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Clark Kent. Kal-El. The Man of Steel. The Last Son of Krypton. A place to discuss Superman and all things Superman related.

2023.05.28 15:57 ciaobella442 8 week Wegovy Recap

5’1 HW 198 SW 192.5 CW 175.4
Started week 8 on Thursday at 176.8, but I’m a couple days late. Still feeling like a godsend. 9 lbs in the last 4 weeks. Symptoms - no nausea since that 2nd week, but I do have a bit of acid reflux randomly. Still worth it! I am so excited for the future and where things might land. I don’t really have a goal in mind because it all feels so unreal tbh. I haven’t been in the 170s in roughly 10 years. Starting to get worried about saggy/excess skin, but maybe I’m young enough that things will just tighten up with the slow weight loss.
The sad part is that I’m still wearing all my same clothes and they’re only slightly too big - so that’s a downer lol. Biggest win - wearing a 36 bra the other day!
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2023.05.28 15:56 vito191- 22 [m4m] let me rate you?

heyy kinda bored tonight so send me anything and ill rate it haha. open to rate literally anything both sfw or nsfw. tried it for the first time kanina and fun naman siya for killing time.
about me:
About me: • 22 years old • College student • 5'9 About you: • 21+ years old
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2023.05.28 15:56 princessjennifers American Tin Ceilings: Review

American Tin Ceilings: Review
We wanted to post our experience with American Tin Ceilings. We have an 1878 Victorian that we have carefully been restoring for many years so consider ourselves fairly experienced DIYers. We recently decided to tackle the old mineral fiber ceiling tiles in our downstairs sunroom. Many years ago, we had done the same in our upstairs -- installing a tin ceiling made by Shanko. This time, however, we decided to use tin ceiling tiles made by American Tin Ceilings. While the panels are made in America and the quality and price are good (we also received them quickly), it was not noted anywhere on their website that these panels do not provide a seamless look -- which we think is a reasonable expectation for a ceiling installation based on the photos on their website (where you cannot really see details) and our past experience (as mentioned, this is the second tin installation we have done). We had already painted all the panels and started to install them when we noticed the issue, so we had no choice but to continue. We are extremely disappointed with the ceiling as this was a great deal of work for a sub-optimal outcome. It essentially looks like ceiling tiles -- except tin instead of mineral fiber. We reached out to American Tin Ceilings about this but they refused to even acknowledge the issue. We even provided them with a detailed explanation of the issue, which is related to the edge design of their panels. We asked them to update their website for future customers to note this and also to refund our shipping cost ($93.84) as a goodwill gesture, but they refused. We are posting this for others as we feel this is not something that many people will notice when purchasing tin panels, but will significantly affect the final look and feel of your ceiling. We also think that people should be aware that the positive reviews on the American Tin Ceiling website do not reflect the true customer experience -- we had also posted this review there -- but the review has never appeared.
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2023.05.28 15:55 bipolargecko How do I (21F) stop being friends with someone (22F) with BPD?

I met this girl, H, on a video game about 8 years ago. We became best friends pretty quickly. She was misdiagnosed for most of her life, she was diagnosed as bipolar but 2 years ago the diagnosis was switched to borderline personality disorder. She often cuts herself. It was a lot worse when we were teenagers, but she continues to harm herself. She has been to multiple institutions, some voluntarily, and most were around 6 months. We both live on the east coast but a few states away. We had plans to meet for the first time next month, but I cancelled because I cant take the time out of work and I honestly didnt think I could handle being around her constantly for a week straight.
She has had very bad experiences with men. When she was 19 she was in an abusive relationship and almost got married to the guy, I believe he was 25. Currently she is dating her sugar daddy, a 52 year old. This never sat right with me, and I have posted about their relationship before but I was told I'm a jealous cunt because that man probably makes her orgasm a lot more than someone her age could. I am pretty damn certain that man is living a double life and has a wife somewhere, but I wont get into it. Her family is pretty messed up, her mom told her to kill herself many times. The only stability she has in her life is with her twin sister. They are very close, and I am happy she has such a great relationship with her sister.
Our friendship has been on and off, we would play and speak constantly for two years and then something would happen and she would not talk to me for a year. We rekindled in September of last year and have talked often since then. In the time that I wasn't speaking with her, she was with the abusive ex and something changed in her mind. She wasnt the same person I used to play with. Maybe its just her maturing.
The last few months I have been talking to her have been unbearable. She often times corrects me if I mispronounce something, click the wrong card in the game, or say something she doesnt like. If my POV isnt the same as hers then its wrong. If we disagree with something, her opinion is always the better one. The foods I like are "disgusting and repulsive" to her, and she doesnt understand how I can eat them. I am jewish and she often times makes fun of my religion, and likes to point out the extremes in my religion. For example, she sent me an article about a pedophilic rabbi. Literally every religion has their cults and crazies. I dont know if this is her illness coming out or if this is just how she is now. She always thinks she is superior, including the one year age gap we have. She got pretty shitty with me the other day because I told her we could use a portal to get somewhere in the game faster, and she goes "I KNOW" in a rude and condescending voice. I never treat her like that and I always put her on a pedestal because of her mental illness so it was just a shock. Her rudeness and snarky comments lately have been enough for me to call the friendship quits. She was extremely poor growing up until about a year ago when she got a job and then got her millionaire sugar daddy, she lost all her humbleness.
My question is, how do I stop being friends with someone so suicidal and so mentally unstable? If I were to type something out explaining why I was ending the friendship, she would either beg me to stay or cuss me out. If I were to block her on everything she would probably make her sister come after me. I love her so much it really sucks that she has changed so drastically, but I really think I have to end it for my own mental health.
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2023.05.28 15:55 PurpleSolitudes Best Internet Monitoring Software

