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MCAT - Medical College Admission Test

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The #1 social media platform for MCAT advice. The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is offered by the AAMC and is a required exam for admission to medical schools in the USA and Canada. /MCAT is a place for MCAT practice, questions, discussion, advice, social networking, news, study tips and more. Check out the sidebar for useful resources & intro guides. Post questions, jokes, memes, and discussions.

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This subreddit is for sharing resources, advice and information about IELTS. If you're preparing for the exam, you're in the right place. Make sure to read our community rules first and take a look at the pinned posts. Also, posts older than six months are archived.

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StopGaming exists to help those who struggle with or have struggled with compulsive gaming or video game addiction.

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  1. Web Design for Beginners: Build Websites in HTML & CSS 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/web-design-for-beginners-build-websites-in-html-css-2021/
    1. Quick ASP .NET Core 6 and MVC Web Design - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/windows-forms-with-c-for-absolute-beginners/
    2. Python for Data Analytics - Beginner to Advanced - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/python-for-data-analytics/
    3. Object Detection Web App with TensorFlow, OpenCV and Flask - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/object-detection-web-app-with-tensorflow-opencv-and-flask/
    4. Master Course in Interviewing Skills and Career Development - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/interviewing-skills-career-development-resume-cv-writing-linkedin/
    5. Master Course in Cloud Security 3.0 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/cloud-security-cloud-storage-cloud-computing-architecture/
    6. Learn Machine learning & AI (Including Hands-on 3 Projects) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/machine-learning-and-ai-with-hands-on-projects/
    7. Git and GitHub For Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/gitandgithubforbeginners/
    8. Gaslighting In The Workplace - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/gaslighting-in-the-workplace/
    9. Docker Course for Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/docker-container-course-for-beginners/
    10. Data Analytics A-Z with Python - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/dataanalyticsa-zwithpython/
    11. Data Analysis for Entry Level Job - ( 9 courses in 1 ) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/data-analysis-for-entry-level-job-zero-to-hero-skill-path/
    12. Business Communication Skills for Professionals - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/communication-skills-business/
    13. Building a Face Detection and Recognition Model From Scratch - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/building-a-face-detection-and-recognition-model-from-scratch/
    14. Beginners guide to Android App Development (Step by Step) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/a-beginners-guide-to-android-app-development/
    15. 2023 Employee CyberSecurity Awareness First Line of Defense - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-cyber-security-awareness-for-employees-2022/
    16. Workspace Design And Organization For Productivity - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/workspace-design-and-organization-for-productivity/
    17. Startup Marketing 0 to 1 Million Startup Entrepeneur Revenue - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/startup-marketing/
    18. Start A Successful Business: Best Questions - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-to-start-your-own-business-7-hard-questions-to-ask/
    19. Self Discipline will Change Your life for GOOD - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/self-discipline-will-change-your-life-for-good/
    20. Python Complete Course For Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/python-complete-course-for-beginners-h/
    21. Pakistani Cooking - Become a Asian Cooking Master - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/pakistani-cooking-become-a-asian-cooking-maste
    22. PSPO1 Practice Tests Scrum Product Owner certification-160Q - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/pspo1tm-practice-tests-scrum-product-owner-certification-160q/
    23. PSM1 Practice Tests Scrum Master certification-160Q - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/psm1-practice-tests-scrum-master-certification-160q/
    24. PMP® Practice Test: Project Management Professional 2021 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/pmp-practice-test-project-management-professional-2021/
    25. PMI-ACP®: Agile Certified Project Management 200 Questions - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/pmi-acp-practice-exams-agile-certified-practitioner-200-q/
    26. PMI-ACP®: 200 سؤال معتمد من Agile لإدارة المشاريع - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/pmi-acp-200-agile/
    27. Olympic Games Analytics Project in Apache Spark for beginner - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/olympic-games-analytics-project-in-apache-spark-for-beginne
    28. Microsoft AZ-900: Azure Fundamentals Exam Preparation Test - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/az-900-microsoft-azure-fundamentals-exam-preparation-test/
    29. Microsoft AZ-104: Azure Administrator Exam Prep Test - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/microsoft-az-104-azure-administrator-exam-prep-test/
    30. Master Course in Chatbot Technology and Google Bard AI - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/chatbot-technology-google-bard-ai/
    31. Master Course in ChatGPT - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/chatgpt-openai-chatbot-generative-ai-text-content-generation/
    32. Master Course : Merchandising, Retail Business & Management - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/merchandising-retail-business-retail-management/
    33. Java And C++ And PHP Crash Course For Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/java-and-c-and-php-crash-course-for-beginners/
    34. How to create an animated promo video in PowerPoint - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-to-create-an-animated-promo-video-in-powerpoint/
    35. How to Earn from Photography: Absolute Beginners Guide - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/earn-from-photography-complete-guideline/
    36. How To Increase Your Sales: Top Practical Selling Technique - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/increase-your-sales-how-to-sell-more-products-one-simple-strategy/
    37. Domain Flipping: Buy, Flip and Sell & Profit - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/domainflipping/
    38. Diploma Course in Generalist Human Resource Management - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/diploma-course-in-generalist-human-resource-management/
    39. Decision-making and thinking like Leaders and CEOs - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/expert-decision-making/
    40. ChatGPT,HuggingChat,Google Bard: Advanced Prompt Engineering - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/master-prompt-engineering-a-non-technical-guide-to-chatgpt/
    41. Build a full user Web app from scratch with vanilla PHP 8+ - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/create-real-world-php-webapp-from-scratch/
    42. Build a Backend REST API with Node JS from Scratch - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/build-backend-api-node-js-and-react-frontend/
    43. Book of Ezra - How To Enjoy The Prophetic Word Spoken On You - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/book-of-ezra-how-to-enjoy-the-prophetic-word-spoken-on-you/
    44. Bible: Titus - 7 Lessons We Can Learn For Today! - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/bible-titus-7-lessons-we-can-learn-for-today/
    45. Arbitrage Side Hustle: Create lucrative eBay & Etsy business - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/arbitragehustle/
    46. Winning Option Strategies For Any Market - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/winning-option-strategies-for-any-market/
    47. Trading Options for Weekly Income - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/trading-options-for-weekly-income/
    48. Trading Calendar Spreads for Income - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/trading-options-for-consistent-returns-calendar-spreads/
    49. Trading Butterfly Spreads for Income - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/butterfly-spreads/
    50. See How I Earn Profit by Unique Ways in Forex Trading - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/see-how-i-earn-profit-by-unique-ways-in-forex-trading/
    51. Java Programming and Spring Boot Microservices - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/java-programming-and-spring-boot-microservices/
    52. How To Trade Options On Futures For Max Leverage - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-to-trade-options-on-futures-for-max-leverage/
    53. How To Trade Options On Earnings For Quick Profits - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-to-trade-options-on-earnings-for-quick-profits/
    54. How To Maximize Your Profits Trading Options - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-to-maximize-your-profits-trading-options/
    55. How I Make Consistent Returns Trading Options - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-i-make-15-per-month-trading-options/
    56. Facebook Marketing 2023. Promote Your Business on Facebook! - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/facebook-marketing-course-for-beginners/
    57. Facebook Ads 2023: Launch Your Best Advertising Campaign - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/facebook-ads-launch-pro-advertising-campaigns/
    58. Day Trading Options for Income - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/mighty-ninety/
    59. Climate Change Explained: Causes, Consequences and Solutions - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/climate-change-explained-causes-consequences-and-solutions/
    60. ChatGPT for Data Science and Machine Learning - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/chatgpt-for-data-science-and-machine-learning/
    61. CSS, Bootstrap ,JavaScript, Web Development Course - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/css-bootstrap-javascript-web-development-course/
    62. All About Understanding Market Dynamics In हिंदी Language - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/all-about-understanding-market-dynamics-in-language/
    63. Web Development Masterclass - Online Certification Course - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/web-development-masterclass-complete-certificate-course/
    64. Visual Real Analysis : Real Numbers & Real Sequences - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/visual-real-analysis/
    65. TikTok Marketing. How to promote your business effectively! - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/tiktok-marketing-course-for-beginners/
    66. The complete introduction to cryptocurrencies trading - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/the-complete-introduction-to-cryptocurrencies-trading/
    67. The Complete Introduction to Online Course Creation - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/the-complete-introduction-to-online-course-creation/
    68. Setup LAMP Stack on a Remote Cloud Server + PHP Foundations - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/setup-lamp-stack-on-a-remote-cloud-server-php-foundations/
    69. PowerShell Functions Master Class - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/powershell-functions-master-class/
    70. NGINX, Apache, SSL Encryption - Certification Course - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/nginx-apache-ssl-encryption-certification-course/
    71. Linode: Foundations of Web Server Security - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/linode-foundations-of-web-server-security/
    72. Learn to Host Multiple Domains on one Virtual Server - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-to-host-multiple-domains-on-one-virtual-serve
    73. Learn PHP - For Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-php-for-beginners-n/
    74. Learn MySQL - For Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-mysql-for-beginners/
    75. Learn JavaScript - For Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-javascript-for-beginners-v/
    76. Learn CSS - For Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-css-for-beginners/
    77. La méthode qu'il vous faut pour un trading rentable en 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/methode-alpha/
    78. Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, SSL & WordPress on Ubuntu - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/install-nginx-php-mysql-ssl-wordpress-on-ubuntu/
    79. Influencer Marketing & Instagram Marketing: Be Famous in 2mo - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/become-famous/
    80. How the Internet Works & the Web Development Process - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-the-internet-works-the-web-development-process/
    81. HTML & CSS - Certification Course for Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/html-css-certification-course-for-beginners/
    82. File & Folder Management Using PowerShell - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/using-powershell-advanced-automated-file-management/
    83. Entrepreneurship - Ft. Matthew Rolnick of Yaymaker, Groupon - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-to-succeed-as-an-entrepreneur-a-beginners-guide/
    84. Email Marketing: Cold Email Marketing Writing, Lead Gen 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/cold-email-cold-emailing/
    85. Create a WordPress website with Hostinger! - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/wordpress-and-hosting-for-beginners/
    86. Create a Members Only Blog using PHP, MySQL, & AJAX - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/create-a-members-only-blog-using-php-mysql-ajax/
    87. Complete JavaScript, jQuery and React Bootcamp - Hands-On - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/complete-javascript-jquery-and-react-bootcamp-hands-on/
    88. Complete Bootstrap & React Bootcamp with Hands-On Projects - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/complete-bootstrap-react-bootcamp-with-hands-on-projects/
