly, and I believe that we have been called to love not judge), but the fact that I do believe in God and that I attend church (somewhat) regularly was a problem in my last two relationships. I really don't care if my partner does or doesn't believe in God - each person's beliefs are their own - but I also want the freedom to believe the way I want to believe.
There is a handful of sites that cater to people from my denomination, and I've toyed with the idea of starting a profile on one of them, since I can't be THAT much of an anomaly, but when I read the "About Us" section of each site, it makes me want to run for the hills. I've toyed with the idea of starting another profile on a mainstream dating site, but I'm worried that I'll be in the same boat as before. Maybe, it's just par for the course for dating during middle age (I'm 42), but I'm sure there has to be a happy medium out there, somewhere. Suggestions?
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2023.06.06 19:02 Bradstreet500 *•(Online Poll) The Owl House Episode Bracket ~ DAY 11: Keeping Up A-fear-ances was eliminated! Vote for your LEAST favorite episode(s) below!

*•(Online Poll) The Owl House Episode Bracket ~ DAY 11: Keeping Up A-fear-ances was eliminated! Vote for your LEAST favorite episode(s) below!
Eliminated:\ 43: Once Upon a Swap\ 42: Really Small Problems\ 41: Sense and Insensitivity\ 40: Witches Before Wizards\ 39: Something Ventured, Someone Framed\ 38: Hooty’s Moving Hassle\ 37: Escape of the Palisman\ 36: A Lying Witch and A Warden\ 35: I Was a Teenage Abomination\ 34: Lost in Language\ 33: The Intruder\ 32: Keeping Up A-fear-ances (56%)
(The percentage is the percent of how many people voted for the specific episode in their respective poll. So if a episode has "20%" that means 20% of all voters voted for that episode).
*My Notes: The episode ‘KEEPING UP A-FEAR-ANCES’ was eliminated! This episode marks the first Season 2 episode eliminated. That means (in our poll) that it is the 12th worst episode. Personally, I’d say at #35 on the list we got past “bad/mediocre” episodes. I actually really like this episode but agree that it is the worst of the season. I think the mystery is fantastic but Gwendolyn seemed kinda like a means to an end so to speak. She kinda was just there to push the plot forward and give us some information. However after saying that, I still love Gwen and the Clawthorne family. I think they were wonderful additions and made the show better because of their inclusion. Tell me what you think of the episode below! ✌️ bye
Fun Facts: - This episode ends the streak of Lilith bring in the episodes. She previously was in 6 episodes from S1Ep17-S2Ep4. This also introduces her Owl Beast curse. - This episode introduces us to A LOT of new information at the end. First off, it’s the introduction of Vee, where we see her sitting in Luz’s house with Camila. We are also introduced to the concept of Titans blood which becomes really important. AND Gwendolyn tells us that there was a human that lived on the BI. - This is the first time in Season 2 that Elixir is mentioned. It won’t be mentioned again till Season 2 Episode 8 ‘Knock, knock, knockin’ on Hooty’s Door’.
~Schedule~\ Day 1: New Vote is posted before 12:00pm EST (kinda is determined by if I was able to finish getting everything ready yesterday)\ Day 2: ALL VOTING DAY Day 3: Voting Day/Poll closes at 5:00pm EST.\ (Back to day 1)
**Link to the 11th Poll!: https://strawpoll.com/polls/7rnzmLaeWyO
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2023.06.06 19:02 Unschool_it The Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management