Best Internet Monitoring Software
SentryPC is a powerful internet monitoring software that allows parents, employers and individuals to monitor and control computer and internet usage. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, SentryPC has become the preferred choice for those who need to keep an eye on computer and internet activity.
In this review, we will take a closer look at what makes SentryPC the best internet monitoring software and why it has become so popular among users.



The first thing that sets SentryPC apart from other internet monitoring software is its comprehensive set of features. Whether you are a parent looking to protect your children from online predators or an employer concerned about productivity, SentryPC has everything you need to monitor and control computer and internet usage.

Free Demo Account Available

Some of the key features of SentryPC include:

  • Keystroke Logging: SentryPC captures all keystrokes typed on the monitored computer, including passwords and chat conversations.
  • Website Monitoring: SentryPC tracks all websites visited by the user, allowing parents and employers to see which sites their children or employees are accessing.
  • Application Monitoring: SentryPC records all applications used on the computer, including the duration of use, providing insight into how time is being spent.
  • Social Media Monitoring: SentryPC monitors social media activity, such as Facebook posts and Twitter messages, giving parents and employers insight into online behavior.
  • Screenshots: SentryPC captures screenshots of the monitored computer, allowing parents and employers to see exactly what the user is doing.
  • Remote Control: SentryPC allows parents and employers to remotely shut down or restart the monitored computer, lock the keyboard and mouse, and even log the user out of their account.
  • Alerts: SentryPC sends real-time alerts when specific keywords are typed or certain actions are taken, such as attempting to access blocked websites.
  • Reports: SentryPC generates detailed reports on computer and internet activity, making it easy for parents and employers to identify trends and patterns over time.

Ease of Use

Another key factor that makes SentryPC the best internet monitoring software is its user-friendly interface. Even if you are not technically savvy, you can easily install and use SentryPC to monitor and control computer and internet usage.
The software is easy to download and install, and once installed, it runs quietly in the background, capturing data without interfering with computer performance. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to quickly access reports, alerts and other monitoring tools.
SentryPC also offers a mobile app, which allows parents and employers to monitor computer and internet activity on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and provides real-time access to all monitoring features.

Free Demo Account Available

Customer Support

SentryPC is committed to providing excellent customer support. Their team of support technicians is available 24/7 to answer questions and provide assistance with installation and troubleshooting.
In addition to email and phone support, SentryPC also offers live chat support, allowing users to get answers to their questions in real-time. They also offer a comprehensive knowledge base, which includes articles, tutorials, and videos to help users get the most out of the software.


SentryPC offers flexible pricing plans to meet the needs of different users. The plans range from $59.95 per year for a single license to $995 for 100 licenses.
The basic plan provides all the essential monitoring features, while the premium plan includes advanced features such as webcam capture and audio recording. Users can also customize their plans by adding additional licenses or upgrading to the premium plan at any time.


Overall, SentryPC is the best internet monitoring software on the market today. Its comprehensive set of features, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support make it an ideal choice for parents, employers, and individuals who need to monitor and control computer and internet usage.
With SentryPC, users can rest assured that they have the tools they need to keep their children safe online, enhance productivity in the workplace, and protect sensitive information from cyber threats.