    89. Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fundamentals - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/cloud-computing-and-amazon-web-services-aws-fundamentals/
    90. CSS & JavaScript - Certification Course for Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/css-javascript-certification-course-for-beginners/
    91. Build an Amazon Affiliate E-Commerce Store from Scratch - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/build-an-amazon-affiliate-e-commerce-store-from-scratch/
    92. Build a Connect-4 Clone in React + JavaScript Foundations - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/build-a-connect-4-clone-in-react-javascript-foundations/
    93. Branding & Brand Management: Branding Strategy Brand Tactics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/mini-mba-in-branding/
    94. Bootstrap & jQuery - Certification Course for Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/bootstrap-jquery-certification-course-for-beginners/
    95. Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: The Map & Book Module - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/adobe-lightroom-classic-cc-the-map-book-module/
    96. AWS and Linode: The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Computing [IaaS] - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/aws-and-linode-the-ultimate-guide-to-cloud-computing-iaas/
    97. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Foundations - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/aws-identity-and-access-management-iam-foundations/
    98. QuickBooks Desktop vs QBO Multiple Currencies - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/quickbooks-desktop-vs-qbo-multiple-currencies/
    99. Project Management Fundamentals: A Beginner's Guide - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/project-management-fundamentals-guide/
    100. Programming Network Applications in Java - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/programming-network-applications-in-java/
    101. Kickstarting Client Conversations - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/kickstarting-client-conversations/
    102. Google My Business. How to Master Powerful Tool for Company - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/google-my-business-how-to-master-powerful-tool-for-company/
    103. Corporate Finance #9 Valuation-Bond, Common /Preferred Stock - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-9-valuation-bond-common-preferred-stock/
    104. Corporate Finance #8 Time Value of Money (PV & FV) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-8-time-value-of-money-pv-fv/
    105. Corporate Finance #7 Short Term Financing - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-7-short-term-financing/
    106. Corporate Finance #6 Management of Current Assets - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-6-management-of-current-assets/
    107. Corporate Finance #5 Financing Decisions - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-5-financing-decisions/
    108. Corporate Finance #4 Leverage & Break-Even Analysis - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-4-leverage-break-even-analysis/
    109. Corporate Finance #3 Forecasting & Budgeting - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-3-forecasting-budgeting/
    110. Corporate Finance #2 Financial Ratios - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-2-financial-ratios/
    111. Corporate Finance #1 Introduction & Financial Statements - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corporate-finance-1-introduction-financial-statements/
    112. Corp Finance #10 Cost of Capital–Debt & Equity Financing - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/corp-finance-10-cost-of-capitaldebt-equity-financing/
    113. Content Marketing 2023. Content that Sells! - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/content-marketing-strategy-course/
    114. Amazon SEO Guide: Building Sales Funnels for Amazon - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/amazon-seo-guide-building-sales-funnels-for-amazon-tareq-hajj/
    115. general mycology a brief review - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/general-mycology-a-brief-review/
    116. Uncovering Subconscious Bias While Hiring And Recruiting - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/uncovering-bias/
    117. Sanitation & Wastewater Treatment Explained - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/wastewater-treatment-explained/
    118. Real Estate Investing: Foreclosures, Flipping Houses Profits - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/real-estate-investing-foreclosures/
    119. Product Management+Agile Requirements using Product Backlog - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/agile-product-management-scrum/
    120. Portrait Photography for Absolute Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/mastering-portrait-photography/
    121. Personal Trainer Business Boost: Launch your business now. - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-to-build-your-personal-training-business/
    122. PHP Mock Test Core & Advance 2022 [With FREE E-Book] - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/php-mock-test-core-advance-2022-with-free-e-book/
    123. Master Course in Web Frameworks - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/web-frameworks/
    124. Manage Boundaries: When Personal Training Gets Personal - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/when-personal-training-gets-personal/
    125. Improve English by Movies - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/improve-english-by-movies/
    126. Google Cloud Workshop for Semiconductor Workloads - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/google-cloud-workshop-for-semiconductor-workloads/
    127. German Language Practice Test: Level A1 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/german-language-practice-test-level-a1/
    128. Financial Education By Pirate Mike - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/financial-education-by-pirate-mike/
    129. Explode Sales and Client Conversions as a Personal Trainer - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/personal-trainer-client-intake/
    130. Elastic Certified Engineer Exam V8.1 - 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/elastic-certified-engineer-exam/
    131. Effective Communication English - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/effective-communication-english/
    132. Earn More Money As An Expert In-Home Personal Trainer - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/basics-of-in-home-personal-training/
    133. Control Your Subconscious Mind: Neuroscience Hidden Secrets - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/master-your-brain-to-achieve-your-desired-success/
    134. C++ Programming: Practice Tests Beginner To Advanced Level - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/c-programming-practice-tests-beginner-to-advanced-level/
    135. Belly Dance Level 1 Beginner's Course - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/belly-dance-beginners-course/
    136. Become A Certified Python Programmer: Python Practice Tests - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/become-a-certified-python-programmer-python-practice-tests/
    137. Become A Certified JS Developer: JavaScript Practice Tests - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/become-a-certified-js-developer-javascript-practice-tests/
    138. Apache Spark Project World Development Indicators Analytics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/apache-spark-project-world-development-indicators-analytics/
    139. A1 German Language Practice Test [With FREE E-Book] - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/a1-german-language-practice-test/
    140. 30 Days Of Inspiration - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/30-days-of-inspiration/
    141. Transform your Mid-Career - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/transform-your-mid-caree
    142. The Ultimate SQL Practice Bundle : 4 Practice Test 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/the-ultimate-sql-practice-bundle-4-practice-tests/
    143. SEO Guide: Successful Google and Amazon SEO Strategies - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/seo-guide-successful-google-and-amazon-seo-strategies-tareq-hajj/
    144. Python Mastery: Ace Your Exams with 4 Comprehensive Tests - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/python-mastery-ace-your-exams-with-4-comprehensive-tests/
    145. Python Mastery: 4 Proven Practice Tests for Exam Success - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/python-mastery-4-proven-practice-tests-for-exam-success/
    146. Python Exam Success Unlocked: 4 Test Bundle - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/python-exam-success-unlocked-4-test-bundle/
    147. Python And Flask Framework Complete Course - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/flask-framework-complete-course-for-beginners/
    148. Proven Formula For Independent Film Screenwriting That Works - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/independent-film-screenwriting/
    149. Parkinson’s Disease Exercise and Fitness Course - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/fight-parkinsons-disease-with-a-great-fitness-plan/
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    151. Information Security Fundamentals - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/infosec-fundamentals/
    152. IP Addressing and Subnetting - Zero to Hero - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/ip-addressing-zero-to-hero/
    153. How to Build Confidence and a Positive Mindset for Success! - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-to-build-confidence-and-a-positive-mindset-for-success/
    154. Hand On Guide How To Design Better Film Posters - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/how-to-design-a-great-movie-poster-that-works/
    155. 6 Killer Startup Business Ideas In One Masterclass Framework - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/starting-6-businesses-in-2021/
    156. Quantity Surveyor's Guide for Pre-Contracts Management - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/quantity-surveyors-guide-for-pre-contracts-management/
    157. MAKE MONEY FROM HOME WRITING WORDS (Copywriting Course) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-copywriting/
    158. DIY Mindfulness for Tweens & Teens - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/diy-mindfulness-for-tweens-teens/
    159. 12 Bright Ideas Personal Trainers Can Teach Their Clients - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/12-bright-ideas-personal-trainers-can-teach-their-clients/
    160. Primavera P6 Training - For Beginners - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/oracle-primavera-p6-project-planning-and-scheduling-training/
    161. PTE Speaking Prep (+ Extra Tips for Asian Speakers) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/pte-speaking-prep/
    162. Master Course : First 90 Days as a New Sales Rep 3.0 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/first-90-days-as-a-new-sales-rep-sales-skills-sales-jobs/
    163. Master Complete Statistics For Computer Science - I - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/master-complete-statistics-for-computer-science-i/
    164. Black book for sales - the secrets and tricks of the trade - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/blackbook-for-sales-the-secrets-and-tricks-of-the-trade/
    165. Negotiation A-Z™: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/neuro-negotiation-system-become-number-one-negotiator-and-make-or-save-money/
    166. Master Course of International Business - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/master-course-of-international-business/
    167. Master Course of Facebook Training - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/master-course-of-facebook-training/
    168. Master Course of Cloud Management - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/cloud-management/
    169. Master Course of Art Gallery Management - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/master-course-of-art-gallery-management/
    170. Master Course in Zero Trust Architecture 2.0 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/zero-trust-architecture/
    171. Master Course in Teacher Training and Teaching Online 2.0 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/teacher-training-teaching-online-elearning-remote-teaching/
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    176. Master Course in Microsoft MB-330 and MB-335 (Supply Chain) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/microsoft-mb-330-mb-335-dynamics-365-supply-chain-management/
    177. Master Course in Microsoft MB-260 (Customer Data Platform) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/microsoft-mb-260-customer-data-platform-specialty/
    178. Master Course in Microsoft MB-220 (Marketing Consultant) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/microsoft-mb-220-dynamics-365-marketing-functional-consultant/
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    192. Master Course : CPA Marketing, Video & Newsletter Marketing - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/cpa-marketing-video-marketing-newsletter-marketing-email-marketing/
    193. Master Course : Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service (Deep Dive) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/amazon-s3-simple-storage-service-aws-s3-amazon-lambda-cloud-storage/
    194. Inbound Marketing - Improve Your Skills Today - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/inbound-marketing-improve-your-skills-today/
    195. Git Interview Questions and Answers: MCQs (Practice Tests) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/git-interview-questions-and-answers-mcqs-practice-tests/
    196. Understanding Global Economics : A Comprehensive Overview - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/understanding-global-economics-a-comprehensive-overview/
    197. Solar Specialist Certification Interview Practice Test 2022 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/solar-specialist-certification-practice-tests-2022/
    198. Pursue Top 1% Career: Become The No. 1 Success Magnet - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/become-a-corporate-winne
    199. Presentation Mastery: Build Confidence and Deliver Impactful - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/presentation-mastery-build-confidence-and-deliver-impactful/