In the realm of sales, mastery is the key to success. To thrive in a competitive business landscape, sales professionals must continually enhance their skills and knowledge. Unschool and Leadsquared have united to offer the Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management—a transformative sales certification program tailored for individuals seeking to unlock their true potential. Let's embark on a journey of sales excellence and discover how this program can propel your career to new heights.
Crafting the Sales Canvas: The Importance of Advanced sales program:
In an era where expertise reigns supreme, possessing an advanced sales certification can be a game-changer. It not only validates your skills but also demonstrates your commitment to professional growth. The Executive Program equips you with the strategic sales management acumen that today's employers seek, providing you with a competitive edge in the market and opening doors to exciting opportunities.
Brushstrokes of Knowledge: Unveiling the Program Curriculum:
The Executive Program is a masterpiece in itself, comprising a comprehensive curriculum that delves into every aspect of strategic sales management. From understanding sales psychology and honing negotiation techniques to leveraging data analytics and embracing digital tools, each module is meticulously designed to sharpen your skills and broaden your sales horizons. Real-world case studies and interactive exercises breathe life into the learning experience, allowing you to apply your knowledge in practical scenarios.
Embrace the Palette of Flexibility: Online Learning at Your Fingertips:
The Executive Program offers the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace, thanks to its online format. Accessible from anywhere in the world, this program breaks the chains of traditional online learning platform , allowing you to shape your educational journey according to your schedule. By seamlessly blending learning with your professional commitments, you can acquire new skills, explore cutting-edge sales strategies, and unleash your potential, all within the comfort of your chosen environment.
Masterpieces Crafted by Mentors: Learn from Industry Titans:
The Executive Program places you in the hands of industry titans and seasoned sales experts who serve as your mentors. Drawing from their vast experience and success stories, they provide invaluable insights, best practices, and personalized guidance. These luminaries impart practical wisdom, nurturing your growth as a sales professional and empowering you to overcome challenges with confidence. By embracing their mentorship, you can refine your techniques, expand your network, and develop the mindset of a true sales master.
Paving the Path to Sales Success: Future-Proof Your Skills:
In today's rapidly evolving sales landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential. advanced sales program prepares you for the future by equipping you with cutting-edge skills and strategies. Modules on emerging sales technologies, digital transformation, and social selling empower you to navigate the digital era with finesse. By future-proofing your skills, you position yourself as a forward-thinking sales professional, capable of adapting to new trends and delivering exceptional results.
The Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management is your gateway to sales mastery. By obtaining this advanced certification, you embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, equipping yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive sales arena. Unschool and Leadsquared invite you to embrace the art of sales mastery and unlock your full potential. Seize this opportunity, paint your path to success, and create a masterpiece of your sales career. Enroll in the Executive Program today and let your sales prowess shine!
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2023.06.06 19:02 MasalaJason Just watched The Kerala Story and although very harrowing, it was fantastic. (Long read, TLDR at bottom)