Free Demo Account Available

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2023.05.28 15:54 mhonssen Running a XUnit test with C#?

I am investigating if the following is possible (and if so: how):
I want to create an application where you can enter C# code, for a exame-like-thing for example. Then I want to check if that code is correct by executing a unit test, made in C#.
There are several steps I need to take, but I am really curious if it's even possible to run unit tests without using the VS Test Explorer or any other console command.
With some use of Google I found this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29246860/how-to-execute-xunit-tests-via-code
But it's 8 years old and the most upvoted answer, 2 years old, itsn't working. I can't get the AssemblyRunner to work.
Can anyone help me out? Maybe push me in the right direction?
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2023.05.28 15:54 pandawolf321 Little mushroom i made for my grans birthday out of a dead yew branch harvested from a 300+ year old tree. Im still a beginner in carving but yew (taxus baccata) is lovely

Little mushroom i made for my grans birthday out of a dead yew branch harvested from a 300+ year old tree. Im still a beginner in carving but yew (taxus baccata) is lovely submitted by pandawolf321 to Woodcarving [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 15:54 desilyn89 I don’t want my mom to come back after rehab

My mom has been a heroin addict since I (28) was about 3 years old. The only times she’s been clean is through the pregnancies of my 3 younger brothers. I was raised by my grandparents with one brother, and my mom would leave us for years at a time with no contact. I still loved her and wanted a relationship with her. I always thought she just needed help. When I turned 17, she had 6 months clean and had a baby and another one a year and half later. Shortly after that she relapsed, and overdosed. I had just turned 20 and had my back an place so after she came home from the hospital, I asked for her and the kids to come stay with me. I thought if I could take care of all the things stressing her, she would take care of herself.
Long story short, we’ve been through 8 years of narcissism and manipulation. I’ve tried to get custody of the kids to kick her out but because they already live with me, they aren’t in danger and the state prefers to keep kids with their parents. I’ve even tried reporting her for welfare fraud with no luck. It has truly been an uphill battle.
My brothers see me as their parent, and even though my mom lives in the same house, she has never been their care taker. They have told me they wish she would leave and tell their friends that I am their mom. This past Mother’s Day, my mom was hurt that they got made me Mother’s Day cards instead of her. She threw a temper tantrum and we got into an argument. My brothers + I have been going to therapy for a few years and they have been diagnosed with anxiety, and ADHD and I have been diagnosed with C-PTSD. I tried to have an honest conversation with my mom about this and she decided she’s going to go to rehab. She found a 90 day program that will accept her and she’s leaving on Tuesday. It’s cleared with her insurance.
A few years ago I would have felt so relieved and happy. I was still hopeful. But the truth is I’ve seen my mom go to so many rehabs, clinics, detoxes and meetings. I no longer have hope. I’m excited to have the summer without her. But I don’t want her to come back. For so many years I thought drugs were the problem but now I’m not sure I even like her without them. At the same time, it feels wrong to send her away with hope of reconciliation.
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2023.05.28 15:54 excuseM3Sir AITA for wanting to set boundaries with my parents?

Soo… this is my first post on Reddit and decided to give it a shot for some rando outside Reddit opinions lol.
My parents and I have always been super close. They supported me while I was in college for 10 years and lived with them until 27! I am 32 now but we have always loved super close to one another. Now, my mom is in the beginning stages of dementia and my dad is having such a hard time caring for her. He needs breaks so he will bring my mom over to my house for sometimes 3-4 days and nights at a time while I am a single mother to a 10 year old as well as a (at home telehealth therapist) being a therapist and a single mother I already feel as though my head is going to explode and if I say Anything to my dad at all he makes me feel so bad but says okay eventually and won’t bring my mom over but I have a ton of guilt because he does need a break! My dad is EXHAUSTED and it’s as though we are grieving my mom the worse the dementia gets. In this situation with my dad and I being the pillars of the family right now and I don’t want to let him down! Side note: we just uprooted our lives and moved to be closer to my grandpa (in buttfuck Egypt) and gave up our beautiful lives in California, we can’t move because my grandpa is worth a lot of money and my dad is also caring for his dad who we are waiting on to die. I don’t know how or what boundaries to set in this horrible situation! My daughter will say this is our home mama. I want her to be more understanding to “grandma is sick” she needs us and grandpa needs us. I don’t know if I say anything or keep trucking and mentally fake it til I make it :/
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2023.05.28 15:54 LegioVIIHaruno Just my rough translations

Just my rough translations submitted by LegioVIIHaruno to RoughRomanMemes [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 15:54 After_Egg584 "Yarrow Stalk" method (well, stick method anyway) for ADHD folks and others with short attention spans. Takes 5 minutes or so.