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2023.06.03 05:15 Electronic_Wolf_6173 I'm upset about the way my mom handled a situation with my boyfriend

Okay, before I start I want to say that my mom knows I'm dating my boyfriend, I'm 16, he turned 18 today, but we're only a year apart, hes 0'5, I'm 0'6.
I tried to talk to my mom about meeting my boyfriend and his parents before but she shut me down and said that she wants to do it on her own time and that she doesn't want to be rushed, so I didn't say anything more about it.
I only talked to her about him once and yesterday makes twice because me and her don't have a good relationship at all but that's a different story.
My boyfriend walked me to school on Thursday, he's a senior and they had no school that day since all juniors had to take a regents exam, he woke up early thinking he had school but when I told him it was only me he just walked me.
He ended up talking about his birthday, which is today, he said he was going to the beach, then dinner, then he was going to have a bonfire and a party, I didn't know these were his plans, before Thursday I really didn't think of going because before, he said he was just going to hang with his guy friends, but thats not the case anymore I see and he said he would like for me to be there as he wants to spend his birthday with me.
I immediately told him that I don't think I'll be able to go because of my mom, she won't have any money, I don't have any money and I have no ride to get there and back, he understood and I told him that I'll ask anyways because it doesn't hurt to ask.
When I got home I tried to ease into asking her by saying that my boyfriend's birthday was the next day and he wants me to hang out with him, and I told her his plans, before I could even ask if she would be okay with me going, she caught an attitude and started saying that she doesn't even know him, he hasn't had the decency to talk to her or get to know her, she hasn't met his parents, she doesn't have a phone number, she doesn't know where I'll be, I sat and heard her out, I told her that she hasn't met him because she said herself that she didn't want to be rushed into meeting anyone, and I also told her I didn't plan on going to his birthday until he told me he wanted me there.
She started saying that if he wants me to go he has a few hours to meet her demands and said that she has never had a boyfriend her mom didn't know about and she's going to keep it going like that, she then asked why I couldn't call him at that very moment and I said I couldn't because I knew he was pretty busy.
She kept talking about him in a way I didn't like, she said that he needs to man up and speak to her, and if he wants me to go, she wants a phone number, a parent to talk to, an address, she asked for reasonable and understandable things any caring parent would ask for.
But I was upset, not at what she was asking, but the way she went about everything, she flipped on me, cussed me out in the process of making her demands, and made me feel stupid for asking.
I ended up going to my room and crying while texting my boyfriend about what happened and telling him to forget it, he ended up giving me his mom's number to give to my mom, and when she called, she got upset that she didn't get an answer, and when I told her that she might be busy because she has a newborn, she was still upset, instead of being understanding that her call couldn't be answered because of that.
Then my mom got upset because my boyfriend was sending me messages when in her words he could be speaking to her and that he must not be that busy if he's texting me, he sent his number to me to send to my mom and she sent her number to me to send to him saying that she'll be expecting a call, that part got me really upset too because she was making things way harder than it needed to be, she could have simply just called him, then when he did call, my mom had an attitude the entire time, and was trying to make it seem like he was going to try and do something to me while we were out.
Now I was under the impression his parents would be there but he told her that there would be no parental supervision, and it would be him and his guy friends, and I learned that the beach he wanted to go to was pretty far.
She got off of the phone and my boyfriend messaged me saying I was right to just forget it.
My mom came into my room going off on me asking if I really thought she was going to let me go out with no parental supervision and it's just going to be him and his guy friends, my boyfriend later told me his friends girlfriends were going to be there too but we knew it wouldn't make a difference.
She started making it seem like I was gonna try and do stuff with him and his friends or they would try and do stuff with me, she kept implying that I was "expecting" her to let me go which wasn't the case at all, she kept saying that I was just trying to be alone with a boy, she was putting a lot of words in my mouth.
After she left I started crying, I didn't cry about the fact that I couldn't go, yes it was a bummer and I was disappointed as I'm sure any teenager would be, but the reason I was crying was because of the way she handled the situation, I was embarrassed, and I felt incredibly stupid, she made me feel and look stupid for asking.
She came back and asked me if I was really crying about it, and I tried to talk to her about how I feel and say it in a respectful way, I told her I wasn't trying to be disrespectful but I felt like she was being mean about the situation, I told her I understood why I couldn't go but I felt like she was being mean about the way she handled it.
I could barely get the words out because she was yelling at me in the middle of me talking asking me what I thought she was being and after I finished she said she was trying to protect me, while still yelling at me, and that I basically had no right to be upset, she said "I'm trying to protect you and you wanna sit and cry because you can't hang out with a boy, alone, and with his guy friends."
Then she started listing things I should have been crying about, she basically invalidated my feelings, it all made me cry even harder after she said that I was acting like she wasn't that young once and that she doesn't know what happens, she started slamming things around and said that the day before I didn't do my chore at all and all this other stuff, then went into her room and said that she wanted to punch something so bad it wasn't even funny.
Then my sister, who's 13, came into my room and told me she heard everything and was livid, we talked about the situation and I told her how I didn't know that there wasn't going to be any adults there, and that it wasn't even about me wanting to spend time alone with him or do anything inappropriate with him, that was the farthest thing from my mind, I simply wanted to be there for him on his birthday as a supportive and loving girlfriend, but she wasn't trying to understand or see my point of view, I also explained that I wasn't expecting her to let me go, I knew she wouldn't but I asked for my boyfriend in case there was a chance I could have, I didn't want to ask her, and I would have and do understand that she said no, but the way she handled the situation with such anger and what felt like hatred directed towards me and my boyfriend and his family is what made me cry and feel the way I did, my boyfriend even told he was pissed.
My mom then came back into my room and asked what the topic of conversation was and asked if it was her, I tried to ignore her because I was already riled up and just wanted it all to end, but she kept saying "hello name I'm talking to you" to which I replied no, then she said that the last thing I wanted to do was give her an attitude and then closed my door.
My sister got fed up with it and swung the door open and went to talk my mom, she waited until she was done yelling and screaming about me and tried to tell her that I understood why I couldn't go and that I wasn't upset about it and that I didn't know that there wasn't going to be any adults there, but my mom tried to make it seem like I lied about it.
Then at some point she told me that my boyfriend tried to get smart with her, when in reality she asked him if he understood why she couldn't let me go and he said he didn't, then she asked him if he would let his daughter hang out with her boyfriend and his friends alone to which he replied that if she was a teenager then yes and I'm guessing my mom didn't like that answer and he told her that he just doesn't agree with her.
My sister was asking my mom if she could calm down and have a civilized talk with me but my mom was ignoring her and my sister came into my room crying asking if I would go on a walk with her so we could cool down, we got ready and heard my mom screaming and crying on the phone to her mom and they proceeded to talk negatively about me, after about 20 to 30 minutes of sitting on the porch and venting she messaged me and told me to come to her room.
I went into her room and she explained why she acted the way she did, her reasoning was that her blowing up the way she did wasn't even about the situation with me and my boyfriend, it was because she had no money, we had no food, the wifi was cut off, and the gas was/is about to get shut off and she was under a lot of stress and just snapped, she told me that she has to protect me more than she did before because of a situation with my sperm donor (sexual abuse) and that with how many girls get offed by men these days, she wouldn't be able to sleep knowing she let me go and then I never make it home, she apologized and pleaded for me to be able to understand why she said no.
I told her I understand, by that point we were both shedding tears, she told me she knows I need to have fun, but it can't be alone and where she can't get to me or call me or anything, we made up and everything has been fine since then.
But I'm still upset about it all, she really hurt my feelings and for some reason, even though she apologized I can't let it go, I talked about it with someone and they told me I was being petty and had no right to still dwell over the situation, today's my boyfriends birthday and I guess it all just hit harder than when it happened and I need some advice, do I let it go? Was the person right? Do I not have any rights to dwell over it anymore?
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2023.06.02 21:30 EffectiveReasonable9 set problem with inequalities