You got to see pretty much exactly how extremist Muslims traffic and manipulate young girls into joining up ISIS. What I've taken from the film is that they always target and succeed with vulnerable girls. Girls who's faith or knowledge in their own religion is weak or if their own cleverness and wits is weak also. Very strong, rational girls won't fall for manipulation tactics or anything that has a logic, because they'll be able to use their own logic and knowledge to counter theirs.
If you've seen Muslims in the UK trying to boycott this film and get it removed. You may have heard them use some weird freedom of speech argument or some other dumb argument. Well, let me tell you, all of that is a distraction. Really the Muslims that support that boycott, even without seeing it are afraid. They are afraid that after watching this film that every western man or woman that sees a woman in a Hijab, will now think she is recruiting girls for ISIS, which happened in the film. That every guy named Abdul is now going to manipulate you into falling in love with him and get you to join ISIS to fight the infidels, which also happened and granted since I am an Ex-Muslim living in the UK myself. I know that their will be at least some western people that will think that. However, their will be many more that won't.
Another factor relating to my first point is the slow justice system, in both India and the UK. (UK ones are just weak). The policeman at the end said something very disturbing but he was also kind of right. You need proof! Proof that you are getting brainwashed to go fight ISIS which sounds weird 'cause you wouldn't know that it's happening by these men...or if you were trafficked and went to join ISIS or some other terrorist group that you didn't just go there of your own free will and were manipulated. It's very hard. In the end, I don't believe you can rely on a system's justice, it's too slow and can be incompetent. Girls need to be strong mentally, so they can't be manipulated or tricked because what the extremists do is that they talk down and degrade your culture and if you don't know your own culture properly you will be inclined to believe almost everything they say...and then! They enter with Islam...and say this is the real truth, see how simple it is? How wonderful and straightforward? A vulnerable person will fall for this.
SO, I believe in the UK, ('cause I live in the UK). A knowledge of Christianity even if you don't believe is useful, of British History and/or your mother history so you know where you're living in and your place in history and what your apart of, as well as Evolution and the Big Bang and finally an ability to debate which might be to quickest to acquire. Knowing how to form arguments, what are biases, what are fallacies etc... In the film itself, they said that Catholics were harder to manipulate and convert to Islam as opposed to Hindus. All of these make your mind ironclad. No one can talk down what you believe or know about something or yourself when you are educated, clever and know the truth. The only other defense I can think of is if you can't do all that is to when someone says something like "Your God couldn't save his own son (Jesus) What kind of God is that?" or "how can you believe we evolved from monkeys?" and you don't know the answer, just say "I don't know, but I will learn for myself." Don't accept whatever story they'll spin you about it. You will learn for yourself.
If your a young person reading this. Don't get your knowledge from TikTok, that place is horrible. Watch lectures from professors on Youtube, as well as documentaries and read books. Proper books! Ones that are most likely established in evidence and aren't someone's biased opinion or commentary. Your old school books are actually great.
The last thing was that they also used drugs to intoxicate the girls. If your young and reading this. The only guards I can think of against this is too literally either not take drugs at all or if someone gives you drugs that came from a plastic packet, don't take it, and definitely not from a Muslim man, even if they say it's for anxiety or whatever. It's bullshit. See if they took it directly out of a pharmacy box from a plastic grid thing and even then always be wary. Better to be safe than sorry.
I kinda went full Dad there in the latter half of this, but I'm 30 years old, I'm at that age and I know there's probably a bit more I can say about this. But this has already gotten too long and I'll leave it there...Don't fight men in the streets just run, pepper spray and/or kick them in the balls...maybe learn Muay Thai. :)
TLDR: The Kerala story was great, a lot to learn from regarding extremist Muslims and how they think and operate. Muslims that support the boycotting of this film are afraid. Girls need to be strong mentally to avoid being tricked or manipulated into conversion or whatever else. They can do this with an intentional education, being wary and learning to argue.
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2023.06.06 19:02 Nuts_to_Butt Brand new to this hobby. Would love some tips. Also my recent finds.

Brand new to this hobby. Would love some tips. Also my recent finds.
Hey everyone! I got a bounty Hunter tracker 4 for my birthday last week along with a pinpointer. I’ve been walking up and down the beaches near where I live (Seaside Park NJ). Current settings are “all metal” with the highest sensitivity possible without excess feedback. Any tips for this type of ground (loose sand on the towel line and wet sand near the water)? Also, here are the finds for my 3 days worth. Haven’t left without something so that’s a plus!
I don’t mind not finding anything valuable. It’s the thrill of there being a mystery in the ground and I have to find it that excites me. Plus the extra exercise don’t hurt…
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2023.06.06 19:01 federal_box_ Question about Faderport integration

Does anyone with a Faderport know if it's possible to actually click the cursor using it? I can move the cursor to another position, but play/pause still starts from where my mouse last clicked onto a track. Wondering if it's possible to actually select a new spot with the Faderport.
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2023.06.06 19:01 unlisteddlist Is our universe a giant higher dimensional shape?

This is highly speculatory and is not really based in physics, but more on my understanding of geometry.
I would define a line as an infinite amount of points stacked together to fill a 1 dimensional space. We can apply similar logic going higher, for example, a square is a bunch of infinite lines stacked together to fill a 2D space, and so on.
Now lets try to look at it a little differently, lets say a line isn't a bunch of points stacked together but instead a line is all the possible places where a point can exist in a 1D space. And a square is all the possible places where a line can exist in a 2D space, and a cube is all the possible places where a square can exist in 3D space, and so on.
Now if we apply that same logic to our space, our universe could be a 3D slice of a much larger 4D space. Every other slice being an alternate universe. So by this logic, our universe could be part of a multiverse, the multiverse would just be a giant 4D shape, and we only experience a tiny fraction of that 4D shape.
Going further, the Big Bang Theory. A common misconception is that the big bang was an explosion, in reality the big bang was more a sudden expansion. Keep that in mind. If a 3D entity somehow got a 4D sphere they would see a regular sphere, now as they move the sphere around, the sphere appears to shrink and grow as it moves through the 4th dimension. Sometimes the sphere would shrink into a tiny point until it disappears. Only to reappear, expanding from a single point. Now, what if the big bang wasn't an expansion, but it was just our higher dimensional universe moving through its higher dimensional space, and we can only experience it as our 3D space allows.
The end. As I mentioned, this is speculatory, I don't know if this holds up with physics or if my definition of anything is incorrect, or if the logic itself even holds up, but this made sense to me so please let me know what you think.
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2023.06.06 19:01 treshmesh How does Sam deal with unpleasant people?