(So: if the method I've been trying and failing to get my ADHD brain around for forty years is really NEWER than the coin method, why can't I create a stick method, too? In a way I can use? A way that works, and far more quickly? I can't speak to the odds involved, maybe someone else can.)
  • 49 smallish sticks.
  • A coin. (Maybe.)
  1. Count your 49 smallish sticks and make sure you really do have that number. (By the way, I'm not saying they CAN'T be yarrow stalks. I'm just saying I'm not going to pay to have yarrow stalks gathered, packaged, and delivered to me when I've got plenty of viable sticks in my neighborhood waiting to be recruited. :-) Maybe you do, too.)
  2. Place one stick aside.
  3. Gather the remaining sticks into one or both of your hands.
  4. Divide the sticks into two ROUGHLY equal piles, but don't count them as you do this. This is your RANDOM EVENT. Name your sticks PILE A and PILE B and keep them separate.
  5. Count the sticks in PILE A.
  6. Is the number you just got evenly divisible by the numbers on this list: 6, 7, 8, or 9?
IF YES: Great! Write down the divisor you just identified: 6, 7. 8, or 9. By the way, if the number of sticks happened to be divisible by TWO numbers on your list of divisors (for example, 24 is evenly divisible by both 6 and 8), FLIP THE COIN to determine which number you write down. This, too, is your RANDOM EVENT.
IF NO: Remove one stick at a time until you reach a number evenly divisible by 6, 7, 8, or 9, then write down the appropriate divisor. Set those sticks you removed aside for now. Again, if the number of sticks you now have in front of you happens to be divisible by TWO numbers on your list of divisors, FLIP THE COIN to determine which number you write down.
  1. Combine any sticks you just set aside with the one stick you set aside back in Step Two. Name those sticks, collectively, PILE C.
  2. Take 5 sticks from PILE B and place them in PILE C. Count all the sticks in PILE B.
  3. Repeat step 6, then go on to Step 10.
  4. Count the sticks in PILE C.
  5. Repeat Step 6, then go on to Step 12.
  6. Understand, at a deep and enduring personal level, that...

6 equals -x-
(young yin; changes to yang in transformed hexagram)

7 equals ━
(old yang; stays yang in both cast and transformed hexagram)(

8 equals - -
(old yin; stays yin in both cast and transformed hexagram)

9 equals -o-
(young yang; changes to yin in transformed hexagram)

  1. Build your trigram from the bottom up, using the system you just read. The first number you wrote down was the first line of the trigram; put it at the bottom. The second number you wrote down was the second line; put it in the middle. The third number you wrote down was the third line; put it on the top.
Thus, if you wrote down 6, 7. 8, you would draw this trigram:

- -


(That's Kan, Water, with the first line changing.)

  1. Repeat the process to create the second trigram of your reading; noting that it goes on TOP of the first trigram.

  1. Put the sticks away so you can use them again next time.

  1. Share this far and wide; I hereby release it into the public domain.

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2023.05.28 15:54 tiberius14 ASRock vs ASUS socket 1700 mb for homelab

Hi everyone!
I'm about the buy the components for a homelab/home server build.
The main objectives are to build a server that will last many years and will run a couple of VMs, overseePlex/torrent machine, backup/NAS, and that will host nextcloud and my personal website.
The build I've chosen is as follows:
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU Intel Core i5-13500 2.5 GHz 14-Core Processor €264.80 @ Neobyte
Motherboard ASRock B660M Steel Legend Micro ATX LGA1700 Motherboard €182.80 @ Alternate
Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (1 x 16 GB) DDR4-3000 CL16 Memory €38.99 @ Amazon Espana
Case Fractal Design Node 804 MicroATX Mid Tower Case €141.93 @ Amazon Espana
Power Supply EVGA 500 BR 500 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply €47.00 @ Amazon Espana
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total €675.52
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-05-28 15:51 CEST+0200
I did however see a Asus ROG Strix B760-A Gaming WIFI D4 Socket 1700 for the same price as the ASRock I've picked above.
Should I switch one for the other? The ASRock has more sata connectors which might be useful...
What do you think?
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2023.05.28 15:53 Trapyyz Anon is Brazilian

Anon is Brazilian submitted by Trapyyz to greentext [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 15:53 Prestigious-Door1885 Think I may have screwed myself. Wondering if anyone has a similar experience and if I should stick with it or not.