Hey everyone, I really need help. I'm studying for a university entrance exam by solving the math problems that we're given by the university itself. And one I'm really stuck on is this:
The set {(𝑥, 𝑦) ∈ R^2 ∶ 𝑥 ≠ 0, 𝑦/𝑥 > 2} consists of
A: one of the parts of the plane bounded by a hyperbola
B. a circular circle
C. two angles opposite the vertex
D. a half-plane
E. two half-planes
So the right answer is C and the solution description says
The points (𝑥,𝑦) of the set under consideration are obtained by solving the inequality (𝑦-2𝑥)/𝑥 > 0. Its solutions satisfy one of the following systems of inequalities
𝑦 - 2𝑥 < 0
𝑥 < 0
𝑦 - 2𝑥 > 0
𝑥 > 0
the first system finds the points in the third quadrant that lies below the line 𝑦 = 2𝑥, while the second system finds the points in the first quadrant that lies above the line 𝑦 = 2𝑥 (see graph).
Therefore the set consists of two angles opposite the vertex.
How do I get to the first inequality??
(see images of the original question & solution here)
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2023.06.02 18:11 camheying Progress…

I test 6/17, hoping to get up to at least a 505. After reviewing each exam I realize I make so many silly mistakes and just read questions wrong (especially in C/P and B/B). Currently doing Upoop for those sections. If anyone has any extra advice for those areas of the exam please lmk I am struggling.
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2023.06.02 17:05 Key9909 Feeling small and humiliated

(Long read, just letting it all out)
I (24F) was just working. I had an exam for an elective course the next day. For the first time since high school I was actually understanding probability and was having fun doing it, I was legit excited for the exam. I had a schedule and all, I was going to study during the first half of the day and work on my thesis in the second half.
He came up behind me out of nowhere. I didn't hear him at first since I had my ear plugs in. When I took one out, he said "you're very beautiful". I even found myself give a quick smile thinking/hoping this was a quick compliment from a stranger where you say a polite thanks and they walk away. But he started getting closer and closer. He asked where I was from, I gave a vague reply that I'd been living here for a while. I don't know why my voice barely made it out at this point already. He asked again where I was from in a louder voice, this time I answered. He said "of course". Then he asked if I'd go for a coffee with him while taking another step forward. In the same breath he asked what time it was, took another step forward to look at the time over my laptop, and himself even suggested/commanded a time an hour later.
I managed to mumble that unfortunately I was just about leaving but I couldn't even finish the word "leaving". "Oh yeah anything, anything to get out of this. What, so I am just a loser?" I tried finding my voice, I wanted to say that he was quite brave coming up to a stranger and expressing his feelings but I had only managed to say "you're quite brave" when he interrupted again saying "yeah I know I'm brave. And you're a loser, you've lost at life and at love".
I managed to find my anger at this point and my voice somewhat. I also knew he was beneath me to interact with so I gave a smile and said yes sure I am the loser. He said something, I had stopped listening at this point, but while walking away he touched my shoulder in an "oh okay bye" way and tapped me on my head (I was sitting and he was standing).
It felt like a hole had burnt in the 2 very small spots on my body that he had touched. Like I had to immediately scrub those spots with soap and the harshest washcloth. I tried to be defiant in the way that I didn't immediately leave, I left when I told him I had to leave in the very beginning of the conversation because I knew he was watching me. He stood close by and watched me leave. I had to constantly look over my shoulder to make sure I wasn't being followed. I wasn't.
I got the lowest grade I've ever gotten in my exam the next day. Our grade scale goes from 0-5 with 0 being fail. I've gotten 4s and 5s. I had a 4.45 GPA. I got a 1 from my exam. This exam is a prerequisite for my next degree. I knew how to do those questions, I'd done them a bunch, but I couldn't. I couldn't study the remaining chapters that I had to. I missed the deadline to send in the 1st draft of my thesis.
I felt so small, so humiliated when he was talking to me. I felt like I had lost my voice. I'd been having a tough time already with some family stuff. Then this happened.
I didn't want to be entirely hopeless so I did go to the library today. But I couldn't get anything done. I found my constantly looking around and over my shoulder, being distracted by the sound of anyone coming in. The fuck is this shit?
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2023.06.02 04:23 itsyourlife007 15 Online Side Hustles - Reddit

15 Online Side Hustles - Reddit

Online Side Hustles
The internet has been responsible for many life changing innovations. It has contributed to many relationship breakups, stardom for shine chasers and a source of mental anguish for the weak minded. But when I think about the internet, the word that comes to mind is opportunity. That's right. To me the internet is full of opportunity.
In this post I am sharing 15 online side hustles. Whether you are in introvert or an extrovert, a cat lover or a dog lover, a number cruncher or a paint slinger, there is opportunity for everyone on the internet.
Before we get started, I have to drop my shameless plug. If you’re looking for a simple side hustle from home to start making money online using Reddit, check out my Reddit Traffic 101 guide.
  1. Buy Low, Sell High – this one is a mix of online and offline Check out sites like Craigslist, Freecycle or even Facebook Marketplace. You can find a ton free items and then repost them for sale on eBay or Craigslist. You’d be surprised how much money you can make selling thigs you got for free.
  2. JustAnswer.com – provide expert answers to posted questions As noted on their website, you earn money when you answer questions in your field of expertise. Set your own hours and work anytime, anywhere. Earn an average of $2,000-$7,000 a month.
  3. Teach English online – must speak English and have a bachelor’s degree These sites will pay you to teach English to international students. Cambly, VIPKid, GoGoKid, Palfish, Magic Ears, Skooli, Whales English, QKids, Topica Native, Landi English, Skimatalk
  4. Make Videos for YouTube and TikTok – you don’t have to show your face You can make free slideshow like videos using Canva or even PowerPoint and post them on YouTube. If you find a unique audience, you can easily make money adding affiliate links, getting sponsorships and from YouTube once you hit 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.
  5. Create Your own eBook While Kindle and LuLu are great self-publishing platforms, you can certainly make a lot of money by writing, publishing and marketing your own book. You don’t have to be a novelist either. A simple, well written and informative eBook that improves the lives other human beings will improve your bank account. Check out my Reddit Traffic 101 guide to learn how to market you eBook on Reddit.
  6. Freelance on Upwork and Freelancer If you have office skills and able to take on projects, you can make some good money accepting projects from sites like Upwork.com and Freelancer.com. Jobs range from writing articles, to image editing, to creating apps and even designing logos.
  7. Create Excel spreadsheet templates Search Etsy for the types of spreadsheets that are popular and create your own store with a variety of options. Sell on Esty, JustArtisan, Zibbet, etc. If you are into arts and crafts and have the talent and resources, you can sell more than excel templates on these sites.
  8. Become a Virtual Personal Trainer You would be surprised how many people prefer to work out from the comfort of their homes, but still need guidance. If you are into fitness and want to help others get in better shape, start a virtual training business. You can market your skills on Instagram or post fliers in your local neighborhood.
  9. Join an Online Focus Group – start with the below list of 16 sites
  • 20/20 Research - $50 to $350+ Per Study, $1 – $10 Per Survey
  • American Consumer Opinion - $50 – $250+ Per Study
  • Apex Focus Group - $100 to $400 Per Study
  • Engage Studies - $50 – $250+ Per Study
  • Focus Pointe Global - $50 to $250 Per Study
  • Forthright Surveys - $50 – $350+ Per Study
  • Ipsos i-Say - $100 Per Study
  • Mindswarms - $50 Per Study
  • Respondent.io - $50 – $500+ Per Study
  • Recruit and Field - $100 to $300 Per Study
  • SIS International Research - $75+ Per Study
  • Springboard America - $50+ Per Study, $0.50 – $10+ Per Survey
  • Survey Junkie - $50 – $100+ Per Study
  • Survey Feeds - $75 – $275+ Per Study
  • User Interviews - $50+ Per Study
  • WatchLab - $100 – $250+ Per Study
  1. Become an Affiliate Marketer – yes, you’ve seen and heard this before for a reason Affiliate marketing involves promoting products for major and minor brands. When a sale is made through your affiliate links, you get a commission. You can connect with brands through affiliate networks like CJ.com or Shareasale.com. My Reddit Traffic 101 guide shows you how to get traffic to affiliate links for free.
  2. Become a Remote Online Notary Notary Publics have the option of working completely online using live video services. Becoming a notary does require a certification, which usually involves completing a brief course and passing an exam. Regulations vary by state.
  3. Perform Voice-Overs – use your voice to bring in some mula Sites like Fiverr, ACX, Voices.com, FlexJobs, Toogit, Upwork and Freelancer post gigs for people in need of voice-over professionals. You can set your rates or negotiate based a client’s budget.
  4. Become a Virtual Assistant Virtual assistants help businesses or individuals with administrative tasks such as managing inboxes or scheduling. You can search for companies seeking a virtual assistant on regular job sites, like Flexjobs or Indeed, or you can apply for a company that pairs virtual assistants with businesses, such as Time Etc or Boldly. If you decide to go through a third-party matching process, you may have less flexibility in the number of hours you work per week or the specific hours you work.
  5. Website Tester – you will make sure websites are very easy to navigate.
  • UserTesting - $10 cash for every 10-15 minutes test you complete. No webcam is needed.
  • Whatusersdo - $8 or more via PayPal. A test takes around 15-20 minutes to complete.
  • UserTest - Pay is $10.50 per test study. Takes 5 minutes to become a qualified tester.
  • UserFeel – Pay is around $10 per test.
  • Analysia - Pay is $10 per test. Tests take around 15 minutes to complete.
  1. Data Entry – put your typing and attention to detail skills to work for you While there are plenty of scams out there for data entry jobs, real ones do exist. To find them visit legit job sites like Indeed.com, Careerbuilder, ZipRecruiter or Monster and search for “Data Entry” with the quotes and type in Remote in the location field. Be sure to select if you are looking for full time or part time.
So there you have it. There are still plenty of other options out there for Online Side Hustles. It all depends on what you want to do and can do. Some things you can learn, like transcription jobs.
Of course you can always sell digital products and control your money based on your efforts. Shameless plug #2 here. Don’t forget to check out my Reddit Traffic 101 guide. It has a simple side hustle from home formula, to start making money online using Reddit.