He said that with the free will thing, it makes him have more empathy towards everyone and especially people who are mean and stuff but can that be negative sometimes? Also is there any specific content i can look into where he talks about how he deals with such people?
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2023.06.06 19:01 SecretiveDesires 25 [M4F] The fine line between fantasy and reality.

Sometimes a relationship could be going just fine. And yet, it doesn't feel fulfilling. Everything could be perfect, but something feels missing. No matter how magical, every bond is bound to hit periods of stagnation. And that's where the intimacy dissipates. But it creates room for other things.
Other... thoughts, putting it lightly. A woman as sophisticated and loving as yourself could never imagine hurting your man. You would sacrifice your own happiness at times to ensure his. Which is why when you think of holding another manhood in your hand, it puts you in an uneasy spot.
You ache for that other massive member yet your reluctance holds you back. What if he finds out? Your mind then makes you picture wrapping your lips round that pole you've infatuation for. Maybe he won't find out? Your nose tingles, almost inhaling your lover's musk as it nuzzles your newfound shaft. You've drifted into wanton territory as the scent hits your brain, like a shark that's smelled blood in the water. He will not find out.
You swallow the lump in your throat as your eyes bear witness to the rubber-clad phallus throbbing in front of you. To think it all began from that one text you sent responding to this very ad you touched yourself to. Take your last glance at any semblance of resistance, or take this secret alongside me to your grave as you press "Start chat".
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2023.06.06 19:01 Thusgirl Dog Walks Dog Poops

So I was browsing AITA and there was a post about dogs pooping in other people's yards.
It seemed mostly YTA if you allow your dog to poop/pee off your property period.
Now I try to get my dog to go before we start our walk but he usually isn't ready. If he does actually go before he tends to have a 2nd poop during the walk regardless. I carry bags and pick the poop up and dispose of it but I don't control where he poops. I don't even know if that's realistically possible.
What's your guy's take on this and how do you stop them from going when they gotta go?
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2023.06.06 19:01 403xxii Counter Hold Steering Rack Inner Tie Rod Replacement

Counter Hold Steering Rack Inner Tie Rod Replacement
Its on a Mitsubishi evo 7 i’m not sure where to do the counter-hold on this rack as there doesn’t seem to be a spot for the wrench to go. Any recommendations?
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2023.06.06 19:00 _mrka Nurture Vs nurture

Dax keeps bringing up the show the do with Dr Wendy Mogel (spelling?) But there haven't been any new episodes in years as far as I'm aware? My guess is that it was too similar to Where Should We Begin?
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2023.06.06 19:00 DeathbreakfastUSMC Orlando FL area Suggestions.

I am on vacation staying near Universal. Where do you recommend for buying a few discs ( I didn’t bring mine) and what’s a good course(s) I can hit while down here? I do have a rental car but want to stay semi close to the area.
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2023.06.06 19:00 BillyRay5150 Did we have a ghost?