I took 10 days off of work to quit. The plan was to just ride it out and be definitely feeling good enough to work by the end of it. That being said, the best laid plans of mice and men and all that. I was using extracts and plain leaf, never at the same time though. Typically if it was an extract day, it was all day and I overdid it a bit. Plain leaf days were just enough to stay out of withdrawal though. I was probably taking 20ish grams of plain leaf, or 3-5 extract shots a day on alternating days. Considering the relatively small amount compared to my previous successful withdrawal (100gpd plain leaf) I figured I could handle it. Quickly found that while I could handle it, the part I couldn't handle was the no sleep. It'd get towards night and I'd start having panic attacks. So I did the absolute dumbest shit, and decided to dose 1 to 2 times in the hours leading up to bed with plain leaf each day, for the past like, 6 or 7 days. I go back to work in a few days now and I honestly don't think I'll be feeling better by then because of what I've done. I really don't want to have to tell my fiancée I fucked it all up, for like the 5th time in a year. But I also can't lose my job. The only thing that might work is that I work from home, and my stats at work are good enough that I could probably do nothing for a week despite clocking in each day and nobody would say anything to me about it. But I've tried this before, and failed the exact moment a higher up reached out to talk to me via slack. I just immediately was like "I can't deal with this, i'll try to taper" (tapers do not work for me).
Anyway, do you guys think I should just keep trying to ride this out? And here's the usual completely unanswerable question: do you think there's a chance I'm almost done? I basically did a very extreme taper by accident but I think I probably have at least a week of a (hopefully milder) withdrawal left. As things stand, I'm sick (but bearably sick) all day, but the 2-3 grams I'm taking before bed allow me to sleep. I tried not taking it last night and got maybe 2 hours of sleep with the rest of the time spent tossing and turning but I wouldn't call the symptoms bad. Just uncomfortable. My last successful quit had that "unbearably bad" feeling throughout and this doesn't, I'm just a pussy who can't face it down whether it's bad or not. Last time I got through it because I was broke, but I'm actually doing well financially right now and am trying to quit for my health instead, I get some gnarly side effects now even on low doses. But it's so easy to go get more when I know I can afford to end the pain at any time.
Making matters worse, I've also been lying to my fiancée about all of this. She thinks I've taken nothing for the past 5 days or so. I feel horrible about it. I think I have some sort of withdrawal related PTSD if that's possible. I was addicted to hard opioids in the past for a few years and absolutely could not quit. Finally did by basically isolating myself so far away from society (rented a shack in northern montana in the middle of nowhere for 2 months, where I knew I couldn't get anything) and just rode it out cold turkey with no helper meds. The experience was so traumatic I had nightmares about being in withdrawal for about 5 years afterwards, and still sometimes do while quitting kratom. I honestly think that experience is why I have such a hard time even with comparably mild withdrawals. I always feel like it's going to be that bad again.
Anyway, I'm sort of off topic now. Anyone accidentally or intentionally do a similarly fucked up taper? Should I continue trying to ride it out? I go back to work the day after tomorrow but I also work from home. Still though, it's a social job where I have to talk to people all day even if I don't necessarily have to have work to show for it. My brain is telling me "tell your fiancée that you didn't give yourself long enough and try a taper, try again in a few months" but from experience that has always resulted in me upping my dose.
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Apologies for the frequency at which this post is appearing, as I have yet to find what I am searching for. I don't believe my standards are excessively high, but perhaps I simply don't have enough time to communicate and would rather arrange a meeting if we seem to be a good match. In any case, let me share my story.
Once upon a time, there was a tall, nerd, and not-much attractive guy pero pwede na who woke up one morning, looked at the sky, and thought, "Well, this sucks." He knew there was only one solution - to turn to the all-knowing oracle of modern dating: T̶i̶n̶d̶e̶r̶ Reddit lol.
With his trusty cup of coffee in hand, he set out to find someone who shared his thirst for knowledge, someone who could keep up with his nerdy quirks, and someone who he could eventually take on 'friendly' dates (whatever that means). He wasn't in a rush to jump into anything too serious too soon, but he knew that someday, he wanted to find someone he could build a meaningful and caring relationship with.
So if you're a fellow lover of coffee, learning, and all things nerdy, this tall drink of water might just be the partner in crime you've been looking for. Dating at times feel like a job hunt doesn't it? So I thought it’d be fun to write it in a mock format just like a resume! LOL

About me

An old soul as older people I spoke with would say, into business and investments, frustrated law student, can drive a fucking 10 wheeler truck (sarcasm towards people looking for someone with wheels), no ex issues or sabit, can provide a certificate of no relationship (kahit wala naman talagang ganon haha).