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2023.06.02 02:29 Bharryboy SAFe SSM certification practice exams Heavily discounted !

#Agile #udemy #ScaledAgile #scrummastercertification #udemycoupon #scrum #scrummaster #scaledagileframework
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2023.06.02 01:35 OkSatisfaction1674 OAT experience (400TS, 390AA

Hi everyone! Here is my detailed post about how I studied for the OAT and how I managed to get a good score 😊 I used:
OATBooster (Highly recommend) Chad’s Videos OAT Bootcamp Formula Sheet - Physics
Biology (400) OATBooster seriously covers everything you need to know for this section, but I found that if you follow the 10-week study schedule, the content can be overwhelming just due to the vast nature of this section. I ended up watching all the booster videos and memorizing pretty much everything on the cheat sheets (these are amazing). For the topics I was solid in – like biochemistry/genetics, I wouldn’t review as much towards the end. The biggest piece of advice I can give in this section is to make sure you understand all topics on a general scale. I also recommend doing the entire biochemistry question bank on OATBooster (about 200 questions) because it really is the foundation of this section. You must also do all the 10 OAT Booster exams and mark questions that you got wrong or have trouble understanding. A week before your test, do all the marked questions again. There is a specific tab on the OAT Booster website where you can review marked questions which is really helpful.
General Chemistry (400) Honestly, this section was a lot harder on the exam than on OATBooster so I’m surprised I got a 400. I felt as though the wording on the test was weird and I had a lot of calculation problems on my test which is not what I expected reading other people’s experiences. Practice is key here. I did all the OATBooster extra questions (there aren’t too many) and watched all the videos that OATBooster provided. I did not re-do the gen chem questions from the tests as I did with biology, but I presume this will help if you are having trouble in this section! Don’t forget to memorize formulas/basic conversions/stoichiometry. Q = mC(deltaT) is a BIG one (for gen chem and physics).
Organic Chemistry (400) If I can do it. You can do it. Trust me. I passed organic chemistry by a THREAD about 6 years ago and completely forgot all the information. If that doesn’t give you hope, I scored a 280 on OC on an OATBooster test TWO WEEKS out from my test date. Here is what I did:
  1.  Review fundamentals from the beginning. OATBooster has an entire Q-bank on Fundamentals that I did TWICE because those questions tend to pop up more often. Understand acidity, Lewis acids/bases, SN1/SN2, E1/E2, bond-line structures, IUPAC naming, hybridization, etc. The fundamentals comprised about 50% of the questions on my exam. 
  2.  Review spectroscopy. C-NMR, H-NMR, UV/Vis, IR, Mass spec. Just know the main values for IR, know the splitting patterns of HNMR, and know how many signals you get on a CNMR based on a structure, etc. These questions were about 10% of my exam. 
  3.  Reactions. This is the last thing I reviewed. I started about 2 weeks before my exam where I went through one page of the OAT Reaction sheet each and made notes on my iPad. I didn’t watch too many of the videos but after going through the reaction sheet and drilling it in my head, I would do the question banks. After doing the question bank, I would do the reaction question bank. And then at the end, I had time to do the question banks for each section again. The only one I did not get to was the enolate reaction question bank. The reaction banks tend to be easier and question banks are more like what you will see on the test. 
Overall, this section boils down to 50% understanding and 50% memorization. If you’re great at memorizing like me, I would save the reactions towards the end and focus on the concepts. If you’re awful, start early and drill reactions and reagents in your head! Know what each reagent does. I would also recommend knowing which solvents are used for whichever reaction.
Physics (340) My physics section was also strangely difficult. I feel like I got the first 5 questions wrong right off the bat. The wording was very unfamiliar, and I feel like the only reason I ended up doing well was that I learned how to manipulate units to get to an answer through lots of repetition. I had about 70% calculations and 30% conceptual which I was a bit surprised by. Sometimes they will give you a question that seems like a calculation needs to be done, but it’s conceptual and the answer is very simple. Learn to notice these types of questions and it will save you time for the trickier problems. Memorize all your formulas in depth. Know SI units for everything because one may pop up. Especially optics because I had about 5 questions on optics alone which is significant if you can get them all right! OAT Bootcamp has an amazing table on their formula sheet with all the optics stuff you need to know so check that out. General concepts like when velocity = 0 during projectile motion, F= ma concepts, and thermo stuff, collisions are also important. Make sure you do all the extra questions for physics as well on OATBooster because they are actually pretty good. The exams on Booster are slightly different than the real deal but it doesn’t hurt to practice. Not tougher per se, just different.
Reading Comprehension (400) 20 minutes per passage and search and destroy method worked best for me. I suggest trying out all methods that Booster teaches and see what works for you
Quantitative Reasoning (390) I don’t recommend the booster videos if you already have some math background cause I feel like it’s a waste of time. I took Calculus in college, so I was generally strong in algebra. But struggled with probability and geometry. I recommend doing 30-40 math questions per day from the booster question banks as they contain everything you needed to know. I kind of got lucky here as geometry is my weak point and I didn’t have ANY geometry questions surprisingly. Another super helpful tip is to not worry about certain questions you cannot solve quickly. I guess on about 3-4 questions because I couldn’t solve them quickly and I still got a 390. This is because you definitely don’t want to run out of time and not get a chance to answer questions at the end that are easy points for you. Oddly I had two identical questions with two different numbers which I found super strange.
Overall, I studied for about 8 weeks for 20 hours per week. Mainly focusing on practice questions. I highly recommend if you are short on time to not focus a lot of your effort on content review and focus on practice questions instead. You learn a lot more in one question than you think.
Practice Test Averages in the following order in case you were wondering!
Booster #1: 350/340/330/380/290/320
Booster #2: 330/360/330/380/320/340
Booster #3: 370/350/340/360/290/310
Booster #4: 350/370/330/380/300/340
Booster #5: 350/380/340/380/330/380
Booster #6: 350/340/300/380/300/360
Booster #7: 370/340/280/360/330/390
Booster #8: 360/380/350/380/310/400
Booster #9: 360/360/350/390/320/380
Booster #10: 350/380/360/380/310/380
ADA 2006 - 390/360/390/380/350/370
I apologize for any typos in advance lol
Lemme know if u have any questions!!
submitted by OkSatisfaction1674 to PreOptometry [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 17:23 seaturtle8476 Guide to a 524 from an overstudier

Hello Mcat-ter's! I wanted to give my guide to how I got a 524 (132/130/131/131) last year (august 2022). I improved from my diagnostic which was a 497. This sub has been super helpful to me, and instead of writing secondaries I'm procrastinating by writing this post. So, lets get into it!

0) A bit about me.
I'm a mostly traditional applicant (taking a one year research year (like 95% of applicants these days)). I took the test between junior and senior year over the summer. I go to a t20 school where I got pretty good grades (~3.9 gpa). Majored in humanities (not bio) so was a little weaker on the science parts, but really good at reading. Have always been a good test taker (34 I think on the ACT, 5's on all the AP's I studied for et.c.). Tutored students in chem. Tutored my siblings in like every science subject / math. I also REALLY knew my amino acids.
1) Disclaimers
First, I want to start of saying that this technique may not work for everyone. I put in a lot of time into studying, which may not be feasible for non-trads, those who have to work full time, those with families, et.c. Second, as you will see, I bought a lot of resources (like a lot). This was NOT cheap. Fortunately I saved up a lot of money before / during college and had my parents to help me out. Third, I was really determined to get an 99th+ percentile score. While a 520+ score is not going to hurt anyone, the amount of time / energy it takes may not be worth it for your application (another 200-300 clinical hours or volunteer hours may be better for your application)

2) Non-Study Stuff that Set me Up for Success
My total study time was ~8 months. I studied part time during the spring semester, and then basically full time during the summer. I had a three day a week research internship (~20 hours per week). I basically studied 40-50 hours a week when I was studying full time. I deleted all social media. Blocked it on my phone (i think my total phone use per day went down to <2 hours a day (and that included using it for GPS to get places)). While this is probably not possible for most applicants, my internship was in a new city I had never been to / lived in. I therefore only knew like 2 people there (one of whom was my roommate). This meant I had to say no to basically no social engagements because, well, I didn't really have any friends there. While this was definitely super lonely at times, this also meant I wasn't getting pulled to go out and party (I'm usually pretty extraverted, so saying no to social events is hard for me). Obviously, moving to a new city is probably not in the cards for most people, but it was probably cheaper in the end than staying in my college town (where rent is not only higher, but the cost of going out / hanging out with friends).