So a few years back we had a "paranormal" occurrence in our home. I say "paranormal" in quotes because I am not thoroughly convinced that's what it was, though I will say I am not 100% ruling it out either...let's see what you all think.
It all started with the silverware. For whatever reason we would only have like 2 or 3 forks (or sometimes none) in the drawer at any given time. They weren't in the sink or the dishwasher...just gone. Then they would all mysteriously re-appear in the drawer. Then it would be spoons that would disappear, then re-appear. My wife joked (at first at least) that "the ghost took them". I chalked it up to having three kids in the house, but even when we checked their rooms for wayward untensils, we never found any. It got to the point that we had to break out a spare set of silverware to augment what we had in the drawer, but it still continued.
Then the whisk disappeared (not something that the kids would take to their room) fro several weeks. We all searched the entire kitchen...drawers, cabinets, etc. to no avail. My wife eventually bought another one and then, one day, there it was in it's usual drawer...right on top, like it had never gone missing.
Then there was Lego Captain America. My youngest was maybe 5 at the time and lost the head from his Lego Captain America mini-figure. Kids lose stuff all the time, especially tiny parts, but he was beside himself and I tore his room apart, as well as the living room sectional couch (which seems to devour every lost item in our house). I went so far as taking the backing off of it and turning it upside down. I found all kinds of stuff...but no Lego head (and no silverware incidentally). I gave it up as a lost cause. Then one day, months later, I walked into my son's room to put away some laundry and there, smack dab in the middle of his floor was Captain America's head. No explanation, no one had found it and put it there. Trust me, it was a big enough deal in my house that if someone had found it, they would have said so. I think we even offered a $5.00 reward to whoever found it.
Anyway, this is all minor stuff that could very easily be explained away and I didn't really pay it a whole lot of mind (though TBH, the Captain America head had me a little stumped) but my wife and daughter were convinced we had a ghost and talked about it all the time!
Then things got a little weirder when my youngest swore up and down that he saw the reflection of a man walk behind him in the TV and the glass of some artwork we have hanging on the wall to either side of it. Still, he was 5 or 6 at the time...so you know, I didn't take it all that seriously.
Then came the culmination of our "paranormal" activity. My daughter had a friend sleeping over and she, her friend, and my wife were on our back patio discussing the "ghost". I was asleep at the time as I had work early in the morning, when I was awoken by blood curdling shrieks from downstairs! I ran down, grabbing the ax handle that I keep behind the bedroom door, not knowing what to expect but fearing the worst. What I found was my wife, daughter, and my daughter's friend running around our kitchen in hysterics and a completely shattered glass patio door.
So, as my wife and daughter tell it, they were on the patio discussing the "ghost" and the disappearing silverware, Captain America, reflections, etc. My wife was saying something about reading where ghosts only have power if you believe in them (or something to that affect) and that she wasn't going to believe we had a ghost anymore and when she said "I don't believe in ghosts!" the patio door immediately shattered the instant the words left her mouth!
My wife has a friend who is into the paranormal and ghost hunting and all that stuff and she put her in touch with a Native American "shaman" and his son who came to the house did whatever it is they do to get rid of spirits...smudge or whatever. I really don't know what all he did as I was at work during the ritual. All I know is, whatever he did, it seems to have worked. We haven't had any weird stuff happen since.
So I'm not saying I believe or disbelieve, but that is a lot of weird stuff. My wife and daughter are still convinced we had a ghost. Me, I'm not sure. What do you all think? Did we have a ghost?
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2023.06.06 19:00 caksters Mum diagnosed with reoccurring cancer, how to deal with idea that she will most likely die soon?

My mum (77) was diagnosed 6 years ago with ovarian cancer. she went through chemo and surgery that got he through cancer and everything was looking good until last year.
Last year she was diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer. she had surgery where part of her pancreas has been removed. Standard of living has decreased significantly. She finished chemo and had 3 months recovery period.
Now some biomarkers are indicating that something is off with intestines and that there might be cancer lingering there.
I am living abroad and the only way I support her is by speaking with her 1-2 times a day. I try to go home few times a year but it is difficult with my family and work.
Hearing the latest news I am automatically assuming the worst case scenario. My mind can’t fully comprehend this. I am not feeling sad/angry/anxious about it, but I know that if doctor says that outlook is not looking good then panic will set in.
For a while I knew that I need to realise that my parents will pass away sooner or later. And I need to make the most out of the time they have left in this world by supporting them and being a loving child that loves and support them.
But I don’t know how to deal with my emotions where I logically fully understand what is most likely going to happen and my internal confused feelings about this.
I would appreciate any support that would help me navigate this.
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