Here's a list of my favorites:

Movies/Series Music Places Activities Books
Godfather Radiohead Paris (not yet) Cycling The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday
Sherlock Eraserheads Coffee Shops Painting How to Win Friends & Influence People
Castaway Chicago Cebu Roadtrips Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
Forrest Gump Ebe Dancel Japan Diving Start with Why by Simon Sinek
Homeland Urbandub Rome (not yet) Piano Atomic Habits by James Clear
Before Sunset Frederic Chopin Canada Travelling How to think like a Roman Emperor
The Office Eminem New York (not yet) Cooking Letters from Stoic
Big Bang Theory Dr. Dre Maldives (not yet) Film & Photography 48 Laws of Power
Breaking Bad Elton John Marrakesh (not yet) Badminton The Intelligent Investor


My preference:

Let's take a break from stressing over the mundane and focus on the important stuff - like what will make us happy for the rest of our lives! Share your thoughts on how we can achieve that and let's get this happiness train moving! Oh, and if you're curious let’s exchange photos first!
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2023.05.28 15:53 EvasiveManoeuvre My vet says it's nothing to think about, but isn't it a potentially bad sign that my cat's third eyelids are visible?

I'm not asking for a diagnosis or anything like that. I'm asking in order to learn and to be a better advocator for my cats. I don't want them to experience potentially preventable discomfort.
Both my cats' third eyelids are showing. My oldest (6 years old) has been this way for at least a couple of years, probably more, and I bring it up every vet visit, but my vet says it's normal. I don't think it looks normal.
My youngest (2-3 years old) lived as a feral until a year ago. The first few months after moving in, her eyes were fine, but her third eyelids have been showing since at least December.
In my country we have four types of worms that infect cats: tapeworm, lungworm, roundworm and hookworms (though this one is very rare). I deworm both my cats when necessary, but it's never had any effect on the visibility of their third eyelids.
Male house cat
6 years old
4.6 kg / 10.1 lbs
Vaccinated yearly
Female house cat
2-3 years old
4.2 kg / 9.3 lbs
Vaccinated yearly
Both eat Hills Urinary Care C/D. The male used to eat Royal Canin Sterilised, but I switched about a year ago. They're treated with Bravecto once or twice a year, during tick season.
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2023.05.28 15:52 BD_Emperor Looking for active players!

Starting brand new, 2week old Bedrock SMP! Recruiting players of all shapes and sizes! If we get enough people have long terms goals for all of us!!
Bedrock Hosted, Will be on a Realm. Please have a discord so you can join the group and get all information from within. 🏁🏁
The Leader @BDGxKingT4E Looking to have a smp that will be ongoing! For years and will also do YouTube videos off the channel. 🏰🏰 comment below for discord link
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2023.05.28 15:52 xefrem [WTT/WTS] Send it Sunday! Platinum wedding band and engagement ring, SV650 motorcycle parts

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/SKdL2Tw
Well, sometimes life doesn't go how you expect, so today I'm selling an engagement band and wedding ring on behalf of a friend, as well as some parts from my old motorcycle. The rings are brand new, never been worn. The motorcycle parts are spares that I purchased years ago and found while cleaning out the garage. They were purchased at the time for my 2000 Suzuki SV650, and although I bought them used, I never ended up using them on my bike.

The rings: full gallery and gemstone documentation

These are a custom platinum Celtic love knot engagement band and wedding ring with fine 1.11 carat diamond. They are gorgeous, the diamond is stunning, and I would strongly prefer to sell them as a set. Full documentation is shown in the gallery, and I can answer more questions, send additional pictures, or provide a PDF of the documentation for anyone serious. As a set, TV/SV of $2200 shipped OBO.