3) The Resources
As I said above, I used a F*** ton of resources:
  1. Princeton Review 513+ Guarantee Course (ok, I know people are probably going to think I'm a troll for this, but I really found it helpful (for the most part). Personally, I found their cars strategy to be super helpful (again I know people are going to think I am a troll, I promise I'm not). I also found their science videos / the biology classes to be super helpful (I knew actually 0 anatomy before studying). Our physics instructor was great, the psychology one was kinda meh. This class included all of the princeton review text books + online quizzes + vides + all the AAMC resources+ a couple other things I'm probably forgetting. If I had to do it again, I would probably have done a slightly slower paced class ( I did the five day a week, 3 hour a day class (probably would have done 4 days a week)). I also would NOT have gotten the 513 guarantee .
  2. Princeton Review Science Workbook (This was also from Princeton Review course). This was probably in the top 2 most helpful resources (besides AAMC). This book is probably 1000 pages of pure practice passages. I legitamately did every single bio / biochem passage and I credit it for 5 points on my MCAT. If you can only get one resource (besides AAMC) this is what I would get.
  3. Kaplan Review Books. Pretty Self Explanatory. I would rotate between reading these and the Princeton. These are less dense than the princeton ones and are pretty good if you already have a strong foundation. These also came with a qbank and some practice tests which I found super helpful.
  4. Kaplan quick sheets. This was included in the Kaplan Review Books, but also deserves its own line. This does a great job of summarizing all the major topics. In all honesty, if you are good at test taking and have this thing memorized fully, I truly think you can get minimum 508 on the test
  5. Blueprint full lengths + qbank. I found this one super helpful. I probably wouldn't have bought 10 tests in retrospect (they were having a sale), but I found that you could do sections of the tests to be super helpful for practicing sections of the test I was weaker at.
  6. Blueprint half-length diagnostic. It's Free! and a great place to see what your baseline is (don't waste an AAMC test on that)
  7. Berkeley Review (I got these for free from a friend). I found their cars practice to be super helpful. Their explanations are super in-depth which are really good if you are not getting a topic. I found their physics questions to be super good practice. I leafed through the biochem book a couple times, but otherwise didn't use them too much (mostly because I had so many other resources).
  8. Khan Academy. These have good videos for when you are not understanding something. The practice questions / passages are also pretty good.
  9. JackWestin Cars Pretty good to get a hang of timing, but the logic is not super reminiscent of AAMC. I did them for the first couple months of part time studying, but stopped for the most part once I got to full time studying
  10. AAMC content outline and Jack Westin Content Outline. Probably most underratted resource. The content outline gives you everything that could be on the test. You should at least look at it. Jack Westin has filled the entire thing out for you. It is SOOOOOOO clutch (literally this made up the other 50% of my success on B/B.
  11. Anki / Flashcards. I used milesdown. Thought it was good overall (didn't get through all the cards). Milesdown also has a review sheet that is REALLY good. 100% recommend. I also used an amino acid deck to really drill them (this I finished, and probably reviewed all the cards 5-10x). I also did a physics / chem equations flashcard deck.
  12. 100 page psych doc. I thought this was good overall. 300 felt too long / too detailed for me
  13. AAMC resources. All of them (except for ¾ sections of the sample, but that was because I was too tired, and found resting to be more important for my success). I also reviewed every answer.
What I didn't use:
Given the gigantic list of resources, you all are going to laugh, but probably the only thing I didn't use was UGLOBE, lol. Mostly, its because I ran out of time + I felt really good about my level of prep. A lot of people like UGLOBE but it wasn't for me. YMMV and it probably is a good resource, I just didn't use it.

Study Methods:
I studied about 700 hours total (a lot, I know).
about 1 year before start of studying I took the Blueprint half-length. I got a 497 on this (125/126/121/125). I hadn't taken all the pre-reqs yet so I was pretty content with this score (ngl), but I def needed more content review.
Start of Part Time Studying:
I started part time studying over winter break. I started with a diagnostic test (Kaplan). I got a 506 on this (127/127/125/127). From there I started by reviewing the Kaplan books (reading them through and writing notes). I would take the end of chapter quizzes. I would make a flashcard for any question I got wrong. I also did the Kaplan science assessment which gave me a better idea of my areas of weakness in the sciences (my scores were between 8/30 for biochem and 25/30 for psych). I also did daily jack westin CARS.

When I went back to school, the pace of studying definitely slowed. I studied less. I took another kaplan FL in feburary and got EXACTLY the same score again, which was disheartening. I pretty much took all of march / half of april off, and then restarted studying end of april. I then restarted studying in april, still part time. During this time, I continued reading kaplan, doing Khan academy practice questions, and anki.

Full time studying:
I started full time studying May 1. On average I studied 5hours a day on the days I had work, 8 hours a day on the days I didn't, took a practice test on Saturdays (reviewed half of it that evening (I really think you should review cars right after you take it, otherwise you loose understanding of the reasoning you thought). I would usually review the second half of the exam the following day, and only study 3-4 hours on Sunday.
This was a very succesful strategy for me. The PR class has you take an AAMC practice test as your baseline and I scored a 513 on this (130/129/127/127) which obviously I was stoked about and gave me a ton of confidence.
When my princeton review class started, I did the 3 hour class, the majority of the reading, and about 50% of the suggested practice. Occasionally, during parts of the class I really understood (like gen chem), I would practice other sections. During this time, I took a full length every week, did flash cards, read berkely review for the stuff I didn't understand, did KA practice questions, did the Kaplan / Blueprint Q-Banks. I did this for about six weeks.

For the last 6 weeks of studying, I finished up the PR class, and started AAMC. The other important things I did (which are kinda unique?) which I truly think helped me succeed are 1) I wrote out every single word of the Kaplan quick sheets by hand, 2) I wrote out every single word of the Miles Down quick sheets by hand, 3) I looked up the weirdest mnemonics for everything and texted them to my long distance SO / told them over facetime; Laughing over them and sharing them really made them stick 4) I read every single word of the JW content outline aloud. My roommates definitely thought I was crazy ( I definitely sounded it) but this definitely helped like 1000%. Legitimately, the bio question I am 100% sure I got wrong (and likely the reason I got a 131 and not a 132) was from the one sub-sub-sub section that I said screw it, this isn't going to be on the test.

I continued doing a practice test each week. I reviewed all of the AAMC materials.

For the week before the test I took things pretty easy, I reviewed everything super leisurely. Bio was still what I was struggling with so the only thing I did practice test wise was take the Sample Bio (which I got a 58/59 on so a 132). I didn't do the rest of the sample because I was feeling kinda burnt out.

A note about full lengths:
I took full lengths almost exactly in testing conditions: no referencing notes, wearing the same outfit (down to the socks), eating the same meal, same time of day, same weird whiteboard thing, wore a mask (you had to when I took it, not sure if its still the same) et.c. However, I did practice with certain (distractions). I tried to mimic, what happens if I had five minutes fewer due to a malfunction, what if my pen doesn't work, what if a loud alarm goes off, et.c. This allowed me to prepare incase anything went wrong.
My Practice Tests (in order, including ones where I only did a section):
Blue Print Half Length Diagnostic 497 125 126 121 125
Kaplan Science Assessment N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Kaplan Practice test 1 506 127 127 125 127
Kaplan Practice test 2 506 127 127 125 127
Blueprint Practice test 10 126 127
AAMC FL1 513!!!! 130 129 127 127
Blueprint Bio Only practice test 1 129!!!
Princeton Review FL 1 512!!! 127 129 127 129!!
Princeton Review FL 2 508 :( 126 127 127 128
Blueprint Chem/Phys Only practice test 1 129!!!!
Blueprint Cars Only practice test 1 128
Blueprint P/S Only practice test 1 129!
Blueprint Practice test 2 517!!!!!!!! lets go! 131 (WTF, how????) 128 129 129
Blueprint Practice test 3 515 129 128 129 129
AAMC FL2 519!!!! 130 130! 130! 129
AAMC FL3 519!!!! 130 128 130 131!
AAMC FL4 524!!!!!!!!!!!!! 132!!!!! 132!!!!! 128 :( 132!!!!!
AAMC Sample, biology only 131!!!!!!!!

AAMC average (519)

Test Day
The day before test day I slept in a motel Literally in the same strip mall as the testing center. I went there the day before to ensure that I knew where it was and to ask them a couple of questions. While you only need one form of photo ID I made sure I had two just in case. I woke up early, did a couple jumping jacks, chugged an iced coffee (big mistake, I had to pee SOOOOOO badly during C/P (but maybe thats the reason for the 132, who knows)). Got to the testing center early (was the first one). I had pretty good timing for the test (except cars, had only like 4 minutes for the last passage). I finished P/S 40 minutes early, because I was tired and just done. However, I thought I FAILED when I came out of the testing center. No lie, I almost voided (THANK GOD I DIDN'T). I went back to my hotel, cried my eyes out, and went home.

Score result day:
Again, I thought I failed, I was very pleasantly surprised when I got my score back ( I also cried). Was super happy to NEVER have to take this stupid test again.

whew! That was long. Super happy to answer questions you all might have on my (insane, ngl) study schedule.

Wishing everyone 528's
submitted by seaturtle8476 to Mcat [link] [comments]

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2023.06.01 13:53 Ner0ess1 I am thinking of giving up

I am studying Software Development at college as preparation for Discrete math. I have missed almost all classes however I have been self learning utilizing studying techniques (pomodoro etc) from several resources like KhanAcademy, asking chatgtp and preparation material for the test. The one thing 2 hours of daily study for 2 MONTHS have taught me is.. I suck at math? I liked studying it on KhanAcademy but it doesnt nearly give me enough theory to pass the test and the preparation material has made me even more confused than I was, I honestly think it might not be for me. Its like things I learnt last week disseapear from my head when I try to revise and learning new things take hours. I know this is super ungeneral post and there really is no helping me from what I said. I kind of just wanted to rant about how stupid I feel... I am trying to remain motivated but its hard man, I legit feel like I havent even learn anything and me now preparing for the test and not even being able to answer one question from example test kind of just makes me want to give up.
Here is the example test, the test in a week. I think its over and my efforts have been absolute waste.
Mathematical Analysis Sample Exam Paper Each question is worth 6 points, for a total of 60 points. Please answer all questions carefully. Explain your approach, simply stating yes/no is not sufficient, provide as much reasoning as possible. Write your name on each sheet of paper.
Question 1 Provide an example of a convergent geometric series and another example of a divergent geometric series. If possible, calculate the infinite sum for one of them. To what value must the individual terms of any convergent series approach?
Question 2 Determine the one-sided limits (from the left and from the right) at the point x = 1 for the real functions f, g, and h, given f(x) = 1/(x - 1), g(x) = signum(x - 1), and h(x) = ln(x). Determine whether these functions are continuous at x = 1. If not, justify whether it is possible to redefine them to make them continuous. Question 3 Explain what the domain and range of a function mean. Compute the domain for f = sin(x)/x. Is this function even or odd on its domain? Is this function monotonic on (0, ∞)? Question 4 Find the equation of the tangent line to the function y = 1/(x + 1) at the point x = 1. Draw the function and its tangent line. Question 5 Define the inverse of a function. Give an example of a function and its inverse. Also, provide an example of a function that does not have an inverse and justify it. Determine the derivative of the inverse function at 8, given that f'(2) = 12 and f(2) = 8, and f is strictly monotonic. Question 6 Explain what the trigonometric form of a complex number is. Compute the absolute value of the number 2i/(4 - i). Question 7 Write the general equation of the tangent plane τ(x, y) to the graph of the function f(x, y) at the point (x0, y0). Compute it specifically for f(x, y) = xy - y^2 and the point (0, 1). Also, compute all second partial derivatives at this point. Question 8 Find all functions whose derivative is f(x) = sin(3x + 5). Use the substitution method. Question 9 Define what it means for a sequence to have a limit at infinity. Provide a sequence that has a limit at infinity. Provide two different sequences whose limit is -1. Give an example of a sequence that does not have a limit (neither finite nor infinite). Question 10 Consider the function f(x) = x^2y + 5y + 3 and the rectangle with vertices at points [0, 1], [1, 1], [0, 2], and [1, 2]. Compute the integral of the function f over this rectangle.
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2023.06.01 04:01 thunderclap6 1500 hour update, I did it?

I recently hit 1500 hours of comprehensible Spanish input closely following Pablo’s method and wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about dreaming Spanish and learning with comprehensible input in general. Unfortunately this subreddit wasn’t around when I started so this post will cover from 0 to 1500 so apologies in advance about the length (lol), and some fuzziness about my timeline, tldr at bottom.
So I started with DS in December 2021 after finding it in a comment on reddit and getting convinced to try it by the info on the website, and watching a few free sb / beginner videos and the captioned intermediate videos of Pablo in a park explaining the method and how to use it. Before that my experience in Spanish amounted to a just few weeks of duolingo. I took 4 years of French in highschool and don’t remember anything (I’m 24 now for reference) and had various stretches of trying duolingo with different languages without ever sticking with anything long. I remember not being 100% convinced at the time but figured I’d give it 50-150 hours and see where I got to. I was doing 30 mins to an hour a day for the rest of December and early January 2022 until I got covid. During my isolation I watched I think 3-4 hours a day and really noticed progress. After that stretch I was well into the beginner videos and pretty convinced the method would work so increased to 1 hour a day. Not long after that, I ran out of sb / beginner videos at around 100 hours, there weren’t as many videos back then. I also had watched some Peppa Pig and Spanish with Alma but still wasn’t quite to the 150 suggested for intermediate. I made the jump anyways and found I could understand some of Pablo’s videos but not many of the other hosts. Maybe just because I was more familiar with his accent or because he talked more easily I’m not really sure. As I got closer to 150 hours I was able to listen to more hosts intermediate videos, I especially remember Sandra’s being comprehensible and them being super helpful for making the transition to harder intermediate content.
During this stretch between 150 and 300 hours I started listening to Hoy Hablamos which is basically just DS as a podcast (I skipped all the grammar focused episodes). I remember this as a kind of an inflection point for my learning. It was a really cool feeling being able to understand a podcast 100% in Spanish with no visual aids, something I never would have been able to do in French with my 4 years of learning. This is when I became 100% convinced that not only the method would work but that the timeline is probably more or less accurate so I increased my daily goal to 2 hours. From roughly February through August 2022 I hit that goal. Being able to listen to podcasts made getting 2 daily hours so much easier than it would have been at the beginner levels, especially being able to listen to them while cleaning, or running, hiking, driving etc… The key thing for me is just being honest with myself about how much I listened to and comprehended. If I zoned out during an episode or if it felt alittle hard to follow I wouldn’t count it. My total input time, not just what I counted as comprehensible, is easily above 2000 hours…probably more.
At the end of August 2022 an opportunity came up at work for a last minute trip to Spain. I was at about 500 hours when I went on the trip and hadn’t started speaking yet. Funny anecdote, the first time I tried to speak on this trip I was so bad the waiter thought I was speaking French lol. That aside, I was pleasantly surprised at how well I was able to understand everyone and hold basic conversations. I was able to follow conversations between our work hosts which even they were impressed by haha. I came back from this trip super motivated and increased my daily time goal to 4 hours.
This is when I started understanding and consuming native content. Travel vlog youtubers like Pablo Imhoff, Luisito Comunica, Gabriel Herrera etc were my gateway drug to content made for native speakers, I think this format is great for people looking to make the transition since there are so many visual ques and they talk directly into the camera. Podcasts continued to be super important for me, but it did take me about 200 hours longer to be able to understand ones for natives vs the previously mentioned youtubers. The No Hay Tos was really helpful for making the transition. I’ll include a comment below with a summary of all resources I’ve used but generally I listened to (and still listen to) a ton of hours of podcasts from Argentina since around the 700/800 hour mark. Not sure if it’s just spotify’s algorithim being weird or if they actually make a lot of podcasts in Argentina, either way I’ve found so many that I like. I didn’t always hit my daily goal of 4 hours but being able to understand content aimed at native speakers made it easy for me to do often.
Around this time is when I started speaking, I’ve been doing weekly online “lessons” with a community tutor on italki from Argentina where we just talk in Spanish for an hour since around the 700 hour mark. It took me me a few lessons to get used to speaking but after 2 or 3 it felt much more natural and we’ve been having conversations in Spanish without much issue since. As my level got higher the conversations have become more interesting and now it’s more like catching up with a friend once a week than anything else. Now I’ll go through phases for a couple minutes where everything flows out super fluent but then will get hung up here and there on something and once I break that flow I struggle to relax and find it again. Generally I am able to hold a conversation about any subject but I still struggle to express myself effortlessly 100% the way I want to. I feel like this is more of a confidence and comfort issue because when I’m relaxed and not thinking about the language I am able to speak effortlessly. Either way I can usually find a way to get my point across, but don’t always feel able to make a joke the way I’d like to for example. I also tried to find some language exchange partners on HelloTalk at various points and have had a few calls half English half Spanish with people here and there but nothing consistent like with my tutor on italki. Honestly this is just because I hate messaging and always let the conversations die, you’d probably have more luck if you’re willing to chat with people for a while. In total I only about 30 hours speaking so far so I still expect to see improvements here as I get more comfortable.
Reading is something I’ve been a bit lazy with. The first book I read was the last book in the Percy Jackson series at around 1000 hours (listened to the first ones as audio books) and it definitely was a bit slower than I read in English, at least until towards the end of the book when it started feeling easier. Since then I’ve read 3 books books (Debajo el agua, El Entanado, Betibu) while listening along to the audiobooks. I don’t have a strong reason to support this but it made me feel more confident that the voice in my head was pronouncing the words correctly. Now I’m reading the Harry Potter books and I’m finding them extremely easy to read. Not sure how much of the improvement is actually from the reading along or just from having hundreds of hours more input. A goal of mine for the rest of this year is solidify my reading skills and reach 2 million words read.
In terms of my level now after 1500 hours, I wouldn’t be confused for a native speaker but I can hold a conversation about pretty much any topic, understand anything I put on the TV, read books etc….I could live my life 100% in Spanish. I did take a practice DELE C1 exam at around 1450 hours at a local language school with a similar format to the real thing to get a gauge for my level. I wish I would have saved my time and money and just done some quick self prep and took the real one because it felt easy, but I guess I’ll just be confident whenever I get around to taking the real thing, or maybe I’ll just wait a bit and take the C2 after some more reading practice. I had a vacation to Argentina & Uruguay planned for when I was at 1400 hours but unfortunately I had a lot of issues with my flights and had to fly home and reschedule it later in the year. I did get to chat with some people in the airport for a while though and was able to confirm my Spanish skills work IRL and not just in more controlled environments haha. I know people are going to ask about grammar and that they probably won’t like my answer. I just understand it, stuff sounds normal or stuff sounds wrong, the same as in English. Even when I’m speaking, things sound weird if they’re not right. A lot of the time that process happens in my head before I say it so I realize it’s wrong but then get stuck trying to remember what’s right and will have to rephrase but either way I’m seriously super happy with my level and never imagined I could have reached it without moving abroad or something. I definitely would not have reached this level without Dreaming Spanish, seriously I can’t thank the team enough.
Had some more I wanted to say but this post is already a book so hopefully this helped someone trust the method. Happy to try to answer any questions!

TLDR: My experience following Pablo’s method as closely as possible as a (formerly) monolingual native English speaker starting from zero with CI aligns very closely with the estimates and summaries on the roadmap.
Edit: I should mention that out of my 190 “outside” hour baseline a good many of them were DS videos I watched on YouTube and logged elsewhere before DS had the updated website it does now, so my total DS content is closer to 500 hours
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2023.05.31 19:05 HeyBicVictor Probability

I can not seem to find this answer for my exam-training that my teaher gave me:
"A company has observed its customers' purchasing patterns and found that:
P(basis) = 0.70 P(service) = 0.60 P(superior ∪ no service) = 0.70
Calculate the probability of a random customer having both "superior" and a "service agreement"."
How do I move forward from this? I am trying to do a Excel sheet that can help me during the exam
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2023.05.31 18:28 Popcornparty96 HELP!! How do you solve this

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2023.05.31 15:07 Optimal-Discount4855 Am i valuable if graduate as mechanical student with CGPA below 3.0?