The motorcycle parts: full gallery

Again, these were all purchased for a 2000 Suzuki SV650, but should work with any of the SV650 first gens. I'm setting the TV/SV as follows, all OBO: Front seat: $25 plus shipping Airbox: $15 plus shipping Rear swingarm tools: $25 shipped, or $15 if paired with something else Carburators: $150 shipped $180 OBO plus shipping for all the SV650 parts, or local meetup in the DFW area

Trades I'd be interested in:

For the ring, cash is king, but trades for quality lazers such as a mawl or peq will absolutely be entertained. I don't want to have to add any cash on my end, but if you need to add some on your end depending on salt, we can talk. For the motorcycle parts, I'd be interested in a cqd front sling mount, colt c marked full auto bolt carrier (I really only need the carrier, but would consider the full BCG if you really don't want to split), a good mil spec lower parts kit (preferably with a mil spec trigger guard, no trigger, A2 grip, and no buffer), or a geissele SSA-E, plus or minus cash/shipping costs as appropriate. For any cash received on my end, PPFF or Venmo are the preferred methods.


Please no chats. That means no chats, don't send me a chat. My app doesn't support chats, so it will be ignored. Send me a private message instead. I have some stuff going on today and will try to respond as fast as possible, but there may be a slight delay depending on when you message me. Thanks for reading!
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2023.05.28 15:52 Britishwater24 Lost children tv show from 2013-2015?? [fully lost] [partially lost]

Lost children tv show from 2013-2015??
Hello, when I was growing up, I remember seeing this show when I was like 4 or 5 and I have tried asking all my friends who used to watch the same tv channels as me when we were younger if they knew what I was talking about. They didn’t. I cant remember all the detail but I clearly remember one scene that always plays through my head. It goes something like this:
There are some children in this almost like ‘in the night garden’ setup but it isn’t however similar it may seem, and they have to run around trying to find these characters or something. I cant remember what, but, I swear they were the main characters. I feel like it was kind of a ‘hide and seek game kind of tv show’ but I’m really not sure. I have tried searching up all kinds of different things like; Old CBeebies show with children running around to find things Old CBeebies show with children running around to find characters Old show with children running around to find things Old show with children running around to find characters Show with children looking for things 2014
I’m honestly not sure at this point. It has been bugging me for quite some years now. Any response or clue to what this show is would be very helpful!
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2023.05.28 15:52 Brophy_Cypher Gen4 NVMe SSD vs SATA SSD for OS

Just a quick question please everyone - I've upgraded my PC with new (Asus Prime - w/PCIe 5.0 M.2) Z670 mobo, (32gb) ddr5 ram and a Crucial P5 Plus (2TB, up to 6600Mb/s)
Should I transfeclean install OS to the new speedy P5 drive? Will it make a difference?
I already have my OS (Windows 10) on an old (2015) 256gb Samsung 850 Evo (2.5" sata form factor)
I know the P5 SSD is obviously crazy fast but my plan so far is to leave my OS alone on the 850 Evo and just use the P5 as a game storage drive.
[I also have 3 Seagate HDD's in there as well (2TB, 3TB and 4TB) for video capture.]
My system already boots in ~20 seconds, will it really make much of a difference? Are there benefits other than boot time that I'm not considering?
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2023.05.28 15:52 pannukeeki Should I repot again? I don’t want my plants to die of old soil.

So I repotted my plants over a month ago and one of my plants died of root rot (angel wing begonia). I didn’t know why, I didn’t do anyhting I haven’t done before. I’ve had my plants for like 3 years and always learning new things so please don’t judge! Yesterday I started to wonder if soil goes bad and I guess thats the reason my plant died: I repotted all of my plants in old soil. And the soil has been outside the whole year in it’s original bag.
So now I’m wondering if I should repot my plants again? I don’t want them to die. The angel wing begonia started to wilt quickly after repotting and the others seem to be fine for now at least.
I’d be grateful if anyone helped me with this! I tried to google but didn’t get the information I needed.
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2023.05.28 15:52 BD_Emperor Looking for active players!

Starting brand new, 2week old Bedrock SMP! Recruiting players of all shapes and sizes! If we get enough people have long terms goals for all of us!!
Bedrock Hosted, Will be on a Realm. Please have a discord so you can join the group and get all information from within. 🏁🏁
The Leader @BDGxKingT4E Looking to have a smp that will be ongoing! For years and will also do YouTube videos off the channel. 🏰🏰 comment below for discord link. Vehicle add on in this realm and more things to come.
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