Lately i have been thinking what am i supposed to do with my life , currently im in third year of university life my current CGPA is 2.80 and im taking Mechanical Aeronautics major, i tried to apply internship but it just so hard, i think because my CGPA is below 3.0.
im not lazy i try the best i can do, but the things is i have big responbilities to my family , my father passed away and i need to work to support my tuition fee. i do understand what i learnt in university somehow in practical and daily i got better understanding among my friend who has 3.8 cgpa but i just cant cover all courses due of my activities , i did ask a friend who i really trust, i asked about the material and the fundamental , but sadly things doesnt work like that, he taught me slightly wrong fundamental and lead i got really bad mark at exam, i still pass tho, it also my fault that i just trust him and straight use his example question and answer as my fundamental and reference to study and i do have reason , because i simply doesnt have time. at the time i realize he just use me and try to put me down , it was really tear me apart , every time he asked me to teach him , i always gave 100% all i know, but i forgave him and myself, now i try to focus to the future .

but yeah now i feel wont have bright future with my CGPA

anyone has CGPA below 3.0 in mechanical engineering and got decent job? how you guys do that?, please share you guys story i really need motivation.
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2023.05.31 13:16 Naive_Image8525 NCLEX NEXTGEN

studying: UWORLD!
Keeping in mind I did reschedule twice because I let my nerves get to me and I did not feel confident in myself and what changed that was taking the exam that world has and getting a "very high chance of passing". The key for me was practice questions and reading through the rationale for every question I got wrong to understand the answer. I took notes on the vital information to those questions that I didn't know because my brain seems to retain information better when I physically write it. I did the practice questions by system at first for example, I did pediatrics cardiology, followed by pediatrics respiratory, pediatrics GI, etc. prior to moving onto OB-GYN, followed by adult and all the systems. Every time I finished a practice test I went back and redid it only with the questions I got wrong to make sure I fully grasped the concept. Uworld was also great because the "next gen" questions were formatted exactly the same as the actually NCLEX so I got in the habit of answering those questions as well. Because I'm a bit neurotic and there were so may values that I wanted to keep fresh in my brain, I memorized them (ph, HCO3, Na, K, BUN, Creat, Mg, INR, CPR rate and depth, VEAL CHOP, ROME) and out of fear that getting nervous would confuse me as soon as I sat down to take my test with the erasable sheet they give you I wrote all of it down which felt somewhat like a security blanket (which by the way I ended up not needing at all). I had a good amount of prioritization questions (ABC method helped me), 0 med calculations. I took the break when the screen gave me the option to because I wanted to prepare myself for the max questions and figured a bathroom break would be useful to recenter my thoughts. Before leaving the bathroom I looked myself in the mirror and said YOU GOT THIS, KEEP PUSHING! I took a deep breath and sat down to continue the test which much to my surprise the screen went black after 3 more questions and I didn't know what was happening until it said that I was done with my test. Tried the pearson vue trick and got the good pop up. Kept checking my state page to see if my license was updated but no luck so once the "quick results" option appeared I caved and paid the $7.95 to see PASS! Be brave, do your practice questions, reschedule if you have to and be kind to yourself! Only thing standing between you and your dreams is your fear!
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2023.05.31 10:05 Nadd69 IPv6 static routes doubt

Hey guys!
I just gave my Boson exam A. There was this IPv6 question that I still have a doubt about. There were some static ipv6 route commands and we had to select 2. One of which I picked was a recursive static route and the other one I got wrong.
The correct answer however was a) the recursive route (I got this one right) b) Ipv6 route ::/0 GigabitEthernet 0/0
As far as I am aware, we can’t use an ethernet interface as the exit interface in ipv6 can we? Jeremy said the same in his IPv6 video too. Thats my doubt.
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2023.05.31 09:27 Begaver1999 Must-Have Items for Your Preparation for the Fortinet NSE7 EFW-7.0 Exam

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Get Upto 90% Off >>>>>> https://dumpsboss.com/fortinet-exam/nse7-efw-7-0/
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2023.05.31 02:08 AdEducational2468 Studying for the PTCE

Hello, everyone! This question was probably answered, but I wanted to know how many months it took you guys to study for the exam and get certified? Currently, I have 0 experience of working in a pharmacy setting, but I want to get certified asap. Any suggestions on any online programs or crash courses I can use?
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2023.05.31 01:31 disorderedsense Need advice: got bad grades due to medical issues/disability, not sure if I should reach out to someone at my school about it

To try and make a long story short, I’ve been dealing with an undiagnosed physical disability for a little over a year now. It causes me to get hit with sudden waves of dizziness and migraines, making me unable to walk and affecting my ability to do written work. I’ve been going to doctors during my breaks to try and figure out what the issue is, though we still haven’t gotten any answers.
I’ve been able to push through it for the majority of the year, but this past quarter it became unbearable. I was able to get to most of my classes (I only missed one full day in the end) but it really affected my assignment and exam grades. My final GPA for the quarter ended up being a 1.8, when on average I’m a 2.5-3.0 student.
This morning I got an email telling me I was put on probation due to a low quarter GPA (completely understandable), and I will be kicked out if both my cumulative and quarter GPAs are under requirement by the end of the next quarter in the fall. I’m hoping I’ll be able to figure everything out regarding my medical problems over the summer, however in the case that I don’t I’m worried that I won’t be able to meet the requirements.
I’m considering contacting someone at my school about what’s been happening, but I don’t know who to go to, what to say/ask, or if I should even contact someone in the first place. And if I do, I really don’t want this to come off as a sob story. Any advice as to what I should do in this situation?
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2023.05.31 01:27 juju546 I feel like all progress I’ve made with Mom has been destroyed

Note: This has been written in light of my therapist diagnosing my mom with narcissism disorder, a lot of the post is context so please feel free to scroll to the end if it’s too much to read.
I 21F recently turned 21 and for a week my family (mom, dad, brother) came to visit me. While I normally see my family on small doses, especially my mother, we had recently made a lot of progress in opening communication and respecting boundaries. Needless to say, I was excited at the prospect of being able to bond with my family after years of cut off contact, arguments, and very traumatic events. I even booked a mother daughter spa day since my birthday is close to Mother’s Day.
Unfortunately, this did not happen. For the whole week my mother wanted to work on the patio in my backyard (I live in a townhouse) and had workers come in everyday, even on the morning of my birthday there were at least two separate renovation companies at my house. This infuriated me because I didn’t want a new patio and had told my mom multiple times that my bf (M21) and I were stressed out with the all the recent renovations and overseeing workers. Moreover, the week of my birthday was also the week of my final exams and they were all remote.
While having a new 10k dollar patio sounds nice, my mom isn’t really doing it for me- she’s doing it as a hobby because she likes home design. Every moment I spent with her was either taking her to stores like Home Depot or answering questions about what umbrella I would like outside. Everything was about the damn patio.
Aside from other things, I learned that the only reason they came for a whole week was because I was being inducted into a very prestigious honor society at my school (Phi Beta Kappa)later in the week; and had plans to leave earlier because my dad didn’t want to be “bored with nothing to do”. I was originally left to assume that them staying to long would be too expensive (for reference my mom makes over 500k a year).
The weekend ended with a huge fight that left me devastated and in tears.
A couple days after I left, my mom, in the middle of a dispute I was having with my school over a grading error; decided that it was the time to drop the fact that I was being disrespectful recently and that it needed to end.
So the fight over the phone ensues. I try to explain how she and my dad’s behavior really hurt me, especially the fight where my dad started yelling and slamming tables when I was simply asking him to look for something they might of misplaced. However,she insisted that SHE was the one being abused because I “gave her grief” for the patio and that I was unfairly holding the past over her despite her financially supporting me.
The final straw came when I said that there is a no screaming and/or slamming rule in the house and that they violated it- only for my mom to cut me off and say it was OUR house (as in me and my parents).
At this point I realized that my mom will never change. She’s been holding the fact that she financially supports me for as long as I can remember. I’m not allowed to criticize anything she does or says, even if it might be hurtful because I’m in some kind of debt with her. I never ask for things but she always offers to pay for my expenses and things in general because I’m a student and it’s her job to support me. For example she recently offered to pay for private Lsat tutoring because I’m preparing to apply to law school and my lsat scholarship (which I was rewarded by my school) doesn’t cover all of the prep I’ve been undertaking.
But again there’s a price, she’s been excessively pressuring me to apply for Harvard Law school because I have the grades (4.0 and top 5% of my class) and potential to get in.
My mom insisted on buying the townhouse because she though the renters were “entitled and disrespectful” for not immediately approving the lease. I made my mom promise back then that she would NEVER use the house against me and expressed my reservations. I feel trapped because I never wanted a townhouse, I simply wanted a small apartment that I could pay for so I wouldn’t be in debt to her.
I ended the conversation by telling her that the only reason I let her financially support me was because she changed, and said I was going no contact, and would be finding an apartment to move to.
She immediately begs that I reconsider because my little brother’s high school graduation was that weekend and that she would do anything for me to not cancel my flight because he would be “devastated”.
I tried to explain to her that after what she said I didn’t feel comfortable being around her but eventually conceded and said I Would come if she could agree to a few basic boundaries.
Since the graduation she’s been off on a luxury cruise with my family (which I skipped in order to do a government internship)and only recently returned. Despite forgiving her, putting on a smile and trying to be all happy at the graduation,while trying to forget everything that’s happened…
I haven’t heard a word from her since. I feel like everything is my fault and like the progress we’ve made was for nothing. Any support would be appreciated because right now I feel like I have no one to turn to and am completely alone.
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